Rocky Mountain Bride Regional Volume 4

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Mimi + Zach whitefish

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Mimi and Zach met through the greek system at Arizona State University. At first Mimi never gave their connection a second thought as Zach, nicknamed “Jazzy”, was older and very confident in who he was. Yet, it didn’t take long for the two of them to match up. There was no particular date or day that their love story sparked. Mimi and Jazzy were inseparable, and everyone knew it. The couple dated for six years before making things official. In May of 2016, they signed the mortgage to their current house and headed North to Montana to celebrate with a camping trip with Zach’s family. One afternoon in the woods, on a spring hike to Memorial Falls, Zach got down on one knee and asked Mimi to be his bride. Swept off her feet she said, “Yes!” They planned an elegant wedding with the sweetest rustic touch in Whitefish for July 21st.


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