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review another edition of Soulvision Festival, one of the most traditional festivals in Brazil, Took Place between the days 5th and 10th OF February! WRITER: MARINA TAVARES // photography: COLETIVA.A.MENTE | BRUNO CAMARGO | LEANDRO Quartiermeister // Editing: Psychedelic e-magazine


he theme this year was Equilibrium. The festival featured a line-up full of good attractions, with the most varied styles: Goa Trance, Psychedelic Trance, Progressive Trance, Dark Progressive, Dark, Forest, among others. The festival had the Main Floor, Club Stage and Chill Out. The structure of the festival is simply the best among all festivals of Brazil. Camping lawn, clean bathrooms, hot showers, varied food options. Providing com“The nature of the Farm Valley fort to the pubof the Caves, where the festival lic!

is held, has a unique beauty!”

The event had sudden changes in the weather, sun, rain and mud amid a rainbow, starry sky making unforgettable nights; good energy, lots of dance and fun, smiling audience of all ages, and even a wedding held on a sunny afternoon provided plenty of excitement! But enough with the tour, let’s start talking about my favorite place, the main floor! On the 5th the festival received super attractions, the national project Vegas; and the producer from Serbia Middle Mode, one of the best names in Psychedelic Trance today. The decoration was very psychedelic, especially at night! On the 6th we listened Progressive Trance, with projects like Vice and Capital Monkey.

Those two project, were followed by Psychedelic Trance projects, with a great sequence of local projects, such as Twelve Sessions, Altruism, Burn in Noise and Shekinah. Going into night, we got to listen the Israeli project PTX, who played an old school set that we loved! Furthermore at night, we saw TIP’s newcomer from Serbia, Imaginarium; a side project of Sonic Entity by the way. The morning at the 7th of February, began with Goa Trance tunes, coming from Israel and the lengendary project of Shidapu. We should mention that the live of Earthspace was exciting too; both for the public and for the producer. The Brazilian rocked the dancefloor with remixes like Techmology by Rinkadink, and Magic Umbra by DJ Lucas & Tristan. Getting into the afternoon, the Israeli projects Animato, Mute and MrWhat?, brought some more layers of PsyProg at the dancefloor. With that beautiful sounds, we got very fast at dawn, where we saw great projects permorming. Highlight for the 90’ minutes live appearance of Bio Babas, side project of Udi Sternberg, a.k.a. Psysex. After that gorgeous perfomance, it was the time for one of the oldest Parvati Records label DJ’s and producers, Arjuna. Originated from India, Arjuna pushed the BPMs at higher stages, filling the dancefloor with that Psychedelic sounds of Forest Psytrance. Overall, it was a day to remember!





“And even a wedding held on a sunny afternoon, providing plenny of excitement!”

The 8th was one of the best days of the festival! Starting with Progressive Trance from Serbia with Relativ and Sideform, followed by Zyce. In the afternoon it was the turn of one of the most expected attractions, the project of Psychedelic Trance Psysex! The veteran dropped a great live and by the closing payed a tribute to the ever lasting idol Cosma, with the hit Keep Going, for the 13th anniversary of the tragic loss of Avihen Liven, who was one of the most gifted producers of all times!

Psysex was followed by U-Recken, another Psytrance’s “heavy-weight” project from Israel. Behind him, came the Argentine Pragmatix. Right after we listened the Serbian Makida, side project of one of the Sideform duo. The dawn brought Diksha, EVP, among others. On the 9th came the great project Yagé! The duo was followed by Ocelot. After we turned to Progressive Trance, with projects like Element,

Vini Vici, Hi Profile and Zyce. At night played Dark Progressive; with the projects Tijah and Zartrox. Going on the 10th of February, the Main Floor was still rocking, with great local projects like Eclipse Echoes and Nevermind on the decks. But let’s talk about the other stages! The Club Stage had great projects like: Gabe, Flow & Zeo, Blue Rose, Anderson Noise and DJ Feio. The Chill Out had a beautiful decoration and definitely was a great place to relax. The healing space neverltheless, offered to the public activities like meditation, yoga classes, massage and more. Soulvision is always guaranteed fun in the Carnival; We wish long live SoulVision Festival! Try to not miss this incredible celebration! WRITER: MARINA TAVARES // Editing: Psychedelic e-magazine


// photography: COLETIVA.A.MENTE | BRUNO CAMARGO | LEANDRO Quartiermeister //





TESLA & THE BLACK NIGHT SATELITE In 1899: Tesla developed a high-voltage, radio transmission equipment in Colorado Springs. Soon after he announced that he was receiving a electrical signal which appears to intelligent. The signal was clearly repeated periodically with such a clear suggestion of number and order. This lead him to believe that the signal was extraterrestrial communication with aliens. At first he assumed they were originating from Mars. Later he changed that opinion and stated in one of his new conferences that “the signal was coming from somewhere else in space..”


omes with no surprise that Tesla knew of communications from extra-terrestrials, and many thought him to be a lunatic. When in fact he invented many things the government has kept from the public.

across the country. This is what Robert L. Johnson, director of the Adler Planetarium had to say about the object,

A few years later: Guglielmo Marconi was intercepted a strange unknown artificial signal.


T hen in March of 1960, another mysterious satellite was discovered orbiting earth. This mystery satellite was in polar orbit feat that neither the US nor Russian were capable of at that time. The soviet satellites were inclined at 65 degree angle with the equator. It was calculated that the weight object to about 15 tons, which is far too heavy for rocket of that era. It also traveled twice as fast as any known satellite at the time. The object was sighted and studied by many of the astronomers

The military attached so much importance to this mystery satellite that they created special committee to gather information and study the mystery satellite. The committee’s findings were kept secret and the sightings were forgotten. That is still HAM operator intercepted a strange signal from this mystery satellite. The signal was later studied by Scottish astronomer Duncan Lunan. The decoded massages show a star map centered on Epsilon Boštes as seen from the earth. . . years ago.

13 It’s known as the “Black Knight satellite,” and although it wasn’t confirmed by scientists until 1932, Serbian inventor and genius Nikola Tesla discovered it in 1899 as we pointed out, hearing strange rhythmic sounds on his radio receiver. The confirmation in 1932 gave birth to the field of radio astronomy, which is now used to decode and detect messages from distant stars and other mysterious celestial sources. According to the American Physical Society Physics, Tesla concluded that these signals, or this strange unnatural object they originate from, was indeed extraterrestrial, or an effort to “communicate with Earth by alien beings.” This was one of multiple incidents in which Telsa intercepted what he thought were intelligent signals from space. He states that even the simplest form of communication (such as the interchange of numbers) could represent a form of intelligible transmission from extraterrestrials. When I came across that information, I instantly thought about this NSA document, which is one example of strange messaes that come from space, as elaborated on below. Today, we know for sure that these signals are of extraterrestrial origin, but it’s assumed that they are radio waves from planets, comets, stars, or galaxies — not ‘ET.’ More than 30 years after the confirmation in 1932, a graduate student by the name of Jocelyn Bell noticed some strange data coming from her telescope at the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory (MRAO). After a few weeks, she noticed that the signal being produced could not have originated from any known natural source, and she

(and her team) ruled out every conceivable explanation, such as multiple sources of human interference, other radio astronomers, radar reflected off the moon, orbiting satellites, television signals, and more. Nothing could explain these strange signals. She eventually published a paper in the scientific journal Nature, despite the fact that the source of the sound, though they knew it was artificial, had not been determined. These announcements caused quite a commotion at the time, and today it is common for strange signals, determined to be coming from ‘non-natural’ sources, to be detected. But who knows what they are? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of objects floating around in Earth’s orbit — commonly referred to as space junk or space debris. In fact, the space around the Earth is quite polluted, so this satellite is not something that would be easily detectable to astronomers who don’t know what they are looking for. Apparently, and there is no way to verify this, the object comes and goes, entering in and out of our planets orbit at random. It’s interesting to note that USMC Major Donald E. Keyhoe, the longtime director of the government’s National Investigative Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), claimed that the US Navy was aware of the presence of two strange objects orbiting the planet in 1954.

Sources: Collective Evolution Mystery of the Iniquity Ancient Code










ermany is set to become the latest country to legalize the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, with the nation’s health minister confirming earlier this week that the German cabinet had approved the move. Though an exact date for the first permissible puff of medical marijuana has not yet been set, government officials expect the new law to come into effect by this time next year. According to mainstream media, German health minister Hermann Gröhe wants health insurance companies to foot the bill for patients in severe pain to access the drug in situations where other treatments have failed and “no therapeutic alternative” is available. The active ingredient in marijuana, THC, binds to cannabinoid receptors in the brain in order to numb feelings of pain, while also bringing about chang-

es in mood and appetite. For this reason, the drug has been approved for medicinal use in several countries around the world, while a number of U.S. states also allow the therapeutic use of cannabis – despite the fact that it remains illegal on a federal level. Four states – Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington – as well as the District of Columbia have gone one step further by legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, as has the South American country Uruguay. Germany’s drug commissioner Marlene Mortler therefore stated that while “the use of cannabis as a medicine within narrow limits is useful and should be explored in more detail… cannabis is not a harmless substance.” As such, she insists that “legalization for private pleasure is not the aim and purpose of this [legislation]. It is intended for medical use only.”





Five Pacific Islands

Have Vanished Because of Climate Change! article by: Carli Velocci


s climate change worsens around the world, its effects are increasingly being observed. One notable effect has been the disappearance of five Solomon Islands in the West Pacific due to rising sea levels.

According to a new study published in Environmental Research Letters, five vegetated reef islands have vanished, while six additional islands are “experiencing severe shoreline recession.” In two instances, fishing communities have been relocated because of shoreline erosion. “Understanding these local factors that increase the susceptibility of islands to coastal erosion is critical to guide adaptation responses for these remote Pacific communities,” the researchers wrote. The study looked at aircraft and satellite imagery from 1947 and 2014 to examine the erosional rates of 33 islands and purports to be the first to track natural changes in the region. The team of Australian scientists say that the Western Pacific is a hotspot for tracking rising sea levels, with residents in the remote communities constantly having to climb to higher elevations.

The Solomon Islands is home to around 560,000 people across nearly a thousand islands, and many are being forced onto reef islands or to higher elevations instead of being on flat land adjacent to the coast. Taro, the capital of Choiseul Province, is preparing to relocate residents and services, while a village in northern Choiseul has seen over half of its houses have been washed into the ocean. Taro in Choiseul province may soon become the world’s first provincial capital to be abandoned due to climate change, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

“It’s possi-

ble the next refugee crisis will be not those fleeing from a warNOAA indicates the rate of sea torn country, level rise is at 0.12-inches per but from a year. While the Solomon Islands have proven to be a special case, home-world there are more cities under threat that no lonof being swallowed by the sea. ger exists.” I was recently in Venice, and watched as the tide came in and the ground beneath me began to bubble with sea water. By the end of it, the whole of Saint Mark’s Square was under a few inches of water.

There should be no doubts that our world is changing. The question is what are we going to do about it?








“Forbidden history is the key to obtaining true knowledge“



9,000-YEAR-OLD SHAMAN SANCTUARY Unearthed by Archaeologists in Europe proves that an advanced and knowledgeable culture once flourished there.


he recent discovery of a 9,000-year-old shamanic sanctuary in Europe proves that an advanced and knowledgeable culture once flourished there. The capabilities of the shamans described in mystic tales might had once been a reality after all. One of the key figures of the ancient world was the shaman. According to ancient accounts, these magic practitioners helped shape the first human societies. As wise as they were feared, the shaman mystics were a high-rank figure in the human society, capable of winning battles, de-cursing allies, they could heal physical wounds and the soul, but also communicate with animal spirits and even shapeshift. While all this knowledge may seem loose out of fantasy books, there’s a great chance that shamans were capable of performing all of the above feats. Although records of these mystics often comes from the 16th century and mostly

referrers to Asia as their last known refuge, it’s likely that they did their bidding all over the world. At least that’s what this ancient shaman site from Europe indicates. In 2012, archaeologists uncovered an unusual site near Lake Świdwie, in north-western Poland. After meticulously analyzing the settlement using modern techniques, the team of researchers concluded that it dated back more than 9,000 years. One of the most notable finds in the area consisted in a circular design of approx. 6 meters in diameter where the foundation of strange structures was still visible. A trapezoid building with poles, encircled by an arch of rocks aligned at equal distances from each other caught the attention of the Polish archaeologists. Within this ancient design, sharpen yew sticks were piercing through the ground – Read the rest of the article at our website





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Mechanimal launched its first live in October 2009 and has been blasting full power trance music around the globe since. Now with over 20 successful releases and ever growing experience Mechanimal released its debut album rocking dancefloors worldwide!

Psychedelic e-Mag catches up with Mechanimal for this month’s music production tutorial:

How to make a punchy and wide Super Saw with NI Massive 1. Open NI Massive on its default patch and program a midi pattern ofchoice. A long note will do. 2. Amend the amp envelope. [Red] to have zero Attack [Green] and full Decay Level [Blue].

3. Turn Wt Position [Red] & Amp for all OSC [Green] all the way plus detune OSC2 +0.25 and OSC3 -­‐0.25 [Blue].

4. Click VOICING [Red], Give unisono 3 voices [Green], Turn on Unisono Spread Pitch Cutoff [Blue], Givearound 5% detune [Purple], Turn on Pan Position [Yellow], Give around 80% spread [Orange].


29 29

5. Select 1Env and assign (drag & drop) to pitch mod for all three OSC (Red) then drag to 64 semitones (Blue).

6. Select 1Env [Red], enable TrgZero Reset [Green], give zero Attack [Blue], about 5% Decay [Purple], no Decay level [Yellow] and lastly adjust master level so there’s no clipping.

Tip: Now you have a strong building block for a great lead sound take it further by adding a filter of your choice and modulating it with envelopes or lfo’s. You can also make it moreacidic by adding a bit of resonance and distortion. Thanks for reading the tutorial, I hope you found it useful. - Nick “Mechanimal”
























STUDY: Legal Weed Doesn’t Increase Teen Use



but these high ratios of use were already present before weed was legalised, and were not affected by legalisation.

One of the biggest worries of cannabis prohibitionists and a main argument against legalisation is that legal cannabis, even when just for medical purposes, increases teen use. Yet study after study has actually shown that no, this is not the case. Some have even shown that, if anything, teenage use of cannabis goes down where it is legal.

“While states with MML (medical marijuana laws) feature higher rates of adolescent marijuana use, to date, no major U.S. national data set, including the NSDUH (US National Survey on Drug Use in Households), supports that MML are a cause of these higher use levels,” the paper concluded. “[...] When within-state changes are properly considered and pre-MML prevalence is properly controlled, there is no evidence of a differential increase in past-month marijuana use in youth that can be attributed to state medical marijuana laws.”

he underage use of cannabis is a big issue in the legalisation debate and a health concern of the government across the world. Fortunately, it looks like legal cannabis doesn’t make things worse.

A team from the Columbia University in New York have decided to add their voice to the debate, assessing the federal data of self-reported marijuana use by teens aged 12-17 in US states with legal medical marijuana between the years of 2002 and 2011. What they found was that a change in the law permitting the prescription of medical marijuana did not cause an increase in underage cannabis use. They did point out that states with legal medical marijuana tended to have higher teenage usage rates in general when compared to states with no medical marijuana programme,

It just goes to show, the evidence in favour of legalisation, especially on medical grounds, grows stronger every day. Those who deny a potential benefit to society need to pull their heads out of the sand and get with the times. It isn’t the 70’s anymore, calling cannabis names and hoping no-one notices doesn’t work these days.






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