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Valerie Concepcion proves that survival doesn’t necessarily means just hanging by the edges. It means getting a grip on life, remaining true to your principles, being responsible with your life and grabbing opportunities as it comes. Nothing can get in the way of Valerie as she shares her triumphs and glory as a public figure, an entrepreneur, a daughter, and most importantly, as a mother.



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Catch Valerie Concepcion’s story on page 72.


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Hair and Make Up: Pepz Raquino Photographer: Aileen Siwa Venue: Posh Nails Salon, Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hills, Taguig City Special Thanks to: Valerie Mayette Galang


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What’s Inside this Issue? Editor’s Note “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” It’s a Japanese proverb which is closest to my heart. The way I understand the proverb is that no matter how many times life throws challenges at you, you simply need to pull yourself together and get back on track. That is what survival means, and that is what this issue of Reach is all about. Survival doesn’t only mean to get by and hang by the thread. It means to grab life by its tail and take charge. For this issue, Reach has uncovered many of the survival stories, whether to inspire, to guide or even to allow us to remember surviving part of history and literature like the surviving novel that is the Noli Me Tangere. For the Amazing Philippines, Reach travelled to San Rafael, Bulacan to explore the friendly nature of the people of San Rafael preserved through time and the surviving clues of Rizal’s inspirations to his novels, among others (page20). Some of today’s pretty faces also share their pointers to succeed in life by always having a back-up plan on Meaningful Life (page 60). On Muscle Machines (page 70) Statemotors also gives tips on how to remain safe on the road especially during this rainy season. And last but never should be the least is the Earthquake feature on How It Works. Learn how earthquakes are created by earth and why this is an important and necessary phenomena. It is only by understanding the phenomenon that we are able to prepare against it, so it is wise to read up and bulk up on the facts as Reach makes you the fittest to survive.

Koko Tamura Editor-in-Chief

ERRATUM For the Advertorial by the Zoomanity Group entitled “Flower, Veggie, and Livestock Festival at Paradizoo Metro Tagaytay” written by Grace Bondad Nicolas should have included special acknowledgment to Ms. Kathy Kenny Ngo and her son who were in the photo while the photo credit goes to Ms. Aileen Siwa. (page 22; Passion Issue) For the article “Warp Drive: NASA to Travel Faster than Light” on Curious Mind, a typographical error was made. It is Albert Einstein, not Robert Einstein who came up with the special relativity theory. (page 6; Passion Issue)

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How to Survive a Marriage or a Long Term Relationship


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Amazing Philippines: San Rafael, Bulacan


Fiction or Real: Sisa, Basilio and Crispin


The P50 that Started it All


Special Feature: Miss Tourism World Philippines


Earthquake: Changing the World One Tremor at a Time


Beauties with Plan B


Creature Feature: Dog Bits


Ron Sapinoso: Arts Against All Odds


Valerie Concepcion: Meant to be a Mom


Stop, Look and Listen: Easy Tips on How to Keep your Car Rollin’ This Rainy Season


Apps that Saves Lives


Preparing the Home from Natural Catastrophes

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Gardening Through the Storm Imaginarium: I Refuse RUE


n an era when everything

when one’s consciousness can be awakened

that may be involved in the scanning of the

can be uploaded into a

even after the death of the brain’s bearer

brain. The process may involve the actual brain

computer or any gadget,

through the brain emulation.

to be affected or worse, damaged. Also the

it is still shocking to

question on the idea that the brain emulation

know what science

"If one thinks whole brain emulation may be

may also undergo suffering exactly the same

and technology can

possible one day, then it seems plausible

way as a real brain would experience. Such

do especially when the human brain is on

that an emulation could have a mind and

overwhelming realities towards the pursuance

the table. Yes, a recent study headed by

moral rights," said Sandberg. "This is future,

of this concept may pose great dismay not only

philosopher Anders Sandberg at Oxford

hypothetical technology, but many people are

from the ethical/moral groups but with

University, The Future of Humanity Institute

optimistic about an eventual 'post-human'

the general public altogether.

in England, is playing with the idea of

existence — and others, of course, are

uploading an exact copy of the human brain

convinced this is absolutely impossible."

via specially-designed software.


Sandberg, aware of these posing issues proposes a ‘better safe than sorry’ tactic.

However, such futuristic advancements will

"Obviously, a human brain emulation that is

Scanning and copying an actual brain via

always have questionable consequences.

suffering is as bad as a human suffering,"

software connected into hardware provides

One daunting thought is the idea of

Sandberg said. "We ought to respect emulated

a great advantage for many scientists when

awakening the brain emulation into

people, and hence treat them well. Even if we

it comes to learning more about how the

consciousness. Once it is awakened, is it

might harbor doubts about whether they really

brain works. However, being able to replicate

moral and ethical to turn it off at any given

feel or deserve rights, it is better to assume

the brain also has consequences especially

point in time? Another reality is the process

they do."


ROBONAUT: The Future of Astronauts The concept of robots taking over the mindless or hardest activities of human beings depicted in some science-fiction

An average human being can live without food for days, weeks and even more than a month but can ony last three to five days without water. So stay hydrated!

movies may soon be a reality. National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) in partnership with General Motors (GM) just developed the future astronaut called Robonaut.

Robonaut’s ability in providing assistance can be applied even beyond space travel.

In a nutshell, Robonaut is supposed to take

In fact, another Robonaut version was

over the tasks of astronauts which can pose

tested at the Methodist hospital in Houston

as harmful and dangerous for human beings

on the efficacy of the machine to assist in

explained by Ron Diftler, Ph.D., Robonaut

medical procedures such as ultrasounds or

project manager at NASA's Johnson Space

needle insertions which further proves that

Center in Houston, USA. Robonaut which

Robonaut may soon be in the market even for

existed since 2011 is meant to help humans


in their tasks but not to replace. However,

Strange-Looking Parasitic Fly Larva Found on Fossilized Salamanders

As of 2014, the oldest living person is a Japanese woman named Misao Okawa. Okawa who currently resides in a nursing home in Osaka, Japan just celebrated her 116th birthday last March 5. She was given a birthday cake with three candles representing each digit of her age, isn’t that nice?

"No insect exists today with a comparable body shape," said one of the members of the scientific team, Dr Bo Wang. The parasite called Qiyia jurassica; Qiyia which means bizarre in Chinese and Jurassica for the era when the parasite is believed to have existed. The survival of the said parasite would have been attributed to its unusual physical features. The two-centimeter long parasite was equipped with sucking plates on its body, tiny legs on its abdomen and a small head with tube-shaped mouthparts to allow it to suck blood from its host. A scientific team of researchers from the University of Bonn, Linyi University (China),

However, despite the fearsome physical

Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology

characteristics, the researchers believed that

(China), University of Kansas (USA) and

unlike other parasites which becomes fatal

Natural History Museum (United Kingdom)

for its host as it reaches its maturity, the Qiyia

found a strange parasitic fly larva against

jurassica seems harmless until it evolves into

a fossilized salamander dated 165 million

a full grown fly. However, it remains to be a

years ago in the lakes of Inner Mongolia in

theory until further studies.

China. The strange parasite is believed to be unique due to its sucking plates found in its

The complete details of the study is

body which enables it to grab and hold on to

presented and published in the journal, eLife.

its host.

If you think that human beings are the strongest beings on earth, think again. The world’s oldest surviving creatures live in the ocean, mostly on those parts seldom explored by one of earth’s dangerous animals: humans. But among the many sea creatures, the Nautilus (500 million years), the Jellyfish (505 million years) and the Sea Sponge (760 million years) take the top three spots. wilderness/live-without-food-and-water1.htm wilderness/live-without-food-and-water2.htm REACH MAGAZINE



CANCER: AN OLD SURVIVING ENEMY OF LIFE “Knowing your enemy from its origin is the best way to fight it” – Professor Thomas Bosch


t is a given fact that cancer is one of today’s most lethal enemies of the human race. In fact, due to its fatal consequences, the funding for movements against cancer grow larger every day. This only proves how strong the enemy is, but many researchers like Professor Thomas Bosch, head researcher of the study from Kiel University (Germany) believes that “knowing your enemy from its origins is the best way to fight it.” The study which is published in the scientific journal, Natural Communications, explained in full detail the spectrum of information that the research efforts uncovered. Unfortunately, cancer may still have the upper hand as of the moment as Bosch’s study revealed that cancer have been around way before human beings ever existed. In the hopes of understanding the origins of cancer, the team

of researchers accidentally found cancer-causing genes in ancient animals almost similar to those found in human beings. It was further certified when Bosch discovered that such animals can also develop tumors due to it. "Now we have discovered tumor-bearing polyps in two different species

of Hydra, an organism very similar to corals,” Bosch revealed. The tumor-causing genes are also believed to hinder normal cell death which only promotes survival of cancer cells. It is also the same characteristic of cancer cells which contributes to its spread. The ability of cancer cells to infect other healthy cells in ancient animals is the same behavior present in human beings. Bosch added, “The invasive characteristic of cancer cells is also an evolutionary old feature."

The good news however is that with the latest findings of cancer’s biological history, people may have increased its chance of going against this fatal enemy. Despite the sad truth that cancer has survived way longer than humans, Bosch is very positive with the breakthrough. “Our research reconfirms that primordial animals such as Hydra polyps provide an enormous amount of information to help us understand such complex problems as cancer.”





ne of the best ways to test a person’s analytical skill, speed, quick thinking and patience is to hand him a Rubik’s Cube. Yes, that same cube almost every kid had back in the day. It has become one of the most popular toys worldwide, all thanks to the Hungarian architecture professor named Erno Rubik.

years later he would sell his first ever cube thanks to Politechnika, who distributed the magic cube in Hungary. However, the Hungarian market alone was not enough and the magic cube joined fairs one after another to garner international attention. Luckily by 1979, Tom Kremer, a known toy specialist, became interested in the cube and later scored a

Rubik’s initial intention was to create an object to represent spatial relationships to his students. As he was developing his first cube, his goal was only to make his class more interesting and keep the students entertained with each lessons he taught. But as soon as he presented the prototype to his class, he soon realized how revolutionary the object was. It was a representation of opposite ideals – simple by façade, yet truly complex in design. Rubik created the first prototype in 1974 which was patented as “magic cube” by 1975. Two

distribution contract with Ideal Toy Company who marketed it internationally. However, the company changed the name to Rubik’s cube after the inventor’s name since the word ‘magic’ gave the impression of the cube being a “magic trick”, giving the cube a negative connotation. The original Rubik’s cube was a 3x3x3 with 6 different faces. In present day, the Rubik’s cube comes in many different forms and sizes. It is considered to be the most popular toy in the world with a record of over 350 million pieces sold internationally. Cube Master Kris De Asis From the millions sold worldwide, one of those cubes fortunately landed in Kristopher Lendl De Asis’ hands. According to Kris, the first time he became interested in “cubing” was in high school. He tried to solve one and found


that he enjoyed it and became

times, after which, the fastest

good at solving the cube. Soon,

and worst times are eliminated

he realized his skills in speed

and the middle three times out of

cubing and started searching

the five tries will be averaged to

for competitions. When he

get the player’s official time. The

started competing, the simple

player with the best average time

hobby turned into a sport with

in each cube variation wins that

over hundreds of speedcubers


Kris in action as he showed off his speed cubing skills.

racing against each other. So far, Kris has won first place In addition to being able to

during the Vancouver Open in

improve his memory, spatial

2013 with an average time of

recognition skills and reflexes,

11.46 seconds. His greatest

Kris also enjoys meeting

achievement was back in 2012

fellow cube aficionados. It

when he broke a world record for

also improves one’s patience,

the 5x5 category with a time of

as it takes regular practice to

52.65 seconds. At present, the 22

become good at it– just like

year old Kris is a delegate of the

any other sport. But for Kris,

World Cube Association, ensuring

the practicing doesn’t cause

that all WCA competitions

him too much pressure, as he

run accordingly with the

can often be found with a cube

organization’s standards. Kris

in hand not with the intent to

recently completed a Bachelor’s

practice, but to enjoy - with

of Applied Science in Mechanical

the exception of an upcoming

Engineering – Mechatronics

big competition, where he just

Option at the University of British

allots extra time for it.

Columbia. During his studies he developed a wide range of

So how do the competitions

skills and has created several

work? Each player hands

impressive projects including a

over their own cube which

cube solving robot. The robot

is scrambled according to

is given a randomly scrambled

pre-generated patterns unique

cube and with its attached

to each round but the same for

camera, studies the scramble and

all competitors of the round

calculates the optimal solution on

to ensure fairness. The cube

its own solving the cube in less

is scrambled and solved five

than 1 min.






he Norwegian amateur cryptologist Peter Amundsen claims to have found so far unknown codes in the works of William Shakespeare. The hidden text proves that Shakespeare was just a front for a team of freemasons, headed by Sir Francis Bacon, the real writers of the works ascribed to Shakespeare. To add some flavor, the story involves a treasure map, the Knight Templars and their treasure too.

Steganography As an underemployed church organist, Amundsen took an interest in Steganography, the art of concealing a message in a block of text. The word is of Greek origin which means “concealed writing”. The advantage of Steganography over cryptography is that no one knows there is a hidden message in the body of the text, except the sender and the recipient. With a book on Steganography written by Sir Francis Bacon as guide, Amundsen applied these techniques on the works of Shakespeare, as they appear in the so-called first folio, the first edition of the collected works of Shakespeare. And what he claims to have found is amazing.

The Shakespeare Mystery William Shakespeare is one of the greatest English writers that ever existed. His plays are still staged around the world and they continue to fascinate us to this day. To be able to write the plays, the author must have had an intimate knowledge of science, geography, life and etiquette at European courts yet we hardly know anything about the

man. We do not know if he had an education. There are no handwritten manuscripts from him. All we have are a few strange signatures, all of which are different from one another. This has made fertile ground for speculations on whether Shakespeare actually wrote the plays credited to him. So far all such claims have been refuted among historians and literary scholars. However, Amundsen claims that he has found conclusive proof in the Steganography hidden in the first folio that Shakespeare’s works was written by a team of free masons headed by the philosopher Sir Francis Bacon.

Sir Francis Bacon Sir Francis Bacon is the man who coined the phrase “Knowledge is Power”. In a time when only the elite could read and write, he wanted to enlighten the illiterate public. And what better way to do it than through popular theatrical plays? Bacon was a very influential philosopher and scientist in his time, and is also been called the creator of empiricism as scientific method. But according to Amundsen, Bacon gathered a team of intellectuals to help him in his endeavors. They were connected to a special chapter of free masons called the Rosicrucian Brotherhood. The Rosicrucian’s were a medieval philosophical secret society originating in Germany, advocating a theology based on “the esoteric truths of the ancient past.”

Treasure Island A series of complex analysis, involving a variety of coding techniques, and superimposing the results on mirrored astronomical maps, led Amundsen to believe that the lost manuscripts of Shakespeare are on the small Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. It has long been rumored that there is a treasure hidden on this island and it

is arguably one of the best explored sites, but so far nothing has ever been found. But Amundsen believes that no one has really understood the vast proportions of the treasure and that they have looked in the wrong places on the island. Visiting the island, he finds the so-called Cross of Nolan - four boulders that form a strange cross. By the use of GPS he manages to find two new boulders that are buried in the ground, revealing that the cross in reality is a symbol, the cabbalistic Tree of Life, the same symbol he found encoded in the play, The Tempest. All the clues from the codes lead him to one particular point on the island where he thinks that the manuscripts of Shakespeare are hidden, conserved in mercury. He also believes that he will find relics from the Temple in Jerusalem, among them the so-called Temple Menorah, the candelabra of seven arms that is the emblem of Israel. It is believed that the treasure originating from the temple was taken to Scotland around 1120 by the Knights’ Templar. By mapping the interesting area of Oak Island based on traditional symbolism of the free masons, using their geometry, where the point of God’s Mercy coincides with cabbalistic mysticism represented with the symbol for the Tree of Life, he finds that the treasure must be hidden underneath a shallow lake. Exploring the bottom with an iron bar reveals that the bottom gives off a hollow sound, and it seems all level with the texture of concrete. What is more astonishing is that compasses and electronic devices tend to stop working in the vicinity of the lake, as if there is something creating a strong magnetic field down there. But what lies beneath is yet to be divulged. So far the lake has managed to hold on to its secrets.



All relationships pass through rough spells. There will be unforeseen challenges that you are not prepared to meet. But handled the right way, these are the episodes that will strengthen and enrich your relationship. Instead of taking these episodes as a threat to the love you share, use it to reinforce and make the relationship stronger. It is the unromantic aspects of your relationship that will teach you the most about your partner, yourself and your love.


IS THIS ALL THERE IS? FOREVER? So you have agreed to

into this relationship at all.

commit, perhaps even got

It is hard to wake up one

married and it is the happiest

morning to discover that the

day of your life. But the feeling

rosy bliss is replaced by the

of love and bliss, it will not

realities of life – everyday

last. No matter how great

life. But as soon as you

your partner is, you will not

accept that, you will find

experience the “honeymoon

that a real relationship is so

happiness” every minute of

much better when you are

every day for the rest of your

both living in the reality and

lives. Some days you might

not in a fantasy.

even wonder why you entered







You have heard it before – a good working

Don’t let the sun go down on your

We all love to be right. But in a long term

relationship takes lots of work to maintain.

wrath, is an old saying. Sort out the

relationship you will learn that being right

It is more than the everyday squabbles

differences with your spouse before

is not so important. Besides, in most

about who does what in the home. But

you rest your head on the pillow. But

cases there is no obvious right or wrong,

when you have decided to live with

sometimes it might be useful to sleep

just different perspectives.

another person for the rest of your life the

on the problems. Sleep may provide

challenges are far greater than that. You

the necessary distance and regain

That does not mean that you always

need to learn to know your spouse, much in

perspective. Sometimes the arguments

should agree and give in to your partner.

the same way that you learned science in

get so heated and as the words fly so

Instead, you should listen to what your

school. Each time you think you have solved

fast that one forget what the argument

partner actually says (not just pretend to

the riddle and discovered how your partner

really was about. In the heat of the

do it while you hone your next sentences

really is, he or she change and so do you.

argument it is easy to say something

and comebacks) and show respect for

The trick is to find ways to work together

that you will regret deeply afterwards.

his or her point of view. You will discover

and use each other in the process. It is a bit

A night’s sleep will help you clarify your

that your partner will also respect your

like trying to slim down. You want it to be a

feelings, are you hurt or angry or both?

arguments, even if he or she does not

one-time occurrence. You hope to shed the

And what is it that raised these feelings?

agree with it.

desired amount of flab and move on with your life only to discover that your weight slowly but inexorably increases again. To succeed, both in losing weight and maintaining a long time relationship, you need to adapt and work on your way of life.

THERE WILL BE CONFLICTS It is not the number of quarrels that decides if a relationship is happy or not - the way one quarrels and how fights are used to solve conflicts is the important thing. Sometimes having a really big fight may be beneficial for the relationship - pent up feelings and frustrations come to the surface and are put into words. That makes it possible for the partners to understand one another better than before the quarrel. The important thing is not to keep too much locked up for too long or you risk an explosion where the shock may cause irreparable damage.

YOU CAN ONLY CHANGE YOURSELF So you want to change something in your partner’s behaviour or attitude? It is a common but unrealistic dream. To change the patterns of thoughts and behavior that has evolved over many years is difficult, and in most cases impossible. Instead, you can change the way you see him or her. Don’t focus on the aspects that you are not happy with, focus on the qualities that made you love him or her in the first place, and work with him or her to develop those.

NOBODY IS PERFECT We all have our little issues. We all struggle with feelings of being insecure, being inferior, and even a need to be in control. Of course, it is easier to see the blemishes in your partner’s character and blame all your problems on him or her. Instead of pointing fingers, you should ask yourself why you act and react as you do. What have you experienced in life that makes you react in this or that particular way? Open up to you partner and talk about what you have issues with. The things that over the years have formed your personality will also influence your relationship.




Japanese 5S

Better Office, Improves Life

Japanese are known to be efficient and productive workers due to their unbending discipline and noteworthy organizational skills which gave birth to the 5S methodology – Seri (Sort), Seiton (Streamlining); Seiso (Shining); Seiketsu (Standardize) and Shitsuke (Sustain). Many multinational companies follow the 5S method to create a productive workforce but this method can be doubly effective when we apply it on our daily lives.

SERI OFFICE – gather all the things on your table, shelves and cabinets. Discard everything that you haven’t used for the last 6 months; for those which you occasionally need, just store it in boxes or cabinets that are farthest from your reach. LIFE – Same applies with your life, gather everything you own and sort which are important, less important or unimportant. It can also be applied with the people around you, keep the people closest to you within your reach and those who haven’t really spoken to you (or worse, only remembered you when they needed something) – just store them at the last and farthest shelf of your life.

SEITON OFFICE – The main objective here is to allow yourself to work in a sequence which produces more results. If you think you create more results when the printer is beside you, then make an effort to place it closer to you. It is best if you try to visualize your rhythm at work and match equipment and tools necessary with every step, then arrange your work place according to your rhythm. Don’t forget to be a little creative and resourceful for this method.

SEIKETSU LIFE – Time management is the key. Most of the time, we feel overwhelmed with our commitments for work, household chores and loved ones that we forget to give time to ourselves – which is supposedly on top of the priority list. Remember, there are 30 days in a month – visualize your routine and always schedule a “me” time at least once a month.

SEISO OFFICE – A clean table generally gives clearer mind and generates more useful ideas. Clean and tidy up your table – do this first thing in the morning as you arrive so it won’t interfere with your momentum at work. Throw out all the trash before leaving the office too, it cuts less time cleaning it in the morning and it prevents unwanted pests luring in your files. LIFE – A clean home uplifts the spirit – no wonder resorts and spas smells good and are always clean and tidy. Make it a habit of cleaning and tidying up every after activity so you don’t pile up the things you will have to clean after.

OFFICE – When you are able to visualize your work flow and keep it tidy, then you are able to create standard guidelines which can improve your productivity and even your officemates’ as well. It’s nice to keep a rule book for yourself – it helps you from getting back to the old habits. LIFE – There are things in life we do even though we know it’s not good for us. Sometimes, we even do things half-heartedly out of laziness and lack of motivation then wonder why we end up having a mediocre life. Get your act together – having rules to live by wouldn’t hurt, it might even take you to your dreams.

SHITSUKE OFFICE AND LIFE – Once you have your set of rules - be motivated and disciplined to stick with it. Share it with your loved ones and friends so they can remind you of it. Post it on your wall or save it on your phone, however you do it, just stick with it and make it a habit. All your efforts will go to waste if you slack off and backslide to your old ways, so invest greatly on sustaining it and be a better version of you for a change. REACH MAGAZINE





here’s a famous line from a band called R.E.M. which goes, “Don’t let yourself go ‘coz everybody cries, and everybody hurts sometimes.” Yes, everybody feels emotional and lonely because of what life brings. It’s nothing but a normal reaction to frustrations, to loss of a loved one, heart break and even rejection. It’s okay to be blue and sad every now and then, but when it lasts for weeks, months or years, that’s another story: that’s depression.

Depression, according to the Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA) is a serious mental illness which can take a toll on a person’s quality of life. Unlike lonely people who can eventually cope with life’s frustrations, depressed ones may react differently under certain situations/ circumstances. Most depressed people tend to lose interest on the things they normally enjoy, they will also be avoiding interactions with people even with those whom they are close to, and they may also lack sleep and lose their appetite, among others.

In most cases, the onset of depression affects people in their mid-twenties; it can really affect anyone regardless of age, gender, race or status. And it doesn’t even have to be in the genes, although there are cases which attribute depression as hereditary, such complex illness really depends on social, psychological and biological factors according to PMHA. Depression can also occur with other medical conditions like heart problems, cancer, HIV/ AIDS, and even stroke. Other mental conditions can also occur with depression like an anxiety disorder called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – a disorder which often occurs after a traumatic experience. PTSD almost always co-exists with depression as per a study conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

PMHA’S SPOT DEPRESSION ON THE SPOT Persistent sad, anxious or “empty” mood Feelings of hopelessness, pessimism Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and helplessness Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies or activities that were once enjoyed, including sex Decreased energy, fatigue, feeling “slowed down” Difficulty concentrating, remembering, making decisions

Changes in sleep patterns: insomnia, early morning wakening or oversleeping Appetite and weight changes Restlessness, irritability Persistent physical symptoms that do not respond to treatment, such as headaches, digestive disorders or chronic pain Thoughts of death or suicide, or suicide attempts

IF YOU OR A FRIEND IS EXPERIENCING AT LEAST FIVE OF THESE SYMPTOMS for more than two weeks, it may be depression. Immediately talk with a mental health professional like a psychologist or psychiatrist, a social worker or a mental health counselor. You may also seek PMHA’s help via (02) 921-4958 to 59 or email / oned@



However, it doesn’t mean that depression always leads to such conditions; sometimes these conditions may also be the cause of depression. Either way, it is always important to be cautious of other people’s behavior especially when there are drastic changes in someone’s life. It can be your own or a close friend. Be sure not to brush it off as being emo, you’ll never know a friend may already need some serious help. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

IF ANYONE CLOSE TO YOU IS SUFFERING FROM DEPRESSION, YOU CAN HELP THEM SURVIVE IT. NIMH RECOMMENDS THE FOLLOWING TIPS: Offer emotional support, understanding, patience, and encouragement. Talk to him or her, and listen carefully. Never dismiss feelings, but point out realities and offer hope. Never ignore comments about suicide, and report them to your loved one's therapist or doctor. Invite your loved one out for walks, outings and other activities. Keep trying if he or she declines, but don't push him or her to take on too much too soon. Provide assistance in getting to the doctor's appointments. Remind your loved one that with time and treatment, the depression will lift.

Not many understand the importance of having a first aid kit. But did you know that having one can actually minimize trauma, health hazards, expenses and even death. However, it is also important to be cautious in creating your own kit especially when it comes to basic medicines that must be included.

WHAT’S IN A FIRST AID KIT: Depending on where it should be kept or for what purposes, a general first aid kit must have the following items: Gauze Bandages Cotton Tissue Disposable Gloves Tape Cleansing Wipes

Analgesic Anti-histamine Anti-Motility Antacid Antiseptic Scissors Thermometer

first aid kit should also have an inventory list of the contents which one should always check. The list must have expiration dates to ensure the quality of medicines and items in the kit. In case, someone who intends to use the kit have a special condition like diabetes, high blood pressure and the like, it is best to have extra medications for it. It is also important to have a list of numbers to contact in case of emergency situations like the fire department, hospitals, physicians, police department and even contact details of important persons like family, friends and loved ones.

WHAT THE FIRST AID KIT IS INTENDED FOR: Aside from daily minor injuries like abrasions, cuts, burns, sprains, strains and even bruises, the kit can also be intended for more serious circumstances like fever, allergies, pains, and even nausea. However there are first aid kits which are intended for immediate aid for serious injuries like fractures but unless someone is equipped to care for such conditions, it is best to just call a medical expert for such incidents.

WHERE A FIRST AID KIT BE KEPT: AT HOME: The kitchen is the best place to keep a first aid kit. It has less humidity than the bathroom and most of the dangerous activities can take place in the kitchen. Make sure that it is placed somewhere where it can easily be found but not too exposed especially if there are kids around. FOR DAILY USE: If you have a car, it’s always best to have one inside. But place it inside the glove compartment for easier reach. It also helps to place it in a waterproof bag, just in case. If you travel by public transport, create a smaller version of the first aid kit to fit inside your bag. Place it also in a waterproof bag to make it weatherproof. DURING TRAVEL: Whether you are travelling by land, sea or air, bring your own first aid kit. When on the go, it is harder to easily navigate a nearby pharmacy or convenience store. Since first aid kits are intended for unexpected circumstances, it is always important to come prepared. It doesn’t have to have all the items like the one at home, but at least have the basics like bandages, gauze, anti-septic and even some medicines.









Photo by: Eduard Valones

WHEN THE ANGELS CAME MARCHING IN One of the most celebrated events in San Rafael, Bulacan is known as the Angel Festival. It happens on the week of September 29, the week-long celebration is in time with the Feast of the Archangels of which the town’s patron St. Rafael, the healing angel is part of. Started in 2002, the festival was initiated by the San Juan de Dios Parish and the San Rafael Tourism Council (SRTC) to commemorate the angel, St. Rafael. The festival is composed of many activities including an angel parade where participating students of the town from several schools display their own angel wings. The parade itself is one of the festival highlights and among tourist favorites because of the display of creativity observed by the participants. Another leg of the festivities is a dance contest participated by select elementary and high school students. For this year, SRTC has prepared a more exciting line-up of activities. Of course, the angel parade and dance contest are still among the highlights however, a fishing contest and the ceremonial placing of San Rafael statue in a small island in the middle of Angat River (viewed from the Baywalk) are among the other activities to watch out for. STRC is headed by Councilor Alvin Violago along with his committee members Erwin Veneracion, Ana Maria Satos, Vanessa Soliven and Labrador Villanueva.





hile other towns and cities pride themselves with their massive culinary offerings and lusting travel spots, the town of San Rafael has found gold – in the hearts of the San Rafaelenos. According to Municipal Secretary Jun Sevilla, the greatest pride of San Rafael is its people. “They are the greatest resource of San Rafael… very hospitable, very industrious, very religious and very friendly,” Sec. Sevilla said. “’Yang tatak na ‘yan is deeply-rooted (those qualities are deeply-rooted),” he added.

Somehow, being under the Spanish rule for several centuries, San Rafael was one of the towns which preserved having great faith. And since the simplicity of life in the town despite its impressive municipality performance and developments, is still widely practiced the people are able to maintain their friendly and joyful qualities, generations after generations. The positive nature of the people is displayed on actuality with people greeting everyone with genuine smiles on their faces. Even inside the meeting halls, the faces of the people

are engaging and passionate; without a trace of negativity. It may be the reason why San Rafael is a progressive town; the people happily cooperate and contribute towards the success of the community. Yes, the sense of community is what the San Rafaelenos have. And Honorable Mayor Cipriano “Goto” Violago, Jr. exerts significant efforts in preserving it as it is something that’s not very popular nowadays. The municipality’s holistic approach to improving the

lives of its townsmen touches not only the most popular sectors like education, tourism and health. The municipality also ensures the town has livelihood projects, religious support, source of leisure and even a venue for socialization. In the end, what San Rafael has is gold. The resources are there and it is only a matter of continuously preserving it is the key to a successful community. If San Rafael was able to do it, the rest of the country should just follow their lead.









of the Filipinos under the Spanish rule. But are they really fictional? Are they really people created by Rizal’s ingenious mind or are Sisa, Crispin and Basilio based on real people and on real events during Rizal’s time?


isa was the mother who lost her sanity looking for his two sons Crispin and Basilio. Basilio was the older brother who was traumatized by the Crispin’s bad fate in the hands of the Sacristan Mayor, or the head of the church servants. And who can forget Crispin, the young church servant who was accused of stealing and died sadistically inside the walls of the church. These are the three characters in Dr. Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere who remains to be popular even at present in Philippine literature. Sisa, Crispin and Basilio are fictional characters created by Rizal to represent the dark past

The San Juan de Dios Church which still stands in San Rafael, Bulacan holds the question of the three character’s reality. As most of Rizal’s works, some places, events and even circumstances in his books were actual parts of his own experiences. And during the time when Rizal was secretly active in discussions with the rebellions hiding in San Miguel, a nearby town, Rizal was believed to be seen passing by San Rafael. Many of the locals in San Rafael believed that the church was part of Rizal’s inspirations in his novels. And there are two evidences to these theories; one that is mysteriously frightening and the other, just literally apparent. SIMON IBARRA AND THE ESCAPE THROUGH THE RIVER In the novel, the main protagonist Simon Ibarra during the peak of the chaos escaped from the Spaniard guards who were tasked to capture him. In the novel, Ibarra escaped through a narrow river situated between a church and a cemetery. In San Rafael just behind the San Juan de Dios Church is a river which is geographically and literally located between a church and a cemetery. Today, the river looks more like a creek but it does lead to another nearby

Bulacan town. Since it is just a few meters away from the church, Ibarra as told by Rizal can escape on foot easily to reach the river. The similarities of the geographical locations truly astonish many locals and even some historians and literary experts. Some couldn’t help thinking, was Rizal indirectly documenting his own experiences? Was Ibarra, Rizal’s alter ego? Or was it just a mere coincidence? CRISPIN’S BLOODY HAND A part of today’s San Juan de Dios Church is a little museum which holds several Spaniard and San Rafael artifacts and articles. However, the most hair-raising part of the museum is a mark of a bloody hand against a wall of small room leading to the bell tower of the church. In the novel, Noli Me Tangere, Basilio was worried sick of his little brother Crispin’s situation when the Sacristan Mayor (head of the church server) asked Crispin to be left behind to respond to the accusation of stealing. Despite knowing that no good will come for Crispin, Basilio did as he was told and left the younger brother and went home. When he fell asleep that night, he dreamt of Cripin being brutally hit by the Sacristan Mayor. Basilio’s dream was so vivid that he even heard his brother’s cry of pain as he saw him facing the wall and leaning his hand against the wall for support as the sadistic server hits the poor child.


The similarities again create speculations that there must really be a real Crispin, Basilio and Sisa. And these people once lived in San Rafael. Since Rizal was truly a master of his craft, he may have twisted some of the details and wrote it as fiction indirectly showing the readers of the hardships during the Spanish rule. However, whether Crispin and his family were real or not, the mysterious mark of the bloody hand still sends chills to the locals. Most especially, when after all these years and after many attempts to paint over the mark, the bloody hand continuously reveal itself. It refuses to be hidden; maybe this is Crispin’s way to seek justice and remind today’s generation to learn and familiarize themselves with the past and be grateful of the freedom and liberation enjoyed today. REACH MAGAZINE


armen was a simple girl who grew up in the fields taking care of her carabaos in Bulacan. Life then was hard and their family’s resources only allowed them to enjoy the basic needs of living but never had the chance for leisure and luxury. In fact, she wasn’t even given the opportunity to attend school. Reading and writing was something she wasn’t able to learn. At age 14, she was sent to Manila to work. At a young age, she discovered life to be difficult and filled with challenges. However, her life was soon filled with colors when she met her very first love. Since the boy was a couple of years older, Carmen’s parents forbid the relationship to the point of sending her to jail and dragging her back to Bulacan. But when her father noticed how devastating the circumstances became for Carmen, her father called for her boyfriend and finally gave his blessings. Soon, she and her first love got married and went back to Manila to start their own family life. But life can be tough even for two people with much love. The realities of life became a challenge, despite her husband being progressive in his own career; Carmen knew she had to do something to take their lives a notch better especially with three kids and one on the way. Fortunately, her mother-in-law was very fond of Carmen. She was the one who gave her a sewing machine and P50.00 as capital for her garments business. For someone who had difficulty reading and writing, Carmen did not allow this fact to limit her. She traversed the ins and outs of Divisoria to gather her raw materials and sold her finished products to retailers in the area and up to Baclaran. Soon her business grew until such time her own sons and daughters were old enough to help out in the business. She made it a point to teach her children the value of hard work and perseverance; and the value of remaining positive despite the many challenges.

Carmen Virginiza, owner of Villa Del Carmen is a simple woman with a colorful story, as colorful as her resort in San Rafael, Bulacan.



However, life can have a dark humor at times. At the peak of her business and other establishments she was able to acquire and establish, her husband was diagnosed with lung cancer. She did all her might to sustain


her family while taking care of her ill husband. She eventually hired a private nurse to monitor her husband’s health while she worked hard to make a living. Unfortunately, her sacrifices ended when her husband finally passed. It was one of Carmen’s darkest moments but she continued to strive. Time had passed and she submerged herself to work and looking after her children who were now one by one creating lives of their own. But Cupid hit Carmen’s heart once more when she met her second love. But her love story always doesn’t go well as planned. This time, her children were the ones who did not approve of her relationship. But Carmen knew one thing, she had to make a decision to secure her children’s future while fulfilling her personal life. She divided all her assets into five, one part for each of her four children and a portion for herself to start anew. She used that small fortune to build Villa del Carmen, her final and most precious business of all. She ran the resort hands-on, inspiring every element in the resort with her unique personal touch. Villa del Carmen today is still being operated and managed by Carmen, along with her grandson Wilbert. Indeed, that P50.00 came a long way tagged with Carmen’s colorful life story. In the end, it’s not the amount one has that matters to succeed in life, it’s the motivation and determination to achieve one’s goals.











performing socio-, civic-, economic-

candidate coming from their respective



and humanitarian activities in their

regions/municipalities would already

promote tourism, culture

home towns. It is a lofty contribution

be assured of a lifetime career. They

and art among Filipinos

as the winners uplift the well-being of

will get assistance with livelihood

and other countries, with main mission

their fellow folks and generate a more

projects. Through this undertaking, we

to generate awareness and interest

productive yet dynamic impression

are convinced that there are supporters

in the country’s cultural heritage and

through their actual duties for their

who will express confidence and trust

uphold the Filipino culture as a source

community that is also in tandem

in projects that make a true difference

of pride for the Filipina as they gain

with the Filipino spirit of bayanihan.


international recognition --- is what the

This is also an opportunity for the

PHILIPPINES 2014. The ladies who

Miss Tourism World Philippines is all

winners to help promote tourism as

fail to get the coveted crowns will no


Ambassadresses of Goodwill in a truly

longer be the traditional “thank you

sustainable way and spur economic

ladies” but are currently winners in their

In the continuous mission to uplift the

growth prospects for their respective

own right, representing their respective

global image of the Philippines and

regions. In this light, this pageant is

towns and making sure that each

boost local tourism in the country; 2

endorsed by the Department of Interior

local “kababayan” gets the chance to

brothers in Christ; Bro. Bernard Go and

and Local Government.

improve their lives thru this pageant! It

Bro. Jojo Ruiz, who believes this could





is indeed true to the cliché: a pageant

be a great vehicle to make a difference,






is determined to make the impossible

national pageant is aimed at setting

--- possible. Everyone shall surely know

world records that have never been

why as September 23, 2014 unfolds.

done in any other pageant. We will be

The coronation night is on September

surprised with information on these

23, 2014 at the MOA ARENA. The show

Dubbed as a contest with a big

--- a first in the Philippine Pageantry

starts at exactly 6:00pm and will be


history, and in the world as well.

telecast on September 28 on TV5.

with a cause, not just a pretty face but exuding with essence and meaning.

PHILIPPINES 2014 is perhaps the first of its kind where the winners

It appears idealistic to some but


those who were chosen as the official







Mall of Asia ARENA, Pasay City September 23, 2014 6:00PM - 11:00PM REACH MAGAZINE




Amat, Shaira Coleen

Biles, Kristina Nicole

Vital Statistics: 32-24-32

Vital Statistics: 33-24-35


Bas, Emifer Vital Statistics: 32-24-32




Buenaventura, Lady Love

Calapanos, Maria Mabell

Vital Statistics: 34-27-34

Vital Statistics: 29-24-33





Cortazar, Ana Carmela

Damasco Bezalyn

Vital Statistics: 31-24-33

Vital Statistics: 34-24-35


Cruz, Areeya Belle Vital Statistics: 33-25-37



Danieles, Janice

Dayao, Janelyn

Vital Statistics: 32-22-30

Vital Statistics: 33-25-37





De Guzman, Rochelle Mae

Garica, Joanna Karol

Vital Statistics: 33-23-34

Vital Statistics: 34-24-35


Faustino, Crystal Jane Vital Statistics: 32-24-34




Galacio, Maria Christine

Girado, Zsarina Casandra

Vital Statistics: 34-24-35

Vital Statistics: 32-28-36





Golosinda, Karla Mae

Jacob, Stefhanie

Vital Statistics: 33-24-35

Vital Statistics: 34-25-36


Gonzales, Joanna Mariz Vital Statistics: 32-24-36



Lomboy, Patricia Anna

Macario, Sheila Mae

Vital Statistics: 34-27-36

Vital Statistics: 33-24-34





Manalo, Rayshell

Mu単oz, Marah

Vital Statistics: 34-25-34

Vital Statistics: 32-25-34


Mancilla, Rozzaine Joy Vital Statistics: 34-24-34





Pua, Ianna Ann

Vital Statistics: 32-23-34

Vital Statistics: 32-24-35





Antigua, Maria Marjorie Solomon

Santos, Elliz Vital Statistics: 33-27-36

Vital Statistics: 34-24-35


Suan, Edith Jenifer Vital Statistics: 33-25-36



Whiteside, Riamond

Alejo, Angelina

Vital Statistics: 33-24-36

Vital Statistics: 32-24-34





Ancheta, Sarah

Ba単as, Jenie Rose

Vital Statistics: 34-25-37

Vital Statistics: 34-25-36


Antigua, Maria Marjorie Vital Statistics: 34-24-35




Be単agale, Thrudy

Borja, Nicole

Vital Statistics: 34-26-35

Vital Statistics: 34-24-35





Camatique, Cindy

Chiu, Ciara

Vital Statistics: 32-25-35

Vital Statistics: 33-24-34


Casta単eda, Princess Angelique Vital Statistics: 34-24-35


Chiu, Jennifer Vital Statistics: 33-25-36


Comia, Asheri Menni Kanela

Vital Statistics: 32-26-33





Cua, Janella Mariz

Fernandez, Rachel

Vital Statistics: 33-25-35

Vital Statistics: 34-24-35


Dela Cruz, Angelu Vital Statistics: 33-25-34




Florano, Ollie Mae

Florentino, Rachell

Vital Statistics: 33-26-36

Vital Statistics: 34-26-34





Forbes, Rosebel

Gertes, Karla May

Vital Statistics: 33-25-36

Vital Statistics: 34-24-34


Gaji, Angelica Mae Vital Statistics: 34-25-37



Isidro, Mai-Jean

Manahan, Jane Kenneth

Vital Statistics: 30-25-34

Vital Statistics: 32-25-32





Melchor, Gizelle

Mesayra, Lani

Vital Statistics: 34-26-36

Vital Statistics: 34-27-36


Mercader, Mazhiel Vital Statistics: 32-24-34




Nu単ez, Shejan Mari

Nu単ez, Michelle

Vital Statistics: 34-24-35

Vital Statistics: 32-24-34





Antigua, Maria Marjorie Solomon

Obiar, Christine Ann Vital Statistics: 36-25-36

Vital Statistics: 34-24-35


Ortega, Jonalyn Vital Statistics: 34-25-34



Panaligan, Eloisa

Paulino, Donna Liza

Vital Statistics: 33-25-34

Vital Statistics: 34-24-34





Rey, Abbygale

Rivera, Mariel

Vital Statistics: 33-25-36

Vital Statistics: 34-25-28


Rivera, Angeilyn Vital Statistics: 34-27-36


Rodriguez, Jamaica Rose Vital Statistics: 36-28-36




Sabile, Rose-Ann Vital Statistics: 32-26-36




Tajaran, Maria Fee

Sanchez, Ronna

Vital Statistics: 32-24-34

Vital Statistics: 33-25-36


Santos, Angeline Mae Vital Statistics: 34-24-35


Tolentino, Francesca Micaela Vital Statistics: 34-27-30


Valenzuela, Maricar Vital Statistics: 34-25-34





Victoriano, Rachelle

Yanzon, Melissa

Vital Statistics: 34-25-36

Vital Statistics: 34-25-36


Victorino, Rachelle Vital Statistics: 35-28-36




Acu単a, Shereem Alainah

Alajar, Ivory Marguerette

Vital Statistics: 34-25-35

Vital Statistics: 34-27-35





Alrento, Maricel

Long, Haidee

Vital Statistics: 31-23-31

Vital Statistics: 34-25-36


Hernandez, Jonalyn Vital Statistics: 34-26-36


Lorigas, Berna Grace Vital Statistics: 34-30-35


Opingo, Mary Grace Jedaver Vital Statistics: 34-24-34














lies on capturing candid moments and natural scenes. However, she is also busy with corporate accounts like launches, events and even product photos.


ileen Siwa is a sound technician by profession. Music is her world as she captures harmonies, melodies and rhythm however; images are something that fascinates her as well. Although photography is something she was fond of since her high school days, it’s only recent that she decided to pursue it professionally as well. At the moment, Aileen has been active in capturing travel and adventures. She believes that her expertise

DREAM PHOTO SHOOT / SUBJECT For someone who has been in the photography and music industry, it is not shocking to find out that her dream subject is Ms. Lea Salonga. A true Filipino pride, Aileen admires not only her talents but also Lea’s professionalism and artistry. GREATEST STRENGTH Aileen has always been a very driven woman, and that applies and seen through her works. She feels that her greatest strength is her

motivation to always exceed her client’s expectations. Learning is a never ending process for her, and with each image, with each shoot and each subject, she makes sure that she improves with every click. ON REACH – MS. TOURISM WORLD PICTORIAL With Aileen’s thirst for improvement, her experience during the Reach-Ms. Tourism World pictorial was indeed rewarding. She was able to meet other photographers and was able to watch them in action. She learned so much and also was able to share her skills with others. “It was both tiring and enjoying. I got to enhance my skills in studio shoots,” Aileen happily says.





hotography may not be his main profession, but for Bong Aguilar he considers it to be one, in the near future. He discovered his knack for taking pictures through his blog. Since he wants to make his blogs as original as possible, he also ensures that the photos along with it are his original works. Soon, he became more engrossed with the craft and focused on portraits and street photography. However, he also does wedding photography on the side, as the opportunities come. At present, Bong is working

with other photographers to offer photography workshops for free. He is a strong advocate of the craft and he knows that only through efforts like these that more people can be exposed to it and able to enjoy the pleasure of taking photos artistically. DREAM PHOTO SHOOT / SUBJECT Bong’s dream photo shoot would be for Reuters whether it may be for political or human interest piece. His only intention to leave a mark through his

photograph, as he shares, “To live a legacy behind, you must take a once in a lifetime photo.” GREATEST STRENGTH Innovation is Bong’s greatest strength. He is never the person who becomes content and complacent with his skills, his talents and his knowledge. He believes that there will always be room for improvement and he applies it on his day job as well as in his photography and even blogging. As he says, “you are only good as your last shot; you have to always be on top of your game.” Nothing beats a client’s approval and appreciation; it’s only with an impressive testimony from a satisfied client that one gains an edge over the others. ON REACH – MS. TOURISM WORLD PICTORIAL Portraits are something Bong is very fond of, and he was able to enjoy it during the photo shoot. “Since I love portraiture, it gives me a challenge to find their inner beauty and expose it thru my lens,” relates Bong. Surely the day won’t be the same without Bong; he was dedicated throughout the event and was among the most active photographers of the day.








elly Bartolome is an interior designer by profession and so creativity has always been a part of her life. One of her innate gifts is the eye to see things in a different light; photography became her instrument to capture that beauty and distinctiveness in each of her subjects. Although it wasn’t her main discipline, with a simple digital camera, she started to learn it on her own. And when she was able to work abroad and had the resources to invest more on equipment, she soon started to attend workshops to improve her skills. With the help of her wide network, she was able to meet plenty of professional photographers both locally and abroad who has always been generous in helping her hone her craft. DREAM PHOTO SHOOT / SUBJECT For Kelly, whose expertise includes portraits, street

photography and action/sports photography; her dream subject would be to capture all walks of life in one frame - different people of any nationalities, race or background. The idea of “revealing their story and at the same time creating different stories with just a few clicks and prints,” is her goal.

GREATEST STRENGTH Since Kelly is a people person, her very strength is her ability to relate to her models. On set, she would always ensure that she earns her model’s friendship and trust. At the beginning of her 5 years in professional photography, she started with having shy and introverted models but that never became a reason for her not to capture great pictures. Her friendliness always won the hearts of her subjects, making them more at ease and less uptight. “I’ve received heart-warming feedbacks so far and that

matters to me a lot, because it means that they really appreciate what I was able to give them,” Kelly proudly shares. ON REACH – MS. TOURISM WORLD PICTORIAL “It was an awesome experience (because with) every project that I had, I learned something new,” Kelly says. Since the Ms. Tourism World candidates came from different parts of the Philippines, it was almost close to Kelly’s dream photo shoot of capturing people of different walks of life. It’s already a sign that her dream is already a step closer to fulfillment.





ara Burlaos is the other half of the husband and wife duo that makes TwoSome Photography. Lara is a product specialist by profession; however, photography is her passion and her business as well. She loves the idea that she is able to deliver art to her clients, and that sincere intention is seen through her meticulous way of doing her craft. She is the type

of a photographer who studies her subject intently to learn their angles and explore their beauty. However, babies are among her most favorite subjects. With baby photography, not only does Lara have to get to know the baby to earn her trust and comfort, the fragility and sensitivity of handling babies poses as a great challenge as well. Another Lara’s favorite line is photojournalism, since the discipline doesn’t only capture moments; it also needs to capture stories. DREAM PHOTO SHOOT / SUBJECT For Lara, every shoot is a dream photo shoot and every subject is a dream subject as she is just grateful to be entrusted with the responsibility to turn something simple into art. And since every shoot or subject is different, it entails her to explore her skills and improve it as how the circumstances ask for it.

GREATEST STRENGTH Since photojournalism is truly close to Lara’s heart, her greatest strength is the ability to tell a story with every image she takes. No matter how simple the moment may be, Lara believes there is a story behind it. And as a photographer, it is her job to bring that story out and capture it into the photograph. ON REACH – MS. TOURISM WORLD PICTORIAL For someone who is as thorough as Lara, the photo shoot was truly tiring since there were a handful candidates during that time. But Lara’s exhaustion never got the best of her; she remained professional and provided each candidate with her personal touch. And even though she truly got weary, being able to meet the candidates and fellow photographers was enjoyable for Lara.







arvin Burlaos is the remaining half of TwoSome Photography. A true blood photographer who grew up with cameras by his side, photography started out as a hobby which later on became his bread and butter. Unlike his wife, Marvin’s expertise is landscape photography. For him, the chance to breathe, step back and allow his subject

to unravel its beauty upon his eyes while he patiently waits for the grandiose moments brings him pleasure. “In landscape photography, you’ll have to slow down and get to enjoy the beauty of nature,” he adds. Running TwoSome Photography for five years now, Marvin believes that being flexible and being generous in sharing his knowledge in photography is the key in sustaining the business and craft. DREAM PHOTO SHOOT / SUBJECT

Since Marvin is fascinated with nature and landscape photography, his dream subject is the Northern Lights also known as the Aurora borealis

which can be found in the northern hemisphere (Arctic or Antarctic regions). It’s not surprising to learn that Marvin is amazed with the natural phenomenon as even the non-artistic people appreciate the colorful display of lights. GREATEST STRENGTH

For Marvin, his greatest strength lies with his teamwork with his wife and partner, Lara. As for most of their work, Marvin fixes the lighting while Lara focuses on the set-up and style of the photo shoot. But individually, Marvin believes that his passion is his greatest edge. His passion is his motivation and inspiration to apply any other values like patience and creativity towards his work. ON REACH – MS. TOURISM WORLD PICTORIAL




It was during the photo shoot that Marvin’s skills in lighting were put to the test. And he delivered quite impressively. The experience was enjoyable for him since it allowed him to explore his skills and even able to improve it along with other photographers by his side. And most importantly, he gained new friends.




o further know about earthquakes, we must first learn how the earth was formed 4.5 billions of years ago. The Earth was created from the leftover elements which created the sun. Dust and debris collided and clumped together. These clumps eventually became objects. Once they grew a half mile in diameter, they were able to generate enough gravity which attracted more raw resources. These clumped raw materials eventually grew and formed as much as 20 planets. These planets orbited the sun and collided with each other. When the sun collided with one of the planets, the moon was created. Unfortunately, this impact obliterated the surface of the Earth.

surface. The latter elements then erupted in volcanoes of molten rock. As time passed, the surface cooled and the lava formed crusts which became the foundations of the first continents. Unfortunately, the Earth’s crust was continuously hit by asteroids and these crusts were destroyed. This course continued for millions of years.

At this time, the Earth’s surface was at 11,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is around seven times hotter than a cremation furnace. Our planet was a hot ball of molten lava which was continuously bombarded by asteroids. Meanwhile, deep inside many processes began. The heaviest elements like lead and nickel sank down to form the core while the lighter elements such as silicone and oxygen rose up above the

Valbara was the very first continent formed that appeared 2.7 million years ago. It then split up and formed Rhodinia. Afterwards, another continent called Gondwana was shaped. Eventually it broke apart and formed Pangaea, which in 250 million years soon be the origin of the continents we know today. With this said it is evident that the planet is a continuous process of destruction and rebirth. The constant movement of the Earth’s plates and these collisions are the Earth’s way of remodeling. Mountain ranges and volcanoes were formed through various plate movements. The Grand Canyon is a perfect example. Each layer of this magnificent natural mega structure shows us how the Earth has evolved. And one natural way towards earth’s evolution is by means of an earthquake.

But how were bodies of water formed? Scientists believe that water was actually carried by meteors and asteroids that hit the Earth. The whole planet was then covered in water. However, the processes deep down in the earth continued and lava was continuously pushed out from the sea. These pillow lavas formed and became continents.


Earthquakes are the Earth’s way of releasing stress. Why? It is caused by all that heat that builds up from inside the planet. The heat wells up and when it becomes too hot it causes the Earth’s plates to slip or hit each other. The center of the earthquake or where it starts underneath the earth’s surface is called the hypocenter, while the area above the surface is called the epicenter. At times, earthquakes have foreshocks. These are earthquakes with less intensity which occur before the main event, which is the stronger earthquake or the main shock. Unfortunately, main shocks are sometimes followed by aftershocks. These lesser earthquakes however can last within longer periods of time. They can continue for weeks, months or even years after the main shock. Think of the Earth as a big eggshell which is broken into plates. There are roughly around 20 plates at the surface of the earth which are floating on molten liquid rock. These plates continuously move and at times they stretch or press onto each other putting in a lot of force onto one another. When this happens, large rocks are formed at the ends of each plate called crusts. These rocks move with great intensity and they eventually break. Stress is released through the cracks and energy waves move throughout the Earth and this is what causes earthquakes. Learning how the Earth underwent constant changes is just a small part of how we must understand earthquakes. To fully grasp how these tremors are caused, we must find out the different factors which contribute to the birth of these natural shakers.

THE FAULT IN OUR EARTH Yes, we all have faults and even the earth does. But what exactly are they? Faults are fractures in the earth’s crust. These cracks come in different sizes too. Some are so small they are like strands of hair barely




visible to the naked eye, while others are miles long. A perfect example would be the San Andreas Fault in California and the Anatolian fault in Turkey. These faults are so large that they can be seen from outer space. The different kinds of faults result from the various forces on the Earth’s crust. These pushing and pulling movements cause the rocks to move past each other, slide up or slide down. Normal faults are spaces in the Earth’s crust. They are gaps which extend to the crust. It is clearly visible in the East African Rift Zone as well as the Basin and Range Province in North America. Moreover, strike-slip faults are rocks that slide past each other with minimal movement. Examples would be the Anatolian and San Andreas faults. In addition, reverse faults, also known as pushing faults press the crusts onto each other. The side with the stronger force ends up on top resulting in mountain ranges such as the Rocky Mountains and the Himalayas.

PLATE TECTONICS The plate tectonics history brings us back to the history of the Earth and how it has evolved to the planet we know today. The continents drifted, collided and broke apart throughout the billions of years due to the Earth’s plates. When the plates move apart, they form volcanoes and when they collide mountains are formed. These plates are in continuous motion even if we do not feel it. It is when they slip or collide that we feel earthquakes.

QUIVER, SHAKE AND SHUDDER When faults collide or slip past each other there are times when they get stuck to each other. When this occurs, energy is stored. Once the movement and friction at each end stops, the faults crack and the stored up energy is released. This energy resonates in all directions through seismic waves which are similar to how water ripples in a pond when a rock is thrown in it. When the waves reach the surface of the Earth, it starts shaking everything within reach.

SEISMOGRAPHS Seismographs are used to record earthquakes. This instrument has a base that is set tightly on the ground with a heavy weight hanging from it. When the ground begins to shake, the base of the seismograph trembles as well; while the weight stays in place. The string where the weight hangs from absorbs all the movement. The discrepancy between the stable area and the moving area is then recorded. Each recording is called a seismogram. Earthquakes are measured based on the size of the faults and the quantity of slips on the faults using seismograms. These recordings on the seismographs show the

earthquakes’ magnitude and intensity which varies depending on the distance from where the earthquake came from. Apart from measuring earthquakes, seismographs can locate them too. By plotting the different seismograms, scientists can triangulate and determine the source of the earthquake. By using three seismograms, scientists draw a circle around them. The radius of each is the distance to the earthquake, while the intersection of the three circles shows us the epicenter.

PREDICTING EARTHQUAKES Sadly, earthquakes cannot be predicted and we don’t know if we would be able to do so. Scientists have tried but failed in this aspect, as they cannot tell when earthquakes will happen. They can however predict where they may happen next. With all these said, we know that these tremors aren’t just simple forces which release stress or stored heat. Our planet is continuously evolving and changing. Who knows how the Earth would look like millions of years from now. Some continents would be nearer to each other while others would be farther apart. Just like everything else in this world the Earth is evolving every second. Thus, change is inevitable.




Each person is unique but some are blessed with beauty and allure. Such charm can open so many opportunities in life if one decides to bank on their beauty to pursue a career. However, such beauty doesn’t last forever, that’s a reality of life. Three beautiful women share why it’s important to have a “Plan B” in life, after all, nothing really lasts a lifetime but it helps to be prepared in life.



A graduate of nursing and a model since college, Therlyn is the type of person who accepts and appreciates whatever life gives her. In fact, her course was something her parents chose for her yet she

Nobody can deny that Therlyn possesses a beauty that’s refined and elite. But such charms never got into her head; in fact, she is as humble as she can be. She is somewhat an epitome of a modern-day lady; refined in movements, careful in her words yet aggressive in her actions.

embraced it diligently and even enjoyed it. Modeling was also offered to her that she just tried for the sake of experiencing it. She never really thought or dreamed of becoming one, but she was just thankful that opportunities like it comes her way. Soon, she was studying and modeling at the same time all throughout her college years. After she graduated, she continued her modeling career but realized that she also needed something more stable. So being inspired by her entrepreneurial grandmother whom she was very close to, she ventured into the bakery business and the fuel business, which her grandmother was very familiar with. She also took up a Master’s degree in Business Administration since she values education and believes that it’s one way of preparing one’s self. She is also the type of person who is very hands-on. Despite her packed schedule she makes sure that she still handles her business’ accounting, inventory and even some of the administrative work like processing documents. On top of that, she still make sure to keep herself healthy by going for a swim every morning or whenever her schedule allows. And she makes it a point to have a rest day every Sunday to spend time with her family, friends and loved ones. So how does she keep up with all her daily activities and tasks? “I allocate time for things,” Therlyn shared. “I always have a planner and I plot it (my schedule) a day before.” Yet, it is still a very unique trait for someone in her early twenties to be this motivated, yet it seems that it’s in her nature to be such way. “I am the type of person na ‘pag isang field lang, nabobore ako (I am the type of person who gets bored in one field alone),” she simply stated. She longs for adventures and challenges, but why she started so early? It’s because a wise man told her in the form of her friend’s dad that “while you are young you should be busy and should try a lot of things.”




DIANNE NECIO BB. PILIPINAS – INTERNATIONAL 2011 No one knew that a young Dianne will someday represent the country in one of the prestigious international beauty pageants of this time; she herself never even imagined it. As a child, she believed that she was an ugly duckling and by the time she was just seven years old, her mother passed away that forced her to be

Her aunt who happened to be friends with a designer in Manila suggested trying her luck with it. Without having a plan, she travelled to Manila and took her chances. Luckily, she was appreciated and eventually got in to the Bb. Pilipinas group. The organization trained her and on 2011, she was chosen to represent the Philippines in the Miss International competition in China. However, since the contract with Bb. Pilipinas lasted for one and a half year, her dreams of getting a degree took the sidelines. She

under her grandmother’s care.

became busy with modeling projects and helping out in training the

Living with her grandmother and

grabbed her scholarship grant she obtained from the organization

her other relatives made her independent. And to show her gratitude, she would volunteer to help out in the small businesses her relatives owned in Bicol. Joining pageants was far from her thoughts but when her grandmother passed when she was in third year high school, she was forced to find a way to support herself through college: she

next contenders. But soon after her contract ended, she immediately and enrolled in an entrepreneurship degree. Something she saw herself doing in the next years to come, after all, she did enjoyed her stints in helping out in the family businesses when she was young. For her, despite enjoying the many perks of becoming a beauty

decided to join then.

queen, one should still go back to the reality of life. “Kahit sabihing

During her first years in college, she got herself a scholarship by

makatapos (Even if we are able to establish a career in modeling, it’s

becoming the school’s majorette. She made the pageants her part-time work so she could support her daily needs and other school expenses. But eventually she ran out of pageants in the Bicol area to join. On her second year, she was forced to stop and look for better opportunities elsewhere.


mag-karoon kami ng career (in modeling), achievement pa din ang still an achievement to earn a degree),” she simply stated. Despite being away from school for years and faced with big adjustments, in the end, Dianne knew the importance of facing such challenges. In the end, “Ikaw lang naman talaga ang magpu-push sa sarili mo (You are the only one capable of pushing yourself).”

After that, she even joined another competition in Barbados called Miss Humanity International where she won as the second runner

It was always Czarina’s dream to become a beauty queen someday.

up. So much for not being cut out

Yet somehow, obstacles always had a way to challenge her dreams.

to be a beauty queen, something

One of it is the fact that she lives in an island of Malolos, Bulacan

she considered as her motivation

where she had to take a 15-minute boat ride just to get to the main

throughout the years. “Sabi nila pag

town. The lack of resources also poses a problem since joining

maitim, pangit. Sabi ko papatunayan

pageants can be costly since the contestants themselves prepare

ko na kaya ko (They said having dark

their wardrobe, makeup and all the other things the pageant may

complexion is ugly. I told them that

require. And last but never the least of her problems were the fact

I’ll show them that I can (be a beauty

that she got constant teasing from people telling her that her dark

queen),” Czarina shared. She did

complexion was not “beauty queen material”. But those things never

prove them wrong.

stopped Czarina from joining until such time she lost a provincial pageant which took a toll on their family’s expenses that her father

But all the successes and the fulfillment of her dream wasn’t enough

himself insisted that she should focus on her studies instead.

for Czarina. Eventually, she did follow her father’s advice and went back to school. With her scholarship grant from the Bb. Pilipinas

Yet, Czarina remained persistent and continued to join pageants until

organization, she enrolled in Communication Arts with the hope of

such time she was discovered by a Bb. Pilipinas organizer and took

a career in the PR and publicity industry. For Czarina, the career she

her in for the training. She remembered being very determined but the

had in the pageant industry truly gave her life wonders but holding a

trainings were no piece of cake. She almost had doubts if she really

degree was something that takes it to the next level. The modeling

was cut out for it. But soon, her hard work paid off when she was

projects now may be more than enough, but no one knows the future

chosen to represent the country for the 2010 Miss World competition.

and having a degree surely provides a more stable Plan B for Czarina.




K9, also known as a police dog, is a dog specifically trained to help law enforcement officers in dealing with different kinds of situations such as searching for drugs and other illegal substances, searching for people, and most often in defending and protecting their owner. According to Freulan Tabang, a former K9 trainer based in Puerto Princesa City in Palawan, police dogs are the most efficient helpers when it comes to dealing with search

and rescue operations, detecting drugs, and many other circumstances. Their heightened sense of smell and hearing are unparalleled combined with their unmatched speed and tenacity. It was tested and proven with a near 100% accuracy rate that dogs can even detect bodies under water. That is the reason why using K9 to spot smuggled drugs especially in airports and borders or even when searching or hunting for somebody is very efficient. Using dogs to assist law enforcement officers have been practiced since the 14th century in Europe to help lessen crimes. Nowadays, in most states in the United States of America, K9s are considered as official police officers with a badge and sometimes even a vest. Thus, any attempt to kill or harm them is considered a felony. There are different kinds of training for dogs for various situations. There are the search and rescue dogs (German Shepherds, Bloodhounds),




sniffing dogs (Beagles), attack dogs (Rottweiler, German Shepherds), arson dogs, and cadaver dogs (trained to detect decomposing bodies). The main trait that K9 dogs or even ordinary dogs have are their sense of loyalty. They are proven to be loyal to their trainers, owners and even known to give up their own lives for them. There are a lot of instances that proved a dog’s loyalty. Freulan had his own share of experience when a robber was able to enter his garage. His Rottweiler was able to free himself from his leash and ran after the robber who, because of his fear and panic, went up a post and didn’t come down. Freulan then woke up because of the noise and found his dog barking madly at the robber. He said that he had a hard time commanding his dog to get away from the post so that

the robber could come down and surrender to the barangay officials. The incident turned out to be quite funny for Freulan and everybody in the neighborhood. Whether you’re an owner of a K9 dog or an ordinary dog, training them is very important. For Freulan, obedience is the first thing that an owner should work on. Establish authority by practicing the four basic dog commands which is sit, come, down, and stay. There are a lot of techniques on how to teach these basic commands but the main key for the training to be successful is repetition. Be consistent in practicing so these commands would be instilled to them. K9s have played a vital part in maintaining peace and order around the world. Their one-of-a-kind abilities helped not just law enforcement officers but human kind as a whole to find security and protection.


WITH DOGS Yes, dogs can really have a special place in one’s heart – thus the famous line, ‘dogs are a man’s best friend’. However, no matter how much love and affection we have for the furry little ones, living with one requires a lot more than love. Life with dogs requires tremendous effort and even research to last. Sidney Bascon is one of the many dog lovers who really took dog rearing to the next level. She belongs to a family of dog lovers with a whopping 32 dogs in their household. The Bascon family is in fact behind the Ascon Kennel, which breeds Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Shih Tzu, Standard Poodles and Golden Retrievers.

“My mom and dad started joining dog shows when I was 6 years old but back then they are campaigning Labrador, Golden Retrievers and English Bulldogs,” Sidney said. It was only in the year 2000 that the Bascon family also competed with the Siberian Huskies. For Sidney, competing in dog shows to present their dog’s beauty and poise is such a glorious feeling that she cannot leave the industry her parents introduced to her. But contrary to popular belief that dog show trainers make money out of dogs, Sidney believes that is not the case. “We never use them as a source of our income, as a matter of fact, if you’re in the dog show industry, you can’t really use them as a source of your income because only a dog show exhibitor can understand how much money we put out to condition, maintain and enter our dogs for the shows,” she simply stated. “And in my personal opinion, no one should ever use them as a source of income.”

Since dogs have become a part of her life since her childhood days, she is really accustomed to living with them. But more than that, her love for dogs roots deeper than just being accustomed to them. “For me, I prefer dogs because they can understand you; they can feel you; they know if you’re sad, happy or mad; and they can comfort you by just being there by your side. They’re like a friend or a family member and not just pets.” However, it doesn’t mean that love is the only thing that matters when it comes to living with dogs. Sidney reiterated, “People just buy a dog and never care of reading or studying the breed. Regarding the dog’s welfare, it is important to give them the proper home, proper food, vitamins, supplements and other needs. Every breed has his own home requirements.” Being knowledgeable about the breed and its corresponding needs is a crucial pre-requisite in getting your dog. Be mindful of one’s personal interest and routines; always ask if one’s current life and routines can accommodate the demands of a certain breed. In Sidney’s experience of being with Huskies, it is important to have ample space or at least time to take the dogs for a run. Huskies needs to run on a daily basis, and if one’s lifestyle and resources cannot fit the dogs needs, it’s better to find other breeds that will suit you, or get none at all. And if you happen to already have a dog, Sidney’s advice is “You should know each one of them, you should know their personalities - every dog has his or her own personality.” Knowing your dog’s personality is handy when it comes to checking up on the dog’s wellbeing. One can easily know if the dog is acting strange or different from the usual. This way, one can know if there’s something bothering the dogs – making it easier to have a healthy and a happy dog.






omulo Dorado, owner of Magallanes Game Farm, shares his decades of experience on these alarming infectious diseases and how to minimize mortality rate especially this rainy season. Dorado is also the son of Lope Dorado, Cebu-based breeder and owner of LTD Game Farm.

since it’s an infectious disease, an early vaccination can prevent this problem from happening. As treatment, he shares that Bacterin, of at least two doses, is required if the infection heightens. But then, it can only assure reduction of severity but not full protection.

CORYZA “While men have fever, fowls have coryza. And same with fever, it’s the most common threat for fowls, as soon as wet season starts,” says Dorado. According to experts, this usually acute, highly infectious disease is caused by inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, which targets the nasal and sinus mucosa.

Also, The Poultry Site (www.thepoultrysite. com), an international informative website which serves as online assistant for both breeders and veterinarians recommends streptomycin, dihydrostreptomycin, sulphonamides, tylosin, and erythromycin as treatments.

GUMBORO “Symptoms are very evident on the facial features - facial swelling, nasal discharge and swollen wattles. If it’s a severe case, fowls can barely open their eyes,” adds Dorado as he shows sample cases of previous problems with his breeds. And



This viral disease, on the other hand, targets bursal component of chickens. “This condition occurs during the early stage of chickens, from 14 to 28 days old, so we suggest that breeders prepare

their breeds through early immunization. Compared to coryza, it has higher morbidity rate, and usual mortality will be up to 20% but there are chances that it can go as high as 75% during heavy rains, which happens frequently now,” Dorado shares during the interview. Early signs for this condition include unsteady gait and diarrhea with urates in mucus. Breeders follow a strict live vaccine immunization at 6 to 8 weeks of age, and then re-vaccination with an oil-based inactivated vaccine at 18 weeks. Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment available for this condition, but veterinarians recommend multivitamin supplements.

FOWL POX While human has chicken pox, chicken has fowl pox. Also a viral disease evident

a complete protection it can minimize severity of the problem,” he stresses out.

AVIAN INFLUENZA “Of all the common diseases during rainy season this has to be the worst nightmare for breeders,” says Dorado who maintains his own farm for over 30 years and literally grew up raising fighting cocks with his father for more than 50 years.

with skin lesions, it has a range of 10% to 95% morbidity rate, but low to moderate mortality at maximum 50%. Some of the most common signs of this problem are warts, poor growth and poor reproduction. “The problem with this condition is how long it affects the breeds. It stays for at least 14 days and most prevalent on males especially the fighting cocks. Same with most diseases, the preventive measure is complete immunization. Though not

This viral disease can cause very high mortality, and effectively affects all types of birds nationwide. “Unfortunately, the most common sign of this disease is sudden death. Worse, there is no treatment. During earlier days, when we still do not know about avian influenza, we still try to save the breeds and give them possible remedies. Unfortunately, as we try to save them and give medications the disease grows stronger and chickens die faster,” says Dorado as he shares how this infection can cause hundreds of fowl deaths in a short span of time.

Additional symptoms include marked loss of appetite, nasal and ocular discharge, diarrhea, and nervous signs such as paralysis. As preventive measure, experts recommend breeders to maintain hygiene, quarantine, and maintained marketing of recovered birds. “I hope, I was able to stress enough how vaccination as early as possible is the primary key to prevent most types of diseases, and increase survival rate of the breeds. As a breeder, we should make immunization as a primary investment and should start vaccination as soon as fowl’s gender is recognized,” he adds. “Breeding fowls is like taking care of a newborn child. You have to prepare all immunizations needed, so whatever viral and infectious diseases come their way-they have the protection.”






RON SAPINOSO: ARTS AGAINST ALL ODDS Talent is God’s gift: cherish it, hone it and share it. Ron Sapinoso knew he wanted to become a filmmaker, lack of opportunity or cerebral palsy did not stop him from following his dreams.


on Sapinoso was a son of a policeman and a government health official from Imus, Cavite. Even when he was young, he showed great interest in the arts. In fact, a four-year old Ron would occasionally be caught drawing images against the walls of their humble home. As years went by, he continued to be engaged in showing off his creativity. He even occasionally asked his distant relative who happens to be an artist as well to teach him learn the craft. But life can turn out a little sour for Ron. At that time, some of his relative’s students purposely made him uncomfortable because he was different. He experienced discrimination that pushed him to learn the craft on his own. His condition or his lack of resources never became a hindrance for him, it was something that Ron developed ever since he was young – his determination. At the beginning, Ron was into caricatures and comics. Soon, when he discovered filmmaking, he became engrossed with it and decided to pursue it. Yet, he knew from the start how difficult it was to get into the industry. So he made use of his talents in drawing and started sending out comic contributions to different publishing companies and agencies as a stepping stone to get his name out in the field. At that time, this path was usually the way towards filmmaking like how Carlo J. Caparas journeyed from comics to films. Ron’s plan initially worked as he soon became a household name for comics. But timing wasn’t on his side because at the time his name was rising to fame in the comic industry, the comic era started to fall. Soon, when the industry took the sidelines, he almost thought his dreams would traverse the same way. But the determined Ron never allowed the circumstances stop him. When he finally realized that comics wasn’t going to help him, he immediately jumped into animation which

was a rising trend during the late 90’s to early part of 2000’s. With only a simple personal computer, he learned the basics of creating computer-generated animations on his own without even the help of the internet – a very limited tool at the time. He began creating animations and submitted it to producers yet being someone who had limited network and connections; it was very hard for him to be noticed locally. The irony was his lack of appreciation from the local industry made him decide to try his luck abroad. And somehow, it paid off as he was recognized and awarded the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface AniMazing Short Film Award in 2006 and Computer Graphics (CG) Excellence Award in 2009 in Singapore. And at this time, he was believed to be one of the very first Filipinos to get into three-dimensional animation as recognized overseas. It was also that time that Ron started his own production company called Lipadiwa Entertainment and Productions, Inc. to continue with his animations and of course, to pursue his dreams in filmmaking. At present, Ron not only creates animations, he is also a painter, a writer and a director. One of his many commitments is a two-day acting workshop where he teaches budding actors to learn the basics of production and acting on-camera. The two-day workshop produces a short film output starred by the students themselves which according to Ron, he only conceptualizes and writes a day before the actual shooting. His talent in creative writing proves that Ron truly is a one-of-a-kind artist. He doesn’t even understand where his ideas and inspirations come from. All he knows is that his stories has always been something that its viewers can appreciate - something so familiar like a love story embracing a philosophical truth which shares a moral lesson at every end.


A FILM SHOULD ALWAYS REFLECT BITS OF REALITY When an audience watches a movie, it must have elements of reality. Ron always makes sure that his audience can relate to the film. It is a way to interact and communicate to the one who’s watching. However, showing realities should always be with an inevitable purpose. And this purpose should not only be for the mere purpose of creating a striking scene, it must always be for the purpose of being able to complete the ideas and thoughts of the film. A FILM SHOULD PRESENT A POSITIVE LESSON Presenting a positive film doesn’t necessarily mean that all a filmmaker has to do is to create and shoot a happy film. It’s not the case, instead, a good filmmaker understand the film so well that he/she cares for his/ her audience to learn from the film. One good instance Ron remembers in one of his previous films was a rape scene he deliberately included. For Ron, the rape scene was a crucial part of the film not to entice the audience but to show the reality of rape. It serves as a warning for women to be extra cautious and avoid circumstances which may be unsafe.



MEANT TO BE A MOM nag-iistrive hard ka not just for myself anymore but for her too (I suddenly had a direction, in the sense that I strive hard not just for myself anymore, but for her too), Valerie revealed.

“She’s the best mom,” said Fiona, Valerie Concepcion’s daughter when asked how Valerie is as a mother. Coming from a nine-year old girl, every mother’s heart would melt in seconds. And with the look on Valerie’s eyes as her daughter uttered those words, yes, her heart surely was touched.



Valerie got pregnant at the age of 16; she was a kid back then and was starting to make a name for herself in the entertainment business. Yet, unlike others, Valerie never felt scared or regretful when she found out. Instead, she embraced it and took on a challenge of given another role of her life: being a mom! “I can’t remember the time when I didn’t have a kid,” admitted Valerie. From the day she accepted her newfound job, it felt like she was meant to be one.

FIONA-DRIVEN LIFE Before Fiona, Valerie simply worked for herself and no one else. She joined the show business because she wanted to and enjoyed it yet she saw herself doing things without really having a profound purpose. However, everything changed when Fiona was born. All efforts had its reason; to provide a better life for her daughter. And though she was very young then, she worked extra hard to give her daughter a good life. “Nagkaroon ako ng direction, in the sense na

Truthfully, Valerie did strive harder. Everything else on her life took a backseat because for her, Fiona’s future and a promise of a good life come first. And though she worked most of the time, she made sure to be a hands-on mom whenever she can. “Whenever I don’t have work, talagang sakin siya natutulog (Whenever I don’t have work, I see to it that she sleeps with me),” said Valerie. She remembered the time when Fiona was still a baby; she enjoyed it when her little girl sleeps on her chest because she “always wanted her close to her heart.” Becoming a mom also made Valerie wise with her earnings, in fact, aside from her career in show business, she is also an entrepreneur. She invested in a franchise of Posh Nails which


she set up in Mckinley Hill, Taguig City, where her business partner is none other than, her mom. At the time when Fiona was already growing up, she knew she needed to invest so she can ensure the future. At first, she wanted to put up a restaurant for her grandmother who was a great cook. Yet, when she passed, she decided to engage in something she understood, enjoyed and trusted to be effective. And since she and her mom was a satisfied client of Posh Nails, Valerie knew this was the venture for her.

BECOMING MORE, BECOMING BETTER However, although becoming financially secured is one of Valerie’s top agenda, she also wanted to be more; a better person for her daughter. Fortunately, another blessing came into her life when she was offered a scholarship to take up any degree she wanted. Since Valerie became a mom at a young age, her education was put on the side. But as she saw her daughter growing, she wanted

Fiona to be proud of her too. Now on her first year as marketing major, the adjustment was tricky at first. For one, she had never stepped foot in a school for around 10 years since she had Fiona, unless she was taking her daughter to it. Adjusting her work schedule also became difficult, almost pushing her not to enroll for the second semester. However, she insisted to push through with schooling nonetheless for three things: first, she wanted to be a role model to all the other single moms; second, she wanted Fiona to be proud of her; and third, now that she is in a serious relationship, she also wanted to be a better person for him.

“Hanggang ngayon, di ako makapaniwala na may grade 5 na ako (until now, I still cannot believe that I already have a 5th grader),” Valerie admitted. “Being a single mom, I can’t believe na nakayanan ko siya i-raise mag isa (Being a single mom. I can’t believe I raised her on my own).” Although, being on her own doesn’t literally mean she is alone in her journey. “I’m just really grateful kay Lord kasi hindi ko naman makakaya kundi dahil kay Lord, and of course, with all the support of my family too (I’m just really grateful to the Lord because I won’t really be able to make it without Him, and of course, with all the support of my family too).”

Though she is currently inspired by romance, she will always be motivated first by Fiona. And all her efforts remained directed towards her one goal. Looking back, Valerie truly came a long way. She did not only gain herself a daughter, the experience also gained her happiness and wisdom.

And today, as her daughter starts to become a lady too, Valerie could never be prouder. Looking back, she knew being a mother was something she was fated for. “I was ready for it, from the moment na pinanganak ko siya, it [motherhood] came out naturally na parang ito ang meant ko: to be a mother (I was ready for it,

from the moment I gave birth, motherhood came out naturally like I was meant to become a mother).” As a mother, Valerie found it rewarding with the little things that her daughter does, like writing her letters. These little nothings reaffirm Valerie that she did a great job in raising her. Who could have thought and imagined that the young Valerie then would turn out to be ‘the best mom ever’, but hey, when maternal instinct kicks in, every woman will surely strive for that greatest title ever. REACH MAGAZINE


As motorists welcome rainy days and possible mishaps during this season, DOTC (Department of Transportation and Communication) and LTO (Land Transportation Office) released its revised penalties, and increased all existing fines from its six-year old LTO Department Order No. 2008-39. * Driving without a valid driver's license P3,000 (from P1,500) plus the offender will be disqualified from being granted a driver's license or from driving a motor vehicle for one year from the payment of the fine; * Driving a motor vehicle used in committing a crime - P10,000 (from P3,000) plus the offender's driver's license will be confiscated, and if convicted, revoked with the driver being perpetually disqualified from being granted a driver's license. The vehicle will also be impounded until after the payment of appropriate fines and penalties; * Reckless driving - P2,000 (from P1,000) for the first offense; P3,000 (from P1,500) for the second offense; andP10,000 (from P2,000) for the third offense. In addition, the offender's driver's license will be suspended for three months for the second offense and six months for the third offense, with the revocation of the license on succeeding offenses. A non-professional driver whose license has been revoked will be disqualified from obtaining a driver's license for two years from revocation, while a professional driver whose license has been revoked will be perpetually disqualified from getting a license; * Failure to wear seatbelts - P1,000 for the first offense; P2,000 for the second offense; and P5,000 for the third offense. Previously, the fine was only P250, regardless of the number of offenses. Also, the driver's license of the offender will be suspended for one week from the payment of the fine for the third and each succeeding offense. The DOTC also notes that children six years old and below are prohibited from sitting in the front passenger seat; * Failure to carry a driver's license or the vehicle's certificate of registration or official receipt while driving a motor vehicle - P1,000 (from P200 for the license and from P150 for the OR or CR); * Driving an unregistered motor vehicle - P10,000 (from P4,000) plus, if the non-registration has exceeded one month, the vehicle shall be impounded and released only if it has been registered and its corresponding fines and penalties have been paid. If the vehicle has an undocumented engine (a separate P5,000 previously), the vehicle will be impounded and barred from operating for one year upon the payment of the fines while the engine will be confiscated by the government; * Unauthorized vehicle modification, including the change of color "and other unauthorized modifications of the standard manufacturer's specifications" - P5,000 plus the vehicle will be impounded and released only upon correction of the defect and the payment of the fine; * Operating a motor vehicle without or with defective/improper/unauthorized accessories, devices, equipment and parts - P5,000 (from P150 to P15,000) plus the vehicle will be impounded until the accessory, device, equipment or part is properly installed, corrected or removed depending on the offense and the fine has been paid. Any improper or unauthorized device will also be confiscated in favor of the government; * All other violations of traffic rules and regulations, from parking violations to illegal turns - P1,000.



Stop, Look, and Listen: Easy Tips on How to Keep your Car Rollin’ this Rainy Season BY: RACHELLE DORADO

each Magazine, through the help of Mr. Allen Roxas, President of Statemotor Corporation, team-up to share safety measuresbefore and during- common emergency situations during the rainy season. Statemotor Corporation locally markets Great Wall, China’s leading car manufacturer. “Preventive measure is the key, and it starts even before you leave the house and start your engine”, says Mr. Roxas.

BEFORE-LEAVING-THE-HOUSE CHECKLIST: CHECK YOUR TIRES - “It only takes one walk around your car”, says Mr. Roxas as he stresses about this key preventive measure. Indeed, flat tire is a common dilemma regardless of the weather. But changing tires in the middle of heavy rain and flood can double the stress. CHECK THE SPARE TIRE - “Twice a month check won’t hurt”, adds Mr. Roxas. Spare tires are NOT intact forever, thus twice a month check will save you from additional stress when in the middle of changing tires - you find your spare tire deflated. It is also recommended to maintain 40 PSI (pounds per square inch) for spare tire, since there are chances of gradual air deflation due to other factors such as weather, storage, etc.

KNOW HOW YOUR ENGINE SHOULD LOOK LIKE -a newbie motorists can rely on the internet and see how the car engine should look like. But definitely, a seasoned driver knows how the engine should look like in a glance. Thus a slight change can instantly alarm the owner and can lead to preventive measures in an instant.

CHECK THE OIL AND WATER -most gasoline stations will help you to check your oil and water. But make sure to personally and check this even before you leave the house. KNOW YOUR TOOL KIT - place your tool kit where you can easily grab it, in case of emergency. It is also important to know other important car tools such as the car jack. Besides your spare tire, this is your life-saver when changing tires. Most manufacturers place this beside your spare tire. But just to be sure, check your car jack now.


Mr. Allen Roxas, President of Statemotor Corporation

PREPARE THE TOOLS AND SPARE TIRE FROM THE TRUNK. LOOSEN TIRE NUTS OF FLAT TIRE USING TIRE WRENCH. Do not remove nuts, but loosen it through counterclockwise direction.

Also, Statemotor’s President shares tips, on how to deal with the scenario, in the middle of an emergency situation.

EMERGENCY SITUATION: FLOOD “Do not drive, even if it only reaches half of your tire”, says Mr. Roxas, on his reaction regarding common mistake that motorists can still drive in the middle of the flood, at a given depth. “It’s not about the depth of flood waters, it’s the danger that comes with it. Since driver cannot see the bottom of the road, there are chances of hitting open manholes. You may also hit materials that can cause severe damage and even cause flat tires,” adds Mr. Roxas. A two-car distance from your car to theirs is also a must.

“Remember, there are less chances of saving a car that stopped while crossing the flood, rather than a flooded but parked car. Once your computer box, which serves as the heart of your car, is damaged-let a professional car mechanic check it,” he stresses out.

EMERGENCY SITUATION: FLAT TIRES GET OFF THE ROAD, AS SOON AS IT’S SAFE TO. A flat tire can drive up to 20 mph and still be able to keep your car in control.

TURN ON HAZARD LIGHTS. Also turn the engine off and pull hand brake or first gear (to ensure that the car doesn’t roll away as you change tires). You may also wedge rocks on the other tires to keep the car from moving.

PLACE JACK UNDER VEHICLE AND RAISE CAR ABOUT TWO INCHES HIGHER THAN THE HEIGHT OF SPARE TIRE. Then place spare under car (beside jack), to make sure that in case jack fails, car will not fall on the ground. REMOVE TIRE NUTS AND FLAT TIRE THEN REPLACE WITH SPARE TIRE AND TIRE NUTS AFTER. TIGHTEN TIRE NUTS, ONE AT A TIME, IN A CROSS PATTERN TO ENSURE EQUAL NUTS TIGHTENING. REMOVE THE JACK, TO PUT THE CAR BACK ON THE GROUND. Tighten the nuts again in clockwise direction then return all tools and flat tire to trunk. At the end of the day, car enthusiast Mr. Allen Roxas reminds drivers of a popular quote, “Leave sooner, drive slower, and live longer,” not just to avoid the newly implemented penalties, but to keep safe on the road - both on dry and wet season.




Apps That Saves Lives T

he truth is, people today would rather leave their wallets at home than their mobile phones. And chances are, more than half of these people own a smart phone, a tablet or both. Today’s modern world creates the impression that gadgets are much more important than one’s own identification cards. That’s why it is important that in case of emergencies, those gadgets should be able to at least save lives. And thanks to the hundreds of applications available, it is likely possible. HERE’S A LIST OF TOP 5 LIFE-SAVING APPS FOR SMART PHONES AND TABLETS:

Emergency Panic Button In case one’s safety is compromised and there’s no time to call or text anyone, an emergency panic button installed on your phone might just save your life. The panic 68


button works by sending one’s name, contact number and GPS location at a single press of the button. User can pre-register up to eight contacts and even include a customized message.

PH Weather (Weather Alert) Here’s a local based weather alert application that will surely save lives, time and effort especially in a country like the Philippines where the weather is almost always unpredictable. It includes a report on the current weather and even a seven-day forecast, a perfect tool if there’s a trip ahead. It can also send rain alerts based on the forecast and current weather updates. You can also download PAGASA Mobile for more up-to-date weather news from the nation’s local weather agency.

but can be the most useful. Most specifically at this time of the year where most of the typhoons and calamities can cause city-wide black outs, it will help to utilize the phone as an alternative flash light. The app uses the camera flash as an emergency back-up light and even creates a shortcut button on the homepage for quicker access.


Most life-threatening emergency situations are health-related. And sadly, not everyone knows how to perform first aid treatments. Luckily, WebMD creates an app which can guide one to perform basic first aid and even provides guides on several medications, illnesses or conditions which one might encounter. As an Niae. Tintotas alibearum exceris mos siadded aut feature, users can also aut landic to di bera quid mo odicid que bookmark or save on updates LED Flashlight velitate coriorem nonet in et hicitibus certain topics which This isomnihil the mo quis volecestregarding molorro eatempor aut quodia. might be personally useful for simplest app you them. can download

IMReady The app is actually a public service product by one of the biggest local television network in the Philippines. It is integrated with The Weather Company, Project NOAH-ClimateX, PAGASA, MMDA and Waze making it one of the most up-to-date local safety and preparedness portals available. It also includes tips and ways on how to prepare for upcoming calamities and disasters. All applications are iOS and Android-friendly and are available for free via Apple store or Google Play Store. Above-mentioned apps are just suggestions; there are plenty of options available online which are much suited for every individual’s lifestyle. Always make sure to read the app specifications and descriptions as well as the comments sections for the best suited app for you.



Natural disasters are unpredictable. They happen when we least expect it. Unfortunately, the numbers of catastrophes happening all over the world have immensely increased due to global warming. Proper knowledge and awareness can help us protect not only ourselves but our properties as well. Here are some tips on how to reduce damages in case a calamity occurs. BY: ANNA THERESA LLAMSON

UNWAVERING EARTHQUAKES Unlike other disasters, destructible earthquakes don’t happen as often but it always helps to be prepared.

WATCH OUT FOR FLOODS Flooding is the most common weather related disaster these days. In the recent years, it has devastated many places which is why it is important to be alert at all times in order to prevent damages. The very first thing you may do is to check all drainage systems, eaves troughs and gutters for obstructions. Accumulated debris can cause and even aggravate floods. If you are building a house in an area which is often affected by floods, you can ask your contractor to put fuse boxes and utility meters

in a higher area or see if they can be transferred. It is also advisable to raise electrical appliances at least one foot above possible flood water level.

The very first thing you must do is to make sure that your house is bolted to its foundation. Next, secure shelves, overhead light fixtures as well as appliances especially gas operated ones. Water heaters should also have ample support because

it weighs several pounds and it may break gas lines or water pipes when they topple over. In addition, you can strengthen ceiling joists inside the attic by nailing plywood so that fragments would not fall through. Lastly, you may also think through replacing solid gas lines for stoves and heaters with flexible ones so that they won’t easily break.

In most western countries, homeowners or builders waterproof basements. They even install flood vents in order to avoid the accumulation of water pressure. Moreover, sump pumps are utilized in places where floods commonly occur. This device routes the water to other places such as dry wells or storm drains.

BLOW OFF FIRES Areas with dry weather are prone to fires. However, in most cases it is not common and many take it for granted. If you are building a home, use fire proof shingles, non-combustible roofs and non-flammable sidings. Double-pane or tempered window glass are also helpful because

they can stand high temperatures. All these can help prevent or reduce fire-related damages. Make it a habit to clear out dead brush and old wood as these are combustible materials which can aggravate fires. If you plan to landscape, you can begin by making certain that the first 3-5

feet of your home’s perimeter is free from flammable materials and plants including trees, shrubs and grass. We never know when disasters would strike, so it is better to stay protected than to face damages which may be costly and sometimes even fatal. REACH MAGAZINE



Gardening Through the Storm BY: VERONICA RAMOS

ith the scorching heat of the sun, we can’t wait for the rainy season and so do our plants. It’s their time to save themselves from dehydration as water gives them life. But soon these rain showers will be more than enough for the plants and the rest of the garden as it can be more damaging than helpful in most cases. So, here are some useful tips to keep your garden in tip top shape this wet season. Make sure to have a proper drainage system to avoid waterlogged plants. The drainage system must be free from any debris or waste that can limit the flow of water. The pots of the plants must also have enough holes for the trapped water to flow right out of the pot. It may be ideal to add more holes into the pot but make sure to place chicken wire beneath before adding up the soil to ensure that only water will flow out and not the dirt.

Not many understand the value of using organic fertilizer. Aside from the fact that it is less harmful to the environment, it can also hold the soil into place and helps the excess moisture in the soil drain away. Using organic fertilizer is also beneficial especially if you have pets roaming around the garden. It helps to have a good and strong foundation. Tie the stem of the plants together to make it sturdy during the storm or tie it with any support. Slender stems tend to break easily during strong winds and heavy rains, so having good support prolongs the lives of these green babies. Pests like snails are abundant during the rainy season. These slimy crawlers love to munch on the greens. To avoid these, put the plants into much

higher position or better yet, place crushed egg shells around it. These crushed egg shells are like needles to them so they wouldn’t dare go near your plants. Small plant containers should also be moved in shaded areas because they cannot withstand heavy rainfall. If possible you can also try to control the rain by putting a net or improvise a greenhouse to protect them. In general, plants really like rain but only in moderation. Although, rain can be a blessing to garden hobbyists as it saves the time for watering and saves water in general, if not properly prepared, it can also be the reason for the garden’s slow death. Take the rainy season as an opportunity not only to save up, but have more quality time with the garden dwellers as well.












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WHAT’S YOUR SAUCE-SONALITY? here’s a famous line

like Corn and Carrots, Coleslaw

ranges from mild to hot. The

which goes, “you are

and Java Rice among others,

especially developed sauces

what you eat.” And

Peri-Peri chicken is great on its

were conceptualized to mark

that couldn’t be any more real

own but even better when it’s

the restaurant’s spiced up

than at Peri-Peri. Famous for its

dipped in a sauce… but not just

personality. The Mediterranean-

charcoal grilled chicken oozing

any sauces will do.

inspired restaurant wanted to ensure that every customer will

with aroma from the spices, the chicken is perfectly cooked

In fact, Peri-Peri just

have a new experience with

and tasty inside out. One good

revolutionized the way we eat our

every bite, making the visit not

thought about the chicken is that

chicken with its very own Sauce

just a way to fill up one’s tummy

it’s not oily yet maintains the

Bar. The bar includes twelve

but a culinary experience in a

chicken’s natural juices intact.

sauces classified according

relaxing and creatively nurturing

Usually paired with side dishes

to its spiciness level which


3 THINGS TO REMEMBER AT PERI-PERI If you are confused which sauce is best for you, don’t sweat. A Peri-Peri Sauce Steward is always ready to assist and serve the best sauce for every personality. If you’re tight on budget, you can order the Peri-Peri Rio set which includes four side dishes and a whole chicken. It only costs Php 655.00 which you can share up to four people; great food doesn’t always cause a hole in the pocket. If you can’t get enough of your favorite sauces, then bring it home. A 150ml bottle of your favorite sauce is available for sale at Php 145.00 only. Now you can have your own chicken party at home!

THE PER-PERI SAUCE BAR INCLUDES: MILD Chicky-Tita’s Mango Lime (Sweet and Citrusy) Hen Dynasty’s Hoisin Sesame (Sweet, Tangy with a hint of Spice) Poulet Vous Cajun Remoulade (Spiced Mayonnaise) Tokyo Tori’s Sweet Soy (Sweet Teriyaki Style) Count Cluckula’s Garlic Brew (Spicy and Garlicky)

MEDIUM Apachee’kn Mesquite BBQ (Smoky, Sweet and Tangy) Ka Tuka’s Honey Pinkurat (Filipino Spiced Vinegar) Peckyaw’s Thrilla O’da Grilla (Classic Catsup with a Kick) Yolko-Ono’s Trippy Chili Choc’Lit (Sweet and Minty Chocolate) HOT Peking Chuck’s Scallion Ginger (Chopped Scallions and Ginger in Oil) Sheik Chic’s Harissa Exotica (Exotic Blend of Spices) Fowl-Mouthed Chili Peppa (Fiery and Hot)

REACH RECOMMENDED TOP 5 SAUCES Apachee’kn Mesquite BBQ Yolko-Ono’s Trippy Chili Choc’Lit Fowl-Mouthed Chili Peppa Poulet Vous Cajun Remoulade Peckyaw’s Thrilla O’da Grilla

MUST-TRY DISH: Choripan (Php 285.00; Good for Two) Homemade chorizo sandwiched in good ‘ol pan de sal. The sandwich is a play between Mexican and Mediterranean. The chorizo paired with salsa is made to complement

So whether you’re a little patootie who’s munching on anything sweet, a culinary wandering yuppie or maybe a dad seeking for a foodie kick, there is a Peri-Peri sauce just for you – a Peri-Peri adventure waiting to unfold.

and not overpowering each others distinct tastes.




REACH RECOMMENDED PHO OR VIETNAMESE BEEF SOUP NOODLES (Php 150.00) This is one of the most famous Vietnamese dishes yet Sweet Apple Creation’s version beats even those from the most established restaurants around. Truly the all-time favorite just leveled up a notch; with the freshness of basil leaves emitting its aroma alongside the natural juices

Photo by: Peter Orfiano

of the sprouts blending in with the noodles and all the other spices in the

Super in its Simplicity

That’s Vietnamese

soup, every sip is an Asian rendezvous on its own. CA PHE SAIGON CRISPY NOODLES (Php 120 – Chicken/Pork/Beef Toppings; Php 150.00 – Shrimp Topping) This is the type of dish you can just eat every single day yet still get excited over it. The crisp noodles along fresh veggies topped with a special Vietnamese peanut sauce concocted by Mary Rose herself can be reason enough for most people to drive down to the place. It’s perfectly paired with Goi Cuon (Fresh Rolls) for only Php 120.00 (3 pieces).

Lately, more people are becoming

culinary curious, ready to take on the world one bite after another. And with the hype comes options, the challenge now is where to find the most authentic dish, so close to real thing that it can almost take you to that place where it all started from. Well, if that’s something you want and if Vietnamese is your liking, today is your lucky day!

What set asides Sweet Apple Creations from all the other restaurants is that Mary Rose creates the recipes herself. She

Sweet Apple Creations is simply

re-creates the recipes she learned back in Vietnam and adds

a hole-in-the-wall type of food

in some new twists which make it more distinct and original.

wonderland. Originally, Sweet Apple

As much as possible, she also creates the sauces herself and

Creations is a cake shop creating

refuses to buy the readily-available ones being sold in the

customized cakes and cupcakes

market. She makes every dish a work of precision and quality,

available online. But the home business

that’s why every visit to the restaurant requires reservations

started to flourish and at the time of expansion, it also made sense to set

and pre-orders making every dish literally freshly picked as

up a little restaurant to provide more options for dine-in customers.

most of the herbs and spices she uses are grown in their very own garden.

Luckily, the owner Apple Bonifacio’s mother Mary Rose is Vietnamese, and she grew up eating authentic Vietnamese dishes. She felt that with the rise of Filipinos being more conscious with their health, it makes perfect sense to offer Vietnamese cuisine which is packed with vegetables and less oil.

Sweet Apple Creations Location: 14 Red Cedar Street, New Marikina Subdivision, San Roque, Marikina City Contact Number/s: (02) 646-1438 / (0917) 801-6411 Operating Hours: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm Facebook:




The youth of GK Napindan poses with their Reach magazine copies.

In time with the Philippine Independence Day celebration last June 12, 2014, Gawad Kalinga (GK) revisited the GK community in Barangay Napindan, Taguig City. The said community which was initiated by Collegio de San Agustin is an on-going project to further establish a self-sustaining neighborhood filled with camaraderie, livelihood and sense of belongingness.

Rose Marie Lapoer shows off her creations, a woven bag made out of recycled plastic bags – a livelihood project for GK communities in Taguig City.



The whole day event, “Bayanihan sa Araw ng Kalayaan” was filled with a series of activities which included house and fence building, house repainting, tree planting and a humble presentation to spice up the event. Volunteers from GK Napindan, GK chapters and sponsors were assigned in each of the simultaneous activities happening during the event. This event was geared towards GK’s mission to end poverty for five (5) million Filipinos by 2024. As part of the event, Reach magazine gave out free copies mostly to the aspiring GK youth to encourage smart reading – an advocacy by Reach and its publishing company, DynamicMind Publishing, Inc. Reach magazine was also very fortunate to meet impressive women of GK Napindan community called the Mabuhay Ladies who

Representing the Mabuhay Ladies of GK Napindan are Rizza Pino, Myra Tumampo, Rosalie Canonio, Leonora Asares and Jennelyn Amor.

were in-charge of the beautification and preservation of GK Napindan. Dressed in baro’t-saya (Filipino traditional costume), the Mabuhay Ladies were the front liners in greeting and welcoming guests and volunteers for the special celebration. For more information on GK and its upcoming activities, please contact Antonio Carlos Lopez or Marc Sebastian at (0917) 864 0722.



WHAT TO EXPECT FROM GLOBAL DIGNITY DAY? GLOBAL DIGNITY DAY is a day of sharing dignity stories. The two-hour program starts with selected inspiring individuals sharing their stories to the participants, which later on are divided into smaller groups for a more intimate story-sharing along with other motivational activities. The day ends with each participant creating dignity letters to themselves containing their dignity plans and objectives for the year to come. The letters will be collected by the facilitator and shall be returned to the participants the next year to evaluate and see how the participants were able to achieve their dignity plans.

A simple question that left hundreds of students in tears during last year’s Global Dignity Day which happened in various participating schools in the Philippines. Such simple question lingered in the young minds who given the chance to reflect and discover their true value; a step closer to achieving a dignified life. The concluded Global Dignity Day was a first in the country that was headed by Benedict Carandang, the Global Dignity Chair in the Philippines. It was supported by Oliver Alvarez, president of Rotary Club of Manila Magic; Camille Martino, president of Rotary Club of Manila; Nor Azlan, business development manager of Beaconhouse School System; Tuldok Animation Studios, SN Power Philippines; and Rotary Club of Makati. Global Dignity Day happens annually in over 50 countries across the world every second or third week of the month. It is dedicated to allow and help the youth and adults alike to discover the real essence of their existence, their value and their worth in this world. It hopes to improve the esteem of individuals to live a life filled with contentment, peace and happiness indirectly spreading the positivity to others. The independent, non-political organization believes that a dignified life is a universal right of each and everyone; it’s all a matter of discovering one’s dignity.

Young Global Leaders, social entrepreneurs, global shapers and the products of Global Dignity Days, such aspiration is attainable.

Founded by the Crowned Prince of Norway, Prince Haakon along with Finnish philosopher Pekka Himanen and American financial literacy guru John Hope Bryant, the organization aims to ‘instill a new, positive, inclusive and interconnected value proposition in youth and adults, develop human empathy and encourage people to be more considerate of others.’ The organization which started last 2006 and has already affected more than a hundred thousand youths across the globe aspires to reach their one million mark by 2020. And with the continuous participation of volunteers coming from the community of

This 2014, the Global Dignity Day in the country shall be participated by a total of 15 schools with approximately 5,000 students. It is set to happen in Southville Intenational School and Colleges in Las Pinas City and supported by the Asian Federation of Student Leaders, Rotary Club of Manila Magic and Reach Magazine, as the official media partner. It is expected to have over 100 volunteers and a handful of selected inspirational speakers who will share their own dignity stories to the students. REACH MAGAZINE


Reach Knowledge Magazine No. 8  

August 2014

Reach Knowledge Magazine No. 8  

August 2014