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Happened on December 27th until January 4th, the 13th edition of the Universe Paralello in Pratigi Island, Bahia. The festival is the most important in Brazil and one of the most important in the world!


he event that happens every two years is known worldwide, attracting people from the most diverse places on the planet! The Universo Paralello is a mix of various ethnic groups, ages and social classes.

for all tastes and styles: Chill Out, Stage 303, Tortuga, Main Floor, UP Club, and Stage Paralello. The Circolou was an area that received much public praise, being called the heart of the festival. There we could find the most diverse activities like slack line, Yoga classes, Capoeira, Juggling, awareness of drugs, lectures, healing space, cinema, dance and more.

The place where the festival is held, is wonderful! One of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. The structure is like a mini city, with trade area, food, restaurants and of course, lots of fun! The food area has the most varied options. Açaí, pastas, sandwiches, pizzas, vegetarian food, yakisoNext to it, was the Chill Out stage, in front of the ba, juices, and typical foods of Bahia; the most rebeach. The opening was on the 27th of December. quested is the Acarajé! This music area, with rest and relaxation is one of the most important of the festival. The festival has a communal kitchen, which was also an interaction area for the public. Next to the festival we could find also many options The 303 Stage also started the celebration on the 27th, with the great Portuguese project Techyon. at affordable prices. Another option was to eat on the island of the fishermen. The trade area is a mix The 303 is the favorite area of big part of the pubof hippies from all around the world, and people of lic, it is also located in front the sea, with a refreshing breeze and sound quality. all ages. The lovely beach was a refuge in times of rest and recreation. The sea was the favorite spot of children around the world. With the adults wasn’t any different. A structure was set up for the public to enjoy the festival in the highest. The festival had a wide variety of musical styles: Electronic music, reggae and rap played for eight days in seven different areas with six stages,

The Tortuga Stage started on the 27th, and was also located in front the beach. The place offered imported and craft beers, and play different sounds, such as Rap/Hip-Hop. On the 28th of December was the opening of the long-awaited Main Floor. Just before it started to drizzle, perhaps to calm the excitement of the public, who have eagerly awaited!





The opening was in charge of the national project of Progressive Trance Zanon. The same irrigation system of the last edition was used on the Main Floor providing relief from the scorching heat of Bahia!

sets, totally old school, drawing me to the Front Stage. Shaked by the Japanese Spectra Sonics; followed by the Brazilian Earthspace, one of the best projects of the national scene. Highlight to Reality Grid here.

The Main Stage decoration was created by the South Africans Artscape. They are responsible for the decoration in some of the most important festivals in the world, like Boom. The shaped-like-aboat stage, was simply the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! And many people commented that it was the most beautiful of all the editions. The Medusa that caught the public attention opened her eyes for a few nights. In the afternoon played the national Logica project, opening with the remix of the track Techmology by Rinkadink.

The Paralello Stage started on the 29/12 with the show of Emicida. Big part of the public was drawn there. On the 30th, the Main Floor started the day playing Goa Trance, with the Psychowave

At night, we saw the great Israeli Outsiders project, one the crowd’s favorite. Big names played such as Nevermind, Justin Chaos, Daksinamurti and Shotu. Highlight to EVP. On the 28th was the opening of the UP Club. The area is located on the seafront. Highlight for Gui Boratto. The Chill Out Stage had a lot of musical diversity, from Reggae to great projects like Yagé. On the 28th, the 303 started the day with Goa Trance and the national GOAstral project. The afternoon was very Progressive, and at night played Psytrance. At dawn the BPMs accelerated with projects like Tyamat and Marambá. On the 29th, when I got to the Main Floor, the sun shone with the contagious sound of Twelve Sessions. The stage received major international projects such as Critical Choice, Emok and Ticon. At night, the Mexican Shove played one of the best

project, the greatest national Goa project. The afternoon had Progressive Trance, with projects like Max Grillo, Joel Rowdy, Fabio Fusco, Moon and Krama. At dusk, began one of the most awaited moments... A wonderful sequence of Progressive Dark, with projects from Zenon Records. Starting with one versus between Tetrameth & Shadow FX. That was one of the most praised performances at the Main Floor. Continuing with Fabio Leal, the Brazilian representative of the label. Then it was the time of the Australian Ryanosaurus. Followed by Pspiralife, one of the projects that’s currently popular nationwide. The producer of Tasmania played tracks from his new album The Middle Way. If you don’t know it, it’s worth checking out.



After came the Electrypnose project, who played for an hour and a half, and it seems that is never enough. The Swiss created one of the best musical journeys and some of those moments when is difficult to open your eyes, fully entering into a trance travel. This was one of the best appearances of the main stage. The dawn accelerated the BPMs with projects like Nargun and Cosmo. Overall i dare to say, that this was one of the best nights of Universo Paralello festival!

The British couple was followed by the old-school and first project Dick Trevor was involved, The Green Nuns Of The Revolution (Note: Original lineup featured also Matt Coldrick & Neil Cowley)

The dawn of the 303 Stage also featured big names, such as the veteran Dickster. On the 31th, as could not be otherwise, it was amazing! When I arrived at the main floor, was playing the national project Mental Broadcast. Followed by the idolized Wrecked Machines who thrilled the audience when he dropped his biggest hit, the remix of the track Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode. Another long-awaited project was out the TIP’s arsenal, Martian Arts. Highlight definately goes to the veteran Etnica. I had the pleasure to hear for the first time also the veterans ManMadeMan, straight from United Kingdom. The couple has a lot of talent and energy.

the fireworks began, as the great project The First Stone did. It was amazing; this is my favorite project of the national scene. It was a special night with good music and joy.

Then it was the time of the break and the final preparations for the big night. At 11 pm, the great master Raja Ram played at the Main Floor his ambient project Sphongle. It was a divine presentation! The main floor was celebrating and at the midnight

The Brazilian triplet were followed by a super sequence of British Psytrance with Tristan, Dickster and Avalon! Like that wasn’t enough of a blasting, up next on the decks was the lengedary G.M.S., the local Ekanta and the notorious Sonic Species. Highlight for the German Sun Project. The UP Club had great projects at night like the Techno star Boris Brejcha and Gabe.


FESTIVAL REVIEW The first day of the year began with very high spirits! At morning in the Main Floor appeared the Progressive Trance Capital Monkey project. The time of the Vegas project was exciting, with a wedding happening on the stage. The afternoon was the Psytrance time, starting with one of the responsible for the TIP Records, Rikki Rokkit. In the evening it was the Goa Trance time with DJ Inê. The evening followed and it was the time for Dharana. The national Necropsycho project brought the BPMs very high. At the Paralello Stage people saw the presentation of the famous Highlight Tribe. On the 2nd day of January, the Paralello Stage presented one of it’s greatest highlights, the singer Criolo. The Chill Out had great performances too. The area received big attraction with acts such as Etnica in Dub and Raja Ram! But nevertheless, this was one of the most special days in the Main Floor. After showcasing great projects of Progressive Trance, such as Yestermorrow, E-Clip, Egorythmia, and Second, It was the time for Psytrance, with the super veteran Raja Ram rocking the floor. The Godfather of Psychedelic Trance played for an hour and a half, to the delight of his fans. We listened and danced to new tracks like The Beautiful Garden and also his classics like Rock Into The Future. That was the best performance of the festival. The gathered crowd cheered in ecstasy! The night continued with great projects such as the Brazilian Burn In Noise. The appearance of the Space Tribe was awesome too. The British is one of the favorite projects of all times for many. At 303 Stage we had a great sequence, with the projects of Zenon Records: Evil Oil Man, Krume-


lur, Hellquist and Ivort. At dawn we got back to Psychedelic Trance with projects like the Brazilian Technology, and at morning turned to Goa Trance sounds with the German Aodioiboa. On the 3rd we saw some great projects at 303 Stage, such as Killerwatts (Tristan & Avalon), and Filterheads (K.i.M & Mike). At the Main Floor, we saw great projects like Loud. Always when this guys drop the track Listen To The Music, the public goes crazy.. As in the last edition, some of the people who were in the front of the stage, started climbing up to the speakers! The party continue to flame up with the banging versus DJ set Rinkadink & Element have established lately. This guys are really killing it! Next into the dancefloor wrecking business, was the Serbians Talpa and Zyce. Getting into the evening, it was the time of one of the best and most respected DJs out there, DJ Lucas. The British is early part of TIP Records, and also he’s responsible for Sybarite and Woofers projects. Lucas played for an hour and a half, in which the crowd held hands and began to dance together making a beautiful moment to experience. The evening was followed by super projects such as Hujaboy, Hypnocoustics, Mack, Dust, and Master Blasters. the dawn continued with the sound of Psymmetrix and lastly the respectful Dirty Saffi.



The last day of the festival had arrived! It’s amazing how time flies when we are in a parallel universe! IN WHICH we lose the notion of the time, and the only reason for the difficult challenge to FACE the CLOCK, it’s just for NOT LOSING some super performance! On the 4th day of January we saw at the Main Floor great projects like Thatha, Ital, Sinerider, Future Frequency (a.k.a. Avalon & Sonic Species), Circuit Breakers (a.k.a. Dick Trevor & Burn In Noise). Highlight for the energetic appearance of K.i.M. The Swedish played just before the closing, which brought us to the beloved Swarup. It was the first time that I could enjoy the closing, it was beautiful and exciting. Swarup played for hours tirelessly. It was beautiful to see his emotion along with his family on the stage, witnessing all the love with his loved ones. It showed that Universo Paralello is a festival made for an amazing family shining people from all over the world, a big Trance family. I want to thank Juarez Petrillo for providing the best NYE of my life and one more beautiful and unforgettable experience in this parallel universe! Everyone who worked at the festival, turning it into our home for eight days, especially Milene Sodré. Gratitude to my dear and talented friends: Lauro Medeiros, Vinícius Senna, Fabrizio Quirino and Leandro Quartiermeister. Big love goes to the wonderful crowd that delighted me with all of their smiles. Thanks to the DJs and producers who have played that wonderful sounds for 8 consecutive days. New and old friends, especially the crew of TIP Records: Raja Ram, Lucas and Olli Wisdom. It was amazing to be with you!

Gratitude also to the beautiful sea of Bahia, for every moment of peace and reflection. There’s no better place to be at the New Year. Thanks to everyone who read my experience. But i advise you to be there to understand. The Universo Paralello Festival is an essential experience for all the Trance lovers! More than that: is a life experience that I can say I lived intensely. It’s an experience that opens our mind and expanding our conscious...

Thank you very much and I’ll see you in 2017!


Marina tavares PHOTOS BY:

Coletiva.a.mente Vinicius Senna Leandro Quartiermeister Pratima Photography








HEMP Activist Joep Oomen dies peacefully at age 54, just a month before major event at the UN. By Derrick Bergman.

As a political activist, he fought for over a quarter of a century for humane and just drug policies and an end to the war on drugs. On Friday, March 18, 2016 Joep Oomen has unexpectedly passed away in his home in Antwerp, Belgium. He was co-founder of numerous NGO’s for drug reform, including Encod, the Union for the abolition of cannabis prohibiton (VOC) in the Netherlands and Cannabis Social Club Trekt Uw Plant in Antwerp, Belgium. After Joep failed to show up for a club meeting on Friday, two board members went to his house. A board member happened to have the key, and after contact with and consent of Joep’s eldest son, they went inside. They found Joep dead in his bed. At an emotional gathering of Trekt Uw Plant in Antwerp the sad news was communicated to the members of the club. The police conducted an investigation and rules out a non-natural cause of death. Joep leaves behind his wife Betariz, two sons and a grandson. In 1993, Joep was one of the founders of Encod, the European Coalition for just and effective drug policies. As Encod coordinator he was the driving force behind a unique coalition of organizations and individuals from almost every European country. In 2006, he founded Trekt Uw Plant, the first Cannabis Social Club in Belgium. The club operates on the basis of a judicial directive that allows adult Belgians to grow one cannabis plant for personal use. After a long, hard fight TUP was acquitted twice by the court. The club currently has around 400 members. This pioneering work in Antwerp

inspired Michel Degens to start Mambo Social Club in Hasselt in 2014. In his native country the Netherlands, Joep remained active as well. He organized the Cannabis Tribunal in The Hague and was co-founder of the VOC, the Union for the Abolition of Cannabis Prohibition, which emerged from this first Tribunal. He was a board member of the Legalize! Foundation in Amsterdam and an exemplary debate leader at the monthly VOC meetings, with infinite patience and great diplomatic talent. He used these skills too as treasurer of the Latin American Federation in Antwerp, at the Friends of the Coca Leaf and at Het Klooster (the Convent) in Antwerp, where he organized shelter for the homeless for years. On the VOC website, chairman Derrick Bergman writes: “Joep was the kind of activist you only very rarely come across. He combined a seemingly inexhaustible drive and perseverance with impeccable integrity and transparency. Joep spoke fluent Spannish since his studies in Amsterdam in the eighties, he became half-Flemmish in Antwerp, but in the end he was primarily a world citizen. “I consider myself lucky to have known Joep and to have worked closely with him for eight years with the VOC and Encod. He was not only a hugely effective and inspiring activist, but also a very dear friend.” The funeral / farewell meeting will take place in Wilrijk, Belgium. A date is not set yet.







PM: Do you want to give an intro for your self to our readers? IL: My name is Ilai and I’m from Padova, in Italy, I met electronic music when i was 4-5 years old: I heard for the first time a techno track, and i fell in love. When i was 10 i bought my first vinyl players and a couple of techno vinyls, and the journey started. At 16 i started listening to psytrance music, and i fell in love again, even more, and it’s a love that is hard to stop. Then i started producing music, and i’ve been able to transform all my ideas and sensations in rhythm and sounds. From those days till now i make music every day for many many hours, with all my concentration and a big desire to make something better every time.

IL: The transformation from a “hobby” to a “job” have been clear from 2010, signing under 24/7 records, a music label from Austria that helped me a lot to grow and to become a big artist in the international scene. from 2015 i’m signed under IONO Music, a German music label which, of course, is very famous worldwide. PM: What you consider as your career’s highlight? IL: My career have been a long climb, and untill today i worked hard day after day following my purposes. after different big conquers and results now my dedication must be even bigger because the road is still long.

PM: Let’s go back in time a little bit. How you started in the first place?

PM: Talk us a little bit about production. What we’ll find as of today if we walk in your studio?

IL: Everything started when i bought my first techno vinyls: i understood that music can give me sensations that nothing and nobody else could give. these sensations became much more intense when i started producing music. I bought my first computer with two monitors and a software DAW. From that moment i sacrificed every minute of my life to this project, every day till now.

IL: Music production is amazing because you can convert your imagination into a track. In my studio, after a good acustical treatment you can find a MacPro for production, a couple of KRK Rokit 8, and a TC Electronics soundcard. for Synth and instruments i just use digital versions; i think that today we can produce even only in digital, as quality and electronic progress are of very hiigh levels.

PM: You see the transformation of “Ilai” as an artist from that days till now?

PM: Is there anything specific you draw inspiration from?

INTERVIEW IL: I’m inspired by everything sorrunds me. Every sound, every thing can be a good start. I never copy from other artists, i always try to find out what’s in my mind and what i feel in that moment. I love every kind of music, i listen to every style and i take inspiration fro everyone of these. PM: Any favorite DAWs and/or Plugins? IL: As a DAW i use Cubase. As plugins, my favourites are Spire, Omnisphere, Synthmaster, Kontakt, Reaktor and Massive. All with good quality and sound definition. PM: Is there any advice for the young producers out there trying to make beats? IL: I can suggest to new producers to follow your dreams and purposes. To have results in the music world is very hard, you need to work hard and to be costant; you have to sacrifie a lot of time in your studio, trying and trying againg. You always have to be yourself show-


ing who you really are without following the trends of the moment. PM: You have any work on progress that you want to share with us? IL: I’ve got some new collaboration that will be ready soon, with Static Movement, Inner State and Sonic Entity. Recently i released my third album “mechanical dancers”, in which a new style mix Progressive and Psychedelic sound. In the album you can find a couple of remix i made from one Egorythmia track and one Side Effect track. PM: is there any message you want to send to our Psychedelic tribe out there before we wrap it up? IL: A message i want to give everybody is to always believe in yourself always doing what you like: you will see the results for sure! Boom!




ARTICLE I am fascinated by psychedelic experiences, other dimensions, spirituality and visionary art, so I wanted to give my artistic project that influence as well. Also it is very fulfilling for me to offer people unique handmade artworks that reflect my passion for everything that has to do with the natural self healing abilities that are inherent in all of us, but are often ignored. Also I am inspired by the idea of a “higher self� - a higher dimensional aspect of us, that holds all wisdom, experiences and an incredible energy; a part of us that is always there to guide us, if we learn to listen to it again. It is a part of us that communicates with ourselves through inspired thoughts and ideas, feelings, visions, dreams and many other ways.


nna Marlena is a visionary artist from Austria whose artwork was largely created in Sri Lanka where she lived for five years. She has only recently moved back to Austria last spring. She began drawing with a passion from an early age, especially portraits and ultimately formally studied graphic design in Austria for five years. She admires art nouveau artists like Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha, whose influence as well as asian influence characterize her art. “I loved to draw and paint, as long as I remember, especially drawing portraits was one of my favorite activities as a child and ever since. In my formal studies of art and design in Austria I tried out a lot of different techniques and styles of fine art, sometimes my biggest challenge is that I have so many ideas and feel drawn to many different styles, it is a challenge to choose. In the end, I found I had to create something memorable, an art and illustration project that satisfied all my artistic aspirations and united a lot of my favorite elements of art. I always loved drawing portraits, because I find human beings with their unique talents and personalities one of the most inspiring things in life, so I though this was a good place to start.

When we get lost in the process of creating a piece of art for example or when we get lost in a dance, when we lose a sense of time and feel we are moved by something bigger than ourselves, it is our higher self expressing itself through us. Most of us have moments in our lives where we feel this connection to these wise parts of our soul, and also know the feeling of just being magically in the flow of things, everything just seems to work out, happen at the correct time, everything relevant for your life seems to finds its way to you naturally, without any effort, just by us following your bliss.



I already have gotten wonderful feedback of people and how my portraits positively influence their lives. I love that I can be such a positive influence on someone’s path and send my own soul’s expression, inspiration and love out into the world this way. I have already portrayed many beautiful souls from many different places on the planet and it continues to inspire me to learn about the lovable uniqueness of my soul brothers and sisters. It has become a hobby of mine to identify these magical characters in others when I delve into their being and love to wonder what magical creatures I am going to meet next. Actually I love to look at everything in life as a fairy tale with fairies, mermaids, warriors, wizards and princesses all around me, all of us in the process of remembering our true spirits and soul purposes.�

I have experienced this and want to help others, as well as myself in the process of creating these portraits, to remember this magical potential within us. Somehow I wanted to find a way to unite all these passions of mine into a inspiring art project. A couple of years ago when the idea took shape, it was a logical step to start with a self portrait, because if you cannot love and heal yourself it will be hard to love and heal anyone else. The portrait of myself as a tree fairy materialized itself on paper very easily and I was thrilled with the result. I wrote a little note about it and posted it on Facebook in a few groups, and got great feedback as well as first orders of people wanting a Higher-Self-Portrait as well. I have developed a little questionnaire for people, asking questions like: what are your passions and characteristics, your favorite colors, symbols, animals and ancient cultures, what do you want to attract into your life and so on. People send me their answers along with a few of their favorite photographs of themselves, then I intuitively create a Higher-Self-Portrait of them.

follow Anna Marlena

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Mechanimal launched its first live in October 2009 and has been blasting full power trance music around the globe since. Now with over 20 successful releases and ever growing experience Mechanimal released its debut album rocking dancefloors worldwide!

Psychedelic e-Mag catches up with Mechanimal for this month’s music production tutorial:

Making a bass line using NI Kontakt Saw wave

Record a saw wave from your favorite VST or hardware synth in the key of your track (in this case G0). Make sure it’s a long sample such as two bars and recorded loud without clipping.


Open an instance of Kontakt, program a bass line and drag your new saw wave sample into Kontakt.

Key Mapping

Press the spanner to open up the Sample Editor [RED], select Mapping Editor [BLUE] and drag the yellow zone to your key (in this case G0) [PINK] and strech the zone to fill the full keyboard [GREEN]

TUTORIAL Perfomance

29 29

Select Script editor > Preset > Factory > Perfomance > Unisono Portamento. Turn Mono mode on.


Go to group insert effects and select a LowPass filter of your preference. I have chosen Ladder LP2


Select Mod > Add Modulator > Elvelopes > AHDSR from the filter you selected. Here it’s ldrL2.

Scroll down the Cut-Off envelope and adjust the settings to taste. In this case I have given it no attack, medium decay, low sustain and full release



Final Adjustments

Adjust the Cut-Off [RED], Envelope amount [BLUE] volume release [PINK], Cut-Off decay [GREEN] and sustain [CYAN] to taste. Feel free to copy my settings below as a starting point.


Experiment recording the initial saw wave from various VST’s or hardware and find what brings the best result. To get different tones try using different low pass filters. This tutorial isn’t limited to bass lines: Why not import a different kind of waveform and modulate with different effects. Thanks for reading, I hope you found this useful. Nick





















Taking Potency To The Next Level: Cannabis Caviar

When it comes to seeking out a potent high, it is often concentrates like BHO that come to mind. Yet, enterprising minds of the cannabis world are not content to leave it there, oh no. There is a product not often seen, but talked about in hushed whispers, that offers a similar strength: cannabis caviar. Where available, it has proven to be extremely popular and even considered a luxury item (hence the name). On average, it sells for €80-100 per gram, overshadowing even the best quality bud in terms of price. So what is it? Basically, it is top-shelf bud, dipped or stained with hash oil, resulting in a gooey, sticky, potent mess. It is a combination that creates an average potency of 50%+ THC, which for many, is pretty hard-hitting – it is not for the faint of heart. Understandably, it is often referred to as a “one-hit quitter”. The advantage of this gunky bud over normal concentrates, is that it extremely slow burning, making it ideal for medical cannabis users who want a huge hit if THC over a long period of time. The drawback? It is pretty rough going - depending on the components used, it can be quite a harsh experience. Understandably, this is likely to put a lot of people off, especially the connoisseurs who ap-

preciate fine flavour and smooth experience as much as they do strength. If you ask us, it seems it has quite a selective appeal: mainly for medical users seeking a high potency with little regard for much else, or for those wanting to try something unusual. A fine example of cannabis caviar is called Kurupt’s Moonrock. It is a brand of cannabis caviar that takes things to the next level by going one step further than many others. They take some Girl Scout Cookies, dip it in hash oil and the roll it around in kief, adding another layer of potency to the mix. It is a brand very popular with some of the more famous tokers of the US, and is often seen in the hands of Snoop Dogg. While we doubt you are going to see cannabis caviar anytime soon in the coffee shops of Amsterdam, the popularity of this intense product is slowly growing. Things are a little trickier here in Europe, with cannabis being largely outlawed and all, but with things going the way they are, it may not be too long before we start seeing it pop up here too.






Psychedelic eMagazine 04/16  

Featuring exclusive ILAI interview, a 7-page Universo Paralello Festival review, new Mechanimal exclusive tutorial - Plus the monthly conten...

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