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From the Editor’s desk

Driving change

In a recent interview with Ron Finemore Transport founder, Ron Finemore, about the prevalent issue of driver shortages amid an increasing demand for supply industry wide, he explained that something needs to change.

While Ron Finemore Transport is recognised for utilising the latest equipment and operating with the safest protocols, Ron said the fleet, like the entire industry, is feeling the effects of driver shortages.

Ron said. “Under the current visa system, a truck driver is not a skilled occupation.”

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“Our company is 100 drivers short, and everybody is short,” he said. “We’ve got a shortage of drivers and an increasing market without enough people to do the work.”

The primary issue, according to Ron, is that existing Australian drivers (especially younger ones) are restricted from getting a truck licence. Younger people, he said, can’t become a truck driver until they have essentially failed somewhere else, because they can’t get a licence when they leave school.

Ron explained the current licencing rules for truck drivers sees age as well as time required holding each licence being barriers. Thus, he believes licencing should be based on a driver’s competency.

The other problem lies with making heavy line haulage an essential service and gaining access to drivers from overseas.

“You can’t bring people legally into Australia to drive trucks as migrants,”

Meanwhile, the Victorian Government recently announced an extra $1 million in funds for the Victorian Transport Association’s (VTA) Driver Delivery program. This initiative aims to train more drivers which in turn should keep Australia’s supply chains moving.

Outside of this, though, Ron is calling on governments to make the changes necessary to allow the people that want to work in the industry to work in it safely.

Despite the National Heavy Vehicle Driver Competency Framework Decision Regulation Impact Statement being welcomed by the Australian Government last December, which proposed a series of reforms to improve road safety and productivity, Ron said the specific details haven’t been released and that the timeframe of their arrival is uncertain.

“They’re talking about it happening over a number of years,” he said. “I probably won’t live long enough. It’s not happening, and that’s the problem. It needs to happen not in a few year’s time, it needs to happen now.”

4 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024
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8 Industry news

Business partnerships, people movements, developments that bolster freight productivity and more.

22 Economy

The Queensland Government will fund $500 million worth of upgrades on priority road corridors travelled by Central Queensland’s beef transporters.

24 Trailer builder

Australia’s trailer manufacturing industry is as strong as ever.

34 Low loaders

Get the low-down on Brimarco’s and Rhino Trailers and Low Loaders’ heavy haulage portfolios.

38 Tippers

Read more about the latest developments for tipper applications.

44 Braking technology

A 10x8 steerable trailer combination fitted with BPW Transpec swivel axles has joined Fardells Heavy Haulage.

46 Trailer building materials/components

A showcase of the products and services that keep trailers on the move.

50 Special report

Some highlights from this year’s VTA State Conference.

56 Infrastructure Spotlight

What you need to know about Australia’s biggest road projects this month.

58 World map

DP World is asking the refrigerated transport industry to raise its standard temperature for the sake of the planet.

60 Fleet of the month

Blenners Transport has unveiled a $17 million new transport facility in Cairns.

62 What’s on Upcoming shows and field days.

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Wickham Freight Lines promotes road safety around heavy vehicles

Wickham Freight Lines is advocating for better on-road practices around heavy vehicles by promoting simple safety measures that drivers can follow.

For Wickham Freight Lines, safety is at the forefront of its operations.

Wickham Freight Lines Training Manager, Adam Young, told Trailer it is the company’s number one priority.

“It’s built into our visions and values, and it is promoted to all the staff that work here,” he said.

“We try and make sure that when employees start, no matter what their background is, they have an understanding of safety and the laws in the industry.”

Based in Warwick, Queensland, Wickham’s maintains a fleet of around 530 trailers which feature a plethora of safety features including digital weight scales, Electronic Braking Systems (EBS), standard guide lights, reflectors, satellite tracking devices and reverse sensing lights.

The fleet is primarily made up of refrigerated singles, B-doubles and pocket road trains which travel up and down the Pacific Highway between Brisbane and Sydney, and along the

Hume Highway between Sydney and Melbourne.

In hopes of reducing accidents and creating safer roads for everyone, Wickham Freight Lines displays several safety messages on its trailers throughout these corridors.

Its main tip encourages drivers to keep a three-second gap when driving behind trucks by counting, ‘One barramundi, two barramundi, three barramundi.’

“We’ve also got these big red trailers at the moment where it points out that the most important asset is the one in front, which is the driver,” Young said.

“It’s a good space to advertise messages like this on these trailers because they’re on the road all the time, up and down highways with other road users.”

Although the fleet ensures its drivers are doing the right thing, Wickham Freight Lines Compliance Manager, Kevin Bradfield, told Trailer that not all road users are aware of safe driving practices such as keeping a distance.

“Drivers will slip in front of trucks, not realising that it’s a 60-tonne B-double that can’t stop straight away,” he said.

Bradfield said that when a truck is maintaining a safe distance in traffic, light

vehicles may often see that space as an opportunity to move in.

“Truck drivers will leave a gap and then all of a sudden it’s halved,” he said.

“So, the truck has to then slow down to maintain that gap again, until another person pulls in there.

“It’s a real scary situation if you’re not paying attention.”

Another one of Wickham Freight Lines’ safety messages reads, ‘Be a mate. Don’t tailgate’.

“We’re just trying to use those trailers as positive messaging on the road, whether it’s for safety or just supporting businesses and bringing awareness to those in the industry as well as those who aren’t,” Young said.

“We’ve always gone above and beyond when it comes to safety.”

When it comes to improving safety in the industry, Bradfield said everyone has a role to play.

“We all want to be doing the right thing so that we can make sure that everyone is safe,” he said.

“It’s something everyone can take seriously.

“Whether it’s in the workshop or on the roads, everyone is a part of it.”

Image: Wickham Freight Lines.
C M Y CM MY CY CMY K News 8 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024

Victoria 13-21 Bliss Court, Derrimut VIC, 3026

Tel -(03) 9369 0000

Tel -(07) 3372 2223

Queensland 1/15 SeeanaPlace, Heathwood QLD, 4110

Western Australia 5 Freight Road, Kenwick WA, 6107

Tel -(08) 9350 6470

LG Electronics partners with DHL for new NSW warehouse

LG Electronics has worked with its logistics and warehousing partner, DHL Supply Chain, to relocate its New South Wales distribution centre to a new warehouse in Erskine Park.

DHL assisted with the major electrical appliance company’s requirement for more sustainable warehousing while passing the milestone of a 10-year relationship.

To meet LG’s sustainability ambitions, the new site is powered by 100 per cent renewable electricity sourced from its 198kWp solar panels on the warehouse’s rooftop, along with renewable sources for any additional electricity required by the site.

The site also benefits from polycarbonate roof panels which maximise daylight use, energy-efficient ventilation and HVAC system and water efficient fittings.

The new Erskine Park location works in conjunction with LG’s other DHL-managed

warehouses across Australia.

DHL Supply Chain ANZ CEO, Steve Thompsett, said that the latest warehouse is a great outcome resulting from a strong collaboration formed over the past 10 years.

“LG is an incredible business partner and were very pleased that the relationship we’ve developed while managing LG’s domestic transport and warehousing,” he said.

“This has led us to distributing their stock from a warehouse that’s a better fit for purpose, while also helping them to manage sustainability requirements and costs.”

Thompsett said DHL is working with an increasing number of customers who are relying on it to fulfil their supply chain sustainability objectives.

“We’re proud to establish zero operational CO₂-emitting warehouses for them, tying in with DHL’s global target of

net zero emissions by 2050,” he said.

“We see this positive development with LG as the step that takes our relationship into the future.”

LG Electronics Australia and New Zealand CFO, Seung Joo Lee, said he is proud of the results achieved between LG and DHL for the benefit of Australian customers.

“This new warehouse, born out of LG and DHL’s strong relationship, is a great example of what can be achieved through goodwill and collaboration,” he said.

“LG is constantly working to find ways to deliver more for its customers and this new warehouse is helping us to streamline our customer experience, especially in areas like e-commerce.

“In addition, this innovative site helps us to deliver on our sustainability goals, which includes carbon- neutrality and reduced waste, to create a better way of life for all.”

Image: DHL Supply Chain.
10 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024 News

VTA announces Greg Cain replacement

The Victorian Transport Association has announced James Williamson has been appointed to the role of Industry Services Manager.

Williamson replaces Greg Cain following his recent retirement after eight years in the role.

He joins the VTA after working most recently for several years at Porthaul, the family transport and logistics businesses based in Victoria’s southwest.

Williamson is a skilled general manager with 16 years’ experience in transport and logistics, with demonstrated expertise in bulk product management, operational leadership, and business growth strategies.

“Over his many years at Porthaul, James established a track record of leading projects to success and driving operational expansions, requiring an understanding of the many challenges faced by transport operators,” said Peter Anderson, VTA CEO.

“He has a strong understanding of

technology and how it can be practically applied through improving systems and processes to achieve productivity and efficiency gains.

“In his role as the Industry Services Manager, James is well positioned to build on adding value to VTA members and working closely with the Secretariat.”

Anderson said Greg Cain leaves large shoes to fill.

“On behalf of the VTA Executive Council and Secretariat I extend our sincerest thanks and best wishes to him and his family on these exciting next steps,” he said.

“Greg has been an outstanding advocate for our members and associate members. Through his stewardship of our Committees, he has helped to engineer dozens of success stories and outcomes, particularly in the area of skills development and training, and mental health and wellbeing, which he has a passion and skills for.”

Cain’s retirement was announced at a presentation during this year’s State Conference in March, where he received a standing ovation from a very appreciative audience of members and other industry stakeholders.

“Thank you, Greg, for your years of industry service and dedication,” concluded Anderson.

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NHVR delivers emergency notices in response to WA flooding

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has worked with Main Roads Western Australia and the Department for Infrastructure and Transport South Australia to publish two emergency notices after recent flooding forced the closure of a key rail network.

NHVR COO, Paul Salvati, said the notices give consent to increased access for road trains up to 53.5 metres, between Port Augusta in South Australia and the WA border, and then internally into WA.

“Over the past week, we have seen massive amounts of rain fall on the WA outback, inundating roads and damaging key networks, and our thoughts are with anyone who has been affected,” he said.

“The flooding in the Eyre Highway area has caused damage to the rail network, forcing it closed.

“In light of this, the NHVR has partnered with WA and SA state transport authorities to deliver this urgent emergency notice.”

Salvati said the notice would provide heavy vehicle drivers and operators with increased flexibility and expedited access to critical freight routes, facilitating the efficient transport of essential supplies and emergency relief for communities cut off by flooding.

“Truckies have had to take huge detours to reach their destination due to this flooding, and the NHVR recognises the importance of delivering essential items to the affected communities,” he said.

“However, we are also urging drivers to exercise caution when travelling through these conditions, prioritising safety above all else.”

Due to the heightened risk and uncertainty, the NHVR will be proactively patrolling the region to ensure all heavy vehicle drivers are travelling safely.

“We anticipate more trucks on the road during this time, and with the road conditions unpredictable, the NHVR’s

priority is safe, efficient heavy vehicle movements,” Salvati said.

“The last thing we want to see is overloaded or unsafe truck operations, with compliance paramount during this time.”

The NHVR is reminding drivers to make sure they are across the details in these emergency notices before travel.

Salvati said drivers should continue to practise safety and drive to the conditions and follow any advice or instruction from local authorities.

“For any driver navigating these challenging conditions, be prepared by taking any necessary precautions, equip yourself and your vehicle appropriately, and always prioritise safe driving practices to ensure a safe and secure journey,” he said.

“Operators should carefully brief any drivers who are new to the route, including on the location of rest areas and fuel stops.”

News 12 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024
Vawdrey Victoria Ph: (03) 9797 3700 Vawdrey New South Wales Ph: (02) 9421 6444 Vawdrey Queensland Ph: (07) 3713 4800 Vawdrey Western Australia Mob: 0448 901 126 Vawdrey South Australia Mob: 0417 303 723 Proudly & AUSTRALIAN OWNED MANUFACTURED 1974 – 2024

High priority bridges, roads to receive $45M in regional areas

Further investments in bridge and road safety upgrades across regional and rural Australia have been announced by the Federal Government.

Over $45 million will be granted to 19 high-priority projects.

From Clarence Valley in New South Wales, Gladstone in Queensland, through to Port Hedland in Western Australia, the Government will partner with local councils to deliver projects in fastgrowing communities and in areas that house major production hubs.

Over $25 million will be shared by 14 projects under the Bridges Renewal Program (BRP), with over $20 million supporting five projects under the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program (HVSPP).

The BRP supports upgrading old and worn timber bridges to modern structures that can take more weight, are better equipped for major weather events, and are safer for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Over $2.7 million will go to replacing Comobella Bridge over Mitchell’s Creek at Comobella outside of Dubbo with a concrete structure

More than $1.8 million will be allocated to the reconstruction and widening of

Appila Spring Bridge at Appila in South Australia

Over $1.6 million has been earmarked to replace the culvert on Almurta Glen Forbes Road at Almurta in Victoria.

The HVSPP supports improvements to roads used in freight routes, including the installation of intersections, widening roads, sealing roads and installing safety barriers – to increase the productivity and safety of heavy vehicle operations.

The latest HVSPP projects include $5 million towards the upgrade of two existing causeways and one new causeway at three locations on MalbonSelwyn Road at Cloncurry in Queensland; $5 million to reconstruct and widen around six kilometres of Mount William Road at Yalla-Y-Poora in Victoria; $5 million to upgrade Route 1 of the Wedgefield road network at Wedgefield in Western Australia, including widening and sealing approximately 580 metres of road, installing precast box culverts to mitigate flooding, and pavement upgrades.

The BRP and HVSPP will consolidate into the Safer Local Road and Infrastructure Program (SLRIP) from 1 July 2024 – with an additional $50 million to be added to the new program.

“We know that our regional road networks are ageing at the same time as communities outside of our big cities are growing – which is why we’re partnering with local councils to get their high-priority road safety projects off the ground,” said Minister for Regional Development and Local Government, Kristy McBain.

“Bridges are critical access points in and out of our communities, and freight routes are central to the efficient delivery of essential products and services, which is why this $45 million will go a long way to improving the safety and reliability of these regional road networks.”

Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Senator Carol Brown said road safety is a shared responsibility.

“We all must do our part to ensure every road user gets home safely,” she said.

“We want to make our busiest freight routes safer for truckies and everyone using our roads.

“I am pleased to see another five projects come to life under the HVSPP, which will increase safety and reliability for the trucking industry across Australia while bolstering access through local rural communities.”

Image: Siegfried Schnepf/
14 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024 News

Fremantle Ports CEO passes

Fremantle Ports has reported its Chief Executive Officer, Michael Parker, has passed.

Parker, who was 52, passed away suddenly at work on 3 April.

He was appointed CEO in May 2021 following a long career with Alcoa where he started in 1994.

Parker’s tenure at Alcoa culminated in him assuming the role of Managing Director/Chairman of Alcoa Alumina and Alcoa of Australia from 2015 to 2019.

“Our focus has been ensuring Michael’s family, his spouse Wendy, and their four children Ben, Jackson, Sophie and Dan, have our full support and our people receive the care and time they require to process this news,” said Fremantle Ports in an online statement.

“Michael was deeply committed to the safety and wellbeing of all people and was a kind, involved and thoughtful leader.”

In Parker’s three years as CEO, he led an ambitious agenda of change for Fremantle

Ports, that included a major capital works program to upgrade port assets and a suite of effective organisational change initiatives directed at ensuring the organisation was prepared for a dynamic

future in the decades ahead.

“He was a wonderful father, an exceptional leader and will be sorely missed,” said Chris Sutherland, Fremantle Ports Chair.

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Michael Parker. Image: Fremantle Ports.

ACFS Port Logistics opens new Western Australia depot

ACFS Port Logistics has announced the opening of its new depot in Hazelmere, Western Australia.

The new location will be a multi-site warehouse and container yard to service a range of ACFS Port Logistics customers for their logistical needs.

It features a 15,000-square-metre warehouse with racking capacity to store 20,484 pallets at various height positions, four recessed docks and a high volume unpack/pack facility.

The location also houses a full container load (FCL) container depot providing a 11,850-square-metre container rated hardstand for approximately 780 TEUs.

This will be supported by the ACFS transport fleet to deliver FCL as a hub and spoke solution for customers in the area, as well as full tautliner load (FTL) and less than

container load (LCL) service requirements.

In addition, container yard equipment such as reach stackers will be dedicated to the site to allow a seamless operation.

ACFS Port Logistics said the new depot is another step towards strengthening its position as a trusted partner in the logistics industry.

“We are confident that this expansion will enable us to better serve our clients and contribute to their success,” the company said.

“With this off port expansion, our capabilities across Perth will be more enhanced and our commitment to providing first class on and off the port will be superior in the market.”

The state-of-the-art Hazelmere facility will have a 5 Star Green Star rating with a 99kW solar system as part of ACFS’

CRL Express opens new Brisbane facility

CRL Express has announced the opening of a new warehouse in Brisbane, Queensland.

The new facility arrives as part of CRL Express’ commitment to enhance its services and operational efficiency.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and optimised processes, the warehouse will look to ensure smoother operations for CRL Express.

According to CRL Express, this will

translate to quicker order processing, reduced lead times and overall enhanced service levels.

“Our team has worked tirelessly to make this expansion possible, and we are confident that it will bring tangible benefits to our existing and new customers,” the company said.

“Whether you’re looking to streamline your supply chain, expand your market reach, or optimise your inventory

Continuous Improvement Program to reduce its carbon footprint.

The site, according to ACFS Port Logistics, also boasts cutting-edge technology that will allow the team to optimise storage, handling and distribution processes.

This includes live scanning of inventory through WMS (paperless), including integration to medium to large customers and a sophisticated CCTV security system.

The facility also offers 36 power charging points for reefer storage.

“ACFS Port Logistics understands the importance of reliable and streamlined supply chain,” the company said.

“Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to go above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs and deliver exceptional service.”

management, our new Brisbane warehouse supports your growth objectives.”

CRL Express said it is excited to introduce third-party logistics (3PL) warehousing services in Queensland.

“This addition allows us to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs, including storage, inventory management, order fulfilment and distribution,” the company said.

Image: Daimler Truck Australia.
News 16 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024

an eight-kilometre stretch of the Stuart Highway near Daly Waters, south of Katherine.

The work is part of the Australian and NT Governments’ jointly funded $217 million Northern Territory Industry Roads program which will upgrade priority roads to support local industries.

The construction ready design will include an engineering survey and geotechnical investigation on the key transport and logistics route.

In addition to providing flood resilience to the section of the Stuart Highway, the


once the designs are completed, with works to commence mid-2025.

“The Territory Labor Government is building a stronger, more resilient road network to improve the Territory’s connectivity with the rest of Australia,” said Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, Joel Bowden.

“We are planning for the future and these projects will improve flood resilience for the Territory’s connections to the national highway network.

“By investing in the Territory’s roads we continue to improve year round

opens new Sydney warehouse

Mainfreight has opened a new 55,000m² warehouse, strategically located within the Moorebank Intermodal Terminal in Sydney’s southwest.

The site will grant wharf operations direct access to Port Botany via the rail system, significantly reducing container freight transit times from the port which would otherwise take approximately 40 minutes by road.

The new facility is equipped to store and handle a wide range of hazardous and retail dangerous goods.

Moorebank has designed the facility with a dangerous goods bunker and cages built to meet regulations and standards.

The facility has a capacity for 70,000 racked pallet spaces with 35,000 pallet

spaces that are specifically built for temperature sensitive freight such as pharmaceuticals, kept at a constant temperature.

In a statement Mainfreight said it had invested in robotics to improve overall efficiency in the Sydney location.

These robots will operate autonomously within a designated grid or pick path environment, picking up shelves of products without human involvement.

The primary advantage lies in the “goods to person” approach, according to Mainfreight, where instead of team members traversing the warehouse to pick orders, the AMRs bring the goods directly to the team members, enhancing efficiency and reducing labour requirements.

the scope of the remaining upgrades to be delivered under the Northern Territory Industry Roads program.

The NT Government is also planning for and delivering long-term upgrades along Central Arnhem Road, which connects Nhulunbuy to the Stuart Highway.

Douglas Partners has been awarded a $990,000 contract to undertake geotechnical investigations on the Central Arnhem Road to inform three upgrade packages to improve flood immunity, road safety, travel time and accessibility.

Storage will be condensed thanks to satellite racking allowing for multiple layers and levels and eliminating the need for multiple aisles.

It is considered particularly advantageous for customers handling high volumes of a limited number of SKUs, as each shuttle bay can accommodate one SKU with the same batch, streamlining inventory management.

“Our investment in this new facility and the latest warehousing technology enables our team to deliver smooth and efficient services to our customers,” the company said in a statement.

Mainfreight confirmed the new Sydney facility will have electric charge points to charge its expanding fleet of electric forklifts and commercial vehicles.

Image: Regis/ 18 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024 News

Daryl Young celebrates 20 years at JOST Australia

Daryl Young is celebrating 20 years with JOST Australia.

From his beginnings on assembly racks to his current role as Distribution Centre Assistant Manager in Melbourne, JOST said Young’s commitment and dedication have been nothing short of inspiring.

“Daryl attributes his longevity at JOST to the happiness he finds in his work and the camaraderie among good people,” the company said.

“He takes pride in every role he undertakes, finding joy in seeing the end result of his efforts.

“Motivated by an unwavering commitment to giving his best, Daryl has always aimed to give 110 per cent, earning him high regard within the industry for his passion and pride in his work.”

Young’s favourite JOST moment with the company, JOST said, was the day he was promoted to Assistant Manager – serving as a testament to his hard work and

Daryl Young. Image: JOST Australia.

Rogers Transport begins

News 20 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024

$6.7M in funding for heavy vehicle rest areas announced

The Australian Government is funding $6.7 million into new and upgraded rest areas to improve road safety and productivity.

The funding is the first portion of the Australian Government’s $140 million Heavy Vehicle Rest Areas Program, which aims to increase heavy vehicle user safety and productivity through vital new and upgraded rest areas.

In Queensland, the rest area facility at the

Areas (TIRAs) will be sealed and green reflectors installed on four highways within Gippsland, with $2.17 million from the Australian Government and $542,000 from the Victorian Government.

Federal Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Carol Brown, said the Government is committed to keeping heavy vehicle drivers and other road users safe through programs like the

Australian Government funding of up to $5 million per project.

Projects must be co-funded, with the Australian Government providing up to 80 per cent of costs for projects in regional areas, and up to 50 per cent of costs for projects in urban areas.

Beefed up

The Queensland Government will fund $500 million worth of upgrades on priority road corridors travelled by Central Queensland’s beef transporters.

The Queensland Government, in partnership with the Australian Government, has announced its plan to support Queensland’s beef industry with $500 million in road upgrades.

Queensland’s beef corridor network stretches across nearly 218,000 square kilometres and contributes $1.7 billion to the Australian economy. Upgrading the network, the Government said, will increase productivity across the agriculture and resource industry sectors along with improving safety.

The Queensland and Australian Governments will work with seven local government mayors and key industry stakeholders on the identification of short, medium and long-term beef road priorities to inform a 10-year Central Queensland Beef Roads Investment Strategy.

This includes the Mayors of Barcaldine Regional, Central Highlands, Gladstone Regional, Isaac Regional, Rockhampton Regional, Banana Shire and the Woorabinda Aboriginal Shire councils, who have been advocating for infrastructure investment to improve the roads forming part of the state’s beef supply chain.

“The road upgrades to be proposed under a 10-year Central Queensland’s Beef Roads Investment Strategy will provide safer and more efficient transport solutions for this nationally-significant industry and increase economic opportunities for the region,” said Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Bart Mellish.

“In partnership with its federal

counterparts, the Department of Transport and Main Roads will engage with relevant local governments and key industry stakeholders to develop a 10-year strategy to prioritise beef road upgrades where they are needed most.”

To kick start the initiative Mellish said a program of early works has been developed, while the 10-year Investment Strategy is completed. With the Queensland Government funding contribution, it will prioritise the following projects:

• Pave and seal sections along ClermontAlpha Road in Mackay/Whitsunday and Central West districts;

• Pave and seal and widening of floodway

along Alpha-Tambo Road in the Central West district;

• Pave and seal in sections of the Fitzroy Developmental Road between Bauhinia – Duaringa in the Fitzroy district; and

• Pave and seal section along May Downs Road in the Mackay/Whitsunday district.

Future projects will be confirmed through the annual release of the Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program which outlines current and planned investment in road and transport infrastructure for delivery over the following four-year program.

Construction of the early works is expected to commence progressively from 2024-25.

22 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024
GDP growth rate December 2023 Unemployment rate February 2024 Interest rate March 2024 0.2% 3.7% 4.35% 10 5 0 -5 -10 Oct 2023 Jan 2024 Apr 2023 Jul 2023 -1 -1 -3 1 1 0 0 0 0 -3 -8 1 Economy Image: Ralph/


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Mission possible

Linfox has deployed more than 250 new semi-trailers from Krueger, as part of a massive order with the trailer builder supported by Schmitz Cargobull in Germany.

Linfox, in need of a brand-new fit-out of trailers for 2024, entrusted Krueger with the monumental task of manufacturing its largest single order in the history of the 30-year partnership between both companies.

The ambitious project tasked Krueger with manufacturing a new fleet for Linfox, while also meeting a fixed timeline for the trailer delivery to ensure Linfox could continue to provide its customers with a safe, secure and reliable fleet. In order to achieve this, the project would see a unique blend of Krueger’s homegrown expertise and the efficiency of the renowned German engineering prowess of Schmitz Cargobull.

Over 250 trailers were to be specially crafted, with more than 150 of them by Schmitz Cargobull in Germany and the remaining 100 rolling off the production line at Krueger’s own state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in West Melbourne.

To bring the 100 locally built trailers into fruition, Krueger collaborated with Linfox in a series of high-level meetings to discuss the specific requirements of the order. The trailers needed to be versatile – capable of handling a diverse range of cargo from temperature-sensitive goods to bulk commodities – so Krueger’s main task was to work with Linfox to understand the issues faced with rear dock loading and the damage that can be caused. To do this,

it was necessary for Krueger’s engineers to fully understand the situations operators are confronted with in docks.

“There is no doubt that most of us have seen the bottom corners of the rear frame on a trailer being smashed and badly damaged,” says Krueger Manager –Projects & Production Engineering, Adis Selmic. “If this is not fully understood and addressed, in most cases it leads to more problematic and expensive damage to trailers such as the rear frame completely cracking, and hence compromising the structural integrity of the vehicle.”

Krueger’s engineers spent time understanding and reviewing such damages and set about designing protective measures to minimise the

feedback from Linfox, which further customised the trailers to perfectly suit its evolving logistics requirements and fleet longevity.

“We only get one opportunity to get the design right,” Adis says. “With our sound knowledge of the type of docks used across Australia nationally, it enables us to design and manufacture a trailer with the rear frame which will resist any challenges.”

Krueger also installed its patented Slide-A-Gate barrier system to over 60 of the Linfox straight deck Kurtainers to ensure absolute safety. These systems are strongly built to withstand high impact forces of forklifts while loading/unloading cargo, and, as Adis explains, they also

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while operating inside the trailer.

“What makes them advantageous is that, without difficulty, they can be moved along the trailer via a roller carriage which runs inside Krueger’s roof extrusion,” he says. “Hence, offering clear side access for side loading and unloading of the trailer.”

Building and delivering all of the Kruegermade products, consisting of Kurtainers and B-double chassis, was completed in an extremely tight timeframe says Krueger National Sales Director, Grant Krueger.

“Krueger’s Head of Manufacturing, David Grant, and his team worked diligently in not just meeting this time frame but exceeding it,” he says. “In addition to this, given what we had learnt from the requirement of the application, our team here in Australia spent countless hours and late nights spent working internally and with the engineering team in Germany to ensure design factors met the needs and we could deliver from a manufacturing and delivery standpoint.

“We had also entrusted the German

for Australian standards and conditions, minimising the down time and having these ready for service once they had hit Australian shores. There was a monumental effort from all parties to ensure production was to the letter and on time.”

As the initial 79 units arrived from Germany and were unveiled, the Krueger team was onsite to see them unload and head off for their final inspections. Grant says everything went according to plan.

“When we visited the manufacturing plant in Vreden, there was a real level of comfort that Schmitz Cargobull had kept to task as per Krueger’s requirements for the job,” he says. “Upon our visit to the plant to see how the production was going, we were very impressed with the quality and the timing of the order.

“As far is the importation went, Marcus Mangiafico and his team at International Cargo Express were great in keeping us up to date with the ship’s movement and then also ensuring that we kept to the timeline in getting all these trailers off the

A blend of German engineering and Australian innovation, the convoy of trailers stands as a testament to the strength of the partnership between Krueger and Linfox. Krueger founder and Managing Director, John Krueger, says the fleet is a sight to behold, showcasing the best of both worlds in transport logistics.

“I want to thank the Linfox organisation for trusting Krueger to deliver on time within such a short timeframe, and with such specific requirements,” he says.

“I’m very proud of my son, Grant, and the whole Krueger team that worked very close with Linfox to achieve this. Our local manufacturing was completed in record time and the manufacturing team in Germany achieved the first ever fully imported freezer van, ready to go into service within days of arriving in Australia at the Port of Melbourne.”

Despite challenges faced, Krueger CEO, Kevin Dennis, says the collaboration not only met Linfox’s immediate needs but also set a new benchmark for sustainable and efficient transport solutions.

“The level of understanding and cooperation between all parties involved in this project has been outstanding, making this a very smooth and rewarding process for all,” he says. “This further cements the relationship and trust that has been built with Linfox over many years to deliver and support an industry leading, high productivity product range.”


Krueger Transport Equipment

Ph: 03 9366 2133

Web: 25
Images: Krueger.

New Schmitz Cargobull trailers headline PacLease rental fleet

Two new 34-pallet Schmitz Cargobull B-double refrigerated trailers have been chosen as the latest additions for Brown and Hurley’s rental division, PacLease.

As part of a new agreement, Brown and Hurley has unveiled the first refrigerated trailers to arrive in its PacLease rental fleet – two 34-pallet B-doubles by Schmitz Cargobull. The units, featuring the trailer builder’s renowned Ferroplast panels, premium BPW Transpec suspension and refrigerated Thermo King motors, will prepare the division for success.

PacLease Manager, Glenn Taylor, says having two prime examples from the Schmitz Cargobull lineup will allow PacLease to further expand its product offering into the fridge van market while catering to its customer’s direct requirements.

“The commitment from Brown and Hurley is a million-dollar acquisition to support the trailer sales of Schmitz Cargobull and customers of the trailer division,” he says. “It’s a further investment for Brown and Hurley to support the Queensland market, and that’s ultimately why we chose the Schmitz Cargobull trailers.”

Brown and Hurley started selling Schmitz Cargobull trailers in 2019 across its dealerships and has been consistent in supplying the product ever since. Through these new B-double trailers, the PacLease division will build on the relationship to continue to offer the Schmitz Cargobull product to the market but now in even more ways.

“We chose Schmitz Cargobull as our

and support in Australia to accommodate them.”

By combining Schmitz Cargobull’s supply and repair network with Brown and Hurley’s extensive coverage along the east coast, Glenn says PacLease will also be able to support customers during peak seasons.

“Our customers generally have a core fleet but they also rely on additional gear for peak seasons, which is why they use

it to respond to the market in a timely manner with a greater understanding of its demands.

Schmitz Cargobull also recently announced that it will be introducing its telematics system, TrailerConnect, into Australia. TrailerConnect telematics, according to Schmitz Cargobull, provides operators with all the technical information needed for their trailers, and according to John, it’s something that operators can expect to see implemented in the PacLease Schmitz Cargobull fleet in the future.

“It is something that we’re bringing in that I believe will provide a big solution to the market,” he says. “Being able to have full access to these trailers with the telematics systems will be a huge benefit for our customers going forward.”


Schmitz Cargobull Australia

Unit 2, 221 Browns Road Noble Park North 3174 VIC

Ph: 03 8794 6600


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Images: Brown and Hurley.


• Full mezz deck

• Hanging gates, toolboxes & provision for tow coupling

• Locally supplied curtains


• Rear doors

• Gates, toolboxes & provision for tow coupling

• Locally supplied curtains

45’ Drop Deck with BiFold Ramp

• 12V Power Pack

• 3 Way Twist locks

• Machinery tie-down points in floor


• 3 way twist locks

• Dangerous goods rated

• Container tilt airbag fitted

13.7-21.5m Extendable Flat Top

• 3 Way Twist locks

• Pneumatic warning flags

• Provision for tow coupling


• Standar & lightweight designs

• Side loader pads

• Provision for tow coupling

• CIMC has a long term commitment to Australia by investing in infrastructure to provide high quality products, support and service.

• Local production capacity for Semi-Trailers and Tankers with CNC cutter, welding machines and start-of-the-art heated paint shop.

• Comprehensive parts store stocking genuine CIMC parts, along with additional OEM sourced items.

• Dedicated service & repairs workshop.

• Total site area 51,000 sqm, with a 13,000 sqm workshop.

Melbourne CIMC TRAILERS 1300 202 462

Whitfield Blvd, Cranbourne Brisbane CIMC TRAILERS 0423 795 649 68 Tile Street, Wacol Perth GTE 08 9352 4000 159 McDowell Street, Kewdale

26 Bosci Rd, Ingleburn 19 Hale Street,
LOCAL KNOWLEDGE Your semi-trailer experts.
Sydney JRB GROUP 02 9355 3400

Freight Assist Australia deploys new Vawdrey PBS A-doubles

Two brand-new Vawdrey Performance-Based Standards

A-double combinations are the key to Freight Assist Australia’s objective of boosting productivity across the business.

Freight Assist Australia began operating in 2012 out of Victoria, and since then, it has completely evolved into a national bulk transport and logistics provider with a large presence throughout Australia. Utilising a reliable fleet of Vawdrey trailers, the company specialises in the transport of general palletised freight of all commodity types including food and retail as well as a large amount of both packaged and bulk Dangerous Goods (DG).

In its latest development, Freight Assist Australia has brought two new Vawdrey 36.5m A-double Performance-Based Standards (PBS) trailer combinations into the fold, each consisting of two 22-pallet double drop deck tautliners approved for PBS Level 3A. The trailers feature a double drop chassis for maximum cubic capacity, BPW Transpec axles and suspension, mezzanine decks to suit the double

loading of palletised freight, Super-Strap load restraint curtains, a Rite-Weigh Digital On-Board Mass (OBM) weighing system and Vawdrey’s full height and lightweight load rated Lift-A-Gate hanging gate system.

Among many other custom specifications, the units also have a new and unique livery for the fleet. The curtains feature the Australian flag which is very different to Freight Assist Australia’s regular branding. Moving away from the white in its standard artwork, the business is testing the new design as part of its goal to maintain its image as a reliable national transport carrier. The curtains also feature the logo of One Warehousing, Freight Assist Australia’s third-party logistics (3PL) warehousing division between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Freight Assist Australia is very familiar

with PBS, thanks in part to multiple sets of 42-pallet Super B-doubles from Vawdrey deployed over the last few years. Now, it is expanding its abilities in this field even further with the latest A-doubles from the trailer builder.

Freight Assist Australia Managing Director, Dean Wrigley, says the rationale behind purchasing the new PBS A-doubles was to move more freight on less vehicles between Melbourne and Sydney. The combinations, being trialled in these corridors, will now look to achieve this.

“In effect, they’re going to allow us an extra 10 tonnes per vehicle, or 20 tonnes combined,” he says. “I’m estimating them to save up to the equivalent of 12 B-doubles per month, which will be a significant cost saving because of the reduction in the number of linehaul vehicles required.

“So, if this works, it’s likely that we’ll

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introduce additional A-doubles into our fleet going forward, and it’s likely that we’ll start running triples into Brisbane as well.”

According to Dean, the A-doubles’ higher carrying capacities will play a major role in this objective of increasing load margin profitability for the business.

“A standard B-double set has 34 pallet spaces and a 35-tonne carrying capacity, while the A-double sets have 44 pallet spaces,” he says. “So, by adding the additional 10 pallet spaces per tonne to each movement, that will result in additional load margin per unit each day.”

While Freight Assist Australia has been running a large B-double fleet since its establishment it is now venturing into the field of A-doubles and triples, with the new Vawdrey trailers being at the forefront of this journey.

“These trailers are certainly new for us,” Dean says. “We have seen a lot of them running the highways. A lot of operators have been using them for quite some time, which has allowed me to come to the realisation that there’s been a lot more accessibility to get into certain locations.”

The combinations will be used in Freight Assist Australia’s shuttle runs where they will complete changeovers in approved locations between Victoria and New South Wales, in what Dean says will be a “more

controlled environment” from depot to depot.

“The idea is that we will be running fewer prime movers, and more freight will be moving on the PBS trailer sets,” he says. “I have no doubt that they’re definitely going to meet our requirements. They’re only running through our depots, so they’re not going out on deliveries and pickups. It means they will be utilised five to six days a week out of both Melbourne and Sydney.”

The high calibre associated with Vawdrey’s trailers is initially what attracted Dean to the product. And, as the years went on and he accumulated more units, he continued to adjust his specifications with Vawdrey to end up with a perfect setup to better suit his needs. Based on his own experience, Dean says you get what you pay for with Vawdrey.

“Their equipment is impressive,” he says. “People look at a trailer and they think, ‘It’s just a trailer’, but it’s not. You can see the quality within Vawdrey. I think their product is superior. It has done wonders for us.

“I honestly feel that they build a quality product, but they also know that it’s going to benefit their customers financially by greater returns on investment.”

Dean values Vawdrey greatly. Not only due to its manufacturing abilities, he says,

but because the OEM is able to build relationships with its customers.

“One thing I’ve noticed over the last several years in dealing with Vawdrey is that they like to bring likeminded people from similar industries together that they feel would benefit from each other’s experience and knowledge,” he says.

In overview, the overall reliability that comes with a Vawdrey product is what Freight Assist Australia has gained from the most.

“Our trailer maintenance is done internally, so I’ve got my own drivethrough workshops,” Dean says. “I haven’t had any major defects on any of the Vawdrey trailers that I have purchased since we started.

“I value the relationship between Freight Assist Australia and Vawdrey. I feel that we’re an extension of them and that they’re an extension of us. I’m impressed with Vawdrey overall. All of my recent trailer acquisitions have been with Vawdrey, and I will continue to stay with them.”

Contact Vawdrey Australia

1-53 Quantum Close Dandenong South, VIC 3175 Ph: 03 9797 3700

Image: Vawdrey. 29

PB 18 goes further, faster and safer with CIMC

With the opening of its new facility looming, PB 18 selected three B-double drop deck

curtainsiders from CIMC Vehicle Australia to bolster its growing linehaul fleet.

PB 18, established in 2016, is a Brisbanebased transporter in Forest Lake with a vision to be recognised as a leader in the transportation industry. It backs this goal with a commitment to quality, integrity and sustainability, powered by the latest road transport equipment.

The PB 18 fleet is made up of several Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved combinations ranging from B-doubles and B-triples to AB-triples, regular road trains and quad road trains,

and by covering several major cities such as Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, the company has an extensive network that allows it to reach even the most remote locations with ease.

Thus, the PB 18 fleet, coupled with skilled drivers, can offer transportation services on a wide spectrum across Australia. These include the cartage of general freight, expedited deliveries and specialised items with unique handling

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to suit road trains and provision for tow coupling.

PB 18 Managing Director, Manny Singh, says the new trailers – which travel roads every day for the fleet’s linehaul work –have demonstrated their dominance.

“We use these trailers in preference of the others because they are new units,” he says. “They are perfect, we are very happy with them.”

According to Manny, the trailers are a favourite among his drivers due to their on-road handling.

“When we’re pulling something, the trailers are very smooth on the road,” he says. “The drivers love them. They always say they want to pull these ones over the others because they’re new and they’re very safe on the road. They like a lot of the features, such as the curtains and the railing. When the drivers are loading and unloading, they say the railing is very smooth to move the curtains.”

PB 18, as part of its operations, carries

general freight for some of Australia’s largest transport companies. Through these tasks the CIMC B-doubles have increased payloads, efficiency and productivity, and according to Manny, they have also given the fleet more work.

“When we send these trailers in for the major companies, they give us more work because they’re light and are in really good condition due to them being new,” he says. “They’re great, I’m very happy with them.”

On top of providing high-quality trailers, CIMC offers nationwide aftersales support as well as after sales support from OEM suppliers. With offices based throughout Australia and an extensive distributor and agent network across all states, CIMC’s dedicated and professional team are committed to providing the industry with the best possible supply solution for any of its transportation equipment needs.

“Their aftersales service is very good,” Manny says. “I can call them for anything

Fast fact

Cranbourne West-based CIMC Australia excels with a range of curtainsiders, flat tops and skels available, with speedy turnaround times for customers looking for equipment within six months. CIMC has also recently introduced dry freight tag vans to its ever-growing model range, with more products to be added in the near future.

I need, they will action it and there are no delays. They are very convenient with their service.”

PB 18, Manny says, is more than just a transport company. It’s a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing unparalleled services to its clients. This vision aligned it directly with CIMC for its first order, which, Manny affirms, won’t be the last.

“The pricing is good,” he says. “When we booked these trailers they arrived on time, so the timeframe for the build and the price is a benefit. We’ll definitely consider CIMC again.”


CIMC Vehicle Australia

Ph: 1300 202 462

Web: 31
Images: CIMC Vehicle Australia.

Over the past 45 years, Krueger has consistently delivered trailers that meets the needs of Australian logistics companies and withstand the rigors of the Australian environment. Our unwavering dedication to innovation and advanced engineering techniques has positioned us as a leader in the Australian Transportation Industry for many years to come. 45 years of engineering the australian standard in semi-trailers. 45 years of engineering the australian standard in semi-trailers.

Design strength

The Davey Group’s interests are vast, with specialised, turnkey equipment and vehicle manufacturing at an international standard. Its years of experience, and range of capabilities, means its Rhino Trailers and Low Loaders subsidiary is no different.

With 40,000 square metres of dedicated factory space and a team of over 200 skilled tradespeople and design engineers, there aren’t many transport equipment requests Rhino Trailers and Low Loaders can’t handle.

Australian owned and operated with its headquarters in Toowoomba, Queensland, the company has a long-standing reputation for producing a diverse range of trailers and low loaders for various markets. More specifically, it custom builds heavy haulage transport equipment, designed to withstand Australian conditions.

Its products are renowned for their superior strength, reinforcing the company’s motto, ‘strength in design’, says Rhino Trailers and Low Loaders General Manager, Steve Hunt.

Rhino Trailers and Low Loaders’ factory in Toowoomba has become a onestop facility for all trailer requirements,

and features a comprehensive offering under one roof, including a protective coatings facility, as well as specialised equipment for servicing, modifications and refurbishments. The skill and knowledge of Rhino’s team of trades and engineers means trailer quality is never compromised and, aside from the workforce’s Integrated Management System (IMS), technicians are still always keen to keep their skills sharp.

“Our workforce has always strived for continual improvement,” Steve says. “They are constantly reviewing existing designs and manufacturing methods to allow existing and new customers to find the right match for their business.”

With more than 30 years of experience under its belt, along with combined knowledge and expertise through purchased and consolidated businesses, the Rhino range has been able to go from strength to strength. Over the years Rhino has built an array of special purpose

trailers for specific tasks, particularly for use within the bulk transport, heavy haulage, general freight, intermodal and livestock industries.

The company’s extensive tipper range includes high-tensile, light-weight steel and aluminium trailers, including hybrid models. These are available in high-volume single, B-double, road train and Performancebased Standards (PBS) configurations. Meanwhile, its drop-bed bulk tubs, made in aluminium and high tensile light weight steel, work well with light weight and high volume products.

The Rhino low loaders cover deck wideners and full wideners on rows of four tyres, as well as widening rows of eight low loaders with the accompanying rows of four and rows of eight dollies. The company also manufactures tandem and tri-axle converter dollies for tipper, drop deck and skel trailer road train and A-double combinations, as well as tandem and tri-axle tag trailers for

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plant and equipment.

Recently added to the range is a newly developed drop deck machinery trailer which widens to four metres. Rhino’s machinery trailers are bred from a combination of the company’s proven drop deck trailer construction and its reliable low loader deck widening system, resulting in a top solution for operators looking for a drop deck trailer that does it all.

“All of our products are designed and constructed to handle the tough Australian conditions,” Steve says, adding that the Rhino team is also focused on reducing lead times through improved manufacturing processes.

To further bolster its quality benchmark, three years ago The Davey Group committed to developing and implementing an IMS to achieve certification in ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems, ISO 45001:2018 safety management systems and ISO 14001:2015 environmental management systems.

According to Steve, the Rhino team also ensures complete customer satisfaction by following a steadfast quality policy that includes accurately capturing customer specifications. This includes implementing, maintaining and continually improving its third-party certified ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, conducting in process and final quality and test inspections and adhering to all applicable

statutory or regulatory requirements and internal processes.

The capabilities of The Davey Group are not limited to road transport, with its divisions offering standard engineered products and design, and construct capabilities servicing the mining, oil and gas, agriculture and forestry sectors.

The company specialises in the delivery of complete turnkey solutions including large, complex industrial equipment, storage solutions, bulk materials handling, processing plants, structural steel buildings and supporting infrastructure.

Its Toowoomba site also features a modern 1,500-square-metre abrasive blasting and protective coatings facility that has an environmentally friendly abrasive blast chamber capable of using all types of material for surface preparation.

The 13-metre-wide and 42-metre-long booth is suitable for all large equipment and machinery with industrial finishes and

a 24-metre-long heated spray booth. This offers greater flexibility in applying quality coatings, to commercial and industrial machinery and equipment, at both Australian and international standards and specifications.

The Davey Group Managing Director, Tony Davey, is particularly proud of this capability and notes that the protective coating division will underwrite delivery commitments on finished products –something the division has successfully been doing since it was established.

As a result, this state-of-the-art facility is where Rhino gets its trailers painted, bringing two business divisions of The Davey Group together to deliver quality designed and built products.

Contact Rhino Trailers and Low Loaders

Ph: 1300 474 466

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Images: Rhino Trailers and Low Loaders.

Trailblazing excellence

Brimarco is celebrating 45 years of manufacturing prowess with the launch of a special anniversary package for its low loader widener trailers.

Founded in 1979, Brimarco began its journey building caravans and high-end customised vehicles and trailers. The company then evolved to also specialise in manufacturing heavy-duty trailers designed to endure Australia’s harsh landscapes and demanding requirements. From the outset, Brimarco has committed itself to quality and innovation, principles that have underpinned its operations ever since.

Over the decades, Brimarco has continued to evolve, embracing new technologies and processes, yet its core commitment to building heavy-duty Australian-made trailers has remained. In recognition of its 45-year milestone, Brimarco is launching a special offer designed around its Heavy Duty ‘Tough As’ tri-axle 3.5-metre Widener trailer.

This offer is a testament to Brimarco’s enduring legacy and gratitude towards its clientele, enhancing the already robust specifications of its trailers.

Brimarco’s anniversary offer includes a Bisalloy flooring upgrade, extra toolboxes, aesthetic enhancements, a suspension upgrade and premium tyres and wheels, as well as a 12-month service contract, an extended five-year structural warranty and a limited edition Brimarco ‘Heritage’ plate.

With all manufacturing taking place in Ballarat, Brimarco leverages its strategic location to access skilled tradespeople, subcontractors and local suppliers. This approach, according to the company, ensures full control over the supply chain and an efficient production process during peak demands – enabling Brimarco to provide much shorter lead times on builds.

Brimarco also proudly manufactures and operates solely in Australia, ensuring that every trailer that bears its name is built to the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability. This provides Brimarco with ultimate flexibility in production, enabling the company to offer highly customised solutions through its custom-build division that caters to the unique needs of its clients.

Brimarco’s ‘Tough As’ trailers are renowned for their durability, a crucial factor for the heavy transport sector where the cost of downtime is significant. This reputation for reliability is matched by the company’s willingness to customise its products to meet specific customer requirements.

According to Brimarco, this combination of robust construction and customisation has seen its trailers excel across various

sectors, from logistics and construction to mining and agriculture. Most notably, Brimarco trailers have become a staple in the more remote and regional areas of Australia.

By consistently prioritising quality, innovation, and a commitment to local manufacturing, Brimarco has not only survived but thrived for nearly half a century.

“As Brimarco celebrates this significant anniversary, it stands not just as a manufacturer of trailers but as a symbol of Australian industrial resilience and innovation,” says Brimarco General Manager, Adam Quick. “As Brimarco looks to the future, it carries a legacy of excellence, innovation and a deep commitment to the principles that have made it a stalwart in the Australian manufacturing landscape.

“This narrative of growth, adaptation, and unwavering quality underscores Brimarco’s 45-year journey, promising a future as durable and forward-thinking as the trailers it crafts.”

Contact Brimarco

Ph: 0409 409 576


Image: Brimarco.
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Premium Quality, Optimised Performance, Reliability & Safety Your Greatest Investment Deserves the Silver Lining Visit E -Plas for QuickSilver Truck Lining System Australia Wide Distribution & Service Ph: 1800 806 475 Discover More QuickSilver App Q uic k Si l ver Silver® Truck Line rs Discover More

Lusty indulgence

Powering McMillan & Sons Haulage is a fleet of Lusty EMS tipper combinations from MaxiTRANS which offer lower tare weights and increased payloads for the business’ agricultural transport operations.

McMillan & Sons Haulage, based in South Australia, is a family-run transport company which specialises in the cartage of bulk products such as grain, fertiliser, gravel and almonds across Australia. The business began as a joint partnership between Ian McMillan and his father, Dean, who both set out with tipper work in 2010 under a contract for Garden Grove, another family-owned and operated business in SA. This put McMillan & Sons Haulage on the right path for the years to follow.

“Dad was driving full-time and I was running the books,” Ian says. “After six months of seeing how things were going, I told Dad I was interested in coming onboard as a driver for the business as well. We continued to work together and we kept progressing from there.”

In 2016, when Ian and his father were considering doing their own direct work for grain traders, they approached Australian Grain Export. This saw McMillan & Sons Haulage begin transporting grain for the company across Australia, which Ian says

turned out to be a major growth revenue for the business.

“That was one of the best business decisions we ever made,” he says. “We’ve been with them ever since. We do the majority of their grain in SA as well as some internal work, and we also export for their domestic markets. It has been pretty beneficial for both of us.”

Together, Dean and Ian built McMillan & Sons Haulage from the ground up. From sharing just one truck between them both at the beginning, they expanded the fleet to accommodate a range of Lusty EMS units with the help of MaxiTRANS SA. These include two A-double sets, both made up of Lusty EMS Lead Chassis Tippers in slider configurations with Chassis Tipper B trailers and matching dollies, as well as a Lusty EMS AB-triple combination consisting of a Chassis Tipper, another dolly and a Stag B-double.

The combinations were all deployed to travel predominantly within SA through Port Lincoln, Dublin, Loxton, Pinnaroo and York Peninsula, but they also find

themselves in several other areas across Australia including Hillston and Hay in New South Wales.

“A lot of mills in the domestic market rely on grain intake all year round, so that’s the main job we use the Lusty EMS trailers for,” Ian says. “There are some export jobs that come up when boats and vessels come into the ports, so the trailers go and do a fair bit of that as well.”

Having put his Lusty EMS combinations to the test all around the country in these operations, Ian has found the tippers to be very durable and well-built. At the same time, he says they have a light tare weight without sacrificing payload.

“The AB-triple setup nets about 72 tonnes and the A-doubles about 61 tonnes, so the payload increase in the last few years has been another significant change in the business,” he says.

The higher payloads, Ian says, were seen especially with the Stag B-double in the early stages.

“We think the Stags are the ideal combination for the job, because they

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Images: MaxiTRANS.

result in pretty good payloads,” he says. “They’re very universal as well. You can do grain, fertiliser and gravel and tip off without having to unhook them.”

At the same time, Ian says the Chassis Tippers come with everything that a driver

include flip over bars, submarine doors, tailgate spreader chains, a removable chute, an air operated tailgate, a heavyduty tailgate lock rod and fingers which prevent grain from leaking and a onepiece rear bumper which eliminates the chances of grain from catching when unloading.

“They are a well-completed, one-piece unit, and that was what stood out to me before we even had a set of them,” Ian says. “The tubs are very well-built so we can cart products without having any problems. The rear bumpers have the tidiest finish and a great system which prevents the grain from getting stuck as well. It just falls off and it means you won’t contaminate other grits with grain left behind in your guards.”

McMillan & Sons Haulage’s business with MaxiTRANS stems back several decades

throughout several dealings for secondhand parts and other services with the local MaxiTRANS dealer in the early stages of the fleet’s operations. According to Ian, a trust for the MaxiTRANS SA team was developed which resulted in the purchases of the Lusty EMS units.

“They are honest, and that goes a long way,” he says. “We have the utmost respect for the team at MaxiTRANS SA. They will give you honest feedback if you speak to them, and if you need something done, they’re very helpful. That was what stood out for me.

“That was the main reason why we went with the two Chassis Tippers and the triaxle dolly on our most recent sets,” he says. “We wanted to minimise our tare weight and increase our payload, so we went down and spoke to the team. We told them what we were trying to do, and they suggested them for us.”

Ian can’t speak highly enough of the Lusty EMS range. It’s one he stands by and recommends on several occasions due to its performance in his own applications. For McMillan & Sons Haulage, Ian says it’s the only way forward.

“We really love the Lusty EMS design,” he says. “When people ask me what I think of the product, I tell them we’ve had nothing but good dealings with our trailers. The drivers really like them and that’s the best feedback I can get as a business owner. Our last three sets have all been Lusty EMS builds and that’s the way we’ll stay.”



Ph: 03 5339 0300

Web: 39

The Moore the merrier

A new A-double tipper and dolly combination is the latest addition to Ambrose Haulage’s growing Lionel Moore Trailers fleet of almost 70 units.

When Ambrose Haulage first entered the transport industry in 2008, Director, Jim Ambrose, was in search of a primary trailer supplier. The business, based in Goondiwindi, Queensland, would go on to cart a range of agricultural products such as grain, barley, wheat, almonds and canola into different ports and feed mills throughout South Australia, Brisbane, New Sales Wales and Victoria. But, in order to do that it would need a fleet of reliable trailers.

“We had never carted grain and we wanted to find out what trailers we should buy,” Jim says. “So, we did a bit of research and bought our first set of trailers from Lionel Moore Trailers. We’ve had a longstanding relationship with them ever since.”

From there, the Ambrose Haulage business and trailer line-up continued to grow. The fleet is now the biggest it has ever been with 66 Lionel Moore Trailers units including tip-over-axle (TOA) tippers, drop decks, A-doubles, AB-triples and dollies.

Ambrose Haulage’s latest purchase from Lionel Moore Trailers, which has just been

deployed in the fleet, is a brand-new A-double flat bottom TOA tipper and dolly combination featuring a 57-tonne payload with a Gross Combination Mass of 85.5 tonnes and a tare weight of 28.5 tonnes.

Jim puts a lot of time and effort into the way his trailers look and present themselves. His attention to detail, especially when it comes to making his trailers appealing, means he requests a series of additional features on his units such as modified tarp handles, extra lighting across and inside the tipper trailers, submarine doors, wider steps on dollies, extra grab handles and non-slip material.

“There’s a lot that has gone into making the trailers very functional, tough, reliable, and safe to use,” Jim says. “Everything is on display every day of the week, so we want everything looking as good as it can. That being said, I’m really happy with my trailers. They’re schmick from front to back and they’re working beautifully for us.”

Jim says Lionel Moore Trailers has welcomed his requirements in these areas with open ears.

“The best thing about Lionel Moore Trailers is they’ve always listened to me,” he says. “Over the last 16 years, they’ve always found a way to make things work. They meet my demands and my requests, and they make sure that every time my trailers go out, they’re getting better and better.”

By working with Lionel Moore Trailers on the designs of his trailers, Jim says both companies are able to push the boundaries and come up with a perfect solution that everyone is happy with. These collaborations, throughout various dealings, he says, have proven to be worthy to the Ambrose Haulage business.

“Without the longstanding relationship with Lionel Moore Trailers now, we wouldn’t be where we are today,” he says. “Their positioning for our business is a very big reason as to why we will never leave them as long as we’re in this game.”


Lionel Moore Trailers

Ph: 07 4693 1088


Images: Ambrose Haulage.
40 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024 Tippers
TRAILER PARTS CATALOGUE Parts for Trucks... & Trailers too! VOLUME 3 OUT NOW! The all-new one-stop reference guide for all your Trailer Suspension needs. To order your hardcopy contact your nearest dealer Freecall* 1800 PPARTS (772 787) Calls from Australian landlines are generally free of charge whilst calls from mobile phones are typically charged based on the rate determined by the caller’s mobile service provider. Please check with your mobile service provider for call rates. Volumes 1 and 2 covering Axles / Slack Adjusters, S-Cams / Braking & Wheel-End also available. * Visit or scan the QR code to download your copy now! NEW

E-Plas to launch new tipper lining range

E-Plas is introducing a new floor liner option to the Australian market for high demanding applications in tipping operations.

E-Plas has always possessed the ability to provide high-quality and lasting liners for truck and trailer combinations which stand the test of time. Its classic Quicksilver range, the ultimate state-of-the-art industrial strength UHMW-PE continuous liner, for example, has shown to be a real game changer when used with end tippers, side tippers and for quick-release applications by eliminating a number of problems for operators.

That being said, E-Plas, in partnership with Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (MCAM), is unveiling a brand-new option destined for Australia which has already been proven and demonstrated in

the international market throughout Europe and the United States. Quicksilver Heavy Duty, as the name suggests, is for highdemanding operations and it builds on the expertise behind the classic Quicksilver product to join the E-Plas line up offering operators another quality solution.

“We’re now targeting a heavy duty and abrasive market where aluminium trucks or steel bodies cannot handle the wear,” says E-Plas National Technical Sales Specialist, Rupin Joshi. “We are looking at combinations that are doing more trips than usual for more improved increased weight properties. If you’ve got an application where wear is the issue

because of the number of trips completed or the abrasiveness of the material used, that’s where Quicksilver Heavy Duty will come in. Stocks will be available in the very near future.”

Quicksilver Heavy Duty is available in 12mm-thick coils and is best suited for sand, gravel, rock, recycled glass and construction rubble applications which require eight or more trips per day. For applications that require less loads, Quicksilver classic, also supplied in 12mmthick coils, remains a perfect choice.

The Heavy Duty floor liner also has a very distinctive lime green colour.

“Its high-visibility properties make it a

42 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024 Tippers

real stand-out and like its sister product,” Rupin says. “It’s incredibly tough, and it tips and cleans like a dream. It’s an effortless solution.”

Quicksilver Heavy Duty was developed four years ago by MCAM in the United States. The international company was founded in 1996, and with its expertise in the field, it saw the need to add to the Quicksilver range with an option dedicated to abrasive bulk materials.

“We developed it in the US and for those reasons,” says MCAM European Sales and Marketing Manager, Uwe Hubbert. “We felt we needed a new material with a longer life when it comes to wear.”

According to Uwe, the first customer that bought the Heavy Duty material replaced a steel wear liner and the results were phenomenal.

Upon the implementation of Quicksilver Heavy Duty in fleets around Australia,

Rupin says the biggest benefit will be increased wear life.

“They will get very low carry-back and improved life for the wear liner,” he says. “The benefits are similar to the Quicksilver classic, the benefit of Quicksilver Heavy Duty is the much improved wear capacity.”

According to Uwe, the advantages will also apply to OEMs.

“It actually gives body builders new opportunities because they can actually build a lighter truck with a thinner floor,” he says. “The Heavy Duty material will take care of all the wear that is not then on the thin aluminium floor, and it will also take care of the unloading of all the sticky materials.”

MCAM has been supplying to E-Plas ever since the plastic specialist first arrived in the market. It began with polyethylene sheets and fabricated parts, and to this day, it still remains a key part of E-Plas’ operations.

“We were supplying to E-Plas back in the ‘90s and we’re still making the same products,” Uwe says. “We started supplying polyethene sheet and fabricated parts out of Australia in Warriewood, New South Wales. So, there’s a long history between both companies.”

“E-Plas has been with Mitsubishi as loyal partners for many years now,” Rupin says. “We’ve always worked with MCAM when it comes to UHMW-PE linings like Quicksilver and TIVAR 88. It’s the absolute quality of material, shared knowledge and solid support network that has benefitted E-Plas over decades of partnership. For us, PE linings do not exist without MCAM at E-Plas.”

Contact E-Plas

Ph: 1800 806 475


E-Plas. 43

Heavy lifting

A 10x8 steerable trailer combination from The Drake Group, f itted with BPW Transpec’s swivel axles, has joined Fardells Heavy Haulage.

The sudden expansion of Alan Fardell’s company came out of necessity. As mining prospered in the area around Dubbo, New South Wales, the industry was in dire need of some heavy haulage muscle.

Alan Fardell got his start working with his father in the family transport business, primarily in civil construction. But when mines started opening up in the area, he saw an opportunity for Fardells Heavy Haulage.

“With the local mines, the gear was getting bigger and bigger, so we started tapping more into the heavy side of things,” he says. “Dealers were showing up all around us and they needed someone to cart their new and old equipment.”

The father and son duo decided to run with it and worked their way up starting with just one heavy haulage vehicle.

In 2014, Alan found himself at a crossroads when his family decided to sell the business. His love for the industry, however, meant he didn’t want to leave it.

“I grew up with trucks and we always had them around, so it was what I’d always enjoyed,” he says, adding that working in the heavy haulage industry is like working with family.

Alan decided to take the plunge and go out on his own, enlisting the expertise of his partner, Connie, to run the office. From there, he was able to convince his friend to move back to Dubbo, and he and his

wife began working with him – eventually becoming partners.

“Having that support made a huge difference,” he says, reminiscing about the early days when he and his wife had to wash their trucks on a front lawn because they didn’t have a yard to park them in.

“People are the key to success. You really aren’t much without them.”

Fardells Heavy Haulage’s transport provides its services Australia-wide. The company specialises in over-mass and over-dimensional loads and includes a full in-house maintenance scheme. Its general freight services can vary from one pallet to full single, B-double and road train loads, while also including pickup, unpacking, warehouse storage and distribution services.

From its humble beginnings, the company has expanded its operations from heavy haulage into general transport. Fardells Heavy Haulage’s relationship with BPW Transpec came by word of mouth, which Alan explains isn’t uncommon in an industry where businesses are supportive and often share advice. He says the benefit of working with BPW Transpec is that there is always local retail availability where parts can be found.

“We run their axles on our flat tops and have now started running them on our

Fardells Heavy Haulage is also a longterm customer of The Drake Group. When Alan went out on his own 10 years ago, he turned to the trailer builder for his fleet requirements.

“He’s always loved trucks and heavy haulage, he just has a real passion for it,” says The Drake Group Sales Manager, Byron Foss. “He’s always loved Drake trailers as well.”

Since then, Alan has not only ordered several Drake trailers but also some O’Phee units from The Drake Group. His latest purchase was a 10x8 Drake steerable platform fitted with BPW Transpec’s swivel axles, which according to BPW Transpec, can easily master critical surfaces and difficult terrain.

44 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024 Braking technology

ensures optimal ground contact. This, in turn, ensures that both the driver and their loads are safer.

On implementation, the swivel axle can handle loads from six to 60 tonnes, and with robust technology, it is suitable for the toughest applications. Furthermore, the swivel axle features a compact design that allows for a very low overall height and the narrowest possible track.

The Drake trailer itself is fitted with a heavy-duty frame and allows for a 25-tonne carrying capacity per axle row (carrying capacity is also dependant on the axle selection).

The combination features Drake’s return to ride height function which allows operators to drop the whole trailer down

also self-levels the trailer.

“I think that’s a pretty impressive feature, because if you’re on an uneven surface in a mine site and you’ve just loaded or unloaded, you might think you have the deck level but then as soon as you head out on the highway you quickly learn that one side might be 20mm higher than the other,” Byron says. “This takes the guess work out of it. The deck is always going to be level, including when you head out onto the road.”

Fardells Heavy Haulage’s 10x8 steerable platform trailer was three years in the making. According to Byron, the fleet had already deployed a seven-row steerable platform trailer. Yet, in order to service its customers better, it required an additional

“Alan came up here and sat down with us to spec the trailer up in great detail. It took around seven to eight months to build the trailer from start to finish, and he was heavily involved during that time as well with regular visits to our factory to ensure that he was totally happy with what he was getting.

“The relationship, as he said himself when he was up here picking the trailer up, is not a work relationship, but a friendship. I really enjoy dealing with Alan, and I guess that’s why we continue to work together.”

Contact BPW Transpec Ph: 03 9267 2444 Web: 45
Images: The Drake Group.

Hauling efficiently

For over 30 years, Bordertown Haulage has chosen JOST every time for all of its trailer component requirements.

Bordertown Haulage, having been in operation since 1980, is now a secondgeneration transport company continuing to provide high standards and efficient services to both local and interstate communities out of South Australia.

Founded by Peter Karger, who went from an owner-operator running just one truck to over 10 at once, the business is now headed by his son, Angus.

“Peter has officially retired, so I’m running the company now,” Angus says. “We’ve mostly got bulk tippers, some drop decks, truck and dog combinations, B-doubles and Performance-Based Standards (PBS) A-doubles.”

Bordertown Haulage’s units travel anywhere between SA, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria carting grain and fertiliser into ports, feed mills and dairies.

Angus, who also uses all of the fleet’s equipment himself, wants the best technology possible to do the job efficiently. This, he says, is why he has always chosen JOST for the fleet’s fifth wheels, couplings and landing legs.

“Looking back 30 years or more, you

could easily find JOST landing legs on a lot of our gear,” he says. “We’ve pretty much been using all JOST turntables for 25 years, and everything new that we get has something from JOST on it.”

Angus specs JOST’s greaseless nylon top fifth wheels across the fleet due to them being very user-friendly, durable,

reliable and environmentally friendly.

“They’re simple to use, you don’t break your back using them,” he says. “With the nylon, their pads last hundreds of thousands of kilometres and are a lot cleaner without grease. We don’t need to replace them unless a driver damages them, because they last nearly a lifetime with care.”

46 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024 Trailer building materials/components

JOST’s landing legs, Angus says, get the job done.

“The legs are trouble-free and they’re essentially maintenance-free,” he says. “They’re easy to use, lightweight and they’re very simple.”

JOST’s Modul landing legs have increased lifting force and are easy to change between high and low gears, making the drivers’ job more efficient.

Throughout his use of the fifth wheels, Angus has also become familiar with JOST’s Sensor Coupling system. The system makes the process of coupling and uncoupling a trailer very simple by giving

sensors fitted to the turntable – on the plate surface to detect whether or not the skid plate on the trailer is in contact with the fifth wheel plate surface; in the centre to detect the king pin and ensure the lock jaws are secured around it; and on the handle to ensure it is in the fully locked position.

If any or all of these sensors detect an irregularity, the system will alert the driver that something is wrong and that the coupling process needs to be revisited.

“We don’t do a lot of unhooking and hooking up like people who do changeovers every day, but the Sensor Coupling systems are there for us when we need them,” Angus says. “They’ve been great, really.”

Coupled with the sensors, the JOST turntables have given Angus and his operators that extra peace of mind by removing the doubt of whether or not a trailer is hooked up properly. He says they have also significantly increased safety across the fleet since their deployment at Bordertown Haulage.

“Looking back, I can only think of one

is always available if a situation arises.

“You don’t need much when it’s a reliable product, but if you do, they’re very quick to assist,” he says. “I haven’t had any issues –they are very rare with JOST. They just get it done, and their SA State Manager, Grant Sanders, supports us.

“There’s always stock around as well. If I need a turntable, I can pretty much go down to a local workshop and get one off the shelf and bang it on the truck.”

All in all, Angus believes JOST is the way to go.

“I have no problems recommending JOST to anyone else,” he says. “It’s just ease of use, really. All of their gear is relatively maintenance-free, and you can rely on it. They just tick those boxes.

“Every future purchase will have JOST parts on it, one way or another. No ifs, buts, or maybes.”


JOST Australia

Ph: 1800 811 487

Web: 47
Images: Bordertown Haulage.

Projecta gets a jump start with latest innovations

The two new powerful variants under the INTELLI-START Jump Starter range have finalised Projecta’s set of mobile solutions for the Australian market.

Towards the end of last year, Projecta, a division of Brown & Watson International, unveiled two new product offerings to the industry in the form of the IS3000 and IS5000 Jump Starters. Building on the pre-existing INTELLI-START range made up of the IS920, IS1220, IS1400, IS1500 and IS2000 models, Projecta’s line-up is now complete.

Prior to the release of the new IS3000 and IS5000 Jump Starters, Projecta claims there wasn’t an easy or efficient means of jump-starting heavy equipment. The two new additions to the INTELLI-START range, however, solves this, according to Projecta Senior Brand Manager, James Pearson.

“The INTELLI-START Jump Starters

range introduces several innovations to this product category, including Projecta’s patented Rapid Recharge Technology (RRT) which is revolutionary,” he says. “For operators who regularly call on their jump starter, RRT provides enormous efficiency by reducing the need to recharge between starts. By simply leaving the unit connected for 40 seconds once the vehicle is running, it recoups the discharge that was used during the starting process.”

This feature means that the INTELLISTART Jump Starters will then be ready to use in the next emergency without needing regular recharging.

With their easy portability, light weight (10.6kg and 13.5kg respectively) and

patented RRT technology, the IS3000 and IS5000 industrial jump starters offer convenience and efficiency for users. The IS Jump Starter range also reduces the risk of being caught out without charge when going to jump start a vehicle, as recharging the trolley rigs can often be forgotten.

The jump starters, as James says, are also significantly versatile across a range of different applications and equipment such as heavy-duty trucks, tractors and agricultural equipment.

“The IS3000 and IS5000 are the perfect additions to the workshop or depot for industries such as heavy transportation, construction and agricultural sectors,” he says. “Compared to traditional trolley

48 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024 Trailer building materials/components

battery packs, it’s also extremely compact, lightweight and easy to move around.”

The IS3000 model specifically is suitable for both 12V and 24V electrical systems. It provides 1,000A clamp power for 12V systems and 850A for 24V electrical setups, which is enough to start petrol and diesel engines up to 12L displacement in 12V machines and all 24V engines.

The larger IS5000, on the other hand, has even greater clamp power with an impressive 1,500A in 12V electrical systems and 1,000A for 24V systems – Projecta says is sufficient to breathe life into petrol and diesel engines up to 16L capacity in equipment with 12V systems, and unlimited capacity in the case of vehicles with 24V

electrics. The two jump starters also offer ‘no battery’ operation and can jump start vehicles without a starter battery.

A key feature of the jump starters is an intuitive LCD clear colour screen, which displays information such as battery voltage and diagnostics. It also makes operation of the equipment simple with real time updates.

Both the IS3000 and IS5000 Jump Starters feature a strong exterior casing that uses a steel chassis and rubber overmoulded construction with an integrated handle and concealed cable storage. Also ensuring reliability and safety are ‘no solder’ high current connections and solid 3mm clamp teeth, while an advanced all-

in-one protection system prevents surges, short circuits and overheating in these units. Plus, all wired connections within the jump starters are crimped and bolted to ensure maximum reliability and current output. And, when it is time to recharge the IS3000 and IS5000, this is done using the included docking station which provides hassle-free benchtop charging.

Projecta says owners can also rest easy knowing that the INTELLI-START range is equipped with premium LiFePO4 batteries, the safest lithium technology available. Additionally, the units feature an advanced, ‘all-in-one’ protection system that prevents surges, short circuits and overheating.

These latest additions to the INTELLISTART Jump Starter range are available from leading automotive and transportation outlets nationwide, and according to Projecta, are already gaining attraction in the industry.

Ph: 03 9730 6000


Contact Brown & Watson International 49
Images: Brown & Watson International.

What went down at VTA State Conference 2024

Over 200 delegates gathered at Phillip Island earlier this year in March for the Victorian Transport Association’s State Conference 2024. Headlining the two-day program were talks on strategies to permanently maintain Victoria’s road network, updates on licencing reform and road infrastructure, insights on workforce shortages and much more.

Image: south west images/
50 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024 Special report

Davey avey

Opening State Conference 2024 on 18 March, Victorian Transport Association (VTA) CEO, Peter Anderson, addressed attendees on the way the transport industry can be better at what it does.

In his opening speech, Anderson said that when running a transport company, despite the day-to-day issues faced, it’s the future owners are thinking about.

As a result, he said demand isn’t diminishing but growing, and the industry needs to get better at what it does by lowering costs and making sure that its businesses are running smoothly, efficiently and profitably.

“We know every part of our industry has been deeply affected by the challenges of rising operating costs, driven by higher inflation, interest rates, higher fuel costs, tolls, infrastructure charges and other pressure points in domestic and overseas supply chain,” Anderson said.

“But at the same time, technology,

artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are playing a larger role in our industry.

“Our industry isn’t exempt from such disruptions and our Future Freight Landscapes theme provides the context within which to examine and discuss these critical business and social issues, and the implications we have for the road transport industry.”

As with the style of every VTA Conference, Anderson said this year’s event would draw on the expertise of others on specific topics to improve the knowledge and understanding for every operator, and will enable better decisions to be made in each business.

“We have brought together some subject matter experts that will deliver the facts and the information that may not have been available in other forms,” he said.

“We are focused on key areas –industrial relations, people and skills,

technology, safety, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and productivity.

“We’ve tried this year to deliver a program that will enable each member to take away additional information, greater understanding and more confidence in building their businesses for the future.

“We’re delighted to be able to bring so many people within our industry together, and we thank you very much for your time in coming along.”

Licencing reform and infrastructure update

At State Conference 2024, Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Carol Brown, provided an update on licencing reform and infrastructure renewal.

Brown addressed attendees via video, stating that this year’s State Conference program combined the Future Freight Landscapes theme with updates on

Image: Prime Creative Media. 52 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024 Special report

ongoing challenges the Australian Government is working towards overcoming.

Brown reported that Austroads, with representatives from Australian and New Zealand transport agencies, has continued developing plans for the National Heavy Vehicle Driver Competency Framework.

Among the changes being considered, she said, is a new progression of pathways for licencing based on experience – allowing drivers to obtain higher licence classes more rapidly.

“We want a workforce who is fulfilled and rewarded,” Brown said.

“All jurisdictions have now accepted and reformed the principle, and Austroads will continue to engage with industry to deliver this reform.”

Charging Pilot (NHVCP).

Brown said it wants to ensure that there is a system which is sustainable and works for those who can use it.

“We’re currently partnering with business operators to install telematics devices to test how a distance-based charging system may work,” she said.

“The Pilot captures data on the changing configurations and mass for vehicles and generates mock invoices to show participants how they would fare under return to distance based challenges.

“Then, with this feedback, we’ll have the evidence to make informed decisions.”

additional $80 million for a total of $140 million to new upgraded heavy vehicle rest areas, with the support of a steering committee of truckies and industry representatives chaired by Senator Glenn Sterle,” she said.

“This year, I’m pleased to say this is moving ahead with funding approved for the first four projects including road surface sealing and the installation of green reflectors up to 35 informal rest areas.”

Brown said State Conference 2024 serves as a crucial forum for industry leaders, experts and stakeholders to collaboratively navigate the future freight landscapes.

The Australian Government is also trialling fair ways to fund Australia’s roads under the National Heavy Vehicle

In addition, Brown also provided an update on the Heavy Vehicle Rest Area Steering Committee during her presentation.

“My remarks to the last year’s conference included an update on our election commitment to providing an

“By understanding these issues, encouraged by technology, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, businesses in the transport sector cannot only survive but thrive in an era of transformation.”

Image: Sandy/ 53

NHVR reflects on 10 years

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) CEO, Sal Petroccitto, reflected on the NHVR’s 10 years of operations at State Conference 2024.

Looking back, Petroccitto said the things the NHVR has done over the last 10 years have started to make a difference.

“What I think we’ve done over those 10 years is really engaged with the industry,” he said.

“We’ve attempted to listen wherever possible. We’ve attempted to make amends to a legislative framework that is complex, a legislative framework that’s still

in its sixth year of trying to be amended.

“Now, if we had waited for that law to be amended, we wouldn’t have achieved anything. But the decision was made to work within the construct of that existing legislative framework to do things.

“Whether those things have been progressing what we can in the access space, continuing to evolve our position now that actually allows 2.55m vehicles to come in from European markets without having to be modified, or to allow you to buy equipment or technology that actually assists your business.

“In my view, I think they’d be beneficial in

the role that we played in that space over those last 10 years.”

A highlight, Petroccitto said, has been the NHVR’s effort to fulfil its role as a single national regulator.

With Queensland transitioning its heavy vehicle regulation services to the NHVR in April, it is now one step closer.

“It seems like only yesterday, but it is 10 years that we’ve now been operational as an organisation,” Petroccitto said.

“And it will be 10 years in April that will allow us to actually fulfil our role as a ‘single national regulator almost’, because we have two jurisdictions that are still not

54 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024 Special report

part of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).”

Another key moment for the regulator has been the introduction of the NHVR Portal, which Petroccitto said has come a long way since its introduction.

“The NHVR Portal is now becoming a true business system where operators can actually utilise it to do everything they want to do, from managing defects to understanding routes to looking at their compliance history,” he said.

“So again, across that period of time, there’s been a lot of things that we’ve done – improving Performance-Based

Standards (PBS), and many other things as well.”

The NHVR also realised that it needed to step into the space around safety and education campaigns, which saw it develop the We All Need Space and Don’t Muck with a Truck campaigns.

“We realised that it wasn’t just the heavy vehicle industry that needed a focus,” Petroccitto said.

“It was the other users of the road network that were requiring an element of education and contribution to better understand the way you operate around a heavy vehicle.

“It has been very pleasing to actually see the level of engagement that we’ve had from industry.”

Going forward, Petroccitto said the NHVR will look to continue investing and understanding the safety technologies that are starting to become available to industry, as well as the adoption of systems and programs that allow driver activities and data to be made much simpler.

“For us, we fundamentally believe technology is a genuine enabler to safety and productivity,” he said.

“We also fundamentally believe that the two need to go hand in hand.”

Outside of this, the NHVR’s focus over the coming period will be to truly become the single entity responsible for all on-road vehicle productivity and safety components in the country.

Freight Victoria addresses workforce shortages

Attendees at State Conference 2024 gained some insight into the results of the Victorian Government’s Freight Industry Training Jobseekers Project, which concluded at the end of last year.

The strategic plan, supported by the VTA, looked to attract candidates from a more diverse community cross section to secure long-term job opportunities in the transport industry.

In her presentation, Freight Victoria Senior Policy Officer, Jess Murdoch, who was previously the Project Manager for the Freight Industry Training Project, said she experienced firsthand the challenges of the workforce shortages across the freight industry.

“Through that process, we also encountered the opportunities that exist in the future of training and recruitments,” she said.

“The benefit of the program, and for the freight industry more generally, was to work towards addressing some of those workforce shortfalls which exist all along the supply chain.

“The true success of the Freight Industry Training Project have been participants who found a career through the program –participants who wouldn’t have looked at the industry for a career previously.”

Murdoch said the Freight Industry Training Project was also created to provide opportunities for those looking for work but were met with challenges around experience.

“Another element of attracting this broader range of people in candidates is managing expectations around experience,” she said.

“That was a big challenge in the Freight Industry Training program. The graduates were represented to the industries as ‘job ready’, and they were trained and motivated to work, but they didn’t have experience.

“There’s only one way to get experience to be able to contribute to this fundamentally essential workforce, and that’s to be given a chance.”

As part of the program, Freight Victoria trained new entrants into the industry on forklift operation, warehouse skills and heavy vehicle driving, and it saw several graduates attain positions within the transport sector.

Murdoch said the priority workforce model from Jobs Victoria which supported the program enabled Freight Victoria to utilise the benefits of an existing structure and network to achieve its goal.

“From there, Freight Victoria was able to leverage the benefits of their experience from the freight and logistics sector along with our partnership with the VTA,” she said.

“This cross governmental and industry relationship supported the creation of a functional and agile program that delivered on its objectives.”

Through the program, Murdoch said she experienced the difference that training, along with empathy and support, can make in welcoming new people into the industry.

“We saw some really wonderful people join this industry and I hope to be involved in another project like it in the near future,” she said.

“Freight Victoria will continue to investigate opportunities so that these programs are simpler.” 55
Image: Gorodenkoff/

Road upgrades & new developments

What you need to know about Australia’s

biggest road projects this month

Major milestones reached on Albany Ring Road project

The Albany Ring Road project in Western Australia has reached two important milestones.

The completed section of road between Albany Highway and South Coast Highway and the new bridge connecting Hanrahan Road to Frenchman Bay Road recently opened to traffic.

The opening of the Frenchman Bay Road bridge over the rail line addressed one of Albany’s most congested intersections and improved access between Little Grove and the CBD.

It will enable the final pavement and sealing works on the main Ring Road alignment to be undertaken over the coming months.

The Albany Ring Road project is the biggest road project ever undertaken in the Great Southern region in WA.

Upon completion, it will deliver a 11-kilometre free-flowing connection between Albany Highway and Princess Royal Drive.

The new road will divert heavy vehicles around Albany – improving freight efficiency, reducing congestion and improving safety on existing local routes, including Albany Highway.

The entire Albany Ring Road is funded by the Australian and WA Governments, and remains on track to open before the middle of the year.

Tunnelling to begin on Victoria’s North East Link

The North East Link is one step closer to improving travel times and taking trucks off local roads, as segments of the first tunnel boring machine (TBM) to dig the twin road tunnels have been lowered into the ground.

Victorian Minister for Transport Infrastructure, Danny Pearson, and Federal Member for Jagajaga, Kate Thwaites, recently visited the Watsonia site where two TBMs will start digging the 6.5-kilometre tunnels in mid-2024.

“This is another significant milestone for North East Link – getting us closer to moving trucks off local roads and slashing travel times across the north east,” Pearson said.

“We’re getting on with assembling TBMs on site so tunnelling can kick off in the coming months – building the longer 6.5-kilometre tunnels the community asked for.”

“The project will provide Melbourne with a complete orbital road connection for the first time, reducing travel times for both freight and commuter traffic and taking trucks off the local streets in Melbourne’s northern suburbs,” said Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, Catherine King.

The North East Link, the M80 Ring Road completion and the Eastern Freeway upgrades are expected to open in 2028.

Progress continues on Tonkin Highway extension

Perth’s south west corridor is being enhanced with a 14-kilometre extension of Tonkin Highway to South Western Highway and upgrades to Thomas Road.

The upgrades are expected to reduce traffic pressure and improve connectivity.

Marking an important milestone in the project’s procurement process, it was announced that shortlisted contractors could submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Stage One of the Tonkin Highway Extension and Thomas Road Upgrade.

Stage One of the project will see the Tonkin Highway extended from Thomas Road to Mundijong Road as a four-lane dual carriageway, and Thomas Road upgraded to South Western Highway including duplication from Kargotich Road to South Western Highway and the construction of a grade separated interchange at Thomas Road and Tonkin Highway.

While removing heavy vehicle traffic from local roads, the works will also facilitate more efficient movement of freight between Perth and the south west.

An Expression of Interest has also been released for Stage Two of the project – the Tonkin Highway extension from Mundijong Road to the South Western Highway.

More than $1 billion in funding is allocated for the project, which Transport Minister, Rita Saffioti, said represents the largest road investment Perth’s south east corridor has ever seen.

Infrastructure Spotlight
Image: Harley Kingston/

Featuring Projecta’s patented 40 second Rapid Recharge Technology (RRT), the new Intelli-Start Industrial range are the first 12/24V jump starters in the world to recharge themselves.

The safest jump starters on the market, they’re tested and proven to start just about engine, big or small. If you demand safety, reliability and portability, look no further than Projecta’s Intelli-Start IS3000 or IS5000.

• Starts 12V diesel and petrol vehicles up to 16L (IS5000)

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Three degrees of separation

Backed by expert research, transport industry to raise its standard temperature for the sake of the planet. They say this cold chain change is simple, it won’t compromise food safety, and it will slash carbon emissions.

Three degrees doesn’t sound like much, but according to recently released university researchers it’s the equivalent of the emissions of 3.8 million cars per year.

Results from academics at the International Institute of Refrigeration, the University of Birmingham and London South Bank University have found that raising the standard temperature of transported frozen food by three degrees could save 17.7 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide per year and bring energy savings of between five and 12 per cent. Global logistics company, DP World, supported the research and have used the results to spearhead an industry-wide coalition to explore the feasibility of raising the standard frozen food temperature to 15°C.

Most frozen food is transported and store at -18°C, a standard that was set 93-years-ago and has not changed since. Annually hundreds of millions of tonnes of food is transported around the world, and while freezing food extends its shelf life, it comes with a significant environmental cost – two to three per cent more energy is required for every degree below zero that food is stored.

updated in almost a century and are long overdue for revision,” said Group Chief Sustainability Officer at DP World, Maha AlQattan. “A small temperature increase could have huge benefits but, however committed each individual organisation is, the industry can only change what’s possible by working together.”

caught the attention of leading industry organisations including Daikin, AP MollerMaersk, the Global Cold Chain Alliance, Kuehne + Nagel and Lineage.

as appetites evolve in developing countries and price-conscious consumers seek nutritious yet affordable food. Yet experts estimate that 12 per cent of food produced annually is wasted due to a lack of refrigerated and frozen logistics. This adds to the overall statistic that 1.3 billion tonnes of edible food is thrown away every year – a third of global food production for human consumption.

In Pakistan in 2022, for example, half of exportable mangoes were lost due to an extreme heatwave. Meanwhile, according to the United Nations Food

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Turning Point

Blenners Transport has unveiled a $17 million new transport facility in Cairns.

Nearly ten years of farming — bananas initially and some sugarcane later — took place before Les Blennerhassett branched out into moving his own cargo by road in 1988. That business, more commonly known as Blenners Transport today, moves fresh produce to market nationally from Far North Queensland where its head office is situated in Tully, along the Cassowary Coast two hours south of Cairns.

The Cairns depot has just been replaced. The business, a week before Christmas last year, moved into a new $17 million state-of the-art facility on a 16,000m2 site. The footprint of the new building, which itself takes up 3,200m2, is considerable and dwarfs the previous site. It’s a major distribution point for the region and the Atherton Tableland, a sprawling food bowl to the west that produces mangoes, avocados, bananas, blueberries and citrus varieties, all which Blenners moves to every capital in Australia.

Designed and built by Keir QLD, the depot features nine docks with freezer and chiller storage, and dry storage in addition to hardstand and washbays for

Blenners’ own daily transport activities. The dry storage area has provision to hold 600 pallets while freezer/chiller capacity is now 900 pallets. Being a main node for its linehaul freight, 12 dedicated vehicles work out of here full-time servicing Cairns and the nearby Tablelands.

With that said, it’s no small provincial operation. Blenners Transport operates 180 prime movers in its national fleet, all of them being Kenworth. The most consequential development in the fleet, outside of its recent monogamous commitment to the PACCAR bonneted truck, is the adoption of PerformanceBased Standards (PBS) of which there are a growing number of vehicles now at work nationwide. Blenners is approved to run 18 PBS B-doubles with 38-pallet capacity and two 26-pallet PBS singles. Into Melbourne, 2,680 kilometres away or 29 hours uninterrupted, it runs four 44-pallet PBS road trains and a new Kenworth T659 was recently purchased explicitly for this leg.

“PBS represented a significant change to our business and the scheme continues to drive opportunities for us,”

Les says. “To give us that extra capacity while allowing us to go straight into town without having to drop a trailer is one of the many benefits.”

The Queensland food market has a big presence in Perth, and as a result, so does Blenners. Because of the twoweek turnaround, Blenners runs 28 road trains of its own to Perth every fortnight. The road trains travel down through the middle of Queensland via Charleville and Cobar, then Broken Hill, Port Augusta, Ceduna and then onto Perth.

With the additional docks at Cairns, the trucks, according to Les, can be unloaded and reloaded at twice the speed compared to the previous site.

“It’s pleasing we can turn around our trucks a lot quicker,” he says. “It’s made a massive difference. Instead of all the drivers sitting out in the street waiting to get into the dock when there was only four, they can come back to the yard and drop the B trailers on them and put the A trailers on, get them unloaded and get out of there. It’s going to be a big laboursaving exercise.

He adds, “There will be a massive saving in hours of the week.”

60 Trailer Magazine MAY 2024
Image: Keir QLD.
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