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If you haven’t noticed yet, the back gate off of Genesee road has been resurfaced! It looks amazing and I find myself going in that way to admire the work. We also have the trails being repaired by the trout pond. The intent is to put steps on the steep grade by the basketball court and regrade the path leading from the parking lot down to the pond. This is yet another step your FHMD board is doing to maintain the beauty of our neighborhood. Don’t forget that although we are getting our fair share of rain this season, water restrictions are still in effect to make sure our supply remains full in case of fires. So please make sure extra watering needs is done on your assigned day. Martin Pyykkonen took some amazing shots of the four (yes, I said 4) mountain lions in our neighborhood. There appears to be a mother and two kits, one probably from last years litter. This is a good reminder that we live in their house, so please continue to be vigilant about keeping an eye out for our feline friends. As always, thank you for all your support!

Roz Birkelo Editor & Art Director For those of you who haven’t filled out the permission forms to publish contact information in our HOA Directory, you will be getting a self addressed stamped envelope in the mail soon. Please take time to fill it our and mail it back. Thank you in advance.

Roz has lived in Riva Chase since 2011. She has served on the HOA as secretary and is currently serving a four year term as director of the FHMD. She began editing and compiling the Riva Reader in May 2013. She has a Bachelor in Arts and Art Education with an emphasis on Graphic Design. She is currently working as a Sr. Engineering Technologist & Analyst for Bayswater Exploration & Development in downtown Denver.


Riva Reader | July 2015

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Clean-up Day

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Dog License - Information about the

Jefferson County law and how to go about getting your dog licensed.

16 Photo Courtesy of Tammie Last


Real Estate - Current homes for sale in Riva Chase


Defacing property - Like putting bumper stickers on Stop Signs. The law is clear.


STEM Program - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics



Mt. Vernon report - Upcoming activities starting in July and for the summer.


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Letter to the Editor - Billboards on I-70

Cover Photo Courtesy of Martin Pyykkonen July 2015 | Riva Reader


Open to the Community September 11 & 12, 2015 (Times TBD) Denver Post Advertising Signs for directions Community Map Please contact Roz Birkelo if you are interested in participating so you are included in the neighborhood map the day of the event. There may be a small participation fee to cover expenses. Volunteer needed to distribute signs and pick them up. If you are interested in participating, please contact Roz Birkelo no later than August 31, 2015. 4

Riva Reader | July 2015

Riva Chase HOA


Joy Lawrance President, Riva Chase HOA


t was decided….once again….that your current board of directors will be in place for the coming year. I know I speak for all of them when I say that we do appreciate your confidence in how we are handling our end of the business in Riva Chase. For our new homeowners, you should know that the HOA is essentially in charge of keeping the community running smoothly, aiding in beautification, organizing community events, and making sure that Riva Chase continues to be a desirable place to live. Forest Hills Metro District takes care of all the nittygritty stuff, and they have a big job to make sure that water continues to run in our homes, and that our streets are clear of snow in winter…plus many other necessary functions. As we hope you have noticed, we DO have speed limit signs posted in the neighborhood. The traffic has been monitored by the Jeffco Sheriff’s Dept, and recommendations were made for the limits, mostly 20 mph, and on a few tight curves, 15 mph. Of course, there are bound to be those who feel they must travel at higher speeds. Unfortunately, those few people (and some, we know, are contractors and delivery vehicles) cause others no end of grief. We do not have sidewalks, so residents must walk on the roads. A number of families have small children who like to play outdoors. People walk their dogs daily, too. Speeders create dangerous situations for these, and many other reasons. This issue was discussed at our Annual Meeting, and it has been decided that the HOA Board will move forward with what we hope will be a helpful solution. Please read elsewhere in this edition for our plans. Meanwhile, we urge you to respect others, and keep Riva Chase a SAFE place to live! Joy Lawrance July 2015 | Riva Reader


CLEANUP Early rising volunteers, Saturday June 13th, were greeted by a respite from the recent monsoons. Camaraderie and cheerfulness prevailed along with the fair weather providing an opportunity to socialize while pursuing firemitigation and enhancing aesthetics within our community. Continuing the community’s efforts toward individual property beautification and our recent emphasis on fire mitigation, two chipper trucks were filled and a 30-yard roll off overfilled totaling 57 cubic yards of slash and bagged debris, all collected and processed by about 30 volunteers. Noteworthy was the significant increase in bagged trash this year, apparently from homeowners beautifying and clearing debris from their properties. Thanks to all who volunteered for making our 17th annual Cleanup Day a success. Special thanks to Gary Sohrweid who helped organize Cleanup, provided signage and route maps, and pulled a trailer; Ron Kordof and Dick Shaw who 6

Riva Reader | July 2015

pulled trailers; and Roz Birkelo the lady behind the lens, who when she wasn’t snapping pictures, was observed, along with her daughter, Nichole, cleaning storm drains along Forest Hills Drive and removing dead plants by the gate house. This year’s “eager beaver” award goes to Tom and Leslie Mack for cleaning the gate house a week prior to Cleanup knowing they’d be absent during Cleanup Day. Thanks, Tom and Leslie.

PICNIC More than 62 people who attended the picnic were treated to excellent barbecue fare with trimmings and a potpourri of beverages; another installment of picnic excellence organized by Betsy Christensen and assisted by Barbara Oakley. The picnic requires significant time and effort to organize, setup, procure food, beverages and supplies, and borrow/pickup tables and coolers; then dismantle and return property after the picnic. Thanks, Betsy and Barbara.

COMMENT At the June 24th HOA meeting, a homeowner questioned why so little effort was devoted to beautification and so much to slash collection. The short answer is fire mitigation on both private and FHMD property has been a priority for several years due to the wildfire threat. HOA does not own property in Riva Chase; all property not privately owned is owned by FHMD, including 18 feet on each side of Forest Hills and Eastwood Drives. Property adjacent to all other streets is privately owned. Beautification on FHMD property would require approval, and assuming said approval, experience has shown that without irrigation, plantings don’t survive (even if unmolested by wildlife.) The annual Cleanup Day announcement does entreat property owners to “beautify their yard” and there was a noticeable increase in the amount of bagged trash (read: homeowner beautification or fire mitigation) this year.

by Winston Nutt

Photos Courtesy of Joy Lawrance

July 2015 | Riva Reader


Whether it’s shopping, banking, communicating with family, or even sending e-mail to a colleague down the hall, the internet has been incorporated into nearly every aspect of our daily lives. It is only logical then, that citizens see the Internet as a resource and a tool for interacting with law enforcement. As such, the Sheriff’s Office has integrated it into our service offerings. Jeff Shrader is sheriff of Jefferson County. He leads the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the largest full-service sheriff ’s office in Colorado. The Jefferson County Sheriff ’s Office is committed to the principles of community policing through education, partnership, analysis and enforcement.

The benefits of online reporting can be seen from both perspectives. The Sheriff’s Office realizes that online reporting allows deputies to serve citizens as they normally would with the benefit of keeping more deputies available for emergent calls. Online reporting

ensures that lesser priority calls still receive a response in a timely manner. Online reports have gradually replaced telephone reports and decreased lobby visits that are managed by a desk deputy. In 2014 alone the system generated 281 online reports. The monetary savings is secondary to the convenience this service enhancement offers citizens. Reports can be logged from the comfort of homes, offices, or from a handheld device. There is no longer a concern for citizens with long commutes, family obligations, or other appointments that require postponing in order to file reports in a traditional way. The JCSO is proud to be among the early

District Contacts - District Board Roz Birkelo



Harold Lacy



Ted Laves



Tom Napp



Roy Roux



District Office


Ronda Zivalich

District website


Will Raatz

District Management


Riva Reader | July 2015

pioneers providing this service. Online reporting is not a fad that will disappear in the near future, but rather an enhancement of police service that is here to stay. Online reporting is an extension of our face-to-face customer service and furthers our commitment to the community we serve. How does online reporting work? While not all crimes can be reported on our website, some can. Currently, the JCSO allows citizens to file online police reports for crimes that occurred in unincorporated Jefferson County when there is no known suspect information. Report types can be for lost property, theft, vandalism and graffiti, vehicle tampering, vehicle burglary and harassing phone calls. When citizens file a report they are greeted with a screen outlining the process and requirements for submitting a report online. Upon completion of the report, citizens have the option to modify any portion of the report and print out a temporary

police report. Citizens have the opportunity to file supplemental information to their original reports at a later date. Once an online report has been submitted, it is then sent to a reviewer’s inbox. The reviewer is responsible for reviewing, approving, rejecting, modifying, or following up on reports. Upon approval, reports are treated and viewed in the same way as an officer-initiated report. How to report a crime online In an emergency, or when a crime is actively occurring, please dial 911. If the incident you are reporting has a known suspect or involves a weapon you cannot report online but may report by calling 303-277-0211. To submit an online report visit http://jeffco. us/sheriff/crime/report-a-crimeonline/. We need to ask you a few questions to ensure that the crime is investigated appropriately. A deputy will review your report and may contact you for further

information. Please print and save a copy of the report for your records. Please note: filing a false report is a crime.

The monthly “Behind the Badge” column is written on or before the 20th of each month by Sheriff Jeff Shrader of the Jefferson County Sheriff ’s Office, in Golden, Colorado. It features information and tips for local residents regarding crime prevention, crime trends, public safety and quality-of-life issues. Please contact us with questions or comments at source=Online+Reporting&utm_ campaign=May+BTB+2015&utm_ medium=email

FHMD Contact Information FHMD


AmCoBi HOA ACC Riva Reader

Business Hours After hours Water & Sewer Gate Problems Gate Clickers Roads & Signs Ponds Open Space Gazebo Snow Plowing Landscaping Utility Easement Irrigation Permits Property Grading & Drainage

Phone 303-495-2330 303-426-3187 " " " " " " " " " " " "


Who Ronda Zivalich " " " " " " " " " " "

Ronda Zivalich " " " " " " " " " " "

Billing for Water & Sewer


303-526-9043 303-526-5846 303-506-3713

Address 14405 West Colfax, #165 Golden, CO 80401

P.O. Box 51356 Colorado Springs, CO 80949 Joy Lawrance Ann Nutt Roz Birkelo July 2015 | Riva Reader



Arch ite


ee mit m

From the ACC

l Control C a r o ctu

Riva Chase

While there may be a myriad of reasons why you may have chosen to move into our community, most of us appreciate the many benefits of living in such a beautiful setting away from the hustle-bustle of the city, yet only about 20 minutes from downtown. Even without a manned guardhouse, the mere fact that we are a gated community reduces dramatically the incidence of break-ins and crime in general, as reported by the Jefferson County Sheriff. Living in our community also has certain responsibilities, as detailed in the Riva Chase Covenants, Rules and Regulations. Familiarity with them can avoid a lot of unintended consequences and you may find the following quiz helpful in bringing you up to speed: 1. Do you have a copy of the Covenants and Residential Rules and Regulations? 2. Have you ever take the time to read them in their entirety? 3. Do you know who the HOA Board members are and their duties in the community?

4. Do you know the functions and responsibilities of the ACC as prescribed in the Covenants and the Residential Rules and Regulations? 5. Do you know that you must have ACC approval in writing prior to the start of any maintenance/ repairs and/or additions to the exterior of your home/property other than those listed in the Residential Rules and Regulations? 6. Does the HOA/ACC have a phone number/e-mail address listed for you? (Could be critical in case of a community-wide emergency, like a wildfire!) It is difficult for the HOA/ACC to function as mandated in the Covenants without the help of homeowners. Hopefully, you have answered affirmatively to the questions listed. If not, please take the time to read the state approved articles listed in the Covenants that govern this community – thank you!

for the ACC: Ann Nutt


Riva Reader | July 2015

Riva Chase HOA


We love our gorgeous community, and enjoy being outdoors whenever we can. Residents are often seen jogging in the neighborhood, walking dogs, or keeping an eye on young children playing on trikes or bikes. Obviously, we do not have sidewalks, so the streets must serve residents on wheels or on foot. And herein lies a problem. We on the board have received many complaints about speeding cars, and not just in one location. It seems there are a few places that somehow impel drivers to put pedal to metal. We also know that contractors and delivery vehicles

fall into this category. Being a gated community (which we all agree is a GOOD thing for helping to keep us safe) does have one drawback – the Sheriff’s dept. cannot patrol here. We are considered a private community. As individual homeowners, you MAY report a speeder to the Sheriff…as long as you have a license plate number, or can positively identify the speeder. Otherwise, we are unable to enforce our speed limits. At our Annual Meeting in June, those present discussed the issue

and possible solutions. We, the board, have decided to purchase a portable monitor, one that flashes the speed of a passing motorist. Being portable, we can place this monitor in different areas. This is not a decision taken lightly, and we’re sure that some residents will disapprove this move. However, at this time it seems the best solution, having considered many others. Of course, we welcome your input….and welcome you to attend the next board meeting, which will be on Aug. 12, 4pm at the home of Ann Nutt.

July 2015 | Riva Reader



Riva Reader | July 2015

July 2015 | Riva Reader



Riva Reader | July 2015

Foothills Animal Shelter


Animal control legislation is in effect for essentially one reason: to encourage responsible pet ownership. The purpose of animal control laws is to protect the public health and safety, and to keep owners from allowing their animals to be a nuisance to their neighbors. These same laws protect the animals from cruel treatment, neglect and injury.

Leash Law Dogs allowed to roam the streets are not only a nuisance and dangerous to the public, but are in constant danger from cars, irate people, and even other dogs. For these reasons, all dogs must be on a leash or confined on the owner’s premises at all times. Dogs in violation of the leash law may be

Penalties detained by a citizen, turned over to Animal Control, and impounded at the Table Mountain Animal Center. Impoundment and board fees must be paid by the owner before the dog can be released. Failure to claim an impounded dog does not relieve the owner of liability for payment of all fees.

In addition to impoundment fees, owners can be issued a summons for a violation of county regulation. Each violation of a regulation constitutes a separate offense. The maximum penalty for a Class II petty offense is $1,000. Fine schedules provide for increased fines for subsequent violations during any three-year period.

July 2015 | Riva Reader



List Price

Beds Baths

Finished SqFt $/SqFt

DOM Built

List Date

22554 Treetop Ln Liv Sotheby’s Realty


6 8

9798 $168.30

5 1996


849 Eastwood Dr Cherry Creek Properties


5 5

7486 $170.32

53 1983


750 Kachina Circle Homesmart Realty Group


6 4

5953 $201.41

8 1995


22204 Forest Hills Dr. Ballard Group


4 4

5238 $200.46

16 1994


858 Eastwood Dr. The Resource Group


6 5

5376 $185.73

9 1988


901 Mt. Rose Way Homesmart Realty Group


4 4

4227 $211.73

8 1995


22886 Solitude Ln Evergreen Real Estate


4 6

5841 $162.64

314 1995


22473 Anasazi Way Discover Real Estate LLC


5 4

4155 $156.44

92 2004


22303 Anasazi RE/Max 100 Inc.


3 3

3253 $174.76

22 1994


*Under contract for 23 days and not considered active, so no change to DOM.

Sales Statistics – Foothill Communities Homes/Townhomes Sold Riva Chase Genesee Lookout Mountain Spring Ranch



10 75 17 8

5 79 17 5

2015 YTD 1 47 10 2

222 80 113 170

83 57 64 220

167 48 30 48

$741K $583K $511K $1,093K

$696K $564K $508K $938K

$680K $603K $609K $1,238K

Average Days on Market Riva Chase Genesee Lookout Mountain Spring Ranch

Average Net Price (All Sales) Riva Chase Genesee Lookout Mountain Spring Ranch

Complied by Pam Bent using data taken from Metrolist, Inc. ® All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. If you currently have your home listed, this is not a solicitation for your listing.


Riva Reader | July 2015


$568,500 — 3 Bed 3 Bath, 3253 sf The living is easy in this comfortable, high-quality Ranch-Style home. Thoughtfully remodeled and updated. Flowing, open floor plan. 2 fireplaces. New fixtures throughout. Kitchen has quartz counter tops, stainless steel appliances, bright eating area opens to lovely deck. Private master suite also has deck access. Finished walk-out lower level offers additional bedrooms and a large recreation room. Handicap accessible.

July 2015 | Riva Reader



$1,649,000 — 6 Bed 8 Bath, 9798 sf Combining classic sophistication with modern mountain luxury, this residence is located on a private, 2+ acre wooded lot with sweeping city and mountain views. The spacious main rooms flow effortlessly for large-scale entertaining, yet provide a cozy sense of intimacy for small gatherings. Main-level living with generously sized master suite, office, formal dining, and state-of-the-art kitchen provide an ease to everyday living. The lower level is complete with the ideal areas for gaming, relaxing and playing. Connecting and open, gracious interior living, and a beautiful outdoor setting including manicured landscaping, infinity pool with Swim Jet, water feature, zip-line and generous decks create a relaxing and revitalizing atmosphere.


Riva Reader | July 2015


$1,275,000 — 5 Bed 5 Bath, 7486 sf This timeless masterpiece features unforgettable views of mountains and city lights. Generous living area with a great room large enough for grand entertaining. Gourmet kitchen includes granite counter tops and high-end appliances. Spacious master suite. Unique salt-water pool to relax in style. Lower level sports bar provides plenty of room for fun and games. It even has it’s own elevator for effortless access all levels of this truly elegant home.

July 2015 | Riva Reader



$1,199,000 — 6 Bed 4 Bath, 5953 sf Stunning mountain/contemporary home on a prime corner lot. Totally updated throughout and impeccably maintained. Plantation shutters and remote blinds. Gourmet kitchen with Viking refrigerator, two dishwashers, granite counter tops, glass tile backsplash. Cozy, yet functional office/study. Elegant master suite. Spacious deck with outstanding city views, built-in BBQ, fireplace and hot tub. Includes two dishwashers. Three-car garage with finished floor coating.


Riva Reader | July 2015


$1,050,000 — 4 Bed 4 Bath, 5238 sf Executive Ranch home. Large, open living area and family room. Kitchen features abundant granite counter space, double ovens, breakfast bar and adjoining nook area. Opens to a covered deck. Formal dining room. Large master suite with fireplace, steam shower, jetted tub and heated floor. Also on the main lever are a guest bedroom and study. Finished basement has two bedrooms and generous entertaining area with fireplace. Heated 4-car garage with 8-ft. doors, and workshop area.

July 2015 | Riva Reader



$998,500 — 6 Bed 5 Bath, 5376 sf Gracious mountain living on 1.6-acres. State-of-the-art heating system w/instant hot water, and computer-controlled multiple HVAC zones & lighting. Large main-floor master suite. Gourmet kitchen with gas range, sub-zero fridge, granite counter tops and double convection ovens. Walkout lower level, built-in multi-media room with surround sound, large bar area includes kitchen, pool/ping pong table, and exercise room. Home office w/private entrance. Three-car garage.


Riva Reader | July 2015


$895,000 — 4 Bed 4 Bath, 4227 sf Contemporary Southwest Ranch on 2+ acres. Spectacular city and foothill views. Gorgeous updates throughout with large windows and high ceilings. Gourmet kitchen features new Miele and Bosch stainless appliances, quartz counters, two undermount sinks, Grohe faucets. Spacious master suite with Kiva-style fireplace, skylight, soaking tub, tile shower and dual walk-in closets. Private patio with hot tub. Large study on main level. Walkout basement with large media/game room, wet and covered patio access.

July 2015 | Riva Reader



$889,500 — 4 Bed 6 Bath, 5841 sf Enjoy life surrounded by treed and mountain views. Formal living room with fireplace. Library with floor-to-ceiling shelves and 2-sided fireplace to great room. High ceilings throughout. Hot-water heated floors. Dramatic central curved staircase. Dream kitchen with granite counters, island, 180-view breakfast nook. Formal dining room, butler pantry. Private master suite has view balcony, wet-bar and fireplace. Walkout level boasts a media room, cozy double-sided fireplace, game nook, dining area, granite wet-bar, seating area, guest room, convertible gym, bath, and an outdoor hot tub.


Riva Reader | July 2015


$650,000 — 5 Bed 4 Bath, 4155 sf Custom contemporary mountain home with an open floor plan including huge great room with fireplace, a main-floor master bedroom and bath, office and dining room. Fully remodeled kitchen includes granite counter tops, stainless appliances, breakfast bar and a sunny eat-in space. Beautiful deck. Walk-out lower level features 3 additional bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a huge rec/media room. Custom lighting, professional landscaping, new stucco, 3-car garage.

July 2015 | Riva Reader



DEFACING PROPERTY In response to the person(s) who put bumper stickers on the stop signs in the 4 way intersection of Forest Hills Drive and Anasazi, Defacing public property, in order to make a personal statement, doesn’t present a very impressive image to visitors, residents, and potential buyers. And... It’s illegal.

Colorado State statute 606. Display of unauthorized signs or devices. (1) No person shall place, maintain or display upon or in view of any highway any unauthorized sign, signal, marking or device which purports to be or is an imitation of or resembles an official traffic control device or railroad sign or signal, or which attempts to direct the movement of traffic, or which hides from view or interferes with the effectiveness of any official traffic control device or any railroad sign or signal, ......

Photo Courtesy of Martin Pyykkonen taken from his deck, April 20, 2015


Riva Reader | July 2015

Trust Your Home to Us. Email:

My Contractor

General Construction General Constructor specializing in residential interior construction and remodel. We offer honest and reliable estimates, and we like to think we do it right. But, don’t just take our word for it—our customers give us rave reviews! Whether it’s our quick, quality, friendly service or the honesty and value we bring to every interaction, our customers love us. We’re famous for: • Timely, quality construction • Friendly service • Honest & accurate cost estimates • Beautiful designs Give us a call for your free estimate. Kevin McMillin Riva Chase resident (303) 993-3323 July 2015 | Riva Reader


collecting Slim Jims, trail mixes, and protein/energy bars, as I know soldiers request these items. If you are able to contribute to my project, a collection box will be placed on my front porch at 22663 Anasazi Way. Any donation is appreciated and I personally guarantee that every item will make it to a US soldier, and that all monetary donations will be used for postage for these summer care packages!

Summer Care Packages for the Troops By Jacqueline Pedlow

My name is Jacqueline Pedlow, and I will be a sophomore at Wheat Ridge High School in the fall of 2015. Last year, for the 2014 Christmas season, I put together Christmas care packages, and was able to send 180 Christmas care packages to active duty military! I am now creating summer care packages for our soldiers! As with the Christmas care packages, I receive names and addresses of soldiers through Adopt a US Soldier. I currently have tennis balls, Frisbees, hacky sacks, and peanut butter from different companies, and I am now reaching out to my


Riva Reader | July 2015

local community. My goal is to send 40 boxes to soldiers, each box having enough contents for the soldier to share! Each box costs $15.95 when mailed to an APO box (a $2.00 discount), and after just a few boxes this really adds up! I am reaching out to see if anyone would be willing to sponsor a box for $15.95 (or any amount would be greatly appreciated). I will be shipping the care packages overseas in August 2015. For each sponsored box, I will contact the sponsor to let them know when the care package has been shipped, to which country it is going, and ultimately if the soldier replies in any way. Also, to help reach my goal of shipping 40 boxes, I am

All donations are needed by Saturday, August 8th. If you have any questions regarding these packages, please feel free to contact me at jpedlow@sacactuaries. com or (717) 460-6672. And always remember, as said by a 2014 Christmas care package recipient, “Never underestimate the power of a simple gift given during a challenging time.” Thank you for your support of our military! If you would like a complimentary market analysis to evaluate your current home’s value and sales potential, please give me a call. I’d be happy to help.

SALE PENDING 22674 Anasazi Way – This home captures beautiful views of the pond plus sparkling city lights from its sunny hillside location. Freshly painted inside and out with newer carpeting, updated hardware, plantation shutters, marble flooring and a perfect open family floor plan, this home also offers a main level study with built-ins and adjacent ¾ bath, plus lovely outdoor living areas and professional landscaping. 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, 5,188 total s.f. $849,900 Jennifer Davenport and Emily Henderson offer a partnership of 17 years resulting in solid real estate sales success. Over $21 million in closed volume for 2015. Multi-year winners of 5280 Magazine’s Designated 5 Star Realtor Award. Call us today for your complimentary market analysis.

Jennifer Davenport

Emily Henderson



A big thanks to Jennifer Davenport & Emily Henderson for sponsoring the Riva Chase 2015 Garage Sale! July 2015 | Riva Reader


Jeffco School Wins in Detroit By Jacqueline Pedlow

The acronym STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) rages through schools all over the country. Most schools’ STEM classes consist of several different kits students put together in a month to gain rudimentary knowledge of engineering and technology while having some fun. Some schools have even more complex projects where students build small robots or rockets to compete in local competitions such as the Rocky Mountain BEST Robotics competition. One school decided to break the mold and build a car from the ground up—everything from design to machining parts to manufacturing and putting together the car. The students of Wheat Ridge High School began working in September of 2014 to design and create a carbon fiber car which


Riva Reader | July 2015

runs off of hydrogen to enter into the 2015 Shell Eco-marathon Americas. The Shell Eco-marathon is a fuel efficiency competition that challenges high school and college students around the world to build fuel efficient cars running off various fuels. Wheat Ridge High School entered their car in the Prototype/Hydrogen division. In April of 2015, twelve of the sixteen team members of the Wheat Ridge STEM/Engineering team headed for Detroit, Michigan, the location of the 2015 Shell Ecomarathon Americas competition. At the competition, the results were astounding! Wheat Ridge High School’s car got 151.5 m/m3 (miles per meters cubed), equivalent to approximately 1,500 miles per gallon! These statistics earned these high schoolers first place in the Prototype/Hydrogen division! So excited were the high schoolers that once they returned home, they began discussions for next year. The ambitious team, more than doubling in size for next

year, has their eyes on another challenge: the Shell Eco-marathon 2016 UrbanConcept/Hydrogen category—a category that no team was able to pass technical inspection for in the 2015 Shell Ecomarathon. Unlike the Prototype Division, UrbanConcept vehicles look more like a street car, as they require four wheels, windshield wipers, blinkers, and brake lights, just to name a few. Over the summer, the team has been busy setting up fundraisers, locating sponsors, and creating designs for the two cars (Prototype/Hydrogen and UrbanConcept/Hydrogen) they will building during the 2015-2016 school year. Please visit the Wheat Ridge High School STEM/Engineering team’s website (https://sites. wrhs-stem/) and follow the team to watch the exciting things the team is up to on Facebook at Wheat Ridge Stem Engineering.

Jefferson County STEM Program “STEM education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning where rigorous academic concepts are coupled with realworld lessons as students apply science, technology, engineering and mathematics in context that make connections between school, community, work, and the global enterprise, enabling the development of STEM literacy and with it the ability to compete in the new economy.” - Tsupros, Kohler, & Hallinen, 2009

The Colorado Department of Education is working to develop a rigorous STEM curriculum. Additional information is available on the Colorado Department of Education’s website. Contact Matt Flores, Director of Curriculum & Instruction for additional information about STEM in Jeffco.

21st century economy. Vital to developing the skills and competencies needed in this economy are opportunities to engage in rigorous and relevant STEM instruction and experiences throughout the P-20 pipeline. The statewide strategy for advancing STEM education in Colorado is available on the Colorado Education Initiative STEM page.

STEM Events

Colorado STEM Education Roadmap Every Colorado student deserves the opportunity to succeed in college, career, and life in a

Visit Colorado Education Initiative’s STEM events page to add an event or to view upcoming events in Colorado and across the nation. See more at: https://www.cde.state.

July 2015 | Riva Reader



Riva Reader | July 2015

July 2015 | Riva Reader



Riva Reader | July 2015

July 2015 | Riva Reader



Riva Reader | July 2015

July 2015 | Riva Reader



ummer is in full swing at Mount Vernon Country Club. Members and their guests are spending their summer days lounging by the beautiful Olympic sized pool, playing tennis on one of six courts, or attending the many club events. There are so many options to choose from – whether you would like to see an outdoor poolside movie, or hear a steel pan band at the Caribbean party – it’s all here! Exclusive for Riva Chase


Riva Reader | July 2015

residents for this edition of the Riva Reader- two of the events below will be offered to Riva Chase non-member residents – come and try us out! Prices and details for each event may be found on our website – www.mountvernoncc. com by clicking on Member Newsletters. Reservations are required. Last year’s Pinot and Pearls Luncheon returns on July 21, with great prices on pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings, offered in many colors.

Each attendee receives a free pair of pink pearl studs! Our Poker Challenge was so popular in May, that we are bringing it back on August 14, and possibly regularly. Our grand prize winner was one lucky lady who had never played poker. Over 40 people enjoyed professional dealers from the Crystal Rose Casino, cocktails and a huge appetizer buffet. In August, we will add a Black Jack table for those who are into making 21!

Riva Chase non-members are invited to reserve a seat for this event. Try your luck and have a great time with your friends. Call MVCC Reservations – 303.526.0616.

Our Caribbean party is back for the third year on August 5 with Pan Jumbies, a steel pan band playing Calypso music, along with a Caribbean style buffet and cocktails. There are activities for all ages – dancing, limbo contest and crafts for the children. New this year - Motown Tribute, developed by Lannie

Garrett for her 16th Street Mall Clocktower Cabaret, is offered on August 27. Together with his three incredibly diverse and talented singers and backed by his regular band (The Miles Apart Band), Ron and the group perform a high energy, nostalgic salute to the great performers and musicians of Motown, from Smokey Robinson to Michael Jackson, The Supremes and Temptations and everything in between. Riva Chase non-members are invited to reserve for this unique show also. Call MVCC Reservations – 303.526.0616

Lannie Garrett will return to the club in September to perform Swing Sets – Benny, Basie and Beyond! Lannie’s newest show is based on the Swinging sounds of Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Lionel Hampton, Duke Ellington and all the jazz SWING greats…WHEN SWING WAS KING!

We hope to meet you at your casual, neighborhood club. Come and see what all the fun is about! Linda McFarlin, Director of Marketing and Membership 303.526.3135 or email:

July 2015 | Riva Reader


Neighbor to Neighbor Contractor Recommendations Recommendations will remain in the RR for two issues.

Cabinetry / Remodeling

I hired Kevin McMillin, a Riva Chase Resident, to remodel my two upstairs bathrooms and install custom shelves in my kitchen. He’s professional, attentive, honest, and very talented. Call My Cabinet Guy: (970) 376-1970 or Roz Birkelo

Plumbing, Heating, Electrical

Comes highly recommended by Joy Lawrance. She can’t say enough good things about their service and their rates. Applewood, Ryan Ziehr | 303-328-3000


Greetings: My name is Gary Sohrweid and we live here at 730 Summerwood Drive. We just had a carpeted staircase converted into an oak staircase with black walnut inlay on the landing. The work is beautiful and of high quality. Two of my neighbors, also have had their floors refinished and new floors installed. We all have used ROONEY HARDWOOD FLOORS. We all endorse this Company whole heartedly and we all are Riva Chase property owners. Ph: 303-907-8604 Gary Sohrweid

General Contractors

Mile High Contractors | Contact MerriLou Flake 303.883.3866 They completely remodeled my master bathroom and did a great job. Quality workmanship, competitive prices, and great customer service. They are General Contractors and can perform all types of work at your home. Highly recommended. Brenda Shuler


We would like to recommend Caribou Contracting for your home remodel projects. We needed a lot of work done on the wood trim on our windows and framing around some doors all around our home and Josh, the owner of Caribou Contracting, did a great job replacing or fixing on the rotted/ broken wood trim and framing. Josh was a pleasure to work with - he was very responsive and reliable and got the job done when he promised. He took great pride in his workmanship and did a remarkable job. His company does all sorts of remodeling projects -- installation of basic trim to full additions and reconfigurations. Over the years his company has done a lot of kitchen and bath remodels and general home improvement, and they mainly work within a 20 mile radius of Golden. You can reach Josh at 800-452-0899 and his website is Patrick Green & Mashenka Lundberg


For any type of local moving (e.g. A Piece of Large Furniture). I had a good deal of success with Hediger Moving. The owner, Steven Hediger lives on Lookout Mountain, and he and his assistant did a careful job with a very large and heavy piece of furniture for me. His number is (303) 526-9105. John Carpenter


Jack Hopp Decorating (painter) - 303-478-2510 : He has worked for us since we built this home 20 years ago and recently painted the exterior of the house for the second time. He also did all of our interior painting and wall paper. Ann Nutt


Riva Reader | July 2015


Superb, perfectionist, well-priced painter interior and exterior. Chris Horvath, Infinite Concepts Painting and Repair, infiniteconcepts.pandr@ 303-507-5779 Jane Makowka


You don’t need a roofer every day, but when you do, it’s nice to know who’s really good, can do the job probably sooner than most, and may even be cheaper at the same time! We had a roof leak with all the rains in April/May and some interior damage as a result. The restoration company roofer finally showed up, did some “emergency repairs” and the water still kept coming in. I was lucky enough to recall the name of another roofer that had done work for me ten years ago and called him. He diagnosed the problem correctly even without seeing the roof, had his people over in no time, they verified his remote diagnosis (I went up on the roof to see for myself) and the leak was fixed. The best part is that his cost was a fraction of what the first roofer estimated for the fix, AND his people spotted another area that needed attention on our central chimney. Had they not alerted us of that second problem the consequences would have been worse than the first leak, if unattended. I can heartily recommend Dave Evenson, the owner of Troost Roofing and his crew - 303-674-4667 – when you need a roofer, check out their website, they really over-deliver! Ron Kordof

House Keeping

Lucinda Griffin is very thorough and reliable. She cleans a few homes here in Riva Chase. Phone # - 303-487-6136. Cell: 720-841-3863 Joy Lawrence

Carpet & Upholstery

Academy Services Corp. 303-279-7214. We have been using their services for over 20 years and have always been happy with their services. In addition to carpet and upholstery care, they also clean wood floors, stone floors, grout, and power wash decks and garage floors. Please give them a try! Karen Carson


I would recommend RCM Lawn and Landscape (303-232-5755), owned by Robert McCullough, who just did our yard. With Winston out of commission, it was he who mowed our lawn. Ann Nutt

Window Cleaning

We just had our windows cleaned last week by a new company and are very happy with their work. The name of the company is Restoration Window Cleaning, the owner is Shawn Sibert and his number is 303-917-5274. Gary & Karen Carson

Experienced Professional Painting Professional House Painters for Discerning Homeowners We’re Tall Pines Painting, a professional house painting company that specializes in interior painting, exterior painting, and other services for discerning homeowners from Evergreen, to Denver, to Arvada. Since 2005, Tall Pines Painting has been a good fit for homeowners who are looking for meticulous house painters who treat a house with care. Our homeowners have high standards. They value our attention to detail, our use of premium materials, and the respect that our professional painters show for their homes and yards.

Tall Pines Painting Promise We Will: • • • • •

Treat your home like it’s our own Communicate with you every step of the way Stick to a schedule Help you find the perfect color Deliver the best painting results for your home

Our team focuses on providing a worry-free experience and consistently high quality.

We’re proud to have earned:

Free Gutter Cleaning w/ exterior painting

• A+ rating with Denver BBB 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 • Angie’s List Super Service Award • Denver BBB Gold Star Award • Many great reviews from our customers.

Hurry, discount applies to the first 5 customers, so call today! 720-210-7643 For the discount to apply, work must be scheduled

16910 South Golden Rd. Golden, CO 80403

Phone: 720-210-7643 | Fax: 303-421-4299 Email: July 2015 | Riva Reader


Proposed Billboard at El Rancho


lease let us know if you would be willing to help us block this action by the county. Apparently in 1983 a small (160 sq ft) billboard was place along side I-70 between the Evergreen Parkway and El Rancho exits. It has been there for decades and is very nondescript and not that visible. It had been grandfathered in when Jefferson County in 1991 put out a statute to remove and not approve future billboards along it’s portion of Highways and Interstates. A developer has asked for a rezoning of that property and is now proposing to tear down this billboard and erect a 700 square foot lit LED billboard with two panels on each side that will change ads every 8 seconds. Planing & Zoning for Jefferson County is totally against the proposal and has tried to squash it from the beginning. The developer however, has decided to move forward and try and force the rezoning through and so the county has been forced to send it through to referral. I just happened to find out about it because I get these types of


Riva Reader | July 2015

notices sent to me from Jeffco because I am point of contact for Nob Hill HOA. I don’t know about you but our residents in Nob Hill certainly don’t want to see a Las Vegas style billboard that will destroy the aesthetics of our beautiful mountain community, spew light pollution, and set a precedence for more proposals of this type. What’s next? Billboards all up and down the mountain corridor? Signs in Open Spaces? If you feel as we do we would encourage you to add your opposition. We are on a campaign to make everyone in Evergreen ( and Genesee) aware of this. I’m sure the developer is banking on the community not getting wind of this until it’s too late. We won’t let that happen. You all have lived in Evergreen for many, many years and know many people. We would be greatly appreciative if you could spread the word so that the people of Evergreen can let the County know how much our community does not want this or future projects like this in our area. I’ve listed below the email to

send opposition to as well as two links that show mock ups ( from the developer) of this proposed sign. You can also go on Jeffco’s website to see all the info on this number 15-109516RZ Email to sent opposition feedback: Mock ups (copy and paste these links into a separate browser window to see what the proposed billboard will look like, and it’s dimensions...) PublicDocs/R... PublicDocs/R... Thank you for any help in getting the word out......if we wanted to live in the city we would have moved there. Thanks, Ann & Mike Moore

Coming this FALL: BODYSHRED™ -DanaInman

July 2015

Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED™ is coming to our Group Exercise Schedule THIS FALL! What is BODYSHRED™? BODYSHRED™ is the hottest new Group Exercise class that will get you the results you are looking for! S.H.R.E.D. is what you will be doing every time you participate in a BODYSHRED™ class: S-Synergistic H-High Intensity R-Resistance E-Endurance D-Dynamics

Located in the Genesee Towne Center 25938 Genesee Trail Rd #160 Golden, CO 80401 303-526-5997

combines many methods of training (HIIT, PHA, plyometrics, supersetting, combo lifting, 3-demensional movement possibilities, functional bodyweight training) to get you shredded! You can create an E.P.O.C. (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption), which means you burn extra calories after the workout for up to 72 hours. There is no choreography to follow (so no having to “stay on the beat”). You go hard, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t modifications or you have to keep up with the fittest person in the room! At the same time, if you want more of a challenge there are advanced options. This class is for all levels, so we hope to be seeing you in a BODYSHRED™ class this fall!

Never Before Pilates Special:

3 Private Pilates Lessons

for $99!!!

This 30 minute high intensity class utilizes Jillian’s 3-2-1 circuits: 3 minutes of strength 2 minutes of cardio 1 minute of abs Repeated 4 times through. The exercise move changes every 30 seconds, so you will NEVER get bored! BODYSHRED™

(NEW clientele ONLY, mention this article for the above special, expires 9/1/2015)

References: Jillian Michaels, Linda Shelton, Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED™ Instructor Training Manual, EM Fitness, LLC, 2012-2014

July 2015 | Riva Reader


Riva Reader



EDITORIAL Managing Editor Creative Director Roz Birkelo

CONTRIBUTORS Pam Bent Jennifer Davenport Dana Inman Harold Lacy Joy Lawrance Linda McFarlin Ann Nutt / Ron Kordof Ann & Mike Moore Winston Nutt Jacqueline Pedlow Jeff Shrader HOME SERVICES Lawn work | Snow Shoveling If you have a story to share, email Roz @

Two ‘Local’ Boys Ages 10 and 8

If you haven’t registered for Riva Chase’s new website, you are missing out on valuable information! Please go here to register: then verify your email address and log on. Click the “Secure Site” tab for things like our Neighborhood Directory and Neighborhood Pictures.

• Lawn work - picking up pine cones, raking needles/leaves • Light snow shoveling - walkways • Pet sitting - walking dogs, feeding pets • House sitting - water plants indoor/ outdoor, checking on house

Contact Karen Buelter for questions or comments regarding the website. |

Bryan and Adam Shuler 303-526-0817

Please register your phone with CodeRed in Jefferson County to receive timely alerts and emergency information.


Riva Reader | July 2015

Katy & Emily Radcliffe’s 

BABY SITTING FOR a​bSERVICE ​y​ ​S​i​t​t​i​n​g​ ​S​e​r​v​i​c ​e SALE KATY & EMILY RADCLIFFE


bunk without looking like an extension. This bed also includes two underbed storage drawers for your youth to store books, toys and personal belongings. Used but in excellent condition. Starting price: $520 Contact: Elena Sewalk,

will both be attending D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School next  We will both be attending D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School next Fall as seventh and eighth graders (12 & 13 venth and eighth graders (12&13 years old). Each of us are Certified  years old). Each of us are Certified American Red Cross Red Cross Babysitters.We know CPR and choking procedures.  Babysitters. We know CPR and choking procedures. Also, know how to care for scrapes, burns, injuries, etc. We  are hard  we know how to care for scrapes, burns, injuries, etc. We are hard working, caring, trustworthy, and helpful. caring, trustworthy, and helpful. We are super fun and appeal to all  We are super fun and appeal to all types of children. hildren.With us, your children will be in a safe environment, while  With us, your children will be in a safe environment, your rules. We are the best candidates for babysitting and  while following your rules. We are the best candidates ng your child/children for $8 per hour.   for babysitting and entertaining your child/children for $8 per hour.

Tame the trails like never before with Fuji’s big-wheel Nevada 29er 1.0. Its sweet-riding A1-SL aluminum frame makes climbing easy, and the bump-busting SunTour XCR suspension fork with 100mm of travel makes descending even easier. Plus, pedaling over hill and dale is super fun thanks to the 27-speed drivetrain while the Tektro mechanical-disc brakes offer plenty of stopping power no matter how fast you push the pace. And, the reliable blend of components from Shimano and Fuji ensure a great ride every time. Price - $470

Contact: Elena Sewalk, Frame size - S (15”-17”). Tires: Kenda ATB, 29 x 1.95 Brakeset: Tektro Novela mechanical discs Shift Levers: Shimano Alivio Pedals: Fuji PP platform Rear Cogs: Shimano, 9-speed: 11-32 Chain: Fuji double-wall aluminum Saddle: Fuji Sport MTB Handlebar: Fuji aluminum riser Handlebar Stem: Fuji Aluminum

Please contact us for more information at Please contact us for more information at  720-484-9151 (Katy) or 720-484-9152 (Emily)

720­484­9151 (Katy’s phone), 720­484­9152 (Emily’s phone) 

FOR SALE Crafted from pine wood and veneers with a rich cappuccino finish, this twin-over-full bunk bed features a built-in ladder and guard rails for safety and convenience. The seamless A-frame design of the bunk incorporates the full size bottom July 2015 | Riva Reader


For Sale: 22204 Forest Hills Dr.

Riva Chase is the best of all worlds.

You can easily access all that the greater Denver area has to offer. Yet still enjoy all the natural beauty, wildlife and tranquility found only in the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Live at Riva Chase. And make your dreams come true.

Exit #256, I-70 - south access Road heading West, on Genesee Ridge, and south on Forest Hills Drive. |


Riva Reader - July 2015  

A Jeffco High School wins the STEM program competition among high schools and colleges. It is a law in Colorado to have your pet licensed. A...

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