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the Adria Spa

Space and time for body and soul far away from every-day stress: refuel new life energy in our Adria Spa. Our beauty centre offers to both, men and women, various opportunities to reach outer and inner beauty.

For your beauty and your well-being we use only high quality products of the well known manufacturers Piroche Cosmétique and Maria Galland

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Adria SPA & Beauty Farm!

Amort-Ellmenreich family and the Adria staff.

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Glowing complexion

Rituel Mille Sublime Jeunesse

The Power of gold in a ritual par excellence: At its heart, 1000 MILLE Le Masque Sublime Jeunesse, a mask with an innovative hydrogel texture, enables the actives in the TOP-CMG complex to diffuse deep down, while giving skin an incredible feeling of freshness and wellbeing. Combined with a complete massage of face, neck and décolleté, it offers true moments of relaxation for body and mind.

(80 min.) 155,00 €

Méthode Mosaïque Modelante

Our ultra-personalized signature anti-aging treatment treats your skin zone by zone with high-potential products and unique lifting and modeling techniques. A special sequence of manual movements, combined with the sculpting properties of our exclusive self-warming mask, offers firmer, smoother and more energized skin. Results are a spectacular lifting effect, and skin that appears more radiant, healthy, relaxed and revitalized – the ultimate treatment for our well-being.

(80 min.) 145,00 €

Soin Activ‘Age

Redensifies your skin in only 80 minutes. Specifically developed to respond to the needs of mature skin, this treatment combines highperformance professional products with 100% manual massage techniques for visible results from the very first treatment. At its heart: esthetic lymphatic drainage movements preceding a series of petrissage movements, pummeling and deep effleurage movements.

(80 min.) 135,00 €

Soin Hydra‘Global

Optimal moisture and immediate freshness and energy kick.

(80 min.) 135,00 €



The power of nature

Soin Lift’Expert

The Lift‘Expert treatment immediately firms and defines facial contours, fills and smoothes wrinkles, and gives the face a more lifted and sculpted appearance revealing visibly younger skin. After a Welcome Ritual including massages and breathing exercises, a relaxing make-up removal and a scrub will prepare your skin to receive the treatment. The manual lifting massage, designed specifically for the Lift‘Expert Soin, is a combination of deep glides, anti-aging movements and intense kneading, including palpating and rolling. This massage instantly lifts, firms and plumps the skin while stimulating cellular activity. After the modelling, relax with the application of a lifting mask, while your esthetician performs a modelling of the décolleté and arms during the mask takes effect.

(75 min.) 132,00 €

Soin suprême yeux

A treatment dedicated to the delicate skin around the eyes, to reduce signs of aging and fatigue.

(25 min.) 52,00 €

Classic Facial Cleansing

Deep face cleansing, peeling, eyebrow styling, facial massage, moisturing mask and a care day cream.

(50 min.) 93,00 €

(80 min.) 135,00 €

Ear candling therapy with lymphatic stimulating facial treatment

The ear candle is lit and the stack effect causes gentle, warm smoke to be introduced through the eardrum towards the inner ear. This procedure promotes circulation. This is followed by a facial massage using a serum and lymphatic stimulation by machine.

(40 min.) 75,00 €

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

At first sight it appears as if most men do not have any need for special care. This is because the percentage of their collagen and elastic fibres is a lot higher than that of women, so their skin remains tight and wrinklefree for longer. So men really just need soap and water after all? Far from it! Due to the increased secretion of sweat and sebum their skin tends to get more impurities and therefore needs special care.

Although the signs of time are less visible on men than on women, after the age of 40 their skin ages even faster and vehemently. Specific care with deep cleansing peelings does not just stimulate your senses and circulation, but also the process of skin purification. Masks, relaxing facial


Relaxing treatments for him

Facial treatment

Individually matched facial treatment with cleansing, peeling, relaxing face massage, mask and nurturing lotion.

(50 min.) 88,00 €

Muscular strenght

1 arnica softpack bath

1 leg-, foot- or neck massage with arnica oil (50 min.) 110,00 €

For real connoisseurs (recommended minimum stay 2 nights)

1 facial treatment

1 full body massage

1 manicure

1 arnica softpack bath 296,00 €

The strenght of a Swiss Stone pine

1 massage with Swiss Stone pine oil

1 pedicure

1 Swiss Stone pine softpack bath 215,00 €

If you book a facial treatment we recommend that you shave 4-5 hours before the appointment.


Classic Massages

Full Body Massage

Deep tissue massage to work on tension, on your muscular system and also to reduce stress.

(45 min.) 83,00 €

Massage with selected essential oils

Classic full body massage with selected ethereal oils. On request with relaxing, vitalizing, tightening effect.

(45 min.) 93,00 €

Classic Partial Massage (back or legs)

(25 min.) 51,00 €

Lymphatic drainage

Therapists work with the palms of the hands, using all the fingers to simulate gentle, specific wave-like movements. These subtle manual maneuvers activate lymph and interstitial fluid circulation as well as stimulating the functioning of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems.

(50 min.) 91,00 €

(25 min.) 64,00 €

Energetic spinal column massage by Breuss

This is a spinal column massage and gentle, energetic back massage which relieves physical and mental tension and regenerates the intervertebral discs that have not been supplied with enough nutrients.

(25 min.) 51,00 €


Performed by an external certified therapist.

(30 min.) 75,00 €

(45 min.) 112,00 €


Foot Pressure Massage

Foot pressure massage is the application of pressure, stretch and movement on feet and hands to activate the connection to the corresponding part of the body. We start with a detoxing foot bath. By applying these techniques a massage therapist can alleviate patterns of stress.

(45 min.) 92,00 €

(25 min.) 51,00 €

Relaxing back massage

Combined back massage with warm wrapping (45 min.) 92,00 €

Back intensive massage

Back intensive massage with hot stones and cupping glasses.

(45 min.) 92,00 €

Herbal pistil massage with mountain herbs

The stamps are heated up and emit a refreshing and at the same time relaxing scent. The agreable humid heat of the stamps, causes a soft removal of dead skin parts so that skin cells are regenerated.

(50 min.) 94,00 €



The power of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a healing science known for over 5000 years and means the knowledge of life.

Going new ways

More and more people resort to the ancient Ayurvedic medicine teachings for health care and stress reduction. For many, it is also a restart for body and soul - for more quality of life and return to a healthy, balanced life.

The unity of harmony

The human being is seen as a unity of body, mind and soul. The aim of Ayurvedic teachings is to detoxify the body and activate the self-healing powers. It is based on the assumption that the solar system consists of the five basic elements fire, water, earth, air and space. From this have evolved the principles of the three body‘s own life forces, the doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Already at birth, the dominance of the individual forces of Vata, Pitta and Kapha shapes the physical form of a human being and also determines his personal dispositions, likes and dislikes. Achieving this flowing balance and bringing it into harmony is an important part of Ayurvedic treatments.

Ayurvedic massages

An Ayurvedic massage is not only very relaxing, but also helps to restore physical balance, cleanses the body of toxins that accumulate in the tissues and relieves stress. It stimulates the circulation and gives energy. The massage involves the whole body and is tailored to individual needs.

The most famous is Abhyanga, also called the „queen“ of Ayurvedic massages. This full body massage is especially good for stress and inner imbalance. Performed with warm herbal oils, it combines several techniques that serve to deeply relax and vitalize the body. It stimulates lymphatic flow, blood circulation, nervous system and intestinal peristalsis. It stimulates the immune system, the skin gets better blood circulation. It has a detoxifying and purifying effect, ensures a restful sleep, promotes regeneration.

Padabhyanga, the Ayurvedic leg and foot massage, has a strengthening and revitalizing effect. The marma points of the feet are stimulated in order to stimulate the energy flow.

Shiroabhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic head massage. It is a special head, neck and throat massage that relieves tension, stimulates lymphatic flow and soothes.



Restore power and energy

Abhyanga - Ayurvedic full body massage

This full body massage is especially suitable for stress and inner imbalance. Performed with warm herbal oils, it combines several techniques that serve to deeply relax and revitalize the body.

(50 min.) 91,00 €

(80 min.) 159,00 €


Head, neck and throat massage. Relieves tension, stimulates lymph flow and is wonderfully soothing.

(25 min.) 49,00 €


A facial massage with special oils. It has a relaxing effect and can refine the skin texture. (25 min.) 49,00 €


Leg and foot massage that leads to deep relaxation. Especially for stressed people who suffer from mental strain, this massage is ideal to come to rest.

(25 min.) 49,00 €

Ayurveda package for Her

Garshan softpeeling

Head- and face massage Mukabhyanga

Feet massage Padabhyanga (75 min.) 127,00 €

Ayurveda package for Him

Ubtan Massage peeling

Back massage Abhyanga

Feet and knee massage Padabhyanga (75 min.) 127,00 €



Body Scrubs

Sea Salt

The skin is pampered with fine micro-particles and an energising cream. Dead skin cells are removed with a gentle massage. Hence, the skin can take up all active agents and feels much softer. Sea salt peeling for a double effect: it has a strong peeling and draining effect. While the salt grains have an abrasive effect on the skin surface, the osmotic effect of salt contributes to efficient deep cleansing.

(50 min.) 91,00 €

Gsund Treatment

The GSUND body treatment was created in cooperation with the South Tyrolean company Piroche Cosmètiques and includes various massage and pack techniques, which integrate the whole body and start off with a comfortable and stimulating foot bath. The treatment is composed as follows: agreeable footbath, stimulating hand and arm massage, calming foot peeling, revitalising body massage, vitalising facial and décolleté massage and a moisturising body pack.

(75 min.) 109,00 €



Body Packs

Softpack Bath

Soft pack applications are among the most comfortable wellness applications. The soft pack couch encapsulates you comfortably, with water at body temperature and you will feel as though you are floating. At a temperature of roughly 37° C you will experience complete relaxation of your muscles and support system.

(25 min.) 63,00 €

Algae Pack stimulates the metabolism

Honey Pack regenerates the skin and refines the pores

Arnica Pack

refreshing and invigorating effect, mostly recommended after sports activties

Swiss Stone pine against rheumatic and muscle pain

Grape pomace

circulation-stimulating and revitalizing



Bioenergetic treatments

Bioenergetic treatments

An effective draining technique developed by PIROCHE based on a device with suction cups used in combination with essential oils and active natural substances. They merge to stimulate the metabolism, charging tissues with new energy. The body’s restored energy balance and harmony enhance the aesthetic result.

Bioenergetic back treatment

Pure relaxation for muscles and skin tissue. Essential oils help ease tense muscles while a warming seaweed pack gives you a lasting sense of wellbeing.

(50 min.) 85,00 €

Back cleansing

Peeling, deep cleansing, mask, concluding with a nurturing cream.

(45 min.) 77,00 €

Cellulite treatment

Water and fat reduction is stimulated by the principle of cold and warm. The tissue is detoxified, strengthened and tightened.

(50 min.) 85,00 €

Body treatment

After a purging of the adenoid tissue your skin will be strengthened and revitalized. (80 min.) 154,00 €


Bioenergetic face treatment

Intensive beauty programme designed by Piroche Cosmétiques to both fight the formation of expression wrinkles and prevent the early aging process. The treatment stimulates biochemical processes that relax expression wrinkles, restoring the skin’s smoothness and elasticity. Results in instant splendour and radiant beauty.

(80 min.) 143,00 €

Body Wrap Piroche

Wrapped in cloths with individual active agents, you relax on a daybed. A light massage intensifies the effect.

(50 min.) 78,00 €

Bioenergetic Ying Yang body treatment

Cooling and warming algae pastes are used to treat the areas of the body with important nutrients and care substances. This body wrap combines the beneficial properties of Laminaria digitata algae and clay with the cosmetic and aromatherapeutic effects of various essential oils, which have relaxing, detoxifying, toning and refreshing effects. They provide the skin with precious active ingredients and give a magical feeling of relaxation to body and mind. Finally you will enjoy a small partial massage.

(50 min.) 101,00 €


Adria Signature treatments

Well-feeling menu

1 body peeling with sea salt

1 honey pack

1 aroma oil massage

At the end we serve a glass of Prosecco.

1 person (80 min.) 140,00 €

Mediterranean package

1 body peeling with almond oil

1 orange oil pack

1 full body massage with warm almond oil

At the end we serve a glass of Aperol Spritz.

1 person (110 min.) 161,00 €

Far East Relaxation

1 ayurvedic body pack

1 hot stone massage for the back

1 foot massage

1 person (80 min.) 159,00 €



Tried and tested applications

The miracle of the hay... and other true tales of beauty and well-being.

Life in the mountains of South Tyrol was austere. To make sure that the food for the livestock lasted through the winter, the farmers gathered every blade of grass from the Alpine meadows and steep slopes of the mountainsides and brought it all into the mountain huts. After the arduous work, they spent the night in the haystack. The hay makers soon noticed that they awoke the next morning feeling particularly refreshed and that all their exhaustion had vanished. The news of this spread. Very soon the first people from outside the region came „to bathe in the hay“. Servants even had bathing leave written into their contracts. For it was realised that the hay not only had a restorative effect, it also seemed to have healing properties - for example in cases of rheumatism or arthritis. Walking sticks, which guests had left behind after the cure, were proudly displayed.

Today, South Tyrolean mountain meadow hay is as good as ever. For only hay from untreated Alpine meadows high up the mountains with their wealth of types of Alpine grasses and herbs (more than 40 species per 50 square metres) may bear this name. The hay is harvested by hand, at enormous expense. Relax for 20-30 minutes in warm, scented hay - the effect is impressive! Even if we leave aside the healing effect on the body - the soul emerges refreshed from the South Tyrolean hay bath. This is due to the essential oils which reach the oldest part of our brain through the nose. There, in the limbic system, feelings and memories are stored, to which we have no access. Scents activate them, well-being and lightness of spirit are radiated and we feel as light-hearted as a child in summer in the country.

South Tyrolean Hay Bath

Against rheumatism, stimulates blood circulation, eliminates stress and releases all kinds of tensions.

(50 min.) 99,00 €



For a new body feeling

Peeling, pack and stimulating final massage

The treatment starts with a firming enzyme peeling with papaya extract, which prepares the skin for the following algae pack. This has a firming, detoxifying and strengthening effect. The treatment is followed by a stimulating massage with a cream of your choice.

(80 min.) 132,00 €

South Tyrolean honey massage

A very effective deep tissue massage which has its roots in Russia and Tibet. The special massage technique with the sticky mass stimulates mainly the metabolism and helps in the purification of tissue. For a silky and smooth skin, perfusing for scar tissue.

(40 min.) 77,00 € for legs and back

(20 min.) 46,00 € for knees and ankles

Hot Stone Massage

The Hot Stone massage is a unique and very effective method. This is a full-body massage with warm aroma oil and lava stones which achieves deep relaxation of the muscles.

(50 min.) 99,00 €

La Stone Massage

La Stone therapy is an application of geo-thermotherapy, using heated (temp. of the stones penetrates deeply into the tissue) and alternating with chilled stones, to activate the chemical release in the body.

(50 min.) 107,00 €



Because I'm worth it

Manicure with short hand massage, without nail polish (50 min.) 64,00 €

Nail polish 10,00 €

Pedicure with foot bath and short foot massage (55 min.) 72,00 € with nail polish 81,00 €

Pedicure deluxe foot peeling, foot bath, pedicure, foot massage, wrap, nail polish (75 min.) 103,00 €

Manicure deluxe

Manicure, hand massage, heat wrapping, nail polish (70 min.) 91,00 €

21 The perfect look Eye-lash dyeing 21,00 € Eye-brow dyeing 18,00 € Eye-brow correction 21,00 € Solarium (12 min.) 15,00 € Depilation - soft hair removal with honey wax Partial leg 32,00 € Complete leg 60,00 € Complete leg and groin area 95,00 € Groin area 40,00 € Armpit 20,00 € Armpit and groin area 60,00 € Arms 33,00 € Partial leg and groin area 72,00 € Partial leg, groin area and armpit 92,00 € Upper lip 14,00 € Back or chest 60,00 €


What a good feeling

Our sauna landscape

Take time for yourself and notice how your body regains its strength. Plunge into a world of warmth, scents, steam and water. The saunas and steam baths are heated from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.. When it is cold and raining outdoors, they are heated even earlier.

Finnish Sauna

with a high room temperature of 85°C and low atmospheric humidity for the classic sauna experience.


Steam bath at 40°C with a choice of four different aromas. In the combination of warmth, steam and essential oils, your body and soul enter beneficial surroundings.


Sea salt steam bath at 42°C and high atmospheric humidity with sea salt emissions every 4 minutes. Aids the skin to regulate its pH value and humidity level and is beneficial for the respiratory system.


Dry sauna at 40°C, Aufguss every four minutes with Mediterranean herbs. The pleasantly dry warmth stimulates perspiration with beneficial effect.


Please observe the following points for the correct use of the sauna:

• Do not use the sauna when you are hungry, nor when you have a full stomach

• We recommend that you warm up your body before going into the sauna

• Do not stay in the sauna for more than 10-15 minutes, depending on your state of health

• It is extremely important to cool down after using the sauna: first clear the air passages in the fresh air area, then spray cold water directly onto various parts of the boy, starting with the arms and legs up to the back and torso, from the extremities towards the heart, finishing with the head

• Wrap yourself in your bathrobe and rest for at least half an hour

• The sauna can be used for maximum of 3 visits

• The sauna is a nude area - we are happy to provide you with your own sauna kilt

• Children under the age of 16 are forbidden to use the sauna

Taking a sauna increases resistance to colds and chills and strengthens the immune system.

The increase in body temperature during the sweating phase (artificial fever) has the same effect on the body as if you were running a temperature: it stimulates increased activity in the immune cells, which in turn is important for warding off infections. Pouring water on the hot lava stones engenders the „scorching heat“, which rises, first of all, to the ceiling of the sauna cabin by waving your towel. The effect of this is that the air layer on the skin, which acts as insulation, is mixed with warmer air and this heats the body further. Pouring water on the stones thus increases the experience of heat in the sauna. The sequence of heat followed by the cold bath relaxes the muscles, stimulates the metabolism and circulation and retards skin ageing.


SPA-Opening Hours


Daily from 7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.

BEAUTYFARM appointments upon request


Daily from 3.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.



Via Hermann-Gilm 2 39012 Merano . Souty Tyrol . Italy

T +39 0473 236 610 . F +39 0473 236 687

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