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Welcome to Member Spark Rewards.

$642,000 in profits!

Introducing Member REWARDS It pays to be a member. Literally!

We put people above all.

We are pleased to introduce our new Member Spark Rewards program! We’ve always used our profits for our members’ good. In fact, it’s a key difference between a bank and credit union. Now we’re using our profits for our members’ good through cold, hard cash!

Whatever your hopes, dreams, needs and wants are—that’s what we put first. Banking is just how we help you make it happen. Like other financial institutions, we are full-service and open to everyone. The difference? Weyburn Credit Union is run on principles. We use our profits for your good - not our pockets.

Why? We are owned by the people who bank with us. Our financial wellness is reflected by our members’ financial wellness. When our members become financially fit, through saving, investing, and building credit, we become more profitable too. When we profit, we share those profits with our members - now in funds they have immediate access to! It’s our little way of saying thanks for being a member. Not a member yet? Isn’t it time? For more information on the new Member Spark Rewards program, visit us at or any of our branch locations.

ReFINEd Weyburn & Area is celebrating 5 years in business!

ReFINEd Weyburn & Area was started in the winter of 2015 and is locally owned and operated by Brooke Ward. She has worked in the marketing industry for 13 years. Our marketing team consists of Britany Culham and Darryl Ward. Britany has worked in marketing for eight years and Darryl for 40 years. If you are a business owner, and would like to have more exposure for your business, give Britany or Darryl a call. The focus of ReFINEd Weyburn is to showcase local editorial, businesses and people. Our magazine is delivered free-of-charge to 80% of the homes in Weyburn and all the rural mailboxes in Weyburn. Extra distribution throughout Weyburn includes: waiting rooms, gas stations, retail locations and select hotel lobbies. We also reach the towns surrounding Weyburn with drop zones for readers to pick up and enjoy.

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Darryl, Britany & Brooke

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WEYBURN & AREA Volume 5 Issue 2 Spring 2020 Editor Brook Thalgott Design Ghislaine Moffitt

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Cover Photography Images By Jon Gillies Photography Images By Jon Gillies


Contributing Writers Brook Thalgott, Kali Holdstock, Kiteen Mainil

Our hometown girl is back and if you haven’t already, get your tickets for the Tenille Arts concert (brought to you by Weyburn Concert Series) on April 8th. I can’t wait to see Tenille perform! She is such a talented young lady who has truly created a name for herself in the music industry.

Britany Culham 306.861.1255

’m grateful for the mild temperatures we’ve been gifted with throughout this winter season. With spring around the corner, I’m excited to see gardening and camping editorials once again in the magazine. I’m a small-scale gardener. My husband built me the most amazing raised beds that I’ve had the pleasure of using for the last three years. I didn’t realize how much I loved gardening until I started using raised garden beds. I love starting seeds and getting my hands in the fresh earth when it’s time to plant. Our feature—Good Thymes in the Garden—gives you advice on the time to start certain plants, new plants to try and other bits of great gardening information.

Marketing Executives

We are excited to have Harbourfront Wealth Management on our cover this issue. These two local gentlemen have refreshed their business to offer more quality solutions to their clients. They now offer more and better investment choices. Kali Holdstock’s editorial, Updating Your Home in Style, is a guide for finding inspiration for your next home makeover project and help you discover which new home exterior trend will keep your home stylish and sturdy for years to come. Our Business and Industry section has an inspiring feature on starting your own business. There’s no time like the present to follow your dreams. The new year brought the start of a new decade so make it your best decade ever. Set yourself up for success by reading our feature Getting it Done: Setting Goals & Reaching Them. We’re celebrating five years in business this year. We’re so grateful for our amazing readers and clients. Thank you for supporting the magazine for the past five years. We hope you enjoy reading this issue of ReFINEd magazine as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

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Local. Experienced. Professional. SERVICES INCLUDE: For Businesses:

• Payroll and remittances

• Consulting for corporate structure

• T4 employee slips

• Assist businesses with evaluating key performance indicators

• Petrinex for oil production accounting

• Tax planning and estimates

• Year-end preparations

• Cortex invoice submissions for oil and gas companies

• Assistance with Canada Revenue Agency

• Open invoice submissions for oil field invoicing

• Amalgamations and windups

• Register for GST, PST and WCB

• AgriInvest and AgriStability preparation

For Individuals:

• GST, PST, and WCB filings

• Trust and Estate planning and tax filings

• Personal taxes

• Corporate taxes

• Assisting Executors

• Consulting for when to incorporate

• T5 investment slips

• Consulting for business operations

• Business advice for self-employment

• Bookkeeping

• Reorganizations

604 Government Road South, Weyburn | 306.842.5344 2010 11th Avenue, 7th Floor, Regina | 306.842.5344





DEPARTMENTS 8 | AT HOME Updating Your Home in Style 20 | BUSINESS & INDUSTRY Someday is Today – Start




GOOD THYMES IN THE GARDEN – It’s Time to Think About Planting

the Business You Want

32 | COVER FEATURE Invested in Your Success – Harbourfront Wealth Management means Unbiased Advice and Unrestricted Choice

36 | AGRICLUTURE Looking Back and Looking Forward – PAHC Celebrates a Milestone

42 | STYLE & BEAUTY Save and Splurge – Wardrobe Ideas for Spring 2020

48 | EVENTS CALENDAR 50 | COMMUNITY Weyburn Concert Series is Proud to Present Tenille Arts

62 | YOUR HEALTH Fitness Spotlight – Wake Up Beauty, It’s Time to Beast 6



ABUNDANCE IS EVERYWHERE – Locavores are Changing Food for Everyone


Good Things Come to Those Who Camp


Let the Evening Be-GIN




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Boston Pizza Weyburn 35 Riverview Dr. 306.842.6767


Updating Your Home


STYLE By Kali Holdstock




Here’s your guide for finding inspiration for your next home makeover project and help you discover which new home exterior trend is for you. Here are my top picks for 2020 that will keep your home stylish and sturdy for years to come.

Windows, Doors & Garages nod to the trend of embracing the outdoors, homeowners will go even bigger with windows in 2020. Floor-to-ceiling glass increases the amount of natural light in your home and provides a sense of indoor-outdoor living—even when the weather turns too cold to be outside. Garage doors are front and centre on the home’s exterior. That said, they should be beautiful! We’re seeing more decorative garage doors that make a statement including, reclaimed wood garage doors and black garage doors with unique patterns and textures. Finally, don’t skimp on the garage hardware. Sometimes, a simple lift handle or side bracket is all it takes to update that door.

the winter and 50 per cent of a home’s cooling energy in the summer. With energy efficient windows, you can cut out this waste and start living a more climateconscious life. Also, make sure you have that storm door with ample screen space in it for your spring through fall months.

Metal Roofs Metal roof materials, like aluminum and steel, contain high percentages of recycled content. Many aluminum products are 100 per cent recyclable. Therefore, a metal roof is a green choice! They are also a durable material known

to last far longer than a traditional shingle roof.

Solar Panels There is a global shift headed towards solar power. Solar panels on the roof and landscape lighting are going to be seen more this year. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Solar energy is a completely renewable resource. Solar cells make no noise. Very little maintenance is required to keep solar cells running. Solar panels and solar lighting can be a costly purchase upfront, but in the long run you will be saving yourself money.

Not all home exterior trends have to be purely aesthetic. One of the most important trends we see moving into the new year is a steadfast emphasis on environmental and energy consciousness. It’s important that we work to make the earth a better place to live. Most companies offer energy-efficient windows that will help reduce your energy footprint. And, it means you can enjoy lower heating and cooling bills all year. Poorly performing windows can lose up to 40 per cent of heating energy in






Right now, one of the biggest exterior trends is enhancing outdoor spaces by making them feel just as luxurious and lived-in as indoor spaces. Take a walk around your home on your property and find your areas you want to improve. Do you want a deck built or a patio space made for more entertaining? Is your lawn in desperate need of an irrigation system? The idea of having a garden doesn’t have to be so scary, get some deck boxes built and start small. Want some more privacy in town and would give anything to have a fence built? Just do it. Even something as simple as heading to your local greenhouse and getting some new plants can liven up your outdoor area.

Most people notice that they are busting at the seams for more space indoors during those cold winter months when you spend far too much time indoors. Springtime is a great time to start on that outdoor project. Big or small, adding some extra square footage gives everyone in your home more space and comfort inside.



Siding Having a home that is beautiful is all about knowing the right way to stand out. The key is striking a balance between being bold and staying sophisticated.


No siding type exemplifies this balance better than vinyl shake accents. At the same time, shake siding has a subtle texture that doesn’t overwhelm typical suburban homes. This is especially true when it’s utilized in accent sections on homes that already have modern siding, like seamless siding. It can give your home an extra pop to increase your curb appeal. Gray-green home exteriors, or homes with green accents on the porch, front door and underside of stairways will be seen more often in 2020. Homeowners are favoring darker, more urbane shades in deep blues and shadowy greens for their outdoor spaces.

Not ready for outside yet? Not ready to commit to outdoor renos just yet because you haven’t completed the indoors? Here are some quick tips to improve your indoors on a small or large budget. Change that backsplash, change your couch, your pillows, your cabinetry, your lighting fixtures, your flooring, your leaking toilet—the options are endless. Update your wall colour, buy a new rug or install a fireplace…the sky’s the limit with

how much you can accomplish inside and outside of your home. Overall, home exterior trends coming our way in 2020 are leaning to simplicity in design. Therefore, focus more on environmentally friendly, sustainable materials and a move towards outdoor living. Consumers are increasingly discerning about where they spend their money, and home exterior remodeling is no exception. While homeowners do value visual beauty, they also want to ensure that what they buy is built to last.

There are many businesses in Weyburn and area that are committed to helping you create your home renovation dreams, whether they are interior or exterior. Check with your local businesses and let their experts help you make renos an easier process.

Kali Holdstock is an Interior Decorator and owner of Holdstock Designs. She and her family live on a cattle ranch north of Weyburn. She’s a wife, mother of four and a sewing hobbyist. In her work, she produces something which is individual, unusual and personal to all her clients. Reach Kali at, or find her on Facebook and Instagram.









s we gear up for a new decade, it’s time to look at what to expect in home décor and trends. 2020 is all about personality and character. Depending on your mood and preferences, you can find your own solutions among these top trends.

DIY We all know DIY projects have taken over these last few years and there’s no end in sight. Look around at your older pieces that need a refreshed stain or paint. Now that spring is coming, this is the perfect time to start planning your DIY project. Shopping second-hand is not only eco-conscious, but it can allow you to customize and personalize your home more than most ‘big box shop’ finds. Look for well-made pieces in good condition or items with great bones that can be restored to their original beauty. With more focus on the environment, designers are starting to take an active part in reducing waste and home decor is shifting to reusable and sustainable materials.

Wallpaper Mural wallpaper has started to creep in, expect it to get even more popular this year. Bold wallpaper not only creates endless visual interest, but it also can replace expensive artwork. It can act as a focal point in a room, especially when used as an accent wall.

Natural Elements This year spend some time making your home a peaceful retreat from the hustle



and bustle. If you can, allow natural light to fill your home. Remove those bulky drapes and let the light shine in. Or better yet, install sky lights where you can. More homeowners are choosing natural materials like limestone, onyx, and sandstone to create not only a more environmentally conscious space, but a more unique look during new builds and renovations.

Bar Cabinets & Dining Rooms

Minimalist Style Minimalist style is coming in strong this year. Get rid of all that excess décor this spring. Keep what you love and get rid of the bulk. This style demands you to pare down to the essentials so that you’re left with fewer items for maximum impact. Need some help updating your home for 2020? Contact me today with all your questions.

Though more difficult to move from room to room, a bar cabinet creates a deliberate gathering space in a dining room or a corner of the living room to serve drinks and mingle with friends and family. A true formal dining space gives you a space to entertain that feels removed from the other areas in the home and helps encourage family mealtime.

Baskets as Decor Check flea markets or vintage shops to find shallow baskets that create a lovely, worldly vibe when hung on the wall. Look for colorful patterns and handwoven pieces that can double as artwork. Bonus points: when you get tired of the look on your walls, you can reuse them as storage around the house.

Navy Navy itself isn’t new, but it’s starting to replace neutrals like gray and beige in spaces. Navy is the perfect, “go dark but not black” shade. Because of its eclectic subtlety, navy blue can truly blend into personal style for anyone.


Kali Holdstock Holdstock Designs Kali Holdstock is an interior decorator and owner of Holdstock Designs. In her work, she produces something which is individual, unusual and personal to all her clients. 306.861.8135

Now offering home dĂŠcor items painted and made by local artists.

WHERE DREAMS BECOME A REALITY! Cabinets Countertops Hardware

Elite Kitchens & Decor

Interior Decorating and Interior Design Technologist

123 2nd Street NE, Weyburn

Home DĂŠcor Product Installations Painting Services Cloverdale Paint Fusion Mineral Paint


BACK ROW L-R Rebecca Hoffart-Gosling, Rob Jordens, Melanie Bonic, Chris Moser, Erik Anderson FRONT ROW L-R Carole Vogel , Kelly Linnell




Century 21 HomeTown Your Real Estate Experts By Brook Thalgott


f you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in Weyburn or the southeast, look no further. The team at Century 21 HomeTown will make your real estate transaction seamless and stress-free. Led by Erik Anderson, Rob Jordens and Chris Moser, Century 21 HomeTown has attained top spot in sales in the southeast over the past three years, crediting their success to their ‘client-first’ approach and dedication to their craft. Their Railway Avenue office continues to grow, and includes Melanie Bonic, Carole Vogel, Rebecca Hoffart-Gosling, and Kelly Linnel. The HomeTown team has deep roots in the area and know the market well. As such, they can accommodate real estate transactions of all sizes. Whether you’re new to the market and looking for your first home, finding a new home for your growing family, or downsizing into something for the next chapter, Century 21 HomeTown can help. The team is also well-versed and experienced in agricultural and commercial real estate. The Century 21 HomeTown team has sold or been

involved in many commercial and agricultural transactions in the area. They are continually expanding service in these areas—if you’re a producer or business owner and a sale or purchase is in your plans, give them a call. Whether selling or buying, Century 21 HomeTown will assist you through the process, from beginning to end. As sellers, their market knowledge and experience will be an asset. They will help you accurately price your property, ensuring a sale at the highest market price in the shortest time. With the current market challenges, the team will not shy away from the difficult real estate conversations. Their main goal is to protect clients from overpaying or underselling. If you’re looking for a home, it’s currently a buyer’s market. As such, they believe that this is an ideal time to buy. The southeast offers good value to buyers if you’re looking for your first home, upgrading, or getting into something smaller.

Get the right information and expertise for your next real estate move. The HomeTown team can help you with any MLS-listed residential, commercial, or agricultural property. Whether you’re looking to move across the country or next door—their Local Team and Global Network will be there to assist you every step of the way. They’re number one for a reason, so get them on your side today. Call the HomeTown team @ 306-8421516 or visit Let’s get moving!

Century 21 Hometown 216 Railway Avenue Weyburn 306.842.1516




With over 30 years of experience, our team will work with you to design your space. Whether it is a budgetconscious renovation or a luxury build, our team can help your vision come to life.

Our business is dedicated to attention to detail, quality workmanship and innovative solutions. We pride ourselves on our experience and continued excellence to assist our clients create the home of their dreams. Our showroom features a large selection of brand name flooring, including Mannington, Mirage, Armstrong and Mohawk, to name a few. We also offer window coverings, kitchen cabinets, countertops; including laminate, quartz and granite, and cabinet fixtures to bring your vision to life.

L-R Dawn Tumback, Duane Heisler, Norma Dunsmore PHOTO Images by Jon Gillies

Ideal Cabinets & Decor Inc. 1127 Railway Avenue Weyburn | 306.842.2643 OPEN Monday – Friday, 9:00 to 5:30 SERVING Weyburn, Estevan, Regina and southern Saskatchewan, visit their showroom.

Good Thymes in the Garden It’s Time to Think About Planting

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, these are the last spring frost dates in the southeast: Carlyle – June 6 Carnduff – May 25 Estevan – May 24 Oxbow – May 22 Weyburn – May 26

Starting plants indoors is fun and easy, and it gives you a jumpstart on spring and our short growing season. Getting started is simple. You can head down to your favourite hardware store or garden centre for a seed starting kit or create your own.

The University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture and Bioresources has a great step-by -step guide to start seedlings. You find it at articles-how-to/growing-yourown-transplants.

When to Start




Date to Start

Date to Transplant

Bell Peppers

Mid to Late March

Early to Mid-June


Late March to Mid-April

Late April to Late May


Late April to Early May

Early to Mid-June


Late April to Early May

Early to Mid-June


Mid to Late April

Mid May to Early June


Late April to Early May

Early to Mid-June


Late March to Mid-April

Early to Mid-June




Not only can your garden grow food for you, it can also feed nature too.

Your garden needs pollinators to thrive. Be sure to plant pollinatorfriendly plants like:

Milkweed isn’t a weed at all. It’s the sole source of food for monarch butterflies. These pretty plants look gorgeous and grow about two to five feet, depending on variety. Best of all, they are a perennial—coming back year after year to look great and attract beautiful butterflies. You can find milkweed at the plant nursery, and pop it in a sunny spot. The more plants, the more butterflies you attract.

Anise Hyssop, Bachelor’s Buttons, Bergamot, Borage, Calendula, Chives, Cosmos, Echinacea, Foxglove, Marigold and Zinnia.

Things to Try There are so many plants to experiment with in your garden. Heirloom tomatoes – a trend with no sign of slowing, heirloom tomatoes are delicious, full of flavor and come in a rainbow of colours and sizes. Varieties to try: Brandywine, Costoluto Genovese, Lemon Boy, Mortgage Lifter, Stupice, Yellow Pear.

Cucamelon – these tiny ‘mouse melons’ look like watermelons and taste like cucumbers. Kids love them!

Melons – even with our short growing season, you can grow watermelon and cantaloupe. Varieties like Gnadenfeld, Minnesota Midget and Cream of Saskatchewan will grow well in the sunniest part of your garden.








Someday is Today START THE BUSINESS YOU WANT By Brook Thalgott


At some point, most of us have thought about owning our own business. Whether it’s the bar you dreamed up in university, taking Grandma’s best recipe to the masses or elevating a hobby to a hustle, there’s an entrepreneur in a lot of us. So, where do you even begin once you’ve got an inkling for a venture?



The Big Idea First, examine your idea closely. How will you make money? What resources do you need? What knowledge or skills do you have that will drive the business? These questions will lead you to figuring out your business model. A business model is how a business operates—including what you will do (sell products or offer services), your revenue sources, your customers, and how you will finance its start. Be sure to put it all on paper to make your idea concrete.

on something that already exists or is introducing something totally new to the market, you’ll need to see what’s out there already. The internet makes research easier than ever. And, your local library will also have great resources with books on everything from marketing to management and more.

plan is the roadmap to how you will get where you want to go. In your plan, you will finalize your idea and your business model, define your customers, develop your marketing and sales strategy, and project your revenue and expenses. Don’t rush this stage—you want to make sure your plan is solid.

Identify all your competitors and see where you compare. Identify your customers and drill down how many of them there are, where they are, and how to reach them. Think about the costs to start up, what you will charge to make money, and how much revenue you need to be a viable enterprise.

There are many business plan templates available for you—the Business Development Bank of Canada and Square One: Saskatchewan's Centre for Entrepreneurship are both excellent resources for developing business plans and getting advice on your idea. Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan (WESK) helps women develop business ideas, and Futurpreneur Canada works with young people with entrepreneurial aspirations.

Do Your Homework

The Right Plan

Once you have a draft of your business model, it’s now time to do some research. Whether your business is improving

Your idea and your research will form your business plan. Business plans are essential to your success. A business




Plus, if you require financing to start your company, lenders will want to see

your business plan to determine if your idea is realistic and has a good chance of success.

Taking the Plunge Once your business plan is solid, it’s now time to formalize your business. This is the stage where you will want to chat with an accountant and a banker, even if you’re going to be a small operation. It can be as simple as registering yourself as a sole proprietorship and getting a business license for a microbusiness from your home, or it can be more complex with corporations and partnerships. You’ll also need a business bank account and tax number registration. An accountant will help you set up your books to track your revenue and your taxes, and a banker can advise on what banking services you’ll need. If your venture involves incorporating or you have a business partner, you’ll also want to chat with a lawyer to incorporate and to formalize a partnership agreement.

Getting Out There Once you’ve done your planning and made the decision to move forward, now it’s time to get out in the world and do business. This is where you implement

your business plan—in particular, your marketing strategy to your customers and start making sales. Whether your business is you making artisanal goods at your kitchen table, offering consulting services from a home office, starting a restaurant or retail shop, or something even bigger—people need to know

you exist. This is often where fledgling businesses fall down. Marketing you and your venture is necessary. Businesses don’t make it with just a Facebook page and some hope. Be where your customers are with a brand and message that matters to them.

Prepare to Work HARD Being your own boss can be a rewarding experience in ways more than just money, and the idea of managing your own time and writing your own paycheque is a dream come true. However, you’re going to work harder than you ever have before. Successful entrepreneurs are dedicated, resourceful, creative and motivated. Startup mode is not a nine-to-five, five day a week gig. It’s a hustle every day. Know that upfront and be prepared for the long haul. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day—and neither will your business. With thorough planning, good advice, realistic goals and lots of determination, your venture can become reality.




Accounting is the Language of Business Local People, Local Advice By Brook Thalgott Photos Images by Jon Gillies

Proudly locally owned and operated, N.M McMahon CPA Professional Corporation is an accounting practice for businesses and individuals throughout the southeast. Headed by Nancy McMahon—an accountant with more than 25 years of experience—the company provides quality, dedicated service to every client they serve.


.M. McMahon CPA Professional Corporation provides full-service accounting, including AgriStability and AgriInvest, tax planning and consulting, re-organizations, corporate and personal income tax preparation, family trusts, estate work, financial statement preparation, bookkeeping and payroll, and CRA assistance. Nancy and her team work with businesses and personal clients with accounting needs of all types. They manage issues both big and small and enjoy their work with their clients. “We provide personal service that is secondto-none,” says Nancy. “Our clients are more than just numbers and statements to us. We’re proud to serve the community we call home. Our clients are our friends, neighbours and colleagues.”

Whatever you need for your personal taxes or your business, Nancy and her staff can help. See what Nancy and team at the N.M. McMahon CPA Professional Corporation can do for you by calling 306.842.5344.

She also works with the local industries in the southeast—oil & gas and agriculture—making sure they are getting the accounting advice they need. “The practice lets me work with people from all walks of life,” says Nancy. “I get to help people make good decisions about their financial lives, and it’s so rewarding.” The demand for Nancy’s services has grown since her arrival in Weyburn four years ago, and she has expanded her practice to downtown Regina.




Nancy McMahon

“Our clients are more than just numbers and statements to us. We’re proud to serve the community we call home. Our clients are our friends, neighbours and colleagues.” - Nancy McMahon

L-R Alima Tayyab, Aspen Joa, Nancy McMahon, Jenn Wagner, Nauman Tayyab, Mathew Malaschuk

N.M. McMahon CPA Professional Corporation Services include:

For Businesses: • Bookkeeping • Year-end preparations • Assistance with Canada Revenue Agency • Register for GST, PST and WCB • GST, PST, and WCB filings • Corporate taxes • T5 investment slips • Payroll and remittances • T4 employee slips • Petrinex for oil production accounting • Cortex invoice submissions for oil and gas companies • Open invoice submissions for oil field invoicing • AgriInvest and AgriStability preparation • Trust and Estate planning and tax filings • Assisting Executors • Consulting for business operations • Consulting for corporate structure • Assist businesses with evaluating key performance indicators • Tax planning and estimates • Reorganizations • Amalgamations and windups

For Individuals: • Personal taxes • Consulting for when to incorporate • Business advice for self-employment

N.M. McMahon CPA Professional Corporation 604 Government Road South Weyburn 306.842.5344 2010 11th Avenue, 7th Floor Regina 306.842.5344




BUSINESS SERVICES For All Entrepreneurs Small business ownership is both exciting and challenging. The staff at Community Futures (CF) Sunrise work with entrepreneurs every day talking about the opportunities and risks as they start and grow their companies. By providing business loans, advisory services and business workshops, CF Sunrise connects entrepreneurs with the resources they need at every stage of business development. Whether you’re starting a home-based business, thinking about a storefront opportunity, or want to grow your existing company, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at CF Sunrise can assist you along the way with financing options and business resources. Just look at these business-building workshops CF Sunrise has planned for March 2020.

Ron Robichaud Nail the Numbers

Brooke Spagrud Creative-I Marketing & Consulting

Is It Time to Pivot Your Business?

Connect with Customers Using Facebook & Instagram

Pivot for Profit with Ron Robichaud is a workshop that will help entrepreneurs assess when and how to make critical changes to boost their company’s profit-potential. Don’t miss this highly popular financial learning session.

In this hands-on workshop, social media strategist, Brooke Spagrud, will help attendees learn how to use Stories, Messenger and Instagram to connect with their customers.

March 3: Weyburn and Oxbow March 4: Estevan More Info and Tickets:

March 10: Moosomin March 17: Weyburn More Info and Tickets:

Community Futures Sunrise 11 3rd Street, Weyburn | 306.842.8803 | @SunriseCF

We’ve allocated $42,000 to our Community Fund! Applications are now open!

We use our profits for your good - not our pockets.

We put people above all.

Weyburn Credit Union is committed to building better, brighter and stronger communities! One of the ways we help build a stronger community is through our Community Fund. Typically, we allocate 1% of the Credit Union’s profits to the WCU Community Fund each year. Community groups and organizations can then apply for funding for projects and initiatives that have a positive impact within our local communities.

Whatever your hopes, dreams, needs and wants are—that’s what we put first. Banking is just how we help you make it happen. Like other financial institutions, we are full-service and open to everyone. The difference? Weyburn Credit Union is run on principles. We use our profits for your good - not our pockets.

Over the past 10 years, the Community Fund has awarded over $375,000 in grants to local community organizations! This year, we are proud to announce an allocation of over $42,000 into the Community Fund. Visit for details on how to apply for a Community Fund Grant; applications are now open!

Celebrating 6 Years

You're an Essential Part of Our Success

Bookkeeping | Payroll Services | Business Planning and Management | Quickbooks Training

Thank you for six wonderful years, and for trusting us with your business. Here’s to many more years working together.

Ardell Small Business Solutions 306.842.2787

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! 2020 - 2021 Full Time Programs

Register at

www.sou theastcoll


Call: 1-866-999



in Southeast College Scholarships and Bursaries awarded to students in 2018-2019



Whitewood, Weyburn

















Whitewood *Applications for Practical Nursing have closed. Our next intake is scheduled for Weyburn in Fall 2022.

Getting it Done

By Brook Thalgott


t wasn’t that long ago when many of us made some promises about how we were going to make some changes in the coming year. You know what I am talking about—the New Year’s resolution. We all do it at some point, thinking “this year, I am going to do it!” and it could mean anything from eating better to exercising, to getting organized or getting back into a hobby. Whatever it is, you can set a goal and follow through. It’s easy to give up. However, let’s make a resolution not to give up on our resolutions this year!




A dream written down becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action becomes reality.

Setting Yourself Up for Success 1. Write it down and be specific. Putting your goal on paper will help make it concrete and help strengthen your intentions. Make a plan to achieve your goal and keep track in a place outside of your own brain. 2. Make your goal a priority. Set aside time to work on your goal. For example, if getting more exercise is your resolution, plan the time to do it. Be reasonable. You can’t run a marathon in day one. However, you could set aside 20 minutes three days a week to go for a walk at lunch or after supper.

The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.

3. Get some quick wins. Give yourself a way to celebrate milestones on the route to your goal. If your goal is organizing your home, break up the work into smaller, manageable chunks and reward yourself when you complete your tasks. When you’re done tackling a closet, pat yourself on the back with 30 minutes of your favourite show, a mug of hot chocolate or something else you enjoy. 4. Don’t quit after one bad day. We’re all going to slip up along the way—it’s just human nature. The important thing is to not let that derail your goal. If your plan is to eat better but a get-together with friends led to some overindulgence, that’s okay. The important thing is to forgive yourself and get back to it the next day. There’s no one but you judging your journey, so be kind. 5. Check in with yourself. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing how far you have come. Look at your accomplishments along the way and celebrate it. 6. Chart your progress. When you set your goal, think about how you can monitor how you’re doing. Track your quick wins and see how they are leading you to the overall goal. Instead of a to-do list, make yourself an I did it list! Adjust as you go and stay focused on the end.

Should. Would. Could. DID.

7. Believe in yourself. This might be the hardest part of all. We’re often our worst critics and can self-sabotage our efforts. Take it day by day and remember results don’t happen overnight. Don’t give in. Instead, commit to yourself because you are worth it.

You Can Do It Believing you can is the start. Grab your determination and spend 2020 aiming at whatever it is you promised yourself on January 1. Go make yourself proud.





FULL TEAM PHOTO L-R Rhonda Porter, Adrian Miller, Mike Hoffman, Chris Michel, Teresa Boyle

Invested in Your Success Harbourfront Wealth Management means Unbiased Advice and Unrestricted Choice. By Brook Thalgott Photos Images by Jon Gillies


or nearly 20 years, Chris Michel and Michael Hoffman have been helping Weyburn and area residents realize their financial goals. They got their start in the early 2000s when their former high school football coach, Warren Schweitzer, approached them about joining his Investors Group practice. “I had moved back to Weyburn after finishing my



Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Saskatchewan and had just earned my Chartered Accountant designation when Warren came to me,” says Chris. “Warren was looking for someone to take over his business as he prepared to retire.” Mike was working locally in the banking industry and was also interested in what Warren was offering. The three joined forces,


and Warren mentored Chris and Mike to take over his firm. By 2002, Chris and Mike were partners at the Weyburn Investors Group location. Chris and Mike are both Certified Financial Planners and Registered Retirement Consultants and spent the next 17 years growing their clients’ wealth and providing comprehensive financial advice. In 2017, they expanded their team to include a new associate, Adrian Miller—another Weyburn local. Adrian, also a CFP professional, was brought in to help make the team more efficient. “His experience with insurance made him a good fit for our holistic approach to financial planning,” says Chris.

“We look at your whole financial picture and build a plan that will work for your life. Every client is unique.” - Michael Hoffman

Personal Relationships Over the years, they’ve developed solid, long standing personal relationships with their clients. “Our personal relationships with our clients are what I believe truly sets us apart from the regular bank or large institution client interaction. For example, we have clients that we started education savings plans for 18-20 years ago when their children were babies. Now, these kids are attending university or college and we were a part of their goal of successfully saving enough money to pay for that education. It’s pretty rewarding to be a part of that from start to finish.” says Chris. “We have also been involved in some tough emotional and financial times with our clients—comforting and guiding them through the loss of a loved one or through serious illness. That’s really the essence of why we do what we do. The numbers and investments are going to do what they’re going to do, but that personal relationship is where the value is. That’s what is important to us.” says Mike. Change is Good In late 2015, they became a fully licensed brokerage with the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization (IIROC) and by 2019, they knew they needed a change. “We were looking for a way to refresh our

PARTNERS L-R Chris Michel and Mike Hoffman




“We know the needs of the people who call Weyburn home because we do, too.” - Chris Michel business to offer more quality investment solutions to our clients,” says Chris. The opportunity for change came with Harbourfront Wealth Management Inc., an independent investment and financial advisory firm based in Vancouver. “Harbourfront provided us with the change we needed,” says Mike. “The industry has changed a lot since we started, and we needed to provide our clients with more and better investment choices combined with lower costs and improved performance.” In October 2019, Chris and Mike launched the first Harbourfront Wealth Management Inc. location in Saskatchewan. The transition has been fantastic, and they couldn’t be happier with the overwhelming, positive client response. “What truly makes Harbourfront stand out is its independence and its dynamic, progressive business philosophy,” says Chris. “Instead of offering investments from only one company, we now have access to a truly open architecture of investment products from across the marketplace. We can recommend solutions that truly make sense for our clients needs for the long term.” Mike agrees. “We put the needs of our clients first—always.” Always Thinking Ahead The Harbourfront Wealth Management approach is one that can work for anyone at any point in their financial lives. Whether you’re just starting out with your first RRSP, or approaching retirement, Chris and Mike can help you make the most of your money. “People often think financial planning is only for people with

ADVISORS TOP TO BOTTOM Mike Hoffman, Chris Michel, Adrian Miller




“People often think financial planning is only for people with big bank accounts. That is not the case at all. We’re here for anyone with any amount of money. The biggest thing is to get started.” - Chris Michel

starting out with your first job, settling down with a family, or seeing retirement on the horizon—it doesn’t matter. Financial planning benefits everyone at every stage of life. “We take our clients’ needs seriously and give them advice on what will help them maximize their long-term wealth,” says Mike. “We look at your whole financial picture and build a plan that will work for your life. ADMIN STAFF TOP TO BOTTOM Teresa Boyle, Rhonda Porter Every client is unique.” Chris’s background as an accountant is also helpful for clients that are big bank accounts,” says Chris. “That is entrepreneurs. “Business owners and not the case at all. We’re here for anyone professionals often have specialized with any amount of money. The biggest needs around tax planning and cash flow thing is to get started.” The company management, and I can help you navigate is also more than just investing for that,” says Chris. retirement. Harbourfront is committed

Over the years, Mike, Chris and Adrian have supported many local charities, non-profit organizations, and sports teams to do their part as a member of the corporate community. Among them—the Family Place, Salvation Army, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Quota Club, Weyburn Concert Series, Weyburn & District Hospital Foundation, and Weyburn Minor Football, just to name a few.

to comprehensive, holistic financial planning, offering everything from mutual funds, stocks and bonds to insurance and mortgages. “We’re an independent brokerage that can meet all your needs,” says Mike. “We can help you plan for now and the future.” Investments are just one piece of the puzzle. Harbourfront Wealth can focus on everything from tax, estate and insurance planning, to cash flow and debt management. It all ties together and every piece is important to your overall financial and retirement plan.

Take the Next Step

Getting Started Now is the time to start planning your financial future. Whether you’re just

Local Focus Chris, Mike and Adrian are also proud to be local. Born and raised in Weyburn, they all chose to build their careers and raise their families where their heart is. Chris is married to his wife Lindsee of 23 years, is a father of two very busy teenagers, and is a dedicated long-time minor sports coach. Mike is married to his wife, Rini of 17 years and a dad of two sons—with a love of coaching and a commitment to his community. Adrian is married to Tonya, and the couple is expecting their first child in the next few weeks. Adrian is also active in coaching youth sports, focusing on volleyball.


“We know the needs of the people who call Weyburn home because we do, too,” says Chris. When you start working with Chris and Mike, you can trust that they will be there every time you call or come in. “We’re here for the long haul,” says Mike. “There is no revolving door here.” Clients know that they’ll see the same trusted face every time they come in the door, and that’s important.

Ready to see what Chris, Mike and Adrian can do for you and your financial health? Make an appointment and sit down for a free consultation. “It’s so easy to see what we can do for you,” says Mike. “Just call us, and we’ll do the rest.”

Harbourfront Wealth Management Inc. 54 3rd St NE Weyburn 306.842.0424




OWNERS L-R Dr. Carol Ross, Dr. Jeremy Ross

Looking Back and Looking Forward Prairie Animal Health Centre Celebrates a Milestone By Brook Thalgott Photos Images by Jon Gillies


or Drs. Carol and Jeremy Ross— both veterinarians—2020 is a remarkable year. It’s been fifteen years since they brought together two veterinary practices into one, forming what the southeast knows as Prairie Animal Health Centre. The journey began with a love of animals, and a family history filled with veterinarians for both Carol and Jeremy. Jeremy grew up in southeast Saskatchewan and returned to his home to practice when he finished his studies. In 2002, he joined Hoium Veterinary Services with Dr. Gary Hoium, and Carol joined the practice a year later. It wasn’t long before Jeremy and Carol saw the need for another veterinary clinic



in the Estevan area, and they formed Ross Veterinary Services in 2003. Two years later, the doctors purchased Dr. Hoium’s practice and became Prairie Animal Health Centre (PAHC). “Gary is still a part of PAHC, and we’re forever grateful for his guidance over the years,” says Carol. Since 2005, the PAHC team may have grown, but their commitment to their patients remains the same. “Being a mixed animal veterinarian has many rewards and challenges,” says Carol. “The greatest gift we receive is seeing a patient’s life being directly impacted by the care given by our team.” PAHC has been so blessed to be part of the community, with so many patients and


clients making a lasting impact on their lives and careers. “Over the years we have had many amazing colleagues work with us, some having to move on and a handful of treasured employees who have been with us from the beginning,” says Jeremy. “Our team is made up of the most compassionate, hardworking people. We look forward to our future and are proud of our past.” Today, Prairie Animal Health Centre is a full-service animal hospital that handles emergency and non-urgent medical, surgical and dental issues for pets and large animals. No matter what care your animal needs, you can be assured they are in caring, compassionate, competent hands. The Prairie Animal Health Centre

PAHC SERVICES Cats & Dogs • Wellness and sick pet exams • Vaccinations • Surgery • Diagnostic Services including Radiographs and Ultrasound • Acupuncture (Estevan) • Herbal Medicine (Estevan)

Cattle & Horses: • Pregnancy Examinations PAHC WEYBURN TEAM BACK ROW L-R Janelle, Julie, Crystal, Dr. Andrea Clarke, Lisa, Kristin, Karla, Ticia FRONT ROW L-R Dr. Jeremy Ross, Dr. Carol Ross

• Semen Evaluations • Calving Emergencies • Herd Health Protocols • Horse Floats • Vaccine programs

RVTS L-R Julie, Karla, Lisa, Janelle, Kristin

clinics also provide care beyond your average rural practice. Your pet can have dental care, extensive orthopedic surgery, and even acupuncture and herbal medicine. No matter the care you seek from Prairie Animal Health Centre, it comes with their four core values: compassion, teamwork, professionalism and excellence. The past fifteen years have shown their dedication to their work and their patients, and they are looking forward to many more years of doing the same—quality veterinary care for every animal and their owners.

Prairie Animal Health Centre 416 7 St W Weyburn 306.842.7677 Prairie Animal Health Centre 108 Breeze St, Highway 39 W Estevan 306.634.7123

VETERINARIANS L-R Dr. Andrea Clarke, Dr. Carol Ross, Dr. Jeremy Ross


Souris Valley Veterinary Services Prairie Animal Health Centre Carnduff 202 2nd St E Carnduff, SK 306.482.5252






Locavores are Changing Food for Everyone By Brook Thalgott





e’re hearing it all the time—eat locally-grown, in-season foods. Grocery stores are clamoring to stock their shelves with local goodness, and more of us are looking around to support growers at farmers markets around the province. Lucky for us, we live in one of the best places in the world to become a locavore. Saskatchewan is one of the world’s most prolific agricultural producers, giving the world everything from wheat to lentils, chickpeas to oats, quinoa to wild rice—not to mention beef, berries, jams, oils and so much more.

Here’s just some of what you can find out your back door. Bandits Distilling – Weyburn Micro-distilleries are popping up all over and Weyburn is no exception. Bandits Distilling creates varieties of moonshine, vodka and gin with locally grown grain, handcrafted and bottled right here.




Box H Farm – Gladmar Box H Farm is a family-run operation raising grass-fed beef, pastured pork and honey that is sold directly to customers through retailers, farmers markets and pick-up locations.

Daybreak Organic Mill – North Portal Daybreak Mill has been around for decades, providing whole and milled grains to customers across Canada through retailers and online. Always 100 per cent certified organic, Daybreak Mill offers everything from all-purpose flour to granola to pancake mix—all locally grown.

Looking to Expand Your Agriculture Venture? If you’re a producer looking to expand your operation to capitalize on the growing locavore trend, the time has never been better. Jenn Sharp, a Saskatchewanbased writer and consultant is helping producers do just that. Her Happy Farmer: How to Make $ Farming the Way You Want program can help Saskatchewan’s farmers access this growing, lucrative market and bring the bounty to hungry consumers looking to reshape their food choices. Find Jenn on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @flatoutfoodsk.

Where to Buy Local Keller's Bee Happy Honey – Francis Owned and operated near Francis, the Keller family produces honey and honey-related products sold directly to customers, through local markets and via retailers in Saskatchewan.

Buying locally grown food has never been easier. Major food retailers like Co-op carry more and more local foods all the time. These other Weyburn businesses carry a variety of local food products: Old Fashion Foods, Main Street The General Store, Main Street Harvest Pie Company at the WorKin Shop and the Open Air Market.

Three Farmers – Midale Likely one of the most well-known Saskatchewan food producers, sisters Elysia and Natasha Vandenhurk wowed Dragon’s Den with their Saskatchewan-grown Camelina Oil, Pea Pops and Roasted Chickpea Snacks that are now found in major retailers across the country and online.



Finally, you can always find local at your favourite farmers market. Markets big and small are found just about everywhere and are always chock full of local goodness.







n animal health, our knowledge of how to vaccinate animals and herds to achieve maximum immune response and therefore protection against disease is constantly evolving. Timing, delivery methods, animal factors, and vaccine components and formulation are all important considerations depending on the disease being targeted. Traditionally, our delivery method for vaccines has been via injection. Injectable vaccines stimulate a whole body immune response, resulting in antibody production in the blood to fight disease. Injectable vaccines provide amazing protection for some diseases, including rabies in all species and blackleg (Clostridial disease) in cattle. Alternately, vaccines can be delivered locally to produce a local immune response. In this case the antibodies protect at the site of infection — such as in the respiratory tract or in the gut. Examples of vaccines given this way are the kennel cough vaccine for dogs, the flu vaccine for horses, and most recently the pneumonia vaccine for cattle. Every species has their weakness, and for cattle it’s their lungs. While it may be no secret to most that the bovine is not an athlete (disregarding some LonghornCorrientes, known to my neighbors as athletes of high jump, distance running and the limbo), few understand the science of why. Cattle are designed and selected for peaceful grazing, not athleticism. Their lungs are relatively small (compared to the horse), their

clearance defenses are weak (compared to the dog), and they are constantly compressed by their highly-evolved and specialized stomach (a superpower in one sense, and a lead balloon in another). Add to these anatomical weaknesses the well-adapted and potent bugs they have to fight: viruses like infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV), parainfluenza (PI3), and bacteria like Mannheimia hemolytica and Histophilus somnus. Not only hard to spell and pronounce but each comes with virulence factors to capitalize on the bovine weakness.

the underlying viral “spark” that can set off the wildfire of pneumonia caused by the bacterial pathogens. Pretty cool, if you ask me! For help with designing your preventative herd health plan, contact our knowledgeable veterinarians at Prairie Animal Health Centre in Estevan, Weyburn or Carnduff.

Another issue to dance around is maternal immunity. Passed from the cow to the calf in the colostrum, it gives the calf a head start against the pathogens in their environment. It also, unfortunately, initially interferes with that calf’s ability to respond to an injectable vaccine. Enter the new intranasal vaccines. As a practicing veterinarian and passionate supporter of the cattle industry, I am excited by the research I’ve seen on INFORCE, specifically. Data shows the benefit to long-term health outcomes such as feedlot performance, milk production and longevity in the herd, all associated with a reduction in respiratory disease in calves. The intranasal vaccine is flexible enough to deliver at birth (in a herd with pneumonia in really young calves) without worrying about maternal antibody interference, to using on arrival at the feedlot for high-risk green calves (without worry about a “hot” vaccine reaction). Also, by targeting IBR, we get


Dr. Carol Ross Prairie Animal Health Centre 416 7 St NW Weyburn 306.842.7677 108 Breeze St, Highway 39 W. Estevan 306.634.7123 Souris Valley Veterinary Services Prairie Animal Health Centre Carnduff 202 2nd St E Carnduff, SK 306.482.5252




Save & Splurge Wardrobe Ideas for Spring 2020 By Kiteen’s Closet Photos Stellar Social Co.




I think it's a good practice to have a mix of ‘save & splurge’ pieces within your wardrobe. I think most people would agree having a mix of high- and low-priced items in your closet is beneficial, but I don't think we agree on every item we should be saving or splurging on. That's because we all have different lifestyles, personal preferences and spending habits. If my list looks a little different than yours, don't sweat it!


Keeping up with what’s trendy in accessories is more important to me than having authentic gold rings, necklaces and earrings.



When to Splurge jeans | I wish I would have found this out for myself way sooner! The right pair of denim jeans can make all the difference. Your favorite pair of jeans should be comfortable, flattering, durable and made from quality denim. They should last you five or more years, so in my opinion they are worth investing in.

outerwear | This is something that you may not consider a ‘splurge’ item, but when you live in Saskatchewan and it gets down to –40°C in Jan/Feb—you get yourself a good, warm winter jacket. I also think an all-season jacket (denim, a trench, whatever you'll get the most wear from) is worth splurging on.

handbags | I don't believe every purse you own needs to be a high-end brand. However, I believe the one or two that you carry around most often should be. Why? Because a good handbag will last you years whereas one that you buy from a big-box store might only last you a few months if you are using it everyday.

everyday shoes | Again, I'm not saying all the shoes you own should drain your bank account. I would say most of the shoes I own are in the ‘save’ category. However, ‘splurge’ shoes that are made from high quality materials will be able to withstand our unpredictable weather of snow and rain a lot longer than synthetics.

When to Save tops | This is the category I save on the most! In my personal experience, I have not noticed a huge quality difference in tops that are $25 compared to those that are $100 or more. I also consider tops one of my ‘save’ items because I am constantly updating my wardrobe.




If you don't update your wardrobe as often as I do, you might feel tops are more of a splurge item for you. But I can't afford multiple $100 tops (heck, I have trouble with tops that are even $50) if I'm rotating them every six months or so!

accessories | This is another big ‘save’ category for me because I am constantly updating my accessories based on the latest trends and styles. Keeping up with what's trendy in accessories is more important to me than having authentic gold rings, necklaces and earrings.

casual shoes | Look at me breaking the rules by putting a category on both lists! It’s the truth. I consider shoes to be both a ‘splurge’ AND a ‘save’ item. I choose to save on trendy or seasonal shoes I know I probably won't be wearing for longer than a couple years. I'd love to hear how your list differs from mine! Visit my blog—— where I share some of the items I own as examples in each category.

Information provided by Kiteen Mainil with Kiteen’s Closet. Kiteen and her family live in Weyburn. She’s a proud mother to Violet and Leo and wife to a hard-working farmer. Kiteen’s obsessed with floral prints, things that sparkle, earth tones and of course, greats deals on good quality clothing! To learn more, visit @kiteenscloset kiteenscloset kiteenscloset Photos taken by Caitlin Swyryda of Stellar Social Co. If you’re interested in brand photography contact Caitlin today. stellarsocialco




Brittney Honig and Bree Hagen

Bethany Honig and Bree Hagen

Kelsey and Ty Petersen

Bonnie and Dylan Honig

For men, Route 39 provides casual streetwear to business attire, suits to underwear, jeans to accessories. Fitting sizes small to 5XL and big and tall.

Activewear for the whole family; men, women and youth Brands: Under Armour, New Balance, and 22fresh.

Route 39 Clothing Co

Levi's and Ten Tree now available for Women!

Providing quality brands to every customer BRANDS FOR MEN: UnderArmour, Stacy Adams, Haggar, Soul of London, Buffalo, Mavi, Ten Tree, KuwallaT, SAXX, RipCurl, BN3TH, Levi, Wrangler outdoor wear, 22fresh SHOES: New Balance, Merrell, Reef, Skechers and more

Route 39 Clothing Co 64 3rd Street NE, Weyburn 306.842.7000

Follow Route 39 on Facebook and Instagram to stay current on new arrivals, promotions and more. Open Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5.30 pm


New Owners and now open Sundays! Providing some of the best food and atmosphere around Weyburn. Detour Bar & Grill invites you to come down and experience it for yourself. Happy hours from 11:00AM to 6:00PM every day

Pick Up / Delivery

With life being so hectic these days it can be hard to find time to get out and unwind, luckily we’ve got your back. Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to hook you up with our top notch eats for either pick up or delivery.

Menu: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm Daily food and drink specials Hours

Mon. to Thurs.: 11:00 am-12:00 am Fri. & Sat.: 11:00 am-2:00 am Sunday: 11:00 am-9:00 pm

1.306.842.7888 | 13 1st Ave SW, Weyburn |

5 Discount


off an 18 Hole round of golf at the White Bear Lake Golf Course per patron

Free Day Park Entry White Bear Lak e GC

Golf Kenosee

to White Bear Resort

6 Discount


off a round of golf at Golf Kenosee with Golf Cart

Free Day Park Entry

to Moose Mountain Provincial Park

10% off - Bear Claw Hotel Room

with the Siga Players Club Rate ($115 + 10% off + tax)

Pay $10 Play $20 Coupons

per person (Based on Double Occupancy) $

5 off Menu - Growlers Restaurant per person (Based on Double Occupancy)

Hotel, Golf & Game Discount Packages

Bear Claw Casino (306) 577-4577 Growlers Restaurant (306) 577-4258 Bear Claw Hotel 1-877-909-2327 Highway 9, White Bear First Nation North of Carlyle, SK


events SPRING

Dustin Duncan

“How to Destroy Demons” by Christopher James Borshwa - Open reception/artist talk

Saskatchewan Party MLA for Weyburn – Big Muddy

FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2020 AT 7 PM

Dustin Duncan

Allie Griffin Art Gallery - lower level of the Weyburn Public Library, Weyburn

Saskatchewan Party MLA for Weyburn – Big Muddy

Tenille Arts - Weyburn Concert Series WEDNESDAY APRIL 8, 2020 AT 7:30 PM

Cugnet Centre, Weyburn American Woman - Weyburn Concert Series


THURSDAY, APRIL 30, 2020 AT 7:30 PM

Cugnet Centre, Weyburn Spring Sensations Show & Sale SATURDAY, MAY 2, 2020 AT 10 AM

Knox Hall, Weyburn Spring has Sprung, Craft & Trade Show SATURDAY, MAY 2, 2020 AT 10 AM TO 4 PM

Curling Rink, Weyburn

306.842.4810 306.842.4810

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2/4/2020 4:48:38 PM

2/4/2020 4:48:38 PM

Got a revamp!

The website is now easy to navigate and find events in Weyburn and area. You will find information about local businesses, including where to stay, shop and eat in our city.

Tourism season is arriving soon! We will be keeping you informed on what’s happening in Weyburn, on our new website as well as our social media pages.

NOW mobile friendly


or E Opp FEEL TH

We love to see what you’re up to in Weyburn, so let us know by using these hashtags:

#ThisIsWeyburn | #WeyburnTourism 2020 VISITOR

2020 Visitor Guide


Now Availabl 11 3rd Street, Weyburn | 306.842.4738




eyburn Concert Series is excited to finally have Tenille Arts on our concert stage. Born and raised right here in Weyburn, Tenille’s dream of performing took root at the tender age of eight. A neighbour overheard her singing a Shania Twain song and encouraged her mom to help her pursue music. By 2009, Tenille was posting videos of her own versions of popular country songs, one of those being Taylor Swift’s “Fifteen.” That particular video captured the attention of a talent manager from Nashville. Arts briefly moved to Nashville to pursue this opportunity, but soon returned home to finish high school. In 2015, wanting to advance her song writing skills, Tenille moved to Nashville. She signed a publishing contract and released “Breathe”, a charity single in support of Cystic Fibrosis research.



Arts released her full-length album “Rebel Child” in October 2017, having written 10 of the album’s 11 songs. Entertainment site, named her one of their 2018 Artists to Watch. Tenille’s haunting mysterious song “Cold Feet” and her video helped grow her fan base. The song also received much Billboard Country acclaim. Her national television debut came on January 29, 2018, singing “Moment of Weakness” on the hit ABC show The Bachelor. This was key to accelerating her country music career. Six weeks later, Tenille signed a recording deal with Reviver Records and has not had a minute to look back since. Her accolades to date are numerous—it’s all happening for our Weyburn girl and we wish her nothing but the absolute best! Tenille will be performing live at the Cugnet Centre on Wednesday, April 8, 2019 at 7:30 p.m.


TICKETS AVAILABLE AT: Old Fashion Foods 122 3rd St., Weyburn Weyburn Review/Weyburn This Week 904 East Ave., Weyburn Music Craft 215 Railway Ave., Weyburn For further information contact: Judy @ 1.306.842.1583

American Woman Celebrating the Music of

The Guess Who


eyburn Concert Series is stoked to be closing our current season with a great tribute: American Woman – Celebrating the Music of “The Guess Who.” The Guess Who were the most successful Canadian rock group of the late 1960s and early 1970s, and Canada’s first rock superstars. The song writing team of Randy Bachman and lead singer-keyboardist Burton Cummings wrote many rock classics. One of those, “American Woman,” was the first song by a Canadian band to ever hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The Guess Who were inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of fame in 1987. As Canada’s ‘Walk of Fame’ noted upon the band’s 2001 induction, The Guess Who “were the guys who made it okay to be

Canadian, who proved that you didn’t have to leave our shores to score big. And they’ve influenced just about every Canadian performer who has followed since.” Experience the hit songs, the sounds, and the stories behind the music that made The Guess Who superstars. You will celebrate the rock classics performed by Colin Wiebe, lead singer with Randy Bachman for 17 years, and the Legends All Star Band. This group shares authentic renditions of The Guess Who songs that have become the soundtrack to our lives.

TICKETS AVAILABLE AT: Old Fashion Foods 122 3rd St., Weyburn Weyburn Review/Weyburn This Week 904 East Ave., Weyburn Music Craft 215 Railway Ave., Weyburn For further information contact: Judy @ 1.306.842.1583

Join us for a ‘rocking’ concert—American Woman will be performing at the Cugnet Centre on Thursday, April 30, 2020 at 7:30 p.m.




Good Things Come to Those Who Camp By Brook Thalgott


here might be snow on the ground, but it’s time to think about summer vacations and long weekends. Saskatchewan summers are beautiful and SHORT. We have to make the most of every sunny day. Now is the time to start thinking about where you want to spend your summer days, whether it’s tucked into a tent, pulling a trailer or parking an RV. In Weyburn, camping is available at River Park, and its home to the start of the Tatagwa Parkway Trail System. River Park is a great



spot for a staycation, or the perfect place for visiting friends and family to set up this summer. Nearby, you can enjoy the outdoors at Nickle Lake Regional Park. Less than ten minutes down the highway, there’s a beach and paddling pool, boating, fishing, mini-golf and more. Campsites can be booked at A little further afield near Midale, there’s Mainprize Regional Park. Golfers will love the 18-hole course, and there is great fishing, boating and beach swimming. Learn more at


BOOK YOUR SITE Saskatchewan Provincial Parks Campsite Booking starts April 15, 2020. Book at Saskatchewan Regional Park information can be found at Booking dates vary by park.

Moose Mountain Provincial Park near Carlyle has everything a camper could ask for. The gentle hills are dotted with poplar and birch trees, and you can truly get away from it all—without the long drive. Enjoy everything from golf to boating, swimming to hiking and more. Be sure to visit the Artist’s Colony and the nearby Cannington Manor Historic Site. Grab the kids and splash the day away at the Kenosee Superslides, or spend an evening at the Bear Claw Casino & Hotel. Estevan also has a lot to offer this summer. Woodlawn Regional Park is close by, with camping facilities for everything from tents

to trailers. Fish or paddle on the Souris River, hike on the trails, enjoy the beach at Boundary Dam, or see a show at the Souris Valley Theatre. Book your site at While you’re there, you can hit the links at the beautiful TS&M Woodlawn Golf Club. After your golf game, stop in for drinks and dinner at the Clubhouse. Anglers should head straight to Boundary Dam Reservoir for the only largemouth bass fishing in the province. Because of the power plant close by, the warm water allows the largemouth bass to flourish, and summer is the best time to go bass fishing.




You don’t have to go far to camp this summer—the southeast has it all. Just gas up the car, pack up the family and go.

Southeast Staycation You don’t have to go far to find summer fun. Stay close to home and still have a blast. For history buffs, there’s Weyburn & Area Heritage Village—the replica village showcases life from the turn of the 20th century to the 1940s. The Soo Line Historical Museum on Highway 39 East is home to the largest private silver collection in the world, plus the historical artifacts from Weyburn and area. River Park Spray Park is the perfect place to keep the kids happy on those long, hot days.

Kenosee Superslides PHOTO BY Tourism Saskatchewan - Paul Austring

For the art lover, the Signal Hill Arts Centre hosts arts and culture events throughout the summer. Lose yourself in the Tatagwa Parkway Trails, taking in the breathtaking scenery as you walk, jog or bike the day away.

Cannington Manor Provincial Historic Park PHOTO BY Tourism Saskatchewan - Kevin Hogarth Photography






S’mores with a twist +

+ graham crackers




chocolate graham crackers

chocolate marshmallow


graham crackers

+ marshmallow

+ peanut butter




+ cinnamon graham crackers


chocolate Sauce


+ 4



+ 3


baked apple slices




+ graham crackers



+ strawberry & banana

chocolate Sauce



THE COLOUR OF THE YEAR Say Hello to Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue By Brook Thalgott

Did you know that Pantone chooses a colour of the year, every year? They do, and this year it’s PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue. It’s a gorgeous shade of blue, meant for “instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”




“ This year, you’re going to find Classic Blue incorporated into the design of every issue of REFINED. You’ll also spot it in other places, like home décor and fashion, because Pantone Color Institute helps brands with the top seasonal runway colors and forecasts color trends using the “power, psychology, and emotion of color.” Have you ever considered the psychology of colour, and how we relate to the colours we see every day? Let’s have a quick look at the emotions associated with colour.

We are living in a time that requires trust and faith. It is this kind of constancy and confidence that is expressed by PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue, a solid and dependable blue hue we can always rely on. Imbued with a deep resonance, Classic Blue provides an anchoring foundation. A boundless blue evocative of the vast and infinite evening sky, Classic Blue encourages us to look beyond the obvious to expand our thinking; challenging us to think more deeply, increase our perspective and open the flow of communication.” - Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.






Loving, romantic, exciting – it’s the colour of Valentine’s Day and Christmas, and the colour for many sports teams and major brands such as Coca-Cola, Levi’s and Netflix.

Sophisticated, exotic, royal – it’s grapes, lilacs, and Cadbury, Hallmark and FedEx.


Orange Adventurous, enthusiastic, energetic – think sunsets, soda pop and brands like Harley-Davidson, MasterCard and Shell.


Yellow Cheerful, optimistic, happy – it’s about sunshine, flowers and Best Buy, McDonald’s and Ferrari.

Powerful, intelligent, strong – it’s licorice, tuxedos, and charcoal…and Adidas, Chanel and Nike.



Calm, cool, harmonious – how about lush trees, fresh salads and Starbucks, Heinken and John Deere.

Pure, innocent, clean – clouds, cotton, weddings – and every brand has a white version of their logo!

Blue Serene, wise, loyal – the colour of lakes, flax fields in June and VISA, GM and Facebook.



Reliable, stable, secure – think of chocolate, coffee and bears, plus Hershey, UPS and Louis Vuitton.


Have a look around you—colour surrounds us every day. Colour evokes emotions of all kinds, and it’s a powerful tool for the brands you love to communicate without saying a word. This year see how many times you can spot Classic Blue in the world and in our magazine. We hope you’ll enjoy Classic Blue as much as we do.

Let the Evening


2020 is in full swing, and you know what’s also in? Gin. The 70s staple is back in a big way. Gin is enjoying a resurgence for a few reasons. First, it’s incredibly versatile in cocktails—and cocktails are popular these days. Second, microdistilleries are mixing things up with new flavours, ingredients and colours, and gin is a distillery staple. Finally, gin is also tied to our growing interest in plant-based foods. People are eating and drinking a more plant-based diet, and gin is made from the humble juniper. Turn back the clock at your next party or just because on a NetFlix night with these great recipes.

Did you know you can buy locally-made gin from the good folks at Bandits Distillery? It’s true! Locally owned Bandits Distillery got its start in 2013, proudly built on more than 100 years of farming life in Saskatchewan. They did their homework, researching moonshine, vodka, whiskey and gin from the world over. They use their own high quality, homegrown grains plus other locally sourced ingredients in their fine products. Today, they make Bandits Moonshine, Northern Lights Vodka and Red Coat Gin right here in Weyburn, and their products are sold at retailers throughout the province.

The Gimlet

The Negroni

2 oz. Bandits Red Coat Gin

1 oz. Bandits Red Coat Gin

3/4 oz. fresh lime juice

1 oz. Campari

3/4 oz. simple syrup

1 oz. Sweet Vermouth

Add the ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with a lime twist, if desired.

Ice Add all the ingredients into a mixing glass with ice, and stir until well-chilled. Strain into a rocks glass filled with large ice cubes. Garnish with an orange peel.




The Gin & Tonic 2 oz. Bandits Red Coat Gin 5 oz. Tonic water Fresh lime wedges Ice Place ice cubes into a chilled glass. Pour the gin over the ice and squeeze in one lime wedge. Fill each glass with tonic water and garnish with lime wedge.

The Singapore Sling 1 oz. Bandits Red Coat Gin 1/2 oz. Cherry Brandy 1/2 oz. Grenadine

Club Soda Fresh mint and limes Pour grenadine and gin into a glass over crushed ice cubes and lime wedges. Fill with club soda and top with cherry brandy. Garnish with mint and lime.




Lemon Gin Wings 1 lemon, zest and Juice ¼ cup Bandits Red Coat Gin

Preheat oven to 425°F. Combine lemon zest and juice, gin, honey, oil, salt, and pepper in a large bowl. Add

¾ cup honey

chicken wings and marinate for 30

¼ olive oil

lined with parchment paper. Cook

Salt and pepper to taste 2 lb. chicken wings

mins. Move wings to a cookie sheet for 30-35 mins. Turn oven to broil and cook one to two minutes more. Serve with gin cocktails and enjoy.





Wake Up Beauty, It’s Time to Beast

With New Year’s gone and spring around the corner, it’s time to buckle down on those fitness goals. You’ve crushed a Christmas turkey dinner, a New Year’s Eve extravaganza and who-knows-what on SuperBowl Sunday, and now that winter weight is staring at you in the mirror. Fear not! You can get on the right track to a fit and healthy lifestyle. There are always trends to muddle through when picking the fitness program that will best suit you. Whether you’re a newbie looking to get out there for the first time or a seasoned pro searching for a new challenge, there’s something for everyone looking to get in shape.

Fitness Trends You Can Use By Brook Thalgott

Wear it Have a Fitbit? You’re not alone. Worldwide sales of wearable devices were over $33 billion USD in 2019 and projected to climb higher. Heart-rate monitoring, step counting and GPS are just some of the features wearables showcase. A wearable can monitor your progress and help you design a program that meets your own specific needs.

Apps, Apps, Apps Even if you’re not into wearing fitness technology, you’re probably going to want to get an app if you don’t have one already. There’s a ton of apps—free and paid—for iPhone and Android, designed to keep you motivated and monitoring your progress. The free Nike Training Club app has 185+ free workouts from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga, and apps like My Fitness Pal can count your calories. You can even turn your phone into a step counter.




Get Pumping Cardio is important, and not just to track on your wearable. Many gyms are getting into monitoring to encourage zone training. You can try out workout sessions that split cardio and strength training in one session, monitoring your progress as you go. You can track your heart rate as you work on strength between bouts of rowing and running.

Body Weight is Back What once was old is new again. Body weight training is finding its way back into popularity and with good reason. It’s simply using your own body weight to exercise your muscles—think pushups and pull-ups. If done well over time, body weight training is an effective and efficient way to get in shape. And, you can do it just about anywhere—at home, at the gym or on the road.

Kick Some Butt Inspired by MMA, martial arts and boxing, butt kicking workouts are still popular. Martial arts are more than just about selfdefence. They also teach discipline while improving strength, coordination and balance. Krav Maga and Taekwondo are just two of the many martial arts enjoying a surge in popularity these days.




Let’s Get Bendy Yoga isn’t going anywhere. As popular as ever, yoga’s poses and postures are a great way to work out. You can improve mobility, strength, flexibility and coordination with yoga. There are many disciplines within yoga, so you can choose the right one for you. Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Hot and Vinyasa are among the common types of yoga. It’s an exercise for anyone, from kids to expectant moms to seniors.

Spin Out Indoor cycling—spinning as we know it—is still a fitness staple. Hop on a bike, no helmet required, and off you go. Spinning focusses on endurance and strength, and can use intervals of high intensity to maximize your workout. It’s low impact too, so it’s great for people with joint issues. You can set your own speed, intensity and resistance, making it a great routine for anyone looking for a custom exercise experience.




Get Personal Need some one-on-one help to get and stay motivated? Or to make sure you’re getting the right workout for your needs? A personal trainer is just what you need. Educated and certified in fitness and nutrition, a trainer can guide you through a custom workout that helps you achieve your fitness goals and can keep you on track.

The Right Spot No matter what fitness goal you have or activity you want to try, you can find the gym or studio with the amenities you want. Gyms are no longer large, fluorescent-lit rooms of weights and machines. These days, it’s about perks. You can now enjoy features like 24-hour access, training on demand and group classes in everything from dance to core to stretching and more.

Plenty of Options Whatever your fitness needs, there’s a place for you. Whether you’re looking for an intense new challenge or just something to get you moving—now is the time to get off the couch and check out what will work for you.




Foods for Fitness Have you ever tried Oat Milk? It’s easy to make and great for a fitness-focused diet. cup rolled oats (soak in cold water for at least 30 minutes, drain and rinse) 1/2

2 tsp maple syrup 1/8

tsp sea salt


tsp vanilla extract

3 cups water

Blend all the ingredients and enjoy!




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