Paper Technology International Vol.62 No.3 Autumn 2021

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Significant Improvement in Basis Weight Uniformity Mikko Kinnunen, Business Director, Tasowheel Tasowheel’s customised solution improved efficiency and customer satisfaction at MRS Kagit Karton. MRS Kagit Karton is a young and innovative producer of highquality coreboard, made of recycled material. The basis weight uniformity is a key quality factor in the production, ensuring good machine runnability and an efficient process. Before investing in a new slice lip control system, the company had an inconsistent CD basis weight profile, especially in grade changes. The adjustments of the manual slice screws were not trouble-free and could lead to a total loss of control in certain areas. For a high-quality coreboard producer, it is crucial to maintain good runnability and separation in the slitting and rewinding processes. The company had no choice but to find a way to reduce the weight variation. The company decided to invest in profile measurement and basis weight profiling. CUSTOMISED SOLUTION NEEDED The design of the existing headbox in the coreboard machine complicated the implementation of an automatic lip control on the entire width. It became clear for MRS Kagit Karton that they needed a custom-designed solution. Tasowheel convinced the company of its ability to both design a solution to meet the specific requirements and to manage the challenging installation. The delivery included motorised slice actuators (Forte) that replaced the old manual slice screws. Tasowheel also provided the company with auxiliary equipment and installation supervision. Basis weight CD control was connected with a recently upgraded QCS using a standard OPC. Tasowheel did an incredible job in designing a customised solution for our specific case. The equipment was delivered on time, and the start-up process was professional and smooth, says Mill Manager Mert Sungur from MRS Kagit Karton. However, good co-operation and support from the customer’s side played also a vital part since no site visits were allowed due to the pandemic restrictions. The CD control tuning was exe-

cuted 100% remotely, supported by clear and open communication from both parties. IMPROVED EFFICIENCY AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION The team of MRS Kagit Karton is happy with the renewed system. The upgrade of the slice lip control has added significant value to the headbox performance. 쎲 This project improved efficiency in the rewinding stage of our production, which had a direct positive impact on the customer satisfaction of our products, Mert Sungur reports. The most critical basis weight profiling performance factor, 2-sigma, improved over 70% after start-up. Together with Tasowheel, MRS Kagit Karton found an excellent solution to improve the output of an aging and old-fashioned headbox. Our co-operation was a great example of how a relatively small investment in new profiling equipment can remarkably improve the basis weight uniformity and machine runnability. MRS Kagit Karton showed us, once again, the importance of our bright engineering competence that creates unique added value for our customers. Tasowheel Systems is a leading paper profiling actuator manufacturer operating in industries where exceptionally precise and silent transmission and motion are needed. The company provides CD profiling solutions, components, spare parts and maintenance services for paper and board processes. Today, more than 300,000 Tasowheel actuators and dilution valves are operating in paper machines worldwide.

Tasowheel replaced the old manual slice screws with new motorised slice actuators which added significant value to the headbox performance.