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Parvati Records was born in Denmark as an independent Record Label in the end of the summer of year 2000, founded by Dj Giuseppe with the support of a small group of friends. The concept behind the project was to release the underground music produced at that time when only few major Labels were present in the scene, Labels like TIP, Flying Rhino, Matsuri Prod. The goal was and still is to create a platform for new producers, to create a group where artists could collaborate and exchange knowledge and experiences so to contribute actively to the growth of the Psy-trance scene and spread the development of the Psychedelic culture expressed through Music. ~ The first 3 cds published by Parvati Records were Compilations presenting the new psychedelic sound being played and circulating around in the Goa parties, focusing on projects as Droidsect/Digital Talk. The first breakthrough come just after 2003 with the Albums of Psychotic Micro vs Azax Syndrom (Voices Of Madness-2003) and the first Album by Russian artist Kindzadza (Waves from Outer Space -2004). ~ In the next years, in middle of 2000’, Parvati Records focused on the new upcoming Scandinavian sound that we believe created the base for the so called Forest Trance, publishing music produced by artists like Derango, Jahbo, Meteloids, Grapes Of Wrath, Mussy Moody, Hokus Pokus. The main CD released in this time, in between several Compilations, was the split album Meteloids / Grapes Of Wrath – Tits On Fire, considered as one of the “classic” of the Label. ~ In the last years of the past decade and in the beginning of this one Parvati Records scouted again the international music scene bringing up the original psychedelic sound of artists like Para Halu from Hungary, Naked Tourist from Germany and Macedonian producers Atriohm & Encephalopaticys, all of them releasing their Albums and, beside them, introducing more producers with the Parvatrip V/A Trilogy continuing in the work of discovering and bringing up new talents, signing up artists as Arjuna, Farebi Jalebi, and up to today with a new generation of producers from Europe, Brasil and the Far East. ~ In the year 2010 Parvati Records celebrated the 10th Anniversary organizing an alternative Stage inside the Full Moon Festival in Germany, a party that is remembered as one of the main Gathering for the underground psy-trance scene ever and in the same year the Label dropped out from the main distribution music system, opening its own shop online and being in this way one of the few totally independent Labels: producing, printing and distributing itself the Music released. In year 2012 Parvati Records started to publish, beside the cds poduction, music in Digital format only. ~ Up to today Parvati Records have released music composed by 85 different projects: 31 CDs, 1 USB, 23 Digital Eps, 18 Free Downloads/Digital Gifts EPs, 6 CDs in collaborations with other Labels and counts in the Artist Rooster 34 producers: we like to think that this is the concrete application of the Label’s motto: “Diversity into Unity” where the Unity is given by the common psychedelic research and the Diversity by the individual inspirations and expressions ~ Parvati Records is operating during the winter months from Goa, where Giuseppe is based since many years and this is absolutely one of the main factor to explain the growth and popularity of the Label, being Goa the main hub of Psy-Trance music and culture, where everything starts and everybody in the scene meets.

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The story behind


Cannabis goes mainstream? Cannabis has long been shrouded in misinformation and stoner stereotypes. But with California now the world’s largest legal market, and others likely to follow suit, it’s time to start talking like adults. By Alex Halperin

product, a calorie-free alternative to an after-work cocktail. In short, it’s on the brink of global conquest. It will have profound consequences for how adults relax, but also how they date, parent and work.


There’s much to celebrate in that. Among other things, cannabis can be fun, and in some patients it relieves certain kinds of suffering. In the US, legalization is an important victory for criminal justice reform, and racist “war on drugs” tactics which continue to ruin many lives.

oday, California becomes the world’s largest legal marijuana market. For that reason and many more, marijuana It’s not the first American state to go needs to be taken seriously, even though fully legal, but with its outsized culturit can make people act goofy. al influence and economy larger than France, it’s about to do for cannabis what With legalization, many more people Hollywood did for celluloid and Silicon Valley will spend much more of their time did for the semi-conductor. high. It will have profound consequences for how adults relax, Already, 30 US states have legalized medical marijuana (Med). Next year, Canada is likely to become the first large industrialized nation to legalize recreational (Rec), with support from the prime minister, Justin Trudeau. Germany, Israel and Australia have the beginnings of Med industries. Greece voted to legalize (Med). Legal marijuana is coming to your neighborhood, maybe a lot sooner than you think. For decades the plant has been stigmatized, at best, as a time waster for malodorous and unproductive men, with the disapproval factor steepening after age 30. But here in Los Angeles, the world’s most important cannabis market, a rebranding is under way. Marketers are positioning marijuana as a mainstream “wellness”

yes, but also how they date, parent and work. Already, seniors are the fastest growing group of users in the US.Le galization supporters often say cannabis is safer than alcohol, and this view has gained mainstream credibility. As Barack Obama said, it was “no more dangerous than alcohol”. It’s true that you can’t fatally overdose on cannabis. And the drug is less likely than booze to presage a car accident, an assault or another life-shattering event. But legalization may give rise to unforeseen problems. (Some doctors have expressed concern about use during pregnancy.) No one knows how mass-market weed will change how we live and relate to each other. It’s safe to guess it will alter daily life as irrevocably and intimately as landmark products like cars, smartphones and reliable birth control. Society has embarked on these experiments kinds of mass than a decade


media age we’re ning to appreciate the for our brains and for our bis, at least, is a familiar enhas been known as both a and a medicine for millenof the existing information is anecdotal, since for a lifealmost impossible to study complex plant. Due to maripast, and its most famous propmisinformation and bullshit enveleverything it touches.

Now that world-class marketers have arrived on the scene, the fog has, if anything, thickened. The shelves of Califor nia pot shops abound with products implying medi cal benefits. Several brands of cannabis lubes claim to heighten female orgasms. In stores, they sit alongside tempting gourmet chocolates and infused breath mints, discreet enough forwork. Some brands target young professionals and others, packaged to resemble pharmaceuticals, go after grandparents. Women of all ages are especially in demand; cannabis executives assume the men will follow along. This is all part of an industry-wide effort to reinvent marijuana as a cherished part of a functional life. Now that the green genie is out of the bottle, let’s talk about it like adults.

before. More into the social only beginimplications world. Cannatity. The plant psychoactive nia. But much and superstition time it’s been this chemically juana’s outlaw erty, a fog of ops the plant

BLUE DOOM What is the

super blue blood moon’s spiritual meaning


what does astrology say ? about the lunar phenomenon

By Felix Allen

EYES around the world will be looking skywards as a rare “super blue blood moon” appears above the Earth. What is a super blue blood moon? This ultra-rare phenomenon occurs when a blue moon and a supermoon coincide with the blood moon of a lunar eclipse.

Blood moons have long formed part of prophecies, originally serving as an omen in the Book of Joel, where it is written: “The sun will turn into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.”

The last one before now was in May 2016.

The blood moon also appears in the Book of Revelation where it says: “And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood”.

A supermoon is the name for a full moon when the satellite is at the closest point in its orbit around the Earth.

A series of four of them - called a tetrdad - in just 18 months prompted some people draw apocalyptic conclusions relating to the Blood Moon Prophecy.

This makes it appear up to 14 per cent brighter and 30 per cent larger than normal.

This states a tetrad coinciding on Jewish holidays with six full moons in between and no intervening partial lunar eclipses is a sign of the beginning of the end of times.

A blue moon is the name for the second full moon in a calendar month. It is relatively rare, hence the expression “once in a blue moon”.

Blood moon comes from the rusty red appearance during a total lunar eclipse, when the Moon is in the Earth’s shadow.

But that run of four eclipses finished in 2015 and the world has not ended yet.

The colour is caused by blue light scattering as the sun’s rays pass are refracted through the Earth’s atmosphere.

Pagan witchcraft, also wicca, is said to attribute special meaning to blue moons.

Extraordinary images tonight show the super blue blood moon around the world.

And astrologers believe full moons are when lunar energy is at its most powerful.

This is the first time in 36 years all three events have been visible at the same time in Europe, and it has not been seen in America for 152 years.

They claim the tidal effect of the moon’s gravity also has an effect on people.

What is the spiritual meaning of a super blue blood moon?

Athena Perrakis, founder of sacred website Sage Goddess, told “A lunar eclipse reveals what’s hidden about you, kind of your internal landscape.”


If you don’t know who Confo is by now, then you’re probably too long out of the game! Based in Athens, Greece, started as a local hero and then catapulted himself as one of the most fast-rising acts of Parvati Records, Confo is taking the world by storm so we forcibly took him out of his conquest to talk us a little bit about it. Here’s what we said!

| | | | | | | | | || | | | | | | | | | PM: So, let’s get into it right away, shall we? How were you hooked with Psytrance in the first place? Confo: I’m 30 now and been listening and following psychedelic trance since 12 years old. Then at the age of the 14 decide to try and go to a rave party. On that days for a kid 14 years old was difficult to pass the security door cause of the young age. So my first psytrance party I went was on 2002 at the legendary club “+SODA” in Athens and the guest artist was Hux Flux. I was a big fan of Coyote Records back in these days. So Hux Flux for me was something like music from outer space. After that, the trip started and I start attending almost every party in Athens for more psychedelics inspirations. PM: And which were the things that made you jump on with the music production of this music?

school in Athens, in which I also study for 9 years Classical Violin. Well, after all this somehow I knew already that my mission to this world is to become a musician. The beginning was at the age of 17. At that time I started to collect and mix music around Greece. Very fast I got bookings for many events and then at the age of 20 decided to start my own production of tracks. The path in music production was long, but with many hours working in the studio a part of the dream came true. If I think about what really gave me this passion to start producing my own tracks I’ll say it was the dream to explore the world with my music box. Especially cause I always enjoyed psychedelic parties around the world and I’ve been so much in love with what feelings a psytrance artist can bring to the people. So, yes, that is what really makes me be in love with this. How would you define your style?

Confo: First of all, I am coming from a family of musicians. all the members of my family were teachers of some musical instrument. When I was 6 years old my parents sent me to study on a music

Confo: Is very important for me to make people dance so I give much of attention to producing dance music and I like to use deep and funky

soundscapes. I’ve been drawn a lot of inspiration from Farebi Jalebi, Atriohm, Arjuna. In our scene nowadays there are many styles out there, so, I want to count myself into the Forest side of things. PM: Catapulting from a local hero to the Parvati’s front-line must be a crazy ride, right? No words to describe this feeling! I have to admit things run very fast and to be honest I still don’t believe all this, because is really a crazy ride as you said. When I think all that I say to myself “just do what you do with the same passion and what comes it comes”. Is a big honor for me, though, to be an artist of the Parvati family. So yes, it is crazy! ride. We’ve seen you rocking a violin. Is it something you do regular? As i said above, classical violin is a part of my life.

vivi life!

PM: Is there any advice for the young producers out there trying to make beats? Confo: I am genuinely very impressed with how fast the new generation of producers is learning. I really love to see young producers working hard with a full passion for psytrance music. The advise I have to give to the young producers is just don’t copy nobody! Try to develop your own style cause what I love on psytrance scene is that always there are new styles coming out and always, when your production arrives on a good level there is place in the world for that and people will like your music.

dem Festival (Croatia) is something that still gives me goosebumps. Then it’s also the epic Parvati Day in Mexico with 7 live acts from Parvati label was something to remember forever also. And for sure I’ll never forget some highlight moments from Goa India. Is a place that is an important station of my life and for sure also on what I am doing now with the music. But every gig Festival or party has its own magic and this is something that gives me the power to my work in the studio. Speaking for studio, do you have any work in progress that you would like to share with us?

Actually, I do! What I have to share with you is the information about my upcoming album on Parvati Records. I plan to release it in some months and will be an album with four Confo solo tracks and another four collaboration tracks. Due to the very busy schedule lately, the last months are difficult to stay and work for long in the studio, but the spring of 2018 will be dedicated to the finishing of this album. And make no mistake, I can’t wait for it! Is there any message you want to send to our Psychedelic tribe out there before we wrap this up? Confo: LOVE YOU ALL! PM: Well, that is a good statement to close this interview. Love is the answer! Thank you for your time and we wish you all the best for the rest of unfulfilled dreams of yours! If any by now!

PM: Favorite DAW and/or VST Plugins? Confo: Thank you! Confo: Ah, My best friend in the studio right now is Mr. VIRUS SNOW. I also use the G2 Nord Modular. I will never forget my special connection back in the days with Albino. About VST’s, I like always to search for new things so is a thing that never stops. PM: What you consider as your career’s highlight until now? Confo: Nice question. But to be honest is really many many moments! For sure my live acts in Mo-

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Space-Time And Nonordinarary Reality by Dr. Alberto Villoldo

We now know that the fabric of space-time has ripples and folds…


et we cling to the old idea that the only way to enact change is to become informed by the past, make modifications in the present, and hope that we put ourselves on a good trajectory into the future. But if time-space behaves like an ever-changing sphere, we might enact change by becoming informed by the future and altering the past, instead of informed by the past and planning for the future. The famous bullfighter, Manolete, was shy and anxious as a child. The conventional psychological explanation is the Manolete became a bullfighter to compensate for his weak and fearful personality as a child. But in his book, The Soul’s Code, James Hillman suggests that Manolete had these characteristics in his youth because he knew on some level that someday he would be fighting bulls. Perhaps his soul had decided he should experience his fear ahead of time so that he could develop the ability to overcome it and step into his destiny, facing powerful and aggressive animals rushing toward him. When we look back at our lives following Hillman’s theory, the “wasted” time, the wrong turn, and the disastrous relationship take on an entirely different light. What if we experienced exactly what we needed, regardless of the pain it might have caused us, in order to reach the point where we are today? Imagine being on a circular platform that rotates to position you facing the track that is calling to you. Without having to figure out how to get there, you are facing the path of your destiny. Imagine that the energy driving this rotating platform comes from you, in the future, where you have 20/20 hindsight and are able to ensure that you will step

onto that platform. Imagine that you know exactly which track leads to where you are meant to be, and you have the power to reach back and rotate that platform so that you will face the right track. Shamans travel into places of nonordinary reality in order to take advantage of the malleability of space-time. By entering these spaces, you can experience the future, present, and past simultaneously and return to your everyday life aware of a calling from the future that was previously invisible to you. You will perceive your past differently and see the seeds of what is meant to bloom in the future, and your present state of mind will transform as the platform beneath you shifts. The notion of “destiny” or “calling” is too often confused with grandiose beliefs about our self-importance. The track you’re meant to be on may simply be a track toward spiritual healing and improved health, rather than straight toward deterioration and death as dictated by statistics and a bad prognosis from a physician. It may be a track toward richer relationships, rather than continuing to invest in those that drain you. It may be a track toward teaching, inspiring, entertaining, or facilitating change, instead of financial security, recreational activities, or maintaining the status quo. At first, experiencing nonordinary reality may leave you wondering if the future possibilities you encounter are real or just a dream. However, the more time you spend in nonordinary reality, the easier it becomes to believe in your ability to access the future and return to your present life with a new direction that is in sync with your destiny.



We couldn’t make a “Parvati Edi man behind the legend! Giuseppe and his trip to Universo Paralello z



e strongly doubt that there’s any person in this scene that don’t know you by now, but, do you want to give an intro to yourself for those few clueless folks that don’t actually know you? I am Giuseppe, founder of Parvati Records, Italian by birth and living in Aarhus, Denmark since many years. My biggest passion, a part from Psychedelic Trance, is to travel and actually these two things go perfectly together! How far back goes your story with Psychedelic Trance music and how all it started for you? My story with Psychedelic Trance music goes back to the early ’90 and it is deeply connected to my travels and discovery of Goa and generally India where i landed for first time in 1986. Talk us a little bit about those early Goa years. They must have a different purity than nowadays, didn’t they?

For sure everything was very different from nowadays, as also the party scene. At that time psytrance music was a real underground movement, not touched by the rules of commerce. Money was not part of it in any extend: the parties were free and the DJ‘s would also not get pay to play music. All this came after! Also there were no idolizations of the artists/ DJ‘s. The music was not played from a real stage and often you would arrive to the party and you would not even see where the DJ was, plus, there was never the question of who was the DJ. The only question was: “where is the party?” So, which were the reasons & motivations that gave birth to Parvati Records? We are in the middle of the 90’s and I was already based in Denmark. I started with a small group of close friends to organize Goa parties in Aarhus on a regular basis. It was super small scene, pioneering times for us coz nobody around here had ever heard such sound but slowly our events started to attract more and



ition” issue without speaking to the e found some time in-between Goa o and here’s what we’ve said! z


more people so in the end we had always the club sold out. Our crew and events were called Instant Karma and we had guest artists like Total Eclipse, Dino Psaras, Koxbox, etc. In this way we got more and more involved in the scene: doing the parties and spending winters in Goa and while at that time there were only a few Labels (TIP, Flying Rhino, Dragonfly, Iboga, Hommega) we thought there would be room for a new Record Label focusing on a more night twisted sound and so Parvati Records was born! Were the early years of Parvati tough, in terms that this sub-genre, of Forest, Dark, and so forth, wasn’t really around yet? In the early years of the Label there was not something called Forest Music: in our very beginning, year 2000, the scene was one. Then, really slowly, it came this first separation between Full On and Dark and for sure Parvati Records was in the forefront of the so called Dark movement (even if I never liked the word Dark for our Label) and then the Psychedelic

Trance music started to grow for real and to develop more and more sub-genres. Did you ever dreamed that Parvati will grow to be this, objectively, worldwide movement inside the Psytrance genre with this huge core of followers? Not really to be honest. I started the Label as a “hobby” thing, because music was my passion and Psy Trance became my way of life, so we never had a business plan or stuff like that to make the company grow. We managed our things one day at the time, taking the things as they were coming, trying all the time to be true to our self and do our best in everything we are doing! Question of personal flavor: Which are your favorite acts, in terms of music, inside the Parvati family currently? We’re sure you love them all but you must have some favorites. Don’t you?


or sure, I love them all! About favorites, it goes in periods. Right now I have now a special crush for our German/Nordic producers Ectogasmics / Nobot/Cracked Nozes. What I like about Parvati Records is that we have twisted psychedelic music for any time of the party: we have from light to heavy, from groovy to banging, from more easy-going to very intense. And we are different you will not hear the same bass-lines or leads from my artists. Everything is original and made by the heart not by the head! Honestly, I do not think you can find another Label with the same variety of styles under the same banner. Here’s a good one, in the same motive of personal flavor: If had only one pick and you could choose any artist from our scene to get him in the Parvati label, which one that would be? There are many artists that I love and respect and whom are not inside my label. So here, just for this interview, I will choose not one but two producers who play at the 2 ends of the BPM scale: one slow, Hypogeo, and one fast, Orestis. Yeah! Both superb projects. So, back at it! What are the next steps of Parvati Records for the forthcoming future? Next steps for us are to keep on having fun with what we do and in the music matter, we have a very tight release schedule with Albums and

Compilations in the pipe line and there will come more Dub/Down tempo releases. We also want to focus more on visual’s productions developing our YouTube channel. We’ve seen lunching a new concept the latest years by featuring “Parvati Label Night” or whole dedicated dancefloors inside festivals, like the examples of Free Earth Festival in Greece. Talk us a little bit about the idea behind these projects and is it something that you consider growing bigger and further? Yes, I had this idea of the Parvati Night since some years now and it came looking at my artist rooster: Parvati Records has now a big group of artists who share the same motivations and passion for the music but of course the outputs of their studios are quite different, so I felt that we could offer many hours of music under the same concept and with enough differences to make it interesting for the people. In 2010 we managed a stage at Full Moon Festival in Germany (now that festival changed name in Freqs Of nature) and this was a huge success and became the start of the Parvati Nights that now have been booked by many Festival and Party organizers around the world. With Free Earth we have an old love-story, being present in every edition and we are looking forward to our Parvati Stage there in the coming summer 2018. As anyone can easily guess, there are a lot of young-guns out there trying to

make their way into the professional artist’s world. What someone needs to have to get into the Parvati label? To be original and passionate! Do not think to make money with it but to express what you have inside through the music. So, finally, what is Parvati Records? What defines Parvati Records? Parvati Records is a group of friends who share the same passion and way of life and we are defined by the trance community and crowd who come and dance to our parties and Parvati Night. We are Community! Do you want to send any message to our Tribe before we close this talk? I don’t know really about messages but i like to express my love for this scene and share it with each and everybody I meet in my travels and at the events i participate to. Let’s try everybody to be real and do things with the heart!




Thank you for having us with you, Giuseppe, and we wish you the best for the future!


The heavy artillery of Parvati Records straight from Goa, India, takes a break from his non-stop global tour to speak to Psychedelic Magazine about everything!

Hi there, Arjuna. Thank you for having us with you! We tent to start the interviews with an intro for the readers that are unaware of the artist, so do you want to give us your intro? Hello! I’m Arjuna, one of the Parvati guys. Coming from a family of travelers, my life was always surrounded by arts and colored by different cultures. Grown up in Goa, I was introduced to psytrance at very young age and since then, I was always dedicated to it, first as DJ and then as a music producer. How this big Psychedelic journey started for you? Everything started around the 1999 - 2000 in Discovalley, one of the epic party locations right on the beach in Vagator, Goa. I was 16 years old kid and I started this big journey with my brother and our old Goa kid gang. We were a big group and we used to go from party to party, discovering this magic world and having our first experience, sometimes with our parents, sometimes by ourselves. we all still remember that time as the “golden age” not just for the psytrance scene but also as the personal best time ever. and Goa itself was a total paradise that time, no cars just motorbike, bicycles and many people used to go around walking, no traffic, not much electricity, the atmosphere was really magical, warm and inspiring. Yeah, having been around Goa in the golden ages of Psytrance (90’s & the early 00’s) sounds like a priceless privilege to a lot of us.

Talk us a little bit about that experience. How was from your perspective? Well, it was an amazing experience obviously, with all of my friends were just waiting the time of the year to go to Goa, and also suffering a lot the cultural shock once we were back in the western world. Psytrance came after. For me, first of all, was the friends, the place, the beaches, the food, the free life without judgment, the fully open mind of the people everywhere, the magic experience we couldn’t do in Europe. it was a wonderland for us, kids! Then, when I grow up a bit, I started partying and then another world opened up. Psytrance invaded my life and so did with many kids that time. I started collecting DAT’s and Mini Disks. There were no Cd’s and obviously no internet, so the music collection and exchange was done face to face, and some time was taking days. We had to listen to every single track before recording it, so every track somehow had a big value. Then I started playing as a DJ but wasn’t easy at the beginning, there was no much space for a kid! The dancefloor that time was consisting in people who had decades of experience with psychedelics, travels, and music, so a DJ that time had to “taste” the dancefloor as a listener for many years before he could have the chance of playing in front of that audience. It was not rare to see a DJ “kicked out” from the DJ box (laughs) But somehow, with time, I managed to have my space. Slowly people started to trust me, I finally got the chances to play in some good slots and that’s how my story started.

And then, there’s Parvati Records! How this chapter comes into your life? Well, I got to know the label at the 3rd release, around 2003. This third CD was totally peaking out from the rest I was listening, for the powerful sound and the deep emotions was giving me. Emotional and powerful, I never heard such a sound before and I was totally impressed. Then, one time as I was at the usual flee market in Goa, I saw a guy with a very small shop selling that same CD I loved. So I stopped and met Giuseppe, the owner of the label. We straight away got along and become friends. He came listening some of my sets in Goa, and after some time, he asked me to represent the label as official DJ and that’s how I got into it. Since then, Parvati became part of my life and nowadays it’s more like a big group of friends then a record label. A solid group of people sharing similar music taste and a similar way of lives. Sounds cool! Is music production something that was a long target or it came in the process? Music was always in my blood. Since I was a kid I was playing with anything that was creating sounds, toys guitar, kids piano, and keyboards. I remember I was so happy to go visit a specific friend of my dad just because he had a keyboard I could play around with. The real production started around 2006 when I realized that I want to try to do this in life. I went for an Electronic Music course at S.A.E., a sound engineer school. The school gave me the basic knowledge, but then it took me years and years of experience to finally do something that I like. And actually, it took me even more, to be completely satisfied. Let’s talk a little bit about production, as a lot of people are interested in this subject. For starters, what is your favorite DAW when producing beats? I prefer Cubase over anything I tried. Because’s fitting better my workflow, is more intuitive and simple, it has a great audio editor and I feel very familiar with it. But, I must say that other DAW’s have features that Cubase doesn’t have, so the choice is very personal. In fact, I can’t say what’s the best DAW. I guess everyone should do music with the program they feel more comfortable and have more fun with. As they say, ‘the best DAW is the one that works for you’. But let’s speak about hardware too.

Do you have any favorite hardware and why? I got few hardware synthesizers, and I love each of them for some different things: The Access Virus for the simplicity and the number of modulations possible, the Nord Lead for simple fat high-quality sounds and the Nord Modular G2, for some deep modular researches. In the computer ecosystem now, any favorite VST’s and for what reasons? The first vst bundle that comes to my mind is Fab Filter. This bundle has amazing EQ, compressor, limiters and I have used them really a lot. The EQ is almost on every channel! (laughs) Another bundle I use a lot is SoundToys and Ubhik, that has many cool VST for FX and modulation. Check it out! It’s been 2,5 years since you released your first personal album. Should we expect anything new soon? A lot of things happened in my life the last 2 years. For example, I had to change house and studio 3 times, so it was a bit difficult to have some stability. Finally, nowadays I have found a stable situation with home and studio, so in the near future, you can definitely expect some news! Parvati Records is also involved in another project, The Free Earth Festival in Halkidiki, Greece, in which it will host a Parvati Records official stage. Do you want to give us your view on it? Well, people, I think Free Earth Festival is gonna be amazing! Proper psytrance for every ear in a cozy Mediterranean beach, with some massive dancefloor installations and visuals. take your swimsuit, your smile and see you on the dancefloor! Do you want to send any message to our tribe before we wrap this up? Yeah, keep dancing! Thank you for having us for this interview and we wish the best for the future, Arjuna!







Psychedelic Magazine 02/18  

Special Parvati issue! Featuring exclusive interviews with Giuseppe, Arjuna, and Confo! Also includes the story of Parvati along with our st...

Psychedelic Magazine 02/18  

Special Parvati issue! Featuring exclusive interviews with Giuseppe, Arjuna, and Confo! Also includes the story of Parvati along with our st...