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Friday, June 28th 2013 Vol. 17, No. 39

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        We’ve got the right mortgage for you


Outside of Fraser Valley $1.20



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Auto • Home • Life • Farm Business • Child RESP We Specialize in

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smyN isr aqy BrosyXog srivs sB qoN vDIaf ryt

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Chartered Accountants of British Columbia

Principal Mrs. Santos and Teacher Mrs. Randhawa at the Ceremony!


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Dry Eye Clinic: Do your eyes water?....itch?....burn?

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Windermere Court #205 - 32450 Simon Ave. Abbotsford, BC V2T 4J2

Comprehensive Eye Exam Eye Glasses, Sunglasses and Contact Lenses Glaucoma Management Laser and Cataracts Surgery Co-management

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Call us for a FREE initial consultation on your ICBC claim.

RICKY AHUJA Mobile Mortgage Specialist


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B.Sc, O.D.

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Dr. Parm Sandhu

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Children and Seniors Eye Exam FREE ϟÇÚà  à üœ Ïášðם çÆà  à ŸÖ çÆ êðÖ Îšøü




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SPECIAL: Buy one Pair of Glasses and get a Second for pair for only $29*


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Rick Tatla

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Rosborough & Company has been providing legal services in the Fraser Valley since 1961. • Real Estate • Transactions • Corporate and • Business Law • Wills and Estate • Planning • Commercial Leasing • Business Agreements • Estates and Probate Kam S. Grewal

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Punjabi Patrika



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Friday, June 28th, 2013

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Friday, June 28th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika 




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NAV 604.557.9294 We need workers for decorations and tent work. PAGE 3


Punjabi Patrika 

Friday, June 28th, 2013

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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013

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TUNE-UPLTD.CENTER 604 854-5500

Karamjit Certified Technician


OIL CHANGE $34.95 AirCare


Repair Centre







Unit #24 - 3275 McCallum Road Abbotsford B.C. V2S 3M7 (Across from Air Care)


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Punjabi Patrika


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

Friday, June 28th, 2013

CTF Launches B.C. Debt Clock Tour


eartburn, although common, is not a condition to ignore. In addition to the very real pain, the prolonged action of the stomach acids on the esophagus can lead to serious damage and even cancer. Avoid anything that places pressure on the stomach (large meals, exercising after eating and excess weight). Don’t eat foods which trigger problems, don’t lie down within 2-3 hours of eating and consider raising the head of your bed.

Adequate fibre intake, balanced with fluids, can manage both diarrhea and constipation. Avoid deli meats, spicy or greasy foods, dairy, alcohol, caffeine and sweeteners. And learn pelvic floor exercises to improve sphincter muscle tone. Urinary incontinence is a condition sufferers are often reluctant to talk about, but there are some tips for reducing the problem. Minimize bladder irritants such as caffeine, alcohol, carbonated drinks, aspartame, spicy foods and citrus fruits/ juices. Don’t smoke and do maintain a healthy weight. Manage constipation to avoid straining and use pelvic floor exercises to improve control. Above all – stay active!

a.. Iconic Debt Clock will visit 30 commu- said Bateman. “She needs to stand up against nities across B.C. over the next two weeks special interest groups looking for more tax money. Based on the election results, there’s b.. B.C. debt now totals more than $57 billion clearly an appetite in B.C. for the Premier and is ticking up at $209 per second to make good on her campaign promise of a The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) debt-free B.C.� today launched a 30-community, two-week The iconic Debt Clock, adapted for B.C.’s tour of its B.C. Debt Clock at a news confer- provincial debt numbers, is 12 feet long ence in Stanley Park. The CTF wants to draw and 5’6 feet high. It is housed in a custompublic attention to B.C.’s growing debt load. designed trailer that has crisscrossed the “B.C.’s provincial debt will grow by a billion country over the past two years. dollars every single quarter over the next Planned B.C. Debt Clock 2013 tour stops three years – even with so-called balanced include: budgets,� said Jordan Bateman, the CTF’s British Columbia Director. “By 2016, today’s a.. June 14 (preview at CTF fundraiser) – $57 billion debt will top $69.4 billion. We Langley b.. June 21 (preview at Rotary Club event) – need to stop this clock.� Chilliwack, Abbotsford B.C.’s debt grows by: c.. June 26 – Vancouver and north Fraser a.. $209 per second communities b.. $12,515 per minute d.. June 27 (B.C. Budget Day) – south Fraser c.. $750,913 per hour communities d.. $18 million per day e.. about a million dollars every 80 minutes e.. July 2 – West Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland, Penticton, Keremeos “Debt is a killer for future generations,� said Bateman. “It’s like putting our children and f.. July 3 – Salmon Arm, Sicamous, Vernon, grandchildren a mile behind a marathon’s Lake Country g.. July 4 – Kelowna starting line.� Bateman noted that Premier Christy Clark h.. July 8 – Merritt, Kamloops, Barriere has long supported balanced budgets and i.. July 9 - 100 Mile House, Lac La Hache, even ran on a “debt-free B.C.� platform in Williams Lake, Quesnel the May provincial election. j.. July 10 – Prince George

If making lifestyle changes to manage heartburn don’t do the trick, it may be time to consider medication. Antacids will temporarily neutralize stomach acid if occasional symptoms occur but medications such as ranitidine or famotidine help to reduce the production of acid. It these are insufficient, talk to your docIncontinence may be unavoidable for tor about proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) some, but don’t be shy about asking your which can result in significantly better pharmacist for advice and assistance. acid reduction. There are a number of products and It’s rarely talked about, but fecal inconti- medications that may be helpful. nence (involuntarily passing gas or stool) can lead to significant lifestyle restricArticle Provided by Gladwin Pharmacy, tions. Management includes dietary “The Premier has talked the talk on debt reSee advertisement below. measures, exercises and even surgery.

duction, but now it’s time to walk the walk,�

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Donny Sahota Mortgage Development Manager



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5 Year Variable

Â?   ˆ ÂŽ

(604) 807-4116 BAYFIELD MORTGAGE PROFESSIONALS Serving Your Community For Over 30 Years Broker/Lender Fees May Apply. Rates Subject to Change Without Notice.


by Jordan Bateman, CTF B.C. Director

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013



he Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health with the Government of Canada, announced 12 Innovation Teams who have been awarded funding to enhance the delivery of primary health care. Fraser Health has partnered with the Ministry of Health and researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and has been successful in garnering a $1.9 M grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and $500,000 from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR). The grant aligns with Fraser Health’s commitment to enhancing research and academic partnerships. To this end, Fraser Health is instilling a bold vision for research and innovation to progressively increase our impact to benefit our communities.

Community-Based Primary Health Care (CBPHC) is fundamental to our Canadian health care system. Most Canadians first point of contact is through primary health care delivered in the community. This is where a wide variety of health problems are resolved, by family physicians, nurse practitioners and health teams. Fraser Health recognizes that a strong CBPHC system will give Canadians more equitable care with better population outcomes at reduced cost. Together with its partners, Fraser Health will be engaging the Divisions of Family Practice and primary care physicians in Fraser East to examine reporting systems of CBPHC and communicate quality measures of how they can influence decisions on the design and delivery of the Community-Based Primary Health Care system.

This will improve care and ultimately lead to a stronger system for all Canadians. The research will focus on two priority areas: vulnerable populations and chronic conditions. The team will examine preventative measures including early detection of breast cancer, prevention and management of chronic diseases, including diabetes, kidney and digestive diseases, mental illness, musculoskeletal, skin and/or oral conditions and HIV/AIDS. The hope is that this research will leverage partnerships to enhance quality improvement and policy development across Canada and internationally. With this research, Fraser Health together with its partners will position Canada as leader in evaluating the effectiveness of CBPHC innovations.


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ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

• Air Conditioning • Transmission Service • Automotive Electrical Work • Front End Work • Computerized Diagnostics • Computerized Alignment • Custom Made Exhausts (Single or Dual exhaust)

EsIN eyEr kyEr dI irpyEr vI krdy h~ k`r~, vYn~ Eqy tr@k El`ienmYNt vI krdy h~| quh`fI psMd Enus`r isMgl j~ fbl EYgj`st

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Punjabi Patrika


Friday, June 28th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

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hux EsIN nvIN lokySn - sIfr p`rk ivKy mUv ho gey h~| #110 - 2580 Cedar Park Place, Abbotsford BC V2T 3S5


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Friday, June 28th, 2013

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Punjabi Patrika


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jLrUrq ies gwl dI hY ik asIN AuWdm df rfh apxfeIey, mnwuK dI BivwK nUM jfnx dI kmjLorI df nfjLfiejL Pfiedf AuTfAux vfly pysLyvr jflsfjLF qoN sfvDfn rhIey, afpxy aMdr ijLafdf qoN ijafdf ivigafnk soJI pYdf krIey aqy kfrn qy kfrj dy sbMDF nUM smJ ky jIvn ivwc awgy vDIey.


13 Years Experience!

Furnace and Duct Cleaning Gurdip Kaler


klyr k`ript

Certified Technician 604-859-8123 or Cell: 604-864-7125 34079 CLAYBURN RD., ABBOTSFORD, B.C.

klyr k`ript klIinMg v`ly hux Prns vI klIn krdy hn| vDIE` srivs Eqy v`ijb ryt leI E@j hI Pon kro


SERVICE Throughout the Lower Mainland


Punjabi Patrika


Friday, June 28th, 2013


Little Twinkle Preschool Ltd. Little Twinkle has been proudly serving the community for 10 years! Once a small school in a basement, with a class size of 16, has grown tremendously since 2003. Now functioning with three classes, Little Twinke Preschool is proud to announce its tenth year running! Operating in Dave Kandal Elementary, Little Twinkle offers both a preschool and an out of school care option. The goal is to help children have a positive school environment with the help of teachers who are €uent in both English and Punjabi. The preschool is fully licensed for 20 children per class with three teachers. With being in a school setting, children grow comfortable to the regular activities that they will attend in the future, such as gym, computer and library experiences. Preschool is essential for three year olds as it teaches separation, trust, security in an environment, and cooperation with other children. For four year olds, it is just as important as it gears to prepare children for

Preschool is an essential time in your young one’s life, as it is the building stone for the rest of their academics. These experiences will help them grow in the future. Little Twinkle Preschool also offers guidance towards those families who have any ˆnancial problems. There are free spaces that are offered, so please feel free to discuss this with Mrs. Randhawa at any time! “The purpose of learning is growth and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as long as we live.” Mortimer Adler.

Located at Dave Kandel Elementary

Register Now for September


Baven Seikhon

Ranveer Mangat

My daughter goes to Little Twinke Preschool. It is a great school for children because it is safe, no need to worry about my children going somewhere unsafe. Also all of the children get to learn a lot of different things. The children get exercise as well by going into the gym and playing. That is why Little Twinkle is such a great school.

myrf lVkf iltl tivMkl skUl ivWc pVHdf hY.skUl df anusLfsLn bhuq cMgf hY.ieWQy asIN affpxy bWcy nUM Kyzx aqy sfiraF nfl rlL iml ky rihx leI Byijaf sI. pr Ausny pVHnf aqy pfT krnf vI cMgy qrIky nfl isWiKaf. pVHn dy nfl nfl Aus nUM sOkr Kyzx df mOkf vI imilaf. bWicaf nUM PIlz tirp qy vI iljfieaf igaf. bWicaf df bhuq vDIaf qrIky nfl iDafn rWiKaf jFdf hY.myry bWcy ny ieWQy pVHn dy nfl nfl bhuq kuWJ isWiKaf. mYnUM Aus qy bhuq mfx hY. aWgy jf ky vI Auh bhuq kuWJ isWKygf.

Little Twinkle Preschool has Arshpreet Singh Malhi, in many ways. He is more active, energetic and studious. He is also taking part in a soccer game which he really likes and enjoys. The school staff is very supportive and hardworking. They build self conˆdence in children. They also make them more creative. Thus, my child is having really good time in the school and he enjoys what he does.

Parmvir Dhami

Savroop Sidhu

Aryan Dawit Aryan followed his brother's footsteps and attended Little Twinkle Preschool for 2 years. We are proud to say that our kids learned a lot from Mrs. Randhawa and staff. Congratulations Aryan on your preschool graduation and your very ˆrst milestone in life. Way to go Aryan! We are proud of you!


kindergarten. It helps develop on the listening and attention skills, following instructions and meeting expectations, learning new themes that relate to the world around us, cognitive skills such as phonics, language and speech. Little Twinkle also specializes in making a creative environment for the children. Each year they hold a special show for their family that address the skills the children have learned throughout the school year.

Sending kids to the Little Twinkle Preschool mean sending kids in a safe hand. Its really good school. My son learn there a lots of stuff. How to talk with older, sharing, making new friend, learn ABC, counting, how to write his name. Teachers are really nice and kind. My son really enjoyed going there. I am glad that I have been able to ˆnd a right school for my son.

Arshpreet Malhi

Savroop Sidhu likes this school very much. She learned a lot from this school. She likes her teacher Mrs. Randhawa very much. She learned a lot of other activities too like, swimming, skating and 'path' in morning. Thanks for doing this. She really enjoyed this school. She misses school when it's a day off. She wants Mrs. Randhawa as a teacher again.

Gurfateh Bassi

jpvIr cImF

Robby Dhillon

My son really likes Little Twinkle Preschool. At ˆrst he did not wanted to go there but after a couple of days he started to really like it. He made new friends and had lots of fun. He also learned a lot of new things. His teachers are really wonderful and so are their teaching techniques.

myrf bytf iltl tivMkl skUl ivWc pVHdf hY. Aus ny ies skUl ivWc bhuq kuJ isWiKaf hY. Auh bhuq hI KusL hY ik Auh ies skUl ivWc pVHdf hY qy mYN vI bhuq KusL hF ik myry byty nUM ies skUl ivWcoN bhuq kuJ isWKx nUM imilaf. ies skUl dIaF tIcrj vI bhuq cMgIaF hn aqy bWicaF nUM bhuq hI aOKy qrIky aqy ipafr nfl sfrf kuJ isKfAuNdIaF hn.

Little Twinkle Preschool we chose was strong in arts and music and the location was convenient. But what really sold us was the cheerful atmosphere. Little Twinkle Preschool has plenty of programs for kids to be involved, to meet new friends and most of all to be active. The preschool teachers have good classroom management skills and can ensure good student behaviours effective study and work habits and an overall sense of respect in the classroom.

Amanat Bassi

Gurleen Kherha

My daughter loves school so that another reason I want her to go. Plus I feel it will help her transition into kindergarten easily. Right now I am with her all day long. If I am not with her then she is with her grandma or grandpa. So I like this school. I feel preschool will slowly help with being away from me so kindergarten is not such a shock.

Little Twinkle Preschool has helped Gurleen come so far. She went from knowing no English and friends to knowing a little English and quite a few friends. The teachers have been helping her learn the alphabet and are doing a great job. School for her wasn’t easy at ˆrst as she was in India for the ˆrst 4 years of her life but as she started going regularly she started to love it. Little Twinkle has helped a lot.

Jayden Mahil Little Twinkle Preschool provides a great learning experience. We really enjoyed sending both our sons to this preschool. The staff is great and really works hard on giving kids a great head-start for kindergarten. It is always a fun time at school for the kids and they really enjoy the great ˆeld trips. The preschool provides a good balance between learning, playtime, social skills and physical education. As a parent, I would recommend this school to other parents.

Jaskaran Gill

Inderbir S. Sekhon

Japji Mehat

My son has been going to Little Twinkle since Jan. 2013. I think this school is a good place for my child because he learns how to share with other children. Now he is very active. Mrs. Randhawa is a good teacher as she knows how to handle the children.

Inderbir is very lucky because he got a chance to study at Little Twinkle Preschool. He is inspired from faculty especially Mrs. Randhawa and Mrs. Talan who taught him many skills like how to cooperate with society and with friends. Mrs. Randhawa teaches in interesting ways. He is often excited to go to school and meet his teachers. We are fully satisˆed with Little Twinkle Preschool.

Japji Mehat likes Little Twinkle Preschool. I think this school is a good place for my child because she learns how to share with other children. Now she has become very active. We are really happy with this school. It has good teachers and wonderful teaching atmosphere.

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Mahi Kang



Massey Calverley

gursLfn BuWlr

Tristan Etler

Massey enjoys going to preschool. He likes his teachers and all the fun things he gets to do in class and in the school. He especially likes the bhangra dance that is offered after school. Thank you for such a good introduction school.

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Tristan has come so far being at Little Twinkle Preschool. He has learned so much. Tristan enjoyed his friends and teachers and loves going to school everyday.

Lovejot Gill

Jaya Deol Little Twinkle Preschool is an amazing place to learn. My daughter loves going to school and loved their eldtrips and activities that the school did. I would recommend this school to everyone.

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My daughter has been going to school for two and a half years. She learned in preschool how to write her name and learn her ABC's. We choose this school because we love their rules and regulations.

little twinkle preschool teachers provide a safe, positive and caring environment for the students. Through teaching, they build con dence, independence and self esteem in addition to channeling the student's creativity.

Harshaan Buttar

Manpreet Dhaliwal

Harshhan has learned manners. He has learned ABC and writing and sentences from his teacher Mrs. Randhawa. He likes the preschool. He is going to miss his teacher Mrs. Randhawa.

I like Little Twinkle Preschool for numerous reasons. There was good environment, many facilities, good faculty and education. Overall this preschool helped in making my son's future bright.

Navin Goodridge

karanbir sandhu

He liked coming to preschool and running around in the gym. He liked playing with his friends at preschool and he liked learning different things at preschool. He has learned kindergarten readiness and he is ready for kindergarten.

Rajvir and Manvir Thandi sq sIR akfl, myrf nfm bljIq kOr QFdI hY.myry do byty rfjvIr qy mnvIr iltl tivMkl pIR skUl ivWc pVH rhy hn. mYnUM ieh dsidaF bVf mfx mihsUs ho irhf hY ik ieWQoN df stfP bhuq hI vDIaf qrIky nfl bWicaF nUM pVHfAuNdy hn. tIcr bWicaF nUM cMgI isWiKaf dy nfl vDIaf rihx sihx aqy bolx df qrIkf isKfAuNdy hn. bWcy hryk sfl PIlz tirp leI bfhr jFdy hn. mYN iehnF tIcrj dI bhuq bhuq DMnvfdI hF.

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Sunny Brar

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Jasmeet Dhoot

pihlF myrI bytI skUl jfx qoN bhuq zrdI huMdI sI ikAuNik Ausdf skUl jfxf pihlf tfiem jdoN Auh tIcrF nUM imlI qF Auh bhuq KusL hoeI ikAuNik AuhnF df bolx aqy pVHfAux df ZMg bhuq vDIaf hY.

My daughter studies at Little Twinkle Preschool. She feels very comfortable in this school. She loves this school very much. Little Twinkle Preschool teachers handle the students very nicely. Parents are thankful to the staff.

Jagvir Takhar

Balraj Bratch

Jagvir loved her class, she enjoyed the year very well. She is better than before in speaking English. She has learned how to share and play in a group as well as coloring, the alphabet and counting.

This school is well organised. My child has learned a lot over the year. Balraj has learned more English. He has also learned basic manners such as how to behave when outside of the house.

Avreet Sandhu

Avin Sran

Hi I am Sunny. I like Little Twinkle Preschool. I learn so many things. My teacher's nature is same as my mother. I love my teacher and my school.

I had a great year and i had lots of fun. It was a excellent experience. I wish I could start the year all over again. I made lots of friends and I got the best teachers. I learned lots of things like art, counting, writing my name and other stuff.

Robin Cheems

Rajan Cheema

Little Twinkle Preschool has good discipline. I like this school because they have good eld trips. They teach well.

Little Twinkle Preschool. is the best school for children because they have lots of fun. They play fun sports games. My children like this school.

I was a very nervous Mom. I found the courage to send Avi to Preschool which was the best experience for me and my son.

Aakash Natt As parents we like this school very much. They teach many good things. The teachers are nice and honest. They teach how to be respectful to parents and others. We liked that he learned Bhangra. Aakash likes his school very much.


Punjabi Patrika


Komagata Maru Art Exhibition


n June 14, I attended the exhibition reception of Komagata Maru Stories in Delta. Acclaimed visual artist, Jarnail Singh has teamed up with acclaimed writer, Ajmer Rode for this insightful exhibition. Jarnail Singh has produced a series of paintings based on stories written by Ajmer Rode, depicting key events of the historical Komagata Maru incidence. Their creative collaboration brings emotional force to reveal the human tragedy of this dramatic incidence in Canadian history.

the sorrowful plight of the detained passengers on board, unable to begin their new lives in the land of their dreams. The ship, Komagata Maru bearing 376 Indians (mostly Sikhs) arrived in Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet on May 23, 1914 but was denied permission to land. It was forcibly turned back on July 23 because of the immigration law of continuous journey from country of origin to Canada. Since, Jarnail Singh paints the ship anchored no ship of that off the mainland in the same deep bluetime was capable violet tones as the ocean to symbolize of direct travel from India to Canada, this law was designed to exclude Indians. Jarnail Singh paints the leader Gurdit Singh larger than life to stress his heroic stature but with anxiety about the welfare of his passengers showing in his eyes and furrowed brow. Happy Passengers depicts Sikh men in their colourful turbans on deck as the ship approaches Vancouver, unaware of their fate ahead, expecting to be treated well as citizens of the British Empire. Radio host, Kuljeet Kaur delivered the opening remarks emphasizing that art is

By Mandeep Wirk

their lands in the Punjab to pay for their passage only to have their hopes dashed on arrival. He also noted that a couple of passengers had brought their wives and children and that women have a voice in the exhibition. Surjeet Kalsey pointed out that there are only a few archival pictures of the Komagata Maru incidence and we need these beautiful paintings and moving narratives to tell the full story. Jordan Strom, Curator of the Surrey Art Gallery stated that collaboration of artists the backbone of culture. Jarnail Singh across disciplines makes for a stronger spoke of having heard about Komagata community. Maru from his father (legendary artist Kirpal Singh) and of wanting to paint Sikh pioneers in Canada. Ajmer Rode pointed out that the historical account of the Komagata Maru is missing the suffering of the people. He described how the passengers had mortgaged

Jarnail Singh addressing the gathering with Ajmer Rode.

The show runs till June 30 at the Firehall Centre for the Arts (11489, 84 Ave) in Delta.

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Total 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 4000 sq.ft. house on approx. 8000 sq.ft. lot. Fully renovated in 2007 (Everything new). 2 basement suites (Rented for $1175). Close to everything (Safeway, schools and parks). Well kept house, must see, must sell.

ç¶ÃÆ îÆà îÆà

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604-556-7708 #104-2451 klIarbrWuk roz, aYbtsPorz (pfpUlr vYjI pIjyL dy ipWCy) PAGE 12

Friday, June 28th, 2013


mkfn mflk vWlo isWDf ivkfAU hY – (aYbtsPorz) 7 bYzrUm, 4 bfQrUm vflf sfPL suQrf Gr, qkrIbn 4000 sukyar PWut Gr, qkrIbn 8000 sukyar Pwut lft qy do bysmYtF vflf jo 1175 zflr ikrfieaf afAudf hY. 2007 ivWc sfrf kuWJ nvF bdilaf igaf hY. Gr dyKxXog hY aqy mOrgyjL ivWc mWdd ho skdI hY. hr cIjL dy nyVy hY. Gr vycxf jrUUrI hY. cfhvfn hyT ilKy nMbr qy sMprk kr skdy hn.

MUST SELL - ASKING $565,000 Call 604-309-5705 Drive by: 2563 Lilac Street, Abbotsford

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika 





Punjabi Patrika 

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Sikh Community Reaches Out to Serve in Aftermath of Calgary Floods The Sikh community of Calgary and the World Sikh Organization of Canada have been reaching out to serve in the aftermath of severe flooding in the city. Thousands of Calgary residents were forced to evacuate after rising water levels shut down the city core and left many neighbourhoods flooded. On behalf of the Calgary Sikh Community, the Dashmesh Culture Centre extended an open invitation to all flood victims, volunteers and emergency responders to come to the Gurdwara for a free vegetarian meal from 11am – 8pm seven days a week. The congregation at the Dashmesh Culture Centre also raised $12,000 for the Red Cross relief effort. The WSO funded and organized a free meal for Canadian Forces members who have been deployed in the area. The military personnel, who had been working for many hours without a warm meal, were provided fresh pizza, chips and pop. Further meals will also be organized in the coming days for Canadian Forces members deployed in other parts of the province.


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

Every body is a work of art.


EsIN E`pxy sp` ivc Skin Care leI kyvl Éminence v@loN E`rgYink (kudrqI) qrIky n`l iqE`r kIqy gey pRofkts hI vrqdy h~ Please visit our websites for monthly specials! WWW.FRESHCANVASSPA.COM & WWW.SPASURREYBC.COM

The Sikh Youth Calgary has been providing blankets and personal hygiene items to flood victims currently staying in dropin locations. Blankets and personal hygiene kits were also delivered to the Siksika reserve, 100 kilometres east of Calgary. The reserve has been hit hard by the flood and 1000 residents have been forced from their homes. A group of Sikh youth volunteers are at the reserve today to help with the relief efforts. Selfless service or ‘seva’ is a key teaching of the Sikh faith and is an obligation for all Sikhs in the spirit of ‘sarbat da bhalla’ or the upliftment of all. Jasroop Singh Bains, WSO’s Calgary relief coordinator said, “as Sikhs, serving others is a part of our faith. It’s at times

like this that we can reach out to those in need and make a difference. The Sikh community is privileged to be in a position to serve and we hope we are able to do our part as Calgary recovers from this disaster.� WSO President Prem Singh Vinning said, “as the father of a son currently serving in the Canadian Forces, I know that I would want him to have a warm meal when he is on the ground. Providing some hot pizza and snacks is our way of showing our appreciation for the work our troops are doing. We are also very proud of the efforts of the Sikh community in Calgary who have come together to put the Sikh principle of seva into practice during this difficult time.� The World Sikh Organization of Canada (WSO) is a non-profit international organization with a mandate to promote and protect the interests of the Sikh Diaspora, as well as to promote and advocate for the protection of human rights for all individuals, irrespective of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, and social and economic status.

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Punjabi Patrika



• Walk-in and Family Practice • Accepting New Patients & Walk-Ins • No Appointment Necessary • Punjabi Speaking Staff Available

aYbtsPorz ivKy nvyN vflmfrt aMdr nvF klIink KWul igaf hY

• vfk ien aqy PYmlI pYRkits • nvy aqy vfk ien mrIj dI pRvfngI • apuieMtmYNt jrUrI nhI • stfP pMjfbI vI boldf hY

High Street Mall The Clinic at Walmart 3122 Mt. Lehman Road Abbotsford, B.C. V4X 0B3

604.318.4102 w w w. v i v a c a r e . c a


Friday, June 28th, 2013


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Friday, June 28th, 2013

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kOV qF ies gwl dI vI bhuq sI ik amrIkf vfilaF ny hfimd krjfLeI qy Aus dy sfQIaF nUM hflfq dI GuMmxGyrI ivwc Psf ky afp iKsk jfx dI nIqI bxf leI hY, pr qfilbfn dy nfl gwlbfq dy ZMg nfl kOV hr vD geI. kqr ivc bYTy qfilbfn dy gruwp nUM AunHF ny Kud hI nhIN, amrIkI hkUmq ny vI ‘ieslfmI amIrfq aPgLfinsqfn’ df nFa dyxf mMn ilaf qy iek qrHF AunHF ny aPLgfinsqfn vfsqy

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Punjabi Patrika


Abbotsford 2160 Lynden Street


Punjabi Patrika




Friday, June 28th, 2013

Harper Government announces new requirements for Canadians with offshore property and income

arliamentary Secretary Cathy McLeod was in Vancouver to announce the launch of a strengthened Foreign Income Verification Statement (Form T1135), one of the Economic Action Plan 2013 measures to crack down on international tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance. Mrs. McLeod met with members of Certified General Accountants (CGA) Canada to discuss taxation issues, including how best to combat international tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance. “Our Government is committed to combating tax evasion and getting tough on tax cheats. Since 2006, we have introduced over 75 measures to improve the integrity of the tax system,” said Parliamentary


Secretary McLeod. “The strengthened reporting requirements are just one example of the actions being taken by our Government to crack down on tax cheats. These measures are great news for hardworking Canadians who pay their fair share and bad news for those who may seek to cheat the system.” Starting with the 2013 taxation year, Canadians who hold foreign property with a cost of over $100,000 will be required to provide additional information to the CRA. The criteria for those who must file a Foreign Income Verification Form (T1135) has not changed; however, the new form has been revised to include more detailed information on each specified foreign property.

Increased reporting re- lead to significant taxes, concerning a foreign prop- lion investment to target interest and penalties. erty. international tax evasion quirements include: and aggressive tax avoidthe name of the specific These measures will build In addition to the new ance. foreign institution or other on the recent commit- filing requirements, Ecoentity holding funds out- ments made by Prime nomic Action Plan 2013 “We are pleased to see Minister Stephen Harper proposed other strong the Government taking side Canada; at the G-8 Lough Erne new measures to combat action on this important the specific country to Summit in Northern Ire- international tax evasion issue. Increased reportwhich the foreign property land. The G-8 declaration and aggressive tax avoid- ing requirements of large and the Harper Govern- ance. These include: relates; and offshore assets will help ment’s Action Plan on to ensure that all Canathe income generated Transparency of Corpo- the new Stop International dians are operating on a from the foreign property. rations and Trusts will Tax Evasion Program; level playing field when uphold a high level of the mandatory reporting it comes to their taxes,” The CRA will use the ad- transparency. of international electron- said Carole Presseault, ditional information to ensure all taxpayers comply Economic Action Plan ic funds transfers over Vice President of Gov$10,000 to the CRA; and, ernment and Regulatory with Canadian tax laws, 2013 also proposes to Affairs at CGA Canada. through activities includ- extend the reassessment streamlining the judicial “Our members support the ing education and audit. period for a tax year by process that provides the fight against tax evasion, three years if a taxpayer CRA authorization to Failure to report income has failed to report income obtain information from as it hurts all Canadians by from domestic or foreign reducing government revfrom a foreign property sources is illegal, and Ca- on their income tax re- third parties such as banks. enue that other law abidnadians should know that turn and Foreign Income The Harper Government ing taxpayers are required the CRA actively pursues Verification Form (T1135) also recently announced to make up, and providing cases of non-compliance. was not filed, late-filed, the creation of a dedicated an unfair advantage to Tax evasion and aggres- or included incorrect or team to implement these those seeking to cheat the sive tax avoidance can incomplete information measures and a $30 mil- system.”

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013



Agrifair weekend pass is too good a deal to pass up!

Turn the pages of your calendar to August, 2013 and mark down the ‘Abbotsford Agrifair and Rodeo 2013: Wild, Wild West’ between August 2nd and 5th because this year’s weekend pass is too good a deal to pass up! Fifteen dollars for four full days and nights of family friendly entertainment including three concerts, the Demolition Derby, Lumberjack Show, Carz and More Show, Lego Mania Show, Agriland, Rodeo, Midway, KidZone, Dinosaurs, fireworks and so much more! Where else can you find this much entertainment at such a steal of a price?

Õz˺÷ Á˺â ÔËâîËé ñÅÁ ÁÅÇøà pirvfrk vkIl

crowds under the night sky on Sunday evening with their musical blend of alternative rock, folk, acoustic and R & B genres. Bring your family, friends and blankets and find your spot on the grass early to see this highly acclaimed band! This year the Demolition Derby and Lumberjack shows are returning by popular demand and fireworks are also making a come-back!

New and exciting full contact sports competition including a rugby tournament and wrestling matches will wow fans with high You can’t afford not to visit the fair each impact tackles and clever grappling techday of the August long weekend! Where niques throughout the weekend. else can you enjoy three concerts for only Take advantage of your opportunity to disfifteen dollars? play your pride and joy and creative talent at The Valley Voice competition will kick off the Customs Carz and More and Lego Mania Agrifair’s compelling weekend line-up of shows. Get your entries in, entry forms availmusical entertainment on the evening of able on our website. There are prizes to be Friday, August 2nd. The remaining finalists, won and recognition to be had! six of BC’s young vocalists, will sing-off for the title of Fraser Valley’s ‘Voice’ to become Whether you are a sports fanatic, car enstar for a year. The winner will be determined thusiast, rodeo junkie, animal lover, music by a combination of audience votes and four fan, carnival goer, game player or simply an celebrity judges. entertainment seeker you will find fun and Saturday night Langley-born country star, excitement all weekend long so be sure to Dallas Smith, will rock the stage country get in on this never-offered-before great deal style! You will need to get your spot on the and get your weekend pass soon! grass early as this concert expects to draw There’s something for everyone at Abbots2000 - 3000 boot-stompin’ fans! ford Agrifair! Affordable family fun – you Three-time Grammy award winning Chris- won’t want to miss a moment at “the best tian rock band, Jars of Clay, will entertain little country fair”!!


ÕËÇðé ö֯º bYirstr & soilstr Ô¶á ÇñÖÆÁź öòÅòź êzçÅé Õðç¶ Ôé: • qlfk • spurdgI, srpRwsqI aqy phuMc • bWicaF aqy pqI/pqnIL leI pflx-posLx Krc (sport) • ivafh aqy alihdgI iekrfrnfmf • vsIaq • jLmInF dy ieMqkfl

KERIN K. SEIKHON Barrister & Solicitor Providing services in: • Divorce • Parenting Arrangements & Guardianship • Child & Spousal Support • Marriage & Separation Agreements • Wills • Conveyancing

Telephone: 604.850.5036 Email: #202-2975 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford

Mortgage Rates Are Down 4 Yrs Fixed




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IN CMP 2011

(prime minus .45%)

Sharnjit S Gill, AMP Ex-MANAGER (BMO) Bank of Montreal

Proud to be one of Canada’s Top Mortgage Brokers in 2009, 2010 & 2011




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Friday, June 28th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013


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     Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Acura


We Sell Import & Domestic Cars, SUV’s, Trucks & Vans

Ôð ü𡝠çÆà  Ă•Ă…Ă°Âť, Ă Ă‹Ăƒ.ĂŻÂą.òÆ. ĂĽÂś òËʝ ÖðÆçä ùÂÆ ĂƒÂ§ĂŞĂ°Ă• Ă•Ă°ÂŻĂ? All vehicles are Air Cared, Safety Inspected and come with a Warranty.

Best Quality and Low Prices! Financing Available for Everyone!

31731 S. Fraser Way, Abbotsford BC

Ph: 604-756-3390 Fax:604-756-3391 Cell 604-614-8707



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Mission’s Dale Scott & Canadian Freightways Lead 2013 Professional Truck Driving Championships

anadian Freightways driver Dale Scott of Mission, BC, was named Grand Champion at BC’s 2013 Professional Truck Driving Championships on Saturday, June 22, 2013, at Abbotsford’s Tradex Centre, where Dale and fellow drivers, Robert Balan (Surrey), Jack Newton (Kelowna), and Jose Lecinana (Sooke) won the team trophy for Canadian Freightways.

Other carriers and their drivers also showed extremely well at the annual event. Rookie of the Year is Brent Locke (Port Coquitlam), who drives for Simard Westlink, while Steve Dawydiak (Richmond), of ABC Traders, came away with the 2013 Safety Award.

2013 BC Professional Truck Driving Single-Tandem 1st Place: Dale Scott, Mission, Canadian · a written test, which challenges the driv- Championships Winners: ers’ general knowledge of the industry and Grand Champion: Dale Scott, Mission, Freightways Ltd. Canadian Freightways Ltd. equipment; 2nd Place: Jack Newton, Kelowna, Cana· a pre-trip inspection, which approximates Rookie of the Year: Brent Locke, Port dian Freightways Ltd. the drivers’ regular vehicle inspection; and Coquitlam, Simard Westlink 3rd Place: Patrick Spence, Abbotsford, CNTL Safety Award: Steve Dawydiak, Rich· the driving competition, which simulates mond, ABC Traders the everyday skills of maneuvering, cornerTandem-Tandem: ing and judging distance. Team Trophy: Canadian Freightways – 1st Place: John Broker, Port Coquitlam, To compete, drivers must have no prevent- Team 2: Dale Scott, Robert Balan, Jack Martin Brower able accidents in the twelve months prior Newton, and Jose Lecinana 2nd Place: William Froehlich, Pitt Meadto the championships. A “preventable ac- Straight Truck: ows, Martin Brower cident” could include even a minor occur1st Place: Danny Wilson, Langley, Over- 3rd Place: Brent Locke, Port Coquitlam, rence such as a broken tail light on a trailer. land West Freight Lines Ltd. Simard Westlink A banquet at the Sheraton Guildford Hotel 2nd Place: Dean Grant, Crofton, Agrifoods Super B-Train: in Surrey followed the competition, with International Coop. 1st Place: Lorne Roadhouse, Surrey, OverShaun Garvey, Organizing Committee land West Freight Lines Ltd. 3rd Place: Steve Dawydiak, Richmond, Chair, and Gary Ryder (Chevron Canada ABC Traders Ltd.), Chief Judge, presenting the awards 2nd Place: James Churchill, Powell River, Incognito Express Inc. to winners in each class. Single-Single: The Championships consist of:

Within individual categories, first place winners include Danny Wilson (Langley) of Overland West Freight Lines Ltd. in the Straight Truck category; Jose Lecinana, in Single-Single; Dale Scott in SingleTandem; John Broker (Port Coquitlam) of Martin Brower in Tandem-Tandem; and The 2013 BC Professional Truck Driving Lorne Roadhouse (Surrey) of Overland Championships were hosted by the British West Freight Lines Ltd. in Super B-Train. Columbia Trucking Association (BCTA) Each of the category winners will represent and supported by the following presentBC in the 2013 National Championships in ing sponsors: BFL Canada Insurance SerAbbotsford from September 19 to 22, 2013, vices Inc., Canadian Freightways, Husky competing against elite drivers from other Wholesale and Commercial Sales, and the Trucking Safety Council of BC. provincial competitions across Canada.


Friday, June 28th, 2013

1st Place: Jose Lecinana, Sooke, Canadian 3rd Place: Petko Ganachev, Langley, Ken Johnson Trucking Ltd. Freightways Ltd. 2nd Place: Jason Arnett, Prince George, BCTA is the recognised voice of the provincial motor carrier industry, representing over 1,200 Canadian Freightways Ltd. truck and motor coach fleets and over 250 sup3rd Place: Tomasz Blazejewski, Surrey, pliers to the industry. BCTA members operate over 13,000 vehicles, employ 26,000 people, CNTL

and generate over $2 billion in revenue annually in the province.

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013



City of Abbotsford Restructuring


ity Council has endorsed a new organizational structure for the City of Abbotsford, announced City Manager, George Murray.

Murray began his role as CAO for the City of Abbotsford on February 4, 2013. On June 10, 2013, he took the results of his organizational analysis, along with recommendations “One of the first tasks to City Council. for any new leader is to conduct an assessment “The City of Abbotsof how an organiza- ford does many things tion is functioning in well, but we certainly its current state,” said have some opportunity Murray. “I have spent for improvements,” the past few months said Murray. “The learning about the or- restructuring moves ganizational culture at supported by Council the City of Abbotsford, are aimed at creating how we approach our a leaner and more fomandate, and develop- cused organizational ing an understanding structure, and a corpowhere our key issues rate culture that is foare.” cused on service deliv-

Punjabi Patrika would like to welcome

Jatinderpal S. Sekhon to our Team.

ery excellence and the elimination of wasteful practices and bureaucracy.”

Jatinderpal has joined our staff with immediate effect as an Administrative Assistant. He looks forward to continue to provide cordial, courteous service to all our old and new clients.

The reorganization and staffing reductions of nine management positions and one union position will ultimately save the City more than aYlzrgRov vfilaf leI KusLKbrI! aYlzrgRov ivWc stysLn pWb dy nfl KuWl cWukf hY $1.25 million annually. “I believe that we have an excellent opportunity to align the needs of our customers, the taxpayers of Abbotsford, with the way in which we provide our services,” said Murray. “That will be our focus going forward.”

Studio H&A • Hair Cuts • Waxing • Perms • Colouring • Threading • Make-up • Facials and much more...

604.381.1234 27785 Porter Drive, Abbotsford BC

×ñËâÇòé âðÅÂÆ ÕñÆéð÷




ëËôé ì°àÆÕ FASHION BOUTIQUE Professional Tailoring & Alterations for men’s, women’s and children’s clothing We Carry the latest fashions and Boutique Suits (stitched & unstitched)

nvyN izjLfien aqy PYsLn dy sUt (sIqy/ axsIqy hoey) lYx leI phuMco

Contact: Lakhvir 604.859.4544 #104 2760 Gladwin Rd., Abbotsford, B.C. V2T 4S6

ADVANCE IMMIGRATION SOLUTIONS INC. We provide all types of Immigration Services, such as: òðÕ êðÇîà, Ãà¼âÆ êðÇîà Çò÷àð òÆ÷Å  ëËâðñ ÃÇÕñâ òðÕð  Ã꽺ÃðÇôê-îÅå/ÇêåÅ å¶ êåÆ/êåéÆ  ǧîÆ×ð¶ôé ÁêÆñ  ðÇøÀ±ÜÆ Õ¶Ã  êÆ.ÁÅð.ÁÅð.¶.  ê̯òËéÃÆÁñ é½îéÆ ê̯×ðÅî  éËéÆ òÆ÷Å 

îé°¼ÖåÅ ç¶ åðà ÁèÅð Óå¶ ÁËêñÆÕ¶ôé  ׯç ñËäÅ  åÜðì¶ ç¶ ÁèÅð Óå¶  ÇÂéòËÃàð ÕñÅà  Ãê»ÃðÇôê ñÂÆ ÔñëÆÁÅ ÇìÁÅé (Çò÷àð òÆ÷Å)  êÆ.ÁÅð. ÕÅðâ ÁËêñÆÕ¶ôé  ÇÃàÆ÷éÇôê ÁËêñÆÕ¶ôé  ÇÃàÆ÷éÇôê àËÃà çÆ ÇåÁÅðÆ

We Specialize in:

Super Visa ùêð òÆ÷Å

Family Class Appeal ëËîñÆ ÕñÅà ÁêÆñ Spousal Sponsorship Appeal êåÆ/êåéÆ Ãê»ÃðÇôê նû çÆ ÁêÆñ Foreign Workers Specialist ìÅÔ𯺠ÕÅî¶ î³×òÅÀ°ä¶

If your case is rejected/Visa denied - Call us now We offer a complete and reliable immigration services at reasonable cost.

Rupinder Aulakh Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Member of ICCRC - Fellow CMI

Commissioner of Oaths Office : 604-746-1175, Fax: 604-746-1176, Cell (Emer.) : 604-832-3801

#203-2642 Cedar Park Place Abbotsford PAGE 23

Punjabi Patrika


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Friday, June 28th, 2013


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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013


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asIN pIjLf dy Meat nfl qfjLf mIt Shop vI vycdy hF. And

We Open for Lunch Everyday! ANY LARGE PIZZA $10.00 For Limited Time

Tandoori Fish Chicken Pakora Fish Pakora Chilli Chicken Chicken & Goat Achaar/Pickle

MONDAY 2 Veggie Lasagnas Reg. $12.00 Lrg. $15.00



2 Large Veggie Pizza’s

1 Large Pizza & 2 Cans Pop


Tandoori Chicken Hot & Spicy Chicken Chicken Souvlaki Mj’s Special Malai Chicken Achari Kabab Goat Meat

(Choice of Veg, Chicken, Pepperoni, Cheese & Pineapple or Ham & Pineapple)


bwkry qy ickn df mIt hmysLf grm aqy suafdI iqafr imldf hY. qusI apxI mnpsMd df afrzr vI kr skdy ho. bwkry qy murgy df suafdI afcfr vI imldf hY

604.746.3377 Unit 105-30461 Blueridge Drive Abbotsford BC V2T 0B1


Punjabi Patrika


Friday, June 28th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  


    Providing Services for: • Work Permits • Student/Visitor Visa • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) • Family - Parents & Spousal Application

• Federal Skilled Workers • Canada Experience Class • Live-in-Caregiver (Nanny) • Adoption Cases • Refugee Claims • All types of Immigration Appeals


(B Sc, B. Ed, UBC) Cert. Immigration Consultant Member of ICCRC

Cell: 778-245-4600

MANMEET THATHAR (M.Com., DFA, CPB) Cert. Prof. Bookkeeper INTUIT Certified ProAdvisor

Cell: 778-552-2515


3045 Townline Road Abbotsford BC V2T 5K2

778•552•2515 WE ACCEPT:

Fax: 604•758•2010

Canadian Women Voters Congress welcomes Wendy Yuan to its board

The Canadian Women Voters Congress (CWVC) is pleased to welcome Wendy Yuan to its Board of Directors. Ms. Yuan has twice run as a federal candidate in 2008 and 2011. She also brings business experience to her role.

“Regardless of political affiliation, women are under-represented on all levels of public service, and we are changing that,� said President Trina Isakson. “We believe positive change can be achieved through collaborative, non-partisan, engaged citizenship.�

“All women should have equality of opportunity in the electoral process, Yuan said. “I look forward to working with the CWVC to educate and empower women to actively participate in democracy within their communities.�

The Campaign School is an opportunity for women to gain new knowledge, confidence and the know-how to run for political office, manage a campaign or in some other key way influence public policy or advance their community interests.

The CWVC is responsible for The Women’s Campaign School (WCS) – a political immersion program designed to teach campaign skills, strategic assessment and improvisation. It brings together veteran elected officials from all parties to share practical skills and first-hand experiences working in our political system.

Since its inception in 1999, over four hundred participants have graduated from the WCS. Many of them have gone on to seek nomination and run as candidates at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. The 2013 WCS will be taking place this fall. “We are looking forward to taking a more behind the scenes look at campaign management this year,� said outgoing President Jennifer Gerves-Keen, “In the hopes that we will not only attract women who are interested in elected positions, but those who see themselves in other key roles, such as campaign managers.�

The 2012 WCS participants included Jane Shin, the newly elected MLA for BurnabyLougheed. “I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to network with other women in politics, in a non-partisan environment at the campaign school,� said Shin. “Sharing each other’s experiences on The 2013-2014 Canadian Women Voters a personal level gave me the insight and en- Congress Board of Directors are: couragement I needed to press on.� Trina Isakson, President The recent British Columbia provincial elec- Susan Lockhart, Vice-President tion saw a record thirty women elected to the Erin Rennie, Secretary-Treasurer eighty-five seat BC Legislature. At thirty-five Raj Sihota, Member at Large percent, BC is leading the country in percent- Wendy Yuan, Member at Large age of women representatives.

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Tahir Malik PAGE 26

604.909.2277 ABBOTSFORD: #200A 2451 CLEARBROOK ROAD SURREY: #208 9200 SCOTT ROAD

Eihmd milk

Ahmad Malik


Friday, June 28th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika 



Punjabi Patrika


Friday, June 28th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

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SATORI LASER SPA 604.287.5599

Unit A3-32081 Lougheed Hwy., Mission BC

PAIN FREE LASER HAIR REMOVAL Treatments are only required every 6-8 weeks

Crystal FREE Microdermabrasion Skin rejuvenation

We carry a full line of Dermalogica Products

High End Services at Low Prices!

Gwt kImq qy Auc pWDr dIaF syvfvF sfzy kol zrmflOijkf dy sfry pRozkts imldy hn

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vWloN nvyN bWicaF aqy pihlF qoN Guldy BlvfnF dI tryinMg leI pUry mfhr (AulMpIan) kocF dI tIm rWKI hY| afpxy bWcy nUM kusLqIaF dy aKfVy dI Xog tryinMg krvfAux leI hyT ilKy nMbrF 'qy sMprk kro WRESTLING TRAINING Age 5 & Up Novice Kids: $55 / month Elite Kids: $70 / month Girls are free

TRAINING HOURS Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Novice Kids: 5:00pm to 6:30pm Elite Kids: 6:30pm to 8:00pm Sunday Novice Kids: 11:00am to 12:00pm Elite Kids: 12:00pm to 2:00pm

We have Certied Olympian Coaches Haislan Garcia and Nasir Lal

WEIGHT TRAINING on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday by Coach Gurveer Talhan For more information: Call Ashok Sharma: 604-897-3595 • Kiran Kaler: 604-897-9272 • Harbans Dhillon: 604-825-0144 Gurudwara Kalgidhar Darbar Sahib (Basement) - 30640 Blueridge Drive, Abbotsford

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013

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ÖÅñÃÅ çÆòÅé ùÃÅÇÂàÆ, ÁËìàÃë¯ðâ 33094 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, B.C. V2S 2A9 Ph: (604) 850-7338, Fax (604) 854-1165, e-mail: svyry 5:00 vjy pRkfsL sRI gurU gRMQ sfihb jI svyry 5:30 qoN 6:30 pMjF bfxIaF dy pfT qy 7:00 qoN 8:00 vjy qwk kIrqn afsf kI vfr sLfm 6:00 qoN 6:15 rihrfs sfihb jI dy pfT qy 6:15 qoN 8:15 vjy qwk kIrqn kQf aqy ZfzI vfrF df gfien kIqf jFdf hY. 1[ hr aYqvfr nUM svyry 10:00 vjy qoN dupihr 12:00 vjy qwk ivsyLsL dIvfn sjfey jFdy hn. 2[ hryk sMgrFd vfly idn smUh sMgqF vloN hYrItyjL gurduafrf sfihb ivKy sRI sihj pfT sfihb dy Bog AuprMq 10:30 vjy qoN 12:00 vjy qwk kIrqn, kQf aqy ZfzIaF vfrF df gfien kIqf jFdf hY. sLfm nUM Kflsf dIvfn susfietI dy myn hfl ivwc kQf-kIrqn ZfzI drbfr huMdy hn. sMgqF pRqI bynqI hY ik donoN vkq gurbfxI kIrqn suxky jIvn sPl bxfE jI. 3[ hr aYqvfr vfly idn smUh bIbIaF vloN gurduafrf sfihb dy Auprly hfl ivwc dupihr 12:30 vjy qoN 4:00 vjy qwk sMgqI rUp `c sRI suKmnI sfihb jI dy pfT huMdy hn. 4[ hYrItyj gurduafrf sfihb ivKy hryk mMglvfr qy vIrvfr nUM Xogf dIaF klfsF sLfm 7:00 qoN 9:00 vjy qwk lgfeIaF jFdIaF hn. 5[ hYrItyj gurduafrf sfihb ivKy hryk sLnIvfr sLfm 6:00 qoN 8:00 vjy qwk gurbfxI df ismrn krvfieaf jFdf hY| 6[ hYrItyjL gurduafrf sfihb (imAUijLam hfl) ajfieb Gr sMgqF dy drsLnF leI hr rojL svyry 9:00 qoN sLfm 5:00 vjy qwk Koilaf jFdf hY. 7[ gurduafrf Kflsf dIvfn susfietI ivKy iswK ieiqhfs dI jfxkfrI leI lfiebryrI sQfpq kIqI geI hY. sMgqF vwD qoN vwD lfB AuTfE jI. 8[ kIrqn, qblf, gurbfxI sMiQaf dIaF klfsF gurduafrf sfihb ivKy hr sLincrvfr aqy aYqvfr nUM 4-5 vjy qwk lgfeIaF jfxgIaF. hor jfxkfrI leI hrismrn kOr iZloN 604-807-6221

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gurU Gr dy pRogrfmF dI syvf lYx leI kmytI nfl jF hYWz gRMQI nfl sMprk kro. sR: mihMdr isMG brfV (Kotf) 1-778-549-6609

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sR: Bjn isMG qUr 604-864-7700, sR: sqnfm isMG igwl 778-240-4435, bIbI hrismrn kOr iZloN 604-807-6221, rxjIq isMG ZINzsf 778-878-4796


Punjabi Patrika


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Friday, June 28th, 2013


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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013



Government of Canada Invests in New Research Partnerships Colleges, universities and local businesses grant to develop a portable device to detect collaboration fosters innovation, high- the gold grade of mineral samples at mines quality jobs and growth and mineral exploration sites. It usually takes weeks or even months to ship mineral The Honourable Gary Goodyear, Minister samples to labs for analysis and retrieve the of State (Science and Technology), an- results. This new gold detector will help nounced the Government of Canada’s in- speed up the process and increase producvestment in 20 partnerships among colleges, tion efficiencies of mining exploration universities and businesses through the companies. The college will collaborate College and Community Innovation (CCI) with researchers at Laurentian University, Program. The Minister made the announce- as well as industrial partners Barrick Gold ment while visiting Conestoga College in Corporation and Kendall Technology. Cambridge, Ontario. “These investments provide businesses with “Collaboration between college and uni- access to the people, resources, and tools at versity researchers and the private sector Canada’s colleges that companies need to is vital to improving the quality of life be at the forefront of innovation,” said Jaof all Canadians, while building a strong net Walden, Chief Operating Officer of the economy” said Minister of State Goodyear. Natural Sciences and Engineering Research “The College and Community Innovation Council of Canada (NSERC). “The ultimate Program supports the deployment of the goal is to create sustainable partnerships talent and knowledge developed in our that will help sharpen our innovative edge post-secondary institutions while provid- and have a positive impact on the bottom ing invaluable industry experience for lines for industry and our country.” students. This is win-win for all involved and our Government is proud to support The CCI Program is managed by NSERC, these partnerships.” in collaboration with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and the Social In total, the Government of Canada will Sciences and Humanities Research Council invest over $18 million in these new re- of Canada. search partnerships. Conestoga College is receiving $515,000 over three years under For more information, please consult the a College-University Idea to Innovation CCI Program Competition Results.

CAREER OPPORTUNITY We are looking for Life and Health Insurance Advisors, with or without experience, to join a winning team. I dON’T WANT: • Excessive administrative costs deducted from my monthly income • The pressure to sell just one company’s range of products

I dO WANT: • Minimal administrative costs • Access to most of the largest insurance companies in Canada • An experienced and dedicated team who will assist with training, business support and career development

If this sounds like you, contact us. Gurmeet Kang Managing Director desjardins Financial Security Independent Network - Newton Financial Centre Unit 283-8128 128 Street | Surrey, BC V3W 1R1 Cell: 778-862-4324 | Phone: 604-590-1129 | Fax: 604-590-1023 |

® Registered trademark owned by Desjardins Financial Security.

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Punjabi Patrika



Friday, June 28th, 2013

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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013





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Friday, June 28th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

Ă Ă‹ĂŹĂ ĂƒĂŤÂŻĂ°Ă˘ ÇòžÚ à Åêäœ ĂŞÂżĂœĂ…ĂŹĂ† íÅÂÆà  çÅ êÇÔùÅ ÏԚü ÔÆ òèÆà Å ĂƒĂ ÂŻĂ° Ă‡ĂœĂŚÂŻÂş ĂĽÂšĂƒĂ†Âş ÏԚü ÔÆ òèÆà Å ùžÕó çÅ ÎáϹü ÍðÊÆÚð ÖðÆç ĂƒĂ•Ă§Âś Ô¯Ă? SALE $




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stor ivWc ipaf sfrf smfn vycxf hI vycxf hY.

mUivMg syl bhuq hI GWt kImqF,


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ÏÅÕÆ Ă Ă… Ă•Âś çœÖ¯, Ă ĂƒĂ†Âş à Åêäœ Õ§Î Ă ĂĽÂś ÕÆÎü çÆ ×ð§à Æ Õðçœ ԝĂ? PAGE 34

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

World Sikh Organization of Canada concludes national annual human rights events in Surrey


he World Sikh Organization of Canada concluded its annual series of national human rights events with its annual inter-community dinner in Surrey last Sunday night. Several hundred guests were in attendance including several MLAs and representatives from Simon Fraser University, Fraser Health Authority, RCMP amongst others. The keynote address for the evening was delivered by Rajvinder Singh Bains, advocate at the Punjab & Haryana High Court. Mr. Bains is a prominent human rights activist and served as lawyer for the family of Jaswant Singh Khalra. Mr. Khalra was disappeared by the Punjab Police after returning from Canada where he had revealed evidence of the disappearances of thousands of young men in Punjab. Mr. Bains talked about the historical roots

of conflict in Punjab and how even the legitimate and democratic demands of the people of Punjab were dismissed as communal, resulting in widespread disillusionment. Mr. Bains also spoke of the way forward for Punjab in dealing with its past and how the legal system could be utilized to yield productive results. Other speakers at the Surrey dinner were Jim Scott, President of the Equitas Society and Chief Robert Joseph of Reconciliation Canada. Mr. Scott spoke about the struggles faced by disabled Canadian veterans and the importance of providing them with the necessary support they deserve. The Equitas Society is currently engaged in a legal challenge against the New Veterans Charter which significantly reduces veteran benefits. WSO President, Prem Singh

Vinning also serves on the The WSO also held inAdvisory Council of the tercommunity dinners in Equitas Society. Brampton, Calgary and Edmonton along with WSO’s Chief Joseph spoke about annual Parliamentary Dinthe experience of the ab- ner in Ottawa prior to the original peoples of Canada Surrey event. and how reconciliation is an important part of the way During the Ottawa Parliaforward for communities mentary Dinner held on who have gone through June 3rd, WSO honoured trauma. WSO is working filmmaker David R. Gray with the Truth and Recon- for his work in uncovering ciliation Commission, Rec- the history of early Sikh onciliation Canada and the pioneers in Canada with Indian Residential School films such as Lumber Lions Survivor’s Society to create (2012), Canadian Soldier a series of videos addressing Sikhs (2011), and Searching why the legacy of residen- for the Sikhs of Tod Inlet tial schools matters. (2009). During the Surrey dinner, WSO recognized Grade 12 student Sargun Singh Bajaj who is one of only six students in the world to achieve a perfect score on this year’s College Board Advanced Placement calculus exam. His calculus teacher Suminder Singh was also recognized.

The World Sikh Organization of Canada (WSO) is a non-profit international organization with a mandate to promote and protect the interests of the Sikh Diaspora, as well as to promote and advocate for the protection of human rights for all individuals, irrespective of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, and social and economic status.

The Seva Food Bank was recognized during the Toronto dinner on June 8th for its exemplary work in serving those in need in Mississauga. The Seva Food Bank was established by Sikhs Serving Canada in 2010 and serves approximately 600 client families every month.

ÏÇùÀ¹ ϜðÆ ÇêÕð çÆ ù¯ó Ăž                     Â? Â?  Â?Â?   ­­ 

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 ƒ‚   ƒ    ‡† Ă´Ă…ĂŽ çœ E Ă˛ĂœÂś ĂĽÂŻÂş ÏÅà ç ĂƒÂ§ĂŞĂ°Ă• Ă•Ă°ÂŻ :   



Punjabi Patrika


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Friday, June 28th, 2013


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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013

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Punjabi Patrika



Friday, June 28th, 2013

h`V 40635073 joiqS, Eqy  Eqy 604-832-7859 kro





myK- srkfrI kfrjF ivwc sPlqf imly, ishq TIk rhy. BfeI-bMDU-swuK, sMqfn-pwK vfsqy ivsLysL Krc hovy. pqnI-pwK sLuwB rhy. kfrobfr ivwc ivsLysL vfDy dy Xog hn. jUn 14, 21, 22, 29, 30: julfeI 1, 9, 10, 11 asLuwB hn.

Don’t be tempted to change things quickly, especially if your personal freedom seems restricted. Pressure can come from someone else regarding expectations of you. This is disconnected from matters you need to get bedded down for your own security. Be mindful of not repeating past errors – you can move on once and for all

You can be put under pressure again because someone else is not satisfied with how things were sorted out in the past. You need to stand your ground because in all likelihood there is pressure to accept greater obligations. You can feel rebellious underneath it all, which is an effective form of determination, when kept hidden.

You will get greatest pleasure applying yourself to little things that need to be cleared up or sorted out, especially if they should have been dealt with a while ago. You have got the energy to get on with matters and once you start you will feel encouraged to continue. You could find yourself reassessing what is important.

Those who expect to have control could find themselves dealing with a greater force than they anticipated with you. Your confidence will now increase. You have the ability to understand where you might have gone wrong in the past and will be most determined not to go down that path again. Authority can be handled differently.

Focus on the actions you need to take to become satisfied with anything you know needs to have a well-structured base. Doing this now will pay dividends in the future. This can include home and family matters as well as personal. There is a lot going on behind the scenes. This is something you will need to get used to for now.

You will be more interested in taking it easy and leaving things until later, while perhaps at the same time feeling guilty about doing so. This won’t last forever so don’t worry too much. Contact with a group of people or friends from the past, is possible. This can be another influence that takes you out of your normal routine.

Be determined about your own priorities. This can include obligations you have decided to move on from. Others want to do their own thing and can seek you out to make it easier for them. Any obligations you take on can rapidly increase and this is what you need to think about before you agree. Leave an out, if you need it.

The more pleasure you can get from commitments you are prepared to make the greater will be your personal progress. These need to be your own decisions. You can begin to see long-term goals from a different perspective in that you are beginning to feel more confident in being able to accomplish them and so you can.

Others will be focussed on themselves. You can sense that what they expect and what you want are two different things. Though there is a degree of secretiveness about them that can raise some doubts. Concentrate on what would give you greatest pleasure to accomplish in the future and keep it to yourself at the moment.

No matter how important someone else thinks they might be, your natural down to earth manner has the ability to ground any matters that need to be dealt with. Finding alternative ways to get matters in order is a skill you have developed in the last two years. Others can discover you have more power than they presumed.

Be sure you are not taking on all the responsibility leaving others to have more pleasure than you. You could also be charmed into these situations, so be careful. You should review the things you handle on a daily basis – what is necessary and what is not as matters will have a way of growing and taking up valuable time.

Going back to something you have enjoyed in the past could bring a great deal of satisfaction. At the same time it cannot negate the need for a responsible approach in the long term. Incorporating small things of pleasure on a daily basis can take any boredom away as well as any tendency not to persist, as you know you should.

  ibRK- afriQk icMqf rhy. ishq TIk inwjI jnF nfl ax-bx rhy. pqnI-pwK qoN icMqf rhy. kfrobfr ivwc rukfvt afey, afmdn nfloN KLrc ijLafdf hovy. sPLr dOrfn ksLt Xog hY, sfvDfn rho. jUn 14, 15, 16, 23, 24: julfeI 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 13 asLuwB hn.



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  qulf- kfrobfr ivwc rukfvt afAux dy bfvjUd vfDy dy cFs bxn. pqnI nfl ax-bx, PjLUl-KrcI kfr JgVy hox. ivroDI-pwK kmjLor hovy. sMqfn vfsqy ivsLysL Krc hovy. jUn 16, 17, 18, 25, 26; julfeI 4, 5, 6, 14 15 asLuwB hn.



ibRsLick- pyt Krfb rhy. afriQk lfB hox nfl hflfq suDrn. sMqfn pwK qoN prysLfnI hovy. AulJnF iksy dI ivcolgI nfl sulJx. kfrobfr ivwc nvyN pRogrfm AulIky jfx. jUn 19, 20, 27, 28, 29: julfeI 6, 7, 8 asLuwB hn.



Dn- rkq-ipwq aqy cmVI-rogF kfrx prysLfnI rhy. pqnI-pwK qoN lfB. sMqfn vwloN sLuwB smfcfr imly. kfrobfr TIk aqy nvIaf XojnfvF lfgU hox. mhIny df aKLIr sLuwB rhy. jUn 14, 21, 22, 29, 30: julfeI 1, 9, 10, 11 asLuwB hn.

  mkr- Dn lfB ho ky hfnI hovy. imwqr-bMDU-ksLt, mfnisk asLFqI rhy. nvIaF Xojnfvf bxn. jLmInjfiedfd afidk sMpdf df lfB hovy. kfrobfr ivwc vfDf hovy. jUn 14, 15, 16, 23, 24: julfeI 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 13 asLwuB hn.

  kuMB- vfq-rog hovy. nyqr-ksLt rhy. gupq dusLmn qoN BY. Drm-krm ivc mn lwgy. imwqr-bMDU nfl myl hovy. pqnI-ksLt: afmdn nfloN Krc ijLafdf rhy. jUn 16, 17, 18, 25, 26: julfeI 4, 5, 6, 14, 15 asLuwB hn.



mIn- rfj-BY, srIrk pIVf, afriQk lfB hovy. pirvfrk –suwK TIk rhy. kfrobfr ivwc kiTnfeIaF dy bfvjUd vfDf hovy. mhIny dy aKIr ivwc sq-purKF nfl myl hovy. jUn 19, 20, 27, 28, 29 julfeI 6, 7, 8 asLuwB hn.


Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

School’s out, so head to BC Parks for some adventure


amilies looking to get out of town this long weekend can tap into their inner explorer with BC Parks. With more than 1,030 provincial parks and protected areas to explore, there’s an adventure waiting for everyone. Kids of all ages can take Jerry’s Promise in the BC Parks Passport. Jerry the Moose, BC Parks’ mascot, helps park visitors learn about ways they can keep parks healthy for all to enjoy now and into the future. The free BC Parks Passport is one way to explore and learn more about British Columbia’s parks system.

collect a starter fishing tackle gift, which can be collected from a Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC visitor centre. The free Learn to Fish program introduces youth and their families to recreational sport fishing. Offered at many BC Parks around the province in July and August and delivered by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, Learn to Fish has a strong focus on conservation and increasing environmental awareness.

Almost 20 million people visit BC Parks each year, and camping reservations in BC Parks are up 14 per cent this year to-date, with 74,174 reservations compared to 65,119 reservations during Collect six stamps at over 200 par- the same period in 2012. ticipating provincial parks to earn a collectible prize, and six stickers from There are over 5,000 reservable sites a BC Visitor Centre to earn another in 95 provincial parks throughout B.C. treasure. Passports also include advice Up to three reservations can be made on trip-planning and Visitor Centre online in one easy transaction through coupons, and can be picked up at any Discover Camping, the Province’s visitor centre in B.C. and most provin- camping reservation service. Many cial parks. BC Parks still offer first-come, firstserved campsites for visitors without Passport holders who attend a Learn reservations. to Fish program are also eligible to












VERY AFFORDABLE PREMIUM Coverage Available from $100,000 to $300,000

Sandeep Ahuja



Ensuring Your Life...Ensuring Your Trust


Gurpreet S. Brar

Insurance Advisor

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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  



• Cedar Fencing • Chain Link Fencing • Retaining Walls • Driveway Frame • Side Walks

• Block Retaining Walls • Window Wells • New Lawn • Junk Removal • Tree Trimming


• ĂƒĂ†Ă˘Ă° ĂŤĂ‹ÂşĂ‡ĂƒÂłĂ— • ڜÊ Çù¿Õ ĂŤĂ‹ÂşĂ‡ĂƒÂłĂ— • ðÆà œÇʧ× òÅùá • âðÅÂÆòœ ÍðœÎ • ĂƒĂ…Ă‚Ă†Ă˘ òÅÕ

• Çò¿â¯ ò˾ùá • Ă˜Ă…Ă” ùÅÀ°äÅ • ÏùÅÕ ðà œÇʧ× òÅù • ĂœÂ§Ă• Ú°¾ÕäÅ • çð¾Öü Ûźàäœ


604 825 7183 604 744 8296

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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013



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Friday, June 28th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  


aYbtsPorz kYnrI ivwc kfimaf dI loV Abbotsford 1. Cannery Workers  2. Forklift Operators  3. Computer Operator  4. Truck Driver     5. Farm Worker     6. Quality Control Supervisor   

aYbtsPorz leI byrI ipkrF dI vI loV hY.

B.C. offers aid to Alberta in wake of record floods


he provincial government is offering a variety of front-line assistance to its neighbours as the full impact of severe flooding in Calgary and other communities in southern Alberta becomes clearer.

in the event any bridges are rendered unsafe or washed away. The ministry is shipping one of these temporary bridges today for use on the Trans-Canada Highway between Banff and Canmore, and has also offered assistance with erecting the bridge. It has also contacted ¡ Emergency Management BC has made the bridge manufacturer to see if it can a formal offer of assistance on behalf of help as well. the B.C. government to support response and recovery efforts. ¡ The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is also working with its ¡ The Ministry of Health has put forward Alberta Transportation counterparts and a standing offer of resources such as Parks Canada to co-ordinate alternative health-emergency-management support, route information so Drive BC and the health-care professionals, public-health Alberta Motor Association’s road coninspectors, and potentially the mobile dition website offer consistent details. medical unit if required to provide health-service continuity to impacted ¡ With hundreds of homes reportedly areas. semi-submerged and thousands more structures flooded, BC Housing is ¡ To bolster the ranks of Alberta’s first re- keeping a damage assessment team on sponders as needed, the BC Ambulance standby and ready to assist. Service has offered to supply additional ambulance support, including that now ¡ The ministries of Environment and already in place in the Lake Louise area. Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations are collaborating with the ¡ To help ensure the mobility of first Vancouver Zoo to prepare in case Calresponders, the Ministry of Transporta- gary Zoo animals require relocation. tion and Infrastructure has offered Parks Canada temporary bridge components

• •


zYltf ivwc kfimaF dI loV-Delta 1. Scale/Computer Operator   2. Forklift Operators 

hor jfxkfrI leI Pon kro:

Hardev: 778-241-1914 Sukhdev: 604-751-0200 Office: 604-850-0377 34488 Bateman Rd., Abbotsford, British Columbia Hours: 9am - 5pm (Monday - Friday) PAGE 42


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Friday, June 28th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  


Furniture Mfg. Ltd.

sfnUM PrnIcr PYktrI ivwc kMm krn vfilaF dI loV hY.

ijvyN: • msLIn Eprytr,pRI-sYNzr,pyNtr (styn qy lYkur spryar ) • PrnIcr jVn dy mfhr hox • qnKfh Xogqf qy qjLrby anusfr aqy sfry Bwqy aqy kvryjL imlygI.

hor jfxkfrI leI pfl jF prl nUM PLon kr skdy ho jF afp afky imlo.

PLon nMbr: 604-855-0309 aYzrYs hyTF iliKaf hY. Canadian Furniture Mfg. Ltd. 30552 Progressive Way, Abbotsford

Wages negotiabl Full Extended vision car

• Helpers • Pre-Sanders • Finish Assemblers • Machine Operators Government • Lacquer/Stain Sprayers pRI-skUl fy-kyEr



Call 6 or a K-5 itaUSn

Government Licenced

  • 2 ½ • 2 ½ • Phonics Program      • €‹Â?Â?Â?ˆ‹Â?ˆ‚Â?Â?Â?  Â?‚  Â?Â?Â?Â?  ­Â?Â?Â? • €Â?‚Â? Â?Â? Â?  • ƒÂ?„‚ Â?­     Â?Â?Â?  Â?Â? Â? • Â…Â?Â?Â?Â?‚†Â?Â?Â?‡Â?ˆ‰ • Â?Â?„ (Subjects)ŠÂ?Â?‰Â?Â?„Â?ˆ‰ •  Â?Â?‚Â? Š„ Â?„(Graduation Celebration) • Â?Â?€Â? Â?€(Punjabi Cultural Dance) • ‚Â?Â?Â?Â?€ ­€Â?Â?Â?  • Â?  ­Â?†  ĂŞzÆ ĂƒĂ•ÂąĂą Ă ĂĽÂś ÇàÀ¹ôÊ çÆà  ĂƒÂśĂ˛Ă…Ă˛Âť ĂœÂšĂąĂ…Ă‚Ă† Ă ĂĽÂś Ă Ă—ĂƒĂĽ ÇòžÚ òÆ ùË ĂƒĂ•Ă§Âś Ô¯ Ă?

hux SnIv`r Eqy EYqv`r nUM vI pRI-skUl auplbD hY|


A Star Landscaping Co. All kind of excavation           

 Fully insured

Mini excavating Service Bobcat Service Snow Removal Tree Removal big or small Ditch digging and cleaning Retaining wall kMkrIt zrfeIavya qy sfeIzvfk jF pyivMg Farm Drain tiles qurMq krvfAux leI gurjIq nUM Pon kro. Lot dig and back fill For excellent services call Gurjit Free old car removal Any kind of Fencing 16 Years Experience Top soil, Sand, Gravel, Mushroom manure

604-832-1675 604-850-8624


Vinay Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Ltd. (Abbotsford)   &   

 SONY 778.878.0025 Residential & Commercial


Vinay Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Ltd.




Car & Truck Shampoo      PAGE 43

Punjabi Patrika


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Friday, June 28th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

myry vIr dy mwQy, vy aMqoN ipafiraF ‘Bfg’ ijs idn vIrf qUM jnimaf vIrf afpxI mF ny KfDI vy KMz, hornF dy mwQy iqAUVIaF,

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Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

LALLY FARMS INC 5327 Gladwin Rd Abbotsford BC V4X 1X8 Phone: (604) 859-6820 • Fax: (604) 859-6666 • Email:




• Cannery Workers • Line Workers • Grader's • Quality Control • Box Makers • Fork Lift Drivers • Scaler's

•  •  •  •     •     •    • 


Blueberry Pickers (Beginning of July till end of September)

•      Â?   Â?  Â?

   To apply for Full Time or Part Time Call Lally Farms 604-859-6820 Call Between 9:00am to 5:00pm: Monday - Friday Only! PAGE 45

Punjabi Patrika


Friday, June 28th, 2013


ðÕËÇîô ×°ð± Øð òñ¯º ôÔÆçź ç¶ ÃðåÅÜ ê§Üò¶º ×°ð± ÁðÜé ç¶ò ÜÆ çÆ ôÔÆçÆ é±§ ÃîðÇêå é×ð ÕÆðåé çÅ Ççzô

nvyN afieaF leI, kYnyzf dy sB qoN vwzy bYNk nfl krYizt ihstrI bxfAuxf asfn hY* RBC® nvyN afieaF leI bhuq jldI sQfpq hox nUM asfn bxfAuNdf hY:  krYizt kfrz, krYizt ihstrI dI loV nhIN1  6 mhIinaF leI bYNikMg `qy koeI mfsk PLIs nhIN2

ÃzÆ ×°ð± ÁðÜé ç¶ò ÜÆ ç¶ ôÔÆçÆ ÇçòÃ å¶ ×¯Çì§ç êÅðÕ ÇòÖ¶ ÛìÆñ ñÅÂÆ ×ÂÆ

 quhfzI BfsLf ivc syvf — 200 BfsLfvF

koeI slfnf PLIs nhIN

àðµÕ ô¯Á ÇòµÚ Çìµà± ñËÔî¶ ç¶ ÔÅðñ¶ â¶ÇòâÃé î¯àðÃÅÂÆÕñ 駱 êÇÔñÅ ÇÂéÅî êÅzêå Ô¯ÇÂÁÅ

awj hI RBC brFc, `qy jfE jF 1-866-855-9076 `qy Pon kro.


* As measured by assets and capitalization. 1 Provided you meet all of Royal Bank of Canada’s eligibility and credit criteria, you may be eligible for an unsecured RBC Royal Bank® credit card even if you have no Canadian credit history. If you don’t qualify for an unsecured RBC Royal Bank credit card, you may still be eligible for a credit card provided you give us a security deposit and meet Royal Bank of Canada’s eligibility criteria. For secured credit cards, a credit history may be required. 2 Monthly fee will be waived for the first 6 months upon account opening. Monthly fee is $14.95. Other account transaction fees may apply. Applies to RBC Signature No Limit Banking® account only. Available only to newcomers to Canada who have arrived in Canada within the last year and who show proof of permanent resident status. Also available to newcomers to Canada that have arrived between 1 – 3 years when clients switch their account from another financial institution using CustomSwitch®. Other conditions apply. See branch for details. This offer may be withdrawn at any time and is subject to change without notice. ® / ™ Trademark(s) of Royal Bank of Canada. RBC and Royal Bank are registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. ‡ All other trademarks are the property of their respective owner(s).

Minister of Education’s statement on next steps in pursuing a 10-year agreement with teachers Minister of Education Peter Fassbender has issued the following statement, having just met individually with the BC School Trustees’ Association (BCSTA), the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) and the BC Public School Employers’ Association (BCPSEA): “The day started with a very productive meeting with the BCSTA, where we discussed the importance of co-governance and maintaining a strong relationship. These were the first of


many face-to-face stakeholder meetings I hope to have in the coming weeks. In the meetings we discussed a number of issues. Primary among them was the state of negotiations between the BCPSEA and the BCTF. “I asked the BCTF and the BCPSEA to conclude negotiations this week and then to work with government and the BCSTA on a new road map forward that respects the roles of all the stakeholders. We need to keep moving and develop this roadmap

before bargaining resumes under process, and allowing the BCTF “At every step of the way, we a new mandate that is consistent to negotiate directly with gov- will work with school trustees, with our election commitment. ernment on provincial matters. teachers, parents and other “Starting last October, we con- “We made the framework an key stakeholders who care sulted broadly and in January election commitment and we about long-term stability in we released our framework for were given the mandate to pur- our schools. We will need their a new way of arriving at labour sue a long-term agreement. ongoing help to craft solutions. agreements in K-12 education. Shortly after the election, the It aims to create much-needed deputy minister of education “When we consulted with stakestability for students, teachers, wrote to the parties advising holders last fall, many expressed parents and communities and them to expect a new bargaining their desire for a more open and includes many ideas that have mandate. We are now starting long been sought by the BCTF, our work with stakeholders transparent bargaining process. like the full right to strike, im- on a roadmap to a long-term There is also a strong public interest in greater transparency. provements to the bargaining agreement.

“Providing this statement is the first step in response to these concerns. I intend to be as open and transparent as possible about the process and details, so all interested parties can share the same understanding as we work to strengthen our world-class education system. “The old way does not work. It is time for a new path, a new beginning. We urge all education stakeholders to join us in this worthy cause.”

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Friday, June 28th, 2013



jdoN clfAux ivwc surwiKaf dI qfkq hovy qF icMqf bhuq ipwCy rih jFdI hY[ pysL hY IIHS dI tfp syPLtI ipwk* - iblkul nvIN 2013 Chevrolet Malibu jdoN qusIN 10 mfxk eyar bYgF aqy OnStar® smyq idlfsf dyx vfly soiPLsitkyitz syPLtI pYkyj vflI nvIN Chevy Malibu clfAuNdy ho, qF iPLkr df koeI ijLkr nhIN huMdf[ aqy iesdI ijLkrXog iPLAUl kusLlqf nfl pUrI qrHF lYs, KwuHly- zuwHLly aqy sLFq 5-svfrIaF vfly kyibn nfl quhfzf mn hmysLF sLFq rihMdf hY[

* hor jfxkfrI leI, qy jfE[

Mobile Enabled


Punjabi Patrika



kfimaF dI loV supr lYNzskyipMg vfilaF nMU aYbtsPorz ivKy kfimaF dI loV hY. qnKfh qjLrby aunsfr idWqI jfvygI. spMrk 604-897-7669

mkYink dI loV trWk aqy trylr irpyar sLfp leI mkYink dI loV hY| klfs 1 zrfievr lfiesMs hovy qF cMgf hY, cMgI qnKfh qjLrby anusfr , rYPrYNs cfhIdf hY| Pon, rfj jtfxf :778-241-0837

bilAUbyrI ipWkrF dI loV hY bilAUbyrI vfsqy ipWkrF dI loV hY. bilAUbyrI izAUk qy bilAU krOp hY. sfrIaF shUlqF qy vDIaf ryt idWqy jfxgy. tfAUn dy iblkul nfl hY. rfeIz df pRbMD hY. POn: 604-8252133 jF 604-607-0039

k`iď ­Eď ž ď ¤ď ‰ loď – Po r ď ´ lY N gď Źď ‰ P`rmď Ş iď ĽM ď Ť  nď • ď ? imhnď ąď ‰ď€ Eqď š qzrby k` ď ˛ k`mď š ď ¤ď ‰ loď – hď ™ď€Ź ijsnď •ď ? tRYktď ˛ď€Ź sprď šEď ˛ď€ Eqď š bilaUby ď ˛ ď ‰ qo V ď Ž v`ď Źď ‰ mď “Iď Ž cl`auď ¸ď ‰ď€ E`auNď ¤ď ‰ ho v y ď ź qď ŽK`ď ¨ wo g qď  ď€ Enus`ď ˛ iď ¤@ď ąď ‰ j`vy ď § Iď ź ď łMprď Ťď€şď€ 68-04 jď žď€ 62-4

k`iď ­Eď ž ď ¤ď ‰ loď –

Services Cont’d ď …ď ™ď ˘ď ´ď łď ?ď Żď ˛ď Śď€ ď ¤ď  ď€ ď Źď Żď Ťď Ź isvlď€ ď ˛ď šď Śď ‰ď ď łď ľď ¸ď ¤ď šď€ ď ˛ď ¨ď Żď€Ąď€ ď ­ď Šď ¨ď Ťď€ ď °ď ?ď Şď  ď ˘ď€ ď ¤ď ‰ 101.7 FM ď ¨ď ˛ď š ď Ť ď€ ď …ď ™ď ąď śď  ď ˛ď€ ď …ď ąď šď€ ď łď Ż ď ­ ď śď  ď ˛ď€ ď Žď • ď ?  ď “ď  ď ­Iď€ ď€śď€ ď śď Şď š ď ąď Żď Žď€ ď€ˇď€ ď śď Şď šď€ ď ąď € ď Ť ď€ ď °ď śď Žď€ ď€  ď Šď §ď €ď Źď žď€ ď śď  ď Źď šď€ ď ¤ď šď€ ď Žď  ď Ź Eqy somv`r nUM 4-5 vjy S`m q@k E`pxI E`v`j surjIq klsI n`l| ď ¨ď Żď ˛ď€ ď Şď  ď ¸ď Ťď  ď ˛ď ‰ď€ ď Źď Ľď ‰ď€ ď ?ď Żď Žď€şď€ ď€  

Noor Appliances Repair / Tent Rental $25 Service Charge ď …ď łď ‰ď Žď€ Epl`ieMs irpyErď€ ď śď ‰ď€ ď Ťď ˛ď ¤ď šď€  ď ¨ď žď€ ď ąď šď€ ď …ď łď ‰ď Žď€ Epl`ieMsď€ ď śď šď Łď ¤ď šď€ ď śď ‰ď€ ď€  ď ¨ď žď źď€ ď …ď  ď °ď€ ď Şď ‰ď€ ď Žď ?ď •ď€ ď Šď Ťď łď šď€ ď śď ‰ď€ ď ąď ˛ď ˆď žď€ ď ¤ď ‰ď€ ď ˛ď ‰ď °ď š ď …ď ˛ď€ ď ¤ď ‰ď€ ď şď ˛ď •ď ˛ď ąď€ ď ¨ď Żď śď šď€ ď ąď žď€ ď ?ď Żď Žď€ ď Ťď ˛ď Žď  ď€ ď€ 

ď€śď€°ď€´ď€­ď€ľď€ľď€śď€­ď€šď€ľď€łď€ľď€ ď€  ď Şď žď€ ď€śď€°ď€´ď€­ď€¸ď€ľď€°ď€­ď€°ď€łď€˛ď€¸ď źď€  

ď Šď śď …ď ď ¨ď€ ď “ď  ď ¤ď ‰ď …ď žď€ ď Źď Ľď ‰ď€ ď ´ď ™ď Žď ´ď€ ď ¤ď  ď€ ď °ď •ď ˛ď  ď€  ď °ď ’ď ˘ď ?ď „ď€ ď ¨ď ™ď ź For Sale 40 eykV Pfrm ivkfAU Pfrm PuWl pRzksLn vflf hY. 25 eykV rsbyrI qy 15 eykV strfbyrI hY. ieWklI strfbyrI dy XU ipWk ibjLns ivWco $150,000 qo vWD afmdn hY. vDIaF Gr vWzI sLfp qy mobfiel hom vI hn. lOkysLn 248 st qy PrIvy dy njL d Ik hY . asking price 29,00,000. phone 604-5041825

EY btsP o r ď Ś iď ś@ ď Ł rsby ď ˛ ď ‰ď€ Eqď š bilaUbyď ˛ď ‰ qoVď Ž lď Ľď ‰ k`iď ­Eď ž ď ¤ď ‰ jYnytorIal PrYNcfeIj ivkfAU loď – hYď ź ď ŤMď ­ dď š c`hv`ď Ž ď ł@jď ¸ ď ¨ď ‰ Poď Ž grMtIz slfnf ienkm $24000 aqy krď Žď€şď€ 68-34 pMj sfl df kMtrYkt. hor jfxkfrI ibaUtISIEn dI loV leI spMrk kro 604-308-4497

hyEr EYn kyEr v`ilE~ nUM hyEr For Sale frYsr Eqy ibaUtISIEn dI loV hY| hor j`xk`rI leI EMjU nUM Pon kro: 1990 korvan upgraded arbitrator 604-850-6558 heads. Can Pick blueberry and raspberry $35000 contact 360-318k`imE~ dI loV 4995, 604-866-9558 P`rm iv@c kMm krn v`ly k`imE~ ď€ dI loV hY| kMm GMitE~ d` hovyg`| 1990 kOrvYNn byrI ipWkr awpgryz EYbtsPorf, imSn, EYlfrgRov Eqy afrbo ry t r hY Wz ipWk bilAu b y r I, srHI qoN r`eIf d` pRbMD hY| kl`s 4 rsbyrI $35000 spMrk kro 360v`ly fr`ievr dI vI loV hY| Pon: 318-4995, 604-866-9558 604-309-8705

Services L.S. Pressure Wash Service We w a s h Tr u c k s , H o u s e s , Driveways. Reasonable Price and Free Estimate pRYSrv`ď “ď€ ď€­ď€ ď€ Gď ˛ď€Ź fr`ď ĽIvď šď …ď€Ź gtď ˛ď€Ź tď ˛@ď Ťď€ E`iď ¤ v`ijď ˘ ď ŤImď ąď€ Eqď š muPď ąď€ EYsď ´Imyď ´

Poď Žď€şď€ ď€ˇď€ˇď€¸ď€­ď€ľ541


Friday, June 28th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  


lVky aqy lVkI dI loV 22 sflf , kWd 5’5� ,kYnyzIan lVkI leI kYnyzf ivWc rihMdy stUzYNt jF ivjLtr lVky dI loV hY. AuhI spMrk krn jo lVkI dy ieMzIaf rihMdy qfey dy lVky 25 sflf , kWd 5’10� nMU kYnyzIan lVkI df irsLqf krvf skdy hox . spMrk kro 778240-6873 jF 778-885-8400


Floral Designs

Flowers for weddings and babies ivE`h v`ly Pu@l Eqy nvyN b@cy v`ly P@ul lYx leI sMprk kro|

JAGO RENTAL ivE`h leI j`go Eqy hor sm`n

Ph: 604.556.0867 • Cell: 778.908.6655

byrI ipWkrF dI loV aYWs aYWm byrI Pfrm aYbtsPorz vfilaf nMU bilAUbyrI ipWkrfN dI loq hY.sfP-suWQry Kyq aqy rojfnF py idWqI jfvygI. hor jfxkfrI leI sMprk kro 778-889-2685, 604-825-4153 39456 South Parallel Rd. Abbotsford

Workers Wanted

Hydra Plumbing & Heating Ltd. is seeking fulltime employees to join our growing team. Experience is an asset.

hfeIzrf plWimMg aYNz hIitMg kMpnI nMU PWul tfeIm vrkrF dI jrUrq hY. qjrbykfrF nMU pihl idwqI jfvygI.   778-240-3061


Very low kms - only 6200kms, like Brand New, Fully Serviced (Records kept), Brand New Battery, I Bought it Brand new at end of 2007 (Brand New), minor scratch on Honda sticker, Runs Excellent

Price $5950 Call: 604-825-3560

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Friday, June 28th, 2013


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

A-1 Party Rentals Inc

20x20Â?  ­ Â? ‰– •Š‹   •ÂŒÂ?— •ÂŒÂ?—Â?‡ kyvl iewk tYNt qwk sIimq

604-850-1118 778-552-3395 778-552-3396

  Chair Cover



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Sashes & Table Runners

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Call Jaswant 778.552.7559

Brar Pressure Washing Ltd. Pressure wash service for • Trucks • • Houses • • • Driveways • Gutters • • • Excavating ĂŞzĂ‹Ă´Ă° òÅô ÕðòÅÀšä ùÂÆ ĂƒÂ§ĂŞĂ°Ă• Ă•Ă°ÂŻĂ?

Gurlabh Brar




• 10x10 to 50x100' brand new clear span frame tents and marquee tents. • Tent liners, decoraons, and backdrops. • Elegant gold and silver chiavari chairs. • Beauful classic wooden chairs.

DISCOUNT PARTY RENTALS  „Â?­ ­ ‚  ­Š‹xŠ‹ - $ÂŒ‹ ­Š‹xŠ‹ -   $ÂŒ‹ ­Â?ÂŽ‘  ƒ Phone 604-850-1118

778-552-3395 778-552-3396 TENTS • TENTS • TENTS • TENTS





Top quality products for high end weddings. x20

20 k Tent ea High P




Special 20x20 pagoda tents with liners Tent, tables, chairs, carpets, bbq, bars, dance floor, and much more for any kind of occasion.

iksy vI qrH~ dy myz, kursIE~, k`ript, b`rbikaU, b`r, f~s Plor, Eqy hor bhuq kuJ For more info call Jagjit, 604-825-0455 Or Raja, 778-240-4437

Abby Plumbing Heating and Gas Fitting Ltd.      

• Boiler and Furnace Replacement • New Construction and Renovations • Hot Water Tank (Same Day Replacement) • Leaking Faucets • Hot Water Heating Repairs

Special Rates on Air Conditioning and Furnace Installations

Insured, Licensed and Certified Plumbers

   quh`fIE~ plMimMg, hIitMg (Paul)

Eqy gYs iPitMg dIE~ zrUrq~ leI s`Ă“ pihl~ Pon kro |

For all your plumbing, heating or gas fitting needs call us first!


   (Manpreet) 604-751-3536 PAGE 49


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Friday, June 28th, 2013


Douglas MacAdams Speaks at the FVICBA Summary of comments made by Douglas MacAdams, Q.C. on June 19/13 when speaking on behalf of MacAdams Law Firm, a scholarship donor, at the Fraser Valley Indo-Canadian Business Association Achievement Awards and Scholarship Dinner. MacAdams Law Firm started 25 years ago this year, shortly after the Fraser Valley Indo-Canadian Business Association was established. In the past 25 years I have been honoured and pleased to participate in many FVICBA events. I consider the FVICBA to be one of the jewels of our city. Along with many others I have come to admire the FVICBA for many reasons. Tonight I will highlight two of those reasons. The first is that FVICBA is true to its roots. It provides opportunities for business and professional persons of Indo-Canadian extraction to know each other, to work with each other, to appreciate each other’s gifts, to provide each other with recognition and enmkYzm lfa Prm PRyjLr vYlI ieMzo-knyzIan ibjLnYs aYsosIeysLn dI sQfpqIN mgroN 25 sfl pihlF sLurU kIqI geI sI| ipCly 25 sflF ivc mYnUM FVICBA dy smfgmF ivc Bfg lYx df mfx aqy KusLI hY| mYN FVICB nUM sLihr dy ngIinaF ivco N iew k ngInf smJdf hF| mYN hor keIaF dy nfl FVICB dI keI kfrnF krky pRsLMsf krdf hF| mYN awj dI rfq ieMnHF kfrnF ivcoN do df vrxn krnf cfhFgf| pihlI gwl ieh hY ik FVICB afpxy mU l nfl ju V I ho e I hY| ieh vpfrk adfiraF aqy ieMzo-knyzIan mUl dy pR o P Y s L n ljL nU M iew k dU j y nU M jfxn, iek dUjy nfl iml ky kMm krn , iek dUjy dy guxF dI kdr krn , iek dUjy dI pCfx nUM svIkfr krn aqy AuqsLfihq krn , aqy iekwTy iml ky kMm krn, ieMzo-knyzIan vpfrk


couragement, and, working together, to permit Indo-Canadian business and professional persons in our community to take their place and rightly to be recognized as significant contributors to life in our city. All of us are better off for FVICBA’s faithfulness to its roots. The second reason I have come to admire FVICBA is that FVICBA has consistently reached out to the wider community. FVICBA and its members are bridge builders. FVICBA and its members are committed to “paying back and paying forward”. Not only within the Indo-Canadian community but within the larger community. In looking around the room this evening we see a microcosm of the demography of Abbotsford---a symbol of the work of FVICBA in consistently providing a forum where the Indo Canadian business and professional community and the wider community can and do intersect. All of us are better off for FVICBA’s reaching out to the wider community. adfiraF aqy pRoPYsLnljL nUM BfeIcfry ivc afpxI bxdI QF lYx aqy istI dy jIvn ivc afpxf Xogdfn pfAux dy mOky pRdfn krdI hY| asIN sfry FVICB dy afpxIaF jVF nfl juVy rihx aqy vPfdfr rihx krky KusLhfl hF| FCICB df myry pRsLMsk hox df dUjf kfrn ieh hY ik ieh sM s Qf lgfqfr smu w c I kimAuintI qwk phuMc krdI af rhI hY| FVICB aqy ies dy mYNbr ibRwj iblzr hn| FVICB aqy ies dy mYNbr kimAuintI nUM kuJ dyx leI aqy awgy qurn leI vcnbwD hn- ky v l ieM z o - kny z Ian kimAuintI leI nhIN sgoN smuwcI kimAuintI leI| awj dI sLfm smyN ies kmry ivc JfqI mfridaF asIN aY b tsPo r z dI zY m o g rfPI df mfeIkrokfjLm vyK rhy hF jo FVICB vw l o N Au h Po r m AuplbD krfAux df pRqIk hY

At the outset of this evening Jatinder Sidhu set a good example by speaking briefly, a good example which I have not followed! So I will finish now by inviting all of us to join in a hearty round of congratulatory applause to recognize the good works of the members of the Fraser Valley Indo-Canadian Business Association. Thank you. Douglas MacAdams Q.C. is a lawyer with MacAdams Law Firm, a litigation only boutique law firm which has provided litigation services in Abbotsford since 1988. See Doug has served in many volunteer capacities within Abbotsford and provincially, and is a past president of the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce.

ijwQy ieMzo-knyzIan vpfrk aqy pRoPYsLnl kimAuintI aqy smuwcI kimAuintI iewk dUjy nfl iml bYTdy hn| asIN sfry FVICB dI vzyrI kimAuintI pRqI ies nIqI krky KusL jIvn jI rhy hF| ies sLfm dy arMB ivc jqI iswDU ny sMKyp BfsLn dy ky cMgI imsfl pysL kIqI hY – aijhI imsfl ijs dI rIs mYN nhIN kr sikaf| ies krky mYN ieh kihMidaF afpxI gwl Kqm krdf hF ik asIN sfr iml ky vDfeIaF dy mfhOl ivc sLfml hoeIey aqy PRyjLr vYlI ieMzoknyzIan ibjLnYs aYsosIeysLn dy mYNbrF vwloN kIqy cMgy kMmF dI sLlfGf krIey| zgls mkYzm Q.C. mkYzmlfa Prm nfl vkIl vjoN kMm kr rhy hn| iehAuh Prm hY jo 1988 qoN aYbtsPorz ivc iltIgysLn syvfvF pRdfn kr rhI hY

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013



Proud Sponsor of

d r o F S T o b b a

Free Family Fun! Abbotsford Exhibition Park

Monday, July 1



MaIN STaGe 1pm - 10pm

FuN For everyoNe

Prospera Credit Union Canada Day Parade 11am

Talented Local Performers

Food Corral

MEI Drum Line Band

Community Displays

Calvin Dyck and the Abbotsford Youth Orchestra

12 Play Zones

South Fraser Way/Ware Street to Trethewey Street/MaClure. Parade grandstand on South Fraser Way between Bourquin and Gladwin.

Fireworks Celebration 10pm Rotary Stadium

Abbotsford Exhibition Park

Kat & Tony Original and old-time blues, jazz, roots and swing.

One More Girl Two sisters hailing from Vancouver who have received numerous music awards and accolades. They write and perform passionate songs that straddle the fence between country, pop and rock.

Fireworks Celebrations brought to you in part by the Calgary Flames

Hayrides & Mini Golf NEW! LUXOR Western Town Check out our western town store fronts designed and built by Luxor Wood Products. Brings you back to the good ole days! Pony Rides & Eco-Dairy Petty Zoo Pony up with our party animals. Kids love the pony ride experience. The perfect chance to make some lasting memories. Fierce Flyers Flyball Dog Club 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:30pm

SponSored in parT by: • Cactus Club Cafe • Vedder Transport • Heritage Canada • Wendy’s • McDonald’s • The Abbotsford Heat

• Abbotsford BMX • Eco-Dairy • Michael’s • Boston Pizza • Avenue Machinery

• The Reach • Twisters • Fraser Regional Library • Abbotsford/Mission Recycling • Star 98.3, Country 107.1 & SONiC 92.5 PAGE 51

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Friday, June 28th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

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Super power wash

HOUSE Contact: Kally


hr qrHF df kMm hovygf. kMm GMitaF df vI hovygf. pWkf kMm 2 julfeI qoN sLurU ho irhf hY .

hor jfxkfrI leI spMrk kro, blbIr mfhl : 604-807-6201 5331 Riverside Street, Mastqui, BC V3X 3R2 PAGE 52

Gutters Siding Roofs Sidewalks Sundecks Driveways Windows •

NEW SUPER STAR SATELLITE DISH SERVICE • Satellite Dish Repair • Complete Installation • Wiring Repair • Signal Adjustment

We Rent Satellite Receivers

We fix all FTA receivers Professional dish pointing Get Asian & Punjabi Channels

Contact Kally

778-552-1291 for FREE Estimate

Punjabi Patrika

Friday, June 28th, 2013



srI istI kONsl dIAW swl 2014 dIAW coxW iv~c vwrf pRxwlI Apxwaux bwry rweySumwrI krvweI jwvy[ srI Sihr dy vsnIkW ƒ istI kONsl dI cox vwsqy vwrf isstm pRxwlI dI zrUrq aup`r votW (rYPrYnfm) krvwaux dI mµg krn dy msly v`l iDAwn dyx dI zrUrq hY ijsƒ ik ipC`ly kwPI smyN qoN AxgOilAw kIqw jw irhw hY[keI bhuq vDIAw kONslr istI dy myAr dI ielYkSn lVn qoN ies krky iJjkdy hn, ik Agr auh hwr gey qW kONslr vI nhIN bx skxgy pRµqU vwrf isstm ivc` hr aumIdvwr dovyN puzIsnW vwsqy ie`ko smyN ielYkSn lV skdw hY

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8:vwrf isstm iv`c aumIdvwrW dy Sihr dy ie`ko eyrIey nwl sµbiDq hox dI sµBwbnw Kqm ho zwdI hY 9: mOzUdw AYt lwrz isstm AmIr aumIdvwrW ƒ gYr zrUrI Pwiedw idµdw hY 10:vwrf isstm iv`c bYlt pypr Cotw hovygw Aqy aumIdvwr cuxn iv`c AwswnI hovygI

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One of the top in this new subdivision. NO HST, 5/10/20 HOME WARRANTY, 7 bedrooms (2 Master Bedrooms), 6 baths, near 5100 s/f, 3 storey, on approx. 7200 s/f Lot. Home theatre, Bar, Bunker, fully finished Basement with 2 Bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and Game room. Lots of Woodwork and mouldings, Beautiful huge Kitchen, 2 fire places, Forced Heat, Air Conditioning. All Stainless steel Appliances. Granite counter tops all over and much more.

mflk mkfn vwloN iswDf ivkfAU hY - aYbtsPorz iqMn mMjlf, 7 bYwzrUm, (do mfstr bYwzrUm) 6 bfQrUm, KuwlIH ikcn,sLfndfr lwkV df kMm kIqf hoieaf hy, kMplIt bysmYNt do bYwzrUm do bfQrUm, do Pfier plys, sfry grYint kfAUNtr sfry nvyN aplfieMs, bMkr, bfr, gym rUm, vrijsL rUm, stUzIE Qytr rUm, pRfeIvysI, bhuq vDIaf bYk Xfrz, sLfndfr Puwl bUty (lYNzskyipMg) KuwlI pfrikMg, 5/10/20 sfl dI gRMtI nfl, koeI tYks nhIN lwgygf . hor jfxkfrI leI jF dyKx leI PLon kr skdy ho.

2055 Zinfandel Drive (Pepin Brook at Ross Rd. & Simpson Rd.) Must See!! MUST SELL!! (Can be sold furnished) Don’t Miss!

Please call to view: 604-825-0566 or 604-625-7751 PAGE 53

Punjabi Patrika


Friday, June 28th, 2013


MANOHAR s`r` sm`n E~ifE~ qoN ibn~ bx`auNdy h~FISH PAKORA India Style Potato and Paneer Patties ieMfIE` v`lIE~ E`lU Eqy pnIr pYtIz

Fresh fried spicy sh fritters comes with a home-made dip, side salad, onion and wedges of lemon.

India Style Cake & Pasteries ieMfIE` st`eIl kyk Eqy pystrI FISH TIKKA


Oven baked salmon comes with a home-made dip, side salad, onion and wedges of lemon.

Muffins, Cream Rolls, Fresh Baked Breads and Buns PRAWN PAKORA Over 30 kinds ofprawn Cookies. Fresh fried spicy fritters comes

Lunch Box Special

Veg. $5.99 & Non-Veg. $6.99

Channa Bhatura ONLY $2.99 (Before 5pm)

with a home-made dip,side salad, onion and wedges of lemon


Fresh fried battered boneless chicken comes with a home-made dip, side salad, onion and wedges of lemon.

(100% egg free) in 8 flavours

Fresh Baked Suji Rusks

We make Gluten FreeCHICKEN Bread and Cookies CHILLI Fresh fried boneless chicken, sauteed in oriental sauces, with onions and pepper


604-746-0805 Naan with every Curry Dish 604-558-3233 604-593-5399FREE VANCOUVER


6414 Fraser Street

Unit #167 8120 128th Street

Unit #2 2630 Cedar Park Place


OPEN FOR LUNCH! Hours: 11am - 10pm CLOSED: Tuesdays

Palak Paneer Karahi Paneer Mixed Veg Alloo Gobi Bhindi Masala Malai Kofta Daal Turka Daal Makhni Chilli Paneer Rice

SPECIALS New Dishes Everyday!

Lunch Box Special Veg. $5.99 & Non-Veg. $6.99

2 for $20.00 Fish Pakora • Chicken Pakora Chicken Tikka Chicken Seek Kebab (Only Sunday to Thursday) Valid Till July 31st

Channa Bhatura $4.99


Before 5:00pm Only

One Naan FREE with Every Dish

31205 MacLure Rd., Abbotsford 604.744.0099 8050 King George Blvd., Surrey 604.599.4427

9631 128th St., Surrey 604.583.9958 PAGE 54

Add Taste to Fresh


Butter Chicken Karahi Chicken Chicken Korma Chilli Chicken Goat/Lamb Curry Saag Chicken Chicken Curry Masala Chicken Chicken Seekh Kebab

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Are You At Risk For Having a Heart Attack or Stroke? Everyday younger and younger people are having heart attacks and suddenly their health is taken away from them. Often the only time you nd out that you have heart disease is when you have a heart attack, and by that time it can be too late. We have State of the Art testing that leaders, CEOs, doctors, athletes and other professionals are utilizing every day, in many other countries, to maintain their health. These tests have been proven to detect heart disease before your blood vessels get completely plugged with cholesterol, and natural treatments are available to keep your heart and blood vessels healthy. We can help predict your future risk with advanced cardiovascular testing available to you now: Advanced Cholesterol Testing Carotid Intima Media Thickness Ultrasound Endothelial Dysfunction Testing Heart Rate Variability and 24 hour BP monitoring Bio-impedance Analysis Telomere Testing Hormone and micro-nutrient Testing, and many more Convenient and affordable. Investing in your health now is cheaper than the money, time and stress you will pay later.

Punjabi Patrika



kI quhfnUM idl df dOrf pYx jF aDrMg (stRok) hox df Kqrf hY? hr rojL CutyrI Aumr dy lokF nUM idl dy dOry pY rhy hn ijs nfl AuMnHF dI ishq iek dm Krfb ho jFdI hY| afm qOr 'qy quhfnUM idl dI bImfrI df AudoN hI pqf lgdf hY jdoN idl df dOrf pY jfvy aqy AudoN qwk bhuq dyr ho cuwkI huMdI hY| sfzy kol idl dI bImfrI df pqf krn df bhuq hI vDIaf qrIkf hY ijs dI vrqoN hor keI dysLF ivc sI eI EjL, zfktr, aqy hor ikwqf mfhr afpxI ishq nUM TIk rwKx leI hr rojL kr rhy hn| sfbq ho cuwkf hY ik prK dy ieMnHF qrIikaF nfl quhfzIaF lhU nfVIaF dy kolYstrOl nfl pUrI qrHF bMd ho jfx qoN pihlF idl dI bImfrI df pqf lgfieaf jf skdf hY| quhfzy idl aqy lhU nfVIaF nUM ishqmMd rwKx leI kudrqI ielfj AuplbD hn| asIN awj kl AuplbD kfrzIEvYskUlr tYsitMg dy ivkisq qrIikaF nfl quhfzy BivwK dy Kqry df pqf lgfAux ivc shfieqf kr skdy hF| aYzvFsz kolYstrOl tYsitMg kfrtfiez initmf mIzIaf iQknYs altrf sfAuNz aYNzoQIlIal izsPMksLn tYsitMg hfrt ryt vyrIaibiltI aqy 24 GNty bI pI mfnIitRMg bfieE-ieMpIzYNs anYilisjL tYloimar tYsitMg hfrmon aYNz mfeIkro-inAUtrIaYNt tYsitMg aqy keI kuJ hor sOKI aqy srl ishq quhfzI vDIaf ienvYstmYNt hY| sfzy PMksLnl mYzIsn mfhr qoN slfh lYx leI jF tYsitMg leI huxy buikMg krfE|

To book for testing, or to consult with our Functional Medicine Specialist please contact: Phone: 604 300 0787 Website: Address: #300 – 2845 Cruickshank Street, Abbotsford, BC

Building the Foundation of Health


Gluten FREE Crusts Available at Both Locations! Punjabi Patrika


Friday, June 28th, 2013


It’s the taste that makes us popular!

PURE VEGETARIAN LOCATION klIarbruWk lOkysLn qy asIN isrP sLWuD vYjItyrIan pIjf hI bxfAudy hF| Rinku


ANY LARGE PIZZA Regular $13.99

BfeIcfry dI BrpUr mMg 'qy irMkU aqy sMjIv ny

24 H

afpxI dUjI lokysLn bilAUirWj aqy mfAUNt



lyhmYn roz vfly aYso gYs stysLn 'qy Kol idWqI hY ijWQoN qusIN nOn - vYjI qy vYjI pIjf lY skdy ho

$9.99 including tax


99¢ each incl. tax


#101 2451 Clearbrook Rd, Abbotsford BC

604.746.5100 30419 Blueridge Dr., Abbotsford BC


ssqIaF itktF aqy vDIaf syvfvF leI sMprk kro

Vancouver to Delhi




110-2777 Gladwin Rd, Abbotsford BC

12877 80th Ave., Surrey BC

BCCP Licence no 62512

BCCP Licence no 59689



Stain your exterior woodwork with confidence The look you want for doors, windows, shutters, moldings, fences, and decks can be achieved by applying the right colour and type of stain in an attractive combination. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions on this home improvement topic from Q: I want the natural wood grain to come through on my front door, but not on the shutters, so how do I vary the stains to achieve that look?

it allows moisture to enter the wood. Test the questionable finish by placing a small amount of water on it for a few seconds. If, after a couple minutes, the water soaks in, the wood should be re-stained. If the water droplets remain on the surface, the stain is still effective. It’s important to determine the integrity of the stain on the wood before recoating as different procedures apply. Q: What steps are necessary to ensure that the stain on my deck has a long life?

A: You can get at least four different looks A: Start by stripping off any existing stain depending upon the stain you choose. A clear (a specialized deck cleaner is also available stain will allow the wood to weather gray from Olympic) and then sand the surface naturally. A toner stain delivers a slight hint to remove loose wood fibers and any conof colour as it maintains the natural beauty tamination. This will ensure that the new of wood. A semi-transparent stain applies coating is evenly absorbed. Make sure to subtle colour that still allows the wood follow the product directions when applying grain and texture to show. A solid stain is the new stain. a rich opaque covering that also allows the What is the oneRight best tipHouse” to make sure Do you need helpQ:finding “The to my purchase or help selling your current home? texture of the wood to show. To save time project turns out the way I want it? Callthe Harj Today! With over 7 years of proven results and over 200 homes sold, I’m only a phone call away! when doing it yourself, Olympic Maximum stain-and-sealant-in-one line is a very A: Do a patch test. This will allow you to see popular choice. I HAVE PRE-QUALIFIED BUYERS how the finish will look and give you the op-LOOKING TO BUY ACERAGE portunity to make any necessary adjustments Q: How do I know when it’s time to re-stain? as to cleaning, colour, or application method. A: Over several seasons, weather and UV exposure causes stain to break down and then

New foreclosure homes on the market! If you would like to get into a home, now is the time! Little Oak Realty Independently Owned and Operated

O ff i c e : 6 0 4 . 8 5 9 . 2 3 4 1 • COURT ORDERED SALE/CONDO


2 BDRM CONDO, UNDER $170,000

Hardip Brar Licenced Assistant


2537 SPRINGHILL ST #401-33328 Bourquin Cres. E.

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms 5 year old gated community Top floor, high ceilings, etc. HARRISON MILLS

5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms 2906 sq.ft. home 6142 sq.ft. lot Fully renovated/ open to offers!

#213-2350 Westerly St.

2 bdrms, 2 baths, 13 years old 895 sq.ft., Includes in suite laundry, rentals allowed.




#1 - 1911 Woodside Blvd.

• 4 Bedroom Recreation home • Close to Harrison Hotsprings • 3929 sf home, 7800 sf lot • Club house and spa MISSION/NEW HOME


8787 Hutton Place

• 2973 sq.ft. home • 4140 sq.ft. lot • 5 bedrooms

SOLD 34297 Lukiv Terr.

East Abby/ Brand New Home 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

• 5 bedrooms • 3 bathrooms • 7698 sq.ft. Lot • Corner Lot • 2 separate parking entrances • Setup for Salon Downstairs/ basement suite MUST SELL THIS MONTH OPEN TO OFFERS!

• $15,000 Worth of Upgrades • 2 Bedrooms • Air Conditioning • Much More!! Call Today!!

34911 Townshipline Road

• • • •

5 Acres with Shop & House 50 x 120 sq.ft. shop Level Acreage Open to Trades Call Today!!


30684 Blueridge Drive

• • • • • •

2 BDRM LEGAL SUITE 6 year old home 6 bdrms • 4 baths 2805 sq.ft. home 6243 sq.ft. Lot Recently renovated


REDUCED TO $949,000

28535 McTavish Rd.

318 - 30525 Cardinal Ave.

Call Today!

D L O S Asking $94,700

310 - 2277 McCallum Rd.


• Third Floor Condo • Private Area across from mall • 2 Bdrms • 1 Bath • 740sq.ft. • 2 years new • Open to Offers!



16301 80A Ave, Surrey

• • • •

8 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 12 years old 6027 sq.ft. lot

• 10 Acre Parcel • 3 Bedrooms, 3 baths • Private Area • Well Built

Open to Trades!!



• 3 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • 1720 sq.ft. home • Another home, shop & barns

#106 – 32119 Old Yale Road

• Great Location • Renovated, 2 Bedroom • Age RES: 45+ • and much more Call Today!!

#24 - 3270 Bluejay Street

• • • •

3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 1530 sq.ft. home 13 years old

Buy & Sell with us & move for FREE!!! *Certain restrictions apply

Punjabi Patrika


Friday June 28th, 2013







View Listings Online at:




























• 4000+ sf Home, 4 bdrms up • Spectacular views of Airport and Mountains • Fenced Private Lot • Covered Deck • 2x6 cons. Prestigious Area






















Reduced $449,900












$699,900 1.41 ACRES


• • • •


• Newly renovated Split level • 5 lrg Bdrms up, 3 bathrooms • Hand scraped laminate floors • Legal Suite - Large fenced lot

2.20 ACRES WITH OFFICE AND HOUSE • 1 minute to Hwy #1 • 2 Road Frontages • Ground all Gravelled • Great Location!



Punjabi Patrika

Friday June 28th, 2013



iksy vI qrH~ dI pR`prtI KrIdx j~ vycx leI s`fy n`l sMprk kro:


MLS Top 1% 2011 Fraser Valley Real Estate Board MLS System

Baldev Singh Gill 604-825-8886 bldyv isMG ig@l




Kirandeep Singh Gill

#260 - 2655 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford, BC V2T 2Y6 604-855-7393 •

ikrndIp isMG ig@l













REDUCED $419,900 $413,000


TOWNLINE AREA 11 bedrooms, 3 storey, 5100 sq.ft. incl. garage, Grand View of Mountains, 5 bedrooms (incl 2 master) upstairs, 3 baths on upper floor, Close to schools and Gurudwara, Legal Suite




Clean house. Sold As Is - Where Is. Convenient location, close to all levels of schools, park, transit and easy access to downtown and Cedar Valley connector.



Unit #185 TOWNHOUSE IN CLEARBROOK VILLAGE Very nice and clean unit. Walk to all level of schools and Rotary Stadium, lots of visitor parking. Whole complex renovated with new vinyl siding, new windows, new attic insulation etc. Rented for $1000. Very good investment property. Priced to sell. Worth seeing!


• 3 year old mega house • Central Abbotsford, Close to shopping and stores • 2 basement suites plus theatre room • Top floor has 4 bdrms incl 2 masters + 3 baths


31133 Deertrail Av.

1430 TRACEY STREET Close to airport. Level land. Future Potential.

NEW LISTING $164,900


2464 SUNNYSIDE PLACE Nicely renovated, quiet location, cul-de-sac in desirable Sunnyside area, spent thousands on renovations. New low-e glass windows, newly built-in china cabinet, new maple kitchen cabinets, new granite countertops, new washrooms, new 5" rustic hardwood flooring, new tiles, new paint, new appliances, new crown molding, new railing, new light fixtures & much more. Close to school. Separate 26' x 14' shop with 10' ceiling. Lots of room for parking.


First time Buyer or Investor opportunity. Very nice 3 bedroom rancher on quiet Street.

Nice Rancher, Good Investment. Rented for $1050 per month. No through street. Close to Elementary School. Good opportunity to build new house on this 6000 sq.ft. lot.



27748 LANTERN AV Beautiful 2 storey custom home (over 4000 sq.ft), new neighbourhood, 9300 sq.ft. lot, hardwood flooring, high ceilings, crown moulding, granite countertops and cozy stone fireplace. 5 bdrms upstairs with 4 full baths and multiple walkins. Elegant new kitchen and spice kitchen in the back, large media room w/den and open lvgrm on main. Big backyard with an extra garage and covered patio.

• • • •

Large bsmt entry house 3 bedroom 2 full baths on main plus 3 bdrm legal suite and recroom with full bath • Large flat 6781 sq.ft. lot • Close to all level of schools


45 ACRE FARM NEAR KAMLOOPS AIRPORT • 2 bdrms up & 2 down plus 1 bath on each floor • Property borders airport and popular golf course • Property has city water, septic system and well • New sprinkler system was installed in last 2 years • 10 minutes drive to grocery store & Tim Hortons • Currently growing variety of vegetables for sale at the local farmer's market.

Asking $1.2 Million

10.58 Acre Blueberry Farm

Nice Big House. Lots of Outbuildings. Duke, Bluecrop and Elliot Variety Close to Full Production.

2800 sq.ft. house, living room, family room, plus 2 bsmt suites. NEW LISTING

Vinewood St.

plus living room and family room. Recroom with full washroom, real hardwood floors, insulated shop, flat lot, close to school.

Large Basement Entry House with family room, living room, recroom and 2 bdrm legal suite Close to schools. $465,000



Unit 423 - 1909 Salton Rd.


2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. Updated unit.

7830 sq.ft. Large level lot with 85 ft frontage. Nice Rancher Rent it or Build a new house $339,000


31950 Oak Avenue • Invest, Live or Build New • Over 9000 sq.ft. Flat Corner Lot • Nice Rancher Rented for $1100/mth • Area of New Houses



3300 SQFT COMMERCIAL LOT Downtown Abbotsford Excellent location good for restaurant, pizza shop or any other commercial activities Top two floors can be used for Office or Residential.


LOT FOR SALE • 5800+ sq.ft. lot in West Abbotsford • Near Aldergrove • Can build 2 or 3 storey house • No Legal Suite allowed

CALL BALDEV GILL 604.825.8886




Never Occupied. Brand new 4 Bedrooms up and 2 bedroom legal suite




D L O S mall.


• 3 bdrm family & living room on main • 2 Basement Suites • Nice & Clean 6 bdrm house • Tile Roof and View • Near Schools & Transportation

Very Very Clean. 5 bdrm & 3 baths, condition. 6 appl. with a $5000 floor Very Clean Townhouse in Clearbrook livingroom and family room. 2 bdrm upgrade to laminate throughout. Village. 1 bdrm down, 2 bdrms up, suite, vaulted ceiling in living room. Pets & rentals are OK. Close to new cul-de-sac locaton, corner unit. Close to schools and big storage shed.






• 3 bdrm, 2 full baths • Very clean • 7600 sq.ft. lot

• Nice Clean House • Family, Living, Dining & Kitchen • 3 bedroom on top floor • Recroom & 2 bdrm suite in bsmt • Close to schools.

Ridgeview Area

17.5 Acre Blueberry Farm with House in Mission

Close to Full Production Blueberries. Duke Variety. 10 minutes from Mission.


20 Acre Duke Blueberry Farm With House on Farms Road in Mission

Asking $1,249,000


REDUCED $1,099,000




5 ACRES with nice well kept house and Full Production Duke Blueberries

Nice well kept house Close to town

$1,079,000 PAGE R3

Punjabi Patrika


Friday June 28th, 2013

ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  


Call Today for your Free Market Evaluation!

dIp iFloN 604.832.0480 Ph: 604-864-0666 • Fax: 604-864-0668 Toll Free: 1-866-967-0666 #201 - 2580 Cedar Park Place, Abbotsford BC V2T 3S5

iksy qrH~ dI pR`prtI KRIdx j~ vycx leI dIp iFloN n`l sMprk kro


Search no more! Here it is - that style two storey home with full basement in a preferred West Side neighbourhood - that has been so hard to nd. Quality built by a reputable builder and it shows! Main oor is bright & open w/ big windowsand fantastic layout w/ high ceilings and architectural air. Open kitchen w/ family size eating area & adjoining family room. Attention has been paid to detail including 5" base/crown mldgs. Custom millwork & trim 4 good sized bdrms & 2 full baths up. Basement offers a 2 bdrm suite w/ sep laundry & security. You will love the full size backyard and this superb ultra convenient location. School K-12, parks, rec and transit are all at your doorstep. Easy access to Golden Ears/Pitt River. Hurry!

APARTMENT IN SURREY 13789 107A Avenue, Surrey Approx. 1000 sq.ft., 2 Bedrooms, 2 Full Bathrooms, Kitchen, Living Room and Den. Apartment is Rented Out!





     32740 PANDORA



Big home on a large lot near the new hospital. Renovated in 2005 with new cabinets, flooring, bathrooms, vinyl siding, etc. 13x21 detached workshop. Basement has separate entrance, also has own laundry. Good for investment, also for living.

• • • • •


4,500 sqft house on 10 acres Blueberry farm. 5 year old panting 5.5 acres duke, 2.5 acres in Bluecrop & 1 acre Reka in very desirable location in Matsqui. Price to sell. $1650 Rental income per month.



5 Bedrooms 3 Full Baths 2288 sq.ft. home 7150 sq.ft. lot Near School



I Have buyers looking for 5 acre and 10 acre farm, with berries or without in Aldergrove area. Trades welcome for both farms with houses.

Farms in USA 10, 20, 40, 50 and 100 acres.

10 Acre Blueberry (Duke) Farm in Mission (no house) 11185 Farm Rd. $764,900 2 storey w/basement

• • • • •

6 Bedrooms 5 Full Baths 3212 sq.ft. home 2 bdrm legal suite Big Lot


• • • • •

7 Bedrooms 4 Full Baths 3000 sf home 2 bsmt suites Near Sikh Temple


Your search stops here. Well kept 2 bedroom rancher with a basement on a HUGE lot. Over 9000 sqft lot with rear lane access. This place is priced to sell!



8 Bedrooms 5 Full Baths 4770 sf home 2 bsmt suites Corner Lot

$569,900 32195 PINEVIEW AREA


First time home buyer? Investor?

• • • • •

2 STOREY WITH BASEMENT: Hot Deal in Aldergrove area, 12,819 sq.ft. lot, 5300 sq.ft. house, 9 bdrms, 4 mbdrms, 7 baths, 2 living rooms, family room, fireplace, 2 kitchens, 3 sundecks, fully air conditioned, basement suite with separate laundry, cul-de-sec, close to school, transit, private backyard, shopping cente, fully land scaped, two BBQ plugs, call for details.

Mega House in Abbotsford. 5 Bdrms up. Kitchen, Family, Den on Main. 2 bdrm bsmt. 2 years old. Call for info.

Jinder Sidhu


REALTY CO. LTD 604-859-3141



15000 sq.ft. Commercial Land Commercial & Residential. Rezoned, ready to build. Central location. Call for more information.

5 Acres on Fraser Highway Charming Rancher on private corner lot with lane access. Private back yard with deck for entertaining, 2 bedrooms plus an office and rec-room. original hardwood in living room. New roof and deck, perfect for First time buyers looking to skip/townhouse stage.


Warehouse on Mt. Lehman



Live, work and relax all on this 10 acre farm. Comes with a well kept 3 bedroom and 2 1/2 washroom home. The garage has been enclosed which gives you another approx 500 sqft of extra living space (also plumbed in for another kitchen). 2 Large barns with concrete  oors that were used for horse boarding(80'x89' & 36'x54'). Bonus 2 more out buildings. Barns have a separate electric meter. Truckers will love this property as well, you can rent out the barns and plant berries on remaining 6  at acres. This is a must see! Motivated Seller!

Punjabi Patrika

Friday June 28th, 2013


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  


To Buy, Sell or Build a House call:


Buying or Selling any type of Property? Call Today!

Surinder (Sam) Toor FREE

Cell: 604-857-2427


Toll Free: 604-857-1098



604.996.2017 NEW LISTING

2 MASTER BDRMS - Maclure Rd. REDUCED $644,900 Net GST Incl.

Brand new quality built home. Two storey with fully finished bsmt. Spacious Maple kitchen with granite countertops. Main has family & living room, 2 kitchens, a balcony, an office, laundry room, 2 gas fireplaces, and one full bath with 9 foot ceilings. Upstairs has 4 large bdrms, including 2 master bdrms. Basement features Home theatre, a spacious living room, 2 full baths, 3 bdrms, laundry room, separate brightly lit entrance. In total, 6 bathrooms.

CLOSE TO ALL LEVEL OF SCHOOLS ON VALDES STREET Very clean 3 bedroom up with living room and family room with sundeck off the kitchen. On Large 6749 sq.ft. lot. 2 bdrm legal level entry basement suite. Large recroom and full bathroom for upstairs use. Close to all levels of schools. New roof, new sundeck, new back stairs & new hot water tank. Total 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms with gas fireplace. Lots of parking. OFFERS NEEDED!


2 BDRM LEGAL SUITE ON BIGGER LOT Beautiful house, great location. 3 storey with separate entrance to basement. Family room, kitchen, living room and laundry on the main floor. 4 large bedrooms upstairs, close to Fruiticana, new mall, all level of schools and park. Easy freeway access. Total 4 bathrooms. Very good condition.

Old Yale Rd Close to Delair Park, Easy Freeway access, 3 bdrms up, 2 bdrm legal suite, 9200 sq.ft. lot, double garage, 10' high ceilings, RV Parking, new Roof, Fresh Paint, Crown Mouldings, Spacious Kitchen, 2.5 baths

• Contract with 17 Schools • Busy Location • Good Income

DUPLEX PROPERTY Prime development investment property close to Shoppers Drug Mart & Safeway. In the heart of Abbotsford. Both sides of duplex have Living room, kitchen and 2 bedrooms upstairs. 2 bedrooms & family room in the basement. Currently rented for $2100/month.


2 Side X Side 3 Storey Home RANCHERS


S Property 16.5 PLA Done for 10 Lots

Full Production

4 1/2 Acres in South Surrey Good for 90 Townhouse site. No Creek. Very Reasonable Price!! Open to Offers Seller Very Motivated

2.89 Acres

29,000 sq.ft. Lot Subdividable into two big lots Panorama Ridge - Surrey

#201 - 2580 Cedar Park Place, Abbotsford BC V2T 3S5

Rancher on 10,000 sq.ft Lot


In White Rock Plans Ready to Build 8600 sq.ft. home

40 Acres for Sale Full Production Blueberry Farm 2 Houses and Barns. Can be rented for $5000/month

Hotel Unit for Sale


In Squamish Good Rental Income

In Panorama Ridge - Surrey Asking $2.4 Million

Plus you can stay 70 nights per year free of cost.

­ € ‚ ƒÂ?ƒ„Â… †  Â?‡Â…­  † Â


We have qualified buyers for basement entry West Abbotsford


        Â? Â?Â? Â?Â


$33 4,600 sq.ft. each Very Reasonable Price Ready in April 2013

Elegant 3 storey home in heart of Abbotsford with all the fine finishings, perfect for an extended family. This home features 10 bed, 6 full baths, bar with big home theater 5 BEDROOM HO Only $509,900 for party, spice$519,900 kitchen, 2 bedroom CLOSE TO NEW HO legal suite rented $700/month, corner lot and much more! Plenty of Close sq.ft. to new hospital, • Beautiful House on dead-end street on 12,000 lots. free side parking with a triple garage msa arena and shopping • large 4 bdrms up incl.+2 mbdrms gated open parking. Come to look, Basement entry 5 bdrm hou you will love it. • 2 bedroom legal suite up, fully finished bas • Total 5-6 bedrooms & 5 bathrooms bathrooms. Dead end stre • View of Mt. Baker from sundeck Updated Thermal Windows and good tenants. Need offe • RV Parking

in North Acres Surrey Abbotsford

REDUCED $447,000


Pizza and Meat 2 1 Lots For Sale NEW LISTIN Shop for Sale 1 SOLD Surrey


Ph: 604-864-0666 Fax: 604-864-0668 Toll Free: 1-866-967-0666

Selling Out...We need new listings!! Call Gurcharan or Jag for your FREE no obligation Market Evaluation. PRICE REDUCED - MUST SELL FAST! EXCLUSIVE LISTING!!




PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP 40.58 acre Blueberry farm $349,000

Corner Lot Almost 6200 sq.ft., Rented to good tenants.


3 bedroom home in a very central location near chief Dan George School, close to schools, shopping, nicely renovated including new roof.

Priced at only $379,900


33137 CAPRI COURT Renovated, New Roof, Double Garage, 3 storey, 5 bdrm home. 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths Near University

Laser leveled land, 3400 sq.ft. shop built in (2010). All blueberries are Duke Variety, 35 acres planted in (2010), 3 acres planted in (2012). Total: 38 acres of blueberries. Top quality certified plants (2000 per acre). Expected yield is 150,000 lbs. this year. Double drip irrigation system, spray injection system and A must see!! West Abbotsford, only 4 drainage pipes every 30 ft. installed. Corner property yeas young. 4 bdrms. 2 mbdrms up. with 2 driveway access. One of the best maintained Family room, recroom and full bath blueberry farms in Sumas Prairie. Call today for your for owners use. 3 bdrm bsmt suite. own detailed personal showing.



Only 12 yrs. old, 3 bedrooms and family room up, plus 2 bedroom legal suite and a good size rec room and full washroom for up stairs use.

ALMOST 16 ACRES Full Production Blueberry


31392 WINDSOR CRT 3 level split. Quiet cul-de-sac!!! Large Lot. 3 bdrms up, 1 den and rec room down, 2 baths. Many updated features. Private backyard, covered patio. Perfect to raise your family in a safe and quiet area. Walking distance to middle and high school, easy freeway access.

Blueridge Country!! Only 10 years new. Great clean home with 4 bdrms up, 2 full baths up, 2 bedroom basement. Den and laundry on main floor. Family room off nice maple kitchen w/island and pantry. Rock gas F/P. Beautiful fenced backyard. Easy freeway access. Walk to schools, shopping. Only 5 minutes to freeway at Mount Lehman Road.


5949 125TH ST, SURREY

NEAR STADIUM 1 1/2 bath, 3 bdrms legal suite. Call for Details


3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, double tandem garage.

3 Bedrooms upstairs plus family room. 2 bedroom basement suite plus recroom for upstairs use. The backyard is flat and contains a deck with a heated workshop beneath it. The hotwater tank is new.


in Sumas Prarie With House 4 bdrm house rented @1400/mth

Panorama Ridge Area 3 story home

A Must See Farm!

5 ACRES ON FRASER HIGHWAY Great Holding Property

Backs Greenspace! 4 bdrm 3 bath, New Roof! 3' crawl storage space. Family room leading to Quiet and Private fully fenced backyard! Kids play house and patio big enough to shoot some hoops! Storage shed. Great West Abbotsford location with walking, running, biking trails across the street at Ellwood Park and Discovery Trail. Easy Freeway access!


3 Story Home with Legal Suite 3 bdrms up, master bdrm has huge walk-in closet, jetted tub. Main floor has Den and a huge bdrm with 3pc bath close by. Living and dining rooms have vaulted ceilings. Very spacey in the basement and double garage. Trades welcome for townhouse or smaller home.

3 Bedrooms up, family room & rec room 2 bdrm legal suite





Producing Berries Fairfield Estates 1/3 acre lot!!! 4 bedrooms plus den, 2 story home, family, living, dining, three washrooms (2 pcs on main floor) huge brand new kitchen and a good size spice kitchen. If you are looking for a beautiful home but don't care for the basement this is for you.

On Gladwin. 3 bdrm + recroom mobile home.

Almost 10 Acres. Producing Berries. Brand New House and a 2nd House. Call for Details.

Reduced $669,000 Willing to trade for House in West Abby.


UNITS 104 & 105 30791 SIMPSON S!RD U 2400+ BY sf each



Punjabi Patrika


Friday June 28th, 2013


For All Your Real Estate Needs PARAM BRAR PARM JUDGE

Lighthouse 604-825-3954 604-864-7656 R E A L T Y L T D RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES 2580 HILL-TOUT

Very clean 3 bedroom rancher. New flooring in kitchen, laundry room & entry. New paint & roof. Fenced backyard. Good for investor or builder to build a new house. Central location. CENTRAL ABBOTSFORD NEW LISTING


S I L K W O O D E S TAT E S . Q u i e t a n d convenient location, very close to all school levels. Matsqui rec centre and other amenities. Nicely updated 3 bdrm townhouse has newer flooring, blinds, some appliances, windows and roof. Balcony off master bdrm, patio and backyard privacy.



Investment property. 1.85 acres, zoned I-2. Zoning allows mechanic shop, autobody repair, crematorium, sheet metal products, landscaping services, courier, delivery and express facilities. House rented @ $900 per month. Good solid tenants.



Beautiful former showhome located in the desirable Blue Jay Hills complex. This 3 bedroom 3 bathroom unit has loads of extras, laminate flooring throughout the main floor, upgraded kitchen with lighting under the cabinets and crown mouldings, 3 ft crawl space under house,pot lights, updated fixtures. This beautiful home also offers a big private fenced backyard that backs onto a greenbelt (protected by DFO).

FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS OR INVESTORS - 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, renovated rancher with separate entrance, covered patio, RV or truck parking in the backyard, lane access. Walking distance to Elementary schools, shopping and transportation.

Total 6 bedrooms-3 bedrooms up with rec room and 3 bedrooms in basement with separate entry. Quiet & central location close to schools, shopping, Matsqui rec centre and public transit. Live or rent while increasing your equity. Priced to sell. 12'x 24' WORKSHOP



REDUCED $335,000





Very clean basement entry home. 3 bedrooms up, 2 bedroom unauthorized suite down, Double french doors to den with quality built-in shelving, oak hardwood flooring, bright main floor, backs onto greenbelt, double garage, extra parking available, close to schools and shopping.


Big, brand new basement entry home featuring 5 bedrooms, 4 full baths spread over 2949+ square feet overlooking greenbelt. Built by a seasoned builder in a new subdivision near Fraser Hwy and Lefeuvre Road. 3 bedrooms up and 2 down. Lots of room to accommodate a large family. Call today for your showing. Not many like this one around.

3 storey home with 10 Bdrms 4050 sq ft with Legal suite. 4 bdrms up with family room and living/dining room. Main floor has 3 bdrms, 2 full baths and large rec-room. Lower level has a 2 bdrm legal suite + games room. 5 full baths, air cond., built in vacuum, double garage & 2 sundecks. Quiet cul-de-sac. walk to recreation, shopping & all level of schools.




Total 4040 sqft rancher with unfinished basement situated on 1/3 AC in premium neighbourhood. Awesome potential for developing basement. Secure and private yard, perfect for outdoor entertaining and watch the kids play while on your huge and beautiful patio. Immediate possession.

Spacious basement entry home on quiet street, 3 bdrms up with 2 full baths. 2 bdrm legal suite plus recroom down. Nice private backyard with a big deck. Close to all levels of schools & shopping.







Cul-de-sac! Very Clean. Updated a few years back. 1 BDRM LEGAL SUITE. 4 Bdrm, 3 Baths, fully fenced yard. Excellent neighbourhood. Walk to UFV, Cinema & Rec centre. Just a short drive to all other amenities including Hospital. Easy FreewayAccess.








Spacious 2380 sq ft home, 3 bathrooms, 3 bedroom up plus Legal 3 bedroom suite down. Totally updated, built for large faimly. Fully fenced backyard with a garden. Near schools, new hospital, mill lake park and quick freeway access.



WALKING DISTANCE TO UVF. Custom built 3 storey home with open concept. Features huge bright kitchen with granite counter tops, pantry, stainless steel appliances. 2 gas fireplaces, 4 bdrms up with 2 master suites. 1 den on main, 1 bdrm legal suite plus 1 extra bdrm in bsmt.











7 bdrms. West Abbotsford. Near New Super Mall. 3 Storey Home. Approx. 3750 sq.ft. 4 bdrms + large game room up. Master bdrm has jacuzzi & shower. Main floor offers living room and family room both with fireplace. Spacious 3 bdrm legal suite. Fenced backyard backing onto private greenbelt.


$539,000 $497,000

Pepin Brook Vineyard Estate. This 2 Story home comes with a great room plan with 4 bedrooms up plus a fully finished basement that features a huge recroom and 2 bedrooms. $669,000

FARM & COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES 39 ACRE FULL PRODUCTION BLUEBERRY FARM 39 acre blueberry farm. Great revenue. Automatic drip irrigation, fertilizer injection, set up for machine picking. Over 3600 sq.ft. renovated house. 5 bdrms, 4 baths. Unfinished bsmt. Expansive barns for cold storage, packing, sorting, machinery, parking etc... Excellent hwy #1 exposure. Seeing is believing. BEST PRICE


8430 128TH ST. $229,000 EACH





Approx 3000 sq ft home. Main floor renovated with laminate floor, carpet, kitchen doors, windows and 3 yrs old roof. Perfect for planting Blueberry or could be great set up for horses. Huge barn over 1100 sq ft. Excellent peaceful place to raise your family.

Commercial freestanding buidling. 3 separate retail units. Each unit has front and back access. High exposure on Clearbrook corner.



Commercial units side by side i n K h a l s a M a l l , S u r r e y. Combined 2188 sq.ft. very desirable location. High ceiling. Must be sold together. 2 pc washroom. Perfect for medical office, pharmacy, clothing business etc... Vacant and ready to move in. Easy to show. Best deal in this mall.




Development Site Next to the High Rise. 314 feet of frontage on the Marshall Rd. Total Land 42,168 sq.ft. 33476, 33490, 33500 & 33506 Marshall Rd.

Walk to Rick Hansen & Fitness Centre. 3 storey home. 5 bdrms, 3.5 baths, 2 gas f/p’s, detached shop, approx 550 sq.ft. parklike setting with peace and serenity. Very rare to find property as such. Will trade house inAbbotsford.



15 acre Farm near 264 St. in Langley. 1255' frontage on 16 Ave. 2 residences, main home over 5000 sq.ft. Both homes rented $2700 per month. Bluecrop & Duke blueberry variety. Lots of water for irrigation. All farm equipment - 4 wheel Kubota tractor with loader, 2 spray tanks, cultivators, rotovators, 2 berry transporting vehicles included. 2 barns (2700 sq.ft. & 600 sq.ft.) Plenty of room for parking (trucks, RV, etc.). House in Trade welcome.

884 SQ.FT. Retail / Office Space Across from Khalsa Bank. High Exposure


COMMERCIAL BUILDING CHILLIWACK Concrete Block Building. 3 Retail & 3 Residential units. 3 year roof. Great exposure. Near Safeway. All units separately metered. Gross income approx $43,000 per year.



Backs to Newly Developed Pepin Brook Sub Division. Sill in ALR. Explore your Potential EXLCUSIVE ASKING $1.6M

Punjabi Patrika

Friday June 28th, 2013


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

For All Your Real Estate Needs PARAM BRAR PARM JUDGE

Lighthouse 604-825-3954 604-864-7656 R E A L T Y L T D

CEDAR PARK PLAZA - ABBOTSFORD COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX - RIGHT BESIDE CEDAR PARK PLACE POTENTIAL USES: Professional Offices, Medical Offices, Sweet Shop, Grocery Store, Clothing Stores, Jewellery Store, Video/Music Stores, Restaurants, Bring your ideas.



OLD 11 S10

3 12

4LD SO 5LD SO 13










NOW SELLING Gary Tiwana 





Zein Sangha 





HomeLife Glenayre Realty Co. Ltd.

604.556.8890 Mission: 604.826.2699 Fax: 604.826.2621

Buying or Selling? Call Jag Today! MISSION • HOMES FOR SALE • MISSION Beautiful brand new 3 storey home. Daylight w/o basement. Total 8 bedrooms, 6 baths, 2 master bedrooms, 2 gas f/p. Dream maple kitchen w/island. High ceiling. Green belt in front and back. 2-5-10 year warranty. Best priced house. Call before its sold.


Beautiful home. Total 6 bedrooms, 4 baths, Good family home for 1st time buyers or investors. 3 bedrooms up, 2 pc ens. 2 family room, gas f/p, granite counters, maple kitchen with island, recroom & bath for owner bdrm legal suite. Big fenced yard. Near + 2 bdrm accommodation. 2-5-10 warranty. Bakerview Elementary school. Must sell!!

ONLY $499,900


Great bsmt home for 1st time buyers or Good size bsmt entry home. Great Investors!! Totally renovated up and down. Location. F/P. Recrm Down + 2 bdrm 3 bdrms up, 2 down, 2 kitchens, 2 baths, legal suite. Needs updating but priced 2 laundries, huge 50x190 fenced lot with back very well to sell fast. Call me for Price!! lane access. Future Potential. Vacant.


Great family home at a great price of $369,900. Spacious 3 bdrms up. 3pc ensuite in mbdrm. Extra recroom for owner down + 1 bdrm legal suite. Big covered sundeck & big fenced yard. Walk to schools, shopping & mill lake.


Call Gary to view!!


Bring Offers!

3 bedrooms up, 2 pc ensuite, 2 bedroom suite down. Totally renovated with 2 new kitchens, 2.5 baths, flooring and paint. Near Fairfield area. Walk to Stadium and schools. Call Gary Now!



NOW PAY ONLY 5% GST Build your dream home. 2 lots 7620 sq ft and 5 lots Âą 5800 sq ft. Suitable for 2 or 3 storey homes. Pay only 10% down & get 90 days completion, no interest. Call Gary Now.

Professional Building on Clearbrook Road. Space available from 1000 - 5000 sq.ft. Very reasonable rates and terms. Street level exposure. Lots of parking. Call Gary to View.

Custom Built 2 storey with full basement in desirable College Heights. Basement includes a large 2 bedroom suite + ofce with Seperate entry + Rec Room and seperate laundry. Almost 4000 sf on a 6500 sf corner lot. Near all Levels of school and a new shopping centre.

1.31 acres in phase 3 of the Cedar Valley plan. OCP shows compact residential lots for future development. Old timer rancher rented to long term tenants at $1200 per month or tear down and build your dream house here and wait for development. New detached shop & lean to. Call for more information.

8228 Kudo Drive - Well Maintained Home in a Fantastic Neighbourhood. Elementary school is around the corner. 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms upstairs. 2 Bedroom Suite, den, Laundry and 2 Bathrooms downstairs. Great family home in a convenient Location.

Big home with quality nishing. Spotless condition. Hot tub with gazebo adjoining deck. Fully nished basement with massive Rec room and a mortgage helper suite. 4 full bathrooms. Family oriented cul-de-sac location close to all amenities. Fully fenced private yard with a shed. Call today to view.

Located in the desirable "College Heights" area. This 2 storey with fully finished basement has a lot to offer. 7 bedrooms, 6 baths, 2 laundries and 3 kitchens! 2 separate suites. Huge master bedroom with an amazing view. This house is a must see. Central air conditioning, high efficiency furnace. Way too many features to list, call for more info.




Punjabi Patrika 

Friday June 28th, 2013

Punjabi Patrika

Friday June 28th, 2013




Veer Malhi




3129 Goldfinch St.


Near all 3 school levels New Wagner Drive

2665 Janzen St. • • • •

8 Bdrms and 7 Bath Desirable location in Abby Quality Built home Near Elementry school and Sikh Temple • $1050/month for Legal suite


32640 HAIDA DR. • Fully renovated • Legal suite and rec room • Living & Family room • Near Stadium & Schools

• • • • •


5 bdrm, 4 bath home 2 bedroom legal bsmt. Rec room with full bath Near Sikh Temple New Paint, Floor & roof

D L O S • • • • •

5 Bedroom House Family Room, Living room 2 bedroom legal suite Rec room with washroom Super clean • Good location


3343 Jervis Crst. • Near Sikh Temple • • • •

3 bdrms & 2 Baths Renovated in 2009 Near all School levels On quite street

• 5 to 6 Bedrooms • 3 to Bathrooms • Legal Suite

Price $450,000 to $500,000



APPROX. 10 ACRES • • • •

• Duke and Elliot • 5 Bedroom House • $1600/month rental income • Full production berries

Blueberry Farm Full Production 3400 sq.ft. House Duke, Elliot, Reka


8.23 ACRES

• Located close to No. 3 Rd exit • Beautiful 3 bdrm rancher • Land is ready to plant




• Planted in Duke & Reka • House and mobile home • Priced to sell • Mostly 6 year old plants




• Duke and Blue crop • Planted in 2008 • Rectangular parcel

26.2 ACRES in


• Duke and Blucrop • 2600 sqft House • Mostly Duke some Bluecrop • 17 Acres in full production • 5 to 6 yr Young plants • Some planted last year







• 5 mins from Abbotsford • Ready for machine picking

• 3 year young plants • Duke and bluecrop • 5 mins from highway exit


• • • • •


Asking $1.5 Million


Blueberry Farm Professionally Planted Machine Pick Good Income, Full Production 5 Mins to Town

QUIZNOS FOR SALE (Business Only)


• • • •

5 year old blueberries 3000 sq.ft. house 2 large storage buildings Seller will take trades

20 acres with 2 homes Chilliwack

• 2 renovated homes • 20 flat acres • good soil for berries • 5 mins from Downtown Chilliwack

• 3 Homes on 35 acres • Cleared and ready for plantation • good rental income • close to 16 ave


5 Acre Farm near Town • • • •

Good site to build house older home rented out big shop for truckers levelled for planting berries





• 4 Bedroom House • Planed in Elliot & Duke • Dairy Barns for rental Potential


D SOL3029

• 20 Bare land • Mobile Home • 30x40 Shop


Tolmie Rd

OLD S 4435 Boundary Rd.

APPROX 33 ACRES 25 2435 Bradner Rd ACRES


• BC's Best Blueberry

• 4 year old Blueberries • Good Location • Duke and Bluecrop


• 8 year old Duke plants • Expected yield 450lbs


• 10 acres minutes from Hwy. • Beautiful house built in 2008 • Levelled and well drained parcel

(Business Only) • Be your own Boss • 4 High Tech Machines • Hair removal and Skin Care

• 5 Mins from new Mall • Records available


• 5000sqft beautiful home • Flat usable bare land • Shop and Barn $1,200,000


100-32555 Simon Ave, Abbotsford BC V2T 4Y2

• • • •

Own a Franchise Good Income Busy Mt. Lehman Plaza Financials Available







604.855.0800 PAGE R9

Punjabi Patrika


Friday June 28th, 2013


pRwprtI KRIdx jW vycx l`gy ho? vwjb ryt – Swndwr syvwvW


SIDHU 604.614.4002




S. GREWAL 604.807.8060

DHALIWAL 604.614.9294

SHARMA 604.825.4715

• AYbtsPorf dI pihlI 5 qzrbykwr pMjwbI rIAltrW dI tIm[ • ie`k rIAltr dy kimSn iv`c 5 rIAltr quhwfy leI kMm krngy[ • swfy kol mnzUrSudw lon vwly KRIddwr mOzUd hn[ A`j hI Awpxw Gr ivKwE[ • Gr vycx qoN pihlW rYnovySn/irpyAr krwaux bwry slwh lY skdy ho[ • quhwfI pRwprtI v`fI/CotI pRwprtI nwl vtw (tryf krw) skdy hW[ • rOibn kOr ig`l BYxW nUM Gr Aw ky jwxkwrI dy skdy hn[ • bYNk jW Adwlq vloN vycy jw rhy GrW dI jwxkwrI lY skdy ho[


GILL-CHAUDHARY 604.832.0207



4000 SQ.FT. 3 STOREY HOUSE • 9 years old • Quality Built • 8 bdrms, 6 full baths • two bsmts (2+1 bdrm) rented • Cul-de-sac location


5 BDRMS AND 4 FULL BATHS • • • • • •

2800 sq.ft. home Living room and family room Recroom + bath for owner Two bdrm legal suite Cul-de-Sac Close to Kalgidhar Gurdwara


3102 ENGINEER COURT • • • • • •

5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms 2 bedroom basement suite 3014 sq.ft. home 5384 sq.ft. lot 1 year new house Homeowner built



3900 BRIGHTON PLACE • • • • • •

5200 sq.ft. mega home 9 bedrooms and 6 full baths 2 - two bedroom suites rented 9300 sq.ft. lot daylight basement spice kitchen

• • • • •

5 bdrms and 3 full baths Legal basement suite 6000 sq.ft. lot 2000 sq.ft. clean house Close to Fruiticana and Townline Road.











LOT FOR SALE WEST ABBOTSFORD LOT • 4500 sq.ft. lot in West Abby • Build your 3 storey dream home • Flat land • Close to Baba Bandha Singh Gurdwara Sahib

16057 77th AVE • • • • •

16000 sq.ft. lot 2 storey 2700 sq.ft. Very clean house 4 bedrooms & 3 baths Close to all schools and recreation

7000 sq.ft. quality built house 4.52 acres flat and fertile land Dream home for two families kitchen on both floors Close to town and USA border

2447 SUGARPINE ST • • • •

10600 sq.ft. lot (102 & 104) 3300 sq.ft. quality home 5 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms Living room and family room









35717 ZANATTA PLACE • • • • •

0 AVE & BRANDER ROAD • • • • •

2800 sq.ft. bsmt entry home 5 bdrms, 4 baths and office 2 bedroom legal suite 6091 sq.ft. lot 3 year old quality built home



4500 sq.ft. quality built home 8 bedrooms, 7 full bathrooms Two (2+1 bdrm) suites rented Built in 2009 Close to Kalgidhar Gurudwara



7200 sq.ft. lot 1400 sq.ft. floor area Rented for $1100/month Hold on or Build your new home

• • • • •




MULTI-USE INDUSTRIAL STRATA • 2000 sq.ft. Warehouse • Close to Aircare Centre • 220V Power • Better than leasing • Seller Motivated WAREHOUSE FOR SALE

• High exposure • 15,880 sq.ft. • Desirable South Fraser location • 2 titles (zoned C4 & C3) in process of rezoning to C5. • 4 storey retail and office • Plans Available. DEVELOPERS/INVESTORS




















4805 Humphrey Rd.

1000 sq.ft. for Lease Call for Details


8 Acres Planted Rest is clear and flat, ready to plant




11 Years Old 2 Homes Good Location Close to Town and US Border


• 85000 sq.ft. Glass Greenhouse • 3 bedroom Rancher • Beautiful Property • Close to Town

• Beautiful House • Close to Town






18 ACRES in Agassiz BLUEBERRY CALL FOR DETAILS! • In Town - Abbotsford • 4 bdrm, 2 bath House 20 ACRES RASPBERRY • Full Production Abbotsford







60 Acres Planted in Blueberries Duke, Elliot and Bluecrop Varieties.




• 3 Years Old Blueberries • Mission BC




• Nice House and Rental Cabins • Really close to town • Beautiful Location

• Full Production • Matsqui area




• 3 bedroom updated rancher • New roof, paint, kitchen, hot water tank and much more • Excellent alternative to buy a house at a townhouse price • Close to school & stadium


#103 - 30519 BLUERIDGE DRIVE



20.7 Acres


4000 sqft floor area 7 bedrooms, 5 washrooms 4 spacious bedrooms upstairs Basement offers Rec room and 2pc bath for upstairs use • 2 bedroom LEGAL SUITE with separate laundry hookups.

Living room and family room 8000 sqft lot 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms fully renovated new kitchen, siding, windows and much more.


Ideal for Retail or Offices



• No Home • Producing Blueberries CALL FOR DETAILS!

100 ACRES BARE LAND ABBOTSFORD Nice and flat All Usable

Global Force Realty #2 2838 Garden Street, Abbotsford BC V2T 4W7

Gr byrI Pwrm, KwlI jmIn, lwt, jW vpwrk jwiedwd KRIdx jW vycx vyLy vwjb ryt Aqy Swndwr syvwvW leI hmySw Xwd r`Ko[


Punjabi Patrika

Friday June 28th, 2013


ď °ď ?ď Şď ď ˘ď ‰ď€ ď °ď €ď Šď ąď ’ď Ťď  

LUNA HOMES PHASE 3 NOW SELLING hux qusIN nv~ Gr isrP $299,900 qoN lY skdy ho|


incl. GST

30748 Cardinal Ave., Abbotsford DAILY 12-5PM EXCLUDING FRIDAYS. Or call me directly at:

Cell: 778-908-3358 MANDEEP BHALLA

jy qusI pR`prtI vycx` j` KrIdx` c`hMUdy ho q~ kMvljIq kOr ig@l n`l sMprk kro| For all your Real Estate needs Call:

Kanwaljit K. Gill


SRS Panorama Realty #106 - 12830 80th Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 3A8. Tel: 604-572-3088, Fax: 606-572-3077

kMvljIq kOr ig@l

Cell: 604.825.0215



HOT l! Dea


Very Reasonable Price! Very clean basement entry home. 3 bedrooms & 1.5 baths upstairs. 2 bedrooms suite with separate entry downstairs. Near schools, shopping and rec centre.

bhuq hI sfP-suQrf bysmYNt ieMtrI hom , iqMn bYzrUm aqy 1[5 bfQrUm AuWpr aqy do bYzrUm dI bysmYNt. nyVy skUl aqy sLfipMg, irk sYNtr. Upstairs: 3 bdrms, 1.5 baths, laminate flooring, new bathtub. Downstairs: 3 large bedrooms, 1 bath, New kitchen, separate entry, laminate flooring • 70x100 (7000sf) Lot, • West Abbotsford • Close to all amenities • Rented @ $1800/month

         x   Â? Â?   Â? Â? Â?  Â?  ­€  ‚ ƒ

GWt lfAu vWD pfAu myrIaF syvfvF smyq 1. MLS Exposure 1[ aYm aYl aYs aYkspojLr 2. Paid Adversements 2[ pyz aYzvrtfeIjLmYNts 3. Social Media Markeng 3[ sosLl mIzIaf mfrikMitMg 4. Open Houses 4[ Epn hfAUs 5. Professional Photos, HOT NEW LISTING - COMING 5[ poRPYsLnlSO Poto, vIzIEjL Videos &EXCLUSIVE Virtual Tours aqy vrcUl tUrj Custom 8 bedroom house, 2 6. A ended Showings bedroom legal suite, 5 bathrooms, 6[ afE dyKo aqy hor bhuq kWuC & Much More living and family room plus recroom, close to shopping, bus stop and park. Very nice house, must see!!


$614,000 Custom built. 2 storey plus full bsmt. Quality and excellent workmanship throughout. Over 4500 sqft. Cul-desac. 3 yr old beautiful home. Engineered hardwood flooring, high ceilings, granite counters, huge island in gourmet kitchen, 4 bedrooms up with 5pc ensuite in Master, jetted tub and 2 more ensuites. Main floor comes with family room off kitchen and has cozy gas fireplace, Laundry, nook, formal dining room and living room. The spacious basement with sound proof theater, media room, wet bar, full bath and more. Perfect location near UFV, rec.

TOWNLINE ARE 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom 3 bedrooms up and 2 be suite down + recroom family room. Very n Basement Home. Ste Ceilings in the Living an room. Daylight basemen ceilings and big windo frontage. Access and ro any size RV.


Punjabi Patrika


Friday June 28th, 2013




Gurmat Camp



SINCE 1993

REGISTER TODAY! Spaces are limited


SUMMER FUN FOR KIDS For children ages 5-10 (KG to grade 5) Sports, Gatka, games, reading & math, treats & videos Registration happens every Sunday at Gurdwara Kalgidhar Darbar from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

July 2nd to July 12th July 15th to July 26th July 29th to August 9th August 12th to August 23rd

10 days per session (Monday to Friday) 9:00 am - 3:00 pm (Daily) Cost: $100 for 2 weeks

For more information, call

604-855-0020 PAGE R12

June 28th, 2013  
June 28th, 2013  

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