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Hearth & Garden Monthly ree F The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise! Edition August 2013

Our Realtors Sun & Sea Realty 2 Aruba Palm Realtors 2 Nahar’s (Kenneth) 4, 5,11 Associated Realtors 12 Alto Vista Real Estate 12 Home Sweet Home 13

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Volume 9 Year 1

What is better than being on a tropical island? Sea Sun Sand equal lush laid-back living. Simple yet elegant, easy & efficient. With Aruba always being innovative in investing both in its people and island, it’s a great place to be. Treasuring the past and looking to

expand the future. Shopping, dining, art & entertaining are always innovating here.

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly!

Living Small 4 Chinchirinchi 6 Alto Vista Real Estate 8 Tropic Cas 10 A good deal 16 Noord 55 18

Why not extend your stay and live in paradise. Whether you are looking for a small apartment or lavish mansion, you can find what you’re looking for just a page flip away. Local and international professionals are more than happy to help you find your dream.

ce Personal, Business, Home & Car Insurance an r r u ke s Retirement Planning- Wealth Managent In ro B Caya Frere Laurentius 8,

Oranjestad / Aruba E-mail: Tel: (297) 588-7745 Fax: (297) 588-1936 Cel: (297) 734-4434 VERDANT Insurance and Management Group N.V.



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013

Land, Residential & Commercial Real Estate, Vacation Rentals & Condo’s

Franklin Straat 5| Oranjestad| Phone: (297)5923177 Email: | Website:

# 6111882

# 6113017

USD $275000

USD $428970

3 Brd, 2 Bath, Alto Vista # 6144052

USD $565000

3 Brd, 2 Bath, Gold Coast # 6112995

USD $635000

9 Brd, 8 Bath, Casas Del Sol # 6172207

USD $1121000

USD $281356

USD $265000

4 Brd, 3 Bath, Palm Aruba # 6111868

USD $78090


$ 395, 000


USD $275000

2 Brd, 2 Bath,Tuscany Residence

Regent’s Park

$ 395,000

$ 365, 169

3 Bedr with walk in closet, 3 bath, carport, 752 m2 property


2 story , 3 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 1 studio apt, indep. office

USD $335000

3 Brd, 2 Bath, San Barbola # 6177768

4 Brd, 3 Bath,Sweelinck Villa Bubali

2 bed 1 bath plus 2 studio appt

4 Brd, 4 Bath, Matadera # 6111875

USD $845000

Shabururi land

$ 422,000

USD $990000

2 Brd, 2 Bath, Blue Residences # 6112988

4 Brd, 3 Bath, Jamanota # 6113011

2 Brd, 2 Bath, Oasis Condo # 6148297

Caya Ritmo

# 6144109

Luxury two-story home 3 bed 3 bath

Pos Abou

$ 549,000

$ 290, 000

Amazing 6 bdrm villa, 3 bthrm, pool, very specious, 2 ext. bdrm

Nice home like new 3 bed 2 bath with pool




$ 195,000

Brand New never lived in home, 3 bed 3 bath

$ 180,000

Cozy fully fenced home, 2 bed 1 bath

$ 147,100

Brand new just finished home, 2 bed 2 bath

Brickell bay Sandbar shops |J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 370 |Palm Beach| Aruba | Dutch Caribbean Tollfree |+1 877 586 8962| Office: +297 280 0339 | Mobile : +297 593 8700 | |


Aruba Palms Realtors

Raddisson Hotel Occidental Hotel

South Beach Benihana’s


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Sun & Sea Realty What is better than living on a tropic island? Warm breezes, blue skies, azure waters and white sandy beaches, the ultimate place to relax and just savor the moment. I’m lucky living here, says Marc Schotborg, owner of Sun & Sea Realty. When I was young I moved to Aruba from the neighboring island Curacao and I always liked the Aruban lifestyle. It’s typical mix of different cultures, the bridge between the Americas and Europe plus it’s tropical nature make it a perfect place to lay your hat. Buildings and architecture have always played an important role in my life, my father was a technical drawer, and helped design amongst many project, one of the first time share hotels on Aruba, the Aruba Beach Club and the first planned community on the island, now famous for its excellent golf course, Tierra Del Sol. When studying to become a professional licensed realtor in the Netherlands, many types and architectural styles made a lasting impression. Being a realtor is not just selling a house to another customer. You are finding a match to fit that person, their taste, and in most cases to their dreams.

“People are looking for different ways to own their piece of paradise”

With over 10 years’ experience in real estate, both off and on Aruba, working for established companies and now for my own, I’m still happy and content in my work. Sure, right now we are experiencing the aftermath of the worldwide crisis and I ventured on my own just after, but is there truly the perfect time to start something, or do you , after careful consideration and planning, just take the plunge? Aruba has been, is and will be a great location and what better way to prove it then my success? As is virtually anyone’s dream, before the crisis, people would get large big ocean front homes and there are still those who can afford a (second) home along the ocean. Who wouldn’t want to wake up, open your French doors and take a quick refreshing dive in the ocean or at night gaze at the dark blue vastness with the stars and planets as your guides while you drift off ? As is usually the case with less prosperous times, people are looking for different ways to own their piece of paradise. And of course, people will always need a home to call their own. We have noticed the impact of the recession, but as is Aruba’s versatile nature, the trends shifted to new parts of the market.

Owning a condominium, for instance always was a good alternative with less maintenance worries and I’ve noticed that especially repeat visitors and timeshare holders are looking to buy their share in one of the new projects that are being developed around the island. With downtown being revamped and plans are being developed to start the same for San Nicolas, many people are looking for possible investment options and I, as a licenced realtor, can help you find what is just right for you. Another trend island wide is people going back to the their roots, mixed with modern inventions. New homes that are being build round the island, in planned communities, use solar panels and innovative design to be comfortable yet environmentally friendly. Just give me a call I’m more than happy to show you your options of living in paradise.

Franklin Straat 5| Oranjestad| Phone: (297)5923177 Email: | Website:

Land, Residential & Commercial Real Estate, Vacation Rentals & Condo’s


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013

Living Small

Smarter & more efficient use of space It’s a trend. When a crisis hit, people reevaluate their needs and go back to their roots. As is the famous example, during the crisis in the eighties, people moved back to the city and Manhattan became the upscale place to live, where before it was the last place to be seen. During the following decade and Internet bubble, it became fashionable again to move away from work and live lavishly in the county side. After the worldwide crisis that hit us, people are yet again reevaluating the way they want to live. Even before the crisis, due to our increasingly aging population worldwide people started looking at different ways to live. After all, when you are first time home owners, your wishes and expectations are a lot different than when you’re retiring. Plus the home with the white picket fence also means a higher maintenance schedule then a condo where you can just turn the key.



Opp nique


2 story house in Seroe Blanco for Sale! 4.5 Bdr & 4 Baths, 230 sq m buildup area property land 687 sq m US $ 315.000.00 Real Estate Rentals, Sales, Residentials, Commercials And Land Call for more info: +297-566-3902 or visit:

And do you really want to commute back and forth, or don’t you mind a smaller space, but more quality time with your family. I guess the combination of people becoming more environmentally aware and the crisis, and because of that rising building costs, forced us to rethink the way we design or lives and therefore our homes. Your living space is a reflec-

tion of who you are. Nowadays people are more budget aware and think more before they spend. Based on your income you can obtain

“The latest trend is to choose high quality materials combined with energy saving technology” a certain amount of mortgage. If you are thinking of building a home, that means you have to buy a plot and then construct the home of your dreams, minus the extra costs, such as contactor, notary, bank and architect fees. People build smaller, without compromising comfort and functionality, thus smarter, says Leo Ponson, owner of Archiosa architects. The latest trend is to choose high quality materials, like marble and at the same time investing in newest technology like inverter fridges, air-conditioning and wash machines, to reduce utility costs. Plan smart lighting, using led and energy saving bulbs to reduce your consumption without feeling like your living on a housing diet. Do you really need a bedroom the size of a ballroom or would you


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013 rather have a spacious walk-in closet that could someday double as a second bedroom?


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Traditionally the core at angle from the wind and sun, so the bedroom would receive as little as possible direct sunlight and the ever-blowing trade winds could naturally cool the home. If more children were born, the home was expanded. Plus a covered patio was added where daily chores could be performed in the shade or where the family would join after a day in the fields. Surely but slowly the home would grow bigger and more luxurious.

It’s almost like the old days, with people holding out before buying their first “picket fence” home or building the home of their dreams while renting, until their income is stable enough to finance the basics and slowly but surely adapting their home to their lives.

At my current project you can clearly see the wooden supports that once held the torto (adobe) roof in place, before being replaced by modern metal alloy sheets. It’s funny how history has a way of repeating itself and trends come and go.

Right now I’m working on a restoration project and you can clearly see the way this monument has been build. Here on Aruba it has always been a tradition to get married after your own home was ready.

Archiosa Architechts Sero Biento 47 Tel: +297-5852462 www.

Homes were built as money came in and, after completion; the home was adapted to the family size and needs.

If you’d like to have more information about building your dream home on Aruba or about Architecture, feel free to contact us.

Household insurance Keeping your belongings safe

For most homeowner your mortgage lender will require an insurance to insure the value of your home in case of fire. What most people don’t realize, says Arjan de Smit, owner of verdant insurance is that this doesn’t cover your belongings. And when something less pleasant happens it’s always better to be prepared. That’s why it’s always wise to also obtain a household insurance. That will cover the loss off clothing furniture and other household items, in case of fire or burglary. Don’t worry the premiums are usually reasonable and it will give you the peace of mind that your home, your haven and everything in it is protected. And while you talk to your favorite broker, you might want to discuss your options, most insurance companies offer “packages” of car, home and personal insurances. It could save you time and money since you don’t have to shop around. A trustworthy broker will present you with l area a i t different options and scenarn e Resid ios that will be best for your family, lifestyle and situation.

Ponton Wabistraat 2, buildup area 168 sq m on property land of 678 sq m asking price 280.000.00 AFL. Real Estate Rentals, Sales, Residentials, Commercials And Land Call for more info: +297-566-3902 or visit:

If you are planning on building your home, you might just want to also have a chat. What if you just bought those great windows and someone else decides to take them when you aren’t there?

In any case it’s smart to keep a list of all items and their purchase value. Some people organize their receipt in a folder, other in a shoebox or digitally to know what the approximate total value of your belongings is. And don’t forget to once a year check to see if all your insurances are up to date. While most insurances offer annual automatic adjustments, it’s wise to check if everything you own is still covered. For more information on how to best cover your life, feel free to contact me during business hours: VERDANT Insurance and Management Group N.V. Caya Frere Laurentius 8 Oranjestad / Aruba Tel: (297) 588-7745 Cel: (297) 734-4434 Fax: (297) 588-1936 E-mail: arjen@verdant-insurance. com


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013


Growing up on a tropical island

I grew up in Santa Cruz, along the main road of Santa Cruz, the green hart of Aruba, tells Dientje Hassell-Henriquez., right in the mondi or “wilderness” and I cannot imagine having had my childhood any different. Mind you, I was born in the Lago Hospital, the hospital of the Lago refinery all the way in the colony (in San Nicolas), before the big boom of the eighties and Aruba’s landscape was completely different then. San Nicolas was of course the industrial city, with in the beginning of the 19 th century phosphate mining and the big oil refinery, the Lago, Standard Oil & transport Company.

our beloved island is, and the big real estate boom started. In the old days there were no mega supermarkets, just a “commissary”, a shop run by Lago. In those times, as was virtually anywhere, families were large. I have three brother and two sisters, as at that time there was no television around , we spend time together, as siblings and after work hours as a family. I remember playing outside every day and the nature was and still is my best friend. We would feast on fruits from local trees like shimarucu (Aruban cherry), tamarijn (tamarind), dader (cactus fruits), druif (Aruban grape), maripòmpun (Matelea maritima or milk vine) and much more. My mother was very inventive and I think I’ve gotten my inspiration from her. I would always make up stories and write them down.

Oranjestad had only recently assumed its position of capital after Savaneta (today being the military headquarters for years ) Oranjestad, I was one of the first girls to go to school downtown Oranjestad, I was was slowly but attending the Colegio Arubano and I remember walking to surely estabthe bus stop every morning to go to school. “I remember my childhood as magical” lishing itself as Aruba’s princiAfter finishing school I started working with a local bank pal with anothand became a teller. In the late nineties I had my private er refinery, the Eagle (Shell) refinery alongside. battle with cancer, after which I decided I would take more time to Palm Beach was a stretch of palm trees along the beach and Santa Cruz, well; Santa Cruz was the world of cunucu style homes and rural living. Still today if you tour the countryside, you’ll see the typical cunucu style homes, with their colorful decorations to ward off evil scattered around.

BBS Kitchen Cabinets & Granite Tops Promote Aruba with a pure Arubian product n! Own your Quality Kitche

Drop by for a free Consu ltation!

With patches where people still grow crops and herds off goats and donkeys crossing the roads at their own pace. Many worked in the Lago refinery, but most tended the fields. All Wood| Granite Counter Tops|Low Prices Guaranteed Made in Aruba | Custom made in any size| Financing Possible Bushiri #30 | Oranjestad, Aruba|Tel: 588-5652 Open: Mon-Fri 8.00-17.30 non -stop

Visit us also on Facebook.




No Compressed Wood | Not Shipped from the outside Banjolux

In those days, before the Lago closed early eighties, Aruba was forced to promote itself successfully as the ultimate vacation destiny, that

Bushiri Karting Speedway


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

many available. I realized this dream in 2008, when I’d saved enough to publish a small batch. I’d selected ten stories that I‘d written and we all liked. Together with Ron Wever as the illustrator and Ito Tromp for Papiamento correction, we published the first edition of “Chinchirnichi”, meaning a child that is very curious and active, in October. The book features ten stories about children on Aruba, based on my memories growing up and also includes a coloring book with characters from the stories. The first batch was sold out within a few weeks and the second print was sold out completely before Christmas. It was a record, since no book had ever sold out so fast in Papiamento, with virtually no publicity since no-one knew that I was also writing.

pursue my dreams and hobbies. I was still writing short stories and one of my close friends encouraged me to attend a course how to write stories in Papiamento, our local language and in 2004 I entered a literary competition organized by Fundacion Papiamento with a short story. I became one of the 10 finalists and my story together with the other 9 finalist was published in a book called: E lenga a los. (the tongue has loosened), which is still available at the Department of Culture, located next to the Catholic Church in Oranjestad. My success inspired me to look for a way to publish all the stories I’d written as a children’s book in my own language, since there aren’t Based on the eponymous historical book of Cynthia McLeod, “hoe duur was de suiker?” Cas di Cultura is proud to present in collaboration with foundation “Julius Leeft” (Julius is alive), this theatrical performance with music, dance and narration.

And just like my first book, again I’m raising money to print both editions with help of family, friends and donations, to provide children on my beloved island with stories about the beauty of living on a tropical treasure.

The price of sugar

As is customary for “Julius Leeft”, the theme has a cultural and social charge about slavery in one of the former Dutch colonies, Suriname , just like previous shows like Claus!, a piece about the former Prince of the Netherlands and husband to now princess Beatrix and Kain Pikul. Theater and art are not just for a select elite group, says John Leerdam, founder of “Julius Leeft” and acclaimed theater and film maker, it’s a form to educate people everywhere.

But I didn’t stop there. I used profits from my first book to give back to our community and help children have the same magical childhood as I remember. I voluntary read at schools, the library and other events. Besides preparing for a re-print of the first book, I’ve also started a second children’s book, which I hope to publish this year October.

Performance “Hoe duur was de suiker?”

on July 1 1863. Since Aruba only growing in importance in the second half of the 18th century after the English had taken over, was not of importance for trading or as a destination. Nevertheless slavery worldwide affected the way the world we now know has taken form. In bad economic times many Arubans would go work in the sugar cane fields. And by knowing what happened in the past we can shape the future As Mandela put it "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." I’m blessed to have so many people working on this project.

I was born and raised in Curacao, but having studied and lived the majority of my life either in the US or Europe I consider myself more a cosmopolite. Our foundation was formed after I had a second cancer scare and I did not want to leave this world without voicing my passion, which is theater. Together with my wife and friends, we founded “Julius Leeft” eight years ago.

Professionals from around the globe, famous personalities from the Netherlands, local talent bring this piece to life. We also have several workshops with children, who will perform their version of the play. We had very positive reactions during our performances in the Netherlands, the current Queen and King suggested we’d take the piece to the islands and we’re hoping to receive the same enthusiastic reactions or even better.

Curacao was the hub from which the slaves were brought by the Dutch into the new world during the 17th and 18th century until slavery was abolished in the Kingdom

For more information about tickets and show times please contact Cas di Cultura at 5821010.


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013

You’ve found your match! So you’ve found that perfect, just right for you home, where you’ll see your children grow-up,where you and your spouse will spend your golden years together. And you had a great agent to help you. What’s next? You make an offer. If you are working with a broker, typically you will sign a so called offer to purchase or “bod-brief ” usually put together by your broker, which stipulates the amount of your offer plus any conditions that may arise, such as an additional technical inspection or approval from your mortgage provider. If you are obtaining your financing through a (local) bank, in almost all cases the bank will require an appraisal report. This appraisal report is also needed for insurance purposes. Most banks have mandatory fire insurance, but the report usually is practical to have. If the seller agrees and all conditions are met, you will proceed to sign a purchase agreement “koopovereenkomst”. In this agreement you’ll typically find the selling price, the details “You hold the key to your dream home of both parties, a short description of the prop- in your hands” erty, important information of the notary that will handle the transaction and the date on which the property will change hands, plus a provision in case of. It’s common here in Aruba to put a down payment of 10% at a notary that the buyer traditionally selects. Please note that this amount is non-refundable. Normally there is a two week window in which you can deposit this amount at the notary. Secondly, you need to hand-in all relevant information at the notary, such as a copy of your driver’s identification or passport, proof of address etc. The notary’s office then proceeds to check the details of the property in the land registry of Aruba (Kadaster) to see if the home and land are free of any claims so the title can be transferred to the new owner without any problems. The notary also obtains at the Tax office (SIAD) the tax value of the property. There is a transfer tax that has to be paid when buying. Currently it’s 3 % for properties up to AFL 250.000 and 6% for properties with a value of AFL 250.001 and up. On Aruba there are generally two types of land; long lease land and property land. In reality there is not much difference. On property land you yearly pay land tax to the tax office and for long lease land (usually the lease runs for 60-80 years) a yearly lease amount is paid. This sum is also calculated by the notary’s office and incorporated in the bill. Traditionally the seller will pay the broker’s commission and the buyer the notary costs, but in some cases the buyer can have agreed an agent’s fee with their broker. As a rule of thumb the complete notary costs are generally between 8-10% of the buying price. On average it takes around twelve weeks to prepare the ownership transfer, and at certain times, like around the holidays or Carnival it’s wise to allow for some more time. It all depends on how quick the information is put together and if both parties supply correctly and on time with their documents and money at the notary.

Then the big day of signing has come. It is customary for the broker to take the buyer on the day itself for a last one time inspection of the home. Then it’s off to the notary’s office. The deeds are signed and the notary can proceed to register the property at the Kadaster with the new title owner. And you finally have the keys to your home. Congratulations. But that’s not all. All the utilities need to be transferred in your name to. The easiest way is to go with the former owner to W.E.B (water) and ELMAR (electricity), the details of their respective meters and open a new account in your name. Both require a proof of ownership which is either a registration of the Registry Office (Censo) or a letter of the notary confirming the sale. The same goes for Arugas ( gas) and Serlimar ( trash collection) ; you can transfer the ownership of the cylinders or free trash bin at their office. If the home is empty or recently been evacuated, you can go before you sign with a letter from the notary’s office to the utilities to register . Be sure to also allow some time for the technicians of each service to come and install a new connection or reconnect the service, to avoid disappointments. You’re almost there. You are the owner, have the keys, you internet is working and you can cook. If you are moving from an apartment, be sure to give your landlord adequate notice, to avoid losing your deposit. Are you moving everything yourself, do you have a professional do the work for you, do you want to make alterations to the home before you move in? Consider all this beforehand and your moving into your new dream home will literally be a breeze.


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Alto Vista Real Estate

Introducing the first professional real estate tour car in Aruba! The year 2013 has been a year of changes at Alto Vista Real Estate, says Jennifer Wolff, herself being recently appointed as the new director of the real estate company she describes as unique and pioneering. We have three basic mottos we live by: • Do always do the right thing • Do treat everyone with same attention, dedication and respect • and be outstanding in everything you do. Real estate companies have the important and responsible task in finding the right match on behalf of buyers and sellers. Professional knowledge of the market and intermediation abilities are of critical importance to be successful in this matching process. This year we extended our team with realtors of different cultural backgrounds and is therefore multilingual, speaking Papiamento, English, Spanish, Dutch and Italian fluently. At Alto Vista Real Estate we are committed to exceptional service and dedicate ourselves to accomplish our client’s goal.

“FIND YOUR DREAM HOME WITH US, come and have a pleasant ride in our professional real estate tour car! ” We therefore proudly are introducing the first professional real estate tour car in Aruba, fully equipped with Touch Screens, Internet, GPS system and not less important a Complete Minibar to have your refreshment always next to you. We make sure that we surpass all expectations!

SCHOTLANDSTRAAT 45 - ARUBA - Dutch Caribbean Phone (297) 582 4494 - Mobile (297) 594 12 47 Fax (297) 582 0533-

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Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013

Tropic Cas & Furniture Decorate your home!

So you’ve bought the home or condo of your dreams on our lovely island. The best location or fit for you, but still it’s not you completely. The walls the feeling the vision is there, but how to turn this home into that ultimate place that you can call home. Interior decoration can make or break the feeling of home. Sure, the previous owners loved blue on the walls the doors and as an accent color, but somehow that’s just not quite you. Or the contractor has a standard timeless design you adore, but there is still missing that private touch, when you are walking through the door. And who wouldn’t want to that perfect oasis just fit for you? Even if a living space is temporary, most people, with use of accessories, plants or upholstery give rooms their look, even if it’s just with a few picture frames from loved ones. Why not ask expert advice from Mary at Tropic Cas? After all, your home is the place where you want to feel at home, shut out the world enjoy and relax with family and friends. As a family business with vast experience in decorating homes and interiors, we decided to open our store, Tropic Cas, eight years ago, says Esther. Mary’s skills as an in interior designer make the perfect combination with the furniture, accessories & gifts we sell. in the real estate market, but the funny thing is, that once people In Tropic Cas you’ll find a wide selection of sofa’s chairs, dining & bedroom sets, rugs, lamps mirrors, love seats and much more ranging know you deliver quality and work with high end suppliers, like world renown brands and local professionals that deliver on their promise, from tropical elegant to contemporary chique. I’ve always had an eye there is always a market for both for what works in a room, says Mary and I started out decorat- “Interior decoration can make or break the feeling of home.” new and repeat customers. ing homes in Oceania and Tierra Recently we have moved into del Sol. a new showroom, located just around the corner of the Sasaki Texas gasstation. We are now located Tierra del Sol was the first planned community here in Aruba and people buying did not only want to purchase a house there, they want- in the former Drive motors building and we are constantly finding ways to reinvent interior decorating style. ed to buy a home.

With the real estate market booming on Aruba in de last ten years more and more clients buying condominiums and homes were referred to me and it seemed like a good idea to open a store with high end good quality brands. On one hand this would serve as a showroom for possible clients and on the other hand our store was to inspire people to create the home of their dreams in the style they liked. Of course the world wide crisis did affect us, like it did with anyone

You can also catalogue order for instance. So whether it’s your first home or a vacation condo, feel free to stop by Tropic Cas for expert advice about making it the home of your dreams. We are happy to help. Schotlandstraat 85-1 (ex-KIA motors, across from Texaco Sasaki) Office: (+297) 588.7712 | Cel: (+297) 734.7714 E-mail:| Open: mon-sat 9.00-18.00 non-stop


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly


August 2013

ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

e: Asking Pric 00,= US $ 230.0

For Rent

on ge r!! St ay L


Hearth & Garden Monthly

Each studio apartment has a queen-size bed with kitchenette. One 1-bedroom has a kitchenette, two queen-size beds and one single bed. The other 1-bedroom apartment for 2 persons, has a kitchenette and a double bed. Our apartments are equipped with WiFi internet access, color TV with cable and split-unit air conditioning. The kitchens are complete with refrigerator/freezer, stove, cooking utensils, cutlery, glassware, dinnerware & silverware. Close to Down Town Oranjestad - Crystel Theather

Se habla Espa単ol


Home accents, Furniture & Decorations

Elegant, Quality & Good Taste

Schotlandstraat 85-1 (ex-KIA motors, across from Texaco Sasaki) Office: (+297) 588.7712 Cel: (+297) 734.7714 E-mail:

Office building or multifunctional building in San Nicolas on 1337 m2 long lease land with a building of 314 m2 buildup area.

ting Prices Star night from $60 a

Call for more info: +297-566-3902 visit: or follow us on Facebook for avalability, special offers & more

Vi We sit Ou Hav rN eM ew ove Lo d! ca tio n

For Sale

Real Estate Rentals, Sales, Residentials, Commercials And Land.



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Sero Colorado 232

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013

J.G Emanstraat

USD 150.000 AWG 265.500

USD 331.000 AWG 585.000

Washington 164


USD 195.000 AWG 345.150

USD 316.000 AWG 559.320

Enjoy tranquility & nice views at this Commercial property, build up 122 2 bed,1 bth home. Walk to the beach! m2 on high traffic area in O’stad.

Newly built 3 bed, 2 bath modern home. Low maintenance!

Apart. complex in San Nicolaas on 2251m2 prop. land.Exp. possibilities!

Palm Beach 344

Rooi Santo


Salinja Serca 22

USD 386.000 AWG 683.220

USD 305.000, AWG 539.850

Stunning 3 bed, 2,5 bath home near the high-rise hotels.

Spacious 3 bedr, 3 bath trendy home in Salinja Serca Noord.

Westpunt 37

Harbor residence 13

USD 498.000 AWG 881.460

Charming 3 bed, 2 bath house with big pool close to Tierra del Sol

USD 150.000 AWG 265.500

Cute 1 bed, 1 bath apart in Oranjestad. Fully furnished!

USD 680.000 AWG 1.203.600

Stunning 3 bed, 3 bath home in Malmok area.

USD 580.000 AWG 1.026.600

2 bedr, 2 bath fully furnished elegant condo with sea view.

SCHOTLANDSTRAAT 45 - ARUBA - Dutch Caribbean Phone (297) 582 4494 - Mobile (297) 594 12 47 - Fax (297) 582 0533

“Friends Forever.....

.....Amigos Para Siempre”

Thinking of Buying or Selling? If you are thinking of buying and or selling your house, land or commercial property, call us!

Without any cost or obligation you will have our immediate personal attention.

Italiëstraat # 12, Oranjestad, Aruba Tel.(297)-588-0040 | Fax # (297)-588-7185

A Truly Aruban Company


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013 Great Investment Opportunity

Afl. 450,000.00 2 story Apt Complex, Guyabastraat 61, Total 6 apts 899 m2, Long Lease.

t Ren For

US$ 371.000,= Nice Family House 3 bedr, 2 bath, with pool, 2 story. 1.076 m2 property land.

aca Way

AFL. 1000,= p/m Large 1 bedr apartment Incl: Gas, Water, excl. Elec or Us$ 350,= everything incl.

Exclusive property with pool

nco Bla e o Ser

nce side


ito iqu Ch

t Ren For

Afl. 1.500 p/m House at Mahuma, 3 bedr, 1 bath, fully fenced.Excl: utilities.Req. 1 mth deposit.

C Sero

LD Afl. 90,000.00 SO

Afl. 450,000.00

Home under Construction, Long Lease 1100 m2, to be finished a 3 bedr, 2 baths.

Us To Call or Visit Home! m a e r D r u o Find Y Wayaca residence 497 Office:588-7868 Mobile: 592-9966

ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

US$ 285.000,= Breath taking view.Santa Lucia, Santa Cruz. 3 bedr, 2 baths. 1100 m2 prop. land


2 bedroom, 2 bath, with guest house, garage, fully a/c, and Fenced.


Hearth & Garden Monthly

ony Col , o ad olor

USD 500,000.00 For Sale Fixer Upper, Long Lease Land 1.124M2, Ocean/Nature View.

Great B’nB opportunity


lm Ma

Afl.900,000.00 2540 m2 long lease land, 2 bedr, 2 baths, 2 large guest homes, pool & garage.

US$ 270,000.00 Top Location! 2 bedr, 2 baths, Lease 862m2, incl. all furniture and appliances.

“Home Central” Hardware & Home Decoration

CUSTOM Made in Our Store: Aluminum Windows & Doors| Walk-In Closet| Tempered Glass/Fitted/ Sliding Doors| Screens| Commercial Doors| Picture Frames & Passe-Partouts| Wooden Doors| Sliding Rails Systems

Shower doors| Bathroom fixtures, vanity & bathtubs |LED, fluorescent, ceiling lights| Light fixtures & chandeliers| Racks & shelving|Home accessories

Dakota Tel: 588-7776

Opening Hours are from Mon-Sat: 9.00-18.00 Follow us on Facebook: United Commercial City


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013


DONDERDAG 8 augustus 2013 ‘s Morgens om 10.00 uur zal ten overstaan van mr R.E. Yarzagaray. notaris te Aruba. in ARUBASURFSIDE MARINA (DOLPHIN ROOM) aan de L.G. Smith Blvd. 7, te Oranjestad, Aruba in het openbaar bij opbod en daarop volgende afmijning, een openbare verkoop worden gehouden:

Krachtens artikel 3:268 van het Burgerlijk Wetboek van Aruba juncto artikel 68 Overgangswet


Woonhuis Een perceel eigendomsgrond groot 393 m², gelegen te Tanki Leendert in Aruba, kadastraal bekend als Land Aruba Eerste Afdeling Sectie L nummer 3748, met het daarop gebouwde woonhuis, plaatselijk bekend als “Tanki Leendert 139-F”.

Inzetprijs: Afl. 115.000,00.


Woonhuis het augustus 2057 Hetrecht rechtvan vanerfpacht erfpachttot tot21 5 december 2055op opeen een perceel domeingrond, groot 404 m², gelegen te Sero perceel domeingrond, groot 1.372 m², gelegen te Alejandro in in Aruba, kadastraal bekend alsals Land Aruba Bringamosa Aruba, kadastraal bekend Land Vierde Sectie ESectie nummer 1180, met hetmet daarop Aruba Afdeling Derde Afdeling D nummer 1102, gebouwde als bekend als het daaropwoonhuis, gebouwdeplaatselijk woonhuis,bekend plaatselijk “Seroe Alejandro 10-B”. “Bringamosa 9-D”.

Inzetprijs: 220.000,00. Inzetprijs: Afl. 176.800,00.


Woonhuis Het recht van erfpacht tot 3 maart 2038 op een perceel domeingrond, groot 748 m², gelegen te Alto Vista in Aruba, kadastraal bekend als Land Aruba Tweede Afdeling Sectie D nummer 242, met het daarop gebouwde woonhuis, plaatselijk bekend als “Alto Vista 97-A”.

Inzetprijs: Afl. 204.000,00.


Woonhuis Het recht van erfpacht tot 16 mei 2060 op: a. een perceel domeingrond, groot 973 m², gelegen te Rooi Bosal in Aruba, kadastraal bekend als Land Aruba Eerste Afdeling Sectie T nummer 1873; b. een perceel domeingrond, groot 422 m², gelegen te Rooi Bosal in Aruba, kadastraal bekend als Land Aruba Eerste Afdeling Sectie T nummer 339, met de op voormelde percelen bevindende betonstenen opstal van een woonhuis, plaatselijk bekend als Inzetprijs: Afl. 96.000,00. “Rooi Bosal 17”.


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Woonhuis Een perceel eigendomsgrond, groot 4.990 m², gelegen te Savaneta in Aruba, kadastraal bekend als Land Aruba Vierde Afdeling Sectie E nummer 564, met het daarop gebouwde woonhuis, plaatselijk bekend als “Savaneta 347-C”.

Inzetprijs: Afl. 900.000,00.


Commercieel Het recht van erfpacht tot 8 oktober 2061, op een perceel domeingrond, groot 1.017 m², gelegen te Balashi in Aruba, kadastraal bekend als Land Aruba Eerste Afdeling Sectie U nummer 78, met het daarop gebouwde kantoorgebouw/werkplaats, plaatselijk bekend als “Balashi 65”.

Inzetprijs: Afl. 400.000,00.


Bouwterrein Het recht van erfpacht tot 22 augustus 2060, op een perceel domeingrond, groot 4.274 m², gelegen te Balashi in Aruba, kadastraal bekend als Land Aruba Eerste Afdeling Sectie U nummer 33. (bouwterrein).

Inzetprijs: Afl. 390.000,00.

Onderhandse biedingen voor bovengemelde registergoederen sub 1 tot en met 7, zijn niet meer mogelijk. Bovenstaande en andere informatie omtrent de services van ons Notariskantoor kunt u nalezen op onze gedetailleerde website: www. |www. notaryaruba. com | www. NOTARISKANTOOR YAZAGARAY BODEKER & PARTNERS mr. R.E. Yarzagaray, notaris Contact: Petra Seyfarth, notarisklerk | L.G. Smith Boulevard 20 |Oranjestad |Aruba Tel.# 582 2850| Fax# 582 4390 | Email:

Ons notariskantoor gaat in 2013 ook veilen op: 19 september; 31 oktober en 12 december. De executant behoudt zich het recht voor de veiling uit te stellen en op te houden, zonder de verplichting daarvoor de reden(en) op te geven.

Op de openbare verkoop zijn de Algemene Veilingsvoorwaarden van Executieveilingen (AWE) en de Bijzondere Veilingsvoorwaarden, zoals vastgesteld door notaris mr. R.E. Yarzagaray, van toepassing. De AWE zijn gedeponeerd ter Griffie van het Gerecht in Eerste Aanleg, Zittingsplaats Aruba. De AWE en de Bijzondere Veilingsvoorwaarden liggen ter inzage ten kantore van bovengenoemde notaris, aan de L.G. Smith Boulevard 20 in Oranjestad, Aruba, welke ondermeer inhouden dat iedere bieder gehouden is terstond een bankgarantie of andere vorm van zekerheid te stellen tot nakoming van zijn bod en de bijkomende kosten. ledere bieder is eveneens gehouden een geldig legitimatiebewijs te overleggen.


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013

A good Deal Buying at an Action

Real estate is a part of my job, says notary Ralph Yazaragary, of notary firm Yazagaray and partners, but I only fell in love with the history of real estate after purchasing the building one home away from my office. One of my youth friends, who is avid about monuments pointed out that the home I’d just bought, had a historical value, so I took an interest and found out this was the home to one our political figures, mr. Juancho

Yrausquin, the only one to have had fifteen seats in parliament so far.

Many people don’t know this, but where now the new protestant church is located, a monument next to the old church, there used be a small hospital. Around 1920-1940, the hospital was moved to the outskirts of downtown. You can still see the former buildings in the typical Aruban Bauhaus style with new functions, like a lab ad an art community, Ateliers ’89. Both the Lago and the Eagle refinery (Quinta del Carmen) had their own hospital on site. I became a notary, since the concept of being a peace judge, being the

neutral factor between two of more parties, always appealed to me.

After my studies I It’s almost election time, so you never know. I restored the monument worked for several years for department of Justice, when an opencomplete with the stain glass in the roof and it now has a new funcing for an aspiring notary opened up and I was hired. When notary tion as an extension to my old office Bödeker retired, I was pro“At an auction you can become your own enemy. If in building. moted to notary. As is customary I was by appointed by doubt always ask for professional assitance.” I grew up around the corner here in the governor and the Crown Oranjestad and I can still remember (government). the whole part of Renaissance seaport market , cinema’s hotels and Wilhelmina park being ocean. My dad Aruba is a separate entity, since March 18 1986, within the kingdom told me that the waves would roll up to the Willem III tower. I of the Netherlands and therefore an equal partner in the Kingdom, together with Curacao and the Netherlands. Since October 10, 2010, t’s funny how the face of a town changes over the years, especially Curacao is also a separate entity and the other Dutch Islands, Bonow when there is a big revamping project with yet again innovations naire, Saba, St. Maarten and St. Eustatius are part of the Netherlands like the streetcar and the modern architectural extension, the cocolias provinces. shi ( seashell) of the parliament. At our office we deal of course with the standard aspects of a notary Before the big boom in the eighties, Oranjestad was your typical firm. We assist in family law, corporate law and of course real estate. small town, with the doctor, pastor and hospital on the same street. Since a few years, there’s been a new business form for entrepreneurs Oranjestad became the capital in the late 1800’s and the Whilhelmion Aruba, the A.V.V., a kind of sole ownership with limited responsinastraat is the oldest street here. bility and more and more people are opting for this business form.


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

both for envirmental and budgetary reasons. As a rule of thumb, in Real estate wise, we did notice the crisis too. After the big boom in the real estate your maintenance budget for an average home is around eighties, real estate was fast developing and the first half of this centu- 40% of its cost. ry many people bought second homes as an investment opportunity. As a notary I also preside over auctions, these are free to attend. Here Nowadays we see a shift towards people buying smaller. The condoare a few tips if you want to assist one: minium market is starting to take off. Where over the last century Aruba expand horizontally, the trend is now to go up. All over the world we see that people want to make more efficient use of space,

Tips to buy at an Auction The most common way to buy a home is between making up an agreement the purchaser and the seller, with or without the help of a realtor. In some cases however homes are auctioned off. This is called a so called a foreclosure (or in Dutch “Vrijwillige of Executoriale Veiling”)Buying foreclosures is an art and does not mean you will get a deal. If you are not sure, it’s better to ask professional advice from a real estate agent. It is very important in advance of taking knowledge of the general and particular foreclosure conditions. The foreclosure is built up out of two parts: the foreclosure at bidding and the foreclosure at junction or Dutch auction (Afmijning). Participants bid openly against one another, with each bid being higher than the previous bid. The auction ends when no participant is willing to bid further, or when a pre-determined “buy-out” price is reached, at which point the highest bidder is provisionally granted the object. This is kind of the suspense part of the auction. If nobody bids, the property is taken off the list and noted as unsold. So if you are waiting to get the lowest price, it might just happened, you played your cards wrong. Then the second part of the auction takes place. The notary adds to the highest bid a sum that has been predetermined with the creditor. The notary begins with a high asking price, which is lowered with equal amounts, e.g. 100.000 AFL until some participant is willing to accept the auctioneer’s price, by calling out “mijn” (Mine ass the possive of me) Hence the term “Afmijnen”. This part is also referred to as Dutch Auctioning, since this way of auctioning off is traditionally common on the flower and fruit auctions in Holland Especially this part is quite tricky. If you have a certain amount in mind and someone else calls just before you “Mine”, the object is sold to someone else. This can be a nerve-racking matter. You can have a certain amount in mind, for which you want to buy, but if someone else calls before you, that person is the purchaser or “Afmijner”. Particularly for inexpert foreclosure purchasers, the afmijnen can be a nerve-racking matter. Too early afmijnen results in paying more than planned. A foreclosure is never without dangers! If you are not quite sure, you can ask a third party, like a realtor to assist you. The amount that has been “Mined” is put on top of the highest bid and is the closing

amount to pay. If no one has called mine, the notary, at a committed sum, will hammer the auction off. It is likely to think that the highest bidder or the “Afmijner” will now be the purchaser of the object. This isn’t always the case. Within the general conditions, the foreclosure seller can stipulate various conditions, under which an object maybe granted. Or the so-called purchaser can be acting out of a third party. (e.g. a realtor)When everything is agreed upon, and when all costs involved, like the purchase price and additional fees are paid, the notary will draw up a so-called certificate of discharge, in which is observed that all has been paid by the purchaser. The property title of the object is obtained when the notary registers a copy (duplicate) of a set of notarial deeds consisting of the individual deed of special conditions, if any, the record(s) of opening bid and Dutch auction, the deed of assignment, if any, and the instrument of mandate, if any and the certificate of discharge with the land register If you’d like to obtain more information, we are more then happy to assist you. You can e-mail us or call us for personal contact with one of our associates. Of course you are very welcome at our offiice! Notary’s officeYarzagaray Bödeker & Partners is a dynamic, growing office providing good service that is attuned to the wishes of our clients. Both the private and the corporate client come to the right place when they visit us. In our office located at the L.G. Smith Boulevard, we provide our clients with legal services. Quality and good service are the prime focus of our office. Our organization has a team of jursts and legal assistants with multifacetedknowledge and broad experience. Consequently, you always have a point of contact and we are able to provide legal services appropriately.Our basic principle is to inform our client properly and to give impartial legal advice. By spending our time as effciently as possible and by listening to the client, we aim at settling your affairs promptly..

NOTARISKANTOOR. YAZAGARAY BODEKER. & PARTNERS | L.G. Smith Boulevard 20 |Oranjestad |Aruba Tel.# 582 2850| Fax# 582 4390 |

Hearth & Garden 18 Monthly Aruba

ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013

Noord 55

simple straw mats could live. Close to the house was a magasina or shed, where beans and corn were kept. This shed was built by the family. Kwihiwood framed the outside, which was made weatherproof by coating it with a blend of clay and grass blades. The structure was whitewashed with chalk, lime mixed with aloe juice. The home itself was also whitewashed and the windowpanes were painted with green oil paint.

This traditionally build cunucu home was constructed in 1927. As is customary the core is aligned east to west, to optimize the flow of cooling trade winds through the home. The home was built by Dominico Bernardo Figaroa, The terrace upfront used to be a corn planter. The carpentry covered with an awning of palm “ The fogon and gallery were constructed before the was provided by his brother leaves. The floors inside were in law, who was a carpenter. main home was built.” covered with white sand and every In those days a carpenter was year before the holidays the layer the one who had the eye for measuring and fitting everything correct- was refreshed and the paint outside updated. ly. According to a later inhabitant, Guillermo Bernardo Figaroa, the southern gallery and the kitchen were first constructed; hereafter the stone home was constructed two years later, which was baptized by the local priest. There could be logical explanation for this, since it was usually customary to build the stone core and then expand. On Aruba the tradition is that a couple can only wed, after the home is build. Perhaps Dominico was tending his crops on his land, as was normal in those living in a simple home on his terrain. Was it a bad year, farmers would go to Cuba, to find work cutting sugarcane. Since it’s not wise to build a fireplace out of wood, he built a fogon, or fireplace, out of stones, outside his hut, to avoid fire hazards. Perhaps he then met his wife to be. With help of his future brother in law he build a veranda and when he’s saved or traded enough the simple hut became a stone home, where he and his family, that would consist of 8 people, sleeping on

The current shed is constructed with modern materials. Water was obtained from the freshwater well in Palm Beach, until a rain cistern was constructed in 1935. Special thanks to Mrs. Yvonne Webb-Kock Director Office of Monuments Aruba


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

House of Culture

Cas di Cultura is Aruba’s theater and cultural center was founded in 1958, here you can enjoy all kinds of entertainment, from classical recitals to beauty pageants to local and international comedy shows. The heart of theater lies here at the roundabout of las Amercias. Many famous international artists have also graced the stage with their presence; each year it forms the perfect back drop for the Aruban Jazz Festival. Besides performing arts, Cas di Cultura is also a second home to many other arts; It’s a favorite spot for semi-permanent art exhibitions. The exhibition room is often used for various functions, such as informal gatherings, readings & lectures , wedding recepotions or press conferences. Cas di Cultura also is an excellent spot to come have lunch in the afternoon or a cup of tea after shopping in the afternoon. The café inside, that caters to the main public and on request for functions, opens

its doors daily to the general public from 11.3014.00 for lunch, with each day a different special, except for weekends. You can find the up to date calendar of events on their website; along with special offers or last minute tickets. And of course Cas di Cultura is accessible for everyone. Cas di Cultura offers you the chance to get a tour of our building. This is interesting for everybody who wants to take a peak in the world of theater but also for students, businesses and friends are who a planning a day out. Interested? Call us at 5821010 to make an appointment for a guided tour.

a r u t l u C i D s a Program C August 1 Hoe duur was de suiker 20:00 2 Hoe duur was de suiker 20:00 3 CARIBBEAN TOUR CONCERT 19:30 6 JADINO SHOW 20:00 7 JADINO SHOW 20:00 8 Miss senorita Aruba 20:00 ( Broadcast via Tele Aruba) 16 Vale Show 20:00 17 Vale Show 20:00 More show pending. Check our Facebook page: Cas di Cultura Vondellaan 2 Oranjestad Tel: 582-1010


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013

The Center Of Your Home Finding the right kitchen.

Home is where your heart is. But for most people, the heart of their home is centered in their kitchen. It’s the place where recipes get tested and tried before they turn into family traditions, the location that feeds the home. And like almost everything, there is no great result without the right tools. A kitchen made to your wishes, custom made to fit the space you have allocated to become the center of your home. A well-designed kitchen will save you time and money. To me, and most people, a well-functioning kitchen is a basic necessity, says Gerard Spijkers, owner and founder of BBS Kitchen Cabinets & Granite Tops, “You can put off decorating that guest home or trimming your yard but a house without a kitchen is not a complete home.” Located in Bushiri, just outside Oranjestad behind the karting track, you can visit the showroom where various cabinets and model kitchens are displayed. He and his wife have a vast experience in building custom made cabinets, creating kitchens that have become the heart of several homes on the island. “When we came to Aruba twenty years ago, it took a while to get into the rhythm of tropical living, but we love the friendly nature of the people and of course “Dushi” (lovely) Aruba. We are proud to say that we have become a

“A home is not really complete without a kitchen” household name for people looking to find their dream kitchen. Since we build every cabinet ourselves, we can virtually create any style or shape with almost every thinkable finish to match your home and style. I believe that if you are good at something you should stick to it, make it better and improve. Our cabinets will give you the quality that you are looking for, simply because we have put our heart and soul into them.” “The secret of a great kitchen is the combination of good quality materials, like real non-pressed wood, top quality granite and great planning. For instance, if your kitchen is small, you might want to optimize the way the cabinets are positioned to create the maximum amount of space. If you like entertaining in your kitchen, a granite counter-top can double as a preparation space or as the centerpiece while serving. We choose to buy high quality materials and create a local product that lasts for years. Our kitchens are steady fixture in your home that you can rely on for the years to come. And of course besides cabinets we carry a selection of European sinks, faucets, handles and much more.

Feel free to come take a look and perhaps find your dream kitchen. You are welcome to visit us: BBS Kitchen Cabinets & Granite Tops Bushiri #30, Oranjestad, Aruba Tel: 588-5652 You can also visit us on Facebook.


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Do It Yourself Made Easy Cerd N.V. does it Good and Fast

We all know that sometimes while doing those projects around your home, there is always that time that you need that particular specialty tool or a bigger size. But why go out and buy it, when help is on Aruba. CERD (Construction Equipment Rental Depot) was founded in 2000 with the goal of becoming the best equipment rental company of Aruba with quality products and great service.

large variety of construction equipment that we have in stock. Ranging from rotary hammers to 80 ft. snorkel lifts.

And we have proven ourselves over the years and slowly, but surely, expanding to maintain our level of service and quality. The success hereof lies in the fact that we keep all parts and accessories in stock, anticipating your needs.

This means that CERD N.V. can provide the right equipment & machinery for every job. We can deliver all pieces anywhere and on time. We have qualified operators that are more than capable of tackling any job. Our operators are not only experienced but also friendly and willing to work with you on whatever task you may have. We also do all kinds of excavation work such as trenches, pools, septic pits and foundations in hard ground and coral rock. Please do not hesitate to contact us with whatever job you may have.

We do specialty purchasing if required and we always keep our materials in stock. That’s why at CERD N.V., we also offer a variety of items for sale. We sell accessories for most construction equipment, such as: drill bits, saw blades, rakes, shovels etc. each of these are great quality products that are expected from CERD N.V. at a great price.

We are flexible and will try to accommodate you as best we can. We also offer services and repairs for any brand of constructionequipment. We have great mechanics that can get the job done fast. From chainsaws to tractors, we can take care of it. If you want to do it yourself, but with the security of a job well done, CERD N.V is here for you.

Check out our generators,.We carry brand names such as Ivy Classic, Multiquip, Echo, Pramac, M-I- TM and much more. And at CERD N.V. we firmly believe that safety comes first. That’s why we carry a broad range of safety equipment for you or your staff.

Feel free to drop by at one of our stores anytime. Schotlandstraat 85-E, Oranjestad | Tel: 5885555 | Fax: 5885560 | E-mail: | Cura Cabai 145, Savaneta | Tel: 5844020 | Fax: 5844023 | E-mail: Opening Hours Mon- Fry 7.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m non-stop Sat 7.00 a.m. 3.00 p.m. non-stop

Recently we started carrying a large variety of building materials, ranging from blocks to cement to roof tiling. This is linked to our

We have Moved! Our New location is:

Schotlandstraat 85-E

Construction Equipment (Ex Drive Motors, behind Taco Bell Sasaki) & Rental Depot CERD is the standard - Construction - Excavations of excellence for: - (Rental)Tools - Contracting - Engineering Services.

Schotlandstraat 85-E | tel 588-5555| fax 588-5560 Cura Cabai: Tel 5844020 | fax 584-4023 | www. |Follow us on Facebook


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Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013

Ateliers ‘89|2013 Join us and discover your creative side!! EXHIBITIONS AND WORKSHOPS WORKSHOP IN SOUND AND FILM ACTING 18 February to 30 April In preparation for the musical film ABO SO, an initiative of Francesco Pardo, he, Adriano Nanof and other teachers will teach these workshops Ateliers’89. DRAWING AND PAINTING WORKSHOP April 8 to May 2 (opening exhibition) Nigel Matthew, a well-known artist from Aruba, teaches this workshop. PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP May 6 - May 30 (opening) Kinga Kielczynska Course in Failing: by making mistakes and coincidences we often learn more ... ART HISTORY LECTURES June 10 to June 20 André Klein Capita selecta ( selected chapters) from the art history. With his impressive image archive material from his many travels around the world art historian André Klein is a truly knowledgeable and lively narrator about art. Geng DI ARTE (Art Gang) June 17 to August 1 In this period Ateliers’89 will host ther summer project of Geng Arte. Four teachers supervise a group of children under 18 in preparation of the kingdom games art component. The disciplines taught are dance, acting, singing and liberal arts. Registration at the Aruban Department of Culture ( Departemento di Cultura). COLOMBIAN ART EXHIBITION August 1 to August 30 (more info comming soon!).

CARIBBEAN LINKED Exhibition of young artists Caribbean August 24 to September 5 (opening). This autumn a manifestation will be organized within the Caribbean to promote and strengthen art relations & exchanges. WRITING WORKSHOP AND POETRY September 9 to October 3 (opening plus start children’s book week) Alma Matthijssen, a young & upcoming talent, gives a workshop and writing poetry. SCULPTURE WORKSHOP AND PERFORMANCE October 7 to November 1 (opening) Tirzo Martha Do we need another hero? In this workshop, artist Tirzo Martha, who along with David Bade, is the driving force behind the IBB in Curacao, and students will be looking for the heroes and anti-heroes in our modern life and particularly in Aruba. WORKSHOP MODE October 7 to November 1 opening Riëtte Wanders, professor at the most prestigious fashion art school in the Netherlands, ARTEZ in Arnhem. This workshop is conducted in cooperation with the Aruban designer Melissa Richardson. WORKSHOP VIDEO AND FILM November 4 -28 (opening) Martin Grootenboer, owner of the famous Tungsten Studio in Amsterdam and audiovisual designer of installations in several Dutch museums will teach this workshop. GRAPHIC DESIGN WORKSHOP November 4 -28 (opening) Marjolijn Ruijg, famous Dutch graphic designer, who works closely with Mieke Gerritzen, director of the Museum of the Image (MOTI) in Breda, will teach about graphic design.

Even more workshops and events available this year at Atelier ’89! Awarding funds for the cultural life in Aruba. Recently, the Dutch Mondriaan Fund decided to award the Foundation of Ateliers ‘89 again with a generous grant for the development of its activities for the year 2013.In its argumentation the Fund acknowledges and appreciates the special function of Ateliers ‘89 in Aruba and concludes that Ateliers ‘89 is deeply rooted in the Aruban society. The Mondriaan Fund, underscores how important the role of Ateliers ‘89 is, serving serves as meeting place for professionals in the art community and beyond plus creating (artistic) opportunities for young people from different backgrounds and cultures, and provide a safe and creative haven for their visual talent to develop.

The Fund also recognizes the importance of the opportunity that Ateliers ‘89 offers to foreign artists to stay in Aruba, to be enveloped in the artistic climate of the island. Simultaneously to Aruba Fund, the UNOCA fund also decided to award Ateliers ‘89 a grant for its workshop program and the specific extension accompanying these workshops with a program of lectures. For UNOCA the basis of this grant was the importance of Ateliers ‘89 for the cultural life in Aruba. In 2013, Ateliers ‘89, on part because of these generous funding, will offer again a wide range of workshops, lectures, exhibitions and other events.Please contact us by email or drop by in person. Have a creative 2013!!

Dominicanessenstraat 34 | Oranjestad |Aruba | Tel: (297) 588 577 6 |

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly August 2013

August Edition Aruba Hearth & Garden (August 2013)  

In this free newspaper you’ll find articles about owning and renting a home on Aruba and everything related to living on our lovely island....

August Edition Aruba Hearth & Garden (August 2013)  

In this free newspaper you’ll find articles about owning and renting a home on Aruba and everything related to living on our lovely island....