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For the Opportunity issue of REACH magazine, we are featuring one of today’s hottest young stars and it’s none other than Ms. Kathryn Bernardo. The sweet girl who recently blossomed into lady, shared with us how she keeps her busy schedule without sacrificing her studies. She also gave us some pointers on how she stays on top of her game while experiencing the simple joys of life – like getting in touch with her family and friends with smart gadgets even when she’s away. Kathryn truly is one smart lady – a role model whom every girl and boy of her generation should look up to. Catch the special feature story on page 39.

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Editor’s Note “When God closes a door, He opens a window.”

Curiousity Mars Runs in Reverse

Truly that simple line would have saved so many people from hopelessness and frustrations. The good thing about it is that it’s always true in life. Sometimes, all we have to do is open our minds and our hearts to the many possibilities and opportunities around us. For our OPPORTUNITY issue, REACH magazine showcases the many possibilities one can get their hands on, whether as a hobby, as a career, or simply for self-improvement. For our How It Works section, we featured Kitchen Krafts’ owner May Santos (page 30) on how her previous profession and lack of space did not stop her from creating some of the most delicious cakes and pastries in the market today. We also created a quick tour of one of the most ideal place to settle in the country, catch Davao City in Amazing Philippines (page 20). And of course, our cover girl Kathryn Bernardo (page 39) also reveals how being busy with her career doesn’t mean she has to let go of all the other opportunities that come her way. Learn about her lifestyle and how she manages her time to always be on top of her game. All these and more, as we unravel all the things you can explore that give you a sense of hope, motivation and drive to reach for the things you aspire for. Be always inspired. Be always on the hunt for opportunities on sight! You’ll never know, your first big break might just be around the corner!

Imaginarium: Peaches In Heaven


Just like any equipment, the Curiosity

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1 millimeter. At present, surgeons use MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) images to plan removal of tumors and other potential cancer cells then remove surrounding tissues. But with the help of these goggles, surgeons are able to spot affected cells at the moment of surgery. This minimizes the chance of left over cancer cells and the need for another surgery.

A team of experts and researchers created advanced goggles which can detect and see cancer cells during surgery – as published in the Journal of Biomedical Optics. Developed by a team headed by Samuel Achilefu, a radiology and biomedical engineering professor at Washington University, the special goggles are expected to improve cancer-related surgeries allowing surgeons to see cancer-infected tissue as small as

Parents may be excited to learn that their children create their own lives and start living independently, but there’s one mother who may not be too thrilled about it – Mother Earth. “When people talk about the human impact on the environment, they'll often talk about the human population size. And the number of households, basically, gets ignored,” said Jack Liu, an ecologist from Michigan State University. Liu and his team who are studying the effect of human activities on the environment noticed that despite some decrease in population growth, the planet still experiences of an impact to the surroundings due to the increasing growth of households.

Julie A. Margenthaler, an associate professor at the same university and also a breast surgeon, was the first to test the advanced technology. According to Margenthaler, although the technology may be in its early stages and requires additional development, the potential of the gadget can highly improve patients welfare. The whole setup consists of eyewear with special lenses and a hi-tech video system which allows the surgeon to see cancer cells illuminated by a special dye injected to the patient.

Such increase is a result of more and more people choosing to live in smaller groups. According to the American Association of the Advancement of Science (AAAS), factors like the increased number of divorces and separation of couples, breaking families into different homes, people living longer lives due to medical breakthroughs and even increasing financial success can greatly increase the number of households. Unlike before, when families lived with extended families, modern-day lifestyles changed such perspectives. As per AAAS, one household with a small number of residents generally requires the same resources as a big household. One very obvious factor is the living space a household requires, especially in progressive countries where a household of 3, each with their own rooms occupies an ample space. Thus, the more space households consume, the less space there is for animals and plants. Then, there are resources a household needs like wood, energy and water. Truly, the boom in the number of households can potentially be as harmful as an increase in population based on Liu and his team’s research and observation. REACH MAGAZINE




“In-flight medical emergencies are unusual, they are not rare, and all trained lay rescuer must be prepared to respond. Forewarned is forearmed.”

Estimates of in-flight deaths in the United States vary from 21 to 100 passengers each year. The SeattleTacoma study reported 0.35 deaths per million inbound passengers. A similar rate was found in another study, from Los Angeles International Airport, where 7 deaths occurred in 11.3 million passengers. This is further substantiated by data reported to the International Air Transport Association between 1977 and 1984, where in-flight deaths occurred at a rate of 72 per year, 0.31 per million passengers, or 25.1 per million departures. The majority were men (66%), with a mean age of nearly 54 years, and most (79%) had reported no health problems before travel. More than half of these deaths (56%) were classified as “sudden,” presumably cardiac. This is echoed by a recent report on the use of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) by a US airline, where the majority of patients were men, and the mean age was 58 years. The fact that sudden cardiac death was more common among passengers with no reported health problems than among ill passengers has potential implications for prevention because it is known that apparently well individuals who suffer sudden cardiac death can more frequently be resuscitated. The Aviation Medical Assistance Act also mandates U.S. commercial air carriers that have at least one flight attendant be equipped with an AED, along with an emergency medical kit (EMK). (8,9,10) Other national aviation regulators, such as the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), still don’t mandate that European commercial aircraft be equipped with AEDs. (11,12,13,14) (Pending amendments to the EASA regulations that are currently in the rulemaking process are expected to change this.) Fortunately, a significant number of airlines exceed national regulatory requirements. For example, the Emirates Airline, U.K.-based carrier Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, Varig, Lufthansa, Quantas and Philippine Airline. Emirates airline launched its pioneering Mood Lighting onboard its ultra-long-haul A340-500 aircraft. This programme carefully controls cabin lighting in sync with the light outside the aircraft to reduce jetlag on long flights. This means passengers are fresher when they arrive for their holiday, business meeting or onward connection. 10


Emirates has also made seating aboard the latest Airbus and Boeing wide-bodied aircraft more comfortable – giving more space, providing improved head and neck support and enhanced reclining capabilities. A host of ‘healthy flying’ tips are contained in our in-flight magazine Open Skies, throughout our in-flight entertainment programme.

Medical Equipment on Board MEDICAL KIT The Federal Aviation Administration on June 12, 2001, issued a final rule that will require all carrier aircraft of more than 7500 lbs payload, with at least 1 flight attendant, to carry at least 1 enhanced medical kit in addition to an AED by Apr. 12, 2004. Flight crew must also be appropriately trained. Additions to the kit include both medications (notably ASA, atropine, brochodilators, additional epinephrine, lidocaine and saline for intravenous infusion) and equipment (IV administration kit and a self-inflating manual resuscitation device with masks). The enhanced medical kit is located in the cockpit and if

opened, the aircraft cannot fly again until the kit has been replaced.

AUTOMATIC EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLATORS Endorsed by the American Heart Association, AEDs are increasingly being found on commercial aircraft. In 1996 the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of AEDs on commercial aircraft, and in July 1997 American Airlines became the first US carrier to carry them. Pursuant to the Aviation Medical Assistance Act, other airlines are following suit. The final rule in implementing the AED on April 12, 2004, at least one automated external defibrillator (AED) must be aboard part 121 passenger airplanes that have maximum payload capacity of more than 3,400 kilograms (7,500 pounds), approximately equivalent to a 30-passanger airplane. Furthermore, AEDs are found in a growing number of airports, with Dubai International Airport, Clark International Airport in the Philippines, Chicago O’Hare, London Heathrow, Detroit Metro and Toronto

COMPONENTS OF A MEDICAL KIT Sphygmomanometer 1 Stethoscope 1 Different size of Syringes 4 Needles and safe disposal method 6 50% dextrose injection, 50 cc 1 Epinephrine 1:1000, single-dose ampule or equivalent 2

Diphenhydramine HCI injection, single- dose ampule or equivalent 2 Nitroglycerin 10 Basic instructions for use of the drugs in the kit 1 Protective latex gloves or equivalent 1 pair Airways, oropharyngeal (3 sizes) 3

Pearson being notable examples. Despite their increasing prevalence, there is a paucity of data that would support or dispute the carriage of AEDs on board aircraft. Since the introduction of AEDs by American Airlines in 1997, they have reportedly been used on 200 persons (as of July of 1999).Of the 15 patients who received shocks (13 for documented and 2 for presumed ventricular fibrillation), 6 (40%) were subsequently discharged with full neurologic and functional recovery. In response to the Aviation Medical Assistance Act, the FAA conducted a year-long data collection study. The study revealed 188 death or near-death incidents in which 108 people died. Of these deaths, 64 were cardiac related. There were 4 post-flight, long-term survivors who had been administered an AED shock on an airline that voluntarily carried the device, and 40 cases in which an AED might have been used if it had been available. Emirates Airline was the first airline in the Middle East to equip each aircraft with a defibrillator. All senior cabin crew are trained in its use.



Specialist technologies include compact and highly integrated vital signs monitors for both medical professional and non-medically trained users, as well as intermittent users.

Oxygen can be supplied onboard to passengers who may need it in a medical emergency including supplies adult oxygen masks.

Using the Tempus system, cabin crew can now obtain clinically-accurate vital signs data from a passenger who has taken ill in-flight. This leading-edge passenger health monitoring system comes from based Remote Diagnostic Technologies Ltd (RDT). Tempus records a passenger’s blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, electrocardiogram (ECG), blood glucose levels, blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

Aviation portable oxygen bottles (POBs), generally have only one of two fixed settings: “low flow” (2 lpm) and “high flow” (4 lpm) for first aid purposes and decompression emergencies, which is far lower than what is normally used in EMS settings. Even more unusual, oxygen tubing for the bag-valve mask resuscitations aren’t required to be compatible with these on-board oxygen bottles.

The data, which can include and real time video of the passenger, is sent via the in-flight communications system to emergency medical specialists at the Response Centre in Phoenix, USA. Experts can diagnose the problem and advise the crew on the best course of action.

Passenger Information And Advice BEFORE A FLIGHT • Consult a doctor: any passengers with any medical concerns about flying to consult their doctor before travel. • Avoid overeating: Eat lightly before flying. • On long flights, the body’s metabolism slows down and is less able to digest large quantities of food.

DURING THE FLIGHT • Changes in cabin pressure, especially during ascent and descent, can sometimes cause mild pain in the ears. Equalize by swallowing or sucking a sweet. Babies and infants may suffer more acutely, so provide something for them to suck on – e.g. a pacifier/ comforter / soother. • Drink plenty of water or fruit juices during flight. Avoid too many caffeinated drinks and alcohol as these act as diuretics. • Wear glasses instead of contact lenses, dry aircraft cabin air may cause drying of contact lenses. • Dry cabin air also dries skin rapidly. Combat tight, dry skin with a good quality moisturizer. • Wear loose clothes and avoid anything that may restrict blood circulation. • Try and get a good night’s rest before flying. Set your watch to the time at destination to help you adjust. • Sitting still for long periods can lead to compression of the central blood vessels in the legs. Practice light exercises helps to reduce muscle fatigue and encourages blood flow.

ON ARRIVAL • If you cannot sleep on arrival, try some light exercise such as a brisk walk to help adjust your body clock. The biological clock requires approximately one day per time zone crossed to fully adjust.

Photo by: Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance

CONCLUSION: In-flight medical emergencies are unusual, they are not rare, and all trained lay rescuer must be prepared to respond. Forewarned is forearmed. Physicians, Nurses and Paramedics should be aware of what resuscitative drugs and equipment are available on most commercial and international flights. References: available on request. pls send email to:






PLANES DON’T JUST DISAPPEAR, DO THEY? THOUGHTS TO PONDER The Lockheed Elektra, the B-77 Stratojet and the Avenger torpedo-bombers are considered outdated compared to aircraft like Boeing 777-200ER which have hi-tech navigation equipment. However, all aircraft have one thing in common; they all disappear without valid explanation. What do you think may be the reason behind it? Is it really a terrorist attack, an aircraft malfunction, human error or simply something far beyond human’s control?


ne of this year’s most puzzling events was the sudden disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370, a BOEING 777-200ER which was not exactly a small plane. In fact, it flew 227 passengers last March 8, 2014 when it suddenly went missing. Officials came up with a few theories; the top two involved terrorists and a crash landing. But days went by, and still, there was no message from any terrorists group, no debris floating in the ocean or any explosion on any nearby land where the plane may have had an emergency landing. Something big just disappeared out of thin air. Is this even possible? History proves it is.

AMELIA EARHART AND HER LOCKHEED ELEKTRA AIRPLANE Unsolved In 1937 as she was trying to circle the world in her Lockheed Elektra plane, Amelia Earhart went missing over the South Pacific region. Although several theories were considered, nothing really showed enough evidence where the plane may have landed or where one of the first female aviators actually went. After several decades, nothing has been confirmed about where the plane went. Amelia Earhart, up until now, is yet to be found.

BOEING B-47 STRATOJET CARRYING NUCLEAR WEAPON - Unsolved It was in 1956 when the plane took off from Florida, USA bound to Morocco carrying a nuclear weapon. However, on its attempt for a second refueling, the tanker which was supposed to refuel the plane failed to locate the plane. Experts ruled out any form of crash landing as the search party never found any form of wreckage or saw any debris. As of the present, the plane which disappeared over the Mediterranean Sea hasn’t been found, or any of its in-flight crew.

FLIGHT 19 WENT AWOL OVER BERMUDA TRIANGLE - Unsolved Five US Navy Avenger torpedo-bombers also known as Flight 19 went out for their training mission and took off from Florida in 1945. Just two hours into the mission, several reports from the flight were received by their ground facilities that included compass malfunction, location confusion and weather disturbances. After a while, the last report heard was from captain who instructed his men to disengage from their craft. Soon after, a search-and-rescue Mariner aircraft was sent out to look for the Flight 19 crew and crafts. Unfortunately, the Mariners’ five aircraft along with crew were never found ever since. This happened over the area which connects Bermuda, Cuba and Sto. Domingo – also called the Bermuda Triangle. REACH MAGAZINE



“Get Hired” Tips for

Fresh Grads Resume

Nina Tinitigan, Human Resources Analyst


raduation is one of the most important milestones in a person’s life. It closes a chapter of learning and training and opens up a new chapter where a person can finally put to test all the things he or she learned from school – which can happen if one gets hired for his or her first ever job! It’s exciting and yet some find job hunting a dreadful experience since you have to compete not only with your fellow grads, but also against the most experienced people of the employment pool. But there’s a way to get an edge, Nina Tinitigan, HR (Human Resources) Analyst from one of the biggest IT/BPO companies in the country shares some tips on how to get an edge from the rest:

Pre-Application As cliché as it may sound, you have to have good grades and participate aggressively in school. “We get the GPA. It becomes a requirement of the management for some entry level positions. The range depends on the requirement of a certain project (but) usually the GPA requirement should be 85 or higher with only 3 failed subjects (at a maximum). If a certain applicant failed more than 3 subjects, this will be tagged as a ‘not priority hire’,” Nina shares. Above-average communication skills can also help a lot when it comes to job application. This can be practiced and polished from elementary to collegiate level through presentations and joining communicationdriven extra-curricular activities. Being able to express thoughts and points effectively is as important as getting good grades. “Another factor that can be considered is how the person/applicant is involved with his/her thesis - the contributions to his/ her thesis, (and) how he/she handles time pressure during a tight deadline at school.”

Plenty of applicants couldn’t even get an interview because of unpolished resume – remember the resume is your ticket to the job of your dreams. If your resume sucks, then it’s over, so be sure to make it attractive to the HR’s eyes. Be professional in your resume, “do not use ‘selfie’ pictures in your CV’s; and the shorter and direct to the point CV’s are, the better,” shares Nina. Resume is a summary of your qualifications, it’s not an essay so keep it short and direct – lose all the flowery words in between. And since Nina reveals that the Achievement, Projects and Skills section of the resume are very important, it pays to make an effort to bulk up these sections. But never lie in your resume, remember those who review your applications are experts and they can easily spot a lie with background checks and series of interviews.

Interview In school, one is taught how to present themselves professionally. Yes, you must observe the proper dress code. Punctuality is also a must – it’s best if you arrive at the interview site at least 15 minutes from your appointment. Bring at least 2 copies of your resume along with school credentials - be also prepared to discuss the details of your resume. Nina also shares that listening intently to the questions, absorbing it and responding accordingly reveals a lot too. “Applicants should comprehend before answering the question and cite a concrete example of what is being asked.” In the end, new graduates should not be nervous in competing against more experienced applicants as experience is not the only thing a company looks for. “If a fresh graduate is willing to be trained more in skills that is required over an experience applicant who is not willing to be trained in a certain skill,” tells Nina, companies do select fresh graduates over experienced candidates in such cases. REACH MAGAZINE



Eat Better, Not Lesser:

Eat Your Way to Weight Loss

Many are misguided when it comes to ways on how to lose weight. And with the birth of many forms and types of diets, it gets more and more confusing which often leads to harmful weight loss, poor health or worse, dangerous weight gain. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) of the US Department of Health and Human Services, the secret to maintaining one’s healthy weight is to balance every meal with food which are low in fat and have the right amount of calories for one’s daily activity. But before anything else, calories must be understood as “energy” found in food. The amount of calories to take depends on an individual’s age, gender and lifestyle. The more active a person is, the more calorie intake he or she requires. Too low can cause weight loss and too much can cause weight gain; however, it doesn’t mean that taking in too little calories is the right way because it can also take a toll on one’s overall health. The key is to take in the right type of food. Many are aware of the Go, Grow and Glow foods, but for NHLBI, the key is GO, SLOW and WHOA foods. This categorization doesn’t rely too much on the type of food but on how it is prepared. For instance, vegetables are generally good for the body and anyone can eat as many as they want as long as it is prepared raw or steamed – this is classified as GO. But when these vegetables are dipped in sauces or seasoning, it becomes part of SLOW foods – one can eat it sometimes, or in moderation. However, when the vegetables are deep-fried like French fries, it falls under WHOA foods and this type should only be eaten in small amounts due to its high fat content.

Registered dietician, Evelyn Tribole revealed to the National Eating Disorder Association in the United States, that dieting may increase the chances of weight gain rather than loss in the long term due to “binge eating” and “weight cycling”.




Binge eating is simply the act of eating excessively as a result of unresolved food cravings. The individual usually eats more when denied his or her cravings. This usually happens during the

But the best way to ensure that one reaches the right meal balance and type of food is to consult a dietician who can gauge one’s energy requirements based on several factors. Each individual is unique, and because of it, each one should be provided with the right type of meal for improved health and overall wellness.

so-called “cheat days” when an individual who is following a certain diet schedules a day when he or she can eat anything he or she wants – the result is overeating the wrong type of food which doesn’t only add up weight but can be dangerous to the body. Weight cycling is the regular gain and loss of weight which results in the body increasing its capacity to gain more pounds with each cycle. This happens when a certain

individual creates a fitness plan and fails to maintain it. After sometime, the individual loses interest in the plan and slacks off, he or she gains weight in the process and usually gains more than his or her previous state. Then the individual commits to another fitness plan that he or she will eventually lose interest in. Once this cycle happens, most often the individual gets heavier with each cycle.

Lack of Sleep Promotes Obesity As a child, mothers usually encourage their children to sleep more so they can get bigger, grow stronger and be healthier. That little piece of motherly advice should really be taken to heart because scientifically, sleep does promote better health and even a fitter body. And unfortunately, the lack of it can actually gain unwanted fats. In a particular Nurse’s Health Study quoted in the Harvard School of Public Health, which tracked over 60,000 women for 16 years revealed that those who sleep less than 5 hours per night over the course of the study had 15% chances of becoming overweight than those who had more hours.


Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle are never simple; Alain Cass Luy of Sky Gym in Zamboanga is living proof of that. A few years ago, Alain weighed 110 kilos. For a 5’7” high guy, he was in a pretty unhealthy state. He couldn’t even keep up with his friends as he always suffered from shortness of breath whenever he joins any activities. His self-esteem also got affected in the process. That’s when he decided to make a change and follow the 3D’s: determination, discipline and diet.

Harvard also claimed that obesity due to sleep deprivation may be caused by other factors. One of it may be that people who lack sleep may be too exhausted to engage in any physical activity. Tired people lack the ability to get the recommended 15-minute daily walk. Sleepless nights also result in longer waking hours thus having more time and chances to eat than those who spend at least 7 hours in dreamland. Another factor may be that sleep-deprived people have the tendency to lose their normal eating schedule and pattern. They may also lack the patience to prepare decent meals which lead them to prefer eating out and dining at places that serve quick but not necessarily healthy food.

When he realized his state and condition, he knew he had to do something about it. So he put on a positive outlook in life and modified his lifestyle to improve his life. He went to engage in more activities such as basketball, swimming, and gym work-out and exercises. In fact, he goes to the gym 5 times a week at 2 to 3 hours per day. “Being healthy and looking good is a choice,” Alain shares, that’s why he stays consistent and disciplined in following his work-out routines.

Image Courtesy of RelaxingMusic/flickr creative commons

Most importantly, he changed his eating habits too. “Not eating is incorrect and unhealthy,” Alain says, “having a proper diet and eating the right food is the best way.” He recommends eating home-cooked meals to keep off the temptation of eating at fast food chains. Personally, he even drinks freshly-squeezed juices rather than drinking the readily-available ones. He also advises people to stay away from oily food and maintain a low carbohydrate-high protein diet at the very basic. However, since every individual is unique, having knowledge about what food to eat is an advantage.


At present, Alain weighs 79 kilos. It’s a big step away from his bigger self. Truly, he is a proof that anyone can reach their goals with a dose of 3D.


Avoid caffeine and sugar intake a few hours before bedtime.


Learn to meditate or at least refrain from thinking too much while lying down.


Experiment on relaxation methods such as listening to calming music or lighting up scented candles.


Avoid watching TV or reading exciting novels which may only pump up your adrenaline.


Improve the quality of the sleeping area – get more pillows if needed, choose better mattress, or improve room temperature.




Consider Living in Davao City

Photo By: Francis Legarda

DAVAO CITY AWARDS AND RECOGNITION • Most Peaceful City in Southeast Asia (Time Asia Magazine) • Top 20 Best Cities in Asia (Asiaweek Survey; 1996 – 1999) • Destination of the Year (Kalakbay Awards; 1997) • Most Outstanding Local Government Unit (Department of Education; 2005) • Best Peace and Order Council “Hall of Fame” (National Police Commission; 2004) • 1st Runner-Up in Cleanest and Greenest Highly Urbanized City in the Philippines (Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran Awards; 2004)



In Davao, one can experience the best of many worlds – a growing career, a budding family and a fulfilling hobby in a safe and ideal environment. Many believe that living in Davao is generally safe, thanks to the Davao City Police Office that has been awarded for several years as the Best City Police Office nationwide with low crime rates, vehicular accident rates and resolved cases at the women and children protection desk. Its integrated emergency response system called Project 911 is also one of the many effective services of the city unique to the country. But safety is not the only thing Davao can offer, health-wise, Davao may be the most ideal place for children and even retirees. The environment

is one of the local government’s priorities launching campaigns like anti-smoking in public places, banning of fireworks and earthdamaging pesticides, among others. It is also one of the country’s leading bird-preservation cites heading the protection of the famous Philippine Eagle. The potable water system is also the city’s pride and joy – yes, you can drink from the faucet without fear. Culture-wise, Davao is home to many indigenous tribes living in harmony. The place has multi-dialects and multi-lingual residents, making it accessible communicationwise – significant for the thriving business sectors. The Asian Institute of Management Policy Center along with the Department of

Ever considered migrating to another place? Why not Davao City?

Trade and Industry recognized the city as Most Competitive City to do Business in the Philippines in 2002. In 2003, the city is also recognized as 3rd in the Metro City category. But life can be boring without a little fun, and Davao has the best of what any city can offer in terms of a good time. If you are the adventurous type, Mt. Apo and Samal Island are a few minutes away from the city proper. If you are the party-goer, Eagles Bar, Matina Times Square, among others are a sure hit. If you are the artsy-type, the Museo Dabawenyo holds not only artifacts but masterpieces by famous local and national artists. Whatever it is that can ease the stress away, Davao has it covered.

Davao City is a city in Mindanao, also known as Metro Davao. It is considered as the largest city in the country in terms of land area of 2,444 square kilometers. Nicknames: Crown Jewel of Mindanao, Fruit Basket of the Philippines, Durian Capital of the Philippines Population: 2.26 M (Metro Davao; 2010 census of National Statistic Office)

Accommodation: Estimated 18 Department of Tourism (DOT) accredited resorts, hotels and inns. Tourist Attraction: Mt. Apo, Samal Island, Davao Crocodile Farm, Pearl Farm Resort, Museo Dabawenyo Peak Season: March to May; August; December Culinary Must-Try: Durian products (ice cream, candies, etc.), kinilaw (tuna, mackerel or swordfish meat with

cucumber, radish and chili in vinegar marinade), sinuglaw (dried pork mixed with kinilaw), ginanggang (saba banana grilled in margarine and sugar) Local Products: Fresh fruits and vegetables (durian, mangosteen, bananas), copra, logs and lumber Transportation: Air travel is surely the best way to reach Davao City. Direct local and international flights are available via Davao International Airport which is the main entry point in the whole Mindanao.




Enjoy Davao City in 3 Days One of the best destinations in the country is also the hardest place to tour since you cannot get enough of the place in one day. Somehow, a 3-day adventure won’t even suffice but here’s REACH’s recommendation on how to have a satisfying tour of Davao City. Photos by: Francis Legarda

Photo by: Ryan U. Ong



All Hail Durian of Davao City D is for Davao as it is for Durian. When Davao is concerned, it’s inevitable that locals and even tourists will mention durian – whether they may be fan of it or not. And the same goes when at the mere mention of the fruit, most Filipinos will tag it as Davao’s very own. However, durian is not exclusive to Davao alone. In fact, the fruit can be found across Southeast Asia, Thailand being the top exporter. But Davao and most of southern Mindanao in the Philippines just click with the majestic fruit’s cultivation needs. Not only is the quality of soil in Davao a perfect fit for the fruit, the climate generally is temperate – not too humid, not too dry and most importantly, not too wet as the province is mostly typhoon-free. The city’s ideal climate enables the large number of production of the 16 species of durian found in the country, allowing the local farmers to sell their produce at lower prices with topnotch quality.

But why do people tag the fruit as the “king of fruits”? It may be because of its rough and intimidating exterior of hard shell covered in colossal spikes, in fact, a single durian can actually be lethal if thrown at a person. Durian can also be intimidating due to its most distinct and alarming aroma which has it banned in some public places. However, just like a king, the Durian also has a soft heart or let’s just say, core. Inside the fruit is a soft flesh of tangy and creamy delight. The yellowish pulp is neither sweet nor acidic; its taste can even be compared to custard with a whole new twist. Not everyone’s palate is accustomed to its unique flavor making most first-timers dread their first bite. However, Durian gets better with succeeding bite yet only the brave and the worthy gets to enjoy it. So the next time you visit Davao, try it! Have a bite out of the royal fruit and it may be hard not to kneel before it and beg for more.




The LM Metro Hotel

Where Business and Pleasure Meet

Rested in Tetuan, Zamboanga City, LM Metro Hotel welcomes you with its calming touches and homey senses with the warmth and hospitality of the hotel staff and their accommodating ambiance. The Atrium showcases a modern glass elevator and invites you with its charm and relieving comforts of acquaintances and nostalgia. Go to 3rd Cup Coffee Shop where you can relax with your favorite brewed coffee, a cold drink, or a sensible talk with your companions teamed up with the sophistication of their delectable pastries while experiencing leisure and convenience, I bet you wouldn’t mind staying anywhere else at the heart of the city during your stay at Zamboanga. The hotel offers a total of 33 well appointed guestrooms consisting of one Executive Suite, three Family rooms, 10 Executive rooms, 10 Twin-Deluxe, and 9 Deluxe rooms. Each soothes your heart with warmth and generosity. All rooms are fully air conditioned with superb 24 hour room service, hot and cold shower, cable TV, express laundry services and conveniences like Free Wi-Fi Connection for those on the go. CASA LM Restaurant is located right across the hotel. It is open from 11:00 A.M. till 11:00 P.M. Try the CASA LM Bilao, which is the specialty of the house while you enjoy a live acoustic band performance. Catch them every Thursdays to Sundays during your night out with friends. Owned and operated with so much dedication by the Luy family who has been in the seaweed and carrageenan business for decades, the family decided on embarking in the hotel business. One of the advocacies of the younger generation of the Luy’s was about healthy living and fitness, setting a good example and starting on a journey that would lead the community into a healthier lifestyle, the Sky Gym was officially opened July 22, 2013. The gym boasts of 722 active members. It has the latest and most modern gym equipment in Zamboanga City. A visitor to the gym can bump into the city’s cream of the crop. Soon after the opening of the gym, LM Metro Hotel was supposed to open its door to



the public early September of 2013. Little did the Luy family know, as well as other residents of Zamboanga City, that the once peaceful city would be a victim of the Moro National Liberation Front’s (MNLF’s) wrath. The ensuing “war” derailed the opening of the hotel. But as all came to a complete halt and peace and order was restored in the city, LM Metro Hotel finally opened its doors to the public on the 25th of October of the same year. Never doubt that you can in fact, mix your pleasure with business in their very elegant and spacious function rooms, namely, Platinum, Gold and Silver, where weddings, birthday parties, debut, baptism and training programs can be conducted. Entering the cozy and welcoming lobby of the hotel while being greeted by professional and all-smile personnel relieves you from the stressful day’s work coupled with unequalled service for your needs, whether for vital requirements during business deals or your much needed vacation’s surprisingly pleasing itinerary uniquely designed for your distinct taste, everything at LM Metro Hotel is personalized and ensured at its finest every time. We asked the Hotel Manager, Mr. Alain Cass Luy of LM Metro Hotel what’s the highlight of their hotel from other

accommodations in the city, he was enthusiastic about what sets them apart. “LM Metro Hotel is the ideal place for business and relaxation. Nestled in the heart of Asia’s Latin city, built with the touch of architectural modernity and captivating ambiance, your Zamboanga experience will surely be embraced. Fill your memories with gentle voices and feel free to ask for your wishes, in a rush yet smiling gesture, they are more than willing to serve your request with exceptional allegiance to fineness that your heart will truly cherish.” Truly, LM Metro Hotel is where Business and Pleasure meet. Experience the exciting journey realizing the best of Zamboanga City. Be enchanted with the city’s charm, proud of its rich culture, home of the finest flora and fauna, scenic escapades and limitless adventure. With LM Metro Hotel as your constant and reliable guide, you can set an adventure at Sta. Cruz Island all offering a memorable experience so unique compared to other tourist spots in the country. The next time you head south of the country, you have a sure home in LM Metro Hotel. Don Toribio, Tetuan Zamboanga City 7000 Tel. No. (062) 955-3834 Email:

“LM Metro Hotel is the ideal place for business and relaxation. Nestled in the heart of Asia’s Latin city, built with the touch of architectural modernity and captivating ambiance, your Zamboanga experience will surely be embraced. Fill your memories with gentle voices and feel free to ask for your wishes, in a rush yet smiling gesture, they are more than willing to serve your request with exceptional allegiance to fineness that your heart will truly cherish.” -Alain Cass Luy LM Metro Hotel Hotel Manager


It’s More FUN

Bird Watching Philippines in the


If you can name at least three kinds of birds and their scientific names before this sentence ends, I envy you. I have never been so much into these creatures until a recent trip to Zamboanga also known as “Asia’s Latin City”. Read on and be amazed getting to know more about our rich avifaunal treasures and how bird watching is such a hit among eco-tourists around the world.

Photo Credits: Wichyanan Limparungpatthanakij of Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (BCST) Committee Kahlil Panopio and Albert Balbutin Jr. of Haribon Foundation Philippine serpent eagle at Pasonanca Park Zamboanga City by Khalil Panopio REACH MAGAZINE



t was during the 9th Bird Festival which happened in Zamboanga City that I came across my fascination with birds. All thanks to host, the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines lead by Gina Mapua, in partnership with the Department of Tourism (DOT), City Government of Zamboanga and several other bird watching societies across Asia that made this event possible. The festival did not only open my eyes to the untapped beauty of these wild wingedcreatures, but it also made me appreciate our country even better.

Why Zamboanga? There are actually 600 species of birds found in the country and about 200 of those are exclusively found in Zamboanga. Key locations such as the Pasonanca Park, Zamboanga State College of Marine Science and Technology (ZSCMST) watershed and Victoria wetlands are some of the documented areas where most of the intriguing species were found. These species include the Black-crowned Night Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax), Black-winged Stilts (Himantopus himantopus), Brown Shrike (Lanius cristatus) Great Egret (Casmerodius albus) and Philippine Serpent Eagle (Spilornis holospilus). In fact, during the guided tour in the protected ZSCMST watershed lead by Mark Wallbank of the club, he noted the importance of preserving these locations where migratory birds usually stayed. He also took great significance to the fact that Great Egrets, which are known to be strictly migratory, chose the location as their breeding grounds. It means that even migratory birds found the area so appealing that they chose to reside locally.

Albert Balbutin, Jr. of the Haribon Foundation was pleased with this observation. “This should be a source of great pride for the students of ZSCMST and Zamboanga City, because when you check out literature and writings about Great Egrets in the Philippines, they have only noted that they are migratory and not residents. It only means that the particular area where they are now found breeding has been an ideal home for the Great Egrets,” he happily said. Pamela Lim of Amazing Journey Asia has been bird watching since 1999, explained how birds and such phenomena are important to the planet. She further expounded, “Birds are bio-indicators of the health of an ecosystem and migratory birds return to the same spot annually to refuel, nest and go so it's crucial for humans to understand their impact on these habitats wherever they go.”

And being a long-time enthusiast of bird watching, she believes in the depth of this activity towards the environment. “Birding is an activity that promotes understanding of birds, bird behavior and the surroundings in what we know as a resource to the country,” she explained. “The Philippines is very rich in natural resources and by teaching the people to conserve and protect birds, the appreciation will be far-reaching economically.”

More than a Lifer, it’s a Way of Life Bird watching from an outsider’s point of view seems like a group of photographers capturing images of birds, but truly it is more than that. It’s a lifer – a boost of life in our lives. In birdwatcher lingo “lifer” which means to see a bird specie for the first time in one’s lifetime is considered to be one of a birdwatcher greatest moments. It is the experience of seeing these “kings of the sky” in their natural environment and learning about their ways of life – lives filled with great adventures yet remains grounded despite the flight. Wichyanan Limparungpatthanakij, also known as Jay, is a member of Thailand’s Bird Records Committee and Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (BCST) Committee. He is responsible for compiling bird sightings for BCST bulletin with Philip Round. As a wildlife enthusiast since his very young age, his team claimed first place in various bird races in the student category. He currently studies a Master’s Degree in Biology at Mahidol University on behavioral ecology of avian mixed-species foraging flocks. Most of the photos showcased in this feature are beautifully captured by Jay. Yet with all his familiarity with birds, this trip gave him two lifers - the best yet for Jay are the White-headed Stilt (Himantopus leucocephalus) at the Victoria

Brown Shrike at ZSCMT-mangroves Zamboanga City by Khalil Panopio




“The first endemic bird for me is the Philippine Duck (Anas luzonica), a pair came flying quite close all of a sudden. I was lucky to manage a few shots after they disappeared.” Says Jay after having a close shot with the flying duck.

Black Winged Stilts Brgy. Victoria Zamboanga City by Khalil Panopio

“Birds are bio-indicators of the health of an ecosystem and migratory birds return to the same spot annually to refuel, nest & go so it’s crucial for humans to understand their impact on these habitats wherever they go.” -Pamela Lim (Photo: Middle right) wetlands and the Rufous-tailed Jungle Flycatcher (Cyornis ruficauda zamboanga) at Sta. Cruz Island, off shore Zamboanga City. “It is always a great experience to be part of Bird Festivals around Asia,” John Bakkar of the Sandakan Borneo Bird Club said. “The Philippines is very fortunate to be blessed with natural resources.” The said club functions to assist ornithology studies, conservation and awareness in Sabah, Malaysia and Borneo. The “in” discussion in many forums in Borneo usually revolved around eco-tourism or the economic value of bird watching or wildlife watching. For the country to be recognized by the club truly showered me with so much pride however it also awakened something within me – a protective inkling to preserve our natural resources. With the way things were happening and unfolding before my eyes, I was not only mesmerized by the experience of being one with nature but with my own share of lifers, with the birds and the bird enthusiasts as well. I had this feeling that although I am not the type person who loves to trek mountains in the wee hours of the morning, this will not be my first and last to experience bird watching. After all, the trip made me realize the larger than life meaning of God’s small creations.

This male Little Bronze Cuckoo (Chrysococcyx minutillus aheneus) was also a great bird to see.

Joel Baysa (middle), now with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), is the main birdwatch guide for the Mt. Baluno leg of the festival. In 2001 he was trained by Haribon staff in Zamboanga and is now passing on the knowledge 13 years later alongside young Haribon biologist Kahlil Panopio (right) and Albert Balbutin Jr. (left).

John (Left: Borneo Bird Club -, Klenn (Middle: Swarovski Optics), and Jay (Right: Bird Conservation Society of Thailand - — in Zamboanga City.






Vertical Gardens

We lack space in the country – that’s a fact. And with subdivisions built here and there along with high-rise condominiums to cater to the growing population, we are not just running out of space, we are running out of greenspace as well. But as always, people come up with a solution to these problems – a vertical garden. A vertical garden is simply an upright garden built against a wall or with an upright structure which enables plants to grow its roots in soil containers or via hydroponics – an advanced system of growing plants with water and added minerals without soil. But whichever method used, a vertical garden is a system which can improve our environment without having to worry about the lack of space. But what are the benefits of having a vertical garden anyway?


Less Dirt


Aesthetically Beautiful

Allowing the plants to grow upright on walls generally requires less soil. Gone are the days when we have to sweep the floor endlessly from tracks of dirt.

Modern day architects and interior designers now join the trend of incorporating vertical gardens in their design. The upright formation of flowers and fauna gives more life into a design; it gives a relaxing vibe which makes a home a sweeter one.



Dog owners can stop worrying about their dogs digging up and creating a mess out of the garden. Plants will be safe and out-of-reach from the naughty house pets. Depending on the design of the garden, it can also be cat-friendly as well.




Less Labor


Bye Pests

Since the garden doesn’t require too much soil or even none altogether, there’s generally no need to till the soil to improve plant health. The set-up of vertical gardens provide better air and water flow, the only thing you need to worry about is providing enough light for your little green babies.

Vertical gardens attract very few pests – especially the hydroponic ones. And since most of your plants stand eye-level, you can easily see any signs of unwanted pests giving you more time to have your plants treated and protected. So say goodbye to alibis like lack of space and time, gardening can be for everyone with a vertical garden. You can even opt to recycle used containers as part of your garden – a double thumbs up from the planet!



“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”


gain, that same line proves a point as many wouldn’t even dare to think that such sweet face could be one of the most celebrated gaffers in the country’s local cock fighting industry. She is none other than, Robie Yu Panis of Firebird Gamefarm by Biboy Enriquez. However, the journey to gain respect in the field was indeed challenging. Robie remembers the days when many male colleagues doubted her skills in gaffing. Why not? Her feminine features really stir doubts especially since gaffing is such a hard and dangerous profession. “Maraming mga lalaki na taas kilay na parang hindi ko kayang gawin yan kasi for the boys only, trabaho yan ng lalaki (Many guys raised their eyebrows thinking that gaffing is for the boys only, it’s a man’s job), relates Robie. But the more she went through criticisms, the more she became determined to perfect the craft. She believes that such skill doesn’t really require special talents, but strong determination, practice and focus. “Knowing na natutunan ko, minahal ko at nag-eenjoy ako, kaya din ng iba (Knowing that I learned it, loved it and enjoyed it, proves that anybody can do it),” she adds. It’s just a matter of believing in yourself and having the courage to try it. “Kailangan malakas ang loob, wag pansinin ang sinasabi ng iba kasi kung kaya mo, why

not, anyway kung hindi mo ita-try, hindi mo malalaman kung kaya mo (You need to be determined and you shouldn’t listen to what other people say because if you can, why not? You won’t really know if you can do it unless you try it anyway),” says Robie. Her gaffing life started with a little push from Biboy Enriquez, owner of Firebird Gamefarm where Robie works as a Farm Manager as well. When Biboy sent her to an academy to learn game fowl medicine and keeping, she also came across the art of gaffing. Biboy saw her potential and gave her a little nudge to try it out. Being surrounded by the farm’s world class breeds, she immediately practiced and perfected her craft. And soon, she became one of the most sought-after gaffers but she remained loyal to Firebird. Although gaffing is not her only profession, she believes that it can be a road towards success as she observes her fellow gaffers. According to Robie, gaffing brought her colleagues wealth in life – some of them earn a decent living with it as long as they play the game right. And that means, gaffers should really focus on gaffing and not get hooked into the betting part of the game. She also feels sad with some of the “issues” and “matters” going around in the industry one of which is the rampant cheating by some gaffers – intentional substandard gaffing for the other player to win, and poisoning, among others. It is also the reason why it is best to get an

in-house gaffer rather than hiring on-site during the games. At least, the fighter will know that the gaffer is a trusted one. But aside from that, having an in-house gaffer allows deeper knowledge of the game fowls. Robie admits that being close to the farm gives her an advantage over the rest, she is able to watch the cock’s game during practice and make sure she complements the gaffing technique according to it. However, Robie admits having a “usual” when it comes to gaffing; she always chooses a semi-slasher design, with an average length – not too long, not too short, at 1 o’clock position. She claims that this works best for her, yet of course, she still ensures that it works great with the game fowl as well. At present, Robie continues to improve her skills by practicing. Although, she admits that along with the success of Firebird, she seldom gets special time to practice. Instead, every fight becomes a chance for her to practice and even develop some techniques along the way. Truly, Robie stands out in this male-dominated industry, not only because she is one of the very few women who ventures into this scene but because she is among the best as well. And with the continuous rise of this industry, Robie is able to inspire more people, especially women, to get into this profession because truly, it’s not really for the boys alone.




Here’s a positive fact, Filipinos generally have the entrepreneurial bug as proved by so many sari-sari stores (mini convenience stores) scattered in residential communities. But sari-sari stores are not the only homebased businesses in the country, most online and serviceinclined start-up businesses began their stories (some even sustained it) from home. One of the many successful home-based entrepreneurs is May Santos, president of Kitchen Krafts Novelty Cakes, Inc. Her success story started and prospered from home starting back from the 80’s. In the early 80’s after she graduated from college, she was hired by a well-known company as a veterinarian. But her passion for cooking and baking only remained as a hobby,




until such time when a culinary center which offered several lessons opened up near her office. Out of curiosity she enrolled in a cooking class, which led to one class after another. And just like any motivated individual, everything she learned from her classes, she experimented and tried at home recipes which were mostly enjoyed by her foodie family. May’s siblings who were also employed in other companies, used to bring her homemade goodies at work to their colleagues and officemates that occasionally placed personal orders with her. At first, she didn’t really think about selling, but she accommodated orders from colleagues and relatives at minimal charges or mostly for an exchange of baking ingredients. “Sa mga kamag-anak, butter ang kapalit kasi yun ang isa sa pinakamahal na ingredient. Php5,00 pa lang yun dati, ngayon less than Php100.00 na ang isa (For relatives, I do it in exchange for butter since it’s the most expensive ingredient. It used to be only Php 5.00 then, but now it already costs a little more than Php100.00),” she remembered. That went on for quite a while, until she got her first big order of 100 pieces ube cakes during one Christmas season. She accepted the order without really thinking about the details. She only had her mom’s kitchen and equipment with minimal chiller space. She remembered having to use just one standard mixer and hand mixer for the 100 orders. She sourced her packaging materials from Divisoria where she had to manually create boxes out of raw cardboards.

Since May did not really prepare too much for it, she didn’t really put much attention in

May recalled laying down the cakes all over her

computing the costs of the first few orders.

mother’s house, “At that time, nasa Malaysia

“I learned the hard way, the costly way,”

si mommy and nakakalat lahat ng cakes

she shared. But soon, with her professional

sa living room (At that time, mommy was in

background and experience not to mention

Malaysia and all the cakes were scattered all

a Master’s degree, she learned the ropes of

over the living room).” And since she was using

computing costs and acquiring ingredients at

home kitchen, the oven she used then was her

lower rates from quality suppliers. By the early

mom’s electric oven with a broken thermostat.

90’s when the trend of customized wedding

By the late 90’s up to 2000’s which she

She had to carefully monitor the temperature

and party cakes was slowly becoming popular,

considered as her golden years, after

with a thermometer and once it reached a

she pioneered using edible decorations and

she gained more high profile clients and

certain heat, she had to open the lid every

cake toppers which she adapted from the US.

institutional accounts from direct and

now and then to maintain the temperature.

“In the US, every decoration (on a cake) must

word-of-mouth marketing, interviews and

The chilling process wasn’t easy as well,

be certified food safe,” she shared. In the

features from magazines and TV shows started

since she had to work with limited chiller

Philippines, where most cake toppers consist

pouring in. This gave way to more clients that

space, she cooled her cakes by batch, and she

of ceramic or plastic figurines, she started

soon became her most loyal clientele wherein

interchanged each batch every now and then in

creating cookie cake toppers which soon

she was invited to cater to every milestone of

the chiller to preserve each cake.

became a hit.

families even up to the 3rd generation. REACH MAGAZINE


H-O-M-E Business H is for Heart A home business is almost always close to the heart. It means, one must learn the core and

M is for Mandatory Guidelines Home business owners should learn to be

technicalities of the business. May started out

professional even when the business is home-

of curiosity in cooking and baking which led her

based. One must establish a set of mandatory

to taking up classes on her free time. But soon,

guidelines to discipline him/her self, the

especially when she put up Kitchen Krafts, she

employees and even the clients. May learned

still continued to attend classes and workshops

the ins and outs of her business by trial and

to be updated with new skills and techniques

error, and one thing she now knows is the value

- to be able to have an edge with competitors

of separating business from home matters. She

and for research purposes and especially

carefully sets schedules, operation hours, and

for conceptualizing new designs. Before the

proper workflow within the business because if

internet became available, May would go to

not, not only will one lose important clients, one

bookstores and get books and even story books

may also consequently damage personal and

to get inspired with her designs. Now, it’s easier

family time.

for her to do this with a little click of a button on her computer. Checking sites online.



Segregate Business Expenses from Home Expenses

Most of the time, the entrepreneur commits the mistake of keeping the business costs low by using up some of the household’s resources. But sooner or later, when the business thrives and potentially get a new bigger space, the owner will soon realize the unrecorded items the business obtained which can be a problem in adjusting the costs of the services or product.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

One of the few things May got really emotional with was keeping her designs from her competitors. She experienced having “bogus” clients who are just trying to get hold of her designs and imitate it. She got so concerned with it that she even tried to block her computer’s USB ports so clients cannot copy it. But soon, she realized that even though they can copy the physical look, they cannot copy the quality of the cake.


Maintain Work/Life Balance

Some clients think a home business is open 24/7, it’s not - the owner sleeps and rests too. May advise home owners to establish a schedule and work hard to stick with it. At present, May considers Mondays as her rest day – during these days she enjoys cleaning her home, spending family time and even doing household duties like cook!



O is for Organization

E is for Employ Yes, you need other people in your business to prosper. At first, it may be practical to do

Even though the business is located at home,

everything by yourself from production to

it doesn’t mean one should not get business

marketing and even with logistics. But soon, as

licenses, permits and other government-

the business grows, you have to get employees

required documents after all, the business

and consultants. As the business thrives,

should still be a legit organization. This is one

most entrepreneurs focus on product/service

of the reasons why most home businesses get

development and acquiring more clients - the

the wrong impression of being a “fly-by-night”

details of managing financial reports becomes

entity or in short, illegal. Make it legal and

a seeming waste of time but still a significant

acquire necessary permits. Local government

part of the business. The solution is to get an

agencies such as the Department of Trade

accountant to do it for you. As May puts it,

and Industry (DTI) for sole proprietors and

“di ka uunlad ‘pag ikaw lahat ang gumawa

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

(you won’t prosper if you do everything).” One

for partnership and corporations have websites

should learn to delegate and allocate tasks so

where one can view the steps in registering

the entrepreneur can focus on improving the

the business. It also helps if one can consult


business managers or even lawyers for the best way to register the business.

(L) Kitchen Krafts team poses proudly with their candy house-themed cakes (R) May Santos beside her giant whimsical creation


on the CLOSER LOOK TO THE FOOD TRUCK obile food carts on 3 wheels may be more familiar with Filipinos, but recently, the western food truck concept has been roaming around the metro and being seen everywhere. Yes, the mobile food cart has just got even more sophisticated, and now it’s the new hype in the local food industry. But let’s take a closer look at the features of a standard food truck and why it is getting more followers and fans in the country.

Kitchen on the Move Check out a standard food truck’s kitchen set-up: it has sink, stove area, cupboards and even a freezer or a refrigerator inside. Most of the time, a food truck is customized according to the product the company is offering. A truck’s kitchen is usually lined with a stainless working area for easier cleaning. Added to the set-up are customized storage space that are strategically located either on top or below the working area to maximize vehicle space.

Follow the Pipes and Tubes

Modified Windows

Since the most challenging aspect of a food truck is its self-contained space, the entire truck is lined with pipes and tubes for water, waste products, power and even gas for cooking. However, since food trucks do not have the luxury of space, tubes and pipes for each system are lined in such a way that it cannot be hazardous – it must be heat insulated; durable; and most of all, the individual systems must not overlap with one another to prevent mishaps.

The service window opening of a food truck can be modified to fit one’s business however; the standard design consists of sliding tempered-glass or movable panels which can be transformed into a counter for customers. But no matter how the windows be manipulated, a food truck shall always have a wide service window opening to increase ventilation quality.

Head-Turning Appearance

Add limited space for cooking and a need for plenty of dishwashing; that’s the recipe of a hazardous working environment. That’s why one of the features of a standard food truck is superb ventilation system. Having large windows and doors wouldn’t suffice; it needs an exhaust and a fan motor to intentionally suck air out of the truck.

Just like any business, food trucks seek to attract attention whether with a unique and eye-catching design (i.e. some ice cream trucks place a huge ice cream model on top of the trucks) or with well-lighted and bold signage; sometimes it’s both. However, most food trucks attract customer with the aroma of what’s cooking… it must also be the reason behind the large service window openings – to allow the scent escape and grab customers on sight.

Fire-Proof Walls and Ceiling

Bonus Features

Not many understand the risk involved with cooking in an enclosed space, that’s why many food truck manufacturers and customizers make sure to use fire-proof materials for walls and ceiling. And yes, even the storage cabinets and cupboards must be made of fire-proof materials like gypsum boards.

Some food trucks also have a dine-in area either fitted on the side of the truck or if space permits, inside the truck itself.

Ventilation is Key




Create Your Own DIY Office Space at Home BY: CHERLEEN MANETTE AQUINO With the increasing availability of online jobs and remote offices, the work-at-home scheme is now becoming friendlier among adults and young professionals. However, a lot of people who conduct business from home do their work at the dining table, on the couch in the living room right in front of the television set, or in a corner at the basement. Unfortunately, this kind of situation does not aid productivity and efficiency. When running a business at home, it is highly recommended to have a well-designed workspace that will help improve efficiency, productivity, and overall experience. When setting up a home-office space, there are several factors to be considered, including location of the workspace, choosing the right furniture, placing them on the correct position, high-quality lighting, acquiring organizational tools and equipment, and looking for decorations that will match the home. Setting up a home-office can be overwhelming at times. Here are some tips on how to create a happy and comfortable DIY home-office space.

Home-Office Must Have Accessories • Storage bins and boxes • Paper Trays • Cord organizer – cord snakes/ guard, hooks, tire wire, etc. • Bulletin board – cork or white board • Labeling materials • Window blinds (optional)

A vacant room in the house is the most appropriate space for a homeoffice. Convert an unused room in the house to create a professional-looking home-office space. However, it is not advised to settle on the darkest, most boring, or most isolated room in the house. Most decision-making will be spent at the homeoffice; hence, family, equipment, and comfort should be taken into consideration.

Organize electrical cords and keep them under control. Gather the cords together and tie them using cord snakes, cord guards, zip ties, loop tapes, or hooks.

Ensure that basic items, such as trash baskets, computer, telephone, printer, fax machine, calendar, and address books are within arm’s reach.

Choose tables and chairs that are designed for office use. Find a chair with

Arrange notes, cards, and photos on a bulletin board.

good back support. It will help reduce fatigue and relieve back strain. The best chair for a home-office space should have adjustable height and adjustable arm rests.

Lighting is also an important factor to consider when setting up a homeoffice. Place the light source where it will not

Position the furniture against the wall to create space at the center of the room and allow movement. U-shaped or L-shaped arrangements are considered the most functional ergonomic arrangements to minimize movement, distraction, and waste of time and energy.

Use wall spaces, drawers, and shelves for office items. Purchase storage bins and stackable paper trays.

Create separate storage space for both personal and professional documents. Assign specific storage areas for office supplies, files, books, and other materials. Label each box, bin, and tray.

cause eye strain and glare on the computer monitor. Choose stylish desk lamps that will provide comfort.

Hang blinds to control the amount of light coming in through the windows.

Setting up a dedicated home-office space can be a challenge but combining comfort, style, and resourcefulness can go a long way. Likewise, maximizing the available home space and transforming it into a work area creates a sense of continuity and productivity – work doesn’t have to get in the way to a home-sweet-home.






especially the chest area to prohibit nodes and cysts growth It gives a sense of camaraderie and keeps one busy It lessens illnesses and boosts immune system

These are just some of the improvements that Sandy Iñigo dos Remedios and Edith Esguerra, both a breast cancer survivor noticed when they became active paddlers.


t the wee hours of the morning as the Manila Bay picturesque beauty starts to bloom and the sun gets ready for a splendid awakening, there is a sound of drums, a rhythmic splash of water and a voice that pierce through the serene sea – meet the Manila Dragons Dragonboat Rowing Team.

Sandy joined since 2005 while Edith got into the sport in 2008. Sandy joined because of her husband who first tried the sport, when he noticed that there are women in the team, he immediately encouraged his whole family including his wife to make it a family activity. Edith on the other hand, was encouraged by her doctor and her support group to try it. Soon, she fell in love with it and now considered to be the oldest in the group, but definitely not the weakest. At present, both women paddle at least 3 times a week and participate in several races as part of the Manila Dragons team.

The Manila Dragons is one of the pioneer dragonboat teams in the country that celebrated their 23rd anniversary last March 2014. For a team that wins places and awards in both local and international races, the Manila Dragons is nothing but humble. In fact, almost everyone has a smile on their faces, laughing and enjoying each other’s company that for a second, you will forget the fact that this is a champion team. “We make fun but we are also competitive and a fighting team,” says Tristan Angelo Cimagala or Gelo. And they show that fire as they hop on their boats with their paddle in their hands. Once that paddle hit the waters, you will see the fire in their eyes – a true epitome of a dragon. Such drive however can be both an advantage and a disadvantage as many spectators can get mixed feelings with the sports. The good side of it is that many people are amazed by the team, yet the down side is they feel intimidated by it. Nevertheless, the team believes that once people understand the sport, there’s



really nothing to be scared or be intimidated about it. As there are truly many things about the sport that once people realize, they will not think twice getting into it.

EVERYONE IS A STAR One good thing about it is that generally, anyone can do it – even those who doesn’t have an athletic bone in their system. Paddlers come in all forms and sizes, since the key of the sports is not brawn and muscles but coordination and synchronization of the whole team. “The unique thing about dragonboat is it’s a team sport but unlike other team sports where you could have one star player carry the whole team to win, in dragonboat there is no star player,” Gelo said. “Everyone needs to bring in their own weight and carry their own strength.” It is really a sport which banks on the value of camaraderie especially during competitions. “We make everyone conscious,” explains Jamie Alejandro Mendejar. That is why even though there are no specific restrictions or changes in lifestyle that the team promotes, more often, having lifestyle improvements become a personal matter. Some of the

members choose to quit vices such as smoking and excessive drinking, some starts to eat healthier meals and some bank on getting more sleeping hours. This is what makes the sport very welcoming and applicable to all types of people. And when it comes to recruitment, Jamie says, “We are not very selective, the most important criteria is the willingness to learn.” However, they believe that more than physical, dragonboat is a mental sport since the hardest part is waking up. As Gelo says, once you are able to wake up for the practice, then you are half way there.

COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS One-sided muscle build-up No, you won’t get brawny arms on one side only. In fact, since paddling requires the whole body to exert an effort, the paddler gets a complete workout compared to other sports which focuses on specific muscle groups only.

Improves upper body strength only “Use your body to pull, not just your arms,” explains Mary Antonette Lim. Then use the lower body to push for your upper body to gain

the strength to pull. What makes the sport even better is that it doesn’t cause so much pressure on the joints, as it relies on body coordination.

It’s an expensive hobby It’s actually the opposite. According to the Manila Dragons, for newbies who just want to try, one should only pay Php50.00 per day to the CCP Federation and none to the team. Once you decide to be part of the team, it will only cost Php150.00 per month for the federation, Php300.00 for the team’s monthly contribution and Php200.00 for the annual contribution. The paddle doesn’t cost much as well, unless you decide to compete and aspire for a better paddle, but a regular one doesn’t even cost higher than Php3,000.00. It is a lot cheaper than getting into cycling or other water sports which are gaining popularity nowadays.

October, they hold the Breast Cancer Awareness day where they invite survivors to try and enjoy paddling – at present, there are 3 active BC survivors in the team. Another fun-filled event is the Fun Row where the paddlers dressed up for the Halloween and paddle. Of course, there are also occasional social gatherings like Christmas parties and the like.

It’s all training and no fun at all One thing Gelo said that struck the most is ‘why would anyone continue what they are doing if it doesn’t make them happy.’ Manila Dragons believe in this so much that the team sees to it that they do not only focus on training and competitions but other aspects as well. In fact, the Manila Dragons are active in creating social and community-relevant activities. Every

REACH would like to thank Manila Dragons Board: Tristan Angelo Cimagala; Mary Antonette Lim; Odessa Faye Osilla; Emmanuel Jay Abaricia; Marlon Coduco; Katherine Patricia Llamas; and Jamie Alejandro Mendejar




International and local triathletes flocked the Subic coasts last February 20 - 23, 2014 to test their skill, determination and strength for the Challenge Philippines. Even during the press conference, big names like couple Greg and Laura Bennet, Chris McCormack and Matt Burton, among others were impressed and even intimidated with the rough course. The international stars were aware of the advantages of the Filipino triathletes who get the upper hand in course familiarity. Some of the foreign participants arrived earlier to practice and familiarize themselves with what’s yet to come. But on the big day, it all boiled down to who has the strongest mind, heart and spur to finish and reign as the winners of one of the toughest competitions this year. Over-All Top 3 Individual Best Time –Male Category (Out of 384 Participants) 1st Place: Matt Burton (Australia) – Time: 4:26:53 2nd Place: Michael Murphy (Australia) – Time: 4:28:41 3rd Place: Fredrik Croneborg (Sweden) – Time: 4:29:42 Over-All Top 3 Individual Best Time – Female Category (Out of 59 Participants) 1st Place: Melissa Hauschildt (Australia) – Time: 4:29:36 2nd Place: Annabel Luxford (Australia) – Time: 4:47:04 3rd Place: Emma Pooley (Australia) – Time: 4:47: 43 Over-All Top 3 Relay Best Time (Out of 51 Teams) 1st Place: Unilab Active Health All Male – Time: 4:43:43 2nd Place: Unilab Active Health Mixed – Time: 5:17:46 3rd Place: Black Pearl – Time: 5:36:38




KATHRYN BERNARDO MODERN-DAY ROLE MODEL When it comes to balancing life’s many demands, Kathryn Bernardo proves it’s achievable with the right attitude and determination!

Interviewed by: Peter Orfiano Co-Written by: Aileen Siwa Photography by: Edu Cortez Special thanks to: Ryan Ilagan of Suntouch Technology Corporation and Ms. Lulu Romero of ABS-CBN- Star Magic




She is just saddened by the reality that not all teenagers like her maximize the use of these gadgets. And that instead of using it on educational or more valuable purposes, some use it for something else making it more of a distraction rather than for its main function. Kathryn Chandria Manuel Bernardo, better known as Kathryn Bernardo in showbiz, is one of ABS-CBN’s most promising young talents of this generation. She was a mainstay in the kiddie show, Goin’ Bulilit yet her breakthrough role was Mara (originally portrayed by Judy Ann Santos) in the remake of Mara Clara with her co-star and real-life best friend, Julia Montes. Kathryn also starred in Princess and I as Mikay/Princess Areeyah, a royalty-themed romance/drama television series. It was also for this series that she was paired



with one of today’s most soughtafter heartthrobs, Daniel Padilla. Following up the success of the primetime series, they were again teamed up for Got to Believe.

PERFECTING THE CRAFT Unlike other celebrities who live for the spotlight, Kathryn is never the one to take anything for granted. In fact, she lives for the famous saying, practice makes perfect. Aside from her continuous workshops and trainings supported by her talent management, she also works hard to personally improve on her craft.

“Hard work talaga ang kailangan, hindi ka magsto-stop magaral (Hard work is needed, you should never stop learning),” says Kathryn. “Sa acting kasi kailangan ka mag-experiment (In acting, you need to experiement),” she relates. With that on her mind, she makes sure that she exposes and tries different styles and methods of acting. She believes that when it comes to acting, it is always advisable to leave one’s comfort zone. And truth be told, Kathryn’s dedication and perseverance towards her acting has proven to be quite effective as she is now one of the promising young stars of this generation.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE Another unique characteristic that makes Kathryn a real role model is her ability to multitask. Unlike some celebrities who decided to delay or stop schooling, Kathryn makes sure she continues to study and educate herself. She considers education and having a degree, an important part of everyone’s lives, not just for actresses such as herself. “Maiiba ka sa iba kapag may pinag-aralan ka (You will be different from the others if you continue schooling),” she says. She knows that in time, having a degree and a diploma can be a confidence booster as well. The

sense of accomplishment that it will bring will surely help her in the future especially with her chosen career. She knows for a fact that whatever she enjoys today is not permanent. And if that time comes, Kathryn is ready as she will be backed by a solid education that can help her adjust to another career option; like having her own business. However, with her meticulous and busy schedule on top of her schooling, Kathryn has mastered time management. She points out, “Aware ka dapat na wala kang masasayang na oras (You should be aware that time is not wasted).” And because of that, she ensures that she is responsible, disciplined and with a load of selfcontrol to stick with her schedule. But of course, just like any other young girls, it’s not always school and work that Kathryn spends her time on. She believes that having

other activities such as sports can be very helpful for her not to get burnt out easily. It is her way of balancing her life to keep her motivated to do more. When she was young, she enjoyed ballet but today, she plays badminton in her spare time. She is also very interested to learn how to play volleyball.

TECHNOLOGY HELPS With the rise of mobile technology, Kathryn is never the last one to maximize its potentials. In fact, she feels lucky to be in the era where access to information is easier with the use of a smart phone or a tablet. She even feels that having these gadgets really helps in making her busy life easier to manage since she cannot only utilize it for learning but also for getting in touch with her friends through Instagram. Since she lives a busy life, she uses this

famous application to check out her friends, and making her feel present in the moment even if she wasn’t.

most of Kathryn’s learning, research and communication to her friends and loved ones take place.

She is just saddened by the reality that not all teenagers like her maximize the use of these gadgets. And that instead of using it on educational or more valuable purposes, some use it for something else making it more of a distraction rather than for its main function. But that only makes her more determined to show her generation that it should not be the case.

Truthfully, Kathryn really never allows time to be wasted. She spends it wisely doing the things she loves, the things that will make her a better artist and a person and most of all, to widen her knowledge to prepare her for the future.

In fact, when it comes to her daily life, Kathryn lives with her gadgets especially her tablet. She prefers carrying her tablet around since it’s lightweight, handy and very convenient to browse on for its larger screen. This is where




Living the Best of Many Worlds

JOJO VICTORIO Here is a man with such dignified stature, eyes that revealed wisdom and voice that sings of empathy and knowledge, meet Nestor “Jojo” Victorio. Jojo is a living proof that courage and determination can go a long way, for him, it literally brought him to places.

Humble beginnings As a child, Jojo did not enjoy many luxuries in life. In fact, he even had to work his way through college being a janitor, a helper and even a machine operator. Financial wealth wasn’t on his side then but he knew his edge over the others, “binigyan ako ng Diyos ng talino, talent at maraming blessings, so gusto ko ito i-enhance (God gave me intelligence, talent and a lot of blessings, that’s why I wanted to enhance it),” shares Jojo. His young determination paid well, since he soon became a Certified Public Accountant which opened bigger opportunities for him. This profession is his first venture into the world which literally brought him around it. He worked and lived in Europe, Asia, United States and Australia, among others. He became very in tune with his work that from being an auditor, he eventually got offered positions in operations and client relations. “I like people, I love people and I love being with people everywhere,” says Jojo. Such love for people and human behavior understanding allowed him to comprehend and relate to all walks of life. And soon, as he enjoyed his success in his chosen field in the banking industry, he realized he needed to do something bigger than himself – with that, he packed his bags and flew back to the Philippines.

Back in his hometown In 2004, he started his modeling agency, Victo Rio Artists Management – a passion far from his corporate life yet very close to his heart. He discovered this passion when he got the chance to meet and even live with Filipino models in Hong Kong. He enjoyed the dynamism of the modeling world and he got captivated by it. So it was only natural that it was the first business he put up in the country – after all, he loved people and he got plenty of connections in the industry as well. But it wasn’t a smooth sailing journey at first; many of his peers doubted his idea. Jojo even remembers some of them saying he wouldn’t even last 6 months. Jojo however took this criticism in a good way, “walang masamang tinapay para sa akin at hindi ako ang taong negative (I don’t believe there are bad people and I am not the person who’s negative).” Instead of losing hope, he pursued his dream and learned everything about the industry. And after a decade in the business, he did prove to his peers that they were in fact mistaken. 42


Being a success in his own country, he soon met Jose and Phillip Sow in 2012 who were impressed with how Jojo managed and ran his agency in the Philippines. Soon the three opened iStyle Sydney Models and Casting Agency in Australia and even got involved in independent film making with Bong David as a co-producer. The independent film entitled Las Rever will showcase both local and international talents and will be shown both in the Philippines and in Australia. Being a very hands-on guy, Jojo travels to Australia and the Philippines back and forth to make sure his businesses are running smoothly. However, in 2013, Jojo was exposed in the industry of developing beauty soap with multi-faceted benefits made for all skin types. Being in a business surrounded by beautiful people, Jojo also exerted effort in looking good, so out of curiosity, he tried making beauty soap. In his amazement, making soap did wonders for him. He was impressed and convinced so much with the product that he vowed to another undertaking: to introduce and market Cleo Plus, not only in the Philippines, but in other parts of the world as well.

“Filipino products can be competitive globally,” says Jojo, and he applies this thought not only for the soap, but also for his agency and also on himself.

Diversified Successes It’s not easy to be a success in life; and it’s harder to be a success in so many fields but

And in this journey, there must always be a

For Jojo, this mission is seen and expressed

Jojo makes it look so simple. His secret is

purpose bigger than yourself. “Wag ka maging

in all his ventures. For his modeling agency,

passion. He believes that if one is passionate

selfish na gusto mo lang ay yumaman (Don’t

he is involved in the Mr. and Ms. Philippine

in something, the learning part is easy because

be selfish and aspire only to be rich),” Jojo

Youth – a pageant that not only helps the kids

it is by heart.

advices. “Your purpose of doing things is for

get the chance to be noticed but a chance to

you to help yourself and help people with a

change their lives and be a positive role model

clean heart.”

for others.

venture into something that I won’t excel),”

Lastly, Jojo always makes it a point that

Such humble contribution is something Jojo

Jojo says. Of course, the journey is not so

one’s mission must always involve one’s own

feels very strongly with, in his words, “I would

effortless; the reason why he sailed smoothly

country. Think of ways to contribute to the

like to be an influence and blessing to people.”

though is his self-discipline, and positive

society, be mindful of how your product can be

And he did it very gracefully, indeed.

thinking. Jojo believes that “talent is a gift, but

competitive and can make you be proud to be

character is a choice, as well as discipline.”

a Filipino.

“Failure is not an option, hindi ako papasok sa isang bagay na hindi ako mageexcel (I wouldn’t




The Secret behind OROGOLD Cosmetics:

Gold and Beauty are two words that work well together. Throughout history, gold has been recognized for its luxurious and beautifying properties. Historians have long maintained that Cleopatra slept with a gold mask every night to enhance her hypnotizing beauty. In ancient Chinese medicine, gold was a key to maintaining one’s youth, as the queen of the Ch’ing dynasty used a gold massage roller on her face daily. In ancient Rome, gold salves were used for a variety of skin problems. For centuries, pure gold has been used by the privileged and the wealthy as the secret to more youthful, beautiful skin. OROGOLD Cosmetics has included 24k gold in its luxurious formulas and made it possible to take advantage of these ancient secrets to their fullest without having to be an actual queen. The extremely small particles of gold carry across the skin barrier and are easily absorbed into the body through the pores of the skin. The appearance of fine lines and winkled are diminished with each gold application. It reduces the appearance of sun damage and age spots. This prevents and maintains moisture, leaving the skin with a radiant and healthy glow. You might be surprised by the gold’s comfort and refreshing feel. The ancients, who devoted massive amounts of time and energy to alchemy, labeled the colloidal gold as the “Elixir of Life”. They knew the miraculous qualities of gold since the beginning of time. OROGOLD is a skin care company on the move. In the past five years, we have taken steps to create a vision for the future. That vision is spelled out in two words: OROGOLD Timeless. Founded in 2008, OROGOLD quickly proved itself to be a favorite with its customers, consistently building a steady base of loyal clientele worldwide and growing. Many different components are involved in developing the OROGOLD brand including eye-catching package design, innovative product research and development and much more. However, beyond product and packaging, what OROGOLD Cosmetics really delivers is a consumer retail experience. Excellence in customer retail experience is one of the many key ingredients behind our brand. Everything about OROGOLD interior design matches what it gives to its customers, luxurious beauty.



Formulated with Love The foundation and main ingredient of OROGOLD is 24K gold. We use it in all of our formulas in addition to numerous active ingredients. All of our products combine ancient beauty secrets with the latest in cosmetics technology. OROGOLD strives to stay up to date with the most current ingredients on the market and are continually refining our formulations. We have divided our products into separate collections targeting various customers’ needs - from acne to anti-aging treatments. We have identified various types of ingredients to be included within our formulas to help improve the skin and prevent future skin concerns. OROGOLD chooses ingredients that help maximize results and achieve healthy, eternally radiant skin. We believe the key to the success of our products is the ingredients we select.

The First Flagship Store In The Philippines OROGOLD will finally open its flagship store in the Philippines this MAY 2014. OROGOLD Cosmetics has been in the Philippine market for nearly 3 years now, and has been awarded as 4 time-Best Anti Aging Brand. This year marks another milestone for the brand as it opens its first store in the Philippines at Makati’s newest lifestyle Mall- Century City Mall .The store will have the global standard of OROGOLD’s luxurious store interior and excellent customer service to bring a unique shopping experience to its clients. The store will be offering a VIP facial room where clients can enjoy a great OROGOLD experience and one-on-one consultation with its well trained sales consultants. All facials are provided by company representatives and exclusive use of products. Customers will also experience OROGOLD Exclusive products for the first time in this store.

primers are among the best the cosmetic industry has to offer, providing many satisfied customers long-term, cost-effective solutions. Renowned for their quality and adherence to their customers’ desires, OROGOLD Cosmetics is the premier stop for all of your skin concerns. OROGOLD Cosmetics has grown to represent more than just a luxury skin care and cosmetic company. OROGOLD COSMETICS also represents, mentality and approach to living your life that is about enjoying the finer things in this world and allowing yourself to indulge. OROGOLD is the ultimate source for luxury skin care, beauty and lifestyle. References:

OROGOLD offers intensified, focused and breakthrough product lines infused with 24k Gold and other equally effective natural ingredients. From daily essentials to advanced heat activated anti aging series, OROGOLD definitely has a specific product to address your aging skin concerns. OROGOLD’s creams, serums and




Paddlers Breathed Fire at the

8TH BORACAY DRAGONBOAT FESTIVAL Starting with the ceremonial dotting of the eye of the dragon, the 8th Boracay International Dragonboat Festival proved yet again that the sport is indeed alive in the country. The prestigious event which was organized by the Boracay Island Paddlers Association (BIPA) attracted 32 teams coming from different parts of the world to compete and bring home the honor. The two-day race was broken down into several categories depending on the size of boat, the length of course and even a separate women and men races. However, despite everyone’s determination and fire, the race eventually ended with several winners that dominated the event.

Winners of the event were: FIRST DAY RACE – 500 METER RACE Philippine Marines - Champion for both Mixed and Men’s Standard Boat Categories Philippine Navy - Champion for Women’s Standard Boat Category Taytay Boys – Champion for Men’s Small Boat Boracay Dragonflies - Champion for Women’s Small Boat Category Pagsanjan Laguna Rapid Paddlers – Champion for Mixed Small Boat Category Dragons from North America Team B – Champion for Master’s Class Small Boat Category

SECOND DAY RACE – 250 METER RACE Philippine Navy – Champion for Women’s and Mixed Standard Boat Category Philippine Marines – Champion for Women’s Small Boat Category Boracay All Stars – Champion for Mixed Small Boat Category Boracay Air Force – Champion for Men’s Standard Boat Category Dragon Force Masters – Champion for Master’s Class Small Boat Category The event was made possible by official venue partner, Boracay Regency Beach Resort and Spa. In cooperation with Philippine Sports Commission, Province of Aklan, Municipality of Malay, AXN, Coca-Cola, Headware, Jack Daniels, The Boracay Beach Resort, Knot Just Weddings by Tootsie Ronnholm, Rieselling Boracay Beach Resort, Nami Villas, Novuhair – Nature’s Answer to Hair Loss, Fairways and Bluewater Newcoast Boracay, Boracay Foundation, Escondido Resort and Green Heli.


Youth Empowerment at Kabataan Night 2014 In celebration of the Global Youth Service Day, young Pinoys and Pinays take center stage for the Kabataan Night 2014: Youth Revolution held at Mabuhay Restop in Luneta Park last May 4, 2014. The free admission event trademarked by Voice of the Youth (VOTY) Network gathered young volunteers to share their talents, skills and opinions for the advocacy of being heard. The night’s goal is to allow and encourage the young generations to take a stand and show the world of what youth power is all about. MTV Exit also presented a short video on the realities of human trafficking which highly affects the young and innocent flock of the society. To further inspire the youth, young bands and musical performers liven up the night for the audience’s enjoyment. However, the main highlight of the night was the recognition given to selected young men, women and youth organizations which showed strong dedication towards youth empowerment.

Organized by PMCM Events Management, the event was presented by VOTY Network and CreatiVoices Productions. The official media partners include Voice of the Youth Radio (DZIQ 990 AM Radyo Inquirer), Youth Media Network Philippines, Boses

ng Kabataan- (DZRH), Tinig Kabataan (DWDD 1134 kHz), Youth Service Radio (DZSR Sports Radio 918 kHz), Student Hour (UNTV), When in, and REACH magazine.


Modern Ways of Expressing Art Picasso, Michelangelo and Juan Luna – they are known as pillars of art that gave the profession such significance in the society. But there’s also a notion that a career in arts isn’t a practical one, since the works only become significant at the latter years of an artist’s life, or worse at the end of it. Sigwada Knicolai Mendoza begs to disagree who started her passion in arts ever since she was a little girl. “I started when I was very young - I love drawing and my family supported my love for the arts. They bought me art materials, art books and enrolled me in art workshops. In grade 7, we had a career speaker who was into advertising and was a graduate of Fine Arts in Australia. After that event, I knew what I wanted to take up in college; I knew I had to be in fine arts.” And by the time she finished her degree from University of the Philippines in the Visayas – Cebu, she wasted no time in following her artistic desires. Sigwada Knicolai became an art and photography teacher in Philippine Science High School and an art teacher in La Salle Green Hills for 9 years. When she finally resigned from teaching, she bravely got into the world of becoming a full-time artist. “Giving up my regular job was a hard decision to make, I had a regular salary before I decided I wanted to become a full time artist,” she recalled. With an experience in traditional art mediums such as oil and watercolor canvass painting, Sigwada Knicolai also ventured into a more modern form of art – body painting and tattoo. She enjoyed creating beautiful images using the human body as canvass. She had been into body painting for years – having her first body painting gig in the famous Plantation Bay Resort in Cebu during her college years. With her traditional skills with modern twists, she had done several exhibits in Cebu, Manila and even Singapore. At present, along with her other projects, she also got into the world of tattoo where she further expresses her love of body canvasses at Kulture of Ink in Quezon City.

UPPER RIGHT: Body Painting (Model: Yuki; Photographer: Willie De Vera) UPPER LEFT: Face Painting (Models: Mary and Malee Santillan; Photographer: Rey Cardinal; Location: Leq’s Eye View Studio) LOWER LEFT: Watercolor (Customized Design for Ros Lorenzo) LOWER RIGHT: Tattoo (Tattoo Collector: Simang Monterey)

“Never cease to learn, always make room for improvements, don’t be afraid to take risks and to commit mistakes: your talent will go a long, long way.” – Motto of Sigwada Knicolai Mendoza


According to Sigwada Knicolai Mendoza “Learning new forms of art made me more versatile… but I don’t consider myself having an edge over others because I like to compete only with myself and not with other artists.” “If God gave you artistic talents, use it.”



“Always best to start with a reasonable rate, not too low but not too high than to lower your rates when no one buys your art.” “Practice is the only key to becoming a successful artist so to have discipline is very important.”

“Everything can be profitable if you work hard and put a positive attitude… I believe that if you don’t work hard and if you don’t sharpen your skills and acquire new knowledge, money will not come pouring in. To make ones profession lucrative is really up to the person.”















Creating Opportunities for Writers on

Gone are the days when writers have to send out unsolicited manuscripts over and over until they hit a jackpot. Today, in the rise of modern technology, writers can now be published and be discovered by readers, thanks to Wattpad. Wattpad is basically an online portal for a community of writers and readers. For writers, they can easily post their works, get feedbacks, get tips and advices and most of all, get readers. For

Fernan Lachica (Wattpad ID: FernandoLachica)

Fernan’s previous job did not really involve professional writing but after he retired, he pursued his passion to write. He did this through blogs and Wattpad. He remembered the first few months in Wattpad to be a little tricky, for one he did not really know much about online and self publishing. But his lack of knowledge and experience in the field did not stop him, as he continued to outline and write his first work in installments. Soon, fellow writers both amateur and professionals started helping him create his book which inspired him to continue his passion. “Wattpad is an easy writing platform for users; be it new or professional writers,” Fernan said. “I’m reading other writers’ works on Wattpad, and I’ve learned a lot from them; their writing styles, concepts and the way they molded their stories until the climax.”

Gianne Orillosa (Wattpad ID: gianneorillosa)


readers, it’s quite simple: free novels! However, as any writer may know, financial gain is really not the priority with this endeavor. It is to reach readers, more importantly readers who will appreciate their works. No wonder many writers join Wattpad. It’s the idea of being read, getting guidance from other writers and being appreciated by readers – something both amateur and professional writers wouldn’t mind to get.

Mina Esguerra (Wattpad ID: MinaVE)

Mina is already an award-winning writer who already have loyal readers and followers. However, that did not stop her from joining Wattpad and post more of her works online. At first, she wasn’t keen on posting her works and simply did this on her free time, but soon, some of her fellow writer friends joined in. This motivated her more and she got really involved in both writing and reading Wattpad. However, although Mina is a success in her fiction novels, her most read book in Wattpad is “Publishing and Self-Publishing: Advice for Writers”. Since she already has readers, and some writers respect her for it, many enjoy reading her advice on how to make it in the field of writing. Written in taglish (mix of Tagalog and English), she successfully conveys her tips to readers and budding writers. At the moment, Mina is involved in giving free advice in Wattpad. She enjoys listening and helping fellow writers in the technicalities of writing as well as boosting their esteem to fully reach their potential, after all, Wattpad can be a window of opportunities if the writers play it right.

Wattpad who have connected with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are what inspires me to continue writing my story up until today,” Gianne happily stated.

What Gianne do is professionally is far from writing. Yet, with only one published work on Wattpad and a managing editor stint during her high school years for the school newspaper, Gianne has over 7,000 readers for her novel, Coffee for Two. And she just signed up last October 2013.

Despite her busy schedule, she was able to finish her first work on Wattpad. As a wattpad user, she enjoys the community where she can mingle and relate with. But of course, she also enjoys the unlimited reads for free from other writers. “There are a lot of great stories on Wattpad written by young aspiring talents and seasoned authors alike,” Gianne said. “I’ve laughed, cried, and felt a whole range of emotions while reading them. There are even some stories that I don’t think I would ever be able to forget.”

“To be honest, I didn’t expect more than a hundred reads. I was overwhelmed when, within a week or two, reads, votes, comments and followers significantly went up. The attention my story is getting and the new friends I’ve made on

At the moment, Gianne enjoys blogging on the side as her writing portal. And with the fans she established at an early part of her Wattpad life, Gianne will most probably be writing another story very soon!




44 56




44 58




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