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amaste! We hit again with our 4th issue in a row! Running a monthly magazine is very tough, let me tell you that! The pressure to meet you folks, on time, is ..extraterrestrial! As we all are, ha? :) We’re in the heart of the summer and the festivals have kicked in hard! Our magazine is adopting to that and this issue among with the next one, is deticated to the European festivals! As a matter of fact, half of our team, is out there for a euro-festival trip! Have an eye open for us.. We will be there! In this issue, we meet with the cream of the Psyprog crop, Liquid Soul! An exclusive and very honest interview, from a very honest artist! Getting along with our exclusive staff, is visionary artist Neil Gibson! His work have amazed thousands of people across dancefloors and has been featured in many festivals of the world! Also with us a person that has amazed people with her talents, Z-Cat from Russia, speaks to Psychedelic eMag! Last but not least, we had the pleasure to speak with an uprising star from Serbia, Bojan Stojiljkovic a.k.a. Ascent, blasting the charts lately! Of course our content doesn’t stop there! We bring you another one fresh music production tutorial from Mechanimal, articles for hemp and cultivation, monthly releases that we liked, monthly upcoming festival(s) information served by Mike Akida, music technology goodies newlzy released, -some more articles here-, and the list goes on! Please note that we’re doing tremendous effords to hand-pick our content and serve you interesting staff that can really help you and/or entertain you. We’re not profiting from any of our interviews, articles (and some more staff) whatsoever! None of the aforesaid is in front of you by paying. With that said, we hope you’ll enjoy this issue as we did creating it! Don’t forget to follow our FB page for updates!

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Neil Gibson Toronto / Canada

NG: So far it’s just one painting. This is the logical next step in the Cube/Sphere/triangle pieces. Hopefully it will be ready for my first gig this summer.

PM: Do you have any other projects in the pipeline? NG: Always!

PM: What psychedelic trance festivals can we expect to find you at in summer of 2014?

NG: June 13 in Belgium, June 20th at Psycrowdelica in Germany, Freaks in Love Festival in Turkey, One Love Festival July 10th in Swiss, MetsaFestival July 24th in Finland, YAGA Gathering in Lithuania, then Free Earth Greece. Then, who knows!!

PM: Last year Transcend Trading hosted an exhibition for you in Amsterdam. Any chance a follow up exhibition will occur this year? NG: First I need to create a new body of work before any other exhibitions will be planned!

Sphere Photography

Born 1981 in Toronto, Canada, raised both in Toronto and Collingwood Ontario, Neil graduated in 2005 from the Ontario College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. His 2005 series of paintings the “SubDimensional Matrix” was well received and gained international recognition. This provided him with the opportunity to show his work abroad. Since then he has been on a never ending tour expanding this series, as well as producing other various projects. His artwork has been featured at many events and festivals internationally. He has shown his works in Canada, Toronto and Montreal, New York City, Washington DC, London, Belgium, France, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Moscow, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Macedonia, Greece, Peru, Costa Rica, South Africa and Japan. This year Neil will be putting his creative energy into designing the main stage for Free Earth Festival in Greece from 14-18 August. Interview with the Artist himself:

PM: Your 2005 series of paintings, the “SubDimensional Matrix” was well received and gained international recognition. What is

the story behind this and what was your inspiration/ motivation to create this 3D “Gibson” universe. NG: This idea was conceived in the early 2000’s and many small sketches and paintings were made before the creation of this piece. The idea is to diagram the unseen energies and fractals going on all around us continuously. I organised it into a grid matrix in 2 point perspective because I always used to draw these perspective pictures in school and it always had a nice effect. Within the grid, columes expand with windows, each with a different view and layers inside going deeper and deeper, but also reflecting the bigger picture.

PM: What techniques do you use to create such 3D effects? NG: Mostly I just use perspective techniques. But also layering effects and transparency help to build up 3D effects.

PM: You have already had quite a busy 2014 and the European Summer Season is yet to begin. Rumour has it that you are working on a new “Triangle” series? Can you tell us something more about this or when you will unveil it?

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4 Tips to:

By Jeremy Daw So far, 2014 has been a record year for California heat (among other places in the world). While this may not be a bad thing for cannabis cultivators per se – some strains prefer a warm climate – farmers who fail to properly prepare their crop will lose money and may risk their plants. Here are some helpful hints on how to help your garden beat the heat: Shade their roots: Just as a nice shady spot out of the sun can be a nice respite for humans on a hot summer day, so can a little shade work wonders for plants. Don’t shade at the canopy level (although you may want to do this with young starts – see below), but at the roots, where plants perform some of their most vital functions. For best results, use a white sheet – the light surface will deflect most of the sun’s rays. Prop the sheet a few inches above the soil or hydro layer to create a buffer of air in between. With this protective layer between your plants’ roots and the hot outside air, they will be much better equipped to handle the hot summer sun on their canopy. Diffuse light for young plants: While you generally won’t need to shade mature plants at the canopy level – thus stealing the main source of their energy! – young starts need some partial shade to avoid frying in the hot sun. The goal is to simulate nature – in the wild, young plants tend to sprout below a higher canopy created by more mature plants, so they’ve evolved to grow best under partial shade conditions. To simulate this scenario, use a diffusing cloth like thin canvas or cheesecloth – some commercially available cloths have been designed for use by nurseries for exactly this purpose, as well. Mulch: Covering bare soil with a layer of mulch has many varied benefits, of which keeping plants cool is only one. Thus, if you’re growing in soil you should always add a healthy layer of mulch, even if you’re already shading at the

root level. If you’re not shading at the root level, airy and fibrous mulches like pine can be the next best way to create the shady buffer of air so critical to keeping plants cool. This step is especially critical if you’re growing organically – not only your plants roots but earthworms, mycelium and many other organisms which symbiotically benefit their roots will thank you for the respite. Heatwave 911 – Ice: If all other methods prove inadequate in the face of blistering heat, you can step up the assault on high temperatures with some well-placed ice cubes during the hottest part of the day. Here, care must be taken – dropping ice cubes directly on the roots may drop the plant’s temperature below its ideal range or even shock the plant. But if dropped on top of a buffering layer (say, a layer of pine mulch), the melting runoff from the ice cubes can warm to just the right temperature to be drawn up through the roots and through the stalk to the stomata at the canopy – thus cooling plants Zzfrom the inside out. Here again a well-placed white sheet will redound to great benefit, because the shade under it will encourage the cubes to melt at a steady rate as well as preventing the cubes’ moisture from escaping into the air above. In conclusion, these techniques work best when used together – using diffusing cloth to shade young plants before putting them out, root-shaded and mulched, in direct summer sunlight. If used in tandem, these techniques can reduce water requirements and avoid having to use more expensive interventions, like ice cubes, at all.






United Kingdom, Wavering Cannabis Illegality Cannabis is classified as an illegal drug in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, amongst all illegal substances it is the most popular and widely used. It is currently considered as a class B drug amongst the A, B & C groups (A being the most severe one, with drugs like cocaine and heroin in the group). The law states that punishment for possession of drugs in group B is up to 5 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both; and possession with intent to supply is up to 14 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both. Cannabis was downgraded from class B to class C in 2004. The change was designed to allow police forces to concentrate their resources on more serious offences, including those involving “harder drugs”. The government stated that the reclassification of cannabis to class C had the desired effect, with arrests for cannabis possession falling by one third in the first year following, saving an estimated 199,000 police hours. As a class C drug the punishment was up to 2 years in prison and an unlimited fine. Class C includes substances such as tranquilisers, some painkillers, GHB (so-called “liquid ecstasy”) and ketamine. Possession of class C drugs is treated largely as a non-arrestable offence. However, it was again upgraded from class C to class B in May 2008. The decision made to return to tougher sentences for possession of cannabis was justified by a widespread concern about the increased availability of super-strength “skunk” varieties of the drug and its negative effects on mental health. Nevertheless, studies have been made which disproved this. The changes also included a ban on the sale of cannabis seeds and cannabis smoking equipment such as pipes. However, these are still sold quite freely at many markets and small shops across the country.

It is officially a “three strikes” system for cannabis possession, which starts initially with a warning, then for a second offence an £80 on-the-spot fine. Scotland and Northern Ireland have bailed out of such penalty arrangements for England and Wales, remaining with the former system for class B drugs. Only when a third offence is committed will the person be liable to arrested and prosecuted. Initially, the news about upgrading cannabis was heavily criticised after police said they would continue letting offenders off with a “slap on the wrist.” Despite the stricter laws implemented in 2008, there is still room for a change towards legalisation. The recently appointed Crime Prevention Minister, Norman Baker, who became responsible for drugs policy, has said legal cannabis should be “considered”, giving hope to those seeking reform. He said that cannabis is “no more harmful than alcohol or tobacco” and has urged resources to be channelled into tackling hard drugs. There have been some efforts made towards legalisation of medical marijuana. In 1999, a House of Lords inquiry recommended that cannabis be made available with a doctor’s prescription. Since then, although the government of the U.K. has not accepted the recommendations, new longterm clinical trials have been authorized. Some juries have returned verdicts of “not guilty” for people charged with marijuana possession for medical, however there are many people in jail for the offence of possession, cultivation or supplying medical marijuana. Overall, the law in the UK has been relatively tolerant towards marijuana, but it seems that it will take some time before complete legalisation will become a possibility due to some misconceptions that are associated with the plant.






Shivaneris Easter Festival Between the days 18 and 21 of April, happened one more edition of one great festival of Brazil, Shivaneris Easter Festival, at Monte Mor, São Paulo. The first edition was a success and the second wouldn’t be different. This year the festival came with a lot of news, starting for the sustainability. The project Tree Planter encourages the plant and donation of seeds and trees. The speeches about bio-construction talked about people concern and take care of the environment. The festival had one relaxing area in the Cure Space. The public had acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, Aura Reading, massage, stretching and yoga. The new generation of Psytrance festivals had one space with songs and histories. Shivaneris Easter Festival had artistic interventions with body painting, belly dancers, clowns and pirofagia. Let’s talk about the lineup. The main floor had a lot of great artists playing Goa Trance, Psytrance,and Progressive Trance. In the first morning of the festival happened one versus between Rica Amaral and DJ Inê, was one of the best moments! Other great artists of

The ChidClub was the area where played House and Techno, with names like Bad Boss; Flowbox; Gabriel Boni; Pat Persi, the paralel project of DJ Kitty; Yan Brauer, and others... In the Chill Out, wouldn’t be different, the highlight was the veteran Rica Amaral, big responsible for the publicizing of Underground Music. The moment of his set was beautiful and a lot of people got on trance. It’s always a pleasure to be present in this festival that already is in my heart. This holyday was full of peace and love.

Goa Trance played over there, to name some: TheGreen Nuns of The Revolution, Psychowave, and Goastral. In the Psytrance highlight for Ital; The Big Bang; the union of Ital and DJ Pedrão; Labirinto; the Greek Marios Makar; the British Dickster; Circuit Breakers, the project of Dick Trevor and Gustavo Manfroni; the Brazilians Burn in Noise, Altruism, Abstract Sunrise, and Mack Sato. In the Progressive Trance, one more time the Greek Hi-Profile made everybody dance. The energetic Serbian Zyce rocked the dance floor. The Mexican DJ Moon shacked the dance floor with her set and stage presence. One of the most expected lives was Liquid Soul. The Swiss played his beautiful melody in the sunset on Sunday, and made the public nuts. The Brazilian Vegas call the public attention with his music and the remix of Nothing Else Matter, of Metallica. At night highlight for Psymmetrix, All vs Richie, and Dirty Saffi. One big new was the Psychofreaks Stage, dedicated to people who like speed bpm. In the morning played Goa Trance; at night Dark Trance.


Review by: Marina Tavares // Photography: Bruno Camargo





DMT Connect The Human Brain To Parallel Universes?


ick Strassman in his book DMT: the Spirit Molecule, claims that DMT, which is one of the most powerful psychedelic drugs, can provide a reliable and regular access to the other planes of existence.

In fact, they are always there and constantly transmit information, but we cannot perceive them because we are simply not designed for this: our ‘program’ keeps us tuned to the standard, mentally ‘normal’ channel. Just a few seconds are needed for the spirit molecule to reach the brain and change the mental channel, opening our minds to other planes of existence.

How is This Happening? What if DMT can lead us to parallel worlds? Theoretical physicists assume that the existence of parallel worlds is based on the phenomenon of interference, writes Strassman. One of the demonstrations of this phenomenon is what happens to a light beam when passing through a narrow hole in cardboard. Various rings and colorful edges that appear on the screen on which the light falls are not just the outlines of the cardboard. As a result of more complex experiments, the researchers concluded on the existence of “invisible” light particles that collide with those that we can see, refracting light in unexpected ways. Parallel worlds interact with each other when the interference occurs. According to the theoretical hypothesis, there is an unimaginably huge number of parallel universes, or multiverses, each of which is similar to our own and is subject to the same laws of physics.

This is the reason that it is not necessary for there to be anything particularly strange or exotic about different multiverses. At the same time, they are parallel due to the particles that form them and that are located in different positions in each universe.

DMT Can Allow Our Brains to Feel the Multiverse Strassman refers to the British scientist David Deutsch, a leading theorist in this area and author of The Fabric of Reality. He has corresponded with Deutsch discussing the likelihood that DMT can alter brain function so as to grant access or knowledge about parallel worlds, and the physicist doubted this possibility because it would require ‘quantum computing.’ This phenomenon, according to Deutsch, “could distribute components of a complex task among vast numbers of parallel universes, and then share the results. One of the conditions required for quantum computing is a temperature close to absolute zero.” That is why the physicist finds prolonged contact between universes in a biological system unlikely. However, Strassman notes that because DMT is a substance that changes the brain’s physical properties so that quantum computing may take place at body temperature, establishing contact with parallel universes with DMT may be possible.

Article by: Anna Le-Mind follow her at:






Ascent, a fresh project from Serbia, which he’s already making an impact!


PM: Hi there. Let’s start from the basics for the people that dosn’t know you, Who you are and where you’re from. AS: Hello to everyone, i am Bojan and i am coming from a little town in Serbia called Krushevac. PM: How you started with Psychedelic Trance in the first placer? AS: I’m in Music all my life. I’m coming from musician family and i was allways interested for psychedelic music. My first contact with psychedelic music was 15 years ago. My dear friend was on vacations and when he returned back home, he brought me a double CD of Astral Projection /Sun Set-Sun Rise/ as gift. In that moment i didn’t know for any psychedelic music. When i play that CD my heart was filled with pleasure and joy. Mystical Goa sounds change my life in seconds! From that moment i knew that i will never stop listening this music. After that, i found great old projects such as Shakta, Prana, Goa Syndrome, etc. and made a fully enter of psychedelic music in my mind. After years of listening, i become a DJ of psychedelic music and started to play goa psytrance on festivals and parties in Serbia. After great respond in my Dj life, we established psy organisation called “Elgiva” with my friends and we started to make great parties with great decoration in Serbia. Everything was beautiful! PM: How you got involved with psytrance production? AS: My mind never stopped i was allways won-

PM: As a lot of people will reading us now, are involved with Production themselfs, speak us a little bit about the production part of your tracks.

dering how that great people make this music with milion psychedelic details and about 2008 i started to learn music production,and going further with all this story. It was hard at the begining without internet and tutorials in that moment, but i was very persistent and with huge love, i was learning slowly... PM: How you see our scene today? AS: Today scene is wide open, with a lot of projects and dj’s. I think that people get more and more involved in psytrance music. Today we have so many festivals all around the world and think that every day we have more psytrance parties also across the world, which i think is very nice! Great way to connect people. Psytrance music is like a universal language! PM: How is Serbian scene this days? AS: I think that Serbian scene is very powefull today. We have great Projects here, with amazing music production and serbian psychedelic is very popular this days in all the globe. PM: Is there any festival that you would like to play and you didn’t till today? AS: Festivals are something beautiful and indescribable in psytrance music. Every festival is unique and have his own, specific vibe. I love to play to festivals to share love with people and is great expiriance for every artist. About Festivals i didnt play, most favorite is Burning Mountain for me! I would love to play there..

AS: Production is like bottomless pit! (laughs)It never ends with learing. Primary, i love to focus on strong kick and bass. Most of the time is flat, in that way we get hypnotic effect on brain. It’s rolling and never end’s! I dont follow the rules, most of the time i play melodies and make flow from my heart. I love wide open atmospheres with a lot of reverb and delay. I have a lot of goa influences in my music! I love to be mystical and oriental with modern production. Love that Spiritualism in psytrance music. Is so wide! PM: Any favorite DAW and/or VST’s this days? AS: Of course! Today we have a lot of great Vst’s, technology is going mad with the progress! For me, Silenth is the best of the best. Simple Vst but very powerfull! You have so many options. To make your own unique preset is very simple! You have great options for changing synthesis of sounds, great glide and pitch.. It’s amazing Vst! PM: Talk us a little about your releases? Any new stuff “cooking”? AS: My second full lenght album “Nature Creations” is released 15 days ago in Ovnimoon Records. I am very satified, feedback and support from people is amazing, selling of Cd’s going great in charts, everything is beautiful! With my four projects and a couple collaborations with friends and family going slowly but great, we are preparing very interesting releases in near future... PM: Is there any message you want to send to our psytrance lovers out there? AS: Love each other and enjoy in every second in your life...!

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and it could be quite failure, but I insisted anyway. So later, when the release date arrived, I was really surprised when I found out that all Cds were sold out in the first 2 hours after release announce, so they had to print more. And I want to say thank you for that amazing energy to all my dear supporters and followers.

Moscow / Russia

Q : Do you record your own vocals? Z-Cat : yes, all the female voice you hear in my tracks is mine. Q : Tell me about your involvement with TLN Promotion? What does TLN do? Z-Cat : TLN Promotion is one of the biggest psytrance events organizer in Moscow. I am signed with them since 2006, and also take a part in the promotion.

Q : To kick things off, tell me a little bit about yourself and your introduction to psychedelic trance 10 years ago? How did you decide on your alias Z-Cat? Z-Cat : it all started quite trivially, like many others! I just came to my first trance party and I was so much impressed, that I couldn’t think about anything else except of what I experienced. About the name, I choose it because by Mayan calendar I am the wild cat, and I believe that my personality very similar to a character of cats, they are very independent, graceful, beautiful, but in a same time very funny and cute. Z is the last letter of alphabet, means the last one! So it’s kind of “the last cat” ! Q: What made you pick Psytrance over other styles of music? Was there anything or anyone in Russia that inspired you? Z-Cat : as I mentioned before I was impressed by the atmosphere on the psytrance events, the crowd there was so friendly, everyone behaved like if they all were brothers and sisters, people shared everything, supported each other, got friends so easy, everyone was in his own beautiful image, and each person played very essential role on the dancefloor. It was 11 years ago, when the psytrance was not divided on styles yet, we had only psytrance, that’s it!

Q : Tell us about your upcoming release “Ablaze” EP? Z-Cat : EP Ablaze is very inspired by life, 3 tracks – 3 different emotions: Rush, Sadness and encourage, contemplation. You can pass it though quite clear while listening, and I believe it’s very important to insert emotions into the music, so you can feel ALIVE. Q : Tell me about your signing with Spanish based label Dropland Recordings. Why did you feel it was a good label to represent your music? Z-Cat : Dropland Recordings was representing some of my favorite artists, I like the style of the label. In general I like the way they work, and I consider my music fits with the label. Also Dropland and my agency Akida Bookings are close friends, so it was the best for me. Q : When we contact the MMD Records label, who released your Debut full album “Reflected” last year, they mentioned your album did well online and physical sales. Were you surprised by the response its received? Z-Cat : While discussing the release of my Album with MMD, they were convincing me to make a digital release, because nowadays very few people would want to have a physical CD,

Q : What advice would you give to up and coming producers, particularly female producers? Z-Cat : my advise is.. if you really want to make music, don’t spare the time on it. Because if we have strong desire, we would find million opportunities to make it, but if the desire is not big enough, we will get million excuses. Q : Thanks for the interview!! You have any message to send to the psylovers out there: Z-Cat : Be open, find your inspiration, and the thing will come to you itself. Thank you for the interview too!









Mechanimal launched its first live in October 2009 and has been blasting full power trance music around the globe since. Now with over 20 successful releases and ever growing experience Mechanimal released its debut album rocking dancefloors worldwide!

Psychedelic e-Mag catches up with Mechanimal for this month’s music production tutorial.

Compression with Mechanimal

There are hundreds of tutorials online for compression however I find that they can get quite technical in describing the mechanics rather than the sound. In this tutorial I will try and explain compression using simple terms and emphasise on the sound.


Yellow: Use short attack times for “fat” or “rounded” sound. This kills transients but good for warm pads as example. Green: use this for a “poppy” or “clicky” sound. This only lets a small amount of the transient through. Good for percussion loops. Purple: Use this for a “punchy” sound. Big transients. Good for Claps. Release: This is the recovery speed of the compression. Use long release times for slow material such as strings and short release for quick sounds such as percussion. You will need to use your ears and see what sounds best. Input & Output: this sets the level going in and coming out the compressor. Always make sure you have a healthy level going into the plug-in and that you’re not clipping on the output. Knee: many compressors come with different knee settings: hard or soft. Sometimes they aren’t named and just have a different shape: straight or rounded. Use rounded knee for more natural smooth sources such as pads and the straight knee for more precise material such as a bongo loop or a synth stab.

Compression step by step: 1. Input: adjust input to get a strong signal without clipping. 2. Choose the Knee: what type of material is it? Do you want precise results or more natural? Change the knee accordingly. Sometimes you can even change compressor type: experiment to see what sound you like. Threshold: as you can see on the Pro.C it ranges from -36db to 0db: Think of this as a fader rather than a rotary knob. When you see a signal coming through your mixer some of it will peak higher and some lower. The threshold knob simply sets which peaks you want the compressor to work on. You can see in the audio diagram below that some peaks reach zero (Yellow) others around -3db (blue) and some -6db (green). If you wanted to compress the top peaks you would simply bring the threshold below 0 to start working. For the compressor to work on the whole loop you would need to bring past -6db. The peaks vary between different sources, in some cases you need to apply much lower threshold to get the compressor working. Ratio: This is the strength of the compression once the peak passes the threshold. High ratio equally high compression and low ratio means subtle compression. Attack: I would think of this as a “punch” dial. The higher the attack times the more “punchy” the sound. Below I’ve illustrated the different tones you may expect.

3. Set the threshold: Play the file you want to compress and look on your mixer as to where the lowest and highest peaks are. Decide which peaks you want to compress and adjust the threshold accordingly. 4. Ratio: set a fairly high ratio to get obvious results, this can be tamed later. 5. Attack: once the compressor is working set the attack time, did you want a punchy snare? Or did you want to kills some of the peaks from a vocal? 6. Release: Now the compressor is starting to behave the way you want set the release time to groove with the music. 7. Ratio: Now you can adjust the ratio to a more suitable setting. 8. Output: when applying compression your output level will change. Make sure you have a strong signal without clipping. I hope this has been helpful! Thanks for reading! Nick Mechanimal












The Flower Of The Partysan

Early Grey

Psychedelic Theory

Pixan Recordings

Pixan Recordings

Digital Ohm Recordings





The truth

Goa Blood

Inner Power

Digital Ohm Productions

Digital Ohm Productions

Goa Crops Records

Digital Ohm Records




INTERVIEW was smaller and more family like”, but in the other hand we have now amazing and professional events which we just dreamed about. PM As you can guess, a lot of the readers are involved with music production themselves. Is there any tips to give them in their early production stages?


LS: I always tell them to work hard and listen carefully what others is doing regarding mixing or arrangement. But i also say always to try to find your own style and sound, because only unique and originals will succeed.

Speaks exclusively to psychedelic eMag!


PM: What we’ll see if we walk in your studio as of today? LS: Not that much anymore as i sold alot of my equitement over the last years. But i have a big tv screen infront of me, Adam x77 speakers, Nordlead2, Virus Snow, TR-8, TB-3, Xoxbox, Waldorf q, Korg M3 etc. PM: Hi there Nicola! Thank you for accepting to speak to Psychedelic eMagazine! LS: You’re welcome! I’m glad you’re giving me this opportunity to speak with you guys. PM: How you started with Psytrance in the first place? LS: I started listening trance & techno in 1994 till around 2001, only then i discovered the psychedelic trance. A friend of mine asked me to go to a Goa open air party with him in the swiss mountains. As we arrived i was very impressed by the crowd & deko and after a loooong night i was in love with the psychedelic world and Liquid Soul was born. PM: What you thInk about your evolve till today? It has been a long trip, ha? LS: Indeed! a long but beautiful trip. i saw and experienced a lot of amazing places and met some realy cool people around the world. i still love what i am doing and sure, the music always evolve, otherwise it would become boring i guess. PM: What is your fundamental principles when you seat at your studio to make new tunes?

LS: There is no fundamental principle excpept that i need to be in good vibes, because i understood during the last 20 years that if i try to force it, i will not be creative & constructive in the studio. I always play a bit around until the main concept of the track feels right and then i go on constructing. PM: Is there any particular inspiration for you when you write music? LS: ot realy, i get inspired by other music, great gigs or just by nature. PM: You’re one of the most succeful artists in our scene. How you see this success? LS: I am very happy about that fact and i really appreciate it! As i know, i am one of very few main artists in this scene who have the luck to share my own music worldwide and get amazing feedbacks from my followers. I do feel very blessed and i live my dream! PM: What you think about our scene nowadays? LS: Everything became much more commercial, but i think thats a great thing because the scene became realy huge the last few years which i never ever expected to be honest. Off course we all look back and say “it was nicer when it

PM: Any favorite hardware and/or software? LS: At the moment i like Native Instruments as for example the “Massive” VST Plu-in. But i use “Sylenth” a lot since its released.


PM: Any personal work on the way that we should know about? LS: Right at the moment i working on a 2 hour dj set for perfetco records, “full on fluoro vol.4” which will be released in august. beside of that i always work on new liquid soul tunes and collaborations. PM: Is your side projects “dead” by now? I’m speaking for Earsugar and Liquid Ace, with Martin Knecht and Yoni Oshrat respectively. LS: Well yes, its hard to find time for earsugar as i am super busy with my main project liquid soul, but maybe we’ll be able to make a track here and there. but at the moment i work on a track together with yoni for his upcoming album. PM: Is there any particular message you wanna send to all the lovers of our scene out there? LS: Do what you love and i wanna thanks for all the support i got from all of you during the past decade! C U all at the dancefloor!

Watch Liquid Soul master class @ BPM College








Trigger Finger Pro (TFP) is a hardware/ software hybrid that uses a square, silver and black control surface to act as a trigger and control front-end to a range of software titles to which its purchase provides access. At the heart of TFP is a sequencer to which lanes of sounds can be added that, in turn, can be triggered from the control surface’s pads and manipulated from its onboard sliders and dials. Intuitive real-time and step-time sequencer. Independent pads and control banks provide huge performance possibilities. Generous content offered via downloads at no extra cost.

Final Touch’s six devices (activated, reordered and selected in the bottom pane) consist of two EQs, a reverb, a multiband compressor, a stereo imager and a maximiser, the first three able to operate in stereo or mid/ side mode. The fourband Dynamics module delivers per-band compression with a ratio of up to 8:1, with up to 100ms of Attack and 2s of Release. Its crossovers are adjusted by dragging, which simply never gets tired. Excellent sound quality and precision. Touch interface works well. Good value.

d e l l a c e g n a r r o t i n o m y a w o w t e l b a d r o ff p i a h y s r g e a v fl a s w a e h n s y t i d a r e o r f l , a r e s v u e n o w s o e H r . P h t a p n e d d o r t l l e n r w o y h t t a e r g p n i a p s o l w e v o l l e o d f , t e t a u h t o r s i t r n E e r e ff i d y l t h g i l s a . n l e a s u o t c h c A o ’s t C i , d e e r b b u d ’s t i h c i range, Scept h w , n g i s e d r e v i r d l a i x a o c d e t a r loaded integ





Fungus Funk vs. Para Halu

Fungus Funk & Para Halu ‘s new collaboration track called Spirit Medicine is a tribal stomper for the 21st century psychedelic generation... featuring two altered versions by Fungus Funk and Spacequake (Adam’s alterego for crazy broken beats). Written and produced by Sergey Prilepa (Fungus Funk) and Adam Hohmann (Para Halu, Spacequake). FOLLOW FUNGUS FUNK








20+21 JUNI 2014

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28 AUG - 1 SEPT 2014

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Psychedelic eMagazine #4  

Namaste! The anticipation is over! ISSUE #4 is here! This month with: Liquid Soul (official) / Z-Cat / Neil Gibson Creations / Ascent exclus...

Psychedelic eMagazine #4  

Namaste! The anticipation is over! ISSUE #4 is here! This month with: Liquid Soul (official) / Z-Cat / Neil Gibson Creations / Ascent exclus...

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