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“ In PRAYING we need to EMPTY

ourselves, our ego that is within us. When we empty ourselves, we ALLOW CHRIST who is the prince of peace to ENTER into our hearts.

A Precious Christmas Gift

4 Our Savior is Born - HTL 59

Fr. Francis Xavier Binh Nguyen, SVD General Chaplain

What is the focus of Christmas for you? Shopping? Singing Christmas Carol? Practicing and performing Christmas plays? Partying? Receiving and giving gifts? No single activity above is left out during Christmas. All of them are true to this Holiday season. But what stands out the most? My childhood and youth experience testified that receiving gift generates much energy and fun. This might be true to your experience as well! Regarding gifts, it may be worth to ask what kind of gift that is most important or precious to you? Well, there are two ways to answer this question. First, what is important maybe not of the gift itself, rather it is the person who gives the gift or the loving memorial occasion that makes the gift important. Sometimes the gift is very simple, not costly, but very precious and will be remembered forever. For instance, at the end of the Advent retreat this year, I was presented a blue ten-beads rosary by the Chapter, Teresa of the Little Jesus from Tacoma, WA. It is a handmade rosary that came out from the retreat activity. Everyone made one for himself or herself. Though it is simple but it is very precious and memorable for me. The emphasis here is not the rosary as such, it is rather the atmosphere of love from the Chapter that touched my heart. I hold that special rosary in my fingers during my nightly prayer, and of course, I also remembered the gift presenters. Theregore, both the giver and circumstance contributed to the value and meaning of the gift. The second way to answer the question above is the value of the gift which speaks of its usefulness and practicality. For instance, when a Chapter needs a trailer for camping purposes and one donor presents that gift at Christmas, that gift becomes precious because it truly fulfils the need of the receiver. This gift does not feed the desire but the life of many, particularly the Chapter that is benefited from the gift. The value of the gift itself determines the meaning of the gift presented. In short, both the giver and the value of the gift made Christmas gifts meaningful. For Christians, God is the gift presenter to the world and the gift He brings is Himself, which is peace. God is the prince of peace. So both the gift presenter and the gift itself are indeed precious to the world at Christmas. The gift God brings to the world is useful and practical because every single human being on earth needs peace. Without peace, no one can survive on this planet. The person without peace lacks energy and interest of life. The person without peace is unfocused and distracted. The person without peace builds up fear and gains no confidence. At the end, the person without peace lives with a restless heart.

As we celebrate the birthday of Jesus one more time. This year, let us focus and refocus on the true meaning of Christmas and the Christmas gift God brings to us. Let us open the gift that God presents to us with mindfulness and reverence. Let us hold dearly the precious gift that God gives to us and make use of it every day. Let there be PEACE in our lives. There are five letters in the word peace. Let me be a little more specific on each letter. The letter “P” means pray; “E” means empty; “A” means allow; “C” means Christ; and “E” means enter. All in all, in Praying we need to Empty ourselves, our ego that is within us. When we empty ourselves, our ego, we Allow Christ who is the prince of peace to Enter into our hearts. Then we will be restful and joyful to sing:

“Glory to God in the highest . Peace to people of good will.”

Merry Christmas!!!

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Dearest Chaplains, Chaplain Assistants, Youth Leader Trainers, Youth Leaders, and youth members of all ranks:


the joyous spirit of Christmas, the National Executive Committee extend all members of the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement (VEYM) warm greetings of peace and love in the most Holy Infant Jesus.

union with the Universal Church, we celebrate and give thanks to the Incarnate God. Through the Christmas Mystery, Jesus has taught us the lesson of sacrifice and service that all of us must imitate. From King of kings to Infant in a manger, we're called follow Jesus' footstep as servants to those we serve. Over the last several years, our Movement has made great strides with the support and leadership of those who came before us and the ongoing contributions of those who currently serve. With God's grace we are on an upward momentum and this is reflective of our collective effort in modelling after Jesus' lesson on sacrifice and service. While we are making great strides, much work is needed to stay the course and set the foundation for the next generation of young leaders. The work of building our VEYM community is a daunting task that cannot happen overnight. You are invited to join and lead through praying, sacrificing, uniting with the Eucharist, and doing apostolic work. More importantly, you are invited to imitate Christ through His lesson of sacrifice and service. As we celebrate the season of Christmas, let us reflect on His teaching and begin to live it, not in words but in action as we sacrifice and serve our youth members, chapters, parishes, and our overall VEYM community.

God bless and Merry Christmas! Joseph Dao Van Duc President, National Executive Committee Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement 6 Our Savior is Born - HTL 59

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8 Our Savior is Born - HTL 59

MERRY CHRISTMAS “The faith we proclaim tonight makes us see God present in all those situations where we think he is absent. He is present in the unwelcomed visitor, often unrecognizable, who walks through our cities and our neighborhoods, who travels on our buses and knocks on our doors." POPE FRANCIS 2017 Christmas Homily, Vatican

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Mary “gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in bands of cloth, and laid him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the inn” (Lk 2:7). In these plain and clear words, Luke brings us to the heart of that holy night: Mary gave birth; she gave us Jesus, the Light of the world. A simple story that plunges us into the event that changes our history forever. Everything, that night, became a source of hope. Let us go back a few verses. By decree of the Emperor, Mary and Joseph found themselves forced to set out. They had to leave their people, their home and their land, and to undertake a journey in order to be registered in the census. This was no comfortable or easy journey for a young couple about to have a child: they had to leave their land. At heart, they were full of hope and expectation because of the child about to be born; yet their steps were weighed down by the uncertainties and dangers that attend those who have to leave their home behind. Then they found themselves having to face perhaps the most difficult thing of all. They arrived in Bethlehem and experienced that it was a land that was not expecting them. A land where there was no place for them. And there, where everything was a challenge, Mary gave us Emmanuel. The Son of God had to be born in a stable because his own had no room for him. “He came to what was his own and his own people did not accept him” (Jn 1:11). And there, amid the gloom of a city that had no room or place for the stranger from afar, amid the darkness of a bustling city which in this case seemed to want to build itself up by turning its back on others... it was precisely there that the revolutionary spark of God’s love was kindled. In Bethlehem, a small chink opens up for those who have lost their land, their country, their dreams; even for those overcome by the asphyxia produced by a life of isolation. So many other footsteps are hidden in the footsteps of Joseph and Mary. We see the tracks of entire families forced to set out in our own day. We see the tracks of millions of persons who do not choose to go away but, driven from their land, leave behind their dear ones. In many cases this departure is filled with hope, hope for the future; yet for many others this departure can only have one name: survival. Surviving the Herods of today, who, to impose their power and increase their wealth, see no problem in shedding innocent blood. Mary and Joseph, for whom there was no room, are the first to 10 Our Savior is Born - HTL 59

embrace the One who comes to give all of us our document of citizenship. The One who in his poverty and humility proclaims and shows that true power and authentic freedom are shown in honoring and assisting the weak and the frail. That night, the One who had no place to be born is proclaimed to those who had no place at the table or in the streets of the city. The shepherds are the first to hear this Good News. By reason of their work, they were men and women forced to live on the edges of society. Their state of life, and the places they had to stay, prevented them from observing all the ritual prescriptions of religious purification; as a result, they were considered unclean. Their skin, their clothing, their smell, their way of speaking, their origin, all betrayed them. Everything about them generated mistrust. They were men and women to be kept at a distance, to be feared. They were considered pagans among the believers, sinners among the just, foreigners among the citizens. Yet to them – pagans, sinners and foreigners – the angel says: “Do not be afraid; for see – I am bringing you good news of great joy for the people: to you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, who is the Messiah, the Lord” (Lk 2:10-11).

This is the joy that we tonight are called to share, to celebrate and to proclaim. The joy

with which God, in his infinite mercy, has embraced us pagans, sinners and foreigners, and demands that we do the same. The faith we proclaim tonight makes us see God present in all those situations where we think he is absent. He is present in the unwelcomed visitor, often unrecognizable, who walks through our cities and our neighborhoods, who travels on our buses and knocks on our doors. This same faith impels us to make space for a new social imagination, and not to be afraid of experiencing new forms of relationship, in which none have to feel that there is no room for them on this earth. Christmas is a time for turning the power of fear into the power of charity, into power for a new imagination of charity. The charity that does not grow accustomed to injustice, as if it were something natural, but that has the courage, amid

tensions and conflicts, to make itself a “house of bread”, a land of hospitality. That is what Saint John Paul II told us: “Do not be afraid! Open wide the doors for Christ” (Homily for the Inauguration of the Pontificate, 22 October 1978). In the Child of Bethlehem, God comes to meet us and make us active sharers in the life around us. He offers himself to us, so that we can take him into our arms, lift him and embrace him. So that in him we will not be afraid to take into our arms, raise up and embrace the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick, the imprisoned (cf. Mt 25:35-36). “Do not be afraid! Open wide the doors for Christ”. In this Child, God invites us to be messengers of hope. He invites us to become sentinels for all those bowed down by the despair born of encountering so many closed doors. In this child, God makes us agents of his hospitality. Moved by the joy of the gift, little Child of Bethlehem, we ask that your crying may shake us from our indifference and open our eyes to those who are suffering. May your tenderness awaken our sensitivity and recognize our call to see you in all those who arrive in our cities, in our histories, in our lives. May your revolutionary tenderness persuade us to feel our call to be agents of the hope and tenderness of our people. POPE FRANCIS Source:

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Ñoaøn Bosco, Richmond VA supporting the Rise Against Hunger Organization during their National Day of Apostolic Works. Kindness is extremely contagious and that’s what motivated Ñoaøn Don Bosco of the Mid-Atlantic Region to raised over $4K for an opportunity to pack & send 14,040 meals to the poorest people, especially the children, in third world countries including Viet Nam. ÑOAØN DON BOSCO Richmond, VA HTL 59 - Our Savior is Born 13

Caùc em Nghóa Só vaø Hieäp Só supported the OC Food Bank by sorting and packaging canned foods to those in need. ÑOAØN THAÊNG THIEÂN Westminster, CA

14 Our Savior is Born - HTL 59

Ñoaøn Caùc Thaùnh Töû Ñaïo Vieät Nam participated in the Christmas in the Park Tree decoration held annually in San Jose, CA, Mieàn Taây! They celebrated and shared TNTT love to others in their community during this Christmas Season. ÑOAØN CAÙC THAÙNH TÖÛ ÑAÏO VIEÄT NAM San Jose, CA

Mieàn Ñoâng Nam raised funds to help those affected by the recent natural disaster. They sold their Region Patches with 50% proceeds will be directed towards those most in need.

Jesus said: "Whatever you may do for the least of my brothers, you do for me." MIEÀN ÑOÂNG NAM

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To celebrate the Season of Giving and National Day of Apostolic Works, Ñoaøn Gioan Tieàn Hoâ shared their angelic voices with the Vietnamese seniors at the Nursing Home. As part of Ñoaøn’s annual tradition, the children sung with their hearts and souls, and celebrated with a warm cup of cocoa afterwards.

ÑOAØN GIOAN TIEÀN HOÂ Huntington Beach, CA 16 Our Savior is Born - HTL 59

To spread warmth and love during the holiday, Ngaønh Nghóa Só Ñoaøn Anreâ Duõng Laïc went to the DC Central Kitchen and participated by preparing dinner for the homeless! ÑOAØN ANREÂ DUÕNG LAÏC Silver Spring, MD

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An Irish Christmas Blessing “God grant you lightness in your step, A smile on every face you meet, Loved ones gathered at your hearth, And at your door, good friends to greet A holy hymn upon your lips, A window candle burning bright, And may the Good Lord bless your heart And come to dwell there Christmas night.�

18 Our Savior is Born - HTL 59

What caught my attention was the reference to the window candle. See, in Irish tradition, families will light a candle in their window during Christmas to indicate to Joseph and Mary that their home welcomes them and the Christ child. It dates back to the days of when the Irish were persecuted for their faith, so that priests had to secretly perform mass at homes. These candles were a beacon for the priests letting them know that it was a safe haven for them. Over time, political climates changed, but the tradition remained and continued to be a welcoming beacon for travelers and those less fortunate, letting them know that this home was a safe place for shelter. For did not Christ remind us, “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40)? Thank you for continuing to make Thieáu Nhi a safe haven for our kids, welcoming them into your hearts, showing “Emmanuel” - God with us. This Christmas, I wish you full of love and joy for you and your families, and may you continue to shine bright, and be a beacon of hope and praise. TR. HOÀ HOAØNG HIEÁU Ñoaøn Toâma Thieän, San Jose

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On November 18, 2017, over 50 members of Mieà n Trung as well as of VEYM attended the beatification of the Blessed Father Solanus Casey’s Beatification in Detroit, Michigan!

20 Our Savior is Born - HTL 59

On the same weekend as Blessed Fr. Solanus’ Beatification, Mieàn Trung led another group of VEYM members at the National Catholic Youth Conference.

With the theme “I Am the Bread of Life” for their 34th Anniversary on 11/4/2017, Ñoaøn Sao Bieån also welcomed two new Thaày Trôï UÙy - Thaày Giuse Nguyeãn Truyeàn, OFM Cap and Thaày Giuse Leâ Thoâng Tröôøng, SVD.

HTL 59 - Our Savior is Born 21


NGAØNH AÁU NHI What a year it has been for TMTNY! This year, our AÁu Nhi exceeded expectations and have grown signficantly. Throughout the year, we have focused on the 4 Khaåu Hieäu of Thieáu Nhi: Caàu Nguyeän, Röôùc Leã, Hy Sinh, and Laøm Vieäc Toâng Ñoà. Caàu Nguyeän: we focused on growing our spirituality by visiting Jesus in the Eucharist during Eucharistic adoration and visitation. We have worked on learning our prayers and about our Catholic faith. Röôùc Leã: Some of our friends received their First Holy Communion this year! We are so happy to have been able to celebrate with them as they continue on their journey to follow Jesus. 22 Our Savior is Born - HTL 59

Hy Sinh: We sacrificed our sinh hoaït time to prepare a performance to help fundraise for our parish! You could say that we put the “fun” in fundraising! Laøm Vieäc Toâng Ñoà: Each month, we complete service projects! So far, we made “Get Well Soon” cards for cancer patients, donated canned goods to our local Salvation Army, and made Christmas cards for another child with terminal brain cancer. When asked the AÁu Nhi how they felt about volunteering, they shared: Sue: “I feel great because we get to help other people!” Eva: “We get to make a difference in someone’s life!”

Jennifer: “I love when people say, “thank you” to us!” Lena: “I feel great because my parents are proud of me!” We are very proud of our kids and all the efforts they contributed into their community service projects. It’s an amazing feeling to see how much they’ve grown up since they first started being in Thieáu Nhi. They are building friendships, becoming curious about their faith, becoming closer to God, and most of all, being prime examples of what it means to be a member of VEYM.


Testimony from a Huynh Tröôûng in Ngaønh AÁu: “Our kids love to show their Christmas spirit during this time of the year. With every game we play during sinh hoaït, we try to incorporate that week’s Gospel into the game. During this season, it’s even more fun because we also tie the Christmas theme into our games and activities. The children’s spirit immediately light up and the room is filled with so much joy! They learned of the Advent season and they seem to understand it quite well. I love how our annual Christmas play teaches them about how Jesus came into this world. It is awesome that the kids get to act out the play, which not only gives them a visual learning experience, but a hands-on experience as well.”

Ngaønh Nghóa Só received a good dose of reality checks during the Advent and Christmas season. Every Sunday, we come together to share Gospel and with each lesson, we delve deeper into their lives to strengthen their understanding about faith in conjunction with their lives. An important aspect of this holiday season for caùc em is putting words into actions. Asking our kids about what they can do to spread the word of God, live out their discipleship, or identify as Catholics illicit the typical answers we all tend to get as Huynh Tröôûng: pray, read the bible, go to confession, attend mass, be good etc. How often do we get to challenge our kids to live out what they preach to us every week? At our Ñoaøn, we make an extra effort to make this a reality by participating in the National Day of Apostolic Works each year. This year, we were tasked with a group project of sorting and

organizing donations for a local food pantry. The true Thieáu Nhi Thaùnh Theå spirit kicked in right away when our Höôûng Tröôûng took charge of designating where each food item would go, the Nghóa Só and Hieäp Só then unload the barrels of donations, and organizers watched in awe. We worked so quickly and efficiently and were asked to help do extra work that was unplanned for! The kids may not recognize the positive energy that was radiating out from our group. We worked together with joy and laughter. It is in these moments where we can truly see the love of Christ in action. With the work we did at the food pantry that day, the local pantry will go on to feed hundreds of hungry people in our neighborhoods. We hope that the lessons our children learned and the actions they did during the Advent and Christmas season will live with them throughout the year. Perhaps it will not manifest as a service day or activity but instead, they learned to serve our Church, our Ñoaøn, one another and themselves. ÑOAØN TOÂMA THIEÄN Buffalo, NY

NGAØNH THIEÁU NHI Ngaønh Thieáu Nhi prepared Christmas TO spread joy and love to the less unfortunate. They realized that there are other people that do not get to celebrate with their family and would like for them to feel the Christmas joy by making Christmas cards that will be handed out at nursing homes.

The Nghóa Só Caáp 3 handmade these special ornaments to give to the members in Ñoaøn. HTL 59 - Our Savior is Born 23

Ñoaøn Ñöùc Meï La Vang celebrated their 10th Anniversary

Lieân Ñoaøn Nguoàn Soáng (LNDS) was blessed with many activities this year to help members nourish their souls and strengthen their faith. All 14 Ñoaøn in LNDS has done tremendous work with their kids in growing their spiritually through different activities during the year. Each Ñoaøn has its own fundraising programs to donate to various charities ranging from local to ones that travels back to our homeland to help villages in need. In addition, LDNS donated money to Catholic Charities to help with the Hurricane Harvey recovery process, and some of their Youth-Leaders have volunteered to travel to Texas to help with the relief efforts that is still happening. How bright the Laøm Vieäc Toâng Ñoà spirit burns in the heart of LDNS! LDNS also work closely with local organizations to ensure that they are always enriching lives in the community. As a Lieân Ñoaøn, they created over 2000 Thanksgiving Cards for the Volunteer for Aging group, which services all of Orange County along with parts of Long Beach and Los Angeles County. They assisted the Organizing Committee at the annual Vietnamese Martyrs Mass held at UCI Bren Event Center for the Vietnamese Community in Orange County, which included a total of 15 parishes. For individual parishes, Ñoaøn Gioan Tieàn Hoâ and Kitoâ Vua visited a nursing home to sing Christmas Carols. Ñoaøn Kitoâ Vua also volunteered to help with a local toy drive so they can bring joy to kids in need over the holiday season.

Ñoaøn Ñöùc Meï Moäng Trieàu celebrated their 35th Anniversary

“Rekindle” Advent Retreat 24 Our Savior is Born - HTL 59

In preparation for Advent, LDNS organized a mini retreat to help Youth-Leaders ignite and rekindle their faith. The retreat was held at St. Mary by the Sea Catholic Church on November 17th, 2017. Advent is a time for all YouthLeaders to recharge their spirit continue being the best for the members they serve.

Ñoaøn Kitoâ Vua Nursing Home visit


Ñoaøn St. Barbara celebrated their 40th Anniversary

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26 Our Savior is Born - HTL 59


are once again entering the season of Advent, a period of spiritual preparation for the celebration of Jesus coming into the world. Yes! Jesus has come into the world and He is very much present among us but many times we do not welcome Him into our hearts and our lives. In the hustle and bustle of this Christmas celebration, let us take a moment to quietly reflect upon the nativity story. We recall that over 2000 years ago, Jesus was born into the world in extreme circumstances. But for what? Why did the Son of God become man? The one answer we can think of is…because of Love! Jesus’ birth is a precious gift to mankind because he came down from heaven in order to give his life for the salvation of all, “And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” (John 1:14). Jesus became flesh in Mary’s womb and He became flesh in the consecrated bread and wine of the Eucharist. He dwells among us but many of us fail to welcome Him because we do not recognize “it’s Him!” In this special season, we are called to be more attentive to the needs of others, and to see Christ in every person and circumstances we encounter in our lives. On the first Sunday of Advent, VEYM-USA kicked off the National Day of Apostolic Works campaign by inviting all members to actively live the

Eucharistic Day and open their hearts to show love and gratitude to others in need. In that sentiment, Mieàn Trung Ñoâng fervently rose up to the call. Many Chapters created opportunities for their youth members to volunteer such as sharing their voices through Christmas carols at the nursing home, preparing meals for the homeless, organizing bake sales to raise money to feed the hunger, and participating in the beautiful American tradition of laying wreaths on the graves of fallen soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. Just remember these words of Jesus: “Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers (and sisters) of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40). As Christmas is here, let us continue to share the true love of Christ through the many acts of charity we do for one another. Say a prayer for individuals who might be spending Christmas alone and if allowed, invite them to join in the festivity. Pray for our brothers and sisters who do not have the freedom to celebrate Jesus’ birth at their own will. It is what sharing Christ is all about, praying for and reaching out to others, showing that you care. As we commemorate the birth of Christ Jesus, Mieàn Trung Ñoâng would like to wish our chaplains and members a very blessed Christmas season filled with love, laugher, and joy and a new year filled with many blessings. May the love of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist remain in all of us. Mieàn Trung Ñoâng HTL 59 - Our Savior is Born 27

Three men were in a waiting room at a hospital while their wives were in labor. A doctor came out and said to the first man: "Congratulations! You are the father of twins." He answered: "I am not surprised. My wife has been reading "The Tale of Two Cities" while she was pregnant." A moment later, another doctor came out and said to the second guy: "Congratulations! You are the father of triplets." He replied: "Wow! What a coincident! My wife has been reading "The Three Musketeers"." Hearing this the third man collapsed and fainted. After he woke up, the other men asked him: "What happened to you?" He said: "My wife has been reading "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves"."

The birth of a baby is always a joyful occasion to celebrate. Today we celebrate the birthday of the most special baby in history, Jesus Christ, who is both God and human. The Church invites us to reflect on the mystery of Incarnation, God uniting with human flesh. How could the infinite God become a finite human? We cannot explain how but it happened, but it is not impossible for God. The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains one purpose of the Incarnation is to reveal to us the Father's love. Jesus said in the gospel: "God so loves the world that he gives his only Son. So that those who believe in him might have eternal life." When God loves, he gives all that he has, his only Son. God is simple. What he has and what he is are the same. When God gives, he gives himself. In the beginning, God gave himself in creation. The biblical writers describe creation being done in seven days. In ancient Hebrew, the word for seven is "sheva". The same word also means to swear an oath. By creating the universe in seven days, God was swearing an oath. He was making a covenant with creation. God's love is expressed in term of a covenant. What is a covenant? It is an extension of kinship by an oath. God wanted to make creation, specifically humanity, his children by swearing an oath. A covenant is an exchange of persons. God is saying to creation: "I am yours and you are mine". For the first five days of creation, after each day God looked at his work and saw that it was good. After creating human on the sixth day, he saw that it was very good. When God loves he gives himself. In creation, God gave his goodness. He gave Adam and Eve his very goodness, his image and likeness. He gave the dominion over all creation to Adam. In return, God wants Adam and Eve, as the king and queen of creation, to give themselves to God by obedience, giving their wills to him. God put them in the garden of Eden and told them that they can eat the fruits from all the trees in the garden except the tree of knowing good and evil. The devil came in the form of a serpent and 28 Our Savior is Born - HTL 59

When God loves, he gives all that he has, his only Son.

"I give myself to you. I am yours and you are mine."

told them that God does not care for their welfare. They need to look after their own interest by eating the fruit to become god. They believed in the devil and chose to rebelled against God. They refused to give themselves to God in the covenant. They said to God: "No, I am not yours and you are not mine." The world is saying to us the same thing as the devil said to Adam and Eve: "God does not care for your happiness. He is just a joy killer. You are on your own. Do whatever you want to have fun? Enjoy yourself. Don't mind about God." We listen to the world and don't obey God. After Adam and Eve failed to give themselves to God in the covenant of creation, God tried again in a new covenant. He gave us his only Son. The Son of God became human. As the new

Adam, he chose to give himself completely to the God in obedience to the point of death on the cross. In place of the whole humanity he said to God: "I am yours and you are mine." He completed the New Covenant of love on the cross. God fulfilled it by raising him from the death in the resurrection. He said to us in Jesus: "You are mine and I am yours." Jesus became human to make visible the invisible God. When the invisible and the visible come together, it is a sacrament. Jesus is the sacrament of God. By baptism, God gives us eternal life, his very life. He says to us: "I am yours." We are to obey him in living the Ten Commandments, and the teaching of the gospel and the Church. Do we choose to say to him: "Yes, I am yours"? All other sacraments are the renewal of the new covenant, saying "yes, I am yours" to God. Every time when we receive the Body and Blood of Christ, Jesus says to us: "I

give myself to you. I am yours and you are mine." In responding "Amen", which is a covenantal response in Hebrew language, we say to God: "Yes, I give myself to you. I am yours and you are mine." We cannot give ourselves to God with sin in our heart because sin is saying to God "no, I am not yours and you are not mine". Therefore it is a lie to receive Holy Communion with sin on our souls. Confession is a renewal of the covenant because we say to God: "Please forgive and erase my "no", and accept my yes." And God says: "Yes, your sins are forgiven. I am yours and you are mine." The mystery of Incarnation reveals to us God's love in the New Covenant. God gives himself to us in becoming human. He says to us: "I am yours and you are mine." Do we choose to say the same thing to him and be true to it? FR. HUNG NGUYEN HTL 59 - Our Savior is Born 29

JANUARY Evangelization: Religious Minorities in Asia That Christians, and other religious minorities in Asian countries, may be able to practice their faith in full freedom.

FEBRUARY Universal: Say “No� to Corruption That those who have material, political or spiritual power may resist any lure of corruption.

MARCH Evangelization: Formation in Spiritual Discernment That the Church may appreciate the urgency of formation in spiritual discernment, both on the personal and communitarian levels.

APRIL Universal: For Those who have Responsibility in Economic Matters That economists may have the courage to reject any economy of exclusion and know how to open new paths. . 30 Our Savior is Born - HTL 59

Pope’s Intentions HTL 59 - Our Savior is Born 31

Kính gôûi: Quyù Cha Tuyeân UÙy Quyù Trôï UÙy, Quyù Trôï Taù, Quyù Huaán Luyeän Vieân vaø Huynh Tröôûng caùc Caáp Quyù Vò AÂn Nhaân, Maïnh Thöôøng Quaân Quyù Vò Phuï Huynh, Cöïu Huynh Tröôûng vaø Thaân Höõu. Trích yeáu: Töôøng Trình Dieãn Tieán vaø Keát Quaû Chöông Trình Gaây Quyõ cuûa Phong Traøo Kính thöa Quyù Cha vaø toaøn theå Quyù Vò, Lôøi ñaàu tieân, Ban Gaây Quyõ xin ñöôïc gôûi lôøi chaøo söùc khoûe vaø bình an ñeán vôùi quyù Cha vaø toaøn theå quyù vò.

Sau hôn hai naêm vaän ñoäng, quyeân goùp vaø toå chöùc tieäc gaây quyõ nhaèm muïc ñích mua truï sôû chính cho Phong Traøo Thieáu Nhi Thaùnh Theå Vieät Nam taïi Hoa Kyø, Ban Gaây Quyõ chuùng con thaät voâ cuøng phaán khôûi ñeå gôûi ñeán Quyù Cha vaø Quyù Vò baûn töôøng trình vaø baùo caùo keát quaû nhö sau: Toång soá tieàn thaâu ñöôïc: $ 978,668.29 Soá tieàn höùa ñoùng goùp chöa nhaän ñöôïc: $ 121,158.50 Đoù laø thaønh quaû voâ cuøng khích leä cho chuùng con qua nhöõng hy sinh vaø ñoùng goùp cuûa quyù cha, quyù vò aân nhaân vaø toaøn theå quyù vò cho Phong Traøo Thieáu Nhi Thaùnh Theå Vieät Nam taïi Hoa Kyø. Đieåm noåi baät cuûa caùc chöông trình gaây quyõ laàn naøy treân 8 Mieàn vöøa qua laø vieäc quaõng baù cho caùc Đöùc Giaùm Muïc, caùc Cha, quyù tu só vaø quyù Coäng Đoaøn Daân Chuùa khaép nôi nhaän thaáy ñöôïc söùc soáng maõnh lieät vaø caùc sinh hoaït voâ cuøng phong phuù cuûa Phong Traøo. Nhöõng ích lôïi veà maët giaùo duïc cho giôùi treû vaø nhöõng ñoùng goùp tích cöïc veà taøi naêng vaø söùc löïc cuûa caùc thaønh vieân laõnh ñaïo phuïc vuï trong Phong Traøo cho Giaùo Hoäi vaø xaõ hoäi Hoa Kyø hôn 30 naêm qua. Chuùng con vaãn kyø voïng coù theå ñaït ñöôïc chæ tieâu laø moät trieäu Myõ Kim tröôùc khi chaám döùt chöông trình gaây quyõ vaøo cuoái naêm nay, 2017. Ban Gaây Quyõ kính mong quyù cha, quyù vò aân nhaân, quyù thaønh vieân vaø toaøn theå quyù vò tieâp tuïc naâng ñôõ vaø yeåm trôï ñeå Phong Traøo coù ñöôïc moät cô sôû sinh hoaït coá ñònh vaø laâu daøi. Đoù cuõng chính laø söï ñoùng goùp tích cöïc cuûa quyù vò cho coâng vieäc giaùo duïc giôùi treû Coâng Giaùo taïi Hoa Kyø hoâm nay vaø maõi maõi.

Chuùng con heát loøng tri aân ñeán Quyù Cha, Quyù Trôï UÙy, Trôï Taù, Quyù AÂn Nhaân, Maïnh Thöôøng Quaân, Quyù Phuï Huynh, Thaân Höõa vaø Huynh Tröôûng caùc Caáp ñaõ hy sinh ñoùng goùp vaø coäng taùc vôùi chuùng con trong chöông trình gaây quyõ naøy. Nguyeän xin Chuùa Gieâsu Thaùnh Theå chuùc phuùc vaø traû coâng boäi haäu cho Quyù Cha vaø toaøn theå Quyù Vò Traân troïng Laøm taïi San Jose ngaøy 24 thaùng 12 naêm 201

Hôïp Thænh

Giuse Nguyeãn Đình Maïnh Tröôøng Tröôûng Ban Gaây Quyõ

Linh Muïc Phanxico Nguyeãn Thanh Bình, SVD. Toång Tuyeân UÙy

32 Our Savior is Born - HTL 59

Baûn Baùo Caùo Taøi Chaùnh Date: 12/24/2017


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HTL 59 - Our Savior is Born 33

2 Feb 18th, 2017 Samaritanoâ 62 | Trôï Taù | Ngaøy Lyù Thuyeát Walnut Grove, CA Feb 28th, 2017 Nieân Lieãm 2016-2017


May 27th, 2017 Samaritanoâ 62 | Huaán Luyeän Trôï Taù | Walnut Grove, CA May 26th, 2017 Sa Maïc Chuyeân Đeà: Laõnh Đaïo & Sinh Hoaït | Rockville, MD

34 Our Savior is Born - HTL 59

3 Mar 01st, 2017 Chieán Dòch Boù Hoa Thieâng - Muøa Chay Mar 3rd, 2017 Veà Đaát Höùa 21 | HLHT Caáp 1 Arcadia, CA Mar 5th, 2017 Ngaøy Möøng Khaåu Hieäu "Hy Sinh" Mar 16th, 2017 Pheâroâ 13 | HLHT Caáp 1 | Kerens, TX Mar 19th, 2017 Tieäc Gaây Quyõ "Goùp Moät Baøn Tay”



Apr 06th, 2017 Löûa Thieâng 57 | HLHT Caáp 2 | Ngaønh AÁu Nhi | Anaheim, CA | MTN

Aug 03rd, 2017 Xuaát Haønh 28 | HLHT Caáp 1 | Anaheim, CA Đaïi Hoäi Thaùnh Maãu 2017 taïi Carthage, MO

Apr 09th, 2017 Samaritanoâ 63 | Trôï Taù | Anaheim, CA | MTN

Aug 9th, 2017 AÙnh Löûa 24 & 25 Ngaønh Nghóa | Rockville, MD

Apr 20th, 2017 Hoäi Nghò Huaán Luyeän Vieân | Tampa, FL

Aug 25th, 2017 Caáp I & Caáp II Ngaønh Thieáu | Park Auburn, WA Aug 30th, 2017 Tiberia 11 | HLHT Caáp 3 | Wichita, KS

10 6 Jun 01st, 2017 Damas 19 | HLHT Caáp 1 | Goshen, MA Jun 02nd, 2017 Samaritanoâ 61 | Huaán Luyeän Trôï Taù | Goshen, MA Jun 17th, 2017 Ngaøy Möøng Khaåu Hieäu "Röôùc Leã" National Day of Adoration Jun 28th, 2017 Tiberia 10 | HLHT Caáp 3 | Honolulu, HI Jun 29th, 2017 Xuaát Haønh 60 | HLHT caáp 1| Honolulu, HI Xuaát Haønh 61 | HLHT caáp 2 | Ngaønh AÁu Nhi | Honolulu, HI Jun 30th, 2017 Samaritanoâ 64 | Huaán Luyeän Trôï Taù Honolulu, HI

Oct 01st, 2017 Ngaøy Möøng Khaåu Hieäu “Caàu Nguyeän” Chieán Dòch Boù Hoa Thieâng Thaùng Maân Coâi 2017


Oct 29th, 2017 Tieäc Gaây Quyõ "Goùp Moät Baøn Tay" taïi Falls Church, VA

Jul 01st, 2017 Convocation of Catholic Leaders, Orlando, FL. Jul 13th, 2017 Xuaát Haønh 57 | HLHT Caáp 1 | King City, CA Xuaát Haønh 58 | HLHT Caáp 2 | Ngaønh Thieáu Nhi | King City, CA Jul 27th, 2017 Hoäi Nghò Huaán Luyeän Vieân | Oakland, CA

12 Dec 3rd, 2017 Ngaøy Möøng Khaåu Hieäu "Laøm Vieäc Toâng Đoà" National Day of Apostolic Works Dec 31st, 2017 Deadline for Đoaøn to send in Membership HTL 59 - Our Savior is Born 35 Dues to Trung Öông

THE VIETNAMESE EUCHARISTIC YOUTH MOVEMENT IN THE U.S.A. Höôùng Taâm Leâm 59 - Our Savior is Born 36 Our Savior is Born - HTL 59

HTL 59 - Our Savior is Born  
HTL 59 - Our Savior is Born