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Ever expanding road sign typology of our contemporary landscapes can illustrate the potential in it’s growth if we chose to accept it. My concept comes from the notion of parasitic architecture where the road sign acts as a host, offering the necessary infrastructure for the newly created residential opportunity. This project explores this typology by filling the interior portion of the structure with a single residential unit.

site plan

There are at least 425,000-450,000 billboards lining America’s federal-aid highways today That number grows by about 15,000 billboards annually. -Congressional Research Service estimate, 1991

Architecture can reflect human condition by capturing and embodying cultural values in it’s image. The discourse of post modern architecture, depicting architects struggles to adopt to the new cultural values of capitalism that is forcing architecture to become more plural when it deals with issues of signification. I believe that this phenomenon dissolves architectural identity, degrading architects authorship and ability to express meaning as it becomes integrated with short-term values of pop-culture.





Parasitic architecture can be defined as an adaptable, transient and exploitive form of architecture that forces relationships with host buildings in order to complete themselves. Parasites cannot sustain their own existence without siphoning energy from the surplus supply demonstrated in host buildings

The idea is to relate the notion of architecture as a form of cultural expression, and it’s role as it responds to social and economic forces and the basic human needs for shelter in the contemporary world. My intent is to use Jacques Darrida’s framework of semiotics of signs and its signification in order to place architecture in its greater context of contemporary society and meaning in cultural production from a poststructuralist point of view.


growing medium


study bedroom bath


balcony living room kitchen

1ST. FLOOR 1/2 bath

steel frame reinforced concrete pier curtain wall

concrete stair reinforced concrete footing





Predetermined angles of the signage can allow the unit to be standardised for ease in transport and assembly.

first floor plan




second floor plan

view of living room

section a

section b

view of living room

section c

section d

view of exterior

kronik + [re]apply

designers +engineers

Symbol before form (roadside typology)  
Symbol before form (roadside typology)