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Dear readers,

Who runs the world? Girls! Beyoncé told us in 2011 with her hit song ‘Run the World,’ and she was right. With Kamala Harris, leading the free world as the first female Vice President of the United States, it’s safe to say that women are breaking barriers and making extraordinary strides. Despite gender inequities across industries, women are consistently forging ahead and shattering glass ceilings.

This issue of the South Asian Entertainment Magazine is an ode to the strong, progressive and supportive women of today. The Cover Story highlights the supportive role that women play in the success of their partners. It not only emphasizes the significance of partnerships and mutual support in achieving goals but also underscores the idea that success often involves collaboration and the profound impact of a supportive partner on one’s accomplishments. This International Women’s Day, we aim to pay tribute to the women who not only enrich our lives but also continue to work their magic behind the scenes. Through our Cover Story, we seek to honor the ‘Strong, Supportive & Powerful Women’ by recognizing their achievements and supporting their endeavors.

The month of March also brings along the festive vibe of Holi. It is a famous Indian festival that needs no introduction. Holi celebrates the arrival of spring, which is a season of hope and joy. The festival is synonymous with boisterous pranks, merrymaking, and a riot of colors. Our Holi special feature brings you a detailed account of how this festival is celebrated across different regions in India and how you can prepare yourself for a day full of celebration.

There are many more exciting reads on fashion, beauty, health, travel etc. that are going to keep you entertained. The entire team behind this edition has worked relentlessly to bring forth quality content for you. I hope to stand high and rise above the expectations of our readers.

I am thankful for your support and the love you have been showering on us throughout the journey. I would love to have your suggestions and recommendations to be better and grow with every upcoming edition.

As we walk further into this year, I pray for the best of everything for each one of you. May this year bring along good health, immense love, and great opportunities for everyone.

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Love and regards, Rajesh Ansal (President)

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Arshdeep Bains makes the community proud, becomes fourth Punjabi to play in the NHL



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Linda Mah is a highly accomplished financial service Specialist Consultant who has dedicated her career to empowering women, advocating for animal welfare, and championing environmental conservation efforts. Hailing from the vibrant city of Montreal in Quebec, Linda proudly identifies as a secondgeneration Chinese Canadian, embodying a rich cultural heritage that influences her work ethic and perspective on life. She credits her upbringing in such a diverse and dynamic environment for shaping her into the driven individual she is today.

During her academic journey at the prestigious University of British Columbia, Linda pursued a degree in Commerce with a focus on Urban Economics. This educational background equipped her with valuable insights into economic trends, urban development strategies, and financial principles –all of which have been instrumental in shaping her successful career trajectory as a financial advisor. In 2007, Linda founded BiiG Financial Company, which has been serving clients with dedication and commitment ever since. With 33 years of experience in the financial services industry, Linda is known for her expertise, integrity, and passion for helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Linda has a strong philosophy of believing in herself 100 percent. Through her dedication to supporting women in achieving financial independence, raising awareness about animal rights issues, and actively participating in initiatives aimed at preserving our planet’s natural resources, Linda exemplifies what it means to be a socially conscious professional committed to making a positive impact on society.

What they think:

Q. In your opinion, how does having a supportive partner contribute to a person’s success? What qualities or characteristics make a woman a strong and supportive partner? It is crucial to be a supportive and reliable partner, especially when your spouse is a successful businessman. You need to build a strong connection that allows you to comprehend the obstacles they encounter, so you



A n D ce L ebrat I ng our fem I n I n I ty.

strengthening their bond through open communication, mutual learning, and shared experiences.

Q. How do you define being a strong woman in the context of supporting a successful man?

A strong woman encompasses varied and distinct traits and qualities. Our identity showcases the diverse aspects that define our essence - intelligence, empathy, confidence - while also embracing and celebrating our femininity. As women, we possess a unique perspective that allows us to perceive the world in a different way. Our ability to communicate on multiple levels and approach situations with nuanced thinking sets us apart.

True strength for us lies in fully embracing our womanhood and having the courage to reveal the softer, more vulnerable side of our being without reservation or hesitation. It is this blend of resilience and sensitivity that truly defines a strong woman’s character.

Q. How do you prioritize self-care and personal growth while also

being a pillar of support for the man in your life?

To effectively support and nurture my relationship with my husband, I must first ensure that I am physically and mentally taken care of. By making it a priority to rest, nourish myself properly, and maintain good health, I am better equipped to show up as a supportive partner. This not only benefits our relationship but also allows me to contribute positively without feelings of resentment or obligation. By investing in my happiness and well-being, I can cultivate a stronger foundation within myself which ultimately enhances the quality of connection and support I offer in my marriage.

Q. How important do you think it is for successful individuals to acknowledge and appreciate the support they receive from their partners?

When you find yourself in a safe and supportive environment like a comfortable home where you feel grounded, it becomes easier to focus on your aspirations. This sense of security allows you to channel your efforts towards achieving success without

being weighed down by feelings of resentment or neglect. By acknowledging their support openly and frequently, you not only strengthen existing bonds but also create an atmosphere that encourages continuous growth, gratitude, and collaboration.

Q. What advice would you give to other women who are in a similar position of supporting a successful man while also pursuing their own goals and ambitions?

I want to emphasize the importance of prioritizing yourself, your goals, and personal growth. By dedicating time and effort towards becoming strong and independent individuals, we empower ourselves to not only support our significant others but also thrive in every aspect of our lives. It is crucial for us to cultivate self-confidence and belief in our abilities before extending that support to our partners. When we prioritize our own well-being and aspirations, we are better equipped to provide genuine, meaningful

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Kristina van Hombeeck was raised in Burnaby with an amalgamation of Italian and Belgian roots. She is always surrounded by her boisterous family where love always fills the room. She has been happily married to the love of her life, who hails from Argentina, and together, they cherish their only ‘child’ for now - their adorable French bulldog. For over seven years, she has immersed herself in the dynamic world of vancouver real estate, navigating roles from a Junior Marketing Assistant to her current position as Marketing Director. Steering a team of talented women, she has leveraged social media to launch remarkable projects, collaborating with developers across the lower mainland through her tenure at KEY.

Having served as both Sales director and Marketing director, she possesses a comprehensive understanding of real estate from initial marketing strategies to turnover. Throughout her journey, she has had the honor of collaborating with numerous developers, contributing to a multitude of successful projects across the lower mainland, with the tally continuously growing. Each project has been a unique opportunity to learn and grow, expanding her expertise and network in the industry. Behind her passion for real estate lies an appreciation for the strategic essence of marketing, often overlooked but pivotal in driving success.

Her journey owes much to the guidance and empowerment extended by both men and women in this field. In an industry often dominated by men, the solidarity among women marketers is truly uplifting. It is about fostering opportunities and offering unwavering support – a principle she holds dear.

What they think:

Q: Do you believe that having a supportive partner can contribute to a person’s success?

In your opinion, what qualities or characteristics make a woman a strong and supportive partner?

Having a supportive partner has truly been the cornerstone of my success. Every aspect of my life that shines has been cultivated and nurtured within the bounds of my relationship. My husband stands beside me, supporting both myself and my career with the same unwavering respect he affords his own endeavors. I believe the qualities that define a strong and supportive partner revolve around living authentically and embracing truth, no matter how challenging the conversation may be. Over time, I have learned the importance of setting goals with your partner, fostering a shared sense of purpose, and working collaboratively towards those aspirations. In essence, partnership is not just about being together; it is about actively building and nurturing each other’s growth and success.

Q: How do you define being a strong woman in the context of supporting a successful man?

I define a strong woman as someone who, as she ascends in her career, extends her hand to uplift and empower other women along the way. Strength is not just about individual achievement; it is about creating pathways for others to thrive and succeed. A strong woman recognizes the systemic barriers and challenges that women face in the professional

ery and self-love, one that allows me to show up more authentically and compassionately for those around me.

I d EFI n E A ST r O n G WOMA n AS SOMEO n E WHO, AS SHE ASCE nd S I n HE r CA r EE r, E x TE nd S HE r HA nd TO U p LIFT A nd empoW er ot H er Women a Long t H e Way.

world. Instead of succumbing to the status quo, she actively works to dismantle these barriers by fostering an environment of inclusivity, mentorship, and collaboration. She understands that her success is intertwined with the success of her peers. Rather than seeing other women as competitors, she sees them as allies and advocates. She actively promotes diversity and representation in leadership roles, striving to create spaces where women from diverse backgrounds can thrive and excel. Furthermore, a strong woman doesn’t just focus on her own advancement; she actively seeks out opportunities to mentor, sponsor, and support other women in their professional journeys. She uses her platform and influence to amplify the voices of those who may not have had the same opportunities.

Q: How do you prioritize selfcare and personal growth while also being a pillar of support for the man in your life?

putting your own life mask on first before helping others” is a concept I grapple with often. As women, we often feel compelled to be everything to everyone, but I have learned that spreading myself too thin ultimately detracts from my ability to excel in any one role. It is a delicate balance. I have come to realize that being a friend to all can sometimes mean being a true friend to none. That is why I prioritize being my own best friend primarily. By nurturing my own well-being and happiness, I can then extend genuine support and care to others. This notion is not about selfishness; it is about self-preservation and self-care. It is about recognizing that in order to be truly present and effective in helping others, I must first ensure that I am in a healthy and balanced state myself. It is a journey of self-discov-

Q: How important do you think it is for successful individuals to acknowledge and appreciate the support they receive from their partners?

Every day, I make it a priority to express gratitude for my partner at home. Some days, the expression may be brief, but the sentiment is felt deeply every single day. Having experienced moments without him, I cherish every second spent by his side. At work, my partners are my team – an extraordinary group of women who uplift, collaborate, and support each other wholeheartedly. Supporting and appreciating one another means speaking highly of each other even in their absence and channeling our energy into each other’s success. I aspire to be a positive force of change for everyone I encounter, regardless of the scale of the impact. Together, we cultivate an environment where empowerment and collaboration thrive. By acknowledging and celebrating each other’s strengths, we establish a foundation of trust and camaraderie that propels us forward as a unified entity.

Q: What advice would you give to other women who are in a similar position of supporting a successful man while also pursuing their own goals and ambitions?

Advice for women in power? never ignore the empathic side of yourself, no matter who tells you it is soft. It is the opposite; it is powerful, and that is what makes women the best leaders. Embracing empathy allows you to connect with others on a deeper level and fosters a supportive and inclusive environment. As a leader, it is important to challenge the status quo and break free from traditional norms. do not be afraid to take risks and explore innovative solutions, even if they seem unconventional at first. Trust your instincts and have confidence in your abilities. remember, being a woman in power is a strength, not a weakness. Your unique perspective and approach can inspire positive change and create lasting impact. So, embrace your authenticity, lead with compassion, and never underestimate the power of empathy in leadership.

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born and raised in Surrey to Sikh pioneer parents, Perm Jawanda draws her strength from her humble upbringing and instilled values. Her journey is intertwined with the joy of motherhood and the never-ending support of her husband, Jas Jawanda, a successful developer and construction industry entrepreneur. Their wonderful children, Jessica Sidoni and Joshua Jawanda complete their loving family.

Having recently concluded a successful 31-year tenure at Rogers Communications, she is proud of various milestones, notably as the first South Asian Women vice President. She has played a pivotal role in the launch and growth of the Chatr Mobile brand, now Canada’s largest prepaid wireless brand. Acknowledged as a builder of great teams and someone who consistently delivers on business results, Perm served as the Executive Sponsor for the rogers women’s network, mentoring and raising visibility for women, and fostering a vibrant community as Consumer Business Lead for BC.

recognized as one of the 10 most influential South Asian women in BC by darpan Magazine in 2020, she is humbled by the recognition she has received from numerous individuals related to her impact on their professional and personal development. navigating challenges in a male-dominated industry, she learned the importance of authenticity, risk-taking, lending a helping hand, staying true to her values, and cultivating a great team and support system. now, as she takes a bit of a break and assesses the next chapter,

she is focused on mentoring and empowering women, contributing her time to non-profit organizations close to her heart, and assessing what boards she may want to lend her expertise to. Above all, taking the time to create and cherish moments with loved ones remains her utmost priority.

What they think:

Q. Do you believe that having a supportive partner can contribute to a person’s success? In your opinion, what qualities or characteristics make a man or woman a strong and supportive partner?

In my opinion, a supportive partner contributes to a person’s success. A supportive partner plays a significant role in so many areas. When things aren’t going as planned, a supportive partner is key to helping you remain positive, look on the brighter side, remind you of other tough situations you have overcome and can get you to evaluate other perspectives you may not have contemplated. They celebrate your accomplishments like their own. Additionally, giving their significant other space and time when they need it. Some of the qualities that make a man or woman a supportive partner are: Encouragement and appreciation towards the other partner, mutual respect, good listening skills, honesty and respecting each others’ boundaries

Q. How important do you think it is for successful individuals to acknowledge and appreciate the support they receive from their partners?

by a successful man while also pursuing their own goals and ambitions?

It begins with striving for an open and honest relationship, as it is not easy to balance two strong people who want to be successful, without it defaulting to the priority of the husband. Start with understanding each other’s dreams and visions, building a plan together that works for both of you, knowing that the plan will need to be fluid, as life has a way of throwing curve balls at you when you least expect it. Important things to know about each other for this to really work are what motivates each of you, makes you happy, fills your cup, frustrates, derails or sets you back etc. Then build a plan around roles and responsibilities related to the household, kids and family vs. just “winging it”, as that’s when problems arise, as someone thought the other one had it, and this only needs to happen a few times before you both start to struggle, not just at home, but also professionally.

Q. Can you share a specific example of a time when your husband’s support and encouragement made a difference in your success?

It is critical to a strong relationship and partnership to acknowledge and appreciate the support you receive. This is literally a human need for both men and women. In my situation as it is my husband who has supported my career growth and success over the years, it is certainly more important as men typically, just like my husband, are fueled by it. Appreciating and acknowledging what my husband does for our family makes him feel valued and good about our decisions and his efforts towards the family. My positive acknowledgement regarding him helping to run the household, the immense help with the kids when they were young, being their taxi driver, the amazing cook that he is, while being a successful entrepreneur has allowed me to spend more time and focus on my career.

Q. What advice would you give to other women who are in a similar position of being supported

I was asked by our Executive vice president at the time to take on a new role responsible for sales and distribution for a new brand, Chatr, that rogers Communications was going to launch. The role would require me to be in Toronto 3 weeks a month for 1 to 2 years, and at the end of it I was not guaranteed a role back in the organization, they would assess how I did. At that time, our daughter was an absorbed teenager, and our son was involved in multiple sports. I was ready to say no, as I was very worried about how our household could manage all of this, and the uncertainty with my future role. To my surprise, after the initial shock my husband focused on the upside of the opportunity for me and my career and said he would handle the family home situation and work through it with my support. He felt I would do such a great job that there was no way rogers would not find me a role at the end of this. Those 2 years were tough for all of us, with me working long hours and traveling and so much going on with the kids. The Chatr brand was a huge success, and I was promoted to General Manager after it was done. Without the support and encouragement from my husband, I would have walked away from this once in a lifetime career opportunity for me. In addition, even more importantly our kids turned out great!

Q. Do you think the concept of a supportive partner applies equally to all types of relationships regardless of gender or sexual orientations?

In my opinion, the concept of a supportive partner is fundamental in all types of relationships, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Supportive partners play a crucial role in providing emotional, practical, and sometimes financial support to their significant others. This support can manifest in various ways, such as being a good listener, offering encouragement during challenging times, and actively participating in shared responsibilities as you can see from my other answers. In relationships of any kind, having a supportive partner can foster trust, intimacy, and mutual growth and respect. Regardless of the nature of the connection, individuals seek and benefit from supportive relationships that make them feel valued, understood and fulfilled.


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TO A ST r O n G r ELATIO n SHI p

A n D

pA r T n E r SHI p


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apprec I ate t H e support you rec I eve .

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fter initially pursuing a degree geared towards a promising career as an accountant, Salima discovered her passion for fundraising. As the vice President and evelopment Officer at rCHF, she is at the forefront of spearheading a capital campaign exceeding $100 million, contributing to one of the most substantial redevelopment projects in Western Canada. Salima’s transformative impact extends to her ability to lead organizations, exemplified by her pivotal role in elevating a small organization to Foundation status early in her career.

In her significant position within the Ismaili community, Salima has played a crucial role in fostering outreach to the non-Ismaili community. Beyond her professional commitments, she generously dedicates countless hours to volunteering, both with her personal time and financial resources, for causes she passionately supports. Salima’s leadership traces back to her high school days, where she served as a role model and tutor for football players and new Canadians alike. Through her exemplary actions and achievements, Salima stands as a true embodiment of a woman of distinction.

mY E x TE n SI v E I nvOLv EME n T I n vOLU n TA r Y ACTI v ITIES, BOTH WITHI n A nd OUTSI d E MY WO rkp LACE , EM p HASI z ES THE SIG n IFICA n CE OF r ECOG n I z I n G THE contr I but I ons of t H ose WH o support us.

my participation in the Ivey School of Business, Community Shift program, underscores the importance of personal growth. It suggests that a strong woman not only recognizes the symbiotic relationship between self-improvement and being a supportive partner but actively engages in practices that enhance her overall well-being. This entails setting boundaries, effectively managing time, and fostering open communication within the relationship. By balancing personal goals with the demands of support, a woman can contribute to the success of her partner while nurturing her own growth and self-care.

Q. How important do you think it is for successful individuals to acknowledge and appreciate the support they receive from their partners?

What they think:

. Do you believe that having a supportive partner can contribute to a person’s success? In your opinion, what qualities or characteristics make a woman a strong and supportive partner?

Undoubtedly, a supportive partner significantly influences an individual’s success. my experience with my father exemplifies this. His encouragement allowed me to pursue my passion, demonstrating that emotional support fosters confidence and determination.

In my view, a strong and supportive partner possesses qualities like empathy, adaptability, and

active encouragement. my father initially grappled with my non-traditional career choices but eventually embraced my decisions. This underscores the importance of open-mindedness and trust in fostering a supportive environment. A woman becomes a strong partner by understanding her significant role in her partner’s journey, offering unwavering support, and adapting to the evolving nature of personal and professional aspirations.

Q. How do you define being a strong woman in the context of supporting a successful man?

Being a strong woman supporting a successful man involves embodying resilience, providing unwavering emotional support, and actively contributing to the partner’s journey. My commitment to my partner’s success is evident in the multifaceted roles that I play, including voluntary efforts to raise funds for the royal Columbian Hospital Foundation. This showcases strength not solely defined by individual accomplishments but extended to empowering and uplifting those around you. It requires a delicate balance of nurturing one’s ambitions while wholeheartedly investing in the partner’s pursuits. A strong woman recognizes the symbiotic relationship between personal development and the ability to be a supportive partner, fostering an environment where both partners thrive harmoniously.

Q. How do you prioritize selfcare and personal growth while also being a pillar of support for the man in your life?

prioritizing self-care and personal growth while being a pillar of support necessitates effective time management, resilience, and a steadfast commitment to individual development. my dedication to continuous learning, evident in

Acknowledging and appreciating support from partners is pivotal for maintaining a healthy, reciprocal relationship. my extensive involvement in voluntary activities, both within and outside my workplace, emphasizes the significance of recognizing the contributions of those who support us. publicly acknowledging this support not only fosters a deep sense of gratitude but reinforces the idea that success is often a collective effort. It enhances the emotional connection between partners and promotes a culture of appreciation within the relationship. The importance of expressing gratitude for the support received is crucial in cultivating a positive and nurturing environment, encouraging continuous collaboration, and ensuring that both partners feel valued in their respective roles.

Q. What advice would you give to other women who are in a similar position of supporting a successful man while also pursuing their own goals and ambitions?

To women navigating a similar path of supporting a successful man while pursuing personal goals, my journey offers invaluable insights. My advice would be to prioritize communication, establish clear boundaries, and seek a partner who values mutual growth. It is essential to align personal aspirations with the dynamics of the relationship, finding synergies that allow both partners to thrive individually and as a couple. Balancing personal ambitions with the commitment to support requires effective time management and a shared vision for the future. Additionally, fostering open communication about individual needs and expectations is crucial for maintaining a healthy and fulfilling partnership. By actively participating in each other’s journeys and providing mutual encouragement, couples can create a harmonious environment that fosters both personal and shared success.

Salima Mawji, Vice President & Chief Development Officer, Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation

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March 2024 www. 18 POWERED BY:

Dr ramona Grewal describes her as a mom of two energetic girls who loves to spend her time with her family. For ramona, it is not just work that takes a center stage in her life, it is equally important to raise her daughters to be good human beings.

professionally, she is dually boarded in the US and Canada as a General psychiatrist who specializes in addiction disorders. She works as one of the Behavioral Health directors at Sea Mar Community Health Centers in Bellingham. She aspires to have her own psychiatric practice in both Canada and the US one day where she can continue to help the community in need.

What they think:

Q: Do you believe that having a supportive partner can contribute to a person’s success? Why or why not? In your opinion, what qualities or characteristics make a woman a strong and supportive partner?

Yes I do believe having a supportive partner can contribute to a person’s success. Having a supportive partner is at times what keeps you going. knowing you have that foundation there to hold you up when at times you feel like giving up. With your partner’s support you gain encouragement, strength, resilience and hope.

Some of the qualities of a good partner are: being a good listener, setting boundaries and limits to keep your family/ partner on their path, being empathetic and above all just being present and active in their lives.

Q: How do you define being a strong woman in the context of supporting a successful man?

Being there for your partner but at the same time having your own goals and aspirations give me strength. Being a cohesive unit that is there for one another but also holding onto elements of your own identity.

Q: How do you prioritize self-care and personal growth while also being a pillar of support for the man in your life?

delegating tasks and asking for help when needed to give myself some time.


: How important do you think it is for successful individuals to acknowledge and appreciate the support they receive from their partners?

I think it’s quite important because there is a lot of work, effort and time that a supportive partner has put into their relationship that should be acknowledged.

Q: What advice would you give to other women who are in a similar position of supporting a successful man while also pursuing their own goals and ambitions?



r ELATIO n SHI p A nd O n E

m UST ac K noWL e D ge

t H ese LI tt L e nuances.

Find a good balance. Work with each other rather than against. Learn to communicate honestly and effectively. I believe all relationships require work and sacrifices to some degree. Being able to support your partner and vice-a-versa can span all forms of relationships.

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nisha Khare, a multifaceted professional with a rich background in counseling, media, and advocacy holds degrees in Arts, Education, and a masters in Education. She is a registered clinical counselor renowned for helping individuals narrate their stories with authenticity. Alongside her counseling career, nisha excels as a director, producer, emcee, interviewer, brand ambassador, and speaker. As a devoted mother to Soran and nola, and wife to Sharad for over two decades, nisha co-founded Human Biography with her husband. This innovative venture specializes in creating powerful video narratives featuring global change-makers, thought leaders, and icons, including the likes of the dalai Lama, Meryl Streep, and katy Perry.

nisha and her new York based business partner, karly neveu, co-founded ‘Women of Wonder Global’, a movement empowering women to unleash their inherent superpowers and fostering a supportive community. Her influence and contributions have been recog nized widely. nisha was honored as one of the ‘Top 20 Most Influential South Asians in vancouver, BC’ by Urban Asian. She co-authored ‘pursuit: 365,’ a celebration of Canadian women’s success, happiness, and achievements. moreover, nisha’s insights on powerful partnerships have been acknowledged globally, including at a notable talk at the United nations in new York. nisha’s journey reflects her dedication to creating meaningful connections, fostering wellness, and championing the power of storytelling to inspire and transform lives.

What they think:

Q. Do you believe that having a supportive partner can contribute to a person’s suc cess? In your opinion, what qualities or characteristics make a woman a strong and supportive partner?

At the United nations, I spoke on powerful ships and how a supportive partner is instrumental in a person’s success. My husband, Sharad and I co-founded Human Biography over 10 years ago and although neither of us had any experience as entrepreneurs, we had a mutual dream and co-manifested it into existence. Sup port in a relationship goes beyond mere encouragement; it encompasses understanding, shared dreams, and mutual respect. We work at a partnership where we can thrive both personally and professionally. We hope to be each other’s sounding board, confidant, and a pillar of strength ing challenging times. Our emotional and mental well-being is a cornerstone for achieving success. A strong and supportive woman in a partnership often possesses qualities like empathy, resil ience, and the ability to communicate effectively. Empathy allows me to understand and share the feelings of Sharad, fostering a deep connec tion. resilience is key, as I also face my own challenges while supporting my husband’s en

deavors. Effective communication helps in expressing ideas, expectations, and concerns clearly, ensuring that our relationship thrives on transparency and mutual understanding.

Q. How do you define being a strong woman in the context of supporting a successful man?

defining a strong woman in the context of supporting a successful man involves recognizing the multifaceted nature of strength. It is not just about being a pillar of support for your partner, but also about maintaining your identity, values, and aspirations. I strongly support my husband, Sharad in his work of documenting amazing thought leaders globally, while at the same time, leading my own projects as a director/producer, creating video content for companies. A strong woman balances supportiveness with self-empowerment.

2. Effective Communication: Keep the lines of communication open. We discuss our goals, needs, and challenges openly. We aim to align in understanding each other’s aspirations while offering mutual support.

3. time management: We have learned to allocate specific times for self-care activities and personal development, alongside dedicating quality time to each other and our kids. This helps in managing responsibilities without neglecting our own personal well-being.

Q: How important do you think it is for successful individuals to acknowledge and appreciate the support they receive from their partners?

I am empathetic and understanding, offering emotional support and encouragement, but my strength lies in my ability to communicate effectively, voicing my opinions and ensuring a partnership of equals. I am resilient and capable of handling challenges in order for our family to thrive. A strong woman also inspires. Her strength is reflected in how she handles her responsibilities, pursues her ambitions, and stands as a role model. This, in turn, motivates her partner to strive for success, knowing they have a capable, inspiring companion by

In essence, being a strong woman in the context of supporting a successful man is about being a cornerstone in the relationship while simultaneously nurturing your own growth, exemplifying that true strength in a partnership comes from mutual respect, shared goals, and the empowerment of each individual.

Acknowledging and appreciating the support from partners is vital for successful individuals. This recognition goes beyond mere gratitude; it’s an acknowledgment of the integral role that our partners play in our success. In many instances, partners contribute significantly, whether through emotional support, practical help, or by being a sounding board for ideas and decisions. Their contributions often happen behind the scenes but are crucial in creating a stable and nurturing environment that fosters success. Appreciation of a partner’s support also strengthens the relationship. It reinforces the value of the partnership and highlights the importance of teamwork in achieving goals. When individuals publicly or privately recognize their partner’s role in their success, it not only validates the partner’s contributions but also sets a positive example of mutual respect and gratitude.

Furthermore, this acknowledgment can be inspiring to others. It challenges the narrative of solitary success and showcases the power of collaborative effort and mutual support. It is a reminder that behind many successful individuals, there’s often a supportive network that plays a pivotal role.

Q. What advice would you give to other women who are in a similar position of supporting a successful man while also pursuing their own goals and ambitions?

Q: How do you prioritize self-care and personal growth while also being a pillar of support for the man in your life?

Balancing self-care and personal growth with being a supportive partner is an art of maintaining harmony between individuality and togetherness. Here’s how I try to effectively

It’s crucial to establish boundaries that allow time for self-care and personal interests. My husband, Sharad and I try to communicate our needs clearly to each other to ensure mutual

For women supporting a successful partner while pursuing their own ambitions, my advice centers on maintaining balance and self-awareness. Firstly, embrace the idea that your goals and aspirations are as important as your partner’s is. It’s essential to prioritize your dreams and set aside dedicated time for personal growth and career aspirations. If you’d like to explore this, come see me online…I’m a Registered Clinical Counselor.

Communication is key. Have open discussions with your partner about your goals, expectations, and how you can mutually support each other. Don’t underestimate the importance of self-care. Investing in your well-being is crucial for maintaining energy and focus, both for supporting your partner and for achieving your own goals.

Seek a supportive network. Surround yourself with people who encourage and inspire you. This network can include friends, family, or professional mentors. Finally, remember that it is a journey of balance. There will be times when one partner’s needs overshadow the others. Being adaptable and understanding during these times is vital, but always keep sight of your aspirations and continue working towards them.

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according to many people, success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose but for raj Sethi, the definition of success is just a little more than that. To her, it is the continuous accomplishment of an aim or purpose in all areas that make up life. That is to say, at work, at home and in daily life, basically working hard, earning a decent living, providing well for one’s family and most importantly, being content with what one is doing. With that in mind, she plays a key role in maintaining this success.

She navigates the challenges life throws at her with utmost poise and tackles them head-on with positive energy, the source of which largely originates from her home. She is patient, understanding and a woman with a strong character and she loves to keep her family as her priority in life.

What they think:

Q: Do you believe that having a supportive partner can contribute to a person’s success? Why or why not? In your opinion, what qualities or characteristics make a woman a strong and supportive partner?

Yes. I look at my relationship with my husband as a partnership, so it is important that we both are working for the same goals. Most importantly is that we shared goals, and in our case, it was always family-driven so we were equal on all levels. That achievement was done because of our honesty and trust in each other.

Q: How do you define being a strong woman in the context of supporting a successful man?

That the partnership is based on honesty and trust and that we collectively share the goals that we both agree upon.

Q: How do you prioritize selfcare and personal growth while also being a pillar of support for the man in your life?

I believe that a priority is being disciplined in your own tasks so that you can still maintain the goals to be reached for your partner.


: How important do you think it is for successful individuals to acknowledge and appreciate the support they receive from their partners?

It is very important that our husbands/partners regularly acknowledge that their respective success is because of our support, and it can be as simple as saying ‘without you I wouldn’t have been able to do this’. I have always been considered an equal to my husband and that what I do for our family is as important as what he does in the business world.

Q: What advice would you give to other women who are in a similar position of supporting

supportive of the other one. And as importantly, you must believe in yourself!

Q: Can you share a specific example of a time when your support and encouragement made a difference in the success of a man you care about?

I HAv E ALWAYS BEE n CO n SI d E r E d A n EQUAL TO MY HUSBA nd A nd WHAT I d O FO r OU r FAMILY IS AS IM p O r TA n T AS WHAT HE d OES I n t H e bus I ness Wor LD.

a successful man while also pursuing their own goals and ambitions?

That the two of you are honest about what you are looking for in your relationship and that whatever goals you both talk about, you are both

Before Charan entered the real estate market and learned the trade of a realtor, we talked about what this would entail, especially since he would be focused on learning there would not be a pay cheque from a regular job he had prior. We would have to get by with what money had been saved and since our relationship was built on trust and honesty and shared goals it was a given that we would do whatever was necessary for him to become a realtor.


: Do you think the concept of a supportive partner applies equally to all types of relationships, regardless of gender or sexual orientation?

Yes, I believe the concept of a supportive partner applies equally to all types of relationships.

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I WOUL d SAY THE BIGGEST A dv ICE I CA n GI v E IS THAT COMMU n ICATIO n & sett I ng boun Dar I es are K ey.


monika Momeni, the Owner and Operator of Cocktails & Canapés, vancouver’s chef driven premium caterer has firmly cemented her reputation in Western Canada as a trendsetter and leader in the catering industry. Her unique brand of customized hospitality experiences and catering services is truly exceptional, immersive, and highly innovative. She has a loving partner and two beautiful kids who are a source of motivation and a driving force behind her ambitions.

What they think:

Q. Do you believe that having a supportive partner can contribute to a person’s success? In your opinion, what qualities or characteristics make a woman a strong and supportive partner?

A supportive partner can definitely play a huge role in someone’s success! Having someone by your side that believes in you, encourages you, and provides emotional support can make all the difference. I believe that someone who is understanding, patient, and willing to listen and offer help when needed is what makes a great support system. my partner and I constantly support one another, which in turn has allowed us both to have our own successful and separate businesses. Cocktails & Canapés (my business) has established itself as one of vancouver’s Premier Catering companies. I believe that I was able to push my business to this success because of the support system I have around me.

Q. How do you define being a strong woman in the context of supporting a successful man? Being a strong woman means being confident, independent, and having your own goals and aspirations. It is about being a partner who uplifts and encourages, while also maintaining your own identity. It is a balance of supporting your partner’s success while also nurturing your

own growth.


. How do you prioritize self-care and personal growth while also being a pillar of support for the man in your life?

Balancing self-care, personal growth & being a support system can definitely be challenging but it is important to set boundaries and communicate your needs to ensure that both sides of the relationship stays nurtured. I believe that taking care of yourself allows you to be a better support system and that a strong partnership is built on mutual support. As much as I am there for the man in my life, he should also be there for me when I need it. It is really all about finding that sweet spot where you can thrive individually and as a team.

Q. How important do you think it is for successful individuals to acknowledge and appreciate the support they receive from their partners?

I think it is extremely important as gratitude goes a long way in all relationships. Successful individuals should definitely acknowledge and appreciate the support they receive from their partners as it shows love & mutual respect, which in turn I believe strengthens the bond between two people. The stronger this bond grows, the more two people can continue to build & lift each other up.

Q. What advice would you give to other women who are in a similar position of supporting a successful man while also pursuing their own goals and ambitions?

I would say the biggest advice I can give is that communication & setting boundaries are key. Talk openly with your partner about your goals and do not be afraid to open up and share your ambitions. When you open up with each other about your goals & ambitions, you feel even more inspired to chase after what you want. Having a partner who is equally as ambitious & successful, keeps you motivated and driven for more. However, it is also important to set your boundaries with each other and allow for a balance of self-care, personal space and growth. Two people can either grow together or grow apart.

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as a first-generation immigrant, Supneet Chawla arrived in Canada fueled by nothing but a dream. She wants her journey to inspire those who come after her—to show them that barriers can be broken, ceilings shattered, and dreams realized. She wears the titles of Founder & CEO with immense pride. Ace Community College and ATTI (Ace Trades and Technical Institute) are her brainchildren. These institutions have become vital hubs for skills training and education, especially for immigrants and those venturing into trade careers. It is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about empowering individuals to shape their futures.

Back in India, she was a gold medalist engineer. When she moved to Canada, Supneet faced the daunting task of job hunting without connections or Canadian experience. But she persevered and secured her first job after weeks of relentless effort. For eight years, she stood as the only female engineer in a team of men. However, life took an unexpected turn when she faced a layoff. But adversity is a powerful catalyst. She chose to transform it into an opportunity. From teaching in her parents’ garage to handling administrative tasks and marketing, she wore multiple hats. Over 18 years, she built not one, but two successful institutions—brick by brick, student by student. Her expertise lies in training immigrants, equipping them with the skills and support needed to thrive in their chosen trades.

So, here she stands—a woman who turned dreams into reality, who defied norms, and who continues to champion the cause of education and empowerment. Her journey is not just hers; it belongs to every woman of color working in skilled trades.

What they think:

Q. Do you believe that having a supportive partner can contribute to a person’s success? In your opinion, what qualities or characteristics make a woman a strong and supportive partner?

Yes, most definitely. Having a supportive partner is like having a secret superpower for success. It’s not just about having someone by your side; it’s about having a person who boosts your emotions, cheers for your goals, and helps you find balance in life. A supportive partner brings emotional stability, offers encouragement and a safe space to share fears and dreams. And you need this emotional support especially when things get tough. When you and your partner share goals and dreams, you become a strong team.

Success always demands time and effort, and a supportive partner understands this. A strong and supportive woman embodies strength and support. She empathizes with your struggles, uplifts you with encouragement, and adapts to new circumstances. maintaining her independence and personal growth, she brings a rich perspective to the relationship. Most importantly, she believes in your potential for growth and celebrates your success without fear.

Q. How do you define being a strong woman in the context of supporting a successful man?

Being a strong woman supporting a successful man, to me, means keeping my emotions balanced even when things get tough. Success and growth often come after stress and change, so she handles it well. She juggles her dreams with supporting her partner’s goals, making sure both of us are happy. She is not scared to focus on her growth and peace of mind, alongside helping her partner’s career. She is

not afraid of her partner’s success; instead, she learns and grows through education and self-improvement. She talks openly with her partner about everything –career choices, personal needs, and their shared goals – making sure they understand each other. However, the most important thing is independence. Being independent does not mean being distant; it means having your own identity and interests. A strong woman supports her partner while still being true to herself.

Q. How do you prioritize self-care and personal growth while also being a pillar of support for the man in your life?

Balancing self-care, personal growth, and supporting your partner can be a bit challenging, but it is super important for a happy relationship. To make it work, I set clear boundaries for my time and energy. I talk openly with my partner about what I need, whether it is some alone time or a chance to work on myself. I make self-care a priority by doing small things every day, like having dinner with friends or taking a morning walk.

Managing time is key, so I create a daily schedule that includes self-care, personal growth, and quality time with my partner. Growing personally does not mean doing it alone. I involve my partner in activities that help us both grow, like going to workshops or trying new hobbies together. Quality matters more than quantity in the time spent with your partner. I make sure to be present and enjoy the moments together. Being a supportive partner does not mean forgetting about my own needs; it is about being strong while also nurturing my growth.

Q. How important do you think it is for successful individuals to acknowledge and appreciate the support they receive from their partners?

Telling your partner “thanks” for the support they give is really important. When you appreciate what they do, it is like saying, “Hey, we’re a team in this success journey!” It makes everyone work together better and feel like they are part of a team, cheering each other on. Just the simple act of saying thank you is a big deal. It is like a secret ingredient to keep relationships healthy. It makes the connection between you and your partner stronger, and it keeps that support flowing. It is kind of like giving a little boost to your relationship engine. So, saying thanks is like the glue that holds everything together in a relationship. It is simple but super powerful.

Q. What advice would you give to other women who are in a similar position of supporting a successful man while also pursuing their own goals and ambitions?

If you are navigating the journey of supporting a successful man while pursuing your dreams, I would advise you to take a moment for self-discovery, understanding your values and goals, and allowing flexibility as life evolves. Always remember, Communication is vital—share your dreams and fears openly, be each other’s cheerleader and set boundaries to prioritize self-care and manage time effectively. don’t shy away from saying no when necessary, ensuring your well-being.

Invest in self-care, both physically and mentally, through exercise, rest, and mindfulness. Seeking professional support is encouraged if needed. Embrace ambition without guilt, celebrating even

small victories. Connect with other inspiring women, learn from them, and consider finding a mentor. Stay adaptable in life’s unpredictability, adjusting expectations and gaining financial literacy for independence. Always celebrate your partner’s success genuinely, expecting reciprocal support. remember, your dreams hold equal importance. Supporting your partner should not mean sacrificing your ambitions. Empower yourself to thrive and never lose sight of your worth. Whether it’s a job win, personal growth, or facing challenges. Partners should cheer each other on, no matter their gender. Feeling for each other and showing compassion is something everyone can do. Understanding your partner’s feelings and being there in good and bad times builds trust.

In relationships, roles change, and that’s cool. Sometimes one person takes charge, and the other gives solid support – it’s like teamwork. A good partner lets you be yourself, sharing personal stuff, chasing dreams, or showing vulnerability. In families, both parents, whether they’re moms or dads, play important roles in parenting and taking care of the home. Encouraging each other’s career and personal growth is important for everyone. Partners should inspire each other to be their best.

Supportive relationships are all about equality and respect, no matter your gender or who you love.

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In this special feature, we invite you to witness the intricate process behind the creation of our cover story, titled "She is Strong, Supportive, and Progressive," designed to honor the essence of women on the cusp of International Women's Day. Explore the dedication, creativity, and passion that went into crafting this empowering narrative, celebrating the resilience and achievements of women worldwide. Join us as we unveil the journey of bringing this inspiring story to life in our upcoming magazine issue.

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March 2024 www. 29
ABDEL KARIM AWWAD Creative Director ATEFEH SHOJAIE @Makeupbyatefeh Makeup Artist Razieh Motiei Laura Caceres Nicolas Saba Karan Kumar CREATIVE TEAM LYA STUDIO & PARTO NOURI Photographer
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March 2024 www. 31 Genesis GV80 GENESISRICHMOND.CA Visit us today. all inclusiVe starting from* $76,150 *Purchase price of $76,150 available on new 2024 Genesis GV80 2.5T Advanced AWD models. Price includes fees, levies, and all applicable charges (excluding HST; GST/PST). Price excludes registration, insurance, PPSA and license fees. Genesis Richmond welcomes NHL Alumni Kirk McLean as Brand Ambassador
Hothi General Manager

Wes T ern c ommuni T y c ollege celebra T es T he y ear of the Dragon

t he Western c o MM unity c ollege W elco M ed the’ y ear of the d ragon’ W ith a great festive celebration on ca MP us. students i MM ersed the M selves in activities, discovering the significance of their birth year and e M bracing traditions. t his colorful event Was yet another effort of Wcc to enrich the learning ex P erience of its students.

t ea M Wcc W ishes everyone P ros P erity, luc K , and joy in the ne W lunar cycle!

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Your guide to a colorful Holi celebration

Whether you are in Ontario, vancouver, or Toronto, there are a number of Indian supermarkets that carry everything you need for a festive Holi. There are other public Holi events that you can attend with your friends and family. You can even visit your nearest temple to have a distinct flavor of this festival.

How to celebrate Holi in a foreign land

From mass-events to local celebrations and home parties, celebrating Holi abroad is easier than you think. From the USA to Australia and Canada to the Uk, you’re likely to find Holi colors and Indian supermarkets with your favorite festival dishes and sweets. Here’s how you can celebrate Holi, no matter where you live.

Holi basics

The origins of Holi have a few variations. Most relate it to the defeat of the evil king Hiranyakashipu and his sister Holika and the victory of the pious prahlada. But it has also been linked to the love between radha and krishna.

And everyone celebrates Holi a bit differently. But there are some must-have items for your Holi celebration. Outside of colored powder, you may want to have:

4Thandai (a traditional drink made with spices and nuts)

4Gujiya (sweet dumplings fried to perfection and soaked in sugar syrup)

4Puri chhole and other savory things that are your favorite

4And all the sweets you can handle!

depending on where you live, you might even be able to buy some of these favorites as ready-made dishes, which can make preparations easier. You may also decide to add in some extra activities, especially if you have kids. Henna, painting, rangoli, and other Holi-themed crafts are a great way to bring in the festive spirit. Outside of India, Holi is celebrated in Suriname, Fiji, Guana, Mauritius, nepal, pakistan, Bangladesh, Trinidad and Tobago, Indonesia, the United States, the Uk, Canada, Australia, and any other country with a Hindu population. But each country also colors the holiday with its own local personality:

4Called phagwah in Guyana, families spend time together to play with colors and sing or listen to Chowtaals. They plant castor oil plants, which they burn at the end of the month.

4In Mauritius, Hindus light a bonfire on Holi dahan and throw colors the next day.

4As a week-long festival in nepal, the beginning of Holi is marked by installing a pole, called a chir, in kathmandu’s durbar Square. At the end of the festival, this pole is taken down and used in a bonfire.

4Holi festivals in countries like the US, Uk, and dubai often include live bands, Bollywood dance performances, yoga sessions, foam parties, and more.

Holi celebrations in different parts of india

Holi is all about color, merry making, and mouth watering signature delicacies. The most symbolic Holi sweet is ‘Gujiya’, believed to have originated in rajasthan. Gujiyas are sweet dumplings made of flour and filled with khoya and dry fruits. malpuas, Dal Kachori and Dahi vada are also Holi specialties and Holi is incomplete without the famous Thandai.

Here are some places in India that are famous for their iconic Holi celebrations. It is said that people from across the world come to India to witness Holi celebrations and merrymaking at these locations:

1. Lathmar Holi

Lathmar Holi Festival is one of the unique and famous ways of Holi celebration in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Lathmar Holi of Barsana is primarily celebrated in the native place of Lord Krishna. All the natives of the area of vrindavan, mathura, nandgaon, and Barsana come together to celebrate Holi

with Lathis (Sticks) and colors made up of kesudo and palash flowers. As per

Holi celebrations in tHe united states

March 2024 www. 34

in the coastal region of Odisha province of India. dola Holi Celebration lasts for five-seven days, unlike two days, in the rest of India. dola celebration starts on Falgun dashmi (date as per Hindu calendar) when all people take out Yatra (religious gathering) of their deities (especially Lord krishna) and offer them Bhog (sweets) and Abira (colored powder). This yatra continues for the next four days and ends on Falgun purnima (date as per Hindu calendar) by playing Holi. Isn’t that a good idea to participate in Dola and celebrate Holi for five days in a row?

3. Basant Utsav

Utsav and play Holi with Gulaal (colored powder) for the whole day. Also, the dola is a significant part of the Holi celebration in Bengal. dola Yatra (religious gathering) is taken out on the main day where people play colors with squirt and Abira (colored powder) along with the procession. It is a sight full of bliss, enjoyment, and happiness.

4. Yaoshang

save Your skin from tHe Holi madness!

Known as the Festival of Colors across the globe, Holi is perhaps one of the most recognized Indian festivals today. And it’s one of the most fun. Here are quick tips and tricks to protect your skin and hair from the harsh chemicals and maintain a healthy, glowing skin during Holi celebrations.

· Basant Utsav is the celebration of Holi in the West Bengal region of India. People welcome Basant ritu (spring season) with open arms in West Bengal. They dress in yellow during Basant

Yaoshang is the Holi festival celebrated on the last full moon day of Lambda in Manipur province of India. This lasts for six days. The entire valley is covered in festive colors during those days. The youth takes part in this by constructing bamboo huts on the roadside called ‘Yaosang’. An idol of Lord Chaitanya is placed in the hut by a Brahmin (devotee). puja is offered and bhajans and kirtans are chanted. On the last day, the idols are removed and the hut is set on fire with the chanting of ‘Hari Bola’ and ‘He Hari’. The Holi is played in the Govindjee temple, colors are mixed in the wells and then sprayed on the people who dance in the beats of the devotional songs in praise of Lord krishna.

5. Dol Jatra

The land of Rasogolla, West Bengal also has a very sweet way of celebrating the phenomenal festival of Holi. Holi is here known as Basant Utsava or dol Jatra. Women here dress in yellow, a color that signifies abundance and celebrates the rich Bengali culture with colors and music. In addition, there is also a recital of the poetry of rabindranath Tagore with traditional songs and dance. The day after Holi is celebrated as dol Jatra, a humongous procession of Lord krishna taken through the streets accompanied by singing and dancing revelers.

Ypre Holi preparations for your body

4Apply face oil or moisturizer to protect your skin from Harsh chemicals present in colors a few days ahead of the festival which will help replenish the skin, restore oil balance and protect your skin from absorbing harmful chemicals. do this at least 30 minutes before you plan to step out so the moisturizer has time to settle into the pores. This prevents the color from sticking to your skin and makes it easier to scrub it off later.

4Holi is generally played outdoors and the constant exposure to sun, and water, can take away the moisture from your skin and make you tanned. Always apply a generous amount of good sunscreen lotion before stepping out to play, at least SpF 50 all over your arms, legs and face as an added layer of protection and to prevent tanning.

4To protect your lips from the harmful chemicals and colors, apply an organic lip balm instead of petroleum jelly. It will keep your lips well moisturized and hydrated. Your lips are equally susceptible to catching color and are prone to chipping and flaking, so protecting them with a lip balm containing an SpF is equally important.

4protecting your nails is also important as they bear the brunt of all that color. To protect your nails from Holi colors, you must apply nail paint. Start by applying a top coat for added protection and to prevent staining nails. After the festivities are over, simply remove with an acetone-free nail polish remover.

post Holi skin care:

4 Cleanse your skin with a natural face wash that will help remove dirt and harmful chemicals from your face and prevent breakouts, follow this up with a gentle scrub that will help exfoliate the skin leaving it soft and supple.

4Use a clarifying shampoo to rinse color from hair. After shampooing, apply conditioner and then leave hair for a couple of minutes and rinse with cold water. Use color protect conditioner for color treated hair.

4Before going to bed, use a mild hand and foot cream and a facial oil that will help replenish your skin and restore moisture overnight.

our local Hindu temple or Indian Students Association (ISA) may be hosting a small celebration. You should be able to find out on the temple’s website or by contacting your university’s current ISA group.

In addition to your local temple, there are several large-scale Holi events taking place around the end of march and throughout the summer. Generally, these events not only include color throwing, but live bands, yoga, and aarti.

two popular mass-events include:

4The Festival of Colors – Organized by ISkCOn, this Utah-based Holi celebration has been one of the largest events in the country.

While they may have a Holi event at more than one location, they are known for their Belur Math-style krishna temple in Spanish Fork, Utah.

4Houston Holi – You can also celebrate Holi in Texas with their color play, dance performances, and carnival rides for children.

keep in mind that you are likely to find several smaller festivals in every major city, including Los Angeles, new York, new Jersey, and Chicago. But if you’d like to plan a private, family and friends only Holi celebration, that’s easy enough to do. You can find colored powder, decorations, and ingredients for your favorite dishes at your local Indian goods store, or on Amazon.

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vancouver’s pre-eminent and M ost enduring W edding shoW s, c rè M e de la c rè M e g rand Wedding s hoWcase, made its 17th season debut on s unday, February 18, 2024 at the stunning j W Marriott Parq vancouver.

Write up credits: Sophia

March 2024 www. 36
Photo Credits: Hong Photography, Beige Weddings

tHe crème de la crème of wedding sHow

returns to vancouver for a successful 17tH season

The guests were treated to an enchanting, full-scale immersive day filled with exquisite displays, great food and a highly anticipated haute couture-style fashion show. With more than 70 local artisans and vendors highlighting the event, guests had the access to several Instagram-worthy moments through portrait booths, 360-video booths, and a lot more.

CountDown Event’s founder and principal planner Soha Lavin created the Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase in 2004. Since then, her pioneering wedding show concept of marrying artistry and celebration through experiential experiences, such as ballet and live performances, has been emulated around the world.

“We’re thrilled to mark Crème de la Crème’s 17th anniversary at one of vancouver’s newest and most luxurious properties, the JW Marriott parq vancouver,” says Lavin. “Our goal, from day one, has always been to introduce an event the wedding industry has yet to experience, in the most opulent and memorable way. Our new home and venue is the perfect place to unveil the next

The show was an amalgamation of the top trends of 2024, modern and out-of-the-box ideas, bespoke flowers, and understated decor.

Crème de la Crème.”

The show was an amalgamation of the top trends of 2024, modern and out-of-the-box ideas, bespoke flowers, and understated decor. Guests were also treated to a special fashion show by Bisou Bridal, South Asian bridal experts House of raina, featuring Harry Rosen. vancouverites received an exclusive glimpse of the latest wedding fashion.

Furthermore, in addition to the culinary talents by JW Marriott parq vancouver’s executive chef Kunal Dighe, including a fresh artisanal Italian station and diverse cultural tasting stations, guests were able to try delectable bites and sips from Metro vancouver’s top caterers, including Boy With a Knife, Railtown Catering, Sage Catering, Savoury Chef, and White Table Catering. Attendees also indulged in sweets handcrafted by skilled pastry chefs from Bella Gelateria, Joconde patisserie, and Le Gateau Bakeshop.

The top trends in floral arrangements and displays by some of vancouver’s most talented, including Flower Factory, Botany and Bloom, and Tala Florist were also a hit amongst the visitors. Local artisans, such as heirloom jewelry designer Elsa Corsi, showcased the latest in bridal accessories and offered advice on the best jewelry to pair with specific bridal styles. Brides attending the show were treated to extra pampering, including mini treatments from Skoah as well as Crème de la Crème gift bags.

“It’s been great to witness the resilience of our amazing community in the past few years, and this event is also a wonderful celebration of their talents and what’s possible in our industry,” concluded Lavin.

March 2024 www. 37
March 2024 www. 38
March 2024 www. 39

Your special by Yanina’s fluer

yanina’s f leur d écor is a bes P o K e M anufacturer, designer & decorator s P ecializing in hand M ade, custo M designed, luxurious, big floW er bouquets and bac K dro P s.

March 2024 www. 40
creating exceptional, bespoke flower arrangements
Write up, Photo Credits : Yanina’s Fleur

arrangements for pecial daY!

Their flowers are ideal for weddings, bridal showers, gender reveal, baby showers, corporate and social events, galas and retail window displays. Their flowers are made from high-quality imported materials from Europe. The exquisite, painstaking, detailing that goes into every flower of theirs is what makes them so lifelike and magical. Yanina’s flowers are a perfect addition to the decor of an entrance, reception area, ceremony, head table, dessert area or a photo booth area.

The flower sizes range from 1ft to 5ft with stems up to 8ft tall. The flowers, stem styles and colors are completely customizable to the client’s wishes.

Yanina’s work has been featured in CTv, Global BC Tv, Iconic Concierge vancouver magazine, Fairmont vancouver Hotel, The Queen Elizabeth Theater, Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, Fairmont pacific rim Hotel, JW Marriott Hotel, pan pacific Hotel, BC Women’s Health Foundation, The vancouver Club, to name a few.

They work with top events planners and decorators to bring the latest trend to vancouver. Big flowers were chosen to decorate window displays and the runways by Christian dior, prada, Cartier and other luxury brands. They promise to make your day memorable and spark the room with a glamorous effect.

You can check their work on Instagram at @yaninasfleur

March 2024 www. 41

Surrey Police Service deploys more frontline officers

This deployment group is composed of four Sergeants and seven Constables who all bring frontline policing experience and expertise. This is the first contingent of officers deployed in 2024 in what is expected to be a busy year of SpS deployments as the policing transition accelerates. In addition to deploying many more Constables and Sergeants this year, SPS is hopeful that it will be approved to deploy its Staff Sergeants and Inspectors, to support our frontline officers and the public more effectively.

“There is no doubt that 2024 will be a significant year for the growth

and development of Surrey Police Service,” says Chief Constable norm Lipinski. “I continue to be impressed by the work done by our officers on the frontline and this latest group of SpS officers will continue the great customer service and police work that SpS is becoming known for here in Surrey.”

These SpS officers will join the ranks of frontline policing in the city that is currently shared by police from both SpS and the Surrey RCmP.

You can find more information about joining SPS as an experienced member at: www.

s urrey Police s ervice ( sps ) is deploying another 11 police officers into frontline P olicing roles, P roviding P ublic safety for the residents of s urrey. s P s noW has approximately 200 officers actively de P loyed into o P erational P olicing roles.

March 2024 www. 42 If Supervisa denied, 100% Money Back Gaurantee If you are not getting insurance call me once for Non-Medical Insurance Jasvir Grewal 778 317 6262 Email: Your Insurance Expert Punjab Insurance Agency Inc. (Conditions Apply)

Frame2Fame Canada (North America) emerges on the horizon, offering exciting journey of fame and stardom. Building on triumphs in Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia, Frame2Fame is poised to extend its influence worldwide. Get ready for inspiring stories, and expert insights, and showcase your style quotient at Frame2Fame. Prepare for an enchanting journey and be part of an inspiring global community of individuals around the world who are making a positive impact in their communities and beyond. Being part of Frame 2 Fame is a great opportunity to share ‘Your’ story with a global audience and to inspire other individuals to make a difference in their own lives. Experience the high-decibel media buzz as Frame2Fame propels you into the limelight, living your own Fame moment. Immerse yourself in behind-thescenes delights, providing an exclusive look and showcasing your style quotient. Frame2Fame encourages you to contribute to the community, creating a positive impact beyond the workplace. Conclude this exhilarating journey with an unforgettable after-launch success party, celebrating achievements and forging meaningful connections. Embark on this adventure with Frame2Fame’s global community, where a passion for inspiring others and a zest for life converge in a vibrant and supportive network.

March 2024 www. 43
Pooja Bhutani
‘Frame 2
Exclusive Radio Partner Exclusive Magazine Partner
March 2024 www. 44 Your
add some red To Write up Photo Credits: Town Hall Brands, lionel truden

t he transition fro M W inter to s P ring ushers in a notable shift in the culinary landsca P e.

This period is characterized by a harmonious blend of fresh and hearty dishes, catering to the lingering cool evenings that still crave a touch of warmth and comfort. As winter’s grip loosens, local markets begin to buzz with the vibrant hues and textures of spring’s first produce, while still offering the hearty winter fare. Meals are becoming lighter, infused with the newness of spring, yet retaining enough substance to comfort during the chilly nights. This fine balance offers an ideal moment to delve into the pairing of these dishes with red wines.

The choice of red wine to accompany dishes during this transition is as varied as the recipes themselves. A light Pinot noir, for instance, pairs exquisitely with a spicy grilled paneer salad, its acidity slicing through the richness of the cheese. In contrast, a bolder Malbec makes a perfect companion for a slowcooked lamb curry, amplifying the dish’s spice depth and richness. Furthermore, a sturdy Cabernet Sauvignon wonderfully complements a vegetable biryani. The biryani, laden with seasonal vegetables and aromatic rice, is elevated by the Cabernet’s robust flavors and spicy nuances, adding layers of complexity to the dish.

This approach to dining, marrying culinary traditions with the seasonal shift, highlights a celebration of good food, wine, and companionship. It embodies a lifestyle that cherishes cultural richness, the pleasure of communal gatherings, and the finesse of pairing, offering a meaningful and joyous way to commemorate the transition from winter to spring.

Red wine suggestions for you to enjoy as we transition from winter to spring:

Solvero Pinot Noir ark cherry and floral aromas are revealed in this vibrant and expressive pinot noir. The rich fruit character is underscored with classic notes of earth and gravel. A touch of cola comes through on the palate with silky tannins framing the finish.

Narrative Malbec

rich blueberry flavors explode with a juicy burst of suppleness. Enjoy slightly chilled for maximum flavor retention.

Blasted Church Cabernet


rich attack of ripe plum and dark berries carries into the wellstructured mid-palate. Tannins take the wine into the complex finish of dark fruit, chocolate, and a classic herbal note.

March 2024 www. 45

Mini Soddy

spreads love and empathy through her philanthropic endeavors

aside from being an accomplished businesswoman, mini soddy spends a lot of her time doing charitable work.

She is often seen preparing meals for the residents of the Downtown East Side, she has been sponsoring and serving meals at the Oppenheimer park for the past 6 years. Along with her family, mini extends the hand of kindness to the less fortunate at the Oppenheimer park, serving them not only meals but also moments of shared humanity. Yet, her compassionate endeavours extend far beyond the confines of the kitchen at the Oppenheimer park. She is often also seen gathering donations of clothing and other essentials to alleviate the burdens of the disadvantaged. Last Christmas, she was able to gather donations of hundreds of sweaters, mittens, other warm clothing for the residents.

When asked about her desire of giving back, Mini in her own words shares that, “The act of giving back fills my soul with profound gratitude, for it is in the service of others that we find our truest purpose.” “This is my purpose in my journey!”

“These are the virtues which were instilled in me by my elders and I am simply carrying tradition. I also feel very fortunate to be able to serve others, for this I am thankful to my family, my community and above all God. I feel that I’m blessed in many ways and I know that sharing and giving back is the only way to know what it means to be human.”

Mini Soddy, a virtuoso of both enterprise and empathy, her life is proof and a true testament to the enduring power of compassion and the beauty of selfless service.

March 2024 www. 46
Mini extend S the hand of kindne SS to the le SS fortunate at the o ppenhei M er park, S erving the M not only M eal S but al S o M o M ent S of S hared hu M anity.

Verka Completes The Kitchen Of Every Household

March 2024 www. 47

brings a food and Wine exTravaganza To The ciTy

March 2024 www. 48 vancouver inTernaTional

Canada’s premier wine show marks its 45th edition of pairing wine, food and the performing arts from February 24-March 3, 2024. The festival is showcasing 147 wineries from 12 countries, featured in 42 events over eight days. The Bacchanalia Gala Dinner + Auction, presented by National Bank Private Banking 1859, is the main fundraising event of the festival and kicked off the festival on Saturday, February 24 at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Trade Days takes place Wednesday, February 28-Friday, March 1. The festival is consistently ranked the #1 Food, Wine & Hospitality Event in Canada by New York’s BizBash, and was named one of the world’s top 10 wine trade shows by Wine International Association. The festival is produced by the Vancouver International Wine Festival Society, which has three mandates: provide an informative, educational and entertaining wine experience for public and trade; be a premier marketing opportunity for the wine industry and festival partners; and raise funds for the Bard on the Beach Theatre Society. Since inception in 1979, the festival has raised more than $10 million for the performing arts. Major sponsors are Delta Air Lines and The Vancouver Sun; major industry partners are the BC Liquor Distribution Branch, BCLIQUOR, and the Import Vintners & Spirits Association. The Vancouver International Wine Festival gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.

Write up credits: Vancouver international wine festival

March 2024 www. 49
Photo Credits : Christine Mcavoy marjo wright
March 2024 www. 50
Hours: Monday to Sunday 9 AM - 11 PM G R E AT Selections of Craft Beer, Wine & Liquor 7219 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5X 3J3
Original Tandoori Kitchen) MAIN STREET VANCOUVER
March 2024 www. 51

Kal Dosanjh

pens a hearTfelT noTe for surrey eagles

Kal d osanjh, founder, KidsPlay foundation has extended a heartfelt than Ks to the bchl s urrey e agles o rganization For hosting over 60 Kids p lay foundation fa M ilies at their l unar n e W y ear ga M e.

“Opportunities like these provide youth from all backgrounds and communities first hand access to high caliber hockey. It inspires youth to dream big and fosters their aspirations. It was a privilege meeting hockey icon Trevor Linden. His humility, grace and kindness is unmatched. He took time to meet KidsPlay families, and give them words of hope and encouragement. He is truly a legend, on and off the ice”, said Kal Dosanjh.

He further added, “many thanks to all the dignitaries, and the staff members at Eagles for their time and effort”. kung Hei Fat Choy! (Happy new Year!)

March 2024 www. 52
P hoto credit: tav M orrison M edia

The Surrey Eagles is a junior hockey team that plays in the British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL). The south Surrey based team takes pride in its four pillars: community, courage, athletics, and academics. The Surrey Eagles have become a leading team in the BCHL both on and off the ice. Under new ownership, the Surrey Eagles have broken attendance records with multiple season sellouts as well as staying true to their commitment towards diversity.

After hosting a first of its kind - punjabi night Game at the South Surrey arena, the Surrey Eagles were widely praised. From customized punjabi jerseys, traditional dhol players and punjabi music throughout the entire game; it was truly the place to be. With celebrity puck drops from world renowned singer Jazzy B, Mayor Brenda Locke and other punjabi community leaders, the Surrey Eagles did not want to stop there. The Surrey Eagles hosted their annual Lunar new Year game,

surrey eagles:

perfecTing game and communiTy engagemenT WiTh all Their hearT

in the community. By donating over 1000+ free pumpkins for community members to take home. It does not stop there, the Surrey Eagles are currently first in the league. This top contender team is ready to make a playoff run and to bring

the cup home. With head coach Cam Keith as well as Coach Scott Gomez who is a two time Stanley Cup champion, the Surrey Eagles players are

flying on all cylinders. Investing in the Surrey Eagles is a commitment to not only great hockey, but towards a better community.

March 2024 www. 53
Write u P : t ea M s urrey e agles
c redits : tav M orrison Media

Paarull JS Bakshi event design and planning with an edge

Paarull has been an accomplished public relations professional for the past 10 years. She has worked with large brands, well established professionals , celebrity tours and large events in helping with their overall public relations, Marketing and Event Management.

Having managed hundreds of events over the years, paarull handles all aspects of events. Right from choosing venues, handling the event design, selecting vendors, creating a program and then execution.

When asked about this work, she says “It doesn’t feel like work to me, I absolutely love doing what I do. Trends in events change over time as new ideas come about but that’s what’s the best part of this business! It also makes us extremely satisfied as event planners when our clients are happy with the outcome.”

You can contact Paarull for any Event Planning related services. She can be reached at 604-318-4913 or by email at

March 2024 www. 54
T d OES n’ T FEEL LI k E WO rk TO ME , I ABSOLUTELY Love D o I ng WH at I D o.
March 2024 www. 55

Building Dreams, Creating Smiles:

A Heartwarming Tale of Support and Resilience

Aworld where compassion is becoming a guiding light, Duggal mortgages emerges as a beacon of hope, weaving a heartwarming tapestry of support and compassion for the kids play Foundation. This Women’s day, we bring you a touching testimony that unveils the transformative impact of Duggal mortgages on the lives of two extraordinary children.

The story unfolds in a Surrey based school, where a bereaved grandmother, alongside two young souls, navigates the aftermath of an unimaginable tragedy. The 12-year-old son, a witness to his mother’s sudden passing due to a brain aneurysm, and the 9-year-old daughter, peacefully asleep during that fateful moment. In the face of heartbreak, the community rallied, offering six months of unwavering support to help this grieving family find their footing once again.

Duggal mortgages added a new layer of warmth and assistance. Aman Duggal, who is the compassion force behind this initiative, generously sponsored the kids play Foundation’s Art Therapy program for these resilient young souls. This support provided the children and their families access to counseling and additional assistance from a dedicated mental health team.

Aman Duggal, Founder of Duggal Mortgages, shared his perspective on the profound impact of collective support: “Being part of Duggal mortgages has shown me the profound impact we can have when we come together as a community. Witnessing the transformative power of collective support is a privilege beyond measure. Every small act of kindness sends ripples of hope and healing into the world. Let’s unite, stand shoulder to shoulder, and nurture the dreams of those in need.”

This initiative with the Kids play Foundation is more than a collaboration; it’s a celebration of unity and kindness. Each small act, every gesture of compassion, contributes to a ripple effect of positive change. So, here’s a heartfelt call to action – let’s stand together, hand in hand, and extend our support to those in need. Together, we can nurture dreams, provide hope, and build a community where everyone has the chance to thrive.

March 2024 www. 56
March 2024 www. 57

choosing the right skincare for your


Let’s explore some common mistakes parents make when purchasing personal care products for their children and how to avoid them with the expert help of Prasanna vasanadu, Parent Educator and Founder of Tikitoro.

Ignoring Ingredient Labels: parents commonly make the mistake of not reading the ingredient labels on personal hygiene products. Harmful ingredients such as sulphates, parabens, and phthalates are often found in many products marketed to children. For instance, many shampoos contain sulphates, which can irritate skin, and parabens, which can disrupt the endocrine system. Parents must prioritize products with natural, hypoallergenic ingredients to avoid these problems. By taking this preventive measure, potentially hazardous chemicals are kept away from children’s sensitive skin.

Thinking ‘Child-Friendly’

Always Means Safe: The term “child-friendly” is not always synonymous with safety, therefore it can be deceptive. Animations and vibrant packaging are common strategies used by manufacturers to attract both parents and kids. However, these promotional strategies might divert attention away from potentially harmful ingredients. Parents should carefully read product labels to ensure that the contents meet their safety standards,

looking beyond the branding.

Falling for Marketing Gimmicks: When purchasing personal hygiene products for children, parents often fall prey to marketing tactics. It is important to prioritize ingredients over colorful child-attractive packaging. As responsible parents, it is important to choose products considering the ingredients used in the products. Focus on the actual benefits of the product rather than being influenced by catchy slogans. Spend some time to educate yourself about potential irritants and allergens. Parents may protect their children’s health and well-being by making educated decisions.

Ignoring Allergen

Considerations: Every child is different, and so are their allergies and sensitivity levels. If product compositions are not checked for allergens, the child may experience adverse effects. To prevent unnecessary health issues, parents should carefully review ingredient lists, especially if their child has documented allergies.

Ignoring Environmental

Impact: Parents unintentionally contribute to waste and pollution by neglecting to consider the environmental impact of the personal care products that they buy for their kids. Opting for recyclable packaging can help mitigate this issue. Seek accreditations such as “sustainable”, “cruelty-free” or “recyclable” on the packaging of the product or check the Brand for sustainable processes. Parents may help future generations live sustainable lifestyles by ensuring that their children’s well-being aligns with a healthier world by making these wise choices.

March 2024 www. 58 FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS Fast, Efficient & Friendly Services NOW SERVING AT 3 LOCATIONS Lien Search | Vehicle Damage Report • Homeowners • Tenants • Condominium • Business • Income Tax • Life Insurance • Children Scholorship • Travel Insurance • Cargo • Visitors • Car/Truck/Auto • Prorate/Fleet OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Head Office Khalsa Business Center #103-8334 128th St. Surrey, BC V3W 4G2, 604 501 7878 Fax: 604 501 7868 Vancouver Office #202-3340 Kingsway Vancouver, BC V5R 5L1 604 437 7878 Fax: 604 437 7830 Surrey Branch #108-14340 64th Ave., Surrey, BC V3W 1Z1 604 593 8899 Fax: 604 437 7830 lIttle ones S
the right
kids, parents are
personal care products for kids is an
aspect of
With so much buzz around
becoming more anxious in their selection process. Eventually the anxiety results in decisions that can negatively impact kids’

Primarily, it is carried within wildlife, especially bats, and then can be transferred to your pet during an encounter, where bites or wounds take place and saliva enters the site of impact. Similarly, if an infected animal were to bite a human, it would give precedent for possible rabies infection spread.

The most common physical signs that your dog or cat may display is behavior change and increased vocalization. This means that your pet may show excessive aggressiveness, hiding constantly, irritability and even extreme excitability. Your furry companion may show lameness in their gait. Depending on each animal, these signs could present themselves as very acute and quick to take place, or they could also take their time and progressively develop over a period. Classically, there are two main forms of this disease that are known to present within the patient. The first form is called the ‘dumb Form’. In this, the patient mainly presents with salivating from the mouth excessively and may find it difficult to swallow in general. The second form is called the ‘Furious Form”. This form presents more behavioral issues of being very anxious and aggressive. These animals may also experience seizures and unfortunately, become paralyzed in the process.

Typically, if any animal is suspected to have rabies, the ideal and standard method of diagnosing includes testing the brain and sending it to a laboratory for confirmed analysis. However, there are many different protocols set in place for different case scenarios for certain animals

or pets that have been potentially exposed. If your pet is unvaccinated and has seemed to encounter this disease, the options are plain and simple. Depending on if any symptoms are present and the condition of the animal, either legally it will be euthanized and a brain sample will be sent for testing, or your pet will be placed in a quarantine situation for four months. However, they will be given a rabies vaccination upon their entry into this quarantine period. If your pet is fully vaccinated with the rabies vaccine and is up to date with its current one, then a booster rabies vaccination will be administered right away, and the owner will be responsible for keeping their pet in quarantine and strict observation for up to 45 days. Any pets that have taken the rabies vaccine before, however are now overdue for their current one during a situation like this, will need to show proof of such from their owners. Once proof of vaccination has been presented, the animal will receive a booster rabies vaccination and again be kept under strict quarantine and observation by their owner for 45 days.

Protocols also extend towards animals who may be exposed and have bitten humans. If that dog or cat is overall very healthy, whether it has received a rabies vaccine prior or not, legally it will need to be quarantined for 10 days. The 10-day mark is important, as it is the average time in which aggressive signs of rabies in animals may present themselves. However, this healthy animal at the time will not receive any rabies vaccine. This incident will legally be reported to the local health department once any new symptoms, indicating rabies, have taken place. If symptoms do arise, then euthanasia and a brain sample submission will be given. If the animal that bit the human

is a stray or unwanted dog or cat, then immediate euthanasia and rabies testing will occur.

We highly recommend that it is very important to always keep track of your pet’s vaccination status and have them up to date on all their vaccines. Unfortunately, in situations like this, the biggest regret that most pet owners will experience is not being up to

date on their pet’s rabies vaccination and thus having the animal suffer the consequences.

March 2024 www. 59
FULL SERVICE ANIMAL HOSPITAL PUPPY & KITTEN PACKAGES DR. H. BHULLAR AND ASSOCIATES Serving the Lover Mainland Since 1995 Dr. Hakam Bhullar, Dr. Naresh Patyal, Dr. Harminder Grewal, Dr. Saeid Arefi, Dr. Dilbagh Brar, Dr. Rajan Salhotra, Dr. Gurnam Kundlas. 604 301 0300 Laser Spay, Neuter & Other Soft Tissue Surgeries In-House Blood Work In-House Digital X-Ray Machine WE OFFER • • • Open 24 Hours & 7 Days A Week Vancouver 5696 Fraser St. (At 41st & Fraser St.) 24 Hrs care for your pet with team of 8 Doctors i n this M onth’s article, W e W ill be discussing a disease W hich M a K es M any P et oW ners tremble — r abies. t his is a zoonotic disease, M eaning it is very trans M ittable bet W een ani M als and hu M ans, is re P ortable and therefore P laces your veterinarian in a very tric K y situation, if your P et is ex P osed.
all you need to know about
by: dr. sifti bhullar
rabies protocols
Sextortion is a type of cybercrime where people are forced to share explicit pictures or videos, usually on social media like Snapchat.

I MR oz K H o SA , a 16-yearold grade eleven student, sea M lessly juggles acade M ics and his Passion for bas K etball. a s a dedicated youth a M bassador for P ics s ociety and s ocial Media c oordinator for save organization, iM roz goes beyond the court, actively engaging in co MM unity service. h is co MM it M ent to volunteer Wor K shoWcases his relentless efforts to raise aWareness on diverse to P ics i MPacting our co MM unity. iM roz Khosa brings a unique blend of athleticis M and advocacy to the forefront of co MM unity initiatives.

Isextortion: What

teens and parents need to know

i n today’s World, W here technology is used for al M ost everything and social M edia is a big Part of hoW W e tal K to one another and co MM unicate, there’s a serious P roble M called sextortion.

Emotional and Psychological Toll:

t’s a type of cybercrime where individuals are forced to share private or explicit pictures and videos. Sextortion is an issue that’s affecting many young people all over the world. As we use the internet, it’s crucial to understand how serious this problem is and how it can hurt individuals, families, and communities.

Understanding Sextortion:

Sextortion is a type of cybercrime where people are forced to share explicit pictures or videos, usually on social media like Snapchat. perpetrators trick victims into sharing these images and then threaten to show them to the public unless the victims comply with their demands. These demands may include extorting money, performing further sexual acts, or creating additional compromising content.

Sextortion has severe consequences for its victims, going beyond the initial act of exploitation. The psychological impact is deep, causing anxiety, depression, and intense shame. Many victims suffer quietly, hesitant or embarrassed to seek help, worsening their emotional distress.

imroj khosa

The fear of being exposed publicly and the stigma tied to being a sextortion victim can be paralyzing, leading some individuals to consider or attempt suicide as a desperate escape from the pain and humiliation. The secretive nature of sextortion adds to the problem, making it tough for victims to find the support and resources needed to cope with the trauma. Trust is often shattered, leaving victims hesitant to form new relationships, both online and offline.

The Heartbreaking Story of william Doiron:

The Role of Snapchat in


In our digital age, perpetrators have turned to platforms like Snapchat to target youth while carrying out sextortion schemes. Snapchat gained popularity among young people because it allowed them to share photos and videos that vanish quickly, leaving no digital trail. The appeal lies in its temporary nature, providing a sense of privacy and freedom in sharing moments without long-lasting consequences. This feature creates a false sense of security, with victims believing that any compromising content shared will be temporary and therefore less risky. However, this perception can be exploited by perpetrators, making individuals more susceptible to sharing intimate material. Despite its seemingly harmless features, Snapchat has unfortunately become a hotspot for sextortion activities.

The tragic case of William Doiron illustrates the severe consequences of sextortion. A vibrant and promising 16-year-old from new Brunswick, William fell victim to a global sextortion scheme after being manipulated into sending explicit images on Snapchat. He was then threatened with exposure unless he paid a ransom. William’s family returned home in October 2022 to a devastating scene, he had taken his own life. William’s story serves as a reminder of the urgent need to address the threat of sextortion and its profound impact on victims.

Preventing Sextortion:

Preventing sextortion among the youth requires a collaborative effort from parents, community and educators. It is crucial to raise awareness about this issue, ensuring that young people are informed about the potential risks and consequences associated with sharing explicit content online. Rather than stigmatizing victims, there needs to be a shift towards creating a supportive environment that encourages those suffering in silence

to seek help without fear of judgment. Families play an important role in this preventive approach by fostering open communication with their children.

By building trust and maintaining an open dialogue, parents can create a safe space for their kids to confide in them when faced with challenges. When youths feel supported at home, they are more likely to turn to trusted adults for assistance, preventing the silent suffering that often accompanies sextortion incidents. Education and communication are key elements in empowering young individuals to make informed decisions and navigate the digital world responsibly.

It is crucial for victims to understand that there is a way to stop online blackmail before it’s too late. Seeking professional help and reporting the crime to the appropriate authorities can be instrumental in putting an end to the extortion. The legal system and law enforcement are equipped to handle such cases, and victims should not hesitate to come forward. Everyone has the right to protection from harm, and giving in to the demands of online blackmailers only perpetuates the cycle of victimization. Staying calm and allowing professionals to deal with the situation is essential in minimizing the impact and preventing further harm. By collectively raising awareness, promoting digital literacy, and fostering a supportive environment, we can work towards eradicating sextortion and protecting individuals from falling victim to this insidious crime.

According to BC RCmP, “If you are the victim of a sextortion scam, it is important that you stop all communication immediately with that person and do not give in to their demands. Deactivate the accounts that you are using to communicate with that person and, most importantly, reach out for help and report it. Call your local police and contact and for support.”

March 2024 www. 60
March 2024 www. 61

5 fashion and beauty trends we loved at the 2024 Grammys

a nother year, another g rammys—and another round o F jaw-dropping styles on the red carpet. 2024’s g rammy award show included many eye-catching fashion and beauty M o M ents, fro M high nec K lines and boW s to M etallic colors and rhinestones. While these red car P et loo Ks M ay be glitzy and gla M orous, you can easily dress doW n the trends to incor P orate the M into your everyday Wardrobe.

Shimmering Sequins

Bold and bright, Oprah Winfrey and Gayle king shined at the Grammys by embracing the full sequin look. Both opted for a monochromatic sequin style with matching sequin colored pieces.


Celebs brought the bling for this year’s Grammy Awards with lots of rhinestones. For a flash-worthy moment, Olivia Rodrigo’s cream gown featured intricate beading and rhinestones. As we dive into the rhinestone trend, look for touches of rhinestones and beading on accessories like bags and shoes.

Neutral Tones

While we love a splash of color, monochromatic looks exude a certain type of elegance that can’t be replaced. pentatonix stepped out in all neutral tones this red carpet—their subtle yet contrasting looks involved a combination of monochromatic and color-blocked outfits.

Coquette Makeup

Featuring various soft pinks, coquette makeup is both flirty and feminine. This makeup is often paired with accessories such as bows, which Lana del rey incorporated into her red carpet look.

No Makeup Trend

The icon of all things quiet luxury, Sofia richie Grainge rocked her natural beauty on the red carpet. She embodies natural glamour while showing off the no-makeup trend. Think less is more when recreating this makeup look—opt for a natural looking base (tinted moisturizer), simple eyes (mascara), and subtle lips (nude lipstick).

March 2024 www. 62
March 2024 www. 63

5 mega trends that will shape the home furniture Industry

The pandemic spurred changes in home and work setups, making the home the focal point for various needs. This increased the demand for versatile furniture that adapts to changing requirements. Brands are introducing innovative products like murphy beds, storage beds, foldable workstations, and convertible coffee tables to cater to compact urban homes and the growing tiny home

movement. These space-saving pieces facilitate the creation of multipurpose rooms that can switch functionality. The rise in remote work has intensified this trend, with consumers seeking flexible furniture that meets ergonomic needs for extended desk sessions and incorporates storage solutions. Furniture must now align with the dynamism of contemporary living.

Digitalization Influences Furniture Needs and Purchasing

The widespread adoption of smart devices, internet connectivity, and voice assistants is reshaping home dynamics and influencing furniture preferences. Tech-savvy consumers now seek furniture seamlessly integrated into the digital ecosystem, featuring USB charging ports, Bluetooth connectivity, cloud-linked control panels, and voice assistant compatibility. Brands respond with high-tech additions like wireless phone chargers, app-controlled smart lighting furniture, and storage beds with voice-activated lifting mattresses. The Internet of Things integration within furniture is an ongoing innovation.

Sustainability Becomes an Imperative

Amid heightened environmental awareness, the furniture industry faces an urgent need to embrace sustainable practices. Consumers now expect ethical sourcing, minimal carbon footprints, and non-toxic materials. Brands prioritize sustainability, highlighting responsible wood sourcing, reduced plastic packaging, renewable energy, and community support.

Health and wellness Take Centre Stage

The pandemic has shifted furniture priorities toward health and home comfort. Consumers now seek wellness, ergonomics, and functional accessibility. Brands respond with solutions like orthopaedic mattresses, adjustable standing desks, and airpurifying furnishings for stress-free spaces. Modular furniture accommodates diverse needs, while sustainable materials like antibacterial bamboo and toxin-free fabrics align with clean living. Ergonomic chairs and accessories support proper workstation setups, emphasizing furniture’s role in nurturing both mental and physical well-being.

Personalization Rules the Roost

The era of mass-produced furniture is giving way to a demand for personalization. Consumers now seek unique statement pieces that reflect their individual style. Brands facilitate this through modular furnishings with customizable options in fabric, finish, and configuration. Custom-built and bespoke services allow tailoring furniture to specific preferences and spatial contexts. This aligns with the growing popularity of DIY and crafting culture. virtual consultations enhance collaboration between customers and designers, shaping furniture decisions based on personal expression and individuality.

Premiumization Attracts Affluent Consumers

The surge in high-net-worth individuals worldwide presents opportunities for premium and luxury furniture brands. This demographic seeks exquisite craftsmanship, artistic design, and opulent materials symbolizing luxury living. Multi-sensorial shopping experiences, bespoke designs, and the concept of furniture as investment assets appeal to discerning upmarket shoppers, emphasizing the importance of the finest quality for creating stylish spaces. Source: IAnS

March 2024 www. 64
da P tive l iving f uels d e M and
Multifunctional Pieces.

The latest fitness Mantra taking the world by a storm

ever heard of aqua workouts? Yes, swimming is one of them but there are plenty more which you must not be aware of.

Imagine kickboxing or doing yoga in water! Try out a few of these aqua workouts to stay fit and have some fun. delhibased fitness expert kiranSawhney shares a list of some of the aqua workouts that you can do:

Aqua kickboxing: It involves kicks, jabs, punches and more. kickboxing itself is a very high-energy workout and when done in water, it becomes a mammoth of a workout. It uses all major muscles and burns lots of calories.

Aqua pilates: pilates focuses on the core. The same workout done in water is exceptional for the core, strengthening the back and toning the abs. You can do side lying crunches and stretches in water. Sometimes you can hold the side railing or wall of the pool.

Aqua yoga: Yoga has a lot of stretches. The same stretches get much better inside the water. people who are not able to lift their legs up, are easily able to do it inside the water. The buoyancy helps them. So, a lot of standing postures like tree pose and warrior pose can be done in the pool. It also improves your balance.

Aqua chi: Tai chi when done in water is extremely soothing and relaxing. It is the best meditation. Imagine doing it with the sound of the water waves. It is good for strengthening too.

Aqua aerobics: You can jog, jump, skip, hop, do full aerobics in water and burn some calories while doing aerobics in the pool.

Source: IAnS

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Qatar explore The Treasures of

March 2024 www. 66
n estled along the glittering shores of the a rabian g ulf, q atar is a M es M erizing blend of tradition and M odernity.

Its capital city Doha is a testament to the nation’s rich heritage and dynamic present. This gem of the Middle East beckons travelers with its plethora of offerings, making it an ideal destination for families seeking an unforgettable getaway.

open Display of Art, History, Culture and more

doha’s allure lies in its cultural offerings, and a tapestry woven with historical landmarks, awe-inspiring architecture from ultramodern skyscrapers to traditional Islamic structures, and a global culinary scene. Travelers can dive into the city’s past by exploring its myriad of museums that unveil Qatar’s evolution from its nomadic roots to its current modern incarnation. Like the national Museum of Qatar designed by the renowned architect Jean nouvel, narrates Qatar’s history through immersive exhibits and stunning displays while the museum of Islamic Art stands as an architectural masterpiece that houses a collection spanning 1,400 years of Islamic art along with MIA park with temporary installations.

Family-Friendly wonders for all

Families will delight in exploring the 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic & Sports Museum, an interactive haven celebrating Qatar’s sporting legacy with engaging exhibits and activities suitable for all ages including some amazing vr experiences that test your speed, strength, and agility.

Adventures Galore

A trip to khor Al Adaid, or the Inland Sea, is an adrenaline-packed escapade with desert safaris, heart-pounding dune bashing, and other thrilling activities such as sandboarding, camel rides, quadbike and ATv excursions. For a kidfriendly adventure, there are experiences like discovering giant whale sharks, falcon flying sessions, farm visits, and more. Along the coast, water sports like jet skiing, kiteboarding and parasailing provide an exhilarating experience for water lovers.

Unveiling the wonders Beyond Doha

Beyond doha lie hidden treasures of Qatar that make for some invigorating day trips. Accessible by a short ferry ride, the Banana Island resort is a luxurious retreat that offers a spectrum of family-friendly activities, including water sports, a private beach, and a fantastic pool complex. nature enthusiasts will find solace in the serene purple Island, which boasts of mangrove forests perfect for kayaking, birdwatching, and peaceful picnics amidst natural beauty.

Embark on a Culinary odyssey

Qatar’s culinary scene tantalizes taste buds with a myriad of flavors in traditional delicacies like Machboos (a delectable rice and meat dish) and Harees (a hearty wheat-based porridge) or Chapati and karak, all available at the vibrant Souq Waqif. This bustling marketplace not only offers a taste of authentic Qatari cuisine but also serves as a hub for cultural experiences. Moreover, the city boasts an impressive array of restaurants catering to diverse palates, inviting culinary exploration and gastronomic delight. From renowned establishments like Argan, serving Moroccan delights, to parisa, offering sumptuous Iranian cuisine, to Morimoto for Japanese, Jamavar for Indian and La Mar, known for its exquisite peruvian dishes, visitors can embark on a global culinary journey without leaving Qatar’s dynamic dining landscape.

In conclusion, Qatar, with its kaleidoscope of culture, diverse activities, culinary treasures, and varied accommodations, promises an enriching journey for families seeking an immersive holiday. Embark on your voyage and relish every moment in this captivating land!

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They suggest an unwise match even early on. Examples include controlling tendencies, unreliability, extreme moodiness, disrespect, excessive jealousy, manipulative behavior, anger issues, dishonesty, lack of empathy, addiction issues, and rigid expectations of gender roles. They contrast green flags which indicate nurturing behavior that bode well for a caring, mutually supportive partnership. As shared by dr.

Chandni Tugnait, a Psychotherapist, Life & Business Coach, & Founderdirector of Gateway of Healing, here are seven red flags to look out for in a relationship.

Quick Involvement: While you may think your new relationship is great, don’t hurry through critical milestones. This may indicate impulsivity if your partner encourages you to move in, get engaged, or meet their family within the first few weeks. Impulsive people frequently struggle with commitment later in life. Take the time to understand someone properly before making any longterm commitments.

Peter Pan Syndrome: This manifests when someone refuses to grow up or take responsibility. A relationship should be a dynamic journey of growth for both people involved. A red flag appears when only one partner is committed to growth and self-improvement while the other remains stagnant and unchanging. This imbalance can cause misalignment in


r ed flags in a relationshi P signal behaviors, attitudes or dyna M ics that indicate unhealthy, abusive or incompatible patterns - warning signs that something is amiss no matter how attracted you feel.

perspectives, values, and life goals, resulting in a chasm that grows increasingly difficult to overcome over time.

Avoidance of Vulnerability: ulnerability is the foundation of strong emotional connections. If one or both partners regularly avoid revealing vulnerability, preferring to keep feelings under wraps and maintaining a constant mask of indifference or strength, intimacy and trust will not develop. Such

avoidance may indicate underlying concerns of rejection or a deeply held belief that one’s genuine self is unworthy of being seen or loved.

Controlling or Demanding

Behavior: This could include things like telling you how to dress or act, wanting constant check-ins, isolating you from friends/family, insisting all time be spent together or making all the decisions. A controlling partner undermines personal autonomy and growth. Reconsider anyone who doesn’t respect your independence.

Manipulation and Lies: Gaslighting, pathological lying, guilt trips and

similar manipulation erodes selfconfidence over time. Second guessing your perception of reality tears at mental wellbeing in harmful ways. Though we all make mistakes, repeated dishonesty destroys relationship foundations.

The Illusion of Perfection: While it is natural to admire one’s mate, seeing them through the lens of constant perfection is a warning sign. Idolizing a spouse to the point where their imperfections are fully overlooked or dismissed can indicate a fear of facing reality in the relationship. This illusion of perfection hampers genuine connection by placing an unrealistic expectation on the partner to embody an ideal rather than being appreciated for who they truly are.

Different Core Values: Relationships based on shared basic values are more likely to last. If you see significant disparities in your worldviews early on regarding finances, family planning, spirituality, or lifestyle goals, this indicates longterm incompatibility. do not disregard gaps in the hopes that someone will change. Even after marriage, core values and beliefs tend to remain steady. Source: IAnS

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for in a
red flags To look ouT
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alia bhatt wraps up ‘jigra’ with Vedang raina

The upcoming Alia Bhatt, vedang raina-starrer film ‘Jigra’ wrapped up its shoot last month.

Alia took to her Instagram and shared the update with her 83 million followers by sharing an array of pictures with her co-actor vedang raina. The film has been directed by

vasan Bala, who is known for films like monica O my Darling’ and ‘Peddlers’. Alia has worked in the film in dual capacity, as ‘Jigra’ is produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions and Alia’s own production house Eternal Sunshine. The film is set to release on September 27, 2024.

tiffany haddish defends trip

to Israel after backlash, says she ‘cares about both sides’

Actress-comedian Tiffany Haddish has defended her travel to Israel amid ongoing conflict in Gaza after landing in hot water. She called going to the middle East country an “educational trip” amid the war. Haddish joined ‘TMz Live’ after she arrived in Israel. “I can’t believe everything that I read,” she said.

“I need to go see for myself. I want to talk to the actual people here, the people that actually experienced the situation that happened on the 7th,” she said, reports The actress-comedian added: “The people that actually have family members that are hostages that were taken out of their own homes, that were on their way to work driving from palestine to Israel, working here on a daily basis, and how they were taken as well.

“I wanted to talk to the people. I wanted to be with the people. I wanted to see with my own eyes, hear with my own ears.” Haddish said that she “learned a lot” from the region.

“I learned that people were taken out of their homes. I learned that people were taken away from the actual event that was happening. All those people that were killed, there was a lot of people killed, but a lot of people were kidnapped from that event. I didn’t know that before. I learned that there were 100 people that have been freed from being hostages in Gaza, but there are still 100 plus people that are over there.”

Talking about Israel’s counter attack in Gaza, the actress said: “Yes, I’m going

over there too. I’m a firm believer in: ‘Go see with your own eyes before you pass judgment.’ Go over there cautiously, be cautious, but go see for yourself.” She insisted: “I care about both sides. I care about humanity. Human beings.”

“I know there’s a lot of religious stuff going on, a lot of control of the land, ‘no Jews here, no this there’ whatever... that’s neither here nor there with me. It’s about human life, human beings. Human beings, man! That’s what I care about. That’s why I’m here.” She also replied to criticism that she shouldn’t have joked about finding a man in Israel given the seriousness of the situation.

“I’m here all by myself. Just like I was saying in 2018 when they were asking me about Mo’nique and her husband, I said I don’t do my business like she does her business. Because I don’t have a husband. I don’t have what she has. I’m all alone! That’s what I’m trying to tell you guys. I’m doing this all by myself.” She added: “I don’t have a whole family full of men, or a man supporting me. I’m doing it on my own. I’m learning on my own. For people to say... I have to make light of something that the average female wouldn’t do.”

“The average female wouldn’t have the courage to go see for themselves. There’s a lot of scary … out here, and y’all can be scared, but I’m going to go ahead and follow my instincts, and learn as much as I can learn. Educate myself before I go speaking on subject matters.”

Source: IAnS

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ali fazal joins the cast of sunny Deol-starrer ‘lahore 1947’

Actor Ali Fazal, who is known for his work in ‘Mirzapur’, the ‘Fukrey’ franchise and ‘khufiya’, among others, has joined the cast of the upcoming film ‘Lahore 1947’. The film directed by rajkumar Santoshi also stars Sunny Deol, who is basking in the success of ‘Gadar 2’, Abhimanyu Singh and preity zinta.

Ali Fazal is one of the most promising talents in Indian cinema who has also worked in

international productions.

The actor has become a favourite of memers owing to his performance as Guddu Bhaiya in the streaming show ‘Mirzapur’ seasons 1 and 2. He also surprised all with his special appearance as zafar Bhai in ‘Fukrey 3’. Aamir khan will take over the charge as producer under Aamir Khan Productions, while rajkumar Santoshi will helm ‘Lahore 1947’.

to stop being seen smoking by his daughter, shahid Kapoor decided to kick the butt

Actor Shahid Kapoor has opened up about his decision to quit smoking, and it is his eight-year-old daughter misha.

Shahid appeared on ‘no Filter neha’ season 6, a podcast hosted by actress neha dhupia, who chats with her industry friends and makes interesting conversations.

During the show, Shahid revealed about his decision to quit smoking: “When I used to smoke, I would hide from my daughter and smoke. That is

actually the reason I gave it up; one day, while I was hiding and having my smoke, I told myself that I am not going to do this forever. And that is actually the day I decided to quit smoking.” Shahid married mira Rajput in July 2015. The couple has two kids-- daughter Misha, and son zain.

On the work front, Shahid was last seen in ‘Teri Baaton mein Aisa Uljha Jiya’, a science fiction romantic comedy co-starring kriti Sanon. He next has ‘deva’ in the pipeline.

Source: IAnS

Priyanka chopra gives sneak peek into MM' s 'first hike'

Global star priyanka Chopra Jonas on Thursday shared the glimpses of her little bundle of joy Malti Marie’s (MM) first hike, sharing how she touched everything, jumped in puddles, calling the little angel as her ‘magic dust’. Taking to Instagram, where priyanka enjoys 90.6 million followers, she shared a series of photos, and videos. The photos show her enjoying the hike as she plays in the mud. nick Jonas

dropped a red heart eyes emoji in the comment section.

priyanka got married to American singer and actor, nick Jonas in december 2018. In January 2022, the couple had their first child, a girl, Malti Marie, via surrogacy. meanwhile, on the work front, priyanka was last featured in ‘Love Again’. She has ‘Heads of State’ next in her kitty.


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MaIsIe WIllIaMs had idenTiTy crisis afTer 'game of Thrones'

Actress maisie Williams, who shot to stardom at 12 with her role as Arya Stark in ‘Game Of Thrones’, said that being part of such a popular fantasy show gave her an identity crisis as she was

up in the spotlight.

“I was so lost for so long and I knew that I was, and when I couldn’t pin down what I felt my identity was within that, it brought me a lot of discomfort. now I feel a lot more comfortable

in my own skin. It’s hard to even put myself back there and talk about how tough it was because I think it’s done,” Maisie told The Sunday Times newspaper.

The 26-year-old star shared that she felt very down when she was trying to break away from her ‘Game of Thrones’ character. Maisie even shared that she was finding it difficult to landing roles, reports

The Art of Kathak

Sunday, April 7, 2024

2:00 – 3:30 PM Kathak

Saturday, April 20, 2024

2:00 – 3:30 PM


The actress added: “It was at its absolute worst when I was also out of touch with myself -- not knowing your identity and that kind of thing -- I think rejection at that point felt so personal, so painful. I’d solely compare myself to other actresses, and the way people looked, and all of the most destructive ways that you can compare yourself.”

Moving out from London, helped Maisie. “I just have, for the most part, manufactured my life to make me feel like I’m not famous at all,” she shared.

Source: IAnS

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in collaboration with Bandish Network Socie ty Place des Arts presents the Traditional India Series
dancing is a blend of technical
positioning and contemporary concepts. Discover the storytelling nature of this Indian classical dance and learn about
history in a oneof-a-kind presentation. Learn the basics of Kathak in an introductory workshop. Tickets for this event can be purchased as a bundle with your Art of Kathak ticket on Eventbrite.
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beauty benefits of the

Special Hearing Event

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Nestled in the realm of natural ingredients, khus, also known as vetiver, is a powerhouse of beauty benefits waiting to be explored. derived from the roots of the vetiver plant, this earthy-scented grass has been a staple in traditional medicine and skincare for centuries.

dr. Blossom kochhar, shares 5 remarkable beauty benefits that make vetiver (khus) an invaluable addition to your beauty regimen.

Skin Hydration and Moisture Balance: vetiver is renowned for its natural hydrating properties. Its hydrating effect helps maintain the skin’s moisture balance, making it an ideal ingredient for individuals with dry skin. Incorporating vetiver-infused products into your skincare routine can leave your skin feeling supple and nourished.

Anti-Inflammatory Marvel: vetiver possesses antiinflammatory properties that can soothe irritated skin. It’s particularly beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin or those dealing with conditions like eczema or dermatitis. The calming effect of vetiver helps reduce redness and discomfort, promoting a healthier complexion.

Natural Astringent for Toning: For those seeking a natural toner, vetiver is a fantastic choice. Its astringent properties aid in tightening and toning the skin, minimizing the appearance of pores. regular use can contribute to a smoother and more refined complexion.

Cell Regeneration and Anti-Aging: Rich in antioxidants, vetiver promotes cell regeneration, helping the skin maintain its elasticity and firmness. The presence of antioxidants also fights free radicals, thereby acting as a natural anti-aging agent. regular use may diminish the signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

Acne Control and oil Regulation: vetiver has natural oil-controlling properties, making it beneficial for those with oily or acne-prone skin. By regulating excess oil production, vetiver can help prevent clogged pores and breakouts. Its antibacterial qualities also contribute to keeping acne at bay.

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When canaDa goes green...

Today, the holiday is known for its parties, excessive use of the color green, and celebrating anything and everything Irish, including St. patrick’s day food. However, Saint patrick’s day was not always the holiday we know and love today. It started in medieval Ireland, mostly as a religious ceremony.

The holiday was created around the 10th Century AD to commemorate St. patrick and the arrival of Christianity into Ireland. Saint patrick, whose real name was Maewyn Succat, was born during the 4th century and preached into the 5th century.

who was Saint Patrick?

Today, we see Saint patrick as the patron Saint of Ireland. But how did he achieve that status? St. patrick was the son of a minor local official in roman Britain. As a child, he was and wasn’t much of a believer. However, after being captured by the Irish and later escaping them, St. patrick became much more religious and devoted to Christianity.

Legend has it that Saint patrick received a dream that he claimed was a divine message from God. The dream commanded Saint patrick to return to Ireland to help the Irish people find Christianity. now, the Irish were mostly Pagan and had not accepted Christianity. Therefore, when St. patrick landed on the shores of Ireland, he was one of the first people to bring Christianity to Ireland.

At first, Saint patrick’s preachings were unwelcome and mostly ignored. However, slowly, Saint patrick started getting followers and openly preaching to the Irish public. The Irish started accepting Christianity and Christianity soon became the dominant religion in Ireland.

The Legacy of Saint Patrick

Just a couple of centuries after Saint patrick passed away, he had already become a legend. He was acknowledged for being the person who brought Christianity to Ireland. Saint patrick became known as the figure who chased away all the snakes from Ireland. He is also credited for helping the needy in Ireland by feeding the hungry.

why Do we Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

St. patrick’s day celebrations find their roots in Ireland. As mentioned earlier, these celebrations were primarily religious and commemorated the arrival of Christianity into Ireland. As Irish immigrants started arriving in Canada, they brought their culture and traditions along with them. One of these traditions was, of course, the Saint patrick’s day Feast on March 17.

Because Canada is a multicultural country with many different religions, St. patrick’s day is less of a religious festival and more of a symbol of Irish identity. Today, just like Christmas, people from different religions and backgrounds from all across Canada celebrate St. patrick’s day.

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your guide To navigaTing celIac DIsease

n oW M ore than ever W e hear about P eo P le being intolerant to gluten. s o M eti M es you M ight also Wonder, W hat exactly is gluten? b y reading the folloW ing article, you W ill have enough infor M ation about the ‘celiac disease’.

In layman’s language, celiac disease is an immune reaction to eating gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. If you have celiac disease, eating gluten triggers an immune response in your small intestine. Over time, this reaction damages your small intestine’s lining and prevents it from absorbing some nutrients. The intestinal damage often causes diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, bloating and anemia, and can lead to serious complications.

There’s no cure for celiac disease — but for most people, following a strict glutenfree diet can help manage symptoms and promote intestinal healing.

The common symptoms of celiac disease

The signs and symptoms of celiac disease can vary greatly and differ in children and adults. Digestive signs and symptoms for adults include:



4Weight loss

4Bloating and gas

4Abdominal pain

4nausea and vomiting


However, more than half the adults with celiac disease have signs and symptoms unrelated to the digestive system, including:

4Anemia, usually from iron deficiency

4Loss of bone density (osteoporosis) or softening of bone (osteomalacia)

4Itchy, blistery skin rash (dermatitis herpetiformis)

4mouth ulcers

4Headaches and fatigue

4nervous system injury, including numbness and tingling in the feet and hands, possible problems with balance, and cognitive impairment

4Joint pain

4Reduced functioning of the spleen (hyposplenism)

what can this mean for children?

Children with celiac disease are more likely than adults to have digestive problems, including:

4nausea and vomiting

4Chronic diarrhea

4Swollen belly



4pale, foul-smelling stools

The inability to absorb nutrients might result in:

4Failure to thrive for infants

4Damage to tooth enamel

4Weight loss



4Short stature

4delayed puberty

4neurological symptoms, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AdHd), learning disabilities, headaches, lack of muscle coordination and seizures

The common causes

Your genes combined with eating foods with gluten and other factors can contribute to celiac disease, but the precise cause isn’t known. Infant-feeding practices, gastrointestinal infections and gut bacteria might contribute, as well. Sometimes celiac disease becomes active after surgery, pregnancy, childbirth, viral infection or severe emotional stress.

When the body’s immune system overreacts to gluten in food, the reaction damages the tiny, hairlike projections (villi) that line the small intestine. villi absorb vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from the food you eat. If your villi are damaged, you can’t get enough nutrients, no matter how much you eat.

Risk factors

Celiac disease tends to be more common in people who have:

4A family member with celiac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis

4Type 1 diabetes

4Down syndrome or Turner syndrome

4Autoimmune thyroid disease

4microscopic colitis (lymphocytic or collagenous colitis)

4Addison’s disease


Untreated, celiac disease can cause:

4Malnutrition. This occurs if your small intestine can’t absorb enough nutrients. malnutrition can lead to anemia and weight loss. In children, malnutrition can cause slow growth and short stature.

4Bone weakening. Malabsorption of calcium and vitamin D can lead to a softening of the bone (osteomalacia or rickets) in children and a loss of bone density (osteopenia or osteoporosis) in adults.

4Infertility and miscarriage. Malabsorption of calcium and vitamin d can contribute to reproductive issues.

4Lactose intolerance. Damage to your small intestine might cause you abdominal pain and diarrhea after

eating or drinking dairy products that contain lactose. Once your intestine has healed, you might be able to tolerate dairy products again.


4Serological testing to check TTG ( Tissue Transglutaminase levels ) normal is less than 12. If more than 250 then 97% chance of celiac disease.

4Endoscopy with biopsy

4Genetic testing for human leukocyte antigens (HLA-dQ2 and HLA-dQ8)


A strict, lifelong gluten-free diet is the only way to manage celiac disease. Besides wheat, foods that contain gluten include:





4Graham flour




4Spelt (a form of wheat)


A dietitian who works with people with celiac disease can help you plan a healthy gluten-free diet. Even trace amounts of gluten in your diet can be damaging, even if they don’t cause signs or symptoms.

Gluten can be hidden in foods, medications and non-food


4Envelope and stamp glue

4Play dough

Removing gluten from your diet will gradually reduce inflammation in your small intestine, causing you to feel better and eventually heal. Children tend to heal more quickly than adults.

Vitamin and mineral supplements

If your anemia or nutritional deficiencies are severe, your doctor or dietitian might recommend that you take supplements, including:




4vitamin B-12

4vitamin D

4vitamin K


vitamins and supplements are usually taken in pill form. If your digestive tract has trouble absorbing vitamins, your doctor might give them by injection.

Follow-up care

Medical follow-up at regular intervals can ensure that your symptoms have responded to a gluten-free diet. Your doctor will monitor your response with blood tests.

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holI ‘qy p~ky rMgW qoN sikn

jW vwlW ƒ nhIN hovygw nukswn

holI dy idn swfI sikn, vwlW Awid au~qy rMg l~g jwvygw, ieh g~l qW qih hI hY[ swfw Awpxw vI mn huMdw hY ik AsIN holI KyfIey, ies ^uSI dy idn kmry ivc bMd pey rihxw iks ƒ psMd hovygw[ pr ies dw mqlb ieh nhIN ik AsIN AwpxI sikn qy vwlW dI kyAr v~loN Avysly ho jweIey[ ies leI pihlW hI ku~J ie~k iqAwrIAW kro[ vwlW qy sikn ƒ rMgW qoN bcwaux leI qusIN qyl dI vrqoN kr skdy ho[

holI Kyfx qoN pihlW vwlW qy sikn au~qy nwrIAl, jYqUn jW bdwm qyl lgw lvo[ qusIN Awpxy vwlW au~qy koeI pqlI ijhI topI vI lY skdy ho qW jo vwlW au~qy G~t qoN G~t rMg l~gy[ iesy qrHW nhUMAW (nyls) qoN rMg auqwrnw bVw muSikl huMdw hY[ ies dw ie~k Awswn ielwj hY ik nhUMAW au~qy pihlW hI koeI nylpwilS lgw lvo[ mrd Awpxy nhUMAW au~qy trWspyrYNt pwilS lgw skdy hn[

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March 2024 www. 80

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March 2024 www. 81
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March 2024 www. 84
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By: Sajan Kumar

March 2024 www. 85

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By: Sajan Kumar

March 2024 www. 86
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March 2024 www. 87 Meat Shop & Poultry FOR BEST & FRESH MEAT... VISIT US! SINCE 1995 Serving the community for over 17 Years Now Serving in 3 Locations King George Blvd (Beer Creek) - 604 501 2277 106 13588 88 Avenue, Surrey BC V3W 3K8 Fleetwood Location - 604 593 5222 104-15933, Fraser Hwy Surrey, BC v4N 0Y3 Sulivan Heights - 604 503 2880 #102-14330-64 Avenue Surrey, BC

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By: Sajan Kumar

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March 2024 www. 88

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By: Sajan Kumar

March 2024 www. 89

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March 2024 www. 90
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