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When the thought of knowledge is concerned, most people find it dull and boring – thus the birth of stereotypes, nerds and geeks. But is it really such a bad thing to have a drive to discover, to have a knack to learn and the lust to theorize? It only takes a little shift in perspective as we believe that knowledge and passion intertwines and together becomes more fun – an apple is not always red as roses are not the only flower. Let’s open our minds to the possibility of endless amusement with learning and acquiring more knowledge. At REACH, knowledge meets passion, once again.

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Editor’s Note Our team at REACH Magazine has always been an advocate of reading. And in this humble journey, we faced challenges, acquired new experiences and learned tremendously – which lead us to build a better and new REACH which reflects everything we worked hard for. Our symbolic logo in fiery red signifies our drive and commitment to our advocacy. The modernized symbolic bulb represents REACH as a source of knowledge while the iconic “reaching hand” which is incorporated in the bulb implies our mission to always ensure that knowledge is always within REACH. The six sides of the hexagon bulb represent the content of an issue of REACH, which are Science and Technology; Lifestyle; Entertainment; Arts; History and Culture and General Wellness and Welfare. Our readers can expect all of these and more from every issue of REACH. But more than the iconic logo, the theme of the month “Knowledge meets Passion” is actually more than a theme which complements the love month of February. It also represents our deepest desire and pledge to a whole new REACH. Just think of us as that continuously reaching hand which never grows tired of finding uniqueness from simple things; of unraveling the truth out of mysteries; and getting more facts which improve daily lives. REACH is really a crossroad where Knowledge meets Passion.

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Curious Minds “Love is in the Head!” How the body falls in Love The Flower Power of Love What to do When Up North – BAGUIO is where you want to be! PIGEON TALK: Sign of an MVP Material Race Pigeon Gamefowl Circuit: For the love of Gamefowl

Dogs: Experts of Love and Compassion Health and Healing A Day with Cory Quirino: Health and Wellness Inspirations Be Beautiful with Gold! LTE technology on the rise Anunnaki – The ancient extraterrestrial Creator of Mankind No Hassle Tips to go Green at home IMAGINARIUM

WGFE and WPE Event Highlights 2014 is the year of the Wood Horse!



NASA to travel faster than light According to Robert Einstein’s special relativity theory, “nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.” Generally, this is true. Einstein also states that space is continuously expanding; and that time and space should always be measured together. The theories gave birth to more theories by Miguel Alcubierre, a Mexican physicist who theorized the possibility of faster-than-light travel without resisting Einstein’s theory – enter the Warp Drive. The Warp Drive concept in simple thought is a bubble where an object at rest would reside in. Since the actual object doesn’t have the capacity to travel in light speed as per Einstein, the warp bubble would then manipulate space and time as it rides on the theory that space is constantly expanding. The bubble then continuously triggers the space in front of the object to expand toward its destination while continuously contracting what’s behind of the ship – creating a wave that would take the object moving through space time without actually moving in its sense.

These are the ideas that led Harry G. White, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s physicist and advanced propulsion engineer to work on a smaller-scale setup with instruments to distort a route of how a photon travels while measuring it with a interferometer – an array of mirrors or telescopes used to capture information about waves by a technique called interferometry. However, even though there is a possibility of such event to happen, as evidenced by NASA’s allocation of budget to fund the research. At this moment, NASA remains realistic in terms of funding more attainable projects.

Mixed sentiments are shared though by fellow physicists. The American Journal of Physics former editor Edwin Taylor says “My personal opinion is that the idea is crazy for now… Check with me in a hundred years.” But a colleague at NASA Johnson Space Center, deputy director of engineering Steve Stich believes in the idea nonetheless. He believes that people should always be future-oriented pointing out the mere existence of the iPhone. He says, “Forty years ago, this was ‘Star Trek,’ Captain Kirk talking on a communicator whenever he wanted to,” “But today it exists because people made the battery technology that allows this device to exist, worked on the software technology, worked on the computational technology, the touch screen,” he adds.

Passion to Learn and Discover leads to New Branches of Science Did you know that in every 1 human cell, there are 10 equivalent bacteria living in an average person according to the American Society of Microbiology?

The saying, “curiosity killed the cat” may not be as true for today as it is then. In fact, such curiosity did not only take the world into a higher plane, it also gave birth to more dimensions of learning – thus the birth of new branches of science. The most dangerous human-made weapon, the nuclear bomb can actually save the world - using the nuclear bomb to attack threatening asteroids from hitting the earth.

NEUROPARASITOLOGY It’s easy to blame the “zombie” trend for the birth of this branch of science. But the truth is, mind-controlling parasites have existed for many years, most people just

don’t know about it. One real-life parasites which can infect most warm-blooded animals including humans is the Toxoplasma gondii. Since the T. gondii can only reproduce in cats’ intestines, its goal is to reach a feline host no matter what the cost is – horrifyingly controlling the mind of its current host to commit suicide. For instance, an infected rat may mindlessly visit a cat’s den to face its death. People alike don’t possess immunity over these creatures, as few cases are already reported of suicide among human hosts.

Thanks to Michigan Technological University’s oPhone concept we will soon be able to send scents and aromas via Bluetooth and internet using our smartphones!




Love is in the Head HOW THE BODY FALLS IN LOVE

It’s in the love songs and the poems, when people speak of love – it’s always the heart that gets the blame. But the truth is the heart only follows what the central command of the body orders. Yes, when two people fall in love – it’s the work of the brain. But the question is how.










These three parts of the brain help regulate feelings of reward. They are also responsible for the development of love



The brain is the command center of the body. Whatever the body experiences through the five senses, the brain interprets. As the brain processes such information, it then orders the body to react and feel a certain sensation. Falling passionately in love is certainly an experience that the brain never misses to read. And when the brain, more specifically the hypothalamus, makes out the information it then fires up different glands in the body to release hormones resulting to different physical, emotional and behavioral reactions – thus the feeling of love.


Where’s Love In The Brain? PITUITARY GLAND Regulates hormones and secretes them into the body

HYPOTHALAMUS Produces dopamine, oxytocin and vasopressin, all of which are necessary in the process of falling in love AMYGDALA Moderate fear and stress

The Love Rush

Picture of You

The excitement of first date, first kiss or even seeing the person again after a long absence is one of the best feelings of romance. And the hormone which activates the increased heart rate, butterflies-in-thestomach and sweating sensations is none other than the adrenaline. Secreted by the adrenal gland located on top of the kidneys, this hormone is responsible in creating the exhilaration and thrill of the game of love. It is also the one being secreted during rollercoaster rides, threatening circumstances and even before a job interview.

As the lyrics of a popular song goes, “you are always on my mind…” being in love can actually make a person think of nothing else and no one else than the person he or she is madly in love with. Some call this infatuation, yet the reason behind is actually the lower levels of hormone serotonin noticed in people in love. Serotonin produced mainly in the central nervous system and gastrointestinal tract is responsible in regulating mood thus giving a sense of calmness. But having lower levels of it can make a person more aggressive and anxious resulting to acts associated with obsession. People with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) are also known to have low levels of the said hormone.

A Long And Lasting Love

Come Closer

After all the rush, infatuation and the urge to commit, people in love become calmer and secure. As two people experience the thrills of love strengthened by physical intimacy, the body mainly the pituitary gland secretes a natural painkiller, a hormone called endorphin. This hormone provides a soothing and calming effect creating an overall sense of security and happiness. At this point, two people in love will be happy and at peace with one another and though it may not be as dramatic as “falling-in-love” the effects of endorphins begins the “happily-ever-after” chapter of a person.

Scientifically, love must be expressed through actions, not words because the sensation of touch such as hugging, cuddling, kissing and other intimate activities triggers the release of the so-called “love hormone” oxytocin. Released by the pituitary gland found in the brain, the hormone as an effect allows a person to be closer to another person, creating a bond and a feeling of trust. In a recent study headed by Dr. Rene Hurlemann of Bonn University Medical Center in Germany even revealed that oxytocin can also promote monogamy among men. Committed men who were given oxytocin doses revealed a positive effect on the rewards system of the brain when shown photos of their significant other. However, when the same men were shown photos of other women, whether they were familiar with them or not, did not show the same positive effects on the brain. Unfortunately, the researchers have yet to test it on women.

Love At First Sight Being attracted to a person doesn’t mean it is the beginning of a whirlwind romance, thanks to the hormone called testosterone secreted by the ovaries (female) and testicles (male). The hormone is responsible to increase sexual drive for both men and women; however, a budding romance may only blossom when the attraction is mutual as confirmed by each person’s level of testosterone. A study headed by social psychology Professor Eli Finkel of Northwestern University in Illinois, USA, revealed how testosterone level of mutually attracted couple increased. However, no significant changes appeared in couples who did not have mutual attraction. In conclusion, only when the attraction is mutual that the sexual drive heightens to significant levels leading to the intention of getting closer to another person.

Hormones are responsible to different physical, emotional and behavioral reactions – thus the feeling of love.

THE “I LOVE YOU” FACTOR, WHAT DOES IT MEAN I want to have a commited relationship with you

I want to spend the rest of my life with you

Addicted to Love After a while, people in love couldn’t get tired of one another thus the all-nighter phone calls, constant emails and text, and the regular dates. Dr. Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and research professor in Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA believes that dopamine is actually the one to blame for this “addicted-to-love” phase. Secreted by the neurons found in selected parts of the brain itself, dopamine creates a pleasure-seeking sensation effect in the body. As a result, a love struck person would continually seek quality moments with his or her loved one. But love is not the only thing that triggers dopamine secretion, eating chocolates and even taking the prohibited drugs cocaine also can be responsible.

I care about you





I want you in my life




There’s one thing that never gets old when the love month comes in, it’s the flowers. And for centuries, giving of flowers has been a tradition to express feelings and there’s no better time to do it than on Valentine’s Day. But make sure you know what you are giving because as varied as flowers come, they also signify different meanings and the last thing we want on the love day would be to send out mixed signals.





No flower has surpassed the red roses’ role in portraying love and romance. It is the classic flower to express intense emotion and devotion. But roses also comes in different colors these days, they now have white (pure love), pink (gentle love), yellow (friendship) and even black (death). So unless you are offering a bouquet to a gothic individual, black may not be a good idea at this time of the year.

There’s something about daisies that can make you smile and jump with glee. These are the flowers that suits best for young puppy love. But it’s not entirely exclusive to teenagers, if you feel like celebrating the youthfulness of love, why not? Shower your love with daisies and you will surely have a very fun day!

Just like the roses, tulips are one of the famous flowers of the season, especially for those who are not entirely rose fanatics. But the shades of tulips also signifies different meanings, so be very specific with the shade you’ll be picking. Remember this: pink represents care; red is to love; purple is to loyalty; white is forgiveness and lastly, yellow is fresh love.

Orchids’ popularity during the love month is also high up the charts. Like how orchids are cultivated, it also signifies delicate emotions and sentiments. It is also ideal since it generally stays fresh longer than most flowers. And who can deny how beautiful these bloomers are.



Fast Facts Baguio City is located in the province of Benguet at the northern part of Luzon. It is famous for its cold climate and a favorite summer destination of both local and foreign tourists.


Population: (2010 census of National Statistic Office) Tourist Attractions: • Burnham Park • Camp John Hay • Tam-awan Village • Bencab Museum • Mines View Park • Baguio Cathedral • The Mansion

Peak Season: October to May


90 (DOT) accredited

resorts, hotels and inns.

1,500 Average Hotel/

Resort Standard Room rate per person in PESO

600 Average Inn/

Transient rate per person in PESO Transportation:

450 Commercial buses

one-way average costs from terminals in Pasay City and Cubao.

• • • • •



Pinikpikan (native chicken dish) Etag (cured and aged salted meat) Tapuey (native rice wine) Pinuneg (native blood sausage) Kintoman (organic mountain rice)

Local Products • Fresh fruits and vegetables • Wood works and carvings • Benguet coffee • Hand-weaved products • Silver and other metalworks


There is a place where tourists flock and lovers meet, where temperature rise is always at a low and culinary flavors keep you coming for more. Happy memories, strawberries, flower festivals and the weather remind me of this wonderful place called BAGUIO - the summer captial of the Philippines. Let’s get lost shall we?




BAGUIO THRILLS ON TWO WHEELS There was a time when a baguio adventure meant horseback riding and picking strawberries. Well, there’s no doubt tourists still take much pleasure in that, but recently when more people are becoming more adventurous, Baguio is still among the best places to go – especially if your preferred ride is composed of two-wheels.


iking or Cycling is becoming almost a trend although not entirely as this type of sport or hobby is not for the faint-hearted. Yet ironically, riding a bike can actually strengthen your heart and improves your circulation as a great cardio work-out. And there’s no other place to test your heart than in Baguio. There are two ways to enjoy the City of Pines on two-wheels – on road or on dirt. Baguio has one of the most amazing roads to ride as it has a range of uphill and downhill pavements. It will give any biker a challenge not only with their capacity to pedal, but with the technicalities of shifting gears and maneuvering. Truthfully, one of the best ways to explore the city is with a bike – not only can you contribute by being eco-friendly (pedals don’t release fumes); it can also provide you with a better feel of the places you go to.

You will have the chance to succumb to the sceneries that Baguio has to offer, you can also feel the cold wind as you ride against it – what more can you ask for? But if sceneries are just not enough, then it’s time to face a more challenging path – the trails! Camp John Hay is one of the landmarks of the city and yes, it still offers the same old horseback ride. And thanks to these horses, biking in Baguio can never get any sweeter than this. Famously called the Yellow Trail, humorously named after the horses’ yellowish manure tracks, is a trail which requires minimal level of expertise. For newbie riders, the main track may be the best way to go as it is composed of slightly loose rolling stones; tree branches sticking out here and there; and a couple of

moderate to rough turns and drops. But riders who have been on trails at least once in their life can pretty much handle it. Then there’s the DH (downhill) part that can make your soul jump. Since Baguio is pretty much a mountain, the trails on the hills are expected to be steep and narrow. This part of the Yellow trails may not be suitable for new or beginners – leave the trail to the more suited and literally, that means those with a more compatible bike complete with full-face helmets; and arm and leg pads. No matter where you choose to ride, there’s only one thing you must remember wherever it is you are riding – always wear a helmet. Always have your bikes checked as well for proper greasing, tightening of screws and tire pressure. A ride will always be a happy ride, until it’s not; so always go for the safer route to enjoy it.


OH MY GULAY Restaurant One of the most interesting finds in Baguio is the Oh My Gulay vegetarian restaurant owned by the renowned artist and film director Kidlat Tahimik (Eric de Guia). And as expected, the restaurant doesn’t only serve food; it serves inspiration through the awe-strikingly decorated space. Yes, the whole place is a living proof that Kidlat Tahimik is a rockstar when it comes to art. But as groundbreaking as the design is, the food remains to be simply irresistible. The all-vegetarian menu of Oh My Gulay provides a cool twist to famous dishes like tempura, putanesca and even burgers. For a place where one would expect tons of salad-eaters, the restaurant was able to captivate the hearts of all types of foodies including the meat eaters for its delectable treats and affordability. Dining at Oh My Gulay would only cost P200.00 to P250 per head. Oh My Gulay is located at the 5th Floor of La Azotea Building along the famous Session Road. 16



PANAGBENGA FESTIVAL Every February, one of the biggest and most popular festivals in the country takes place in Baguio City. The Panagbenga Festival which was derived from the native Kankanaey term “a season for blossoming”, the month-long flower festival literally engulfs the city of colors and aroma of fresh flowers. But aside from the flowers, tourists can also expect musical and artistic performances from the locals which further set the whole city in a festive mood.


For the Love of Craftsmanship and Culture

A few minutes away from the heart of Baguio City lays a peaceful place which reflects the true nature of the Cordillera – their deep rooted love for craftsmanship, arts and heritage.

is priceless mostly from the cool breeze and the sight which takes your breath away. On a good day when the sky is clear, you can also get a glimpse of the sun setting on the China Sea.

Years ago, the Tam-awan Village’s location was just a plain hangout of Baguio’s local artists. But in 1998, National Artist BenCab and Chanum Foundation sparked an idea of creating a model Cordillera village. The main goal is to allow both local and foreign tourist to grasp the concept of what a Cordillera community looks since going to the actual villages may not be as easily accessible.

For the complete experience of the village, one can sign up for the short tour of the village where an actual Cordillera native facilitates the tour in traditional costumes. The tour guide shall explain the history and practices behind each hut; he or she will put on a good musical show showcasing different instruments and dances. At the end of the tour, the tour guide will teach the right way of putting on their traditional clothes – he/she will even let you wear it and have your photo taken in it complete with head accessories, hunting gears and the like.

Tam-awan which means vantage point or viewing point is created to hit two birds with one stone. It doesn’t only serve as a viewing point for the different Ifugao and Kalinga huts models; it is also a place to find Cordillera-inspired artworks from local Baguio artists – some of which were the same ones who used to hang out in the spot. Exploring the village can actually give you goose bumps, in a very positive way. First off, the model huts were made not only with the same materials as the actual ones, but with the same construction process too. That only means exact architectural designs which rely mostly on weaving and precise arrangement: no nails and screws used. Local practices were also observed in the village such as going barefoot on certain huts which is considered to be sacred. Since the village is located on the side of a hill, it requires a lot of walking and climbing through the steep steps to reach the top. But reaching the top

At the end of the exploration, guests can relax at the Tam-awan Café. Here, you may order some of the local dishes and wines that the province takes pride in. You may also engorge yourself with the magnificent display of artworks which you may choose to purchase. One can also enjoy being sketched by a local artist who regularly stays in the village. For the classic experience, the entrance fee is fairly affordable – P50.00 for adult, P30.00 for seniors and students (upon ID validation) and P20.00 for kids. The Tam-awan Village also offers overnight accommodation for as low as P500.00 per person. To learn more about Tam-awan Village and how to get there, just visit their website at http://www.

In 2013, an estimated 2 million tourists attended the Panagbenga Festival. This year with a theme, “Inspiring the Community for a Greener Tomorrow”, tourists can expect a bigger and better Panagbenga Festival as it marks its 18th year. Mark Your Calendars Now! February 1 -Opening Ritual at Panagbenga Park -Drum and Lyre Competition at Athletic Bowl -Opening of Baguio Blooms: Landscaping competition at Burnham Park February 14 -Philippine Military Academy Alumni Homecoming

February 16 -Handog ng Panagbenga sa Pamilya Baguio at Burnham Park -Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom Painting Activity at Melvin Jones Arena February 22 -Street Dancing Parade February 23 -Grand Flower Float Parade February 24 to March 2 -Session Road in Bloom March 1 -Pony Boys' Day at Wright Park March 2 -Closing Ceremonies and Grand Fireworks Display




Enter the exciting world of game cock fighting. Amateur and professional breeders and gamers alike will enjoy Gamefowl Circuit for the latest news, updates, tips and advices from the who’s who of the industry.




Making money from raising gamefowl is not a monopoly of the rich. More important than capital, are dedication, hard work and know how.


Michael Ian Espinosa grew up in Murcia, Negros Occidental, a known haven of the famous Negros cocks. He grew up amid these wonderful and gallant creatures. His father as well as his uncles bred gamecocks. The genes came from his grandfather who was also a gamecock aficionado. No wonder, little Mike was already making the rounds of the cockpits at a very tender age. He learned the intricacies of the sport early; he became an expert in conditioning game cocks even before he finished high school. In no time at all, he started breeding and fighting his own roosters with success. From Negros, he went to Manila where he found a job. But his duties did not prevent him from enjoying his first love—cockfighting. Now, in Cebu, Mike is his own man, his own boss. Free to pursue his dream as a sabungero. He breeds and fights roosters, but in addition he engages in another worthwhile undertaking. He currently handles two radio programs on sabong. It is on these radio programs that he discovers his innate knack at imparting knowledge on cockfighting and gamecock breeding. If breeding magnificent bloodlines is his obsession, helping others through his radio programs has become his vocation. The Radio programs—Sabong Radyo aired over DYHP Cebu and Radyo Bulang on Bantay Radyo DYDD—are dedicated to imparting knowledge on the different aspects of game fowl keeping; from

breeding to raising to fighting. In this endeavor to help the common sabungeros, Mike is not alone. He is with Masang Nagmamanok (MANA) as its project director. MANA is an advocacy to promote the interest of the ordinary sabungero and chicken raisers. A gamefowl dispersal program to help rehabilitate the backyard gamecock raising industry in the typhoon ravaged areas of Western Visayas is on top of Mike’s list of priority projects for 2014 for MANA. Mike’s other priorities are the strengthening of MANA information and media capabilities including its online media, Roosterman E-publications and live streaming; and two radio programs. Another project is the holding of a cockfighting event this year. To recall, MANA successfully staged a year-round monthly pasabong at Pasay Cockpit in 2009. He is doing this, because Mike, like his colleagues at MANA, knows pretty well that sabong is not only part of our culture or a sport, it is also a possible source of income. He encourages others to go into raising game cocks, not for the gambling aspect, but for livelihood or even business. While other breeds of chicken sell at the most a hundred pesos per kilo, a game cock can fetch more than a hundred times as much. According to Mike, making money from raising game fowl is not a monopoly of the rich. More important than capital, are dedication, hard work and know how. If one is good at raising stags, he can limit the cost to less than a thousand per head. Famous breeders sell their stags as much

as Php 10,000.00. A less known breeder can sell his at Php 3,000.00, still a big profit. The key is good breeding materials or the bloodlines. This is the hard part for beginners. First class breeding materials cost a minimum of Php 30,000.00. Others command more than a hundred thousand per trio. However, there are instances when one can acquire good materials at less cost from little known but good breeders or as gift from friends or relatives. MANA is aware of the prohibitive cost of breeding materials, thus, its game fowl dispersal program is aimed at providing start up and small scale breeders good breeding materials. As a breeder, among Mike’s latest achievements is being one of the current champions of 6-stag compulsory derby of the Visayas Gamefowl Breeders Association (VIGBA). He intends to win more championships in 2014. Indeed, in both his obsession and vocation, Michael Ian Espinosa is doing well. He is not only aspiring for glory in the pit as a gamecock breeder, he also promises to help others with the same aspiration. He has the credential and pedigree to achieve the first objective, and, the desire and dedication to fulfill the second.




In Pigeon Talk, the pigeons take center stage with stories which breeders, hobbyist and trainers of the soaring high industry will value. This section will provide up-to-date accounts of proper loft management, competitive tactics and even success stories of the pigeon world.

Air Flow According to Barkel, the nostrils of the pigeon say a lot if it can be a racing champ. Just imagine the bird as it fly high in the sky in its maximum speed – a pigeon with small nostrils allow less air through its system but just enough for its breathing. However, having large nostrils can cause the bird to be overwhelmed with the air which goes in through its nostrils making it hard to breathe as a result, it will open its mouth. Once this happens, its mouth will dry quickly forcing the bird to search for water – time will be wasted when the bird do this frequently throughout the race.



Another factor to check is the air or respiratory tract where the air flows. Obstruction in the tract also results to the bird opening its mouth midair. To check if the pigeon has a clear tract, press the bird’s mandible together gently but tightly – to prevent it from opening its mouth. Place the pigeon’s nostrils close to your ear and listen to the breathing rhythm. Notice any signs of stress, struggle or discomfort from the bird, if it exhibits none, then your pigeon is good to go.

is less competent than the others. Bone structure only defines and guides the fancier on how to develop a diet and training that is best suitable for the pigeon.

Muscle Density

In this sense, he advises fanciers to do their homework well and be keen on researching the proper way of loft management. It is ideal to learn more about the pigeon’s specific anatomy based on its breed but it is also ideal to seek advice from experts whether with a veterinarian or with a competent keeper – although it’s always best to consult with both.

Yes, a pigeon with strong muscle can withstand long flights but too much muscle can also create a large bird which may affect the pigeon’s flexibility. And when it comes to a bird’s flight, flexibility is the key towards quality and speedy flight. “The reason is simple, the larger the muscle the more difficult it is to achieve flexibility and this is the secret of physical speed and stamina or endurance,” says Barkel.

Bone Structure Barkel is a fan of “long deep keeled bird” as he believes that such type of pigeons with its bone structure is less likely to gain weight easily. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that other bone structures

Another important attribute to watch out for is the bird’s symmetry in terms of height and weight. Although it may not be a strong identifier to classify a MVP-material race pigeon, it can help in gauging the bird’s balance. And in such sport, balance is a strong factor that contributes to a win.

Lastly and the most important is not to take short cuts when it comes to your pigeons. Consistent and regular practice is always the best way to go. Be a responsible keeper and trainer, sometimes an average pigeon can be the best of its class if handled properly. However, the best pigeon can also be a mediocre performer if given to a lazy trainer. At the end, a race will always be a team effort between the fancier and the pigeon.




Flower, Veggie and Livestock Festival

at Paradizoo Metro Tagaytay By: Grace Bondad Nicolas

A place where you will hear birds chirping and smell the fresh air in a stress-free area that will help you relax.

If you have been to all the nice places in the Metro already with the typical beating of the jeepney sounds and crowded subways, you will crave for that heaven-like place outside the usual noise and pollution from where we usually work. A place where you will hear birds chirping and smell the fresh air in a stress-free area that will help you relax. At this time of the year, when it’s still cold, it will be nice to experience the Tagaytay fog in the morning with an overlooking view of the majestic Taal volcano. And there’s no better place to relax than at Paradizoo and Residence Inn of the Zoomanity Group at Metro Tagaytay. Zomanity Group is inviting you for the “Power of Three” event at Paradizoo and Residence Inn, Tagaytay which kicked off last January 11 and will last until March 2, 2014. The Power of Three event is a floral, vegetable and agri-livestock fair lined up with learning and explorative activities which heightens breeding, planting and farming knowledge for everyone.



The event also features a very remarkable Horse Parade which showcases different breeds from majestic stallions to the cuddle miniature horses. The Greyhound Racing is also an anticipated highlight which features the fastest dog in the world compete for sportsmanship. Vegetable produce will also be available for sale as well as free handy seminars for the budding agriculturists and hobbyists – all in the name of the animals and the environment. Paradizoo is a 10-hectare farm with livestock animals like cow, ostrich, buffalo, chicken, geese, pigs, goat, and horses among others where families especially the kids can interact with along with other fun activities. Located in Mendez, Cavite, Paradizoo is ideal for picnics, educational field trips, outdoor and group outing programs. It is a fascinating paradise with a soothing beauty of its flora and fauna. Have a taste of this magnificent theme farm with its latest attractions like the recently added Wedding Pavilion and Boot Camp - a perfect location for different events. The portion of the park known as the Noah’s Ark, is a comforting venue dedicated as a final resting place for your beloved pets.

Residence Inn, on the other hand, is a 2-hectare hotel overlooking Taal Volcano which caters to the guests of Paradizoo as well as to the public. The cozy hotel though offers more than the typical R&R since they now also have all the exotic animals which guests can interact with like lions, tigers, Burmese pythons, tarantula, camel and a lot more. If you haven’t tried yet to experience the zip line, the hotel also offers the exciting activity with a stunning view of the Taal volcano. The honcho of these two paradise locations is no other than the President of the Yupangco Group of Companies, Mr. Robert Laurel Yupangco who is the grandson of former Philippine President Jose P. Laurel. His passion for animals and the environment is reflected throughout his six theme parks in the Philippines where he is known as Mr. Zoo, an empowered and meticulous boss. For more information please log on to www. or call Myra at 09993744679 or JB at 09177939020.


These dogs were believed to help even children with speech and learning difficulties to improve their state. But one notable incident which proved how effective therapy dogs were was during the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut, USA last December 2012. At the tragic shootout where many children and teenagers were injured and perished, most witnesses especially the younger ones were traumatized to speechlessness and shock. In order to relieve the stress and shock, Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) K9 Comfort Dogs based in Illinois took several of their trained retrievers to become therapy dogs. Soon, witnesses were able to speak up and share their experience, the dogs became their constant companion as they retell their stories. LCC K9 leader Tim Hetzner anticipated such outcome, "They're kind of like counselors with fur. They have excellent listening skills, and they demonstrate unconditional love. They don't judge you or talk back,” he says.

Dogs can bark and alarm their masters of suspicious strangers and they can even fetch items you instruct them to get. Some specifically trained dogs can even help in solving crimes – thus the existence of canine units in police departments around the world. But those are not the only things dogs are capable of, dogs can do much more than that and it comes naturally for them – introducing the “therapy dogs”. Started in World War II The history of therapy dogs goes way back in World War II when Corporal William Wynne found a dog in the middle of combat during the Japanese encounter in New Guinea. The corporal named the dog Smoky which he always brought to entertain and accompany him and his troops. But Smoky’s role as the distinguished pet for the troops became more significant when Wynne was hospitalized. His attachment to the dog leads his men to take Smoky for a regular visit at the hospital. However, the dog’s constant visit didn’t just cheer Wynne up, the other wounded and ill soldiers were also motivated and inspired by Smoky. Soon, Smoky was allowed to accompany medical practitioners around the hospital and during these rounds, the dog became a source of hope for the patients. Smoky was the very first recorded therapy dog in history, she continued that job for 12 years since then. Therapy Dog in Catastrophic Events Therapy dogs are generally dogs who are assigned to provide love, compassion and care for human beings in different circumstances. However, they are not necessarily service dogs who do certain tasks – their only task is to give love to people to alleviate pain, sadness and even to provide motivation and salvation.

Yes, most people have tender spots for dogs thus the famous term, “man’s best friend”. Dogs have been the most popular pet in the world for ages and why not? Besides the fact that their adorable features always and most definitely have the ability to soften even the toughest heart, they also perform all sorts of task which relieves their masters of its everyday simple needs.

Therapy Dogs - Medically Recommended But why are dogs, effective counselors and therapists? It is because according to studies unlike other animals, dogs are generally social animals that do not possess xenophobia – or the fear of strangers. According to Brian Hare, director of Duke University's Canine Cognition Center, dogs are actually fond of strangers, most of the time they are much friendlier than human beings. And when humans encounter such welcoming nature, it triggers release of hormones such as oxytocin (hormones which promotes bonding and attachment) and even dopamine (a motivating hormone). Debbie Custance, a psychologist at Goldsmiths College, University of London, based on research and some studies, dogs do exhibit empathy towards people. Although there aren’t too many evidences to strongly support the claim, the study provides a path for further studies. "When humans show us affection, it's quite a complicated thing that involves expectations and judgments … but with a dog, it's a very uncomplicated, non-challenging interaction with no consequences. And if you've been through a hard time, it's lovely to have that,” she further explains. REACH MAGAZINE



Let’s face it, having an active sex life doesn’t literally mean being lustful. In fact, many medical studies revealed how being active doesn’t only help build a lasting relationship, it can actually prolong one’s life. Here are 3 good reasons why: REASON #1

EXERCISE IS A GOOD HABIT Accept the fact that the stuff people do in bed can be physically exhausting thus burns more calories than many expect. Dr. Joseph Pinzone, the medical director of AMAI – an integrated medical and wellness center in USA believes that sex burns 5 calories per minute. And though it may not be as effective as a 30-minute run, it can still get the heart pumping and tone some muscles. REASON #2

IT’S A NATURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER Sexually active people seldom get sick. Based on a study conducted in Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, USA, sexually active people who engage in the activity at least twice a week has a higher level of immunoglobin A (IgA) in their system – the antibody which fights against common colds and flu. REASON #3

GOODBYE TO STRESS AND PHYSICAL PAIN Oxytocin is a hormone secreted by the brain triggered by an orgasm. The said hormone is a calming hormone – it relieves physical pain (no more headaches) and it’s a great stress reliever. In addition to the calming effect of the hormone, it also promotes sleep. And it is a common knowledge that having good quality sleep promotes overall good health.

LOVE IS GOOD FOR THE HEART "There is an idea that relationships can become a protective device against heart disease," says Brooks Gump, a professor in psychology in State University of New York, USA and the lead author of a study with 120 participants wearing blood-pressure monitor for approximately 2 months. The study showed a significant drop in the blood pressure whenever the participants spend time with their partners or spouses. Amusingly, even if the participants were not in a happy relationship, the blood pressure still drops in the presence of their partners. Such findings further concluded that having such connection and familiarity towards the partner 24


caused the pressure to drop because of the secure and predictable environment. An average 1-point drop in the blood pressure, however, is not medically astounding but still significant according to Gump. And with such findings, further study must be done related to health and social behavior.

Furthermore, other studies conducted in several parts of the world including USA and Japan as reported by the National Institute of Medicine in Washington DC, USA says that generally, being in an intimate relationship prolongs life even for a year. On the other hand, people who are isolated reveal interesting health problems which lead to untimely death.


To Drink or not to Drink Alkaline Water Every medical expert will say that drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day can improve health considerably. That was easy to advise before – since water is a very basic thing. Today, however, it’s a different scenario, there are so many types of water today yet the most popular are plain water and alkaline water. Plain water still leads the pack in terms of consumption, except in the Philippines where drinking tap water is medically unadvised. Filipinos drink purified or distilled to ensure the water’s cleanliness and purity. But slowly, alkaline water is also moving the shelves patronized by more health-conscious individuals, but why? Alkaline water is an ionized form of water which is made to be less acidic than most type of water – its main purpose is to alkalize the body’s ph. The ph is a measure of acidity – the lower the ph, the higher the acidity. Moreover, ionized water is created in the form of “micro clusters” which is believed to be easily absorbed by the body. And

as a concept, a ph-balanced body is able to fight off antioxidants – which are the cause of most diseases such as cancer. Director of Water Institute of Japan and heart surgeon Dr. Hiyemitsu Hayashi believes that when it comes to fighting off free radicals or toxins in the body, a healthy and balanced diet packed with essential vitamins and minerals is still the best way. However, some food can also indirectly contribute to bringing free radicals into the system. In this light, Dr. Hayashi recommends, “We believe that reduced water, water with an excess of free electrons to donate to active oxygen, is the best solution.” As of the moment, studies revolving alkaline water remains to be few but there are several studies which prove that it aids in overall health. The bottom line however, is that alkaline water has a potential and though it may require more definitive studies in the future, alkaline water is continuously gaining strong following from the health-conscious market.







t the very sight of Cory Quirino, you couldn’t help but wonder where she found the fountain of youth. It’s very hard not to stare with awe as this woman of poise, beauty and positivity further makes each person fall in love with every word of wisdom that came melodically from her lips. Indeed, Cory is the epitome of how living is supposed to be. And that is to live healthily and positively through the food you eat, the activities you do and the advocacies you work for. REACH magazine’s very own, Angela Herrera sat down with one of the most respected icons in the country.

How does the day usually start for Miss Cory Quirino? I begin my day the same way I end it, with prayer and meditation - that way you calm your mind and spirit so that your body can do what it needs to do for the next day. Then I do my wellness rituals. I practice my oil pulling which is a 500 year-old Ayurvedic practice (ancient traditional medicine native to India – REACH) using sesame oil, but I use coconut oil instead. And swish it inside my mouth for 10 minutes like a mouthwash. The oil acts like a magnet for bacteria in one’s mouth. They do say that the population of bacteria found in one’s mouth is bigger than the population of living people in the world, so that should



always be a cause for concern for healthy living and wellness (and) oil pulling is one wellness ritual I use. After that, I take 2 glasses of water in the morning for cleansing. I place a squeeze of calamansi in the cleansing drink. For breakfast afterwards, I do not eat just anything cooked in the morning, just raw and fresh produce for meals - unlimited portions of fruit and vegetables. That’s how I start my day. And I end my day the same way I started it, taking 2 glasses of water 2 hours before sleeping and my dinner is also raw, fresh food like fruits and vegetables or sashimi. It’s the same thing. I always end my day with meditation and prayer. Three times a week, I am in the gym and if I don’t have time for gym, I jump on my rebounder—a trampoline—in my house every day. I jump on that

100 times minimum. And then I have my treadmill. Eighty percent of my diet is vegetables, so if I fill a plate, 80 percent is vegetables and fruits; and the rest will be carbohydrates and protein but no beef or pork for me. I haven’t eaten meat in 20 years and I don’t miss it.

What is your secret for maintaining beauty and wellness over the years? I think that above all other matters, the most important are to have a calm spirit. And one that is open and loving and forgiving because this is not a perfect world and people are not perfect. So if we expect perfection from everyone around us instead, we will really be very disappointed. So keep a very calm and open spirit and a very loving one. And I thrive on passion and a lot of energy. I have a lot of energy to push my passion forward and make my goals all happen. And that passion helps me going, and it challenges me to remake myself. Everyone is entitled to redefining themselves and I always tell myself everyday that the best is yet to come.

For you what is the most important lesson in health and wellness that you regret you didn’t do when you were younger?


I wish I did not eat beef and pork. Of course, my parents did not know any better about the long term effects on health (of) eating meat. But I still will not give up my fish. Eat natural and local. All food grown locally are fresh and eaten uncooked.

What is up with your recent advocacies and campaigns like managing Miss Philippines? Right now after we’ve won Miss World, Megan Young has given me more work than before. I believe it was no accident that she won Miss World because with the crown she can raise funds for charity and bring the cause of the Philippines to people, wherever she travels in the world. To whoever she speaks with, she can promote an awareness of the plight of the less fortunate in Philippines, especially those devastated by Yolanda. She has a humanitarian mission. Miss World-Philippines has raised a lot of money. She also will visit 45 countries, and as of now she already has a tie-up with the Sun broadsheet in England and people believe in her because kids there are giving 1 pound each for her charity work. She is also the best ambassador for the country right now. The other advocacy I will never give up is to promote health and wellness nationwide. So I speak before big local civic groups and organizations all over the country to promote health and wellness. Because of my radio show at DZMM, which is already 8 years and ranks number 1 in its timeslot; I get to reach more listeners simply because people want to stay healthy and beautiful forever.

What was the recipe for success of Miss World Philippines, Megan Young for winning the crown? I think that to win the Miss World crown for our country is more than just fate - it is destiny. We are just blessed that she joined the Miss Philippines pageant. And if there was any indication of how she would perform, that was it really. She didn’t let us down because everyone had that sense when she was crowned Miss Philippines, she would be the one who would eventually win. Take note that she was the first Miss World (and) there will be a second. (Cory smiles warmly)

How can women excel in a business, an advocacy or a cause? First thing to do is ask yourself what your biggest passion

is. You have to follow your heart and not your head. It will bring you to the right path. Once you are happy with what your passion is you will excel. How would I know that I would end up in health and wellness?

I just loved sharing what I know about health and I also do more research to keep up to date. Even if I do not have the MD title after my name, people are assured of good advice because I share knowledge based on my personal experience. Even groups like the Philippine College of Physicians ask me to speak in their conventions; making me realize that even doctors need to look after their own good health.

Beauty icon Cory Quirino never allowed her journey towards eternal beauty and wellness a mystery. Here are top 3 tips she has shared with her followers over the years.


Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

What is your suggestion for women in their prime so they can age gracefully? I reject the word age as a proper description for maturing. It is not in my vocabulary and I prefer to say that one will unfold like a thousand petals of a lotus, or one will ripen with time like a fruit ready for the picking. This outlook, just because I am a follower of Deepak Chopra’s philosophies and book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, and Gary Zukav’s The Heart of the Soul. These books are my inspiration bibles. And as Deepak Chopra said, “look to the land where no one is old. It is nowhere but in yourself.” (REACH: How young are you now?) Forever young! Just like my best selling series. To explain to you how this works, I have a good friend in the Inquirer, Jaime Licauco, who also has his radio show on DZMM. One day, we decided why don’t we just collaborate on a book: the book we did took 3 years in the making. Finally, it came out in National Bookstore published by Anvil. Our books was called Super Minds, Super Body - it is our first collaboration. To our elation, the book sold out! And we did not even have a formal book launching, showing you how many people are so into health and wellness. They just are so hungry for information. In our book, I reviewed almost 30 diets. At the end of the book, my advice was that the simplest diet of all and the easiest to do; always be (in) moderation rather than thinking of suicide because you are so hungry and can’t eat what you wish. I think that the word diet alone means deprivation.

What is your life statement that can serve as an inspiration for other women out there? Women, especially, are gifted with hearts that are loving; and women have a natural instinct to love unconditionally. My only advice to all is to listen to your heart, and love. Many women forget that love also applies to yourself - how can you give love if you don’t have love in your soul for yourself?

Cory can never be clear enough with this one. She has been one of the most effective advocates of vegetables and fruits. It is rich in enzymes which nourishes the cells in the body to remain strong and healthy. For Cory, every meal must consist of fruits and vegetables or at least consume it five times a day.


Be Active

Exercise is not a myth; in fact, Cory together with every medical and wellness expert recommends everyone to exercise at least 30 minutes everyday. It doesn’t have to be an aggressive one; you can simply walk, jog or even play casual sports with your office mates. As long as you keep your body moving, it’s the best exercise of all.


Be Calm and Sleep

The body repairs itself when we sleep. Cory recommends six to eight hours of sleep everyday for the body to complete its maintenance cycle. Try different relaxing methods if you have difficulty sleeping like meditation as it can calm the nerves, allows focus and improves sleep quality but never resort to taking sleeping pills which is unnatural and can be harmful.



Be Beautiful with


Since its introduction, Oro Gold Cosmetics has unveiled its exclusive 24 Karat Gold Cosmetics line and has been thriving in the market. Oro Gold Cosmetics stores can now be found worldwide, including Canada, Mexico, Dubai, Turkey, Spain, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom, to name a few, and now here in the Philippines with new locations in the works in Italy, France, Japan and countless other countries.


odern technology truly complements history. Centuries ago when minerals and nature’s bounty were the forefront of beauty and cosmetics, one truly stands out as the best beauty ingredient. Gold, according to studies has the many benefits the skin requires. Who wouldn’t want to feel luxury once in a while? Who would have thought that Gold wouldn’t just be as plain as fashion statement? No need to be a queen to get the luxurious feel of pampering. Many thanks to Cleopatra, for what she once did as a beauty ritual is now a beauty regimen we could all enjoy. Under the influence of gold, the skin improves its firmness, regaining elasticity and freshness, enhancing the body's natural responses for healing and regeneration. Throughout history, gold has been recognized for its luxurious and beautifying properties. The anti-aging benefits of gold can be traced back 5,000 years to Queen Cleopatra the last Pharaoh of Egypt, who is known



to have slept in a gold facemask every night to enhance the suppleness of her complexion and preserve its natural luminosity. In ancient Chinese medicine gold was a key to youth, as queens used a gold massage roller on their face every day. These gold facials were also used in ancient Indian cultures and are said to firm the skin, give it a glow and reduce wrinkles. In ancient Rome, the warriors used to put golden compresses on their feet to speed up the healing of battle wounds. Oro Gold Cosmetics has modernized these ancient traditions into a line of cosmetics that is truly timeless - made with real 24 karat gold that is imported from Italy to the United States, and then manufactured in our lab to produce our various Oro Gold series. The beauty products create an effortless transformation that will treat and maintain one’s youth and beauty for years to come.

The fact that Oro Gold is made with real 24 karat gold, in itself sets it apart from other brands in the market. Once you enter into an Oro Gold Cosmetics Store, you will discover an exclusive, beautifully high-end boutique. Unique to the Oro Gold experience are our well-trained sales representatives who will assist the customers in customizing our products to match their beauty needs. A client may comfortably spend as much time in our stores as they need in order to try and sample to their hearts delight, until they find the perfect match for their skin. Oro Gold Cosmetics has developed a customized line of cosmetics that is built into various series, each series serving a separate issue and designed for a different skin type and/or condition. Oro Gold's revolutionary concept, fusing the highest quality ingredients with 24 karat gold has no equal. Oro Gold Cosmetics stands apart from all other high-end cosmetics that are comparative in price and quality.


Tagged as the “most-advanced” technology when it comes to internet connections. In fact, it can reach a download speed of up to 150Mbps and upload speed of 70Mbps.

When it comes to internet connections, the apple of each and everyone’s eye is LTE. Every major network provider in the country is one by one getting in the trend and offering it to their loyal subscribers. Since the hype for LTE is as fresh as it can get, subscribers cannot resist the temptation of signing up for it. But the truth is, not everyone really knows what LTE is.

There are 3 things you ought to know about LTE or Long-Term Evolution: ONE. LTE is 4G (almost!) Although it is tagged as the “most-advanced” technology when it comes to internet connection, it almost did not make it to the 4G listing based on the International Telecommunication Union because its technology does not really go far off from most 3G, just a lot faster. But with careful improvements in the system, finally LTE is considered as a 4G technology. TWO. LTE is not the only 4G Not many realize that LTE is not the only 4G. The truth is - LTE is just one of them. The fourth generation mobile technology standard also includes UMB (Ultra Mobile Broadband) and WiMax. However, the two did not have the same build up and hype as LTE has been graciously given by the network providers. THREE. LTE is fast The term “fast” is actually very subjective. Since LTE is the latest development amongst mobile connections, it is the fastest there is. In fact, it



can reach a download speed of up to 150Mbps and upload speed of 70Mbps. However, since the connectivity still varies on the location of the user and the actual device used, the speed still varies but is generally faster than 3G.

Why is LTE faster than the rest? There is no simpler way of explaining why LTE is faster than Crackberry.Com’s Highway Analogy. Imagine a highway with 5 lanes – that’s how 3G connection works. The more you use the connection doing multi-folds of tasks, the more it gets congested. LTE is a 20-lane highway. It has its own lane for downloading, video streaming, voice calls, and browsing, among others. Since the tasks are organized and categorized properly by the system, the connection continuously flows in and out of the device.




There’s one question that every person asks, who created mankind? And in most cases, it is either resolved by religious beliefs or scientific theories – but the two forms of reasoning almost always contradict each other. But what if there’s reality to both explanations? Is there really a possibility that a god who came from the heavens created mankind with a very advanced knowledge of genetic engineering? If that is so, then maybe, that’s the bridge that links religion and science – and that bridge is none other than the Anunnaki.

However, according to the 12th Planet author Zecharia Sitchin who spent 3 decades of his life studying ancient Sumeria and the Anunnaki. He believed that the Anunnaki were in fact, aliens from the planet Niburu who came here on earth to harvest gold to save their planet. These highly intelligent aliens then realized that mining is a huge task to perform, so they decided to develop beings which directly came from their own DNA to perform such task – and that’s the human race.


But how did Sitchin arrive to such conclusion?

In ancient Mesopotamia, the Anunnaki were Sumerian gods who ruled the earth. They were described as winged giants who came from the heavens. In ancient scriptures, the Anunnaki had a group of younger gods called Igigi who were once slaves and rebelled against the higher gods. In the end, the Anunnaki prevailed and created mankind to take in the tasks of the Igigi. This story is written in the cuneiform tablets dug up by English archaeologist Austen Henry Layard in 1849 which is called Enuma Elis (Babylonian creation myth). Scholars dated the artifact to be written sometime in 1100 BCE.




In religion, gods are usually described as spiritual beings. However, the Anunnaki according to cuneiform tablets dated thousands of years ago are described as physical beings who are giants, winged with large or elongated heads. And fascinatingly, they live for thousands of years. This fact is next to impossible when it comes to the human race life span.

What’s more interesting is that these gods are believed to create the human race similar to them but not so

quite. In fact, the early humans who carried half of the genes of the Anunnaki can live for quite longer than the people of today. One significant proof lies in the Sumerian King List, an ancient manuscript which holds the list of the Sumerian rulers. According to the list, the rulers of those times reign for thousands of years – which are impossible for ordinary human beings. Even the bible speaks of humans like Abraham who lived hundreds of years. Is it possible that these types of people are real and not just myths? And that these people are not regular humans, but a hybrid of the Anunnaki. In 1927, British archaeologist Leonard Woolley found the remains of Sumerian Queen Pu-abi in the city of Ur. The said queen possessed an abnormally large skull, also similar to recovered Egyptian pharaoh and Peruvian mummies. Such physical description is closely related on how ancient manuscripts described the Anunnaki. As of today, further studies revolving Queen Pu-abi’s DNA is ongoing. Another remarkable fact is other ancient civilizations also recognize their respective gods to have come from the heavens – as giants, winged-beings or both.


Every little description points out to the Anunnaki – a god that was recognized by one of the first civilization in the history, the Sumerians.

WHERE ARE THE ANUNNAKI NOW, IF THEY EVER EXISTED? The only question which remains is that if the Anunnaki were in fact real beings, and that they are extraterrestrial creatures who created mankind, where are they now? Why couldn’t archaeologist then and now recover any signs of their existence on earth? The Great Flood may be the culprit of that.

Stories of the Great Flood are all over ancient writings and scriptures; the flood that was responsible in “almost” wiping out the entire world and every living creature that walked on it. But if such event did happen, how come we are still here? From the biblical point of view, the one man we should all be grateful for is Noah and his famous ark. China had the same flood story created by the Supreme Sovereign to wipe out mankind for its misbehavior, only to be saved by Yu, who was born as a horned dragon and a son of a supernatural hero. Even our very own Ifugao have their own version when brother and sister named Wigan and Bugan survived a flood created by angry river gods.

However the stories were told, only one fact remains: the Great Flood is not a myth but a real event which happened. Also in the late 1920’s, Woolley who was heading an advance excavation in Iraq recovered sedimentary deposits which reveals that a flood really did occur during 2900 BCE. And during this time, it was King Ziusudra, a Sumerian king who survived the flood believed to be guided by Enki, an Anunnaki god. According to the Great Flood story in the ancient cuneiform tablet, the Anunnaki brothers, Enki and Enlil were the supreme rulers of the time. But as the human race started to procreate and misbehave, the god Enlil had enough of it and decided to initiate a plan to end mankind. Enki, on the other hand, had an attachment to the race and decided to instruct then-king Ziusudra to create a vessel which will save him and the rest of his family. The story is highly similar to the biblical Noah’s Ark story, but this was written way back – giving the notion that the biblical story was inspired by the Sumerian legend nonetheless. The universality of the Great Flood story, however, sparks up a much deeper conclusion – that indeed, the Anunnaki purposely erased any evidence of their existence on earth. It may be the reason why there had been no living proof that the Anunnaki existed

as physical beings. But confusingly, even without the physical evidence, the mere idea that all civilization myths, legends and beliefs have similar descriptions of a god and the Great Flood event, one might conclude that the Anunnaki are real. And if they are, are they really extraterrestrial? Should we start believing that we are indeed not alone in the universe after all?

“The universality of the Great Flood story, however, sparks up a much deeper conclusion – that indeed, the Anunnaki purposely erased any evidence of their existence on earth.”




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ASUS VivoTab Note 8 Windows 8.1 Tablet with Professional Wacom Digitizer Stylus

This new breed of ultraportable device has a two-part dockable design that can be used by one person as a laptop, or by two people as a separate tablet and desktop PC. With the ability to switch between Windows 8 and Android at the press of a button, Transformer Book Trio offers unmatched three-in-one flexibility for users who want the best of all mobile worlds.

The 8-inch tablet designed for one-handed use and featuring powerful Intel Atom Z3740 ‘BayTrail’ processor is a Windows 8.1 tablet featuring a professional Wacom® digitizer stylus, making it the best pen-based tablet for productivity or creativity. Designed for professionals and students alike and bundled with Microsoft® Office Home and Student, which includes Microsoft WordTM, Excel TM, PowerPoint TM and OneNoteTM, VivoTab Note 8’s light 380g weight and the ability to use it one-handed make it an ideal mobile productivity tool. With slim bezels, a high-definition IPS display and an elegant design it deserves pride of place in any business or educational environment.

Dual processors and dual operating systems ASUS Transformer Book Trio features a sleek and durable metallic design, and is powered by a 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor for seamless multi-tasking performance and outstanding energy efficiency in Windows 8 laptop mode. When it’s time for entertainment to take over from productivity, the 11.6-inch display detaches from the ‘PC Station’ keyboard dock for use as a multi-touch Android tablet with its own Intel Atom™ dual-core processor and up to 64GB of solid-state storage.

The VivoTab Note 8 is powered by the latest Intel® Atom™ Z3740 processor for a perfect balance between multitasking performance and outstanding energy efficiency. With up to 8 hours battery life, VivoTab Note 8 can last for a working day before it needs to be recharged. And with 2GB of memory, up to 64GB of solid-state storage plus the ability to use up to 64GB microSD cards, there is all the space you need for your apps and files. Accessing your data on the move is simple, too, thanks to one year’s worth of unlimited ASUS WebStorage.

ASUS Transformer Book Trio ‘Three-in-one’




Planet earth is slowly dying but it doesn’t mean giving up on it is the option. There are plenty of ways on how to save the environment without splurging on money. The best option is to identify a cost-effective way or alternative to the regular things at home and turn it into something eco-friendly. Here are a few of REACH UNLIMITED KNOWLEDGE’s tips on going green at home! Re-Use Water Conserving water by turning shut the faucet while brushing your teeth instead of letting it flow may be one way, but most importantly, you should learn to re-use water. For instance, in doing the laundry, you may use the soaped water to clean the garage floor or even the dog cages (if you have a dog). You may also use it for toilet flushing instead of using the flush. You may also collect rain water in a sturdy container with cover (be sure to cover it so the mosquitoes won’t breed in it). Use the collected water for watering the plants or even for cleaning.

hours to make sure the kids are already asleep. By the time the timer goes off, the kids won’t even notice that the lights are out. If this doesn’t work, you can also get an automatic night light that only turn on when it’s dark, and automatically shuts off when it’s bright.

Open the Window Allow the sun to naturally brighten your home. Not only do you get to save energy, the morning sun looks way better as a source of light for your home. You may also allow the air to circulate around the house. In fact, allowing air come in may also serve good in preventing the walls from molds. It takes the moisture away and dries up the walls.

Switch to Online Payment Not only do you save paper every time you switch to paying it online, you also get to limit your carbon footprint since you don’t have to drive just to pay your obligations. And it does save you from the clutter of bills which keeps piling up!

Time to Unplug There are several things in the house you wouldn’t mind to unplug – like the Wifi router or the lights. If the kids are scared to sleep in the dark, consider getting a light adaptor with timer. Before you sleep at night, set the timer a few 36


Read the Labels There are already a lot of household things which are eco-friendly like cleaners and light bulbs. Make it a habit to read labels and choose the things which can help save the world – in their own right. You may also use a lot less tissue rolls by being mindful of how you use it. It wouldn’t just save the planet; it can also save you some bucks.

Leave Your Shoes You may not know this, but leaving your shoes outside the house may save you more a lot than you think – just provide a nice shoe rack to keep your shoes safe. Leaving your shoes means less cleaning up the floors from mud or unnecessary tracks. Since your floor won’t be having many stains, you can just use a broom to sweep off dust and clean it with a rag or mop after – less scrubbing and wiping.

Lastly, get Creative Everyone’s doing it now – recycled art. Re-create a used bottle as a decorative piece at home. Make a coin bank out of the juice can. Used food plastic can be re-used for trash bins. Turn a damaged tire into an outdoor coffee table. When it comes to art, the possibilities are endless – you just have to think outside-the-box. It’s good to exercise your mind every now and then.


Carbon Footprint simply means the amount of greenhouse gases you produce each day whether directly or indirectly. Greenhouse gases are made of harmful components such as carbon dioxide and methane, among others. And though the exact amount of greenhouse gases would depend on many factors, there are several online services which can help you measure approximately the greenhouse gases you emit to the planet. This way, you are able to learn if you need to do some more changes to do your part in saving the world.


There is a world where arts and literature merge; where illustrations come to life and tell a story.

This is Imaginarium. Be hooked with Imaginarium and its installments created by local KOMIKON artists only here at REACH Magazine. Catch it also at our website, just log on to

SN Ultra is a mall often crowded with a lot of people. One of the reasons why is that they always host different events like anime conventions, which are popular among cosplayers. This is the story of a new elevator operator, who meets the most bizaare people on her way the top and last floors of the mall... (wait, could “that” actually be part of the mall?!)

“The Elevatress”, story and art by internationally published artist, Jayron Zapanta!




World Gamefowl Expo – A Blockbuster Hit The people had spoken; the line to the expo was, without exaggeration, a blockbuster! Even a few hours before the formal opening of gates, gamefowl aficionados flew in from all over the archipelago to witness and experience one of the biggest events of the industry. Now on its 4th year, the World Gamefowl Expo which happened last January 17 – 19, 2014 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City is continuously gaining appreciation and popularity as proven by the hundreds or even thousands of guests that attended. However, it was truly anticipated to be a hit since gamefowl experts such as Dante Hinlo; and Honey Yu for B-MEG Integra presented a conditioning seminar which the hobbyist enjoyed.



More than the free seminars, gamefowls were not the only ones exhibited during the event, even industry manufacturers and distributors of cages, incubators, feeds and even medical supplies and other equipment also participated in the event. It was truly a one-stop-shop of the cockfighting industry which according to expo organizer Worldexco president Raquel Romero is part of the Filipino culture that is a billion-peso worth and provided many employment opportunities for the country. The event became more exciting when exhilarating prizes which includes actual gamefowls were raffled off to many of the lucky guests, along with other fun prizes. But the crowd grew ecstatic when a trip to the USA was given away as well.


Soar High at the

World Pigeon Expo Another winged-celebrity had a spotlight at World Trade Center last January 17 – 19, 2014 in Pasay City. The very first World Pigeon Expo was held simultaneously with the World Gamefowl Expo to entice and excite not only race pigeon and show pigeon fanciers but also the general public in appreciating pigeons as a very glamorous and poised creature. During the expo, many of the different species of pigeons were showcased and competed for the Philippine Fancy Pigeon Federation organized competition. But aside from the show birds on display, pigeon fanciers were also offered a selection of pigeons for sale at expo rate. However, one of the highlights of the event was a free seminar by master breeder Jaime Lim who shared his knowledge and skills in pigeon sports. As soon as Lim spoke of the many tips and advices behind the sports, pigeon aficionados and guests lingered by every word – which only goes to show how the sports is truly gaining popularity in the Philippines. Lim also shared casual talks among his fellow breeders and fanciers during the event. The expo also had a complete set of exhibitors which offers not only different types of pigeons and loft needs, there were also feeds and supplement exhibitors present during the event.




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See Hannah

The Subic Grand Seas Resort Subic’s Finest Beach Getaway When the weekends start to look like a repeating montage of bringing the family to the mall, shopping, eating out, more malls and more of the city’s weekend craze, one can’t help but yearn for a little breather, away from smog and the sea of people. Even for the hard bred among us, the city may get too fast and too quick. We yearn for the next long weekend to getaway, but our palpitating, caffeine-fueled hearts may not survive the rush until then. So we hit the spa, scour the city’s pools, soak up the urban sun and dream of the sand between our toes, which, frankly, is barely enough. Two and a half hours from Manila lies an answer to our thirst. A new resort opens its doors wide open with everything we imagine our weekend getaway to be. The Subic Grand Seas Resort sits on the quiet shore of the Baretto Beach, far from the hustle and bustle, yet just five minutes from the Subic Freeport Zone. The resort strikes a laid back chord with Bali-inspired architecture and modern, chic interior touches, inviting you to kick off your city shoes, slip into your flip flops and indulge in the feeling that only sand and sun can bring. Whatever it is you’re up for on your getaway, you only have to ask for it. Delight in the warm sun by the beach or get a massage. Make your way to the infinity pool for a calm dip or, if you’re feeling rather bold, try the water sports, like jet skiing, the banana boat or the bus bump. If you’re up for some family bonding, join your kids in rapturous enjoyment as they wade away in the kiddie pool.

Perfect for your celebrations, without having to make your guests travel too far, revel in the sun, sand and sea on your special days.

standards of luxury, comfort and safety. Choose between the Double Deluxe rooms with a queen size bed or the Twin Deluxe with two single beds. All rooms, as a standard, come with complimentary breakfast for two, a mini bar, cable LCD TV, NDD/IDD access, a safety deposit box and an electronic card locking system for your security and peace of mind. All guests checked in are entitled to exclusive use of the infinity and kiddie pools, the veranda and the beachfront. The Subic Grand Seas Resort is perfect for your celebrations as well. Without having to make your guests travel too far, revel in the sun, sand and sea on your special days. The Subic Grand Seas Resort is also merely steps from the Immaculate Conception Church. Taking the celebration from the altar to the beachfront in just minutes is not only very convenient, it’s also breathtakingly divine. Work doesn’t quite feel like work when you’re at the beach, so take your office seminars, trainings and outings to the Subic Grand Seas Resort. The sundeck provides a perfect venue for your teambuilding activities and with the wide array of activities, there’s something that everyone will enjoy. The proximity of Subic to the city coupled with its inherent tranquility make it nothing short of a perfect location for a beach resort. With an excellent team running the show and a resort with exceptional standards for leisure, the Subic Grand Seas Resort can truly boast of being Subic’s finest getaway. It’s definitely not one to miss.

Sleep well and dream sweet in Subic Grand Seas Resort’s accommodations designed to suit your





launches KPop Idol Search Peoples Television Network Incorporated (PTV4) in partnership with HBKOR, Inc. launched last February 7, 2014 at the Isabella Ballroom, Shangri-La Makati the upcoming talent search show dubbed as KPop Idol Search. The contest is open to Filipinos ages 14 to 35 years old, male or female that can sing, dance and are born to perform. Interested performers must not be affiliated with any management companies and without previous recording contracts – locally or internationally. The prizes include a 6-month intensive training in South Korea and a 5-year exclusive performing arts contract with a Korean company. For inquiries: contact KIS Pinoy National Secretariat at (02) 551 – 6835 or log on to

A Creative Hand is a Helping Hand:

Rizal Arts Festival Exhibit It was a fun-filled day for the Reach Magazine team having had a chance to meet and greet the artists of Rizal during their arts month celebration. The Province of Rizal in partnership with various local artists of the province launched the Rizal Arts Festival Exhibit last February 4, 2014 in SM Taytay, Rizal. The exhibit showcases works from local provincial artists who donated their talents and time to create masterpieces in the name of arts and charity. The proceeds of the exhibit will be donated to the survivors of typhoon Yolanda. The event was supported and graced by the presence of Mayor Remedios L. Petilla of Palo, Leyte; Rizal Governor Rebecca Ynares and Mayor Janet De Leon Mercado of Taytay, Rizal.



PTV4 general manager Cleo Dongga-as claims that K-Pop Idol Search will help the young Filipino to achieve world-class stature, and be marketable worldwide. Dongga-as thus call on all individuals and entities to set in motion a national campaign to draw the “Pinoy” K-Pop hopefuls to an opportunity to excel in the entertainment industry as world-class performing artists.

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owerful, festive and loud – that can sum up the celebration which happens every Spring Festival, the beginning of the Lunar year or most commonly known as the Chinese New Year. It is highly expected that hundreds of people will be celebrating and dancing together to commemorate the festivities: and no, the Chinese won’t be the only ones doing so especially here, in the Philippines. Pinoys have a knack for believing in traditions, predictions and superstitions, since many believe it wouldn’t hurt to try anyway. And since Filipinos really have adapted a big chunk of the Chinese culture into our own, it’s inevitable not to join the celebration. For this year, the beginning of the lunar calendar falls on the 31st of January 2014 or the year of the Wood Horse will be one rollercoaster ride for many as the energetic features of the horse will surely be vibrant throughout the year. According to Feng Shui expert Johnson Michael Chua in one of his interview, “If we work hard, just like the horse, there is wealth to be made, but we need to avoid negativity and conflicts for this to realize.” Since 46


the horse is also perceived as a practical animal, Chua also advises people not to be impulsive when it comes to decision-making – as the main objective for this year is to gain stability while keeping a good sight of the opportunities. It is also suggested that people should surround themselves with people - seeking advises and opinions from them and maintaining good relationships with them too, like a horse which is a very sociable animal.

Negativity though is still very obvious throughout the year mainly associated with the horse’s competitive nature. It can attract envy and jealousy which can result to conflicts. And since the wood is the focal element, according to experts in order to achieve balance this year, the colors blue (represents water) and yellow (represents earth) are considered lucky since it eases out the energy of the metal and fire elements.

However, though experts perceive the year to be a year of financial wealth especially for those who are born under the same zodiac and element, it is also favorable for those born on the year of Tiger, Boar, Dragon and Snake. It can also be mildly positive for Ox, Sheep and Monkey signs.

In preparation of the coming festivities, Chua suggests the best possible way to welcome it is with family and friends while sharing a meal together. He also recommends placing a basket of five types of round fruits with five pieces each, although if one type is a large one, a piece would be enough. The fruit basket along with other lucky magnets such as grains of rice to represent abundance and a mystic knot for stability, among others are just some ways to achieve balance and attract positivity for the year ahead.

But since the element this coming year is wood – which reflects solidity or unbending nature, it may also be reflected throughout the year the stiffness of situations. But it doesn’t mean that it is such a bad things especially mixed with fire, as wood allows the fire to last longer. It just means that with hard work, 2014 can be a prosperous year.

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