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Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Progressive Times in this season.

Progressive Infotech Implemented Employee Self Service (ESS) project at Fresenius, Delhi

Technology and before business have converged in the last few years like never. Technology has always been helping to improve and accelerate the business performance. Progressive has been actively working to imbibe new technology solutions and services to align with ever evolving needs in our customer landscape. As a technology services player we been growing all these years and ever increasing number of clients that reflects the brand quality management system that has been developed over the years and continual improvement is an outcome of a highly committed services leadership and managers.

Progressive Infotech has implemented Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 to integrate with SAP HCM that would facilitate them in efficient and effective automation of their HR processes and provide the comprehensive HR Dashboard. Through this tool they can automate Audit Control process in the SharePoint. This tool automates the planning, execution and monitoring phases of the audit control process

We were repositioning ourselves as a horizontal solutions and services company in the market place with focus on - Converged Infrastructure, Network & Security,Collaboration and Communication, Information Management & Cloud Integration. Also, completed consolidation and also cost alignment was achieved. We have consolidated our business in three geographies North & East, West and South. We have relentlessly pursued cost efficiency without compromising on customer experience. Attitude, Win, Collaboration, Innovation and Quality were the pillars on which we founded this company and these remain our biggest assets even today. We have taken great care in forging strong relationships with our customers and partners, building trust one day at a time. As we move forward, we are continuously looking for ways to get better at what we do, and how we do. Wishing a very blissful season ahead to all our readers, let's continue to stretch… deliver… always…to our valued customers. Warm regards and best wishes! Prateek Garg MD & CEO

Progressive Infotech Implemented Microsoft Private Cloud PoCs at Fresenius and EIH Progressive Infotech, has recently implemented Private Cloud PoCs at Fresenius and EIH. Fresenius Kabi has chosen to implement a Proof-of-Concept (POC) Microsoft® Hyper-V™ enabled Private Cloud environment as a means of optimizing its data center(s), utilizing the capabilities of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provisioning. Through this implementation Fresenius and EIH was able to consolidate its entire departments into a common account. Progressive Infotech Implemented 33 Dell Server with 60 virtual instance using VMware ESXi at HMEL Progressive Infotech, has recently implemented 33 Dell Server with 60 virtual instance using VMware ESXi at HMEL. Progressive will Supply and deliver physical infrastructure at Bathinda, Noida and Pune. Progressive Infotech Becomes Google Apps Premier Edition Partner Progressive Infotech, announces that it has become channel partners for Google Apps Premier Edition. As Google Apps Premier Edition Partner, Progressive Infotech will offer Google Apps solutions for public cloud to its customers.

Key Wins

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The essence of education is opportunity. The essence of your technical ability is opportunity. Use soft skills to cultivate opportunity. Use soft skills to grab opportunity with both hands. 2. Soft skills help advance your career. Let's look at specific ways in which soft skills can help you as an IT professionals advance their careers .To bring value to organization and clients. Your interpersonal skills should be top notch to deliver results with your colleagues and people in non-IT areas you must work with. And no matter how “good” you think you are you will not get the marks you feel you deserve if can't communicate well with colleagues or clients. In fact, the perception might be that you are not competent. But when you interact better with the people you have to work with, your performance tends to improve and they go away with a positive impression. And the meaning of positive impression is more opportunity, more responsibility.

Reasons to Develop Your Soft Skills

3. Soft skills empower you and create opportunities.

Technical skills have little value if one has poor soft skills. Don't get me wrong, your tech expertise….King of Linux, champion of Oracle matters… but Tech skills alone are no guarantee of success.

The main benefit of soft skills is empowerment. How does your tech skill translate to value? How do you create opportunity? Soft skills are useful for creating and taking advantage of opportunities – jobs, career and business. No matter how great your tech skills are, when job (and or opportunity) hunting, your marketing skills should be good enough otherwise others who may not be as capable as you, but who have better marketing skills might beat you to the jobs or work you want. There are opportunities in IT. But there are also challenges and competition. In such a competitive environment, perception often reigns supreme.

You may have all the hot technical certifications with solid work experience. You may be the programming guru or the 900-pound gorilla of Network administration or on your way to becoming an outstanding IT achiever. Excellent tech activities, rapid knowledge acquisition, tons of certificates are not the same thing as growth. Tech skills alone don't lead to recognition, promotion, and most importantly: opportunity. Tech skills are important but so are your soft skills. How well do you communicate with your colleagues, management, clients or your employer, these are perceived as a contributor or just another techie? 1. Certification is not an end in itself. Tech skills do matter. To succeed in IT you definitely need to have solid technical skills with a good grasp of the fundamentals. To make any headway you need to be solid on the ground with hard tech know-how and the IT industry requires you to fortify yourself on a continuous basis with up-to-date tech knowledge and concepts. Training, certification, the Internet, books, is all opportunities available for lifelong learning. As you build up your tech expertise, what effort are you making to develop your non-tech abilities? Certification is not an end in itself. You need soft skills to create opportunity for yourself. What is the use of tech skills if nobody knows you've got such skills?

4. Soft skills not only improve your career, they also offer personal growth. Interestingly, the acquisition of soft skills also empowers you by allowing you to build flexibility into your future IT career plans .How? Most soft skills are regarded as transferable skills, e.g. communication, project management, business and team work, which are needed in nearly all aspects of life, not just for your career alone. You need to grow not just as a techie but also as a person. 5. Do you have more tech skills than sense? Work on communication and leadership. As an IT professional, you have confidence in your technical abilities. Having the required interpersonal skills provides a must-have foundation for career growth. They give you the ability to take advantage of challenges and opportunities that will come your way. When you empower yourself, you stay ahead of the crowd

Events Award Ceremony The winners of Reward & Recognition (R & R) Program. Category : Performance Star Award : Pintoo Kumar (Managed Services OrganizationNoida) Mamta Sati (Managed Services Organization - Noida) Team Player : Amit Srivastava (Managed Services OrganizationLucknow) Vaibhav Goel (Managed Services Organization-Chandigarh) Mukund Narayan (Managed Services Organization-Noida) Richa Kharbanda (People Excellence Organization-Noida)

Holi Celebration Holi is the festival of vibrant colors. Associates at Progressive smeared color on each other's face and splash water, playfully. “Tyohaar ye rang ka, Tyohaar ye bhang ka, Masti Mein mast hojao aaj, HOLI hai aayi-aayi holi aur Doguna maza hai yaar ke sang ka! Holi Mubarak!�


Pirates 5 pirates of different ages have a treasure of 100 gold coins. On their ship, they decide to split the coins using this scheme: The oldest pirate proposes how to share the coins, and all pirates remaining will vote for or against it. If 50% or more of the pirates vote for it, then the coins will be shared that way. Otherwise, the pirate proposing the scheme will be thrown overboard, and the process is repeated with the pirates that remain. Assuming that all 5 pirates are intelligent, rational, greedy, and do not wish to die, (and are rather good at math for pirates) what will happen?

Please do send the Answer to the above puzzle to

Progressive Times March 2011  
Progressive Times March 2011