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ABOUT THE COVER When we speak of being “young at heart”, there’s no one else that comes to mind rather than Heart Evangelista.


Carmela Pelayo

The actress we witnessed since her teenage years has blossomed into a woman, now married to the very respectable Senator Chiz Escudero. But let’s face it, despite those years, Heart still has that youthful charms that did not only sweep the heart of the senator, but also the millions of fans she has nationwide.


Ferdinand Valerio GRAPHIC ARTIST


Ador Villanueva

For our cover, Heart takes center stage with another “chiz” in her life - and that’s none other than Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake. Of course, being young at heart means enjoying your palate as well. It’s no surprise that even Heart herself is captured by the Japanese cheesecake’s sweetened charms.



Nikka Ramos Irene Yuzon Araceli Brioso Carodan Peter Orfiano

Catch the story on Heart and her other “chiz” on page 35.


Judith Villanueva


Ma. Myla Cajayon Veronica Valdez EVENTS & MARKETING COORDINATOR


Pocholo Roman Saez COMIC ARTIST

Ching Dorado Tiffany Hong Rizza Ligaya Alo Rea Celine Villa Emzi Tinasas Benedict Carandang Yza Yu

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What’s Inside this Issue? 06

Curious Minds


2015 is Year of The Sheep


Fish for Peace of Mind


The Reluctant Yogi


Go For the Extra Smile


Amazing Bohol

Reach Magazine, we’re all about being “Young at Heart”.


What Your House May Look Like in 10 Years?

And who else would be the perfect face for such a youthful theme, other


Aratilis: A Lost Childhood Treasure


The Other Chiz in Heart’s Heart

can find out about it on page 35.


Onto the City, Into the Woods, and Into My Heart

However, the question is: as grown-ups, how can we preserve our


Into The Woods: Into The Theatres, Into The Cinemas And Into The Outdoors


Beautiful Cleopatra: Reality or Myth?


Following the Call of Music


How to Create your Own Animated Short Film


Dr. Em’s Touch Radiates Beauty


Keeping the Child Within: A Secret to a Happy Life


Flying on a Jet Plane

appreciate what they have to offer after the storm.


Footvolley Hits the Philippine Islands

In the end, there’s no secret formula or potion in remaining youthful. It’s


Why I Want to Write


Peaches in Heaven

77 78

Going Intimate with Arts and Music: Carnaval de la Ruweda


Globe Powers Head Tennis Circuit For Filipino Youth Empowerment


Guam Hosts the First AFSL Youth Leadership Congress


Summer Art’s School in Museong Pambata


Continuing the Power of Print /


Amazing Breads for Discriminating Tastes

Editor’s Note “Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children.” An Irish playwright named George Bernard Shaw once said. And truth be told, preserving youthfulness doesn’t only depend on age. It’s more than a measure of time, being youthful is in our hearts and for this issue of

than Heart Evangelista. But we are not about to spill the beans on her life’s new chapter as Mrs. Escudero, it’s all about her other “chiz” and you

youthfulness? Maybe it’s in the food we eat like “Aratilis - A Lost Childhood Treasure” (page 32) or maybe it’s what we can do just like “The Reluctant Yogi” (page 14). For me though, it’s not about all the things you can do, but the simplicity of it. After all, children are youthful not because of their age and size but because of their ability to appreciate the simple things in life. Sometimes, the simple things count like smiling to another person (catch “Go the Extra Smile” on page 16). Appreciating what we have no matter how majestic or simple it is, might be the secret of being “young at heart”. So be sure to always open your heart, your mind and your eyes as you embrace the beauty of life. Maybe next time, you can catch a plane and visit Bohol (page 20) and simply

what inside our heart that counts and how we embrace our lives. Always appreciate what you have, and have a happy HEART!

Koko Tamura Editor-in-Chief

Pilipinas Mens Fashion Week Cycle 6 Spring/Summer Forecast

Mga Kabataan, Bida sa Araw ni Balagtas


Solar System May have Two More Planets up its Sleeve emember the local TV commercial of a known milk product where a “gifted child” explained the Solar System as “the sun is the center of the Solar System and moving around it are the planets”. Well it is true today as it is then, but it was never mentioned how many planets were there in the system. As our elementary teachers had taught us, there were nine planets. But recent findings show, there may actually be two more planets undiscovered, or even more!



Professor Carlos de la Fuente Marcos from the Complutense University of Madrid, the researcher behind the study believed that there may be two undiscovered planets beyond Neptune and Pluto. It was because of a certain gravitational pull from yet to be defined source which results to the consistent movement of a belt of space rocks called extreme trans-Neptunian objects (Etnos). De la Fuente added “This excess of objects with unexpected orbital parameters makes us believe that some invisible forces are altering the distribution of the orbital elements of the Etnos, and we consider that the

most probable explanation is that other unknown planets exist beyond Neptune and Pluto.” The lead of the study published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Letters further explained “The exact number is uncertain, given that the data that we have is limited, but our calculations suggest that there are at least two planets, and probably more, within the confines of our solar system.” Interestingly, based on some presumptions, there is a high probability that the “undiscovered” planets may be larger than Earth.

Gene Variant Slows Brain Aging to 1 out of 5 People in an individual which comprise about 3% of the population results mostly to shorter life span.

Ever wondered why most people as they age tend to think slower, forget more and generally, slow down basic cognitive functions? Well, it must be in the genes! According to a study from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), a certain gene variant called KL-VS (KLOTHO allele), the gene associated with longevity, based on recent findings also affects the size of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex located on the front side of the brain. People with a single copy of KL-VS appear to have larger units. Since this is the part of the brain linked with planning, decision-making and judgment, people equipped with single copy shows better cognitive skills and memory compared to the other 80% of the population. However, two copies of KL-VS

According to Dena Dubal, MD, PhD, assistant professor of neurology at UCSF and the senior author of the study, "We've known for a long time that people lose cognitive abilities as they age, but now we're beginning to understand that factors like klotho can give people a boost and confer resilience in aging.” Furthermore, the study can help define ways on how to prevent illnesses and conditions associated to aging like Alzheimer’s disease. In conclusion, such piece of information is vital in preserving youthful functions of the brain. "In this case, bigger size means better function. It will be important to determine whether the structural boost associated with carrying one copy of KL-VS can offset the cognitive deficits caused by disease," added Jennifer Yokoyama, PhD, first author and assistant professor of neurology at UCSF.

Is Creativity tied with Culture? Nowadays, creativity is a must and even a means for survival. Many businesses invest in promoting innovations within their companies for corporate longevity and competitiveness. And by becoming innovative, one must also be creative. But is one’s culture defines how much creativity one can squeeze out? Researchers from Concordia University revealed the real deal. The study which was published in the Journal of Business Research, involved 300 students from universities in Taiwan and Canada. As per the study, Taiwan represented a collectivist society while Canada represented an individualist society. The students were gathered to brainstorm and from the session, the researchers collected data based on the confidence level, number of generated ideas, number of negative feedbacks, and the like.

Co-author of the study, Gad Saad, a professor at Concordia's John Molson School of Business revealed "We found that the individualists came up with many more ideas. They also uttered more negative statements and those statements were more strongly negative. The Canadian group also displayed greater overconfidence than their Taiwanese counterparts." On the other hand, the collectivists seem to produce fewer ideas but with much higher quality. This is in fact due to the collectivist’s nature to be more “reflective” than its counterpart. The results gathered from the study can aid businesses in increasing productivity when it comes to creativity. Companies must understand the cultural component of its organization and reflect on a more suitable approach in generating ideas aside from the usual practice of brainstorming.

Image source:

Chocolates can scientifically brighten up your day! Chocolate stimulates the release of endorphins which makes you feel relaxed, serotonin which regulates one’s mood and anadamine which gives sense of feeling “high”. Truly, Mother Nature knows how to cook up a treat for us!

Is laughter the best medicine? It surely is! Laughter increases oxygen intake which improves organ functions and blood circulation. It can also increase heart rate and blood pressure which leaves you relaxed and stress-free! So what are you waiting for, start laughing now!

PHOTO: wiki/Happiness_Wiki?file=Th.jpg

Positive thinking is the secret to happiness and good health. According to Mayo Clinic, positive thinking leads to longer life span, decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases, lower risk of depression and anxiety, and even increased resilience to the common colds! So stop worrying and start thinking positively and just be happy! articles/chocolate_benefits.htm stress-management/in-depth/positive-thinking/ art-20043950 REACH MAGAZINE





es, it’s the Chinese New Year once again, one of

and patience. You must face difficult and challenging moments

the largest festivities in the world which is also

calmly and be able to brush it off as quickly.

called Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. Just like every Chinese New Year, each year is represented

In love, the sheep is the type to get carried away with the high

by one of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac. And for 2015, it is

hopes of love. Be sure to stay grounded as the excitement and

in fact the Year of the Sheep.

endearment can be too much which may also be the reason of separation. Real issues of relationships may soon catch on like

So what can we expect from the marvelous year of the sheep

finance and budgets which can be too overwhelming for the year

which starts on February 19, 2015?

of the sheep. So try as hard to remain balance and enjoy the benefits of whirlwind romances while keeping touch with reality.

Well, the Sheep is actually a very carefree animal who is adventurous, kind and easily get excited. So you can expect

Career-wise, those involved in creative ventures should be

a year filled with bursts of excitement (and sudden lost of

thrilled as the year of the sheep is driven with passion. It doesn’t

interests at the same rate). But most importantly, since the

matter what you do, as long as you love what you are doing, the

sheep is a calm animal, the year should be faced with calm

year can bring many good fortune.

Chinese New Year Trivias

Common Chinese New Year Resolutions

Chinese New Year happens every second new moon after the

Prepare the house for the new

winter solstice or according to the western calendar is in between

year by cleaning it and dusting

January 21st to February 19th.

off bad luck.

Chinese New Year is based on the Ancient Chinese Calendar dated

Pay off debts and settle

way back in 14th Century BC.

disagreements to welcome the

Chinese New Year is continuously celebrated despite China adapting

year with a clean slate.

the western calendar in 1912.

Welcome the year with new

Dragons can be found everywhere during Chinese New Year because

clothes or haircut to symbolize a

it is believed that the Chinese are descendants of the mythical animal.

fresh start.

Dumplings and long noodles are a favorite dish during the festivities as it symbolizes good fortune and long life. Red is the color of good luck so it’s best to wear red during the Chinese New Year and avoid wearing black as it is the color of death. Nian Gao or commonly known as tikoy is a rice cake traditionally eaten every Chinese New Year. The term nian gao which literally means sticky cake is homonym to the term high year (when translated to traditional Chinese character), that is why, eating tikoy each year symbolizes a better year ahead.




“We have two types of frequent buyers here

of aquarium fish, since it dies as soon as it


at our pet shop, the senior citizens and

breeds. Other popular tank fishes are parrot


preschools accompanied by their parents,”

fishes because of its vibrant colors and the

avid fan of Finding Nemo, you may remember

says Hope Arbolado, senior staff of Joy Joy

many varieties of gold fishes.

the scene where Nemo was stuck in an

Petshoppe which specializes on aquarium fishes, among other pets. Ironically, fishes are among the popular pets for the seniors as well as the youngsters. Aside from the fact that fishes specifically aquarium fishes are less dependent and easier to manage, it also has many health benefits which can be beneficial for both

aquarium inside a dental clinic. Well, it’s not

BENEFITS OF AQUARIUM FISHES AS PETS AQUARIUM FISHES CAN REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE- “For most of our seven (7) branches, our pet shop has significant number of senior citizens who buy aquarium fish,” says Arbolado. Such incidents may be

elderly and children.

because of its effect on blood pressure. In

Dr. Allan Scwartz, a US psychotherapist,

swim has significant effect on regulating

through his weblog said, “In our hectic daily lives filled with work, family, and paying bills, it is important for all of us to have ways of relieving the pressure all of these creates. Along with exercise, meditation and yoga, fish tanks are a wonderful way to further reduce

fact, many studies prove that watching fishes blood pressure that even watching a video of such proves to have therapeutic effects. AQUARIUM FISH CAN CALM HYPERACTIVE CHILDREN- Studies has proven that aquarium fishes can relax the mind, even that of a

anxiety and stress.”

hyperactive child. In fact, many preschools

Arbolado also mentioned that the most

only to familiarize students with fishes but

common aquarium fish includes molly, starfish, and angel fish. Molly, however, has a short life span compared to other types

abroad include fish tanks in classrooms not also to help maintain peace and order as it

a coincidence. Apparently, studies show that dental patients looking at aquarium fishes less likely to suffer from pain compared to using hypnosis. Other studies even show that that dental patients required less pain medication after watching aquarium fishes. AQUARIUM FISH CAN HELP PATIENTS WITH ALZHEIMER- A separate study, on the other hand, reveals that patients with Alzeimer’s disease gets substantial benefits from looking at aquarium fish which includes better appetite and less physical aggressive behavior. Truly, watching the graceful movements and the exciting colors of aquarium fishes has a de-stressing effect. Along with the music of flowing water in the background, fishes can surely bring some peace in one’s life.

can have both entertaining and relaxing effect on students.







le Eugenio, the man behind Options Studio - a chain of Pilates studios in Singapore, has been in the fitness industry since his youth. He started out as a GroupX instructor in Manila and went on to become the Philippines Aerobics Champion and 'Triple A' Aerobics Champion in the USA. He is also the first Filipino to be fully certified in STOTT PILATES method in 2001. Having many accomplishments in the bag, Ole was invited to Singapore to be an Instructor Trainer where he was able to share his knowledge and skills in the particular method while enhancing his training inclination. As he further became more polished in his craft, he used this opportunity to open his own studio in Singapore granted under the license from STOTT PILATES. From then on, he has trained hundreds of students, many of whom have moved further and had successful careers in the Pilates industry, not only in Singapore, but also in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and many other countries. Also a certified Gyro tonics instructor, Ole is a well respected instructor in the Pilates community across Asia. His dynamism

and positive teaching style have always been the core of his trainings. He always incorporates the latest updates and innovations into his lessons which he acquires by continuously exposing himself to the latest trends in Pilates internationally. The Reach team is lucky enough to sit down with Master Ole himself where he was able to share his humble beginnings and his rise to success through this intelligent form of exercise.

REACH: How did you started in this line of profession / business? I started as an aerobics instructor and competed in aerobics competitions. [But] I injured my wrist so I needed to rest, until I discovered Pilates. I went to Canada to study and get certified, [then] I went back [to Manila] to teach for five years. When I got an offer to work in Singapore, from there, I decided to put up my own studio and called it OPTIONS STUDIO.

Why Options Studios? We don’t just offer Pilates, we also offer any movement therapy exercises that heal and help people. These are good for sportsmen, athletic performers, rehab clients, kids, [and even] pregnant women. All movements which can help all types of people, we offer.

What makes Options Studio different from other Pilates studio? In other Pilates studios, they only have Pilates. In Options Studio, we have options but Pilates is our core. We offer really quality Pilates classes which can be reflected from mats to the equipments we use. We also have suspension trainings, which we call CORE suspend; we also have silk suspension called CORE Barre, it’s like a bar method to fitness; Core HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, that’s the one for those who want to lose weight; and then we have CORE Reform - a reformer class with music. On a reformer Pilates machine, we innovate movement to make it interesting for people to come and be motivated. It’s not just a hybrid, it is still based on science. We focus on the deep muscles of the body,



before we put you through a heavy workout - we workout the deeper muscles not the superficial. We train people from inside out [so] it is indeed holistic.

How long have you been operating Options Studio? As a whole, it's eight years in Singapore but in the Philippines, we are on our 4th year with five branches - The Fort, Greenhills, The Podium, Makati and the new one in QC (Quezon City) across GMA7. Soon we are branching out in Cebu as well.

How do you see the Health and Wellness industry? With the recent studies, people don’t spend so much on clothing, they spend on "lifestyle". And part of lifestyle is exercise. People are getting more conscious and curious about wellness, not just fitness, but as a whole, being stronger in and out. Strong is the new sexy. You may look skinny but inside, your body doesn’t function well, so we should take care of our body as a whole, not just outside. For me health and wellness is body functioning inside and out really well. It starts with your body and goes to your mind then it’s a lifestyle. It is indeed a lifetime commitment.

What are the benefits of Pilates? Number one - core strength; two - awareness of the alignment; three awareness of how you breathe properly. To maximize and utilize the lungs, breathing is very important. If you don’t breathe properly you’ll have a lot of injury on your neck, shoulder and other parts of the body. Lack of oxygen can damage your internal organs, too.

Do you suggest your clients to have healthy eating habits? Part of going to the studio is to inspire them and the rest is up to them. If they want to see results, of course, mindful eating and sensible dieting is a must. But I want to be remembered as a person who helps people thru movement because I believe that there is life in movements. Movement heals - body moves as one mechanism. The body is designed to move and it is not meant to rigidify on a seat in the office. As long as you are breathing, there is life. As long as there is life, there must be movements.



Yoga in the past few years has gained popularity as a great form of exercise from people of all ages here in the Philippines. It was around the summer of 2013 when a friend mentioned yoga to me. I admit I was curious about it because I have been hearing great things about it and after around two months, the effect on my friend was noticeable. She was less stressed and she looked great! Despite the benefits that I saw I was a bit hesitant to try yoga. Truth be told, all I knew about it was it made people become bendy and flexible because of the weird poses. It didn’t interest me and I hated the idea of being stuck in a room doing endless stretches and poses. Stretching was something I considered a warm-up and a serious workout for me at that time was equivalent to competition. To be able to spar with someone during boxing, race with someone in swimming or even try to do heavier weights or more repetitions than my cousins: it was about being better or being the best. Competition was a great motivation and it kept me interested in pushing myself to be better. It was fast-paced and time was constantly present. Minutes in the ring, speed per lap and shorter time but with more reps done in the gym, those were the things I was accustomed to. So when my friend told me that the yoga rooms didn’t even have any clocks and you weren’t allowed to check the time, I immediately rejected the idea of doing yoga. Why the heck would I do yoga when I was already having fun doing other forms of exercise??? Turns out, yoga Hollowback Headstand


was more beneficial for me according to my doctor so after a few months of trying to avoid it I decided to give in. The first class was like hell for me, I tried Hot A and the room was unbearably hot and I hated doing balancing poses. The teacher was great and supportive but honestly I came to the class determined to not like yoga so obviously I had a horrible experience. It took a couple of weeks of convincing from my doctor, friends and family before I came back for my second yoga class. Eka Pada Koundinyasana II (One Legged Arm Balance Pose Dedicated To the Sage II)



This time I paid for the whole month so I was stuck in attending the classes whether I wanted to or not.


Bakasana (Crow Pose)

constantly bugging my friends and family to try yoga because it is really in a word “awesome” and I want to share it with the people I love.

Garudasana in Sirsasana (Headstand with Eagle Legs)

My second time was better; I knew I had to stick with it so I was more open-minded. There were different classes of yoga like Flow and Yin, these kinds of yoga didn’t have the horrible heated rooms so they were more bearable for me. After a couple of weeks I started adjusting to the fact that during yoga I cannot check the time. I started enjoying having my own practice and only concentrating on myself and my body instead of paying attention to the performance or ability of other people. Fast-forward to 2014, I had to recently renew my membership again in Yoga+ and I was surprised to find out that I had practiced for a year already. With the help of the awesome teachers and staff I am now a fan of yoga. Instead of me being forced to attend classes, I am now the one forcing people to try it. I am

Another thing that surprised me was I now love doing hot yoga (there are four kinds in Yoga+ Hot A, B, C and Hot hour). It’s still hot as hell but the great feeling after every class is totally worth it. Yoga has given me so much, I am healthier and I am also becoming stronger. Aside from that, through yoga I have met such great people and made new friends who have inspired me to be better, try harder and taught me so much. I haven’t stopped doing other forms of workout and I still love competing against someone. But I make it a point to have “me” time; and even though I have work and other activities I still try to attend yoga classes regularly. I am so excited to continue my yoga journey this 2015. There are still other forms that I have just started to discover like Acroyoga and I still have so much to learn. That’s one of the things I love best about yoga, the learning never stops because there is always something new to try. And to all those people who thought that yoga was only about stretching and weird poses, believe me I thought the same thing too and jeez, was I ever wrong. Take a look at some of the poses yogis can do. Strong arms, strong legs, strong core and the heart and determination of a champion, yogis are definitely real athletes!

BY: RIZZA LIGAYA ALO “SAY CHEESE!” Whenever we hear this

In recent years, a smile’s benefit in


expression, our face instantly lights up,

attracting people was used as a marketing


making a happy curve in front of the

strategy to promote tourism and better

camera that is worth posting on both

customer satisfaction. This was done by

Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)

Capturing a portrait-worthy photo or for

when they launched “We go the extra

geeky individuals, an Instagram-worthy

Smile” campaign for their rebranding

post, will never be special without you

efforts. This campaign, which also serves

smiling beautifully. Yes, that’s how

as the airport’s tagline, helped in raising

important a smile is in producing a close to

awareness to promote better customer

perfect photograph.

service satisfaction among its passengers.

Nonetheless, several studies reveal the many benefits of smiling. Did you know that smiling, more than creating close to perfect photographs, is also a natural and most inexpensive anti-ager? So, what makes you smile? According to Ms. Marilyn N. Hari, M.A. Ed, RGC of Manila Tytana Colleges, a person feels good when he/she smiles. THE BENEFITS Smiling does a lot to a person’s overall well-being. Hari says, “it (smile) improves health, stress level and attractiveness.”

paved way for other government agencies

Smiling uplifts our personality. Hari reiterates that people who smiles a lot appears to be more confident and more approachable than people who possess a neutral or serious look on their faces. She says, smile at meetings and other work-related opportunities, and people will react to you differently. Smiling boosts the value of optimism. Hari further elaborates that whenever we smile, our body is sending a message that life is

relieve its impacts by simply putting a

stress”, she adds. For individuals who are in the midst of suffering, you can still smile by hearing positive words from people around you. To

Smiling changes a person’s mood. Hari

Ms. Pia Lyn Carilla, administrative assistant

explains that by putting a smile on your

of Directorate for Student Affairs of Manila

face, whenever you are feeling blue,

Tytana Colleges, she will encourage

chances are, your mood will change for the

someone who is suffering to smile by


reminding him/her of God’s love and

ented industry attractive. Indeed, smile has its way of attracting people. Such gesture draws us to people.


researchers from the Max Planck Institute in Berlin revealed that smiley, happy people were more attractive and had a more youthful appearance than their solemn counterparts.

guess persons’ ages. Researchers found

experiencing depression and developing

Smiling makes a person and service-ori-

In a study conducted by German

The said study asked men and women to

shows easily on a person’s face. You can

and overwhelmed, making you look healthy.



good. “By smiling, we can stay away from

an individual from looking tired, worn down

because, this simple gesture is a natural

to follow suit in improving their customer

Smiling is a great stress reliever. Stress

smile on. Thus, smiling helps in preventing


The campaign was a success. Its impact

Now, there’s more reason to smile,

promises. “If he is a true Christian, hearing encouraging messages, will make him/her smile, definitely. Life is too short to look miserable,” Carilla says.

out that photos with happy faces were voted as the youngest looking. According to Manuel Voelkle, researcher from Max Planck Institute, facial expression provides a substantial impact on the accuracy of the study. “Those displaying happy expressions were most likely underestimated.” In addition, the study bared that women’s faces fared better and were judged as looking up to three years younger than men. With these findings came a recent study from the London University College, which revealed that happy and cheerful


disposition could lessen perils of

yearbook photos went on to have happier

Smiling gives a positive aura that resonates

premature death by 35%.

marriages and greater well-being.

to the other person who receives it. This

In an article published by WebMD.

These studies proved that the more you

com, another study followed a group of

smile, the younger you become. Smile is

women for 30 years reveals the lifetime

the best and most inexpensive remedy to

advantages of smiling. The result of the

delay aging. Thus, make it a habit to smile

study explained that women who exhibited

every day.

genuinely happy smiles in their college

plain gesture provides priceless benefits that you cannot afford to ignore. Let this gesture be your regular routine whether with or without camera. Go ahead, flash your widest smile and add more miles in your lifetime. This will create a big difference in the world we are living in.






Dumanduman! Get some before it’s all gone this December at Sugarleaf Makati


this unique delicacy, drop by Sugarleaf Makati located at the ground and second floor of the MEDICard Lifestyle Center, 51 Paseo de Roxas corner Buendia Avenue, Urdaneta Village, Makati City. Tel 812 7323. Open 8am-8pm Mondays to Fridays and til 5pm on Saturdays. Email Like us on www. FoodsThatNourish Experience Duman where it is grown! For those who want a unique truly Capampangan gustatory and cultural experience, take a 1.5 hour drive north to

Santa Rita, Pampanga on 6 December for the 11thDuman Festival which has grown much since its humble beginnings. Venue at the megadike. Starts at late afternoon to evening and features food, music, dance and more food and duman!

magine a variety of grain that is planted only in a couple of weeks in select rice paddies in only a couple towns in Pampanga then harvested as the cool breeze of the holiday months sweep the rice fields. Processing this grain is a colourful undertaking in itself–from harvesting in early dawn, to winnowing, toasting and pounding to remove the chaff. For every hectare planted with this special variety yields a mere 4.5 cavans of grain while a harvest of the normal variety of rice yields up to 300 cavans. Due to the limited harvest quantity, which was fortunately spared by the typhoons that hit Central Luzon this year, the demand for duman is much greater than the supply. However, despite its rather steep price, those who’ve enjoyed it vouch that it is worth every grain. It may be consumed by itself, rather like breakfast cereal, or taken with steaming gatasdamulag (carabao milk) or tsokolate de batirol (frothy native chocolate). Sugarleaf Makati shares this prized delicacy in limited quantitiesto residents of the metropolis. Together with La Moderna’s artisan bakery products as well as other carefully selected healthyummy food and non-food products. For more information about duman, please visit http://www. Philippines136.html and for a taste of




Image source: commons.wikimedia.o

Image sou

rce: en.wik




le.file : https://micol Image source g .jp py cruise-48-co

Image source: http://st



Image source: uploads/2011/11/Phili_made_man_tree2-11.jpg

Image source: wikipedia/commons/8/82/Tarsier_Sanctuary,_ Corella,_Bohol_(2052878890).jpg

nds which 75 minor isla d n a d n la is ran City ain With Tagbila ting of the m . is s s n ya o a c is e V c l a in tr ous land prov d area in Cen clude the fam n in la h f o ic h rs Bohol is an is w te s e g m t of tin 6 square kilo ots and sigh ight presiden .2 e p 7 s e 1 t s th ,1 f ri 4 o u r e e to v c o y in c man home prov l, it is home to hins and the lp o d , rs as the capita ie rs Ta ills, the cute Chocolate H ulo. P. arlos Rom C , s e in p ip il h the P FACTS: BOHOL FAST

: stic Office) POPUL ATION National Stati f o s su n ce 0 1.25 M (201 e, Abtan River orative Shrin N: em IO T m C m A o R C T t T A ac TOURIST , Blood Comp anglao Island P s, ill H te la Choco N: PEAK SEASO April December to UST-TRY: CULIN ARY M rua s, Kalamay, B Peanut Kisse /DIALECT: L A N G UA G E S og, English ebuano, Tagal C , n o an lu in B ,M U CT S : ana, Cassava LOCAL PROD ot Crops, Ban o R , rn o C e, Coconut, Ric d Devil Rays lying Fish an F , h is F t ro ar Scad, P

cial Fish sp ajor Commer

ecies like Tun

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utes about 50 min ke ta ill w h ic h w possible gbilaran City TION: l by sea is also u through Ta ve eb ra T C ; to ts TRANSPORTA h et ig g fl g ay to for connectin e quickest w d 15 minutes Air travel is th an r u o h 1 t u hts and abo for direct flig urs. around 25 ho but will take


Title/s Bohol Tourist Bucket List By Line n/a Word Count


The truth is there is more to Bohol than Chocolate Hills and Tarsier. But yes, if you happen to swing by Bohol, you should definitely check out those two famed sightings in the island province. However, since you’re already there, you might want to explore more spots and get to know why Bohol despite all the tragedies that came their way never cease to attract many tourists as this gem in Central Visayas do have much more in store. Check out the list of must-visit tourist spots in Bohol: Panglao Island Yes, every Filipino (and even many foreigners) has heard of Panglao Island with its pristine beaches, sparkling waters and twinkling sands. But aside from its shores which resembles or comparable to Boracay, it is also famous for the Hinagdanan Cave, the sole water source in the island. The approximately 80 square meter land supposedly housed an airport which was halted due to the composition of the island. The island is made of soluble Maribojoc limestone which is prone to creating caves and sink holes. However, the main feature of the island is its rich marine biodiversity. According to the Panglao Marine Biodiversity Project, the island is home to 250 new species of crustaceans and 200 new species of mollusks. The island itself is richer than that of Japan and the Mediterranean Sea.

UBI FESTIVAL Image Source: If you are the type of person who and merriments, festivities enjoys What to do: Snorkeling, Island Hopping, Cave Exploration, Whale and Dolphin Watching (nearby Balicasag Island) Yes, Bohol is home to that famous Pinoy well Bohol is the right place for you. purple delicacy ube. It is one of Bohol’s Although Loboc River Cruise mostly unnoticed unlike prized crops and so they celebrate the You can maximize your trip to Bohol by Aklan or your lunch time with some sightseeing with the Loboc River Cruise. The cruise offers in combining Ati-Atihan the famous ubi plant every January. The bright lunch as you through Loboc and be captivated by the lush greens and palms which parades along the riverbanks. On special Bohol Baguio, inRiver Panagbenga thesail purple colored root crop with texture days, one can witness local childrentoenjoying a swim along the river and some men on rafts serenading cruise passengers. Another celebrate. reasons many holds comparative to sweet potato or kamote option would be are to get into cruise at night you where you can witness the clear night sky of Bohol decorated with the burning flames of festivals Bohol 5 the top Here is a favorite dessert ingredient or even the fireflies. have to watch out for: as the main star. The festival activities include contests, awareness seminars on The romantic ambiance as you cruise along the river is an ideal place for couples. However, the experience alone is also great for how to cultivate the ubi plant along with families as you spend some quiet yet magnificent moments with your loved ones under the night sky. exhibits and presentations towards the education of the prized root crop. And while you’re in Loboc, make sure to check out the famous hanging bridge made of bamboo. Dare to cross the bridge and earn some bragging points when you go home! rce: Image Sou Mahogany Forest

Get lost with the only man-made forest in the entire Philippines. Well, not literally, of course. But be captivated with awe as you walk through the abundant forest of Mahogany trees. The forest is so magnificent and rich that it looks like something only nature can create. This proves however that with intense drive and motivation, we can heal back the earth to its healthier state. The two-kilometer stretch located in Bilar is actually the fruits of the students of Holy Name University’s labor when they conducted their tree-planting project a few years ago.



AGBUNAN FESTIVAL Bohol may only be a piece of the many islands that make up the Philippines, but it doesn’t mean the locals of Bohol don’t celebrate our being Filipinos. Known to be highly energetic people, the Agbunan Festival celebrates the traditions and culture of the Philippines as a whole. The Philippines may be diverse but its diversity is what makes us unified. The said festival promotes the exhilarating lifestyle of Filipinos filled with parades and street dances held every June of the year.

PAGHINUNGOD FESTIVAL The Paghinungod Festival is a tribute to St. Vicente Ferrer and the town Calape’s spirituality and traditions. The 10-day festival happens every May with a line-up of activities which celebrates the rich history and ancestry not only of the town, but of Bohol in general. Activities include concerts, street parties, dances, exhibits and the renowned “Search for Miss Calape”.

Image source: http://blog.mangotours. com/2012/04/ ml

BOLIBONGKINGKING FESTIVAL The festival which happens every May is a music and dance festival which celebrates the heritage of the Loboc people in Bohol. Sounds of gongs, drums and native musical instruments usually fly through the air as the festival reenacts the rich culture of Loboc through rituals and dances. The event also pays tribute to Our Lady of Guadalupe which is the town’s patron saint. Image Source: http://www.

/www.infobohol. Image souirce: http:/ ds/2013/03/ loa up nt/ nte com/wp-co pg sandugo2002_01.j

SANDUGO FESTIVAL The momentous blood compact between Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna of Bohol in 1565 is the highlight of the festival. It is celebrated for the entire month of July with dances, parades, street parties, sporting and cultural events, exhibits, and even several entertainment and variety contests. The best part of the festivities is the reenactment of the famous blood compact and the state of the community during the 16th century. Its commemoration aims for the locals and tourists to discover the roots of Bohol and provide a sense of pride in the process.




Many knew Bohol as the home of the cute primates local to the country known as Tarsiers. It is also home to the famed Chocolate Hills who has been in the pages of elementary textbooks for decades. But there is actually more to Bohol than many of us were exposed to like the Baclayon Church which was declared as one of the country’s National Cultural Treasures. However, it was only in October 2013 when Bohol became the headlines of major newspapers, but not because of its natural wonders but due to the tragic 7.2 magnitude earthquake which destroyed the peace of the province. Followed by the arrival of Super Typhoon Yolanda (International Name: Haiyan) on November of the same year.

Image source:





Image source: en

The tragic phenomena left about 200 people dead,

turned out to be additional attraction for tourists. The

8 missing, more than 900 people injured and 40,000

Firefly Loboc River tour continued to flourish and retain

homeless and transferred to temporary shelters.

its charms. But the most important of all, the damaged

Over 70,000 structures were damaged of which

airports is undergoing major renovations and shall even

about 14,500 were entirely destroyed. A whopping

be converted into an international one.

Php 2.2 billion pesos worth of damages was estimated by the government – which became a

Consequently, geo-science tours are also initiated

national dilemma.

in parts of Maribojoc, Loon and in Punta Cruz Watch Tower where tourists can witness the 400 square

The back-to-back natural calamities also destroyed

meter land uplifted by sea. Because of this, the local

many of Bohol’s priceless treasures like the

government is motivated to build a museum in the area

Baclayon Church, Loboc Church, Loon Church

as a portal of geo-scientific learning which can add up

and Maribojoc Church. The Chocolate Hills were

to its tourism value.

affected by landslides and its famous bell tower was destroyed. Major entry points Tagbilaran Port and

This and further efforts from several other agencies

Airport were also gravely damaged causing setbacks

locally and internationally made Bohol’s recovery

on flights and even rescue and assistance missions.

actively improving. In fact, the United Nations World

The province was truly in the state of calamity, and

Tourism Organization (UNWTO) even launched the

since it happened just weeks before Christmas, it

Bohol Tourism Recovery Plan last May 2014.

became a horrific event not only for the Boholanos but to the entire country.


According to UNWTO Secretary General Dr. Taleb Rifai, “The action plan did not solely focus on the infrastructure recovery but also on the reconstruction

More than a year later from the devastation, Bohol is

of image and perception, which aims to bring back

bouncing back and getting better than ever. Instead

more local and international tourists. The roadmap also

of dwelling over the calamity, Bohol and its local

aims to further expand the tourism base of Bohol.”

government units became motivated to rebuild what they lost.

“The recovery plan was all about restoring hope and confidence. It is not only about bringing things back the

Churches destroyed were categorized; some will be

way they were but turning tragedies into opportunities,

rebuilt while some will just have monuments built

making growth more sustainable,” he added.

on site as a symbol of remembrance. The Chocolate Hills continued to prosper and those damaged hills




The truth is there is more to Bohol than Chocolate Hills and Tarsier. But yes, if you happen to swing by Bohol, you should definitely check out those two famed sightings in the island province. However, since you’re already there, you might want to explore more spots and get to know why Bohol despite all the tragedies that came their way never cease to attract many tourists as this gem in Central Visayas do have much more in store. Check out the list of must-visit tourist spots in Bohol:

6 at en.wikipedia

Image source: Pinay0

Image source: MagalhĂŁe s at en.wikipedia


ource: Image s



at en.w

Yes, every Filipino (and even many foreigners) has heard of Panglao Island with its pristine beaches, sparkling waters and twinkling sands. But aside from its shores which resembles or comparable to Boracay, it is also famous for the Hinagdanan Cave, the sole water source in the island. The approximately 80 square meter land supposedly housed an airport which was halted due to the composition of the island. The island is made of soluble Maribojoc limestone which is prone to creating caves and sink holes. However, the main feature of the island is its rich marine biodiversity. According to the Panglao Marine Biodiversity Project, the island is home to 250 new species of crustaceans and 200 new species of mollusks. The island itself is richer than that of Japan and the Mediterranean Sea. What to do: Snorkeling, Island Hopping, Cave Exploration, Whale and Dolphin Watching (nearby Balicasag Island)



Benjamhille aalvin at

urce: Q Image so



Image source: Benjam

hille at en.wikipedia

LOBOC RIVER CRUISE You can maximize your trip to Bohol by combining your lunch time with some sightseeing with the Loboc River Cruise. The cruise offers lunch as you sail through Loboc River and be captivated by the lush greens and palms which parades along the riverbanks. On special days, one can witness local children enjoying a swim along the river and some men on rafts serenading cruise passengers. Another option would be to get into the cruise at night where you can witness the clear night sky of Bohol decorated with the burning flames of the fireflies.

The romantic ambiance as you cruise along the river is an ideal place for couples. However, the experience alone is also great for families as you spend some quiet yet magnificent moments with your loved ones under the night sky. And while you’re in Loboc, make sure to check out the famous hanging bridge made of bamboo. Dare to cross the bridge and earn some bragging points when you go home!


Photo by: Jhun Ompoy

Get lost with the only man-made forest in the entire Philippines. Well, not literally, of course. But be captivated with awe as you walk through the abundant forest of Mahogany trees. The forest is so magnificent and rich that it looks like something only nature can create. This proves however that with intense drive and motivation, we can heal back the earth to its healthier state. The two-kilometer stretch located in Bilar is actually the fruits of the students of Holy Name University’s labor when they conducted their tree-planting project a few years ago.

http://expatphilipp t/ uploads/2012/12 /Get-adventurou s-at-Danaos-Adventure-Pa rk-Photo-by-DO T.jpg 13

DANAO ADVENTURE PARK If you think that Bohol is nothing but a peace and serene sanctuary, well not all of it! The adventure park is catered to the adrenaline-junkie visitors of Bohol. Just two-hours away from Tagbilaran City, tourists can enjoy intense activities such as sky ride, river trekking, river tubing, river kayaking, spelunking and wall climbing, among others. REACH MAGAZINE




Smart home technology gaining traction in emerging markets. Image Source: uploads/2014/10/expert-security-smart-home.jpg

Image Source:


rom the moment

You enter the bathroom

where your smart refrigerator

intruders and even monitor

you wake up in

and stand in front of your

alerts you that you are nearly

your family’s health. With

the morning, the

intelligent mirror. The mirror’s

out of milk. With the tap of a

the rapid growth in the home

house reacts

reflective surface springs to

finger on the fridge’s touch

automation industry, so-called

to your needs.

life with all the information

screen, you can restock

smart home systems have

The automated lights turn

you need to kick-start your

your fridge and order all

already hit the mainstream

on slowly to wake you up

day, including the weather

your groceries for the week

- although the high cost of

at a scheduled time. From

and the morning’s top news.

through an online store.

such devices keeps them out

the comfort of your bed,

The device also plays your

you switch on your coffee

favourite music so you are

The infiltration of technology

are signs that this is about to

machine so your morning

always guaranteed to start

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cup is fresh and hot by the

the day in a good mood.

daily tasks may just be the beginning. The

This year, revenue from

After getting ready, you go

fully-connected home is

the smart home market is

to the kitchen for breakfast

designed to boost energy

expected to exceed $US48

efficiency, protect against

billion, according to recent

time you arrive downstairs for breakfast.



of reach for many. But there

Strategy Analytics forecasts.

Lamudi’s Global Co-Founder

By 2019, the sector’s market

and Managing Director,

revenue will increase to $115

Kian Moini, said: “The smart

billion. By the end of this

home concept is all about

decade, nearly 12 percent of

making living much more

global households will have

comfortable, as well as more

at least one type of smart

efficient, which means that

system installed. In fact, Tony

the concept has universal

Fadell, the CEO of Nest - the

appeal. As prices come down

connected homes product

in the coming years and

company that was bought by

people worldwide begin to

Google earlier this year - has

focus more on issues such

predicted that within a decade,

as energy saving, we expect

every electrical device in your

to see this trend sweep the

home will be connected to the

emerging markets as well.”

internet. While the smart home market


is quickly gaining traction

Launched in 2013,

in developed countries, there are now signs that

Lamudi is a global property portal

the trend is spreading to

focusing exclusively on

the emerging markets.

emerging markets. The

Consumers in the Asia Pacific

fast-growing platform

region has been particularly

is currently available

keen to embrace the new connected technologies, as tech companies begin to acknowledge the opportunities in this sector. Connected home firm Icontrol Networks expanded to Asia in October, with the company

in 28 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, with more than 750,000 real estate listings across its global network. The leading real estate marketplace offers sellers, buyers, landlords and renters a

partnering with a Japanese

secure and easy-to-use

cable provider to offer a smart

platform to find or

home system that consumers

list properties online.

can install themselves. This

For more information,

month, Chinese electronics firm Xiaomi invested 1.26 billion yuan (about $200 million) in home appliance company Midea, as it looks to expand into the smart homes market.

please visit http://www. Visit Lamudi Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.




Easecox: More than Touching People's Lives Testimonial from Ms. Hue Ling Uyliapco, 65, Businesswoman ven at my age of 65 and a grandmother of four. I never thought of retirement nor be idle even though I started working at a very young age. God has given me so much, I didn't want to waste my life doing nothing. I wanted to do something interesting to share good things, in my case, through health missions. I came across Easecox International late February, 2014 when I tried its Japan Diamant Tourmaline (gemstone) undergarments. You see, I’m a busy person. I don’t exercise but I do move a lot and walk fast. I love good food and have no diet restrictions. I’m not even into massages, spas or facials. But when I started wearing the Diamant Tourmaline undergarments, I noticed some positive changes. I fell in love with the transformation. Wearing Easecox Tourmaline-encrusted undergarments is perfect for me. Tourmaline improves blood circulation and Oxygen/Chi Flow, it promotes effective detoxification and relieves constipation. It also maintains at body temperature which prevents lymphatic blockages. It prevents hunch back by promoting good posture and relieves back pain. It brings glow and radiance to my face that people notice, they said I look 10 years younger. It enhances the bust, slims down the waist, flattens the tummy and lifts the buttocks. It also aligns the spinal cord, helps scoliosis and slip disc.



The good news is, men can also enjoy

Easecox which started in Taiwan in 1988

the same benefits since Eascox also

has expanded to other Asian countries

offers male undergarments.

like Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. It reached the

Easecox has other products too –

Philippine shores in 2010 and since then,

German Aroma Essential Oil, French

it has attracted and convinced many

Purence Hair Care/Skin Care Products,

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German Marvel Anti-aging Products,

businessmen and even housewives.

Slimming Gel and Japan Super Conductive Copper and Silver Ion Support

Unlike a traditional business, we don’t

Series for elbow, wrist, knee, shank, ankle,

have to maintain an office, no overhead

eye mask and prostate rings which have

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anti-electromagnetic effect, anti-static

still enjoying vacations and holidays with

effect, anti-bacterial, anti-odor and

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anticipate nor plan to be involved in the business side of Easecox. But thankfully

Aside from its health benefits, Eascox

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5-star Hong Kong/Macau trip and Italy Incentive trips for two. What's great about Easecox is that people are able to see its value since the results are immediate and visible. We do not have to do hard selling. Users become grateful that we introduced them the product. They wear it because it helps their well-being and eventually they also invest to be franchisee or main dealers. Joining Easecox not only improves my health, it also provides financial perks. I believe that alongside the success I am enjoying today is my attitude towards life and in whatever I do. We’ve to stay positive or be optimistic.

To know more about Easecox products and business, you can contact me at +632-2111456 or +63922-8319886. Email:







WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW AN ARATILIS TREE? At one point or another, a Filipino child has once taken shade under Image Source: wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Muntingiacalabura-fruit-and-flower.jpg

this tree and sampled its delectable, tiny marble-like fruit. This tree has been a witness to generations of afternoon games, scraped knees and the euphonious laughter of Filipino children. But just like every guardian that stood against the test of time, there is more to this humble tree that meets the eye. The Aratilis tree has been called many names. Among them are Calabur Tree, Capulin, Jamaica cherry, Panama berry, Strawberry tree and Sarisa. Scientifically, it is known as Muntingia

Image Sorce: 102/6339760899_9c2f35ca8e_z.jpg

Calabura. It is a fast-growing, fruit-bearing tree native to Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. The tree grows seven (7) to twelve (12) meters tall with tiered, drooping branches. It is expected to grow at a height of 3 meters in just two (2) years. Its flowers are small, white and slightly odoriferous. But its most unforgettable feature will have to be its ripe, sweet, red fruit which is around one (1) to one and a half (1.5) centimeters in size. Some say they used to freeze these tiny fruits during summer, and snack on them just like frozen blueberries. While people only remember Aratilis for its succulent fruits, its flowers and bark have been used in folk medicine long before studies have proven its medicinal value. Its white flowers serve as an antiseptic, a treatment for spasms, and a relief for colds and headache. These flowers may also be boiled in water to treat abdominal cramps and soothe the skin. Likewise,

But one of the more interesting facts about the Aratilis tree is that it can grow even in acidic soil. Soil becomes acidic because of acid rain, chemical fertilizers and the decomposition of organic matter. Organic matter like rice hull and hardwood take a longer time to decay, unlike ordinary leaves. An acidic soil leads to poor plant growth and crop production. An Aratilis tree can change all of that by rehabilitating the soil, making it conducive for plant growth once more. The Aratilis tree can grow despite the drought and even survive winter. However, it cannot tolerate salt water. This tree prospers best in tropical countries like the Philippines where it bears fruit whole-year round. It is, however, important to note that an Aratilis tree is considered an invasive species. Its overpopulation might rob indigenous plants in the area of nutrition and space. Should the Aratilis tree overcrowd in one place, there are many good uses for its trunk and bark. The wood from the Aratilis tree is compact, light-weight and durable, which makes it suitable for firewood and carpentry. Its bark can also be used in rope-making and also sewn into bark skirts by indigenous people. With so much to gain, it is a mystery why the Aratilis trees that used to line empty lots and parking lots alike cannot be seen anymore, even in Metro Manila’s suburban areas. This tree provides food for the birds and fruit bats, even with very scarce attention from people. It provides children and adults a shade from the blistering sun, and fruits that will forever remind everyone of a childhood that was once so simple and carefree.

the decocted bark may also be applied to the skin to keep it supple. REACH MAGAZINE


26 34



Now publicly known as Mrs. Love Marie Ongpauco-Escudero after tying the knot with the renowned senator Chiz Escudero, Heart Evangelista still has another cheese in her life. And with that, it's literally a cheesecake.


35 35


Heart is announced as the ambassador

branches, appearing in most of its major

Tetsu cheesecakes have reached several

of the Japanese cheesecake brand that's

promotional activities and materials.

milestones in recent months including the opening of five more branches after

taking over Asia - Uncle Tetsu. Originated from its Japanese hometown,

its pilot branch in SM City Fairview, and

The popular Japanese cheesecake brand

Fukuoka, and named after its founder

rapidly growing than any other Japanese

recognized Heart’s gentle, elegant and

Mizokami Tetsushi, Uncle Tetsu

cheesecake franchise in the country.

multi-dimensional image as a reflection

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swept across Asia by storm, leaving

Walter Co, President of the Uncle Tetsu

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franchise in the country.

in Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. It

Heart is not new to the food industry. She

opened its first shop in the

was born to a Filipino-Chinese clan of

Philippines in July 2014.

restaurateur herself, and is also known

Aside from this recent

to be critical when it comes to her food

announcement, Uncle

of choice, especially cheesecakes. As the exclusive spokesperson, Heart will help in promoting Uncle Tetsu cheesecakes and in launching its fast-growing number of

WHERE DID UNCLE TETSU CHEESECAKE CAME FROM? Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake originated in Japan in Kyushu, Fukuoka. With years of consistent product excellence, 45 stores were expanded all over Japan located at Kushiro, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Miyazaki. Owner and the brand’s namesake, MR. TETSHUSHI MIZOKAMI brought Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake a step forward and established their first overseas store in Taiwan, Taipei; the overwhelming response allowed them to expand to 5 outlets within a year.

WHAT UNCLE TETSU’S CHEESECAKES ARE MADE OF? Uncle Tetsu cheesecakes are freshly-made from carefully selected natural ingredients such as Australian cream cheese, butter and farm fresh dairies (milk and egg). Selected premium cream cheese has a soft, spreadable texture. Quality cheese plays an important role that determines the taste of Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake. Pasteurized eggs direct from local farm helps achieve the distinctive taste in Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake. Luxury milk is the secret ingredient which creates the deliciously fluffiness taste for Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake. The cakes are freshly-baked daily, using top ingredients, and absolutely no preservatives, which is why it is recommended to finish your cake within 3 days of purchase. The cheesecake easily crinkles and folds, and melts in your mouth. A slice is deceivingly light, as its sweetness is subtle and the texture very airy.

WHAT IS A JAPANESE CHEESECAKE? Japanese cheesecakes should not be confused with the American cheesecake, which is typically crusted with crushed graham and topped with sauces and fruits. Just by its look alone, the Japanese-style cheesecake is fluffy, light, and golden. Japanese cheesecake is fluffy and spongy while American cheesecake is more compact. Japanese cake has more cake-like texture compared to the custardy texture of an American cheesecake. Filipinos may compare the texture of Japanese cheesecake to mamon or inipit, but Japanese cheesecake has smaller air pockets and is softer in consistency. One good thing about Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake is that the cake does not harden when refrigerated, it also remains moist. Uncle Tetsu Cheesecakes then invades the Filipino palates… The Philippines joined Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake craze with six branches in the Philippines, five of which are located in Metro Manila (SM City San Lazaro, SM Mall of Asia, SM Fairview, The Podium, and Alabang Town Center).







It was around six in the evening that the magic began in Kasalikasan, BGC. Kasalikasan Ampitheater is a “living art piece” in the middle of a busy city. Perfect scenery and setting for the musical play “Into The Woods”. The musical production stars Rachel Alejandro as the Witch, and Noel Trinidad as the Narrator and Father of the Baker.


of emotions as they belt out the lyrics in full motion. Here and there, an emotion ran from glee to tears, and then giggles, too! It was timely that the movie adaptation was also released just recently, it became my refresher of the renowned play, but that’s just about it. This adaptation surely gave it a new light.

The songs and storyline were adapted in the original Broadway production in 1987 which involves fairytale characters such as Rapunzel, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Jack (of Jack and the Beanstalk) where they will meet the baker and his wife. However, the familiarity with songs and story doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be just another adaptation. In fact, despite my familiarity, I was taken aback with how its creativity gave me a whole new love for the famed production.

Rachel Alejandro as the witch was also endearing as she performed with ease as she sang her parts beautifully. Noel Trinidad also gave out an enchanting performance playing two parts - even if he has been in numerous TV shows, movies, and commercials he shared that “theater will always be my home.” It was also interesting to watch a show knowing that the director is in fact, the son of Noel, Direk Joel Trinidad. As the show unfolded, it is delighting to know that a father and son can actually switch roles, when it is the son that actually leads the whole cast.

The adaptation was well executed. There were scenes which they injected humor that made the audience laugh and delighted. Most especially the part when the princes sang full

It was rather a very enchanting experience to watch the renowned play outdoors. It provided a sense of a “woody” ambiance which took the whole production into a whole new


level. Although I have been exposed in many theatre plays in the past, it is such a refreshing experience. Remarkably, “Into the Woods” onto the city sent warmth into my heart. Catch “Into the Woods” at Kasalikasan Garden, Bonifacio Global City from February 21 to

March 15, 2015. This is brought to you by Upstart Production, Inc. and AVIVA in cooperation with Picasso Boutique Services Residences and Plana FORMA. Tickets available from Ticketworld, just call 8919999 for details.


INTO THE WOODS: INTO THE THEATRES, INTO THE CINEMAS AND INTO THE OUTDOORS airy tales always captivate the young and the young at heart. But it’s always a refreshing treat when the classic tales dive into twists and turns. Turns which make stories come alive filled with thrills and even shrieks as another story unfolds. This is what “Into the Woods” is all about. From the creative minds of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine, the musical first came alive in San Diego, USA at the Old Globe Theatre in1986 and entered the Broadway by 1987. It won several distinct awards despite the presence of a musical hit, The Phantom of the Opera. Through the years, both musical and non-musical fans enjoyed the many adaptations of the play. The success of the musical created a buzz in the film industry however many studios failed to realize the dream. It was only in 2012 that Walt Disney Pictures finally announced of a film adaptation which was released last quarter of 2014 and early 2015. But what makes Into The Woods such a hit? It might be the familiarity from the many fairy tale inspirations like Rapunzel, The Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Jack and the Beanstalk, among others. The story’s plot revolved around the main characters’ wishes and the consequences of it. Of course, one of the stars of the musical and film was the witch. In the movie adaptation, it was played by none other than, veteran

Forbidden Broadway. He fell in love with the place and thought it

actress Meryl Streep.

was such an ideal location for Into The Woods. And timely with the

But the challenge lies on making this version unique yet close

release of the film, local

to the core of the original play. Since Trinidad has been a master

playwright, stage actor

of creating original works, adaptations weren’t something he

and director Joel Trinidad

frequently does unless he believes “he can make it different.”

created yet another adaptation but this time,

“My version is not just set outdoors; it’s not the only thing which

instead of going onto the

makes it different,” Trinidad explained. “It’s also like a dream, in

stage, Direk Joel takes it

a sense that it would be like a slumber party.” Trinidad aims to

outdoors. “I always loved

recreate the feeling of yard parties children do back in the day,

the musical… it was my

where kids camp out at their backyards and everyone’s pitching

chance to tell my own

in scary stories. Yes, the cast will be in their pajamas, too!

version of it,” shared the young director, who’s also

Into The Woods is produced by Upstart Productions, Inc., a

the son of local veteran

local production and events company co-founded by Trinidad.

actor, Noel Trinidad. Yet,

The outdoor musical opened last February 21 until March 15,

his choice of doing the musical is completely serendipitous

2015. Its cast includes Noel Trinidad as the narrator and Rachel

with the release of the movie. The very reason he initiated the

Alejandro. And almost like a tradition which Upstart Productions

production was when he encountered a place called Kasalikasan

is known for, different celebrity guests will take on roles with

in Bonifacio Global City where he shaped an outdoor production,

each of the performances as a surprise treat for the audience.

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Beautiful Cleopatra: Reality or Myth? Of all the women rulers in history, when beauty was of concern, the name Cleopatra automatically comes to mind. Although Cleopatra has many accomplishments under her belt, the most intriguing events which rise her to fame during contemporary times was her successful seduction to not one, but two Roman figures in the form of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

42 42


Cleopatra’s Rise to Throne Cleopatra VII is one of the offspring of Ptolemy XII and an unidentified woman. At the time of Cleopatra’s birth, Egypt was unstable and highly-dependent on Rome which even led to the dethronement of Ptolemy XII. By the time Ptolemy XII regained and eventually passed on his throne in 51 BC, Cleopatra along with her brother Ptolemy XIII became the rulers of Egypt through his will. However, Ptolemy XIII wasn’t receptive of sharing the throne with his sister. He, along with his advisors fought for the sole rights to the throne and forced Cleopatra to leave the kingdom. The internal conflicts affected Egypt’s state which brought the attention of


Image Souce: culture/#.VPOyenyUeSo

Rome. Since Egypt supplies Egyptian grains to Rome which was of great importance during those times, Julius Caesar was sent to keep peace and ensure stability within the kingdom. As Caesar reached Egypt, Ptolemy XIII with all his might convinced Caesar of his rightful place. Thinking he was successful in persuading the great Roman leader, the young pharaoh slept soundly. According to Egyptologist Joyce Tyldesley in her book “Cleopatra, Last Queen of Egypt” (Profile Books, 2008), “Ptolemy XIII had gone to bed that night a happy lad, secure in the knowledge that his sister, trapped at Pelusium, would be unable to plead her case before Caesar… He woke up the next morning to find that his sister had somehow arrived at the palace. She was already on the most intimate of terms with

Caesar and had managed to persuade him to support her cause.” According to the event’s narration in the book, Ptolemy XIII did not take on the news too well that he eventually succumb to his rage. He caused alarming chaos into the palace yet Caesar responded firmly by reading the young pharaoh’s father’s will out in public. The momentous episode resulted to Cleopatra’s regaining of the throne.

Image Souce: culture/#.VPOyenyUeSo

had to restore the peace again in Egypt by calling onto another one of Cleopatra’s brothers, Ptolemy XIV to replace the late Ptolemy XIII. Caesar who was not alien to his desire for Cleopatra and soon after bore a son with the seductress named Ptolemy Caesar or mostly called Caesarion (Little Caesar).

again in Egypt by calling onto

With a son of Caesar by her side, Cleopatra became more powerful than ever. She would travel to Rome with Ptolemy XIV and Caesarion

With a son of Caesar by her

another one of Cleopatra’s brothers, Ptolemy XIV to replace the late Ptolemy XIII. Caesar who was not alien to his desire for Cleopatra and soon after bore a son with the seductress named Ptolemy Caesar or mostly called Caesarion (Little Caesar).

side, Cleopatra became more

Caesar Meets Cleopatra During the time when Caesar was able to restore peace forcibly between the siblings as a great influence to the brother-sister rule, he remained in Egypt as time permitted. But when Ptolemy XIII was killed in war, Caesar

Image Souce: culture/#.VPOyenyUeSo

only convince Mark Antony of her loyalty and sincerity, she also won his heart. The eastern Roman leader became Cleopatra’s lover and had three children with. As time passed, Mark Antony’s relations with a fellow leader Octavian turned gray which later on caused another war. Octavian blamed Cleopatra’s influence on Mark Antony as hurtful to the Roman Empire – which the Roman advisors sided with. This resulted to what is known as the Battle of Actium where the famous tragic love story of Mark Antony and Cleopatra took place. According to records, sometime within the battle, Octavian managed to control the battle and defeated Mark Antony’s troops along the way. As Mark Antony fought one battle after another, he heard of hearsays which informed him of Cleopatra’s death. His grief with the loss of his love heightened and forced him to stab himself to death.

By Daderot (Daderot) [CC0 or CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

to visit Caesar occasionally until the day of Caesar’s assassination. After the tragic event, Cleopatra stayed in Egypt and soon, Ptolemy XIV passed away. As the sole ruler along with her son, Cleopatra associated herself with the goddess Isis (a practice in ancient Egypt where rulers associated themselves with the divine) – a maternal ruler.

Mark Antony Meets Cleopatra The assassination of the great Caesar became one of the most dramatic points of time in the history of Rome and Egypt. It led two Roman leaders Octavian and Mark Antony to hunt and bring justice against the assassinators. After a series of battles, Octavian ruled the

west side of the empire, while Mark Antony got hold of the East. With the knowledge of Cleopatra’s lack of participation during the war for Caesar, Mark Antony called upon the presence of the mighty queen for questioning. However, Cleopatra with her sharp intellect and convincing logic, she did not

But that did not instantly kill him, enabling Octavian troops to pick up his dying body and deliver it to Cleopatra. The death of the Roman leader was Octavian’s symbol of triumph and Cleopatra knew that the trophy would be her, if Octavian was able to bring him to Rome upon his return. With much disgust with the anticipated event, she decided to take on her life by lying beside the body of her lover and poisoned by cobra’s venom.

Beauty of Cleopatra Successfully seducing two powerful Roman leaders


of history made Cleopatra desirable in the eyes of many. But it was never clear as to how beautiful the alluring queen really was. According to a Roman historian named Cassius Dio, Cleopatra was “a woman of surpassing beauty… brilliant to look upon.” Ironically, Greek historian Plutarch described the queen’s beauty as “In itself neither altogether incomparable, nor such as to strike those who saw her.” And this was claimed years before Dio. As one of the few pharaohs who were able to leave their marks into a form of a coin, Cleopatra’s features seem to contradict the supposedly alluring features many believed upon. Based on the artifact, Cleopatra seems to posses manly features with hook-type of nose. Despite the ironic depiction, some historians believe that the image on the coin was bound by the representation of Cleopatra as a potent leader, and not by her real physical features. But whether Cleopatra possessed astounding physical beauty or not, it still left the question on why two great men was bound by her spell. The answer may lie that one’s definition of beauty is truly subjective rather than objective. First of all, Cleopatra was not only the heir of a kingdom, she was also wise, multilingual and intellectual – traits which truly can captivate people around her. “Cleopatra was no mere sexual predator and certainly no plaything of Caesar... She

was queen of Egypt, Cyrene and Cyprus, heir to the long and proud dynasty of the Ptolemies … a passionate but also very astute woman who had maneuvered Rome – and would maneuver Rome again – into advancing the interests of the Ptolematic legacy,” as described by writer Erich Gruen, a professor emeritus of history at University of California Berkeley in the book, “Cleopatra: A Sphinx Revisited” (University of California Press, 2011). And with that, it is then believable that Mark Antony, a man of great strength and leadership can be drawn to Cleopatra. It was her abilities, her drive and way of reasoning that captured his heart. And despite Plutarch’s claim against the extraordinary beauty that Cleopatra supposedly possessed, he believed that indeed Cleopatra was an extraordinary woman. He believed and described her as “had an irresistible charm, and her presence, combined with the persuasiveness of her discourse and the character which was somehow diffused about her behavior towards others, had something stimulating about it.” “There was sweetness also in the tones of her voice; and her tongue, like an instrument of many strings, she could readily turn to whatever language she pleased,” he further added. Truly, Cleopatra proved that beauty is not only skin-deep. It is the totality of a woman that defines real beauty.

Cleopatra statue at Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum Image source: statue_at_Rosicrucian_Egyptian_Museum.jpg#






perfecting her musical talents

daily rehearsals, she makes

and reading books.

sure that she do not let her passion ruin her education.


In fact, even though she is

No one doubted Andy's

intends to take up Medicine or

love for music, but she only

Entrepreneurship in college.

discovered her love for

So she makes sure that her

performing arts when she

academic performance is as

saw Peter Pan on stage when

praise-worthy as her stage

she was in Grade 1. "I got

performances. She always

curious how each performer,

makes time for assignments

memorized each lines, how

and other school works

fast they move on time and

alongside an ample time to

change to another scene,"

rest since she also needs to

Andy reminisced. This lead

take care of her voice and

her to search opportunities in

overall health.

a budding artist, she also

school to be involved in the craft and when she was in 2nd

Surely, Andy is thankful

Grade, she joined the theatre

that music came into her


life and opened wonderful opportunities for her. But

"What would life be? Without a song or a dance what are we? So I say thank you for the music for giving it to me.."

along, just a few times of

The club became her training

music should also be thankful

hearing songs. She is also the

ground, by the time she was

that people like Andy is truly

type who enjoys speaking in

in 5th Grade, she witnessed

helping the world understand

large crowds. And since Andy's

a show performed by ACT

and appreciate the joys of

parents manage businesses in

(Ateneo's Children's Theatre).

music. And encourages the

the province and seldom stays

She got engrossed by the

world that it is truly possible to

Who can ever forget that song

in Manila during weekdays,

group that she promised

pursue one's passion, and still

in the movie Mama Mia! sang

the nanny will often inform

herself to hone her skills

excel in other areas of life.

by the famous ABBA? A lot of

them of Andy's performances.

and audition for ACT. Her

people may be familiar with the

Her father would get praises

determination paid off as she

song, but there's one girl who

from his friends that someday

reached her 6th Grade, a call

takes this song a few notches

Andy can become a president

of audition was opened by ACT

higher, Andy!

because of her ability to get

for the cast of "Mga Kwentong

the crowd's attention through

Hari". Undoubtedly, Andy got in

Jean Andrea Villaroman Prado,

her performances or even

as Reyna Sikatan.

also known as Andy or Jean at

hosting stints at school affairs.

Although Andy is busy with

Miriam College is a sixth grader who lives life literally with

Her mother is also surprised


of her daughter's musical


abilities when they didn't even enrolled her in any music or

According to Andy's dad, they

voice classes. She is thankful

noticed their daughter's love

though that she watched her

for performing at a tender age

daughter grow to be a very

of four. He remembered being

skilled and disciplined child.

caught by surprise when her

And because Andy was not

little angel would start humming

allowed to use gadgets during

along tunes and even singing

weekdays, she spent her time

ANDY'S MANY ACHIEVEMENTS Academic Performer award from grade 1-6 Good Study Habit award Effective Communicator award Exemplary Behavior award Student leader Outstanding Student Performer Outstanding Speech Club Member Ateneo’s Children Theater – Ms. Clarity (voice performance) Mga Kwentong Hari




Animation as defined in Wikipedia is “the rapid display of a sequence of artworks in order to create an illusion of movement”. Animation is a complex production process but there are different kinds of software available in the market both online or offline. These can help and assist you on how to create your own animated film. Tuldok Animation Studios, Inc. shares the basics on starting your own animation career straight from your own desktop computer or even your laptop.





BRAINSTORM ABOUT THE STORY OF YOUR ANIMATED FILM Yes, an animated film starts with a spark of thought. This is the part where you start to think about the basic idea of your animated film - your story, the plot, the setting, your characters’ appearances, personalities, and preferences. Try to research on the background of your story and decide on the message you would want to tell to your audience. Animation shouldn’t only revolve with the artworks alone; it must have a story to tell to capture the audience.


GET DOWN TO WRITING THE SCRIPT Having the general storyline alone will lead you nowhere. You need a map, a guide or a plan to create your masterpiece. So be sure to do your homework by writing your script which should include all the details like characters, dialogues, scene headers, annotations, descriptions, transitions, and shots. And it will always be best to have another person read the script with you so he or she can give you constructive feedbacks for you to improve on. Do not be worrisome when you have to revise your script numerous of times, it is part of the creative process.



Libingan (2007) “Rambo” character

For any animators, this is the exciting part when you get

you start designing your backgrounds. Imagine how your

to create life out of your drawings and sketches. Start

animated short film will look like when it is finished.

by drawing your characters and character turn-arounds (illustrations of the characters in all angles possible) as this will help the animators when they start animating your characters. It allows a deeper understanding of the physical attributes of the character in all angles, making it easier later on to visualize its movements through the

But be cautious of creating detailed and complex characters and background. Remember, the more complicated the drawing of the characters are, the harder they are to animate. So it is advised that at the beginning, try to make it simple so it will be easier to animate.

animation process. Of course, it is also important that



Libingan (2007) Storyboard





A storyboard is a graphic organizer in the form of

Of course, a silent animated film just wouldn’t be

illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the

enough. You need to heighten the emotions of the

purpose of pre-visualizing your animation, motion

film by tinkering with the sense of hearing. Look for

graphic or interactive media sequence. Draw the

voice actors or people who can voice the characters

pictures, the scenes, and include all details that you

of your animated short film and make them come

want to see in your animated short film. Consider

alive. Partner with musicians who can provide you

this as an architect’s floor plan. It allows the artist

with your background music. At the beginning, you

to stick with the plan and not lose his/her self in the

may want to approach your friends and relatives to

process of creating a whole new world.

do some of the voice parts. You will be surprised at the pool of talents you will discover just by looking up your friends list.








Find a computer software to assist you in making

This is the part when scenes come alive and

the animatic or the preliminary version of your film.

move. Find a computer software (like Lightworks)

This is the part where you piece up the parts of the

to edit the film (there are many available online

puzzle by combining the sound with the storyboard

which you can even download for free). Put the

pictures and synchronize them. This will help and

dialogues, sound effects, visual effects, and the

guide you as you progress with your project and help

music together. This is another part when you have

you decide if ever you may need to cut a scene.

to be very sensitive with the minute details of each puzzle piece. The key in creating a great animated film is when you are able to smoothly combine all


elements together.


SHOW IT TO THE WORLD What’s the purpose of creating your own animated film if you are the only one who can enjoy it? The good news though is that it is now easier to get an audience with the help of the internet. You can do this by uploading your animated film on YouTube or other social media. Better yet, share it with your friends and family by organizing a viewing party. Play it on your television or even with a projector. You will not only be able to share your talents and hard labor with your loved ones, you can also spend quality time with them too! Libingan (2007) Concept Art

Determine the technique for the animation that you will use for your animated short film. It can be traditional animation where it is hand drawn, stop motion (where you can use clay or sand or other

ABOUT TULDOK ANIMATION STUDIOS, INC. Tuldok is the Filipino word for dot, speck, or a point. It is the most basic part of a drawing from which all kinds of lines, shapes, patterns are created.

materials), computer 2d flash (Adobe Flash), or 3d

Tuldok is also a non-profit organization whose dream

animation using different kinds of software.

is to make the world realize the artistic and creative talent of the Filipino people. Combining our expertise

Since animation is a tedious process, it matters to

in storytelling, art, animation, voice acting, and music

get help from more experienced animators, whether

together with our rich culture, it has become our

to consult, seek advice or even by watching online

dream that the Filipino artist be recognized in the

videos and practicing on your own. It wouldn’t hurt

international community not just an outsourcing tool

to seek outside help; after all, animation is usually a team effort and not a solo act.

but as an untapped resource for creative and unique content as well. For more information, you may visit




Choosing the Road less Travelled Dr. Em, as she is fondly called, always knew that she wanted to be in the medical field. She had the passion and brain for it, so it was a one-way trip for her growing up. But she reached her crossroads when it was time to pick her specialization. At first, she was intrigued with cardiology however; many of her colleagues convinced her against it because it wasn’t a lucrative specialization. Although she never thought of her profession that way, it was still something that tinkled on her mind when she was younger. Some advised her to take obstetrician-gynecology, but despite the “gold mine” which supposedly waits, her heart wasn’t into it.




DR. EM’S TOUCH RADIATES BEAUTY It was a good thing though, that internship encourages general practitioners to rotate in several departments. This way, Dr. Em was able to explore the many perks and challenges of each field. Slowly, she took out her options one by one until she was left with the only field that got close to her heart – aesthetics.

is the field where she can leave a mark on. “Parang nahanap mo yung soul mate mo, parang nahanap mo yung papakasalan mo (it’s like you have found your soul mate, like you found the one whom you’re going to marry),” she reminisces. “This is it! I found my passion and happy every time I go home.”

For Dr. Em, aesthetics was an “unchartered ground.” She felt like it was the field that not many had focused on yet it was also something worthwhile especially these days. The limitations of the field became appealing to her.

Yes, the practice of aesthetics basically deals with the outer appearance of patients. But for Dr. Em, it was something much more and much deeper. When patients come to her, she notices that it’s not just the outer beauty that drives her patients to her. It was just the outcome of something which roots from

And from that point on, she was convinced that aesthetics

Outer and Inner Beauty

within. “Alam mo napansin ko lang in my practice, most of the patients who comes to the clinic parati silang may timpi o dala dala, whether it is an emotional struggle, barkada struggle, puberty, marriage struggle, siblings and insecurity (What I notice from the patients in my practice is that most of them


53 53

26 54


who come to the clinic have struggles within, whether it is an emotional struggle, peer struggle, puberty, marriage struggle, sibling or insecurity), she relates. And because of this, she knows that it needs more than her technical skills to help her patients – she needs to have a holistic approach to it. And by holistic, Dr. Em knows that what she improves on the physical must also help the patient’s mind, body and soul. And since the beauty doctor is someone with a strong spiritual core, she believes that by influencing her patients through positivity provides a larger leap to boost their self-esteem. It is

no wonder that the youthful doctor is involved in many inspiring activities such as music, the performing arts and life-coaching. Her love for music and the arts, in fact, started when she was younger. She was involved in many creative activities like ballet, theatre and sing/dance contests. She was able to work with big OPM names like Jamie Rivera, Jimmy Bondoc and Kyla as well.

them and helped them find their direction).”

She is also a life coach where she is able to inspire not only her patients, but most of the time, her colleagues as well. “Some of them now are already head doctors and doing well in their professions,” shares Dr. Em. “Kaya nga alam mo nai-inspire ako kapag nagme-message sila ng Thank You, Dr. Em, you have been an inspiration, you have helped me find my direction (That’s why I get inspired when they send ‘Thank You’ messages telling me that I have been an inspiration to

“My secret with my youthful and inner glow - the center piece of my heart and soul is really God. Everything could make you feel good outside [like] peelers, PRP, gluta, etc., but if you put God as the center piece of your life, parang may inner fountain of youth na over flowing (it’s like you have an inner fountain of youth that’s overflowing), Dr. Em shares.

Beneath the White Coat

One thing that you will notice about Dr. Em is that her life’s work is surely being emanated through her. Her presence alone radiates beauty and happiness. Not only because she takes good care of her body and practices a healthy lifestyle, but also because of her one beauty secret.

you’re wrong. The key to her satisfaction and contentment in life is enjoying life itself. After all, she is not only a doctor and a life coach; she is also a wife and a mother. Most of her free time, she enjoys with her family as she plays with her kids and even helping them in their assignments. Of course, on her ‘me’ time, Dr. Em is a TV series buff who enjoys a dose of “Bones”, “CSI” and “Chuck”, among others. Truly beauty is not just what one can see, it is also something that people can feel. And when you feel happy and content inside, this positivity radiates through the skin. This is the secret of real beauty, and really, Dr. Em is a living proof of it.

Aside from that, if you think that Dr. Em’s schedule is already packed due to her life’s many demands, well


55 55






“What do you want to be when you

responsible, more mature and wiser than

grow up?”


This is a perennial question asked

Adults, as they age, tend to lose their

by our parents when we were young.

ability to be childlike. That’s the sad truth.

However, a quote from American

Based on’s article

stand-up comedian and actress,

entitled “Grow to be a Child”, embracing

Paula Poundstone addresses the very

childlike ways takes variety of abilities.

reason why they ask this question to

The said article also highlights the

kids. She says, “adults are always

significance of maturity in possessing

asking little kids what they want to be

childlike qualities.

when they grow up because they are looking for ideas.”

Moreover, it discusses the science behind losing the childlike ways in us. The growth

Makes sense, isn’t it?

of neocortex (the upper front part of the brain), is the root cause of losing both

As we grow old, hearing the phrase,

childishness and childlikeness among

“growing up” is synonymous to

children. According to the article, as

responsibility, maturity and wisdom.

the neocortex develops, people learn

Little did we realize that children

to empathize and become better at it.

also possess the same kind of traits.

However, neocortex development leads

Sometimes, they seem to be more

to a person’s ability to imagine possible




and as yet unrealized futures, which has

Likewise, a freelancer and BJD

exchanging conversations about her

its own pros and cons. The advantage

(ball-jointed doll) enthusiast, Ms. Crystal

school activities and compared them

of imagining possible future enables

Gail Hicarte, 30, shares the same kind

with mine, which made me remind of

individuals to plan their goals and

of activity in staying a kid at heart.

my school days”, Hicarte recounts.

strive working towards them. Imagining

Even Engr. Lapidario also tells that

possible future’s disadvantage is

he finds time to play with his younger

making people worry or at times,

cousins whenever he has spare time.

over-think about a situation.


Being able to embrace childlike qualities

Childhood memories are dull without

gives room for individual’s spontaneity,

play. At present, online games are

creativity, and uniqueness. With that,

in-demand among children of this

how does a person keep the child

generation. Thus, spending time playing

within? Here are some ways in doing

online games (DOTA, Clash of Clans,

it as shared by four professionals who

NBA2K15) makes Engr. Lapidario young

work their way to staying young at

at heart. Ms. Hicarte also expresses


the same whenever she is with the company of her niece.


The magical mindset that animated films gives us, makes a person feel his/ her youth. Mrs. Myra Cholet Monteagudo, 31, a doting mom to a 3-year old son, relives her childhood moment by watching Disney animated films. “I enjoy this kind of moment (watching Disney films) with my son,” she admits.

“Watching cartoons brings out nostalgic feeling which I seldom feel whenever I do my regular work,” Hicarte tells. Similarly, a licensed engineer by profession, Engr. Edmar Lapidario, 31, also takes time to at least watch cartoons once in a while.


As a mother, Mrs. Monteagudo values this precious activity with his son, Xcean Dave. “We play dress-ups and imitate the characters we see on TV. I wear masks, head dresses and costumes during our playtime”, Monteagudo reveals. “Playing with my child not only boosts the child in me, but also teaches me to trust like a child”, she explains. Meanwhile, Ms. Hicarte emphasizes the importance of having a bonding time with a child through her 10-year old niece. “We usually bond by watching anime, playing games on tablet (line play) and



Meanwhile, Mrs. Monteagudo elaborates her fondness of attending children’s party by participating in games with her son. She brings her

son to kiddie parties to let her child

Ms. Hicarte also says that unleashing

These ways may be simple as they may

appreciate games as well as learn to

her creativity through her ball-jointed

seem to be but preserving the child

interact with other kids through play.

dolls brings out her youth naturally.

within is not an easy peat. Emulating

“Whenever I create dresses for my dolls

childlike qualities of a young brings forth

or do styling for them, it enables me to

balance and happiness in life. Take time

reveal my creativity and artistry,” she

to live by the ways of the young and you


will reap the benefits as an adult.


Mrs. Karen Grace Dalagan, a marketing professional and a mother, in her early 40s, shares her ways in keeping herself, young at heart by indulging on sweets. “I spend my regular me-time without feeling guilty. I indulge!” Dalagan says.


Seeing kids smile at us captivates our hearts. Smiling really does many wonders. Mrs. Dalagan takes this simple gesture by heart as a way to preserve her childlike attitude intact. “I smile often as I can because I choose to have a merry heart,” she remarks.

Mrs. Monteagudo also reveals that she eats food that constantly reminds her of her childhood. “Whether it is adobong puti of my mom or my favorite roasted chicken recipe of my lolo (grandfather) or simply indulging with haw flakes, makes me feel young at heart,” Monteagudo recalls.

5. BOOST YOUR CREATIVITY “All children are artists. The problem

is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” This is a famous line from a renowned Spanish painter and sculptor, Pablo Picasso. Kids are really creative and imaginative. These traits should be cherished and practiced at all times despite reaching adulthood. For Engr. Lapidario, he believes that drawing recaptures his inner child. “Sometimes, I sit in one corner and draw,” he reveals.





I CAN FLY, “ II BELIEVE BELIEVE I CAN TOUCH THE SKY.” One of the most popular childhood dreams is to fly. Superheroes we admire have the power to fly. But we are after all; just human and we don’t have the actual ability to soar up the skies. Fortunately, people have the ability to invent things. And one of the greatest inventions of all time is an airplane. An airplane is a type of aircraft that is propelled forward by a powerful engine. The Wright brothers were the ones who pioneered the “the first sustained and controlled heavier-than-air powered flight" in 1903. Airplanes come in different sizes, shapes and designs. There are planes with single or twin engines, sport plane, cargo plane, training planes, float planes, and even the ones we call jets.

PLANE AND ALL ITS PARTS Whether you are flying a small plane or a big aircraft, both have the same basic parts. The airframe is the structural parts of a fixed- winged aircraft. Wood was the main material and component used to build an aircraft back in the days. But thanks to modern technology and vast resources, today’s airplanes are made up of mostly lightweight metal.

FUSELAGE It is the main body of the plane. It carries the flight crew, cargo or the passengers. A fuselage can be two or more in an airplane which can serve many uses. It also includes



the access doors, landing wheel, inspection

pilot (first officer). It is usually equipped with

plates, and other openings.

all the instruments and controls, or simply the airplane’s brain which controls it all.

COCKPIT It is located at the tip of the fuselage which


is manned by the pilot (captain) and co-

These are the part of the plane which aids in the actual flying. These are airfoils that are attached on each side of the fuselage. It can be attached on top or high wing, middle or mid- wing and at the back end side of the fuselage which is the low wing.

EMPENNAGE Also known as the tail section located at the end of the fuselage which is used for stability and control. It includes the vertical stabilizer or fin which is attached to the

rudder that is used to turn the plane left or

motion of the plane. Its main function of

can tell the pilot the plane’s bank angles and

right; horizontal stabilizer that is connected

the engine is to give power to the propeller.

whether the nose of the pitch is above or

to the elevators controls the pitch (up and

It also gives electrical power and source of

below the horizon.

down tilt) of the plane.

heat for the pilot and the passengers when flying.


VERTICAL SPEED INDICATOR. It detects the rate of climb or descent in feet per minute.

These are set of wheels that are located


underneath the fuselage. It mainly supports

These instruments provide information

the plane during parking, taxing and landing.

such as speed, direction and altitude. It

ALTIMETER. It shows the height above the

The wheels can be fixed or retractable. Most

also provides flight data, engine status,

sea level. It also measures the barometric

planes have the tri-cycle which there is two

navigation, and communication, among


wheels in front and one at the back.

others. Some have different formats or a


It can also sense the change in air pressure.

combination but you will find all of these as


cockpit instruments.

direction where you are heading. Although it’s not a 100% accurate, this instrument is

The power plant contains the propeller and the engine which converts chemical energy


verified by the magnetic compass which is

to thrust force. Thrust force is the forward

connection of the plane to the horizon. It

located above the heading indicator.




AIRSPEED INDICATOR. It provides information regarding the speed of the plane within the surrounding air. It is measured in knots or nautical miles per hour. TURN COORDINATOR / INCLINOMETER. It shows the rate of turn of the aircraft; also the bank angles.

FIT TO FLY Being a pilot is considered one of the most dangerous jobs but at the same time very rewarding because you get to travel a lot and earn at the same time. Capt. Robert Lasala of Fastlink Aviation said, “you should be prepared mentally, physically and even emotionally fit for you to fly.” It is required that you are in good shape and physically healthy as pilots need to

SKILLS REQUIRED. There are certain skills

Alvyn Tablico, a pilot trainer at Fastlink

take annual medical check-ups upon

and values that are needed to become an

Aviation, it all boils down to self-discipline

getting their licenses. Also he or she must

efficient pilot. A basic understanding in

and attitude. He also shared that if “you are

not be color blind. At the age of sixteen,

math and physics are needed as they have

committed and you are doing what you love

one can already get a student permit and

to do immediate computations about their

these skills will come naturally.”

take up a flying course. But if you want

route, navigation and map reading.

commercial flying and pursue a career in it,


an educational degree is required. However,

They also need to know how their plane

The understanding on how airplanes fly is

one can start his or her training as he or she

works as they also do the pre- flight

to study the four forces of flight which are

graduates from high school and about at

inspection for safety purposes. Good

drag, thrust, weight and lift. Thrust is the

any point in one’s life. “It’s never too late to

communication skills and leadership skills

force that moves the plane forward with

study flying, you can fly until 65 years old,”

are also a must because they have to

the help of the engine. Drag is the force

added Capt. Lasala.

give clear commands to their passengers

which works against the forward motion.

and cabin crew. They also need to think

Lift makes things rise above and weight

promptly during difficult situations and to

opposes lift. All these forces must be at

remain calm under pressure. As per Capt.

the same level to achieve equilibrium to maintain a steady flight.



We all know that the most crucial part of flying is the take-off and the landing. Capt. Lasala said that during take-off, it is important to check the runway, define the engine parameters (if it is safe to push to full power) and if the plane will rise above the ground. For Cessna 152, which is usually used in flying schools, it can go about 60kph. For the landing or the final approach, the pilot checks all the critical items in the checklist like the landing gear and fuel flow, among others. Then they should have a good view of the runway to avoid overshoot or landing short. While descending, they lose the power and air speed gradually until touchdown until it is safe to hit the brakes to make a full stop. With all the aerial accidents that are happening, sometimes it’s hard to explain even with proper investigation. “Don’t challenge nature and when in doubt, stay on the ground,” advised Capt. Lasala.

GETTING INTO FLIGHT SCHOOL Whether you want to have a private pilot or a commercial pilot license, a good flying school is a must. And we are fortunate that there are many good flying schools in the Philippines and one of them is Fastlink Aviation Training Center headed by Capt. Lasala. He started flying in 1992 and he became well-acquainted with the industry. He became a flight instructor and a chief pilot for two companies before he eventually

minimum age is 16 years old until 65 years

best time to have a career in the aviation

opened his own flying school accredited

old. There are also certain tests like English

industry because there’s a large demand for

by the Civil Aviation Authority of the

proficiency test that is also required.

pilots until 2020 or about 100,000 pilots are


needed in the whole world. There are different courses offered:

The school aims to give the best flying

-Professional Pilot Program with Instrument

So there you go, this childhood dream is not

experience to their students by teaching

-Rating and Multi-Engine Rating

far behind. With determination and courage,

them the proper discipline, focused and

-Private Pilot Training Course

you can zoom like superman or at least, ride

personalized training. For actual flying and

-Commercial Pilot Training Course

alongside him during your next flight.

practical applications, Fastlink Aviation lets

-Flight Instructor Course/ Instrument Rating

the students do cross-country flying which makes them appreciate more the beauty of

In preparation for the actual flight, they have

the Philippines.

ground schooling beforehand which uses the flight simulator. The flight simulator is

If you want to start flying, the basic

a device that looks-like and has the same

requirements are birth certificate, NBI

functions, instruments and other parts of a

Clearance and Transcript of Records. The

plane. Capt. Lasala also said that this is the

FASTLINK AVIATION Contact Nos.: (02) 8468138 / 0917-8152378 / 0917-8079362 Email: / Website: fastlink.aviation








ootvolley is exactly what it sounds

The objective of the game is to play

like, a combination of football skills

the ball over the net of your opponent

but using beach volleyball rules, it

without letting the ball hit the ground.

is a unique and exciting sport to watch and

Footvolley applies the same rules of


beach volleyball as points are awarded when a team commits a fault, fails to

The sport was born in Copacabana beach

return the ball in the opponents’ court

in the 1960’s as a creative response to

and if the ball was successfully placed

the football ban implemented in Brazil.

on the side of the other team. Like beach

At that time, players were not allowed to

volleyball, a team also has a maximum

play during off-season to avoid injuries.

of three touches to return the ball to the

Brazilian footballers, being clever and

opponents’ side of the court. A player

passionate on playing, would shift to beach

is also not allowed to hit the ball twice

volleyball courts whenever the police would

consecutively. Lastly, a player is only

patrol public beaches hence the birth of

allowed to use the head, shoulder, thigh,


chest and feet to volley the ball to the opponents’ court making it a game of

Originally, footvolley is played 5-a-side but

precision and skill.

rules need to be modified by lowering the



number of players down to 2-a-side since

The Philippine Footvolley Association

the ball would rarely drop because of the

(PFA) is the governing body of the

high level of skill of the Brazilians.

sport in the country headed by its


President and founder, Dr. Ahmed Mike Athab. Tasked to develop the sport from the grassroots until the national team level, PFA plans to organize annual tournaments and workshops nationwide. In the past, the PFA was able to organize an international event in the island of Boracay where countries like Brazil, Spain, Singapore, and Thailand participated. At present, PFA has a partnership with Sands, SM by the Bay at SM Mall of Asia as the official home of footvolley in Manila. Expect tournaments and workshops in this world-class facility situated at the heart of Manila. With the progress of the sport in the Asian region, member countries are more inspired to develop footvolley in their own territories. The Asian Footvolley Federation (AFF), the governing body of footvolley in Asia successfully made the sport included in the Asian Beach Games. This would inspire countries to develop the sport since there are more international

competitions to aim for. Also, the AFF

PFA Secretary General, Rea Celine Villa.

is continuously pushing to uplift the

Furthermore, AFF Vice President and

standard of the sport by organizing

PFA President Dr. Ahmed Mike Athab

workshops for the jury and officials

believes that Filipinos could excel in

running the game.

this sport given their physique and culture of enjoying fast-paced and

Last September 2014, the 1st AFF

high-scoring games.

officials’ course was conducted in Langkawi, Malaysia to standardized

For inquiries on having a footvolley

the interpretation of rules and ensure

team organize a workshop in your area,

that the knowledge attained in the

participate in a PFA tournament or

workshop would benefit the participants

try-out for the national footvolley team,

in their respective countries. With over

send a message to the association’s

20 participants, only 6 passed the

Facebook page at http://www.facebook.

international standards of officiating


including the only female jury in Asia,





got into writing around

I decided I wanted to contribute to the

and reminding myself that I’ll never know

March 2013 when I first

community as well by writing my own

[what can happen] unless I try.

discovered the free e-book

stories, hoping to give off the feelings I

application, Wattpad, during

get whenever a new chapter is uploaded

Once I started writing, I couldn't stop.

my summer vacation. I fell in love with the

or a character's words would throw me

Even if I would put stories I had uploaded

way the writers in the community were


on hold, new storylines I had hoped were original and creative enough for the world

so open about sharing their fictional and


non-fictional stories with people from all

At first I thought my work would never

were constantly popping up in my mind.

over the world. Original and captivating

be discovered by anyone at all, not with

Even when I was offline and hanging out

storylines were everywhere and I couldn't

the creative storylines out there that had

with the people I cared about, everything

get off it.

millions of reads and thousands of votes. I

around me seemed like inspirations to

thought I was heading straight for another

create a world completely different from

After months of reading amazing stories

fail. But then I decided to toss those

my own.

by people from everywhere in the world,

[feelings] aside and jump into it, thinking



I eventually developed a goal to publish

For me, writing is like an escape from

It gave me such a rush when new ideas I

my own work one day, which led me to the

reality; an escape from the pressure and

could use pop in my head and sometimes I

determination of writing and uploading

stress of everyday life. It helps me relax

couldn't help but smile.

chapters that had over two thousand

and put my thoughts on paper (or on a

words each.

screen, in my case).

The stories I had written down always pushed me to think not only about how

Unfortunately, I've only uploaded two so

Before I really acknowledged writing, I

I could make it better, but make sure I


always had difficulty expressing myself. I

wouldn't be boring anyone to death about

thought I wanted to be an artist one day,

what I spent hours typing down. In a way,

That didn't stop me from continuing my

but the more I thought about it, the more it

this affected my practices in real life.

new-found passion, though.

felt like something I was forced to do and less like something I wanted to do.

Writing makes me feel like a completely different person, as if I was doing the most

Even if I had half a chapter done, I would find myself on a completely different story

A while after I started writing, I knew I had

important thing in the world. It was like

with a new set of characters, typing down

found a connection, a calling, if you will.

an outlet for anything and everything I

dialogues, describing people and the

When I decided to start my first story, I

wouldn't be able to say out loud.

problems they would have.

enjoyed writing it as much as I did when I thought about how the story would go.

And I love it.











TO BE CONTINUED... for continuation pls log on to





t was a night of homegrown Pinoy talents expressing themselves through arts and music. Staged at the renowned artists' haven Banlat ni Ka Heber in Quezon City last February 28, 2015 , it was a festivity which celebrated true Pinoy artistry. Present in the event were: Artists: Aencille Santos Pamela Gonzalez Chris Verayo Yuni Borela Aldem Ferriols Roel Gerona Bea Pangilinan

Bands: Kasalukuyan AZIM Black Wolf Gypsies Gin Rum & Truth Viplava Pardo Ruweda Barrio Morning Glory Black Balak

The Carnaval de la Ruweda is an event organized by Malayang Ugnayan sa Industriya ng Komposer ng Awit. For more information, visit




“The modern Pinoy fashion designer is

fashion designers presented

very entrepreneurial in his approach. He

their respective 2015

knows what can make his venture sell on.

Spring/Summer trunk

After all, any collection must not stop at

collections at the recently-concluded

the runway but go on to sell continually.

Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week (PMFW)

Commercial concerns still dictate design

held at the Podium’s 2nd level atrium.

movements here in the Philippines as

The 2-day fashion event celebrated

against Westerners who produce a similar

PMFW’s sixth annual cycle as it

design and/or pattern for any given

showcased the design aesthetics of the

season,” intoned PMFW co-owner and

featured Pinoy fashion meisters.

ladies wear designer MJ Alminanza. The Spring/Summer trunk collections of the 21 featured designers were paraded before attendees by 60 handpicked Yeoh models. “I’ve prepared my forecast since September last year. Using haute couture and avant garde inspirations, some of my works use locally-made textiles just

country. “This 2015 Spring/Summer

like my underwear designs that utilize

forecast on menswear presented the

pinya fibers infused with bamboo and silk

different aesthetics of the participating

for a more softer and billowy texture,”

designers. A few presented their

enthused 19AD91 designer Estien

collections using the Marsala hue as


suggested by Pantone as color of the year. Others used the Asian silhouette in


“My advice to other designers is for them

their designs,” shared event organizer

to know their target market and then

Nico Agustin, who presented his

serving that segment well,” he added.

collection of clean masculine lines.

Equipped with modern design detailing

The color Marsala is taken from the

and superb craftsmanship, the designers

fortified Italian wine with origins from

each gave a fresh take on the latest

the town of Sicily. A dry to sweet red

menswear trends in and around the

wine variety used mostly in cooking,

the closest familiar color anyone could associate with it is the color burgundy, which happens to also be another grape variety from a region of France. Marsala’s reddish brown hue is associated by most as the terra cotta of high fashion. In its Web page, Pantone states that it is the impactful, full-bodied qualities of Marsala that make for an elegant, grounded statement color when used on its own or as a strong accent to many other colors. The PMFW is a platform owned and produced by Nico Agustin and MJ Alminanza. Aside from the duo, the shows’ other participating designers were Jiro Angelo, Mikee Andrei, Edmmir Lagui, Donn Delantar, Earl Gariando, Charles Anito, Donald Green, Ramon Favila, Mark Dela Pena, Robert Dimacali, Roberth Gallardo, Clint Catalan, Adam Balasa, Aaron Dela Cruz, Yako Reyes, Levenson Rodriguez, Simeon Ariel Vasquez, Marilon Tabangcura, and Estien Quijano of 19AD91. PMFW’s years 1 through 4 was a thematic presentation alternating with Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections held all throughout at Robinsons Place Manila. The installment last year at 71 Gramercy featured street wear as a way to drumbeat their fifth anniversary. Cycle 6 reverts to the season-based theme as when the platform began. Directed by Bernard Maybituin, PMFW’s Cycle 6 was presented by official venue partner The Podium and Nico Agustin Menswear in cooperation with Lumina Events, Mode Elle, Fashion Institute of the Philippines, Zen Institute, Freshman Masculine Wash, eventologist. ph, Design 645 by Kathleen Alba, Yeoh Models, and AMPR Publicity & Communications, the show’s official media partner.




Albert Tinio, Globe Telecom Vice President for Mobile Cluster Sales; Liza Tang-Yuquico, Managing Director of HEAD Philippines and Dynamic Sports Corp. and Chris Cuarto, Philippine Tennis Association (PHILTA) Image Source:

Globe Powers HEAD Tennis Circuit For Filipino Youth Empowerment Harnessing the potential of up-and-coming young Filipino tennis players nationwide, Globe Telecom has recently partnered with HEAD Philippines to present the 17th Head Graphene XT Junior Tennis Satellite Circuit and discover the country’s next big local tennis sensations.

Satellite Circuit. Just as we have supported other similar engagements such as our ‘Football Para sa Bayan’ advocacy, we know we can make a difference to our budding tennisters who have the innate talent, spirit, and passion to make it big in the tennis circuits not only here but also abroad.”

singles and doubles events will be played in different age categories: 10-years-oldand under (unisex), 12-and-under (boys), 14-and-under (boys), 16-and-under (boys), 18-and-under (boys), 12-and-under (girls), 14-and-under (girls), 16-and-under (girls) and 18-under (girls).

This year, Globe will power HEAD Philippines’ premiere tennis tournament for young Filipino tennis players from March 10 until June 7, 2015, which has widened its reach as it now covers 17 key cities across the archipelago. This momentous collaboration by the Philippines’ leading telecommunications company and the biggest name in sports equipment will lead in the grassroots tennis development program all over the country

“At HEAD Philippines, we believe that we are moulding a lot of young and talented individuals who are just waiting for their chance to be the next Filipino tennis superstar as they gain points and win in local and international tournaments. It is our mission to make Head Junior Tennis Satellite Circuit the springboard for up and coming players. We are aiming to produce from our very own ‘backyard’ the first Filipino tennis player who will play for the Olympics,” says Liza Tang-Yuquico, Managing Director of HEAD Philippines.

Organized by Dynamic Sports Corporation, the 17th HEAD Graphene XT Junior Tennis Satellite Circuit is also supported by Chris Sports, Head ATP by Tennis Balls, Graphene XT, Toalson, Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and the Philippine Tennis Association (PHILTA), with media partners Sports Radio 918AM, Home Radio 97.9 FM, Boracay Informer, Todo 88.5 FM Aklan, Power Wheels Magazine, Motorcycle Magazine, Balikbayan The Asian Journal Magazine, and HIP.PH as well as Participating Sponsors AMAX Inn Makati. For tournament registrations, send an SMS to 0906-3374323. For inquiries, check out event posters, the Head (Philippines) Jr. Tennis Satellite Circuit Facebook page or send an SMS to the Globe-Head Secretariat at 0915-5774323.

Globe Vice President for Mobile Cluster Sales Albert Tinio said that, “participating in major sports activities is an avenue for us to manifest our desire to create a wonderful world for Filipinos. Because of their love for tennis, Globe would like to make inroads in the said sport through our team-up with HEAD Philippines on the Junior Tennis 80

The most prestigious tennis tournament of its kind, the 17th Head Graphene XT Junior Tennis Satellite Circuit has served as the melting pot of local players from different regions to earn ranking points from the Philippine Tennis Association (PHILTA). The

At the office of Guam’s Governor, Honorable Edward Baza Calvo

BY: REA CELINE DC VILLA ighteen (18) youth leaders

as a Senator since 1994. Senator Won

from the Philippines

Pat encouraged the participants that in

together with their nine

leadership, the challenge is to find people who

(9) counterparts in Guam

share the same passions and vision as you

participated in a 4-day

do and work from there. Other senators who

international youth leadership congress

interacted with the delegation and provided

organized by the Asian Federation of

great insights on their project charters are

Student Leaders (AFSL), Inc last January

Senator Tina Rose Muna Barnes who is the

21-24, 2015 in the beautiful island of

Chairperson on the Committee on Municipal


Affairs, Tourism, Housing and Historic Preservation, Senator Nerissa Underwood

The youth leaders listened to talks and

who heads the Committee on Early Learning,

participated in workshops that focus

Juvenile Justice, Public Education and First

on the AFSL Leadership Model of Self

Generation Initiatives, Senator Frank Blas Jr.

Management, Task Management and

and Senator Brant McCreadie.

People Management that will enable them to become catalysts of transformational

The AFSL is an organization that started in

leadership in the Asia-Pacific region.

the Philippines whose main advocacy is that of developing in the youth strong leadership

Some features of the congress include the

and life skills that will enable them to make a

creation of a Project Charter addressing

difference in the community that they belong

crucial ASEAN concerns on politics and

to. The organization also has a mentors’ track

security, economics, and socio-cultural

dedicated to train the trainers that would

issues and an interface and one-on-one

handle the youth leaders in their respective

dialogue with the members of the 33rd


Guam Legislature and the Governor of Guam, Honorable Edward Baza Calvo. Guam’s Speaker of the House, Honorable Judith Won Pat graced the opening of the congress by giving an inspiring message about her personal experiences

*Should you be interested to be part of the organization, you could email

(Top) AFSL- Guam Youth Leadership Congress facilitators with Speaker of the House, Honorable Judith Won Pat. (L-R) Anthony Paul Calado, Nancy De Guia, Rea Celine Villa, Hon. Judith Won Pat and Aris Lacuna (Middle) Senator Tina Muna Barnes receiving a token of appreciation from the AFSL participants (Below) Interaction with the Governor of Guam, Hon. Edward Baza Calvo



Spend your summer keeping cool by joining Museo Pambata's Art's Cool Summer Workshops! This summer the museum is offering classes on: serigraph, photography, family art, crafts with families, storytelling, printmaking, creative writing, and book illustration. Slots are limited, so be sure to register early. Art's Cool is Museo Pambata's summer workshop program designed to harness a child's potential in the various arts. Guided by accomplished artists and expert facilitators, kids learn and hone their

craft in an environment of fun and discovery uniquely provided by a children's interactive museum. Enroll in Museo Pambata's cool summer school for the arts! Registration starts February 25, 2015 and ends on March 25, 2015. Classes start on April 11, 2015. Visit for registration details. Contact the museum through email ( or landline (523-1797/98, 536-0595) for further inquiries.

CLASSES OFFERED: 1. PRINTMAKING For two family members aged 3 and above Printmaking is a unique art form that involves the process of transferring images from any material origin onto a final material. See how beautiful images come out on print through various printmaking methods. Facilitating this workshop are art teachers and members of the Philippine Association of Printmakers (PAP). Workshop kits include materials needed for printmaking. Participants are reminded to bring their own aprons or working clothes, soap and towels for hand washing and rags to use in their work area. Class Schedule: 1:00 – 5:00 PM April 11, 2015 Fee: Php 2,500 (good for two family members)

2. CREATIVE WRITING FOR CHILDREN For children aged 8 to 15 years This program is a brief and intensive writing workshop that focuses on techniques and styles in creative writing. This workshop will be facilitated by multi-awarded writer, Genaro Gojo Cruz. Teacher Genaro's stories have won various awards including the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature and the PBBY - Salanga Writers Prize. Aside from teaching children, Genaro is also a professor at the De La Salle University - Manila. Class Schedule: 9:00 AM – 12:00 NN April 17 to 18, 2015 Fee: Php 2,500

3. SERIGRAPHY (FINE ART SILKSCREEN PRINTING) For two family members aged 3 and above Learn the basic techniques of silk screen printing and produce your own fine art pieces on any cloth and ceramic material. This workshop will be facilitated by



Marc Vincent Cosico, a painter, sculptor and resident visual arts teacher at the Philippine High School for the Arts. Marc is a recipient of the Metrobank Art and Design Excellence Award for Sculpture. Class Schedule: 1:00 to 5:00 PM April 18 to 19, 2015 Fee: P 2,500 (for two family members)

4. CRAFTS FOR FAMILIES For two family members aged 3 and above Have you had bouts of emergency DIY (do-it-youself) projects at home or for school? Let's get creative with this workshop for families and take team work to the next level. Facilitating this workshop is UP Fine Arts teacher and children's book illustrator, Mel Silvestre. Class Schedule: 1:00 to 5:00 PM April 18 to 19, 2015 Fee: Php 2,500 (for two family members)

5. STORYTELLING FOR CHILDREN For children aged 8 to 15 years Children take the reigns this time as they learn to use their voice, face and body in telling stories. Participants of this workshop will learn a set of skills including theater techniques and performance planning. Children will also get tips in proper characterization and delivery. Facilitating this workshop is JK Anicoche. JK is an actor, director, workshop facilitator for film, theater and television. JK is currently the artistic director of Sipat Lawin Ensemble. Class Schedule: 9:00 AM to 12:00 NN April 21 to 24, 2015 Fee: Php 3,500

6. PHOTOGRAPHY FOR KIDS For children aged 8 to 15 years In this workshop children will learn the basics and techniques of photography. They will also learn to use their cameras and the proper care of equipment. This workshop will be facilitated by visual artist and freelance photographer, Carlo Gabuco. Carlo studied Fine Arts at the Philippine Women's University. Class Schedule: 9:00 AM to 12:00 NN April 22 - 23, 2015 Fee: Php 2,000

7. BOOK ILLUSTRATION For children aged 8 to 15 years Children will learn the elements of book illustration, through the steps and process of illustrating a story. Basic book design will also be integrated in the workshop. Children's book illustrator, Hubert Fucio, will be facilitating this workshop. Hubert is a two­time winner of the PBBY Alcala Prize for Illustrators. Among his books are Sandosenang Kuya, Si Pagong at si Matsing, Anong Gupit Natin Ngayon and others. Class Schedule: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM April 23 and 24, 2015 Fee: Php 2,500

8. FAMILY ART For two family members aged 3 and above Museo Pambata loves seeing families creating art and working together as a team. In this workshop, family members will learn to make art together and bond over paints and other medium of visual arts. Hubert Fucio, artist and father, facilitates this half­day workshop. Hubert studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Class Schedule: 1:00 to 5:00 PM April 25, 2015 Fee: Php 2,000 (for two family members)


Continuing the Power of Print CMAP or Circulation Management Association Of The Philippines is a group of dynamic circulation executives whose experiences are centered on sales. marketing, mass distribution towards the most effective circulation management into a unified and collective voice to address industry needs in the dissemination of printed news, information and entertainment to the public. Through CMAP, we will keep all members strong for continued economic development of the country.

Circulation Management Association Of The Philippines ( CMAP ) hold its 16tth Induction of new set of officers and new members at Max Restaurant, Scout Tuazon Street, Roces Avenue Quezon City last February 27, 2015. Vip guest who graces the ocassion are Sen Nancy Binay and Mr Peter Olivares, Publisher of The Daily Tribune. We also welcome the two new member publication , Pinoy Parazzi and The Philippines Event Digest.. Sitting on the front row from right : Marie Arbulencia ( People’s Journal ), Pepe Buguina ( Bulgar), Lito Tugadi ( The Daily Tribune ), Sen Nancy Binay ( Center ) Peter Olivares ( Publisher - The Daily Tribune ), Edsac Sacramed ( Philippine Daily Inquirer ). 2nd row from right : Efren Macasaet ( Abante ), Jojo Costimiano ( Bus World ), Pederico Francisco ( Philippine Graphics ), Erick Clemente ( Malaya ), Rolly Manangan ( Bus Mirror) , Nez Aguilar ( The Philippines Event Digest) and Linda Villar ( Pilipino Mirror )

CMAP opens its door to welcome new member publications who want to be a member in order to promote wider their printed materials like newspaper and magazine . We know that PRINT INDUSTRY IS HERE TO STAY. For any queries on how to be a member of CMAP, call our Secretariat Office at mobile nos. 0912-6006118 or 0915-8138204.

Mga Kabataan, Bida sa Araw ni Balagtas Tinatawagan ang mga kabataan na aktibong makilahok sa Araw ni Balagtas 2015. Ito ay pagdiriwang ng ika-227 anibersaryo ng kaarawan ng bayaning makata na si Francisco “Balagtas” Baltazar ang 2 Abril 2015 na may temang Si Balagtas at ang Kabataan. Pangungunahan ng Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF) ang mga aktibidad na mangyayari sa pook na malapít sa puso ni Balagtas, ang bayan ng Orion (noon ay Udyong), Bataan. Magkakaroon ng Kampo Balagtas mula 30—31 Marso 2015 para sa mga kabataan mulang Rehiyon III at delegasyon

mula sa Indigenous People (IP) sa Orion Elementary School. Isasagawa sa Kampo Balagtas ang mga pangkulturang pagtatanghal at makabuluhang pagpapakilala sa búhay at pamana ni Balagtas sa pamamagitan ng mga interaktibong panayam at palaro. Kikilalanin ang mga nagwagi sa Talaang Ginto: Makata ng Taon 2015 at ang tatanggap ng Gawad Dangal ni Balagtas 2015 sa unang araw ng kampo. Papasinayaan din ang Hardin ni Balagtas sa Barangay Wawa, Orion, Bataan sa 30 Marso

2015. Tampok sa hardin ang rebulto ni Balagtas na likha ng bantog na eskultor na si Julie Lluch. Ang hardin, na paliligiran ng mga katutubong bulaklak at punongkahoy, ay isang cultural park na itinatayo sa tulong ng Pambansang Komisyon para sa Kultura at mga Sining, Bayan ng Orion, Lalawigan ng Bataan, at iba pang ahensiya ng pamahalaan. Para sa karagdagang impormasyon, maaaring tumawag sa 736-2519 at hanapin si John Enrico C. Torralba ng Sangay ng Edukasyon at Networking, o bisitahin ang





ow-calorie, non-fat or sugar-free bread doesn’t really sound fun, neither does it taste fun. Kids would usually spit out a loaf of whole-wheat bread on their first bite, and many people would say that it tastes like a carton or rice bran. But thanks to Walter Bread, eating healthy is made more fun and delicious with their line of totally healthy breads. Diabetics, calorie-conscious weight watchers and those with restricted diet now have something to munch on for their breakfast and snacks without the worry of their sugar or cholesterol level, and putting on more pounds. The Walter Sugar Free Wheat Bread, for example, is the best choice for diabetics, who need to control their sugar level. This bread is made of whole wheat bread, which is a rich source of fiber and vitamins.. Not only does it give you strong health benefits, in fact and surprisingly, it also tastes quite good. The texture is fine, the bread is soft and moist and with a subtle sweetness. It also nearly fat-free. It has more of the good ones, like fibers, vitamins and minerals and less or none of the bad ones, such as: salt, fat , sugars, cholesterol and transfat.



Walter Bread’s Double Fiber Wheat Bread with Heart Protect is a friendly pick for those with hypertension and other coronary-related ailments. This bread is customized with two all-natural fibers— insoluble fiber from wheat and soluble fiber from apples. Insoluble fiber plays a role in the functioning of the gastrointestinal and colon health, while soluble fiber contributes to heart health. Fiber from apples is also a source of sweetness in the bread and also helps keep it moist. Unlike other wheat breads available in the market, the Double Fiber What Bread with Heart Protect is really soft and moist. This is because Walter Bread has undergone years of research and development for these particular products. “Before we came up with our whole wheat

breads, consumers didn’t really appreciate the taste of wheat breads, and they found the texture really dry and rough,” said Walter Co, President of Creative Bakers Company, Inc. Co added, “That time, people thought whole wheat bread tasted like ‘darak’ (rice bran) so we thought we should come up with this product that has a delicious taste and high quality. So, we really conducted scientific studies to come up with all the right and healthy ingredients for a delicious whole wheat bread.” He also explained that his whole-wheat breads have much less salt, compared to other brands using more salt to harden the structure of the bread, which doesn’t become moist like Walter Bread’s product. And of course, less salt means fewer risks of adding more pounds.

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