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July 2016 | Riva Reader



The time has come to pass the torch, but alas, no one has stepped forward to volunteer to take over the Riva Reader, so for now, this is your last edition. From this point forward, please send all your questions, comments, or concerns to the Riva Chase HOA Board of directors @, and any FHMD concerns can be directed to any board member or to our management at or to Some of you may wonder why I am giving up the task, and it mainly has to do with time. When I started this edition, I wanted to “brand” our neighborhood and create an online presence so that if people were looking for homes in this area, we had something one could reference to learn about our community. I think I’ve accomplished that but working full time and traveling here and there is making this particular task less appealing, so I decided to give it up. I want to thank everyone who has consistently contributed to my editions with their articles, letters, photos, and advertisements. If anyone would like to pick up where I’ve left off, I have a great template to get you started, and all my contacts would love to see this continue. Just let the HOA know you’re interested. Thanks again everyone! Enjoy your summer!

Roz Birkelo Editor & Art Director

Roz has lived in Riva Chase since 2011. She has served on the HOA as secretary and is currently serving a four year term as director of the FHMD. She began editing and compiling the Riva Reader in May 2013. She has a Bachelor in Arts and Art Education with an emphasis on Graphic Design. She is currently working as a Senior Engineering Analyst for Vantage Energy in Englewood, CO.


Riva Reader | July 2016

Cover photo courtesy of Roz Birkelo

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July 2016 | Riva Reader



Riva Reader | July 2016

Riva Chase HOA


First, many many thanks to Roz Birkelo for doing this Riva Reader these last few years. It’s been a real work of love to do it, and we have all enjoyed the results of her efforts. Sadly, this is Roz’s last issue, and we will surely miss her inspired publication! It’s been much appreciated, Roz. That leads to this request – for someone to take up the baton, and continue publication of this community newsletter! It certainly does not have to be a duplicate of what Roz has done, but it would be great to have a homeowner compile information to keep Riva Chase residents up to date on happenings! PLEASE let us know if you would be willing to do this. Joy Lawrance President, Riva Chase HOA

I would also like to thank the board members who have consented to continue on in their capacities for another year. Thanks to Ann Nutt, Gary Sohrweid, Ron Kordoff, and John Carpenter for all the work they HAVE done, and continue to do for Riva Chase! We will have an additional “At-Large” board member, Joe Carpenter, who is interested in pursuing an update of our covenants…a mighty task! And we are so glad to have his input. Barbara Oakley will continue on as Welcome Chair, providing “first contact” with new residents and presenting them with beautiful welcome baskets. Charlene Polino has graciously offered to be our minutes-taker at meetings – and we truly appreciate her volunteering for that job! We hope that as the year goes on we will see homeowners at our board meetings, or at other events. We’d also love to have you participate in guiding Riva Chase to be even better that it has been! Joy Lawrance

July 2016 | Riva Reader


Discussion Notes - HOA Meeting Dana Christensen, Dick Shaw, & Winston Nutt

Discussion Notes  for  June  22,  2016  Home  Owners  Association  Meeting   Dick  Shaw,  Winston  Nutt,  and  I  started  discussing  the  “challenge”  5.5  years  ago   and  determined  that  something  needed  to  be  done  to  improve  the  Eastwood   Corridor  in  terms  of  improving  the  safety  of  the  roadway.  Ted  Laves  realized  the   benefit  of  the  volunteer  efforts  and  began  offering  support  through  FHMD,   arranging  for  chippers  to  reduce  the  volume  added  to  the  clean  up  day.   1. Goals  for  Thinning  and  Limbing   a. Improve  the  safe  access/egress  along  the  Solitude,  Treetop,   Eastwood  corridor   b. Reduce  combustible  fuel  loading   c. Improve  the  defensibility  of  our  water  systems,  homes,  and  corridors   d. Improve  forest  health:  reduce  competition  over  sunlight  and  water   e. Increase  the  native  grass  and  wildflower  density   f. Improve  the  habitat  for  animals   g. Improve  visibility  along  the  roadways   h. Make  Riva  Chase  significantly  more  attractive  by  showing  that  we   cared  about  community  appearance.    Increase  Property  value.   2. Approach  toward  achieving  the  goal   a. Studied  the  Forest  Service  report,  consulted  with  Bjorn  Dahl,  a   consultant  hired  by  FHMD  and  got  guidance  on  thinning  and  limbing.   b. Enlisted  the  participation  of  our  neighbors  on  a  volunteer  basis   (Saturday’s  in  late  April  &  May  leading  up  to  the  June  Clean-­‐up  day.)   c. Contacted  neighbors  over  trees  on  individual  lots  adjoining  corridor.   d. Laid  out  a  multi-­‐year  plan-­‐of-­‐attack  to  address  the  challenge   i. Rapidly  address  our  water  storage  and  pumping  assets  at  the   top  of  Whispering  Woods.   ii. Addressed  the  Eastwood  gate  area  adjoining  Shingle  Creek  Rd.   iii. Focused  on  the  Eastwood  Dr.  corridor.   1. Tried  to  cut  along  the  entire  length  of  Eastwood,  without   attempting  to  fully  complete  any  one  area  at  once.       2. Tried  to  keep  an  eye  on  the  results  so  as  to  not  over-­‐cut.   iv. Focusing  on  completing  Eastwood  and  the  Open  Space  areas   between  Eastwood  and  the  Pond  and  along  Eastwood.   v. Assisting  individual  home  owners  with  personal  needs.  


Riva Reader | July 2016

3. Participation: a. Initially,  about  a  dozen  people  agreed  to  help  cut,  haul  and  stack.   b. Volunteer  numbers  have  grown  to  two  dozen  +  people  during  the   weekends  leading  up  to  the  clean-­‐up  day.         c. We  try  to  cut  on  Saturdays  from  9:00-­‐11:00  during  the  month  of   May,  weather  permitting;  keeping  it  productive  but  FUN.   d. Approximately  half  of  the  current  volunteer  list  is  represented  by   people  with  less  than  5  years  of  ownership  in  the  community.   e. All  volunteers  execute  a  liability  waiver  provided  by  FHMD   4. Outcome:   a. Productive  partnering  with  HOA  and  FHMD  to  improve  our   community.    FHMD  Grant  is  being  used  in  areas  where  volunteers   cannot  work.    HOA  and  FHMD  are  partnering  on  the  clean-­‐up  costs.     (I  doubt  that  most  people  in  the  community  understand  the   difference  between  FHMD  and  HOA  and  most  do  not  care.)     b. Initial  areas  cut  are  showing  significant  growth  improvements;  girth   and  canopy.    The  small  spindly  trees  no  longer  exist.   i. The  trees  are  showing  more  breadth  growth  rather  than  just   height  growth.    This  indicates  a  healthier  stand  that  will  be   more  resistant  to  the  mountain  pine  beetle.    (Stands  that  are   stressed  are  more  susceptible  to  beetle  infestation.)   ii. Field  Grass  is  now  coming  back  healthy  and  strong   iii. We  are  seeing  more  wild  flowers  on  the  forest  floor   iv. We  are  seeing  more  animals,  bedding  down  under  the  trees.     c. The  water  tank  is  in  a  significantly  more  defensible  condition.   d. The  Eastwood/Shingle  Creek  gate  provides  safe  access/egress.   e. More  pride  of  ownership  is  occurring.    (One  resident  stated  that  our   community  looks  like  a  “park”;  a  sense  of  pride  in  what  he  is  seeing.)     f. We  are  experiencing  more  partnering  with  our  neighbors  (men,   women,  and  older  children)  and  have  capitalized  on  both  the  cutting   and  the  clean-­‐up  days  to  get  to  know  our  neighbors  better.       g. We  are  accomplishing  the  changes  at  essentially  no  cost  against   community  funds.    Volunteers  are  also  volunteering  supplies  and   equipment.    There  have  been  no  injuries.    Approximately  200  man-­‐ hours  are  contributed  annually  in  the  cutting  stage  prior  to  cleanup.  

July 2016 | Riva Reader


5. Observations for  next  year:   a. Move  the  clean-­‐up  day  back  one  weekend:  (in  past  years,  the  clean-­‐ up  day  occurred  between  June  9th  and  14th.    We  had  the  lowest   turnout  at  the  Picnic  this  year  over  the  past  6  years.)   i. Reduce  conflict  with  end  of  school  activities  and  therefore  get   more  people  involved.   ii. Provide  one  additional  weekend  for  cleaning   iii. Asking  our  residents  about  which  weekend  works  best  would   be  useful.       b. Get  behind  FHMD  in  their  pursuit  of  another  grant.    We  need  support   to  areas  not  accessible  to  volunteer  labor.       c. Continue  to  work  Eastwood  and  the  Open  Space  corridors  until  we   are  comfortable  with  the  status.   d. Identify  a  “Champion”  to  coordinate  thinning  and  limbing  along   Forest  Hills  Dr.    This  access/egress  corridor  also  needs  attention.    (I   assume  that  many  of  our  current  volunteers  will  agree  to  team  with   more  volunteers  along  Forest  Hills  Dr.    Note  that  over  2/3  of  our  Riva   Chase  residents  rely  on  Forest  Hills  Dr.  as  their  primary  access/egress   corridor.)   6. Personal  Comment  From  Dana   a. My  personal  opinion  is  that  the  most  dangerous  situation  which   occurs  during  the  morning  of  Clean-­‐Up  is  the  fact  that  there  is  a   constant  flow  of  traffic  through  the  chipping  area  by  people  not   participating  in  the  cleanup.    You  can  detect  frustration  on  their  faces   over  being  delayed.   i. We  are  busy  unloading  stationary  trucks  and  trailers   ii. The  chipper  is  too  loud  to  hear  personal  cars   iii. Our  workers  are  watching  out  for  the  unloading  piles  and  the   chipper  but  not  for  sporadic  traffic  through  the  work  zone.   iv. People  in  personal  cars  obviously  appear  frustrated  over  being   delayed  in  their  appointed  activity   v. Numerous  delivery  trucks  push  through  the  chipping  zone,   both  coming  and  going,  and  rarely  wait  to  be  signaled.       vi. Cars/drivers  try  to  move  through  the  congested  area  without   being  directed  to  do  so.      


Riva Reader | July 2016

vii. The chipping  effort  is  negatively  impacted.   viii. Workers  are  being  put  into  a  dangerous  situation.   b. An  alternative  is  to  close  the  chipping  area  to  through-­‐traffic  during   the  4  hours  of  Chipping.   i. Open  the  Forest  Hills  Dr./Shingle  Creek  Road  Gate  and  the   Eastwood  Dr./Shingle  Creek  Gate  to  through  traffic  during  the   4  hours  of  chipping.    The  Eastwood  Dr./Genesee  Ridge  Road   Gage  is  already  freely  open  to  through  traffic.    This  establishes   3  gates  open  to  through  traffic  instead  of  just  the  normal  2.       ii. Post  signs  directing  residents  to  the  alternative  gates  during   the  chipping  hours.   iii. Send  out  emails  and  other  communications  alerting  residents   of  the  temporary  change  to  access,  designed  to  improve  safety   and  to  eliminate  any  frustration  or  unplanned  waiting.   iv. Post  signs  in  the  vicinity  a  week  before  Chipping,  alerting   residents  of  the  change.       v. If  necessary,  post  traffic  control  volunteers  at  locations  where   redirection  can  occur  to  include  using  saw  horses  and  signage.  

July 2016 | Riva Reader


Clean up Day by Winston Nutt


Riva Reader | July 2016

refused to quit. Trivia: For the first four years (approx.) we deposited branches (unchipped) in rolloffs and attempted to grape-step (crush) them eventually requiring six rolloffs (at today’s cost of $2220). Recently, one rolloff and two chipper-trucks have been sufficient for HOA needs at considerable cost savings. This year we needed an additional rolloff and a repeat visit by a chipper-truck to accommodate FHMD’s slash.

Volunteers toiled ceaselessly, some nearly an hour into picnic time, as the day’s task exceeded capability. Fortunately, our relationship with Schulhoff enabled us to get a chipper to return the following week which along with four volunteers finished the job. Thanks to all who assisted in cleanup: The trailer pullers, guard house gang, those that collected and chipped and of course the picnic crew who spent many hours in preparation and cleanup. I was especially awed by the strength and tenacity two “young” Eastwood Drive ladies who continued to pull and tug branches to the chipper and though nearly exhausted

Photo courtesy of Leslie Mack

Super Cleanup XVIII on June 4th, became a cooperative effort with FHMD. Under FHMD auspices, homeowner-volunteers thinned trees in common areas in continuing a program begun approximately 5 years ago. Volunteers spent several weekend mornings thinning and trimming trees resulting in a large accumulation of slash that might have remained in the community for at least a month without HOA’s help. HOA agreed to process FHMD’s slash in response to their request and offer to share Cleanup costs.

Saturday, June 4th dawned a pleasant day, the first following several wet/cool weekends. An abnormal accumulation of slash awaited a relatively small volunteer turnout (about ½ the number as in prior years). Many volunteers from previous years were out-oftown, and the warm weekend of the year may have also decreased the volunteer pool. Twenty intrepid volunteers, utilizing three trailers and two Schulhoff chippers filled two 30-yd rolloff containers and two 10-yd trucks before the chippers had to depart after 4 hours. Two yards of slash to be used as mulch were intentionally chipped alongside Forest Hills Drive at homeowners’ request.

Photo courtesy of Winston Nutt


nce upon a time there was a pleasant residential community in the Denver foothills that had undergone a spurt of building activity. Debris and builders’ trash was ubiquitous along with uncleared undergrowth in the common areas and private property. During the spring of 1998, concerned Riva Chase homeowners undertook a project to “clean up” the community to be followed by a picnic. Cleanup is now an annual event that has evolved from merely ridding the community of trash and broken tree limbs to beautification and wildfire mitigation. In recent years, homeowners have taken fire mitigation seriously, perhaps due a homeowner’s insurance being cancelled, and the slash collected has greatly increased.

Dear Residents: On behalf of all of us in Riva Chase, I want to personally thank all the volunteers on clean up day. The joint effort between our concerned neighbors who volunteer their time has proven to be a huge success. I especially want to thank all the residents who dedicated several weekends prior to clean up day volunteering their time and personal tools to thin trees and reduce ladder fuels, and their continuous efforts with fire mitigation, all in an effort to protect our community. Our neighborhood is much safer because of their efforts year after year. They organize the mitigation efforts entirely on their own with no prompting from the HOA or FHMD and appreciate our support, so please consider volunteering your time next year for this worthwhile cause. For those of you who do not frequent other parts of our neighborhood, I encourage you to take a drive up Eastwood Drive and walk our trails by the trout pond to see for yourself the results of the fire mitigation efforts from your neighbors. All the volunteer hours spent on clean up day and the hours spent prior to clean up day will apply towards the FHMD fire mitigation grant “in kind” and allow our tax dollars to go further in our mitigation efforts in much needed areas in other parts of our community. If you would like to volunteer in the future, please let me know and I will get you in contact with the resident’s who continuously organize mitigation efforts on behalf of all of us in Riva Chase. Sincerely, Roz Birkelo

July 2016 | Riva Reader


Foothills Fire & Rescue by Fire Chief Brian J. Zoril


here are unique challenges to providing fire and rescue services with limited resources in a mountain community. As a lifelong resident of Lookout Mountain and a third generation firefighter, I have seen a lot of efforts succeed in our community and I have seen some fail too. One of the keys to success is having a clear vision and strategy for the fire and rescue services in our community. To that end, we recently developed our Long Range Plan (LRP) and I’d like to share some highlights with you. The LRP helps us focus on providing the best services to our constituents – allowing us to prioritize the things that are most important and make the tough, strategic choices so that we spend time on areas that generate benefits for our citizens as well as for our volunteer fire fighters. We took an iterative approach to develop our LRP, making sure to engage the Board of Directors, our officer corps, our volunteer firefighters, and of course, our community at large. We incorporated feedback from each constituent group along the way in order to make this a plan that we can all support. The Long Range Plan focuses on four core domains:


Riva Reader | July 2016

Operational Excellence – we will maintain highly responsive fire, rescue, and emergency services for our community members; reduce response times and maximize responder coverage; and increase preparation for catastrophic events. Community Partnerships – we will strengthen relationships within our community as well as with nearby emergency response stakeholders via intergovernmental teaming agreements. Financial Stewardship – we will continue our financially conservative, cash-based, debtfree approach to managing the department through ongoing overall economic uncertainty. Our People – we will foster a community-based, volunteerstaffed, professional department that is trained and prepared to deliver our core services. To read the entire Long Range Plan, click here.. I encourage you to read our entire 2020 vision and the planned strategic initiatives for the next 12 months to help us achieve that vision. In the months to come, we’ll share more about our efforts in this section of our website. Other ways to stay informed about our progress include attending our monthly Board of Directors meetings, held on the third Tuesday of every month at the Mount Vernon Country Club at 6:30, so I hope to

see you there as well. Thank you for your help as we strive to keep our community safe!

Brian Zoril, Fire Chief Office: (303) 526-0707 Mobile: (303) 900-8675

Clean up day photos provided by Winston Nutt

July 2016 | Riva Reader



Riva Reader | July 2016

ABOUT OUR MENU Across our menu, you will find a variety of true Neapolitan favorites, mixed with a couple of our own creations. From our famous Limoncello Chicken Wings, to our classic Italian sandwiches, fresh salads, brunch pizzas and of course our pizza Napoletana’s, you are sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds.

GLUTEN-FREE OPTIONS Our gluten-free crust is unlike any other. And we’re not just saying that! Hear it from our guests themselves: “The gluten-free crust blew my mind. It was so light, fluffy, and delicious! I actually had to flag down my waitress and verify that it was indeed what I’d ordered, because it tasted too good to be gluten-free. The per fectly adequate crusts I enjoyed back home in L.A. seemed like cardboard in comparison.” - Priscilla S., Visited May 2016 Our gluten-free pizza crust is made with Antico Molino Caputo Fiore Glut - Gluten-free flour mix. This “blend of rice and potato starches, rice and soy flour, sugar, thickeners and dietary fiber”, combined with our daily preparation and hand-stretched techniques insure that our gluten-free pizzas are some of the best available. Although we are not a gluten-free facility, our gluten-free pizzas are prepared with their own utensils and cooked in their own wood-fired oven to prevent any cross-contamination.

LOCATIONS Colorado Mills Mall: 14500 Colfax Ave., Suite 345, Lakewood CO 80401 303.590.1888 Hours 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Sun-Thu, 11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Fri & Sat Inverness: 10111 Inverness Main St., Englewood CO 80112 - 303.790.9000 Hours 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Sun-Thu, 11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Fri & Sat BallPark: 2129 Larimer St., Denver CO 80205 - 303.296.7000 Hours 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Sun-Thu, 11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Fri & Sat WEBSITE: BLOG:

Owned and Operated by a Riva Chase resident.

July 2016 | Riva Reader


There is no such thing as a poop fairy (republished... an oldie but goody).

Jeff Shrader is sheriff of Jefferson County. He leads the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the largest full-service sheriff ’s office in Colorado. The Jefferson County Sheriff ’s Office is committed to the principles of community policing through education, partnership, analysis and enforcement.

Dog owners are expected to pick up their dogs’ poop in our neighborhoods and local parks. Many do so diligently - toting around plastic baggies on their daily walks. Others don’t, leading to a buildup of errant dog poop piles. Because of the sheer number of pets in suburban communities, this hard dog waste accumulates. Our animal control officers have been aware of the problem for years and have struggled to enforce county ordinances against so many stealth offenders. Animal Control hit on the crux of the problem. A lot of dog owners think that the poop “just goes away.” We saw

an opportunity to educate people on the realities of this subject. Many years ago, together with the citizens and our local park districts, we created a campaign. It’s called, There is no poop fairy: Please clean up after your dog. There are good reasons why we want to encourage people to be responsible for their pet’s waste. The fact that the piles aren’t pleasing to the eye (or nose) is only one consideration. Here are a few more: Dog Poop Doesn’t Biodegrade Like Wild Animal Poop Because we feed our dogs food that’s very different from the food wild animals eat, dog waste does not biodegrade quickly like wild animal waste. And because there are so many pets in the

District Contacts - District Board Roz Birkelo



Tom Napp



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District Office


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District website


Will Raatz

Riva Reader | July 2016

neighborhoods and parks, this hardy dog waste accumulates. Dog Poop Contains Harmful Bacteria, Parasites Dog waste can contain harmful organisms like E. coli, giardia, salmonella, roundworms, hookworms, and cryptosporidium. These can be passed on to you or your pet, and may cause health problems. Dog Waste Pollutes Groundwater, Water Bodies Bacteria in dog waste can harm water quality in creeks and rivers, and alter the ecosystems of these stream corridors. Humans who come in contact with creek water can also face health hazards.

County Ordinances Require Cleanup Jefferson County ordinances* make “failure to clean up dog feces in public places” a petty offense with a fine of at least $30. Many local park districts have similar regulations and fines. *Part 3 Regulations, Chapter 5 Animals, Section 1, D4h We at the Sheriff’s Office communicate on many different public safety topics, from car breakins to elder abuse. Most of our PSAs are no laughing matter. But with the dog waste issue, we saw an opportunity to lighten up and have some fun with the message. We hope you’ll get a chuck out of it, and share it with your friends and neighbors. (The poop fairy’s even on Facebook!) Together we can debunk the poop fairy myth and

clean up our county.

The monthly “Behind the Badge” column is written on or before the 20th of each month by Sheriff Jeff Shrader of the Jefferson County Sheriff ’s Office, in Golden, Colorado. It features information and tips for local residents regarding crime prevention, crime trends, public safety and quality-of-life issues. Please contact us with questions or comments at source=Online+Reporting&utm_ campaign=May+BTB+2015&utm_ medium=email

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P.O. Box 51356 Colorado Springs, CO 80949 Joy Lawrance Ann Nutt Roz Birkelo July 2016 | Riva Reader


unique furniture, including upholstered furniture, Log furniture and refined, reclaimed hardwood pieces. Ar twork, r ugs, lamps and home décor will also be included in the tent sale. Don’t miss this bargain hunter’s dream!

It’s not often that you can walk into just one store in the foothills and find ever ything you need for ever y room in your house. Rustic Point, a premiere home furnishing and gourmet goods store, nestled in Evergreen, is just that! Not only can we decorate all the rooms in your house, but also delight your taste buds with our culinar y surprises! Check the website for a complete schedule of cooking classes! We are hosting our 10th Annual Summer Tent Sale & Clearance on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 15th, 16th and 17th. This muchanticipated event will be held in the Rustic Point parking lot from 10am – 6pm on Friday and 10am – 5pm Saturday, and 11 am – 4pm on Sunday. We’ve rented several large tents to house the sale in the parking lot outside the beautiful log home building. Merchandise in the tent will be sold for deeply discounted prices! This includes our signature


Riva Reader | July 2016

We have a full design team on staf f and are pleased to of fer in-home design consultations. Remember, the first hour is free, which is a $100.00 savings! Our designers can help with space planning, furniture and fabric options, accessorizing and more! Together, we can help turn your space into a treasured getaway. We of fer full selection of furnishings and accessories for ever y room. We can help create the per fect space, no matter your style! Call or visit the showroom to get star ted! Did you know we have cooking

classes? Get in touch with your inner chef and attend a cooking class. We are thrilled to announce that Rustic Point Spice Den is open in the Gourmet Goods area. Chef Mark has created his own proprietar y blends and r ubs, over 25 variations! We just received the first batch of Chef Mark’s BBQ sauces, hot sauces and salsa, a per fect complement to his wildly popular r ubs and blends! Chef will be grilling delicious sample bites Friday and Saturday during the Tent Sale! Stop in and see what the buzz us all about! We are located at 908 Nob Hill Road, in the log home building across from Jif fy Lube, next to the Smiling Moose Deli. We are open Monday-Friday 10:100 am – 6:00 pm. Saturdays 10:00 – 5:00 pm and Sundays 11:00 am – 4:00 pm. Visit us on the website r

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Evergreen Rolfing Structural Integration - Hands on Therapy Inter view with Anna Timmons, owner Q: What is Rolfing®? A: It is manual therapy that is designed to help you find ease of posture, better range of motion and help alleviate persistent pain. Through touch, movement and a little pain education thrown in there where needed, we can create the change in physical perception that makes life in our bodies more comfor table. Q: How did you get involved in this business? A: Years of mountain bike racing star ted to feel uncomfor table in my body and eventually af fected my ever yday life. I discovered Rolfing Str uctural Integration and experienced a deep sense of possibility and change. A couple of years after I completed my 10-series, I jumped in head-first to become cer tified at the Rolf Institute. I continue to study and learn to keep up with the latest evidenced-based material which informs the foundation of my Rolfing practice. Q: What distinguishes you from other businesses in your categor y? A: Rolfing, as a profession, is a dif ferent modality than other hands-on therapy. We typically invite clients to par ticipate by movement or bringing awareness into what we are touching. It’s a physical process that includes


Riva Reader | July 2016

the understanding of the ner vous system and the brain’s par ticipation, as well as beliefs, emotions, stress, histor y and fear that make a person who they are. My personal approach to working with a client is using my hands in a deliberate, slow way that ranges from ver y light to deepyet-comfor table. It’s not about a technique, it’s about meeting the client with what they may need to evoke health and homeostasis. Q: What do you like best about your line of work? A: The joy of bringing comfor t and relief in a one-on-one setting is incredibly rewarding. This work is not linear, not easy, but it keeps me intrigued and continuously curious. I feel the more I can educate myself and grow my knowledge and tools, the better I can assist my clients in their process of health and well-being. My job is to assist a client’s body and mind into evoking its own healing and that is going to look dif ferent for each person who walks in my door. It never gets boring. Q: What is your business’ biggest challenge? A: Educating the public about what Rolfing Str uctural Integration is and what it isn’t. It is handson therapy designed to help a person become more comfor table. What it isn’t is painful. There is a big misconception (based from its histor y) that it is terribly uncomfor table. On the contrar y —

its touch sensation has evolved into a broad spectr um that includes a ver y light, gentle contact. Q: Something people might be surprised to learn about you or your business: A: I was a graphic designer before switching gears midway through life. I’m pretty sure a lot of what I have experienced on this journey has led me to this par ticular path. By blending creativity, spiritual studies, scientific-based therapy education with a love for movement/exercise/play, and a passion for seeing people thrive, the culmination allows me to share Rolfing with the public.

Anna Timmons Cer tified Rolfer 303.807.4980

Live life in a happy body. Evergreen ROL F I NG



Rolfing® Structural Integration is hands on therapy • for pain relief • improved athletic performance • ease injuries and limitations • re-establish movement 4855 Ward Rd., Wheat Ridge • 1262 Bergen Pkwy., Evergreen

Certified Rolfer™ Board Certified Structural IntegratorCM

Contact Anna Timmons at 303.807.4980

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303.838.0499 skin care & boutique

Sometimes the best escapes are in your own backyard… ·Facials ·Waxing ·Microdermabrasion ·Micro Needling ·Massage ·Eyelash Extensions ·Peels ·Dermaplaning ·Spray Tanning ·Botox/Fillers ·Boutique and Gift Items

25958 Genesee Trail Road • Suite C • Golden CO

Incredible Specials Give Us a Call or Check Online Mention this ad for an additional 10% off your next purchase. 22

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Genesee Mountain Fitness

July 8, 2016

Mention this AD and Receive:

FREE One-Week Membership (includes group exercise classes and 1 orientation/weight training session)

We are now offering Group Personal Training: We all know what Personal Training is: one-on-one personalized exercise prescription. Great for learning or improving technique and form. Anyone that has had personal training can tell you the benefit of this Tami & Lisa, Co-Owners of Genesee Mountain Fitness

Dear Residents, Lisa Holland and Tami Poortman are co-owners of

Genesee Mountain Fitness. They are dedicated to quality

individual time. And, most of us know what Group Exercise is: a formatted class cued or demonstrated by an instructor where everyone does the same thing. (e.g. Zumba,

training, creating a peaceful environment, and one-on-one connections with our customers.

BODYSHRED™, Cycle, etc.)

Lisa Holland, NAHF (Nat’l Academy for Health and

big as a Group Exercise class, Group Personal Trainers

Fitness), is a weight loss specialist. Having trouble with those last 10lbs or more? Lisa knows how to avoid your plateau.

Tami Poortman, B.S., is a nationally accredited/certified

post rehab specialist, ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). If pain is inhibiting you from your training program or sport, Tami can help you!

But what is Group Personal Training? Usually not as “coach” a small group of students doing different exercises at their own customized fitness and intensity level. The obvious advantage is the lower cost while still getting the individual attention, great instruction and workout! With the added benefit of motivation from

At Genesee Mountain Fitness, we offer:

your peers!

Gym Membership with 24 hour access, Class-ONLY Membership, Personal Training, Group Personal Training,

For more information or to get started contact Lisa at

Private and Group Pilates Reformer Training, Massage, Cardio and Weight Machines, Free Weights, Group

Exercise Classes (Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED™, Cycling, Yoga, Pilates, Stretch, Silver Sneakers®, Zumba,

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training))

We hope we will get the chance to meet you!


Conveniently Located in the Genesee Town Center 25938 Genesee Trail Road, Suite #160 Golden, CO 80401 July 2016 | Riva Reader 303-526-5997



Arch ite

by Ann Nutt

ee mit m

From the ACC

l Control C a r o ctu

Riva Chase

The ACC wishes to remind Homeowners of the following: • Campers, boats, trailers or other similar recreational equipment shall not be kept or maintained on any lot or street. • Garbage cans, wood piles or storage piles of any nature shall be concealed from the street and neighboring residences. • Garbage should not be put out for pick up prior to the day of service. • Garage doors shall be kept closed. • Only one regularly parked vehicle is allowed on each home site. • Overnight parking of cars on the street is not allowed. • Sheds or other storage facility are not allowed on any property. • Realtor signs must be removed immediately upon the sale of a property. • Advertising signs (such as roofers, landscapers, remodeling, political etc) are not allowed.

A lot and all improvements must be maintained by the owner in good condition and repair. The owner shall cause all dwellings and other improvements to be refinished, resurfaced or repaired periodically as effects of damage, deterioration or weather become apparent. Appearance, color, type of painting or stain or other exterior condition shall not be changed without prior approval of the ACC. All appropriate repairs and replacements shall be made as often as necessary. Now that fire season is upon us, the ACC urges homeowners to keep the grass on their property trimmed to 6”, and trees (especially cedars) that are less than 30’ from the exterior walls of their homes removed as well as dead bushes and brush. Your cooperation and compliance is appreciated.


Riva Reader | July 2016

Neighbor to Neighbor Contractor Recommendations Recommendations will remain in the RR for two issues.

Cabinetry / Remodeling

I hired Kevin McMillin, a Riva Chase Resident, to remodel my two upstairs bathrooms and install custom shelves in my kitchen. He’s professional, attentive, honest, and very talented. Call My Cabinet Guy: (970) 376-1970 or Roz Birkelo

Plumbing, Heating, Electrical

Comes highly recommended by Joy Lawrance. She can’t say enough good things about their service and their rates. Applewood, Ryan Ziehr | 303-328-3000


Greetings: My name is Gary Sohrweid and we live here at 730 Summerwood Drive. We just had a carpeted staircase converted into an oak staircase with black walnut inlay on the landing. The work is beautiful and of high quality. Two of my neighbors, also have had their floors refinished and new floors installed. We all have used ROONEY HARDWOOD FLOORS. We all endorse this Company whole heartedly and we all are Riva Chase property owners. Ph: 303-907-8604 Gary Sohrweid

General Contractors

Mile High Contractors | Contact MerriLou Flake 303.883.3866 They completely remodeled my master bathroom and did a great job. Quality workmanship, competitive prices, and great customer service. They are General Contractors and can perform all types of work at your home. Highly recommended. Brenda Shuler


We would like to recommend Caribou Contracting for your home remodel projects. We needed a lot of work done on the wood trim on our windows and framing around some doors all around our home and Josh, the owner of Caribou Contracting, did a great job replacing or fixing on the rotted/ broken wood trim and framing. Josh was a pleasure to work with - he was very responsive and reliable and got the job done when he promised. He took great pride in his workmanship and did a remarkable job. His company does all sorts of remodeling projects -- installation of basic trim to full additions and reconfigurations. Over the years his company has done a lot of kitchen and bath remodels and general home improvement, and they mainly work within a 20 mile radius of Golden. You can reach Josh at 800-452-0899 and his website is Patrick Green & Mashenka Lundberg


For any type of local moving (e.g. A Piece of Large Furniture). I had a good deal of success with Hediger Moving. The owner, Steven Hediger lives on Lookout Mountain, and he and his assistant did a careful job with a very large and heavy piece of furniture for me. His number is (303) 526-9105. John Carpenter


Jack Hopp Decorating (painter) - 303-478-2510 : He has worked for us since we built this home 20 years ago and recently painted the exterior of the house for the second time. He also did all of our interior painting and wall paper. Ann Nutt


Superb, perfectionist, well-priced painter interior and exterior. Chris Horvath, Infinite Concepts Painting and Repair, infiniteconcepts.pandr@ 303-507-5779 Jane Makowka


You don’t need a roofer every day, but when you do, it’s nice to know who’s really good, can do the job probably sooner than most, and may even be cheaper at the same time! We had a roof leak with all the rains in April/May and some interior damage as a result. The restoration company roofer finally showed up, did some “emergency repairs” and the water still kept coming in. I was lucky enough to recall the name of another roofer that had done work for me ten years ago and called him. He diagnosed the problem correctly even without seeing the roof, had his people over in no time, they verified his remote diagnosis (I went up on the roof to see for myself) and the leak was fixed. The best part is that his cost was a fraction of what the first roofer estimated for the fix, AND his people spotted another area that needed attention on our central chimney. Had they not alerted us of that second problem the consequences would have been worse than the first leak, if unattended. I can heartily recommend Dave Evenson, the owner of Troost Roofing and his crew - 303-674-4667 – when you need a roofer, check out their website, they really over-deliver! Ron Kordof

House Keeping

Lucinda Griffin is very thorough and reliable. She cleans a few homes here in Riva Chase. Phone # - 303-487-6136. Cell: 720-841-3863 Joy Lawrence

Carpet & Upholstery

Academy Services Corp. 303-279-7214. We have been using their services for over 20 years and have always been happy with their services. In addition to carpet and upholstery care, they also clean wood floors, stone floors, grout, and power wash decks and garage floors. Please give them a try! Karen Carson


I would recommend RCM Lawn and Landscape (303-232-5755), owned by Robert McCullough, who just did our yard. With Winston out of commission, it was he who mowed our lawn. Ann Nutt

Window Cleaning

We just had our windows cleaned last week by a new company and are very happy with their work. The name of the company is Restoration Window Cleaning, the owner is Shawn Sibert and his number is 303-917-5274. Gary & Karen Carson July 2016 | Riva Reader


Dear Resident: I just wanted to send you a note to introduce myself. I am a resident of Riva Chase, and long term employee of Renewal by Andersen. I serve in the capacity of Senior Projects Manager. If you are having any issues with your windows and doors, please contact me immediately for a free site inspection. Many Riva Chase homes have the defunct Viking brand windows and doors. They have out lived their function in your homes, and offer little, or no energy efficiency. My presentations are low key and informative. Our retail prices are good for one year. Our Low E4 High Performance Smart Sun “Heat Lock” glass (glazing) is made at our Cottage Grove factory, is altitude specific, and offers up 45% cost reduction in the winter months. You will immediately notice, that your home will have no more cold spots. It is time to take advantage of our new promotions where you could benefit from additional Riva Chase resident discounts, and price protection policy.


Riva Reader | July 2016

With your immediate response I will able to afford you a huge bonus discount on top of what you already qualify for with our ongoing media discounts. It is the right time to get our lowest prices, without sacrificing quality, warranty or service. I encourage you to look at our Google, and Yelp reviews. Our products are installed by factory trained and certified Installer’s. You will receive a factory backed lifetime warranty on their workmanship. If there is anything else I can do for you, or if you are in need of any future service, please do not hesitate to contact me at the address below. Have a great Colorado day. Thank you. James “Buddy” La Femina, Senior Project Manager Riva Chase 832 Willobe Way, Golden, CO 80401

Our Website: Renewal by Andersen sells, installs, and services energyefficient replacement windows resulting in beautiful homes and delighted homeowners throughout the country. Cell: 720-626-0900 Buddy Facsimile: 303-496-1011 Office: 303-217-4100 Office facsimile: 303-217-4099 Email: blafemina@ Regional Office and Mailing address: Renewal by Andersen of Greater Colorado 1401 West Bayaud Ave Denver, Colorado 80223

Riva Reader



EDITORIAL Managing Editor Creative Director Roz Birkelo

CONTRIBUTORS Roz Birkelo Dana Christensen Dana Inman Buddy La Femina Kristen Hoffman Joy Lawrance Ann Nutt Winston Nutt Jeff Shrader Anna Timmons Brian Zoril

If you haven’t registered for Riva Chase’s new website, you are missing out on valuable information! Please go here to register: then verify your email address and log on. Click the “Secure Site” tab for things like our Neighborhood Directory and Neighborhood Pictures. Contact Karen Buelter for questions or comments regarding the website. |

Please register your phone with CodeRed in Jefferson County to receive timely alerts and emergency information.

July 2016 | Riva Reader


Photo courtesy of Roz Birkelo

Riva Chase is the best of all worlds.

You can easily access all that the greater Denver area has to offer. Yet still enjoy all the natural beauty, wildlife and tranquility found only in the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Live at Riva Chase. And make your dreams come true.

Exit #256, I-70 - south access Road heading West, on Genesee Ridge, and south on Forest Hills Drive. |


Riva Reader - July 2016  
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