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Happy Holidays!

Hearth & Garden Monthly ree F The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise! Edition February 2013

February, month of Carnival and of Love.

Our Realtors Home Sweet Home 2 Aruba Palm Realtors 23 Vecsta Real Estate

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Rooi Koochi Residence 9 Nahar’s (Kenneth) 11,15, 21 Sun Caribbean Realty 12 Associated Realtors 13 Altovista Real Estate 21 Era Solito Real Estate 24

For Your Interest Home Sweet Home


The New Old


Make 2013 Special


The Center of your Home 7 Going green Recycled 8 A second Life The Art of Paint

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The Road ahead 18

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happily and content ever after.

Luv U For those looking to find your perfect place to start the rest of your lives, this is your guide to Real Estate & And let’s living on Aruba. not forget, this month is

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly! Sometimes life gets in the way and we end up not living the life we would like to have or in the house of our dreams. With help of friends and family and sometimes with help of a professional you can find your dream home, get that remodeling or redesign started or plan your future to live

ce Personal, Business, Home & Car Insurance an r r u ke s Retirement Planning- Wealth Managent In ro B Caya Frere Laurentius 8,

Oranjestad / Aruba E-mail: Tel: (297) 588-7745 Fax: (297) 588-1936 Cel: (297) 734-4434 VERDANT Insurance and Management Group N.V.

Carnival, so the world is upside down for a while. Enjoy the parades on our beautiful island, celebrate Valentine’s day in style and most importantly enjoy life each and every day on our happy rock with the people you love and cherish!



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Great Investment Opportunity

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013 All Furniture Included!

nco Bla e o Ser

Afl. 450,000.00

Afl. 750,000.00

2 story Apt Complex, Guyabastraat 61, Total 6 apts 899 m2, Long Lease.

Nice Family House 3 bedr, 2 bath, with pool, 2 story. 1.076 m2 property land.

All Furniture Included!

Afl. 185,000.00 Lovely home in Cunucu Arubiano, Santa Lucia, 1 bedr, 1 bath, on property land.

All Furniture Included!

Afl. 185,000.00 Cute home in Cunucu Arubiano, Santa Lucia, 1 bedr, 1 bath, on property land.



$560 p/m

3 bdrm 4 bthrm Swimming pool Jacuzzi Semi-furnished

Great B’nB opportunity


$2500 p/m Opal

Brand new house -



3 bdrm 2 bthrm Swimming pool Wonderfull garden Unique living room


$102.000,- Cashero

USD 282,000.00

t Ren r o F


AFL. 1000,= p/m Large 1 bedr apartment Incl: Gas, Water, excl. Elec or Us$ 350,= everything incl.

Palm Beach Beautiful 2 story villa -


3 bdrm 4 bthrm Swimming pool Jacuzzi Semi-furnished

Shiribana Elegant 2-story home

3 bdrm 2 bthrm Nice landscaped garden Well located Office


800 m2 of land 3 bdrm 3,5 bthrm Laundryroom On a cul de sac

$426.000,- Figaroa straat Popular Villa

1.300m2 property land! 600m2 build up area Swimming pool Panoramic views (15km) Bar and gazebo area

Country home -


3bdr, 2 bth, prop. ld 639m2, Full-airc., pool alarm, patio, dble garage & gazebo

3 bdrm 2 bthrm Swimming pool Fully furnished Wonderfull Kitchen

$385.000,- Santa Lucia 2 Garden Homes

3 bdrm 2 bthrm Plus 1bdrm apartment Gorgeous kitchen Community pool

$3200 p/m Seroe Pela Dreamlike Villa

Spacious Villa

Sabana Liber Spacious home

1 bdrm 1 bthrm Privacy wall Aruban style Nice located

yC untr o C a



Piedra Plat $225,000 Nice 1bdrm Apmnt

Top Location! 2 bedr, 2 baths, Lease 862m2, incl. all furniture and appliances.

Afl. 90,000.00

2540 m2 long lease land, 2 bedr, 2 baths, 2 large guest homes, pool & garage.

Opal Palm Beach Beautiful 2 story villa $3000 p/m

US$ 270,000.00

i Pav

Home under Construction, Long Lease 1100 m2, to be finished a 3 bedr, 2 baths.

Us To Call or Visit am Home! e r D r u o Y Find Wayaca residence 497 Office:588-7868 Mobile: 592-9966

$2300 p/m

ito iqu h C

Afl. 200,000.00 Lovely home in Cunucu Arubiano, Santa Lucia, 1 bedr, 1 bath, on property land.


lm Ma

3 bdrm 1 bthrm Covered terras 128m2 Built-up area 330m2 land


Brickell bay sandbar shops J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 370 Palm Beach ARUBA, Dutch Caribbean Tollfree : +1 877 586 8967 Office : +297 280 0339 Mobile : +297 593 8700 Email:


3 bdrm 2 bthrm Swimming pool Exquisitely maintained Plus 1 bdrm apartment


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Home Sweet Home For most people buying their home is one of the most important moments of their life, says Ashna Mungra, owner of Home Sweet Home Real Estate.

‘That’s why the relationship between a broker and his or her customers is so important. Just like any relationship, the realtor must understand what a customer is looking for and help them choose the right house to create their dream home. Born and raised on Aruba, with my education in the Netherlands, I know my beloved island, yet at the same time I can see what magical tropical ambiance attracts so many people to live their lives here. I was trained to be a buyer’s agent; that means I focus on my customer. When starting as a business woman, I first entered timeshare. That’s a completely different world, yet with amazing similarities. People wanting to own their dream, their private piece of paradise. For me timeshare is about now, real estate is about the future, about how you’d like to spend the rest of your life. I ask my customers questions about what they would like, what their budget and plans are and “I was trained to be a buyer’s where they expect to be in I focus on my customer.” the future, say in five of ten years. It’s true you never know what life might bring, but generally speaking most people have a broad general concept of the way they would live in the future. For instance an older couple looking to retire will require an additional guest-room for any visiting family, where a young couple with kids is interested in a home with a little room to grow. Then I start looking for that one perfect home, from either my company’s listings or one of the different real estate company’s on the island. The homes that we list are a good reflection of Aruba. Scattered all over the island, each unique in its character and location, waiting to be sold to that perfect match. And each neighborhood has its charm; some people want to live close to shops & schools, whereas other people prefer a quiet retreat in the green hills of for example Babijn.

agent; that means

Investors or people that are planning to rent out their property usually are looking for homes or condos along the sea, making it attractive to rent out to people visiting Aruba. We are, after all, famous for our white sandy beaches and azure blue sea. In 2010 I’ve started my own company after years of training with different realtors on the island and I am proud to say that my company is slowly and surely making its way to one of the best sought after companies in Aruba. In 2013 I’ll keep on doing what I do best: Finding for my customers their Home Sweet Home.”

Us To Call or Visit Home! m a e r D r u o Find Y Wayaca residence 497 Office:588-7868 Mobile: 592-9966


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013

The New Old; Recycle A Monument!

The Monument Fund Of Aruba

To some people, a monument is just an old building, a reminder of time long forgotten, often in a deplorable state that needs to be replaced by something that is more up-to-date to the present. Out with the old, in with the new right? Clean out the cobwebs and start afresh.

We’ve recently moved to a historical building on the Avenida Milo Croes. This monument shares the same architect as the designer of city hall, master carpenter Merardo ‘Dada’ Picus. As you might know the artfully built and tastefully decorated city hall started out as residence of Dr. Eloy Arends in 1925.

But specifically that reminder, that echo of different times, is what makes a monument attractive to so many others. A monument is more than just another real estate object, a collection of stone or part

The building was constructed in the 20s of the last century by Adison Winfield Croes and built as a country house for the family. In the design, he was inspired by a house in Cartagena in Colombia. After use by the family Croes was used by many different people and institutions, including the British consul and a furniture shop.

“A Monument will tell you the story of times and customs long forgotten.” thereof. It’s a testament on how society used to look like. Take for instance the adobe structure in Parke Arikok, the National Park. To us it might seem primitive and even uninhabitable, but this house has withstood the test of time and was perhaps the most modern building around. So what makes a monument a monument? In Aruba, a monument is defined as, a property or estate which is at least fifty years old and what is deemed of general concern because of their beauty, art value, their significance for science, the history of the island or their ethnological or cultural value. In other words, the value of an older building is in the eye of the beholder. That’s where the monument fund comes in the picture, tells Anne Witsenburg, director of the Monuments Fund of Aruba. Founded in 1996, this fund has as an objective to promote and help monument care on Aruba. Generally speaking there are three bodies working together to preserve monuments on Aruba. The Office of Monuments Aruba focuses on the operative tasks, the advisory board supports and the monument fund buys, restores and manages the monuments.

Besides decay, the number one adversary of a monument is ignorance. If you know that hideous building around the corner, but that same building used to be the home of a famous person, people are more often inclined to preserve and restore. On the contrary, if you know nothing about that cute cunucu home on the vast piece of land you just bought, and it seems like time has gotten the better of it, you first reaction might be to tear it down, because in fact, to you that location would be the perfect place to build your pool.

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Our objective is to preserve monuments for generations to come and to give new life to old dilapidated monuments. Currently we are already working on the preservation of most governmental buildings, like City Hall, the water towers, both in Oranjestad and San Nicolas and many more. But we do not stop at preserving. Giving a monument a second life is our ultimate objective, for instance by renting out a restored building as a local business or office, which can help pay for the expenses of restoring even more. Besides, aren’t we living in a world where recycling is now key, so be modern and instead of choosing for that ultramodern choose for that sleek ninety-fifties design ( the post office or police station in the Whilhelminastreet downtown Oranjestad look-a-likes) to call your home or office. Worldwide over the last decade or so the trend has evolved from simply restoring one monument with all the trimmings to a more general approach. That lovely cunucu home can be so far gone that it’s really not safe to live-in anymore. But maybe that beautiful fogon (outside oven), that was always build on the outside, to minimize smoke and fire hazards, could still be preserved. By applying this method to bigger areas, such as downtown Oranjestad, for instance Rancho, we can preserve the characteristics of a particular neighborhood or style while balancing our budget. Luckily more and more people are contributing, to the collection of anecdotes about the older buildings on Aruba. It’s rewarding to see that the projects inspire people to share their stories by walking in to our office or ask about ways they can help preserve our history for future generations or how the Monuments Fund can help them to get their properties back to life again. If you’d like to know more about the monuments on Aruba, feel free to visit us on Facebook: Stichting Monumentenfonds Aruba or our website: You can also drop by in person during office hours: Avenida Milo Croes 26. (Across from Van Dorp Bookstore in Dakota) Tel: 582-4014 Special thanks to Mrs. Anne Witsenburg , director.


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013

Make 2013 Special!

Happiness, success and health, through awareness and change. Your home is your haven. The place where you can enjoy and relax. Especially here, on Aruba, with its laid-back Caribbean atmosphere it’s usually easy to relax, unwind and just enjoy the moment. But sometime life gets in the way. Sometimes things can work-out different then the way you planned and you’ll end up feeling a little less than tranquil and relaxed. Sometimes it’s simply a question of just finding a different solution, but other times might require a completely different approach. “My mission is to help people find that quiet place, that helps them to deal with things that life throws at them, “ says Petra M.C. van den Berg, certified life coach, “We are living on a tropical island, with all the “ on-demand” feel good opportunities, the “bounty” moments. Who wouldn’t agree that, watching the see set in colors that complete the soul or waking up to the sound of rusting trees in the ever blowing trade winds are an instant dream come true? But sometimes you need a little help to rediscover reconnect with the joys of life and yourself, to enjoy to the fullest the beautiful gift that we receive every day and share laughter and bliss with friends and family. Everyone has a different version of happiness, the way they are utmost content and I can support you (re)gain the balance that is right for you. ” With tools and tips, that I have developed after many years of applied coaching, life experience as a researcher/analyst of the field of awareness, I teach my clients a new perspective.

“Happiness is a person that is content, in good shape mentally and physically with a clear concept of what the future entails.”

Coaching works like a magic awakening, it’s a way to analyze your current lifestyle and provide solutions that will help you be more connected with yourself. You will learn various easy skills to quickly come into your inner rest. Sometimes one certain insight is enough for you to make a quantum leap.

To me happiness is a person that is content, in good shape mentally and physically with a clear concept of what the future entails. Coaching can help you formulate and reach your goals, whether it is to have a completely different lifestyle before moving into your dream residence or practical advice on how to be able to move on, sell your house and start the rest of your life happy and at peace in your new home. Some people would doubt a little bit, when it comes to asking guidance, but after the first session, they are enthusiastic, to make use of their full potential and to be best happy person they can be. Besides persons, I also coach businesses. When coaching a business I asses the structure and its employees to see where there is hidden potential that can help make a company more efficient, by supporting its employees with personalized strat-

egies, find out what their best at (best qualities) and maximize their ability, helping business thrive. So why not start 2013 this year different, and treat yourself to one of the great gifts you can give; the best version of you. If you’d like to have more information you can pass by at Spirit of Aruba at Ierlandstraat 22, Tel ( +297) 588-9551 where Petra’s office is located or contact via: mobile: (+297) 594-3177 / 5933703


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

The Center Of Your Home Finding the right kitchen.

Home is where your heart is. But for most people, the heart of their home is centered in their kitchen. It’s the place where recipes get tested and tried before they turn into family traditions, the location that feeds the home. And like almost everything, there is no great result without the right tools. A kitchen made to your wishes, custom made to fit the space you have allocated to become the center of your home. A well-designed kitchen will save you time and money. To me, and most people, a well-functioning kitchen is a basic necessity, says Gerard Spijkers, owner and founder of BBS Kitchen Cabinets & Granite Tops, “You can put off decorating that guest home or trimming your yard but a house without a kitchen is not a complete home.” Located in Bushiri, just outside Oranjestad behind the karting track, you can visit the showroom where various cabinets and model kitchens are displayed. He and his wife have a vast experience in building custom made cabinets, creating kitchens that have become the heart of several homes on the island. “When we came to Aruba twenty years ago, it took a while to get into the rhythm of tropical living, but we love the friendly nature of the people and of course “Dushi” (lovely) Aruba. We are proud to say that we have become a

“A home is not really complete without a kitchen” household name for people looking to find their dream kitchen. Since we build every cabinet ourselves, we can virtually create any style or shape with almost every thinkable finish to match your home and style. I believe that if you are good at something you should stick to it, make it better and improve. Our cabinets will give you the quality that you are looking for, simply because we have put our heart and soul into them.” “The secret of a great kitchen is the combination of good quality materials, like real non-pressed wood, top quality granite and great planning. For instance, if your kitchen is small, you might want to optimize the way the cabinets are positioned to create the maximum amount of space. If you like entertaining in your kitchen, a granite counter-top can double as a preparation space or as the centerpiece while serving. We choose to buy high quality materials and create a local product that lasts for years. Our kitchens are steady fixture in your home that you can rely on for the years to come. And of course besides cabinets we carry a selection of European sinks, faucets, handles and much more.

Feel free to come take a look and perhaps find your dream kitchen. You are welcome to visit us: BBS Kitchen Cabinets & Granite Tops Bushiri #30, Oranjestad, Aruba Tel: 588-5652 You can also visit us on Facebook.


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013

Going Green Recycled. Over the last few years, everyone and everything had to go green. Green was the magic word, the seller of many products where before the words” made in” or original were a marketing tool, high energy saving, cost saving were the buzz words that would help save the environment ( and in most cases our worried conscience). But as it is with most things, the change was not in the items, it’s in our attitude. True, an inverter air-conditioning is more energy efficient, but it’s still being used all day to cool your office. Do we really need a water saving pump system, when we are still watering the complete water production of Aruba’s water plant away in a day?

form of a layer of air, by using heavy blinds,

I’ve noticed that over the last few years, people have started to look differently at the way they build or remodel their homes, says Leo Ponson. “ it’s funny for most people living in the tropics ideally would mean being lullabied to sleep but the sing song of palm trees in the ever blowing trade winds, but most of the homes I have built, allow that.” Somehow the most basic need for a structure to call home for most people is still four walls plus a roof.”

you’ll lose less energy. Or you can opt to install dou-

Due to of the recession of the last few years, the trend has become to go smaller overall. Build more efficient and make use of concepts that had been put out of practice, like using the environment as your ally, not as a nuisance that can be landscaped to concrete, with the least possible maintenance. True a healthy tree drops leaves, that require clean-up on your patio , but the same tree provides shadow for your home. And by reducing the direct sunlight on your home in the end you’ll save on the cooling costs all year long. The best way to avoid heating inside your home is making sure the sun cannot heat up your windows. Insulation is key. Both during the

“Creating shade helps save energy...” day and at night. A logical, and o so familiar traditional, solution is to place shutter on the outside of you home to avoid direct sun light. A simple bamboo mat from the hanging from the side of your roof already does the trick. Another way is to create a barrier inside using several layers of heavy draperies. But let’s not forget we are living in the tropics. At night, when your air-condition is cooling your room, your windows are just a thin layer between the warm tropical night and your acclimatized dreams. By insulating your windows, in the

ble-layered glass. Re-use items or recycle materials to build or embellish. Find a new life for your old kitchen cabinets to repurpose them as storage in the garage for instance. Use gutters to collect rainwater to water your plants or create a grid or plan so the rainwater is not simply passing through your garden, but watering. Many green practices also call for the use of local materials. Since our island has the fame to barren, ( a century or two ago the Spanish sand later also the Dutch called Aruba one of the “ useless” islands, since there was no significant export product available). However as counterbalance on the trade ships that took the precious spices and merchandise from the East back to Europe came roof tiles and building blocks. If you look at the traditional cunucu homes you’ll see them fitted with these tiles. When building, remodeling we could think of re-using these stones and materials from other homes or dwellings that are no longer fit to create and build our homes for the future. Special Thanks to Leo Ponson of Archiosa.

ue Uniq ent stm Inve ity! ortun p p O

For your home or business

Naturally Bamboo! our Find out more about competitive pricing tion! & ask for a free Quota

Land For Sale

rom f g n i Star t m2 / 5 2 AFL 1

Construction Available

Call 593-1981 to find out more and to receive a free quotation!

Flooring Fencing G&R Decking Intexcaribe Tanki Flip 28 Tel: 593-1891

Call to make an appointment to see how we can assist you!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

NOTARIAAT TJON AJONG VEILING - DUTCH AUCTION Thursday, February 21, 2013 Time: Place: Address: Auction Notary:

15.30 hours (3.30 pm) Conference Room of the Chamber of Commerce of Aruba Irausquin Boulevard 10 (opposite Arfa Building) Faride Tjon Ajong

RESIDENTIAL HOUSE: MACUARIMA 114-C standing on leasehold till May 6, 2069 on a parcel of public land, 756 m2 in size, situated at Macuarima in Aruba, locally recorded in the land register as 3rd Division Section D number 1420; Guide/recommended price: Aƒl. 137.000,00 EMPTY LOT: WEG ROOI HUNDO a parcel of property/freehold land, + 288 m2 in size, situated at Rooi Hundo in Aruba, recorded in the landregister as part of the certificate of admeasurement nr 160 of April 25, 1951, and further described in a private document nr 33 of June 15, 2006; Guide/recommended price: Aƒl. 22.000,00 RESIDENTIAL HOUSE: BALASHI 27-B standing on a parcel of property/freehold land, + 441 m2 in size, situated at Balashi in Aruba, known as lot # 9 of the Balashi Homes and Gardens parcelling plan, recorded in the landregister as part of the property cadastral known as 3rd Division Section D number 95, and further described in a private document; Guide/recommended price: Aƒl. 122.000,00 Written bids for February 21, 2013 auction: Duly signed bid-forms (download from website) must be submitted at the latest on: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 5.00 pm.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Place to submit bid-forms: Office of NOTARIAAT TJON AJONG. All scheduled auctions may be postponed or stopped at any time. Conditions which are applicable: 1.General auction conditions (AVVE) (see website); and 2.Special auction conditions (to be requested at NOTARIAAT TJON AJONG) NOTARIAAT TJON AJONG Irausquin Boulevard 22, Arfa Building Phone: (297) 588 34 88 •Fax: (297) 588 34 44 E-mail: •


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly

It’s simple: do not drink and drive!

February 2013

It’s almost Carnival! The celebration is like no other party in Aruba and RSA wishes you a great time. Though Carnival can be a lot of fun, there are some dangers that come with it. Drinking alcohol and driving for example… they simply do not go together.

Carnival is the absolute worse time of the year when it comes to the sheer amount of drunk drivers on the road. Every year in most countries that celebrate this event, at least a handful of people get into an accident on the roads. Most of these accidents could have been avoided if people just waited until they got to their destination before they started drinking.

Intoxicated It’s not a question of whether you are legally intoxicated; it’s a question of whether or not it is safe to drive when you have consumed any amount of alcohol. Research shows that impairment begins long before a person reaches the blood alcohol concentration level necessary to be guilty of drunken driving.

Slower Reaction Time For the person who is drinking, the above impairments may be hardly noticeable at the time, but the slow reaction times that they can produce could prove fatal in an emergency-driving situation. That’s why it is not a good idea to drive no matter how much or how little that you have had to drink.

BAC There is another consideration: Alcohol affects people differently. Some people have a higher response to drinking alcohol than others. In other words, people with a high response to alcohol can experience signs of impairment at the .02 Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Drink Driving Level that others do not experience until the 0.05 level. In Aruba the maximum permitted BAC level is 0.05

So, when drinking alcohol, driving becomes dangerous – and is potentially lethal! Avoid it!

Defensive driving It’s important to not just abstain from excess drinking, but also to be aware of others. You’ve probably heard the term “defensive driving” tossed around a lot, but what does it really mean? Defensive driving is a set of good habits on top of your existing driver skills.

For your car, home, yacht, business and other assets, RSA has a wide variety of products to give you peace of mind. Contact your trusted insurance broker or RSA for more information.

RSA Aruba Portofino Plaza • L.G. Smith Boulevard 124 Tel.: (+297) 583 0668

Here are some easy tips on how to improve your own defensive skills: 1. Minimize Distractions: Ironically, the person that is the greatest threat to your own safety on the road is yourself!. Cell phones, music, munching on a hamburger are examples of distractions in the car. We realize that most of us once in a while talk illegally on our cell phone (yes, you too), rock out to your iPod or have the occasional taco in the car. It just happens. What you can do is limit yourself to one distraction and tone it down. So while stuffing down a French fry tell your caller you’ll call back as soon as you can park. 2. High Eyes Driving: Race drivers use a technique called “high eyes” that call for the driver (you) to focus not on the car in front of you, but on the road horizon. 3. Minimize Lane Changes: It’s rare for a car to be rear ended while traveling the speed limit in it’s own lane. It is common for accidents to happen while a car is changing lanes. Choose a lane and stick with it for the majority of your trip. 4. Spot Fast Lane Changers: The flip side to not being a lane changer, is that you must be highly aware of the drivers who are. These are often the drivers who dangerously dart in and out of traffic, cutting off and swerving around drivers in the process. 5. Spot Blind Lane Changers: You should be aware not only of the reckless drivers, but also of the absent-minded driver that never checks their blind spot before changing into your lane. 6. Look Both Ways at Intersections: Intersections are inherently dangerous places and the scene of many accidents. Don’t take a light for granted! 7. Get Away From Bad Drivers: You should always do your best to keep a healthy distance between yourself and other bad drivers on the road such as drunks and speeders, tail gaters, road ragers, lane changers, extremely slow drivers and any other erratic behavior. Most of the time, this involves switching lanes and slowing down so that a speeder or drunk can pass you safely. 8. Don’t Follow Too Closely: Always give at least a 3 second of buffer room. If you drive an SUV however, you must make this at least 5 seconds because your vehicle is heavy and takes much longer to come to a complete stop than passenger cars. 9. When all else fails: Yes, accidents do happen. Your fault, their fault, whatever……they happen. Avoid the emotional stress and financial mess by making sure you have appropriate insurance in place backed by an insurance company that cares. RSA offers several products to protect you when on the road, from basic ‘Third Party’ liability cover to very comprehensive ‘All Risk’ protection.


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

For Rent

e: Asking Pric 00,= US $ 210.0

ting Prices Star night from $60 a

For Sale

Close to Down Town Oranjestad - Crystel Theather Each studio apartment has a queen-size bed with kitchenette. One 1-bedroom has a kitchenette, two queen-size beds and one single bed. The other 1-bedroom apartment for 2 persons, has a kitchenette and a double bed. Our apartments are equipped with WiFi internet access, color TV with cable and split-unit air conditioning. The kitchens are complete with refrigerator/freezer, stove, cooking utensils, cutlery, glassware, dinnerware and silverware.

House For Sale In Picaron With A Nice Swimming Pool On More Or Less 500 M2 Property Land

Real Estate Rentals, Sales, Residentials, Commercials And Land.

Call for more info: +297-566-3902 or visit:

“Awareness leads to Health, Success & Happiness!”

Embellish Your Home

Petra M.C. van den Berg

Private Coaching | Business Coaching Ierlandstraat 22 ( office of Spirit of Aruba) t: ( +297) 588-9551 |m: (+297) 5933-703 ||

“Our service may shock you, but our prices won't” Residential, Commercial and Industrial

y o j n E ! 9 5 l a v i Carn

Inspections & drawings Certified Electrical installation Residential Lighting Commercial Lighting Industrial Lighting Emergency Generator

Seroe blanco 46-G | Tel: 588-2255 | Fax: 588-2252

• Tiles in all sorts of materials, prints & sizes, outdoor & indoor joy n E • Clay roofing tiles val • Bathroom products and accessories Carni • Installation gear & tile cleaning products 59!

Koyari 20A Noord Tel: 587-7223

Cumana 80 Santa Cruz Tel: 586-6969


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Home for Sale


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013

Home for sale

$140.449,00 Attractive Home in Solito

Commercial Building For Rent

$485.00 p/month Great Office location in Ponton Land for Sale

Home for Sale

$179.000,00 Charming Home at Pos Abao

Vacation Rental

Commercial Building For Sale

$176.699,00 Conveniently located home in Ponton

25 Years Of Let More Than ist You! Experience Ass

Vacation Rental

$270 per night Vacation Villa at San Miguel sleeps 6

Land for Sale

$ 336.500,00 Building with 6 Apt,O’stad

$570 per night Vacation Villa at Tierra del Sol Sleeps 8

Land For Sale

Sun Caribbean Realty Wabistraat #6, Ponton. Aruba Office: +297-582-4143 Find more listing & Info online! Surf Today to:

$77.000,00 Land, community of Turibana Noord - 685 m2

$191.300,00 Prime Commercial Property Land / Seroe Blanco -1913 m2

$99.000,00 Land at Westpunt residence - 600 m2 suncaribbeanrealty



Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

For More Information Contact: Mito Arends Cel. 593-6318 Associated Realtors Italiestraat 12 Oranjestad

Financing Available

$ 257.000

Commercial building near to the main/high traffic road of Savaneta. Lot size: 723 m2, Build: 412 m2

$ 315.000

Nice family home located in Wayaca Residence, 3 bedr, 2 bath, swimming pool and fully fenced.

Unique home with an amazing view to the beach 3 bdr, 2,5 bath, 2 garage, spacious backyard with spa.

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Beautiful & well-maintained home, Wayaca Residence, 3 bdr, 3bth , spacious backyard w/pool & fully fenced.

Reduced! $ 699.000

New Commercial Unit with great business opportunity. Spacious business area, private bathroom, mezzanine.


Villa under construction on Property Land.

Boegoeroei 85-D T 592-5957| 730-8332 Real Estate Advice | Property Search E: |Property Sale | Land | Rental |DevelopW: ments |Business & Investment Properties

a e r C Bo r! lo o C



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013

A second Life

The new purpose of a monument.

The building right across from Aruba’s Port of Call is too many known as the old office of Public Works (D.O.W.). But during carnival, more importantly, it’s the place where most parades of the downtown festivities end. When in 2009, the new D.O.W. building, close to the roundabout in Wayaca was finished; D.O.W. moved out and for some time the best possible solution for one of Aruba’s prominent monuments was sought and found. In 2013 the old headquarters will receive a new destination. Built in 1949, after a design of the Aruba’s own Public Works, it’s this monument was the third location to house this department. Just think about it: Before Christmas, D.O.W. is responsible for putting up the Christmas decorations all over the island and setting up the nativity scene in front of parliament. Around New Year’s they are responsible for controlling the storage, handling and sale of fireworks, and at Carnival carry out the task of guiding the festive crowds and returning the streets to their original purpose. The first office of D.O.W was not more than a small room at the back of the building, located at Lagoenweg 5, where the service apartments of the harbor pilot and first officer technical DOW-Aruba could be found. Back then, all drawing and designs for the infrastructure and governmental buildings came from the drawing tables of D.O.W. Curacao, where the architects, who mostly studied in the Netherlands, were influent by the emerging Bauhaus style that not only became a big influence in art and literature, but also swept the architectural world.

And as the sleek, lines and shapes a tropical with ever winds.

it turns out minimalistic geometrical were perfect in environment blowing trade

Just like similar buildings dating from that period, the windows are kept cool by retracted facades, where amount of direct sunlight on the windows is minimalized. Very recognizable for the type of design are the so called “climate facades”. Concrete solar shades, concrete lamellas and retracting facades are the very characteristics hereof. The plasticity is accentuated even

“sleek, minimalistic lines and geometrical shapes are perfect in a tropical environment” more by strongly cantilevering horizontal and vertical architrave and window frames. The standing windows were originally fitted with wooden shutters and double, inward rotating windows to let in the cooling breeze but shut out sun.


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Buildings in D.O.W style

Aruba’s own D.O.W. department was born, when the first technical official, Mr. Klaas Kleimpe van der Heide, arrived on Aruba with the exception that management still was located in Curacao, and the need for a separate office arose. In theory this meant that in Curacao the designs of the Government buildings, whether it was to build, extend or remodel, were projected, planned and drawn, only to be executed in in Aruba. In practice it was a point of constant irritation, since the Aruban staff, was just as skilled as the staff in curacao, plus it lead to unnecessary waste of time. Just remember back then there were no cell phones and no internet, so to modify a building sketch would have taken days instead of minutes. Logically, more and more of the work was done independently by D.O.W. Aruba and after a while the separation was only a formality. In 1933, on the Lagoenweg 5, was appointed Mr. Ernesto Petronio, who subsequently became minister president. As the Lago refinery expanded, so did the service economy on the island, which increased the workload of D.O.W. The need for a larger independent office leads to the construction of the D.O.W. office at Lagoenweg 11. In a relatively short period of time, this office became too small for the ever expanding tasks and in 1949, the building on the Paardenbaaistraat 2, locally designed, opened its doors. First director was Mr. A. van den Berg (1950-1957). Like a tree and it’s year rings you can see the different stages of the ex-D.O.W headquarters. The building was original an elongated, rectangular building with its saddle roof and cantilevers, and main

entrance on the boulevard side. During World War II, there was a shortage of material, so instead of the orange roof tile, metal and eternit corrugated sheets and asphalt shingles were also used. With the increase of tasks and staff, two layers that complete the original structure most probably after 1954 were added on top of the building and the orientation was shifted with the building’s entrance facing the Paardenbaaistraat. The former entrance since has been moved and the lamellas shortened. The original corrugated sheets (very possibly eternit) have since been replaced by Dutch improved ceramic pans. With the creation of the streetcar depot alongside and the rejuvenation of downtown Oranjestad this old monument will start its second life in 2013! Special thanks to Mrs. Yvonne WebbKock Director Office of Monuments Aruba




port ue Op

2 story house in Seroe Blanco for Sale! 4.5 Bdr & 4 Baths, 230 sq m buildup area property land 687 sq m US $ 315.000.00 Real Estate Rentals, Sales, Residentials, Commercials And Land Call for more info: +297-566-3902 or visit:


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013

House of Culture

Cas di Cultura is Aruba’s theater and cultural center was founded in 1958, here you can enjoy all kinds of entertainment, from classical recitals to beauty pageants to local and international comedy shows. The heart of theater lies here at the roundabout of las Amercias. Many famous international artists have also graced the stage with their presence; each year it forms the perfect back drop for the Aruban Jazz Festival. Besides performing arts, Cas di Cultura is also a second home to many other arts; It’s a favorite spot for semi-permanent art exhibitions. The exhibition room is often used for various functions, such as informal gatherings, readings & lectures , wedding recepotions or press conferences. Cas di Cultura also is an excellent spot to come have lunch in the afternoon or a cup of tea after shopping in the afternoon. The café inside, that caters to the main public and on request for functions, opens

February 4 16 27 28 & 29

Film Documentary “Laga Bai” director Ida Does World of Feng Shui Aruba presents “Fortune & Feng Shui review for the year 2013” Fundarte presents Film: Jesus Christ Superstar Exposition by Stichting MIRA

its doors daily to the general public from 11.3014.00 for lunch, with each day a different special, except for weekends. You can find the up to date calendar of events on their website; along with special offers or last minute tickets. And of course Cas di Cultura is accessible for everyone. Cas di Cultura offers you the chance to get a tour of our building. This is interesting for everybody who wants to take a peak in the world of theater but also for students, businesses and friends are who a planning a day out. Interested? Call us at 5821010 to make an appointment for a guided tour.

a r u t l u C i D s a Program C March

1, 2 & 3 16 22 23

Comedy by Eligio Melfor Recital DaVinci Academy Concert Kunstkring Workshop Kunstkring

Vondellaan 2 Oranjestad Tel: 582-1010

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013

The Art of Paint Carnival time is a kaleidoscope of different colors that whirl, glitter and sparkle both under the tropical sun and at night. There is no color that is not carnivalesque, no combination that is shunned. Carnival is everything at once, yet if you are a spectator you can be surprised about the elegant and prefect color combinations from color palettes that you never have dreamed of. Color, like beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. In short the way light is bounced off particle, whether water, diamonds of paints makes us differentiate different color, the same reason we see the color in a rainbow after the rain. In terms of color there are three dominant colors, blue, yellow and red. Mix any of two color or three together and depending on the quantity of each, you‘ll get every color that exists. Blue and yellow will give you green, in all its lush variations, from dark leafy to pale green. Purple is the combination of red and blue, the darker, the more intense. Yellow and Red result in warm Orange tints, the slightest change can produce a different color hue. Luckily for us, there is something like a color fan, to determine the quantities of each element to be mixed.

“Comolux has a high quality finish and can be made in vitutually any color to fit your home.” It’s hard to imagine color without paint. Usually when we are painting something, a chair, a wall, it’s to add or replace a color. Most paints consist of various ingredients, centered on color. All the other ingredients make sure the paint does not dry out in the can, is easy to mix and leaves with your desired result. Simply put, paint is a “glue” to attach the color to an object. Like most people, when we talk about paint, we talk mostly about color and quality, how quick it dries and how it finishes. Paints can be separated into oil or water based paints. The basic nature depends on the object they need to stick to. Oil is commonly used for wood, whereas water based or “acrylic” paints are more common for stone. To celebrate Carnival, Arvefa is proud to announce their selection of oil based colors, called Comolux, for their high quality finish and result in ten basic well sought after colors. “Of course on demand, we are happy to mix any color for you, says Fred Arts, director, we can mix virtually any color. Some people write down the color of their walls on the back of the light switch, but if you have ordered that terrific light blue to match your favorite chair, we have saved the “recipe” so you can paint the wall in your new home if you ever decide to move. For all your color and paint question, feel free to stop by. We are happy to help.” Arvefa L.G. Smith Blvd 144 Tel: 582-2519 -Tel: 582-6501Cel: 730-0326 -Fax: 582-7225 Email:



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Hearth & Garden 18 Monthly Aruba

ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013

The Road Ahead

“2012 has been a year that has been challenging and exciting for D.O.W (Department of Public Works),” says Jossy Figaroa, director. “We started preparing the city’s heart for the streetcar, a completely new concept for Aruba, we supervised the creation of the spiral roundabout at the airport and of course, we assisted with the creation of the linear park, which is a small part of the project “The Green Corridor”.

In the beginning of this year we will continue to finish the first phase of the linear park and start with the second phase, which is the stretch in the direction of the spiral roundabout. 2013 is the year of infrastructure. Of course the streetcar will grace downtown Oranjestad with its presence, plus the rejuvenated city center with the tropical oases of elegant shaded plazas and miniature parks, will be the places to walk, shop and enjoy. But this year, we will focus on repairing and upgrading the roads that connect all sides of our island. For example, the way the water is drained from the Sasaki highway will be improved, to ensure a better flow towards the surrounding saliñas and of course the famous Bubali pond, where so many tourists go to enjoy Aruba’s many birds.

not as heavy as it is now. And the planning of the “The Green Corridor” has also been a project of several years. The objective is to convert the existing road from the airport to just after Pos Chiquito in a double lane road.

From here the existing single lane will continue to “2013 will be the heart of the year of infrastructure” San Nicolas, whereas the double lane will circle both Together with the contractors that have won North and South of the city, reuniting the bids, the idea is to create a better traffic at the crossing of the Bernflow from and to our Sunrise City, San Nicolas. hardstraat. Also, this year we will start of executing the project “The Green Corridor”.

It’s an interesting fact that these roads (including the Sasaki Road) were constructed in the 1950ties, when traffic was

And as a green benefit, a cycling path will be guided along the remodeled road for those who prefer to be paddling their way on our island.


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

With this new layout, not only new roads need to be made, the existing roads will be upgraded to match plus intersections and the way the roads are accessed will be altered. As you might know, if you are going in the direction of San Nicolas, just after you have passed the Water and Electricity Company (W.E.B), there is a bridge over a Laguna. This bridge is the geographical indicator on our island. If you hear someone saying they go up the bridge, it means they are going to San Nicolas. The reason for this is quite simple: Aruba is a plateau formed by underwater volcanos millions of years ago, that rose up from the ocean bed, climbing up towards San Nicolas.

up the road barrier to guide the traffic, to install the spectator’s stands and the mobile toilets along the parade’s road. And after the parade has passed, our clean-up crew has become a familiar sight to bring the streets back to their daily function. I always say: the day we are the first group will be a sad day for our Carnival. Until then enjoy our 59th edition of Aruba’s carnival.”

Right now we are focusing on all the activities and parades for Carnival. As you know Aruba’s carnival is a great spectacle to watch or to participate in. At D.O.W., we are in charge of setting



High Quality Artificial Grass


No Watering No Mowing

ting AFL from: 70/m 2

Call to make an appointment to see how we can assist you!

G&R Intexcaribe Tanki Flip 28 Tel: 593-1891

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Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly

F.D.E.C Aruba’s foundation of Nature and Parks

brating e l e C










Visit Us On Facebook: Fanapa Aruba to Learn More

February 2013


Bringing music and art to Aruba If you have watched the Carnival parades, you have heard the contagious variations of the soca, calypso and roadmarches, that invite you to join the fun and dance the carnival days away. But why stop enjoying music, singing and dancing after Carnival season is over? The famous philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, once said, without music life would be a mistake. At the Foundation of communitarian educational development also known as F.D.E.C., there’s a wide array of artistic courses that are being taught. Each day of the week you can take a course for a modest fee in a different district on our lovely island. Lessons are given in 6 districts: San Nicolas, Savaneta, Santa Cruz, Paradera, Noord and Oranjestad. After all, the mission of this foundation is to educate people with the joys of the arts and culture while bringing neighborhoods together. For each and every one there is a course to take, some age restrictions may apply. Be culturally inspired and choose to learn a different instrument or craft. Take your

Save The Date

pick from the violin to percussion instruments, from needlepoint to airbrush or master to play or make a typical Aruban instruments, like the cylinder organ. This instrument is especially popular to make the New Year’s music, the Dande and of course to play the Aruban waltz, famously played at parties and weddings. The great thing about F.D.E.C. is that since it is a foundation, everyone contributes their best and tries to create that warm welcome atmosphere in Aruba’s neighborhoods where the creativity can flow. And of course with anything you learn, F.D.E.C. gives an end of year concert each year to showcase the talents of their students. Next month, between March 22nd and 24th , F.D.E.C. is proud to present in collaboration with the Aruban Department of Culture and the Aruban Art Cirle the “Orquesta de Vientos José luis Paz”. This orchestra is made up of 65 young adults from Venezuela and they will perform publicly twice, besides performing for schools they give three workshops as well. Follow F.D.E.C. on Facebook for more information about this great orchestra and how to get tickets to their performance in Cas di Cultura. If you’d like to find out more on how to become a part of F.D.E.C., feel free to contact them at 582-0010 or visit them during office hours at De La Sallestraat 41-A, Oranjestad, Aruba and follow them on Facebook also.

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Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013

Embellish your home! Empresa Italo Arubano

Specializing in tiles, we are known for our wide variety of tiles in different sorts, shapes, colors and textures. Our trained experts can help you choose the tile, structure and color that is best suited for your needs. Tiles can be used both indoors and out to beautify virtually any surface. A tile nowadays is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such ceramic, stone, metal or even glass. The word ‘ceramic’ comes from the Greek word ‘keramos’ meaning pottery, it is related to an old Sanskrit root meaning ‘to burn’ but was primarily used to mean ‘burnt stuff ’. Ceramic tiles are used in different applications, but are most known for their decorative value, such as Delft’s blauw. Decorative tile-work was invented in the near east, where it has enjoyed a longer popularity and assumed a greater variety of design than anywhere in the world. The Romans introduced tile making in Western Europe as they occupied territories. Through Europe decorative ceramic tiling found its way to North and South America.

The Ceramic tiles were too expensive for utilitarian purposes in the Colonies and were found almost exclusively in the homes of the wealthy. Today you don’t have to be wealthy to decorate your home to your needs.


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


e Resid


Ponton Wabistraat 2, buildup area 168 sq m on property land of 678 sq m asking price 280.000.00 AFL. Real Estate Rentals, Sales, Residentials, Commercials And Land Call for more info: +297-566-3902 or visit:

We carry tiles from Europe, South America, and the Far East. And we constantly keep following the latest trends to provide you with the best choice. If you’re looking for something specific, feel free to ask our expert advice. We, at Impresa Italo Arubano, can help find the perfect match for any style you have in mind be it rustic, modern, tropical Caribbean or to the latest styleAnd we can help you calculate the amount of tiles you need and plan the project of beautifying your house into your perfect home, since we carry all accessories you need to install the tiles in your home and we can even do it for you. Come visit us our selection of tiles at: Koyari 20A- 587-7223 or Cumana 80- 588-6969


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013

Do It Yourself Made Easy Cerd N.V. does it Good and Fast

We all know that sometimes while doing those projects around your home, there is always that time that you need that particular specialty tool or a bigger size. But why go out and buy it, when help is on Aruba. CERD (Construction Equipment Rental Depot) was founded in 2000 with the goal of becoming the best equipment rental company of Aruba with quality products and great service.

We are flexible and will try to accommodate you as best we can. We also offer services and repairs for any brand of constructionequipment. We have great mechanics that can get the job done fast. From chainsaws to tractors, we can take care of it. If you want to do it yourself, but with the security of a job well done, CERD N.V is here for you.

And we have proven ourselves over the years and slowly, but surely, expanding to maintain our level of service and quality. The success hereof lies in the fact that we keep all parts and accessories in stock, anticipating your needs. We do specialty purchasing if required and we always keep our materials in stock. That’s why at CERD N.V., we also offer a variety of items for sale. We sell accessories for most construction equipment, such as: drill bits, saw blades, rakes, shovels etc. each of these are great quality products that are expected from CERD N.V. at a great price. Check out our generators,.We carry brand names such as Ivy Classic, Multiquip, Echo, Pramac, M-I- TM and much more. And at CERD N.V. we firmly believe that safety comes first. That’s why we carry a broad range of safety equipment for you or your staff. Recently we started carrying a large variety of building materials, ranging from blocks to cement to roof tiling. This is linked to our large variety of construction equipment that we have in stock. Ranging from rotary hammers to 80 ft. snorkel lifts. This means that CERD N.V. can provide the right equipment & machinery for every job. We can deliver all pieces anywhere and on time. We have qualified operators that are more than capable of tackling any job. Our operators are not only experienced but also friendly and willing to work with you on whatever task you may have. We also do all kinds of excavation work such as trenches, pools, septic pits and foundations in hard ground and coral rock. Please do not hesitate to contact us with whatever job you may have.

Feel free to drop by at one of our stores anytime. Bushiri 32, Oranjestad | Tel: 5885555 | Fax: 5885560 | E-mail: Cura Cabai 145, Savaneta | Tel: 5844020 | Fax: 5844023 | E-mail: Opening Hours Mon- Fry 7.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m non-stop Sat 7.00 a.m. 3.00 p.m. non-stop

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly February 2013

Match Your Style To Your Home Shop At Dura Home Center!

Tables Sets g n i n i D ware e m o H ses s e r t t a M ries o s s e c c A Gifts & s Curtain re! o M h c u And M

Located Along the Sasaki Highway @ Italiëstraat 40. Tel: 583-6483

Dura Home CEnter: open eyc H-334


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Open Mon-Sat Non-Stop: 9.00 a.m. -19.00 p.m. Sun Closed

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Matadera, 4-bedr., 4bathr.

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Carnivals Edition Aruba Hearth & Garden (Feb 2013)  

In this free newspaper you’ll find articles about owning and renting a home on Aruba and everything related to living on our lovely island....

Carnivals Edition Aruba Hearth & Garden (Feb 2013)  

In this free newspaper you’ll find articles about owning and renting a home on Aruba and everything related to living on our lovely island....