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August 2011

The new world of Business Collaborative Innovation

Hi everyone, Welcome to the new edition of Progress. It is my pleasure to introduce to you the fourth edition of our e-magazine 'Progress'. We have come up with something which would be insightful, thought provoking and enriching, so now for this month, we have Progress with us as a platform where different scenarios & solutions for cloud computing would be discussed with ICT thought leaders and also we would come up with the latest happenings in the ICT industry. Progressive is on a transformational journey. In view of changing IT landscape and customer requirement, we took a decision to move away from the commodity hardware business and focus on horizontal solutions and services. Progress is our initiative. Going through progress in one's life is a stirring experience and hope you will feel the same way reading our magazine. Hoping to meet every month through Progress and promising to stretch our horizons. Wish you all great achievements in our lives. Let's progress with Progress. Prateek Garg MD & CEO

Market turmoil shakes consumer and business confidence, diminishes the value of financial assets, and creates uncertainty. History, however, informs us that shifts in the economic landscape also offer unique opportunities for those who are able to look past the near-term difficulties and seek out opportunities. Cloud Computing opens new opportunities for greater collaboration and accessibility, especially among small businesses. Online software applications help people work more productively together and share information in ways that haven't been previously possible. During challenging economic times, local governments and businesses of all sizes are pursuing ways to decrease costs while making operations as efficient and effective as possible. IT traditionally involved a big up front cost, followed by the demands of daily management. By employing cloudbased e-mail and other services, IT departments can be freed to focus on other essential priorities while reducing the costs of buying licenses and purchasing and maintaining servers. Organizations can choose to retrench, or they can choose to prepare for success and leadership roles. If they take the latter approach, returns from hard-fought cost-reduction battles can be turned into infrastructure improvements, more rational integrated processes, and fundamental changes in market presence or positioning to fill new niches or those surrendered by competitors. Seeing opportunity in times of turmoil reframes challenges in a way that projects the lessons of history onto the future. Suggesting that organizations seize new opportunities during economic strife does not minimize the significant difficulties they will encounter. Although picturing the future is difficult, turbulent times call for balance against new factors. Balance will always be essential.

The power of Collaboration Solution Collaboration solutions have the power to improve a big part of our lives. Today's companies are implementing solutions that support more forms of collaboration such as instant messaging, social computing, and community-based tools to share content and expertise. Collaboration solutions help people work smarter and drive business benefits by deepening valuable relationships, making better decisions faster, spurring innovation, and reducing costs...

Applications of Cloud Computing Microsoft Office 365 is commercial software plus services offering a set of products from Microsoft Corporation, with the initial plan including a Professional subscription and an Enterprise subscription. Office 365 includes the Microsoft Office suite of desktop applications and hosted versions of Microsoft's Server products (including Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, and Lync Server), delivered and accessed over the Internet in effect, the next version of Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS).

Google Apps is a service from Google providing independently customizable versions of several Google products under a custom domain name. It features several Web applications with similar functionality to traditional office suites, including: Gmail, Google Groups, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs and Sites. Help your Business reduce IT cost and improve the way employees work together with Google Apps

Products of Google Apps 1.Google Groups

Products of Office 365 1.Microsoft Exchange Online Microsoft Exchange Online is an email, calendar and contacts solution delivered as a cloud service, hosted by Microsoft. The service is based on Microsoft Exchange server and offers 25 GB of email storage per licensed product.

2.Microsoft SharePoint Online Microsoft SharePoint Online is a collaboration, sharing, and document editing service using internal and external sites. It can also be used to create public-facing Web sites.

3.Microsoft Lync Online Microsoft Lync Online provides communications features including presence information, instant messaging, PC-to-PC audio/video calling and online meetings that can include PC audio, video and web conferencing with application sharing, whiteboards, and other collaboration tools.

Employees can share docs, calendars, sites, shared folders and videos with a group instead of individuals. You control who has access to content by managing group membership.

2.Google Calendar Google Calendar is integrated into Gmail and interoperable with popular calendar applications. Calendars can be shared companywide or with select co-workers. A range of sharing permission controls help maintain security and privacy.

3.Google Talk/Videos Video sharing makes important communications like internal trainings and corporate announcements more engaging and effective.

4.Google Docs Google Docs is securely powered by the web, giving you the flexibility to be productive from your desk, on the road, at home and on your mobile phone, even when you're offline.

4.Office Professional Plus

5.Google Sites

Microsoft Office Professional Plus in Office 365 provides the same client software as the Office Professional Plus product available through

Use Google Sites to centralize documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, slideshows and more to help keep teams organized.

5.Office Web Apps


Office Web Apps are browser-based versions of Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint that enable viewing and lightweight editing of Office documents in Web browsers while preserving the formatting of the original documents.

It is an E-mail and Web security and archiving service owned by a) Google message security b) Google message discovery c) Google message encryption d) Google message continuity

Case Study One of India's leading online shopping stores and marketing companies, headquartered in North India, wanted to have a Consolidated Multi-Email Domain to One Email Domain on Cloud for centralized operation from where it could operate across all its locations in the world, with the latest cloud based messaging solution and collaboration.

A New End to End Solution The India's Leading Online Shopping store wanted to have latest Cloud base messaging & Collaboration solution with a secured & robust system for transmitting digital information. Progressive came up with a

High Levels of Service Progressive was committed to working closely with the client to provide training and support to ensure that the Multi Domain Email Google Apps Standard Migration to New Domain and the user acceptance periods went smoothly. Once all the systems had been setup, the solution was also tested to ensure that it would perform as per the requirements.

Ease of Management With this solution, the client got a solution that was not only user friendly and with low operational cost, but that was also more robust. This is a

solution constitutes of security of information. The entire solution provided the end to end resolution for all their needs. Progressive's solution constitutes of setting up a Multi Email Domain in to a Single Email Domain on Google apps, its well access with all their branch locations through Internet. The up gradation of 8 Email Domain to Email Domain of 500 Users with Google Docs, spread sheet, IM, Collaboration in Secure manner.

Challenge One of India's Leading Multi brand Online Shopping store, where he can choose from the largest variety of branded is an organized retail format company. Bigshoebazaar had 8 Multi email domain on Google app Standard and wanted to upgrade and Consolidate Email Domain on for centralized messaging solution on Google Apps for Business with High Level on Email and User management which can address their all end to end messaging needs with secure transfer of information across all Users.


critical issue for managing different Email Domain with different user

Progressive provided a solution to Upgrade all Email Domain from Google

requirement from Different Email Domain Admin Console with high

apps Standard to Google app For Business with by setting up their

administrative cost, and Progressive's solution on Google apps for as a Primary Email Domain for centralized user and Email

Business has been able to deliver that to the client.

Management operating all administration activities from one place and migration from 8 email domain to New Domain. Also provided Google Docs, Postini, IM and Google Collaboration for User Productivity, Email archiving & content management for more organized messaging solution


“Collaboration solutions help people work smarter and drive business benefits�

The solution delivers 99.9% availability SLA of Google, business continuity against any disaster. Also, with centralized administration, operational cost is reduced and transfer of information is more secured and structured.

Saurabh Tiwari Practice Lead Progressive Infotech

Advantage Cloud Computing The Cloud and what it can do for us Cloud computing enables users to store files and software remotely, rather than on a hard drive or server at their office. The fact is many people may already be using cloud computing without realizing it, whether through work or personal use. Examples include web-based email like Gmail and Hotmail, communication tools like Skype, video sites like YouTube and Vimeo and music-sharing sites such as SoundCloud. Some examples of cloud computing applications include software as a service (SaaS), Customer Relationship Management, file storage, file synchronization and file back-up. It's now possible for businesses to have their own private cloud, which incorporates specific services and is only accessible to specific people. One of the big advantages also would be that you will have access to the data from anywhere, lots of cloud backup technologies allow you to access data and download it from anywhere that has internet access, as well as view it and download it on your Smartphone. Given the enormous benefits cloud business computing technology has to offer companies, computer entrepreneurs will surely be thinking of ways to develop it even further. Another advantage of cloud would be cloud backup. Due to the system's scalability it expands to fit your needs as you go. Your data can be backed up and stored on the cloud which provides data protection and easy restoration as well as a way to remotely access your data at anytime, from anywhere, which will help guarantee your businesses' continuity. There are lots of advantages to using cloud computing for international companies. One of the major ones is the flexibility that it offers. Cloud computing means that staff can access the files and data that they need even when they're working remotely and/or outside office hours.

Cloud computing can be very quick and easy to get up and running. Consider, for example, how quickly you can set up a Gmail or Hotmail account and start emailing - it takes minutes and all you need is a computer and the Internet. Downloading and installing software, on the other hand, takes much longer. Cloud computing is often cheaper and less labor-intensive for companies too. There is no need to buy and install expensive software because it's already installed online remotely and you run it from there, not to mention the fact that many cloud computing applications are offered free of charge. The need to pay for extensive disk space is also removed. With cloud computing, you subscribe to the software, rather than buying it outright. This means that you only need to pay for it when you need it, and it also offers flexibility, in that it can be quickly and easily scaled up and down according to demand. This can be particularly advantageous when there are temporary peaks in demand, such as at Christmas or in summer, for example. A major advantage of using cloud computing for many companies is that because it's online, it offers virtually unlimited storage compared to server and hard drive limits. Needing more storage space does not cause issues with server upgrades and equipment - usually all you need to do is increase your monthly fee slightly for more data storage. “Cloud Computing has scalability and it expands to fit your

As long as they can get on the Internet, staff can access information from home, on the road, from clients' offices or even from a smartphone such as a BlackBerry or iPhone. Staff can also work collaboratively on files and documents, even when they're not physically together. Documents can simultaneously be viewed and edited from multiple locations.

needs as you go�

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Gulshan Kharbanda Vice President Global Services Progressive Infotech

Progress August 2011  

Collaboration Solutions

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