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Disaster Recovery Solution for Storage Progressive has provided a complete Disaster Recovery Site for one of the largest FMCG manufacturer in India


ne of the major FMCG company in India, head quartered in North India wanted to have a Disaster Recovery Site to its existing storage solution for keeping all their critical data secure and accessible in case of any setbacks, maintaining high availability.

Compliance Driven Data Storage Solution

In Brief Challenge One of India's FMCG manufacturing company wanted to setup implement a storage solution, through a Disaster Recovery site – making it secured & available. The recovery site needs to be in sync with the primary site and capable to switchover with 100% mapping, creating complete replica of existing site. Solution Progressive solution has provided not only a Disaster Recovery site which is packed with elegant feature like zero tolerance, automatic switch over, completely synchronized but also keeping complete data protection through our security solution – complying with international standards.

Benefits The solution delivers peace of mind with 100% data backup maintaining high availability, business continuity against natural disaster. DR site ensures that it take over the primary site in case of failure and becomes fully operational within a stipulated amount of time – keeping business up & running.

The FMCG client wanted to have disaster recovery solution for its storage solution which constitutes all of their critical business information like financial transactions, ns, clients/customers database and employee’s details etc. Progressive proposed Disaster Recovery Solution for their storage needs which adhere to international security compliance keeping confidentiality & integrity of data intact. Progressive's solution comprises of setting up a Disaster Recovery site for storage, which act as a backup site with complete data/information stored in it and replaces the primary site in case of any downtime, for uninterrupted business operations. The DR site is complete replica of the primary site which is synchronized with it on real time maintaining intaining 100% mock up of the original data. So in case if any debacle occurs, the DR site replaces the primary site through an automated switchover process – keeping smooth business operations.

Connectivity Layout & Backup Process An HP EVA 8K is installed led at both Primary & DR site which are connected with SAN switches. Also, 2 MPR routers are also installed for maintaining redundancy for each site. The connectivity is through Ethernet link, using Fiber Cables. The synchronization process is done using Continuous Replication lication License for building build complete replica in command view. The client chose to go with this solution as it was convinced by Progressive’s s technical expertise. This was an esteemed project as one of the biggest FMCG of the country chose Progressive to design & deliver this for them.

The DR for Data Storage is a boost to their existing IT infrastructure making it more robust and keeping business operations with High Availability Technical Consultant, Progressive

Redundancy with Peace of mind With this DR solution, the client complete satisfaction with a robust replica of the primary site and which has equal capabilities to perform all desired operations when the main site goes offline – Keeping the business up & running. This has added more redundancy to their existing IT infrastructure & also in a very cost effective way.

The Disaster Recovery for Storage Solution HP EVA 8k - Primary Site and Secondary Site SAN Switches on Both Sites 2 MPR Routers for Each Site to Maintain Redundancy Fiber Cables Ethernet link - Connectivity between 2 sites thorough Replication License for Replication in Command View

About Progressive Progressive Infotech (Progressive) is a leading independent provider of IT Infrastructure Services encompassing Integration and Management of IT Infrastructure, through its robust world class delivery processes to varied corporations of high repute. With an Integrated Integ Quality Management system that comprises ISO 9001:2008, ISO 20000-1:2005 (previously BS15000-1) 1) as well as ISO 27001:2005 (previously BS7799) standards, Progressive Progressi has redefined the way IT Infrastructure astructure management is being practiced across the globe.

Progressive Infotech Pvt Ltd C-161, Phase - II Extension, Noida - 201305 Phone: +91 - 120 - 4393939 Fax: +91 - 120 - 4393922

Progressive-Recovery Soution for a large FMCG  


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