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Established in 2002, FOH® is a global design and manufacturing leader in the foodservice and hospitality industry with two established brands, Front of the House® and room360®. Get inspired with designs meant to optimize and highlight your creations. From sustainable, in-room accessories to elevated buffet presentations and the finest tabletop collections, FOH® is your global solutions partner.

Designed in Miami, products are stocked and distributed from our European distribution center in the Netherlands.

FOHWORLDWIDE.COM Committed To Sustainability Certified Diverse Supplier In-stock & Ready To Ship Product Guarantee Available to all Trinity clients
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you to our
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On hand to help support our members

With 2023 well underway, it is great to see many of our hospitality members, across restaurants and hotels, seeing demand return to levels comparable with those of 2019 before the pandemic. However, as we know, this strong return comes against volatile operating costs, food inflation and continuing supply chain issues.

Hotel challenges

In hospitality, there are various challenges, including continuing pressure on finding staff. Government use of hotels in Ireland for temporarily accommodating refugees means that there is also limited bed space in some markets. On the positive side, forward bookings for the tourist season are strong, with hotels looking forward to a continued return of travellers from the US.

Energy price spikes are easing; however, volatility in this marketplace remains a worry for many businesses, mainly if they are coming toward the end of a fixed-term contract and have been paying historically lower rates.

Additionally, the situation has encouraged more businesses to pay closer attention to green issues, notably energy efficiency. We're on hand with various ways to support clients, from providing flexible contracts which moderate market fluctuations to finding ways to cut consumption.

drivers will often happily spend money on food and beverages if they can find an amenable place to stop and charge their vehicle. We continue to help our members understand these opportunities and trends.

Attending events

There's pressure

to work

smarter to meet the increase in customers whilst operating with limited staff. The Trinity team is on hand to provide our members with the latest solutions and technology needed to help reduce these pressures.

Helping ease rising energy prices

One effect of the war in Ukraine has been significantly higher energy prices and the threat of supply disruption.

EV charging opportunities

Another area starting to impact hospitality is the growth of electric vehicle use. For hotels and restaurants, this growth means accommodating and encouraging EV drivers to visit by installing charging infrastructure.

While there is an upfront cost to charger installations, members can earn a new revenue stream from providing charging stations. And EV

The Trinity Ireland team has been busy attending various events to help support operators in person. At the CATEX Event in February hosted in Dublin, we partnered with the Irish Foodservice Suppliers Alliance (IFSA) to provide a new Hospitality Cost Clinic, where we met with operators, learned more about their business's challenges, and were able to advise on solutions and recommendations for savings.

We also attended the Irish Hotels Federation Show and the Celie Care Event in March to showcase how we can help reduce costs and free up time for hospitality and nursing home operations. We look forward to these events because seeing familiar faces and meeting so many new ones is great!

Company progress
Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 4


Helping our clients through their current challenges

'm delighted to say that we’re busy because our clients across Europe are busy. Many businesses in the hospitality sector continue to see customers come back strongly.

Despite this positive demand, there are still worries and headwinds for many businesses - and we are doing everything we can to help our members through their current challenges.

Mitigating price increases

Inflation remains a challenge, as do supply chain issues. Prices for some regular items have gone sky high, while it is still too often the case that deliveries get delayed. We continue to work hard to mitigate the impact of those rising prices, ensuring our members receive the best prices and quality through our supply partners.

Technology eases staffing pressures

Many hospitality businesses are still short of staff, and it is becoming clear that many left the sector during the pandemic. Solving the issue demands creativity - and we are encouraging clients to look at efficiency tools, such as our Pi e-procurement system, to help them achieve more in less time with fewer resources.

Collaboration to enhance service

We continue to look for ways to further enhance our service to you, our members. In January, we held a business meeting in Antwerp where we met face-to-face with our colleagues from our sister company, Pelican Procurement. This event was an excellent opportunity for broader company collaboration to share ideas and best practices that will help better support our members.

Supplier visits to learn the latest offering

We love to bring innovative solutions to our hospitality members, so our teams have also been actively

visiting food and non-food supplier sites to learn more about their newest offerings. We then share our knowledge with our members to help them enhance their guest experience with the latest in the industry.

Trinity Purchasing events & networking

We continue to host local events in Belgium to help our members learn about innovative solutions, new products and services in the hospitality industry. These events have a great atmosphere – ideal for networking and picking up tips to help your business. For example, at our most recent event in March, we also shared ways to mitigate price increases and navigate the current market. Look out for our upcoming events in an area near you!

Company progress

Beer brewed carefully, to be consumed with care.

Available in Belgium

Let's get social

LinkedIn is the number one social media platform for businesses and professionals to share valuable intel, updates and best practices.

In the coming weeks and months, we're looking to further increase our company's social media presence on LinkedIn by sharing behind-the-scenes photos of our team and what we get up to, as well as news about our members!

Share your news with us. So if you have achieved any milestones, won awards or have success stories you want to share with the world, email us at, and we would love to support you too! Together we can achieve greater brand awareness.

How to connect with us. Click the button or enter 'Trinity Purchasing - An Avendra Group Company' in the LinkedIn search box. Connect now!


We are finding that hospitality professionals are not just focused on costs but are increasingly looking for ways to work more efficiently in a world where staffing problems remain a big issue.

Trinity Purchasing has seen several new arrivals thanks to strong market demand for our time-saving solutions and procurement expertise.

I live by the sea with many beautiful beaches on the doorstep, and I love taking my beloved Cocker Spaniel Freeway for long walks there! I also have a passion for cooking and entertaining friends.

hotel operators face and what they are looking for.

Outside work, I enjoy sports and travelling. I am also very interested in everything related to food and drinks.

I've worked in client relationship roles for over 26 years across various industries, including hospitality and catering services.

I'm excited to bring this knowledge to Trinity members, to ensure we maintain the best pricing, and present the best solutions that will work for their business.

I have over ten years of experience in the F&B and hospitality industries, including five years as an F&B manager for a four-star hotel.

At Trinity, in my new role, I will support the Relationship Management team in France, find new business opportunities and help our current members achieve their goals.

This role is a perfect fit, as I managed the purchasing side of the business in my previous position. And I have a strong understanding of the challenges

I have over 13 years of experience in Human Resources and ten years working in a recruitment office specialised in technical job

Company progress
I'm excited to bring this knowledge to Trinity members, to ensure we maintain the best pricing, and present the best solutions that will work for their business.
Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 8
The Trinity Purchasing team continues to grow as we respond to increasing demand for our operational support services, systems, and supply chain expertise.

placements, helping the company achieve its goals. I love building relationships and helping customers.

In this role, I will be helping Trinity members to achieve their goals! I'm excited to meet with them, listen to their needs, and discuss additional savings and support opportunities we can provide them. I will be their first point of contact when they need it.

Outside work, my biggest passion is my family! I'm a busy mummy of three, and we like to cheer on my oldest son at soccer each week.

In my role, I will be working on expanding our offering of suppliers in the Netherlands to ensure we have the best solutions available to support our members.

I will also work with our current supplier partners to ensure we receive the best value from our partnerships. I love the versatility of this role, as I will be in contact with many different people from different companies.

There are two things I love to do in my free time: cooking and exercising. It's a great combination!

enthusiasm I had in that role over to the Trinity team.

I have four years of experience in food production and branded HORECA supplies. And for the last two years, I have been a buyer at a company that arranged restaurant-branded items.

I grew up in the hotel industry, working in family businesses from a young age. I was recently a Physical Education teacher in Dubai, and I’m excited to bring the same energy and

In my new role as a Relationship Manager, I will develop and maintain strong member and supplier relationships. I love how peopleorientated and diverse the job is. I’ve found that no day is the same! I hope to bring fresh eyes, knowledge and experience to an already wonderful team based in Ireland.

Outside work, you can usually find me on the pitch playing Gaelic football (GAA).

Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 9
In this role, I will be helping Trinity members to achieve their goals! I'm excited to meet with them, listen to their needs, and discuss additional savings and support opportunities we can provide them.



Trinity's Pi cloud-based procurement system provides a range of modules that empower finance, procurement, and catering teams to streamline their operations, saving them hours of manual effort. With Pi, teams gain a comprehensive view of their operations, giving them greater visibility and control.

The Pi system is continuously updated by a dedicated in-house development team supported by Pi's Lead Product & Release Manager, Matt Ferris, who will provide the latest on recent enhancements.


Our team stays up to date with evolving legislation, user feedback, and suggestions to ensure the system's functionalities are always current and relevant.

My team and I are currently undertaking a three-phase upgrade to the online ordering module, Cherry Pi, which aims to enhance its user interface, optimise its usability and overall performance. With this upgrade, the module's visual appeal, functionality, and ease of use will improve users' experience.

About Cherry Pi

Cherry Pi is designed to simplify the ordering process for Trinity members. The tool offers a thoughtfully curated product list with pre-negotiated prices by Trinity, enabling members to order the right products at competitive rates. It also provides a level of control to hospitality operators, ensuring that teams order the right items while providing managers of larger organisations with complete visibility over orders placed.

While the tool provides an intuitive and hassle-free ordering experience, we are continually working to enhance its usability and compatibility with all devices.

We are committed to improving the application's functionality, appearance, and performance by incorporating user feedback and industry insights. The goal is to provide members with an exceptional supplier ordering tool that caters to their needs, reducing the time required to place supplier orders.

Revolutionise the way you place orders.

Say goodbye to the hassle of waiting on the phone, sending countless emails, visiting multiple supplier websites, and wondering if your orders have been received. With Cherry Pi, you can place orders with all your suppliers at once, anytime, anywhere!

Take control of your purchasing like never before.

Enjoy complete control over what products your team can purchase and from which suppliers. Be confident that you are paying an agreed, negotiated price.

Regular repeat orders are now a breeze.

Cherry Pi remembers all the details of your previous orders, saving you valuable time and effort. And if there's any catalogue or price change, our dedicated team manages the process on your behalf.

Finding and adding products has never been easier!

With Cherry Pi, it's quick and simple to search for productsand the team at Trinity is always on hand to support you when you want to make additions to your product portfolio.

Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 10
If you're not using Cherry Pi yet, here's what you are missing:

Cherry Pi's sweet upgrades: Better than ever


Last year, the team launched the first phase of a new Cherry Pi update which included lots of 'under the hood' system enhancements along with a better page layout.


We recently introduced the update's second phase, which features significant changes to make order building faster and more accessible. We have implemented several userfriendly features, including:

• Additional product searching options: We've added new ways to search for products on Cherry Pi! Additional filters will help you quickly find what you're looking for.

+ By nominal code - If your organisation already uses nominal codes for products, you'll love the new filter that allows you to search by them.

+ By recently ordered – This lets you sort orders by the date they were placed, so you can quickly find orders from the past month, two months, or even three months ago.

+ By product category – We've improved the list of categories to help you find the exact product you need faster. The new categories are multi-level; for example, you can filter the list for 'butchery' or narrow the search further to show just 'beef'.

• Price per g/ml: A supermarket-style "price per g/ml" has been added to product listings, enabling quicker price comparisons across different weight and pack sizes.

• View items on order from the product list: The enhanced "plus" button allows users to view and change the quantity of items ordered from within the product list.

• Supplier logos: To make order scanning easier for users, the team has added supplier logos to the order list page, also making it easier to identify specific orders.* * Coming soon.


In the third phase, due in the next few months, we will introduce product photos, improve the small-screen device experience, and provide grid and list view options. We will also add a product detail view that will enable you to see more information about the available products.

Our goal is to make Cherry Pi the best in class and to save hospitality businesses additional time, enhancing their day and vastly improving their operations. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Ordering made easier, time saved and greater transparency - give Cherry Pi a try and experience the ultimate in ordering efficiency!

To book a demo, contact

Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 11


your team! Gain control over your supplier ordering process

Top benefits that clients love

✔ Place orders with multiple suppliers through one single web site

✔ No more phone ordering – saving a huge amount of time

✔ Total control over the products that can be ordered

✔ Powerful order approval and order notification system

✔ Fully automated tracking of the status of all your orders

✔ Cut-off time alerts and order countdown notification

✔ View suppliers’ delivery schedules, minimum order values and contact details

✔ Create bespoke ordering lists and share them with your team

Training and support

Cherry Pi is available as part of the Pi systemcomplimentary to all Trinity Purchasing clients

✔ There is no additional charge for implementation or configuration

✔ No charge or limit on number of users

✔ No charge for online-training, help or support

Available to all Trinity clients

Free-up valuable time and resources

You will no longer have to log in to separate supplier websites to place orders. With Cherry Pi you can send orders to multiple suppliers from the same web portal – saving lots of time and stress remembering all those passwords and logging in/out of different websites. What’s more, Cherry Pi has been modelled on supermarket shopping websites, so it is very intuitive and extremely easy to use. You and your staff will love it!

Placing orders takes just a few minutes!

The product search is a thing of beauty! Without needing to know the supplier simply start typing and all available matching products are displayed. Once you select the item, the system automatically identifies which supplier that product is sourced from and then creates an order for that related supplier.

Buy the right products at the right price

Cherry Pi gives you total control - you can select the suppliers and products which can be ordered. For example, only approved products where the price has been already negotiated and agreed will be visible.

Intelligent approval process

When an order is placed it can be forwarded to a budget holder within your business for approval prior to being sent to the supplier.

Once an order has been created, a purchase order number is automatically generated. This can be overridden if required or it can be made mandatory, so that no orders are sent unless the PO number has been provided. Furthermore, your team can view a monthly spend report with the click of the button.

Track your order

Once your order has been sent to the supplier, the system automatically updates the status so you can be confident that the supplier has received and is processing your order. The system also features a supplier order cut-off notification, which shows a countdown of the time you have left to place an order for the next available delivery date.

Pi can do a whole lot more for your organisation

Pi has been designed and developed to offer Trinity clients a full P2P (Purchase-to-Pay) management via one central online platform. You can order with multiple suppliers, book-in the delivered order, approve the invoice and request credit notes when required. Additionally data can be exported to an account finance package to make the supplier payment.

Contact us on to find out more

Available in recyclable 40ml tubes and recyclable, refillable 285ml Ultralux dispenser fitted into a single or double bracket with a choice of two colours.

ZERO% products contain Vitamin E, Panthenol, plant-derived USP glycerin and natural conditioning agents from honey and the brassica plant.

Zero sulphates, zero parabens, zero phthalates, zero artificial colours and zero animal testing –Naturally KIND™ Formulations. Good for you. Good for the environment.

For more information, please email:

Sometimes there is nothing better than… nothing.
Available in Continental Europe
ZERO% is a clean ingredient bath and body brand, designed and formulated with ingredients that emphasise purification and hydration.
EXPLORE AUTHENTIC INDIAN FLAVOURS WITH THE KNORR READY TO USE INDIAN SAUCES RANGE *AGGREGATED UK WHOLESALE VALUE SALES 52 DECEMBER 2022 ** Serving Suggestion For more information, contact Trinity Purchasing on: Available in Ireland Protein supports the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Enjoy as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. APM TRINITY AD_210x148mm.indd 1 25/08/2022 17:46 Available in Ireland


Starting a new business is a challenge. And as sisters Dominique and Nicole Hutten discovered when they took on the Hotel & Brasserie Inn Salland in Raalte, Netherlands, starting a new hospitality business during the pandemic proved even harder.

They spoke with us about their journey and how their hotel is now a big success, thanks in part to the operational support provided by the Trinity Purchasing team.


In September 2020, we saw great potential in a local hotel that was up for sale, so we took it on. With 41 guest rooms on the edge of Raalte in the Netherlands, it's something of a local landmark.

The building is constructed in a distinctive timber-framed farmhouse style, contrasting with the local Dutch architecture. Our first year was what I called 'the year of survival', as we had so many challenges.

Partnering with Trinity

A visit from one of the Trinity team opened our eyes to the potential of

Member case study
Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 16

benefiting from their purchasing power as part of a larger group. It sounded interesting, but our focus then was on many other projects. However, Trinity promised to do all the work for us.

We began working with Trinity Purchasing at the end of 2021. We started small, and they were able to negotiate savings with some of our existing suppliers.

Time and cost savings

We started to broaden our range of suppliers as the partnership continued. We trust Trinity to only work with quality suppliers, and we saved a lot of time not having to find them ourselves.

By doing so, we've been able to achieve more cost savings. For

example, we've achieved 28% savings across non-food lines, 38% on cleaning chemicals, 16% on waste removal and 24% on fruit juices - all without compromising product or service quality.

We value quality products for a good price. Combining these two is essential to us, significantly when prices are rising and delivery times are getting longer.

Further support

We're currently working on remodelling parts of the hotel with the help of Trinity. We are now redoing our kitchen, so it was great to have access to a list of reliable partners to provide supplies for our upgrade works.

We trust Trinity to only work with quality suppliers, and we saved a lot of time not having to find them ourselves.
If you are looking for time and costsaving solutions for your operations, we’re here to help. Get in touch at
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CONTINUOUS SNACKING 23% butter Available in Belgium
Fabric Technology Waterproof
2 3


Showcasing the latest trends, innovations, and solutions

Last year, our Trinity Purchasing Belgium team organised successful regional events for hotel, restaurant and leisure operators, which brought together the latest solutions, products and trends in the industry all in one place. We are excited to bring these events back in 2023!

We kicked off our first event of the year in March at the Holiday Inn Express in Ghent, Belgium, and we were happy to see so many of our members attend. Here are the highlights from the event!

Supplier showcase

Over 50 food and non-food suppliers showcased their latest products, services, and special promotions.

"It's not often that our members see many of their suppliers in one place," says Kristel. "This event makes it easy for our suppliers and members to connect in person. Members can discuss their needs, and suppliers can present their solutions on the spot."

Best practices and expertise

We know price increases are causing a lot of challenges for many hospitality operators, so to support them, we provided insights into how operators can mitigate price increases across food and non-food purchases.

Latest technology

Because we understand that operators are looking for ways to save staff time and resources, we showcased our cloud-based eProcurement system Pi. The system has been designed to help operators save time and increase efficiencies. It is effortless to use, it helps removes mundane admin tasks, and gives you control over your spending!

Valuable networking

"There were a lot of great opportunities for members to take away useful information that will impact their operations," says Tony. "It also provided a chance to connect with their peers in the industry and share their best practices and tips within a nice atmosphere."


We will be hosting more events regionally across Belgium in 2023! Here is a preview of our upcoming events:




Western Flanders

Look for more information in the coming months!

If you would like to know more about the events, contact your Relationship Manager or

Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 19


There are many fire risks that hotels and hospitality operators need to manage. Whether inside the premises, for example, in the kitchen or outside in the car park area, you must have the correct product in place! In this article, BGS Fire Safety expert, Adel Oueslati, highlights some of the fire risk areas and the latest solutions they offer.

Electric Cars & Bikes Fire Safety Solution

Fire Blankets are the only solution for fires in electric vehicles and bikes.

As many hotels now provide electric car recharge stations and electric bikes to enhance their guests' experiencewe want to highlight some potential fire risks that might arise and the solutions we can offer.

Electric Cars. An electric vehicle's burning battery can wreak havoc within seconds, and the lithium batteries used in electric vehicles also continue to burn and cannot be extinguished by traditional means.

Our fire blankets provide the solution to stop the fire from getting oxygen and bring it under control. It is the only solution that works on vehicles with lithium batteries. The fire

blankets for cars come in a robust Smart bag and weigh 28 kg.

Electric Bikes. A burning battery of your electric bike is one of the most common causes of damage to bike racks. The fire blanket for electric bikes isolates flames, smoke, and toxic fumes within seconds.

These fire blankets for bikes come in a robust smart bag, and weigh 15 kg.

Available in Belgium Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 20
Our fire blankets provide the solution to stop the fire from getting oxygen and bring it under control. It is the only solution that works on vehicles with lithium batteries.

Sustainable Solutions

BGS BIOSTAR 6 L Flourine-free Foam Extinguisher. Our fluorinefree BIOSTAR 6 L foam extinguisher provides an organic solution, with no harmful substances in the foam. But with the same qualitative extinguishing power of 27A-144B extinguishing capacity - currently the highest rating among foam extinguishers. The new foam extinguisher is very easy to operate, refillable (auxiliary) and can be used on electrical installations of up to 1,000 V.

Chemical fluorine compounds, also used in other applications such as non-stick pans, are extremely strong and virtually non-degradable when released into the environment. These so-called PFAS materials are dangerous for humans and animals in the long term. Hence, we must do something about it now. As firefighting

professionals, we took responsibility and developed these new fluorine-free foam extinguishers.

BGS extinguishers are sustainable and safe. Our sustainability guarantee is ensured by maintenance and aftercare performed by the experienced BGS technical team in accordance with the applicable safety standards. All our maintenance teams are managed from a central hub to work as efficiently as possible.

Added value service

Process control, cost reduction, routine maintenance, and facilities planning are at the heart of the BGS workflow. Our organisation also guarantees waste processing according to the applicable standards and, where necessary, recycling by approved processing facilities.

Important to know

Effective on 1 January 2023: Use permitted only at locations where all released foam liquid can be collected and processed (e.g. tank storage, chemical industry)

As of 4 July 2025: No further use allowed, and (residual) stockpiles must be disposed of as processed hazardous waste.

If you're interested in any of the fire solutions mentioned or would like to learn more about BGS, contact your Relationship Manager or news@

A family holding company with a mission

Q-group is a family-owned holding company active in the food industry. We are building a Q-family of like-minded people and we make ambassadors out of all our employees and partners in order to grow and shape the future together.

Nos sites

• The Q-group headquarters are located in Lokeren.

• 4 production sites and logistic platforms: Lokeren, Neder-Over-Heembeek, Chimay and Neufchâteau

• Clean cattle breeding (Q-Beef) Dendermonde

• 15,000 m2 of production facilities

• 52 trucks and vans on the road every day

Multi Meat


Would you like to be supported in your production?

We help you with advice, sales, orders, larger customer orders, etc.

- Always at the forefront of new trends for your customers

- Tell us your specific wishes and needs and we will offer you tailor-made solutions!


From boning, portioning, cooking fresh meat, packaging cold cuts, to vegetarian/ vegan, ready-to-eat and theme products: we have everything for the most demanding customers!

In cooperation with carefully selected partners, we offer you fresh products to complete your range

- We deliver all important orders for barbecues, buffets and parties

- Adapt your product and its quality to your sales requirements.


High quality meat, raised and processed in Belgium.


Commercial References

Q-food: 4000 / De Bruycker: 7850 /

Q-food Ardenne: 50 / Vegabites: 300 / Salaisons du Hainaut: 250

Beef Pork Veal Lamb Horse Chicken Turkey Veggie Halal CMYK5-98-100-0
Q- ogistics 5-98-100-0 0-0-0-100 Q-logistics Q- ogistics Available in Belgium


• sustainable and holistic view of food, people and ecologyfood safety

• The most dynamic and innovative player in the sector

• Enthusiastic and experienced teams

• Balanced and market-driven pricing

• Q = company hygiene, reliable deliveries, punctuality and consistent quality

• Real-time, permanent, automatic temperature control temperature control during transport!

• GPS location

• Real-time data transmission

Let our specialists take care of you! Regional
• ordering moment • delivery • invoice
more information, please email:
Smart choice !
and local products 1


Whether our members want to reduce costs, enhance their operations, increase efficiencies, or reduce their carbon footprint – our team of experts provide a consultative approach that best meets their needs.

We support a wide range of hospitality and nursing home operations – from budget to five-star hotels, aparthotels,

restaurants, and more. No matter the scale of your operation, our goal is always the same - to become an extension of your teams, helping you achieve your unique goals.

If you're looking for solutions to enhance your operations, increase efficiencies, reduce costs and achieve your business goals – get in touch. Contact us for any support you need at

We are here to help.

Member: VMH Group, with four hotels in the Netherlands

Their goal: Save time on manual tasks and scale up the business

We're keen to continue to grow the scale of our business and add more hotels, which will require systems that simplify administration and management.

For several years, we have been working with Trinity, who managed the purchase of our goods and energy contracts. Because of Trinity’s Purchasing network, we are achieving savings across many suppliers, including card payment costs, pest control, and food and beverage.

They also provide best-practice solutions and ideas that would work well for our hotels. For example, they support us with sustainable solutions for our guests through their e-bike supplier.

We've been working with Trinity since 2019, and now that we have a strong partnership and system in place with our current hotels, we can use the 'blueprint' for our new hotels, which will save us much time.

Here is a selection of a few member stories:
Member case study Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 24

Member: Parkhotel Kurhaus in Bad Kreuznach, Germany, a 116-room property built in 1913

Their goal: Source from the right suppliers to strengthen guests' experiences

We are the only property in our hotel group in Germany, which means it was a challenge to find suitable suppliers initially.

Trinity gave us the opportunity to trial new suppliers that provide the right solutions to our hotel whilst saving us money; this includes cleaning products, food supplies and guest room amenities.

We are happy working with them - we find the relationship beneficial.

Our Trinity relationship manager helps with all the groundwork, which saves us valuable time. And we have access to a comprehensive portfolio of suppliers that provide products and solutions to hotel operators.

Member: Hotel Melba, a family-run establishment in Bastogne, Belgium

Their goal: Expertise and consultancy to support hotel improvements

For the 30th anniversary of our hotel in 2024, we plan to invest in improving our hotel amenities and services to enhance our guests' experience and meet their new needs whilst adapting to the current economic constraints and ecological issues.

We are happy that we have partnered with Trinity and can rely on their professionalism and support with this project.

And we are particularly grateful to our Relationship Manager for her help and expertise. At each of our requests, she has provided us with a proposal of suitable suppliers, and solutions were adapted to meet our specific needs in areas such as paints, textiles, bedding, adequate lighting, equipment and many more! Trinity listens and provides efficient solutions to our needs.

Hotel Melba General Parkhotel Kurhaus in Bad Kreuznach
Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 25


As a company, we care about positively impacting people and the planet. This is why we are excited to launch our sustainability plan:


Creating a sustainable workplace Supporting our communities

We’re doing our bit in the workplace to reduce our fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions. And as our work centres around people, we make them a critical focus of our sustainability plan. We do this by:

1. Increasing the uptake of electric and hybrid vehicles in our company car fleet

2. Reducing commuter car travel through hybrid working

3. Providing a wide range of training, development and mentoring opportunities

4. Training all our managers to be Mental Health First Aiders

5. Providing equal opportunities, diversity, and inclusion (ie. Women in leadership and LGBTQ+ communities’ groups)

At Trinity Purchasing, we are passionate about giving back to the community and supporting our nominated charitiesBeyond the Moon and Kinderkankerfonds VZW Charity.

Beyond the Moon offers happiness, relaxation and pleasure to families with sick children by allowing them to enjoy a cost-free, all-inclusive holiday far away from the hospital to give hope, energy and joy.

Kinderkankerfonds VZW Charity provides a better quality of life for children with cancer and their families and also support scientific research in the fight against childhood cancer.

Company progress
Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 26

Helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint

We support our clients on their carbon reduction journey and helping them to achieve their sustainability goals through:

1. Responsible and ethical sourcing

2. Supporting diversity in the supply chain

3. Focusing on core commodities

4. Supporting sustainable awards and accreditations

5. Supporting client community initiatives

We work closely with suppliers to build a robust and sustainable supply chain. Our sustainability efforts range from asking detailed questions during the sourcing process to evaluating requirements for contracting, monitoring performance, and driving improvements. We also work in partnership with suppliers that can provide industry-recognised accreditations in each country for environmental and social responsibility.

Staying ahead

In addition to sourcing alternative sustainable products, we support clients to achieve recognised sustainable schemes or accreditations within their sector.

We also share new product innovations and solutions and provide market insights and data that can help support your sustainable strategy.

At Trinity, we are keen to support our members with their carbon reduction goals. If you need sustainability support – please get in touch with us at
Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 27
We’re here to help.

Explore the hotel's surroundings in style

Our Tenways CGO800S makes any cycling trip not only easier and faster, but also more fun.

Range: 100 km

Weighs only 19 kg

Removable battery

Integrated display

Suspended front fork

Direction indicator!

We deliver this award-winning e-bike cycling-ready, and it comes with annual maintenance and insurance against theft and vandalism. Hop on this e-bike with confidence with 24/7 breakdown coverage.

Will your guests be enjoying this e-bike soon? Contact

Available to all Trinity clients


sustainable supply chain, as we must work with suppliers that can assist Trinity Purchasing and our members to meet sustainable sourcing goals

The Trinity team is helping our members to reduce their carbon footprint by looking across the broad range of critical commodities – from paper and

chemical usage to food/agriculture and plastic use. We can work on alternatives and suggest more sustainable options by identifying those commodities that impact our environment the most.

One of these critical areas is to reduce single-use plastic use. We have teamed up with Brita to highlight some of their solutions.

If you need support reaching your sustainability goalsplease get in touch with us at

Brita Vivreau, a global provider of water dispensing and bottling solutions including chilled, sparkling, or hot water to any business.

Potential savings

A hotel with 246 rooms and 78% occupancy, selling 8,000 bottles a year through their restaurant & bar using a Britta filtration system for 5 years saves up to:

25.000 EUR 277 kg plastic waste

Solution for: Rooms selfserving, Meetings, Buffets, Spa, Staff canteen

1.097Kg CO2

Solution for: RoomService (BoH), Restaurants, MICE

Vivreau TopPRO

Medium to high capacity: 50 l/hr and 85 l/hr options

Vivreau Fill 200 High capacity: 120 l/hr Double filling option


The demand for sustainable and high-standard food has never been higher. Customers care about the quality of what is on their plates and where it comes from. Nancy Van Neyghem from Mowi Belgium will introduce some sustainable fresh fish solutions to consider adding to your menus to delight your customers.

Three sustainable fish products to consider

1. Farm-raised Atlantic Salmon

We are part of Mowi ASA, a leading global seafood company and the world's largest producer of Atlantic salmon. With a fully integrated value chain from salmon feed and eggs to final product, we offer tasty, healthy, nutritious and responsible products of the highest quality for your customers.

2. MOWI Professional Smoked salmon

Mowi Belgium in Ostend is Belgium’s only fully integrated salmon smokehouse.

The salmon fillets are traditionally dry-salted with pure sea salt and then dried for 18-24 hours in a conditioned maceration room. Next, they are smoked on beech wood, giving the salmon their delicate smoky

flavour. A crucial step after smoking is maturation: this gives the product time to develop the intense flavour that makes top-quality smoked salmon special.

3. MSC-certified fresh fish from Iceland

To offer the best quality fresh whitefish, we have partnered with

Icelandic fishing and fish processing companies for the daily supply of fresh fish. The time between catch, processing and delivery is kept as short as possible to provide topquality fresh fish.

Our range of MSC-certified Icelandic fish includes cod, saithe, plaice, redfish, haddock, lemon sole and catfish.

Advertorial Available in Belgium Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 30

About us

70 years of expertise

Mowi Belgium, a renowned fish specialist since 1953, provide fish and seafood that is responsibly sourced and delicious all year round.

Our extensive range of fish and seafood offers fresh and frozen fish, smoked, breaded or marinated fish, assembly-ready products and other specialities.

Key partnerships to ensure quality

Next to products from our production facilities, we also work with dedicated partners to guarantee consistent quality year-round, from catch to plate.

Sustainability at the heart of what we do

The nature of our products ensures that we put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We only source sustainably caught or responsibly farmed fish. Healthy fish stocks are vital for future generations to enjoy healthy and tasty seafood.

In 2022, Mowi topped the sustainable protein producer ranking in the Coller FAIRR Protein

Producer Index for the fourth consecutive year.

Mowi Belgium also achieved the VOKA Sustainable Business Charter for four consecutive years and the internationally recognised UNITAR SDG Pioneer certificate.

If you're interested in learning more about Mowi's fresh fish solutions, contact your Relationship Manager or

Healthy fish stocks are vital for future generations to enjoy healthy and tasty seafood.
Mowi Belgium, a renowned fish specialist since 1953, provide fish and seafood that is responsibly sourced and delicious all year round.


any hospitality operators are experiencing price increases, supply chain issues, and significant staff churn.

Alan Cruite, General Manager, Ireland at Trinity Purchasing, our industry expert with over 24 years of experience in the HORECA industry, shares his four tips to help ensure your operation succeeds during these challenging times.

Ask for a better energy deal

While you may want to sign a new energy deal with your existing supplier when your contract ends – now is the time to shop around. The market is volatile, and prices can differ substantially from alternative gas and electricity suppliers.

Our solution: Ask your current provider for their best deal, or chat with us about alternative solutions and get quotes. Our team of experts has been working hard to deliver a package that gives business energy users greater cost certainty, and we benchmark to provide savings for your business.

Consolidate suppliers with care

Consolidating your portfolio of suppliers offers many benefits. It can deliver cost savings due to higher volume spend, decreased administration, and reduced carbon footprint from fewer van deliveries. However, be aware that switching to a new supplier can disrupt supply chains if not managed effectively. Staying with a long-term supplier can sometimes be more straightforward; however, ensure competitive pricing and quality still meet your needs.

Our solution: If you want to consolidate your supply chain, our team can support you every step of the way. From sourcing the right supplier partners to benchmarking and setting up the accounts - we will take care of it.

Sharing expertise
M 1
Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 32

Online systems save time

We're all busy and sometimes too busy to implement systems in our organisations that will help us save time! However, the up-front effort will save time and trouble in the long run by increasing operational efficiencies. So, move from manual to automated digital systems as soon as possible.

There are typically two options: operators can either pay for a standalone system(s) or work with a procurement partner, which provides an associated system as part of the overall offering.

Our solution: At Trinity, our cloud-based eProcurement system Pi offers one platform designed to support hospitality procurement, catering, operations and finance teams. It includes supplier ordering, invoice management, purchase coding, management reporting and more! It takes care of otherwise time-consuming tasks at no cost to your organisation and comes with free training and online support.

Supplier and price management

Thanks to current market conditions, operators don't have the time to monitor categories, suppliers and pricing adequately – it has the potential to be a team member's full-time job.

To work around this, seeking help from a procurement partner with vast industry knowledge will keep you ahead of the game and add real value to your business.

Our solution: Our team of experts negotiate competitive prices across food and non-food categories for our multiple clients and helps them to manage ongoing supplier relationships. We also provide valuable market updates and know impending price rises or supply constraints.

We’ll share our expertise and find the solution that meets your guest's needs. Chat with us at

At Trinity, we can provide the support, insights and online tools to reduce costs and save your team time.
3 4 Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 33



We are not just about food – we can deliver substantial savings across both food and non-food categories. In some cases, you can even make savings with existing suppliers. It's that easy!

If a category does not fall under your responsibilities, we would encourage you to pass our details to your colleagues, so we can help your business to be in better financial health.


Trinity has over 1000 members across 11 countries with 400 national and international suppliers. Our price files are based on our collective members’ spend, ensuring our clients get the very best pricing in the marketplace.

We benchmark for you and look at how your current pricing could be improved to give you some immediate savings. Our benchmarks are quick and transparent and can provide our clients with an instant saving report.


Trinity’s Relationship Managers follow a stringent benchmarking process to give you a truly fair, impartial price review - taking into consideration the product size, quality and volume you buy.

Our services Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 34

More than ever, businesses are looking for ways to drive their costs down. Delivering savings is our area of expertise – so let the Trinity team help you!

A price review can ensure you are getting the best value from your current suppliers – across all your areas of spend.


Commercial equipment


Laundry & linen


Tableware & disposables


Ambient, frozen & chilled


Fresh fish

Fresh meat

Fruit & vegetables

Cleaning & hygiene

Card processing

Gas & lighting

Paint & DIY

Marketing & printing

Workwear & footwear

Pest control


Equipment maintenance

Specialist & fine foods


Bread & bakery



Alcohol (beer/wines/spirits)

Soft drinks

Coffee & hot beverages

If you would like the Trinity team to carry out professional benchmarking for you –contact your Relationship Manager or email



he pandemic is starting to seem like a distant memory, and the hotel industry is seeing a surge in demand, with travellers eager to make up for the lost time. However, with such high demand comes even higher expectations from guests.

Hotels must provide a seamless experience, from booking to arrival and beyond. Luckily, technology can be a game-changer here. By embracing the latest digital technology, hotel operators can ensure their guests have an enjoyable and hassle-free stay.

Using virtual reality to increase bookings

The trend: Virtual reality will play a key role in guests choosing their accommodation. Hotels can increase their chances of receiving a new booking by providing prospective guests with a virtual tour of their facilities.

According to Business Leader, 46% of people would more likely travel to a new place after visiting it virtually. These virtual tours can also help hotels stand out from competitors yet to implement them.

Our solution: Our supply partner Omni VR creates virtual 3D tours for hotels, which can be integrated into your hotel's website and displayed on Google. Their tours will promote your hotel amenities, which can increase interest and lower the barriers to booking.

Touchless stays

The trend: An important legacy from the pandemic will undoubtedly be an eye for impeccable cleanliness and a preference for touchless facilities.

Touchless stays go beyond contactless payments - including sensor lights, switches and doors, or voice-activated appliances – offering peace of mind for guests.

Our solution: Our supply partner HOTEK provides a keyless entry experience for guests called Your Mobile Key. This "cloud-hosted platform" allows guests to open hotel locks electronically using their smartphone without installing an app. It's easy to make realtime changes to the WebApp and offer push promotions or messages to guests.

Sharing expertise
T 1 2
Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 36
Here are four digital trends for hotels to help you to stay ahead of the curve in 2023:

Remote work technology

The trend: We identified Bleisure (Business + Leisure) as a key trend in 2022 and this will continue in 2023.

As business travel continues to ramp up, guests have high expectations regarding technology to fulfill their remote-work tasks. This includes providing free and fast wi-fi, as they would have at home.

Our solution: Our supply partner Nonius offers guest wifi, allowing you to manage access and engage with guests, providing all the tools and support you need to offer a fantastic guest experience.

Smart rooms

The trend: Smart technology is critical to providing a seamless experience for hotel guests. One example is smart thermostats, which help regulate temperature, save energy and reduce costs. Other opportunities for smart tech include automated lighting systems or smart TVs.

Our solution: Our supply partner SuitePad’s Digital Guest Directory, takes this one step further, enabling guests to order room service, schedule wellness appointments, or book their next stay at the push of a button. They can also let you know if they'd like to skip cleaning services for a day, keeping your operations sustainable.

And Nonius can provide a smart hotel TV platform to offer your guests high-quality entertainment. Guest can cast their streaming content into the TV or choose from a personalised assortment of TV Channels and apps. Promote your services through these hotel TVs, which also allow guests to order room service or make restaurant reservations.

If you want to enhance your guest experience with the latest innovative technology, our team is here to help.

We’ll share our expertise and find the solution that meets your guest's needs. Chat with us at news@

3 4 Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 37

Hotels require a reliable source of energy for a variety of different applications, such as central heating, cooking, hot water, swimming pools and air conditioning. LPG is just that – a reliable choice that delivers an energy supply for all your needs, with less risk of power cuts, even in the remotest of areas.

Chefs and hotel professionals choose LPG from Tervas for its:

 Speed It provides immediate heat on ignition, without the need for any warm up period

 Control It produces heat that responds instantly and changes in setting and distributes the heat more broadly across the base of cooking implements

 Cleanliness It burns efficiently with no black smoke. It leaves no marks on cooking implements, making washing easier after cooking.

For more information, contact Trinity Purchasing on

When did you last check your energy bills?

Chances are you’re using more than you need to, and paying more than you should

Trinity Energy Services can help you reduce energy overheads

Available in Ireland
Available in Ireland
LPG from Tervas provides an energy supply that is clean, flexible, and efficient.

Supplier Ordering The powerful online ordering system allows users to place orders with multiple suppliers through one single web portal.

Record Supplier Deliveries Deliveries can be recorded in the system in seconds, using the supplier order as a template.

Invoice Management The heart of the purchase-to-pay process. Supplier invoices are processed automatically as soon as they arrive digitally, directly from suppliers.

Purchase Coding The system vastly reduces unnecessary administration as it enables ‘purchase coding’ rules to be configured.

Management Reporting You can view real-time granular detail management information in a series of dynamic customisable tables, graphs and charts.

Revitalize Your Revenue! WITH IRELAND’S LEADING HOSPITALITY VENDING SUPPLIER Hot & Cold Drinks and Snacks Vendor email us today to arrange for one of our experienced representatives to take you through the next steps and show you how, with our proven track record, we can provide increased vending revenues. All machines now available are tap & go Available in Ireland Pi is fully configurable and has been designed to meet your requirements, from basic supplier ordering and electronic invoice management to a fully integrated business management tool covering menu management, inventory control and much more. Award-winning, cloud-based purchase-to-pay solution.
Let’s talk … Want to find out more about how the Pi system can help your organisation, reduce administration and drive efficiencies? Email us on Available to all Trinity clients


otels Libertel is a group of five ideally situated hotels around Paris, France, all providing travellers with a comfortable and convenient stay.

However, like many hospitality businesses, the hotel group has faced its fair share of challenges over the last few years – from price increases to product shortages.

We spoke with Pierre Burignat, Operations Manager at Hotels Libertel, who shares more about these challenges and how Trinity has helped support their operations throughout their sixyear partnership.


We started to work with Trinity six years ago to benefit from their purchasing power and extend the list of our supplier partners. Since our partnership began, they have helped us through several challenges, saving us time and money, and we have built a relationship of trust over the years.

I would recommend Trinity Purchasing to any hotel and restaurant colleagues to help them save money and for the operational support and responsiveness that the Trinity team provides.
Member case study Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 40

Operational challenges

Since the start of the pandemic, we have had a lot to manage, especially on the operational side. Regarding supplier purchasing, we have had to deal with product shortages and certain suppliers going out of business. The biggest challenge has been the sharp price increases, particularly for energy.

Mitigating price increases

During this time, Trinity introduced us to alternative suppliers to replace those out of business, saving us time. Recently, they have helped us through the energy increases by advising us of an energy broker and organised a webinar on energy which was very informative!

Trinity has also helped us save money – with food and non-food areas, including hygiene & chemicals. We now have a great collaboration with Ecolab – the prices provided through this Trinity partnership have been great.

We appreciate them monitoring the prices in the market across all the

categories, always helping us to mitigate any price increases.

Supplier management and support

The Trinity team helps us find the right supplier partners, provides benchmarking and quotations, and negotiates the best rates for us. When we have problems with suppliers, they help us solve them. We save a lot of time by not having to do this ourselves, and we can instead concentrate on our operations – providing the best experience for our guests.

Digital technology

We plan to use the Pi ordering system in all our hotels to save more time on orders. We will start with a pilot hotel and gradually roll it out to the group.

A strategic partner you can trust

I would recommend Trinity Purchasing to any hotel and restaurant colleagues to help them save money and for the operational support and responsiveness that the Trinity team provides.

We appreciate them monitoring the prices in the market across all the categories, always helping us to mitigate any price increases.
We’re here to help. Interested in learning more about how a Trinity partnership could save your hotel operations time and provide cost savings opportunities? Get in touch with us at
pastry, Maxi quality AND THAT’S HOW YOU SAVE TIME! 30 g / piece 100 pieces /box KB236 Mini butter chocolate roll 35 g / piece 100 pieces /box KB238 Mini butter raisin whirl 30 g / piece 100 pieces /box KB228 Mix box mini pastry 30-35-30 g / piece 100 pieces /box No defrosting required - Less stress, less waste More layers - Crispier, lighter and tastier Bake FROZEN at 160 to 180°C for 10 to 14 minutes.
attractive No defrosting required! EASY AND QUICK BAKING
TASTE, MORE VOLUME Scan the qr code and follow the steps in the video AFBAKINSTRUCTIE Available in Belgium Cheese! A happy breakfast to you! Available in Belgium


Anneleen Martens is a Relationship Manager at Trinity Purchasing, covering West Flanders in Belgium. As she celebrates ten years at Trinity, she looks back at where she started in the hospitality industry – and what's changed over time.

Hospitality industry experience

Initially, I worked for a group of franchised hotels and started at the front office in the Holiday Inn Express in Antwerp. I did the opening there, so we started from scratch which was a good experience, and grew into the role of front office manager.

I then spent some time on the sales team, looking after four hotels in Antwerp and managing corporate accounts. The general manager of the Holiday Inn Express in Antwerp, who launched Trinity, asked me to come and work with him.

Over the years, I have seen plenty of change. When I started at my first hotel, we still used fax machines to order supplies and confirm bookings! Technology has since changed quite a bit.

Growth of Trinity Purchasing

Seeing Trinity Purchasing’s membership base grow to over 2,000 members across Europe has been exciting. We started in 2011 by providing our services in Ireland and Belgium and now we have members in France, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, and more!

We have also broadened the range of our supplier partners and now have more than 120 in Belgium. Our suppliers now offer solutions to hospitality operators in F&B and non-food categories, covering everything from fresh food and catering suppliers to hotel amenities, maintenance, to refurbishments.

And, of course, with an increased number of members comes a larger support team! In the beginning, I was the sole person covering the whole of Belgium - I did a lot of kilometres! Now we have grown to a bigger team of experts. I became a Senior Relationship Manager, training many of my colleagues, and today we each cover separate regions of the country.

Passions and hobbies

Three years ago, I took a step back from training and management, to return to what I really love - being in hotels and helping our clients as a Relationship Manager. I'm also a keen chef, and one of my hobbies is giving cookery lessons, which I have been

doing for ten years for a women's association. I have a lot of experience with food, which is one of my strengths when looking at food pricing.

Colleagues share their stories

Paula Daenen, General Manager, Continental Europe shares, "Anneleen was there since the start of Trinity and helped to expand the business in Belgium. Without Anneleen, Trinity's business would not have grown as swiftly as it has!

Anneleen is always there to give advice and help. She brought her experience and knowledge due to her long history within the hospitality business. Next to being a great colleague, she's always willing to have a collegial glass of wine!"

Tony Dierckens, Senior Relationship Manager in Belgium, says, "When I started working for Trinity Purchasing in November 2018, Anneleen mentored me and showed me the ropes of the role.

We visited different clients together, which helped me gain a lot from her industry knowledge. During the past ten years, Anneleen and I continued to work together, and we are still sharing our experiences and having fun whilst doing so!"

Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 43


from Chefs Culinar's newest Chef, Geneal Harreman

In 2022 Chef's Culinar, Trinity's food partner in the Netherlands, opened their "Chefs Inspiration" centre in Nijmegen.

The inspiration centre offers a place where you can explore the latest trends, learn more about the origins of fresh products, and broaden your knowledge through Chefs Inspiration trainings, given by passionate professionals.

Meet Geneal

One of the centre's newest chefs is Geneal Harreman, who has worked within Chefs Culinar since October. Geneal gained knowledge in the hospitality field at several restaurants in Amsterdam, from brasseries to starred restaurants, including Vermeer, Rijks and De Kas. At Chefs Culinar, he helps operators put together creative menus while responding to rising prices.

We know many people love getting together with their family and friends in the spring, so we have asked Geneal to share a few of his latest dishes and recipes to inspire your brunch menus.

We're here to help.

If you need inspiration for your menus - get in touch with your Relationship Manager or contact

Sharing expertise

Little gem boats with chicken thighs

This dish features little gem lettuce boats filled with curry chicken and yoghurt. Your guests can dip into the sour and savoury ranch dressing and enjoy. My tip is to use chicken thigh instead of chicken breast. The meat is fattier and therefore has more flavour. Another added benefit is that chicken thigh is cheaper than chicken breast.

Recipe Preparation

1. Start by making the ranch dressing. Chop the parsley and dill (keep a few branches for garnish) as finely as possible. Grate the parmesan cheese (also as finely as possible) and set aside in a small bowl. Mix the mayonnaise, buttermilk, 50 ml whole yogurt and worcestershire sauce in a mixing bowl with a whisk and season with salt and pepper. Then add the parmesan and herbs.

2. On to the chicken thigh. Cut the meat into small cubes and sauté in a pan with oil until they begin to color nicely, then add the spices (vadouvan, curry madras and turmeric). Let fry on low heat for a while, then add 200 ml of yogurt. Let cook and reduce well until the yogurt sticks nicely around the chicken thighs.

Filo tower dish with smoked salmon

The dish pictured is a millefeuille of smoked salmon with tarragon, finished with a poached egg and a hollandaise sauce with black truffle. Millefeuille, literally translated, means "a thousand layers." To make this dish, you can use filo pastry. This dough is very thin and ideal for building up multiple layers. This way, you create crispy sheets for a filo meal. Use chili flakes and tarragon to give the dough extra flavour and spice!

For the full recipe including preparation instructions, wine pairing and chef’s tips, visit this link:

3. The dressing: cut the little gem lettuce in half and remove the core of the little gem so that you get a boat. Make a mirror of the ranch dressing on a plate and place the little boats in it. Fill the boats with the chicken thigh filling and garnish with some sprigs of dill if desired.


330 g chicken thigh

8 little gem

250 ml full yogurt

130 g mayonnaise

100 g parmesan cheese

50 g buttermilk

10 g worcestershire sauce

7 g vadouvan

7 g curry madras

5 g turmeric

Chef’s tip. Use chicken thigh instead of chicken breast. The meat is fattier and therefore has more flavor. Another added benefit, chicken thigh is cheaper than chicken breast.

Sabayon with spring fruit

Sabayon, we know from the classic French preparation, but you can go in any direction with it. It can be served as part of a dessert or as a stand-alone dessert. With a simple trick, adding fruit salad can make it into an accessible dessert ideal for brunch. By adding a pop of colour to it, it's a party!

For the full recipe including preparation instructions, wine pairing and chef’s tips, visit this link:

View recipe
Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 45
View recipe


The beverage market constantly changes as consumer trends modify behaviour, and producers look to gain attention with new product launches.

The media tell us that the younger generation is increasingly moving away from alcoholic beverages, and just a few years ago, who would have thought alcohol-free gin would gain traction?

What is clear is that consumers – across all generations – are increasingly making decisions based on a continued focus on health, wellness and sustainability.

Here are the top three beverage trends to watch out for in the year ahead.

Drinks which offer cognitive health benefits

Customers are progressively looking for beverages that help improve their mental performance to optimise their work and leisure time.

Interest in mental well-being has increased, and drinks that help improve focus and productivity will increase.

Mintel’s Global Food and Drinks Trends Report for 2023 points to three key themes:

• Products with low to moderate caffeine levels to boost the benefits such as productivity without over-caffeination

• Drinks with nutrients that have been clinically proven to support cognitive health, such as magnesium, B vitamins and zinc

• Fruit and vegetable ingredients, promoted for their holistic and mental health benefits, such as increased energy levels

Low- and no-ABV drinks

With healthy food and drinks increasing in popularity, this will also lead to an increased focus on alcohol in moderation this year. This will apply to all consumers, but especially the younger generation.

Many celebrities are helping this trend grow by launching their non-

Sharing expertise

alcoholic drink brands, like Betty Buzz, a sparkling non-alcoholic mixer from Blake Lively and Katy Perry’s De Soi, a line of nonalcoholic aperitifs. According to Yelp, searches for mocktails were up 59% between 2021 and 2022.

Operators can enhance their drinks menus and maximise revenue by offering low and nonalcohol alternatives. According to Bidfood’s recent report, 0% of beers are expected to be popular with consumers over the year ahead. In addition, more nonalcoholic beverages, including wines, are anticipated to hit store shelves this year.

Sustainable drinks and ingredients

Sustainability remains top-of-mind for consumers, so operators will benefit from highlighting innovative products and services that consumers perceive to be better for the environment. These include:

Milk alternatives. With vegan and plant-based diets on the rise, several

milk alternatives are readily available, such as soya, oat, and almond milk.

This number continues to grow, as shown by the latest available options in the USA – Hope and Sesame sesame milk and Táche, pistachio milk.

Drink products with sustainable messaging. Drinks cite scientific research to gain the trust of consumers. This can come from thirdparty certifications or voluntary labels supporting their environmental or ethical claims.

Zero-waste alcohol options. Sustainable cocktail bars and alcohol brands are taking more significant steps to mitigate their environmental impact.

For example, Discarded Spirits Co. is a zero-waste brand whose product range is created by re-using typically ‘wasted’ ingredients, including banana peels and the discarded fruit of the coffee berry.

And Bisou, Paris is a cocktail bar that sources local and organic ingredients, minimising waste by dehydrating leftover produce for edible garnishes.


Mintel Global Food and Drink Trends 2023

SmartBrief five food and beverage trends to watch for 2023

Bidfood 2023 Food and Beverage Trends

Yelp’s 2023 Food Trends

Are you looking to add new innovative drinks to your menu? Need inspiration or advice?

If you need help finding the latest innovative products, or new food or drink concepts that will help you meet the needs of your consumer – please contact us for any support at

We are here to help.


What is your role within Trinity? I handle the relationship between members and suppliers for the North and West of France. I support our members with their project purchases and more recurring purchases. I also help identify additional savings opportunities and provide hospitality expertise to members

Outline your career path within Trinity to date. I started working at Trinity Purchasing in May 2020 as a Relationship Manager. I arrived in the midst of COVID when France was severely impacted. It was nice to be able to help our members through this challenging time. Now the situation is much better - hotels are operating again and I’m able to work closely with

members so that they can develop and grow which is exciting!

What do you enjoy most about your role? I love being in contact with hoteliers, looking for new opportunities to help them improve their operations while seeking to support them with any issues and projects. I am a friendly person and I have always liked to help people which extends well into this role. We build trust with members and longlasting relationships, which is fulfilling.

What has been the highlight of your career within Trinity so far? Connecting with clients to develop our member network and expand the Trinity France portfolio.

Sum up your personality in five words or less. Friendly, funny, reliable, determined and passionate.

Favourite ice-cream flavour?

Italian chocolate ice cream, a classic.

YOUR PARTNER FOR A FU AND HEALTHY BREAKFAST Jam Juice Yoghurt Compotée Jam Hazelnut Chocolate Spread Plant-based Yoghurt For more information, please feel free to contact Available to all Trinity clients
Staff profiles


What is your role within Trinity?

I am a relationship manager for the Trinity Belgium team focusing on the Antwerp and East Flanders regions.

Outline your career path within Trinity to date. I’ve been a Relationship Manager at Trinity for the past three years. In this position, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about all the procedures hotels follow to streamline their purchasing processes. I’ve also built strong connections with members and suppliers.

What do you enjoy most about your role? Getting to help people is the best part of my role – whether I am providing advice to members on certain products or helping them whilst they are renovating their entire hotel.

What has been the highlight of your career within Trinity so far? It's been a period of small wins over the 3 years I've been with Trinity –bringing on some larger hotel groups as members has been my greatest success so far.

Why are you proud to work for Trinity? Working at Trinity feels like a community where I can develop myself and where I can put my talents to good use.

Sum up your personality in five words or less. Outgoing, present, loud, shy, handsome and very humble.

Early Bird or Night owl?

An early bird during the week, and a night owl on the weekend.

Dog or Cat person?

Definitely a Dog person! My loyal four-legged friend Freddie has been the most enthusiastic in the family for almost 6 years when I come home from work.

Favourite ice-cream flavour? Stracciatella.

Trinity Purchasing is a great point of reference for the world of Horeca. Attentive and efficient, they are a great help whilst searching for new suppliers. Their major advantage is to allow businesses to achieve cost savings.

Trinity Purchasing is undoubtedly an important partner for the Hôtel de la Source.

Hôtel de la Source

Staff profiles
René Beerda Relationship Manager
Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 49


In recent years, the hospitality sector has rolled out ambitious sustainability programmes in an effort to minimise its impact on the environment and improve the guest experience. Consumers are increasingly conscious that their daily movements and decisions affect the environment and are looking for sustainable alternatives to minimise that impact.

BIC Graphic Europe’s sustainability initiatives

Deeply aware of the importance of sustainability for over 25 years, and with a commitment rooted in our values, BIC Graphic Europe has an ambitious program of continuous innovation to minimize the impact of the production process on the environment, which positions us as a privileged partner of the hotel and restaurant industry.

At BIC Graphic Europe, we not only focus on our products, but we also want to help our customers in their daily efforts to contribute to real change in the preservation of the environment.

Our day-to-day, a traceable commitment to sustainability includes:

1. Manufacturing with electricity from 100% renewable sources,

Organic castor oil Wood sawdust Talc Barrel and clip are 100% Bio-Based. Made from recycled and bio-based materials BIC® Super Clip
BIC_Publireportatge_Imatge_230317.indd 1 17/3/23 14:02
made from natural materials
Available to all Trinity clients Issue 6 Trinity Magazine 50
At BIC Graphic Europe, we not only focus on our products, but we also want to help our customers in their daily efforts to contribute to real change in the preservation of the environment.

which therefore has a low environmental impact

2. Periodic audits and certifications

3. Low-impact printing with IMPRIM’VERT® sustainability certification

4. Sustainable programmes like Ubicuity™, a circular-economy initiative that has been working with Terracycle® since 2011. Our writing instruments become a table, chair, or bench!

Ecolutions® Range: Personalised products to reduce your carbon footprint

Our Ecolutions® Range includes a line of products made of recycled materials from various sources, such as fruit and vegetable trays, pharmaceutical packaging, plastic car parts, recycled fridges, or yoghurt

pots. They are also made from biobased materials like sugar cane, sawdust, talc and castor oil.

We also offer the highly innovative BIC® Super Clip Origin, which is the result of our dedication to sustainability research over more than two decades. The new BIC® Super Clip Origin is made of biodegradable materials in a blend of natural polymers without petroleum products, based on organic castor oil, sawdust, and talc.

All products are manufactured and printed at BIC’s factories in Europe, close to you, which notably reduces their carbon footprint and ensures a fast, reliable service for hotels.

Additional products available through BIC

We have a wide range of customisable products for the hospitality sector, to express and reinforce your brand

messages while providing added value for your customers, such as our BIC® lighters which are a very useful accessory in everyday life.

Think about writing the future. Think BIC.

If you’re interested in learning more about BIC Graphic’s sustainable product range, please contact your Relationship Manager or news@



TOP quality in special packaging


• Real 1:1 replacements for 50W GU10 halogen lamps

• High efficiency thanks to chip-reflector technology

• Quality label «Made in Germany»


• Modern LED technology, all-glass design

• Dimmable

• Light colours : 927, 930 & 940

• Lifetime : 15 000 hours

• Promo Pack : 5 pieces in a box

• Warranty : 3 years

LDVP1650D927B5G1 PARATHOM DIM PAR16 50 36DEG 4.5 W/2700K GU10 18,30 € LDVP1650D930B5G1 PARATHOM DIM PAR16 50 36DEG 4.5 W/3000K GU10 18,30 € LDVP1650D940B5G1 PARATHOM DIM PAR16 50 36DEG 4.5 W/4000K GU10 18,30 € AALST (053 60 62 00) - AALTER (09 352 07 70) - AARTSELAAR (03 870 82 70) - ALLEUR (04 364 02 30) - ANDERLECHT (02 526 12 26) - ANTWERPEN HAVEN NOORD (03 541 40 15)ARLON (063 42 02 20) - BASTOGNE (061 21 12 02) - BRUGGE (050 37 36 41) - DENDERMONDE (052 25 80 00) - GENT (09 254 17 11) - GENT (UZ) (09 216 00 00) - GEMBLOUX (081 62 04 60)GROOT-BIJGAARDEN (02 482 48 90) - HALLE (02 361 08 00) - HAREN (02 240 76 80) - HASSELT (011 85 93 60) - HERENTALS (014 28 55 40) - HOUTHALEN (011 60 07 20) - IEPER (057 47 57 47) - IXELLES (02 347 30 55) - JUMET (071 34 92 10) - KESSEL-LO (016 26 20 20) - KORTRIJK (056 43 00 80) - LIBRAMONT (061 23 09 88) - LIEDEKERKE (053 64 66 10) - LIER (03 489 26 16)MARCHE-EN-FAMENNE (084 31 18 93) - MARCINELLE (071 42 31 31) - MERKSEM (03 360 90 41) - MOL (014 31 86 53) - MONS (065 40 40 10) - NANINNE (081 40 99 10) - OVERPELT (011 39 74 74)ROESELARE (051 23 88 88) - RONSE (055 23 70 71) - SAINT-GHISLAIN (065 76 71 11) - SINT-JOB (03 663 56 50) - SINT-MARTENS-LATEM (09 282 90 00) - SINT-NIKLAAS (03 780 76 20)SINT-NIKLAAS (03 766 08 50) - TOURNAI (069 53 27 40) - TURNHOUT (014 41 65 31) - VERVIERS (087 30 72 11) - VICHTE (056 77 23 23) - WAREGEM (056 60 77 81) - WAUTHIER-BRAINE (02 681 16 30) - WAVRE (010 81 61 71) - WIJNEGEM (03 360 36 00) - WOLUWE (02 711 00 10) - ZWEVEGEM (056 72 71 88) OUR AGENCIES AT YOUR SERVICE Offers valid from 01/03/2023 until 01/07/2023 For more information, please email :
Available in Belgium