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People today work harder and longer than ever before. That’s why offering a convenient, calm and inviting space in which to relax and rejuvenate is important. Whether it’s a private club, posh hotel, retail complex, home environment or the combination of all in a mixed-use building, RATIO believes in creating custom spaces that place the customer first and leave a lasting impression.

The Bottleworks District I N DI ANAPOLI S, I N

Bottleworks is a $260 million mixed use redevelopment project in Indianapolis that includes more than one million sq ft of retail, residential and office space. The project derives its name from the adaptive re-use of an historic Coca-Cola bottling plant. RATIO was part of the team that master planned the 11-acre development and served as the urban designer and landscape architect. The neighborhood will feature curbless streets, small plazas, high quality materials, rain gardens, character-defining lighting, water features, art and furnishings.

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North Park

Cherry Street Passage

Garage Garden Bike Corral



B LO C K 1

B LO C K 2



B LO C K 3 A



B LO C K 3 B

Oak Street Arcade Admin Corner ARCH STREET

Roof Playground Bike Share Station S T. C L A I R S T R E E T

Flatiron Plaza


















Bus Stop

601 - 603 Davis Street V E RM I LLI ON D EVELOPM ENT / EVANST ON , IL

Home to Northwestern University, the relatively dense, walkable town of Evanston, IL, is one of the Chicago area’s most desirable locations to live, work and play. This 325,000 sq. ft. mixed-use project by Vermilion Development adds to the momentum with the restoration of an existing historic structure and a new high-rise commercial and residential tower. A combination of residential units, ground floor retail space and a vibrant, urban location is designed to attract young professionals and empty nesters alike. The residential tower will have two amenity floors with landscaped terraces, a swimming pool, a theater, fitness areas, and community spaces. Acknowledging 605 Davis Street’s dense surroundings and downtown, transit-oriented site, the project team will seek a reduced parking ratio for the development, with 182 spaces for the 217 residential units.

Proposed Downtown Development K E Y ST ONE D EVELOPM ENT G ROUP / I N DIAN AP OLIS , IN

To transform the east edge of downtown Indianapolis, a competition was held for the design and development of the North Market Square site. RATIO, along with Keystone Development Group, took that challenge with two proposed designs. The first scheme was an iconic residential tower. Apartments with condo-level finishes ring the perimeter tapering to larger units at the upper floors. A sky lounge provides all residents with a community space and a stunning view. Although designed as a 52-story tower, the overall size was flexible to allow for revision of the design to only 20 stories. At street level, retail space would anchor the tower and extend along Market Street to create a vibrant public plaza. The alternate proposed scheme sought to maximize the density of the North Market Square Arena site within a mid-rise construction type. The street level of the proposed five-story building is dedicated to retail space with additional retail occupying the balance of the frontage along Market Street. A small plaza space creates a space for the retail to open up onto the Cultural Trail. Four levels of luxury apartments are above the first level retail.

725 West Randolph C H IC AG O, I L

The tower at 725 West Randolph is the first high rise building project for smdp / RATIO in Chicago. Located at the corner of West Randolph Street and the Kennedy Expressway, the West Randolph Tower offers convenient parking to entertainment and restaurants while minimizing traffic traveling through the neighborhood. The tower design is impressive in that it will be built on a small, 80-foot plot of land — much smaller what is typically needed for a building of its size. The tower’s design includes glass balconies on all four sides and a slightly twisted appearance. All amenities for the 220-unit apartment building will be located on the top level giving residents and their guests a view of the lofty, hip neighborhood to the west and the prominent Chicago skyline to the east. Perhaps the most unique feature of the building is the innovative, improved and emission-free parking experience for its 260 public and residential parking spaces. At the ground level, guests pull up to what looks like a two-car garage. A computerized car and lift system, created with help by developer ParkEasy, will then park the vehicle without the driver even present. It’s the first parking system of this technology and design in Chicago.

Outpost Nashville N A S HVI LLE, T N

The Outpost is the first prototype of a new mixed-use concept from Chicago-based developer AJ Capital. Located in a rapidly growing neighborhood just south of downtown Nashville, the 5.2-acre development’s 80,000 sq. ft. of retail space will include a unique music and entertainment concept anchored by New York City-based Brooklyn Bowl. The Outpost’s defining feature will be 200-250 micro residential units aimed at the next generation of urban residents, prefabricated in modular units and assembled on site into one structure.

Wuhan International New City W UA HN, CHI NA

The Wuhan International New City is a 1.4 million m2 mixed-use development located in the Hanyang district of central Wuhan, the most populous city in Central China. Though primarily a residential development, the site also features 100,000 m2 of commercial space, a hotel, a kindergarten, public service buildings and cultural amenities – a true urban destination for residents and visitors alike. Because of the site’s enormous size, much thought was given to creating a human-scaled urban environment. Inspired by precedent cities like Barcelona, Paris and Tokyo, the design team incorporated scaled-down block sizes and a robust pedestrian plan to increase connectivity and encourage a vibrant streetscape. Finally, the need for resiliency and water management were key drivers for the design of this development, which is surrounded by canals and the Yangtze and Han Rivers. Streets, parks and other green connections serve a dual purpose as sustainable infrastructure, acting as “sponges” that collect and disperse rainwater throughout the site.

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Located downtown Indianapolis, 9 on Canal is a multifamily housing project consisting of five-story and ten-story buildings surrounding an internal courtyard, and fronting the downtown canal on the city’s west end. More specifically, the project features 324 apartment units designed to accommodate students from the nearby IUPUI campus. It also features more 300 parking spaces, 3,000 sq. ft. of retail space, and a series of roof top deck and pool spaces that overlook the nearby canal. The project is slated to begin construction in the winter of 2012 and to be completed in 2014. A masonry skin and a regular rhythm of punched openings and balconies define the character of the building along the south and the north. On the canal side, the building form kicks out and drops down to meet the water below to define an urban edge to the new downtown amenity. Building forms are punctuated at the hinge point with a fourstory glazed cube that is articulated with balconies and topped with a trellis. This cube contains the retail space along the canal and resident amenities.

Sunway Grid J O H OR, M AL AYSI A

Located just outside Singapore in the Iskandar development region, GRID is a key component of the 1800-acre Sunway Iskandar, one of the largest real estate developments in Malaysian history. Iskandar is envisioned as a sustainable, strategically located mixed-used district that will help power the future of the Malaysian economy. GRID targets young entrepreneurs and business start-ups by incorporating a unique modular design in its 500+ double-height units. Each unit can be quickly adapted with the installation of mezzanines, stairs, and room partitions, enabling users to convert spaces from office to live-work to residential programs of varying sizes. In addition to providing flexibility and growth opportunity to residents, GRID’s innovative standardized modules maximize building and layout efficiency, streamlining construction timelines and ensuring a maximum return for investors.

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Monon & Main Mixed-Use Development C A R MEL, I N

RATIO is serving as the master planner, architect, and landscape architect for a new mixed use development to be built on the last remaining open parcel at the intersection of Main Street and the Monon Trail. The project has been planned to honor and activate the west edge of the Monon from Main Street to First Street SE. The plan includes a new restaurant, parking garage, townhomes and parking structure. RATIO has worked with the Client and the City to identify a contextually appropriate urban solution that will energize and activate the corner. The design team will be initiating the next phases of design in the near future, providing an opportunity to seamlessly integrate the goals of the Gehl plan into the project.

The Collegiate IND IANAPOLI S, I N

Aimed at serving the growing student population at nearby IUPUI, the Indianapolis Collegiate mixed-use development will provide off-campus housing and upscale amenities in close proximity to Indianapolis’ vibrant downtown core. Designed to complement the urban environment, the development consists of three primary building blocks: an eleven-story building, with ground floor retail storefronts and a resident-only fitness area; a five-story building consisting of residential units; and an internal parking garage, thoughtfully hidden from public view. In total, the 370,000 sq. ft. complex developed by Trinitas Ventures will include 193 apartments (669 beds), 375 parking spaces and 3000 sq. ft. of retail space.

Millikan on Mass Ave. IND IANAPOLI S, I N

The Millikan mixed-use development is a five-story residential and retail tower sited for construction in downtown Indianapolis along Massachusetts Avenue, one of the city’s most popular cultural districts. Designed to wrap around the existing John J. Barton apartment tower, the new building extends a four-story residential tower to the street and acts as a podium for the existing 21-story tower. At the street level, the design makes possible space for new retail facilities that enhance the already-thriving area. In addition to creating opportunities for both retail and living space, the design also created new garden spaces located in the development’s center possible. These garden spaces celebrate the tower’s pedestrian entry, provide pleasant outdoor seating areas and create an active urban space for existing housing programs.

Convention Center Redevelopment N A S HVI LLE, T N

The five-story southeast mixed-use building consists of two levels of concrete framed commercial and museum spaces over three levels of residential units. The glazed two levels at the corner open the building up to the exterior and extend the street atmosphere of Broadway into the building. The hotel tower is on the northeast corner of the site. The hotel opens up to 5th Avenue with a covered plaza stepping down to the pedestrian alley dividing the tower from the mixed-use building to the south. The street level of the western building is occupied by more than 18,000 sq. ft. of retail space fronting Broadway. Below, 46,000 sq. ft. of museum space spread under the building and adjacent plaza space to connect to the street level entry within the southeast building. Above the retail, four levels of residential units to the south and 10 levels of residential to the north wrap around a courtyard.


The Legends SODO is a mixed-use development designed to create an urban, pedestrian-friendly and arts-inspired entertainment district that will also honor Hoosier legends such as Larry Bird, David Letterman, John Mellencamp and the Andretti family. Located just south of downtown Indianapolis, the development will consist of hotels, condominiums, retail and commercial space, and a performance music hall. An interior courtyard will feature the “Poets’ Walk,” an artistic pathway showcasing the works of local artisans. A fountain and gathering space will offer residents and visitors alike a place to relax amid the district’s activity. The developers plan to include “green” features such as porous concrete surfaces, highefficiency windows and mechanical systems, and green roofs. The 11-acre project is anticipated to break ground in the fall of 2011.

Retail / Restaurant


Condo / Apartment

Performance Venue Parking

The Boulevards at Fishers Redevelopment Study FA I R MOUNT PROPERT I ES / FI SHERS, I N

Fairmount Properties enlisted RATIO to prepare a redevelopment study for the Fishers, Indiana Town Center project. The study focuses on creating community-inspired spaces in which residents can work, play and relax. The site plan blends public spaces with a balanced mix of commercial, retail, mixed-use, corporate and residential buildings. The plan also addresses the environmental impact a development will have on the surrounding community.


Like many midwestern mid-sized cities, Normal, Illinois is undergoing a rejuvenation of its historic city center next to Illinois State University. A redevelopment plan designated key parcels of land within its core that would help define the city’s economic and cultural success for the next century to come. RATIO worked with One Main Development to envision Uptown One, a five-story mixed-use building that fit one site’s economic and urban profile. The design includes lower level parking, street level retail, office space on levels two and three, and condo-style housing on levels four and five.

Proposed Mixed-Use Development J E F FERSONVI LLE, I N

The River View Mixed-Use development Project will transform approximately 8 acres of underutilized land into a vibrant,mixed-use space in historic downtown Jeffersonville, Indiana. The project would include commercial, retail, residential with an arts and cultural component. Located in the historic downtown area, the land is connected to the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge and Park Plaza, which connects Jeffersonville to Louisville, Kentucky. The objective of the River View Mixed-Use Development Project is to transform vacant land into a vital, urban fabric of the city with a diverse range of retail and other commercial uses.


M2 on Neil is a mixed-use building that includes commercial space on the ground floor, office space on the second and third floors, and residential units on the fourth through seventh floors. The residential spaces are a mixture of condominium space and rental space, including both one and two bedroom units. The building also features a 600space parking garage that serves not only the building residents and users, but also the City of Champaign.

500 Wabash TE R R E HAUT E, I N

Located in downtown Terre Haute, 500 Wabash will be a new mixed-use building just two blocks south of the Indiana State University campus. The ground floor will have an amenity mix of restaurants, shops and office space with a parking court on the north side of the building. Outdoor dining is planned on 5th Street and along a pedestrian pass through at mid-block. The upper four floors of the building will be comprised of student housing made up of apartment style units with private bedroom / bathroom suites and laundry facilities on each floor totaling 72 units and 257 beds. Recognizing that students today not only value privacy but also places to connect with other students, each floor has areas for groups to gather or study. The architectural design is intended to contribute to the tradition of high quality buildings with historic character in downtown Terre Haute. High quality materials and detailing will define the facades and contribute to the downtown streetscape.

Regester Place Development C I TY OF B LOOM I NGT ON, I N

Regester Place is a mixed-use development which occupies a full city block of underutilized city parking facility in downtown Bloomington, Indiana. The redevelopment team was chosen through the City of Bloomington’s proposal process. The multi-story development includes residential apartments offering studio, as well as one and two bedroom units, primarily marketed to university students and young professionals. The first floor of the buildings houses commercial space. The 550-space parking structure is located partially underground, and the separate 130–room hotel is currently on hold, waiting for the selection of an operating body.

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