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Spring is almost here and although I love winters in Colorado, especially up here in beautiful Riva Chase, I for one am looking forward to some open toed shoes! As usual, we’ll probably have to get past Mother’s Day first. There are several events coming up including Clean Up Day, the Foothills Fire & Rescue’s annual Pancake breakfast, and coming up very soon, the Foothills Fire and Rescue Auxiliary community open house where they will show off their new engine on April 30th. They’ll serve food from 11-1:00 and it is free of charge. So please mark you calendar and plan on attending all these worthwhile events. On another note, the time has come for me to turn over the reigns of our Riva Reader to another volunteer. Although I have enjoyed this creative outlet in my feeble attempts to “brand” our neighborhood, I would like to spend my free time doing something else. With that said, I’m looking for some creative sole to take over the Riva Reader. Admittedly, you have to have a bit of free time, a little bit of thick skin because you can’t please everyone, and some cool software helps. But I can get you started and we have many repeat authors that contribute so you won’t be starting from scratch. Let me know if you’re interested!

Roz Birkelo Editor & Art Director

Roz has lived in Riva Chase since 2011. She has served on the HOA as secretary and is currently serving a four year term as director of the FHMD. She began editing and compiling the Riva Reader in May 2013. She has a Bachelor in Arts and Art Education with an emphasis on Graphic Design. She is currently working as a Senior Engineering Analyst for Vantage Energy in Englewood, CO.


Riva Reader | April 2016

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The average sale price in Riva Chase or the last 6 months is over $1mm.


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April 2016 | Riva Reader



Riva Reader | April 2016

Riva Chase HOA


Welcome new residents…..and welcome Spring at last! (or at least for now!) According to my records, last year saw two feet of snow in mid-April. But that’s par for the course in Colorado, and especially living here in the foothills. This is the time of year when we all begin to come out of our cozy dens and begin the long process of clearing out the winter debris. Neighbors meet neighbors once again, and spirits are lifted with longer sunny days. We also enjoy the return of our feathered part-time residents. Some have already seen bluebirds, and the hummers will be here by the end of April. Now is also when we see the evidence of those dreaded voles and gophers. Our pest control service was here yesterday re-baiting traps (for the voles) which may or may not help much. They seem to love our juniper bush, so that may be a goner if they continue to feast on it. Schulhoff was here today to begin the spraying of the pines. Be sure to get their service if you don’t already have it. If each of us protects our magnificent trees, the whole neighborhood will continue to look beautiful and healthy. Joy Lawrance President, Riva Chase HOA

If you’re new to living in the foothills, you may want to consult some gardening advice before doing your spring planting. Deer and elk DO come around to graze on the “salads” that we plant, but they don’t like certain flowers, so stick to those and you’ll be happier. Now with BBQ season upon us, we should also be aware of fire danger. Our ACC is always mindful about the conditions up here and would caution all of us to be careful with your BBQ kettles or grills outside. Those are the only allowed places for outdoor fires, and I’m sure that all our residents are keenly aware of the reasons for that rule. Clean-up Day is fast approaching – and is a great time to join together as a community to spruce up Riva Chase, and then enjoy a great picnic at the gazebo. That will be on June 4 – and I look forward to seeing many of you there!

Joy Lawrance


Feb. 3; April 6; June 1; Aug. 3; Oct. 5; Dec. 7


June 22


April 2016 | Riva Reader


Volunteer Firefighting AN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE by Julia Kalish


hink about the kind of day that you would be having in order to call 911. What if no one answered that call? The thought of no one responding to an emergency is terrifying. Fortunately, we don’t have that problem thanks to several volunteer firefighters in our neighborhood who care about the well-being of our community. In case you didn’t know, your fire department, Foothills Fire and Rescue, is nearly 100% comprised of local area volunteers. These are people who juggle many responsibilities, such as work, family, and pleasure, to help those in need. This means we need people like you, our neighbors and friends, to join us.

Volunteers Needed! Foothills Fire & Rescue is a combination department comprised of full-time and volunteer firefighters. It is our philosophy that whether you are a volunteer or career firefighter, the tasks are the same; as the department takes its responsibility toward public safety and professional services very seriously.


Riva Reader | April 2016

Our volunteer firefighters come from all walks of life and are trained to respond to structure, wildland, and vehicle fires; medical emergencies; search and rescue emergencies; vehicle accidents; and ice and rope rescues. We also work closely with neighboring fire departments, Colorado Division of Transportation, Colorado State Police, and the JeffCo Sheriff’s Office to provide our residents and the people passing through our area with the emergency services they need when they need it. We have a big responsibility. To make sure that we are able to consistently deliver our services, we need your help. Each year, we hold a Fire Academy to train new volunteers to become highly valued

contributors to our community. If you want to help out but firefighting doesn’t appeal to you, we have lots of other ways for you to get involved, such as maintenance, IT support, and incident support via our Auxiliary. Email Pati Stajcar at for more information about how you can get involved. Please don’t wait. If not you, then who? Julia Kalish, Training Officer Foothills Fire Protection District 28812 Rainbow Hill Rd. Evergreen, CO 80439 303-526-0707 (Office) 303-828-8802 (Mobile)

The department accepts applications year-round. Firefighter Academy for Volunteers begins in late August, with graduation typically the first week of June. Full-time positions are typically filled from within our Volunteer firefighter ranks. To download a sample Firefighter Academy training schedule, click here...

opportunity to meet and work with other highly trained, motivated and enthusiastic volunteers, and interact with numerous local, state and national fire and rescue organizations.

As a volunteer member of the Foothills Fire & Rescue department, you will have the honor of serving your community in emergency situations. Additionally, all members have the

Now accepting applications for the 2016-2017 Firefighter Academy!

For additional information, contact Recruitment Coordinator, Pati Stajcar, at joinourteam.html

Foothills Fire and Rescue Auxiliar y NEW ENGINE CELEBRATION by Ronda Cameron


he Auxiliary is designed to assist the volunteer fire fighters of Foothills Fire and Rescue before, during and after calls, through a variety of ways from delivering refreshments to leave at either the emergency staging scene and/or the fire house after a lengthy day of calls, organizing social events and fund-raisers, providing support to families of fire fighters, and assisting with other related duties as they arise. If you are interested in helping the Foothills Fire and Rescue volunteer team in this unique way, give us a call! It’s a great way to get involved, have some fun, and show your support of the Foothills Fire and Rescue Team!

For more information, contact Ronda Cameron, President at 303-601-5596 or NEW ENGINE CELEBRATION Foothills Fire and Rescue has just gotten in a brand new engine and we are throwing a community open house for everybody to be able to come and see the new engine. The open house will be on Saturday April 30th ( weather permitting ) from 11:00 to 1:00. The Auxiliary will be providing hot dogs and Hamburgers ( that our Fire fighters will be BBQing) free of charge. Just a way of saying Thank You to the community for purchasing our new engine.

In case of emergency Call 911 and be ready to provide: • The location / street address of the emergency • The phone number from which you are calling • The nature of the emergency • Details about the emergency Non-emergency numbers Before digging: 811 Foothills Fire & Rescue: 303-526-0707 Evergreen Dispatch: 303-674-2323 Jeffco Sheriff: 303-277-0211

April 2016 | Riva Reader


Foothills Fire & Rescue by Fire Chief Brian J. Zoril


pring is on its way and so is wildland fire season. While wildland fires can occur any time we have a shortage of moisture, our highest risk generally occurs from late spring to midautumn. Our ability to successfully fight a wildland fire is contingent on many things including: • The moisture level of fuels (trees and grasses) • The weather, such as temperature, wind speed, and humidity • Safe access for personnel and equipment (is the fire directly off a road and near a water source, or is it a long trail hike in?) Some of these factors are easily influenced by human interaction. The biggest impact we can make in the prevention and control of wildland fires is mitigation. Some mitigation best practices include: • Space trees (and tree canopies) at least 15 feet apart


Riva Reader | April 2016

• Trim branches to a minimum of eight feet above ground level • Keep grasses cut low, especially around your home • Avoid planting trees and shrubs directly against structures • Keep firewood neatly stacked at least 30 feet from structures • Keep gutters and roofs free of leaves, needles, and other combustible materials In the event of a wildland fire, our best opportunity to save homes occurs when we have plenty of space to operate and a minimum amount of excess fuel (e.g., wood, grass) to contend with. If you would like a member of our team to conduct a mitigation assessment and make recommendations on how to best protect your property, please call the station at 303-5260707. There is never a charge for this service, and we can usually schedule an appointment within seven days.


Whether you use indoor fires to

heat your home or to simply enjoy, you need a chimney to remove the byproducts of combustion (smoke, gases) from your home. As these byproducts rise up and exit your home, they leave behind a sticky residue that coats the inner wall of your chimney. This residue is called creosote, and it is highly combustible. If it’s left to build up in the chimney, and the temperature inside the flue gets high enough, a chimney fire can occur. Creosote is the leading cause of chimney fires. To protect yourself and your home from chimney fires, we recommend

the following: • Find a certified chimney specialist who will inspect and clean your chimney • Never use flammable liquids to start your fire • Avoid burning boxes or trash • Burn seasoned wood only • Build small fires so that smoke is kept to a minimum • Install and maintain functioning smoke detectors throughout your home and check their batteries regularly PREPARING FOR WILDLAND FIRES There are several steps you can take to create a defensible space that potentially minimizes the effect a wildland fire would have on your home. We are more than happy to visit your house and make suggestions. Please call us at 303-526-0707 and we will set up a time to visit you. In the meantime, here are some ideas to get you started: 1. Regularly clean your roof and gutters so that little sparks flying through the air don’t have something to burn on top of your house. 2. Inspect your chimney at least twice a year and clean it at least once a year. 3. Create a 10 to 30-foot zone (minimum) around your house that is void of any combustible material, such as flammable vegetation (e.g., trees and shrubs) and dead leaves, limbs and twigs. If you live on a slope, you will want to create a safety zone around your house that is bigger than 30 feet. 4. Prune shrubs and trees so that they have no branches lower than 10 feet off the ground. Cut down dead trees and thin out areas that have lots of trees close together. 5. Cut your grass regularly. 6. Keep stacked firewood at least 100 feet away and uphill from your house. 7. Keep any bonfires small and attended recreational fires should be no taller than two feet and no larger than three feet in diameter. Always

have water nearby in case the fire gets too big or out of control. 8. Make sure that the driveway to your house is clear enough that we can drive a fire engine through it. 9. Clearly display you address outside your home so that we can easily find you!

Wildfire Committee: This Committee operates under the District Board of Directors. It supports the Board and Department as a citizen group to develop and maintain a community information system concerning rural wildfire hazards, early warning system, evacuation plan, long range water planning, road improvement and all other aspects of fire prevention and community safety. This group consists of several standing committees with chairmen elected annually by members.

Organization The Foothills Fire Protection District is governed by a board of five members. They operate under Colorado Revised Statutes Title 32. The Board of Directors have adopted the Rules and Regulations of the Foothills Fire Protection District and the International Fire Code 2000. The Board also has established and reviews and accepts changes to the Operational guidelines, as well as its Long Range Plan, for it’s Operational Foothills Fire & Rescue. Each member is elected for a four year term and vacancies are filled by the Board until the next scheduled election that occurs every two years. The Board selects a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer from the members. The Department elects officers from its members annually according to the Volunteer By Laws and the Operational Guidelines. The district has paid employees for the management and implementation of it’s authority.

Emergency Medical Services: Foothills Fire & Rescue delivers its emergency medical transport services through cooperation with the Highland Rescue Team Ambulance District for the entire District. All medical actions conducted by District personnel are done under the auspices of a physician advisor. April 2016 | Riva Reader


Landlord Risks & Responsibilities DO YOU OWN A HOME? YOU NEED TO KNOW THE RISKS!

Landlords of rental homes face much higher risks of a liability loss and/or proper ty loss than the average homeowner. Before purchasing a rental home it’s impor tant to research the tenant’s legal rights and your own legal obligations and rights as the landlord. Both the tenant and the landlord need to protect themselves by obtaining the appropriate insurance coverage. Protecting Yourself Starts with a Good Legal Contract (lease) Landlords need to understand the impor tance of a good legal contract or lease agreement. This document should clearly dictate all the r ules the tenant and landlord will follow to ensure a good working relationship and a well maintained home. It could ver y well be the only protection you have if the renter owes past due rent payments or damages your proper ty. I’m amazed at how many landlords tell me they haven’t even thoroughly read, nor understand the lease they and the renter signed. Bradford Publishing (http://www.bradfordpublishing.


Riva Reader | April 2016

com) is a good source of legal forms and reference materials for landlords. Screen all tenants over 18 years old Another significant loss exposure that landlords face is an unfavorable tenant. The best defence in preventing an unfavorable tenant from moving into your rental home is to obtain a tenant screening repor t on ever y adult over 18 years of age who will be living in the home. There are many sites on-line which provide this ser vice for a small fee. This repor t will provide you with a criminal background check, a credit repor t and prior rental histor y. Getting the insurance company to pay to repair damages to the home which are caused by the tenant can be tricky. If the damage is determined to be ‘hard living’ or due to the landlord’s not monitoring their proper ty, your insurance claim may be denied. In cer tain circumstances, some carriers will determine “tenant caused” damage to the home to be “vandalism” and may pay the

by Tina Kiel

claim, but this determination can be ver y subjective and policy language varies greatly among insurance policies. So…… finding a responsible tenant with a good rental histor y is of utmost impor tance to the landlord! Inspect Your Property Regularly Don’t be afraid to put in your lease that you will be dropping by regularly to inspect the inside and outside of the home. It’s your right! We once had a client who hadn’t heard from their renter in 2 years, but the rent payment was always on time. One day the rent check never appeared, the phone was disconnected and the renter didn’t respond to email. The home’s owner/Landlord entered the home to find out it had been ‘gutted’ to the studs and turned into a marijuana grow house. Of course the plants were gone and so were the tenants!

The 3 most important coverages on a Landlord Insurance Policy Building (Dwelling)Coverage 1. This is the amount of coverage on the policy to ‘replace’ the building in case it’s destroyed. Building replacement amounts are estimates, the science is not exact, and labor and material costs change all the time. It’s a good idea to review the amount of this coverage ever y few years compared to local market conditions with your agent to make sure it’s enough to replace the home. Loss of Rents Coverage 2. Landlords are responsible for the overall maintenance of their rental unit. But accidents happen ever y day. What if a rental unit is damaged by fire? The unit would most likely become uninhabitable for a period of time during repairs, which means the landlord will be losing out on rental income. Most insurance policies provide a limited amount of ‘rental income replacement’ coverage, but not enough. It is recommended to carr y at least one years’ wor th of ‘rental income replacement coverage on the policy. Liability Coverage 3. This is the most impor tant coverage because a potential loss amount is hard to determine ahead of time and can be limitless. As a Landlord, you have no way of knowing who is coming onto your proper ty and the 24 hour activities occurring there. Yet, if someone gets injured on your proper ty, you can be held liable, meaning responsible to pay for the injuries, rehabilitation, loss of lifetime

income, ongoing medical costs….etc. These types of losses can be ver y hard (and expensive) to defend against. I advise clients to purchase the highest liability limit available from the carrier, $1 million if it’s available. Then add on top of that a liability umbrella policy which gives you an additional $1million, $2million or higher. Liability coverage is one of the cheapest coverages of fered and may prevent your hard earned monetar y assets from being turned over to an injured par ty! Here’s the best par t ….if the carrier thinks you are innocent of the liability claim, they will defend you in a cour t of law on their own nickel. On some policies, the payment of attorney’s fees is taken from the policy limit of insurance; this reduces the amount of coverage to pay the injured par ty. Make sure the umbrella policy you purchase pays for attorneys fee’s ‘outside’ the limit of insurance shown on the policy or increase the insurance limit. As we all know, attorney’s fees and medical costs can add up quickly and even $1million in today’s world may not be enough insurance coverage if someone is injured on your proper ty.

with huge amounts of student loan debt and/or a first-hand account of a family member who lost ownership of their home during the downturn. With the increased demand to inhabit a rental home, landlords need to be aware of their increased risk exposures and legal responsibilities to their tenants……. AND protect themselves BEFORE a financially devastating loss occurs! Having a detailed, comprehensive lease agreement signed by carefully screened tenants and the improper insurance coverage can greatly reduce the landlord’s risk of a large monetar y loss.

Please visit our website or call our of fice for more information on this topic. Denver West Insurance 14143 Denver West Parkway #100 Golden, CO 80401 303-960-5290 www.denver Note: Data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be considered professional advice. Denver West Insurance Brokers makes no representations as to the accuracy, or validity of any information in this ar ticle and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use.

Since the financial meltdown in 2008, the habitational trend has been away from home ownership. Many factors are the cause; including (potential) homeowners with credit issues and job instability, millennials

April 2016 | Riva Reader


Let’s find your perfect MARKETING MATTERS One doesn’t have to spend a lot of time quantifying the status of the real estate market in the Denver Area to realize that the status quo is that of an incredibly “hot” market. Much of the upward pressure can be attributed to a dearth of inventory which saw record low numbers in the month of February in the Greater Denver Area. The reasons for the shortage of inventory range from a booming population growth (current estimates have 100,000 people moving to Denver yearly), recovering residential construction industry struggling to meet demand, homeowner reluctance to move into larger homes, etc. These and other factors have placed the local market in a

constricted condition and have placed sellers in a stronger position at the negotiating table. Some challenges faced by outlying areas such as the Foothills are attracting buyers who are accustomed to living in the city and to attract the attention of the new residents of our metropolitan area to purchase our homes here in the mountain area. There is a stigma of living beyond the comfortable commute time if the family looks outside the beltway, and this branding is both a blessing and a curse to our lifestyles and homes here in the mountains. While we enjoy shorter lines at the post office, we also have a smaller pool of potential buyers for our properties.

During the month of March this year in the Greater Denver Area, the average Days on Market (DOM) for all properties was 38 days. This is a stunning figure when compared with the DOM for Riva Chase which was 167 for those properties on the market in March. The higher DOM can be attributed to the values of Riva Chase properties however properties in the city of Denver between the values of $700,000 and $2,000,000 have an average of 60DOM. It could be attributed to sellers in Riva Chase not really needing to sell however Denver has a similar population. It could be that our properties are simply harder to sell, and we are not considering this when we decide on an approach to market the property.

Kevin McMillin Broker Associate

Direct 303.679.5652 Office 3 03.674.6667 30810 Stagecoach Blvd., Ste. 101 Evergreen, CO 80439 Real estate agents affiliated with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage are independent contractor sales associates and are not employees of Coldwell Banker.


Riva Reader | April 2016

t home FOR SALE Listed By

Data provided by Kevin McMillin

Beds Baths

Finished SqFt $/SqFt



6 5

5953 $185


858 Eastwood Dr.


6 5

6150 $162


1052 Sleepy Hollow


6 5

5299 $166


22653 Anasazi Way


5 5

4671 $182


SOLD - 1091 Sleepy Hollow


5 4

6493 $172


SOLD - 849 Eastwood Drive


5 5

7486 $147


SOLD - 955 Castle Ridge


7 4

9118 $105


SOLD - 901 Mt Rose Way


4 4

4227 $212


6084 / $167


750 Kachina Circle

List Price

Riva Chase 2015 Statistics


The American Marketing Association most recently defined Marketing as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.� When determining a strategy for marketing our properties, there needs to be a teaching and learning process during the decision process because most homeowners are not inherently knowledgeable on the topic of how to sell a home. Many of the decisions that are made about and around our homes are based on emotion and when it comes to selling the property, emotion can be debilitating in the search for the buyer. In order to reduce the amount of time that it takes to sell a home and also increase the price on the sale of the home, there needs to be a great effort


undertaken to expose the home to the widest possible market. The realtor has many marketing tools at their disposal and it takes every possible tool, deployed in a simultaneous fashion to reach that wide audience and to consummate the sale. There are budget services, part time realtors and for sale by owner strategies

that really should be compared vigorously with well tooled professionals. Only by maximum exposure thru legacy and modern marketing practices can we minimize the DOM and maximize the return on our housing investment.

April 2016 | Riva Reader



$1,099,000 — 6 Bed 5 Bath, 5953 sf This Incredible Home has been well updated and maintained. The entire house has been professionally decorated to include Plantation Shutters, Remote Blinds in Office/Study. On the deck enjoy City Views in the Hot Tub. There is also a built in BBQ and Outdoor Fireplace. Large Great Room adjacent to the Kitchen and Eating area. Viking Refrigerator in Kitchen, two dishwashers for entertaining and granite countertops with glass tile back splash. The main level Laundry features two washers and two dryers. New Double Entry Wrought Iron Front Door By Love that Door for a Grand Entrance! Custom Lighting, beautiful hardware, new paint and much more. Walk out the lower level to a flag stone patio. Three car garage with cabinets and workbench. Move in ready!


Riva Reader | April 2016


$998,500 — 6 Bed 5 Bath, 5376 sf Gracious mountain living on 1.6-acres. State-of-the-art heating system w/instant hot water, and computer-controlled multiple HVAC zones & lighting. Large main-floor master suite. Gourmet kitchen with gas range, sub-zero fridge, granite counter tops and double convection ovens. Walkout lower level, built-in multi-media room with surround sound, large bar area includes kitchen, pool/ping pong table, and exercise room. Home office w/private entrance. Three-car garage.

April 2016 | Riva Reader



$879,000 — 5 Bed 5 Bath, 5299 sf New Price. Spacious, inviting, custom home nestled in a gated, the foothills community minutes from I-70. This is a wonderful, private setting at the end of the cul-de-sac with a flat driveway with plenty of parking for guests. Here’s the YouTube link The luxurious main floor master features a 2-sided fireplace, sitting room, and updated, 5-piece bath. The gourmet, eat-in kitchen is open to the great room and features a spacious island with gas cook top and two ovens. You’ll love entertaining here of just enjoying family and friends. There are three upper bedrooms, all with updated, tiled, baths en-suite. Bask in the sun in the covered front porch or soak up the serenity on the decks or patios. This home has a wonderful floor plan, great setting, and newer boiler and hot water heater.


Riva Reader | April 2016


$849,000 — 5 Bed 4 Bath, 4995 sf Stunning mtn retreat 20 mins from Denver. Open & bright 2 story with a professionally finished walk out basement in prestigious Riva Chase. Unique master suite with double sided fireplace, sitting area, balcony, & huge master bath with over sized jetted tub. 3 additional bedrooms each featuring their own en suite baths. Spacious main floor office with access to wrap around deck. 2nd Floor offers a large 5th bedroom or 2nd office with a separate exterior entrance perfect for professionals working from home. Ideal for entertaining with roomy wet bar and game room on lower level with sizable stone patio where you can enjoy watching wild life or simply gaze at the pond adjacent to this home. Private, wooded lot in gated community. Just off of I-70 for a quick commute to all over the metro area or head west for a short trip to everything Colorado has to offer. Priced for a quick sale...Must see to appreciate all this home offers. April 2016 | Riva Reader




Riva Reader | April 2016


here have been many exciting changes at the club after Paul Anderson became the new General Manager and COO on February 8. He is a highlyregarded industry veteran with more than 30 years’ experience operating private clubs and within the hospitality industry. Paul and his wife, Kathy, are happy to return to the Golden area after 25 years. A Certified Club Manager, he has led clubs and communities in California, Nevada and most recently, El Dorado Golf and Beach Club in Los Cabos Mexico. Paul is excited about the many opportunities he sees at Mount

Vernon Country Club and looks forward to meeting members of the community. You will find new menus, new events and new music at the Club. A Kentucky Derby Party in May, off-site family trips, Tunisia, Home Slice and Chris Daniels and the Kings bands on the deck, pool parties, tennis camps, wine tours, burger bar, cooking classes, a benefit for EAPL with your dog – you name it, and the Club will probably be offering it! Their spectacular pool complex opens Friday, Memorial

a Memorial day tennis tourney and social.

weekend with a poolside BarBQ and games. Families will enjoy the annual School’s Out Pool Party on June 2 with games and music. Kids love the Friday Kids Pool Events such as a putting challenge, bouncy house, Tiki Friday, kayak races and s’mores. Their six tennis courts (three clay and three hard) are open in early May offering drills, lessons and after school camps, then

Visit the club’s Tennis Open House on Tuesday, May 31 at 1 pm and meet Doug Kazarosian (Kaz) MVCC’s new Director of Tennis. A tennis professional for twenty-five years, Doug has taught at the City of Boulder, Harvest House, Breckenridge Recreation Center and was the Director of Tennis at The Meadows Club, The Broomfield Swim and Tennis Club. As the Head Boys Tennis Coach at Boulder High School, Doug guided the team to two singles State Champions. As the Head Boys Tennis Coach at Broomfield High School, he won two regional championships. Doug is an avid league player, ranked #6 in men’s 40 singles in 2013, and is a six-time district and state doubles champion. Doug is USPTA certified and USPTA wheelchair certified tennis professional and was

the proud recipient of the 2014 Industry Excellence Award.

Article written by Linda McFarlin, Director of Marketing at Mount Vernon Country Club. For membership and activities information, contact Linda McFarlin at 303-526-3135 or

April 2016 | Riva Reader




he Forest Hills Metro District election came and went without any new candidates running for a director position, therefore, the current BODs remains intact. As a Board of director, our primary responsibility to the district is to make sure we have safe drinking water and that our waste water treatment plant is in working order and in compliance. The BOD addresses a wide range of water and wastewater problems from deteriorating distribution lines and regulatory changes, to creating budgets and making sure our finances can handle infrastructure operation and maintenance. It is the BOD’s responsibility to analyze needs and develop goals, develop a capital improvement program, analyze rate structures for user and tap fees, as well as explore funding alternatives.

MEET YOUR BOD Your two newest board members are Julie Noonan and Brian Urtel.

JULIE NOONAN Julie Noonan and her husband Ted Abariotes moved to Riva Chase almost 13 years ago when their boys were toddlers. She practices general civil litigation in Denver. She and Ted have two boys, Max and Alex, and a hand-me-down lab, Bella. She enjoys skiing, bad golf, and an occasional happy hour. 20

Riva Reader | April 2016

BRIAN URTEL Brian Urtel moved to Riva Chase in August of 2015 from California with his new bride, Ann. Brian has owned and operated businesses since college and his expertise is in accounting. He is semi-retired, working directly for business on weekly coaching and virtual CFO operations.

TOM NAPP Tom Napp is serving his second term on the FHMD Board of Directors. He has been a member of the FHMD Board since 2011. Tom and Kathy Napp moved to Riva Chase in 2006 after living in Lakewood for several years. Tom graduated from the University of Denver College of Law in 1984 and currently is in solo practice specializing in general civil and commercial law.

one at Golden High School, and one at Kansas University. They enjoy outdoor activities, sporting events, and traveling.

MEET YOUR STAFF The FHMD could not accomplish all the operational functions of our community without an excellent staff.

WILL RAATZ William A. Raatz has served as District Manager since November 2014. Will’s background and experience have brought a technical perspective to the role of District Manager and helped the District prioritize repairs and capital improvements. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, both from the University of Minnesota.

ROY ROUX Roy joined the FHMD board in February of 2013 and his term is up in May of 2018. Roy & Angie Roux have lived in Riva Chase since 2005 and enjoy golfing, skiing and walking their dogs. Roy has been in the oil & gas business for 31 years as a geoscientist and investor.

ROZ BIRKELO Roz Birkelo joined the FHMD in May of 2013 and her term expires in 2018. Roz and Brad moved to Riva Chase from Switzerland in 2011. They have two daughters —

He moved to Colorado in 1998 to begin his engineering career. Will has over 16 years of experience in the water/wastewater industry, most of which is in the Front Range and Foothills areas. He has been a Registered Professional Engineer in Colorado since 2002, and also a Certified Water Professional since 2011. Will is the Delegate Elect to the Water Environment Federation for the Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association, and received the Arthur Sidney Bedell Award in 2015. Will was also a 2015 Leadership Fellow of the Special

CTORS by Roz Birkelo District Association of Colorado, and is an active member of Engineers Without Borders - Rocky Mountain Professionals.

fire districts as well as small businesses. Ms. Holder graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 1999 with a bachelor degree, with a major in business economics.


Ms. Holder lives in the Metro area with her husband and two young boys. When she is not keeping up the finances of special districts, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Ronda Zivalich is our district administrator and whom we all depend on to keep us organized, in compliance, and basically sane. After over 25 years in the engineering industry in various marketing positions and seven years with an estate planning law firm as the client services director, Ronda started her own business as a marketing and administrative professional assisting companies and individuals with overall management and growth of their business. She has been with the District for about year and a half and has enjoyed working with the Board and vendors and has gotten to know many of our residents as well. She lives in Lakewood with her husband Dewey and big “puppy”, Lexi.


Nickie Holder is our district bookkeeper (Accountant) and has been so since November 2013. Prior to forming her own bookkeeping business, she was in public accounting for 14 years. Her main focus was auditing special district clients, including metropolitan, water and sanitation districts and fire districts. With many years’ of using governmental accounting, she currently is the accountant to several water and


firm with an established clientele through Colorado and Wyoming, and our W&S operating company. She holds class A licenses in Water, Wastewater and Industrial Treatment as well as class 4 Distribution and Collections systems certificates. She graduated from the University of Denver in 2005 with a BS in Environmental Science. She has been operating, maintaining, designing and building treatment plants for small facilities since 2001.

Rich Cassens is our district engineer whom we depend on for all our engineering expertise. He represents several special districts specializing in Civil Engineering services in Jefferson County with the majority being in the foothills and Evergreen Area of Jefferson County. His resume is extensive and impressive, beginning with his experience as a Junior Highway Engineer, to his service in the Army. He has been engaged as the principal engineer of several large projects from planning and design of water supply and sewer systems, pump stations, and distribution systems, to the development, design, and construction of the City of Aspen’s $9.0 million dollar phase I water plan upgrade of the city’s water supply, treatment, storage, and distribution system. We are very lucky to have him represent Riva Chase.


Gabrielle (Gabby) Begeman, a Colorado native, is a senior facilities operator, operations manager and compliance officer for ORC Water Professionals, a Front Range based contract operations April 2016 | Riva Reader


FHMD Year in Review SOME OF THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OVER THE PAST YEAR Hired ORC Water Professionals for all our W&S operations.

Completed grouting of Manhole A-4 and eliminated the infiltration.

Snowplowing is consistently addressed.

Implemented the Smart Meter upgrade program.

Wildfire Risk Reduction Grant applied for and granted in the amount of $36,750, however, low oil prices caused a delay of the Severance Tax funded grant and will have to be readdressed later this year.

Fountains installed and removed depending on the season.

W2E and ORC reviewed status of all wells and proposed appropriate repairs and upgrades for each location. Comcast damaged service line was immediately addressed by the district. Bollards were added to the neighborhood. Fire mitigation / tree thinning on Eastwood drive (volunteer thinning) - Chipper provided. Fire hydrants were all flushed and all hydrants are operational.

Thistles and noxious weeds were sprayed on open space property. New deck boards were installed on two bridges. The HOA painted the Guard house with permission from the FHMD. Backup generators all in working order.

Recirculation systems monitored and turned on as needed to promote full ponds. Well permits are updated as needed. GWUDI sampling continues as needed. Genesee interconnect is inspected annually. Grant reviews and applications as they become available.

Ongoing responsibilities:

Capital improvements reviewed and approved as needed.

Bond was proposed, voted on, approved for election, and did not pass by the homeowners regarding a long term plan for the deterioration of the districts infrastructure and appearance.

Invoices reviewed, approved, and paid

Purchase fuel as needed for the WTP.

Rebuilt Eastwood gate to Genesee Ridge Road because road was in failed condition.

Auditors review / reports.

FEMA grant readdressed to try to get additional money for our trail repairs.

Budget set, approved and revised as needed throughout the year.

SWPP Grant received. Forest Hills gate keypad replaced and ongoing adjustments made. Restoration of trails by trout pond.


Riva Reader | April 2016

Bond payments paid. Past due accounts rectified.

POs sent / Contracts reviewed.

Water rights reviewed / HROD filed regarding future storage reservoirs.

Details of some of the activity

WWTP & WTP Scum and Sludge was removed from and hauled off for disposal. Meters at the wells and WWTP have been changed to smart meters.

Forgiveness requests reviewed.

GWUDI sampling requirements successfully completed.

Water restrictions reviewed and put into effect as needed.

Spare Effluent pump was installed and a new spare pump purchased.

Adjustments to the chemical and feed water system were made so that they operate automatically with the wells when the wells are on. Flowmeter at the water treatment plant was replaced. Recalibration of the new meter completed. Replace front end debris bar screen with muffin grinder at WWTP. The controls for the cholorination system have been wired to enable flow pacing of the chemicals. Full pump out and cleaning of the ISAM tank. SAM pump installed at the WWTP. Generator at WTP maintenance performed including oil change, filter change, new battery and radiator service. Roof leaks at the WWTP need to be addressed and repaired. Pumps and Lift Stations Both lift stations have been pumped out, inspected an assessed for proper working condition. Pump #2 defective and replaced by manufacturer. Hour meters added to controls at lift #2. Pump #2 hour meter replaced. Residents educated as to the purpose of the alarm system at Lift #2. Added VFD to Lift #1 to reduce surges at WWTP, lower utility costs, and increase life of lift station

motor. Replaced Lift #2 alarm System to help prevent spillage during power outage RTU installed on Lift #2 and includes 5 separate alarm channels indicating pump or seal failure and high levels. Start and run capacitor controls have been replaced for pump #2 at lift #2. Spares ordered. Temporary power transfer switch installed at Lift #2 to enable use of the generator in the event of an emergency. Alternating relay for Lift #1 replaced. Booster Pumps New hour meters were purchased an installed. The controls on the booster pumps at the WTP were rewired to enable them to be triggered for on/off cycling - but set to 24/7 to avoid hammering. Faulty check valve on Booster #2 was replaced. Added VFD - booster pumps to lower utility costs and extend pump life. Leaking area around Booster station repaired. Seal placed on a leaking joint in the booster station.

Well #6 has a new water meter. Well #1 has a new time clock motor. Well #4 & #5 have new hour meters. Optimization of individual well runtimes has been completed to ensure we are utilizing all the wells to the best of their ability without over-pumping some and underpumping others. Sewer Pipes Cleaning and videoing of the sanitary sewer collection system and pipes is completed. Sewer separations were identified during the jetting & videoing process. Plan for repair in works. Ponds Slide gate in the recirculation pond was removed to enable more sediment removal from the pond. The trout pond compressor for the aerator was repaired. Cleaning service was hired for the facilities at the trout pond.

All of the above information was taken from the operator reports and or management reports and can be found on the FHMD website. It is only a portion of the accomplishments throughout the year. Every effort was made to be as accurate as possible in my interpretation. This is for information purposes only and not intended to be an exact transcript or time line of work completed, but rather a synopsis of my understanding of the records I reviewed. Roz Birkelo

Wells Success in getting all wells to run and pump water. April 2016 | Riva Reader



Riva Reader | April 2016

April 2016 | Riva Reader



Riva Reader | April 2016

April 2016 | Riva Reader



Riva Reader | April 2016

April 2016 | Riva Reader



Riva Reader | April 2016

April 2016 | Riva Reader



Riva Reader | April 2016

April 2016 | Riva Reader



Riva Reader | April 2016

April 2016 | Riva Reader



Riva Reader | April 2016

April 2016 | Riva Reader


Riva Chase


by Colleen Brisben


he Riva Chase Bible study group just finished an enlightening study on “Heaven” and will focus on the book of Ephesians for our April and May homework & discussions. This small epistle is packed with foundational truths and practical instructions, which impact our homes, workplaces and churches. Ephesians follows the outline of “Sit, Walk, Stand,” ending with a section on spiritual warfare. Visitors and newcomers are always welcome; we meet Thursday mornings at 9:15 am. Contact Colleen Brisben for more information: / 303.993.7040. We recently celebrated a milestone birthday with Mary Windfeldt, who started our group over twenty years ago. Happy 85th birthday to Mary!


Riva Reader | April 2016

Genesee Mountain Fitness

April 8, 2016

Mention this AD and Receive:

FREE One-Week Membership (includes group exercise classes and 1 orientation/weight training session)

What others are saying about Genesee Mountain Fitness: “Regarding Tami Poortman: in October 2015 I was severely injured in a bicycle/truck accident. Four Tami & Lisa, Co-Owners of Genesee Mountain Fitness

surgeries later I was released after a ten week

Dear Residents,

hospital recovery, barely able to walk. Starting in

Lisa Holland and Tami Poortman are co-owners of

rehab challenge. Tami has been a tremendous source

training, creating a peaceful environment, and one-on-one connections with our customers.

a Pilates routine which has benefited my mind and

Genesee Mountain Fitness. They are dedicated to quality

Lisa Holland, NAHF (Nat’l Academy for Health and

Fitness), is a weight loss specialist. Having trouble with those last 10lbs or more? Lisa knows how to avoid your plateau.

Tami Poortman, B.S., is a nationally accredited post rehab specialist, ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine).

If pain is inhibiting you from your training program or sport, Tami can help you! At Genesee Mountain Fitness, we offer: Gym Membership with 24 hour access, Class-ONLY Membership, Personal Training, Private and Group Pilates Reformer Training, Massage, Cardio and Weight Machines, Free Weights, Group Exercise Classes (Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED™, Cycling, Barre Tone, Yoga, Pilates, Stretch, Silver Sneakers®, Zumba, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training))

We hope we will get the chance to meet you!

January 2016 Tami welcomed me into her gym as a of strength and motivation. Tami devised

body enormously. Tami is brilliant, humble, highly

attentive and caring - she is a pleasure to work with! Having working with over a dozen rehab

professionals, Tami uniquely provided the best

routine to improve - I’m now (April) vastly improved. Thank you Tami!”-Abbott

“I’ve been training with Lisa since December 2013. I

came to her wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle. I had no specific desired weight loss in mind. Lisa listened

carefully, crafted workouts specific to my body, and

encouraged me. I am now 30lbs lighter and am stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been. I owe Lisa so much and am grateful to her every day.”-Dana

Conveniently Located in the Genesee Town Center 25938 Genesee Trail Road, Suite #160 Golden, CO 80401 April 2016 | Riva Reader 303-526-5997


303.838.0499 skin care & boutique

Sometimes the best escapes are in your own backyard… ·Facials ·Waxing ·Microdermabrasion ·Micro Needling ·Massage ·Eyelash Extensions ·Peels ·Dermaplaning ·Spray Tanning ·Botox/Fillers ·Boutique and Gift Items

25958 Genesee Trail Road • Suite C • Golden CO

Incredible Specials Give Us a Call or Check Online Mention this ad for an additional 10% off your next purchase. 40

Riva Reader | April 2016

Zoe Skin Care & Boutique by Catherine Zoe Plant

“Skin care is like dieting, you have to invest the time and effort in order to see results.” Facials are often thought of as a luxury or even ineffective. Seeing an aesthetician should be an essential part of your skincare regimen along with proper homecare. Facial treatments are preventative to keep your skin free of toxins and clear of clogged pores and specific to Colorado, proper hydration. Remember the 70/30 rule: 70 percent of the results you see are from home care and 30% from professional treatments. You should save extractions for your aesthetician, when your skin is properly prepared in a sterile environment. If you suffer with blackheads and comadones , extractions are an essential part of the facial. Left to “pick” the face at home opens you up for spreading infection and scarring. Along with a deep-cleaning part of the facial there should be a relaxing facial massage, (if the skin is not too oily or broken out). Facials also make you feel better, improving blood circulation and in turn this all impacts your complexion. Making time for a facial every 4 weeks can train your skin to

regularly turn over skin cells, reduce the appearance of pore size and improves the overall radiance of your skin. Choose an educated aesthetician, you should never feel “sold” on products, simply recommendations. Another sign of a good aesthetician should be your skin reacts well to the treatments. My philosophy is “serving and educating the client at the highest level whether their concerns are oily, acneic or aging skin”. Todays skin care client are savvier than ever, make sure your skin care professional is providing specialized treatments and products that provide tangible results. Call today or go on-line,, to make an appointment for a free skin care consultation or to make an appointment for a beneficial facial.

Catherine Zoe Plant Certified Medical Esthetician Certified Laser Technician Zoe Skin Care & Boutique 25958 Genesee Trail Road, Suite C Golden, CO 80401 303-838-0499

April 2016 | Riva Reader



Arch ite

by Ann Nutt

ee mit m

From the ACC

l Control C a r o ctu

Riva Chase

As summer approaches, the ACC encourages homeowners to check the exterior of their homes for certain aspects that may need repair or maintenance such as painting, clearing debris, landscaping, maintenance to siding / roofs / railings / decks, etc. As you identify items that need attention, homeowners are asked to notify the ACC as to what is planned in way of changes/additions or major maintenance on the property, especially those that will require dumpsters or construction equipment. The committee can then help identify the items that need ACC approval. It will also help the committee to keep track of the specific updates planned. Questions or requests can be address to Ann Nutt at The ACC appreciates your cooperation in keeping Riva Chase a beautiful community.


Riva Reader | April 2016

Neighbor to Neighbor Contractor Recommendations Recommendations will remain in the RR for two issues.

Cabinetry / Remodeling

I hired Kevin McMillin, a Riva Chase Resident, to remodel my two upstairs bathrooms and install custom shelves in my kitchen. He’s professional, attentive, honest, and very talented. Call My Cabinet Guy: (970) 376-1970 or Roz Birkelo

Plumbing, Heating, Electrical

Comes highly recommended by Joy Lawrance. She can’t say enough good things about their service and their rates. Applewood, Ryan Ziehr | 303-328-3000


Greetings: My name is Gary Sohrweid and we live here at 730 Summerwood Drive. We just had a carpeted staircase converted into an oak staircase with black walnut inlay on the landing. The work is beautiful and of high quality. Two of my neighbors, also have had their floors refinished and new floors installed. We all have used ROONEY HARDWOOD FLOORS. We all endorse this Company whole heartedly and we all are Riva Chase property owners. Ph: 303-907-8604 Gary Sohrweid

General Contractors

Mile High Contractors | Contact MerriLou Flake 303.883.3866 They completely remodeled my master bathroom and did a great job. Quality workmanship, competitive prices, and great customer service. They are General Contractors and can perform all types of work at your home. Highly recommended. Brenda Shuler


We would like to recommend Caribou Contracting for your home remodel projects. We needed a lot of work done on the wood trim on our windows and framing around some doors all around our home and Josh, the owner of Caribou Contracting, did a great job replacing or fixing on the rotted/ broken wood trim and framing. Josh was a pleasure to work with - he was very responsive and reliable and got the job done when he promised. He took great pride in his workmanship and did a remarkable job. His company does all sorts of remodeling projects -- installation of basic trim to full additions and reconfigurations. Over the years his company has done a lot of kitchen and bath remodels and general home improvement, and they mainly work within a 20 mile radius of Golden. You can reach Josh at 800-452-0899 and his website is Patrick Green & Mashenka Lundberg


For any type of local moving (e.g. A Piece of Large Furniture). I had a good deal of success with Hediger Moving. The owner, Steven Hediger lives on Lookout Mountain, and he and his assistant did a careful job with a very large and heavy piece of furniture for me. His number is (303) 526-9105. John Carpenter


Jack Hopp Decorating (painter) - 303-478-2510 : He has worked for us since we built this home 20 years ago and recently painted the exterior of the house for the second time. He also did all of our interior painting and wall paper. Ann Nutt


Superb, perfectionist, well-priced painter interior and exterior. Chris Horvath, Infinite Concepts Painting and Repair, infiniteconcepts.pandr@ 303-507-5779 Jane Makowka


You don’t need a roofer every day, but when you do, it’s nice to know who’s really good, can do the job probably sooner than most, and may even be cheaper at the same time! We had a roof leak with all the rains in April/May and some interior damage as a result. The restoration company roofer finally showed up, did some “emergency repairs” and the water still kept coming in. I was lucky enough to recall the name of another roofer that had done work for me ten years ago and called him. He diagnosed the problem correctly even without seeing the roof, had his people over in no time, they verified his remote diagnosis (I went up on the roof to see for myself) and the leak was fixed. The best part is that his cost was a fraction of what the first roofer estimated for the fix, AND his people spotted another area that needed attention on our central chimney. Had they not alerted us of that second problem the consequences would have been worse than the first leak, if unattended. I can heartily recommend Dave Evenson, the owner of Troost Roofing and his crew - 303-674-4667 – when you need a roofer, check out their website, they really over-deliver! Ron Kordof

House Keeping

Lucinda Griffin is very thorough and reliable. She cleans a few homes here in Riva Chase. Phone # - 303-487-6136. Cell: 720-841-3863 Joy Lawrence

Carpet & Upholstery

Academy Services Corp. 303-279-7214. We have been using their services for over 20 years and have always been happy with their services. In addition to carpet and upholstery care, they also clean wood floors, stone floors, grout, and power wash decks and garage floors. Please give them a try! Karen Carson


I would recommend RCM Lawn and Landscape (303-232-5755), owned by Robert McCullough, who just did our yard. With Winston out of commission, it was he who mowed our lawn. Ann Nutt

Window Cleaning

We just had our windows cleaned last week by a new company and are very happy with their work. The name of the company is Restoration Window Cleaning, the owner is Shawn Sibert and his number is 303-917-5274. Gary & Karen Carson April 2016 | Riva Reader


Riva Reader



EDITORIAL Managing Editor Creative Director Roz Birkelo

CONTRIBUTORS Roz Birkelo Colleen Brisben Ronda Cameron Dana Inman Julia Kalish Tina Kiel Joy Lawrance Linda McFarlin Kevin McMillin Ann Nutt Catherine Plant Brian Zoril HOME SERVICES Lawn work | Snow Shoveling If you have a story to share, email Roz @ If you haven’t registered for Riva Chase’s new website, you are missing out on valuable information! Please go here to register: then verify your email address and log on. Click the “Secure Site” tab for things like our Neighborhood Directory and Neighborhood Pictures. Contact Karen Buelter for questions or comments regarding the website. |

We’re Bryan & Adam, ages 13 and 11, and looking for jobs you might need to have done. We like jobs such as picking up pine cones, shoveling snow, watering plants, house sitting, pet walking and watching, cleaning garages and checking mail. Our price depends on the size and type of the job. Please call us at 303-526-0817

Please register your phone with CodeRed in Jefferson County to receive timely alerts and emergency information.


Riva Reader | April 2016


Katy & Emily Radcliffe’s  BABY SITTING SERVICE

KEYSTONE Proper ty

RADCLIFFE a​bKATY ​y​ &​SEMILY ​i​t​t ​i​n​g​ ​S​e​r​v​i​c​e

Year round outdoor enjoyment at Keystone!!!!

We will both be attending D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High

Beautiful free standing home in condominium complex

overlooking golf course and a short walk to paved will both be attending D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School next  School next Fall as seventh and eighth graders (12 & 13 biking and jogging path along the Snake River along venth and eighth graders (12&13 years old). Each of us are Certified  years old). Each of us are Certified American Red Cross with cross country/snow shoe right out the door. Babysitters. We know CPR and choking procedures. Also, Red Cross Babysitters.We know CPR and choking procedures.  Enjoy the luxury of a three bedroom, 3 bath, we know how to care for scrapes, burns, injuries, etc. know how to care for scrapes, burns, injuries, etc. We  are hard  approximate 2000 sq. ft. home with a large family room/ We are hard working, caring, trustworthy, and helpful. living/dining room. All amenities available (washer/dryer, caring, trustworthy, and helpful. We are super fun and appeal to all  We are super fun and appeal to all types of children. subzero refrigerator, pool/sauna in condo complex and With us, your children will be in a safe environment, hildren.With us, your children will be in a safe environment, while  Keystone bus route). Lodge type front desk services while following your rules. We are the best candidates available. your rules. We are the best candidates for babysitting and  for babysitting and entertaining your child/children for ng your child/children for $8 per hour.   Contact Susan for rates and availability: 314.313.2072 $8 per hour.

Full T ime Nanny Needed Genesee-Riva Chase Family Looking for Full-Time Nanny to start the end of January Needed Monday-Friday from 8/8.30 to 4/4.30. Offering competitive hourly rate and paid time off. Before and after school care for our almost 5 year old son and all day care for our 12 month old daughter. Safe, reliable transportation required for school drop-off and pick-up some days and music class, story time and other outings with our daughter. Looking for mature, experienced caregiver. Willing to do a Genesee-based nanny share with one other child close in age to our daughter (12 months). If interested or if you have a recommendation, please email or call 305-984-5230 (cell).

Please contact us for more information at

Please contact us for more information at  720-484-9151 (Katy) or 720-484-9152 (Emily)  720­484­9151 (Katy’s phone), 720­484­9152 (Emily’s phone) 

April 2016 | Riva Reader


Cover photo of 750 Kachina Circle

Riva Chase is the best of all worlds.

You can easily access all that the greater Denver area has to offer. Yet still enjoy all the natural beauty, wildlife and tranquility found only in the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Live at Riva Chase. And make your dreams come true.

Exit #256, I-70 - south access Road heading West, on Genesee Ridge, and south on Forest Hills Drive. |


Riva Reader April 2016  

Read about Riva Chase's Forest Hills Metro District (FHMD) and meet their BOD, and see how many homes there are for sale in Riva Chase.

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