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LVAD OR Left Ventricular Assist Device is a


mechanical heart pump designed to help the


heart pump blood throughout the body. Unlike an

would not be strong enough to pump the blood





The LVAD is implanted below the heart with its entrance attached to the left ventricle and its exit connected to the aorta (the main blood vessel carrying blood from the heart to the body). Blood flows from the heart into the pump. A small electric motor in the pump drives a rotor (similar to a propeller) inside the pump that pushes the blood into the aorta and out to the body. A flexible tube passes through the patient’s skin and connects the implanted pump to a small controller worn outside the body. The controller is powered either by batteries or connected by means of a power supply to a standard household electrical power outlet.



+HDUW0DWH ,, is one of the most advance

repair) while only 11% of the HeartMate

devices of its kind to treat heart failure

XVE met the endpoint. Complications


were comparable in the HeartMate II

approved by the U.S. Food and Drug

LVAS and HeartMate XVE groups.

Administration (FDA) for advanced heart failure. This device has already provided

However, just like any major

over 20,000 people with improved health

surgery, there are risks involved

and allowing them to reclaim their lives.

with the surgery to implant LVAD. There are also risks

A clinical trial of this device involved 200

and complications with the

randomized patients at 38 investigational

device itself, such as bleeding,

centers. The clinical study showed that

infections, stroke and worst

the HeartMate II LVA System (LVAS) was

case, even death.

superior to the HeartMate XVE which was developed and tested in 1991 by Thermo Cardiosystems, Inc. in Texas Heart Institute. Approximately 46% of the HeartMate II patients met the two-year primary endpoint (survival free from disabling stroke or device replacement or





The Heavens Move According to the Song of the Angels

CELESTIAL ASTROLOGY in addition to Feng Shui astrological birth-sign readings, there may be a MORE interesting way of telling your celestial fortune. An astrological method derived by western mystic-mathematicians using sacred geometry divinations and music theory, notably Pythagoras from Greece, DQG UHͤQHG E\ DVWURORJHU -RKDQQHV Kepler. The Music of the Spheres.

MUSICA UNIVERSALIS Each of the heavenly bodies, from sun to moon, to planets and stars have a musical note assigned to them based on their position in the heavens at any given moment. Planetary alignments are said to be equal to a harmonic melody or a song, as they move in the heavens. The alignment of the planets at the time of one's birth are said to create a divinelyinspired song that is your Earth-soul's own unique celestial imprint. This song ZDV GHͤQHG E\ -RKDQQHV .HSOHU DV D RESONANCE. Resonance mysticalreadings were an exclusive fortune telling method for rich patrons during the Renaissance. Interesting?

A DIVINE GEOMETRY OF THE HEAVENS MEASURED IN MUSIC Musical notes as a translation of the great celestial movements of the planets ZHUH RULJLQDOO\ GHͤQHG E\ 3\WKDJRUDV and used as a mystical-clockwork representation of the structure of the universe with the Earth at the center of everything, notably by Greek philosophers in antiquity. Advanced, pre-historic science and technology supposedly worked off the theory that every element in nature had its individual keynote and if these elements are combined using sound emulation the result is a chord that can disintegrate any material compound into its basic parts or fuse any ingredient elements into a new material. 7KH VWRU\ RI WKH ZDOOV RI -HULFKR collapsing when the trumpets of Israel were sounded may not just be a 12


Kepler's Harmonices Mundi Found on: File:Harmonices_Mundi_0001-lg.jpg

THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES AS THE SPARK FOR SCIENCE By associating music with planetary orbits and alignments, Pythagoras invented western science. Accurately measuring a distinct relationship between the length of each planet's position in the heavens with musical tones, Pythagoras PDGH WKH ͤUVW NQRZQ UHGXFWLRQ RI D quality (sound) into a quantity (length and ratio)--using observation and measurement to note facts and deriving truths from the process. The harmonic scale by which the planets and the stars can be measured is marked as follows: From the sphere of the earth to the sphere of the moon; one tone. From the sphere of the moon to that of Mercury, one half-tone. From Mercury to Venus, one-half. From Venus to the sun, one and one-half tones. From the sun to Mars, one tone. From Mars to Jupiter, one-half tone. From Jupiter to Saturn, one-half tone. )URP 6DWXUQ WR WKH ͤ[HG VWDUV RQH KDOI WRQH


mythical fable but a simple observation RI WKH DUFDQH VLJQLͤFDQFH RI NH\QRWH resonance as powerful instruments that can either harmonize (heal) or destroy (disintegrate). Another reinforcing note: *RG KDV VHYHQ 6HUDSKLP >VL[ ZLQJHG ͤUH

dragons] singing a polyphonic hymn as they fly around his throne, and they sing so that the heavens move in sync and the fabric of reality holds together—as described in the Book of Enoch from the Hebrew Bible.

The Harmonices Mundi was published LQ E\ -RKDQQHV .HSOHU ZKHUH KH GHͤQHG WKH 7KLUG /DZ RI 3ODQHWDU\ Motion—planets move at an ellipse and not perfect circles—faster towards the sun and slower away from the sun. Using sacred geometry calculations, WKH DVWURORJHU ͤUVW GHULYHG D WKHRU\ RI musical harmony matching the planetary alignments before concluding his Third Law of Planetary Motion.




Working off Pythagoras' own harmonic system, a belief in perfectly circular planetary intervals creating perfect monotones, Kepler's more accurate measurements of the elliptical planetary FRQͤJXUDWLRQV WUDQVODWHG LQWR FRQVWDQWO\ changing polyphonic chords and harmonies—a Song of the Heavens—for whatever planetary alignment in place recorded by the observer.

A SONG OF THE HEAVENS Kepler called this song a Resonance: a 'celestial imprint' for each earth-soul.

Based on a 'snapshot' of the heavenly bodies at the time of birth, each human soul had a unique and divine Resonance. As part of his income as an astrologer, Kepler derived the celestial song at the time of birth among the superstitious royalty and sophisticated cognoscenti of his time, and used it to fund his astrological research and publishing his books. The masses had to settle for the astrological zodiac for their own fortune telling whims.

More celestial songs could probably be derived for any person over the course of their lives. Derivations of divine resonances IRU VSHFLͤF GDWHV WR FRPH PD\ HYHQ EH possible, but that may already be a lost art as no one actively practices Resonance astrology today, most preferring the hipster, Eastern Oriental feng-shui astrological readings instead.

PROOF OF INTELLIGENT DESIGN The concept of a universal harmony of the cosmos gives more credence to an intelligent design of a Divine Creator rather than the current theory of organized chaos coming together, as explained by Cosmos (Carl Sagan) fanatics—an oblivion-zen, jigsaw puzzle assembling itself. Modern science can actually derive each planet's actual sound in space: the NASA Kepler space telescope can accurately measure the sizes and ages of distant SODQHWV DQG VWDUV ͤYH WLPHV EHWWHU WKDQ any other method just by listening to the sounds they make using light spectrometry to derive a planet's tonal harmonic.

Music of the Spheres Kepler Notes 14


A Look At The Past And Present Of This Charming Town %< 5,==$ /,*$<$ $/2

aguna boasts of towns with rich cultural heritage and bountiful natural wonders. One of the towns that offer a good mix of culture, history and natural resources, is the town of Nagcarlan. Situated at the foothills of Mount Banahaw and Mount San Cristobal, Nagcarlan is considered the biggest among upland municipalities of the Laguna. It is located 103 kilometers from Manila and 16 kilometers from San Pablo City, one of the major cities of the province. Meanwhile, Nagcarlan is 21 kilometers from Laguna’s capitol, Sta. Cruz.

“ANA KALANG”, “NAGKAKALANG”, “NAGKANLONG” The town existed during the pre-Spanish period; however, without a formal name. It was only during the Spanish occupation



ZKHQ WKH WRZQ RIͤFLDOO\ KDG LWV QDPH Mayor Nelson M. Osuna, the present mayor of the municipality of Nagcarlan recounted interesting stories of how Nagcarlan got its name. According to Mayor Osuna, there are at least three versions of how Nagcarlan conceived its name. 7KH ͤUVW YHUVLRQ RI WKH VWRU\ ZDV WKDW the town was named after Ana Kalang, a native woman who wore a golden salakot (wide-brimmed hat) and carried a golden cane. She was popular in the town because she possessed great wealth and owned a house built on a vast tract of land. She shared her wealth by contributing a ORW LQ WKH FRQVWUXFWLRQ RI WKH ͤUVW FKXUFK LQ the town. It was also believed that she had a stone road paved from the church to her

residence. Sometime in 1752, the town’s parish priest decided to name the town “Nagkarlang” in honor of Ana Kalang. The second version of the story was that Ana Kalang also known as “Ana Panalangin” or “Nana Clara” ruled the town. Despite her wealthy status, she was generous, kind and pious. Her generosity and leadership qualities won the heart of the townspeople. Thus, the Spanish colonizers of the town befriended Ana Kalang in order to earn the respect of the townsmen. Whenever the Spaniards visited Doña Ana’s residence, they always heard squeaking sound from the backyard. When


Im Important P People, Dates aand Places in tthe History of N Nagcarlan Gat Lakilaw – he is a valiant datu who ruled the town before the Spanish invasion.

NAGCARLAN AT A GLANCE “Cool breeze, clean flowing brooks, lush hills and mountains, and sweet Lanzones,� this is how Mayor Osuna described his beloved town today. b

they th hey a asked sked sk ed dw what hatt w was as th that hat sound, DoĂąa Ana would respond “Nagkakalang ang mga puno ng kawayanâ€? (The bamboo trees are swaying and hitting one another). These Spaniards mispronounced “nagkakalangâ€? as “Nagkarlangâ€?; hence, the name of the town. The third version of the story was believed to happen during the pre-Spanish occupation. People of the town was living peacefully in barangays when a news broke that white men armed with rifles arrived and camped at Laguna Lake. Learning this situation, the townsmen prepared themselves for any eventuality. Then, Spaniards came to the town and were escorted with some Filipinos who acted as scouts. When they invaded the WRZQ DQG ͤUHG WKHLU JXQV WRZQVPHQ UDQ to Talahibang River and hid behind tall Talahib grass. The Filipino scouts told the Spaniards what the townsmen were doing that time. They described their act as “Nakanlong sila sa talahibanâ€? (They covered behind the talahib grass). Since then, the place was called “Nagkanlongâ€?. Later on, the Spaniards corrupted the word into “Nagcarlanâ€?.

With a total population of 68,473 (BMIS W Survey 2014), Nagcarlan has 52 barangays, S three are urban while the remaining 49 are tth h rural. This municipality has a total land area of 8,268 hectares, with ninety percent of the total land area is devoted to agriculture. Agricultural crops found in this area include coconut, rice, lanzones, rambutan, santol, citrus, avocado, bananas, vegetables and other root crops. Other than agriculture, sources of income of Nagcarlan come from poultry, hog raising, butchery, meat trading, meat processing, sweetened fruit preserves, cut IORZHU SURGXFWLRQ SXULͤHG GULQNLQJ ZDWHU and cottage industries. Nagcarlan is also known to have a long standing tradition of butchering carabaos as well as eating and selling carabeef. This tradition makes Nagcarlan unique from other towns in Laguna. The climate condition of this municipality has two season: dry and wet. Temperature is slightly higher than Baguio but much lower compared to Manila. Mayor Osuna revealed that this municipality, unknown to many, experiences several rains throughout the year.

Fray Tomas de Miranda – a Spanish priest who held the distinction of EULQJLQJ WKH ͤUVW VHHGV RI ZKHDW LQ 1DJFDUODQ 7KHVH VHHGV ZHUH WKH ͤUVW ever sowed in the Philippine soil. Fray Juan de Plasencia and Fray Diego Oropesa – Franciscan missionaries who led in spreading Christianity in Nagcarlan. Diccionario Hispano-Tagalog Ě° WKLV ͤUVW dictionary was written in the town of Nagcarlan by Fray Juan de Plasencia, a Franciscan missionary in 1579. Costumbres de los Tagalog – this was a manuscript written by Fray Juan de Plasencia that served as guide for the Alcades Mayorer for effective and righteous governance Gaspar Calupa Ě° KH ZDV WKH ͤUVW appointed gobernadorcillo in 1595 by Don Juan Banol, the Alcalde Mayor of Laguna. He served the town of Nagcarlan until 1687. Fray Vicente Velloc – a Franciscan missionary who served as Nagcarlan’s parish priest for twenty years. He led the construction of Nagcarlan Underground &HPHWHU\ ZKLFK XVHG DV H[FOXVLYH EXULDO ground for Spanish Friars. January 1, 1919 – this was the day when the eight barrios namely Antipolo, Entablado, Talaga, Maiton, Laguan, Pauli, Tuy and Pook seceded from Nagcarlan and became a new municipality now known as Rizal, Laguna.



More than its vast natural resources, Nagcarlan is also famous for its historical landmark, the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery. “This cemetery is a unique historical landmark [as this is] the only one of its kind in the Philippines,â€? said Mayor Osuna. Mayor Osuna also takes pride of Nagcarlan’s religious tourism. One of the oldest churches in the country known as St. Bartholomew Church stands still in the town. Every August 24 and 25, guests and devotees come in this church to FHOHEUDWH WKH DQQXDO WRZQ ͤHVWD DV ZHOO DV participate the tradition of “Paliguan ni San Diegoâ€? in honor St. Diego of Alcala. They believe that every visit to the place yearly will bring promised blessings of good health and longevity. Moreover, every Friday, hundreds of GHYRWHHV IORFN WR WKH 6KULQH RI 6W -RVHSK in Barangay Sinipian and Barangay Balimbing to offer prayers and whisper their petitions to the Holy Family, especially WR 6W -RVHSK $IWHU RIIHULQJ WKHLU SUD\HUV and petitions, devotees are greeted with wide array of native delicacies like galang-galang, tikoy sa bumbong, minukmok, bibingka, maruya, maja blanca and puto. One cannot resist these food stalls as visiting to the Shrine is never 18


complete without a taste of Barangay Balimbing and Sinipian’s countryside delicacies. Despite the predominance of Roman Catholic, other townspeople of Nagcarlan belong to other religions such as Philippine ,QGHSHQGHQW &KXUFK $JOLSD\DQ -HKRYDKĚľV Witness, Iglesia ni Cristo, Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Born Again Christians and Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons). Aside from its religious festivals, Nagcarlan LV NQRZQ IRU LWV ͤUVW QRQ UHOLJLRXV IHVWLYDO in Laguna, the Ana Kalang Festival. This festival happened every third Wednesday of April to the ensuing Sunday when they promote town’s vegetable and cottage industries, encourage tourism in the municipality and foster rich cultural heritage.

INDUSTRIOUS AND WELCOMING: NAGCARLANGINS’ BEST TRAITS People of Nagcarlan are known as “Nagcarlangins�. We asked the good mayor about the distinctive traits of most Nagcarlangins, he cited two best traits that they possessed. Nagcarlangins are industrious people. According to Mayor Osuna, in the 1940’s, the National Government offered public lands for acquisition under the Homestead Program.

1DJFDUODQJLQV ZHUH WKH ͤUVW RQHV WR VHWWOH and cultivate homestead lands in Famy, Santa Maria, Mabitac and Siniloan in Laguna as well as Infanta and Real in Quezon province. At present, the Nagcarlangins who own properties in these municipalities remain their ties with their kin in Nagcarlan. Many of them have chosen to remain residents of Nagcarlan. Nagcarlangins are welcoming people. They accommodate and entertain their visitors well. “We would do everything to make visitors feel special,â€? said Mayor Osuna. Learning and understanding the past and the present state of Nagcarlan, what will be WKH IXWXUH RI WKLV FKDUPLQJ WRZQ ͤYH \HDUV after? Mayor Osuna gladly answered, “I see Nagcarlan as a municipality that follows the footsteps of Lucban, Quezon in terms of how its local festival has become an effective vehicle in transforming the town’s economic landscape and in bringing about social development. It is my vision to replicate the Lucban experience here in my own town; therefore, I hope that we can also accelerate Nagcarlan’s economic development by way of the Ana Kalang Festival.â€? Now, traversing Nagcarlan, is such a delightful experience, after all.


Event Components of Ana Kalang Festival Arko-Tekto Contest

Pamana ng Lahi

Participated in by the eight (8) districts of sangguniang barangays in Nagcarlan, this exhibit showcases the talent of the Nagcarlangins in creating replicas of historical, man-made structures. The challenge is on how to come up with realistic reproduction of chosen structures using dried LQGLJHQRXV PDWHULDOV IRU ͤQLVKLQJ DQG GHFRUDWLRQ

Traditionally, the PamanangLahi is a showcase of old furniture, images, and all sorts of priceless wares borrowed from prominent families of Nagcarlan for the visitors’ H\HV WR IHDVW RQ GXULQJ WKH ͤYH GD\ FHOHEUDWLRQ %XW WR celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Festival, this year’s PamanangLahi will feature select photos of the Festival across its 25-year history.

Kalang-Kalang Contest 3DUWLFLSDWHG LQ E\ WKH ͤIW\ WZR EDUDQJJD\V LQ Nagcarlan, the Kalang-Kalang is a contest and exhibit of giant statues 10-feet high, made of indigenous materials and embellished with fruits and vegetables. All entries are displayed around the festival site.

Igkas Tekno - Musik Birit

Aninag (AningNagcarlan) and Pinaka-Lang Exhibits

Paigkasan (Street Dancing Competition)

A colorful display of the town’s agricultural produce set in the serenity of the Philippine countryside, as well as a vegetable trading post where one can purchase fresh fruits, vegetables and cut flowers at very low prices

A highly-anticipated event, this competition tests the ingenuity and creativity of the Nagcarlangins in creating dance movements that depict local way of life and using costumes made of indigenous materials.

Bihis Ana Kalang

Angkasan (Aning Kasaganaan sa Nagcarlan) Float Contest

Local fashion designers are pitted against each other in creating long gowns made of dried plant and animal parts available from Nagcarlan environs. Entries to the competition are worn by the town’s freshest faces during a much-anticipated fashion show and award ceremonies.

A synchronized song and dance contest relevant to the sounds of the times, IgkasTekno-MusikBirit is a golden opportunity to share the Nagcarlangin and the Lagunense talents to a big crowd of spectators

Participated in by local commercial establishments and NGOs, the ANGKASAN enlivens the festival grand parade on the last day thru colorful land floats.

Bb. Ana Kalang Bihis Kalang-Kalang Students from nine secondary schools in Nagcarlan compete for prestige and cash prizes in an on-the-spot doll-dressing contest using indigenous materials. Spectators get the chance to witness how very young fashion enthusiasts skillfully transform raw materials from the countryside into elegant, full-length formal wear.

Lukayuan Young and adult clowns and jesters from Nagcarlan, all garbed in fancy or amusing costumes, perform hilarious DFWV DORQJ WKH URXWH RI WKH JUDQG SDUDGH RQ WKH ͤQDO GD\ DV they compete for cash prizes awarded to the best comedy acts. Reminiscent of the age-old tradition of “lukayuan” during Santacruzan processions in the municipality, this FRQWHVW DLPV DW SUHVHUYLQJ D VLJQLͤFDQW HOHPHQW RI WKH town’s cultural heritage.

A traditional event where the fairest ladies of the town compete for the title Ms. Ana Kalang – the epitome of beauty, kindness, piety and generosity.

Gabi ng Barangay $ VSHFLDO QLJKW GHGLFDWHG IRU DOO EDUDQJD\ RIͤFLDOV DQG barangay volunteers of Nagcarlan, the Gabi ng Barangay aims to reward everyone who has worked hard for the success of the Festival through a get-together of sorts with live entertainment, raffle prizes, and lots of merry-making.

Street Party A venue for the young and the young-at-heart to relax, share stories, and drink with friends while being entertained by the hottest upcoming bands.

That's My Horse A horse-dressing competition



Nagcarlan's Hidden Gems %< 5,==$ /,*$<$ $/2

ummertime has just arrived. If you are looking for peculiar spots to visit this hot season, \RX ZLOO ͤQG WKHP LQ WKH P\VWLTXH WRZQ of Nagcarlan. Nagcarlan offers several tourist attractions that you cannot afford to miss. Whether you are an adventurous kind of traveler, a history buff or just a plain tourist, you can navigate the town with much delight. Explore these hidden treasures and discover the mystery behind these places.

Franciscan missionary, Fray Tomas de Miranda led in the construction of the ͤUVW FKXUFK LQ WKH WRZQ 7KLV FKXUFK ZDV built out of light materials. In 1583, Fray Cristobal Torres ordered the use of bricks and stone to construct a sturdier church VWUXFWXUH +RZHYHU D ͤUH SDUWO\ GHVWUR\HG the church in 1781. Thus, another structure was erected by Fray Atanacio de $UJREUHMR DQG ͤQLVKHG E\ )UD\ )HUQDQGR de la Puebla who also supervised the construction of four storey belfry.


Under the supervision of Fray Vicente Velloc who served as the parish priest of the town for twenty years, further improvements of the church were made such as the laying of blue porcelain floor tiles and the addition of convent, sacristy, baptistry and choir loft. ,Q 5HY 0VJU -RVH %DUULRQ UHVWRUHG the retablos and had machuca tiles laid to PDNH WKH QHZ IORRU ͤQLVK LQ V\QF ZLWK WKH Baroque inspired architecture.

This church is a Baroque inspired architecture and has been a standing witness of the history of Nagcarlan since the Spanish occupation. The church was constructed in honor of St. Bartholomew the Apostle, who died a martyr.

NAGCARLAN UNDERGROUND CEMETERY In 1845, Fray Vicente Velloc led the construction of this one of its kind cemetery. This Underground Cemetery was meant to be an exclusive burial site for Spanish friars and prominent people of the town.

DID YOU KNOW: This church was used in the Filipino movie, “Kampanerang Kubaâ€?? ,Q WKH WHOHVHU\H UHPDNH RI WKLV ͤOP ZDV VKRW RQ ORFDWLRQ LQ WKLV PDJQLͤFHQW church.

As you enter the premises of this cemetery, you will be welcomed by a view of spacious green lawn and brick-tiled pathway leading to the cemetery chapel. The octagonal stone walls completed this uniquely built structure.

AMAZINGPHILIPPINES If you wish to bring food, there are makeshift bamboo shelters around the area. However, never leave any traces in the site. Photography enthusiasts would enjoy taking images of this body of water because of its unique charm. Entrance fee is only P5.00 per person.

BUNGA TWIN FALLS Located at the green areas of Barangay Bunga, Bunga Twin Falls was named after “Bunga� palm (betel palm) that are used to be abundant in the said area. The distance of Bunga Twin Falls from the town proper of Nagcarlan is about four kilometers via concrete road. This natural wonder, despite lacking in height, shows off an interesting aura. The unique charm of Bunga Falls derives from the fact that it is a “twin falls� since these two are almost identical, flowing down in synergy to keep the pool constantly overflowing with refreshing clean water.

Century after, a Presidential Decree No. 260 dated August 1, 1973 and later amended by Administrative Order GDWHG -XQH 1DJFDUODQ Underground Cemetery was declared as a national historical landmark; hence, it was closed for further burials. Today, the cemetery remains to be a property of Roman Catholic Church but its management and maintenance is with the National Historic Commission of the Philippines. DID YOU KNOW: The cemetery was used as meeting area of revolutionary leaders in Laguna particularly Pedro Paterno and Gen. Severino Taino? In addition, the planning of the “Pact of the Biak-na-Bato� happened in this historical place in 1897.

Bunga Twin Falls remains underdeveloped and devoid of amenities offered by a resort yet seeing them provides relaxation.

YAMBO LAKE One of the seven known lakes of Laguna, Yambo Lake lies along the borders of Nagcarlan and San Pablo City. One third of the lake’s surface area belongs to Barangay Sulsuguin, Nagcarlan, Laguna. The Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) considered this lake as oligotropic because it has low nutrient supplies, high dissolved oxygen level and contained little organic matter. Yambo Lake is accessible from Nagcarlan than San Pablo due to topographic reasons. A 30-minute drive from the town proper via Nagcarlan-Calauan National Road, Yambo Lake brings serene, natural beauty and emerald green, clean waters. Enjoy this hidden gem by paddling around the lake on a bamboo raft, taking panoramic shots of this beautiful lake or just sitting down and relaxing while you enjoying the stillness of the water. Like Bunga Twin Falls, entrance fee is only at P5.00 per person. DID YOU KNOW: Yambo Lake has a twin, whose name is Pandin? They are barely 10-15 meters away from each other, it is believed that these lakes share a common water source. --- If trekking and mountain climbing is your thing, Nagcarlan is surrounded with lush hills and mountains. For those who seek adventure, climb your way to the mystical Mount Banahaw and Mount San Cristobal. For those who are beginning to love nature and adventure, try these six HTXDOO\ PDJQLͤFHQW KLOOV 0W $WLPOD 0W Mabilog, Mt. Nagcarlan, Mt. Malauban, Mt. Lansay and Mt. Bayaquitos. Nagcarlan is also a home to several spring water resorts that offer near complete amenities you can enjoy. This summer, why not arrange a day trip or overnight stay to Nagcarlan and experience these treasures it has to offer. It is never too late to visit these fantastic gems of Nagcarlan.


Ana Kalang Festival: Nagcarlan’s Celebration of Bountiful Harvest and Nagcarlangins’ Show of Creativity %< 5,==$ /,*$<$ $/2 The Philippines is a country that loves festivity of any sort. We celebrate festival or feast day almost every day. By nature, Filipinos are fun loving. Whenever there is an opportunity to celebrate a special occasion, expect merriment and fanfare. In Nagcarlan, other than observing its \HDUO\ UHOLJLRXV WRZQ ͤHVWD WKH\ DOVR conceptualized the celebration of Ana Kalang Festival with the aim of promoting the town’s vegetable and cottage industries, encouraging tourism in the municipality and fostering its rich cultural heritage WKURXJK LWV ͤYH GD\ DIIDLU WKDW FRPPHQFH every third Wednesday of April until the HQVXLQJ 6XQGD\ 7KLV IHVWLYDO LV WKH ͤUVW non-religious event celebrated not only in the town but also in the province of Laguna. Nagcarlan Mayor Nelson Osuna said that their municipality has the distinction RI EHLQJ WKH ͤUVW WRZQ LQ WKH SURYLQFH of Laguna to conceptualize and hold a municipal festival. From Lanzones Festival to Ana Kalang Festival It was in 1987 when the town held a non-religious festival dubbed as “Lanzones Festivalâ€?. According to Mayor Osuna, the festival was created to promote the municipality of Nagcarlan as the prime producer of Lanzones. Due to the success of holding this festivity, it was replicated in October 1988. However, in 1989, a sudden drop in Lanzones harvest compelled the organizers to rename the celebration as “Ana Kalang Festivalâ€? in honor of the woman ZKR ͤJXUHV LQ WKH OHJHQG WKDW WHOOV KRZ WKH town of Nagcarlan got its name. Previously, this festival was held every ͤUVW :HGQHVGD\ RI 2FWREHU WR WKH HQVXLQJ Sunday, coinciding the peak of lanzones harvest. The tradition continued until 1996. Because of the continuing decrease of



Lanzones harvest over the years, the date of the festival was moved to third Wednesday of October until the ensuing Sunday so it falls on the students’ semestral break.

The festival involves participation of 52 barangays, 35 schools, people’s organizations, commercial establishments and local artists of the municipality.

Unfortunately, typhoons hampered the celebration in the recent years.This reason prompted the local government and its stakeholders to move the celebration to April, when local fruits and vegetables are most abundant and the weather conditions are most favorable. Since 2009, the Ana Kalang Festival is celebrated every third Wednesday of April until the following Sunday.

$FFRUGLQJ WR 8PDOL WKLV ͤYH GD\ FHOHEUDWLRQ features town’s agricultural produce and agro-based products, folk arts and culture as well as displaying creative talents and skills of Nagcarlangins through various exhibits, competitions, games, cultural shows, trade fair and lots of merrymaking. The event also offers nightly entertainment such as street parties, beauty pageant, theatrical production, dancing and singing contests as well as variety shows to keep visitors and tourists at the festival site until the late hours.

Ana Kalang Festival Today On April 20-24, 2016 marks Ana Kalang )HVWLYDOĚľV WK\HDU 7RXULVP 2IͤFHU 5LQR Umali said that it is the time of the year when Nagcarlan showcases its unique folk arts whose leitmotif is the use of dried indigenous materials and displays great potentials as the “Vegetable Basket of Lagunaâ€?. "Throughout the celebration, oversized statues called “kalang-kalangâ€? – symbolizing fertile soil and bountiful harvest, all beautifully crafted from indigenous materials, are put up on display around the municipal compound,â€? Umali shared. He added that every nook and corner is decorated with fresh farm produce while in front of the Municipal Building lies a row of trade fair booths whose facades, known as arko-tekto, are decorated with dried indigenous materials designed to simulate old structures that will delight local and foreign guests.

The celebration of Ana Kalang festival will never be complete without these uniquely own contests like the Arko Tekto Contest, the Kalang Kalang contest, Bihis Ana Kalang contest and Bihis Kalang Kalang. Mayor Osuna explained that these activities happened during Ana Kalang festival paved the way for Nagcarlangins in showcasing their natural creativity and ingenuity in utilizing Nagcarlan’s resources. He kept his hopes alive that Ana Kalang Festival can be an effective vehicle in transforming municipality’s economy and bringing social development. Mayor Osuna expressed to continue this legacy of the municipality. “I think, however, that with right strategies for promotion and ad campaign, the Ana Kalang Festival can become a giant crowd drawer for this town,� said Mayor Osuna.






Wushu hopefully becomes an official Olympic Sport come 2020. Yay! Kids into martial arts might be LQWHUHVWHG LQ FKHFNLQJ RXW :X ;LD ILOPV IRU LQVSLUDWLRQ LI WKH\ ZDQW WR WUDLQ DV DWKOHWHV IRU WKHLU VFKRROV VLQFH an Olympic sport usually becomes adopted as part RI PRVW VFKRRO VSRQVRUHG PRGHUQ VSRUWV DFWLYLWLHV We can appreciate Wushu not only by watching the exciting sports competitions but also by taking time to enjoy the cultural media inspired by the Chinese art of sword fighting: Wu Xia films.

Most Wu Xia film stories are romance tragedies built into adventure quests: delightful stories for all sorts RI PRYLH IDQV \RXQJ DQG ROG +DYLQJ HYROYHG IURP the past (70s and 80s) Kung Fu storylines—gauntlet VKRZGRZQ RI WKH EHVW ILJKWHUV LQ WKH ODQG :X ;LD films are now more like art films—for both the grand YLVWDV DQG XQIRUJHWWDEOH FKDUDFWHU SHUIRUPDQFHV DV well as the amazingly choreographed Wushu fight scenes.

PASSION AND WARFARE: THE FLYING SWORD HERO The studio best known for producing classic Wu Xia are the Shaw Brothers, and renown filmmakers like King Hu, Tsui Hark and Chang Cheh film studios. If you can get copies of Wu Xia or stream them off the web, here are a few worth keeping for marathon movie nights:

Wu Xia is translated roughly as Fighting Wanderer (Wu indicates warfare and Xia connotes a chivalric person). Heroic martial arts experts with a strong sense of honor and duty, courageously striving to keep honest amidst vain deceptions in troubled kingdoms (with cheesy names like The Divine Constabulary, from the Wu Xia film The Four), and right wrongs to save society from some evil vizier or supernatural threat, form the backbone of all fan-favorite Wu Xia characters. The ones who willingly take up the cause of the downtrodden. To save the divine kingdom when law and order cannot stop treacherous power-grabbing factions, or vampires and fox-demon spirit that plague the land. 24



Story: 2QH VXPPHU DIWHUQRRQ demon hunter Yan (Louis Koo) chances upon female demon VSLULW 6LX 6LQ /LX <LIHL ZKR nearly devours him—but gets distracted by his bag of sweet FDQG\ *UDFLRXVO\ VKDULQJ KLV

loot with the beautiful demon ODG\ <DQ DQG 6LX VSHQG WKH GD\ ZRRLQJ HDFK RWKHU OLNH GRYHV but both part ways because WKH\ FDQQRW EH D FRXSOH EHLQJ sworn to kill each other as mortal enemies. An ancient demonic tree-spirit afflicting a remote village community forces two GHPRQ KXQWHUV <DQ DQG PHQWRU /LX WR UHWXUQ DQG ILQLVK RII D ERVV GHPRQ ZKRP WKH\ RQFH VHDOHG RII RQFH DQG IRU DOO /XULQJ unwary travelers into her giant tree-evil lair and draining their chi HQHUJ\ WKH DQFLHQW ERVV GHPRQ confronts the rescuing demon hunters in epic sword-fight combat. Yan re-encounters his GHPRQ EHORYHG Siu Sin in the fray with the boss evil. After

D WXVVOH WKH\ GHFLGH WR VWRS WKH ERVV GHPRQ WUHH VSLULW IURP unleashing its unholy power and feasting on the souls of everyone. ,W V D IDLU\ WDOH UHPDNH E\ +RQJ .RQJ GLUHFWRU :LOVRQ <LS ,S 0DQ series with Donnie Yen) of the popular 1987 romantic zombie movie. Dazzling Scenes: A ‘Tree of 'DUNQHVV ̵ ERUGHOOR ODLU ZKHUH female demon spirits lure unwary travelers to their doom. The boss demon-spirit extending her hair like strangling tentacles while parrying sword attacks of the demon hunter heroes. Liu <LIHL <DQ̵V URPDQWLF GHPRQ antagonist) will become THE demon tree spirit of every wide H\HG NLG̵V URPDQWLF IRRO̵V ZLVK Haunting their nightmares when they dream of getting lost in some oriental mountain trail.

ARTS & CULTURE THE WHITE HAIRED WITCH OF LUNAR KINGDOM (2013) Story: A military epic with flying swordsmen and heavy infantry action. The emperor is assassinated when his medicine is sabotaged by the eunuch Wei (Ni Dahong). Emperor's guard, Zhuo (Huang Xiaoming) of the Wudang Clan is set up as the scapegoat and Wei seizes power for himself. Zhuo flees the kingdom and runs into Lian (Fan Bing Bing), a white-haired, warrior princess desperately fighting a corrupt JHQHUDO -LQ 'X\L 9LQFHQW =KDR robbing rice from her mountain kinsmen. Both Zhuo and Lian are

smitten with each other and help each other fight off the general and his bandit soldiers, then they go through a gauntlet of battles schemed by double-crossing confidants of the eunuch vizier Wei. Zhuo and Lian save the mountain lair and kill off the treacherous troops of the back-stabbing Wei, then the story ends in the usual tragic romance imprint of Wu Xia movies. There is plenty of wire-fu swordplay action in this film adaptation of the novel by Liang Yusheng.

JOURNEY TO THE WEST (2014) Story: Demon spirits are plaguing rural China everywhere. A fisherman's villages is decimated by a Fish-demon spirit. Poor travelers are turned into nasty zombies by a nasty Pig-demon spirit seducing them then feeding them roast pork delicacies that are actually the accursed cooked-flesh of his previous victims. Enter an inexperienced demon hunter, Xuanzhang (Wen Zhang) , assisted by the scrappy yet gorgeous Duan (fanboy fave, Shu Qi), a veteran demon hunter to fight the hordes of hell. Saving a fishermen's village from the Fish-demon spirit, then chasing after the boss Pig-demon spirit, the romantic couple pull a team of fighters together but are tricked by a treacherous Monkey King into releasing a 500- year-old curse by Buddha entrapping him in an underground cave. The Monkey King himself kills the boss Pig-demon spirit, then mops



the spirit-warrior demon-hunters in spectacular wire-fu combat scenes until the hallmark, tragic romantic ending. Where Xuanzhang turns the Monkey King from evil to good with the help of Buddha. It's a Stephen Chow movie, so expect charming characters, slapstick humor built into carefully choreographed fight sequences, and a heartwarming romance. Dazzling Scenes: A steampunkcarriage ramming into a giant Pig-demon Spirit. Shu Qi fighting with a magical glaive-bangle that multiplies into many attacking guided-projectiles, then reassembling back as the one magical bangle on her arm. An old geezer with polio, who magically supersizes his shriveled leg into one giant hammer of a stomping foot to attack the unfettered Monkey King. Recent Wuxia films like Detective Dee and The Four have even branched out into sequels because

the characters and storyline made a strong connection with HK fans and made them the Hong Kong equivalent of cult western YA blockbusters. We all look forward to Wushu becoming an Olympic Sport while getting inspired by timeless Wu Xia fan favorites. Start your movie collection now!














BY: MISCHE BUNUAN ngles, styles, runways, make up, and flashes and everything fashion’s bits and pieces, we Filipinos will definitely not let ourselves get left behind in this all glamorous industry. Fashion has become a part of anything in this world and its influential impact to our country, born to be fashion stars who are Michael Cinco, Rajo Laurel, Francis Libiran and many other more, just happens to be substantially contributing in the fashion Industry. However, as being influenced by foreign countries, we have forgotten to appreciate our own local talents as a representative of our own fruit. Foreign models, mostly Caucasians could probably has all the look, having viewed to be as marketable, but here is the concern, the more we patronize them, the more local talented models remain undiscovered and sadly, the dilemma it gives of being



unappreciated that results to the lack of confidence in our own skin. But it’s never too late because Belle Beau, a local talent agency who have started making places in the business is having a good news, with determination of making this possible, an idea has come up of making a big movement in patronizing local talents. Of course they don’t just leave it just an idea, the agency pursues this movement to be in reality. From the production team, to the local talents, giving you LOVE LOCAL MODELS AD CAMPAIGN MOVEMENT. The said campaign’s objective is to spread awareness in promoting Filipino talents in the fashion industry. Supporting and giving priority to locally trained Filipinos, this movement gives opportunity to local talents by showcasing our own beauty, bringing out such multitudinous talents that Filipinos possess, proving that we deserve a spot in the industry and can be recognized globally.

As a starting point of the movement, came the day, February 26, Belle Beau productions started shooting in house local talents, locally and professionally trained by Belle Beau, being on the cover page of REACH magazine which is also their media partner, at Top Hat studio, owned by Ms. Kris Rocha, also an official studio partner in productions and a supporter of the movement. Touches of glamour in the models were from the magical hands of MADE ph (Makeup Artistry & Design Essentials) the glam team naming Rona Resñgit, Edna Santiago, Bes Santos and Yan Tan leaded by Ms. Chiqui Ortiz-Dingcong, enhancing every model’s beauty, who also give support to the said campaign. Filipino designer clothes, Me-An Merqueda, Doggficher,Mj Alminanza, Jolex Remos ,Jovan Dela Cruz, Yna Mendez for ONLY MNL, were used as the wardrobes of the models, showcasing


their proudly majestic creations, individually unique designs made local. Of course, putting some character and adding artistry, fashion is fired up with style. Models were styled by the official stylist of Belle Beau, Ms. Vianca Onasa who have been making good remarks in the styling industry. To make the shoot possible, and as real it should be, taking the models’ angles and poses and snapping flashes are done by the official photographers who have been known working in the industry, Ahleks Fulisero, for the cover page and Romar Briones for the editorial one, directed by fashion experts and mentors who have been in the business for a long time, masters Manu Respall and Jeffrey Herbolario. The campaign was ideally good, attracting other businesses to be sponsor as a support of the campaign. First in the line, is Nail Axis Salon owned by Mr. John Cava, giving luxurious pampering services to everyone. Now is there any more good news? Talking about sponsorship, pleasing everyone’s ear is having a food sponsor, introducing Shawarma Shiekh owned by Mr. Ramon Dolar letting everyone enjoy every bite of its savoury, delighted taste of shawarma.

Breaking the fear and standing in confidence, striking a pose and being fashion monsters, Belle Beau proudly presents their 20 local talents as being the ambassadors of Love Local Models ad campaign movement, mainly the reason of all.

industry, local models will start being recognized and can prove not just locally but also internationally that we can compete with the global standards and starts having more opportunities for every Filipino aspirant.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Love Local Model campaign is not just focused on giving opportunities to local models and talents, by successfully supported by everyone, small businesses and entrepreneurs even big brands and companies will start supporting local services such as Filipino photographers, make-up artists, stylists, designers and event organizers. By having these being supported not just locally but internationally, small businesses and entrepreneurs can also benefit from this campaign for a more profitable breaks to everyone.

Elisha Dacanay Colleen Filio Carleen Villanueva Czarina Pabayo Mae Allen Jasmin Kyla Hitosis Hjmaya Nicole Ruiz Arjei Ramos Eds Montague Angel Tantay Christine Sanditan Mische Bunuan Sherilyn See Roan Boura Akshay Raiyani Keann Johnson Emasor Id Key Banaybanay Jamyr Cunanan Whacky Seon Nathaniel Nuarin

Topping off, the movement is proud to have Ms. Scuba International 2015, Cindy Pacia Madduma as the main ambassadress of Love Local Model ad campaign movement, who just perfectly represents Love Local Models to the world! As the founder of Belle Beau, Jeffrey Herbolario said on the campaign’s vision: “With a successful promotion and by having full support of the

Soon, Philippines will be known by our neighbouring countries that we are not just coconuts producers, rice farms and white beaches but also a pool of talented individuals that can support the need of the international fashion industry.” Let’s not forget our own products, we are blinded by the worldly standards of what beauty should be that we could not see the beauty lies inside us. Let us embrace our own charm, love our own beauty, let us love local.








MEANINGFULLIFE Comic book creator Mike Carey, at the DC Comics booth at the New York Comic Convention in Manhattan, October 10, 2010. Photo by: Luigi Novi

%< 0,&+$(/ 5(1( ' .$12<

orror as story is


The Castor novels are a hybrid of

huge everywhere.

things where there are lots of very


Especially in the

different ways to reach the same

equation being noir. Essentially

Philippines and other



Asian countries. Each


supernatural horror elements. That

place having their



own supernatural mythology that is

or make your skin crawl then arguably


as entertaining as it is blood-curdling.


time helped to get me in through the


looks like it.

door. Hellblazer is in a slightly different



best storytellers of scary and strange

What you say about atmosphere and



overall feeling seems to me like a very

novel is considerable. So there was a


good way of describing the Far Eastern



approach to horror. There are many

to do.

won plenty of accolades since it came


out and has been adapted as a YA




trouble themselves about plot logic or

any writer could without doing erotica


overall coherency. They just offer one


and may be released any time soon).



and the audience comes out feeling



the scary and the supernatural such

Mike Carey has put together all sorts of monsters in the stories and




whether a Wattpad chapter junkie or


also well represented in those same

more seasoned dudes like the best of

and the Felix Castor crime-noir horror

countries where the stories build

the British pulp writers like you and

novels) and we ask him how he does



it (like only the British can). The scary

changes your perspective on what

has never been as compelling as it is




conceptual: emotion has to ride on the

on account of the sex drive being so

stretching the genre to its strongest.

processing of the ideas. A Tale Of Two

fundamental to our natures. Having

For always...



course do The Ring and Dark Water.

incorporating it and some work better





goldmine for all sorts of story. And as one genre that has climbed out of the



doldrums to become everything! From




its own rules and its own internal

have sex it would have been awful.




like Kraken from China Mieville (a


think it would have felt like some

comedy of sorts too!). Lots of kids




that you realize what a broad church

important that she be unattainable –

of becoming a horror novelist and want



to know how to write a great horror



but often in those mixes the horror


can play with. How did the Felix Castor

response is very muted or entirely


series come together as a horror yarn?

absent. When you read the Twilight

But it made me vividly aware of

What do you look for in any good scary


the difference between nuance and


being scared might be in the mix but

explicitness as far as sex goes. Nuance



carries ten times the narrative power in

all about atmosphere and feels?


most cases.

centre stage and everything else is mediated through that.




Why are scary stories still such a rich vein to mine? Well, see above. I don’t think it’s any one thing. But one of the most potent pleasures it can offer is the experience of dipping yourself in boiling oil and coming out whole. You’re ͤOOHG ZLWK LQWHQVH HPRWLRQV ZKLFK LQ D real-world setting would be powerfully unpleasant – but you surface each time into the safety of your living room, the cinema, wherever. It’s like waking from a nightmare and luxuriating in the realization that it didn’t really happen. And of course, like sex, it puts us in touch with something fundamental – our sense of our own mortality, which we suppress most of the time so we can function. REACH: Your new book is called The Girl with all the Gifts, another YA scary book that has gotten rave reviews as one of the best novels of this year. Because it is an amazing and memorable read that will haunt you for always. Kids today all want to do something like what you do. Is a life of writing ( whatever kind of writing one does for a living ) as good as it is, like what everyone with their hearts into it say? What inspires you to write the next book, and the next one after? M. R. Carey: I don’t really see GIRL as a YA book. It has a very young protagonist, but I wrote it for an adult audience. Having said that, it’s been reviewed as YA 0LNH &DUH\̵V ͤUVW QRYHO

more than once. I guess it’s a matter of perception. What to say about the writing life? It can be utterly wonderful. Telling stories to an appreciative audience is one of the greatest experiences there is. And I would imagine that that’s why most of us do it, whether we can make a living out of it or not. It’s just intrinsic to want to make up stories and get them out there in some form or other and have people read or watch or listen to them. William Tenn has one of his characters say that being DQ DUP\ RIͤFHU DQG OHDGLQJ D XQLW LV ̸OLNH making love without the caresses”. I never really got that comparison, but it’s somewhat true for storytelling. You’re




having a very profound effect on people,

don’t give you a great deal of creative

and it’s an amazing thing to be able to

freedom. Every gig is different, and every

do. Chuck Pahlaniuk makes people faint,

day is different. I’d be lying if I said it

vomit, run out of the room when he reads

was all good. A bad review or an internet

some of his short pieces. I’ve never

controversy can upset your mental

managed that, but I have had people cry

equilibrium to an insane extent. It can be

when I was reading aloud from GIRL and

a really hard slog to get any paid work at

it made me enormously happy and proud

all. And sometimes you’re forced to make

that a story I’d created could get into

compromises that break your heart.

people’s heads in that way.

Sometimes, also, you write something that you’ve put your heart and soul into

But like any other profession writing is

and it gets passed over and ignored.

a peculiar, hybrid thing. I do it to make a

Those are the downsides.

living, too, and that changes things. Once



you go freelance and you’re living on your

All in all, though, I love it and I feel

earnings as a writer, your relationship

incredibly fortunate to be able to do it.

to your stories has to change in some

Terry Pratchett said one time that he was

ways. Some jobs you take because you


don’t want to starve. Some commissions

much fun he was having and stop paying

Photo source: en.wikipedia Author: Adrian Brown


Comic book creator Mike Carey, at the DC Comics booth at the New York Comic Convention in Manhattan, October 10, 2010. Photo by: Luigi Novi

him. I have days like that too. And I guess

and as we've seen, in novels and movies

in different ways. When Frank Underwood

that’s part of the answer to what keeps

as well, what makes you guys write such

in House Of Cards kills the injured dog

me doing it.

memorable chaps and mollys?


The other part is fear. The freelancer’s

M. R. Carey: Wow. Tough question. And

does the same thing. It makes you keep

fear of the work running out, which is like

as with your question about horror earlier,


the goalkeeper’s fear of the penalty.

there’s no one right answer. I think I

from and what makes him tick.

disturbing and compelling moment that it

touched on it a little when I said you have REACH: Among all the horror stories

to draw on your experience. There are

Your character can be good or bad,

you've done, all the characters wear

lots of other strands to it, though. Let me

sweet or sour, pure or perverted, but

their heart on their sleeve one way or


they always have to be good company.

the other. Even the meek ones. And the

The audience has to enjoy the time

monsters most of all. From Lucifer to

Well one thing you do when you create

they spend with them. Underwood,


characters is you try to align the reader’s



perceptions with the character’s


with all the Gifts. Does it come from

perceptions. This is sort of what Blake

I mean, you wouldn’t invite any of them

working in comics and making cookie

Snyder is talking about when he says

to your wedding, but when you turn a

cutter characters work better? This isn't

your protagonist should save a cat in

page or turn on the TV and they’re there,

something that any writer can wing like

act 1. He doesn’t mean an actual cat

you’re happy and excited. They absorb

it were a mechanical skill. How do kids

– he just means that there has to be a

you and fascinate you. That’s the effect


moment when you see the character do

you’re going for. How to do it is less easy

characters for their writing? Is character

something you absolutely sympathise



with and approve of. And hopefully that

of writing and most stories stand or fall

a writer's meat and potatoes for skill?

will make you stick around with them

by it.

British writers write some of the most

long enough to get to know them better.

stand-out people especially in comics,

But it’s broader than that and it can work

Read the FULL INTERVIEW with Mike Carey on

42 42




hree years ago my cousin, Raymard Gutierrez bought a secondhand 2000 model SUV with a total trip of around 210,000 kilometers. Although it was bit old, it was still a good choice for its class. Now that it was my turn, I came across this 1998 model sedan for 40,000 pesos only. It accrued a total distance of 168,000 kilometers from its former owner. Its journey has been long and showing signs of aging, yet it was the only deal that I could afford for now. Since starting college six years ago, I

my '98 auto. But I knew from the

money to fix it all. So instead of just

dreamed of driving my own car. I was

moment I bought my first car that it

waiting for my doom to come, I knew

green with envy with my cousin who

will have clanks, chugs and various

I should find a solution for it before it

already bought his car. So I searched

signs of wear and tear. I anticipated

even comes.

for the car that I know I will love for

that I will hear more of this and when

many years to come, and I did with

that happens, I don't have enough


IN THE BEGINNING The first few drives went smoothly,

The oil change was a bit pricey for

surprisingly. The gears were working

my budget. Also, I needed to replace

great, the acceleration was superb

several parts I cannot remember

and it seemed as if it was well-main-

anymore. I felt I have been ripped

tained. It was. Until I reached 4,500

off by the previous owner and the

kilometers and an emission test from

car manufacturer for the pricey and

the LTO. All hell broke loose.

forceful maintenance my car would have to undergo. It was hard to bear

My car failed the emission test by a

and being a junior executive with a

mile. The attendant recommended

limited income, it somehow drained

that I change my oil since it was

my resources.

puking poisonous gas or else I won't be able to renew my license.

FINDING THE BEST PARTNER FOR MY CAR Paired with a few pointers from the car mechanic, I was also intent on researching various solutions to my problems on my own. The casa I brought my car recommended that I replace my oil to synthetic. They recommended a synthetic oil for my car which promised a higher mileage and lower carbon emission. Truthfully, with the synthetic oil, I nearly reached the 10000 km mark before my next oil change.

MY INTRODUCTION TO IC GREEN Our uncle from Germany arrived to the Philippines and I was tasked to meet him at the airport. A Counting Cars fan and the family go-to guy for all things automotive, he immediately noticed the weird sounds my car had been giving off. "May kalampag kotse mo (your car's making unwanted noises)," he noticed. "Yeah, it's been a while," I replied. Without second thoughts, my uncle checked and tinkered with my car. He did not give up until he traced what was creating the noise and pointed out the culprit. "It's your engine, it doesn't seem to be in good condition. What's your mileage?" he asked. "Twelve," I replied. "Too low.





As I risee ffrrroom om beedd, th the thou the though th ougghht ssttrriikkees me ou m thaat fe few w daayyss frroom now, I sha haalll cel eleb ebra eb bra r te the he gra r nd n esst bbiirthd rrtthd hday hday ay I will illl evver e hav ave. e. Mixed em moottio ionss of jjooyy, sorrro row w an andd co conf nfus ussion ion over io oveerrwh ov whel elm mee as June 8 is faasstt app p roac roac ro a hiing ng. g Th T iss dayy will markk a clo losu los suree of a contract of liife fe andd lov ove, ove e, lifife fe du due to t ret etiri emennt from m wor ork w whhiicch has been spe pentt for or two scores and annd lo love ove ve whi hich c has beeen sshhar areedd for almost a deccad ade. ade. e The sun slowlyy creep epps th t ro roug ugh ug gh th thee ho horiririzo zonn to bririgh gghte hteen th the da dayy which could be visiblyy seeeen fr from om the win indoow of Raddisoon Bl Blu. u u. This is the time of the yyeearr whe h n Ce C bu bu City itty is callous uslyy freee fr from om m the festive local activities of SSiiinu nuloog fe nu fesstttiival al and Chr hris isttmas is tm cheers. Though g it's the start off raaiiny ny seaaso son, on, the he wea eath theer still prom pr omis ises a beautiful day. I si silentlyy crawl out of bed trying y g not to dist ddiistu stturb her her.r. Gla he lanc ncin ingg at Porttia, sh she seems at ppeace with heer w woorlrldd while maayybe ybbe st stiill ill dreaming. g Wi With th her e usual side-glanced g posi p sition on sleep, p I cou o ld see the smile she we wear arss on her face. Even in her mid-thirtiees, s, her e face is still a jjoyy to beholld. I hope I am part of wha hatever though ghhts t she has in mind now. I stretch and reach for myy robe and walk towards the smallll veranda savoringg the coolness of earrlyy Jun u e breeze. The st stre rreeet et is not yyet busy, y onlyy a number of jjoggers gg ca can be seen from ma distance. The nearbyy mall is still close thouggh deliveryy truucks start to ppile upp to unload ggoods. As I gaze ouut, I tryy to reeminisc scee the love we have shared last night g t. We We ten e de derrlly kiiss s ed e and ppassionatelyy made love owingg too each ea othher e our u far a ew wel ell performance that would make an imp m rint ntt in ourr he hear a ttss. The thought g suddenlyy strikes mee ha hard rd thhaat rd at everything y g is indeed ggoingg to have its end, an end that is ttooo sooon which I think I cannot even bear. How I wish I could turrn ba back ck the haands nds d of tim me. How I indeed wish. I know that time annd ci circ rcum um msstta tance are a ggreaat enemyy that could hardlyy be defeated. d.. But neverr have I thought g thhat as I enter adul ulth ul thhoo ood, I would exp xperience th the most memorablee and breath-t -ttaking evvent ent of o my lilife fe. I am Lyndon y Murri,, turni niing ng 65 aannd married for 42 yyears. I me met my ZLIH DIWHU , ODQGHG P\\ ͤUV UVVW W PH PHDJ PH DJJHU SD\LQJ MRE DV D VHFRQGDU\ S \ JM U\\ school teacher in 1968 in a sm small coastal town in Bohol, a pla lacee lace where everyone y knows eveeryyboody dy. Though g a sleeping p g to town, I survived the pplace for a yyear duue to its captivating p g white beac aches which I usuallyy visiiteed duringg weeke kend ndss. nd Myy marriage g to Irene, to sayy the he lea e st, wass no not o a colorful one. It was nevver made of love but more off an obbligation, g a responsibili p tyy that a ggoood Christian should not renegaade. Nevertheless, our union was blesssed with two kids. I tried myy luck applyin pp y ng to another ggovernment agenc g cy to seek for personal p and career advancement. With God's interccession, I w s luckyy to be admitted inn the Department wa p in 1970 after h rd hu r lingg the series of examinations, i interview and training. g :RUNLQ L JJ LQ WKLV DJHQF\ JDYH PH D VHQVH RI IXOͤOOPHQW WKRXJK P\ J \J J \ work called l for separation p from myy faamilyy whom I onlyy saw once or twice a moonth. However, I had never beeen remiss of my ͤQDQFLDO GXWLHV , FDQ VD\ , DP D IXO \ OͤO ͤOOOHGG PDQ LQ WHUPV RI FDUHHU IRU , QRZ KROG WKH highest g ppost in the regional g al lev e el of our agency. g y But, allll thr hrough g the yyears I have lived a routinaryy life, a life spent p most withh my work that made me reached the ppeak ak of myy career. It was however in 1998 when myy colorful lovve st stor o y began. This is my story, you can maybe laugh and cry with me me. September p 24, 1998. Luchie and I were waitingg at the lobbbyy of Marlin Hotel for the van that would take us to Oakwood Hottel in Makati City. y We were called to attend a meetingg sponsored p by the Agency g y for all government g institutions implementing p g SSURMHFWV ͤQDQFHG E\ WKH $XVWUDOLDQ JRYHUQPHQW 7KH PHHWLQJ M \ J J ZDV DERXW WKH DGPLQLVWUDWLYH DQG ͤQDQFLDO UHTXLUHPHQWV RI DOO T bilateral projects. p j The cities of Davao, Legazpi g p and Cebu were the three luckyy local governments g to be the recipients p of the pproject j Sustainingg Local Government's Development p implement p ed through g the Department p and Academy's y assistance. Beingg the deputy p y director of our region then, I was designated as the project manager. From om the om h outside, a jam-packed j p MRT could be seen passing p g by. y O thee other side of the road, commuters were rushingg to catch On XSS WKHH EXV X HV RQ WKHLU ZD\ WR ZRUN 7UDIͤF HQIRUFHUV \ VV NH NHSSWW RQ Q ZK WOLLQJJ RQ SSXEOLF XWLOLW\ YHKLFOHV WKDW ZHUH MDP ZK ZKLVWO \ M PP PLLQJJ WKH K WUD UDIͤ IͤF F I wass tr t yingg to loook for the Academy's y van tha haat wo w ulld fe fetc tchh us tc us. Howe Ho weeve ver,r, the ver, he rooaad w waas blocked byy three SUV Vs ppa park ark rked ed jusst outs ou tssiidde tthhe hoote tel.l I and nd Luchie had to go g ouut to t che heck the van an o rsel ou rssel elves vvees siince nce we nc we wer ere advised that it waas alre r ad adyy onn the he wayy. I felt feltt disgguusstted ed by tthhe us usu suuaaal noise I hheeear ard aass we were ar weeree ouutt on th the sttreet stre reeet et.t. Bu Bussees wer were we re blo l wi wing hard oonn the heiirr horns nss whiile coom mmuters waalk w lked edd faasst ttoo andd froo. O Onn one coorrne ner,r a blilind nd man a wass stru st rum mm ming ing hhiis gguuititar in tar ar as he begg gggggeed fo forr ppeenn nnie iess fr f om peo eopplle wh eopl who w lk wa l ed ppastt hi him. Thi his is the woor orsstt scceennaariio on onee alw alway al wayyss sees wa aallon ong ED E SA at th the start and endd off the he day ayy. I waas teellllin ing Luch Lu hie tthhat at I can a not live in this kind of o busy ussy aannd nd messy en envi viroonm n en entt.t. Shhe lilike kewise s fel e t so el so.. 46


A few minutes later, a red Nissan Urvan pparked in front of the hotel. Lillian, the pproject j manager g of the Academy, y peeped p p and instructed us to hopp in. As we ggot inside, I realized that we have in comp co comp mpan a yy. Theyy were maybe y from Legazpi g p as I recognized g Lowe Lo weelllla lla wh w om o I had been with on a few seminars. But myy DDWWWH WWH W QW QWLR LRQ RQ Q Z ZDDVV FD F XJKW E\ D ͤQH ZRPDQ LQ KHU PLG WZHQWLHV ZKR J \ sile si lent ntlyy sat att bes esiidde me at the rear pportion. The freshness of her s ent sc ennt reemi m nd n edd me ooff a newlyy metamorphosed p ilang-ilang g g JJURZLQ LQJJJ ZL Z ZLLOG OGO\ O\ DOR ORQQJ WKH HQWUDQFH RI RXU RIͤFH ,W ZDV WKH ͤUVW KH KH time me I saw aw w her er andd my mi mind wondered who she was. "G Goo oodd morninng El E la l ."" "Morniing "M ng too o , Lynd ynd ndon don o ."" "W Whe henn ddiid yyoou ar arriririve vvee?" e?" "Yes este terd rdaay aft fter erno nooon o ." . "Why do we havee to stayy in "Wh i Mannda daluyo yyong ngg whe henn th thee me meet etiting ing is in Makati?" wen e t Ella's usual complaint. p Ella is wellll kno nown wn for her c iticism on anything cr y g or everything. y g "Yes "Y es, I th thin inkk of it too. Oh, this is Luchie, byy the way. y She is our a countantt,"" I ges ac estu ture redd th this is for Ellaa to also introd oduc ucee he herr companion p who was silently obsser erviing and nd sav avoring thhe exchange g of our talks. "Portiaa La L gguesma, myy staff. I did not bringg an accountant with PH VLQFH VKH K ZDV SHUVRQDOO\ UHTXHVWHG E\ /LGLD RI WKH $JHQF\ , S \ T \ J \ shifted to myy righ ght g to take a close upp look at her. Portia, dressed in grayy ppants and bl blaz a err, forced an awkward smile on the intr troduction. The van st star arte tedd its wayy to Makkat atii ggo goin i g alongg the heavilyy MMDPPHG ('6$ )RU RU WKH ͤUVVW W WLWLPH PH , , IH PH I OW WKH WULULSS VHHPHG DV HQGOHVV as I made si side dewa w y gglan ance cess at her er. Thhan anks k to Kennyy Ro Roge ggerss who ho entertained me a bitt for o the awk wkkward rdn dness I felt at tha hatt moome ment. I hummed aloong ng witithh th thee soongg pplaayye yedd from thee car stteere reo. o As I again g made anothher gglancee, I saw her woree a seriou se ou ous, s cal alm lo look ook o hintin inng thhe "ddon on't mess witth me" face. Nevverth thelesss, s I pulled a sm mililee wh when enn she looooked at mee after I ggave vee her the fol o derr th ol t at she a cideent ac n ally lyy dropp pped pp e aftter thee vann mad adee a heeav avyy uu-tu turrn rn. She reesp sponded wiith t a swe weet apo ppoolo loge oggeetic tic smile and wiith eyes y that d eply de p y ppenet etra et r ted myy sou ra oull as a she softlyy said "Thank yyou, Sir". That loook reggistered in myy memoryy as I wondered who this woma m n is and how I can gget to know her more. From then on, I ma loook oked forward to seeing her again. December 8, 1998. I cannot contain the excitement I felt seeing a letter invitation on myy table for a pplanningg workshopp for the $XVWUDOLDQ SURMHFW LQ 0DQLOD ,I FKDQFH SHUPLWV ͤYH GD\V IURP S M S \ now, I'll be seeingg Portia again. g The thought g of seeingg her made me nervous and excited. How will I approach pp her? How will I win her attention? How will I open p upp a subtle conversation with her? These thoughts g kept p nagging gg g me that dayy that I lost track of time and almost forgot g the ManCom meeting I was supposed to preside later in the afternoon. On myy flight g to Manila, myy anticipation p of seeingg her seemed to ggrow more. You see, I was reallyy expectant p of her ppresence. Yesterdday, y I went to the saloon to have myy hair cut and nails trimmed andd apppplie lied with colorless ppolish. I felt like a teenager once more going g g on a datee who wants to make a good impression from her girl. The followingg day, y I was in a hurryy to ggo to the Academyy for the SSODQQLQJ FRQIHUHQFH %HIRUH WKDW , KDYH ͤUVW WR FRQIHU ZLWK /LOLDQ J on som omee activities under the pproject. j Emerging g g out of the elevatorr, I wa wass indeed surprised p to see Portia at the lobbyy talkingg to someone on he herr ce cellphone. p I could not speak p a word to her, to jjust even ggreet. Neverthel eles esss, I regained g myself y and forced a T LFN VPLOH DW KHU ZKLFK VKH LPPHGLDWH TX WHO\ O\ UHV HVSR SRQG QGHG HG 7KH SSODQ ODQQL QLQJ QJ FRQIHUHQFH ZDV DWWHQGHG E\ ͤIWHHQ SHRSOH IURP J \ S S WKH WKUHH FLWLHV DQ DQ $XV XVWUDOLDQ RIͤFLDO IURP WKH $JHQF\ DQG WKH J \ deputy p y director of the Acade demy my. y. I was seated across Portia. She noticed that I kept p lookingg at her for or I cau augh gghtt her once lookingg at me too. Myy ggosh, she is beautiful than I ever th thou ough gght.t. Her eyye yess are so expressive. p There was somethingg in the wayy she looked at me that made me feel a bit nervous. Byy her ggaze, it seemed WKDW VKH ZDV DVVHVVLQJ PH RI VRPHWKL J K QJ 6KH UHPDLQHG TXLHW DOO J T the time leavingg the talks to Lowellllla when it coonnccer cer erne ned Le ne ned L ggazpi. ,W VXUSULVHG PH KRZHYHU ZKHQ S VKH UDL DLVVHG D TX TTXXHVWLRQ DERRXWW D valid issue we did not even cons nssidder er. I thouugh ght to mys ght ysel ellf, thi hs woman must be smart. The meetingg ended exactlyy at four o 'clock in thee af afte ternoo tern oonn. n. 7KRXJK TXLWH KHVLWDQW , ZDONHG GLUHFWO\ WR KHU WR J T \ WWRR GR D OLOOLLWW W OH advancement of ggettingg too kknnow ow her er more. I'vve bbeeen thi hink nki nk kin ing la last st night g about the right g app pppprroa oach ch.. I shhou ch ould ld not let the he day pass wiith w t outt kn knowin know owin ow inngg hheer moore. ree. " ey "H ey Porrttiia, a itt''s ni niccee to se nice seeee yo youu ag again. Where wili l yo youu go g aft f er er here here re?" ?"" "TTo th thee m maallll,, Sir" "Wou "W o ldd it mi min ind you if I jo joiin in, I'I m offf to thee mallll tooo. o" "Not "N ot all allll,, Sir.r." "A Are r youu goi oinngg now? ow?" ow $ PRRP $ PHHQQWW SSOOHHDDVH , KDYH YH ͤUUVVW WR WR LQI QIRU IRUP P P\ P\ ERVVV WWKKDDWW , OOO EHH ggooin ing aahhea ead. I thi h nk n , she ssttill ilill ha has a bu busi busi sine nneess ess ss with itth the thhe di dirreecctttor dir oorr." Thhen Then en she glilidded ded aaw de w tow way owaarrd LLoow weella, a, talk lkingg witithh heer

animatedly for a minute or so. 0\ SHUVRQDO HQFRXQWHUV \S V ZLWK 3RUWLD EHFDPH YHU\ IUHTXHQW GXH WR \ T the demands for meetinnggs and workshops p called byy the Academy. y These meeetitinngs g led me to realizingg that myy admiration had fallle lenn to somethingg deeper, p somethiingg tha hat hadd ggrown out of pproopo portion, p an emotion that beccam ame uncontrollable. As months pass p sed, the feelings g of love I triried ed hard to contain had been exppre ressed. This love was reci ciprocated p after two years of wooingg he her. This indeed made myy world so colorful. We shared sweet moments out of thee ilillicit affair we have. An Andd the h mostt I treasured was my personnal visit to her placce. Seeppt ptem tembe mbbeer 23 23, 20 2 03. A dayy before Portitia' a s bi birt rtthd h ayy, I wa wass awakenedd by a pphhon aw onee caall fro rom m Ma Mariririel el, a de el, el d ar ar frien riiennd in in Leg egazzpi pi pi. "G Good mor moorn rnin ingg Si Sirr Ly Lynnddon on! A Arrree yyo you ou al all se s t fo for to for toddaaay? y?" y? "G Goo oodd mo morn rnin inng Ma ing Mariel el! Of couurse rsse, I am. m." "W Whaat ttiime are re youu lea eavi ving vi ng, g byy the way ay?" y?" ?" "One "O ne in th thee af afte ternnoo oon, n, but ut wilil be at the aiirpportt at a ele leve venn o 'cloockk. Does she know w anyt ythi hing ngg abo bout ut thi his? s?" "Nop "N ope op pe Si Sir,r, no id idea eaa at alll. I kno now w shhe iss stit ll in ppa pain inn tho houg ugh sh she hardl dly spe p aks k abou abbou o t yo you la lattely lyy. Maayybbe be, kin i d off buussy wi with th our training." g "Okey, y will just inf nfor nf o m yoou wh or when enn I am booarrddeed. d" "Thanks!" ,W ZDV DV P\\ ͤU ͤUVW VW WLP LPH VHHLQJ LQ LPH J Q SSH SHUV UVRQ WKH HOH OHJD JJDQF QFH H RI R 0D\RQ \ V lccanno. Herr bea Vo e utyy iss majestic j c an and she se seem em ms so so peacefu fuul.. One wouldnn’t bel elie ieve ve the h furyy behind Dar arag aggan ang ng Maggayon’s y inno in noce no cencee that burrie iedd al alivee thou ousa sand ndss of peooppl plee in inside a chuurc r h ((llater ater I would lear arn from m the he boyys wh whoo di d d soome m trickyy sh shot o s with me at Cagsawa g a Ruins) s)). I wa was do doubly lyy excit xcciti ed e at thhe thou thhou ougght of explor p orin ingg Po Port rtiaa’s place andd at the saame timee be beingg with her on h r 28th birthday, he y thoug hooug ugh I was a bit appp pprrehhen e sive siivee due to our miisu s ndder e standing. g This is littl itttle indiffer e ence how owev e er imm ev mmediatelyy faded awaay whe hen I saw her. My da days y in Legazppi weeree inddee e d one of happpi of p est mome ments of my life fe. For yyeear ars th t at fol ollo loweed, d myy relations wi w th Por ortita ha h d been onn a roller coast stter er. Ma M nyy times, we had brooke ke upp and eve ken veent n uaallyy reconciled. We had see e n the best and worst in us u . Wee had bee e n the best friends and worrstt ene nemi m es mi e . In timess whhen he ppressuure res kept p flowingg in, she was there to pprovvid ide mo mora ral su s pp pport. p However, there were also instances whe hen sh shee ac acte tedd as my stressor. I attributed all the conflictss in our relaatition ons to thhee distance, time and circumstance tthhat weree ke keeepin p ng us appaart rt, forever apart. p It is our impregnab p g abble lovee fo for on o e an anot otthe herr ho however that made us survived a decade de of lo love ve, a lo love vee tha hatt is about to end. "Hey, y good g morningg honey!" y Portia greets g as she rises and walks toward the small veranda. Her voice put p a stopp to myy nostalgic g travel down the memory lane we had both built for ourselves. "Oh, morningg hon! I think, you've y got g to be ggoing, g it's ppast nine already." y As Portia takes a look at her watch, she realizes that not much time is left to relax. She has to catch upp for her 3pm p flight g back to Manila. "I'm sorryy honey, y ggive me a few miinutes to freshen up before we go doown for breakf kfast."" Fifteen minutes later, Portia ggoes out of the bathroom with droplets p of water freelyy fallingg down from her longg straight g hair. I immediatelyy sneak in the bathroom to do myy morningg ritual. Afterwards, we both dress upp and ggo down holdingg hands to the cafeteria. We eat without much appetite pp despite p the buff ffet et of various cuisines. The silence within us caan be owedd to our p rting later. pa The taxi waits outside to bringg Portia to the airport. p As much as I don't want to see her ggo, I force myself y to send her awayy myself. y In this way, I could still be with her even for a few more hours. Tears slowlyy fall as I see the pplane taxis the lonng stret t tchh of Mactan Internation onal al Airirpo pport rt runway. ay I knoow th thaat the most impo im pport rtan antt de decision in life is reallyy hard. As Hector Elizondo says, LW PXVW EH GLIͤFXOW WR OHW JJR RI VRPHWKLQJ VR J R EHDX D WLIXO $V WKH pplane skids and starts its take off, I feel ssoo lostt. I kno n w that the farewell that hhaad a be b en said manyy tim im mess is no now w ffoor ggoood. And I fully know that tthhe contract of loove ve hass now ow ceaase sed to exist. June 8,, 2200155. I am m exactlyy 70 nnoow and an a ggran anndf dfat faatther her to he to two ador ad dor o ab able le kidds. s. I livve a solitaryy liiffe afte affte terr myy retirem em men e t deesppitee th th e pprressen ence ce of myy family. Somet etthhiing ng in myy hea eartt diieed du durriing the dur he daay whhen en Poorrt rtitia left. Itt'ss beeeeenn a year y since myy wife die ied. Now w thaat I aam m fullyy frreeee,, I thou o gghht ou ht of lookingg for Portia. But a force orccee witithhiin nags or g me know kn ow wiinng the fact that I'm alreadyy olld. d. Porti orttiia deseerrvves or es som omeone eonee yooun yyoun ungger. Nevertheless, I want too knnoow fo forr my mysseellff wha hat at hhaad EHFR EH FRPH PH RI I KH PH K U ͤYH \HDUV DIWHU \ UU , FRQ RQWD QWD WDFW DFW FWHGG 0DULH FWHG DDUULH LHO D O DDQQGG DV DVNH NHGG NH aabbboou out Po Porttia Port ia. I learned that shhee has res esig igne ig gne ned frroom m the he Deeppaart Depa rtme ment me ntt few monthss affteer my my ret etiirement and annd tr t ied hheer lluucckk inn Sing ngap apore ass an EEnngglliissh ap sh te teaacche h r.r I am m Lyynnnddo don aannd th this is is myy sto tory ry. y. I ma mayy ha havve bee eeenn uunnfaititthful ul but huma huma man aass I am, m, I haavve juustt loovved ed.



Your engine is not burning the fuel

smoother - even just after a few

efficiently. Let's go to Makati then," he

minutes of filling it up with the special



Our uncle became an acquaintance

Dennis explained to me the properties

Thankfully, after a year of filling it up

of Mr. Dennis Alvarez, the inventor

of the oil and even included a demo of

with IC Green, I haven't experienced

of IC GREEN after his product was

his product just to satisfy my curiosity.

a deterioration of my car engine's

recognized by a European Institute

But since I am not the type to believe

performance. I now change my oil

in Germany. The products was given

easily, I researched more about the

twice a year at most and friends who

recognition for its superior and better

product and its formulation to ensure

borrow my car felt like they are driving

than synthetic oil benefits. He called

that my car will not break after adding

a new car. I haven't let out the secret

up his acquaintance and bought an

a foreign substance (at least to me) to

until today.

SAE40W15 oil for my car.

the engine.

While my observations were not scientifically based, I immediately noticed the difference the oil made to my car. The noise was gone, my fuel mileage increased and my car can move even if I start it on the fifth gear! Overall, my drive became

If you think only humans are able to experience love, then you are definitely wrong. For some animals, love happens and when it does, you can witness some of the most genuine and sincere expressions of love. It's because when the love bug bites, no one is invincible.



CREATUREFEATURE: INTO THE WILD MALAGASY GIANT RAT These big-eared rats found in Madagascar is one of the very few monogamous animals in the whole world. These giant rats, when found love, will build their own nest and start a family. As years went by, the couple will stay together and breed as many children as they can, until one of them passes away. And that's the only time the widow or widower will find another Malagasy rat to settle with.

Malagasy Giant Rat Photo by ZooVisitorMM

SWANS These stunning birds is a symbol of love for a reason. These winged beauties express their love by bowing and allowing top of their heads to touch forming a shape of a heart. But for these birds, love can only come once in a lifetime. When their soul mate dies, they live a solitary life until they pass.

SEAHORSES “Husband of the Year” award will always be given to male seahorses. Male seahorses search for their one true love, and when they do find one, they carry the egg, be the one to give birth to thousands of little seahorses and take care of them. Aside from that, you can always find seahorses do a little dance together regularly as an expression of love.

Photo by:

ALBATROSS These migrating birds can fly miles and miles away, but they will always find their way back to their soul mate. By the time they come back from a great voyage, they dance together and entwine their necks as they flap their wings together. PDXUHHQGDUPDQGOPS ͤOHV ZRUGSUHVV FRP

ANTELOPES Antelopes travel in packs but they are very possessive with their true love. Male antelopes covers the scent of their wives so other male antelopes won’t be attracted to them. But in cases when other male antelopes try to flirt with a committed female antelope, the female almost always never show interest.










Photo credit:

WHY CHOOSE ARTIFICIAL? The very reason why the idea of

in top shape, the recipient should also


be able to accept the foreign organ into

because of the lack of supply of

his/her body without rejecting it.

transplantable organs. Yes, even though most people nowadays sign up for


organ donation, it is still a demand

organs such as heart, lungs, kidneys,

that's hard to supply.

and the like are intended to be temporary solutions while the patient

Aside from the lack of donors, matching

waits for an organ donor. However, with

the right donor to recipient is also a


crucial process. Let's even set aside the

organs might also be the permanent

fact that the donated organ should be


Photo by: Lachlan Fearnley

$UWLͤFLDO OLPEV PD\ EH WKH PRVW convenient and likely permanent solution for patients who lost their limbs. Since these are not transplantable, missing limbs could be UHSODFHG ZLWK VRPHWKLQJ DUWLͤFLDO

WR SURYH WKDW WKH FRQFHSW RI DUWLͤFLDO limbs was existing way back, the oldest dug up artifact was of an Egyptian woman PXPPLͤHG ZLWK KHU DUWLͤFLDO WRH ,W ZDV dated between 950 to 710 BC and was made of wood and leather.

However, this is not something new to the society. In fact, during the Greek and Roman reigns people mostly soldiers UHFHLYHG DUWLͤFLDO OLPEV WR UHSODFH amputated limbs and continue to battle. During the Punic War, Marcus Sergius replaced his amputated right hand with DQ LURQ PDGH DUWLͤFLDO KDQG VR KH FRXOG still hold his shield during the war. And

7RGD\ DUWLͤFLDO OLPEV DUH QR ORQJHU PDGH of wood nor iron. We use modern plastics DQG FDUERQ ͤEHU FRPSRVLWHV GXH WR LWV lightweight features. Although a portion is still supported with metals for strength DQG GXUDELOLW\ PRVW DUWLͤFLDO OLPEV WRGD\ are made for comfort and convenience. 7KH JRDO RI WKH PRGHUQ DUWLͤFLDO OLPEV is to provide as close to the real thing

experience for patients - leading to the FUHDWLRQ RI DUWLͤFLDO OLPEV ZLWK PRWLRQ Dr. Todd Kuiken of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago developed the “Targeted Muscle Reinnervationâ€? or TMR. 705 DOORZV DUWLͤFLDO OLPEV WR PRYH DV similar as to the original limb. TMR is designed to connect to a muscle as a bridge to receive signals from the brain. TMR then interprets the received signal and convert it to movement. The development of TMR doesn’t only focus on the structural GHVLJQ RI WKH DUWLͤFLDO OLPE EXW D JUHDWHU understanding of the human physiology and the brain’s ability to control it.

Photo credit:







extended of up to 6 months (scientists


you, then you are about to be shocked.

are working to extend it), thanks to

the lungs then to the entire body one at



a time.

and bladder, among others. But all


This process allows the patient to do

of which are mainly intended for as

heart's action. The heart action starts

regular and simple activities like take a

temporary solutions. However, the most


bath, eat, and even walk for a while. But

exciting organ to be made available

heart with blood. When the heart's all

it cannot pump blood as aggressively



to allow the recipient to engage in


strenuous activities.

available in the market like liver, lungs,

We all know that when the heart stops

the same but instead of the left and right

pumping, life ends. But now, life can be

work simultaneously to spread the blood,

MIXED FEELINGS 'HVSLWH WKH JRRG LQWHQWLRQ RI FUHDWLQJ DUWLͤFLDO RUJDQV WKHUH are mixed feelings regarding it. Yes, it does help patients extend their life expectancy while they wait for an organ donor. Yes, it gives hope to extending a life for patients who aren't eligible for transplant. And yes, it gives hope to patients trying to buy extra moments to spend time with their loved ones. But despite its good intentions, the mere idea of extending life through machines gives worries other people when it comes to its ethical use. (VSHFLDOO\ QRZ WKDW DUWLͤFLDO RUJDQV DUH JHDUHG WR EH D PRUH permanent solution rather than a temporary extension, the question lies in... is it really ethical to do so? With such an XQQDWXUDO SURFHGXUH GRHV KDYLQJ D FRXSOH RI DUWLͤFLDO RUJDQV result to becoming unethical since it challenges the natural? Photo credit: Syncardia Systems



56 56



BARS, PUBS AND CLUBS Alcohol is commonly used to treat wounds. But are wounds of the heart treatable with alcohol too? Maybe that’s one reason why we see a lot of broken-hearted people drinking alone or with their friends in bars until they are wasted. Another reason, perhaps, is when you’re already wasted or drunk, you tend to get temporary amnesia. You forget everything for a moment and are able to go to sleep without thinking about the person that caused you pain since the alcohol may have already drowned your brain. But as you wake up the next morning, all the pain and hurt comes back and it will bring a friend along: Mr. Hangover. You’ll wake up with throbbing head (not just heart) with nausea and dizziness. So if you ask me, would drowning yourself in alcohol be an effective remedy to a broken heart? I don’t think so!

THE EX’S SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS Warning: Stalker Alert! It is amazing how broken-hearted people would VWLOO ZDQW WR VWDON WKHLU H[̵V SURͤOH DIWHU EUHDNLQJ their hearts. People in pain somehow develop investigative skills in digging up the latest posts and news on the ex’s timeline. They try to see how the other deal with the break-up. Is the ex still affected or are they out and having fun. But is it really an effective solution? What if you ͤJXUH RXW WKDW WKH H[ LV DV PLVHUDEOH DV \RX DUH" Will it change the fact that your relationship is already over? If you see your past lover in a new relationship, why will you get angry? Do you even have the right to be mad? Relationships ends for a reason, the only unreasonable decision is if you decide to be continually miserable after.



















RVW RI XV ͤQG LW GLIͤFXOW WR handle our own emotions. We sometimes act the wrong kind of emotion which leads us to regretting it later on. Being able to feel is a normal thing for us. But we also have to be aware that there are negative feelings that we should learn how to handle properly. Here are ways on how to get a tight grip on your emotions.

CALM YOURSELF Take a deep breath and GRQĚľW OHW WKH LQWHQVH emotions get into your head. Reacting immediately can make you do or say



something that you will probably regret later on. Take your precious time to think about the VLWXDWLRQ ,W LV EHVW LI \RX take action when your mind and body is already calm. There are ways on how to calm ourselves like counting backwards. Some people get to calm down by drinking cold water or WDNLQJ D VKRZHU ,I WKHVH DUH QRW SRVVLEOH PD\EH D squeezing a stress ball can help. However you decide WR FDOP GRZQ WKH ERWWRP line will always be to take a time out.

TALK TO OTHERS Emotions being bottled up are not healthy. Do things that can help you release the emotions built up inside you. You may try talking to someone you trust and tell them what happened. Hearing an opinion other than your own broadens

\RXU PLQG ,I \RX ͤQG WDONLQJ WR VRPHRQH YHU\ GLIͤFXOW \RX can try writing it on paper.

ALWAYS LOOK ON 7+( %5,*+7 6,'( Always remember that everything happens for a UHDVRQ *RRG RU EDG LW VWLOO serves a purpose. You may not understand it in the beginning but as time goes E\ \RX ZLOO EHJLQ WR VHH the bigger picture ahead of you. Always remember that even in the midst of an emotionally upsetting moment there is still an ultimate purpose that you ZLOO VRRQ ͤQG RXW

WASH AWAY <285 1(*$7,9( 7+28*+76 Whenever you are confronted with an emotion that is making you feel or think VRPHWKLQJ EDG IRUFH LW RXW of your mind and replace it with a different thought. Thinking of negative things ZRQĚľW KHOS \RX VROYH \RXU problem. Think of something

ON HIGHERGROUND or someone that makes you happy. Reminisce good memories. There are times when we are guilty of remembering only the bad VLGH RI WKLQJV RU RI VRPHRQH be the bigger person and see the greener side of life. 5HPHPEHU NHHSLQJ QHJDWLYH thoughts bring more harm to you than to others.

63(1' 620( 7,0( 2876,'( Being outside where there is IUHVK DLU HVSHFLDOO\ DURXQG nature is very helpful in calming the emotions. Seeing the horizon makes a person in a tough situation think properly. How about a morning walk or even an afternoon coffee break at a nearby cafe? The change in environment will not only KHOS \RX FDOP \RXU QHUYHV LW will also give you a time for your thoughts.

)25*,9( 7+26( :+2 75,**(5(' <285 (027,216 Most of your emotional triggers are the people around you. They can be your IDPLO\ EHVW IULHQG DQG HYHQ yourself. Forgiving yourself or the people around you means that you are ready to detach all the negative WKLQJV WKH MHDORXV\ KDWH DQG the anger lingering inside \RX $V \RX IRUJLYH \RX will feel lighter inside like something has been plucked out from your chest and \RX̵OO IHHO ͤQH DJDLQ







Photo by: Baird




7KHUH DUH D ORW RI DFWLYLWLHV WKDW FDQ KHOS LPSURYH RQH̵V KHDUW KHDOWK 6RPH GR KHDUW \RJD VZLPPLQJ DQG RWKHU DFWLYLWLHV WKDW FDQ UHDOO\ LPSURYH RQH̵V KHDUWK KHDOWK EXW LV D OLWWOH ELW SULFH\ :KDW WKH\ GRQ̵W NQRZ LV WKDW WKHUH DUH VRPH HYHU\GD\ DFWLYLWLHV ZKLFK LV IULHQGO\ RQ WKH EXGJHW DQG IXQ WRR &KHFN RXW WKLV OLVW RI KHDUW DQG SRFNHW IULHQGO\ DFWLYLWLHV DANCING Dancing is the most enjoyable form of exercise. But what most people don't know is that it also has a large number RI KHDOWK EHQHͤWV ,W FDQ PDNH \RXU ERG\ and soul feel good in a way that no other exercise can. Any type of dance can burn more than 400 calories in an hour and it

makes you use your muscles in different

burner. Alternating between downstairs


ways. Most cardiologists say their

and upstairs instead of doing one floor at


patients who are engaged in dancing are

a time burns your calories while cleaning.

of exercise and burns more calories per

the healthiest of them all.

minute than jogging.



For moms, this is the best way of

These activities do not only prove that

Giving your home an energetic cleaning is

maintaining good heart health. Kids are

healthy living doesn't have to be expensive

a good way to improve your heart health.

natural stop-and-go exercisers. They run

living. All you have to do is be creative in

Your home’s stairs are the best calorie

and stop to catch breath and then run

your daily activities and sweat off those

again. Doing activities with children like

extra calories.

your siblings and cousins will not only raise your heart health but also build bonds.

TAKING THE STAIRS Not in a hurry? Take the stairs! Climbing just eight flights of stairs a day lowers average mortality risk by 33%. That is why this activity is recommended by doctors and health authorities worldwide. Stair











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REACH Magazine and AFSL (Asian Federation of Student Leaders) in cooperation with Global Dignity Organization - Philippines and GMC (Global Mentors for Change) will be FRQGXFWLQJ WKH ͤUVW $&$'(0,& 2/<03,$' 1DWLRQDO 4XL] Competition) this is to motivate and inspired students to study and be proud of their schools, while empowering the younger generation to LEARN more!

$&$'(0,& &+$03,21 -D\PDU $OEDQR Vintar Academy Inc. Ilocos Norte Coach : (UQHVWR 'H OD &UX] -U


ACADEMIC OLYMPIAD (National Quiz Competition) project is a Nationwide Interschool Academic Competition for High School division. This annual competition provides a unique platform to students to exhibit their knowledge and acumen, thereby win recognition to excellence. It also provides an excellent opportunity for them to demonstrate their knowledge, creativity and experience.

1ST RUNNER UP (ODLQH -R\FH 'LD] San Nicolas National High School Coaches : 0UV -DPHV &HDVDU $ 9HQWXUD Ms.Charmaigne Grace V. Camagon Ilocos Norte San Nicolas

2ND RUNNER-UP Shacaezar L . Tambio Mariano Marcos State University Batac Ilocos Norte Coach : Rosalie Bacister







SEPTEMBER 9 IS PHILIPPINES FIRST CASHBACK DAY! This September 9, online shoppers go crazy ZLWK 6KRS%DFNĚľV ͤUVW 3KLOLSSLQHV &DVKEDFN Day, in celebration with the business’ ͤUVW \HDU DQQLYHUVDU\ :LWK RYHU members in Philippines , Malaysia, and Singapore, ShopBack is an online platform that allow shoppers to get cash back for every transaction at over 300 local and global merchants. “ShopBack grants customers Cashback when they shop at our partnered online stores. The cash will be channeled to their preferred local bank or PayPal accounts. This is possible through putting aside a part of commission that ShopBack receives from merchants and returning it to customers as Cashbackâ€?, says Ms. Kristina Ay-ay, ShopBack’s Head of Partnerships in Philippines. The week-long revelry of savings kicks off on 1.9.2015 with sneak preview deals, and culminates on 9.9.2015 with nine ecommerce giants hosting the party with ShopBack, serving up voucher codes and/ or increased Cashback for shoppers. 80

“From September 1 to 8, we will unveil unique surprise deals every other day, from nine local and global eCommerce giants – ZALORA, ASOS, Groupon, Lazada, Agoda, Expedia, Ali Express, Luxola, and Ebay�, says Ms. Ay-ay.

The concept which started in the United States has proven to be a great hit, thus no surprise that when ShopBack was launched in Singapore a year ago, subscribers has LQFUHDVHG ͤYH WLPHV RYHU WKH SDVW VL[ months.

Other than perks given to the online buyers on ShopBack’s website, its Facebook and Instagram accounts also throw pop-up contests and giveaways.

“We created ShopBack for the mutual EHQHͤW RI ERWK RQOLQH PHUFKDQWV DQG shoppers. A year later, we see ShopBack’s formula catching on with more people, not only in Singapore but also in Malay-sia and Philippinesâ€?, says Mr. Henry Chan, one of the six founders of ShopBack.

Yet the biggest online treat will unveil entirely on 9.9.2015 (September 9), as shoppers can reel in even bi99er deals at ShopBack. The deals include all industry from fashion, electronics, travel, and entertainment. Highlights include dishing out up to double amount of Cashback for se-lected online stores, and giving additional P99 bonus cash for lucky shoppers. “On top of all the Cashback, any existing discounts from our partnered merchants or credit card rebates from banks are still valid�, Ms. Ay-ay added.

ShopBack is currently bringing in 100 million in Philippine peso in sales for merchants on a monthly basis, with 1.5 million page views per month. For hottest deals with 9.9.2015 Cashback, visit

Last January 23, 2016 was a sunny Saturday morning at Alabang Country Club and indeed, it turned out to be the best day for the Kiwanis Futbol Festival to take place. Football teams coming from different parts of /X]RQ VXSSRUWHG E\ WKHLU SDUHQWV DQG IRRWEDOO DͤFLRQDGRV IORFNHG LQ the vast ground of the esteemed country club. From a distance, it did painted such a warm sight to see budding players grow into athletes as the crowds cheer with excitement. 7KH .LZDQLV )XWERO )HVWLYDO ZDV WKH ͤUVW JUDQG HYHQW RI the Kiwanis International - Philippine Luzon District in continued centennial anniversary celebration which kicked off in 2015. Timely, that the said sports event also happened during the Kiwanis Week which made it more momentous for the organization. Spearheaded by Lt. Governor Raymund Yap, District Chairman for Committee on Children and Youth Services, the sports event was FUHDWHG WR IXOͤOO WKH .LZDQLV DVSLUDWLRQV WR enrich the Filipino youth's lives and create a family- like bond without borders. "I do not personally play football, but my children do play and I've seen how the sports positively influenced their lives," said Mr. Yap. "They did not only learned discipline and sportsmanship, they were also able to build such an empowering relationship with their teams this is something I would like for the Filipino youth to experience." Aligned with Kiwanis' principles and advocacies, Mr. Yap saw the greater potential of children being involved in football than any other sports. "Other sports like basketball is too common. Why football? It's because the idea here is to show these kids that football is also a good sports to choose. And being in sports can teach them values and for those who wants to give in an extra effort, football can also be their keys to a brighter future starting it off with a college scholarship," explained Mr. Yap. "Seeing the camaraderie being built in football that I witnessed with my kids, it also gave me hope that Kiwanis can also spread this kind of a family to other Filipino children." As part of Kiwanis' efforts, the organization partnered with Mabuhay Football League (MFL) to organize the Kiwanis Futbol Festival. "MFL is PRUH WKDQ DQ RUJDQL]HU IRU XV WKH\ DUH SDUWQHUV LQ IXOͤOOLQJ FKLOGUHQĚľV dreams by making this event possible,â€? added Mr. Yap. And indeed all their efforts did not go astray, the 22 teams which played for last year’s competition more than doubled this year with 82 registered teams and

1,230 players that enjoy the game. Present in the event were Kiwanis International - Philippine Luzon District Governor Manny Mamadra and Immediate Past District Governor Melvin Mendoza , who were both glad to see the event turn out. Governor Mendoza expressed his delight as he witnessed the overall success of the event. He also mentioned that he was glad that his advocacy during his time is still being supported by the succeeding generation of Kiwanis leaders. Aside from the increase in participants, Gov. Mamadra also commended the smooth flow of events, according to him, it was well-organized and he was also glad to see that more organizations and media entities are supporting their cause.

Aside from creating an avenue for football players to show their skills, Kiwanis also made an extra effort to encourage more teams to participate. “We did not only gave them an opportunity to play, Kiwanis also selected a handful of highly competitive teams and gave them a chance to join,â€? shared Mr. Yap. Kiwanis sponsored the joining fees and team uniforms of 12 teams during the festival - one of which is the Tuloy sa Don Bosco Football Team. Tuloy sa Don Bosco Football Team is composed of unGHUSULYLOHJHG \RXWK ZKR KDV WKH SDVVLRQ DQG ͤUH WR SOD\ IRRWEDOO According to Coach Christian Go, who started playing football at the age of 9, football became an alternative activity for the kids, rather than they spend their time in the streets to beg for money or worse, get into dangerous activities that could affect their future. To further encourage the kids to play, the team also provide the players with snacks every training. One of the Tuloy sa Don Bosco players, a 7 year old boy named Gerand Borde was more than happy to play at the Kiwanis Futbol Festival with matching uniforms. In the eyes of the boy, these small things create positive ripples in his life. With the success of the Kiwanis Futbol Festival, Mr. Yap is positive that this can become a Kiwanis’ regular activity. “I saw the children have fun, which children are supposed to be at their age. At the same time, competing in tournaments like this can give them a sense of accomplishment and a chance of a brighter future,â€? said the Lt. Governor. “We would like Kiwanis WR EH DQ LQVWUXPHQW WR IXOͤO WKH \RXWKĚľV GUHDPV 7KDQNV WR RXU SDUWQHUV like Mabuhay Football League, we are able to realize this aspirations.â€?



BY: SAMUEL OLIVAR AND RAYMARD GUTIERREZ graduating, but one of those actual challenges is, ironically, not having any projects. Before #SamAndMard was created, Sam has had little to no success when it comes to opportunities. -XVW OLNH DQ\RQH ZRXOG KH GLG DOO types of auditions. From picture auditions, to cold readings and singing auditions, he has had those road blocks in front of him practically for years. Until, of course, he met Mard.

Who is MARD? name in a hash tag seem like a drawn out gimmick in social media these days. Put certain words together along with the "number sign" (or a Sharp if you're a music enthusiast. Ha!) and you'll get instant results. It's actually a nice process if you're doing advocacies or certain beliefs like #lovewins or #happiness, but what makes that certain symbol stand out is that it connotes branding. Come in Sam And Mard. It is as confusing as it is a bit of an ego trip to put your names beside a hash tag and SURPRWH \RXU ZRUNV $W ͤUVW glance, people normally don't get this structure, but if you look very closely you'll see and realize that it is more than just the names of two people trying to make a name for themselves. It is the opportunity that these two people wanted to share. It is the continuous struggle to be able to reach the pinnacle of success alongside people you want to succeed with. It is a story of the \RXWK ͤQDOO\ KDYLQJ WKHLU YRLFHV be heard. But before we could get DQ\ IXUWKHU OHW V ͤQG RXW ZKR WKH people responsible in running the whole show are.

Who is SAM? Samuel Olivar, or Sam for short, is an IT and Musical Theatre Conservatory graduate from New York Film Academy. He has had many challenges after 82


Raymard Gutierrez or Mard in the show, his path to is almost synonymous to Sam's as he struggled to audition for a lot of tv shows. A Youth Ambassador. Chef. Photographer. Video Editor. Host. An all around guy who’s given not an ounce of opportunity even with all his combined skills, took a risk.

Wait, And? Connect the two names with an "And" and a little bit of a hashtag and you've got yourself a show. What kind of show, though? What would anyone do with two nobodies like them, who doesn't have the looks of matinee idols, whose credentials as far as mainstream media is concerned won't impress anyone and whose courses are way too outside the realm of the conventional media practitioner? Simple. Trust them. Why, you say? Because they aren't just dreamers, but they act upon that dream and help create a future where opportunities wouldn't be limited to the politics of show business. #SamAndMard isn't just a show about two guys who travels around the Philippines and Asia, who interviews people and makes fun of themselves. No, the show they created is a brand in and out of itself. If you look at, you will see that a brand is a name, design, symbol or other feature that DISTINGUISHES one seller's product from those of others.

If that is the case, what then distinguishes the #SamAndMard brand from any other brands? Opportunities for the youth. The show is a platform for students to use the skills they learned from school and put it into work as they get the chance to have the exposure even at a young age. The show, after all, is part of the Voice of the Youth (VOTY), where the same principle of giving opportunities to students who would want to be broadcasters can be seen. The branding of Sam and Mard started as the two were part of VOTY under the tutelage of the "Voice Master" Pocholo Gonzales. After a string of events that would see the pair guest at the "medyo late night" show with -RMR $ DQG VRPH RWKHU IRUXPV and events, the two eventually went to Indonesia and Singapore for certain projects, saw great potential, used simple cameras for shooting as a way for

sustainability, used all the talents and skills they have learned and as the saying goes, the rest was history. #SamAndMard was born out of passion, hard work, and the belief that even in its simple way, they could help the \RXWK ͤQG WKHLU YRLFHV E\ JLYLQJ them an opportunity to be seen and heard all around the world through this show.

TRUTH BEHIND THE SCENE By now you might be wondering how this brand could actually help out the youth, and what intention there is to it. The real deal is that this is a voluntary effort, the training, however, is valuable. Through the intention of helping out the students and those who are interested in pursuing such career, the brand is building up the future in a positive manner. Everything this brand does is train each people passionate in this industry deal with the fact that the media is a

WITHINREACH vast jungle full of opportunities. Those opportunities, however, could only open itself to anyone willing to work hard to follow a dream. It is through this dream that the brand was born, and LW LV WKURXJK WKH ͤUH WKDW WKLV dream burns into which will make other's dream a reality. The #SamAndMard brand is an advocacy of change, it creates shows, both on radio and television, that would be EHQHͤFLDO WR WKH \RXWK ZKLFK LQ WXUQ LV EHQHͤFLDO WR WKH IXWXUH of the country as well. Words would mean nothing as much as action speaks volumes, and with the help of Voice of the Youth and CreatiVoices Productions, both sister companies, a lot of opportunities are opening up to people with passions in voice acting, broadcasting and content creation and with so much to look forward to, expect the youth to be in the forefront of the future.

THE PASSION WORKING The brand has had so much experience already in such a

short amount of time. The duo of Sam and Mard and the rest of the VOTY family that they're also a part of does a lot of their works in GLIIHUHQW ͤHOGV LQ WKH 0HGLD DQG ICT. Aside from covering events and forums, they also interview owners of different companies, from small scaled businesses to hotels and big business owners even actors and ahem a guy from Hollywood wanted to gave us a chance for a exclusive one. The brand is also a platform for promotion for companies willing to collaborate with the group.

WHAT OPPORTUNITIES ARE THERE? With Radio shows, TV shows, a network in the works and collaborations made with different groups and companies that believe in their agenda, 6DP$QG0DUG LV ͤQDOO\ PDNLQJ a mark in the industry and with the hashtag as part of the initiative, there might be a chance that the brand could influence a lot more people to take part. The group welcomes anyone with passion to join as

there isn't any limitation. The group invites anyone who wants to experience broadcasting, tv hosting, acting, writing and other artistic endeavor to be part of the group. From the #SamAndMard show in PinoyXtreme Channel, to different radio shows from AM stations such as DZME and DZIQ, and distinct partnership with sponsors like Inventsol, a company that provides savings up to 45% on fuel and oil consumption & 90% reduction on pollution by improving the HIͤFLHQF\ RI LQWHUQDO FRPEXVWLRQ engine, there are so many possibilities in Media and the different advocacies and companies that we work with everyday that could create more opportunities. All it takes is just saying yes to those possibilities.

YOUTH DESERVES A CHANCE The brand is more than just a name, it's a lifestyle. It's a change in the norm in which we got used to. The norm that serves itself more than it serves the people's interest. This isn't a charity case; it's a chance to ͤQDOO\ WXUQ D GUHDP LQWR D UHDOLW\ #SamAndMard, for all intents and purposes, shouldn't have existed, but because of hard work, perseverance, and the passion of all the youth involved, the brand exists; to inspire, inform, involve and empower.

every Sunday at 8:30 AM and now with replays 3-times a day, 7-Days a week. You could also hear them via DZME 1530AM every Saturday 1-2PM on Youth Power Radio. How bout Facebook? YEP! Click on search and type SAM AND MARD. If you love our show and willing to help us sustain and support LW ͤQDQFLDOO\ RU JLIWV RU LQYLWH XV anywhere in the Philippines, Asia and the World for collaborations, talks, events, shoots, you could email us at raymard@gmail. com or give us a beep at (0927) 2Q WKH ͤQDO WKRXJKW who knows you might see us as well on Malls, Buses, Mrt’s and even walking around the Metro, don’t hesitate to say HI! or ask for a Photo with us!


ON PINOY EXTREME CHANNEL (Cignal 57 / destiny 83 / cable link 59) MONDAY TO SUNDAY 8:30AM / 3:30PM / 12:30AM HEAR ON RADIO: PWERSA NG KABATAAN Tuesday & Thursday 12:00-2:00PM DZME 1530AM Contact at: 0927-3125327 **Voice of the Youth Network LV QR ORQJHU DIͤOLDWHG E\ 6-0 PRODUCTIONS nor SAM AND MARD SHOW**

WHERE TO FIND THEM You can watch SAM AND MARD SHOW on Pinoy Extreme Channel





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