Penn State Hillel Impact Report 2020-21

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Impact 2020-2021

Our Vision We envision a world where every student is inspired to make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning and Israel.

Our Mission Penn State Hillel’s mission is to enrich the lives of the estimated 5,000 Jewish students at Penn State so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world. Penn State Hillel is committed to excellence, innovation, accountability and results.


The 2020-21 academic year turned out to be an amazing success for our Hillel. From more than 100 students participating in Jewish learning to thousands of Shabbox dinner deliveries, Hillel helped our students to safely connect with each other—and with Judaism.

Jill Epstein ’88 P’22 Chair Board of Directors

We are so proud of the impact we made during such a difficult year. Every week Hillel student leadership set a tone of persistence, passion, and the innate desire to express Jewishness in everyday life, both in Happy Valley and wherever our students logged into their classes. I am honored to share our stories and successes over the last year with you - our generous supporters and family. I thank you for helping to build what Jewish life at Penn State is today and will grow to be tomorrow.

Penn State Hillel 2020-2021 Board of Directors Jill Epstein ‘88, P’22

Evie Wolpo ‘23



Todd Goodstein ‘92, P’21

Gary Brandeis ‘88


Cindy Ruben ‘84, P’15, P’19

Steven Cohen ‘89


Jenna Heffler ‘14

Jeffrey Ruben ‘85, P’15, P’19

Dr. Rick Jacobs



Elliott Weinstein ‘72, P’04, P’06 Lauren Young ‘89


Resilience. We often think of this term in the context of individuals, and the last year and a half have brought this concept to the forefront for many of us. What we don’t often think about is organizational resilience. How does an organization respond to overwhelming obstacles, pivot, and continue to move forward? When it comes to Penn State Hillel, the answer is extremely well.

Aaron Kaufman Executive Director

Jewish students, like so many of us, were desperate for connection. All year, Penn State Hillel’s staff, student leaders and volunteers rose to the formidable challenge of COVID-19 and developed innovative ways to ensure the vibrancy of Jewish campus life. Thanks to their tireless dedication, we reimagined Shabbat dinners and holiday celebrations, and we saw participation in ongoing Jewish learning and leadership opportunities reach all-time highs. I couldn’t be prouder, and I can’t wait to see what our incredible Jewish students do next.

Hillel at Penn State has always practiced and promoted Jewish community resilience, and I believe this was our superpower in this life-altering pandemic. I am grateful that when this virus overwhelmed our world, our students’ first response was to make sure their fellow students felt supported and connected. This was a year and a half ago, and I can only kvell when I think of how much more we’ve accomplished since this initial response. Despite a pandemic, we’ve reached new heights in the areas of innovation and advocacy. We have accomplished what no other cohort had for leadership and student mental health. We have received multiple forms of recognition from personnel at the University and allied student leadership at Penn State. In just the blink of an eye, this community found power in advancing together. Today we return to our new normal with unbreakable bonds, unrivaled enthusiasm, and the ability to instill our resilience in the Jewish students who will take our place.


Jacqueline Stochel ‘22 2021 Student President

Jewish Leadership Starts Here Our new building, the Bernard and Nancy Gutterman Center for Jewish Life, will open for Spring semester 2022 as a home for robust Jewish experience for future Nittany Lions. The building would not happen without the generosity of Bernard ’51 z’’l and Nancy ’52 Gutterman and David N. Pincus ’48 z’’l and many others. The key to strengthening the Jewish future is helping students to explore their Jewish identity. During college, a time when every aspect of identity is challenged, Penn State Hillel creates a safe space to question, converse, and expand the mind. Student leaders and staff find opportunities to engage and weave Jewish tradition and knowledge into all experiences. This education is the root of Jewish identity. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help ensure that future generations of Jewish young adults will have a Jewish home away from home at Penn State, one that teaches them how to make Judaism a central part of their adult lives, as it has been for us.” Bernard ’51 and Nancy ’52 Gutterman

The finished facade of our building on the corner of Beaver Ave and Garner Street. Take a look next time you’re in the area!


Memories from the Class of ‘21 “Thanks to Hillel, I have embraced my Judaism

now more than ever and have also expanded my networking and leadership skills which I will no doubt carry throughout my entire life.

“I love that the staff at Hillel are willing to take what a student is passionate about and connect it to Judaism. They’ve taught me to do the same in my own life.

Sam Robinson ‘21

Rachel Chapman ‘21

“Being at Hillel took all “More than any specific memory,

I will carry the feelings of warmth and community that the individuals at Penn State Hillel have gifted me, especially through Shabbat.

Nicole Firestone ‘21

“Being involved

with Hillel helped me grow as a person and a young Jewish woman. I want to take the traditions I made at Penn State and continue them after I graduate from college.

Erica Lisser ‘21


my anxieties away. Being able to go to Shabbat dinners, sing niggunim, and eat Israeli food was almost like being back home. I’m so thankful to Hillel for making sure that my education never lost its Jewish spark.”

Alon Sidel ‘21

“Hillel has given me valuable leadership experience through positions that have helped me gain confidence in all aspects of my college experience.

Jessica Bard ‘21

“Thanks to Hillel, my life has

forever changed. It has sparked my love for Israel and has connected me to other Jewish people in my community. I am forever thankful to have such an amazing organization supporting me during my time at Penn State.

Anabel Shneider ‘21

“I didn’t feel intimidated

walking into the room. Everyone tried to get to know me, it wasn’t just about the services it was about getting to know me as a person...It’s hard being away from home, especially during the Holidays, but at Hillel I felt connected and appreciated.

Jamie Fink ‘21


My favorite Penn State Hillel Memory is playing soccer on the beach in Roatán, Honduras. I took part in the Alternative Spring Break trip in 2018, and spent the week working with a local community and my fellow Hillel students to build a road in the center of their village. It was powerful being able to meet and make an impact in the lives of people across the world and do it with an incredible team. At the end of the trip we played a beach soccer game with the locals and it was the cherry on top to an incredible experience. HOW HAS PENN STATE HILLEL SHAPED YOUR JEWISH IDENTITY?

Penn State Hillel provided me with a community of people who were supportive, fun, and pushed me to be the best version of myself. They helped me feel comfortable with my Jewish identity by providing interactive speakers, weekly meals, and a variety of resources. WHAT ARE YOU UP TO NOW? HOW HAS PENN STATE HILLEL HAD AN IMPACT ON YOUR CAREER/LIFE PATH THUS FAR?

Now I live in Oklahoma and am working for a digital marketing agency. While as a student, I was able to work with the Penn State Social Media team and create graphic/video content, brainstorm and implement social media strategy, and work with a team of other motivated staff and students. All of this experience provided me with the skills to work my current position.


What Hillel means to me “Hillel has not only given me a

community of people that make me feel comfortable and accepted, but it also gave me amazing memories that I will have forever.

Danielle Silverman ‘22

“Hillel continues to provide me

with more and more ways to learn about my Jewish identity, and gain experience that will help me in my future endeavors. Penn State Hillel is full of people that care and strive to make lasting relationships with students which makes me so proud to be a part of this community! Thank you, Penn State Hillel!

Sloane Silverman ‘22

“Hillel is really about bettering people, and creating a

place for a student to grow as a person, and especially to grow as a Jewish person.

David Alongi ‘23


“Hillel has allowed me to develop my

personal self and my Jewish self so much and I know the skills I’m gaining and opportunities I’m getting now will positively impact me for the rest of my life. This organization has given me some of my best friends and a place to call my home away from home and I cannot be more excited to see where else it will take me and the opportunities I’ll have over the next two years. Hillel is my favorite part of college.

Yvette Wolpo ‘23

“I’m definitely proud of being

Jewish, almost everything I do is related to my Jewish background. Hillel offers a place to go and people to talk to that are similar to me, in the fact that we’re all proud to be Jewish.

Max Kruman ‘23

“What sets Hillel apart from

other organizations is its warm and welcoming environment. At Hillel, everyone is willing to get to know you. We don’t just do surface level icebreakers, the people there ask you questions because they really care about who you are and what you’re interested in.

Lindsey Cooper ‘23

“Being a hospitality intern

for Hillel has been such a transformative experience for me. It has expanded my leadership skills and has given me a community to be proud of!

Hailey Santana ‘22

“Hillel staff saw potential

in me that made me believe in myself. They gave me the confidence that inspired me to help other students find their place at this huge school. Hillel provided me with opportunities to expand my Jewish involvement and provided a place of belonging, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Emily Rosen ‘23


The best part of my internship with Penn State Hillel was working so closely with Robyn [Assistant Director], because it was so clear that she wanted to make sure that the internship was fulfilling for me and constantly provided opportunities for me to learn and grow. Working with Robyn not only brought me closer to a Hillel staff member whom I now consider a mentor, but also provided me with the chance to explore my interests within the field of nonprofits and Jewish life. WHICH OF YOUR PROJECTS AT HILLEL HAVE YOU BEEN MOST PROUD OF

The project that I’m most proud of is the student engagement I got to take part in, as I was able to form many meaningful connections with both new and returning Jewish students. HOW, IF AT ALL, HAS YOUR INTERNSHIP IMPACTED YOUR CAREER GOALS?

This internship helped me get an up-close look at the world of nonprofits as well as explore what it means to work with college students and with the Jewish community. It opened my eyes to many new possibilities for my future career, and encouraged me to keep exploring the different ways in which I can work to help people.



Wes Saunders

Wes grew up in an interfaith household and while he was always interested in exploring his Jewish identity, he never had a formal setting for it. Through the Jewish Learning Fellowship, Wes jumped right into Jewish learning willing to answer a question, or pose one of his own. He knew that his Jewish identity was not contingent on how much Hebrew he knew or how many prayers he could recite. Wes found Jewish values are aligned with his personal values.


Wes’s passion and investment in Jewish identity made him a great recommendation by Hillel staff to be a summer 2021 counselor at URJ’s Camp Harlam. At camp, Wes’s Jewish identity was constantly reaffirmed by the experiences of his campers. This summer, Wes read from the Torah for the first time and became a Bar Mitzvah the last Saturday of camp! Wes had these experiences because of the way that Judaism is taught in JLF. JLF is participant first, it pushes its fellows to ask questions of themselves and of Judaism. That skill, when employed in a Jewish context

like camp, can lead to amazing experiences like the one Wes has had this summer at Camp Harlam.

“JLF reinvigorated my passion for Judaism and I got back in touch with my Jewish identity.” Wes has already said how excited he is to take JLF 2.0 in the fall semester, and he has shown to be an amazing Jewish leader on campus. Wes is proof positive that the lack of a background in Jewish learning is not an obstacle to Jewish leadership, and Jewish life on campus.

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2020-2021 Honor Roll of Donors Thank you to those who made their mark on Penn State Hillel this year Maimonides Society ($10,000+) Carol and Bennett Aaron* Martin D. Cohn Hannah S. and Samuel A. Cohn Memorial Foundation Steven Cohen and Kirk Iwanowski* Audrey Gaelen Todd and Alisa Goodstein* Hal Marcus Designated Fund of the Greater Seattle Jewish Federation* Inge Marcus* Jeffrey and Cindy Ruben* Elliott and Susan Weinstein Benjamin P. Willner*

Chai Society ($3,600 - $9,999) Gary and Jill Brandeis Barbara and David Burstin Penn State Hillel Endowment Fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Lori and Steve Dabrow* Morris and Adriane Horvitz Rick and Jennifer Jacobs Hank and Marcie Katzen* Norman and Holly Nelson The David and Susan Werner Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Community Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

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Lenore Wax Steven and Julie Weinstein

Blue and White Society ($360 - $999) Mitchell and Bonnie Benson Alex and Doreen Bolotvsky Jerome P. and Debbie Epstein Ivan Gergel Mark Glowatz Robert and Sandra Goldberg Holli and Steve Goldman Edward Goldston Alan R. Greenbaum Marni and David Guba Robert and Bonnie Hammel Victor and Deena Hammel Allen and Ruth Heffler Stephanie Herzbeg and Aaron Kaufman Michael and Patty Kirschner Brad Korman Stephen M. Krentzman Mark and Anne Landman Judith Lang Daniel Laredo Samuel and Trudy z’’l Levine Scott and Evelyn Messer Judith McGuire David and Deborah Minkoff Gerald K. Morrison Rabbi David and Joni Ostrich Barnett and Francine Rattner David Rittberg Russ Rose Lily Scanlon Amy Schmetterling Steiner Janice Shapiro Harvey and Sandi Schneider Len Schwartz Michael B. Solomon Graham Spanier Martin Stabb Ben Stein The Herman and Jerry Finkelstein Foundation Rabbi Jeremy Weisblatt Michael Woinsky Lauren Young and Jonathan Lonner* Alan Zimmerman Andrew Zydney

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Our Journey to Excellence campaign offers a variety of ways to leave a strong legacy at Penn State Hillel. By supporting our campaign, you allow Penn State Hillel to build a sustainable future by guaranteeing the continued existence of leadership experiences, Jewish learning opportunities like the Jewish Learning Fellowship and Shabbat and holiday services, and Israelrelated programming like our Israel Learning Fellowship, trips to Israel, and celebrations of Israel on campus. Contact Stefanie Tapper to discuss naming a space, program or position that will impact thousands of current and future Jewish students at Penn State.