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Your generosity makes Jewish life happen at Penn State


Our Vision We envision a world where every student is inspired to make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning and Israel.

Our Mission Penn State Hillel’s mission is to enrich the lives of the estimated 5,000 Jewish students at Penn State so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world. Penn State Hillel is committed to excellence, innovation, accountability and results.

Jewish leadership starts here. It’s not just a phrase; it’s the heart of Penn State Hillel’s philosophy, and it’s lived every day in our work on campus. We see students as our partners in the creation of Jewish life on campus. Every program, initiative and idea we implement has their passionate effort behind it, and their charismatic presence leading it. This makes Hillel’s vast range of opportunities incredibly relevant to students. It also helps students to develop the leadership skills they need to be successful in life, and in the Jewish communities they will enrich after graduating from Penn State. Investing in Penn State Hillel does not just impact Jewish students today, it’s laying the foundation for the future of the Jewish people. Aaron Kaufman Executive Director


“Penn State Hillel has been a true partner in enhancing the campus experience for all of our students. It works to promote academic excellence, social justice, ethical leadership, and global citizenship. Hillel’s stellar record of service, involving students from every corner of campus, is a wonderful complement to Penn State students’ academic studies and helps to bind the Penn State family together. Penn State Hillel has long held a special place on our campus.” Dr. Eric Barron President, The Pennsylvania State University

When I came to Penn State in Fall of 2016, I saw over 1,000 student organizations, and was unsure where to start. I knew that I wanted to be involved in Hillel, but I had no idea how influential my involvement would be. As a business major, I’ve participated in countless professional and leadership development events through the Smeal College of Business. I’ve learned about leadership theory from these experiences and my classes, but reading about leadership styles and discussing them in a classroom is easy. Trying and failing with them is much more challenging. Hillel has given me the opportunity to put these theories into practice and see what kind of a leader I am. Hillel has not only given me the opportunities to take risks, the amazing staff and students have supported me when I failed and helped me learn from my mistakes. My three years on the executive board provided me with experiences to talk about in interviews, first-hand lessons in how to support a team, and how to remain calm under pressure. I would not have found the professional success I’ve experienced if not for my time in Hillel. Chad Finkelstein ’20 2019 Student President


As I finish my third year as Chair of the Penn State Hillel board, the first word that comes to mind is proud. We’ve seen another banner year, reaching over 2,000 students on campus, and thankful for the generosity of hundreds of alumni, parents, and friends from 30 different states. Proud of our student executive committee: the ones who are empowered to dream a vision for Jewish life at Penn State. Proud of our board of directors: the alumni and parents who selflessly lead the charge. Proud of the 100+ student leaders: the ones who set the tone by reaching out to as many Jewish students as possible. Proud of the students who participate: the ones who are finding value in Judaism and exploring their Jewish journeys in college. Proud of the staff: the ones who support the 2,000+ students to give them a home away from home. Proud of the University: the best place for Jewish students to build a community. Proud of Hillel International: a partnership we are thankful for. Finally, I am proud knowing we have more accomplishments to achieve, more students to engage, and more alumni, parents, and friends to get involved. If you would like more information about how to be involved as an alumnus, parent, or friend, please contact me directly at Jill Epstein ’88 P’22 Chair, Penn State Hillel Board of Directors

Penn State Hillel 2018-2019 Board of Directors Jill Epstein ’88 P’22

Todd Goodstein ’92 P’21

Cindy Ruben ’84 P’15 P’19




Jeffrey Ruben ’85 P’15 P’19

Chad Finkelstein ’20

Allie Ryave ’21




Gary Brandeis ’86

Steven Cohen ’89

Jenna Heffler ’14

Arnie Hoffman ’57

Dr. Rick Jacobs

Jim Ultman

Elliott Weinstein ’72

Lauren Young ’88




Over the last 83 years, Hillel has solidified its role as part of the fabric of campus at Penn State. When it opens in fall of 2021, Penn State Hillel’s Bernard and Nancy Gutterman Center for Jewish Life will encourage the continued growth of a vibrant, varied and cohesive Jewish community. At the intersection where students live, work, and play, the Gutterman Center houses over 15,000 sq ft of signature space in a new, 14-story commercial and residential building, and gives our organization an opportunity to attain a level of visibility downtown not seen in decades. For more information about the building and campaign, please contact Director of Development, Stefanie Tapper at


Hillel paved my way “Penn State Hillel played a huge role in building my Jewish identity by giving me a community for the first time and by allowing me to have ownership of my Jewish identity. The commitment to the “every” taken from Hillel’s vision is something very present on campus there. I may not be in a student facing role but knowing the value of data, I feel incredibly blessed to be serving the vision on Hillel International’s Measurement Team and to support campuses in their goals to engage students.”

Alexis Fosco ’19

“Hillel paved my way to getting a job I love right out of college, fundraising for Hillel at the University of Pennsylvania. The Hillel staff at Penn State was an invaluable resource in giving me the tools I needed to be successful, including an internship where I learned from Penn State Hillel’s own fundraising professionals as well as an amazing support system. Penn State Hillel gave me a mission to be passionate about and helped me grow into the young professional I am today, and I wouldn’t be where I am without them.”

“Hillel paved my way by providing me with a sense of community that encouraged me to continue coming back. Now that I am a Hillel professional, I see the importance in curating a sense of community for students and making Hillel a place that they want to spend their time. Additionally, Hillel allowed me to become a leader within the Penn State community.”

David Weitzman ’19

Melanie Kovacs ’19

“Hillel paved my way by providing me with the tools to create a Jewish life at Penn State on my own terms. The variety of leadership roles I was able to hold in undergrad helped me find a passion for building Jewish community and eventually led me to becoming a Springboard Innovation Fellow upon graduation. Every day I am able to draw upon my experiences at Penn State Hillel to empower the students I work with in forging their own path.”

Caroline Dorf ’19


LEV “LEV has given me a truly unique THON experience. As

a smaller organization I have had the privilege to truly bond with all of our members and connect with our wonderful THON family. I am excited to continue to help our organization grow and help to give back to our community.” Rachel Rubin ’22

“You think you know.... Challah for Hunger “Hillel allows

me to contribute to Penn State’s Jewish community by giving back my time and energy to create a strong Jewish environment that continues to help others. Hillel has given me the opportunity to meet new friends and has brought me to many organizations such as Challah for Hunger. Challah for Hunger brings people together to bake and sell challah to raise funds for awareness for social justice causes by giving both globally and locally.” Rachel Rubenstein ’20

Yallah Sports “Being a part of Penn State’s

Yallah Sports team at the National Hillel Basketball Tournament was truly a remarkable and memorable experience. It is really special to see nearly 300 players and hundreds more volunteers and spectators participate in this event. Playing in NHBT allowed me to meet and bond with some amazing people from Penn State and students from schools from all around the country. I am very glad to have been able to be a part of NHBT, thanks to Hillel at Penn State and University of Maryland, and am looking forward to going back next year!” Jeremy Friedman ’21

Link “Link gave me the comfort of knowing I always had

someone to talk to. Link connects first-year students in the Jewish community at Penn State to all of the opportunities and network that our Hillel has to offer. It gives them exposure to Jewish life on campus and helps them find their community.” Lexie Fox ’21


Chicken Soup Hotline “Chicken soup

was the first thing that attracted me to Hillel my freshman year. I was a lost and overwhelmed freshman looking to find my place. Getting involved with Hillel’s chicken soup hotline not only led me into a larger organization that carried with me throughout my college career, but it has also allowed me to make a positive impact on the Penn State Community as a whole.” Mallory Dixon ’20

Campus Engagement Interns

“My name is Erica Lisser and I am currently a Junior at Penn State University. This is my third semester being a part of the CEI program and this has been one of the best decisions I have made at Penn State. Networking, engaging in new experiences, and being able to connect with the Jewish community is an opportunity that I am fortunate to have. I am helping Jewish students connect to one another and feel a sense of community away from home. being a part of this internship has definitely helped me grow as a person and a young Jewish woman.” Erica Lisser ’21

...but you have no idea.” Lions for Israel

“My involvement with Lions for Israel has given me the opportunity to connect with other students who share the same passion for Israel as I do. It is an incredible outlet to show campus how beautiful and important Israel can be for people of all backgrounds.” Joel Vardon ’21

Hillel Ambassadors “Hillel ambassadors is a program that has given me confidence as a leader in Hillel as well as in the rest of my involvements. My ability to influence Jewish life on campus as well as make a difference in the life of first-year students has helped me shape Hillel and my own experience. I’m grateful to have leadership experience and support from our staff so I can grow into the confident leader I am today.” Allie Ryave ’21


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Who supports Penn State Hillel?

Friends Alumni/ Parents Parents

Alumni Hillel International Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia Other Grants

Individual Donors

Comprehensive Excellence

Organizational Donors


2018-2019 Honor Roll of Donors Thank you to those who made their mark on Penn State Hillel this year Maimonides Society ($10,000 +) Bennett and Carol Aaron* Edward and Judith Anchel Martin D. Cohn Steven Cohen and Kirk Iwanowski Audrey Gaelen Bernard and Nancy Gutterman* Robert and Bonnie Hammel* Arnold and Bette Hoffman Marcus and Henrietta Katzen* Hal z’’l and Inge Marcus* Jeffrey and Cindy Ruben Elliott and Sue Weinstein Hammel Family Foundation* Hannah S. and Samuel A. Cohn Memorial Foundation

Chai Society ($3,600-$9,999) Gary and Jill Brandeis David M. and Barbara Burstin Todd and Alisa Goodstein Charitable Fund Morris and Adriane Horvitz Rick and Jennifer Jacobs Hank and Marcie Katzen Norman and Holly Nelson Ben and Erica Willner Rochelle and David Zohn*

Lion’s Pride Society ($1,000-$3,599) Stephen Barkin Scott and Andrea Barsky David and Nanette Bender Mitchell and Bonnie Benson Lawrence and Deborah Brandman* Elaine Kaufman Chase Clifford and Sherri Cohen Marian U. Barash Coppersmith Jill and Scott Epstein David and Aleen Epstein Kim Friedman Mark Glowatz Selma Harris Jenna Heffler Peter W. Hirsch Steven Hurvitz Bill and Honey z’’l Jaffe Hank and Marcie Katzen Harvey Klein Terry and Cindy Lerman Samuel and Gertrude Levine* Steven and Linda Lupin Richard and Kayla Pechter Port Family Foundation* Russ Rose Lawrence and Barbara Rosenberg Alon and Amira Sagie Richard and Susan Sokolov


James and Deena Ultman Steven and Julie Weinstein

Blue and White Society ($360-$999) Jason Balaban Alex and Doreen Bolotovsky Ken Brownstein and Elana Weinstein Rabbi Neil and Lori Cooper Kenneth Dash Jerome P. and Debbie Epstein Ivan Gergel Lynne Gross Mindy Izenson Rosenberg Nancy Kane Aaron Kaufman and Stephanie Herzberg David and Allison Kirshenbaum Edward and Deborah Klevans Stephen M. Krentzman Daniel Laredo Lawrence Lokman and Rhonda Seaton Marian Macsai David and Deborah Minkoff Celia Moffie* David and Joni Ostrich Michael Paley Margo Ratafia David Rittberg Bruce and Holly Rudoy Leonard and Marjorie Schwartz* Sheila Seaton Louis Silverman Ben Stein Rabbi David Straus Rabbi Jeremy Weisblatt Michael Woinsky Lauren Young* Theodore and Vivian Young Philip and Wendy Zeifer

Friends and Family of Penn State Hillel ($1-$359) Steven Aaron Lawrence Abrams Donald and Ellen Abramson Ellis and Lynn Abramson Harvey and Marjorie Abramson Edwin Adelman Geoffrey Adler Don Agriss Emily Akers Gertrude Album Chris Allman Harvey and Linda Alten Michael Altman Matthew Altman Nina Altman Lisa Ament Edward Amster Ronald Angerman

*Represents endowment and capital campaign donors

Sun Angubolkul Marc Apter Ben Apuzzo Michael and Gina Arlen Kathryn Avedon Robert Avino Herman Axelrod Jeffrey and Lori Bailin Millicent Bailinger Marc Baill Mark and Eileen Balaban Edwin Balis Leslie Barnes Sonya and Harvey z’’l Barsha Dr. Noah Barsky* Hillery Bauman Susan Becker Helen Becker Steven and Laurie Becker Alan and Sally Bedrick Debbie Belen Michael Belenko Marc Belitsky Gabriella Benedicto Jody Berger Ernest Bergman Joan Bergman Michael Berkovitz Eric and Meredith Berkowitz Dane Berkowitz Dalit Berlin Leonid and Diana Berlyand Leonard and Phyllis Berman Mark and Gail Berman Felicia Berman Philip and Toby Berman Dennis and Cecelia Bernstein Madeline Black Nicole Blatstein Eric Blatt Andrew Block Janet Blum Jane Blume Gregory Blumenkranz Jodi and Gregory Boal Leslie Bodkin Kayla Bogad Shreyash Bohara Lisa Borja

David and Rickie Brawer Ian Brecher Leslie Breck Rachel Bresalier Marla Brickman Murray and Helene Brill Heidi Brockstein Allen Brodsky Dr. Bernard Bronstein Jeffrey and Jill Bucholtz Kim Bucklew Aaron Budd Hyman Busch Debbie Cadley David Caplan Julie Caplan Iris Carcamo Richard and Sue Carlson Greg Carvajal Victor Cervantes Leslie Cesari Leah Chakoff Cindy Chen Kenneth J. Chertow Sharon Chiat Robyn and Erik Chotiner Joseph and Felice Ciccione Kathy Cikowski Monroe Citrenbaum Karen Clements Steven and Barbara Cohen Dale Cohen Ruth Cohen Kaylin Cohen Dr. Mark Cohen and Alanna Schoor Cohen Sol and Barbara Cohn Andrea Commaker Mary Constable Alicia Cooper Lawrence B. Cooper Brenna Cooper Edward and Leslie Corris Bernard and Jill Coval David Cramer Stephanie Crawley Brian Cuban Melvin Cutler Errol and Mindy Cvern Ricki Cytryn

2018-2019 Honor Roll of Donors Thank you to those who made their mark on Penn State Hillel this year Martin and Laura Dadswell Megan Daffan Allan and Nancy Dameshek Dr. Ria David David and Marjorie Rosenberg Foundation Cindy Davis David and Suellen Dercher Edward Diamond Sidney and Sandra Diamond Lois Diamond Stephanie Dietz Ramy Diga Dina DiMartino Rachel Dingman Robin Dorfman Tom Dougherty Ila Dubin Adam Duhl Jane Dunham William Dunn Keith Dvorchik Millie Dweck Arthur and Sue Dym Terry Dzelzgalvis Glenn and Cindy Easton Susan Ecker Marci Mayer Eisen Jacob Eisenhard Esther and Jake Eisenhard Jordyn Eisenhard Sheryl Eisenhard Stanley and Esther Eisman Maxine Elghanian Susan Elman George Enteen Roy and Lisa Faden JoAnne Falese Julian z”l and Tibey Falk Connie Faulkner Robyn Faye Eric and Zoe Feigelson Toby Feldman Lori Felt Susan Ferber Claudia Fern Lisa Ferrera Barbara and Jeffrey Fierstein Alyson Figlioli Jeanne Findlater Sheryl Fine Amy Fink Evan and Deborah Finkelstein Robin Firestone Samuel Firestone Alex Fischer Daniel and Annette Fishbone Joey Fisher Diane Follweiler Kamyla Fonseca Mindy Fortin Larry and Celia Frank Arthur and Leslie Frankel Stephen Freedman Michael and Marsh Freedman Harrison Freeman

James and Elisa Freeman Robert S. Friedman Alan Friedman Nina Frisch Ellie Fromstein Gerald Fruchtman Hildreth Rose Garb Howard Gases Robert A. Gellman* Michael Genkin Joseph and Diane Gezelter Ryan Gianola Amy Gill David Gilmour and Rami Levitt-Gilmour Jacob Ginn Jennifer Giotto Rebecca Glenister Lori Glenn Amanda Gluzberg Carol and Jason Goft Ariel Gohar Lewis and Karen Gold Arthur Gold Dr. Robert and Sandra Goldberg Laurie Goldberg Lawrence and Judith Golden Jeffrey Goldgeier Rhea Goldsmith Denise and Monte Goldstein Michael and Roberta Goldstein Robert Goldstein Roberta and Morton Goldstein Cara and Steven Goldstein Edward Goldston Nancy Gordon David Gordon Eric Gordon William and Lois Gorodetzer Jay Gorodetzer and Laura Berney Donna Granfors Joshua T. Green Alan R. Greenbaum Emma Greenbaum Philip Greenberg Gail Greenspan Nadine Greenspan Ani Greenspan Adam Greiss Heather Grill Marc Grobman Rose Grobman Gary and Linda Grobman Thomas Groshen Susan Gross Esther Gross Robyn Gross Sara and Herb Grossman Andrew Hagen Michael and Danella Halle Andrew Halpern Karen Halsman Adam Hammerman Jeffrey Handen Alisa Handmaker

*Represents endowment and capital campaign donors

Marc and Debbie Harbus Jonathan and Joanne Harmelin Robert H. Harrison David and Ann Harrison Nalani Haueter Caitlin Haxel Sabih Hayek Jack and Susan Hayya Dianne Heeter Nicole Heinzen Don Heller Dr. Arthur Heller Federico Hernandez Arens Moira Herson Yanuck Melanie and David Herzfeld Linda Hiles Leslie Hirsch Matthew and Cindy Hirsch

Sharon Hochberg Robert Hoffman Alexa Hoffman Michelle Honig Chris Hood David and Linda Horowitz Terry Horowitz Brian Hudson Roni Igel Morgan Ingber Ronald Isaacman z’’l Rachel Jacobson Austin Jaffe z”l Christina Jara Nicole Jara Andrade Stacy Jarvis Adam Jarvis Pam Johncola


2018-2019 Honor Roll of Donors Thank you to those who made their mark on Penn State Hillel this year

Bruce and Mary Johnston Marilyn and James Farley Sondra Jones Fred Kahn Elizabeth Kaiser Jack Kaplan Emma Kaplan Ezra Kaplan Stephanie Kaplan Stephen and Ellyn Karp Tracy and Doug Katz Dr. Darin S. Katz Bruce and Joy Katzenberg Jared and Marcy Kaufman* Sue and Dylan Kaufman Bernice and Alvin Kaufman Michael and Brenda Kaufman Ellen Kaye Sarah Kegerreis Stacy Kelly Rosalind Kendal Isabella Kent Edward and Marjorie Kessel Richard Killian and Joy Vincent-Killian Sandra King Michael and Patty Kirschner Victor Klein M.D. Michelle Klein Steven and Mindy Kober Erin Koons Samuel J. Korson Jeffrey and Patricia Krauss Cassidy Krier Steven Krohn Lynda Kruman Kate Kubert David L. Ladov


Dr. Joseph and Denise Lahr Adam Lambert Alan Lambert Celia Lambert Franklin and Susan Lang Michael Lauff Bruce Lazarus and Philip Weintraub Ken Leboff Ronald G. Lench Rebecca Lerman Danielle Levengood Beryl and Howard Levin Marc and Susan Levin Jordan Levin Robert F. LeVine Scott Levine Lauren Levinson Diane Levy John Lewinson Leslie Lido Eli Lieberman Robert and Janice Lieberman Charles Lipson Erica Lisser Ryan Little Janet Little Debbie Little Jodi Lowy Gary and Elise Lubell Debby Lubliner Julius Ludena Aaron Lyon Asher Lyon Andrew Lyons Geraldine Macsai Gwen Macsai Robert Malerman

Dennis and Phyllis Malinger Dr. Martin Manley Meyer and Sandra Markowitz Chris Martincic Steven A. Maser, M.D. Theodore and Jacqueline Matlow Ruth Mauer Debbie Maunus Phyllis McCormick Andrea McDougal Ann McGinn Mary McGinn Judith McGuire Karen Meade Amy Mehlman Mr. Donald B. Melman Mark Melmed Douglas and Marcia Melzer Michael and Beth Mendick Charles Mensch Jr. Andrea Elyse Messer Martin Meyer Jack and Bernice Meyers Matt Miehl Yuval Mika Idan Mika Michelle Mikviman Richard and Marjorie Milgrub Donna and Lawrence Miller Dr. Michael Miller Kaylyn Miller Maria Miller Leonard Mintzer Rosa-Shoshana Mintz-Urquhart* Laurie Moore Paula Morris Julie Morrison Neil and Ellen Moscow Irving and Judith Moskow Suzanne Moss Sakdiah Muhamad Lynn Myers Larry S. Myers Brad and Laura Nachman Felise Nagelberg

Alan Nathan* David P. Necowitz Robert Neidorff Burton Neil Elliot and Nancy Newman Arline Newman Larry and Faith Newmark Adam Nudelman Noelle O’Bryan David Oltorik Michael Ostroff Michael and Eve Pardo Mark Pasierb Elsa Pasline Levitt Amy Paster Lisa Pentz Joseph and Donna Polin Mark Polis John A. Pollack Elana Prezant Donald and Judith Pripstein Patricia Pritchard Mindy and Donald Procz Patricia Prodoehl Ada Quinn Rosalyn and Mitchell Rabinowitz Michael Radis Ann Marie Rapone Adam Reich Ronald Reinfeld Anne Richtman-Kaplan Howard Rittberg Carol J. Robins* Kristen Rosen Gary and Diane Rosen Raymond and Deborah Rosen Michael and Gail Rosenberg* Mark and Mary Rosenstein Janet Rosenzweig Linda and Joseph Ross Catherine and Richard Rothbard Jack Rothkopf Pamela Rothstein Matthew Rothstein Hannah Ruben Gary Ruben

*Represents endowment and capital campaign donors

2018-2019 Honor Roll of Donors Thank you to those who made their mark on Penn State Hillel this year Shimon Rubin Rachel Rubin Robert and Caryn Rubinstein Paul and Elizabeth Rubock Allison J. Rudoy Tina Ruggiero Allie Ryave Ina Sable Ariel Sagie Stanton and Merle Salkin Beth Salzinger Joel and Harriet Samitz Mark and Geri Sandberg Robert Santoro Tina Savio Barton Schachter Karyn Scher Marjorie Schlesinger Amy Schmetterling Steiner Harvey and Sandi Schneider Annie Schneider Allan Schneirov Beth Schonberger Timothy and Cynthia Schuchart Richard E. Schugar Richard and Joye Schulang Ira and Susan Schulman Shirley Schultz Arnold M. Schumsky Richard and Donna Schutz Samantha Schwam Mark Schwartz Merle Schwartz Adam Schwartz Lisa Schwartz Mark and Sharon Schwartz Robyn Scott Karen Seifried Rebecca Selinger Jerome and Margee Selvers Jill Semmer Kenneth Shapiro Lisa Sharfstein and Andrew Baram Sharon Sharkey Jan Shaw Jackie and Howard Shear Lynn Sher Paul Sherman Dr. Theodore Sheskin Joshua Shikoff Marc and Cheryl Shnider Neil and Cheryl Shusterman Matthew Shusterman Zipora Sidel Kayly Sie Laura Siegel Edward and Laurie Silver Caren R. Silverman David Silverman Robert Silverman Ava Silverman Danielle Silverstein Alison Silverstein Donald Silverstein Tanya Silverstein

Heide Silverstein Ezekiel Silverstein Wendy Simon Gary N. Singer* Ramona Sitko Ellen Sklar Rachel Slosman Stephanie Smith Leland Smith Ronald and Nan Smolow Emily Snow Stephanie Snyder Lydia Sokoloski Mindy Solomon Lawrence and Lisa Sommer Randy Spaan Craig Spielman Deena Spital Jordan and Paula Spivack Martin and Gloria Stabb Joseph and Carol Stamm Bradley and Stacey Stamm Bonni Stanley Lynne Starkman Rebecca Starr Greg and Rebecca Stegall Arthur and Mona Steiger Elliot Stein Shirin Stein Jenn Stein Eric Brian Stein Rachel Steinberg Harvey and Diane Steiner Rona and Gary Sterling Norma Stern Daniel and Eileen Stern Robyn Stoller Samuel Stolper Harold Stolper Michele Streit Joshua Strom Brian Stuckelman Warrren Sutnick Julie Swerdloff Eric Swerdlow Michael Tanitsky Lewis and Florence Tannenbaum

*Represents endowment and capital campaign donors

Stefanie Tapper Jonathan and Heather Taylor Bradley Taylor Linda Tedjakusuma Craig and Wendy Tepper The Herman and Jerry Finkelstein Foundation Lori Thompson-Given Gina Tognini Caroline Townsend Alyssa Trachtman Debbie Triolo Joel and Evelyn Udell Donna Urich Miriam Urquhart Lynn Urtel Raymond Verbit Justin Vescio Michelle Vichnin and Mitchell Edelson Barbara Villa Steven and Ellen Wagman Traci Wallach Michael and Rebecca Wanatick Jan Ward Miriam Warren Nicole Wasilus Galia Weber Steven and Andrea Weikert Brett Weingart Elliot and Susan Weinstein Jeffrey Weinstein Stephen and Wendie Weinstein Mark and Leona Weinstein Evelyn Weinstock Scott and Abbe Weintraub Gina Wells Greg Werlinich Benjamin and Michal Werner Kathy Whitman David Wieand Michael and Jo Ann Wiener Heather Williams Rhoda Wolff* Norman and Sandra Wruble Laura Wurzel Nina Yeckes Eric Yoffee

Eric and Mona Yorke Lauren Zajac David and Loretta Zehngut Barbara Zeichner Jack Zigon Glenn Zinn Barry and Frances Zook Lynda Zuckerman

Generous Organizations

Amazon Smile B’nai B’rith Liberty Region Centre Foundation F45 Training State College Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle Lehigh Valley Jewish Federation Network for Good Sony Corporation Thomson Reuters* United Jewish Appeal Beth Sholom Congregation You deserve to be properly recognized for your contribution, and we strive for 100% accuracy. If we have made an error, please contact us at (814) 826-4246.


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