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Like a Phoenix from the ashes, RED INK Magazine has risen. It is here to deliver incredible images and stories of your favorite artists, actors, singers, bands, events, models. designers and lifestyle news from the Caribbean and beyond. RED INK Magazine will always represent the people and culture of the Caribbean and West Indies, but we will not hesitate to include interesting people and culture from the rest of the world.

RED INK Magazine will be one of the trendsetter when it comes to delivering entertainment and lifestyle news to the people. We will provide updates on concerts, events and music festivals. There will be introductions of new and upcoming artists from Reggae, Soca, Hip Hop, R&B and other genres. And let’s not forget interviews and bios of all of your favorite performers that you know, love and follow. We hope you all love the internet based format; the times have changed and so have we. You can now enjoy short video clips and links within the pages of our publication. Yet, know that even though the magazine is online, it is designed to be read like a traditional magazine, turning pages and enjoying incredible, visually stunning spreads, and let’s not forget about our beautiful centerfold models that will grace the center spread of the magazine each month.

RED INK Magazine is here to stay and we aspire to be “THE” Lifestyle / Entertainment Magazine providing all of our readers with the stories and interviews they crave, the beautiful imagery they desire, and the design standard that we refuse to compromise.

~Michael Devine


Reggae Artist & Producer with new release "Live That Life"

The positive & energetic opener "Just Like We", features South African singer and 2022 SAMA (South African Music Awards) winner Reign Afrika, on a riddim by Florian "Stahl" Munzer. It is a pure love-letter to reggae music and, in this regard, sets the tone for the EP. The music video filmed in 2022 embodies the fun Jon Moon and Reign Afrika had collaborating on this tune as they dance through the streets of Johannesburg.

The fierce and empowering second track "Strong & Healthy" is a confident and steadfast affirmation of Jon Moon’s faith. This is his first collaboration with Cologne based producer & musician Aleksandar "Aca" Kazic, who produced the riddim. "Strong & Healthy" adds another layer to the EP with its fast paced modernroots sound.

The crisp one-drop of "You & Me" is as sweet as a love letter can be. Accompanied by real strings, the artist affirms his love for his queen, Bronwyn. The same Bronwyn is featured on the next song, "Different Style". This poppy dancehall song makes it impossible not to move, and reminds us, that we are never really alone. Bronwyn captivates and comforts the listener with her soothing voice and the combination of the two results in a truly hopeful song. Hope itself is a central theme in Jon Moon’s music and an integral theme of this EP, which is also reflected in the title track, "Live That Life Today". Here, in Moon’s most experimental piece of work to date, he bridges the gap between the current state of living and state of mind, and the ideal, which we strive towards. Inviting us to "Live That Life Today".

production, influenced by the likes of Fat Freddy's Drop or Bon Iver. The interweaving of live instruments like the saxophone, piano and drums with sampled and technically created sounds and various synthesizers and patterns create an immersive piece of music and, along with the lyrics, takes the listener on a journey, from despair to joy, from hopelessness to hopefulness.

Turning from the inner battles to the outer world again is the Akae Beka/Midnite inspired "Compassion for the Weak". Featuring only real instruments, including Trombone, Saxophone and Hammond Organ, Jon Moon created a heavy, "rootical" riddim, supporting his plea for justice and "compassion for the weak". These very words are borrowed from the Midnite song "A Reminder", which is the basis for Moon's reasoning. And so Akae Beka remains the strongest influence in the artist's music.

While five of the songs have already been released as singles, they've all received a meticulous makeover by Ganjaman and Jon Moon, to bring them together into one cohesive musical experience. Two dub versions and one riddim version by Jon Moon complete the EP, and give the listener the possibility to dive even deeper into the music.

The EP "Live That Life" as a whole is a declaration of love to (Roots-)Reggae, Dub & conscious music, sometimes said aloud („Just Like We“), and always felt and heard in the detailed productions, showcasing the genre in all it’s versatility and beauty. It is Jon Moon’s way of giving thanks and praise, and raising hope.

This song was approached from the perspective of

"Live That Life" was released on May 31st, 2024 by Yutman Records and is available in all online stores and on Bandcamp.

1- Too Sweet by HOZIER 2- Espresso by SABRINA CARPENTER

3- Beautiful Things by BENSON BOONE

4- Saturn by SZA

5- Fortnight f/Post Malone by TAYLOR SWIFT

6- we can’t be friends (wait for your love) by ARIANA GRANDE

7- Lose Controle by TEDDY SWIMS

8- I had Some Help f/M.Wallen by POST MALONE 9- Feather by SABRINA CARPENTER

10- Illusion by DUA LIPA

this month

1- Inside Out 2

2- Bad Boys: Ride or Die

3- Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

4- The Garfield Movie

5- The Watchers

6- If

7- Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

8- The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

9- The Fall Guy

10- The Strangers: Chapter 1

July 20-21, 2024 Winter Park, Colorado Rendezvous Event Center


Acclaimed Actor, Died at 88

Donald McNichol Sutherland was born July 17th, 1935 in New Brunswick, Canada. He was known as one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. He had the natural talent to play a villain, psychopath, hero or lover with the same incredible perfection and intensity. There was never a time that this actor was type cast in a role. And the thing that truly made him stand out, and something that he talked about in many interviews over the years was that by all accounts he was not the typical “good-looking” Hollywood A-lister. He even joked about this in interviews over the years where he quoted a director and his own mother. To paraphrase, one time a director did not cast him because he claimed that he was looking for “the guy next-door and he doesn’t believe that he was ever next door to anyone.” And similarly one time he asked his own mother if he was handsome and she said, “No, but your face has a lot of character.” But without the model looks he still was a critically acclaimed international actor who starred or co-starred in over 200 movies and TV shows over his 60 year acting career, fueled only by talent.

As a child Donald was a sickly kid. He dealt with Hepatitis, Rheumatic Fever, Polio, and a severe case of Spinal Meningitis as a young adult that left him comatose for six weeks during which time, he had been considered clinically dead. Additionally because of his Polio as a child one of his legs was shorter than the other, hence his characteristic limp. With all of these things stacked against him, he still pursued his true passion of becoming an actor. Starting with minor stage performances, he went on to become one of the most recognizable actors in the world. His television and movie career started in 1963 with a small role in an episode of The Sentimental Agent. Then in 1964 he was co-starring in his first movie alongside Christopher Lee in the film Castle of the Dead. He then went on to major and supporting roles in Dr. Terrors House of Horrors and Die! Die! My Darling! His big break came in 1967 when he got a role in the hit movie The Dirty Dozen, co-starring alongside

Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin and John Cassavetes. This became one of the highest grossing movies of 1967, and really put a spotlight on him as an actor.

He later took on the role of Hawkeye Pierce in the comedy movie M*A*S*H, demonstrating his ability to be truly funny. A role type he continued in the movie Kelly’s Heroes where he played crazy tank commander “Oddball.” And Donald’s career only continued to blossom from there. He continued to star in mega movie successes including Don’t Look Now, The Eagle Has Landed, National Lampoon’s Animal House, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The First Great Train Robbery, Ordinary People, Lock Up, Backdraft, and later he had a co-starring role in the entire Hunger Games series of movies. All in all he was in over 200 Movies, Films and Television shows and he was a stand out in every single one of them.

Continued on page 10

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Sadly he never earned an Oscar, however he did earn a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Honorary Award. He also has a star on both the Canada Walk of Fame and The Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was truly one of the greatest and most versatile and most prolific actors of the last 60 years.

And apparently the natural talent and acting gene runs in his blood because his son Kiefer Sutherland is also a Hollywood A-lister who already has 110 acting credits of his own, including the hit show 24 where he plays the unforgettable character, Jack Bauer.

Donald Sutherland died at the age of 88, on June 20th, 2024. His cause of death has been reported by his family and agent as a “long running illness” however no further details have been given. Donald, you will never be forgotten and you will be missed by millions of fans the world over. Your legacy will live on in the annals of time through your many works and the characters that you so deftly portrayed. Rest in Peace and in the afterlife, “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

Anguilla's 50th Anniversary Summer Festival

Spectacular Festival Filled with Music, Food, Concerts, Sailing and Culture on the Beautiful Island of Anguilla

Anguilla Summer Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary!

From July 21st to August 11th, locals and visitors are invited to join the festivities and enjoy a week full of cultural events, music, and fun activities. The 50th edition of the Anguilla Summer Festival, aptly coined "The Family Reunion," will attract record numbers of visitors and returning residents to the island.

In its pure form, The Anguilla Summer Festival is a celebration, affirmation and expression of culture coined by the island's people. Family, friends, well-wishers and guests from ports worldwide will descend on Anguilla to revel in the festivities that celebrate life's freedoms and commemorate the Anguillian ancestors' emancipation.

The Anguilla Summer Festival incorporates Carnival celebrations and competitions, Boat Racing (the island's national sport) and other maritime activities. During this period, the entire island pulses with energy. Anguilla is the place to be this summer, from the parties to the concerts to street fairs to Anguilla's world-renowned restaurants and street food. The Anguilla Summer Festival is a canvas painted with new and everlasting memories each year.

The festival peaks with festivities on Monday, August 5th, with the lively J'ouvert Celebration (a street party that begins before dawn). Anguilla's J'ouvert celebrations are unique because it is the only J'ouvert in the Caribbean that ends on the beach with an all day beach party and concert. On Tuesday, August 6th, don't miss the highly-anticipated Miss Anguilla Pageant, where the island's beauties will compete for the crown. The pageant is expected to highlight and celebrate past Miss Anguilla winners. The committee's efforts are championed by The Honourable Dee Ann Kentish Rogers, Minister of Education and Culture and Miss Anguilla 2017. In 2018 The Hon. Ms Kentish Rogers was also the first black woman crowned Miss

Universe Great Britain. On Wednesday, August 7th, the Calypso Monarch Competition will showcase Anguilla's top talents in music and performance. This event will take place at the famous Landsome Bowl Cultural Centre. Calypso Monarch is a highly anticipated event that brings the masses to bask in the music and culture and take in top calypsonians on the island.

Prepare for an exhilarating experience at 'Eyes Wide Shut' on Thursday, August 8th. This year's theme, 'Enchanted', promises a night… and morning of unforgettable live performances and surprises. The Grand Parade of Troupes on Friday, August 9th, will be a vibrant spectacle of costumes and dancing, a sight not to be missed. The festival continues on Saturday, August 10th, with the thrilling Poker Run.

A high stakes card game that stops at 5 of Anguilla’s beautiful beaches and incorporates the best Djs, competitions and food. The festival concludes with the “Champ of Champs” boat race. This battle of locally made sloops (sail boats) is Anguilla’s National Sport and “Champ of Champs” is the island’s Super Bowl on the water. The excitement is bar none. Photos by Crispin Brooks


Announced Additions to the already Packed Lineup

The 35th installment of Reggae on the River in Northern California returns to the south fork of the Eel River in Southern Humboldt County for three days of reggae, camping and irie vibes. This iconic festival brings together international headlining musical acts August 2-4, plus onsite camping, festival attractions and direct-to-consumer cannabis sales from Humboldt County’s legendary family cannabis farms.

Held at the beautiful County Line Ranch in Piercy, California, this year’s festival will mark the return of Reggae on the River following a six-year hiatus. Confirmed 2024 headliners include Anthony B, Konshenz, Capleton and the Prophecy Band, J Boog, Collie Buddz, DeMarco, Stylo G, Skarra Mucci, Lila Ike ft. Wurl Sound, Lutan Fyah, Chuck Fenda, Sister Nancy, Chezidek, Marlon Asher, Pressure Busspipe, Iba Mahr, Perfect Giddimani, Boomyard ft. Yaadcore and Yaksta, plus a late night DJ dance party on the river, and more!

Founded in 1984, Reggae on the River has grown into one of the longest running and most beloved events on the global reggae scene, while always maintaining a “homegrown” community vibe. Organized by Humboldt County’s Mateel Community Center (in conjunction with Hot Milk Entertainment), and still run as a local non-profit with no corporate involvement, Reggae on the River has evolved over the last forty years to draw crowds of up to 15,000 people while featuring international headliners like

The Marley Brothers, Toots the Maytals, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, Third World, and Steel Pulse.

Music will run from noon till late night on three stages, including a stage where attendees can listen while swimming in the Eel River. Beyond the music, this will be the first Reggae on the River held in the age of cannabis legalization, and for the first time will feature an official “cannabis zone” powered by Humboldt’s own Cannifest, where adults can purchase and consume cannabis products direct from the Emerald Triangle’s legendary farmers.

“Humboldt County has long been known for growing the country’s best outdoor, organic cannabis while pushing back against the government’s misguided prohibition against this beneficial plant,” says Christina Augustine, Vice President of the Mateel Community Center. “This year Reggae on the River is the perfect opportunity for people to come and enjoy our local produce and culture while enjoying world-class music and camping out under the stars.”

A fully family-friendly event (children under 12 admitted free with an adult), Reggae on the River also highlights local food, drinks, crafts, art and vendors.

The Iconic Reggae on the River Festival in Southern Humboldt County, CA on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, August 2 - 4, 2024 Tickets on Sale now at (Kids 12 and under free).

Anthony B Capleton
Lila Ike
Collie Budz Konshens

M M I I S S S S J J U U L L Y Y 2 2 0 0 2 2 4 4

Photography by Victor Morales Swim-wear design by Natalia Garcia by KK Swimwear
IG: @kkswimwear
Model: Nayeli IG: @nayelicintron


Introduces New Ceramic Hybrid Cookware Line

- Get the scoop on fashion, Get the scoop on fashion, see what’s in & what’s not. see what’ s in & what’s not.



you in?

Are you in?

Hell’s Kitchen has announced the availability of a new line of hybrid cookware featuring a ceramic non-stick coating. Hell’s Kitchen Hybrid cookware boasts all the benefits of hybrid cooking technology without the per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) used in most non-stick and hybrid cookware.

PFAS are large, complex groups of synthetic chemicals that have been used in consumer products for decades. They are integral in producing fluoropolymers, especially PTFE, a substance found in many non-stick cookware items. Due to concerns about possible long-term exposure to PTFE-based coatings, consumers are seeking non-PTFE alternatives, such as ceramics. The Hell’s Kitchen Hybrid line instead uses a ceramic coating that creates a natural non-stick surface without the use of PFAS in manufacturing. The coating can be found in its full line of hybrid cookware, including 8-inch, 9.5-inch, and 11-inch stainless-steel

hybrid non-stick pans; a four-quart sauté pan; a 7.5-quart pot; a 2.5 qt saucepan; and a 12-inch stir fry wok. The cookware will be sold in bundles and individually. The ceramic coating features advanced non-stick properties that no longer requires the user to pre-season their hybrid cookware before use (seasoning is optional). This is likely to prove attractive to consumers who don’t want to be troubled with the seasoning process or who don’t fully understand it; they can instantly begin creating their culinary masterpieces.

The absence of PFAS is just one aspect of Hell’s Kitchen’s allure; in fact, the new hybrid line offers the best of all gastronomic worlds. It heats up quickly and evenly; it’s versatile for most foods and works with all stovetops (including induction and in the oven); and its nonstick properties mean it can be cleaned up with minimal effort. Hell’s Kitchen Hybrid cookware is a mix of stainlesssteel performance, non-stick convenience, and cast-iron durability.

The cookware’s construction is impressive both technically and aesthetically. Each piece features a triple layer consisting of a conductive aluminum core between two durable stainless-steel layers. The stainless-steel layers are laser etched, which creates a raised steel grid above a fused ceramic coating. This results in protected non-stick valleys and an elevated stainless-steel cooking surface that stands up to metal utensils.

A heat-resistant coating on the bottom of the pots and pans helps eliminate staining, allowing the pieces to maintain their aesthetic appeal.

“Creating a cookware line with the Hell’s Kitchen brand means it absolutely has to be first-class,” said Hell’s Kitchen CEO Jeff Leitman. “We have achieved that through the functionality, beauty, and versatility of the product.

“We also placed significant emphasis on keeping PFAS out of our line. We were not only striving for the highest performing cooking experience possible but the safest one as well.”

A 5-piece set starts at $349.99. Hell’s Kitchen cookware comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The Hell’s Kitchen Ceramic Hybrid cookware line available on the Hell’s Kitchen Store website, as well as and other retailers.

THE BUNNY LEE MUSEUM Where Reggae Music Began

Music aficionados and cultural enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating the soft launch of the Bunny Lee Museum and Recording Studio. Named in honour of the legendary record producer and pivotal figure in the development of Jamaican music, Bunny “Striker” Lee, the venue promises to be a vibrant hub celebrating reggae's rich history and continuing influence on global music.

Open on International Reggae Day, July 1, 2024, the Bunny Lee Museum and Recording Studio aims to immerse visitors in the world of reggae through a curated collection of memorabilia, interactive exhibits, and state-of-the-art recording facility.

Located in the heart of Duhaney Park, a community renowned for its musical heritage, the museum seeks to preserve Bunny Lee’s legacy while serving as a creative space for emerging and established artistes alike.

Visitors can expect a journey through Bunny Lee’s illustrious career, spanning decades of collaborations with reggae icons such as Bob Marley, John Holt, Dennis Brown and King Tubby.

From vintage recording equipment to personal artifacts and rare vinyl records, the museum offers a comprehensive glimpse into the evolution of Jamaican music under Bunny Lee's influence.

Join the musical pilgrimage to the birthplace of reggae, where you'll learn from visual presentations narrated by the man himself.


In 1977, they performed at President Jimmy Carter’s Inaugur

West Coast Rapper Snoop Dogg

Strawberry-Infused GIN INDOGGO

Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Broadus, simply put, is an icon and legend of Hip Hop. With a career spanning over 25 years, he has released hit after hit, and is an ever-constant presence in pop culture. Snoop has stayed extremely relevant and, now more than ever, has built a significant multi-cultural and cross-generational following.

In 1994 he wrote "Gin & Juice:” it was about good feelings and real experiences; it just naturally became a global anthem. Snoop has always wanted to create his own spirits brand, so it was only fitting that he created the world’s best tasting gin. In his quest for flava, he remixed seven botanicals, and infused natural fruit flavors, thus creating his masterpiece.

This juicy gin, with its laidback California style, is like no other gin in the world. It’s gluten free, low calorie with no sugar, and will leave you wanting more. Easy to mix, easy to drink, hard to forget. INDOGGO™ Gin is the ultimate remix of seven premium botanicals infused with all-natural ingredients including strawberry, no sugar with a slightly sweet and fruity finish. Bottle Size: 750ml




2 oz. INDOGGO™ Gin

3Muddled Strawberries

3/4 oz. Lemon

1/2 oz. Simple Syrup

Top with Crushed Ice Strawberry slice.


1. Muddle strawberries in a cocktail shaker.

2. Add INDOGGO™ Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and ice cubes.

3. Shake, then strain into a rocks glass. Serve with crushed ice.

4. Garnish with strawberry slice.


Step 1

Healthy Eating


ello again RED INK foodies! In this issue we hope you enjoy our wonderful recipe selection for this month. We are always happy to share with our readers a fun recipe for you to try. Enjoy!

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Step 2

Grease a 2-quart baking dish and set it aside.

Step 3

In a large skillet, melt the salted butter over medium heat.

Step 4

Sprinkle the melted butter with flour, stirring constantly until cooked, about 1 minute..

Step 5

Add the celery salt and salt to the butter mixture, stirring to combine.

Step 6

Slowly add the milk, whisking constantly until the butter mixture is combined.

Step 7

Bring the butter mixture to a simmer, whisking constantly until it is smooth, about 1 minute.

Step 8

Remove the butter mixture from the heat.

Step 9

Add the chicken and corn to the butter mixture, stirring to combine.

Step 10

Transfer the chicken mixture to the prepared baking dish.

Step 11

Sprinkle the cracker crumb mixture over the top.

Step 12

Bake, uncovered, until heated through and browned on top, about 25-30 minutes.

Step 13



*Disclaimer: I am not a physician or medical professional. If you have any medical issues or concerns, please always consult your doctor before committing to a challenge. The challenges are intended for introducing small lifestyle changes in a fun and easy format.


Amish Chicken Casserole

• 1/4 cup salted butter

• 1/3 cup flour

• 1/2 teaspoon celery salt

• 3/4 teaspoon salt

• 2 cups milk, room temperature

• 2 cups chicken, cooked and chopped

• 2 cups corn kernels

• 1/4 cup butter cracker crumbs mixed with 1 tablespoon melted butter


(Mar 21 - April 19)


(April 20 - May 20)


(May 21 - June 21)


(June 22 - July 22)


(July 23 - Aug 22)


(Aug 23 - Sep 22)


(Sep 23 - Oct 22)

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)


(Nov 22 - Dec 21)


(Dec 22 - Jan 19)


(Jan 20 - Feb 18)


(Feb 19 - Mar 20)

In July, Aries will become charismatic leaders who will stand out from the crowd at literally every social event. You will sparkle with self-confidence and positive energy, and everyone around you will perceive you as their role model, and they will feel comfortable in your presence.

July will be a harmonious month for Taurus when you will get completely comfortable, and you will enjoy every moment that this month will bring you. Empathy will awaken in you, and you will become a support for your loved ones. At the same time, you will be full of energy, so do not be afraid to use it to the fullest.

In July, Gemini can expect big life changes in their personal lives and their career. This summer month will give you a lot of confidence, thanks to which you will shine with positive energy, and you will become very attractive to many new suitors. During this period, however, your fateful love may appear among these suitors, so perceive every moment and enjoy being present.

July will bring Cancer a big dose of physical and mental strength, which they will be able to use in several areas of their lives. You will excel in sports activities, and you’ll become a good buddy for sports holidays. You will also be very dexterous, which will come in handy in your household, and your partner will certainly appreciate your initiative at home.

In July, Leo will calm down and let life flow. You will realise that you don't have to control everything and that it's good just to be led and enjoy the present moment. During this period, you will also be very empathetic, thanks to which your loved ones will look for your company and come to you for advice.

July will boost Virgo’s self-confidence. This month you will be so confident that you will be convinced that you do your best in everything, but with this approach you can come across very quickly. However, if you learn to control it so as not to harm anyone, you can get the most out of it.

In July, Libra will have a nice rest. You will succeed at work without much effort so that you will have more energy and time for leisure activities. You will finally meet friends you have not seen for a long time and deepen your relationship again.

In July, a lot of big changes will come to the lives of Scorpios. You will feel like a completely new person who needs to update his present lifestyle. That will be connected with a better physical condition because you might start doing exercise and eat better as well.

July will be a successful month for Sagittarians in terms of their career. You will come up with new ideas, which will amaze your boss and colleagues and thanks to your hard work and endurance you might even reach a promotion. So follow your goals and do not let anyone discourage you; now is the time when you have the biggest chance to reach success.

In July, troubles from the past will come to the surface, and they will need to be sorted out for good. The troubles will be about a conflict in your family that you consider to be solved. Do not look at it negatively, and try to take it as a challenge to straighten your family relationships.

July will set a lot of challenges for Aquarians, and they will be able to use their indomitable energy, which they will be full of this month. Sports will give you your drive this month, which will positively effect your mood and your physical condition. You will be quite restless, and you will spend most of your free time on some sports trips or activities with your family and friends.

In July, Pisces will not recognise themselves due to their impulsive reactions, which will be supported by the planetary positions this month. You should be careful and try not to say anything that you might regret later. Try to avoid situations that involve some sharp exchange of opinions. Rather spend a lot of time alone and dedicate your time to some creative activities.

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