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Medical Director, Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine Clinic


owadays, health practitioners and patients are more aware of the different side effects of pharmacological drugs. Some of these are ruptured tendons from antibiotics, immune system depression from steroids and antibiotics, and even sudden deaths from cardiovascular disorder drugs. Fortunately, we now have a procedure that is safe, cost effective, and efficiently targets the problem at its root. This medical breakthrough is Intravenous Laser Therapy. LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) has established its usefulness in the fields of Dermatology, Ophthalmology and Surgery worldwide. For more than four decades, Russia, Germany, and other Eurasian countries had conducted over 2,500 studies using Intravenous Laser Therapy to address a variety of disorders involving different organ-systems and even averting major operations in the process. Said studies were spearheaded by Russians in Germany who relentlessly developed, improved, and eventually optimized the technology. Fortunately for us Filipinos, one of our “kababayans” was generous enough to bring this technology and the particular apparatuses that deliver the effects that will be discussed later (as different types of laser apparatus produce different effects) and share it with those who badly need it at very minimal cost. Intravenous Laser Therapy (IVLT) is also known as Blood acupuncture. During the procedure, laser light of different wavelengths and of low wattage (1-3mW) flow intravenously via a sterile fiber optic needle or cannula. Once light energy is introduced, it is carried by blood to the different parts of the body and converted into chemical energy which affects the cell membranes as well as the different intracellular organelles. Nedless

to say, when the cellular activity and state is optimum, so will be the organ-systems for everything starts at the cellular level. This is a minimally invasive procedure which involves no downtime at all.

IVLT HAS THE FOLLOWING MECHANISMS OF ACTION AND BENEFITS: 1. Cardiovascular System- One of the effects of IVLT on the cell membrane is decreasing its ability to adhere to or stick with other cells thus preventing aggregation. When the cells are aggregated, this contributes to the formation of blood stasis, hypertension, and other more serious cardiovascular disorders; moreover, as the blood cells aggregate, the surface area that delivers the much needed oxygen and nutrients is decreased; hence, compromising not only the circulation but the oxygenation and nutrition of the organs which the blood supplies as well. Studies also show that the procedure is capable of reducing high cholesterol levels in the blood; hence, the use of Statin drugs and other cholesterol lowering drugs which are not without serious side effects can be minimized if not totally avoided. 2. Immune Sytem- Both the specific (antibodies) and general (white blood cells, immunomodulators, etc.) wings of the immune system are enhanced qualitatively and quantitatively; hence, the optimal functioning of the immune system against infections and stress. 3. Nervous System- Cases of depression, other mood disorders, and even Schizophrenia were reported to improve with this modality. This is attributed to the normalization of neutransmitter levels as well as the conduction and transmission of nerve impulses/stimuli which are needed

to eventually achieve homeostasis or balance of the system. 4. Pain, Inflammation, and Wound Healing- Studies conducted show marked decrease in inflammation parameters, improved microcirculation, and activated DNA repair system as well as increased activation and mobilization of stem cells to sites of trauma which all contributed to a decrease in inflammation and pain and faster wound healing. Its effect on one of the organelles of the cell, the mitochondria (cell’s powerhouse), is an increase in the production and storage of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is considered to be the currency of energy in our body. The availability of said energy coupled with improved microcirculation enable healing of damaged tissues faster apart from increasing one’s vitality. 5. And more… as a result of the normalization of metabolism and different substances like hormones, enzymes, etc., IVLT has been documented to address problems of digestion, infertility, obesity, diabetes, and many other disorders. Numerous studies are still uncovering its various potentials in the field of medicine.

STEM CELL ACTIVATION. Stem cells are like medical doctors who have not decided yet what field of specialization to take and where to practice it. Ideally, these doctors would go to the barrios/ provinces where they are badly needed, and then the country would have less of its citizenry suffering serious health problems. The country will be healthy. In the body, the actual stem cells are cells that have not decided yet whether to become specialized liver cells, lung cells, etc., they are usually found in sites like bone marrow, fat cells, and other tissues. ANTI-AGING EFFECT With the decrease in Free Radicals (known to be one of the

causes of Aging), increase in ATP, improved microcirculation as well as acivation and mobilization of stem cells resulting from the IV Laser Therapy, it is no wonder why the practitioners view this modality as having a rejuvenating and anti aging effect; Likewise, patients claim that they felt younger and more energetic even if their treatment package was not over yet. Their friends and relatives on the other hand, noticed the external manifestation of such rejuvenating effect by their youthful glow. This unique IV laser therapy has succeeded where Conventional Medical measures had failed in helping patients address their health concerns at its root cause and in maintaining one’s health at its optimum level.

THE PROCEDURE After thorough history taking, physical examination, and initial diagnostic procedures to achieve some baseline data needed for comparison and to rule out possible existing contraindications to the the therapy; the patient is then asked to either lie or sit down for the IV insertion of a sterile fiber optic needle. The procedure takes between 30 to 50 minutes depending on the case. Wearing of anti-laser goggles is not required as they do not harm the eyes compared to the other types of laser. The treatment is usually done daily or every other day for about 10 sessions. Maintenance sessions again depends on the patient’s case. Patient is warned of the most common side effect which is the feeling of too much calmness as the body systems are trying to recuperate initially. No serious side effects has been noted for as long as the right procedures are observed.

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We all know Jimmy Bondoc as the guy with the guitar singing love songs and touching our hearts. Duncan Ramos on the other hand, is the guy with the smoothest voice that makes all the girls swoon. But beneath those façade are two witty and clever boys of 97.9 Home Radio RNB Show. And for the cover of Healthy Holidays issue of Reach Magazine, the two men show off their fun side by making “kulit” on set and just having a good time!


Catch Jimmy Bondoc and Duncan Ramos story on page 34.


Hair and Make Up: Pepz Raquino (Pepz of Manila Salon) Photographer: Emerson Baluyot Venue: 97.9 Home Radio, The Music Hall - Metrowalk Special Thanks to: Jonah Navarro of The Music Hall

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Of course, our cover boys Jimmy Bondoc and Duncan Ramos also share their healthy routines which doesn’t only revolve around exercises, it also revolves around keeping life in balance and being financially stable. Catch their feature story on page 34.


I Ate My Homework: Malnutrition in College Students

A serious take on the Ebola virus that has attacked the other side of the world is also put on the spotlight in How it Works (page 52). Learn the basics of this dreaded virus and how it affected thousands in the last couple of years. Be informed to be safe, only with knowledge that we can fight off the enemy.


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But if you are looking for a place to spend your holidays to, why not go to Cebu and feels its Ce-Boom! Yes, the booming destination in the Visayas doesn’t only boasts with gastronomic offerings; it also houses splendid beaches and natural spots. And more than that, the progressive city is booming with businesses that make tourists consider moving into the new breed of community. Experience Cebu in Amazing Philippines on page 18.


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RU Ready? Yes, We are! Reach Magazine Launch, A Success!

And on behalf of the whole REACH team, thank you for a successful 2014! We are motivated and inspired to do well and to do better because of the unwavering support we have received from the past issues. Your thoughts, your contributions and your appreciation are what kept us going and for the final issue of the year, we want to extend the biggest THANKS from the bottom of our hearts.


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Global Dignity Day

“Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es.” (Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are). - Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin La Physiologie du Gout (The Physiology of Taste), 1826

Notice the year? Jean Anthelma Brillat-Savarin, a French lawyer, politician and well-known food expert has said this phrase in 1826 in his book, The Physiology of Taste. And it cannot be truer today that it was then. Good news, however, is that more people nowadays are getting into the healthy lifestyle in their own way. Some are becoming more food conscious, some get themselves involved in physical activities like running or biking and some exert balanced efforts in mental, physical and even nutritional exercises. However people want to incorporate healthy habits into their lives, the most important thing is that they start NOW! For REACH Magazine, just in time for the climax of the year, we present you with the Healthy Holidays issue. Especially at this time of the year when being healthy can be challenging with parties and dining plans here and there, one should put out twice the effort to remain guilt-free. To help out, REACH features two upcoming hip outdoor activities like mountain biking (page 62) and paddling (page 64) to give you alternative options to stay fit while having fun. Of course, being healthy doesn’t only have to be about weight and the body, the mind also needs exercises, catch healthy brain exercises on page 10. To be healthy is also to be financially well, and investing in your own home is a sign of a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle. Lamudi.Com.Ph shares with REACH tips on how to save for a home’s down payment on page 44.

The holidays will not be complete without gifts. REACH Magazine has provided a list of recommended gifts for the whole family and friends. Catch it on page 48.

Have a Healthy Holidays everyone!

Koko Tamura Editor-in-Chief

Big Rock with a Big Heart

13th Angel Festival Winners


owadays, it’s not uncommon to undergo regular check-up to gauge one’s health. People undergo executive medical check-up and even cars get annual maintenance check. For the planet earth, it should not be any different, especially if the earth’s health can actually make or break each one’s possibility of survival in this world.


September 17, 1979

October 7, 1989

Ozone Layer is Healing During the 1980’s, one of the worse environmental news came when meteorologists found out about the grave state of the earth’s ozone layer. The experts discovered a hole in the ozone layer located above the Antarctica. The implications of this hole caused alarm since without the protective layer; people will have increased exposure to UV rays resulting to several health conditions most especially on the skin. As a solution, most of the products which

October 9, 2006

October 1, 2010


contain ozone-harming ingredients like Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and other halogenated ozone depleting substances (ODS) were banned from the market (also known as the Montreal Protocol). Despite



“It is particularly gratifying to report that the ozone layer is on track for recovery to 1980 benchmark levels by mid-century,” said NASA scientist Paul Newman

Image source:

Are you looking for a place to stay? Then, try living in Melbourne, Australia! According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Melbourne is the “most livable city in the world”. The city received favorable ranking based on the criteria which includes crime rates, health care system, education, tolerance of ethnicities, religion and lifestyle, among others.

the aggressive step, the hole continued to

contribute highly to global warming

exist because of the slow depletion of the

increases, there is only one scenario left:

chemicals in the atmosphere. However,

the earth will trap the heat along with all the

according to the World Meteorological

species living in it within the ozone layer.

Organization and United Nations Environmental Programme in coordination

And somehow the Montreal Protocol

with National Aeronautics and Space

partially contributed to the global warming.

Administration (NASA), a significant

Since the protocol intended to save the

indicator revealed that the ozone layer is in

ozone layer prohibited the use of CFC,

fact healing itself.

many manufacturing companies and their employees were affected. To resolve the

“It is particularly gratifying to report that

issue, manufacturers created an alternative

the ozone layer is on track for recovery to

chemical to allow continuous operation.

1980 benchmark levels by mid-century,”

However, the chemicals used were strong

said NASA scientist Paul Newman

greenhouse gases like hydrofluorocarbons

and co-chair of Scientific Assessment

(HFC) contributed greatly to global

of Ozone Depletion published by the

warming. And with human activities’

participating organizations.

unremitting emission of greenhouse gases, the dreaded climate change as an effect

And with the continuous contributions and

of global warming can be anticipated very

efforts of the organizations and strong

soon. Unless the Montreal Protocol be

implementation of the Montreal Protocol,

revised or at least have the UN or any other

the reports show that the Ozone Layer

agencies come up with a more appropriate

may be expected to be healed by 2050.

regulation to solve the matter at hand.


Remember, as the ozone layer heals itself,

Trapped Greenhouse Gases Unfortunately, there is a huge repercussion with the expected healing of the ozone layer. Since the hole is expected to close up by 2050, yet greenhouse gases which

If Mother Nature picks one city in the entire world, she will surely choose Calgary over the rest of the world. Dubbed as an “ecological city”, Calgary located in Canada has the capacity to purify 100,000,000 liters of water daily and 75% of the entire city is powered by renewable energy. Now, that’s recycling! PHOTO: (AFP: Prakash Singh: file)

On the other side of the page, Delhi, India was declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the city with the highest rate of air pollution. According to the WHO, Delhi reached 153 ug/m3 (air pollution micrograms per cubic meter) based on their PM2.5 pollution indicator. However, despite many of India’s city to receive high rate of air pollutions, Pakistan still topped the list with an average of 101 ug/m3 as a country.

it also strengthens its purpose: to shield earthlings from the harmful UV rays and to enclose the earth within for safety. But are we really safe within? cnn10-healthiest-cities/ REACH MAGAZINE


PIGEON TALK aul Alcoreza, owner of Meat Depot, is an avid pigeon fancier. He currently owns an average of 300 pigeons at his Paranaque loft, where he also employs two (2) assistants to take care of his flock. He breeds racing homer, the type used to compete on pigeon races. Also a member of PHA (Philippine Homing Pigeon Association), Alcoreza started his interest on pigeons earlier than most breeders. “My interest started as early as 10 years old, and my cousin who breeds back then became my mentor. At 17 (years old), I was the youngest member of PHA then,” says Alcoreza. With currently 200 pairs of pigeons, Alcoreza started with 10 pairs that he acquired from his cousin and friends. For those who want to start this hobby, Alcoreza suggests that a mentor will definitely help the new hobbyist. “Have a mentor first, someone who has enough experience that you can acquire before you start

your own. A new hobbyist should also have enough space for a loft, which will require a good design, proper ventilation and all necessary materials,” shares Alcoreza. Growing up, Alcoreza was amazed by how pigeons were able to return from the loft after a long race. But as time went on and the more he got himself involved in his hobby, he realized it only takes time and discipline to make this possible. “Until now, no one can really explain where pigeons acquire their homing instincts. But definitely training starts from the time they are young. Little by little, breeders need to separate the newborn from their parents. On their 28th day old, they can eventually be separated them from their parents,” says Alcoreza. With an average of 20 years life span and fertility of 12 years, racing pigeons are groomed to prepare for a yearly competition. “Pigeons’ breeding season is from December to May, while off season is from September to

November. Imagine how breeders prepare their breeds for one whole year just for this competition,” Alcoreza shares with a smile. He also shares that because of being able to compete annually; most breeders and hobbyist cancel many of their other engagements just to focus on training their race pigeons.

Unfortunately, this race is not as easy as you think. The race distance varies from 100 to 1000 kilometers per race. “Out of 30 pigeon entrees, only an average of five (5) birds (can) return to the loft. There are even chances when pigeons that are able to return home are half dead,” Alcoreza admits.

The pigeon race, divided into South and North area participants, is a seven consecutive-week event where racing pigeons are released and should return to their homes over a carefully measured distance. Then, they check the average rate of pigeon’s travel and compare with all the participants. The best time wins the competition.

Despite the risk in raising and racing pigeons, Alcoreza wakes up every morning and travels from Makati to Paranaque, just to personally check the pigeons and condition them for the competition. And when asked, what is the best feeling about raising pigeons, he smiles and utters “There is no greater feeling than seeing your pigeon come back to your loft after a long and tiring flight.”

This sport which started in Belgium is becoming a trend that backyard breeders started creating their own small races.

And pretty sure, Noah from the Bible will agree.

Noah from the Bible released a pigeon with the hope that he will receive good news upon its return. These days, there are people who sees hope upon pigeon’s return to their loft. BY: RACHELLE DORADO





ost pet lovers love to dress up their fur-babies most especially when going out. Some even pick on the pet clothes that matches their own outfit or the occasion. No wonder, malls nowadays not only caters to the human fashionista but to their four-legged companions as well. But a few years ago, this was not the case and Bernie Alfonso-Leytte of Doodles Paw Couture knew that fairly well. A dog lover from the beginning of time, the celebrated pet couture came up with the idea to create pet clothes because of one incident in Baguio. She remembered that day to be intensely cold and she saw her dog shivering. Seeing her dog in that state made her worry and drove her to search the Baguio market place and malls for a decent dog wear or at least, something that can warm him up. Unfortunately, there was none. And she had to improvise with a bonnet she bought and carefully sew it to fit her precious little one. Luckily, the improvised clothes did not only warm up the dog, it actually made him stylish and fabulous. From that day on, she started to create little outfits for her own dogs, then to her friends, and then soon, Doodles Paw Couture was born. Today, the market of pet clothes is far from what Bernie experienced before. More people are getting into the trend which is good because it only shows that more people are appreciating their pets. However, dressing up your pets is not as simple as it seems. A responsible pet owner should know the right clothing for his or her baby. Since Bernie is one of the local pioneers in pet couture, she feels she has the responsibility to teach the public on how to pick the right clothes for their pets.

the case. Remember, dogs have a different built and their body is intended to do certain activities. Clothes that are not fitted properly can hinder a dog’s movement thus limiting the supposedly dog’s activities. It will be uncomfortable to move which can be stressful for the fur babies. Doodles clothes are developed and engineered to fit a dog’s built in all the right places. Bernie always considers a dog’s breed as well, that’s why many of her product line come in many sizes. FEEL THE WEATHER Especially in the Philippines when it is mostly warm, a pet owner must consider the climate and temperature before choosing the right clothes. If its summer, a thin and breathable fabric must be worn by dogs, unless you want to risk the dogs with heat stroke. If it’s cold, you can allow the dog to wear warmer clothes, but not too bulky and heavy as it can also cause some stress. LIGHT AS A FEATHER The idea is to let the dog wear trendy items which feel so light they can move as if they’re not wearing it at all. This is the best way to ensure that the dog can be stress-free even if you want them to wear something unnatural for them. This is one of Bernie’s top priorities

when choosing fabric, it should be light and supple, and it should not get in the way of your dog’s desired movement. BUTTONS AWAY Of course, an outfit will never be complete without buttons, zippers and all the little accessories which make an outfit remarkable. Yet, Bernie always reminds pet owners to choose wisely when it comes to clothes with accessories. Do not buy clothes with accessories within the reach of a dog’s muzzle or paws. Since dogs are curious animals, if they accidentally reach these tiny little things and rip it off from the clothes, they might actually eat it. Such objects can be quite dangerous as it may choke or cut your pet’s throat as it swallows. SHOES OFF Although it is not generally a complete must-not. Bernie discourages shoes or anything which covers the paws as much as possible. Just think about the dogs, for a moment, they use their paws to do a lot of things, walking, feeling and they even sweat through it. Covering it can cause a lot of stress, and let’s admit, that dogs have a hard time adjusting to shoes. If you love your dogs, don’t let them suffer doing the things they love, even as simple as walking.


Here are 5 tips on choosing the right type of dog clothes according to Bernie of Doodles Paw Couture: ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL Some pet owners allow their pets to wear infant or baby clothes. Although it seems that since baby clothes are small, it can be worn by dogs (or even cats), that is generally not




taying fit does

Ms. Wilmer Lizza C.

Dimaculangan emphasizes its

Thus, mental exercises are

not only pertain

Dimaculangan, a registered

impact as she cited a research

as important as keeping the

to physical

guidance counselor of

done by neuroscientists that

body healthy and fit. Here

body but also to

a reputable college in

creative activities such as

are mental exercises to help

mental being. As people age,

the country shares that

arts and music helps the

individuals’ mind remain

our brain experiences various

maintaining a healthy level of

mind’s temporal reasoning


changes. Thus, sharpness of

mental exercise is necessary

and phonological awareness,

memory depends on brain’s

to stimulate one’s mind.

develop semantic extraction

health notwithstanding

as well as increase memory.

READ, READ AND READ. Reading does not only help

age. It does not matter if

“Memory training helps an

you are a student working

individual to hold on to a

Dimaculangan also discusses

to get excellent scores for

handful of information. It

another research from the

final exams, a professional

also challenges the mind

Association of Psychological

interested in doing different

through sequence of position

Science that reveals that


activities to stay mentally

and patterns, extends focus

learning mentally demanding

Engaging in new, challenging,

sharp or a veteran making an

on accomplishing a task

activities are most likely to

yet fun games are excellent

effort to preserve and improve

and understands spatial

improve a person’s cognitive

ways to keep the mind active

your memory as you age.

information,” she explains.

ability. She reiterates that

and sharp. These activities

you widen your vocabulary but it sharpens the mind, too. ENGAGE IN BRAIN

doing something unfamiliar

(playing board or card games,

can do to stimulate, improve

Mental exercises have effects

and challenging motivates the

solving crossword puzzles,

and sharpen the mind.

on one’s mental development.

person mentally and socially.

There are a lot of activities you


doing Sudoku, learning a new

healthy and fit but also affect

occurs during the deepest

brain exercise. Research

language) are considered brain

the mind’s healthy state.

stages of sleep. Thus, avoid

reveals that having meaningful

aerobics. Like a regular body

Physical exercise increases

sleep deprivation and take this

relationships and strong

workout, these brain aerobics

oxygen to the brain; thus,

precious activity seriously.

support system is not only

are helpful in conditioning the

diminishing the risk of


developing memory-related

significant in maintaining EAT BRAIN –

emotional health but also our

disorders. Body workout also


mental health. Bring out that

enhances the brain’s ability to

Memory-enhancing food such

Miss Congeniality in you.


process and recall information.

as seafood, broccoli, and soy

Doing creative activities like

Make it a habit to get into

beans are rich in Omega-3

Similar to an athlete who relies

playing musical instruments,

exercise to maintain your body

that is good for the brain. So

on sleep, nutrition and proper

drawing or taking a new

and mind fitness.

eat these kinds of food to

training in order to perform

boost your brain performance.

excellently in the sport he

Vegetables, fruits and green

or she engages in, our brain


language course enables you to increase and sharpen your


memory. So go and nurture

Sleeping at least 8 hours a

tea are beneficial to the brain,

needs nurturing by doing

that natural artist in you.

day enables the mind to rest


proper nourishment, training,

and relax. Studies show that KEEP MOVING.

sleep is necessary for memory

and rest it needs. Therefore, INTERACT.

incorporating a healthy

Regular body exercise does

consolidation, with key

Yes. Interaction with others

lifestyle naturally leads to a

not only make your body

memory-enhancing activity

is one of the best kinds of

healthy and sharp mind.






he Greeks and

researchers from the Liverpool

the Romans were

School of Medicine have

among the first

discovered that snake venom is

civilizations that

not fatal if taken orally, unless the

practiced medicine

stomach has cuts and the venom

and other healing techniques.

enters the blood stream. Further

During the reign of Emperor

studies even show that snake

Augustus for example, he

venom contains Neurotoxins

established a medical support

which can cure Alzheimer’s

team called Medici. They were

disease and memory loss. Its

soldiers trained in medicine

hemotoxic attribute, on the other

which cared for the sick and

hand, can alleviate high blood

wounded during battles or at

pressure and heart diseases.

military hospitals. Today, snake venom is used Back in 113 A.D. surgeons were

as a compound in selected

already performing operations

medications. However, it was

and administering first-aid using

Asclepius who first applied and

splints and bandages. These

explored its medicinal qualities.

basic doctrines and the use of


scalpels, hooks and clamps during surgeries have remained the same for over 1800 years. The devices have been improved, but the theories of medicine such as watching out for swelling, redness and heat have survived over the years.


Galen of Pergamon was also known as Aelius Galenus or Claudius Galenus. He was a well-known philosopher, surgeon and physician during the Roman Empire. A great medical researcher, he developed several medical theories in the fields of pathology, pharmacology,

In a town of Epidaurus in Greece,

physiology and anatomy.

we can find a temple in honor of Asclepius, a Demigod who was

He was famous for advocating

the son of Apollo and a nymph

bloodletting or bleeding of

named Coronis. He was known

patients. He believed that

for his expertise in medicine and

humans must be balanced, thus


such treatment or the loss of

Image source: ancient-greek-medical-instruments.jpg

blood stream in that area. Once

function as power stations. The

the leeches are full (around 50ml

black torpedo fish functions

of blood), they detach themselves

similarly to an aquatic tazer.

and the blood continues to flow until the treatment is complete.

Largus, however, used the

This procedure is helpful for

torpedo fish to cure pain.

tissue graft procedures or when

The electric jolts worked as a

reconnecting dismembered body

medieval pain reliever. According

parts because the leeches have

to him it can “immediately

an ability to draw blood evenly

remove and permanently cure a

through damaged flesh and

headache, however long-lasting

even veins. The leeches prevent

and intolerable, a live black

the parts from turning blue or

torpedo is put on the place which

lifeless. This process continues

is in pain, until the pain ceases

until the body naturally recovers

and the part grows numb.” More

and functions on its own.

often than not, it is used to treat


blood can cure several ailments

Scribonius Largus was a

Moreover, he was experienced

from fever to madness. Back

physician to the Roman Emperor

in using medicinal plants and

in the day, a patient would be

Claudius. He was known for his

performs surgeries. Stories even

drained of at least four (4) pints

many prescriptions which he

say that he can bring the dead

of blood.

called Compositiones. Most of

back to life. What was his secret?

which are his own, but it included

Asclepius was a big fan of using

However, unlike today’s

many traditional remedies and

snake venom as a treatment to

modernized facilities for

those recommended by other

several conditions.

bloodletting, Galen’s did not have

famous doctors before him.

that kind of luxury. Instead, his For over 300 years, medical

very tool were leeches. Leeches

He was well known for treating

practitioners have thought of it

have three (3) jaws with over

patients using the torpedo fish.

as a myth because we all know

a hundred teeth on each one.

This aquatic creature has an

that snakes are poisonous.

They fasten themselves on the

electric discharge meant for

In fact, half-a dose of horned

skin and the substances on their

prey and self-defense. It has two

viper venom can kill an adult

saliva numb the bite and override

(2) organs which are made up

within 20-30 minutes. However,

blood clotting which boosts the

of over a thousand cells which

joint and leg pains as well as severe headaches. The patients were brought to the sea and were asked to place their feet directly onto the torpedo fish. Recent studies proved that the electric discharge stimulates the nerves as well as the pain gates which give a sensation of pain relief. These days, some migraine patients are given shock therapy to abate pain instead of prescription drugs. But of course, modern physicians already use state-of-the-art facilities to care for patients, torpedo fishes can now live in peace. But the same concept is practiced, thanks to Largus’ sharp and electrifying approach.



Do you sometimes wish you can silence your thoughts, so that you can get your well-deserved sleep? Or wish you weren’t so reliant on pain relievers for every ache and pain? Well, NLP just might be for you! BY: EMZI TINASAS NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is defined as a method of programming our brains, through the use of language and communication, to improve our behavior whether for personal or professional growth. The research for this approach dates back to the early 1970s as a thesis project by Richard Blander and his professor,

Today, NLP is popularly used in other therapies. It can be used to treat traumas and phobias. It is also being used in business coaching and sales trainings. Some have taken it to a more spiritual direction and are using it to try and communicate with the divine. In the field of medicine, some have used NLP to reduce the need anesthesia during a procedure. In the Philippines, our very own Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, Jojo Apolo, uses this approach for self-medication. In his book, “Awaken the Doctor in You”, which he co-wrote with Dr. Romy Paredes, he talked about the seven (7) natural ways people can heal themselves and among these are inducing sleep and alleviating pain. CAN’T SLEEP AT NIGHT? Apolo recommends pushing the tip of the tongue behind the front teeth. Within a minute, one will observe that while the mind is still active, it steadily slows down and relaxes. So, what happens when the tip of the tongue is



John Grinder in Santa Cruz, California. They wanted to understand why the same tasks are easy for some, while it’s difficult for others. To understand this, they studied three (3) pioneers in the fields of therapy and personal growth and development namely: Virginia Satir, a family therapist extraordinaire; Fritz Perls, an innovative psychotherapist who

originated a school of therapy called Gestalt; and Milton Erickson, a world-renowned hypnotherapist. Though very much different in personalities, Blander and Grinder discovered a similar underlying pattern between these three (3) pioneers. These patterns are the foundations of the NLP that we know and use today.

placed behind the front teeth? The mind is slowly silenced.

means that the red ball is already connected to the pain itself.

Magic? Scientific studies show that the tongue, even when just thinking, also vibrates words. And by placing the tip of the tongue behind the front teeth, it acts as a stopper of one’s train of thoughts. Then with just deep breathing and commanding yourself to sleep, restful slumber follows.

Rotate the ball away from the body and lighten the shade until it becomes white.

CAN’T STAND THE PAIN? Medicine is not the only solution to relieve pain. NLP also provides fast and effective relief just by using colors and a little imagination. Just follow the steps below: Pick a color that represents pain (for example, red) and a color that represents healing (for example, green). Imagine holding the red ball. Rotate it towards the body. Make the ball bigger. In doing this, one may feel more pain. This simply

Keep rotating the ball and slowly change it to green. The pain will be noticeably reduced. Studies show that the mind tends to exaggerate the magnitude of physical pain. By changing from the color of pain to the color of relief, one instructs the mind to register a different level of pain, much like changing TV channels. Neuro-Linguistic Programming definitely requires a lot of concentration, especially if one plans on self-medicating. These two (2) are just a few of the things anyone can do. There are many other practical, self-medicating uses of NLP and so far, the benefits has been rewarding. So, the next time you have trouble sleeping or if you are feeling any pain, find a quiet spot and give NLP a go!




Acupuncture has long been associated with pins and needles which is why a lot of people balk at the thought of trying it. Many Filipinos are scared of needles and having a few being poked through the skin to treat a sickness are not their idea of fun. Truth be told, most would choose to suffer through their illnesses than have some needles be stuck on them. Thankfully, Dr. Philip Nino Tan-Gatue, an acupuncturist, is more than willing to shed light as to why Acupuncture is nothing to be scared of. What is acupuncture? Acupuncture comes from latin words acus which means “needles” and pungere, “to puncture”. Combining the two words literally sums up what acupuncture is. However, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a science behind it. This tradition which began in China about 2,500 years ago involves carefully inserting the needles in the top layers of the skin to access points of pain and directly stimulating it by hand or with electrical pulses. Though the eastern practice has been rarely practiced in the west, it was only during the 70’s that it gained strong popularity. Thanks to United States President Richard Nixon who came across acupuncture on his visit to China at that time. From then on, many conventional medical experts started to explore using acupuncture as complementary treatment for patients. What are its benefits? Since the basic foundation of acupuncture is manipulation of points in the body to either de-clog, de-stress or simply improve the natural flow of the pulses of the body, it can be beneficial to treat any type of illnesses or conditions. However, most medical practitioners believe that the fact that it doesn’t involve taking in actual medicines makes the treatment ideal for some patients, especially those with grave liver or kidney implications.

What are its limitations? Despite many testimonials which claim the efficacy of acupuncture in treating certain conditions, it is still not a national regulated practice by the medical organizations. The skill or competency of acupuncturist may still be subjective rather than objective, making it a bit more difficult to select and find a competent acupuncturist and gauge its overall effectiveness. And of course, the greatest limitation will still be conditions which require surgery and more complex procedures. Again, acupuncture is still considered as complementary treatment but not an alternative. What are the restrictions once you start undergoing acupuncture? The very basic restrictions according to Dr. Tan-Gatue is coming in for a session with either empty stomach or right after a heavy meal as the session can disrupt the whole digestion process. He also advises patients not to stay in cold places after session to avoid cramps and spasms. Lastly, people with hemophilia or the condition wherein the blood has clotting difficulty, are advised not to undergo acupuncture. Hemophiliac patients tend to bleed more and longer, it may cause implications like anemia. Although people taking blood thinning medications are not restricted, it is best to consult doctors beforehand. What are the common ailments that can be easily cured by acupuncture? Especially now that the country has changing and unpredictable climate, the most common illness is still colds and even allergies. Although acupuncture is not the answer to cure common colds and allergies, it can be a supporting agent in treating these common sicknesses.

How can people who are scared of needles undergo acupuncture? According to Dr. Tan-Gatue or simply Doc Phil, communication is the key with patients with fear of needles. Not only to explain the process of the treatment and prepare them for it, but to build trust and confidence with the practitioner. In fact, Doc Phil even adds in a little humor in his sessions to relax his patients. He compares acupuncture to a simple poke and occasionally he would poke his patients on the arm to demonstrate. He claims that in order for the patient to gauge the practitioner’s skills, the patient wouldn’t even feel the actual poke.






If you were born in the 80’s or early 90’s, you would definitely know Jao Mapa (Jose Vicente Mapa III). He was the typical boy next door who melted many girls’ hearts with just a smile. Jao started his showbiz career at age 17 after being discovered because of his soda commercial. Thereafter, he starred in various movies and hosted television shows. An artist at heart, he enjoyed not just acting but the arts too. Little did most know that Jao has had the passion for drawing, sketching and painting since he was a child. He started painting at a young age when his father and cousin taught him the basics. Though informal, Jao liked it so much that he continued it as a hobby. He also warmheartedly shared memories of watching artists and cartoonists draw. This inspired him to begin doodling Marvel characters or sketching the people around him. Most of the people who worked with him would say that he spent a lot of time doing artworks on the set especially in-between takes. Jao uses different mediums when creating artworks –watercolor, charcoal and acrylic; the latter, being his favorite. When asked why he isn’t fond of oil, he explained that he can be quite impatient when it comes to his art. Unfortunately, oil paint takes a while to dry. He even shared a story when he tried to paint a tree using this medium. He said that the colors became dark and it made him unhappy because his strength as an artist is the use of bold colors. His artworks are vibrant. In fact, his use of these vivid colors makes his work pop out from a canvas and seem as if they are animated.

Although he has done abstract artworks, Jao is more bent on social realism focusing on Filipino culture. He describes them as “old school with a twist”. Examples of these would be Labandera, Manong Taho, Palimos, Kainan and many more. He depicted farm life, Filipino traditions and the things he saw in everyday living. Whenever a beautiful scene appears, he would take a mental photo of it and then paint it later on. These days, Jao is busy being a full time dad to his 3 children –Ben, Caleb and Stacey. Since painting is his passion, he

squeezes in time for this during weekends or when the kids are not home. Apart from these he still does occasional acting gigs –theater, indie films, TV and commercials. However, he has been preoccupied preparing for his art exhibit last October at Global Hub Serviced Office newest branch in Makati City. Fans and art aficionados enjoyed several still life artworks from Jao at the exhibit.

everything. It is the simple things that keep you sane.” And with that, he has definitely gone full circle.

From being a teenage heartthrob, Jao Mapa has definitely evolved into a true artist. For him there is no trade off for stepping out of the limelight. “Money is not

JAO MAPA Jao enjoys doing commissioned works, so feel free to contact him through his social media accounts: Facebook (www., Instagram (@jao_mapa) or Twitter (@jaomapa). Paintings by Hunny Garcia were also seen during the exhibit.




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Cuarto Hotel is a 2.5 star hotel at the heart of Cebu City, located near the Fuente Osmena Fountain, Chong Hua Hospital and Rizal Memorial Library and Museum. Apart from its location, it’s quite popular for its services and amenities. The hotel has a fascinating themed elevator, 24-hour room service, airport transfers and even a spa service. Furthermore, all the rooms have LED televisions with cable, a desk, wireless internet, non-smoking rooms and even hair dryers (available upon request).

tourist leisure spots in Cebu

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achieve excellence in their

City. Formerly Eddie’s Hotel,

rooms are equipped with a

service to provide the best

it has 52 guestrooms which

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are all equipped with cable

tea making facility and hot

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television, hot and cold

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to accommodate guests’

shower and Wi-Fi connection.

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The Beverly Café serves

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delicious food from 6:00 AM

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until 11:00 PM; room service

Disability (PWD) are also

Room service is available

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24 hours a day. The best

an operational function room The hotel boasts of several

may ask for specific dishes

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facilities and amenities. The

for their special cravings.

hotel boasts of friendly staff

lobby has a Frank Provost

The kitchen always ensures

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Salon and a Nesspresso

to give the best culinary

It definitely gives a home-

Café, while the amenity

experience there is for

away-from-home ambiance

floor has a mini-gym, a


which is perfect for business

boardroom and a pool with a

travelers who are always

good view of the city. There’s

Apart from the usual airport/


also the Yolee’s Restaurant

seaport/bus terminal

which serves breakfast and

transfers, guests can also

delicious meals, while The

avail of a 24-hour free shuttle

Roofdeck Bar serves bar

to the Ayala Center as long

chow and drinks.

as they inform the front desk

a breakfast buffet and serve

THE BEVERLY BOUTIQUE BUSINESS HOTEL F. Manalo St., Cebu City +6332 254 8570 to 76

pastries and other light meals

Cuarto’s quaint café/ restaurant Toast Café is also worth a try. They have

within the day. CUARTO HOTEL 15 J. Lorente corner Garcia St., Capitol Site, Cebu City +6332 253 3564 +6332 238 2337 +6332 253 0255 +63922 385 +63926 717 6494

WELLCOME HOTEL WellCome Hotel is a 3-star hotel with 68 rooms – Premiere Rooms, Studio Rooms, Deluxe Rooms and Standard rooms. All rooms are highly functional and well-fitted. Their smart rooms have several outlets for all


part however, is that guests

is available for meetings,

your gadgets and even a phone in the bathroom. All rooms have LED televisions

The Beverly Boutique

with cable, Wi-Fi and even

Business Hotel is a

a LAN connection. The

family-run hotel which

electronic Do not Disturb

is perfectly situated near

(DND) feature will also

shopping malls and other

silence the doorbell, so you

in advance. Business Center Wellcome’s function room

services, city tours and even

at the Roof deck area can

in-house massages may

seat up to 200 people. It

be requested as well. All of

has gold Tiffany chairs that

these are possible because

give it a rustic and luxe vibe

at the core of Wellcome is

perfect for parties or events.

to provide guests not only

Furthermore, they have

a hassle-free stay but a

banquet support services

memorable one which makes

which include: internet, LCD

them come back for more!

projector, sound system, whiteboards, flip charts, paper, notepads, writing materials, microphones, lapels, podiums and risers, LCD TV and a DVD player. Even though it opened in January of 2013, it’s still a continuous work in progress as they aim to

WELLCOME HOTEL 18 Molave St., Escario, Cebu City +6332 260 1888 +63917 700 3664 +63922 852 3664





If you’re looking for a picturesque view of the Cebu City skyline, the Roofdeck at WellCome is the perfect location. The view is simply breathtaking. Here you can enjoy a wide selection of food and drinks. Although it is great to come on evenings, it also has the perfect ambiance for coffee or even afternoon drinks.

Ilaputi’s nice ambiance makes it a great place to wine and dine all day and all night. In fact, they are the only full service restaurant in Cebu City which is open 24 hours. Plus they have food delivery too. Their menu is comprised of “Asian Soul Food” and drinks at reasonable prices.

They have a wide array of options, but we recommend Luck (salt and pepper spareribs), Perseverance (crispy chicken skin), Love (tequila) and Prestige (Flaming Ferrari). Don’t hesitate to try other offerings or simply ask Chef Glenne or their pleasing staff for suggestions.

According to their Facebook page, “Ilaputi is a unique fusion beyond food. It’s a feast for the senses –a burst of heady smells, wonderful textures and tastes, cozy interiors, intimate lighting, soothing music and vibrant entertainment”.

If you are in the mood for craft beers, Angus Burgers and Steaks all in a pub vibe, Irie is the place to be. The matte black, gold and silver accents paired with velvet couches give off a 1930’s American design that best exemplifies Cebu’s urban lifestyle. Their goal is to “bridge the gap between a bar and an eatery” by offering traditional pub dishes which are inspired by Western and European flavors. Aside from beers, they serve wine and several signature cocktails.



WellCome Hotel, Cebu City

I1 Building, Cebu IT Park, Cebu City


18 Molave St., Escario, Cebu City

+6332 415 8800

Twitter: @Irie_cebu

+6332 260 1888

Twitter: @ilaputi

Irie Gastropubliko Skyrise 4, Cebu IT Park, Cebu City +6332 410 9933






iving in Malapascua is an amazing experience due to its spectacular macro life. Here, every day is special because there are so many things to see. In fact, they have several dive destinations within the area where you can see thresher sharks, manta rays, pygmy seahorses, and thousands of marine mollusks.

However, thresher shark sightings can be seen regularly at the Monad and Kemod Shoal, both underwater islands situated near deep water trenches that serve as cleaning stations for thresher sharks and other animals. Yes, just like in the Shark Tale animated movie where fish come in and get cleaned.

There is an unending “bucket list of things to see”. Usual sights include clownfish, travelli and butterfly fish. Aside from these, you can also find rare small shrimps and crabs, blue-ringed octopus and even mating mandarin fish.

Thresher sharks stay in deep parts of the ocean because their large eyes are light sensitive. However, they come up from 5 to 9 in the morning, when the sun is not too bright, to meet with cleaner wrasse fish which are only active during the day. After the daily cleaning routine, the sharks return back to the depths of the sea.

This place is definitely a global attraction because it is one of the few places where you can experience thresher shark encounters at close range at 25 meters deep. Pelagic thresher sharks are known to stay in deep waters that is why they are not seen in usual recreation diving.

Check out the many dive sites in Malapascua!

Diving is commonly seen as a recreational activity, but it has several health benefits which can contribute to an individual’s overall wellness. First and foremost, it reduces stress and helps you relax. Underwater, everything is at peace and you can easily turn off distractions which come from everyday life. There is so much to see – fascinating sights and colors which can make you feel good. This activity can also develop endurance and better focus. Diving is not an easy feat. Both body and mind are at work. The only difference is that you don’t really feel it. Lastly, it helps improve breathing. It is not only good for the lungs, but the whole body. Regulated or deep breathing underwater can be compared to yoga breathing techniques. It is good for the lymphatic system because it helps get rid of toxins from our body.

DID YOU KNOW? You can burn up to 350 calories in a single dive.





Good food associated with Cebu is not coincidental. Of course, not only are the Cebuanos naturally have superb palates, most of their culinary offerings which keep the tourists in awe are served from the kitchen. And behind those doors are the wizards that create magic one plate after another. Meet the distinct chefs of Cebu! PHOTOS BY: SANTI LUIB III


Being a chef is not just a skill but a passion for Chef Aileen Glenne Sy. She shared that food is a very integral part of her. She enjoys her work and she feels great to be paid for just having fun, with a kitchen basically as her playground. And that’s why she always entertains feedbacks from her diners to ensure that she can continually innovate and get creative with her dishes. Growing up, she watched her grandmothers cook and this inspired her to take on cooking as a career. She feels joy that today; her family loves her Pata Tim, East West Pork Belly and Thai Chicken Curry. After culinary school, Chef Glenne started her own food business which catered to “both ends of the spectrum”, called Naughty and Nice. She sold healthy food in form of salads, but she also served decadent treats of various desserts. On top of this, she worked for their family business too. This beautiful chef is not only talented in the kitchen, but she is eloquent too. She graduated from the Philippine School of Culinary Arts (PSCA) in Cebu City with flying colors where she got the highest marks in her batch. Furthermore, she also garnered gold medals for the Cebu Food and Beverages Exhibition (CEFBEX) Live Competition for Pasta two years in a row (2012 and 2013). When presented the opportunity to work for Wellcome, she gladly agreed without second thoughts. It was a good break for her since it is a fun job which allows her to stay in Cebu and still be with her family. Taking the reins of the WellCome kitchen was not an easy task, but she did it gracefully. Through her team’s hard work, they were able to improve ratings in just a few months. For Chef Glenne, Wellcome is like a second family. Her good relationships with all of the staff as well as the owners have allowed them to continuously improve the hotel’s restaurants and service.


Chef Urbano Wahing, Jr. is a talented chef who hailed from Bohol. Unlike his contemporaries, he did not go to culinary school - he simply loves to cook. Prior to being a chef, he diligently took notes and wrote down recipes. From there he would experiment and prepare his own version. His enthusiasm allowed him to rise from the ranks and work for various restaurants until he became a chef. He has mastered Asian and even European dishes but Chef Wahing can prepare a mean medium rare steak too. However, he shared that he enjoys preparing simple dishes like humba, tinola, and menudo when he is at home with his family. His favorite dish is Chicken halang-halang because of his love for spicy foods. According to him, being a chef is not an easy task, as there are many other responsibilities aside from cooking. Apart from overseeing the kitchen staff, he is responsible for stocking up and ensuring that all ingredients are readily available. Truthfully, with the delectable and appetizing menu and captivating aroma of Chef Wahing’s dishes, one cannot help but agree that this is no piece of cake. It surely takes years of practice to improve on skills and highly regarded labor to make sure every plate which comes out of the kitchen is a masterpiece.



Cebu - a place synonymous to good times and good food. Reach takes you to a gastronomic tour of the best places in town to satisfy your cravings! PHOTOS BY: SANTI LUIB III


Unlike other lechon recipes, Rico’s Lechon is comprised of only garlic, leeks and chili for the spicy lechon. The rest is a well kept secret. Even his cooking process is quite distinctive in order to ensure that the lechon is cooked evenly and the meat is extra tasty. Their delectable dinuguan (Filipino stew made of pig blood) is also one of the best we’ve ever tried.

RICO’S LECHON Cebu is well-known for its mouth-watering roasted pig commonly known as lechon. There are several varieties, but one stands out. Rico’s Lechon is definitely unique with its crispy skin and savory meat-surely a must-try. They also invented the spicy lechon, the meat so tasty that it is considered to be a sinful treat. From humble beginnings, Enrico Dionson started out working in a cockpit. It was in August of 1997 when he began his lechon business. He knew that Cebu had many varieties, so he decided to sell organic lechon. His native pigs are fed with leaves and tree barks, making them leaner and more flavorful.

You can also visit their restaurant for other lechon dishes. Bear in mind though that there are certain delivery times for the lechon and it can run out fast. Here’s a good news though, Rico’s Lechon also caters to clients outside of Cebu. So, there’s no need to carry extra luggage or go all the way to Cebu to try their lechon. Simply get in touch with them and they will gladly pack and ship it for you. Rico’s Lechon Highway 77, Talamban, Cebu City (032) 344-0119 & (032) 345-5688 (032) 344-1343 (FAX) +63915-7033-964 Rico’s Lechon Restaurant Unit 4 & 5, The Ridges Commercial Complex, Panagdait Road, Mabolo, Cebu City (032) 260- 2443

Ngohiong is a type of spring roll native to Cebu. It is made up of ubod (heart of coconut palms) or sometimes singkamas (jicama) cooked along with minced pork, shrimps, onions and garlic seasoned with five-spice powder. Once sautéed, these ingredients are rolled up, dipped in batter and then fried until golden brown. It is best eaten hot with its special sauce –sweet, spicy or both! It can be found in hawker type food stalls near schools, offices, markets and shopping centers. A handful of Chinese restaurants in Cebu also serve it. During our trip, we sampled Edd’s Ngohiong and we loved it! The best part is that it only costs Php 7.00 per piece. You can eat it as is or paired with puso which is rice wrapped in palm leaves also known as hanging rice. Aside from the ngohiong, we also sampled the vegetable lumpia (vegetable spring rolls), lumpiang shanghai (pork spring rolls), meatballs and stuffed eggs. And yes, they were all yummy! Edd’s Ngohiong is a famous stop for students because it is very affordable. You can even have a meal for Php 20.00 with drinks to boot. So if you are a fan of these hawker-style food or you simply want to try Cebu’s local culinary offerings, this is the place for you. Edd’s Ngohiong is located in Talamban, Cebu City right across San Carlos University.



AMAZING PHILIPPINES THE BEVERLY CAFÉ The Beverly Boutique Business Hotel houses a quaint café. It has old-fashioned furniture that make you feel as if you are back in time. Its walls are adorned with antique Western memorabilia which came from their original restaurant near the city capitol. Their excellent fine-dining menu includes Western treats such as Baby Back Ribs, US Angus Rib-eye Steak and Fresh Corned Beef. Yes indeed, the latter is so delectable that it melts in your mouth. It is freshly made and available for dine-in meals served as Nilagang Corned Beef. However, you can also order it in 450 gram to-go packs (3 servings) so that you can prepare it at home. It is easy to prepare and it would make a great gift as well. The Beverly Café Crispy Pata is also unique as it is not as greasy as its other counterparts. Plus, the meat is tender and tasty too. After meals, you can order their homemade pies. They often have several cakes and pies

BARBECUE JOE Barbecue is a common dish all over the Philippines. However, each region uses different spices which make it different. This is why it is a dish one should try when traveling. Barbecue Joe is a small joint situated near Cebu’s busy business district. They serve a variety of reasonably priced grilled meat and Filipino food. The interiors are simple, with a mezzanine area that can sit around 15 people or even more. Their pork and chicken barbecues are soft and flavorful. We also had Bagoong (fish paste) Rice, Joe’s Crispy Noodles, Crispy Dinuguan and Ginataang Kalabasa (squash in coconut milk stew). But, one must-try is their homemade grilled chorizo. Its special blend and spices is a family recipe they’ve



kept for years. The Grilled Sweet Corn with Paprika Butter is also interesting. Aside from these, they have a variety of vegetable dishes available. For dessert, they have Banana Crumble, Halo-Halo, Leche Flan and Budbud with Sikwati, which is a Cebu specialty. What we loved the most was their Kamias Slush. It was sour with just a hint of sweetness which made it a refreshing delight. The texture comes close to a grape shake. It is one of the best drinks we’ve tried in Cebu. Barbecue Joe The WALK, Asia Town IT Park , Lahug, Cebu City +6332 416 3410 Barbecue-Joe-by-Rics/ Branches –Ayala Center Cebu

available, but their Apple Pie is definitely a treat. It has no extenders and spiced just right. So if you are into Western food or simply into meats and even pies, The Beverly Café is a place you should visit while in Cebu. The Beverly Café Beverly Boutique Business Hotel, F. Manalo St., Cebu City +6332 254 8570 6 a.m. -11 p.m. daily


ROYAL KRUA THAI If you are searching for authentic Thai dishes, Royal Krua Thai is definitely the best place to visit. The food is so palatable and of high quality that it is definitely a fine-dining restaurant with reasonable prices. As soon as you enter the restaurant you will notice hues of yellow, purple and blue which are the colors of Thai Royalty. Even the decors and tableware give you a feel of Thailand’s majestic mystique. It’s like being transported to the Thai Royal Palace. Royal Krua Thai was established and is managed by the Hiranpruck family. Carol Hiranpruck is a Cebuana businesswoman who managed fashion boutiques, while her husband Pongpot Hiranpruck is a respected Thai businessman and health and beauty expert in his homeland. Their son Poompong “Jim” Hiranpruck on the other hand, a former Thai celebrity, now manages Mae Krua Thai Cuisine, one of the restaurant’s branches. Unlike other Thai restaurants with a limited menu, Royal Kruat Thai offerings will make you come back for more. Their Tom Yum Goong (shrimp tom yum), a sour and spicy aromatic dish is certainly a best-seller. The Royal Mixed Appetizer Sampler contains a handful of appetizers you will surely enjoy especially the Fried Taro. Their fresh and fried Spring Rolls which are served with a special lemongrass sauce also come in a vegetarian variety. Other healthy pleasures include Pomelo Thai Spicy Salad (Yum Som O) and Crispy Salmon Skin with Mango

Spicy Salad. Seafood delights include Fried Prawn with Cashew Nuts, Fried Squid in Garlic and Fish Fillet in Black Pepper Sauce to name a few. Their wide selections of curries are also delicious. Of course, a trip to a Thai restaurant is not complete without trying the Padd Thai and Bagoong Rice. For drinks, they have the fresh tamarind juice/shake and my personal favorite Royal Kruat Thai Iced Tea Special. It is the yummiest milk tea which comes in a green tea variant too. The restaurant serves various desserts, but the Sticky Rice with Mango embodies not only a Thai, but also a Filipino flair. The family’s love for good food and superb taste brought about this magnificent restaurant. Their chefs are Thai nationals who have trained in “finest culinary schools” in Thailand. Even their ingredients are authentic to the last detail. This is evident in all the dishes that they serve. Each of them is prepared the Thai way. No shortcuts or alternatives are done to ensure that you have a delectable Thai experience. Royal Krua Thai Royal Krua Thai –Banilad Town Center North Arcade, Gov. Mariano Cuenco Avenue, Cebu City Royal Krua Thai –SM Mall Cebu Upper Ground Floor Level, Fiesta Strip, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City Mae Krua Thai Cuisine 80 F. Ramos St., Cebu City

Situated at the WellCome Hotel, Yolee’s Restaurant serves scrumptious meals. One can never go wrong from appetizers to dessert. Everything is just delicious! The breakfast buffet had a wide array of choices to choose from –eggs, sausages, danggit, vegetables, bread, pancakes and several types of fresh fruits. Their fresh mango juice is so yummy that its best paired with any meal. Chef Glenne prepared many dishes for us to try for dinner. Almost everyone loves snacking, so appetizers are a delight. Their Golden Cheese Sticks and Calamares are fried to perfection, while the Gambas al Jillo is simply delectable. One can never go wrong with Caesar’s Salad and we were impressed that the vegetables were fresh and crunchy. For the main course, we had Adobo de Wellcome (with the yummy roasted garlic!), perfectly sour Sinigang na Baboy, Beef with Mushrooms and Onions and Col. Bruce’s Flying Lapu-Lapu. We also sampled their Pasta Bolognese and it was indeed delightful! The Yolee’s Burger has a huge flavorful patty that burger lovers will enjoy. Great service and good food is WellCome’s priority, so at Yolee’s you can expect great food all the time. They accept parties and events, so don’t hesitate to give them a call for their rates and packages. Yolee’s Restaurant WellCome Hotel 18 Molave St., Escario, Cebu City +6332 260 1888 / +63917 7003664




Serviced Offices:

It’s all about Character, Convenience and even Collaborations BY: ANNA THERESA LLAMSON

Building your corporate image is an essential part of Branding, which is why it is vital for start-up companies or even individuals to package themselves professionally. However, setting up an office space can be quite costly and taxing, that is why there is a demand for serviced offices.

businesses and freelancers. It is very convenient because you can utilize services without maintaining overhead costs. Here you can easily print, send/ receive faxes and get phone calls just like in a regular office. One can also hold meetings, conferences or simply work in a quiet space.

Serviced offices are readyfor-occupancy facilities that are perfect for start-up

Global Hub is a 280 square-meter serviced office at the heart of Makati City, where you can have 3-8 seat offices at reasonable prices as they have various packages and

even day rates. Besides this, they also recommend their teleconferencing facilities. The company boasts of a top of the line IT system handled by a Singaporean team. Global Hub promotes co-working spaces through virtual offices and day office spaces. According to them, “the co-working environment can encourage possible collaborations and future business partnerships among freelances, entrepreneurs and start-up companies”.

“We have seen the need for more office spaces to respond to the demand for ready-for-occupancy facilities for start-ups and businesses to commence their business operation without the usual hassle of setting-up the business location.” - Fritzie Kon, CEO of Global Hub Serviced Offices, Inc

Global Hub Serviced Offices, Inc

Suite 300, 3rd floor Rufino Plaza, Ayala Avenue, Makati City Contact Number/s: (02) 403-6887, (0918) 216-6380 Email: Website:


An Ally to the Cebu Business District BY: ANNA THERESA LLAMSON

Cebu is a continuously growing business center in the Philippines. Many companies from Manila and even abroad are compelled to set up an office within the progressive city. That is why Global Hub decided to take advantage of this opportunity by pioneering the serviced office industry in Cebu City. Global Hub - Cebu currently houses foreign-owned companies and several others from the Visayas and Mindanao region. Situated at the 12th floor of Keppel Building at the heart of the Cebu Business Park, Global Hub operates 24/7. They have fully operational offices which are furnished and complete with I.T. and telecommunications services –high speed internet and even web conferencing facilities. They

also provide several support services may it be web-based or day-to-day functions which include daily mail handing, secretarial services and housekeeping. Conference rooms, meeting rooms and virtual offices are also available for start-up businesses or those who don’t want to be burdened with costly utilities and overhead expenses which generally come with having or building an office. Imagine having a hassle-free office where your needs are all covered. From furniture, basic office equipment and even coffee –they have it all. They even have a small deli stand which serves light snacks to liven up those mid-day meetings.

Global Hub is also proud of their “straightforward rental terms” which are reflected in their various rate packages. All of which are flexible and negotiable. In fact, they often tailor fit packages to make sure that clients get value for their money. Furthermore, they are quite lenient when it comes to occupancy terms. Since it started, Global Hub continues to grow and it remains to be the best serviced office in Cebu City. Ms. Fritzie Kon, Global Hub CEO, is determined to continuously provide top-of-the-line services which already practiced in Cebu, being brought to their second branch in Makati and soon to the rest of the country.

12/F Keppel Center, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

Global Hub Serviced Offices, Inc - Cebu

CONTACT NUMBER: +6332 260 3220 EMAIL:

TWITTER: @globalhubph

FACEBOOK PAGE: Global Hub Serviced Offices



Avenir of Cebu’s Business District by: anna thereSa llamson

SOHO means Small Office/Home Office and it also defines the small or home office setting and the business vibe around it. It can also function as a work space inside the business owner’s home (home office) where they often conduct business. Welcome to Avenir “Introducing adaptable living spaces” is the highlight of King Properties’ latest project. Avenir, meaning “future” in French is the newest 22-storey real estate property in Cebu’s Golden Triangle. It is located right in the heart of Lahug, Banilad and Mabolo making it an accessible location for investors. Avenir has several features and amenities which include 24-hour security with CCTV, 5 high speed elevators, free WiFi in designated areas, telecom redundancy and fiber optic backbone, back-up power generator, an elevated grand lobby, conference rooms, rooftop fitness gym, roof deck with lounge and the AVANT Business Club (subscription basis). It aims to bring convenience, comfort and good quality of life within reach to the modern day professionals and business people. The different layouts and offerings of Avenir make work and living spaces adapt to the clients’ needs and specifications. It is divided into three main zones: Premiere Office Suites (796.10 sqm) are designed for growing



BPOs (small to mid-sized). It has an open layout which allows your business “the freedom to optimize [and] meet the challenges of today’s dynamic economic conditions and shifting market expectations”. Executive Office Suites (25-60 sqm) may have smaller cuts, but you have an option to combine units to get the “right size to suit your needs”. It includes a powder room, split-type AC provisions, ceramic tile flooring, painted walls, concrete underside slab ceilings, cylindrical lighting fixtures and glass main doors with black aluminum frames. Home Office Suites (25 sqm) are perfect for those looking for a “flexibility of a home-office”. Clients also have an option to have it fitted out in order to maximize the work and living space. These suites include a full toilet and bath, kitchen cabinets, solid surface countertops, stainless sink and faucet, split-type AC provisions, ceramic tile flooring, painted walls, concrete underside slab ceilings, cylindrical lighting fixtures and a solid wood paneled main door.

Check out the Avenir Showroom at Archbishop Reyes Avenue (across Barrio Luz Brgy. Hall), Cebu City.

For inquiries, call +6332 316 7777, email or simply visit their website at










THE BOYS OF RNB SHOW If one guy with the sweetest voice couldn’t sweep you off your feet, why don’t you try two? Yes, two of the most talented men in the local music industry, Jimmy Bondoc and Duncan Ramos are sweeping girls (and even guys) off their feet with their latest radio show called the RNB (Ramos and Bondoc) Show at 97.9 Home Radio.



The evening show which starts at five in the afternoon until eight is basically about anything under the sun. As Jimmy described, it is a free-flowing show - format which matches Home Radio’s “natural” concept. Unlike other radio shows, the two guys rely not on planned topics but mostly on their fun-loving nature, not to mention hearing them sing a few lines live is nothing but a huge bonus for their listeners. But as Duncan admitted, the two guys are the type who really love exerting all their energy during their waking hours. So aside from the radio show and of course, the special performances and gigs, Jimmy and Duncan spend their day living a healthy and fit lifestyle, running their own businesses and even banking on solid investments for their future.

ON INVESTING ON HEALTH A typical day for Jimmy starts with light morning exercises – not only for his body but especially for his voice. He allows himself a few moments to wake up but sees to it that he doesn’t stay on the “sleep state” an hour after he wakes up. He drinks his liquid as much as he needs and he practices speaking in his normal voice as soon as possible; not allowing himself to speak groggily especially in the morning. He also runs at least three times a week, depending on his schedule but if you ask him, he would prefer to run daily. He also plays basketball with his friends and even enjoys occasional golf games.



All his efforts are obvious with his physique as he stands fit and moves freely and cheerily. He is also careful with his food, “I try to eat the best at home,” he shared. Although, he admits to enjoy chicken and rice meals at a famous fast food restaurant every now and then. But as much as possible he prefers less sugary and unprocessed foods. He also tries to influence as many people into his healthy lifestyle like what he does to his parents. He constantly gives them a reminder and even check on the food they eat once in a while. He believes that somehow, he was able to influence his parents to have “food conscience” and to learn how to listen to their own body for significant health signals. But Jimmy was able to influence another person, and that is Duncan. Although for Duncan, an active lifestyle has always been part of his life exposed with Taekwondo and part of the Junior National Team when he was younger. He also enjoys playing basketball, kick boxing, muay thai and dances. Duncan also aspires to involve himself into triathlon next year – which he expects to really affect his routine as the training may require more discipline and effort. But at present, running works best for Duncan and following “one rice” per day diet. But his body is not the only thing he likes to keep in shape, his voice too. That’s why he sees to it that he gets a lot of respiratory exercises. “Singing is like breathing, parang sa swimming, kapag naubusan ka ng hangin, mawawala ka talaga (just like in swimming, if you run out of breath you will surely lose your focus),” he shared. So he sees to it that he improves his stamina. In fact, he even shared that drinking cold water is not necessarily bad for his voice. He explained that cold water have condensed oxygen which the throat after a strenuous work-out may need. It is a form of recovery ritual and down-time for his voice. In fact, he is so attuned with singing that he revealed “I can sing for four to five hours straight but couldn’t talk for an hour straight,” as his throat will probably get sore. Also, for Duncan, sleep is important although he may not have the regular sleeping pattern as most people have. Since he works on an irregular schedule, he loves taking naps within the day. He also values short but quality sleep rather than long but light and interrupted snooze time.

THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT RNB The two may have earned the respect and the fame from the industry, but it doesn’t mean they are complacent about it. Jimmy who grew up from an artistic yet business-oriented family learned to merge what he learned from his family to apply to his career. “I will employ as much of the discipline that I learned into my craft. It was the compromise that I reached with myself,” he said. He knew life as an artist can be challenging and many doesn’t end up brightly. That’s why Jimmy ensured himself that he refuses to be such by becoming secure with his life.

It was reflected in how he manages his finances. Instead of living the high life, he invested in gaining properties. He also shared “I am making the best investment in health, to avoid big illnesses and I am investing in people hoping that when the time comes, they may come help me out.” Yet with all his properties, radio shows and special gigs, he knows that he can never consider himself fully secured. “At the end of the day, I don’t think we can ever be prepared, no one can be ensured of anything especially in this day and age,” he admitted.

“Since the world globally is changing, I try to go with the flow and try not to put all the eggs in one basket.” However, for Duncan, who also comes from a business-minded family, he had his share of businesses as well. In fact, he had a bar previously which unfortunately closed. That was the time he learned to be picky and to have genuine love for his endeavors. He noticed that running the bar made him tensed and restless because he was already exposed to the night life as a performer, he wanted

Christmas the RNB Way JIMMY BONDOC “Have ourselves a merry little Christmas. I will be spending it with family and close friends.” But he further advised, “enjoy your Christmas but don’t spend it on being guilty: indulge but moderately.” It may also be the best time to start a light morning routine just like Jimmy. DUNCAN RAMOS “All year round, may kanya-kanyang lakad naman, so ang pinaka-grand (celebration) is with the family (All year round, we have our own plans so the grandest celebration is to spend it with family).” But for the rest of the season, Duncan will be spending it performing as it is the busiest season for performers. “Performing (however) is my break. They (the audience) make time to watch and spend, so I will give them a good time!”

something different and so he ventured in other businesses that fulfilled this longing. Duncan, in fact, has a recording studio and a boxing and dance studio. When he is not busy preparing for gigs, he spends his time teaching martial arts. “I love teaching. Since you don’t really own anything (in this life), it is very humbling kapag nakikita mo sila na natuto (when you see them learning),” revealed Duncan. He enjoys being able to impart his knowledge and skills to students especially to children. But it wasn’t all fun times for him, in fact, he shared that for him “not everything happened eventually, I worked hard for it.” When he became part of South Border, he was only 20. And when the band disbanded, no record label wanted to sign him up. But instead of losing hope, he learned to produce music. It was a good thing though that Duncan loves learning as much as teaching. “I don’t get tired of learning, (I believe) that if one person can do it, everyone can do it,” he said. But he also believes that each person has something he is really good at and a person must at least try it out which both Duncan and Jimmy believe in. When Duncan saw the industry’s survival-ofthe-fittest nature, he knew he had to take the initiative to create opportunities on his own. It was just a blessing that he was in fact very musically

inclined and can play several musical instruments. It made it less taxing to be crafting music in the studio as he was well-familiar with it. “Hindi lang dapat puro passion, kapag passion mo kailangan mo din kargahan (It’s not just about passion, it’s about being able to improve and enhance it too),” he advised. And just like Jimmy, Duncan did not spend his time like most people, “Kapag musician ka, walang day-off (if you’re a musician, there’s no time-off),” he said. “Habang gumigimik ka, nag-prapractice kami (while you’re having a night out, we’re practicing).”

ON DISCOVERING YOUR PASSION Judging from how the two artists run their lives, it is only anticipated that they will also be imparting a unique sense of wisdom. “I have sacrificed some dreams because I have accepted that I am not for that but you have to follow your bliss and assess yourself in all honesty,” Jimmy shared. “The first thing that anyone has to cultivate is honesty to one’s self.” He believes that being honest to one’s self is the key for success. There are things that a person may not be cut out for, or they may be things that a person may just have not explored enough but can be best for him or for her. He also strongly and sincerely believes

that leaving room for God to point the right direction works best. “Leave yourself half sure or unsure and give Him the power over your dreams,” he shared. “The successes in my life happened because of previous efforts but also because of fortuitous events which conspired to make it happen, so leave room for that.” He mentioned that being too sure of something can have its implications, it might be because of determination which is good, but it can also be pride. “You might be banging your head against a wall that might not move,” he warned. “Like Bruce Lee, you have to be like water. Go with the flow but have the general dream in mind. Don’t be confined to a numbing one path vision, you will miss opportunities along the way if you have blinders on,” he explained. “If you get it, be thankful but if not, still be thankful with what you get,” he uttered with a refreshing smile on his face.

Duncan’s advice resembles the same concept but with more practicality and firmness. He believes that “following the heart” alone doesn’t always invite opportunities. It still needs a lot of thinking and a lot of obedience since not everything happens as one hopes it will be. For Duncan, the key is “obey first before you complain.” Do not close your mind from opportunities which may come as you go along in life, just like in sports, there is a method to life. “Minsan may ayaw ka, but you have to stick to the method (Sometimes, there are things you don’t like, but you have to stick to the method),” he explained. In fact, his radio show was one of the most recent challenges for him. For one, he was not used to the time frame of the show and since it is a daily stint, it made him felt like a day-job. Duncan, however, was not used to it but as he explored more into the show, he learned to enjoy the craft as well. If he didn’t give a chance for it, he wouldn’t find out his calling for it.









EMERSON BALUYOT BY: Christine Andaya Baluyot



merson Baluyot is, indeed, an artistic individual. Since grade school, he was fond of playing guitar and making drawings, inspired by his late father, who was a former band member. He became a bass guitarist

for years which he considers his bread and butter. Being a photographer has never crossed his mind, even in his wildest dream. But it suddenly changed when the need for a better job arises. He was looking for a job but most companies are in need of a photographer. That is when he decided to study the basics in photography. His interests were changed in a click. He became very much fascinated in taking photos, in capturing moments. His first job in line with photography was in a photo studio near his residence. Though he can capture good pictures, he started as a light man. He eventually became a photographer and was very

happy about it. He was the third shooter but was never entrusted with a functioning camera. Most of the time, he used damaged cameras, lens, etc. Feeling like an underdog, he decided to do very well in honing his craft. His perseverance to be a good photographer made him more innovative. He didn’t attend seminars or workshops. He sharpened his skills by merely looking at photos and studying the techniques on his own. Currently, Emerson is a resident photographer of Crimson Shot Photo and Video Services. He, together with his best buddy, Andy Orbeta, founded Libtrato – a group of street photographers. The group is interested in capturing street children with their unwavering smiles. Libtrato photographers believe that a precious smile is priceless “walang bayad and ngiti (there’s no charge to smile)” posting all their shots online. Emerson just launched his first Kolorete workshop entitled “Pintura Corporal”. Just like the other photographers, he is also dreaming to become a world renowned photographer.





Born and raised in Brgy. Coral na Bato, San Rafael Bulacan, Mr. Amando De Guzman was the 6th of eight children of farmers who plowed their own land. However, life was still tough and they had to help whenever they can to earn a decent living. Even during his college years, he would help till the land yet “Kap Lengget”, as they fondly call him today enjoyed this task since he always were fond of nature and farm animals. After college, he decided to explore greener pastures as a seaman. He worked for 12 years; traveling all over the world. Back then, his dream was to become a captain of a ship and save a lot of money, so he could start a

business. In 1994, he decided to settle down and married his then girlfriend, Janette yet continued to work onboard. While he was away, she started their small business of raising pigs and manufacturing animal feeds. It was in 2010 when he acquired a share of the family land and put up a vacation house in it. This is when Big Rock began. From a rest house he continuously improved the property until it became a tourist destination. A year after it was built, local and even foreign tourists would come to visit the resort. Most were fond of its many amenities such as the pools and the various life size cartoon characters and action figures. Kap Lengget did most of the planning, design and landscaping himself, while it was his youngest child’s idea to put character figures in order to make the place livelier.

He was already happy and content as a businessman when his townfolks in the barangay pushed him to run for office. He was skeptical at first, but then realized that given the position he can help more people. As the resort grew, he hired more people especially during summer; all of them from his barangay. As of the moment he has around 20 regular employees, but it balloons up to a hundred during peak season. Most part-timers are those with odd jobs or working students. Through his efforts, he was able to create jobs and increase the town’s revenue. When asked what his goals are for the near future, he would just smile and say that he is a simple man. All he wants is a quiet life with a prospering business in order to provide for his family and give his children a comfortable

life as well as a good future. His eldest son, Adrian Joseph is a 3rd year high school student, while John Patrick is in grade 7. For Kap Lengget, family is his first priority. He often wakes up early, around 5 in the morning, to exercise and go around the resort. At 7, he would take his kids to school. It is after these, that he goes to work –handling barangay or municipal tasks and supervision of his resort and pig farm. Kap Lengget quips that in building the resort he would like to leave a legacy; a business with a heart which promotes tourism in order to uplift the lives of the people around him. From his humble beginnings he was able to prosper. Now it’s his turn to pay it forward. As they say “Blessed to bless”.

6 Tips For Saving For Your Down Payment A home is not only the most important purchase one can make, it is also probably the most expensive. But before you even consider buying properties, you must have a down payment or deposit ready. Here are six useful tips to help you save for that down payment. By: Lamudi.Com.Ph

Often it is said that a home is the most important—and —and perhaps most expensive— purchase any person can make. It is not surprising then that many find home-buying intimidating. However, buying a house need not be in cash. Banks, the Pag-IBIG Fund, and even real estate developers offer loans to would-be buyers to finance the purchase of their first home. However, even if somebody is willing to lend you some cash, you still need to cough up a considerable amount, the bulk of which will go to your deposit or down payment. WHAT IS A DOWN PAYMENT? The days of casually walking into a bank and getting a 100 percent loan to purchase a home are long gone. Today, lenders need homebuyers to provide proof of their solid financial position, and one of its best indicators is having enough savings for down payment. Financial advisors agree that having a down payment lets the buyer weather a financial storm. If your down payment is considerable, the loan tenure will be shorter, the monthly mortgage payment will be smaller, and the interest rate will be smaller. But this is easier said than done. Most Filipinos do not have big enough savings for down payment. In fact, only one in four Filipino households has savings, according to survey by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). This may be one of the reasons homeownership is beyond the reach of average Filipino families.

However, armed with a bit of financial savvy, constant economizing, and a good dose of self-discipline, finally owning a home may become a reality much sooner than you think. Here are ways to get started. SET A REALISTIC GOAL. As a would-be homebuyer, the very first thing that you should do is to set a realistic amount that your financial capacity can accommodate. As a rule of thumb, financial advisors recommend the “2.5 rule”; that is, take your annual income and multiply it by 2.5. The product is the cost of the property you can afford.

For example, if your monthly take-home pay (after deductions and taxes) is Php50,000, then the price of the property you can afford is Php1.5 million. From here you can determine how much money you should have for down payment, which at 20 percent of the purchase price should be Php300,000. SAVE A TENTH OF YOUR MONTHLY TAKE-HOME PAY. They say that before you pay anyone else, you need to pay yourself first—in the form of savings. An old yet reliable approach, saving 10 percent of your monthly net income will take you a long way, and you have to start this as soon as possible.


ELIMINATE THE LUXURIES. Although this is no fun, eliminating some of your luxuries can save you thousands in the long run. For example, you’ll definitely live even without your daily fix of caramel macchiato, which by the way sets you back Php150 a day (that’s Php3,300 a month or a whopping Php39,600 for an entire year). Other luxuries you can definitely survive without include that once-a-week lunch at a fancy restaurant, that Friday night out with work friends, and new clothing every 4 weeks. Over the period of 12 months this strategy can save you thousands of pesos, not to mention give you a newfound sense of fulfillment and financial independence. GET A PART-TIME JOB. If you are serious about saving for a home down payment, then you have to look at other means to boost your income. How about a part-time job? Some people work extra evenings a week to earn extra bucks, while others do freelance work. There are websites that have listings of part-time jobs for professionals, such as WriterAccess for writers and editors, DesignCrowd for artists and graphic designers, and Elance and oDesk for everyone else. PAY OFF YOUR CREDIT CARD DEBT ON TIME. Although not a conventional savings strategy, this will save you on interest payments in the long term. In fact, financial advisors recommend eliminating the use of your plastic altogether. They say if you can’t afford to pay for an item in cash, then you can’t afford it, period. It is definitely worthwhile to sort out your finances first— and you can start with your credit card debt—before you commit to a mortgage that’s worth millions of pesos.

About Lamudi

The best way to achieve this is to designate one savings account, ideally a different one from where your paycheck is deposited to make it harder for you to withdraw the money. There are Philippine banks that still offer savings account with just a passbook and no ATM card, which is ideal for people bent on limiting their spending, as it will be harder for them to just walk into any ATM and withdraw cash.

SELL STUFF YOU DON’T NEED. Look around your room and see if there are items you can live without. If so, consider selling these unwanted household goods online. The same goes for that PlayStation and Xbox, and numerous other items that are collecting dust at home. Selling them online can generate you thousands of pesos in a short time.

Launched in 2013, Lamudi is a global property portal focusing exclusively on emerging markets. The fast-growing platform is currently available in 28 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, with more than 600,000 real estate listings across its global network. The leading real estate marketplace offers sellers, buyers, landlords and renters a secure and easy-to-use platform to find or list properties online. For more information, please visit




A Hi-Tech Way of Listening to your Heart:

Let’s face it, the moment we allowed technology to be part of our lives, there is no stopping it. BY: VERONICA RAMOS

Today, gadgets are now every human being’s extension. People almost cannot produce and operate without gadgets. It handles our mode of communication, it handles our daily tasks, and now, it handles even our fitness and wellness state. Polar V800

There are plenty of gadgets today which help people work-out and stay fit. There are the electronic belts which create electrical pulses to build muscles, there are others which monitor burned calories but the most hip and trendy nowadays are the wearable heart monitoring devices. This wearable band which resembles a sports wrist watch doesn’t only tell time, distance travelled or calories burned. It monitors one’s heart rate, too. Hitler Dulay of Toby’s Sports explained why heart rate is a

efficiency. Each individual have

to achieve one’s fitness goals.

happens, a person may consider

maximum beats per minute

And it can only be safe, if one

slowing down. The heart rate

depending on the age. Once

understands the limitation of

basically dictates how much

the heart get maximized and

the heart.

work-out a body can take.

pushed too hard with excessive work-out, it can be fatal.


the heart monitoring devices

To minimize such risk, it is

gather, it can be easier to

best to rest, but make sure to

"Your heart rate will tell you how

determine one’s wellness state

gradually stop. Create a pacing

and limitations. You can actually

to your activity so by the time

learn a thing or two by listening

you reached your maximum

to the heart, literally.

rate, you can reverse your

And because of the data that

to fitness, according to him,


heart rate is significant since

Contrary to popular belief

it is generally affected by the

about working out, spending

environment and the condition

many hours in the gym is not

of the person. He cited an

the ultimate key to weight loss

example when a person is

instead; it’s the efficiency of the

stressed and if the weather is

work out. And measuring your

hot, the heart beat faster than

heart rate can determine its

crucial data when it comes


the usual. When such incident


activity by slowing down a notch after another. Running coaches nowadays recommend wearing the portable monitoring gadget especially during training. The modern coaches doesn’t believe in “no pain, no gain” anymore. Instead, they insist on secured and efficient work-out

fit you are," said Dulay. A healthy heart can pump a liter of blood into the systems in just one beat. But if it can’t, it will work doubly hard, thus increased number of beats. But if a person tries to over work his or her heart, not only will you not get the results you want but also can lead the heart to serious heart conditions. Thus it only means one thing: using the heart too much will only take a toll on one’s overall wellness.




POLAR - More Than A Wrist Band, it’s your Personal Coach Polar, a Finnish company has been the first to introduced wearable heart monitoring devices -a product derived from their 30 years of developing heart monitoring machines which are used in medical institutions. According to their studies, it is important to track the daily activities in motion and the patient's heart rate outside the hospital for more accurate observation of their lifestyle. Thus the conceptualization of the wearable device. This way, it is easier to monitor patient’s activities even outside the walls of a hospital or a laboratory. However, Polar envisioned the product to be not only used as a medical gadget but an overall wellness motoring device which can be used by any fitness enthusiasts. One of Polar’s latest models is the Polar Loop. Aside from its standard heart rate tracking features, it can also track your calories burned and even the number of steps the wearer takes. The latter being the most recent feature is aligned with the World Health Organization’s claims that to be considered active, a person needs at least 10,000 steps in a day. The device can monitor steps and how much more you need for the day. And with a complementary mobile application, you can easily log your daily activities and check your progress towards fulfilling your fitness goals. The application also has an activity guide to keep you motivated.

We’ve all heard the cautionary tales from college graduates and upperclassmen: “you’re going to eat way too much”; “beware the freshman 15”; and other warnings of impending weight gain to welcome you to higher education. But, there is more to the story than adding a few unwanted inches to your waist. Nowadays, most weight loss programs and products target the demographic of college students for their campaigns. But commonly overlooked is the subject of malnutrition in students, even without noticeable changes in weight. One’s diet isn’t like boxing – effectiveness is not measured pound for pound. You don’t have to look stick thin or morbidly obese to suffer the consequences of malnutrition. The World Health Organization (WHO) merely defines the condition as a lack of nutrients that “generally refers both to under-nutrition and over-nutrition.” So, resorting to another Body Mass Index calculator or buying a nicer mirror won’t necessarily show us how much nutrition we are actually getting. Numerous cases of malnourishment are detected from symptoms inside the body. That means relying on whether or not you’ve grown a beer belly won’t actually tell you if your body can still take a few more pints. Of course, eating and drinking habits are not to be blamed completely on the students’ own

sense of health. Oregon and Hartford studies show that a big reason for undernourishment in the youth is actually “food insecurity,” which, according to the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, is the “limited or uncertain availability to healthy foods due to high costs, limited income, and poor food support systems.” Food insecurity has become a more prevalent cause of malnutrition in university students arguably due to market rates which rise annually and trickle down to prices in restaurants and fast food chains. This means whether students choose to cook their own meals or eat out, high prices cut deep into their budgets. Lack of funds usually leads to opting for either smaller portions, cheaper picks (with almost no nutritional value), or skipping meals entirely. The regularity of these actions have become so overlooked and disregarded that the consequences seem to have taken a back seat in modern conversation. Due to the stereotype of the “obvious” form of malnutrition, more and more students are unwittingly suffering from it without knowing the root cause. Knowledge is the best form of prevention, and if we can educate ourselves more on nutrition and simple, healthy diets then we can easily differentiate a severe case of the munchies from a continually worsening case of malnourishment.




Remember the saying, “it’s the thought that counts”? Well, it’s true that’s why this holiday season, it’s best to give gifts in which you put a lot of thought into. Here are REACH’s top gifts to give out this holiday:


WD MY PASSPORT WIRELESS Nothing else will be more appreciated by dad than the WD My Passport Wireless which comes in 1TB and 2TB. Not only will he be able to access all his works securely and easily via Wifi, SD Card and direct cable, he will also have more space for photos and movies which the whole family can enjoy. The hi-tech external hard drive functions like a public cloud with more privacy, and it can connect to up to 4 gadgets at a time. To learn more, visit


ELLANA MINERAL COSMETICS For the elegant and sophisticated look that moms desire, give them a set of Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. The locally-made mineral make-up brand with imported ingredients is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic which simply gives an oil-free matte finish without hurting the skin. Bring out the best look for your mom by simply showing off her natural glow with Ellana. To learn more,



Tired of getting teased by Kuya or getting bugged by little brother? Then give them a cool kicks this holiday with DC shoes. Everyone loves a new pair to show off to their friends or even their cousins at the upcoming family reunion. Not only will you add up to Kuya’s appeal, you will also get to be on his good side too! Say hello to a tease-free 2015 ahead! To check out other styles,


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Of course, your best friend will always be on top of your list, and it’s even harder to choose a perfect gift for the sister/brother from another mother. Since you two spend the most time together, it’s best to give something that you can also share! Airborne Technologies Boom Box is a no-plug, no set-up, hassle-free sound amplifier. Made from 100% natural wood, the amplifier is compatible with any mobile gadgets with a built-in speaker. It also polishes the sound which makes it ideal for listening music and even movie watching. Get more details at


DEUTER BACKPACKS Let’s face it, activities for next year has been



The hardest thing to give gifts to is the girls in your barkada – you have to choose gifts evenly which doesn’t make one stand out from the rest. So to take off any doubts of favoritism, give them all something they can enjoy and use, individually or even together. Get them Strip It – a natural cold wax made of sugar. The locally-made product is hypoallergenic and pain-free. It removes hair instantly without the hassle of heating up the wax. It also comes in pretty packaging which the girls will love instantly. To get more

planned out even 2014 hasn’t even officially ended. So help your buddies gear up with a new backpack by Deuter. Whether it will be a biking, hiking or a simple out-of-town getaway, the boys will always want to use their back packs. Give them something stylish, lightweight and designed to lessen the pressure off their backs. Discover more at

information, REACH MAGAZINE






PHOTO SOURCE: Visual Science


recent outbreak in 2014,

The History of Ebola

news inconsistently. At one

the seventh in Ebola history

point, it has killed hundreds

since its first appearance

Ebola virus is actually

of people, and then medical

in 1976, proves that Ebola

experts and government

virus never ceased to

agencies contain the virus

exist, it simply hid from the

until there’s none. But then,

public’s eye. Somehow, the

somehow, after several

lack of information from

years, it will again resurface

its definite origin creates

killing another hundreds of

a buzz and fear from most

or decades, news on

innocent people. The cycle

the Ebola outbreak

goes on and on. The very

seems to contain the

people. The question then arises: what’s the real deal with Ebola?

one which belongs to the Filoviridae family (Filovirus); with one very close relative called the Marburg virus which emerged in Marburg, Germany in 1967. The said virus affected 31 people; in which the source was believed to be monkeys imported from Africa ironically for research and vaccine production. Although the virus was contained, the officials then failed to learn more about the virus and its truthful origin.

1976 As for the Ebola string of virus, the very first emergence of an outbreak was in Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly known as Zaire) in 1976. The initial outbreak involved 318 cases with 280 casualties. During the same year, an epidemic also surfaced in South Sudan which left 151 deaths out of 284 cases.

1989 After more than a decade, a few cases again emerged in Reston, Virginia, USA traced from another set of imported monkeys from Mindanao region of the Philippines. Though the incident was not considered as a major



3 Forty Fifth Residences is the most prestigious residential condominium in Alabang. It is located within Northgate, Filinvest City and presently, the only condo offering in the area. Northgate in Alabang is considered the tech-hub of the metro south which holds the biggest names in the BPO industry such as HSBC, Convergy’s, Genpact, AIG, etc.

3 Forty Fifth Residences is also the most exclusive address in the Alabang area with only 71 units in total with only 8 units per floor and has 3 high speed elevators. It is stylishly designed provided with the essential living amenities – a swimming pool, fitness area, yoga room, multi-purpose function with an interactive kitchen and a roof deck lounge. 3 Forty Fifth Residences offers Studio Suite Units, 1 Bedroom with Study units as well as 2 to 3 bedroom premium units. Each unit already comes fitted with split-type air-conditioning units, heat induction stove and oven with exhaust, refrigerator, kitchen and bedroom cabinetries and water heaters, for a worry-free move in.

3 Forty Fifth Residences is a premier development of Top Market Property Development and Management Inc., a subsidiary of A.M. Oreta & Co., one of the country’s top AAA construction firm, with more than 65 years of experience in building 5 star hotels and other structures.

For more information on 3 Forty Fifth Residences, please visit our website or contact +63 917 8205074 or +63 2 5036305. 54



Truth About Ebola Although Ebola may be a very serious issue to be concerned about, people should not panic

since the cases on Ebola here

including United States.

its original carrier remains

and there within the area

According to CNN’s report

to be a mystery, although

were not able to contaminate

as of October 23, 2014 the

there are several speculations


reported cases and deaths are

which point to fruit bats as

as follows:

natural carriers without being

2000 – 2003

affected by it. Yet, there are still more to test and to study

by its spread. Ebola

The virus seemed to have

is not airborne like

been travelling when it

other diseases such as

affected 425 people with 224

tuberculosis, H1N1 Flu or

deaths in Uganda. The virus

Liberia - 4665 cases,

measles. It is transmitted

seemed to have crossed

2705 deaths

through direct contact

boundaries when during the

with infected blood or

same time, 53 fatalities from

body fluids such as

Gabon and 43 from Congo

saliva, mucus, urine and

were also recorded to be

vomit, among others.

caused by Ebola. During the

These fluids can enter

latter part of 2003, Congo

the system thorough

again suffered the cruelty

the mouth, nose, open

of Ebola virus when it killed

wounds, cuts or through

another 128 people out of the

sexual intercourse.

143 cases.

after a few weeks of recovery as Ebola virus remains on the semen up to 7 weeks. Lactating mothers are also advised not to breastfeed after recovery.

outbreak, it did left a mark in

2007 After just a few years, 264 cases again were reported with 187 deaths in Congo. At the same year, Uganda yet again accounted 37 deaths out of 149 cases.


the study of the Ebola virus

Another occurrence was seen

putting Asia as one of the

again in Asia specifically in

origins of the virus. This is

the Philippines when Ebola

also the first landfall of the

virus was detected in 5 people

virus in the United States.

working in a pig farm. The incident was a unique case

1994 - 1996 After almost 20 years, another outbreak resurfaced in Congo leaving 315 people affected with at least 280 deaths on the record. The officials and

before coming into a definitive

926 deaths


Mali - 1 case, 1 death Nigeria - 20 cases, 8 deaths Senegal - 1 case, 0 deaths Sierra Leone - 3896 cases, 1281 deaths

since it was the first in the history of the virus that the origin was attributed to pigs, instead of the usual cases with monkeys.

1 death

is this, Ebola virus is an infectious diseases but it remains to be non-contagious unless human beings show symptoms. Since the virus has an incubation period of 2 to 21 days, symptoms will not show as soon as the human gets infected. Ebola Virus Disease or sometimes called Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever presents the following initial

Get to Know Ebola Virus

symptoms: fever, fatigue,

Most people know the virus

followed by vomiting, diarrhea

simply as Ebola, but the

and rashes. In some cases,

filovirus actually have 5

symptoms of impaired kidney

strains. However, four of

and liver function, and internal

which affects both human and

and external bleeding like

animals namely Ebola virus

blood in stool or bleeding

(Zaire ebolavirus), Sudan virus

gums can also be observed.

(Sudan ebolavirus), Taï Forest

Blood and other laboratory

virus (Taï Forest ebolavirus,

examinations will also exhibit

formerly Côte d’Ivoire

low white blood cell and

ebolavirus), and Bundibugyo

platelet counts and elevated

virus (Bundibugyo ebolavirus)

liver enzymes. However,

while the other one called

since the symptoms closely

the Reston virus (Reston

resembles that of malaria,

ebolavirus) seems to affect

typhoid fever and meningitis,

animals alone.

further laboratory tests are

muscle pain, headache and sore throat. It is usually

needed to confirm Ebola. Unfortunately, even at


this time of advanced

that the Ebola virus was not

This is by far the largest

technology, Ebola virus still

contained in the 70’s; instead

outbreak in Ebola history

does not have a specific

it only remained undetected

affecting several countries

treatment and vaccine. Even

experts believed at this point

What is known today however

Spain - 1 case, 0 deaths United States - 4 cases,

Infected males are advised abstinence even

Guinea - 1553 cases,

medical breakthroughs and






Tinasas or Tita Em-Em,

many health benefits of going

an economist and herbal

natural, she also realized that

enthusiast, she started to

she can save money for it.

create her own herbal garden

After doing a lot of research

because of her allergies. “I

about herbs, her fascination

Herbs are defined as plants

am allergic to antibiotics, sabi

and passion led her to

which are useful to humans.

ng friends ko mag-organic

create her own blog site and

We value an herb for different

ako and take ashitaba (I am

Facebook page to share her

reasons like for their taste,

allergic to antibiotics so my

insights and knowledge.

smell, for its ability to alleviate

friends told me to try organic

illnesses and even as an

(herbs) and take ashitaba).”

Her garden, which started

organic insecticide.

Ashitaba is an herb which is

from a few pots she got from

native to Asia and believed

garden shows and exhibits

to alleviate high cholesterol

a few years ago, is now a

levels, hay fever and even food

proud haven for more than 20

poison, among others.

different kinds of herbs.

Let’s start with the basics; herbal gardens are typical gardens where you grow your herbs. It can be any size or shape but unlike a regular garden, it can be an entire yard or a small portion within your home where sunlight can peek through.


Not only did she learn the

How? By planting herbs!

What’s an Herbal Garden?


According to Emerlina

As she explored further the world of herbs and herbal gardening, she became more in love with the organic gems.

What are the Different Types of an Herbal Garden? CULINARY HERBAL GARDEN The culinary or kitchen herbal garden contains herbs that can be used as flavorings or spices for cooking. They are usually grown in containers which can be easily placed within the kitchen, preferably beside a window. Examples of culinary herbs are parsley, basil, thyme, oregano, chives, rosemary, and cilantro, among others. If you like Italian cuisine, your herbal garden should have basil, parsley, oregano and rosemary. If Asian is more your liking, you may use cilantro or lemongrass. Along with these edible herbs, a tea garden is also included. In your tea garden, you can grow chamomile, peppermint, spearmint and asumi.



Another famous herbal attribute is its

Other herbal gardens are intended for

medicinal quality. Medicinal herbs include

ornamental purposes. These herbs

aloe, feverfew and serpentine. Among the

like germander and sage are used for

many famous herbs is ashitaba, an herb

landscaping because of their beautiful

which originated in Japan. It is believed

flowers. Also some herbs are valued for

to help cure diabetes, high or low blood

emitting strong scents like citronella

pressure, constipation, respiratory illnesses,

which can be aromatic and even used

kidney conditions, hormonal imbalance,

as mosquito killer. Citronella is Tita

and many others. Oregano is also another

Em-Em’s favorite; she even uses it

famous for its healing benefits like easing

as an ingredient in her do-it-yourself

common colds. According to Tita Em-Em,

household cleaners, among others.

“I eat three (3) to four (4) kinds of herbs everyday to keep me healthy.” Although many studies prove that herbs can be helpful, there are also herbs that can be harmful if not used properly. That’s why Tita Em-Em never fails to tell her customers to always seek a doctor’s advice before starting any herbal medications.

Tips to Grow an Herbal Garden Just like any garden, an herbal garden needs special care and needs.

3. When growing herbs in pots or containers, make sure it has good

Here are Tita Em-Em’s practical tips in growing your own herbal

drainage to refrain from drowning the herbs in trapped water. It is


also ideal to place rocks or gravel at the bottom of a container to aid in the drainage process.

1.Herbs like the sun but not all herbs like to get full exposure. Some prefer partial exposure and a few like total shade. When

4. Unfortunately, people are not the only ones who like herbs, some

planning the garden, divide it into sections. Herbs like thyme,

creepy crawling and flying pests also do. It’s ideal then to add

rosemary and oregano like full exposure, while basil and mustard

serpentina in the water to be used for watering. The bitter taste of

like part-exposure. Also with watering the herbs, not all herbs like to

the serpentina keeps the pests away from the other herbs.

be watered every day. Herbs like aloe vera only need it twice a week while others like oregano and stevia like it on a daily basis. Always

But overall, growing herbs require less work and resources than

remember that different herbs have different needs. So always do

any other plants yet it can provide so many benefits. It doesn’t

your research before adding an herb to your garden.

require too much space and it is generally easier to manage. So the next time you visit a grocery store, consider creating your own

2. According to Tita Em-em, one way to help the environment is to

herbal garden instead. You can save time, money and even help the

practice the 3Rs: reuse, reduce and recycle. And one way to do so

environment and other people just like Tita Em-Em.

is to use kitchen waste as an organic fertilizer. Not only do you cut down your household’s carbon footprint, you also save a few bucks

For more information and some DIY herbal recipes, do check out Tita Em-Em’s blog

by doing so.

Enchanting Rivulet at










BY: ANNA THERESA LLAMSON PHOTOS BY: SANTI LUIB III drinks or enjoying your cup of coffee with a spectacular view of the beach.

After travelling to many places in the Philippines, Mr. Dik de Boer and his wife Cora read an article about the small island of Malapascua which is located north of Cebu. They went for a visit and became enchanted by its white sand, clear waters and coconut palms. It was indeed paradise.

satellite television, hot and cold shower, and a private balcony overlooking the garden.

Back then, there were no resorts or diving facilities. The island only had homestays and small cottages for rent. During their visit, the locals shared many stories of Japanese war wrecks as well as shark sightings. They returned after a year with a couple of diving equipment to explore the reefs that surrounded the island. They saw Malapascua’s underwater magnificence and decided to put up the first dive resort in the island.

Go Pro Lodge These furnished rooms have air condition and a shared bathroom. It was initially built for Divemaster Interns and Instructor Development Classroom (IDC) candidates. It is conveniently located near the dive shop, classrooms and the beach.

ROOMS AND ACCOMMODATIONS The resort has 40 rooms, most of which have hot and cold showers, air-conditioning systems, cable television, mini-bar, refrigerator and private balconies. They even have a backpacking facility and fan rooms for those who would like affordable accommodations. Super Deluxe Rooms These 26 square meter rooms have twin queen sized beds, air condition, a stocked mini bar, satellite television, hot and cold shower, and a private balcony. Deluxe Rooms These 21 square meter rooms have twin single/double beds, air condition, a stocked mini bar,

Standard Aircon These 13 square meter rooms have twin single beds, air condition and a balcony. It is near the beachfront, restaurant and bar.

RESTAURANT, BAR, BAKERY AND COFFEE CORNER The full service Sea View Bar and Restaurant serves scrumptious international and local dishes. They also have their own bakery which has freshly baked pies, local and European bread foccacia, ciabatta, pistolet, baguette,croissant and even cakes for any occasion.

The restaurant serves authentic Dutch food such as bitter balls, mixed croquettes and nasi balls. The latter is an Asian-European fusion that is indeed delicious! We also recommend their buttery croissant, mouthwatering coffee baby back ribs, spicy green chicken curry and perfectly prepared peppered steak. The homemade vanilla ginger ice cream is also an interesting treat. They also serve an array of vegetarian specialties. The veggie burger was definitely worth the price! SERVICES AND FACILITIES The Exotic Island Dive Resort can arrange transfers from the airport/ Cebu City hotel to the resort and even to other holiday destinations. They have well maintained cars/ vans and boats which are available upon request. The Exotic Spa at the rooftop is a place where one can relax and de-stress. They have well trained masseuses, who are familiar with reflexology, various massages (Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy). Body massage w/ herbal pack, foot massage and foot scrub are also available. Their Exotic combination massage is a definitely worth a try.

The coffee corner, on the other hand, has the best freshly brewed coffee on the island. They use their special blend of roasted coffee beans to make lattes, iced coffees and cappuccinos.

Furthermore, the resort has a multimedia conference room and Instructor Development Classroom (IDC), which can accommodate 20-30 people. It has Internet, flat screen television and a DVD player. Moreover, they have Wi-Fi access at the restaurant, safety deposit boxes, 24 hour security, a telephone, an Internet café, laundry service and a convenience store. They accept credit cards Visa/ Mastercard, US Dollars, Euros and Pesos.

Additionally, the bar offers several alcoholic drinks – special cocktails and even drafts beer. They have a “Happy Hour” from 5-7 p.m. where you can avail of their buy one take one offer for selected cocktails. Just imagine having your meals,

DIVING SERVICES AND AMENITIES Exotic Island Dive Resort put up the very first dive center in Malapascua and they pioneered the thresher shark encounters. They have a fleet of 4 large boats, 1 small boat and a speedboat which can be

used to visit the many diving spots surrounding the island. Diving equipment is available for rent. Plus, they have an underwater digital camera which can be used for a fee. Dive groups are handled by trained and experienced guides. Dive schedules are flexible in order to tailor fit diver’s experience and preference. There are daily Thresher shark dives, while Nitrox/ Wreck/Night dives may also be arranged The Exotic Island PADI Dive Shop is operated by professional instructors. Safety is the utmost priority that is why they strictly adhere to PADI standards. Apart from their many diving courses, they also offer beginner to professional courses such as the Divemaster Course and Instructor Development Course. SAFETY FIRST! All Exotic boats are equipped with VHF radios, emergency oxygen units, a first aid box and a fire extinguisher. The dive center on the other hand has the only Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in Malapascua island. The Exotic Island Dive Shop’s many First: 1997 –First Thresher shark dive 1998 –First dive shop in Malapascua 1999 –First Nitrox filling station 2005 –First 5 star PADI IDC dive resort 2007 –First and only Go Eco dive resort 2007 2007 –First PADI Distinctive Thresher Shark Specialty Course *The PADI Distinctive Thresher Shark Specialty Course was established to educate people about thresher sharks and to address the issues they are facing. Exotic Island Dive Resort Malapascua Island, Cebu Malapascua Exotic Island Dive & Beach Resort, P.O. Box 1200 6000 Cebu City, Philippines Email: Phone: (+63) (32)516-2990 Mobile: (+63) 917-3276689 (+63) 999 9976601 Website: REACH MAGAZINE


Thrills on Two Wheels



ne of the most popular activities in the south of Greater Metro Manila is biking. Yes, the two-wheeled ride that many enjoyed during their childhood years are now part of the big boys’ toy collection. And it comes in all forms and sizes too! You have the road bikes, the triathlon bikes, the fixies (the ones with a fixed single gear), the folding bikes and of course, the mountain bikes. MEET THE SOUTH SIDE MOUNTAIN BIKERS Every weekend, especially along Daang Hari road in Las Pinas, a swarm of bikers usually ride in groups whether to train or simply chill. One of these groups is the South Side Mountain Bikers which basically composed of bikers residing in the south like Paranaque, Las Pinas, Cavite and even Laguna. Equipped with the striking mountain bikes in full protection gear, many will notice them in bright yellow suit passing by roads and the inner trails within the district. Although today, the group seems to have it altogether complete with uniforms and the like, this wasn’t something they initially planned. The founding members namely Raymond Braganza, Mon Lauron, CJ Villaceran, Diego Vargas, Jason Pamintuan, Mel Galicia and Dr. Nelson Cruz (along with some of the original members though has became recently inactive) simply met through a famous



forum Pinoy MTBikers. For most bikers, this forum is their source of information when it comes to biking in the Philippines but for some, like the South Side, information is not the only thing they have found. They also found friendship along the way. Since most of them had one thing in common – they live in close proximities. They met up regularly for a group ride. Soon, they met more bikers who enjoyed their company and soon, they found themselves planning short and long rides together. Later on, they decided to make it official and to call themselves South Side Mountain Bikers, thus the birth of the group.

However, one thing which makes this group special is their openness. A biker doesn’t have to exclusively ride mountain bikes alone. They can ride on pavements, on trails and even downhill, if they prefer. For South Side, the only important factor they consider with their members is the passion to ride. As long as the biker wants to enjoy the ride with a positive attitude, then he or she is more than welcome to join. This is something that makes the group grow bigger because they are also able to attract beginners who has the dedication to learn. South Side becomes their mentor, their very own kuya or ate, and whatever speed or pace he or she

is capable of, a biker will always be assured to have someone to depend on. BASIC NECESSITIES South Side shared the basic things a biker or someone who’s potentially interested to try the sport to prepare: helmet, gloves and a hydration bag or bottle. No biker should ever ride without a helmet. Remember, accidents



structure to the group. This is to ensure that everyone will be safe, secured and will not be left out (or worse, left behind). Just like most biking groups, South Side group rides have three important roles fill up every organized ride: Trangko is the first biker. He or she is like the leader of the pack. Most of the time, the Trangko is the one who knows the way or the trails and has experience riding in it.

can happen anytime and anywhere most especially if you are riding this two-wheeled piece. It’s always better to come in prepared than to be sorry later on. The gloves are also a must-have when it comes to biking. It’s because the biker should always have a strong grip on the handle. Sweat, rain and other external factors can cause the hands to slip, a biker’s gloves has a rubberized non-slip texture which holds on perfectly to the handle. It is also an added protection, just in case a biker falls. The ground will less likely to injure or scrape your hands with the gloves on.

Of course, a hydration bottle or bag is also one of the things a biker must bring most especially in this climate. Dehydration will not only slow down a biker, it can also be a risk to one’s health. It is always best to stay hydrated since a biker will be sweating a lot during a ride. It can also have one prepared just in case water is scarce in the area (especially during trail rides). However, aside from the three must-haves, South Side also recommends that a biker must prepare his or her bike kit which includes spare inner tubes (tire), patch kits (in case of flat tires), basic tools (Allen wrench, tire

levers and screw drivers), bike locks, hand air pump and first aid kit. These are precautionary items which might be needed during the ride. Since biking is an outdoor sport which can face several challenges, it is always important to anticipate every possible incident which can occur. Again, safety and security is a top most priority by South Side, as well as having loads of fun! RIDING ROLES Since South Side is a fairly big group, a regular organized ride usually consists of more than 10 bikers. And when this is the case, it is important to have a certain

Middle Man is the one riding in the middle of the pack. Since most group rides ride in a single file, it is quite common for the group to be broken apart in the middle of the ride. The Middle Man’s responsibility is to ensure that the group is intact. It usually signals the first few bikers to slow down if he or she notices the second half couldn’t catch up. The Middle Man is also responsible to guide the other half to rejoin the group. Sweeper is the last biker of the group. He or she is responsible to ensure that no one in the group is left behind, or is injured. During road rides, the Sweeper is also the one in-charge to signal passing cars from behind to keep their distance from the group. So the next time you pass by a group of bikers, make sure to say hello; most bikers are friendly and they will greet you back with a big smile, most especially the folks of the South Side Mountain Bikers, that’s for sure!



The Way of the Paddle:


ith 7,107 islands and having one of the world’s longest coastlines, the Philippines is a country expected to have the best of paddlers for its geographical advantage. Yet, not many are aware of its potentials. Instead, the country focuses too much on developing athletes for sports which the Filipinos may be handicapped for. Coach Len Escollante, head coach of the Philippine Canoe Kayak Federation (PCKF) saw such handicap first hand. At 18, the young Len joined the Philippine national team for volleyball. She was young, aggressive and very determined, however as she and her team started competing internationally she realized how disadvantaged they were. From the mere fact that Len was already a tall girl, when she came face-to-face with their opponents, she stood barely up to their chests. The height alone was not the only problem, being taller; they also had a longer reach. The national team had to work extra hard to compensate such handicap until one day, Len realized she was on the wrong boat after all.



In 1999, Len joined PCKF at age 28. Despite starting late, her military and athletic background as well as being part of the navy dragon boat team, the experience already equipped her with the power to paddle. She only needed to learn the technicalities. She remembered her early years of training when she had to carry 24 kilos of kayak from Rizal Memorial Sports Complex to Cultural Center of the Philippines to paddle in Manila Bay. They were only nine back then, only two of which were women. Despite the limited support and resources, the team persevered and trained to compete. After a year and so, Len was among the representatives of the country and even became one of the first to win medals in Asian competitions. After years of competing and gathering medals, in 2003, Len retired from competing and planned to train in the navy. But the federation saw much potential from Len that they offered her a coaching position and that was the beginning of Coach Len. With more than 10 years of being the head coach PCKF, Coach Len shares 5 important facts when it comes to paddling and the PCKF as an organization:

Paddling is Never Rowing Introducing the sports to Filipinos and making them fall in love with it was one of the coach’s priorities. However, she came across many obstacles including one of the many basics: the difference between rowing and paddling. Paddling, according to Coach Len is moving onward towards the destination while rowing is moving backwards towards the destination. Paddling basically develops a bulk of the upper body muscle with ample lower body. On the other hand, rowing focuses more on the lower body strength where the immensity of power comes from. Despite having very different disciplines, most people are misinformed with it. In fact, the two are so different that there are actually different federations managing it: PCKF and the Philippine Rowing Association. Light is Always Right There is no specific diet that Coach Len imposes on her team but she always makes it a point that the athletes maintain having lean muscles. When it comes to paddling, being light is always an advantage; a bulky body or being heavy can affect the paddler’s speed and flexibility.


But it doesn’t mean that the paddlers follow a strict diet. For Coach Len, the key is to take care of the body. Stay away from fatty foods and unhealthy vices. These are basic things that non-athletes should follow as well. Start Young but No Age Limit At PCKF, Coach Len starts training potential athletes from age 9. For the coach, starting them young allows them to be well-adjusted with the training that by the time they are ready to compete, it’s already a part of their system. It is also preferable to start at grassroots level since they are inclined to be well-motivated and excited to learn. But starting young doesn’t mean one must retire young as well. In paddling, as long as one takes care of the body, one can paddle. Coach Len only started paddling at 28, and won medals on her 30’s. Even when she retired from competitions and focused more on training new breeds, Coach Len still was able to paddle for leisure. Cycle is the Key in Training Training for paddlers run three times per day but the weight of the training depends on the program. Coach Len shares that in order for the paddlers to reach their peak performances, they must undergo a cycle of programs: preparation, competition and transition.

Len ensures that at this level, those who will compete must be mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for the competition. The paddlers are conditioned to compete; therefore competition program tends to be stricter and follows a certain routine. By the time the competition concludes, paddlers begin their transition program. Such program tends to be lighter and less demanding. It’s the paddlers’ chance to relax without losing their power and skills. Coach Len makes sure that the program is done in cycle. This is actually an effective way to allow the paddler to improve and not get burned out. As the coach says, “you cannot always be at the peak; you need to slow down once in a while.” Technique over Power Yes, a paddler must be physically prepared to compete which means he or she must develop muscles, strength and endurance. However, paddling is also based on the ability to strategize and develop a technique. There are lots of factors to consider in paddling like the weight of the boat, the current of the water, weight of the paddler, etc.

During the preparation, paddlers are trained to develop their skills, improve their techniques and even to boost up their strength and power. By the time they reach the competition level of the program, they must perfect and polish their skills. Coach

A paddler must not only have a powerful body, they must also have a powerful mind. That’s why Coach Len encourages her paddlers to go to school and do well. A part of her program is to provide scholarships to less privileged paddlers for them to have a better chance at life even after their athletic careers. She always reminds her team that even though the paddlers chose to stay with PCKF as part of the coaching staff, it is still

important that they are educated especially in formulating programs for their trainings. At present PCKF trains more than 40 paddlers coming from different parts of the country. Most of them stay at the PCKF training site in Taytay, Rizal. From the 9 paddlers a few years ago, PCKF sure did come a long way. And though the federation is supported by the government, only 40% of the equipment they have is governmentowned. Most of the boats and other gears are donated by international federations and private sectors which the federation acquired through their own efforts and initiatives. Coach Len admits that if not for these generous donations, PCKF did not stand a chance. But she understands that the government can only do so much to support local athletes, it’s up to the embodying organizations like PCKF to take charge and scout sources on their own. As for future plans, Coach Len intends to travel the country especially those towns and municipalities along the coastline to scout for new paddlers. She also wants to tap the out-of-school youth to give them a second chance in life. The motivated coach believes that paddling will not help the kids get back to school but it can boost their morale and esteem greatly. What PCKF offers is a chance to represent the country - a chance of honor and prestige. For more information on the Philippine Canoe Kayak Federation, log on to http://www.facebook. com/philippinecanoekayakfederation.












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BY: RONNIE BERNARDO n celebration of

several movies such as “Indiana Jones and

Consul Thelmo Luis Cunanan (Honorary

UNWTO’s World Tourism

the Last Crusade” and “Transformers: World

Consul of the Republic of Georgia) delivered

Day, the Faculty of the

of the Fallen”; The Dead Sea; Wadi Rum; Al

a political, historical and cultural overview

Institute of Tourism

Karak; hilltop palace of Macaherus (location

of Georgia as well as its tourist attractions

and Hotel Management

of the imprisonment and execution of John

which include over 12,000 historical and

(ITHM) of Far Eastern

the Baptist), the Jordan River (site of the

cultural monuments, four of which are

University (FEU) hosted a symposium

baptism of Jesus Christ), the ruins of the

UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Bagrati

with the theme: Tourism and Community

Graeco-Roman city of Jerash; and the Red

Cathedral (Kutaisi), Gelati Monastery,

Development” last September 26, 2014.

Sea resort city of Aqab.

Mtskheta, and the Upper Svaneti.

According to Professor Melissa Grace Dizon,

Mr. Christ of Wegner (Commercial Counselor

Consul Anna Marie Ablan (Honorary Consul

this is a first for FEU as part of engaging

of the Embassy of the Federal Republic

of the Republic of Belarus) narrated her

students to more experiential-based school

of Germany), on the other hand, gave an

travel experiences with her daughter

events which was inspired by the dynamic

overview of the tourist infrastructure of

around Belarus. She presented slides of

leadership of Dean Dr. Melinda Torres and

Germany. Incidentally, Germans are the

their observation of the country’s cottage

the whole ITHM team.This is a collaborative

second biggest tourist group from Europe

industries, the simple life around the country

effort of the Institute with other schools

coming to the Philippines according to him.

side and some traditions of the Belarusians.

and organizations such as the WORLDTSM Classes and EACMAN faculty and students.

Other guests and media representatives

The event was hosted by Ms. April Dopeno

who graced the event are Mr. Niklas and

and Mr. Jaypee Alamillo.

Ms. Theresa Huschka of Germany; Ronnie Bernardo of; Architect

The first speaker Consul Michael Alexander

Benjamin Locsin Layug of,

Ang (Honorary Consul of the Hashemite

Jandy Layug; Rogine De Mata Rogelio;

Kingdom of Jordan) presented a very visual,

Peter Orfiano of REACH Knowledge Magazine

“must-see” tourist sites: The PETRA, a

and Ross Angeles of

UNESCO World Heritage Site featured in




he Cebu Blogging Community is the “largest, dynamic and active blogging community in Cebu”, with over 200 members. Their goal is to educate and aid new and upcoming bloggers so that they can improve their blogging skills as “new media professionals” as well as create “healthy competition and collaboration” amongst bloggers. On September 27, 2014, the Cebu Blogging Community held the Cebu Blogging Summit 2014 at the University of San Juan Recoletos - Basak Campus in Cebu. It was attended by new media influencers, community leaders, and Cebu Academe. The theme for the event was Social Good Summit, #2030NOW. Apart from gathering the Cebu blogging community, they discussed “the biggest challenges facing Cebu, and the world in general”. Furthermore, they talked about “how new technology can solve the global challenges of today to create a brighter future by the year 2030”. A blogging session was also held for bloggers, public school teachers and students. It was led by Cebu’s awarded bloggers and influencers. It was a good avenue to share ideas amongst Cebuanos and the world.

For more information on the event and the Cebu Blogging Community, you may visit:


Everything starts with a simple

build the foundation of fulfilling

and time for goal completion,

a certain feeling of discipline and

dream, but dreams will remain

their dreams.

it gives a certain push to a

sense of obligation which can

person to refrain from slacking

contribute to the fulfillment of one’s dream.

just a dream if you don’t work hard for it. And there’s no

Starting from a simple life’s

off or procrastinating. He also

shortcut in making it real, it

priorities assessment, Coach

suggested plotting a timeline.

needs planning, discipline,

Claude allowed participants to

Create small goals which

Dreambook Project is a

consistency, perseverance and a

rank their priorities in life which

contribute to the general goal. It

step-by-step guidebook to help

lot of patience. And this is what

composed of Health, Home &

doesn’t have to be abrupt and big

you fulfill your goals. It includes

the World Dream Day celebration

Family and Career. He then asked

in the beginning, but it must be

planners and motivational

was all about.

for the lowest ranking aspect and


quotes to help you build your

allowed the participants to focus

dream. Dreambook is available

The dream workshop headed by

on this to proceed with the next

Lastly, he discussed that a goal

in National Bookstores and

life coach Claude Sta. Clara and

step: goal setting.

is hard to follow through if it only

Powerbooks nationwide.

stays in one’s mind. That’s why

For more information, check

hosted by Diane Aquino revolved around how one person’s dream

Goals, according to Coach Claude

it is best to write it down and


can become a reality. With the

must be realistic and achievable.

make it look formal and official.


use of the Dreambook, the

Several factors like time and

Writing it down makes the goal

workshop helped participants

resources must be considered. It

real and what’s real must be

is also best to give a specific date

strictly implemented. It bestows REACH MAGAZINE


Despite the Friday traffic madness and the heavy rain fall, the Reach Magazine launch dubbed as “RU: Reach University” was a success. The launch was held last August 29, 2014 at the Music Hall (formerly known as The Library) in Metrowalk, Pasig City. The much-awaited formal launch was the product of hard work and late nights by the whole Reach team headed by its publisher, Ms. Lolita de Asis. It was indeed a night memorable for the whole crew where both the Reach magazine team and its website counterpart shared their thoughts and experiences in the making of the magazine. Somehow, the event was more of an emotional celebration which marks the fruit of the team’s labor. But of course, it wasn’t all sentiments. After all, it was a night to celebrate – a night to party filled with powerful musical performances and hopping dance production by Powered IOX who were the event’s opening act. Ms. Chantall Arrio also graced the event with her rendition of Lea Salonga’s Journey. And who can ever forget the special participation of the candidates of Miss Tourism World Philippines who left the crowd mesmerized by their beauty. Of course, the crowd got electrified with excitement whenever special raffle prizes were given away. Selected from the guests were RU Most Punctual, RU Campus Crush (Guy and Girl) and RU Fashionista special awards who brought home special gift bags from Deuter and DC. The night couldn’t have ended better, not only did it withstand heavy traffic and rainfall, the full and packed event was a sign that truly, Reach Magazine is on the right path! Every effort was worth it in the name of sharing knowledge and facts for everyone! RU Reach University: The Reach Magazine launch was made possible with Music Hall, Metrowalk and in cooperation with DC, Fit Flop and Planaforma. The event was sponsored by Amazing Nature Care International (ANC), Sweet Apple Creations, Big Rock Farm Resort, Bright and Sparkly Dental Clinic, Cakes on Board, Cleo Plus, Deuter, Ellana Mineral Cosmetics, Elarz Lechon, Embu, Formplus (FPS), Grandiose Marketing Inc., Haydee David Collections, Home Aid, Lamudi.Com.Ph, NewTree Sales Corp., Paragon Place, Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken, Philam Life, Posh Nails, San Rafael Tourism Council, Unicorn, Sugar High, Sun Life Financial, Super Feeds, Simon Enterprises Inc., Union Agrivet Store, St. Mary’s Trading, DC Audio Lights and Sounds, and WWW Residences. Reach Magazine would also like to thank special supporters of the magazine, Erwin Veneracion, Councilor Mark Gay Santos, Anna Maria Santos, Raquel Nestle Co, Sy See Chia, Oscar and Helen Toh, Quintin Ong, Aurora Co, Jerry Santos, Susan Co, Gemma Cua, Jocelyn Nabilan, Nido David and Andres Ong.




The Residences at Brent by Willowtree Development Corporation (Baguio City)

REAL ESTATE AND TOURISM TAKE THE SPOTLIGHT AT REHUB EXPO wo of the biggest industries in the country which boost up the Philippine economy are real estate and tourism. And it’s inevitable that combining the two together can result to a progressive economic advancement not only locally but globally as well. Such was the concept behind the concluded ReHub Expo 2014 dubbed as “ASEAN Integration in Real Estate and Tourism to go GLOCAL (Local and Global Opportunities)” which was headed by Real Estate Hub (ReHub) president Dr. Mary Gaw - the three-day expo created a portal of opportunities for investors, brokers and industry movers to witness and get to know the many players which comprised the two industries.


Oceanaire by Zhongfa Development, Inc. (Pasay City)

Property Listing website

Notable guests during the event were Senators Cynthia Villar and JV Ejercito. Several other real estate personalities and local government officials attended and supported the event. One of the biggest supporters of the event was Zhongfa Development, Inc. the Chinese developer behind Oceanaire – a luxurious condominium and hotel rising in Pasay City. The foreign developer also had another project in Boracay which further proves the Philippines’ growing appeal and competitiveness globally. ReHub Expo 2014 happened last September 5 to 7, 2014 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.



Photos courtesy of san rafael tourism council

Festival King Festival Queen 1st Prince 1st Princess 2nd Prince 2nd Princess

Joel Camorongan Angelica Trinidad Gilbert Resuello Roselle David Wilfred Reyes Marifer Marcos

Best in Formal Wear Joel Camorogan Marifer Marcos Best in Festival Wing Wilfred Reyes Angelica Trinidad Best in Swim Wear Joel Camorogan Angelica Trinidad Mr. Congeniality Ms. Congeniality

Gilbert Fernando Melanie Dalaguit

Mr. Photogenic Ms. Photogenic

Joel Camorogan Angelica Trinidad

King People’s Choice Queen People’s Choice

Gilbert Resuello Veronica Jan Ortiz

Joel Camorongan - Festival King 78

Angelica trinidad - Festival Queen

Angelica Trinidad and Wilfred Reyes - Best in Festival Wing

Roselle David - 1st Princess and Gilbert Resuello - 1st Prince

Wilfred Reyes - 2nd Prince and Marifer Marcos - 2nd Princess

Photos courtesy of san rafael tourism council

CATEGORY ELEMENTARY HIGH SCHOOL Champion 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up 3rd Runner-up 4th Runner-up

Maguinao ES San Roque ES Caingin ES Capihan ES Pulo ES

Carlos F. Gonzales HS San Rafael National Trade School St. Paul College

Best in Street Dancing

Maguinao ES

Carlos F. Gonzales HS

Best in San Rafael Costume

San Rafael Central School

San Rafael Nat’l Trade School

Best in Costume

Maguinao ES

St. Paul College

Best in Choreographer

Tambubong ES

St. Luke’s School





It’s stylish and chic but Kath’s Handicrafts collection is more than trendy, it has a heart. The impressive collection was showcased during the “Fashion for a Cause: An Exclusive Event” held last September 25, 2014 at the Bellevue Hotel in Alabang.

Kath’s Handicrafts designer and owner Michelle Baldemor dedicated her masterpieces for the benefit of Chosen Children Foundation (CCF), a non-government organization founded by 2014 Mother Theresa Award recipient Maria Angeles Pepoch Fullerton. CCF caters to children with special needs for 26 years providing them physical and occupational therapies as well as surgeries, as needed. The organization has been taking care of 81 patients currently at their site in Tagaytay. Michelle, an advocate of the organization, is also a mother of a child with special needs Katherine. It is also because of this that Michelle has a special spot for the organization.



Aside from organizing benefit events, Michelle also believes in helping the local artistry scene. Kath’s Handicrafts gather its products from the talents and skills of the locals of Paete, Laguna – a town knows for its crafty and creative sculptors and artists. It is then inevitable that friends and family of the celebrated designer helped in organizing the event towards success. Michelle has always been determined to influence the public and other entrepreneurs like herself to take part in helping the community. She believes that it is always possible to run and have a business with a cause or an advocacy. Sharing her beliefs, is 3 Forty Fifth condominium also located in Alabang who was the main sponsor of the night. The exclusive condominium which houses only 71 units providing privacy and intimacy for its residents is also a believer of business with an advocacy. And after its warm reception from its clients, the company supported the event to celebrate their success by taking part of the humbling event while doing it in a fashionable way.





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the participants but also the

2014, Manila

spectators. After the initial


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encouraged to do morning

annual Breast

exercises and stretching

Cancer Awareness Day at CCP

before they were lead to hop

Complex in Manila. The event

in to the boat for their formal

aims to gather as many BC


survivors to fill up one dragon boat. The organization believes that the sport is actually

Manila Dragons would like to

beneficial for the brave

extend their gratitude to the

survivors as it strengthens

Philippine Coast Guard and

the body and the team also

another dragonboat team, the

provides an encouraging

Philippine Dragonboat Rowing

support system.

Team Fireblades for their assistance and support.


The day kicked off with a

For more information on

simple introduction of the

Manila Dragons Breast Cancer

sport to more than thirty BC

Awareness Day, please contact

survivors. After which, some

Jaime Mendejar, Manila

of the active BC survivor

Dragons Liaison Officer at

dragonboat paddlers shared

0917 5250485 or simply check

their experiences and thoughts

out, Manila Dragons Official

when they joined Manila

Facebook page at http://www.

Dragons. The distinguished

paddlers enlightened and


inspired not only the team and




PUBLIC SCHOOL PLENARY: (Rotary Club organized) Higher School of UMAK (HSU) October 10, Friday 9am-12pm 200 Students Grade 11 Address: University of Makati J.P. Rizal Extension, West Rembo, Makati City

Global Dignity Day 2014 was held worldwide

Rotaract Club of Makati represented by

last October 15 and was conducted in

Loixa Sagales, Beaconhouse School System

the Philippines lead by its Country Chair,

headed by Azlan Nasir, Higher School of

Benedict Carandang, with around 20 schools

UMAK lead by Julius Porley, First School of


participating from Makati, Muntinlupa,

Subic Bay Freeport Zone lead by its Principal

Southville International School

Las Pinas, Paranaque, Laguna, Cebu, and

Soledad Catli and Orchid Tunaya. Special

and Colleges October 17, Friday

Zambales. It is supported by the Asian

Thanks to our sponsors namely RFM/Sunkist

9am-12pm 500 Students (Highschool

Federation of Student Leaders (AFSL)

and San Miguel Kambal Pandesal, and

students from 15 schools in

headed by Nancy De Guia, Rea Villa, and

Ronald Mcdonald’s House Charities, Tuldok

Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, and

Aris Lacuna, Rotary Club of Manila Magic

Animation Studios and Royal Cardinal’s of

Paranaque) Address: 1281 Tropical

lead by President Goldilyn Uy and Rotarian

Mapua Institute of Technology, our Media

Avenue Corner Luxembourg Street B F

Mennen Gonzales, Rotaract Club of Manila

Partner: Reach Magazine.

Homes International, Las Pinas .

represented by Rotaractor Camille Martino,






4th Wall Production Design has its roots in Balay

This, however, does not mean that 4th Wall’s designs

4th Wall offers sharp concepts, creative designs, and

Kandila, which started with a very humble capital. Its

are mere dictations from clients. Every project is a

elegant styling that are custom-made to suit specific

personalized unity candles and candle souvenirs caught

collaboration. That is why communication is essential.

needs. Their services include:

the eye of many a couple including Cesar Montano &

For corporate occasions, “a constant challenge is how to

Sunshine Cruz, Julius Babao & Christine Bersola, and

integrate good branding with good design,” he shares,

• Weddings, Anniversaries, Debuts, Birthday

Christopher de Leon & Sandy Andolong.

which is why he takes care to integrate the client’s personality and preferences into the production design.

Soon after, the company broke into the wedding reception scene with its signature flower-and-candle

Secondly, “You’re only as good as your last show.” No

centerpiece. To this day, many have tried to imitate this

matter how many good shows or projects you have

centerpiece which was inspired by the floating rose in

done, if you fail to deliver or if you disappoint even in

Beauty and the Beast but none have succeeded. From

just one event, all the other good shows will not count.

table centerpieces, it moved to designing entire wedding

This is why in 4th Wall, Ronald continuously train his

receptions and special events with non-traditional

team to treat every client – big or small – with the same

themes. Today, 4th Wall has become a sought-after

strictness for quality and attention to detail.

production designer for every kind of celebration.

Finally, innovation sets 4th Wall apart from other

Parties, Children’s Parties, Private Functions

• Corporate Shows, Company Parties, Product Launchings, Site Groundbreaking,

• • • •

Exhibit Booths TV Shows, TV Commercials, Promotional Shows Theater Plays, Props-making

CONTACT Address: 158 Tandang Sora Avenue, Tandang Sora, QC Landline: 929.5203 / 455.2811 / 455.2810 / 454.3008 / 962.0023

companies in the industry. Ronald is not afraid to venture

Mobile: 0908.872.8748 / 0917.316.3097

Infinite imagination is what fuels 4th Wall to constantly

into the unfamiliar. A new theme, even when difficult,

E-mail: /

create cutting-edge design for weddings, debuts, and

always excites him and this is how 4th Wall is able to

corporate events. Headed by production designer



Ronald Correos, 4th Wall’s event set ups are always total experiences. Nothing gets his creative juices flowing more than thematic events with full-on production design. Three design principles guide Ronald. First, the client is the most important voice in the entire creative process. Their vision takes precedence over the artist’s.

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