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Innovators in business and our community are taking their professions to the next level

Hire the right consultant for your next project Services you need to make your farming life simple Grab a bite

Fresh • Local • Living

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$1M. A 1 with six 0’s. $1,000,000. That is a pretty big difference between a bank & a credit union. A $1M difference!

We are owned by the people who bank with us. That’s why we always have our member’s best interests at heart.

This year, we’re excited to share over $1,000,000 of our profits through Member Spark Rewards. Our financial wellness is reflected by our members’ financial wellness. When members are becoming financially fit, through saving, investing, and building credit, we become more profitable too. When we profit, we share those profits with our members and our community. When you do more to become financially fit, you earn more.

If you’re a member, watch for a payment on April 19.

If you’re not a member,

what are youwaiting for?

We’re a meaningful and relevant alternative for financial services. We have all the products and services you’d expect from a full-service financial institution, but we are different. We’re a financial institution run on principles. The financial well-being of our members always comes first.

Aren’t you ready to be a part of something better & brighter? One million dollars better and brighter?

1. Open camera app 2. Hold your device so the QR code appears in the viewfinder. 3. Tap the link that appears. in the notification.


Schuck Law Firm can assist with all your legal needs including:

• Residential, Business and Agriculture Real Estate.

• Farm Succession Planning, Cash and Crop Share Farm Leases.

• Corporate Law – Incorporation, Reorganizations, Sales, Purchases, Lease and Rental Agreements, Annual Maintenance and Record Keeping.

• Wills and Estates – Wills, Powers of Attorney, Estate Administration

including obtaining letters probate, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives and Proxies.

• Adult Guardianship, Separation Agreements, Co-habitation Agreements and Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Step-Parent Adoptions.

• Civil Litigation – Debt Collections, Court Actions, Small Claims.

• Oil and Gas – Surface Lease Negotiation, Oil and Gas Mineral Lease Negotiation, Mineral Joint Ventures, Mineral Trusts and Holding Corporations.

• Notary Public Services.

21 5th Street, Weyburn 306.842.2722 Instagram: @schucklawfirm LEGAL SERVICES for All of
L-R Alexander, Steve and Armanda Schuck

Publisher’s Message

Spring is here! Like most people in Saskatchewan as soon as it warms up my family and I head outside. We are so excited for warmer weather after being cooped up all winter.

I’m always amazed by the creative, entrepreneurial and determined people that live in Weyburn. We have so many fantastic businesses here. I love telling people about the places they need to check out in town because we have so many great ones! Summer makes it even easier to shop local because you get to enjoy being outside while supporting local businesses. Grab a coffee or milk tea and go explore.

Our cover features a group of young businessmen from Weyburn. They are innovators in business and our community taking their professions to the next level. We have Brody Ward with Re/Max Weyburn Realty (yes, he’s my husband), Steve Schuck with Schuck Law, Mike Onstad with Weyburn Security, Ryan Skjerdal with Vortex Plumbing and Heating, Grant Jensen with Against the Grain Carpentry and Rolan and Brett Anderson with Southern Glass Works. Read about each of these gentlemen to hear what makes them unique and determined individuals.

Make sure you read about all the other fabulous businesses in this issue. Plus, we have a few new faces to showcase in the issue of Refined: Meok Ja Milk Tea Bar, Jean Marie Acres, Michael’s Coffee Shop & Bakery, Aspire Printing, Becky Grad, Lunch Box and Prairie Donair.

Also, I want to express a big thank you to our clients and readers. Because of you, we get to continue doing what we love, sharing the stories of our community and the amazing businesses within it.

Please enjoy reading this issue. We had so much fun putting it together.

Enjoy your summer and the great businesses right here in our community! We will see you again this fall in October.


Volume 8 Issue 2

Spring/Summer 2023

Cover Photography

Big Dog Photography


Big Dog Photography, Christan Barker Photography

Images By Jon Gillies, Vanessa Lanktree Photography

Contributing Writer Brook Thalgott

Editor/Writer Brook Thalgott

Graphic Design

Ghislaine Moffitt

Marketing Executive Darryl Ward 306.861.6969

Publisher Brooke Ward


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ICE & INK | 306.861.8650 | @iceandink.weyburn | @iceandink.weyburn Scan me CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE for more details New Location & New Faces 115 2nd Street NE, Weyburn Permanent Makeup IPL/Laser Skin Rejuvenation IPL/Laser Hair Removal Permanent Jewelry Reiki More Services Coming Soon
Harmony Blunt, owner L-R Harmony Blunt, Nicole Hanson, Brittany Hagen, Houston Kopec, Kristin Buck
CONTENTS DEPARTMENTS 8 | LIFE & COMMUNITY What’s going on – Have some fun in Weyburn and area this summer 26 | EAT & DRINK Grab a bite – Eat your way around Weyburn 30 | HOME & GARDEN Hiring the right consultant for your next construction project 46 | COVER FEATURE Weyburn on the rise – Innovators in business and our community taking their professions to the next level 62 | HEALTH & WELLNESS Make room for me time – Help yourself by treating yourself right 68 | BUSINESS & TRADE All in the family – Generational businesses matter in the southeast 76 | AGRICULTURE Easy does it – The services you need to make your farming life simple VOLUME 8 ISSUE 2 26 GRAB A BITE Eat your way around Weyburn 30 HIRING THE RIGHT CONSULTANT FOR YOUR NEXT CONSTRUCTION PROJECT 46 COVER FEATURE Weyburn on the rise – Innovators in business and our community taking their professions to the next level 8 46 26 76 6 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA
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going on

Havesome fun inWeybu n darea t h i s s remmu What’s

As spring arrives and summer peeks around the corner, it’s time to make plans for some fun in the sun.

Get snapping

Looking for something to do this spring? Be a tourist in your own backyard and prove it! Grab your phone and the gang, and head out to take some photos of our pretty city. Here’s our list - do you have any places to add?

• Water Tower at Signal Hill

• Souris River Walking Bridge

• The Moffet Stairs in River Park

• Under the Prairie Lily at the Soo Line Historical Museum

• Wheat Sheaves at the Riverside Boardwalk

• Weyburn Courthouse

• Hangar in North Weyburn

• 3rd Street Flower Planters

• Big Trees at River Park

• Trees along Saskatchewan Drive


Don’t miss any of these fabulous events!

• June 17 - Sooline Cruisers 2023 Show and Shine

• July 1 - Canada Day Celebration at Credit Union Spark Centre

• July 6 - Weyburn Chamber of Commerce Summer Parade

• July 6 to 8 - 114th Annual Weyburn Fair Days at the Weyburn Fair Grounds

• July 8 - Gifted Art Market at Jubilee Park

• August 11 to 12 - Heritage Village Days at Weyburn & Area Heritage Village

Camp out

Did you know River Park offers a closeto-home camping experience, with full-service sites, showers, playground, picnic area and walking trail? It’s a treasure worth recommending to outof-town friends and family or check it out yourself.

Don’t forget about our local gem, Nickle Lake Regional Park. With a beach, paddling pool, playground, boat launch, golf course, ball diamonds, fishing and so much more, it’s so close to home and yet feels like a getaway.

Ready to venture out just a little further? Mainprize Park has seasonal and short-term camping, plus cabin rentals. There’s an 18-hole golf course, boat launch, beach and excellent fishing for walleye, pike and perch on the Rafferty Reservoir.



Cedar & Vine and Michael’s embrace the space at Signal Hill

We want to honour this beautiful building that has such a rich history in our town and to our community. Our goal with Signal Hill is to give new life to each floor while creating space for businesses with old values of great handmade quality and customer service. When you come into the space, we want you to have an experience—through the work done by our hands.

Cedar & Vine

At Cedar & Vine, we are turning back the dial. We’re slowing things down to reconsider what we need. While

most brands design for the masses by guessing what people will like, we’re creating enduring pieces that you’ll build a lifelong relationship with—and then we make each one by hand just for you. We focus on foundational, timeless styles that you’ll reach for day after day and season after season. For us, it’s about more than creating something beautiful to wear—it’s a reflection of our values and a source of pride.

None of us fit neatly into one size from head-to-toe, so we offer fit customization at no extra charge. We’ll help you with base size selection and taking your own measurements, then

Jo, owner of Cedar & Vine and Michael, owner of Michael’s Coffee Shop and Bakery Cedar & Vine showroom
10 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA

create a personalized digital pattern that reflects your preferences. Your piece is tailored by our talented team of seamstresses and your pattern is saved for future orders, so it’s ready and waiting as you grow your collection. By hand making garments that are custom fit just for you, our goal is to inspire a deeper connection to your clothing. We believe when you choose to invest in quality pieces and feel close to the people who make them, you’ll cherish them for longer.

Michael’s Coffee Shop and Bakery

When you come to Michael’s Coffee Shop and Bakery, you aren’t buying a cinnamon bun that comes premade. His team arrives at six in the morning to start making those buns from scratch for you. There is a special handmade element to everything that goes on behind that counter.

I think one thing that really ties us together as completely different

businesses is the love and hand-crafted approach behind what we do. To bring you joy through our work—that is the common thread I see between us and one of the reasons that we get along so well. This is the type of people we want to surround and align ourselves with when creating spaces in the rest of the building. Ultimately, we want Signal Hill to be a hub of local businesses with the common goal of serving our community and creating an experience for those who enter our doors.

Come and experience Signal Hill again and again

So, whether it is through buying a piece of handmade clothing that adds joy and value to your life. Whether it is through the joy of taking a moment to connect with a friend over a latte or enjoying the simple pleasure of a delicious cinnamon bun handmade by Michael and his team, we hope that Signal Hill can be a happy place for you.

We want to send a massive thank you to each one who has come out already to support our businesses and we hope we can continue to serve you.

Cedar & Vine Michael’s Coffee Shop and Bakery 424 10 Ave SE Weyburn Find us on Facebook and Instagram
R eFined WEYBURN & AREA 11


2023 - 2024


Gaslighter – Songs of the Chicks


Diyet & The Love Soldiers


The Ennis Sisters Christmas


Middle Raged

MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2024

Jake Vaadeland & the Sturgeon River Boys


Season tickets will be available on Friday, April 28 at the Poltava Concert at the Cugnet Centre at 7:30 PM. After this show they will be available at our box offices: Old Fashion Foods & The Review/This Week office.

SUNDAY, MAY 5, 2024

Reckless: The Ultimate Tribute

To Bryan Adams

The early bird price is $150. That’s only $25 per concert! This price will be in effect until June 15. After that date, season tickets will be $165.

Find out more at or call Judy at 306.861.3241

All concerts start at 7:30 PM at the Cugnet Centre in Weyburn. 11 3rd Street, Weyburn | 306.842.4738 Enjoy Weyburn! Enjoy and explore Weyburn’s past and celebrate our culture through our museums, galleries and performing centres. Enjoy and visit our family friendly activities such as our splash parks, Tatagwa trails, Jubilee Park, Nickle Lake and River Park Campground. Enjoy Weyburn’s shopping and dining experience that offers the best of both worlds.

Bloom where you’re planted

Jean Marie Acres grows floral delights all season long

When spring arrives, it’s like the world is being reborn. The robins and finches come back. The skies seem bluer. The trees and plants wake up. Even the air feels fresher…and then the flowers start to bloom. The combination is almost intoxicating. What if you could bring that wonderful

feeling indoors? Jean Marie Acres is the answer to that very question. Owner Haleigh Oberkirsch has created a small-scale cut flower farm just east of Weyburn, and it might be a little patch of heaven on earth.

Haleigh has transformed a tough patch of rocky, clay soil into a place

that has to be seen to be believed. “When we moved into our home on the acreage in 2018, our garden was hard clay and essentially rock,” says Haleigh. “We continued to garden and learned as we went. In the summer of 2019, a neighbour invited me over to cut flowers in her garden. I had no experience with fresh cut flowers at

14 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA

this point and was quickly enamoured by the colour and beauty that was possible to grow here.”

Fast forward to 2020 and Haleigh and her family spent their summer learning a lot more about gardening and cut flowers. “It turned out that with nowhere to go and being home, we spent most of our spare time in the garden, tending and learning with a toddler in tow,” she says. “I cut my first bouquets of my own flowers that summer with added peonies from my mum’s gardens and I couldn’t get over how beautiful they were.” By 2021, half her garden was flowers, and her collection of flower farming books and research was steadily growing. “My husband teased me about whether we were going to be able to eat anything from the gardens or if it would all be flowers from here on out.” That year, Haleigh sold a few bouquets, and a business idea was born. In 2022, Jean Marie Acres was officially opened and offered a weekly summer bouquet subscription, where customers would pick up a bouquet of fresh, locally grown flowers every week.

Jean Marie Acres is ready for 2023 with spring and summer cut flower subscriptions from a sustainable flower farm. Each subscription bouquet will reflect what is currently in bloom with

specialty sunflowers, cosmos, zinnias, snapdragons, sweet peas, and many other gorgeous annuals rounded out by unique fillers. Plus, there are U-pick and private events in the flower field coming this summer, and winter grown local tulips coming in 2024.

“We pride ourselves on learning best practices for sustainable flower production and feeding the soil we grow in. We do not treat our flowers with any chemicals, pesticides, or preservatives,” says Haleigh. “We want our flowers to bring only the good things; joy, calm, and beauty into your home, not chemicals.”

Learn more about finding your own slice of floral heaven at, sign up for the newsletter, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

L-R Shenan, Jared, Bennett and Haleigh Oberkirsch
“We pride ourselves on learning best practices for sustainable flower production and feeding the soil we grow in. We do not treat our flowers with any chemicals, pesticides, or preservatives.”
R eFined WEYBURN & AREA 15
- Haleigh Oberkirsch
LEARN MORE AT Register online or call 1.866.999.7372 Interested in becoming an electrician? REGISTER ONLINE TODAY Our 18 week Electrician Program provides entrylevel skill training. You will learn how to make electrical installations and perform maintenance duties according to industry standards. The Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Branch grant the first of four levels of training to graduates who enter the Construction Electrician Apprenticeship Program. Graduates of this program may find employment with electrical contractors, large manufacturing and mining firms, retail outlets, or wholesale outlets. Experience the Southeast College Advantage


596 18 Street, Weyburn | 306.842.3838


Monday-Friday 11AM

Saturday-Sunday 9:30 AM



7 &

July 2 4-H Light Horse Show

July 3-5 Inter Club 4-H Beef Shows

July 5 4-H Sale Day

July 6 Chamber parade

July 6 & 7 Souris River Rodeo Performances

July 6, 7 & 8

Canuck Amusements, Food Vendors, Household Arts, Knocker Balls, Ol’ McDales Petting Zoo, Kids Tractor Pull, Beer Gardens

July 7 & 8

Magic Ben shows, Corrie J Hypnotist, Karaoke

July 8

Souris River DQ Kids Rodeo, Deep South Barrel Racing Jackpot, Beavers Ball game, Goat show, Smash it Show including Vans & Quad Pulls, Lawn mower Races

Enjoy The Great Food & The Amazing Vibe. Patio season is here! 114 th Annual Weyburn Agricultural Society Fair | July 6,
Sports teams in groups of four or more. Remember to ask your server about our team specials. 8, 2023
aloon & Steakhouse
July 1 Movie in the Exhibition Hall

Find tender loving care at

Pet Valu Weyburn

Your pets are more than pets— they’re members of your family. The team at Weyburn’s Pet Valu feel the same way, and they are here to help you care for your precious four-legged, winged or finned family.

Owner Melanie Ror and her team are there for all of Weyburn’s pets and pet owners, providing the supplies and service you need.

You can enjoy Pet Valu’s extensive washing and grooming services, from their self-serve dog wash to full grooming. You can use their self-service

dog washing station any time they’re open—it’s just $12 a wash and includes shampoo, towels, blow dryer and even a treat at the end. “Why use your tub and towels when you can use ours? Plus, you don’t have to worry about making a mess in your own bathroom,” says Melanie.

As well, Pet Valu can handle all your pet grooming needs at Groomingdale’s full-service grooming room. With three groomers, they can service dogs and cats of all sizes—simply call for details on pricing. Plus, every Saturday they offer walk-in nail trims from 2 pm to 4 pm. It’s $15 for a nail trim and $20 for a dremmel, which is a file of the nails.

Melanie Ror, owner – Pet Valu, Pet Care and Groomingdale's L-R Cindy, Chelan, Kennedy, Melanie, Lonna, Ashley and Madison

Pet Valu is also more than a retail store. They can help you care for your pets when you need it. “We’re proud to offer our Pet Care service to owners that need help caring for their pets when they’re away from home or busy,” says Melanie. The program offers several services for pet owners including dog walking, checking on cats, feeding fish, cat litter delivery and cleaning, feeding and caring for at-home pets, backyard clean-up, medication administration and more.

The services are tailored to your pet— whether you need walking services, pet sitting while you’re away, and so much more. “Our staff are well-trained pet experts, and we always do a free 15-minute consultation before your pet care service to make sure we know what


PERFORMATRIN PRIME in-store today with its fine selection of food –exclusive to Pet Valu.



• $25 for 30 min at your home

• Out of city visits are welcome too, with mileage charged for the visit.

• Product delivery is free with Pet Care.

• Frequent Pet Care program: Buy 12 services, get the 13th free.

Pet Valu Weyburn

106 Railway Avenue Weyburn



Animals Up For Adoption

you and your pet need,” says Melanie. Pet Valu provides pet care within your home seven days a week between 8 am and 8 pm. Booking a service is easy—just message the Pet Valu team via Facebook or call the store at 306.842.1666.

Find Pet Valu at 106 Railway Avenue and always online at Follow them on Facebook for events, promotions and more, and to book services.

Don’t miss the great selection of food, toys and accessories for cats, dogs, birds and small animals at Pet Valu
Self Serve Dog Wash Groomingdale’s - Full Service Grooming
QUALITY BRANDS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Follow Route 39 on Facebook and Instagram to stay current on new arrivals, promotions and more. Route 39 Clothing Co. #103 - 117 3rd Street NE, Weyburn Entrance is on Souris Avenue 306.842.7000 Annette Petersen, Owner Stop in today to check out our new styles from your favourite brands, Levi, Silver Jeans, Colab, Dex, Blue Sky, SAXX, Mavi and many more. Huge selection of footwear for the whole family from infant to size 17.
39 carries over 20 different styles and colours of men’s suits. We have over 20 colours and styles of Native brand shoes. Open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm
Owner Erin Caleval is a certified financial planner with more than 20 years of experience. Whether you’re a current client or brand new, the entire team is ready to help you with your financial needs. WHEREVER YOU ARE, SO ARE WE. Weyburn. Estevan. Regina. Weyburn 100A 18th Street 306.842.6555 Estevan Estevan Mall 306.634.8315 Regina Gordon Road Grasslands 306.721.7140 Find us
three locations to
you, Co-operators -
& Associates can meet
home, auto, farm, business and life insurance
estate planning.
all your
needs, plus

A change of art

Connect with your inner artist at Weyburn’s Collabartive Studios

You might have heard our tagline by now, “Come for the art, stay for the vibe”; but what is the vibe that Collabartive holds?

We have worked diligently to create a space of belonging, acceptance, and respect. No matter who walks through the door, they receive the same genuine smile, the same heartfelt hello, and the same encouragement in their artistic journey. At Collabartive, we see each person as worthy of inherent dignity and kindness, and we go out of our way to show you that. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you do for a living, how much money you make, where you’re from, or any other mainstream indicator of ‘worth’ society tends to use. What matters is that you’re here, you’re a part of this community, and the community is better off because you’re in it.

We both come from a long line of artists. We have strong creative visions and an ability to make those visions come to life. We both heard time and again growing up, that you can’t make a career out of art. So, we chose other paths which ultimately forced us to come back to art to improve our mental health.

Art and Mental Health

How blessed are we to be living in a time where mental health is at the forefront of our attention? Dopamine, sometimes

called the “motivation” or “feel-good” molecule, seems to be a pain-point for many. There are plenty of ways to increase our dopamine; healthy diet, exercise, pharmaceuticals, and don’t forget art.

You have probably heard the left-brain, right-brain debate that slots us into a category of either being “creative” (rightbrained) or “analytical” (left-brained). We hate to be the ones to tell you, but

this whole theory has been debunked. Creativity requires both sides of your brain to communicate with one another. It is through this communication that your brain creates new connections and becomes stronger.

By exercising your brain through art, you become more emotionally resilient and subsequently, less likely to succumb to stress. While creating art, our brain gets to relax from our everyday thoughts.

L-R Owners, Malia Brackpool and Krystal Glowatski
“Art is a social determinant of our health. It doesn’t cure a particular disease but benefits whatever ails you.”
- Graham-Pole
22 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA

“I have taken several classes and workshops. I also come just to sit and relax and Color with my grandchild. It is very relaxing and a happy place to spend quality time with friends and family.” - Gail

"If you are looking to be fulfilled, motivated, challenged, invigorated and excited, look no further than Collaborative Studios." - Nicole

"I have personally attended many workshops and have even attended an event where myself, my daughter and mother made ceramic Christmas trees. Now, we have three sizes of trees representing each generation and many memories." - Alysson

You may have heard the term “in-thezone” when it comes to art. This “zone” is actually adjacent to a meditative-like state where our minds are focused fully on the task in front of us. Practicing art regularly will promote your ability to focus longer term even when you’re not creating.

In regularly practicing art you will improve your motivation, focus, mood, concentration and attention, behaviour,

"It isn't just about the art. Malia and Krystal just make you feel welcome and let you express yourself." -

"Collabartive has created a welcoming, inclusive, and inspiring space that really is an asset to the community. Any time spent at Collabartive is time well spent." -

"Art and creating has saved my life in the most literal sense. Without it as an outlet for some of the events I’ve gone through I don’t know where I would be today." - Kaylah

"The atmosphere is so warm and welcoming, and has been a great way to connect with friends and meet new people from the area. Collabartive helps people meet their talent where they are at." - Lindsay

"It makes me feel happy. Art calms me and brings me joy."

creative-thinking and problem-solving skills, and even your IQ. Art has been found to help folks struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, mood disorders, addictions, chronic pain, cancer, dementia, and more.

The beauty is, you can create art anytime, anywhere. Doodle, colour, journal. Clear your mind and allow yourself a window to get creative every

"We love spending time in the studio because we always learn new things, leave with a beautiful project, and have lots of fun!" - Elliott, Natalie and Sawyer

day. Even if it’s five minutes spent doodling on this very page, or a trip down to the studio to try your hand at some DIY home décor. Your brain will thank you—both the left side and the right side.

LIFE & COMMUNITY Collabartive Studios 104 3rd Street Weyburn 306.891.6567
R eFined WEYBURN & AREA 23
“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” - Albert Einstein

Weyburn welcomes the world

Southeast College opens its doors to international students

For the first time ever, Southeast College welcomed international students to three campuses for the 2022-23 academic year.

“It’s an exciting time for the College. We saw four students start the Continuing Care Assistant program in Estevan last September, another four join the program in Weyburn this January, and three more start the CCA program in Assiniboia in March,” says Sheena Onrait, Executive Director, Communication and Strategic Enrolment at Southeast College.

The students have arrived from various countries around the world, with most coming from India and the Philippines. “Some of the students came to us from other institutions in Canada, while others joined us directly from their home countries,” says Sheena. “Now, our three CCA programs are a mix of international and domestic students and that adds to the educational experience for every participant.”

All international students coming to Southeast College are welcomed with a robust new student orientation including campus and city tours, tours of local sporting, arts and cultural amenities, assistance with relocation (if needed), and many other personalized supports leading up to and upon their arrival in our communities. Plus, many (but not all) of the students have a connection to the community that they have

24 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA
Dr. Vicky Roy,

chosen to take their program in. “All are excited to continue living and working in Saskatchewan,” says Sheena.

“Our small-town charm, friendly neighbours, and quaint local shops will appeal to international students interested in learning about southeast Saskatchewan’s culture and lifestyle,” says Dr. Vicky Roy, President and CEO at the college. According to Dr. Roy, attending college in a small town, regardless of the type of school, “allows students to adapt and adjust more easily to their new environment and country, as their college town isn’t so different from their own country, so it’s easier for them to adjust and adapt.”

In addition to strengthening English language skills, living in a small town can allow international students to integrate themselves well into their new community.

Next year, the College will accept international students into two programs—Continuing Care Assistant in Estevan, Weyburn, Assiniboia and Whitewood and Health Care Cook in Moosomin. “Admitting international

students has added a new dimension to our college,” says Sheena. “International students bring their cultures and perspectives, and that helps enhance the overall educational experience for everyone.”

Learn more about international students at Southeast College at southeastcollege. org/international-students, call 1-866999-7372 or email international@

2023 Continuing Care Assistant Students
College Southeast College 633 King Street Weyburn 1-866-999-7372
Krishna Patel, an international student at
“Our small-town charm, friendly neighbours, and quaint local shops will appeal to international students interested in learning about southeast Saskatchewan’s culture and lifestyle.” - Dr. Vicky Roy
R eFined WEYBURN & AREA 25

Meok Ja Milk Tea Bar

409 Railway Avenue

Say hello to the newest arrival on Weyburn’s food scene, they will wow you with their milk tea creations, bento boxes and desserts.

Michael’s Coffee Shop and Bakery

424 10 Avenue SE

Tucked in the Signal Hills Arts Centre, we suggest the cinnamon buns. Bet you can’t eat just one!

Town & Country Family Restaurant

72 3rd Street NE

We have the food for you. Take out or eat in, you can’t go wrong.

PUMPJACKS Saloon & Steakhouse

596 18 Street

Book a babysitter for the kids and have a night out with friends. You deserve it.

Another Round

Sports Bar & Grill

2 3rd Street

Fore! Work on your swing while you enjoy fantastic food and beverages that hit the spot.

Boston Pizza

35 Riverview Drive

This beloved Canadian restaurant has something for everyone. Bring the whole family, the team, or the gang from work for lunch, dinner or just because.

Prairie Donair

106 Railway Avenue

It’s healthy, wholesome and tasty—and tucked in a pita. No one can resist.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it any day of the week

right here in Weyburn!

As we finally thaw out from a winter that never seemed to end, it’s time to get out of the house and explore some of Weyburn’s best restaurants. Bring your appetite (and maybe some forgiving pants)!

Fresh, Healthy Food. Lunchtime Hot Spot! Catering Services. Lunchbox 540 5th St | 306.861.9395 |
It’s patio season. Grab your buddies and enjoy a cold one with us. Another Round Sports Bar & Grill 2 3rd St NE | 306.842.1999
Good food never tasted sooo good. Prairie Donair #3 106 Railway Ave | 306.870.0335
Come enjoy great food and an amazing vibe. PUMPJACKS. SALOON & STEAKHOUSE 596 18 St., Weyburn | 306.842.3838
Pizza and a whole lot more! Town & Country Restaurant and Dallas Pizza 172 3rd St | 306.842.2933
R eFined WEYBURN & AREA 27
Gather friends and family to enjoy our lineup of new menu items. Weyburn Boston Pizza 35 Riverview Dr. | 306.842.6767 |

Almost too cute for words

Weyburn’s Meok Ja Milk Tea Bar brings a touch of Asia to the city

One of the hottest food trends these days is milk tea. It’s all the rage with kids of all ages, and a local entrepreneur is about to bring this delicious ‘big city’ delight to Weyburn. Gale Regines is the proud owner of Meok Ja Milk Bar—Weyburn’s newest food and drink destination for residents and tourists alike.

“I grew up here and as a teenager, I always wanted a ‘cool place’ to hang out,” says Gale. “After high school, I moved to Edmonton for a few years. When I came home in 2021, I started thinking about how I could build my

own business.” Gale thought about how much she enjoyed her trips to milk tea bars in Edmonton, how many trips she was now taking to Regina for tea and pondered her high school wish of a fun place to go. “I complained to my husband about how far it was to get the tea I loved, and inspiration hit,” she says.

Gale got to work experimenting with milk tea recipes and suppliers and started testing her creations from her home kitchen. She launched a Facebook page to take orders, and soon had a devout following buying her teas. “It proved that Weyburn loves milk tea,” she laughs.

Gale Regines
Gale and her daughter Azl

The demand for milk tea led Gale to launch Meok Ja Milk Tea Bar in downtown Weyburn, complete with a full menu of milk teas and mini desserts. Launched in early April, the downtown café features more than 50 flavours of tea, the cutest desserts the city has ever seen and a selection of Japanese and Korean snacks. There are steamed

buns with fillings like sweet red bean and custard, and scoop-and-go snacks.

The highlight of course is the extensive milk tea menu with many exclusive flavours designed by Gale herself. The Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake tea is already a fan favourite, along with the Filipino-inspired Milo Xplosion and

Graham Float. There are toppings galore including traditional tapioca pearls, lychee coconut jelly, cream cheese and so much more. “The only limit is my imagination,” laughs Gale. “We have something for everyone in our 2D-design café that celebrates Weyburn. We want everyone to feel welcome and enjoy our great menu of tasty drinks and treats.”

The café also offers a “pay-it-forward” option to let people buy a drink for the next customer and “share a little love.” Plus, the fifteenth of every month will see Meok Ja donate to the Weyburn Humane Society, a cause close to Gale’s heart. It’s a café with community in its very heart.

Find the newest arrival to the Weyburn food scene at 409 Railway Avenue and try out this new community sensation. Meok Ja Milk Tea Bar is open six days a week Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm and Sundays from 2 pm to 8 pm. Follow them on Facebook for the menu, promotions and more.

Meok Ja Milk Tea Bar

409 Railway Avenue


The drawings that cover the café’s walls were handpainted by Gale’s parents Elias and Sarah Regines.
L-R BACK ROW Shem Regines, Hue Regines, Gale Regines, Mark Garcia and Sarah Regines L-R FRONT ROW Azl Garcia, Sarah Regines and Elias Regines
Elias and Sarah Regines

Hiring the right consultant for your

next construction project

Ahome or business is one of an individual’s biggest financial investments that they will undertake in their lifetime. This means that general building maintenance and potential renovations are often an overwhelming task for property owners, so ensuring that you have hired the appropriate professional to carry out your project is an important endeavor.

Professional Associations

Does the consultant that you are hiring belong to any municipal, provincial, or national associations?

If hiring an Architect or Registered Interior Designer, you can check that they are registered within the province. The Saskatchewan Association of Architects and the Interior Design Association of Saskatchewan are two examples of provincial associations that require members to be within good standing in their profession, carry applicable liability insurance and require continued education requirements on a regular basis.

Regulated provincial and national associations ensure applicants meet education and experience requirements prior to obtaining their membership.

References + Credibility

Does the consultant have a website, google listing or other social media applications?

It is important to complete your due diligence and ensure that the consultant you are hiring has a portfolio with samples of work similar to the upcoming project along with a list of client references or referrals. In the design industry, word of mouth is one of the biggest sellers for professionals.


What services does the consultant provide and are they permitted to provide these services?

The first step is identifying the services and consultants you require based on your project scope.

Are you removing load bearing walls? If so, you will need a technologist or designer to create a design and drawing set then have a structural engineer review and stamp the project and applicable drawings.

30 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA

Is the occupancy and/or use of your commercial space changing? You may need an Architect to complete a thorough code review since there is a change in occupancy.

Most municipalities provide a list of requirements for construction projects. These documents are a great reference for clients who are unsure of what services they may need in order to obtain a building permit.

Interior Decorator

There are currently no qualifications requirements for an individual to become an interior decorator. There is also no

governing body that regulates the title of Interior Decorator.

Registered Interior Designer

In Canada the title ‘Interior Designer’ is regulated by the provincial governments. Interior Designers must be apart of their local association, carry liability insurance and meet the experience and education requirements to practice within their province. Interior Designers have the ability to work on commercial and institutional projects while collaborating with other consultants such as engineers, architects and project managers.


Below are some examples of who might be involved in a traditional construction project

• Client

• Consultants – Architect, Registered Interior Designer, Engineers (structural, mechanical, electrical), Building Code Consultant

• Project Manager

• Contractor + Other Trades (plumber, electrician, drywaller, painter, carpenter, etc)

• Municipality Representatives + Building Officials

I often compare the relationship between an Interior Decorator and a Registered Interior Designer to hiring a Bookkeeper or a Chartered Accountant. They each have their niche and provide important services but sometimes you need to invest in the service that the latter can provide.”

Eleesha is a local Registered Interior Designer and Architectural Technologist and owner of Jensen + Co. They have an office in Weyburn and Estevan. Eleesha resides just outside of Weyburn with her husband, two children and their golden retriever.

R eFined WEYBURN & AREA 31


Don’s Plumbing and Heating has served Weyburn for over three decades

When you need plumbing, heating, refrigeration or air conditiong work done, you want prompt, professional service from people who know what they are doing. Don’s Plumbing and Heating is the company that can do just that. Owned by the Hastings Family since 1989, Don’s has journeymen tradespeople in plumbing,

refrigeration and sheet metal, and can handle just about any residential or commercial job you can throw their way.

They can take care of any heating, cooling or water system issue you may have, including repair, preventative maintenance, replacement, and new installation on furnaces, boilers, radiant heating, unit heaters, mini-splits, air

conditioners, water heaters and more. Don’s Plumbing and Heating also installs Kingsman and Napoleon fireplaces, and provides repair and seasonal maintenance for all gas fireplace makes and models.

Don’s is home to AirEase HVAC furnaces and air conditioners. These quality products are designed to make

32 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA

your home comfortable all year round and are built to last. Plus, AirEase’s high-efficiency products can save you hundreds of dollars annually on your energy bills. Don’s is also a SaskEnergy Network member, for both residential and commercial projects, working together with SaskEnergy to bring you the benefits of natural gas.

L-R BACK Neil and Cole L-R FRONT Angie and Todd
R eFined WEYBURN & AREA 33

Don’s also offers water treatment services and submersible pumps at their Pumphouse, which is linked to their headquarters at 715 Railway Avenue.

Don’s is also home to fine plumbing fixtures—sinks, tubs, showers, faucets and showers—for every style and budget. The company is proud to be your local plumbing specialist. Whether you have a plumbing emergency or need maintenance or new installations, they can take care of it. Plumbing repairs, replacements, fixtures and faucet services are just some of the plumbing jobs they can handle for both residential and commercial projects.

Don’s provides the quality service you’d expect from a family-owned company committed to the community it calls home. Their team of experienced and licensed HVAC technicians deliver quick, convenient service your company needs to keep your heating, cooling, and domestic hot water systems running efficiently. They evaluate the work you need done and answer any questions you might have. They recommend the best solution for your needs, and carefully plan the job. Every project is completed by the best people, with an eye on excellent customer service from

start to finish. The Don’s Plumbing and Heating team is dedicated to ensuring the work is done to your satisfaction, and you’re happy with the results.

The company’s experience also sets it apart in the marketplace. All Don’s employees are journeymen in their chosen trade or are currently apprenticing, and Don’s provides and encourages continuing education and training to stay current within the industry. They understand that continued knowledge in the industry after becoming a journeyperson is important to their work every day. As well, Don’s Plumbing and Heating is COR® certified, Canada’s national occupational safety and health accreditation program.

Whatever your plumbing or HVAC needs are, Don’s Plumbing and Heating is ready to answer when you call. Their

Locally owned and operated by the Hastings family since 1989, Don’s is the trusted name in Weyburn and area for all of your plumbing, heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning needs.

trusted and reliable name is well-known in Weyburn for a reason. If you have questions about an upcoming project, call Don’s today for information, advice and a free estimate.

HOME & GARDEN Don’s Plumbing and Heating 715 Railway Avenue Weyburn 306-842-4222
L-R BACK Cole and Todd FRONT Neil
34 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA

Proud to be Part of Your Hometown for Over 50 Years.

We have had the privilege of serving the Weyburn area as a family business for over 50 years. We can’t thank our customers enough for supporting us and our business.

Weimer’s Hometown offers you comfort and style, our large and unique selection of beautiful furniture, accessories, modern appliances and our sleep centre never fails to please.

Just ask. If you don’t see it, doesn’t mean we can’t get it.

Gayleen and Brent Stephanson
PHOTO Images by Jon Gillies
39 Riverview Dr., Weyburn | 306.842.6441 | Monday to Friday - 9 am to 5:30 pm | Saturday - 9 am to 4 pm
Weimer's offers same day pickup right from our showroom floor.

HELP WHEN AND WHERE YOU NEED IT RE/MAX Weyburn Realty navigates the market so you don’t have to

Buying or selling a home can be a complex and overwhelming process. Even so, many people may wonder if they should use a Realtor or try to handle the transaction on their own. While it may seem tempting to save money on Realtor commissions, there are many good reasons to use a professional Realtor.

A local expert by your side

A Realtor provides valuable insights and guidance throughout the entire buying or selling process. “Realtors have expertise in the local real estate market, including pricing trends and neighbourhood information, which can help you make good decisions about where to buy or sell,” says Winston Bailey at RE/MAX

Weyburn Realty. “We can also assist you in setting a realistic and competitive price for your home, negotiate the offers, and navigate the contracts required for a real estate transaction.”

Plus, Realtors have access to a network of industry professionals that can help you through the buying or selling process, including mortgage brokers, home inspectors, appraisers, and lawyers. These connections can save you time and money because you won't have to spend hours researching and finding service providers on your own.

Making things easy

Realtors can also help you avoid potential legal issues or pitfalls. Real estate

transactions can be complex with many legal requirements. They can ensure that the process is completed accurately and in a timely manner, reducing the risk of legal disputes or delays. Realtors can also help you understand your rights and obligations as a buyer or seller and advise you on any potential risks that may arise.

More than just paperwork

One of the most significant benefits of using a Realtor is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a professional right there with you. The Remax team is here to provide support throughout the buying or selling process, offering you both guidance and reassurance. They can also help you stay

L-R Renee Johner, Winston Bailey, Brody Ward, Lisa Dennis, Zoe Buchanan and Chad Bailey
36 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA

focused on your goals so you don’t make decisions you might regret later.

The bottom line

Using a Realtor can save you money in the long run. While you will have to pay a commission, a Realtor can help you maximize your profits when selling or negotiate a competitive price when buying. “We’re also here to help you avoid mistakes, such as paying too much or accepting too little,” says Winston. “We take your best interests to heart.”

More than just homes

Realtors are also experts in more than just residential homes. They can also help you buy or sell farms, investment properties and businesses, with the same care and expertise they provide with a home sale. “Real estate involves far more than houses,” says Winston. “We can help with commercial properties, farms and ranches, businesses, rental property—even holiday homes.”

Get the help you need

There’s no reason to go it alone when you don’t have to. The RE/MAX Weyburn Realty team is here to help you have the best possible real estate experience.

HOME & GARDEN Winston Bailey Broker/Owner 306.861.2463 Chad
306.861.5163 Brody
306.861.7191 Renée
306.861.3528 Zoe
306.861.1616 Lisa
RE/MAX Weyburn Realty 2011 136A 1st Street NE Weyburn 306.848.1000
“Real estate involves far more than houses. We can help with commercial properties, farms and ranches, businesses, rental property—even holiday homes.”
Learn more at or call 306-848-1000 for more information. R eFined WEYBURN & AREA 37
- Winston Bailey
RBC’s Becky Grad wants to get you the mortgage you need and into the home you love
Helping you find home
By Brook Thalgott 38 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA

Buying a home can be a daunting experience, even for an experienced home buyer. It’s often the largest purchase you make in your life, and it’s important to get the best financial advice to make everything easier. That’s where a mortgage expert can make all the difference. Enter Becky Grad, Mortgage Specialist at RBC Royal Bank in Weyburn.

Becky has been in the financial services industry for 13 years and found her calling in the world of mortgages. “I would say that mortgages are my true passion. The feeling of helping someone purchase their home is indescribable,” says Becky. “This is the place people feel safe, where they make their memories and raise their families. It’s incredible to help people and be a part of that experience.”

Getting down to it

When it’s time to apply for a preapproval or a mortgage, Becky is ready to help you navigate the entire process. First, her advice is 100 per cent free. “I am always there whether to chat and offer you mortgage advice,” she says. “At the end of the day I want to be sure that my clients have all the information they need to make a decision that is best for them and their family.”

Becky sits down with every client to go over their situation and determine the best mortgage for their needs. There are many decisions to make—fixed or variable rate, open or closed term, length of term and amortization, payment frequency, down payment types, insurance and more—and Becky can help you make the right decisions now and for the future. “Your short- and long-term goals, and your financial security are important to me, and help guide which mortgage is right for you,” she says.

In the community

Becky is also proud to call Weyburn home and serve the community she loves. Outside of the office, she’s a busy wife and mother, ferrying her kids from one activity to the next and volunteering to help with local events and organizations. “It’s important to be

part of the community because it’s the right thing to do, and it also makes me better at helping my clients who are more than just clients. They are my friends, neighbours and fellow community members.”

Meet up

If a new mortgage or mortgage renewal is in your future, let Becky do what she does best for you. Offering flexible appointments days, evenings and weekends in-person, by phone or online, Becky is available when you are. “Reach out today, and let’s see what I can do for you,” she says.

HOME & GARDEN Becky Grad Mortgage Specialist RBC Royal Bank 220 Souris Ave Weyburn Call or text: 306.861.9761 Email:
L-R Jack, James, Becky and Payton
R eFined WEYBURN & AREA 39
“At the end of the day I want to be sure that my clients have all the information they need to make a decision that is best for them and their family.” - Becky Grad

Let’s be FRIENDS

Companion planting for your garden

Did you know that by planting certain plants together, and away from others, can improve your garden’s overall yield and soil health, and help with pest control?

40 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA

Companion planting is a long-time practice where you grow different plants together in a garden for mutual benefits. It can be especially beneficial in flower beds and vegetable gardens because it helps to create a diverse and sustainable ecosystem that promotes plant health, pest control, and soil fertility.

Buzz off

One of the best benefits of companion planting in a flower and vegetable garden is pest control. By planting certain plants together, you can deter pests naturally, without the use of harmful pesticides. For example, marigolds are a popular companion plant for vegetable gardens because they produce a chemical that repels nematodes—small, soil-dwelling pests that attack the roots of plants. Similarly, planting basil next to tomatoes can deter aphids, whiteflies, and other insects that commonly infest tomato plants. Other beneficial companion plants for pest control include garlic, chives, and onions—both delicious in cooking and helpful in the garden.

Boost the soil

Companion planting can also improve soil fertility by creating a symbiotic relationship between plants. For example, legumes like beans and peas, are nitrogenfixing plants that can take nitrogen from the air and convert it into a form that is available to other plants. By planting legumes next to other plants, you can improve the soil’s nitrogen levels and promote healthier

growth. Other companion plants that can improve soil fertility include comfrey, which has deep roots that can bring up nutrients from deep in the soil, and yarrow (a wonderful perennial found in many Saskatchewan gardens), which has a taproot that can break up compacted soil and increase aeration.

Increase the yum

In addition to pest control and soil fertility, companion planting can also improve the flavour and yield of certain plants. Planting nasturtiums next to tomatoes can improve the tomatoes’ flavor and increase their yield. Herbs like oregano, thyme, and sage planted next to vegetables like

peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes can improve their flavour and deter pests.

Watch for frenemies

When selecting companion plants for your flower and vegetable garden, it’s important to consider their compatibility. Some plants, like tomatoes and cucumbers, are prone to the same diseases, so they should not be planted next to each other. Similarly, some plants like fennel, can inhibit the growth of other plants, so they should be planted away from other crops. To ensure the best results, it’s important to research the specific needs and requirements of each plant and choose companion plants accordingly.

Make friends

Companion planting is a beneficial practice for any flower and vegetable garden. By planting different plants together, you can create a diverse and sustainable ecosystem that promotes plant health, pest control, and soil fertility. With a little planning and attention to detail, you can create a beautiful and productive garden that is beneficial for both you and the environment.

Nasturtiums Thyme Yarrow
R eFined WEYBURN & AREA 41

Raise the roof

LDP General Contracting takes care of your home’s exterior

The first rule of real estate is location, location, location. The second rule is all about curb appeal. Your home not only needs to look good, but it also needs to be structurally sound with a roof and exterior that does its job well. It all starts at the top with your roof and extends all the way into the ground.

Weyburn’s LDP General Contracting is your source for roofs and home exteriors that look great and protect your home from everything our climate throws at it. Owner Logan Paxman prides himself on the work he and his team provide to homeowners in Weyburn and area. “I am on-site as much as possible with my team, ensuring our customers get the quality roof and exterior finishing that they expect,” says Logan.

Logan has been in the field for a long time, starting his career in high school with the Saskatchewan skills competition.

Logan Paxman

Since then, he learned more skills in trade school and honed his craft working for a local company. He has since started his own firm, a goal he had from the very beginning.

Whether you’re replacing a door or doing a full exterior, Logan always treats his customers the same. “I build a relationship with every customer,” he says. “I want to know your current goals and future goals for your home, and I focus on the integrity of the home.”

From there, Logan provides options for customers on the work they need and want, making sure they are aware of everything they need to know.

Logan always provides a thorough estimate that breaks down every item including material, labour and disposal, with no markup on materials. “I also use technology to create my estimates,” says Logan. “The app to accurately measures the roof with an aerial view. This technology allows for less waste and a faster quote.” The app also generates a customer profile so you can review it at any time and sign off for a faster approval to get the work completed.

“Your roof is your first line of defense,” says Logan. “It’s never a good idea to push your shingles to their final day. Even if you don’t have the money right now,

don’t be afraid to get an estimate. That way you can plan ahead to get the work done without any surprises.”

Let Logan and the LDP General Contracting team help you protect your home. Call today for a free estimate for all your home’s exterior needs. “Call us today and see what we can do for you,” says Logan.

LDP General Contracting Weyburn 306.891.9108
“I am on-site as much as possible with my team, ensuring our customers get the quality roof and exterior finishing that they expect.”
- Logan Paxman


Learn from the experts at Swayze Concrete

Concrete is everywhere, it’s a vital component of the modern world we live in—and it’s something most of us don’t think much about.

Did you know concrete is the most used manmade product on earth, and the second-most used material after water? Its proper name is concrete, not cement. People often mistake one for the other, but cement is the powder that makes up one part of the “recipe” for concrete. Various proportions of cement, water, rock, sand and chemicals create different types and strengths of concrete used in everything from driveways and sidewalks to buildings and bridges and so much more.

The strength and type of concrete plus the right quality control plays a

major role in ensuring that structures, driveways, roads and more are durable enough to last more than 50 years. Just like electrical, plumbing and building codes, concrete has a standard called CSA A23.1 to make sure concrete is made to the appropriate standard.

To meet these important standards, Swayze Concrete conducts tests of its aggregates yearly to ensure quality and gradation standards are met. Additionally, concrete cylinders are cast and then crushed to failure; this ensures mix designs are meeting designed strengths. Swayze’s has been a member of Concrete Saskatchewan since the 1980s. Concrete Saskatchewan is the

governing body for concrete producers in Saskatchewan and is the certifying body when it comes to plant certification. Swayze’s Weyburn location has been inspected and certified since 2011, and its Assiniboia location since 2020.

New directions

Swayze is also proud to carry LOGIX insulated concrete forms, or ICF. ICF forms are most commonly used for foundations in the southeast but should be considered for full house construction, garages, shops or any other structure you wish to build. “The benefits of ICF are amazing,” says Ryan Swayze. “The energy savings, ease of

44 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA

construction, higher R-value ratings, the reduction in size for mechanical appliances—there are just so many benefits. If you are considering building a garage, a shed, a shop or a house, it is worth the conversation to learn about ICF.”

The test of time

Since 1960, Swayze Concrete has been your local concrete producer. Serving the south from Carnduff and Carlyle and Weyburn to Gravelbourg, their 60-plus years of industry experience and knowledge means they can answer your questions about nearly everything concrete related.

Did you know?

Air is added to enhance the durability of concrete. Microscopic bubbles are present in the concrete so when concrete is exposed to the freeze/thaw cycles in our climate, the water that has been absorbed into the concrete has a place to freeze when the temperature drops.

Concrete can be shaped and finished in almost any shape and color, stamped to look like stone, brick, or even wood.

Open Monday to Friday from 7 am to 5 pm, find Swayze’s across southern Saskatchewan and online at

Also in Carlyle, Redvers, Assiniboia and Gravelbourg

Ryan Swayze, Owner Stamped concrete; Image from DSI Construction
Swayze’s Concrete 1531 Railway Avenue Weyburn 306.842.6558 Carnduff 306.482.3617
R eFined WEYBURN & AREA 45

WEYBURN on the rise

Q: What’s the best piece of career or life advice you have ever gotten?

A: “I try to base my entire life on the idea that you should expect nothing and appreciate everything, and I apply that to business as well. Real estate is a very competitive industry. When somebody chooses to call on me to help them buy


in business and our community taking their professions to the next level

or sell a property, I owe them the best version of myself.”

Q: What’s your favourite thing about living in Weyburn?

A: “Have you ever had a situation happen in your life and you try to tell the story to someone after it happens? When you try to tell the story, you realize “you just had to be there.” That’s how I feel about Weyburn. If you’ve lived here, you know why it’s great. Most people don’t lock their doors, everyone chips in to help out their neighbours and everyone has a second job as a community member.”

Q: What’s the best piece of career or life advice you have ever gotten?

A: “The best advice I have ever got was from my dad. He said ‘don’t come to me with problems, come to me with solutions.’ It forced me to step up and solve problems which ultimately gave me more confidence.”

Brody Ward RE/MAX
46 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA
Photos Big Dog Photography

Q: What motivates you in your career?

A: “I’m motivated by everything. I’m motivated to grow and expand the business. I’m motivated to make my product stand out over my competitors. I’m motivated to keep making improvements in our manufacturing process so we can be more profitable. My biggest motivator would be my kids though. If I’m lucky one day maybe they will want to be a part of this business.”

or music teacher, to the local business people that volunteer in community based organization and sports, to the stranger that stops to lend a hand when you have a flat tire. There is a sense of support among the community that is special to Weyburn.”

Q: What motivates you in your career?

A: “I am driven by my clients and team at our law firm. I have the opportunity to work alongside highly motivated individuals that I see every day taking pride in their work. It is also incredible watching my clients thrive. Whether it is expanding the family farm or opening a new local business it is extremely inspiring to see so many talented clients in our community.”

Mike Onstad Weyburn Security

Q: What is the best piece of career or life advice you have ever gotten?

A: “In your career, focus on doing your job to the best of your ability with each and every client, the rest will fall into place.”

Q: What motivates you in your career?

Q: What is the best piece of career or life advice you have ever gotten?

A: “Work hard, even when no one is looking.”

Q: What motivates you in your career?

A: “The opportunity to grow the business and work towards a third generation.”

Grant Jensen Against the Grain Carpentry

Q: What makes Weyburn special?

A: “You see people you know wherever you go. There are so many opportunities in Weyburn for our children. You get the big city options with the small town atmosphere.”

Q: What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

Steve Schuck Schuck Law Firm

Q: What makes Weyburn special?

A: “When I think of our community, I reflect on how everyone works together to give back to the community. From popping into a local grocery store and running into a former schoolteacher

A: “We spend our winters at the rink (I coach hockey) and at Nickle Lake or Mainprize ice fishing. I also play rec hockey with a lot of other men in the community. In spring, it’s ball and soccer season, and I coach ball. Summers are for camping and being outdoors at our acreage and fishing. Fall is hunting season and hockey/ school is starting up again.”

A: “The opportunity to help ease a client’s mind by providing sound financial advice and helping them plan for their future— whether that means retirement or reaching savings goals. It brings me joy to be able to help a client grow their wealth and make a personal connection with each one.”

Ryan Skjerdal Vortex Plumbing & Heating and Megadry

Q: What is the best piece of career or life advice you have ever gotten?

A: “The best piece of career and life advice I’ve ever received is to ‘focus on providing value and building strong relationships’.”

Q: What motivates you in your career?

A: “What truly motivates me in business is the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives while fostering a positive work environment for my team.”

Rolan Anderson Southern Glassworks
R eFined WEYBURN & AREA 47

Brody Ward

48 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA
RE/MAX Weyburn Realty

Home matters

Brody Ward is ready to find your next home, business or farm

Whether you’re buying your first home or you’re an experienced buyer and seller, a Realtor is someone you need on your side. As experts in the real estate industry, Realtors have the knowledge and skills necessary to guide you through the complex process of buying or selling property. Brody Ward, of RE/MAX Weyburn Realty, wants to be that expert for you. “My approach to buying and selling real estate is based on being honest with you, building a trusting relationship and getting you results,” he says.

Brody can help you find your dream home. He works to proactively understand your preferences and needs, such as the location, size, and style of your ideal home along with any unique features or amenities you are looking for. Then, he searches for the properties that match and works with you to find the right one. He also provides advice on market conditions, property values, and any other factors that may impact your purchase, and guides you through the buying process from start to finish.

If you’re selling, Brody provides the strategic advice you need to price the property and prepare it for sale. Brody then develops a marketing plan to

attract potential buyers. When offers arrive, he is there to guide you through the negotiation process. He works with the seller and their agent, and ensures that all necessary paperwork is complete and timely. “I will also coordinate with the buyer's Realtor to schedule inspections, appraisals, and other necessary steps in the sales process,” he says.

Brody’s expertise also extends past homes. If you’re in the market to buy or sell a farm, business, commercial or vacation property, he can help. “I have the experience to execute all types of real estate transactions from a firsttime home purchase through to the sale of large farming operations,” he says.

“Buying and selling real estate can come with a lot of challenges. The other agents and I at RE/MAX Weyburn are always available to deal with any roadblocks that come with the process of buying and selling,” says Brody.

Brody Ward RE/MAX Weyburn Realty 136A 1st Street NE Weyburn 306.861.7191
By Brook Thalgott Photos Big Dog Photography
Call, text or email today and learn what Brody at RE/MAX Weyburn Realty can do for you. R eFined WEYBURN & AREA 49
L-R Brynn, Brody, Brooke and Maklynn
Steve Schuck
50 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA
Schuck Law Firm

Careful planning matters

Schuck Law Firm can help you plan for the future

As we embark upon another Saskatchewan spring, the agriculture sector in Weyburn has already been planning and preparing for another busy season. While planning for the crop year is important, getting ready to head out for “greener pastures” (or “warmer winters”) also requires advanced preparation. Whether that means selling, downsizing over time, or transferring the farm to the next generation, knowing how you’re going to handle the transition of your operation can be a challenge. This planning is compounded by many legal and tax issues that can present themselves when it’s time to sell or pass on your farm to the next generation.

Look ahead

Weyburn’s Schuck Law Firm can help you ensure your needs are taken care of every step of the way. “The first thing to remember is don’t wait until retirement to have discussions with family and make decisions,” says Steve Schuck. “There are so many things to consider in planning and the time to start is now, even if retirement or a sale is years away.”

A common issue to deal with occurs when a farming operation involves a corporation. The land, equipment and other assets used in the operation are usually transferred and become the property of that corporation. This means special consideration is needed when drafting your Will or reorganizing the company.

“When a corporation is involved there is a tendency to discuss dividing the corporation in terms of its assets and lands” says Steve. “However, you own shares in a corporation that owns those assets. You can no longer

simply ‘divvy up’ your lands, equipment or other corporate assets in your Will without appropriate advance planning.”

The message here is plan ahead. Talk to a professional about what you want to do with your operation now and in the future,” says Schuck. “You can get started by making an inventory of what you own personally, what your corporation owns, and who you want your estate to go to in the future. After that, it’s time to talk to a lawyer and likely an accountant about your situation.”

Your estate matters

If you’re not a farmer, estate planning is still incredibly important. Everyone needs a Will, even if you don’t consider your estate to be a lot or will be simple to administer. Making sure your wishes are known and recorded helps your loved ones ensure they receive what you intend them to receive. Schuck Law Firm will help you get a Will prepared, store it safely for the future and review it as your needs change. “Preparing a Will and estate planning doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming,” says Steve. “There is no time like the present to get it done. It usually takes just one appointment, and a signature a few days later.”

Make the call

Steve and the legal team at Schuck Law Firm are ready to handle your

estate planning needs no matter how simple or complex. Open 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday at 21 5th Street in Weyburn with virtual and in person appointments available, call or email today to get started.

Learn more at and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Schuck Law Firm 21 5th Street

Weyburn 306.842.2722

L-R BACK Angie Dreidger, Amanda Maas, Janessa Marcenko, Michelle Crane,Patty Stables L-R FRONT Steve and Armanda Shuck
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Mike Onstad CFP

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Weyburn Security Company Ltd.

Can you afford retirement?

It’s a simple yet important question that many people don’t know the answer to

One of the most common questions we get asked is “how much do I need in retirement?” A general rule of thumb is 70 to 80 per cent of your pre-retirement income is needed. This of course can be adjusted to suit preference and lifestyle. A financial plan can give you an accurate projection of what retirement will look like for you.

A Weyburn Security Peak Investments financial plan will include:

Projections of after-tax spending per year. This means we factor inflation and tax into the amount you need to withdraw to meet your required annual spending amount.

Income projections. We include any source you may receive income from including CPP, OAS, Pensions, Inheritance, Income Splitting, Employment Income, RRSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs, Corporate Dividends, etc.

Indexing, Inflation and Growth. We adjust income to keep with inflation (indexing). We factor in an average rate of inflation which is based on historical rates. Growth rates are applied to the assets you hold such as mutual funds. They will be based on your investment style and risk tolerance. CPP and OAS are adjusted for inflation.

Tax. We calculate your taxable income each year. We also calculate estate tax each year in the event you died, and a taxable scenario came to

fruition. Rates are calculated based on the income taken and provincial/ federal rates.

Corporate Planning: We factor in dividends paid from a corporation to you personally and align it with your retirement income goal in the most tax efficient way.

Order of withdrawals: We make sure you are pulling from the correct accounts to maximize tax and income efficiency.

Estate planning: We provide a value of your estate at death each year and how much tax would be owed on that estate allowing you to plan for the situation.

Give us a call at 306-842-2841 and we can provide you with a financial plan whether you’re a client or not. Plus, check out our new website at

Did you know?

Weyburn Security has a long history dating back to 1899 when the "Canadian Investment Company" was founded by six American businessmen. In 1902, those six businessmen formed Weyburn Security Company partnership whose business was in lumber sales, insurance, mortgages, and private banking. At a meeting in 1910, the company had enough confidence in the surrounding area to commission the building for the head office of Weyburn Security Company which would later become the Weyburn Security Bank (the current CIBC building) . The Weyburn Security Bank was held separately from the Weyburn Security Company with each doing their own business but helping each other.

In 1926 H.O. Powell, the acting manager wanted to separate the company from the bank to protect the company’s future, so he filed incorporation papers for the company to create our company today–Weyburn Security Company Limited. Weyburn Security Company was primarily dealing with land sales and longerterm mortgages when the bank was operating. In 1931 the Weyburn Security Bank was sold to Imperial Bank, who later merged with the Bank of Commerce to form what we now know as CIBC. Weyburn Security Company continued to operate and diversify into many aspects of business to form what the company is today.

Weyburn Security Company Ltd. – PEAK Investment Services Inc. 111 – 2nd Street Weyburn 306.842.2841
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Ryan Skjerdal

Vortex Plumbing & Heating & Cooling Megadry Disaster Restoration Inc.

Let’s go

Vortex Plumbing & Heating and Megadry see a bright future in Weyburn and beyond

Ten years ago, Ryan Skjerdal was an oilfield worker and he had dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. With a background in plumbing, he courageously embarked on his own business venture—Vortex Plumbing & Heating. Despite limited experience, Ryan partnered with an experienced journeyman and set the stage for success.

Leveraging smart marketing strategies, strong community involvement, and an unwavering commitment to exceptional service, Ryan rapidly transformed Vortex into a thriving enterprise. Today, Vortex offers an extensive range of services, including heating, cooling, water treatment, boiler maintenance, rotorooting, and plumbing.

In 2018, Vortex’s hard work and dedication were recognized with the prestigious WEYBEX Business of the Year award in Weyburn. Additionally, the company was a provincial finalist in the New and Expanded Business category. Building on this success, Ryan collaborated with Tanner Wahl to establish Megadry Disaster Restoration, a much-needed and welcomed addition to the Weyburn community.

Before Megadry’s inception, residents had to rely on service providers from Regina during flooding incidents. Megadry effectively addressed this service gap, offering unparalleled disaster recovery solutions to the Weyburn community. Their comprehensive services include flood, fire, and mold cleanup, roto-rooting, odor control,

and asbestos removal. After acquiring Weyburn Steam Cleaning in 2022, Megadry expanded its offerings to include carpet and upholstery cleaning. By fall 2023, Megadry aims to launch its first franchise, with plans to expand across Canada through a network of franchises.

Hard work has been a driving force behind the remarkable accomplishments of Vortex Megadry. Ryan and his team have consistently demonstrated a tireless work ethic and an unwavering dedication to their craft. It’s this relentless pursuit of excellence that has enabled them to deliver topquality services to their clients and foster strong relationships within the community.

Ryan has always believed that there are no shortcuts to success. He instills in his employees the importance of diligence and determination, encouraging them to approach every task with a can-do attitude. This strong work ethic not only benefits the business but also serves as an example for others in the industry. As Vortex and Megadry continue to flourish, the company’s commitment to hard work stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and the incredible results it can yield in any endeavour.

As Vortex and Megadry continue to grow and strengthen its presence in

the Weyburn community, Ryan’s inspiring journey serves as a guiding example for aspiring entrepreneurs and a testament to the power of determination, innovation, and community engagement.

Vortex Plumbing & Heating & Cooling 306-848-9796
Disaster Restoration Inc. 306-848-9796
L-R Austin, Patty, Ryan and Ava Skjerdal L-R Patty and Ryan
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Grant Jensen Against the Grain Carpentry

Hammering away

Against the Grain Carpentry is ready to “finish up” for you

Whether you’re looking for interior finishing work or one-of-a-kind kitchen cabinetry, Weyburn’s Against The Grain Carpentry (ATG) has the expertise and creativity to transform any living space into a functional and beautiful environment.

Owned by Journeyman Carpenter, Grant Jensen, ATG is a local small business with a keen eye for detail in every aspect of their work. Against the Grain’s focus is finish carpentry including interior doors, trim, feature walls; custom millwork; cabinet, carpet and flooring installation —for both residential and commercial projects. “All of our custom millwork is built from scratch, stained and lacquered in our shop then installed by us,” says Grant.

Working with ATG starts with a consultation, where Grant’s wife, Eleesha, completes a design for the client. “A majority of clients have us complete a 3D model and a finish consultation,” he says. “We then price the project from demolition to completion. We prefer to order all the products and start the project when they arrive, and we take our time to ensure that everything is completed in the proper order.” Unlike HGTV where projects are completed seemingly overnight, Grant ensures that the work is completed in the right order with the right tradespeople.

You can source all project materials through ATG, and they will even recommend the best products and manufacturers for each individual project. No matter what type of project you’re completing, whether it’s a new build, an addition or a renovation, ATG can make your carpentry project come to life. “We truly care about the final result and want to ensure you will enjoy your space for years to come,” says Grant.

Grant is a Radville native and is proud to call Weyburn home. Grant and his

wife Eleesha, owner at Jensen + Co, a local interior design firm, volunteer with several organizations and teams. “We both enjoy coaching our kids’ activities—minor hockey, minor baseball and lacrosse. Coaching is one of our favourite hobbies, especially hockey,” says Grant.

See what Against The Grain can do for your next residential or commercial project. “Keep us in mind for a future construction project of any size,” says Grant. “Like and follow our social media pages for more, and we’re always available for a consultation or estimate.”

Against the Grain Carpentry offers:

• Interior finishing including interior door installation, baseboard, casing, board and batten, shiplap and feature walls

• Cabinet design and installation

• Custom millwork such as mantles, handrail, floating shelves, and range hoods

• Carpet and flooring installation

• Closets and window coverings

306.869.7979 Facebook and Instagram @atgsask

Grain Carpentry
Against the
L-R BACK Eleesha and Grant L-R FRONT Brin and Jax
“Our recent experience with ATG carpentry was positive from start to finish. ATG would be our first call for any future projects. We would highly recommend this company to anyone.”
-Pat and Dick Cugnet
Rolan Anderson Brett Anderson Southern Glass Works
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Southern Glass Works

It’s time to go window (and door) shopping

Make your home shine with Southern Glass Works

Spring is here and now is the perfect time to have a look at your windows and doors. Are they keeping the cold out in the winter, and the heat out in the summer? If not, look no further than Southern Glass Works for help. Proudly locally owned and operated, Weyburn’s Southern Glass Works can make sure your doors and windows are doing their job. “We manufacture our windows right here in Weyburn, using Canadian materials,” says Rolan Anderson, owner at Southern Glass Works. “Our doors are also made in Canada, with most coming from a quality manufacturer in Saskatoon.”

Not only does Southern Glass Works manufacture locally, but they also build and supply windows and doors that are custom-made for your home or business. “When we supply our products to our customers, they are made for their specific space,” says Rolan. “You’re getting something especially for you, not just picking out whatever’s available at the lumberyard and hoping for the best.”

Plus, when you deal with Southern Glass Works, you’re getting the small-town service you know and love. “Because we’re local and family-owned, we provide a personal approach to our customer service,” says Rolan. “When you work with us, you’re dealing directly with the business owners and our dedicated, long-time team members.”

Southern Glass Works is also a proud contributor to the local community, sponsoring events, teams and more throughout the area. “Just this week, we sponsored several local ball teams,”

says Rolan. “We’re happy to help our community whenever we can.”

Learn More

Southern Glass Works can supply and install the quality windows and doors you need—keeping in mind your style and budget. Proudly serving the Weyburn area for almost 20 years, they deliver products and service that are second-to-none. Call for a free estimate at 306.842.2574, see their

showroom at 1524 1st Avenue NW, and visit for more information.

Southern Glass Works 1524 1st Avenue NW Weyburn 306.842.2574
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Southeast College for is BACK for Summer 2023! Kids

The Southeast College is inviting our local youngsters (ages 6 to 10) to the College for a summer day program. The program runs from July 17th to August 11th with each week focusing on a different set of fun learning activities.

We invite you to register your child/children in the weeks and location that best suits your needs.

Weyburn Campus Camps

Week 1 – July 17-21

Week 2 – July 24-28

Weyburn Olympics

Inventor’s Workshop

Week 3 – July 31 – Aug 4 Science

Week 4 – Aug 8 – 11

Estevan Campus Camps

Week 1 – July 17-21

Week 2 – July 24-28

Week 3 – July 31 – Aug 4

People from your neighborhood

Inventor’s Workshop

People from your neighborhood

Around the World

Week 4 – Aug 8 – 11 Science

Cost: $120/week per participant

Camp Hours: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Drop-off: 8:00 am – 8:30 am

Pick-up: 4:00 pm – 4:15 pm

(Late pick up fee will apply)

Registration can be made online at

You can also register in person at the Weyburn Campus –633 King Street or Estevan Campus – 532 Bourquin Road or by calling our toll-free registration line at 1-866-999-7372.

For a detailed description of each week’s activities, visit

What are your kids going to be doing this summer?
Dustin Duncan, MLA Weyburn – Big Muddy Toll-Free 1.877.842.4810 306.842.4810 Duncan Weyburn ReFined, Feb 1 2017.indd 1 2/3/2017 9:36:13 AM Slots • Electronic Table Games Live Entertainment • Restaurant • Bar & Deli Hotel • Event Centre • Meeting Rooms 306-577-4577 The Friendly Place to Stay & Play

Make time for me time

Stress is an inevitable part of life, and it can have a negative impact on overall health if we don’t deal with it. While it’s impossible to get rid of stress entirely, there are many ways to relax, and reduce it. One of the most important things you can do is take time for yourself. When we run ourselves ragged, we’re not doing anyone any favours. We’re simply adding to the pile we’re not dealing with.

62 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA

Here are some ideas on how you can get yourself back on the right path and feeling good.

Exercise: Exercise is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. Physical activity helps to release endorphins, which are natural chemicals that improve mood and reduce stress levels. Exercise can take many forms, from going for a walk or jog to practicing yoga or tai chi. Even light exercise for 30 minutes a day can make a significant difference in stress levels. Whether you hit the local gym or just go for a walk in the park, the important part is to get moving.

Meditation: Meditation is a practice that involves focusing on the present moment and calming the mind. It has been shown to reduce stress, improve concentration, and increase overall wellbeing. There are many different types of meditation, including mindfulness meditation, which involves focusing on your breath and observing your thoughts without judgment. Taking a break to look within is a great idea to help centre yourself, and locally you can find help on how to do it.

Deep breathing: Deep breathing is a simple and effective technique that can be done anywhere, anytime. It involves taking slow, deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. This technique helps to slow down the heart rate and calm the nervous system, reducing stress levels. It sounds too easy, but it works!

Get enough sleep: Lack of sleep can increase stress levels and make it more difficult to manage stress. Aim for seven to nine hours of sleep per night to help reduce stress and improve overall health. Don’t forget the importance of a good mattress and sleeping space. Consider things like a weighted blanket or linen sheets to improve your bed. Make the place you sleep a place you want to be.

Spend time in nature: Spending time in nature has been shown to reduce stress levels and improve overall wellbeing. Whether it’s going for a walk in the park or hiking in the country, being

in nature can help to calm the mind and reduce stress levels. Weyburn is filled with places to enjoy while you get outside.

Try something new: There are many ways to centre yourself and alleviate stress that you may not have thought of before. Art therapy, aromatherapy, reiki, acupuncture and therapeutic touch are alternatives you might want to consider. Others also swear by things like crystals, tarot and astrology to help find a path to tranquility.

Connect with others: Social support is important for reducing stress and improving overall health. Spending time with friends and family, joining a club or group, or volunteering can all help to reduce stress levels and improve well-being. There are plenty of opportunities in the southeast to join up with others and have some fun. Stretch out of your comfort zone and make some new friends.

Practice self-care: Taking care of yourself is important for reducing stress levels. This can include things like taking a relaxing bath, getting a massage, or reading a book. A visit to the local hair salon for a cut or buying a new outfit can make a world of difference. Energy is all around us, and it’s important to invite good energy in through self-care activities, even if it’s just a few minutes a day.

Laugh: They say that laughter is the best medicine. It helps to release endorphins and reduce stress levels. Watching a funny movie or spending time with friends who make you laugh can help to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

While we can’t eliminate stress entirely, we can do more to manage it by taking time to give ourselves a little TLC. Exercise, meditation, deep breathing, getting enough sleep, spending time in nature, connecting with others, practicing self-care, and laughing are all effective ways to relax and reduce stress levels. By incorporating these techniques into your daily routine, you can improve your overall well-being and just feel better.

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Embrace the good energy Higher Conscious Connections brings community together

Higher Conscious Connections has had an amazing journey since Colleen Marcotte launched her passion for the metaphysical into a small shop in 2015. Nearly eight years later, Higher Conscious Connections has blossomed into an incredible boutique and creative space in downtown Weyburn.

“My business has grown so much thanks to the community and our loyal customers,” says Colleen. “And last but

not least, Higher Conscious Connections is here because of our fantastic creators.”

Colleen has brought together an extraordinary group of makers, artisans and practitioners that feed into the shop’s amazing energy. “I feel blessed to have their beautiful creations as part of my shop,” says Colleen. “Each one of them, are artists in their own way. “

You’ll find a variety of crystal, metal and Indigenous creations including jewelry, grids, angels, pendulums, dreamcatchers and more. There are stunning paintings,

wire art, and self-care products such as bath bombs, lotions, body sprays, candles and meditation cushions. There are items to help with the Zen energy of your space like candles, smudge kits, fairy dust jars, and sweetgrass and sage bundles. For your physical health, there are wild-crafted and naturopathic herbal teas, tinctures and salves. Your wardrobe and your home can get a makeover with fair trade harem pants and free flowing dresses, plus alpaca jackets, sweaters, ponchos and blankets that are so ultra soft and warm that you just melt into them.

64 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA

“The energy of the shop continues upstairs with not only myself and my coworkers offering different services but other practitioners as well,” says Colleen. “We offer Readings, Reiki, Past Life sessions, Yoga, Mindfulness for children, Breathwork, Meditation, Sound Baths, Youth Total Vitality sessions, Qi Gong, Functional Fitness classes, Kids and Teens Reiki workshops, and many other classes and workshops.” The upstairs space is also used by practitioners who come in monthly or every two months

to offer their services such as Sho Tai, Body Talk, Crystal Therapy, Access Bars and Energy Healing.

“The shop is always changing and evolving, there is always something new to check out,” says Colleen. Higher Conscious Connections is a place you must visit in-person to truly experience the energy of it all. Stop by 122B 3rd Street NE in Weyburn and find out more on Facebook.

Find these creators at Higher Conscious Connections

• Awakening of Energy Creations

• Calming Soul Creations

• Chainmail Creations

• Dayne Paintings

• Envirotribe

• Eyes of the Griffin

• Fancy Alpaca

• Fantastic Feather Design

• Fairy Energy Creations

• Forever Five

• Forever Wild Herbs

• Grandma’s Hands

• Happy Hour Creations

• Hawkins Studios

• Jdm Jewelry

• Jennie’s Creations

• Judy’s Treasure Trove

• Meraki Crystal Creations

• ML Creations

• Pluto Prism

• Prairie Empath

• RG Creations

• Rock On Jewelry

• Saffron Boutique

• Sewl Sisters

• SS306

• TJ Woodworking

• Wired, Beaded & Stoned



“The shop is always changing and evolving, there is always something new to check out.”
- Colleen Marcotte
Higher Conscious Connections
122B 3rd Street NE
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How to love your spouse

Learn the language

Have you ever wondered why some people say they have a soul mate? Why some people seem to have great relationships? Why some people seem very loving?

What if I told you I could help you to understand how this happens?

You see there’s a language—a love language. There are five different ways to give and receive love: Acts of Service, Physical Touch, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts and Words of Affirmation. Take the quiz to discover yours. There are several online quizzes you can take—my favourite is by Gary Chapman.

If we are not in tune with others, we tend to love using our own love language. It’s like trying to feed someone something they don’t like. They do everything to avoid it. When you know your spouse’s love language you can give them the biggest gift you can give. It is not always easy to know what to do to speak their language so here are some ideas.

Work on the yard together

Acts of Service – Giving your spouse a hand cleaning up and beautifying your yard.

Physical Touch – Give your spouse a back rub after a long hard day in the yard. Quality Time – Being together listen to favorite music or keeping up a conversation.

Receiving Gifts – Buy your spouse a planter of their favorite flowers, a tree to plant or a favorite little ornament.

Words of Affirmation – Look for opportunities to compliment your spouse with words like “You’re working really hard,” “I really like how you arranged those plants,” or “You did a great job on painting the deck.”

Take a trip

Acts of Service – Plan a trip to one of your partner’s favourite places. Take care of all the planning booking a room and plan the route. Take care of the details.

Physical Touch – Gently reach over and brush your spouse’s hand while they drive. Give them a kiss and hug when you have pit stops or as you reach your destination.

Quality Time – Spend time together doing activities and eating meals together.

Receiving Gifts – Stop at a souvenir store and get a little something that will remind your partner of this special trip.

Words of Affirmation – Include activities that your spouse is good at like mini golf or fishing so you can pour on the compliments.

Is music your thing?

Acts of Service – Create a playlist of their favorite music for your spouse.

Physical Touch – Take a dance class together or enjoy a night out dancing.

Quality Time – Enjoy a music festival together.

Receive Gifts – Buy your spouse their favorite concert tickets!

Words of Affirmation – Make a sign of your spouse’s favourite lyrics from their favourite song.

Game night

Acts of Service – Invite your spouse’s favourite people for a game night you have planned.

Physical Touch – Plan games where you’re teamed with your spouse so when you have victories you can share a little kiss, high five or shoulder pat. Or if you’re not so lucky, a little hand squeeze for better luck next time.

Quality Time – Make sure there’s lots of laughter and everyone is involved in the game.

Receiving Gifts – Gift your spouse their favorite game.

Words of Affirmation - Be sure to applaud your spouse often for their effort and accomplishments.

Start a business together

Acts of Service – Set up and incorporate the business take care of the lawyers and accountants.

Physical Touch – Hug your spouse, let them know you are excited about your new adventure.

Quality Time – Book time to do activities that you enjoy together like a hockey game, football game, dinner out or movie.

Receiving Gifts – Give your spouse a personalized item that fits your business like a shirt, jacket or a name plate.

Words of Affirmation – Create a sign with your favourite business motto or motivational saying making sure it fits in a place they will see often.

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For more information, please call our toll free registration line at 1-866-999-7372 or go online at Interested in becoming a hairstylist? WE HAVE A PROGRAM JUST FOR YOU! Experience the Southeast College Advantage Apply now for our Hairstylist Diploma Program at our Weyburn campus. You will learn how to perform techniques on hair, wigs, hairpieces, skin, and nails. You will also develop artistry, salon management, and customer service skills. This program provides an apprenticeship period of up to two years. HAIRSTYLIST – DIPLOMA PROGRAM

Family owned generational businesses are a unique and valuable part of the business landscape, and we’re lucky to have so many here in the Southeast.


FAMILY All in the

Generational businesses matter in the southeast

Southeast Saskatchewan is known for many things—rolling fields, open skies, and of course, agriculture and energy. It’s also home to a long-standing business community that has developed over the decades—with many ventures passed down from one generation to the next.

Family-owned generational businesses often have a long and sometimes storied history that is tied to the community they serve. They are special in that they are often built on a foundation of family values and traditions, which can be traced back for generations.

One of the biggest advantages of these enterprises is that they have a strong sense of continuity and stability. Because the business has been passed down through multiple generations, there is often a deep connection to the company’s history, culture, and values. This can help to create a strong sense of loyalty and commitment among employees and customers alike.

Another advantage of family owned generational businesses is that they often have a long-term perspective. Because owners focus on passing the business down to future generations, they are often willing to make investments and decisions that may not pay off immediately but will benefit the business long-term. This perspective can be a valuable asset in today’s modern marketplace.

However, like with anything, challenges can arise within family owned generational businesses. The biggest can be succession planning. It can be hard to decide who will take over the business when the current owners or leadership are ready to retire. This can be especially hard when there are multiple family members who are interested in taking over or if there are issues about the direction of the company.

Also, balancing the needs of the family with the needs of the business can be a challenge. Family relationships can be complicated and personal issues can spill over. It is important for family members to separate personal feelings from their professional relationships and establish good boundaries and expectations.

Despite the challenges, family owned generational businesses can be incredibly successful. Many of Canada’s largest companies—Parrish & Heimbecker, Canadian Tire and Jim Pattison Group, for example—are family owned generational businesses. These companies have been able to leverage their family’s business strength, knowledge of their customers and their long-term perspective to achieve their remarkable success.

Family owned generational businesses are a unique and valuable part of the business landscape, and we’re lucky to have so many here in the Southeast.


GENERATIONS serve GENERATIONS in the southeast

Did you know Jerry Mainil Limited (JML) has been a part of the community since 1961? This year they are celebrating their 62 years in business and proudly call Weyburn home.

In 1992, the company transitioned to the second generation with Dennis Mainil, Dale Mainil and son-in-law

Calvin Tracey who continued to grow the company to where it is today.

JML employs 70 people and is home to a vast fleet of heavy construction equipment. This diverse and full-service construction company proudly serves southeastern Saskatchewan with a suite of services and equipment. JML can handle civil construction, reclamation, crew work, pipelining, welding,

trucking, demolition, railway construction, and more. The company is proud of their great staff with diverse skill sets, many years of experience and immeasurable community involvement. JML understands the value of their team - and is proud to have employees who have been part of the JML family for over 40 years.

Jerry Mainil Ltd. | 1530 New City Garden Road | Weyburn | 306.842.5412 |
Orlanda and Jerry Mainil PHOTO BY Rhett Ripplinger L-R Calvin Tracey, Dale Mainil, Jerry Mainil, Dennis Mainil and Darcy McCormick


A look back and a look forward

The two biggest struggles I saw in 2022 for business were inflation and a lack of employees. I have seen many organizations here go from three to five employees, to one. It happened to me, too. Because of this, planning has become essential to success. I have been working with my clients to have a better plan. Here are three things to think about in 2023: time, people and money.


For some businesses, like restaurants and stores, the solution has been closing on slow days and focusing on the times when customers are ready to buy. We are no longer a seven-day a week community, so it’s time to do business accordingly. Focus on what you know best and do best and that makes money. Be careful so you’re not using your limited resources and exhausting yourself with things not meant for you.


Another trend that keeps coming up is the use of staffing agencies and

headhunters. I unfortunately have not heard of one successful story—and it is costly. Try looking for employees on LinkedIn and Facebook. It’s the new way of doing business.


I am also hearing a lot about the cost of everything—fuel, inputs, construction material, food and more. One of my clients said to me “I wish someone had taught me about business and about raising your rates.” They had not raised their rates in six years and when they tried to even it out this year, they were met with resistance. It is mportant to increase your rates one to two per cent per year to keep pace with inflation. When giving out estimates, give them a time limit because costs can jump dramatically fast.

Finally, make sure you’re actually getting paid. I have had to write off thousands of dollars in years past. Be careful dealing with clients by taking deposits and interim payments etc. If you have a signed contract or proof of services rendered, it is fairly easy to file in small claims court or have a lawyer

prepare a demand letter. Try not to spend a pile of money trying to collect money as it all becomes a cost. Sometimes the best remedy is to move on and spend your energy finding new work.

BUSINESS & TRADE Ardell Small Business Solutions 306.861.4000 Ardell
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Tax planning is essential for estates

No one really wants to think about what will happen when we’re gone, but it’s so important to do so. Making sure your estate is taken care of long before it’s needed is vital for so many reasons. It’s crucial to help your loved ones know what you want, and take that burden from their shoulders. There is also another reason to plan your estate now versus later: taxes.

“One of the most complex issues I see in estate planning is intergenerational transfers and the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption (LCGE), especially in farming operations,” says Nancy McMahon,

owner at N.M McMahon CPA Professional Corporation. “It takes careful planning to ensure your estate is passed on properly. Otherwise, your family can be hit with major tax consequences.”

The first, and possibly most important, thing to note about intergenerational transfers that qualify for the LCGE is that they must run through vertical line of lineage—it must occur from parent to child, or grandparent to parent to child, or grandparent to grandchild. It does NOT work between siblings, or between aunts or uncles and nieces or nephews. “You can transfer between yourself and a child or grandchild. You cannot

transfer to your brother, sister, niece or nephew without tax consequences,” says Nancy. “This can be complicated for farming or business operations that involve more than one branch of a family tree.” Because of the complexities of intergenerational transfers and the LGCE, it is essential to speak a qualified professional on how to manage your circumstances.

Family relationships can be intricate, and money and inheritances can add another layer of complexities. “You also have to consider factors beyond money when it comes to planning,” says Nancy. “For example, if you have two children and


a farm where only one wants to farm, consider how you will manage that. Factors like fairness and ‘sweat equity’ also come into play in these situations.”

The simple message for estate planning, especially when it comes to business operations and family farms, or estates with significant value is that expert advice is key. “Talk to the appropriate professionals that understand all the possible legal and financial ramifications of your estate,” says Nancy. “Once you have that, making decisions becomes much easier. It’s always better to start now than wait until it’s too late.”

The Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption (LCGE) allows Canadian incorporated small business owners, ownership partnerships, relatives of owners, holding corporations, family farms, and fishing operations owners to claim a deduction when selling shares of a corporation that can effectively reduce the taxes realized on a sale of their business. It allows people to keep the profits from qualifying sales to use the money for retirement, future investments—or to create an estate for inheritance purposes.

N.M. McMahon CPA Professional Corporation 604 Government Road South Weyburn 306.842.5344
Let Nancy and her staff help your business start out right and keep things running smoothly. Call 306.842.5344 for information and to make an appointment.
L-R Kevin Agema, Nancy McMahon, Corrie Schultz, Jenn Wagner, Anand Tirkey, Amber Wilson, Mathew Malaschuk

The fine print

Aspire Printing sets a new standard in print on demand

In business, there is an expression that time is money. There are times when you need something right now, and Aspire Printing is ready to help you save time and money with its new print-on-demand website.

Launched this spring, Aspire owner Ryan Campbell has developed a network of high-quality partners to deliver printing when and where you need it. “We’re a local source for printing that can reach across Canada with our website,” says

Ryan. “It’s quick and easy, and we can help you every step of the way.”

Ryan got his start in graphic design in 2006 serving commercial customers of all sizes. He saw the opportunity to

74 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA

Outside of printing, Ryan is also the proud owner of Prairie Stuff, a cute and clever source for prairie-inspired clothing, art and décor. There are t-shirts, bunnyhugs, hats and signs that every proud prairie dweller will love.

“The prairies are a beautiful place to call home, and I have created designs to celebrate it all,” says Ryan.

Find it all and order at

improve the local printing experience to make things easier, and created the new Aspire Printing website. “Now you can log on, select the items you want to print, get a quote, upload your artwork, and place the order,” says Ryan. “Then, we produce your items, and they are delivered to your door or wherever you need them go.”

Aspire can print business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, door hangers, letterhead, envelopes, magnets, tent cards, labels and more—even large format signs. “We can do it all, and if you need design assistance, we can handle that too. We’re a one-stop shop for all your design needs, and you can order 24 hours a day, seven days a week right on the website,” says Ryan. “We also handle specialty products for the southeast, including NCR forms, safety forms and other items for the oil and agriculture sectors.”

Aspire Printing is ready to do business with you today. With competitive pricing, fast turnaround and design help, find it all at

Lyla Campbell
Aspire Printing Ltd. Weyburn R eFined WEYBURN & AREA 75


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The services you need to make your farming life simple


Agronomists are there to help you get the most from your farm. The expert advice of an agronomist can help improve the quality and yield of crops, maximize resource use, and reduce environmental impact. Your agronomist can provide advice on soil testing, nutrient management, pest and disease control, and crop rotation, as well as choosing the right crop varieties for your farm.


When you’re in the field, you need the right equipment for the job, and it needs to work well. Your implement dealer is there to provide and maintain your equipment. They can also provide advice on the latest technologies and help you pick the right equipment for your specific needs. Plus, they offer maintenance and repair services to keep it all working.


Legal issues can arise in many aspects of farming including land ownership, contracts and regulations. Your lawyer can provide legal guidance and representation to protect your interests and ensure you’re complying with the law. You may also need a lawyer to negotiate and draft contracts for purchasing or leasing farmland, buying or selling livestock or crops, or entering into partnerships or joint ventures with other farmers or businesses.


Good financial record-keeping is vital for farmers to manage cash flow, track expenses, and maximize profits. Your accountant can help you maintain your records, prepare tax returns, and provide advice on financial planning and budgeting. Farmers often have to deal with complex tax regulations and an accountant can help you navigate the world of taxes and take advantage of tax breaks and incentives that may be available.


As we all know, farming is a capitalintensive business. Farmers often require financing to purchase land, equipment, and supplies, cover operating expenses and manage cash flow. Your banker can provide you with access to credit and financial services to support your business and create a financial plan that works for your operation.


Besides your farming equipment, you also need transportation. Your vehicle dealer offers transportation options in everything from trucks to trailers to utility vehicles. All are essential for transporting crops, equipment, and supplies to and from the farm. Your dealer can help find the right vehicle based on your operation and provide the maintenance and repair services to keep everything on the road.

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Farming is more than a job—it’s a calling. While you’re out in the field growing the food the world needs, it’s important to have a team that can assist you in taking care of business. Meet the people who can help you and your farm succeed.

Gearing up for another year Spring is here at Parrish & Heimbecker

As spring arrives (rather slowly this year), the southeast’s agricultural community is getting ready for another year. It’s also the perfect time to make sure your operation has what it needs to produce good yields. Jason Stewart, agrologist at Parrish & Heimbecker (P & H), has a lot to say about what farmers should be considering this spring.

Take a look inside

Jason says now is the time to book into P & H’s spring tissue sampling program. “We will come out, take samples, and send them away for analysis. From there,

we can help you address any plant health and soil interaction issues and recommend the products you need to increase your overall profitability,” says Jason. The time is now to get booked because the best time for analysis is just before spraying. That way, you can be sure to get the information you need to make the best decisions for your operation.

Think soil

“We also have a short window to address soil health issues,” says Jason. “Zinc and boron can be deficient in our region. Zinc can impact spring wheat

78 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA

and durum, and low boron can impact canola. Book now to see what your soil is up to, or we wait until fall to do work for next year’s crop.”

You can also address issues this year based on soil testing done last fall. “We can take your results from last year and determine what we’re dealing with. From there, we can make suggestions on how to address any issues in the spring,” he says.

Inputs matter

With fertilizer having the largest impact on both on your yield and your costs,

Jason says that talking to an expert about what your operation needs is vital. “When you know what is happening with your soil and plants, you can make good decisions about what you need to improve conditions,” says Jason. “We can help find the product that can make the difference between an average yield and a great one.”

No matter what size operation you have, the advice of an agrologist can make a difference to your bottom line. “Tissue and soil testing are excellent tools that can help you make good decisions,” says Jason. “An agrologist has the expertise to help guide you. We’re here

to help you plan for your specific needs, maximize your inputs and improve your profitability.”

Learn more at or call 306.842.7436.

AGRICULTURE Parrish & Heimbecker Weyburn Grain Elevator & Crop Inputs Centre 1 mile east of Weyburn on Highway 39 Weyburn 306.842.7436
“Tissue and soil testing are excellent tools that can help you make good decisions. An agrologist has the expertise to help guide you. We’re here to help you plan for your specific needs, maximize your inputs and improve your profitability.”
R eFined WEYBURN & AREA 79
- Jason Stewart

1st Prize 2023 Ford Bronco

Sport Big Bend ($45,758.64)

2nd Prize $3000 Cash

3rd Prize $2000 Cash

Price $100 Per Ticket

Only 2000 Tickets Available Draw Date August 26th, 2023 @ 1:00 PM

Great Plains Ford

Call or Text
to purchase a ticket! *for rules and more information please visit our website at License # LR23-0001 1764 1st Ave., N.E., Weyburn 306.848.2020 | Helping you make farming safer.
Service To keep your down time short! CALL TODAY AND BOOK AN APPOINTMENT Trent and the sta are ready to serve you.
On Site Farm Tire

It’s your money

Take care with preferred shares

These days, farming operations are often complex businesses that require careful planning. Gone are the days of a simple family farm that provides both an income and a home.

Many farms have become corporations, where land, equipment, crops and animals are rolled into a business. The

reason why is easy—deferring taxes to better manage cash flow and helping minimize taxation on the bottom line. Often, the corporation uses preferred shares to pay out dividends that qualify for tax credits.

However, this system requires careful planning over years to ensure that when you’re ready to cash out and sell, you’re not dinged with a massive tax bill. You must redeem shares over a significant period of time to ensure you’re getting the tax benefits now while planning for the future.

I have seen farming operations hit with massive tax bills where the farm doesn’t have the cash to pay. Don’t get caught in this situation. The sooner you get started, the better. A young farmer with 30 years to redeem shares has many more years than someone with 10 years to go before they retire. Make sure you’re planning with your tax professional now to prevent any issues down the road.

Preferred shares in Canada are securities issued by corporations that pay dividends that qualify for dividend tax credits. The shares are “preferred” because the dividends must be paid preferentially before any dividends are paid on the corporation's common shares.

more information? Call Nancy and the team at N.M McMahon CPA Professional Corporation today at 306.842.5344. N.M. McMahon CPA Professional Corporation 604 Government Road South Weyburn 306.842.5344
Nancy McMahon and Missy Photos Images By Jon Gillies

Together again

James Bell joins Jeff Tosczak as a partner at the new Weyburn Dodge PHOTO L-R James Bell, general manager/co-owner and Jeff Tosczak, owner
By Brook Thalgott Photos Images By Jon Gillies

Last fall, Jeff Tosczak got back into the vehicle business when he purchased Weyburn Dodge—and he hasn’t looked back since. Well-known in the southeast for his passion for customer service, Jeff set to work to bringing his vision to life at Weyburn Dodge. And he’s not doing it alone.

Jeff is thrilled to have James Bell at Weyburn Dodge as his partner and also general manager. “We worked together at my previous dealership, and I am so happy to have him with me here,” says Jeff. Jeff and James have rebuilt the sales and service experience at the dealership and want to welcome everyone in the southeast to have the new Weyburn Dodge experience.

You can expect a dedication to quality service that Jeff, James and their team aim to provide. “When you buy a vehicle from Weyburn Dodge, your relationship with us doesn’t end when you drive away,” says James. “Every time you come in for service, we’re here to take care of you and your vehicle the right way. The service department is the backbone of any good dealership experience.”

James and Jeff are also incredibly proud of the Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram vehicle lineup. The new Weyburn Dodge has the small-town experience you expect, with the fantastic big city inventory you’ll love. These days you’ll find Weyburn Dodge bursting at the seams with the cars, trucks and SUVs you’re going to want to take home. The dealership is spread over two buildings with two lots, and a team

The Weyburn Dodge Team - James Bell
R eFined WEYBURN & AREA 83
“Every time you come in for service, we’re here to take care of you and your vehicle the right way. The service department is the backbone of any good dealership experience.”

ready to find the vehicle for your needs, lifestyle and budget. “Our growing team has the skills and knowledge to help you choose the right vehicle from our great selection,” says Jeff.

Located at 1627 First Avenue NE, Weyburn Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Ltd has the full lineup of new models. Whether you’re in the market for new or used, there’s a vehicle waiting for you. Plus, their service doesn’t end when the keys are handed over. The service department is a state-of-the-art facility with a team of expert technicians that can take care of all your regular maintenance and auto repair needs, they service ALL makes and models.

See what Jeff, James and the entire Weyburn Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram team can do for you and your vehicle. Visit or call 306.842.7333 for more information.
L-R James Bell, Danielle Smith, Roger Hill, Chad Fellner, Shane Mitchell and Jeff Tosczak
Weyburn Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Ltd. 1627 1 Ave NE Weyburn 306.842.7333 AGRICULTURE R eFined WEYBURN & AREA 85




Congratulations on your new pet! Now that you have that bundle of energy that is chewing on everything, let’s make sure we get him started off right. This cute puppy will worm their way into your family and your life will forever be better because of it. One of the things veterinary technologists love most is sharing our knowledge, so don’t be shy with your questions when you come in for your puppy visits.

Protection is important

Vaccinations are critical, especially with dogs being more social than ever. Dogs require what we call core vaccines—a vaccine that is necessary regardless of lifestyle or risk. These vaccines protect against diseases we have here in southeast Saskatchewan like Distemper, Parvo Virus, Rabies and more. There are additional vaccines that some dogs need because of lifestyle and risk such as Bordetella (often referred to as Kennel Cough) for those that attend doggie daycare, grooming or the dog park. Dogs that travel south should be protected against Canine Influenza. These vaccines require boosters with the average puppy receiving their vaccinations at 8, 12, 16 weeks, one year of age and ranges from annual to every three years depending on the vaccine. Your puppy should avoid dog parks and playing with unvaccinated dogs until they are fully vaccinated.

The right food

Growing up healthy starts with what they eat. Premium diets and proven diets are a great place to start. Feeding your puppy for who they are is very important. A large breed puppy has a different growth curve than a small breed puppy and therefore different nutritional needs. Look for large breed and small breed formulas when selecting a diet whenever possible. Avoid diets that advertise grain free. These diets use human diet trends as marketing techniques and less than one per cent of dogs are truly allergic to grains. In 2019 the FDA released a statement to avoid grain free diets as they have been linked to heart problems in dogs. We have seen dogs in our clinics develop these issues as a result of eating grain free diets. Veterinary technologists and veterinarians are very knowledgeable about nutrition and are happy to assist you in learning more about this important topic.

Mind your manners

Sit! Good dog! Socialization and manners make good dogs into great dogs. This can be done in formalized classes or at home. The most important thing is to get started by making it a part of daily life and get the whole family involved. Dogs learn best through positivity and repetition. Start with a plan and ask yourself questions like do I want my puppy to sit before I feed him? Should he sit when company comes in? What door do we want him to ask to go outside at? These questions can help you build your daily routine around the things that matter most to you. Then everyone in the house can contribute to ensuring that

behavior is encouraged. If one family member is the only one making the effort than the puppy is less likely to succeed. If going to classes, have different handlers attend. That way you know if the dog knows the command. Exposure to new environments and meeting new people and pets make for the most social pets.

Once your puppy is on its way with vaccination protection, I like the 30-day rule. Have your puppy meet thirty new people in thirty days and receive a treat from each person. You will never have a hard time finding someone willing to stop and interact with your puppy while you go for a walk or visit a pet friendly retailer or even take a ride through the drive-thru. Remember the time you invest now is well worth it, as they are most impressionable as puppies.

Prairie Animal Health Centre 416 7 St NW, Weyburn 306.910.PAHC (7242) 108 Breeze St, Highway 39 W., Estevan 306.634.7123

Say hello to South Country Equipment’s Dwaine Obst

South Country Equipment is your source for turf and utility equipment

South Country Equipment has been a mainstay in the province’s agriculture sector for a long time. Did you know that they also provide turf and utility equipment?

Meet Dwaine Obst, your source for expert advice in turf and utility equipment.

Dwaine was born and raised at Yellow Grass, getting his first taste of property management looking after his family’s yard in town and on their hobby farm. “With my father’s ‘guidance’ and foundation of attention to detail

and work ethic, I quickly realized the importance of how utilizing some effort and pride in these tasks would quickly pay off by using good tools,” says Dwaine.

In high school, he had opportunity to work for the Town of Yellow Grass as an assistant to his great uncle who was Town Foreman during the spring and summer. Dwaine mowed ditches, the park and sports grounds in addition to helping with all things related to managing the property within the town limits. “This is where I first learned the value of trying to achieve the standards set by not just my employer, but the

town’s residents who easily kept that bar high,” he says.

Dwaine would eventually head to Regina, and due to multiple knee issues, he chose to study Horticulture Landscape Design and Maintenance. When he was done school, Dwaine was hired by the Wascana Golf & Country Club in Regina which he says was one of the most interesting and rewarding jobs and educational experiences he has had. “I worked on a 15-person maintenance team and after my first season there, I got the opportunity to study the condensed Turfgrass Management program at Olds College in Alberta,”

88 R eFined WEYBURN & AREA
Dwaine Obst

he says. “For the next six years, I was honoured to spend each spring, summer and fall as a Maintenance Foreman helping to maintain all the focus and detail tasking involved with grooming one of the top private country club golf courses in Western Canada.”

His knee issues would persist and Dwaine moved into selling professional golf and sports field equipment for two different manufacturers and dealers over the next seven years. “Not only did I have the honour of working for and with my peers and over 120 golf courses in southern Saskatchewan, but I got to learn how other professionals in the industry performed their skills and craft as well.”

Dwaine’s phone would ring again, this time offering the opportunity to represent South Country Equipment Ltd. as a lawn and garden equipment representative. “It was the right time to bring all I had learned ‘home,’ he says.

Over the years, Dwaine has enjoyed presenting all of John Deere’s riding lawn equipment, commercial mowing equipment, utility vehicles, compact and utility tractors and implements to farms, urban acreages, and various forms of year-round property management equipment firms, schools, contractors, shopping malls and municipal/ governmental agencies.

This year marks his 16th year with South Country Equipment. “It has easily been the most rewarding and balanced experience ever,” says Dwaine. “I enjoy bringing all those years of learning the value of attention to detail, customer service and working on a team of specialists who all share the same passion for representing one of the most recognized and respected brands on the planet, as well as giving all of our customers the best possible experience when dealing with every facet of our business.”

Dwaine sees the sales component of his job description is completely secondary to his passion and vision that mirrors what South Country Equipment is all about: building a solid trusting relationship with every customer and following through with solutions for all of their property management needs with a superior efficient product, and

unending support from his service and parts teams.

“It has been a truly amazing ride and I look forward to striving to improve my commitment to South Country and my customers for years to come,” says Dwaine.

Learn more at, and find them on Highway #39 North in Weyburn from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday.

AGRICULTURE South Country Equipment Highway #39 North Weyburn 306.842.4686 #8 South Plains Road West Emerald Park 306.721.5050
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Southeast College, a consecutive placer among Saskatchewan’s Top Employers, is currently looking for Safety Instructors.

As part of our industry-leading training programming, the College is looking for individuals equipped to instruct high-quality safety training in the areas of: H2S, Confined Space, Ground Disturbance, and First Aid. Experienced candidates who are willing to take the train the trainer courses may be considered.

If you hold a keen understanding of one or more of these areas and an ability to speak with the power to facilitate experienced working groups, then we would like to hear from you.

VISIT THE CAREERS PAGE AT for more information

Call 1.866.999.7372



For Businesses:

• Bookkeeping

• Year-end preparations

• Assistance with Canada Revenue Agency

• Register for GST, PST and WCB

• GST, PST, and WCB filings

• Corporate taxes

• T5 investment slips

• Payroll and remittances

• T4 employee slips

• Petrinex for oil production accounting

• Cortex invoice submissions for oil and gas companies

• Open invoice submissions for oil field invoicing

• AgriInvest and AgriStability preparation

• Trust and Estate planning and tax filings

• Assisting Executors

• Consulting for business operations

• Consulting for corporate structure

• Assist businesses with evaluating key performance indicators

• Tax planning and estimates

• Reorganizations

• Amalgamations and windups

For Individuals:

• Personal taxes

• Consulting for when to incorporate

• Business advice for self-employment 604 Government Road South, Weyburn


L-R Anand Tirkey, Corrie Schultz, Amber Wilson, Nancy McMahon, Mathew Malaschuk, Jenn Wagner, Kevin Agema
YOUR LOCAL FUEL TEAM EXPERTS 6.8% Economy U p To Better Fuel READY TO MAKE THE SWITCH? The best time to make the switch to a better fuel is now. Co-op Premium Diesel is even proven to restore depositrelated power loss within eight hours of operation. So, if you’re ready to see improved power, better fuel efficiency and increased fuel system cleanliness, contact a Fuel Team member at Prairie Sky Co-op to get started. 306.848.3689 OR COMING SOON PRAIRIE SKY CO-OP LIQUOR STORE WEYBURN, SK Opening in Spring 2023 Prairie Sky Co-op Food Store & Pharmacy

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