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Punjabi Patrika


Friday, July 26th, 2013


B.C. Steals the Show at Digital Media Conference


ritish Columbia representatives are in the spotlight as tens of thousands of participants converge on Anaheim for SIGGRAPH 2013, the place to be if you work with computer graphics and interactive technologies. B.C. is preparing to host the 40th anniversary edition of the influential event next year in Vancouver. SIGGRAPH, short for Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques, is an annual conference and trade exhibition where leaders from film, games and broadcasting share ideas with computer scientists and academics. British Columbia boasts a thriving cluster of innovative digital media companies fuelled by programmers, artists and researchers from the province’s world-class postsecondary institutions. Simon Fraser University and the Uni-


versity of British Columbia both have sizable contingents delivering technical papers this week at SIGGRAPH, which is recognized as the most prestigious forum for the publication of computer graphics research. To promote the province’s competitive advantages and SIGGRAPH’s return to Vancouver in 2014, British Columbia’s Ministry of International Trade is partnering with the federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada; the Canadian Consulate in Los Angeles; Creative BC; the Vancouver Economic Commission; and DigiBC to present a comprehensive marketing and outreach program this week in Anaheim. It includes: · Pixar Canada’s Amair Nasrabadi is headlining a breakfast seminar for roughly 100 world leaders in digital media. Nasrabadi is the vice-president

and general manager of Vancouver-based Pixar Canada, which produces animated shorts and television specials featuring characters from Pixar’s films. The seminar is titled “Doing Business in Canada” and features a panel of experts and opening remarks from David Fransen, Canadian Consul General, Los Angeles. · B.C.’s booth showcases original works by local digital media artists and studios. It features a theatre-style seminar space that will host 26 presentations about the province’s digital media sector, including “Life of Pi Storm Sequence” by MPC Film’s Guillaume Rocheron, “The Visual Effects of the Pacific Rim” by Hal Hickel of Industrial Light & Magic, and “Made in Kelowna: British Columbia’s Digital Hotspot” by business development officer Corie Griffiths.

The booth includes a private meeting room and British Columbia’s trade and investment representatives for the United States will be on hand to help B.C. attendees make connections.

generated an estimated $38.5 million in direct spending for the local economy.

Teresa Wat, Minister of International Trade and Minister Responsible for the Asia Pacific Strategy and Multicul· This past Sunday, British turalism – Columbia sponsored a networking event after the SIG- “B.C. is an international hub GRAPH Business Sympo- for cutting-edge digital media sium, which draws 250 stu- and animation. Through our dio executives and investors. international trade and inB.C.’s international trade and vestment network, we make investment representatives connections at the world’s provided greetings and invited best trade shows that result in guests to SIGGRAPH 2014. investment and job creation right here in British ColumVancouver became the first bia.” location to host SIGGRAPH outside the United States in Shirley Bond, Minister of Jobs, 2011. That event welcomed Tourism and Skills Training – 15,872 artists, research scien- “Digital media and computer tists, game developers, film- animation are growing inmakers and researchers from dustries in our province that 74 countries. SIGGRAPH provide thousands of jobs for 2011 broke the city’s previous British Columbians. As we conference attendance records continue to grow this critical and, according to the Vancont’d on page 3 couver Convention Centre,

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika 

B.C.’s Royal Baby Guest Book Opens

Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon is the official representative of the Queen in British Columbia.

The guest book has opened at Government House, online and in Victoria, for people to send their greetings to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their son.

via theGovernor General’s website.”As third in line, he is the future King of Canada,” Guichon said in a statement. “Let us join together in celebration across the province to Lieutenant Governor Ju- mark the birth of our future dith Guichon announced King.” Monday that a signing table is available at her of- The Lieutenant Goverficial residence. Messages nor’s full statement folmay also be sent online lows:

“On behalf of the people of British Columbia, I offer my congratulations and best wishes to Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their son. This is a special time for the Duke and Duchess and I wish them much health and happiness as they embark on their parenting journey.”As the third in line, he is the future King of Canada. For Canadians, this historic occasion is an opportunity to reflect on our strong and enduring connection to the Crown - an institution that embodies the stable character of our democracy. It is an important symbol of unity and stability and represents the vitality of our traditions, the permanence of our institutions and the continuity of national life.


B.C. team on the ground in Anaheim and we look forward to once again industry, the SIGGRAPH event will being the host city for this world-class allow us to showcase the skills that event in Vancouver next year.” British Columbians have in this field. We look forward to welcoming pro- Richard Brownsey, president and chief grammers, researchers, and artists to executive officer, CreativeBC – Vancouver in 2014.” “CreativeBC works with the provcont’d from page 2

Joan Elangovan, acting chief executive ince’s creative industries to capitalize officer, Vancouver Economic Com- on the sector’s strengths and identify new opportunities for the future. mission – SIGGRAPH is the perfect forum to “The digital media industry is one of showcase the province and the work the fastest growing sectors in Vancou- we are doing there this year will help ver. More than 800 companies gener- make next year’s event an even bigger ate over $3 billion in revenue annually. success.” The VEC is pleased to be part of the

“Let us join together in celebration across the province to mark the birth of our future King.”



Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013


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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013

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TUNE-UPLTD.CENTER 604 854-5500

Karamjit Certified Technician


OIL CHANGE $34.95 AirCare


Repair Centre







Unit #24 - 3275 McCallum Road Abbotsford B.C. V2S 3M7 (Across from Air Care)



Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013


Prime Minister Stephen Harper Manning Park Resort presents Congratulates The Duke and the 2013 Lights on Lightning Lake Festival Duchess of Cambridge ON the Birth of Their first child By Jo Hughes


rime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement after Buckingham Palace announced the birth of Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child: “Canadians are delighted to learn of the birth of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son, and we offer our heartfelt congratulations to the Royal Couple and the entire Royal Family.

ship our country has enjoyed with generations of the Royal Family. We recall with fondness the years of unfailing service by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh and their deep affection for and loyalty to this country. We also recall the Royal Tour by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who were so warmly received in Canada only two years ago. We look forward to their return to Canada and to being able to introduce their child to Canada and all Canadians.

“The arrival of the newest member of the Royal Family, a future Sovereign of Canada, is a highly anticipated moment for Canadians given the special “Laureen and I send our best wishes and warm relationship that we share of health and happiness to the new with our Royal Family. parents as they embark on this excit“This new beginning reminds us of ing chapter in their lives.” the remarkable and enduring relation-

beautiful Lightning Lake in the evening. Come be Manning Provincial Park: part of this spectacular Manning Park Resort is event! back in business as your four seasons destination Lantern construction will for Fresh Air Experiences! take place at the Lightning The new owners are ready Lake Day Use Area from to light up the park and 10am-3pm. Lantern kits invite you to join them for are available at a cost of the 2013 Lights on Light- $15 which provides access to the materials needed ning Lake Festival. to build your very own Saturday, August 3 will floating lantern. If all see the park come alive the creative construction with people building lan- makes you hungry, there terns during the day and will be a barbecue on the then floating them out onto go from 11-2pm.

Lantern lighting will take place at the Spruce Bay Beach, just down the hill from the Lightning Lake Campground. Lantern builders and spectators alike will begin to gather on the beach at 8:30 as the sun goes down, ready to light and launch the lanterns around 9pm as the sky goes dark. Staff volunteers will be on hand to rescue lanterns and return them to shore after everyone has enjoyed the magical display.

Provincial debt and hidden debt on the rise in B.C., say New Democrats New Democrats are calling for a plan to address the province’s rising hidden debt, which has reached nearly $100 billion under the B.C. Liberals. “The government has locked British Columbian taxpayers into nearly $100 billion in contractual obligations, many of which we know very little about,” said New Democrat finance critic Mike Farnworth. “British Columbians deserve to know how the government came to rack up a hidden debt that eclipses the official provincial debt, and what it plans to do to fix this.”

In a 2011 report, B.C.’s Auditor General warned the government about the escalating cost of these contracts and recommended providing more disclosure, said Farnworth. Public accounts from the 2012/13 financial year, released today, revealed that the government is dramatically off track on their election promises to eliminate B.C.’s debt and balance the province’s budgets. “This government’s factfree election campaign promised British Columbians real action on the pro-

vincial debt. But that debt rose faster than ever before last year, climbing by $5.6 billion, and is on track to break that record next year,” said Farnworth. This year’s deficit was $178 million higher than expected – with a surplus of only $153 million projected in bogus budget 2013, it appears the Liberals are on the road to their fifth straight deficit budget. “This government, which campaigned on debt elimination and fiscal prudence, is quickly proving that these commitments were just words on the side of their campaign bus, not a plan for B.C.’s future,” said Farnworth. New Democrats are calling for a plan to address B.C.’s hidden debt, and will continue to hold the government to account for its escalating debt and outof-control spending.


Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013



Minister of Justice Participates in Vancouver Consultation to discuss Victims Bill of Rights The Honourable Peter MacKay, P.C., Q.C., M.P. for Central Nova, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, today met with stakeholders to discuss key priorities for the creation of a Canadian Victims Bill of Rights. “The Government continues to demonstrate its commitment to giving victims of crime a greater voice in the criminal justice and corrections systems,” said Minister MacKay. “As we develop a Canadian Victims Bill of Rights, it is essential that we hear the stories and experiences of those directly involved with our criminal justice system.” Today’s consultation follows the Government’s commitment in February to entrench the rights of victims of crime by bringing forward legislation to implement a Canadian Victims Bill of Rights. Views expressed by stakeholders will add to information provided through other in-person consultations and to the public consultation being hosted on the Department of Justice website until September 3, 2013. The public consultation is available at . This will all contribute to increasing the strength of victims’ rights.

of achievements in giving victims a stronger voice in the criminal justice system. These achievements include: · the establishment of the Office of the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime; · the creation of the Federal Victims Strategy in 2007 and its permanent renewal in 2011; · the allocation of more than $120 million to give victims a more effective voice in the criminal justice and corrections systems through programs and initiatives delivered by the Department of Justice Canada; · the allocation of more than $10 million for new or enhanced Child Advocacy Centres since 2010 to address the needs of child and youth victims of crime; · the introduction of legislation to double the victims’ surcharge and make it mandatory; and · the elimination of the faint-hope clause, which allowed murderers to obtain early parole.

The consultations are part of the Government’s Plan for Safe Streets and Communities, which is one of four priorities identified by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. This Plan focuses on tackling crime, The development of a Victims Bill of enhancing victims’ rights, and ensuring a Rights builds on the Government’s record fair and efficient justice system.

ROADWAYS • Tune-up • Brakes • Shocks • Engine Work • Water Pump • Heater Core • Radiator • Timing Belt

• Air Conditioning • Transmission Service • Automotive Electrical Work • Front End Work • Computerized Diagnostics • Computerized Alignment • Custom Made Exhausts (Single or Dual exhaust)

EsIN eyEr kyEr dI irpyEr vI krdy h~ k`r~, vYn~ Eqy tr@k El`ienmYNt vI krdy h~| quh`fI psMd Enus`r isMgl j~ fbl EYgj`st

AUTO REPAIR Designated Vehicle Inspection Facility S-6712

OPEN Sunday - Friday (Closed Saturday)

Call: Kulwinder Singh Grewal


Fax: 604-859-4686 Unit B1 - 33733 King Road, Abbotsford BC V2S 7M9


Punjabi Patrika


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Friday, July 26th, 2013

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ĂƒĂŒĂ† Ă—ÂšĂ°Ăˆ ĂŠĂ…ĂŠĂ• à ðËòù Sri Guru Nanak Travel Inc. dljIq kOr    

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604-756-3700 Emerg. Cell:


FAX: 604-854-3182

hux EsIN nvIN lokySn - sIfr p`rk ivKy mUv ho gey h~| #110 - 2580 Cedar Park Place, Abbotsford BC V2T 3S5


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Friday, July 26th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika


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13 Years Experience!

Furnace and Duct Cleaning


klyr k`ript

klyr k`ript klIinMg v`ly hux Prns vI klIn krdy hn| vDIE` srivs Eqy v`ijb ryt leI E@j hI Pon kro

Gurdip Kaler

Certified Technician 604-859-8123 or Cell: 604-864-7125 34079 CLAYBURN RD., ABBOTSFORD, B.C.


SERVICE Throughout the Lower Mainland



Punjabi Patrika 

Çéð¯ñ ê§ÜÅìÆ ö÷ñ çÆ ÇÃðÜäÅ

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Friday, July 26th, 2013

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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013

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Punjabi Patrika


Granular Calcium with Nutrisorb Root Enhancer

Novacal II contains Nutrisorb, a registered natural fertilizer additive that stimulates root and plant growth and nutrient absorption. Enhanced root activity throughout the plant life cycle leads to more extraction of nutrients which results in higher quality crop and increased yields.


Novacal II Granular Calcium features 28% calcium and 19% sulphur, whereas regular gypsum has only 20% Ca. Novacal II is more economical than standard gypsum with 40% availability within two weeks of application. Its solubility makes it an effective calcium source, even when top-dressed. For more information, visit today or call us at 1-800-661-4559. Punjabi Patrika July 2013 Novacal II.indd 1


6/24/2013 8:42:12 AM

Punjabi Patrika


Friday, July 26th, 2013


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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013


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Tahir Malik


Eihmd milk Ahmad Malik

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Punjabi Patrika 

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Weddings, parties and summer fun anyone?


ummer is finally here! That means we’ll all be finding ways to get outdoors to enjoy everything that B.C. has to offer. Our highways will be busier than ever as more people are travelling throughout the province for day trips, weekend getaways or longer vacations by the water. Here at home, many of us will be soaking up the sun at local beaches, patio restaurants and outdoor festivals, and enjoying alcohol to celebrate summer. Whether you’re heading to a fun destination or kicking back in town, we hope you’ll enjoy your summer and keep road safety top of mind by always planning a safe ride home before you start drinking.

Even though we’ve seen vast reductions in the number of impaired driving crashes in B.C., there are still people who take chances or make excuses for drinking and driving. For this reason, police have stepped up impaired driving enforcement throughout the summer with CounterAttack roadchecks throughout the province. If you get caught, you’ll face some of the stiffest penalties in Canada, which will definitely put a damper on your summer fun. Remember it’s always best to plan ahead for a designated driver— someone who won’t be


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drinking any alcohol. free, non-alcoholic Share the responsibility drinks. of being a designated driver; have you taken • Remind your guests to arrange a desiga turn recently? nated driver or sugWith the summer weathgest they take a cab er many people will or transit, or stay be attending and hostovernight. ing outdoor parties like wedding and family re- You can also order one unions. If you’re hosting of our free special occaand serving alcohol, you sion support kits to use need to be mindful of at your event. Each kit your guests’ safety and contains posters, tent make sure your guests cards, alcohol-free drink have a plan to get home tickets and tips to help safely. For large-scale remind your guests to events with alcohol, get home safely. here are some options So for all of the fun to help you keep it safe activities you take part and fun for everyone: in that involve alcohol this summer, make sure Before the event: you and everyone in• Apply for a special volved has a designated occasion licence driver or another safe from any BC Liquor way home. If you find Store outlet. yourself without a safe ride home, remember • Hire security as well it’s never too late to call as a certified Serving a taxi, take transit or call it Right bartender. a friend. • Borrow a “desigGet out there and enjoy nated driverâ€? banyour summer by making ner by calling ICBC it a safe and memorable at 604-982-4612 one. (Lower Mainland) or 250-729-3505 (elsewhere in B.C.). At the event:

t is great news for the well-wishers of the third most spoken language in Canada that Simon Fraser University will be offering two Punjabi classes in the fall at its Surrey campus. Two Introduction to Punjabi 1 sections –named Lang 148 will be offered as the campus begins its fall session in September, 2013. It is a special topic language course for up to 24 students each. These classes will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30 to 2:20 (daytime) and Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6:20 (evening). SFU’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) has similar plans for the Spring semester.


If there is sufficient interest, FASS will, in future consider re-establishing LANG 106 (Introduction to Punjabi 1) and Lang 156 (Introduction to Punjabi 2). Punjabi Language Education Association (PLEA) is very thankful to Dr. Andrew Petter, President of SFU and his team for responding positively to our request. Also, PLEA would like to thank Herb Dhaliwal for his assistance in this regard. Representatives of PLEA met with Dr. Petter recently and had requested him to look into the possibility of offering Punjabi classes at SFU’s Surrey campus. We are pleased that our request has received favourable consideration.

In our brief presented to Dr.Petter, we have also requested SFU to look into the possibility of offering four year degree program as well as teacher training for teachers of Punjabi. Also, we have urged SFU to work with PLEA and the Punjabi community in establishing a chair in Punjabi language and literature. Initiatives like these will go a long way in promoting mutual co-operation between the Punjabi community and one of the foremost academic institutions in Canada. Moreover, Surrey being the centre of Punjabi language and culture will be an ideal location for such endeavours.



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• Cordon off the licensed area and have controlled entrances.


• I D a n y o n e w h o looks under 19. • Offer food, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks or mocktails. Provide designated drivers with




Jas Kular, CGA, MA ICBC’s Harvey Kooner is passionate about helping to raise road safety awareness in the community. In 2012, Harvey was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his many years of community service.

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Punjabi Patrika




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• vfk ien aqy PYmlI pYRkits • nvy aqy vfk ien mrIj dI pRvfngI • apuieMtmYNt jrUrI nhI • stfP pMjfbI vI boldf hY

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Friday, July 26th, 2013

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Friday, July 26th, 2013

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Punjabi Patrika 


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Punjabi Patrika



Spending controls keep fiscal plan on track

pending controls brought in midway through last year to address falling revenues helped government reduce total spending by $668 million compared to the Budget 2012 forecast, Finance Minister Michael de Jong announced today with the release of the 2012-13 Public Accounts. The Province ended the fiscal year with a deficit of $1.146 billion. Government revenues were $1.1 billion lower than forecast in Budget 2012, primarily due to declining revenues in resource sectors including petroleum and natural gas, natural resources, and minerals. Government increased spending on health by $585 million, education by $300 million and social


Friday, July 26th, 2013


services by $50 million compared to 2011-12. Total program spending increased only 2.6 per cent over the previous year. Government invested $3.3 billion in capital projects throughout the province such as schools, universities, health-care facilities and other capital infrastructure. Projects included the Fort St. John Hospital and Residential Care Centre, expansions to Kelowna General and Vernon Jubilee hospitals, the Centre for Drug Research and Development Building for the University of British Columbia, and the South Fraser Perimeter Road.

This includes an increase in taxpayer-supported debt of $3.5 billion to fund capital infrastructure and support working capital requirements for programs and services. The increase in taxpayersupported debt was $427 million less than forecast in Budget 2012 due lower borrowing requirements for capital projects and for government operating purposes. Self-supported debt increased $2.1 billion, $418 million less than budget.

The Province’s ratio of taxpayer-supported debt to GDP, a key measure of affordability, ended the year at 17 per cent—one of the lowest in North America and below the Total provincial debt in17.6 per cent forecast in creased by $5.6 billion Budget 2012. to $55.8 billion as the Province continued to British Columbia contininvest in capital projects. ues to maintain the high-

est credit rating possible with Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s Investors Services Inc. at Triple-A. Dominion Bond Rating Service has affirmed the Province at a rating of AA (high). The Balanced Budget and Ministerial Accountability Act requires a 20 per cent ministerial salary holdback for all members of cabinet to ensure ministries operate within their own budgets and government meets its overall financial commitment. As the government posted a deficit for 201213, cabinet members take a 10 per cent pay cut. All ministers achieved their individual ministry fiscal targets and will receive the other 10 per cent of their salary holdback. The Ministerial Accountability Report, re-

leased today, outlines the specific financial targets ministers must achieve to receive their ministerial salary holdback.

Quote: Michael de Jong, Minister of Finance -

“We acted quickly in the face of declining revOnline versions of the enues to control spending public accounts and reand keep the fiscal plan lated documents can be on track.” found at the following link: http://www.fin. “By maintaining fiscal discipline year after year, pa12_13.htm we have significantly reduced spending growth Unaudited Public Acacross government while counts supplementary protecting the public serdata sets including salvices that British Columary information, travel bians rely on.” expenses and payments to suppliers are available on the Data B.C. website at:

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika

$2M supports expanded farmers’ market coupon program


successful program that provides lower-income families, pregnant women and seniors with coupons for locally produced food is receiving an additional $2 million investment, Health Minister Terry Lake announced today.

This year, the program has added 13 new markets for a total of 34 participating markets located throughout the province. Coupons are treated like cash at the participating markets and can be used to purchase a variety of B.C. food products including “We know that having fruit, vegetables, meat, access to healthy, fresh fish, eggs, nuts, dairy foods makes a huge dif- and herbs. ference in health,” said “This program had great Lake. “Unfortunately, success last year, and for some British Cowe are thrilled that it lumbians, it can be hard is expanding this year, to access these nutritious necessities. This with additional markets program will help us and communities parimprove the health of ticipating,” said Jon Bell, B.C. families by offer- president, BC Associaing improved access to tion of Farmers’ Markets. locally produced food “The program is really for those most in need.” a win-win, for both local producers and local The Farmers’ Market Nu- families.” trition Coupon Program runs from July through The program is expected October 2013 and is ad- to support about 1,300 ministered by the BC families and 400 seniors Association of Farmers’ in 2013 and will continue Markets. The program to expand. The $2 miloffers $15 worth of cou- lion in funding provided pons each week to indi- through the Provincial viduals and families en- Health Services Authorrolled in the nutrition and ity in 2013 builds on an skills building programs initial $2 million investoffered by community ment in 2012. agencies associated with each participating mar- The BC Association of ket – participants must Farmers’ Markets acbe enrolled with these cepts joint applications community agencies to from farmers’ markets participate in the pro- and community agencies on a yearly basis for the gram. Farmers’ Market Nutri“Here in B.C., we are tion Coupon Program. fortunate to have access to diverse, vibrant farmers’ markets, which provide a wide variety of healthy, local foods,” said Agriculture Minister Pat Pimm. “This program helps us to support those local markets and farmers, while also improving access to local, fresh food for lowincome families.”



“We are so pleased to be participating in the Farmers’ Market Nutrition Coupon Program,” said Suzan Goguen, executive director with the Seniors Outreach Society. “Each week, our seniors are able to use the coupons to visit their local market, where they can access fresh, nutritious food and engage with their community – this helps their overall health and well-being tremendously.” To participate in the program, farmers’ markets partner with a community agency that works to provide nutrition, cooking, or healthy lifestyle skills building programs to lower income British Columbians. Participants then gain the skills and knowledge needed to help them eat healthier and make the most of their local farmers’ markets.

Õz˺÷ Á˺â ÔËâîËé ñÅÁ ÁÅÇøà pirvfrk vkIl


ÕËÇðé ö֯º


Ô¶á ÇñÖÆÁź öòÅòź êzçÅé Õðç¶ Ôé: • qlfk • spurdgI, srpRwsqI aqy phuMc • bWicaF aqy pqI/pqnIL leI pflx-posLx Krc (sport) • ivafh aqy alihdgI iekrfrnfmf • vsIaq • jLmInF dy ieMqkfl

Providing services in: • Divorce • Parenting Arrangements & Guardianship • Child & Spousal Support • Marriage & Separation Agreements • Wills • Conveyancing

bYirstr & soilstr

Barrister & Solicitor

Telephone: 604.850.5036 Email: #202-2975 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford

The BC Association of Farmers’ Markets is a provincially registered, non-profit association, which represents farmers’ markets throughout the province. At member markets, the focus is on selling locally grown or processed farm-fresh foods and vendors must either make, bake or grow the products they sell.



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Punjabi Patrika 

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Friday, July 26th, 2013

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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013

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Ă Ă‹ĂŹĂ ĂƒĂŤÂŻĂ°Ă˘ Ă’Ăš ù¯Õ Ă‡Ă˛Ă°ĂƒĂ… ΜùÅ AE ĂƒĂĽÂ§ĂŹĂ° ʹ§ silMdr isMG igWl sUcnf dy rhy hn ik gdrI pfrtI dI sflfnf sLqfbdI nUM smripq lok ivrsf mylf 15 sqMbr nUM mnfieaf jf irhf hY. ies dIaF iqafrIaF sLurU ho geIaF hn. hor jfxkfrI leI Pon kro 604-807-2581, 778-861-7741

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     Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Acura


We Sell Import & Domestic Cars, SUV’s, Trucks & Vans

Ôð ü𡝠çÆà  Ă•Ă…Ă°Âť, Ă Ă‹Ăƒ.ĂŻÂą.òÆ. ĂĽÂś òËʝ ÖðÆçä ùÂÆ ĂƒÂ§ĂŞĂ°Ă• Ă•Ă°ÂŻĂ? All vehicles are Air Cared, Safety Inspected and come with a Warranty.

Best Quality and Low Prices! Financing Available for Everyone!

31731 S. Fraser Way, Abbotsford BC

Ph: 604-756-3390 Fax:604-756-3391 Cell 604-614-8707




Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013


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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013



Action plan released for B.C.’s ×ñËâÇòé Liquified Natural Gas sector âðÅÂÆ ÕñÆéð÷



ritish Columbia will need more than 75,000 permanent skilled workers once liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects are fully operational in B.C., according to a new BC Natural Gas Workforce Strategy Committee report. In addition, 60,000 workers will be needed during peak construction in 2016 and 2017. “To make sure our province seizes the full opportunity of LNG, our first priority is building a strong and skilled B.C. workforce,” said Premier Christy Clark. “The committee’s report is a first step towards charting the course for LNG, and we will continue to work with all partners to make sure British Columbians remain first in line for the best opportunities.” Premier Clark will outline the LNG opportunities and lead a discussion on the need to build a skilled workforce with other jurisdictions at the next Council of the Federation meeting on July 25-26 at Niagaraon-the-Lake, where Premiers will discuss skills training, jobs and the economy. “The largest employer in our province’s naturalgas industry, the oil- and gas-services sector, will create the most jobs in B.C. over the next decade, and it is crucial that we have a strategy in place to ensure


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we have skilled workers ready and trained for future growth,” said Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Minister Responsible for Labour Shirley Bond. “It is critical to look at all sectors, including LNG, and take action to ensure that skills training is aligned with the jobs of today and tomorrow.” The BC Natural Gas Workforce Strategy Committee was formed in March 2012 to develop an understanding of the workforce needed to build and operate natural-gas-related projects, conduct an environmental scan of the potential labour supply available to the projects, and build a workforce strategy and action plan to address labour supply-and-demand concerns. “LNG, the world’s cleanest-burning fossil fuel, gives B.C. an unprecedented opportunity to create a lasting legacy and employment

for future generations to come,” said Minister of Natural Gas Development Rich Coleman. “We have a vision of B.C. as a strong, prosperous and competitive economy and LNG will help us realize that vision for decades to come.” The committee’s work to-date indicates that all stakeholders involved – industry, government and local communities – have a strong desire to ensure the local labour force and business sector are first to benefit from natural-gas investment in northern B.C. However, northern B.C.’s labour force will simply not be able to meet the labour demand generated by the growth of the province’s natural gas industry. The B.C. Natural Gas Workforce Strategy and Action Plan identifies the need to take action to increase the employment of local talent, as well as attract cont’d on page 26

nvyN izjLfien aqy PYsLn dy sUt (sIqy/ axsIqy hoey) lYx leI phuMco

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ADVANCE IMMIGRATION SOLUTIONS INC. We provide all types of Immigration Services, such as: òðÕ êðÇîà, Ãà¼âÆ êðÇîà Çò÷àð òÆ÷Å  ëËâðñ ÃÇÕñâ òðÕð  Ã꽺ÃðÇôê-îÅå/ÇêåÅ å¶ êåÆ/êåéÆ  ǧîÆ×ð¶ôé ÁêÆñ  ðÇøÀ±ÜÆ Õ¶Ã  êÆ.ÁÅð.ÁÅð.¶.  ê̯òËéÃÆÁñ é½îéÆ ê̯×ðÅî  éËéÆ òÆ÷Å 

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If your case is rejected/Visa denied - Call us now We offer a complete and reliable immigration services at reasonable cost.

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Punjabi Patrika


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Friday, July 26th, 2013


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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013

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”socW dy isrnwvyN” rlIz 28 julweI srI:- pMjwbI AdbI sMgq iltryrI suswietI AwP kYnyfw (rij) vloN, 28 julweI idn AYqvwr,qy pMjwbI dI nwmvr lyiKkw, gurdIS kOr gryvwl dw inbMD sMgRih “socW dy isrnwvyN” inaUtn pbilk lwiebRyrI iv`c, bwAd dupihr 1:30 vjy rlIz kIqw jw irhw hY[ pMjwbI mW bolI nUM ipAwr krn vwly qy swihq iv`c m`s r`Kx vwilAW nUM ies rlIz smwroh iv`c Swml hox dw KulHw s`dw id`qw jWdw hY[ ies Avsr ‘qy pusqk pRdrSnI vI lweI jweygI ijQoN pwTkW nUM pusqkW auplbD ho skxgIAW[ vDyry jwxkwrI ih`q Pon kr skdy ho- gurdIS kOr gryvwl- 604-496-4967.


Punjabi Patrika


B.C. and identify the day’s announcement is a

cont’d from page 23

and retain talent from need for skilled work- step toward meeting our ers during the develop- skilled-labour needs and other regions. Next steps on the road to LNG include: ¡ Addressing barriers to employment. ¡ Developing information, standards and tools to serve as foundations to further action. ¡ Delivering workers to current in-demand jobs in upstream natural-gas operations. “Over the past year, the committee met extensively with industry partners and First Nations to discuss the tremendous scope of LNG opportunities in

ment and implementation phases of LNG projects,� said Geoff Stevens, chair of the BC Natural Gas Workforce Strategy Committee. “The report outlines our key findings and provides government and its many partners with an overview that will help inform future decision making about LNG in our province.�

“Skilled workers are the key to building and operating LNG facilities like the one that we are proposing in Port Edward,� said Greg Kist, president of Pacific NorthWest LNG. “To-

an acknowledgement that this emerging LNG industry is an opportunity for all of Canada to embrace.�

The BC Natural Gas Workforce Strategy Committee was established with financial support from the provincial and federal governments under the Labour Market Partnerships Program, and comprises representatives from major companies, industry associations and provincial government ministries. Co-ordination for the project was led by the Resource Training Organization.


    Providing Services for: • Work Permits • Student/Visitor Visa • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) • Family - Parents & Spousal Application

• Federal Skilled Workers • Canada Experience Class • Live-in-Caregiver (Nanny) • Adoption Cases • Refugee Claims • All types of Immigration Appeals

 HARINDER K. THATHAR (B Sc, B. Ed, UBC) Cert. Immigration Consultant Member of ICCRC

Cell: 778-245-4600


 MANMEET THATHAR (M.Com., DFA, CPB) Cert. Prof. Bookkeeper INTUIT Certified ProAdvisor

Cell: 778-552-2515


3045 Townline Road Abbotsford BC V2T 5K2


Friday, July 26th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

778•552•2515 WE ACCEPT:

Fax: 604•758•2010

New board chair appointed for BC Lotteries Corporation


ormer Attorney General and MLA for Kamloops and current Kamloops resident Bud Smith, QC, has been appointed chair of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation board of directors, Finance Minister Michael de Jong announced today.

including Canada Post Corporation, B.C. Development Corporation, Prince Rupert Port Authority and Ridley Terminals Inc. Smith has given his time to a number of community services and programs including as chancellor of the Diocese of Cariboo, the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce, and trustee of the Western Canada Theatre Company.

Smith has been a director on the BCLC board since May 2012. He is an active Kamloops-based businessman with ownership interests in engineering, He received his B.A. from construction, lending and the University of Victoria travel companies operating in B.C. and Alberta. in 1970 and his L.L.B. from the University of Smith also brings experi- British Columbia in 1974. ence as a former minister He has been a member of of regional economic de- the Law Society of British velopment, and principal Columbia since May 1975. secretary to the premier of British Columbia. He Smith replaces the current has served on a number of board chair John McLerCrown corporation boards, nan, who has served as

chair of the BCLC board since 2005. BCLC is a commercial Crown-owned by the government of B.C. that is responsible for managing and operating lottery, eGaming, casino and bingo gambling in British Columbia. Most of these products are sold dayto-day by private-sector service providers at more than 3,800 lottery retail locations, 17 casinos, 19 community gaming centres and seven commercial bingo halls. Secure, regulated online play is offered on While BCLC manages and operates commercial gaming, all gaming in B.C., including the operations of BCLC, is independently regulated by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch of the Ministry of Finance.

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika 



Punjabi Patrika


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

Îç¯Õœ Ă‡ĂŠĂ˛Ă…ĂƒĂ†Ă Ă…Âş çÆ ĂƒĂąĂ…ĂŠĂ… ÇÂÕ¾üðüÅ D Ă Ă—ĂƒĂĽ ʹ§

hr sfl dI qrHF bI[ sI[ ivwc rihMdy mdoky invfsIaF dI slfnf iekwqrqf 4 agsq nUM svyry 11 vjy qoN sLfm dy 6 vjy qwk mfskI pfrk ivwc irvr sfeIz roz nyVy dsmysL pMjfbI skUl aYbtsPorz ivKy hovygI. PUz bYNk leI Krfb nf hox vflf PUz lY ky afAux leI bynqI kIqI jFdI hY. hor jfxkfrI leI sMprk kro gurjoq isMG igwl 604-217-8411, ieMdrjIq isMG srF 604-768-0196, rvI isMG igwl 604-825-0022



vfijb kImq aqy qsWlIbKs kMm

778-552-3033 ABBY WRESTLING CLUB aYbI rYsilMg klWb vWloN nvyN bWicaF aqy pihlF qoN Guldy BlvfnF dI tryinMg leI pUry mfhr (AulMpIan) kocF dI tIm rWKI hY| afpxy bWcy nUM kusLqIaF dy aKfVy dI Xog tryinMg krvfAux leI hyT ilKy nMbrF 'qy sMprk kro

WRESTLING TRAINING Age 5 & Up Novice Kids: $55 / month Elite Kids: $70 / month Girls are free

TRAINING HOURS Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Novice Kids: 5:00pm to 6:30pm Elite Kids: 6:30pm to 8:00pm Sunday Novice Kids: 11:00am to 12:00pm Elite Kids: 12:00pm to 2:00pm

We have Certied Olympian Coaches Haislan Garcia and Nasir Lal Strength & Conditioning on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday by Coach Gurveer Talhan (Talhan Twins Fitness) We do not set limits...We break them: TTF (The True Fight)

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Friday, July 26th, 2013

ĂƒĂŽĂ…Ă‡ĂœĂ• Ă°ÂŻĂ—Ă…Âş çÅ Ă‡Ă‚ĂąĂ…Ăœ awj smfijk rog keI qrHF df rUp Dfrn kr cwuky hn. jy ienHF qoN Cutkfrf pfAuxf vI cfhIey qF pf nhIN skdy. hr mnwuK qxfa df isLkfr hY. vfqfvrx ivwc do qrHf dI AUrjf hr smyN GuMmdI hY, skfrfqmk qy nkfrfqmk. asIN aksr skfrfqmk AUrjf vwl iDafn nf dy ky nfkfrfqmk AUrjf vwl iKwcy cly jFdy hF. asl ivc sfzI ivcfr sLkqI ijLafdf kMm krdI hY. ies sLkqI ny mnuwK nUM loBI, nkfrf, svfrQI, eIrKflU aqy nPLrq Biraf bxf idwqf hY. hr bMdf afpxy aMdr ipafr dI QF awg df BFbV cwukI iPr irhf hY. ieh qF sB jfxdy hn ik ijMnIaF glqIaF guwsy ivwc huMdIaF hn, Auh ipafr ivc nhIN huMdIaF pr asIN nkfrfqmk Bfvnf qy AUrjf nfl Bry hoey hF. ies leI sfzI soc skfrfqmk nhIN hY, ijs kfrn awj df mnwuK iensfnIaq qoN dUr ho igaf hY. ivcfr sLkqI krky hI sfzf smfijk jIvn rogI ho igaf hY. srIrk rog qF hvf, pfxI, mOsm krky huMdy hn pr smfijk rog ivcfrF krky hI huMdy hn. jy pirvfrF vwl njLr mfrIey qF koeI ivrlf hI Gr hovygf ijwQy pirvfr ivwc ipafr idKfeI idMdf hY, nhIN qF GrF ivwc mukwdmy jfiedfdF dy JgVy, kql qy afpxy sky-sbMDIaF, guaFZI, dosq-imwqrF nfl tkrfa cwl irhf hY. ies dy cldy smfijk, [pirvfrk , rfjnIqk hflfq ijLafdf ivgV gey hn. bwicaF qoN lY ky bjLurgF qk hr pRfxI ienHF rogF df isLkfr ho irhf hY. qkrIbn nwby PLIsdI bwcy ies nkfrfqmk AUrjf qoN pRBfivq hn. sLihrF ivwc rihMdy ijhVy mF-bfp dovyN nOkrI krdy hn, Auyh cfr qoN Cy mhIny dy bwcy nUM krYcF ivwc Cwzdy hn. AunHF dI dyK-Bfl krn vfly ikho ijhy hn, roNdy bwcy nUM cwup ikMj krvfieaf jFdf hY, ienHF sB qrIikaF df Boly bwicaF dy mn `qy iswDf asr pYNdf hY. keI qF iblkuwl cuwp kr jFdy hn, keI bfgLI ho jFdy hn. vwzy hox `qy vI mfqf-ipqf df sfQ AunHF nUM Gwt hI imldf hY. mfqf-ipqf kol smF hI nhIN huMdf ik Auh bwicaF dIaF smwisafvF afps ivwc sFJIaF kr skx. AunHF dy ihsfb nfl bwicaF nUM koeI prysLfnI ho hI nhIN skdI pr Auh Bwul jFdy hn ik bwicaF dIaF smwisafvF vwizaF nfloN, AunHf dI Aumr dy ihsfb nfl ikqy ijLafdf hn. ienHF smwisafvF nUM mfqf-ipqf qoN ibnF koeI hwl nhIN kr skdf. mF-bfp ijLafdf ipafr idKfAuNdy hoey, AunHF nUM tI[vI, mobfiel, kMipAUtr jF ikRkt Kyzx leI bwly lY ky dy idMdy hn aqy afpxy PLrjL qoN Pfrg mihsUs krdy hn. aijhI hflq ivc bwcy df ieh ivcfr bx jFdf hY ik Auh kyvl pYsy nfl hI hr cIjL nUM qoldy hn qy bwicaF dI njLr pYsy `qy hI rihMdI hY. ieh hflfq sLihrF ivwc ijLafdf dyKx nUM imldy hn. awj-kwlH ijLafdqr bwcy afpxf sfQ bfhr hI lwB lYNdy hn. AunHF dI prysLfnI koeI smJx vflf nhIN. bcpn aqy jvfnI dI dihlIjL `qy kdm rwKdy hI srIrk aqy mfnisk qOr `qy keI AulJxF pYdf huMdIaF hn. ies vyly hfrmon bdlx krky srIrk qy

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Friday, July 26th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika 


ê§ÜÅì ÇòµÚ Õź×ðà çÆ çôÅ õðÅì å¶ ÇçôÅ ÔË éÔƺ ipCly sfl ivDfn sBf coxF qoN bfad pMjfb dI kFgrs pfrtI bhuq vwzy tkrfE dy dOr ivwcoN lMGI aqy iPr kuJ itkfE mihsUs krn lwgI sI. hux iPr Auh Esy aOJV ivwc PsdI njLr af rhI hY. ies dI hr CotI-motI gwl df PLYslf idwlI bYTf rfhul gFDI krdf hY. idwlI dy dOiraF qoN bfad dovyN iDrF afpxf pwK iewk jF dUsry pwqrkfr dy kMn ivwc PUk mfr ky aKLbfrF ivwc Cpvf rhIaF hn qy ies nfl tkrfE Gtx dI QF hor vDI jf irhf hY. awgoN pfrlImYNt dI cox isr AuWqy afeI peI hY qy ienHF df kIkxF vflf ByV nhIN ruk irhf. ivDfn sBf coxF ivwc hfr ipwCoN ieh gwl hr iksy dy mMnx ivwc afAuNdI sI ik jy kYptn amirMdr isMG ny tIm dI kpqfnI nfloN rjvfiVaF vflf ivhfr krdy hoey smF ibqfAuxf hY qF Aus dI QF kmfn iksy hor nUM sONp idwqI jfvy. ies soc dy aDIn hI pfrtI df ivDfn sBf aMdr afgU sunIl jfKV nUM bxfieaf igaf qy iPr pfrtI dy pMjfb dy pRDfn dI ijLMmyvfrI pRqfp isMG bfjvf nUM sONp idwqI geI sI. sunIl jfKV ivwc sfry gux hn, pr iewk Gft ieh hY ik Auh jwt nhIN qy iswK vI nhIN, ijs krky pMjfb dI kFgrs pfrtI ivwcoN bhuqy lokF ny Aus nUM afgU mMnx qoN aml ivwc kMnI kqrfeI hY. ies dy bfvjUd Auh ivDfn sBf aMdr afpxy ivhfr qy BUimkf dy nfl afpxI KLfs qrHF dI iKwc pYdf kr igaf hY. dUsry pfsy pRqfp isMG bfjvf pMjfb dy pRDfn bx ky vI aml ivwc gurdfspur dy hlky df pfrlImYNt mYNbr hI jfpdf hY. Aus ny afpxy afp nuM mfJy qoN bfhr kwZx leI bhuqf kuJ hor qF nhIN kIqf, isrPL gyVy hI mfry hn aqy Auh vI isrPLL AunHF purfxy joVIdfrF qwk sImq gyVy rhy hn, ijhVy aml ivwc hux kFgrs pfrtI qoN kwty hoey hn.jdoN ijLlHf pRIsLd coxF dI poilMg mOky muwK mMqrI pRkfsL isMG bfdl dy ipMz bfdl dy nfl juVdy ipMz mfnF ivwc cox DFdlI hox mgroN lokF AuWqy puls vwloN jbr kIqf igaf, pRqfp isMG bfjvf keI idn EQy igaf hI nhIN. ies dI duhfeI pYx qoN bfad Auh igaf vI qF ipMz dy lokF jF pIVqF kol QoVHf ijhf smF dy ky Aus pfsy dy iewk purfxy kFgrsI dy Gr jf viVaf, ijhVf puls dy jbr dy ivroD ivwc ipMz dy lokF nfl KVoqf nhIN sI qy kFgrs pRDfn dy afAux AuWqy Aus ipMz afieaf sI. bfad ivwc jdoN jgmIq isMG brfV ny Ausy mfmly ivwc ipMz mfnF qoN gyVf kwZ ky bfdl ipMz jf ky Drnf mfiraf qy puls ny Drny leI ilaFdf lMgr vI ipMz ivwc nhIN sI vVn idwqf, Aus mOky iPr pRqfp isMG bfjvf nf Drny ivwc rVikaf sI qy nf aKLbfrF ivwc Aus dy ibafn afey sn. pfrtI dI pRDfngI df kMm inptfAux leI Aus ny do ku jxy ies kMm lfey hoey hn, ijnHF ivwc iewk Aus df afpxf Brf hY, pr Auh jo kuJ kihMdy qy krI jFdy hn, jy Auh kFgrs pfrtI dI soc hY qF ieh ies pfrtI dI kUhxI moV hY. imsfl dy qOr AuWqy pMjfb srkfr ny kuJ lokF qoN lfl bwqI kfr AWuqy lfhux df hwk Koihaf nhIN, suprIm kort dy kys dy kfrn Kohxf ipaf qy ies ivwc Aus nUM iswKF dy qKLqF dy jQydfrF dI gwzI AuWqoN vI lfl bwqI lfhuxI pY geI. ies nfl akflI dl dy kuJ lokF ny aMdr Kfqy kuJ ros jLfhr kIqf, pr bfhr nhIN sn boly. dUsry pfsy pMjfb dI kFgrs dy bulfry ny ieh ibafn jfrI kr idwqf ik jQydfr sfihbfn dI kfr AuWqy lfl bwqI hoxI jLrUrI hY qy ies mfmly ivwc iswKI dy sLfn df hvflf vI dy idwqf. Aus dy bfad ieho ijhf ibafn sfbkf muwK mMqrI byaMq isMG dy prvfr dy iewk jIa ny dy idwqf, ijs qoN lok hYrfn hoey sn, pr pfrtI pRDfn pRqfp isMG bfjvf ies bfry boilaf hI nhIN. hux Aus df pMjfb asYNblI ivwc pfrtI dy afgU sunIl jfKV nfl afZf lwg igaf suxINdf hY. dovyN jxy idwlI dy dOry vwKo-vwK krdy hn qy ibafn vI iewk sur vfly nhIN. kYptn amirMdr isMG qoN bfad dfavf qF kFgrs pfrtI ny ieh kIqf sI ik hux ies dI pMjfb dI lIzrisLp nMU ies rfj dI lok iewk-sur cwldI vyKxgy, pr aml ivwc ies lIzrisLp dy aDIn pfrtI iekwTy hox dI bjfie hor vI KwKVIaF-kryly hoeI peI hY. idwlI ivwc bYTI lIzrisLp ajy qwk vI eynI isafxI nhIN ho skI ik afpxy isr nfl soc ky PLYsly kry, sgoN socx leI rwKy hoey AunHF isrF df shfrf lYNdI hY, ijhVy pfrtI qoN bfhr dy lokF nfl awK imlfeI iPrdy suxy jFdy hn. ipCly sfl jdoN ivDfn sBf coxF hoeIaF sn qF akflI-Bfjpf vfilaF ny iqMn mhIny pihlF AumIdvfr aYlfn kr idwqy sn qy kFgrs dI hfeI kmfn vwloN socx leI rwKy hoey isrF ny ies df aYlfn vI eynf pCVf idwqf sI ik iPr Auh ksr inkl hI nhIN sI skI. ijhVI lIzrisLp afpxy pMjfb dy lIzrF nUM EdoN iekwTy kr ky nhIN sI qor skI, Auh hux vI pRqfp isMG bfjvf qy sunIl jfKV nUM hwdF ivwc rihx leI afK skx dy smrwQ sfbq nhIN ho rhI. nqIjy vjoN pMjfb dI kFgrs ies smyN KLrfb dsLf dI isLkfr hY qy iksy vI idsLf qoN hIx njLr af rhI hY. PAGE 29

Punjabi Patrika


E@ ÃÅñ 寺 ×°§î Á½ðå ÇîñÆ 14 meI,1965 nUM srHI dI lUsI jfnsn guMm aYlfnI geI sI| AudoN puils nUM sLwk sI ik Aus dy guMm ho jfx ivc Aus dy pqI mfrivn jfnsn df hwQ sI| ies sLwk krky hI AudoN Aus df Xfrz puwt mfiraf prMqU kuJ vI nf lwBf| 1990 ivc mfrivn dI mOq ho geI| jUn dy aMq ivc srHI afr sI aYm pI vwloN guMm hoey ivakqIaf dI lVI CfpI geI ijs ivc lUsI df nF af igaf| AudoN hI lUsI dI DI ilMzf ny AuwqrI bI sI dy aKbfrF ivc afpxI mF bfry iesLiqhfr dy idwqf ikAuNik Aus nUM

ÔÅðî ðÆâÕôé ìÅÂÆñÅÁ 鱧 Úä½åÆ

pqf sI ik ies ielfky nfl Aus dI mF dy sbMD rhy sn| iesy smyN dOrfn puils nUM lUsI dI iek hor DI vwloN kuJ rmjL pRfpq hoeI| mukdI gwl ieh ik Auprokq sUhF dy afDfr ‘qy 50 sfl pihlF alop hoeI 77 sflf mfrivn hux iml geI hY jo sbMDq ivakqIaF leI aqI Bfvuk anuBv hY| ies qjrby ivc mF dIaF do DIaF df vI myl ho igaf BfvyN Auh donoN skIaF BYxF nhIN hn pr mF AUMnHF donF dI iewk hY aqy Auh hY mfrivn jfnsn|

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ÚÅÂÆéÅ ÂÆÃàðé - À°âÅéź ç°µ×äÆÁź

10 sfl pihlF sLurU hoeI cIn dI hvfeI kMpnI eIstrn cfeInF ny vYnkUvr qoN sLMgeI jfx vflIaF AuzfnF duwgxIaF kr idwqIaF hn| pRImIar ikRstI klfrk ny ies df sau f gq kridaF ikhf ik ies nfl eyarport ‘qy kulvkqI 470 nOkrIaF pYdf hox df anumfn hY aqy nfl hI sQfnk hotlF, dukfnF aqy rYsorYNtF nUM vI lfB hovygf| iek anumfn hY ik cIn qoN afieaf hr drsLk afpxI Tihr dO r fn aO s qn $1600 Krcdf

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ÁËìàÃë¯ðâ- úñâ é¶òÆ Ãà¯ð

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Friday, July 26th, 2013


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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013



World Hepatitis Day Sunday July 28: When in doubt, get tested By Dr. Mel Krajden and Dr. Julio Montaner

Hepatitis is a frequent headline-maker in media, and creates lots of online chat in blogs, tweets and posts. No wonder, given that this liver disease is potentially life-threatening. Despite all this attention, getting people tested and treated is still a challenge and a concern for public health practitioners.

In March of this year, the provincial government announced $1.5 million in one-time funding to the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation to explore ways to better address both hepatitis B and C epidemics in BC. In collaboration with the foundation, we’ll be talking with interested individuals and organizations from across BC, including healthcare providers, liver specialists, regional health authorities and the new First Nations’ health authority, community groups, and non-government organizations (NGO’s) to develop options for improving the provincial response to viral hepatitis.

As we acknowledge the annual World Hepatitis Day on July 28, the number of infections is still of concern. One in 12 people worldwide has liver disease, and greater than three per cent, or more than 120,000 people in BC It is important that health professionals are hepatitis B and/or C-infected. continue to emphasize that people need to be Enormous strides in hepatitis B prevention tested for hepatitis B and C so that those diaghave been made in the province through nosed can be engaged in care and treatment. the use of publically-funded vaccinations covering all children. However, hepatitis C Work at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS has taught us some very imporis a different story. tant lessons. For HIV, “treatment as prevenThere is so far no vaccine for this silent tion” improves the health of those already killer, which can lay dormant for decades, infected with HIV, while simultaneously often only showing symptoms when much reducing the risk of HIV transmission othdamage is done. Two thirds of all cases are ers. This model can be adopted for hepatitis. “baby boomers” born between 1945 and 1965 - people who should be in their peak Applied to hepatitis C this approach could siearning and family-raising years. Instead, multaneously prevent liver disease and avert many of their years are spent with increasing further transmission of the disease, multiplying the beneficial impact of treatment. disabilities because of this disease. The earlier hepatitis C is detected the sooner In order to stem the hepatitis virus in BC it can be treated and the greater the likelihood we need to unite the voices of affected comof recovery. Treatment is the start of the heal- munities, health professionals, and coming journey which for many can lead back to munity leaders, and transform knowledge into action. full, productive lives.

CAREER OPPORTUNITY We are looking for Life and Health Insurance Advisors, with or without experience, to join a winning team. I dON’T WANT: • Excessive administrative costs deducted from my monthly income • The pressure to sell just one company’s range of products

I dO WANT: • Minimal administrative costs • Access to most of the largest insurance companies in Canada • An experienced and dedicated team who will assist with training, business support and career development

If this sounds like you, contact us. Gurmeet Kang Managing Director desjardins Financial Security Independent Network - Newton Financial Centre Unit 283-8128 128 Street | Surrey, BC V3W 1R1 Cell: 778-862-4324 | Phone: 604-590-1129 | Fax: 604-590-1023 |

® Registered trademark owned by Desjardins Financial Security.

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Punjabi Patrika

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Friday, July 26th, 2013


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Friday, July 26th, 2013





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Friday, July 26th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

Ă Ă‹ĂŹĂ ĂƒĂŤÂŻĂ°Ă˘ ÇòžÚ à Åêäœ ĂŞÂżĂœĂ…ĂŹĂ† íÅÂÆà  çÅ êÇÔùÅ ÏԚü ÔÆ òèÆà Å ĂƒĂ ÂŻĂ° Ă‡ĂœĂŚÂŻÂş ĂĽÂšĂƒĂ†Âş ÏԚü ÔÆ òèÆà Å ùžÕó çÅ ÎáϹü ÍðÊÆÚð ÖðÆç ĂƒĂ•Ă§Âś Ô¯Ă? SALE $




WAS $749 Queen/Full Size (King Size $499) Made of Solid Wood. Choice of Stains. Made in BC, Canada.


8 Pieces Queen Size HB, FB, Rails, Dresser, Mirror, Chest and 2 bed side tables

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stor ivWc ipaf sfrf smfn vycxf hI vycxf hY.

mUivMg syl bhuq hI GWt kImqF,


Made of Solid Wood. Proudly made in BC. Choice of 16 Stains. 8 Pieces Queen/Double/Single Size HB, FB, Rails, Dresser, Mirror, Chest and 2 bed side tables

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ÏÅÕÆ Ă Ă… Ă•Âś çœÖ¯, Ă ĂƒĂ†Âş à Åêäœ Õ§Î Ă ĂĽÂś ÕÆÎü çÆ ×ð§à Æ Õðçœ ԝĂ? PAGE 34

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Friday, July 26th, 2013



New Democrats call on government to put safety of mill workers first New Democrats are calling on the Liberal government to release the full report into the tragic explosion at the Babine Forest Products Mill in Burns Lake. The explosion took place 18 months ago, and there has since been another explosion at the Lakeland Mill in Prince George.

ed to “destroy any copies, excerpts or references… to prevent inadvertent disclosure” of the original report. “Last week, we heard that 25 mills in this province have dangerous levels of dust build-up, sufficient to pose a risk of an explosion,” said New Democrat forest critic Norm Macdonald. “What possible reason could this government have to suppress a report that could help the industry to reduce this unacceptable level of risk?

“The rebuilding of the Lakeland Mill began today, but critical questions still remain about the relationship between dust and danger in B.C. mills,” said “Tens of thousands of women and New Democrat leader Adrian Dix. men will go to work in B.C. mills toThe government has released only a morrow – their safety is of paramount censored report into the Babine mill importance.” tragedy. The full 100-page B.C. Safety Authority report was due out in Janu- The explosions at the Babine and ary, but following an emergency meet- Lakeland mills killed four people and ing with ministers Rich Coleman and injured 42. New Democrats are calling Shirley Bond, and former minister Pat on the government to release the full Bell, only a 10-page version with the BCSA report and any other informareport’s recommendations was released tion that could help keep B.C.’s mill publicly. Board members were instruct- workers safe.


Punjabi Patrika


ÇÂÔ Ô½Õ¶ ÔËé êðŶ jIvn isMG ‘rfmpurI’


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Friday, July 26th, 2013

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ÇÚµå å¶ ÕðçÅ hrcMd isMG ‘bfgVI’

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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013

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êÆó ÇÔÜð çÆ mohn isMG ‘mohn’

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Punjabi Patrika



Friday, July 26th, 2013

s`vx 50735083 joiqS, Eqy  Eqy 604-832-7859 kro





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You will be inclined to set out to establish things your way, while somebody else has different ideas where the finer details are concerned. Both may feel the other is not listening. You need to be sure you will want any ongoing commitment because it could easily grow a lot more than you first anticipate. Don’t be careless about this.

Social activity is stimulated and while there will be things to enjoy they may not come up your expectations. Be careful of anything that involves a group of people, a friend or acquaintance. You could feel forced to be involved in something that is not your style. You will be determined not to let it happen again in the future.

specially with any matters where the obligations attached are not appealing. You need to watch your spending – mainly keep it balanced between general daily needs and anything that might suddenly seem attractive. This is where you could spend too much and eventually wonder why.

Whatever actions you want to take on a personal level that requires approval from anybody who has authority, requires you to communicate in detail. It is as if you need to acknowledge the power they have or their authority. Whatever you are prepared to commit yourself to can open you up tremendously in some way.

You might want to shine but it will be a bit difficult as there is too much in the development stage or going on behind the scenes. You need to work out what would be best letting go of so that future progress will be better enhanced. Paying attention to how you are spending your money can lead to greater security later.

There can be much to enjoy with friends or any involvement with a group of people. Someone could be boisterous or unpredictable though open at the same time. Another person could prove very mysterious you may need to be careful about whether you can fully trust them.Whatever feels comfortable is the best answer.

Someone else can expect to dominate a situation and it should be fairly obvious. You need to be less obvious in your manner of dealing with it if it doesn’t suit you. The opportunity will be there for you to steer matters, once and for all, in a direction that you are happy about as long as they don’t feel their power is being diminished.

Most important is that you believe in yourself based on what is morally right for you. If you maintain certainty about this it will give a sense of encouragement to other people. Personal commitment is your lesson and your strength right now. It will have a huge influence on the way you move forward in your life in the long term.

You cannot afford to be slack with your obligations. To keep matters well balanced it is necessary not to overlook the smaller details. You might be forgiven initially but the patience of others will quickly fade and they won’t forget. This would be a pity because it could stifle your opportunities later to do the out of the ordinary.

Increased activity involving others continues and you need to be careful about how quickly the whole structure of your life can be altered. It may be events that you do not choose. Even so you need to maintain some sort of control about how you go forward. Be on the alert for a lack of clarity between your ideas and their plans.

However tempting, you cannot afford to overdo things in any way that may mean your health will suffer. If there is anything you would like to stop, now is a good time to work out a detailed plan to follow. If it involves other people’s needs of you, it may not be that easy but will simply require patient persistence on your part.

It would not be wise to go along with something you are not that happy about for the sake of keeping the peace. There could be a lot more determination where someone else is concerned than you anticipate. One small step at a time can be their motto making it difficult for you to find a way out of circumstances later.

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

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VERY AFFORDABLE PREMIUM Coverage Available from $100,000 to $300,000

Sandeep Ahuja



Ensuring Your Life...Ensuring Your Trust


Gurpreet S. Brar

Insurance Advisor

604-615-9751 PAGE 39

Punjabi Patrika


Friday, July 26th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

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Hair Salon Over 35 Years Experience #200D 2451 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford BC V2T 2Y1


 Â?      Â?Â?Â?Â?     ­    Tarsem Bassi - Owner

   PAGE 40

Men’s Hair Cut $8 $6 Kids Hair Cut $15 Hair Colour $2 Threading

pfpUlr vyjILtyrIan pIjLf dI AuwprlI mMijLl qy klIarbruk roz qy


Monday to Friday 10am - 8pm Saturday to Sunday 9am - 8pm (Closed Tuesday’s)

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013



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Punjabi Patrika


Friday, July 26th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

ÍÅðÎ à üœ ÕËÊðÆ òðÕð çÆ ù¯ó


            Â?Â?  Â? Â?    ­Gladwin Rd. €  ‚  Â? ƒ„Â?  „† Â…‚ Â?

Farm and Cannery workers Wanted Raspberry, Blueberry Pickers needed. Hourly work is also available. Please apply in Person at our Plant Address 82 Gladwin Rd. Good wages paid on time.

Daytime Evenings Only Office: (6-9pm): 604-850-7609 604-807-2771

Positions Available

Plant Address 82 Gladwin Rd., Abbotsford, B.C.












• • • • • •

Truck Drivers Machine Drivers Van Drivers Receivers Graders Quality Control Person

• • • • • •

Line Sorters Flat washers/Stackers Fillers Stackers Box Makers Check Weighers

3 Experienced Forklift Operators Needed. Wages $15.00 per hour.

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013

kYnyzf ਿਾਚ nvyˆ-afey ijLafdfqr lok afpxI afriQk jfxkfrI nUM lY ky afqmivĂˆvfsI nhIˆ hn: RBC mqdfn nvyˆ iemIgrfˆtfˆ ਿਾਚ kRYizt bfry glqPihmIafˆ bxIaF rihMdIaF hn


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

torfˆto, 3 julfeI, 2013 — 10-ivwcoˆ-6 (60 pRqIĂˆq) nvyˆ-afieafˆ, ijnHfˆ df kYnyzf ਿਾਚ afgmn ipCly sfl hoieaf sI, df kihxf hY ik AunHfˆ nUM afriQk jfxkfrI bhuq Gwt hY, ijs ivwc Ăˆfml hY RBC Newcomer Financial Attitudes Poll dy muqfbk kYnyzf ਿਾਚ rihx dy pihly sfl dy dOrfn kRYizt ikvyˆ sQfpq krnI aqy bxfAuxI hY. jo lok kYnyzf ਿਾਚ do qoˆ pMj sfl rhy hn AunHfˆ ivwcoˆ 92 pRqIĂˆq nvyˆ kYnyzIan lokfˆ ny AuDfr ivklpfˆ bfry afpxI afriQk sfKrqf ivwc suDfr hoieaf pfieaf hY. mltIklcrl mfrikts, RBC dy zfierYktr, Paul Sy df kihxf hY, “sfzy kol kYnyzf ਿਾਚ nvyˆ-afieafˆ leI afriQk igafn nUM suDfrn df mOkf hY jdoˆ Auh pihlI vfr afAuˆdy hn aqy asIˆ ieh XkInI bxfAux leI afpxf ikrdfr inBfAuˆdy hfˆ ik AunHfˆ nUM pihly idn qoˆ shI slfh iml rhI hY. “kYnyzf ਿਾਚ sQfpq hox ਿਾਚ quhfzI mdd krn leI iewk mjbUq kRYizt skor bxfAuxf mhwqvpUrn huMdf hY Kfs qOr qy jdoˆ kfr jfˆ pirvfr leI Gr KrIdx df smfˆ afAuˆdf hY.â€? afpxy nvyˆ dyĂˆ ਿਾਚ pihly sfl dy dOrfn, kuJ nvyˆ-afey mMndy hn ik kRYizt kfrz df iesqymfl kRYizt ryitMg (nO pRqIĂˆq) bxfAux ivwc AunHfˆ dI mdd krygf jfˆ AunHfˆ dI ijLMdgI ijLafdf suivDfjnk bxf dyvygf (12 pRqIĂˆq). pr smyˆ dy nfl, ieh nvyˆ-afey CyqI hI afriQk jfxkfrI hfsl kr lYˆdy hn, ikAuˆik Auh afpxy smudfieafˆ ਿਾਚ iekwTy huMdy hn aqy ijLMmyvfrI nfl kRYizt df iesqymfl krnf iswKdy hn. apRvfsIafˆ, jo kYnyzf ਿਾਚ do qoˆ pMj sfl rih cuwky hn, dI ies bfry sihmq hox dI hux ijLafdf sMBfvnf hY ik kRYizt kfrz ijLMdgI nUM afsfn bxfAuˆdy hn (59 pRqIĂˆq) aqy ieh ik kYnyzIan kRYizt ryitMg sQfpq krn leI kRYizt kfrz df iesqymfl krnf sOKf hY (54 pRqIĂˆq).

 Government Licenced



K-5 itaUSn

Government Licenced

  • 2 ½ • 2 ½ • Phonics Program      • €‹Â?Â?Â?ˆ‹Â?ˆ‚Â?Â?Â?  Â?‚  Â?Â?Â?Â?  ­Â?Â?Â? • €Â?‚Â? Â?Â? Â?  • ƒÂ?„‚ Â?­     Â?Â?Â?  Â?Â? Â? • Â…Â?Â?Â?Â?‚†Â?Â?Â?‡Â?ˆ‰ • Â?Â?„ (Subjects)ŠÂ?Â?‰Â?Â?„Â?ˆ‰ •  Â?Â?‚Â? Š„ Â?„(Graduation Celebration) • Â?Â?€Â? Â?€(Punjabi Cultural Dance) • ‚Â?Â?Â?Â?€ ­€Â?Â?Â?  • Â?  ­Â?†  ĂŞzÆ ĂƒĂ•ÂąĂą Ă ĂĽÂś ÇàÀ¹ôÊ çÆà  ĂƒÂśĂ˛Ă…Ă˛Âť ĂœÂšĂąĂ…Ă‚Ă† Ă ĂĽÂś Ă Ă—ĂƒĂĽ ÇòžÚ òÆ ùË ĂƒĂ•Ă§Âś Ô¯ Ă?

hux SnIv`r Eqy EYqv`r nUM vI pRI-skUl auplbD hY|


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A Star Landscaping Co. All kind of excavation           

 Fully insured

Mini excavating Service Bobcat Service Snow Removal Tree Removal big or small Ditch digging and cleaning Retaining wall kMkrIt zrfeIavya qy sfeIzvfk jF pyivMg Farm Drain tiles qurMq krvfAux leI gurjIq nUM Pon kro. Lot dig and back fill For excellent services call Gurjit Free old car removal Any kind of Fencing 16 Years Experience Top soil, Sand, Gravel, Mushroom manure

604-832-1675 604-850-8624



Punjabi Patrika 

Friday, July 26th, 2013

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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013




KAREENA OBLIVIOUS TO A SNAKE ON HER FILM SET While it’s obvious of a film’s cast and crew to be aware of a reptile on the set, Kareena Kapoor remained oblivious to a snake that slithered into the studio where she was shooting Gori Tere Pyaar Mein. So much so that she didn’t even care to know what the commotion was about, preferring to sit in a corner with her feet resting on another chair. Strange, since there were a few hundred people at the shoot and they were running all over the place for fear of being attacked by the snake. It was only when her hairstylist Pompi showed her a picture of the snake on his mobile that Bebo freaked out and screamed. Only to be told, that there was no point in her screaming so late because the snake had been driven out. After that, throughout the day, director Punit Malhotra was trying to scare everyone at the location, telling them that the snake was under their chair. But Kareena wasn’t amused by his sense of humour.

Katrina Kaif and Farah Khan forged a very nice equation when they worked on Tees Maar Khan. That is why Sheila Ki Jawaani was so delightful. TMK tanked, but Kat and Farah kept their equation intact. Now, we hear that Kat is making quite a few phone calls to Farah. And there are those who insist Kat is doing so because she wants to play the character of a Maharashtrian bar girl in Farah’s Happy New Year. But we think otherwise. Kat and Farah have been friends and buddies do make calls to one another, right? Why see deeper meaning in some innocuous phone calls?

Kajol as judge on TV? There has been speculation about the third judge for the upcoming Junior MasterChef India besides Vikas Khanna and Kunal Kapoor, and there is likelihood of Kajol stepping in. The channel apparently is keen to have a female judge. If Kajol agrees, this show won’t be her first, she had appeared in the reality show Rock N Roll Family with husband Ajay Devgn and mother Tanuja five years ago.


Arshad shivers after slapping Madhuri..

Sridevi to go to Columbia University with Jahnavi Sridevi is a proud mum. Her elder daughter Jahnavi, who is studying in an international school in Mumbai, will take a two-week course at the Columbia University. The subject for which Jahnavi is enrolling is not known. However, it is suggested that the teenager will do a course in writing. This is a requirement for her school curriculum. And as al-

ways, the Kapoors — Boney, Sri, Jahnavi and younger daughter Khushi — will end up travelling together to America. The Kapoors actually have a tight travel schedule. They are currently on a vacation in Europe. After that, they also have to attend a Bollywood do in Macau and then spend time in the US when Jahnavi takes her special course.

Sonakshi Sinha plays a don’s love interest in Balaji’s forthcoming Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara. Of course, it is known that the story is inspired by the life of Dawood Ibrahim. Naturally, that means Sonakshi’s character is inspired by that of 80s’ Bollywood actress Mandakini, who reportedly had a relationship with the

don. Coming back to our story, Sona’s character in OUATIMD was originally called Yasmeen, who is Shoaib’s (Akshay Kumar) love interest. Now, we hear that the makers have changed Yasmeen to Jasmine, as Mandakini’s original name happens to be Yasmeen Joseph. The makers, after all, don’t wish to invite unwanted controversies!

Dedh Ishqiya has its share of rustic rawness and violence. While displaying anger, like he did in the first part, came easily to Arshad Warsi, beating Madhuri Dixit violently put the actor into a quandary. Not surprising, since it would unnerve any seasoned actor if he had to slap a senior actor for a scene. “Whenever the director told Arshad that the shot required him to hit Madhuri, he was nervous,” re-

vealed a unit source. In one of the scenes, Arshad was required to slap his co-star hard. Naturally, Arshad was apprehensive that he had to hit Mads. “The discomfort was so apparent that Madhuri could not help but feel amused by Arshad’s plight. The director had to ask for quite a few retakes as Arshad would invariably end up hitting her softly and the incident became a joke with the unit,” said the source.




Punjabi Patrika 

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika 


His Name as an Educator is Immortalized by Dasmesh Punjabi School (DPS) Scholarship Recipients “Headmaster Kartar Singh Brar believed in education and values, and I don’t want the world to ever forget his name. ” These are, in essence, the words of Mr. Lahora Singh Brar, Sher Atta Mills owner and sponsor of the $4,000 annual Head Master Kartar Singh Brar Memorial (HMKSBM) Scholarship Fund for DPS students. This memorial scholarship is assigned for the following categories: K-12 Punjabi excellence; 4-12 Math excellence; Grades 11-12 English excellence; Grade 12 most balanced student; provincial and national level representation by DPS students.

(Left) One Class of Graduating KStudents with their awards.

(Right) Dr. Dhami Gr. 4-7 Citizenship Award Winners. (Below) Passport to Education winners iwth presenters Mr. and Mrs. Gurbaksh S. Dhaliwal GRADES 4-12 STUDENT RECIPIENTS OF THE HMKSBM SCHOLARSHIP. The Hardeep K Dhaliwal L-R front row: Ashpinder Dhaliwal; Simran Dhaliwal; Arshveer Buttar; Memorial Scholarship Hashleen Buttar; Manvir Brar; Avneet Jawanda. Back Row, L-R: Harmeet sponsors. Doad; Harleen Khaira; Harsajjan Dhillon; Jaspreet Sahota; Manjot Sandhu; Manvir Gill; Simran Sandhu; Gurmeen Banipal; Charanpreet Mahal; Baljot Sekhon; Navpreet Sandhu; Amolpreet Chahal; Jaskaran Chahal; Nimret Dosanjh; Navjot Sran . Adults, Front, L-R: Primary VP, Mrs. Atwal; Principal Mrs. Chand; Mr. Mahinder Singh (guest of honor); Dr. Dalip Singh Gill (Founding Principal); Mr. Mohinder Singh Gill (School Trustee). Back, L-R: Secondary VP, Mr. J. S. Dhaliwal. Punjabi teachers Mrs. K.K. Brar (middle row) and Mr. G.S. Dhaliwal (back row- RHS). PRIMARY RECIPIENTS OF THE HMKSBM SCHOLARSHIP- L-R, Front Row: Bikram Mann; Keerat Gill; Simran Boyal. Middle Row, L-R: Harmanjot Dhaliwal; Puneet Khakh; Sahaj Brar. Back Row, L-R: Harmanjot Dhaliwal; Ishaan Sobti; Ebadat Brar; Husreet Dhaliwal; Siya Mann. Adults, L-R: Mrs. Khangura; Mr. Mahinder Singh

Apart from the KMKSBM scholarships, students at DPS are motivated at the end of the year with numerous other scholarships and awards that reflect the School’s Mission Statement. Private sponsors, including staff and the PSG President, the Ministry of Education and the School Endowment Fund, sponsor these awards. Some photos show a few of these significant awards. Visit the School website for the rest of the photos.

(right) Grade 4 French and Shabad Kirtan Award Winners.


Punjabi Patrika


Friday, July 26th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  


Shiva Sweet & Resturant Need part time and full time kitchen helper and serving please bring your resume or call after 4 pm. contact – 604-850-2399

k`iď ­Eď ž ď ¤ď ‰ loď – Po r ď ´ lY N gď Źď ‰ P`rmď Ş iď ĽM ď Ť  nď • ď ? imhnď ąď ‰ď€ Eqď š qzrby k` ď ˛ k`mď š ď ¤ď ‰ loď – hď ™ď€Ź ijsnď •ď ? tRYktď ˛ď€Ź sprď šEď ˛ď€ Eqď š bilaUby ď ˛ ď ‰ qo V ď Ž v`ď Źď ‰ mď “Iď Ž cl`auď ¸ď ‰ď€ E`auNď ¤ď ‰ ho v y ď ź qď ŽK`ď ¨ wo g qď  ď€ Enus`ď ˛ iď ¤@ď ąď ‰ j`vy ď § Iď ź ď łMprď Ťď€şď€ 68-04 jď žď€ 62-4


Change of Name I, Balbir Kaur Sandhu w/o Bablvir Singh Dhaliwal, residing at Unit#190 - 32550, Maclure Road, Abbotsford, BC, V2T 4N3, have changed my name to Balbir Kaur Dhaliwal with immediate effect.

For Sale 40 eykV Pfrm ivkfAU Pfrm PuWl pRozksLn vflf hY. 25 eykV rsbyrI qy 15 eykV strfbyrI hY . ieWklI strfby r I dy XU ipWk ibjLns ivWco $150,000 qo vWD afmdn hY. vDIaF Gr vWzI sLfp qy mobfiel hom vI hn. lOkysLn 248 st qy PrIvy dy njLdIk hY. Asking price 29,00,000 Phone 604-504-1825


jy[jy[ jMk irmUvl aqy Xfrz kyar

spMrk kro, jIvn igWl: 604-217-1909, 604-850-3127

Flowers for weddings and babies ivE`h v`ly Pu@l Eqy nvyN b@cy v`ly P@ul lYx leI sMprk kro|

ď …ď ™ď ˘ď ´ď łď ?ď Żď ˛ď Śď€ ď ¤ď  ď€ ď Źď Żď Ťď Ź isvlď€ ď ˛ď šď Śď ‰ď


Ph: 604.556.0867 • Cell: 778.908.6655

Noor Appliances Repair / Tent Rental $25 Service Charge ď …ď łď ‰ď Žď€ Epl`ieMs irpyErď€ ď śď ‰ď€ ď Ťď ˛ď ¤ď šď€  ď ¨ď žď€ ď ąď šď€ ď …ď łď ‰ď Žď€ Epl`ieMsď€ ď śď šď Łď ¤ď šď€ ď śď ‰ď€ ď€  ď ¨ď žď źď€ ď …ď  ď °ď€ ď Şď ‰ď€ ď Žď ?ď •ď€ ď Šď Ťď łď šď€ ď śď ‰ď€ ď ąď ˛ď ˆď žď€ ď ¤ď ‰ď€ ď ˛ď ‰ď °ď š ď …ď ˛ď€ ď ¤ď ‰ď€ ď şď ˛ď •ď ˛ď ąď€ ď ¨ď Żď śď šď€ ď ąď žď€ ď ?ď Żď Žď€ ď Ťď ˛ď Žď  ď€ ď€ 

ď€śď€°ď€´ď€­ď€ľď€ľď€śď€­ď€šď€ľď€łď€ľď€ ď€  ď Şď žď€ ď€śď€°ď€´ď€­ď€¸ď€ľď€°ď€­ď€°ď€łď€˛ď€¸ď źď€  

ď Šď śď …ď ď ¨ď€ ď “ď  ď ¤ď ‰ď …ď žď€ ď Źď Ľď ‰ď€ ď ´ď ™ď Žď ´ď€ ď ¤ď  ď€ ď °ď •ď ˛ď  ď€  ď °ď ’ď ˘ď ?ď „ď€ ď ¨ď ™ď ź

All kinds of Lawnmower Repair and Parts Gfh kWtx vflIaF msLInF dI irpyar aqy pfrts leI amrIk nflL sMprk kro:




 tYNt sYtap krn leI kfimaF dI loV hY

604-850-1118 778-552-3395 778-552-3396


ď łď ľ ď ¸ ď ¤ď š ď€ ď ˛ď ¨ď Ż  ď€ ď ­ď Šď ¨ď Ťď€ ď °ď ? ď Ş ď  ď ˘ď€ ď ¤ď ‰ 101.7 FM ď ¨ď ˛ď š ď Ť ď€ ď …ď ™ď ąď śď  ď ˛ď€ ď …ď ąď šď€ ď łď Ż ď ­ ď śď  ď ˛ď€ ď Žď • ď ?  ď “ď  ď ­Iď€ ď€śď€ ď śď Şď š ď ąď Żď Žď€ ď€ˇď€ ď śď Şď šď€ ď ąď € ď Ť ď€ ď °ď śď Žď€ ď€  ď Šď §ď €ď Źď žď€ ď śď  ď Źď šď€ ď ¤ď šď€ ď Žď  ď Ź Eqy somv`r nUM 4-5 vjy S`m q@k E`pxI E`v`j surjIq klsI n`l| ď ¨ď Żď ˛ď€ ď Şď  ď ¸ď Ťď  ď ˛ď ‰ď€ ď Źď Ľď ‰ď€ ď ?ď Żď Žď€şď€ ď€  

ivE`h leI j`go Eqy hor sm`n



skrYp mYtl, Xfrzvyst, pfrtI gfrbyjL, GfhkWtxf, purxy afplfieMs aqy trI prUinMg

Floral Designs

For Sale 1990 korvan upgraded arbitrator heads. Can Pick blueberry and raspberry $35000 contact 360-3184995, 604-866-9558 ď€ 1990 kOrvYNn byrI ipWkr awpgryz afrbo r y t r hY W z ipWk bilAu b y r I, rsbyrI $35000 spMrk kro 360318-4995, 604-866-9558


Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013 (pMnf 22 dI bfkI) krky vfqfvrn nfl sbNMDq kfrkuMnf dI jfsUsI kr rhIaF hn. aijhf Auh kfrporyt GrfixaF dy ihwqF nUM sfhmxy rwK ky kr rhIaF hn. sYnyt dy vI kuJ mYNbrF ny snyzyn df smrQn kIqf hY. amrIkf ivwc keI dhfikaF qoN jnqk ihwqF dy aijhy pihrydfr afpxI jfn nUM joKLm ivwc pf ky amrIkI sfmrfj df iGnfAuxf ichrf nMgf krdy rhy hn. zynIan eIlsbrg AunHF ivwcoN iewk hY, ijsny 1971 ivwc vIaqnfm XuWD nfl sbMDq aiq KuPLIaf pYtFgn pypr dunIaF sfhmxy pysL kIqy sn. bRyzly mYinMg vI AunHF ivcoN iewk hY, ijsny 90,000 dy krIb KuPLIaf dsqfvyjL ivkIlIks dy sMsQfpk jUlIan asFjy nuM pRdfn kIqy sn. Auh hux amrIkf ivwc mukwdmy df sfhmxf kr irhf hY. aYzvrz snozyn vI ienHF jnqk ihwqF dy pihrydfrF dI sLfndfr prMprf df iewk mhwqvpUrn vrkf bx igaf hY. amrIkf df inaF ivBfg ny snyzyn ivruwD jfsUsI, srkfrI sUcnfvF nUM corI krn aqy gupq srkfrI sUcnfvF nUM lIk nfl sbMDq mfmlf drj kr ilaf hY. BuipMdr isMG iZwloN


srdI df mOsm lMG cuwkf sI. tFvf-tFvf ividafrQI svYtr pf ky skUl afieaf krdf sI. bhuq ividafrQI grm ruwq vflI vrdI pihn ky skUl af rhy sn pr nNOvIN jmfq dy hrjIq ny ajy vrdI vflI nIlI kotI nhIN AuqfrI sI. sfeIkl KLrfb hox kfrn hrjIq keI idnF qoN lfgly ipMzoN do iklomItr pYdl cwl ky skUl afieaf krdf sI. iewk idn Aus dy jmfq ieMcfrj bldyv isMG ny qyjL kdmI af rhy hrjIq kol gwzI rok ky Aus nUM

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ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

mihMdr isMG sohI

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Quality Painting Interior & Exterior

RAJINDER BRAR: 778.241.5050

Abby Plumbing Heating and Gas Fitting Ltd.      

• Boiler and Furnace Replacement • New Construction and Renovations • Hot Water Tank (Same Day Replacement) • Leaking Faucets • Hot Water Heating Repairs

Special Rates on Air Conditioning and Furnace Installations

Insured, Licensed and Certified Plumbers

   quh`fIE~ plMimMg, hIitMg (Paul)

Eqy gYs iPitMg dIE~ zrUrq~ leI s`Ă“ pihl~ Pon kro |

For all your plumbing, heating or gas fitting needs call us first!


   (Manpreet) 604-751-3536 PAGE 49


Punjabi Patrika ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  


Friday, July 26th, 2013

Vinay Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Ltd. (Abbotsford)   &   

 SONY 778.878.0025 Residential & Commercial


Car & Truck Shampoo     


Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013



Existing home sales slip slightly in June, prices up solidly

a.. Existing home sales in the U.S. declined to 5.08 million annualized units in June from May’s revised 5.14 million sales (initially reported as 5.18 million). Market expectations going into the report were for sales of 5.25 million annualized units. b.. The month’s supply of unsold homes rose to 5.2 from 5.0 in the previous month, but remains well below the historical average of 6.4 months and indicative of tight supply conditions in the resale market. c.. The median price of existing homes was $214,200, up 13.5% on a year-over-year basis as the share of distressed property sales fell to the lowest since monthly tracking began in October 2008.

had represented the highest level since the homebuyers’ tax credit boosted sales in November 2009. The moderation in resale activity in June reflected a 1.1% decrease in sales of single family homes (to 4.50 million annualized units) in the month combined with a 1.7% decline in condo and condo sales (to 0.58 million). On a regional basis, existing home sales fell modestly in the West (-1.6%), Northeast (-1.6%) an annualized 10.1% from and South (-1.5%), while the Q1/13 average, mark- sales held steady in the ing the eighth consecutive Midwest. quarterly increase and the highest level of activity The total number of existsince Q2/07. Rising de- ing homes available for mand for housing amid still sale rose 1.9% to a tenfavourable affordability month high of 2.19 million conditions and tight sup- units in June. At the current plies of homes available pace of sales, it would take for sale support our view 5.2 months to clear this that homebuilding will inventory of unsold homes, up from 5.0 in the previous rebound from the softness month but still well below seen in Q2. Accordingly, the historical average of 6.4 we anticipate that the ongomonths and indicative of ing improvement in resitight supply conditions in dential real estate markets the resale market. Against will continue to provide lean inventories and with a key support to overall distressed sales shrinking economic growth through to their lowest share since the remainder of this year monthly tracking began and into 2014. in October 2008 (down Implications

An annualized 5.08 million existing homes were sold in the U.S. in June, down 1.2% from the revised 5.14 d.. Even with the monthly million annualized units moderation in June, exist- sold in May (initially reing home sales in Q2 rose ported as 5.18 million) that

to 15% of total sales in June from 18% in May and 26% in June 2012), house prices continue to their upward trend. The US$214,200 median sales price was the highest since June 2008 and represented a 13.5% increase over the

year-ago level, which was up from 12.6% in may and represented the largest gain since October 2005. Even with the monthly moderation in June, existing home sales in Q2 rose an annualized 10.1% from the Q1/13 average, marking the eighth consecutive quarterly increase and the highest level of activity since Q2/07. Rising demand for housing amid still favourable affordability conditions and tight supplies of homes available for sale support our view that homebuilding will rebound from the softness seen in Q2. Accordingly, we anticipate that the ongoing improvement in residential real estate markets will continue to provide a key support to overall economic growth through the remainder of this year and into 2014.

RBC contacts: David Onyett-Jeffries, Economist The statements and statistics contained herein have been prepared by the Economics Department of RBC Financial Group based on information from sources considered to be reliable. We make no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to its accuracy or completeness. This report is for the information of investors and business persons and does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy securities.

cmkd`r l`l Eqy islvr typ

pMCIE~ nUM fr`aux v`ly k`rqUs h`k pqMg

Cy sO zflr qoN AuWpr afrzr 'qy muPq isLipMg pMCI fr`aux v`lI kYnn


Punjabi Patrika


Friday, July 26th, 2013

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Super power wash

HOUSE Contact: Kally


Gutters Siding Roofs Sidewalks Sundecks Driveways Windows •

NEW SUPER STAR SATELLITE DISH SERVICE • Satellite Dish Repair • Complete Installation • Wiring Repair • Signal Adjustment

We Rent Satellite Receivers

We fix all FTA receivers Professional dish pointing Get Asian & Punjabi Channels PAGE 52

Contact Kally

778-552-1291 for FREE Estimate

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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013



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Queen Bed • Dresser • Mirror • 2 Nightstands • Chest


Queen Bed • Dresser • Mirror • 2 Nightstands • Chest

King Bed W/storage • Dresser • Mirror • 2 Nightstands • Chest

Queen Storage Bed • Dresser • Mirror • 2 Nightstands • Chest

Queen Low-profile Bed • Dresser • Mirror • 2 Nightstands • Chest




King Bed • Dresser • Mirror • 2 Nightstands • Chest

LIGHT WALNUT FINISH Canadian Made Solid Pine • Queen Poster Bed • 2 Nightstands • Dresser • Mirror • Chest

ESPRESSO FINISH Canadian Made Solid Pine • Queen Bed • Dresser • Mirror • 2 Nightstands • Chest



Receive a $300 value 15 piece bedding package FREE with this coupon. Very limited quantities available.

2485 Montrose Ave. Abbotsford BC


Now accepted at Buy-Rite! See store for complete details on financing offfers. Certain conditions may apply.

Essendene St. South Montrose

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Frase r Wa y Laurel St.

McDougal Ave


HOURS: MON - FRIDAY 10-6 ❘ SATURDAY 10-6 ❘ SUNDAY 11-5 • (across from the Royal bank) • FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED


Punjabi Patrika


Friday, July 26th, 2013






2013 GATES OPEN: 9:00 Am TO 6:00 Pm FLYING EVENTS:11:00 Am TO 4:30 Pm

Sponsored by

Tickets available at



Punjabi Patrika

Friday, July 26th, 2013



Growing Forward delivers $1.4 million to support B.C. agriculture


ARDCorp: $99,552 for the Environmental Farm Plan Program (EFP).

ARDCorp: $311,622 for the Enterprise Infrastructure Traceability • Program (EIT).

ARDCorp: $95,988 for the Food Safety Systems Implementation • Program (FSSI).

B.C. Broiler Hatching Egg Commission: $6,000 for Farm Level Control Effort Projects. •

anada and B.C. invested nearly $1.4 million to support business development, innovation, food • safety and sustainability under the Growing Forward Agreement in the fourth quarter of 2012-13.

B.C. Cattlemen’s Association: $9,000 for the Windermere District Farmers Institute Demonstration Project. •

Growing Forward was a five-year frame- • work that co-ordinated federal, provincial and territorial agriculture policy. It was succeeded by Growing Forward 2 on April 1, 2013.

BC Chicken Marketing Board: $5,024 for the Program Delivery of the Control of Antimicrobial Use in Poultry – Prescription Only Initia- • tive Project.

Between Jan. 1, 2013, and March 31, • 2013, the following funding was provided under Growing Forward:

BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association: $17,000 for Addressing Gaps in the Biosecurity Guidelines for Postharvest Greenhouse Tomato Project.

ARDCorp: $371,228 for the Beneficial Management Practice Program • (BMP).

British Columbia Institute of Technology: $58,631 for the Pilot Pro-

gram for Provenance Authentication These cost-shared funds were part of the and Product Quality analysis for BC $78 million invested under Growing ForAgri-Food and Agri-Products. ward in a number of non-Business Risk Management programs designed to help B.C. Investment Agriculture Founfarmers and other participants in the agdation: $331,048 for the Canadaricultural and agri-food industry increase B.C. Agri-Innovation Program. their competitiveness and profitability. Certified Organic Associations of The Growing Forward agreement also British Columbia: $2,000 for Supincluded up to $475 million in B.C. to port for Speakers at the COABC help provide income stability and insur2013 Organics Conference. ance against losses through Business Nuu-chah-nulth Economic Develop- Risk Management programs. ment Corporation: $8,750 for AlterIn September 2012, federal, provincial nate Crop/Forest Farming Field Pilot and territorial ministers of agriculture Project – Phase 4. agreed to the next policy framework, Small Scale Food Processor Asso- Growing Forward 2, which represents a ciation: $48,566 for the Food Safety $3-billion investment over five years in Systems Implementation (Processor) strategic initiatives for innovation, competitiveness and market development. It Program. came into effect on April 1, 2013, when University of British Columbia: the Growing Forward policy framework $8,000 for the Identification of expired. On-farm Microbial Reservoirs and Contamination Routes as a Means to Develop Improved Produce Intervention Strategies. Total: $1,372,409




Punjabi Patrika 

Friday, July 26th, 2013



Punjabi Patrika 

Friday July 26th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika

Friday July 26th, 2013



iksy vI qrH~ dI pR`prtI KrIdx j~ vycx leI s`fy n`l sMprk kro:


MLS Top 1% 2011 Fraser Valley Real Estate Board MLS System

Baldev Singh Gill 604-825-8886 bldyv isMG ig@l



Lighthouse R








Kirandeep Singh Gill



#260 - 2655 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford, BC V2T 2Y6 604-855-7393 •

ikrndIp isMG ig@l



REDUCED $419,900 $413,000


TOWNLINE AREA 11 bedrooms, 3 storey, 5100 sq.ft. incl. garage, Grand View of Mountains, 5 bedrooms (incl 2 master) upstairs, 3 baths on upper floor, Close to schools and Gurudwara, Legal Suite



Some updates have been done few years ago such as: laminate floor, ceramic tiles, crown mouldings, light fixtures, high efficiency furnace, paint, kitchen cabinets with pots lights, built in wine rack and glass cabinet door, interior doors, 2' blinds, wet bar and cabinets in the rec room and new cabinets and sink in the laundry.



Unit #185 TOWNHOUSE IN CLEARBROOK VILLAGE Very nice and clean unit. Walk to all level of schools and Rotary Stadium, lots of visitor parking. Whole complex renovated with new vinyl siding, new windows, new attic insulation etc. Rented for $1000. Very good investment property. Priced to sell. Worth seeing!


• 3 year old mega house • Central Abbotsford, Close to shopping and stores • 2 basement suites plus theatre room • Top floor has 4 bdrms incl 2 masters + 3 baths


• Nice Clean House • Family, Living, Dining & Kitchen • 3 bedroom on top floor • Recroom & 2 bdrm suite in bsmt • Close to schools.



31133 Deertrail Av.


2464 SUNNYSIDE PLACE Nicely renovated, quiet location, cul-de-sac in desirable Sunnyside area, spent thousands on renovations. New low-e glass windows, newly built-in china cabinet, new maple kitchen cabinets, new granite countertops, new washrooms, new 5" rustic hardwood flooring, new tiles, new paint, new appliances, new crown molding, new railing, new light fixtures & much more. Close to school. Separate 26' x 14' shop with 10' ceiling. Lots of room for parking.




First time Buyer or Investor opportunity. Very nice 3 bedroom rancher on quiet Street.

Nice well kept house Close to town



Beautiful 2 storey custom home (over 4000 sq.ft), new neighbourhood, 9300 sq.ft. lot, hardwood flooring, high ceilings, crown moulding, granite countertops and cozy stone fireplace. 5 bdrms upstairs with 4 full baths and multiple walkins. Elegant new kitchen and spice kitchen in the back, large media room w/den and open lvgrm on main. Big backyard with an extra garage and covered patio.


Large bsmt entry house 3 bedroom 2 full baths on main plus 3 bdrm legal suite and recroom with full bath • Large flat 6781 sq.ft. lot • Close to all level of schools


45 ACRE FARM NEAR KAMLOOPS AIRPORT • 2 bdrms up & 2 down plus 1 bath on each floor • Property borders airport and popular golf course • Property has city water, septic system and well • New sprinkler system was installed in last 2 years • 10 minutes drive to grocery store & Tim Hortons • Currently growing variety of vegetables for sale at the local farmer's market.

Asking $1.2 Million

10.58 Acre Blueberry Farm

2800 sq.ft. house, living room, family room, plus 2 bsmt suites. NEW LISTING


Vinewood St.

Never Occupied. Brand new 4 Bedrooms up and 2 bedroom legal suite


plus living room and family room. Recroom with full washroom, real hardwood floors, insulated shop, flat lot, close to school.


Unit 423 - 1909 Salton Rd.


2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. Updated unit.



17.5 Acre Blueberry Farm with House in Mission


Clean house. Sold As Is - Where Is. Convenient location, close to all levels of schools, park, transit and easy access to downtown and Cedar Valley connector.


3300 SQFT COMMERCIAL LOT Downtown Abbotsford Excellent location good for restaurant, pizza shop or any other commercial activities Top two floors can be used for Office or Residential.

Large Basement Entry House with family room, living room, recroom and 2 bdrm legal suite Close to schools. $465,000


LOT FOR SALE • 5800+ sq.ft. lot in West Abbotsford • Near Aldergrove • Can build 2 or 3 storey house • No Legal Suite allowed

CALL BALDEV GILL 604.825.8886




Whole complex renovated with new vinyl siding, new windows, new attic insulation etc. Very CENTRAL ABBOTSFORD good investment property. Very Nice Rancher, Good Investment. nice and clean unit. Walk to all Rented for $1050 per month. No level of schools and Rotary through street. Close to Elementary School. Good opportunity to build Stadium, lots of visitor parking. Priced to sell. new house on this 6000 sq.ft. lot.


FARMS • FARMS 5 ACRES with nice well kept house and Full Production Duke Blueberries

NEW LISTING $164,900



$319,000 $309,000

• 3 bdrm family & living room on main • 2 Basement Suites • Nice & Clean 6 bdrm house • Tile Roof and View • Near Schools & Transportation

Very Very Clean. 5 bdrm & 3 baths, condition. 6 appl. with a $5000 floor Very Clean Townhouse in Clearbrook livingroom and family room. 2 bdrm upgrade to laminate throughout. Village. 1 bdrm down, 2 bdrms up, suite, vaulted ceiling in living room. Pets & rentals are OK. Close to new cul-de-sac locaton, corner unit. Close to schools and big storage shed.


• 3 bdrm, 2 full baths • Very clean • 7600 sq.ft. lot

Ridgeview Area


20 Acre Duke Blueberry Farm


With House on Farms Road in Mission

Nice Big House. Lots of Outbuildings. Duke, Bluecrop and Elliot Variety Close to Full Production.

Close to Full Production Blueberries. Duke Variety. 10 minutes from Mission.

Asking $1,249,000


REDUCED $1,099,000




1430 TRACEY STREET Close to airport. Level land. Future Potential.




Punjabi Patrika 

Friday July 26th, 2013

Friday July 26th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika 





Punjabi Patrika 

Friday July 26th, 2013

Friday July 26th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika



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CEDAR PARK PLAZA - ABBOTSFORD COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX - RIGHT BESIDE CEDAR PARK PLACE POTENTIAL USES: Professional Offices, Medical Offices, Sweet Shop, Grocery Store, Clothing Stores, Jewellery Store, Video/Music Stores, Restaurants, Bring your ideas.



OLD 11 S10

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Punjabi Patrika 

Friday July 26th, 2013

Friday July 26th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika 

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Punjabi Patrika 

Friday July 26th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika

Friday July 26th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  


LUNA HOMES PHASE 3 NOW SELLING hux qusIN nv~ Gr isrP $369,990 qoN lY skdy ho|


incl. GST

30748 Cardinal Ave., Abbotsford DAILY 12-5PM EXCLUDING FRIDAYS. Or call me directly at:

Cell: 778-908-3358 MANDEEP BHALLA

GWt lfAu vWD pfAu myrIaF syvfvF smyq 1. MLS Exposure 2. Paid Adversements 3. Social Media Markeng 4. Open Houses 5. Professional Photos, Videos & Virtual Tours 6. A ended Showings & Much More

1[ aYm aYl aYs aYkspojLr 2[ pyz aYzvrtfeIjLmYNts 3[ sosLl mIzIaf mfrikMitMg 4[ Epn hfAUs 5[ poRPYsLnl Poto, vIzIEjL aqy vrcUl tUrj 6[ afE dyKo aqy hor bhuq kWuC




Punjabi Patrika 

Friday July 26th, 2013

July 26th, 2013  

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