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Some of you may not know that I have an art degree and I am a certified teacher. I decided not to pursue that role in life, but education is something that is very important to me, especially my children’s education. I, like many of you, feel that teachers are underpaid, under appreciated, and in general come in way too low on the priority list. But it’s a job that is taken for the monetary reward—it’s a job one does because there are people out there who have a genuine desire to make a difference in someone’s life. That’s why I studies education, to make a difference in my own children’s lives. I am publishing an article about the Recall in Jefferson County because I truly believe that the current school board needs to change. There are many things that give me reason to pause, but I’ll let you read the article, do your research and draw your own conclusion. I hope you will keep an open mind regarding our current situation and not be fooled by big money and political agendas that take away from what’s really important—the children.

Roz Birkelo Editor & Art Director

Our directory is finally done and we hope to have them printed and delivered soon. For those of you who sent in your information, Thank you!

Roz has lived in Riva Chase since 2011. She has served on the HOA as secretary and is currently serving a four year term as director of the FHMD. She began editing and compiling the Riva Reader in May 2013. She has a Bachelor in Arts and Art Education with an emphasis on Graphic Design. She is currently working as a Senior Engineering Technologist & Analyst for Bayswater Exploration & Development in downtown Denver.


Riva Reader | October 2015

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Thistles - Noxious weeds need to be

eradicated quickly and constantly. Make sure you’re aware.

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Hard Water - What you need to know about the water in Riva Chase


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Riva Reader | October 2015

Photos Courtesy of Roz Birkelo

Riva Chase HOA


Joy Lawrance President, Riva Chase HOA


iva Chase has seen some major turnover these past few months, and we have several new neighbors to welcome to our community. I hope that you have been greeted by our Welcome Committee, and that you have had a chance to meet your neighbors. It is indeed a privilege to live in these beautiful surroundings, and I hope you take advantage of all that Riva Chase has to offer. Some new homeowners joined us for the Firefighters’ Benefit and Chili Cook-Off, which was just one of our yearly events. It was MOST successful this year! Attendees were generous in filling up the “boot” with money that is greatly appreciated by our volunteer firefighters. Thanks, too, for all the great pots of chili that we got to sample…there are some super-good cooks around here! Our next community event is on November 28, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, when we will gather at the Guard House to decorate for the Holiday season. Please join the fun, as we put together the designs that Gary Sohrweid has planned for us this year! Hot cider and cookies are served, as always. It’s also time to start making your plans to attend our annual “Oh What Fun!” dinner at the end of January. We have reserved the Mt. Vernon Country Club private room for our buffet dinner on Januar y 30. This is that wonderful time of year…after the big holidays…time to unwind, and just enjoy a pleasant evening getting to know your neighbors. We ask homeowners to pay $20/person for the first two adults (homeowners); Additional adults are $40/person. Do watch for details to come soon! Joy Lawrance COMING EVENTS Nov. 28 – 10 a.m. – Noon : Decorate the Guard House. Dec. 2, 4:30 p.m. HOA Board Meeting, Home of Ann Nutt Jan. 30, 6:30 p.m. “Oh What Fun” Dinner at Mt. Vernon Country Club

October 2015 | Riva Reader


Local School Board Elections - Too Important by Julie Noonan

Why Should You Care About the School Board Election of Your Kids Are Grown? As some or most of you may know, issues surrounding the current Jefferson County School Board have resulted in a very unusual recall election this November. Three of the current five members of the Board, Ken Witt, Julie Williams and John Newkirk are facing a recall election, while both member of the two member minority are resigning, meaning all five seats are open. As this is truly a local issue, why does it affect you? Irrespective of whether your kids are grown, the reputation of the Jefferson County Public Schools affects your property values. In our beautiful mountain community, our local kids enjoy access to multiple scholastic award winning schools, including Ralston Elementary, Manning Middle School and High School, and D’Evelyn Middle and High Schools. Jefferson County public schools have consistently been ranked among some of the top schools in Colorado and in the United States. The Colorado Board of Realtors has recognized that access to reputable public schools is one of the top reasons that families look to Jefferson County when considering a new home purchase. It is no


Riva Reader | October 2015

coincidence that homes sell faster in the spring and summer months when families are evaluating the local public schools. With this in mind, if you are an empty nester, please consider voting in this November’s election and educate yourself regarding not only the recall election, but also as to the non-recall seats by continuing to read the rest of this article. Why Should you Care if Your Kids are Still in School? Our school board is a non-paid, five-member panel charged with decision making regarding facilities, teachers’ compensation and general Jefferson County School administration. Since the 2013 election, parents, teachers and school administration have become frustrated regarding the board’s lack of transparency concerning costs, efforts to change curriculum, the unauthorized hiring of private legal counsel (at a cost to taxpayers of $90,000.00), and failure to negotiate fairly with the teaching staff concerning compensation and benefits. The complaints of the parents and educators have been as follows: • The board majority have violated open meeting laws, and regularly violated standing board policy. • They have jeopardized approximately $15 million dollars in District assets. • Without any community input, they hired a novice

superintendent at a salary of $280,000 – more than his experience and nationally recognized predecessor. • They have violated student privacy by disclosing the name of a student and publicly humiliating her at a school board meeting for disagreeing with the Board on a policy issue. • They have chased away almost 900 educators in the last year because of their refusal to negotiate in good faith regarding compensation. • They ignore community input at Board meetings. The School board’s actions are supposed to be non-partisan and focused on the best interests of all kids in Jefferson County. However, since the 2013 election, the Board conduct has been decidedly partisan and focused on turning the Jefferson County School System into that which has taken over Douglas County, namely an interest in creating and funding more charter schools and supporting a political agenda that has no purpose in our public schools. Since the beginning of the 20142015 school year, almost 900 teachers and school administrators have left the Jefferson County School System. While a small percentage of this number represents retirement and normal attrition, the vast number of these

t To Ignore!

teachers has fled the school district to teach in the Cherry Creek, Arapahoe, Clear Creek and other surrounding school districts. Why? Because the school board reneged on their promise to reward these teachers for taking a 3% across the Board pay cut back several years ago, and has otherwise refused to negotiate in good faith concerning compensation packages that are competitive with surrounding districts. When pressed during Board meetings to discuss these concerns, the Board has taken the meeting into executive session, prohibiting any discussion or input from the community. is a grassroots, non- partisan organization led by a group of concerned parents who have been very troubled by the Board activity. SupportJeffcokids has endorsed Ali Lasell and Amanda Stevens for the non-recall seats. In addition, they support the recall effort and have endorsed C. Brad Rupert, Susan Harmon and Ron Mitchell to fill the recall seats. Please educate yourself further on these elections issues and use your voice at the ballot box to keep our Jefferson County public schools great, and to encourage families to consider Jefferson County when looking for a new home.

(The following is not part of Julie Noonan’s article.) 2015 SJK ENDORSEMENTS SJK Endorsements 2015 Making endorsements of candidates and issues is never easy. We discuss the candidates and their involvement in our district and support of public education extensively and we take this action very seriously as 86,000 children are depending on all of us to make educated decisions. SJK is pleased to announce our endorsements for the 2015 election.

SJK has previously endorsed the Recall Campaigns: Recall Ken Witt Recall John Newkirk Recall Julie Williams District 3 (Vacated by Jill Fellman) 4 year term Ali Lasell SJK is proud to say we know Ali Lasell well. She worked this past year

as a Support Jeffco Kids Volunteer Coordinator, she’s been involved in our community outreach, attended board meetings, and played a leadership role in her own Maple Grove school community when Board Majority member John Newkirk proposed his Wheat Ridge Plan B without input from the impacted communities.

District 4 (Vacated by Les Dahlkemper) 4 year term Amanda Stevens http:// amandaforjeffcoschools. com As a Parent in Jeffco, Amanda Stevens has first hand experience with the impact on the district, the Jeffco Community and in her own children’s school, Kendrick Lakes Elementary, as a result of the questionable and extreme decisions made by the current board majority. She has been actively involved in Jeffco School’s Strategic Planning & Advisory Council (SPAC) and is active on the accountability committee, PTA and as a classroom

October 2015 | Riva Reader


volunteer. She brings a voice for parents and students -something desperately needed in the new board.

Replacement Candidates for Recall Seats District 1 Recall Julie Williams Replacement Candidate: C. Brad Rupert – 2 year term http://bradforjeffcokids. com With two decades of community service, Brad has been involved with Habitat for Humanity, the Arvada Chamber of Commerce, the Arvada Community Food Bank, and the Kiwanis Club of Arvada-Jefferson. His leadership and commitment to his community earned him the Arvada Man of the Year Award in 2011. His own children graduated from Ralston Valley H.S., and his step grandchildren attend Arvada High School and North Arvada Middle School.

“Political agendas have no place on this school board.”

District 2 Recall John Newkirk Replacement Candidate: Susan Harmon 2 year term http://susanforjeffcokids. com Susan is an attorney and independent business women, and has two children in Jeffco schools. She has served on her children’s schools’ PTA board for six years, served as chair on the elementary school accountability committee and volunteers at her local elementary and middle school. “I am running so I can share my passion, knowledge, and firsthand experience with all stakeholders and work collaboratively to make sure all kids have the opportunities my kids have had.”

Website: Videos: Podcasts:


Riva Reader | October 2015

District 5 Recall Ken Witt Replacement Candidate: Ron Mitchell 2 year term http://ronforjeffcokids. com Ron worked in Jefferson County Schools for forty years, served as principal of Alameda High School for ten years and served eight years as the principal of Columbine, and worked in the central office for two years. Ron lists his priorities as: Bring respect back to the boardroom; Involve the Jeffco community in governing our schools; Work collaboratively with all board members to make our schools a source of pride for Jeffco residents; Work to ensure a quality education for all students.

Jef fco schools recall ef for t should be rejected ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW - Denver Post, 10/13/2015

EDITORIAL Supporters of an effort to recall three members of the Jefferson County school board deliver petitions at the Jefferson County Courthouse earlier this year. (Denver Post file) The statement on Jefferson County’s sample ballot urging the recall of three school board members elected two years ago starts off badly, with a falsehood. It says the board “wasted millions of dollars, including hiring a novice superintendent for $280,000 — $80,000 more a year” than the previous superintendent. Except that the base salary of Superintendent Dan McMinimee is actually $220,000, less than a number of superintendents in the area. The alleged indictment doesn’t get better, either. It also says — to cite one of several other examples — that the board’s “actions have pushed over 700 educators this past year to leave Jeffco schools,” even though the teacher turnover rate at a number of metro districts — including Denver, Aurora and Douglas County — is higher than Jeffco’s, according to state data. Is everyone who leaves a district when the economy is growing and teachers enjoy a better hiring market being “pushed” out? We expressed our disappointment

in this recall effort when it was launched, and the case for it has not improved. Recall activists have policy disagreements with the conservative majority and are misusing a process that should be reserved mainly for malfeasance and corruption, or when the official can’t do the job. And we’re not cherry-picking, either. Two years ago we also opposed what turned out to be successful recall campaigns against liberal lawmakers for their votes in favor of gun control. No doubt the targeted board members made mistakes, but the most highly publicized blunder was quickly buried without majority support: a proposal by board member Julie Williams to scrub the AP U.S. history curriculum of negative portrayals of the American past. This was a PR gift to critics, whose ongoing beef with the board often was over policies that actually made sense and most parents might well support.

charter schools for the first time an equal — which is to say a fair — share of district funding compared to other schools. Accomplishments such as these have been obscured by the relentlessly heated rhetoric that has afflicted board meetings for the past two years. But they do speak to the fact that this recall is over policy, and thus out of line.

Supporters of an effort to recall three members of the Jefferson County school board deliver petitions at the Jefferson County Courthouse earlier this year. (Denver Post file)

Among the most notable: • A pay plan for teachers that rewarded highly effective and effective teachers more than partially effective and ineffective teachers. Incredibly, this plan provoked an outcry by the teachers union and its allies. • A funding plan that gave

October 2015 | Riva Reader


Riva Chase

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY It may come as a surprise to many people to know exactly how “old” our group is… Amazingly, there has consistently been a group of women meeting in Riva Chase for Bible study & fellowship for over 20 years! The first meetings began with a group of five in the living room of our original leader, Mary Windfeldt. While some have sadly moved away, we have welcomed new members nearly every year. We average 10-15 women most weeks and even go on field trips together! This fall, we will be studying the often overlooked topic of “Heaven”. Our homework and discussions will come from Randy Alcorn’s extensive book and study guide entitled Heaven. We meet Thursday mornings at 9:15 beginning on September 17th at the home of Colleen Brisben (22545 Treetop Ln.) Please contact Colleen with any questions: cbrisben3@comcast. net or 303.993.7040. Have you ever wondered…What is Heaven really going to be like? What will we look like? What will we do? Won’t Heaven get boring after a while? God has put eternity in our hearts. Now, Randy Alcorn brings eternity to light in a way that will surprise you, spark your imagination, and change how you live today.


Riva Reader | October 2015

by Colleen Brisben

Trust Your Home to Us. Email:

My Contractor

General Construction General Constructor specializing in residential interior construction and remodel. We offer honest and reliable estimates, and we like to think we do it right. But, don’t just take our word for it—our customers give us rave reviews! Whether it’s our quick, quality, friendly service or the honesty and value we bring to every interaction, our customers love us. We’re famous for: • Timely, quality construction • Friendly service • Honest & accurate cost estimates • Beautiful designs Give us a call for your free estimate. Kevin McMillin Riva Chase resident (303) 993-3323 October 2015 | Riva Reader


offer complete line of furnishings and accessories for everyroom. We can help create the perfect room, no matter your style! Call or visit the showroom for details.

It’s not often that you can walk into just one store in the foothills and find everything you need for every room in your house. Rustic Point, a premiere home furnishing store in Evergreen, can not only decorate all the rooms in your house, but also delight your taste buds with our culinary surprises. Owners Sara and Mark Pridgen say, “Our mission is dedicated to finding distinctly different items that customers have never seen, nor imagined before. Rustic Point strives to be cutting edge in home furnishings and gourmet goods” and now that mission has been realized, we are truly everything home! We offer in-home design services, with our own interior designer. We can help turn your home, condo, or cabin into a treasured getaway! We 12

Riva Reader | October 2015

Last year we expanded our showroom downstairs to offer gourmet goods. Chef Mark Pridgen heads up our gourmet goods area and even provides cooking classes! You can find unique pasta and sauces, spices and dips, jams and jellies, soup mixes, and much more, all with a focus on local Colorado companies. We carry chef quality knives and cookware, bar and wine accessories and a large variety of gifts. We can create extraordinary gift baskets, we have pre-made baskets ready to go, we also have a selection on our website for purchase or we can custom build your basket. Just give us a call with your budget and them idea and we’ll take if from there. Just in time for gift-giving season! Join Chef Mark for a cooking class, participants enjoy a full dinner with beverages so come hungry! Classes cater to all skill levels, learn tips and techniques from knife handling

to basic sauces, braising, sautéing, to hand-made pasta…we cover it all. In addition, we offer private classes. You can also request a specific topic with Chef Mark and create your own class. All classes hold eight participants so this is perfect for a group of neighbors, couples or a girls’ night out! Current classes can be found be on our website. If you haven’t been in for awhile, it’s like shopping a whole new store! Come in and see all of our new goodies, upstairs and downstairs! We are located at 908 Nob Hill Road, in the log home building across from Jiffy Lube, next to the Smiling Moose Deli. We are open Monday-Friday 10:100 am – 6:00 pm. Saturdays 10:00 – 5:00 pm and Sundays 11:00 am – 4:00 pm. Visit us on the web at

by Kristen Hoffman

October 2015 | Riva Reader


Jeff Shrader is sheriff of Jefferson County. He leads the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the largest full-service sheriff ’s office in Colorado. The Jefferson County Sheriff ’s Office is committed to the principles of community policing through education, partnership, analysis and enforcement.

Our Vision - Mission - Values

Protect ~ Serve ~ Enforce

For the last several weeks a leadership committee, comprised of a cross section of Sheriff’s Office supervisors, has been working on the task of rewriting our mission, values and vision to more clearly define who we are and what we do for our community. The finished product is a blueprint by which all members of the Sheriff’s Office should live their professional lives. We share the new mission, values and vision with you, our community, so that you are familiar with our commonly held values that guide our actions each and every day.

There is no higher calling than to protect the rights and constitutional freedoms of those served. An exacting and thorough adherence to the U.S. and Colorado Constitutions is critical to this primary purpose. Protecting constitutional guarantees is more important than the outcome of any single incident. Every employee, regardless of role or assignment is critical to this mission element and each must live up to the oath that has been taken.

Our mission is simply stated. It is meaningful. It is profound.

There is no greater honor than to serve our citizens. Service in a manner that demonstrates vision and initiative, where each employee seeks to achieve the highest level of quality in all aspects of their work,

District Contacts - District Board Roz Birkelo



Harold Lacy



Ted Laves



Tom Napp



Roy Roux



District Office


Ronda Zivalich

District website


Will Raatz

District Management


Riva Reader | October 2015

is the organization’s goal. The example that each individual sets influences excellence in personal behavior and job performance, and it inspires others. Our positive engagement with our citizenry improves the quality of life in our communities.

that supports our statutorily based mission. Those values are:

By virtue of our professional roles, great authority has been granted to us. It is a sacred trust between us and those we serve. The manner in which we enforce laws and rules must demonstrate dignity, fairness and compassion, and it must be rooted in reasoned judgment. The rule of law is a foundational component and must be understood. Preserve the peace, to solve problems at their root and to enforce laws and rules with a measure of restraint and justice should always be the goal.

that we serve our communities with high standards through teamwork, innovation and leadership. Exceptional service is our hallmark.

The strategic plan for accomplishing the mission of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office must begin with the core values which must be preserved by every member of the organization. Each must perform their job in a manner

Integrity - We are honest, forthright and courageous in all we do. We are accountable to the public and ourselves.

Excellence - Our tradition holds

Respect - We honor our oath of office and the people we serve. We wear our badge with dignity and restraint. We enforce the law with equality, compassion and respect for individual rights. Our values must be fully understood, practiced, shared and vigorously defended. In doing so, we will preserve the integrity and tradition of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, and the confidence that the public has in it. Finally, we are not only public servants. We are citizens of this community who are dedicated to an

ideal - a vision. Whether one wears a badge or supports those who do, our vision is supported by our mission and our core values.

Our Vision is for Jefferson county to be a safe place to Live, Learn, Work and Play. The JCSO: Sworn to protect, honored to serve

The monthly “Behind the Badge” column is written on or before the 20th of each month by Sheriff Jeff Shrader of the Jefferson County Sheriff ’s Office, in Golden, Colorado. It features information and tips for local residents regarding crime prevention, crime trends, public safety and quality-of-life issues. Please contact us with questions or comments at source=Online+Reporting&utm_ campaign=May+BTB+2015&utm_ medium=email

FHMD Contact Information FHMD


AmCoBi HOA ACC Riva Reader

Business Hours After hours Water & Sewer Gate Problems Gate Clickers Roads & Signs Ponds Open Space Gazebo Snow Plowing Landscaping Utility Easement Irrigation Permits Property Grading & Drainage

Phone 303-495-2330 303-426-3187 " " " " " " " " " " " "


Who Ronda Zivalich " " " " " " " " " " "

Ronda Zivalich " " " " " " " " " " "

Billing for Water & Sewer


303-526-9043 303-526-5846 303-506-3713

Address 14405 West Colfax, #165 Golden, CO 80401

P.O. Box 51356 Colorado Springs, CO 80949 Joy Lawrance Ann Nutt Roz Birkelo October 2015 | Riva Reader



plus the possibility of driving impairment due to under-age alcohol consumption – no parent wants to be on the receiving end of that phone call, especially late at night.

BOYS WILL BE BOYS — That common saying reflects the philosophy (and reality) under which so many children are raised these days. To be fair, since we all go through trials and tribulations on the way to adulthood, there is a reasonable argument to be made for cutting children some slack (not only boys, girls too) during all those formative years. However, there is a world of difference between cutting some slack and not setting appropriate boundaries, and it is perfectly natural for children, and especially teenagers, to test what those limits are. Parenting is a great privilege that many of us are blessed with. Along with that gift there are certain responsibilities that sometimes come as a big surprise, especially when the law becomes involved if the apple of our eye didn’t quite measure up to our or society’s expectations. The result of those responsibilities can be painful and at times, quite expensive. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what can happen when teen drivers get into their first accident, not to mention the add-on effects of serious injury (or worse),


Riva Reader | October 2015

Even without getting into such extreme examples we can still be surprised to learn of all the other ways in which our teens can get into trouble, and we, as parents may live to regret not setting, and enforcing, certain boundaries. The list is rather long and beyond the scope of this short missive. For a full eye-opener on the subject, you might want to scan through the quite extensive list compiled by the Colorado Judicial Branch. This is state-wide and not just applicable to Jefferson County where we live. Just being aware that there are “Curfew Laws,” or a provision defining what is “Disturbing the Peace” (think back to the late night doorbell ringing that’s happened in our community), or even one defining “Parent’s Rights and Responsibilities,” and you get some sense that there are enough of these issues going on (everywhere) to earn the dubious merit of getting into the legal system. Stay well and keep your precious ones safe!

Highlights to Colorado Laws concerning youths Curfews are established to help deter crime and keep youth from getting into unnecessary trouble. Although there are no specific state statutes, many local governments have established curfews. These laws pertains to minors under 18 years of age... Many times youth receive tickets for disturbing the peace. Disturbing the peace means that a person knowingly commits disorderly conduct... A person commits harassment if they do any of the following with the intent to annoy or alarm another person: 1) Strikes, hits, kicks, shoves, or touches a person or subjects him/ her to physical contact. 2) Uses obscene language or makes an obscene gesture to or at someone in a public place. 3) Follows a person in or around a public place. Parent’s Rights & Obligations: ...Parents are responsible for paying for damages caused by their children. Any person, partnership, corporation, association, or religious organization is allowed to recover damages of not more than $3,500 in court from the parents of each minor who damages or destroys property or causes bodily injury (13-21-107).... To review the Colorado Judicial Branch List of Laws, please go to: https://www. Youth/Laws.cfm

Riva Chase HOA


TREAT THE THISTLES!! Please….do give them a nice fall punch…with some powerful weed killer!! The thistles have been especially viral this year, and they are considered a noxious weed… one that is not natural, and destroys many other native plants. Cut them down, and spray generously. They will soak up the “nutrients” as part of their fall effort to store food for the winter. Perhaps next year we’ll have fewer of them to contend with.

Colorado Weed Management Association, http://www.cwma. org/noxweeds.html Cirsium arvense is commonly known as Canada Thistle and is listed by the State of Colorado as a noxious weed.

This aggressive creeping perennial is difficult to control because of its extensive root system and ability to rebound quickly; horizontal roots can extend for up to fifteen feet, and vertical roots may grow six to fifteen feet deep. This plant is best managed by removing seedlings as they start, but be sure to wear heavy gloves and use a shovel as Canada Thistle has numerous sharp barbs.

From the USDA — United States Department of Agriculture

Ecology - Impacts/threats Thistles are highly competitive and persistent plants. Given suitable conditions, these weeds rapidly invade rangeland, pastures, abandoned fields, roadsides, and

disturbed sites. A high density of thistles reduces availability of quality forage and the diversity of flora and fauna species. Additionally, most thistles have taproots that do not stabilize the soil as well as the fibrous roots of native grass species; therefore, high densities of thistles can contribute to soil erosion and stream sedimentation.

Spread Thistle seed is easily dispersed by wind, water, birds, and other animals. Seed can be carried long distances by adhering to surfaces and undercarriages of road vehicles and road maintenance equipment. Thistles may also be introduced to new areas via seed in hay that is not certified to be weed free.

Management Since all thistle species are prolific seed producers, high priority for thistle management should be directed toward preventing establishment and eliminating new plants as soon as they are found. Manual Methods Hand pulling, hoeing, grubbing, or cutting may be done any time of year; but these methods are most effective if done before development of flower heads occurs. Thistle plants should be severed 2 to 4 inches below the soil surface to prevent resprouting from the root crown. Proper disposal of debris is essential in preventing spread.

Photos Courtesy of Roz Birkelo October 2015 | Riva Reader




by William A. Raatz District Manager not be used for drinking water. Instead, the unsoftened/hard water is actually better to consume and use for cooking.

The Forest Hills Metropolitan District (District) recently had its treated water tested for a variety of parameters related to hardness and scale formation, including total dissolved solids (TDS), calcium, and the Langelier Index. TDS is the measure of all the ions dissolved in the water sample. The U.S. EPA set a secondary drinking water standard of 500 milligrams per liter (mg/L) for TDS, however, water with values up to 1,000 mg/L are generally considered safe to drink. The treated water in the District returned a value of 753 mg/L, so while it is high, the water is typical of well water in Colorado and may still be consumed. You may have heard the term hardness, which is defined as the amount of calcium and magnesium ions in a water sample. Hard water is typically defined by a value over 180 mg/L as calcium carbonate. The treated water in the District returned a value of 289.4 mg/L of calcium as calcium carbonate (magnesium was not measured), so 18

Riva Reader | October 2015

along with the high TDS, the water is considered very hard. Hard water is not necessarily a health concern (calcium and magnesium are beneficial minerals), however, it does interfere with the action of soap and detergents, and may also result in scaling of pipes. Water hardness may be removed by the use of a water softener, which removes the calcium and magnesium ions using an ion exchange resin and replaces them with sodium ions. Sodium ions do not interfere with the action of soaps and detergents, and are also less prone to forming scale, thus the softened water works better with dishwashers (eliminates spots) and washing machines (soaps rinse away more completely). It is important to note that U.S. EPA has set a guidance level of sodium in drinking water at 20 mg/L. As sodium replaces the removed calcium and magnesium in a 2:1 ratio, the amount of sodium in softened water can be well over 100 mg/L or more. As such, it is recommended that softened water

The final assessment of the treated water was the calculation of the Langelier Index, which incorporates the TDS, pH, and calcium ion concentration (and alkalinity) into a measure of scaling potential. A Langelier Index near zero indicates a stable water that is neither corrosive nor scale forming, and the treated water in the District returned a value of 0.19, which is just slightly on the positive scale forming side and considered a balanced state for the water (i.e. it is less than 0.3). Values over 1.0 would be prone to scaling and could plug pipes, and values below -1.0 would be considered corrosive and could erode pipes.

USGS Water Quality Information hardness-alkalinity.html Many industrial and domestic water users are concerned about the hardness of their water. Hard water requires more soap and synthetic detergents for home laundry and washing, and contributes to scaling in boilers and industrial equipment. Hardness is caused by compounds of calcium and magnesium, and by a variety of other metals. General guidelines for classification of waters are: 0 to 60 mg/L (milligrams per liter) as calcium carbonate is classified as soft; 61 to 120 mg/L as moderately hard; 121 to 180 mg/L as hard; and more than 180 mg/L as very hard.

Mean values of hardness at 344 stations during the 1975 water year are represented by the chart. The highest 7 values, those over 1,120 mg/L, are lumped in the last bar of the chart in order to maintain the scale. About half of the mean

hardness values for the stations are in the soft to moderately hard categories, and about half can be classified as hard to very hard.

Patterns of hardness in the United States are shown on the map of accounting units. Softest waters were in parts of New England, the South Atlantic-Gulf States, the Pacific Northwest, and Hawaii. Moderately hard waters were common in many rivers of Alaska and Tennessee, in the Great Lakes region, and the Pacific Northwest. Moderately hard waters were common in many rivers of Alaska and Tennessee, the Great Lakes region, and the Pacific Northwest. Hard and very hard waters were found in some streams in most of the regions throughout the country. Hardest waters (greater than 1,000

mg/L) were measured in streams in Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Arizona, and southern California. Note to Readers: Water hardness is based on major-ion chemistry concentrations. Major-ion chemistry in ground water is relatively stable and generally does not change over time. Although the map illustrates data from 1975, these data have been found to be accurate and useful in current assessments. There are, however, several caveats about the nature, use, and interpretations of these data: (1) the data illustrated represent water hardness on a national and regional scale and must be so interpreted; (2) the 1975 data are not designed to be used to make local decisions or decisions on the scale of individual homeowner property; and (3) information that is directly relevant to water hardness and other chemical properties at a home or immediate locale should be provided by the local health agency, local water utility, or by the vendor of a local water-softening system. Homeowners may refer to the following Web sites for additional information: EPA’s “Local Drinking Water Information” EPA’s “Surf Your Watershed” American Water Works Association

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Holiday Style FOR YOUR HOME

Style~Personality~Flair... We all have a unique way of announcing our own. And during the Holiday season our “personalities” seem to shine a little brighter, perhaps a bit bolder. That is certainly reflected in our home décor selections. Our personal style is often carried directly into our home’s fabrics and accessories. Holiday decorating is no exception. Our home design and decorating reflects our personalities and individual style. That is especially prevalent during this time of year, when festive gatherings, entertaining and celebrations are taking place. We certainly know how to bring out the bling, accessorizing ourselves, our homes, our children, dogs and sometimes even our vehicles, announcing to the world our personal tastes (some good, some not so good) and flair. There are a few rules and fun trends that apply when it comes to Holiday accessorizing. Here are a few seasonably fashionable tips to help ensure you AND your home will shine bright, yet tasteful, throughout this joyous time of year. • Don’t overdress your home. More is not always merrier. Simple and elegant almost always is a good rule to follow. Absolutely introduce those dynamic Holiday accessories 20

Riva Reader | October 2015

just don’t overdo it. Let them shine, stand out, get the attention they deserve. Too many clashing accessories on your furnishings and your walls can take you from classy to cluttered. Tis the season I know however we want a peaceful season. ☺ • All that glitters is now GOLD. This showy color is making a big comeback so go ahead; feel free to use it with pride! Whatever colors you choose you can bring the bling-bling on. Beads, crystals, metals and feathers can be used together to bring a sophisticated balance of shimmer and matte. Keep in mind however, bling lightly… classy not cluttered. Personally, I am looking forward to having our interior remodel complete enough to be able to bling anything. • One rule that always applies, even during the flamboyancy of the Holiday season, size does matter! The size of the accessory should always be in proportion to where it’s being displayed. If you decide you’d like to showcase a larger item, that’s ok! It’s just best to have that one large item you love presented alone rather than creating visual chaos by grouping many items together in order to fill a space. • Non-traditional Holiday colors are sure to make your home stand out. There are a few new festive colors you may want

to introduce to Holiday décor. There is an evolution of greens to introduce. Pistachio, moss and hunter are just a few. And pink is the new red. Classics like silver and gold are still strong but don’t forget copper and bronze. Black and white can add whimsy or formalize and natural wood materials and colors are perfect for our stunning mountain homes. Whatever your style, enjoy sharing it with your family and friends. Let your personality shine through beautifully this Holiday Season! Be peacefully creative and courageous with your accessory choices. A Very Happy Holiday and Wish of a Wonderful New Year to All of You! Denise Krogman Proud new Riva Chase Homeowner Denise Teichert Krogman, Allied ASID Teichert Design Group, LLC/RDK Design & Build, LLC 480-330-3717 Copyright 2015

Denise has actively led complete floor to ceiling design projects for over 25 years in Arizona, Colorado and California. She is an Allied Member of ASID, a graduate of Arizona State University with degrees in Fashion Design and Marketing and the recipient of many design awards locally and nationally. Welcome Rob & Denise Krogman!

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Foothills Fire & Rescue FIRE DEPT UPDATE

your fire department. We will have a dedication celebration for Engine 536 when it arrives. Stay tuned for more information!

Hi Neighbors, This month, I want to share two updates about your fire department. We just purchased a used 2008 Chevrolet Suburban with 65,000 miles. We use our smaller vehicles, like this Suburban, to reduce wear and tear and fuel consumption on our large, expensive trucks. In addition, these smaller vehicles help us provide a quicker initial response to emergency scenes and determine an appropriate level of response. In 2014, we ordered a new pumper truck to replace our 1990 FMC pumper truck, “Engine 541”. The new pumper, “Engine 536,” entered production in mid-June 2015. It will be virtually identical to “Engine 535,” which we purchased in 2010. It will include features specialized to our unique environment, including: four-wheel drive, short 27 foot length, 1000 gallon water tank, firefighting foam system, and 1500 gallon-per-minute pump. Engine 536 was paid for in cash, so there is no interest or debt to 22

Riva Reader | October 2015

We take pride in our fleet maintenance. We carefully evaluate the overall condition of every vehicle and its associated costs. Our goal is to maximize the useful life of each vehicle, while avoiding being “nickeled and dimmed to death.” Unlike many departments, we do not replace a vehicle strictly based on age. In fact, our two oldest trucks were built in 1969 and 1986. Both are still in service and performing great. It’s one of the many ways we strive to carefully manage our spending. Our goal is to maximize our level of service while living within our budget. Communication with you is our highest priority. We are the stewards of your tax dollars and work hard to make them go as far as possible. We want you to be informed and knowledgeable about the steps we take to keep you, and all those that pass through our District safe. It is important that you feel confident in your fire department to provide high quality fire, rescue and basic emergency medical service BEFORE you call us. If you would like to visit your fire stations, see your equipment or go for a truck ride, please give me a call! Sincerely Yours, Brian J. Zoril Fire Chief

Jennifer Davenport 720-488-6003

Emily Henderson 303-717-3418

On behalf of all of us who participated in the Riva Chase Community Garage Sale, I would like to thank Jennifer Davenport & Emily Henderson for sponsoring our sale and providing all the wonderful signage to help us direct traffic. Thank you so much for your help!

FOR SALE Listed By

List Price

Beds Baths

Finished SqFt $/SqFt

ACRES Year Built

1091 Sleepy Hollow Road Liv Sotheby’s Realty


4 5

6823 $175


849 Eastwood Dr. Liv Sotheby’s Realty


5 5

7486 $159


750 Kachina Circle Homesmart Realty Group


6 5

5953 $193


22204 Forest Hills Dr. Ballard Group


4 4

5656 $186


858 Eastwood Dr. The Resource Group


6 5

6150 $162


22488 Springflower Drive Beesley Realty


4 4

6136 $162


840 Kachina Circle Liv Sotheby’s Realty


4 4

5793 $154


901 Mt. Rose Way Homesmart Realty Group


4 4

4227 $212


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1091 Sleepy Hollow Road

$1,197,000 — 4 Bed 4.5 Bath, 6823 sf Hidden above Denver in a gated community this mountain home is a serene place to retire after a busy day in the city. From the moment you walk thru the dramatic front door and step onto the beautiful wood floors your senses will be soothed by the rock planters, antler chandeliers and the wood paneled ceilings. Surrounded by towering pine trees and entertained by the constant movement of Colorado wildlife, your home is your oasis.


Riva Reader | October 2015


$895,000 — 4 Bed 3.5 Bath, 5793 sf Great windows provide abundant natural light and a custom feel with several beveled panes that artfully showcase the exciting architectural lines of this open and bright home. Once a “Parade of Homes” home, special features include: remodeled kitchen with hardwood flooring, slab granite tops, Jenn-Air double ovens, Viking 6-burner cooktop and an adjoining family room with wet bar and fireplace plus a breakfast nook with access to city view deck; grand living room with floor-to-ceiling windows is full of views of the mountain setting and nearby pond and has a gas fireplace; formal dining room; upstairs are three bedrooms including the luxury master and two Jack ‘n Jill style bedrooms; walk-out level offers a large recreation room with wet bar; studio with city views; hot tub room; 4th bedroom with 3/4 bath and a roomy wine cellar down circular stairs. October 2015 | Riva Reader



$1,149,000 — 6 Bed 5 Bath, 5953 sf This Incredible Home has been well updated and maintained. The entire house has been professionally decorated to include Plantation Shutters, Remote Blinds in Office/Study. On the deck enjoy City Views in the Hot Tub. There is also a built in BBQ and Outdoor Fireplace. Large Great Room adjacent to the Kitchen and Eating area. Viking Refrigerator in Kitchen, two dishwashers for entertaining and granite countertops with glass tile back splash. The main level Laundry features two washers and two dryers. New Double Entry Wrought Iron Front Door By Love that Door for a Grand Entrance! Custom Lighting, beautiful hardware, new paint and much more. Walk out the lower level to a flag stone patio. Three car garage with cabinets and workbench. Move in ready!


Riva Reader | October 2015


$1,050,000 — 4 Bed 4 Bath, 5656 sf Stunning executive custom home in the exclusive gated community of Riva Chase Estates. Privately situated amidst the Ponderosa pines to experience that “away from it all” feeling...yet only 25 minutes from Denver. This rare ranch home offers a smartly designed kitchen, formal dining and family room area that beckons guests to both formal and informal dining options. The kitchen features spacious granite counter space, double ovens, breakfast bar and adjoining nook area. You will love the covered deck off the kitchen when you want to enjoy those gorgeous Colorado days in any weather. The main floor owner’s bedroom is a perfect retreat with fireplace, steam shower, jetted tub and heated floor. In addition, a guest bedroom and study/den are all on the main level. The finished basement sports two bedrooms in addition to a great entertaining area that can be used as an exercise area, bar & media space w/fireplace. October 2015 | Riva Reader



$998,500 — 6 Bed 5 Bath, 5376 sf Gracious mountain living on 1.6-acres. State-of-the-art heating system w/instant hot water, and computer-controlled multiple HVAC zones & lighting. Large main-floor master suite. Gourmet kitchen with gas range, sub-zero fridge, granite counter tops and double convection ovens. Walkout lower level, built-in multi-media room with surround sound, large bar area includes kitchen, pool/ping pong table, and exercise room. Home office w/private entrance. Three-car garage.


Riva Reader | October 2015


$895,000 — 4 Bed 4 Bath, 4227 sf Contemporary Southwest Ranch Style on over two sunny acres. Spectacular Views of City Lights and Foothills with Abounding Wildlife. Conveniently located in exclusive gated community of Riva Chase. Just 25 minutes west of downtown Denver and less than an hour to world-class skiing. Gorgeous updates and Southwestern Architecture throughout with large windows and high ceilings. Gourmet Kitchen features New Miele and Bosch stainless appliances, quartz counters and two undermount sinks, Grohe faucets. Spacious master suite with authentic style Kiva fireplace, private patio and hot tub, skylight, dual vanities, soaking tub, tile shower and dual walk-in closets. Large study on main floor with double doors and built-in desk/work area. Walkout basement with new carpet and perfect for entertaining with large media/game room, wet bar with beverage cooler and covered patio access. October 2015 | Riva Reader



$995,000 — 4 Bed 4 Bath, 6136 sf City light views. 4-car garage. Extra large bay with 10 ft door 25 ft deep. Winding stone drive with wildlife statuary. Elevated lot on cul-de-sac. Open floor plan/sweeping interior views. Gleaming hardwood floors. Great room w vaulted ceilings, 2-story windows, stone inlay fireplace, Juliet balcony. Curving staircase to balcony/loft area. Center island gourmet kitchen. Granite counters/back-splash, stainless steel appliances, 5-burner gas cook-top, double oven, 2 dishwashers, pantry, paring station. Main level office, second-floor laundry room. Master suite w expansive sitting area. Master bath w black granite counters, tiered jetted tub. Massive lower-level walkout w large party room, bar w granite counter-tops, deck w over-size hot tub.


Riva Reader | October 2015


$1,190,000 — 5 Bed 5.5 Bath, 7486 sf Beautifully positioned in a gated community, this timeless home looks down into Denver. Captivating views of mountains and city lights compete for your attention with the wildlife. An elegant home with a great room large enough for grand entertaining, a heated salt water pool to relax with your friends and family, and a lively lower level sports bar. At last a mountain home with an elevator to access the whole house.

October 2015 | Riva Reader



Riva Reader | October 2015

The Annual Riva Chase Chili Cookoff was a tremendous success this year. We had the highest attendance ever and raised $840 for the Foothills Fire Protection District. Many thanks to Brian Zoril and his wonderful volunteer fire department for coming out and supporting the event. The Chili Cookoff winners were: Betsy Christensen (1st Place), Heather Schram (2nd Place), Barbara Oakley (3rd Place). by John Carpenter

October 2015 | Riva Reader


Photos Courtesy of Joy Lawrance & Roz Birkelo


olorado’s fall colors are here and the holidays are approaching! Visit Mount Vernon Country Club and enjoy our spectacular view – we are right across the highway from your Riva Chase neighborhood. After December 1, their beautiful holiday decorations can be seen throughout the Club. Have you experienced Mount Vernon Country Club? If not, would you like a one-time reservation for lunch, brunch or dinner as a non-member? Please contact Linda McFarlin, Director of Marketing, or Beth McHugh, Membership Executive. They will be happy to 34

Riva Reader | October 2015

reserve your table overlooking stunning mountain vistas and city lights. The offer for a dining reservation expires Wednesday, November 25th. There are plenty of member holiday events coming up. Why cook when you can enjoy a Thanksgiving feast prepared by Club chefs? Families love the club’s Halloween party and holiday horse drawn wagon rides, or Santa and Mrs. Clause brunch. Members and their guests look forward to the popular “all you care to eat” Holiday Buffets which includes King Crab and Sunday Brunch Buffets. Members will dance at the annual

New Year’s Eve celebration featuring two bands, dinner, champagne toast and dessert bar. A complimentary shuttle is provided to the Comfort Suites in Evergreen, if you wish to relax New Year’s Day after the festivities. The holidays are not the only times the Club offers fantastic events and activities. Whether you like jazz concerts, Lannie

Garrett’s unique music, dancing to The Hazel Miller Band, would like to drop your children at the monthly Kid’s Club, wine tasting or enjoy interactive cooking classes there is truly something for all ages. Planning a holiday celebration or a wedding? The Club has

five rooms of various sizes to choose from - all with impressive views for you and your friends. Whether your event is 10 or 250 guests, we are happy to provide expert event coordination. Nonmembers are welcome to reserve the Club’s rooms, however, members receive complimentary room rental fees. Our Event Department is happy to customize your party or meeting to fit your taste. Contact Event Director Krystal Boman at 303.526.3105, kboman@mountvernoncc. com.

December 31, 2015, the Club is offering their annual new member holiday promotion. It is the best time to join as it is the biggest discount of the year, and the only time that complimentary dues are given. Join as a Social member during this time and receive free dues until October, 2016 – A savings of over $400! If new members

fees onto a Social membership.

join in 2015, they will avoid a 2016 pool and tennis initiation price increase. Pool, Tennis, Platform Tennis and Exercise may be added for additional

For extensive information and photos, please visit our website, Join us!

If you are interested in learning more about Mount Vernon Country Club and the holiday membership offer, please contact Linda McFarlin, 303.526.3135, Linda@, or Beth McHugh, 303.526.3102, Beth@

From November 15, through

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Pick up after your pets! Fortunately, a majority of homeowners take their pet ownership responsibility seriously. Unfortunately, there are still a few homeowners that must believe they are living in a wilderness and their dog’s excrement is just one of the wonders of nature. Aside from being a smelly nuisance, there are several very common diseases that can be transmitted to dogs through feces. These include Giardia, roundworms, hookworms, Salmonella, and E.coli. Did you know an infected dog can pass over a million roundworm eggs every day? Roundworms and hookworms deposited by infected animals can live in the soil for long periods of time and be transmitted to other animals and humans. In addition, your dog can spread or contract parvovirus or coronavirus through infected feces. Flies will consume and lay eggs in feces. These same flies will then come into your house and spread disease as they pause on your


Riva Reader | October 2015

counter and food. Storm water carries pet waste directly into our ponds. Animal waste containing Giardia, Salmonella and E. coli can be transmitted to humans and other animals by ingesting contaminated water. Because we feed our dogs food that’s very different from the food wild animals eat, dog waste does not biodegrade quickly like wild animal waste. And because there are so many pets in the neighborhood, this hardy dog waste accumulates. If the above is not reason enough to clean up after your dog, Jefferson County ordinances make “failure to clean up dog feces in public places” an offense with a fine. There is a dispenser of poop bags available mounted to a sign post near the large pond. Please take as many bags as you need.

Thank you. Gary Carson

BODYSHRED™ is HERE! -DanaInman

Located in the Genesee Towne Center 25938 Genesee Trail Rd #160 Golden, CO 80401 303-526-5997

October 2015

Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED™ is now on our schedule: Tuesdays 12:00pm Thursdays 12:00pm Tuesdays 6:00pm (coming 11/3) What is BODYSHRED™? BODYSHRED™ is the hottest new Group Exercise class that will get you the results you are looking for! S.H.R.E.D. is what you will be doing every time you participate in a BODYSHRED™ class: S-Synergistic H-High Intensity R-Resistance E-Endurance D-Dynamics This 30 minute high intensity class utilizes Jillian’s 3-2-1 circuits: 3 minutes of strength 2 minutes of cardio 1 minute of abs Repeated 4 times through. The exercise move changes every 30 seconds, so you will NEVER get bored! BODYSHRED™ combines many methods of training (HIIT, PHA, plyometrics, supersetting, combo lifting, 3-demensional movement possibilities, functional bodyweight training) to get

15% of ALL Personal Training Packages 15% of ALL Pilates Packages New Clients ONLY: 3 Privates for $99!!! NO Enrollment Fee for Gym Membership NO Enrollment Fee for Class-ONLY Membership FREE Body Fat Testing (walk-ins welcome) FREE BODYSHRED™ Class @ 12:00pm you shredded! You can create an E.P.O.C. (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption), which means you burn extra calories after the workout for up to 72 hours. There is no choreography to FREE Cardio follow (so no having Pilates Jump to “stay on the Board Lessons! beat”). You go hard, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t FOR THE MONTH modifications or you OF OCTOBER have to keep up with 2015 ONLY! the fittest person in the room! At the Call Lori to make an appointment: same time, if you want more of a 847-878-9602 challenge there are advanced options. This class is for all levels, so we hope to be seeing you in a BODYSHRED™ class!!! References: Jillian Michaels, Linda Shelton, Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED™ Instructor Training Manual, EM Fitness, LLC, 2012-2014

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Zoe Skin Care & Boutique UPDATE YOUR SKINCARE


pdating Your Skincare Routine For Fall At Zoe Skin Care & Boutique The long summer days are winding down and as the days get shorter the air gets cooler and dryer. It’s time to evaluate and personalize your skincare regimen as the seasons change. Let Zoe Skin Care & Boutique help you choose the perfect treatments and products for the changes in the weather. Cooler temperatures, wind and turning our heat on dry the skin, which using a little heavier moisturizer will hydrate and plump the skin. Try Eminence Monoi Age Corrective Night Crème for Face and Neck, an anti-aging stem cell complex. This can be used as a night crème after cleansing or under your sunscreen. Though you might think exfoliators dry the skin, used properly it can slough off dry, dead skin cells and leave the skin glowing. We suggest and have fallen in love with ZO Medical Vitascrub, which sweeps away excess oil, dirt and impurities. It improves circulation and restores the skins natural glow. ZO Health makes an incredible Hand Renewal set perfect for erasing the signs of aging hands.


Riva Reader | October 2015

And never underestimate the benefits of professional treatments. A visit to Zoe Skin Care & Boutique once a month for a relaxing, beneficial facial which will assure compliments and you’ll love the effects. We also offer Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning and Medical Grade peels. Don’t forget your makeup routine either. Zoe Skin Care & Boutique is proud to offer Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup. There are new trends for the seasons and we are offering a free makeup consultation with our Fall Specials. We have a number of incredible Fall Specials available now thru November 31 which will surely jump start your new holiday complexion. How about a Pumpkin Spice Latte’ Facial or a Chocolate Mousse Hydrating Facial for only $75 each. Try the Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel for only $30 it is a great add on to a Zoe Signature Facial or by itself. Sluff off that old, dry, dull skin from the summer and greet the new season with glowing, hydrated, healthy skin. Prepare for all of the upcoming parties with the beautiful Lash Extensions at 20% off through the month of November. Look around, the leaves are changing and so should your

skincare routine. This is the perfect time to start in order to have your skin in prime condition for the Holidays. Call today for a free consultation, mention this article and receive a free gift pack through November 30. We look forward to seeing you here at Zoe Skin Care & Boutique in the Genesee Town Center. Catherine Zoe Plant Zoe Skin Care & Boutique 303-838-0499

303.838.0499 skin care & boutique

Sometimes the best escapes are in your own backyard… ·Facials ·Waxing ·Microdermabrasion ·Micro Needling ·Massage ·Eyelash Extensions ·Peels ·Dermaplaning ·Spray Tanning ·Botox/Fillers ·Boutique and Gift Items

25958 Genesee Trail Road • Suite C • Golden CO

Incredible Specials Give Us a Call or Check Online Mention this ad for an additional 10% off your next purchase. October 2015 | Riva Reader


Neighbor to Neighbor Contractor Recommendations Recommendations will remain in the RR for two issues.

Cabinetry / Remodeling

I hired Kevin McMillin, a Riva Chase Resident, to remodel my two upstairs bathrooms and install custom shelves in my kitchen. He’s professional, attentive, honest, and very talented. Call My Cabinet Guy: (970) 376-1970 or Roz Birkelo

Plumbing, Heating, Electrical

Comes highly recommended by Joy Lawrance. She can’t say enough good things about their service and their rates. Applewood, Ryan Ziehr | 303-328-3000


Greetings: My name is Gary Sohrweid and we live here at 730 Summerwood Drive. We just had a carpeted staircase converted into an oak staircase with black walnut inlay on the landing. The work is beautiful and of high quality. Two of my neighbors, also have had their floors refinished and new floors installed. We all have used ROONEY HARDWOOD FLOORS. We all endorse this Company whole heartedly and we all are Riva Chase property owners. Ph: 303-907-8604 Gary Sohrweid

General Contractors

Mile High Contractors | Contact MerriLou Flake 303.883.3866 They completely remodeled my master bathroom and did a great job. Quality workmanship, competitive prices, and great customer service. They are General Contractors and can perform all types of work at your home. Highly recommended. Brenda Shuler


We would like to recommend Caribou Contracting for your home remodel projects. We needed a lot of work done on the wood trim on our windows and framing around some doors all around our home and Josh, the owner of Caribou Contracting, did a great job replacing or fixing on the rotted/ broken wood trim and framing. Josh was a pleasure to work with - he was very responsive and reliable and got the job done when he promised. He took great pride in his workmanship and did a remarkable job. His company does all sorts of remodeling projects -- installation of basic trim to full additions and reconfigurations. Over the years his company has done a lot of kitchen and bath remodels and general home improvement, and they mainly work within a 20 mile radius of Golden. You can reach Josh at 800-452-0899 and his website is Patrick Green & Mashenka Lundberg


For any type of local moving (e.g. A Piece of Large Furniture). I had a good deal of success with Hediger Moving. The owner, Steven Hediger lives on Lookout Mountain, and he and his assistant did a careful job with a very large and heavy piece of furniture for me. His number is (303) 526-9105. John Carpenter


Jack Hopp Decorating (painter) - 303-478-2510 : He has worked for us since we built this home 20 years ago and recently painted the exterior of the house for the second time. He also did all of our interior painting and wall paper. Ann Nutt


Riva Reader | October 2015


Superb, perfectionist, well-priced painter interior and exterior. Chris Horvath, Infinite Concepts Painting and Repair, infiniteconcepts.pandr@ 303-507-5779 Jane Makowka


You don’t need a roofer every day, but when you do, it’s nice to know who’s really good, can do the job probably sooner than most, and may even be cheaper at the same time! We had a roof leak with all the rains in April/May and some interior damage as a result. The restoration company roofer finally showed up, did some “emergency repairs” and the water still kept coming in. I was lucky enough to recall the name of another roofer that had done work for me ten years ago and called him. He diagnosed the problem correctly even without seeing the roof, had his people over in no time, they verified his remote diagnosis (I went up on the roof to see for myself) and the leak was fixed. The best part is that his cost was a fraction of what the first roofer estimated for the fix, AND his people spotted another area that needed attention on our central chimney. Had they not alerted us of that second problem the consequences would have been worse than the first leak, if unattended. I can heartily recommend Dave Evenson, the owner of Troost Roofing and his crew - 303-674-4667 – when you need a roofer, check out their website, they really over-deliver! Ron Kordof

House Keeping

Lucinda Griffin is very thorough and reliable. She cleans a few homes here in Riva Chase. Phone # - 303-487-6136. Cell: 720-841-3863 Joy Lawrence

Carpet & Upholstery

Academy Services Corp. 303-279-7214. We have been using their services for over 20 years and have always been happy with their services. In addition to carpet and upholstery care, they also clean wood floors, stone floors, grout, and power wash decks and garage floors. Please give them a try! Karen Carson


I would recommend RCM Lawn and Landscape (303-232-5755), owned by Robert McCullough, who just did our yard. With Winston out of commission, it was he who mowed our lawn. Ann Nutt

Window Cleaning

We just had our windows cleaned last week by a new company and are very happy with their work. The name of the company is Restoration Window Cleaning, the owner is Shawn Sibert and his number is 303-917-5274. Gary & Karen Carson



submitted by John Carpenter

Riva Chase Homeowner’s Association Balance Sheet Summary As of October 2, 2015 ASSETS

TOTAL Current Assets Bank Accounts


Accounts Receivable Other current assets Total Current Assets TOTAL ASSETS

0.00 784.00 $47,794.36 $47,794.36

LIABILITIES & EQUITY Liabilities Current Liabilities Accounts Payable Other current liabilities Total Current Liabilities TOTAL LIABILITIES Equity TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY

6,500.00 -6,500.00 500.00 500.00 47,294.36 $44,794.36

Friday, Oct 2, 2015 01:58:44 PM PDT GMT-6 - Cash Basis This report was created from QuickBooks Online Essentials data.

October 2015 | Riva Reader


Riva Reader



EDITORIAL Managing Editor Creative Director Roz Birkelo

CONTRIBUTORS Colleen Brisben John Carpenter Gary Carson Kristen Hoffman Dana Inman Denise Teichert Krogman Joy Lawrance Linda McFarlin Julie Noonan Ron Kordof Catherine Zoe Plant William Raatz Jeff Shrader Brian Zoril

If you have a story to share, email Roz @ If you haven’t registered for Riva Chase’s new website, you are missing out on valuable information! Please go here to register: then verify your email address and log on. Click the “Secure Site” tab for things like our Neighborhood Directory and Neighborhood Pictures. Contact Karen Buelter for questions or comments regarding the website. |

HOME SERVICES Lawn work | Snow Shoveling We’re Bryan & Adam, ages 13 and 11, and looking for jobs you might need to have done. We like jobs such as picking up pine cones, shoveling snow, watering plants, house sitting, pet walking and watching, cleaning garages and checking mail. Our price depends on the size and type of the job. Please call us at 303-526-0817

Please register your phone with CodeRed in Jefferson County to receive timely alerts and emergency information.


Riva Reader | October 2015


Katy & Emily Radcliffe’s  BABY SITTING SERVICE

KEYSTONE Proper ty

RADCLIFFE a​bKATY ​y​ &​SEMILY ​i​t​t ​i​n​g​ ​S​e​r​v​i​c​e

Year round outdoor enjoyment at Keystone!!!!

We will both be attending D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High

Beautiful free standing home in condominium complex

overlooking golf course and a short walk to paved will both be attending D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School next  School next Fall as seventh and eighth graders (12 & 13 biking and jogging path along the Snake River along venth and eighth graders (12&13 years old). Each of us are Certified  years old). Each of us are Certified American Red Cross with cross country/snow shoe right out the door. Babysitters. We know CPR and choking procedures. Also, Red Cross Babysitters.We know CPR and choking procedures.  Enjoy the luxury of a three bedroom, 3 bath, we know how to care for scrapes, burns, injuries, etc. know how to care for scrapes, burns, injuries, etc. We  are hard  approximate 2000 sq. ft. home with a large family room/ We are hard working, caring, trustworthy, and helpful. living/dining room. All amenities available (washer/dryer, caring, trustworthy, and helpful. We are super fun and appeal to all  We are super fun and appeal to all types of children. subzero refrigerator, pool/sauna in condo complex and With us, your children will be in a safe environment, hildren.With us, your children will be in a safe environment, while  Keystone bus route). Lodge type front desk services while following your rules. We are the best candidates available. your rules. We are the best candidates for babysitting and  for babysitting and entertaining your child/children for ng your child/children for $8 per hour.   Contact Susan for rates and availability: 314.313.2072 $8 per hour.

Child Care Needed My daughter, Tausha, would like a babysitter for her daughter (our granddaughter) 2 to 3 days a week from about 1pm to 5pm. She is 1 1/2 years old and of course adorable! They are living with us, so it would be at our home on Anasazi Way. Please call me (Susie) at 720-934-3479 if interested or you know someone who is. Thank you, Susie Thiret

Please contact us for more information at

Please contact us for more information at  720-484-9151 (Katy) or 720-484-9152 (Emily)  720­484­9151 (Katy’s phone), 720­484­9152 (Emily’s phone) 

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For Sale: 1091 Sleepy Hollow Road

Riva Chase is the best of all worlds.

You can easily access all that the greater Denver area has to offer. Yet still enjoy all the natural beauty, wildlife and tranquility found only in the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Live at Riva Chase. And make your dreams come true.

Exit #256, I-70 - south access Road heading West, on Genesee Ridge, and south on Forest Hills Drive. |


Riva Reader - October 2015  

News worthy, Jeffco School Board Election, Recall or Reject? Also, make sure you Treat the Thistles, a noxious weed in our area. Finally, Co...

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