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Hearth & Garden Monthly ree F The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise! Edition May 2013

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Aruba is to many a piece of paradise come true.

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A tropical climate with almost ever blowing trade winds that make paradise living along the pure white beaches, azure blue ocean and lush emerald green hills simple & relaxed.

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly!

or trade 6 Experts in Septic & Sewers 8

gs Real Estate Listin Projects Condominiums Rentals Land for Sale Enjoying Life

Being on the crossroads of trade routes, Europe and the America’s, Aruba’s become an unique melting pot, creating “One Happy Island”. If you are looking to extend your stay, simply turn this

ce Personal, Business, Home & Car Insurance an r r u ke s Retirement Planning- Wealth Managent In ro B Caya Frere Laurentius 8,

Oranjestad / Aruba E-mail: Tel: (297) 588-7745 Fax: (297) 588-1936 Cel: (297) 734-4434 VERDANT Insurance and Management Group N.V.

page to see how you can own the home of your dreams, for a vacation or even longer; almost all the information you need is inside. Why not start today enjoying paradise living?



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Oasis 6

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May2013 Washington 164

Hooiberg 18-J

USD 550,000 AWG 973,500

USD 212,000 AWG 375,240

Wayaca Residence 492

USD 205,000 AFL 362,850

USD 245,000 AFL 433,650

2 bedr, 2 bath room fully furnished condo with ocean view!

Cozy 3 bedr, 2 bath home with big backyard

New built 3 bed, 2 bath house in Noord!

3 bedr, 2 bath corner house in Wayaca Residence

Jaburibari 30-D

Piedra Plat 78-B

Las Rocas

Mon Pos 7

USD 481,000 AWG 851,370

USD 354,000 AFL 626,580

USD 430,000 AFL 761,100

Beautifull 3 bedr, 2 bath home with swimmingpool

3 bedrooms,3 bathrooms, with a great Luxurious condo in Tierra del Sol mountain view!

Bubali 117-F

Salinja Serca 23-G

USD 390,000,00 AWG 690,000

3 bedr, 3 bath villa in the exclusive Bubali Villa Park!

USD 750,000 AFL 1,327,500

3 bedr, 2 bath villa located close to the beach!

SCHOTLANDSTRAAT 45 - ARUBA - Dutch Caribbean Phone (297) 582 4494 - Mobile (297) 594 12 47 - Fax (297) 582 0533

“Friends Forever..... Seroe Blanco

.....Amigos Para Siempre� Bubali

me for Rent this ho $3500 P/M! $ 365,169


$ 270,000

3 bedr, 3 bath, pool, closed 2 door garage, large mature garden


Bubali 2-story condo fully furnished


$395, 000

2 story , 3 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 1 studio apt, indep. office


$ 549,000

Amazing 6 bdrm villa, 3 bthrm, pool, very specious, 2 ext. bdrm

$ 481,000

for s home i h t t n Re /M! $3000 P $ 444.000

3 bedr, 2 bath, pool w/ outside bath, semi-furnished, apartment in back

Rent th is hom $3000 P e for /W!

$ 549,000

3 bedr, 2 bath, Pool,Fully furnished,1350 m2/ 14840 sq ft

Palma Real


Amazing country villa, 3 bdrm,2 bthrm, pool/bar, Japanese garden

USD 295,000 AWG 522,150

3 bedr, 2 bath house w exceptional surroundings. 3810m2 prop. land!

Rent th is hom $2400 P e for /M!

$ 380, 000

3 bedr, 3 bath, 2 story low maint. townhome, patio, elec. security door



849m2 land for sale

Brickell bay Sandbar shops |J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 370 |Palm Beach| Aruba | Dutch Caribbean Tollfree |+1 877 586 8962| Office : +297 280 0339 | Mobile : +297 593 8700 | |

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May 2013



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Love Aruba

Miko, your real estate matchmaker I love my island, says Milouska Briezen, owner and founder of Miko, your Real Estate matchmaker, Aruba is one of the best vacation spots in the world and it’s no wonder tourist often become repeat visitors, wanting to stay even longer in paradise. And who can blame them? Warm sunny weather virtually all year round with cooling trade winds, picture prefect beaches, blue skies and a turquoise ocean, it’s close to paradise. Plus shopping and entertaining and dining have international levels. More and more high-end brands are opening flagship stores on this gem in the Caribbean. Whether you are looking for a local dish like keshi yena (stuffed cheese), sushi, surf ‘n turf or top of the notch upscale euro-American cuisine, you can find it. Towards the north side of the island, where the famous National park Arikok, there is lush green vegetation on the slopes of Aruba’s famous peaks, like the Hooiberg ( haystack) and Jamanota and hills.

Our customers, both the seller and buyer are equally important to me. Both deserve the best treatment, that’s why I prefer to see myself as a real estate matchmaker rather than an agent. I adore the old style typical Aruban cunucu homes and monuments, yet at the same time the projects are my thing.

Perhaps it’s the complete concept, from simply seeing a piece of land, connecting to it and visualizing a bustling community; elderly people playing bingo in the shade while kids play in on the playground, and mom and dad are happy in their home. Being surrounded with real estate and construction, Miko has close ties with one of the most renowned construction But the nature is “Owning your own piece of Paradise becomes a reality in companies on Aruba, E-max, it’s pernot the only reason haps a flaw of the trade. Aruba.. ” people like to buy or invest on Aruba. My current pet project is Papillion Besides from being famous for being located outside the hurricane residences. Just outside Santa Cruz, in the green heart of Aruba, belt, the typical cultural mix attracts many to our happy island. this project is the best of both worlds. Centrally located, just a few Dutch practicability, since Aruba is a former colony and now a minutes drive from downtown Oranjestad, the hotel area or Baby country in the kingdom of the Netherlands, combined with Latin beach, yet quiet tranquil lush green surroundings. The plots of flavor, the Caribbean way to enjoy life with Northern American property land vary in size, so the small community that will arise influences, makes it nearly the best place in the world. will not be cookie-cutter. Grown up in the Colony, the former Lago refinery district south of San Nicolas and now living on the complete opposite in the one of the upcoming neighborhood close to the lighthouse, I can honestly say, that anywhere in Aruba you can find your piece of paradise.

Having lived and studied in the Netherlands, allowed me to explore my cultural roots in every sense and made me more aware of the beauty of Aruba. Opening Miko, a play on my name, in 2010, was a logical step, since I’m good at bringing people together, both personally and business wise. Trained in timeshare (one of the bigger industries on the island), I wanted to people not just to own a week, but provide them with the option to extend their stay. The key in my logo emphasizes that; Miko is the key to your future dream home and we are have become a full grown real estate company, assisting our customers in buying selling, renting, vacation rentals and property management.

Other great aspect of Papillion residence is that you are free to build the home of your dreams. You private castle in paradise. Of course we’re happy to assist you along the way. So when you’re ready to fall in love all over again with our island, feel free to contact us any time! Palm Beach 6-B. Opening hours: Mo-Fri 8-12 a.m. and 1-5 p.m. Sat: by appointment. Contact us at: +297 5868635


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May2013

Selling your home Vecsta Real Estate

Most people buy a house to create their home, the place where they can enjoy life with their family and friends. In most cases they envision their home for a lifetime, or at least a couple of years. Sometimes you also want or need to sell your home. The reason for this varies from a child on the way,moving in together, retirement to divorce, the need to downsize. Whatever the reason is, it is never an easy decision to make, especially with the current economy and Real Estate market. Real Estate buyers are more aware of their budget and are looking to get more for their money. Here’s where I can help you. With my experience as a realtor assisting customers buying and selling Real Estate, I can help you make your home be more visible to potential buyers. My passion in Real Estate, besides that I do like all facets of the trade, makes me a great buyer’s and seller’s realtor. I take all the necessary time to list a potential buyer, which allows me to filter all their most important needs for their new home. For a seller I apply the same tactic of getting a detailed insight in the seller’s wishes. For instance it is important to know from the seller the asking price, their motivation, the time frame they would like to see their house to be sold and any other specifics. When matching a potential client with their prospective home, this carefully gathered detailed information will save both the buyer and the seller a lot of time and effort. If you are thinking of selling your home here are a few tips to start with:

basic information a realtor and potential buyers might want to know. You can use the report to make changes to your home to increase the attraction to potential buyers or you can decide to clean your yard, fix or mend the broken on- your-to-do list things, beforehand. As we can see from the many home improvement shows, a coat “ A professional report can help you define the of fresh paint goes a long unique selling points of your home” way.

What is your main reason you want to sell? And what would be an appropriate time frame for you to realize your goal. For example if you are planning on retiring, you might want to allow a 12 month window to sell your home. And you might also want to prepare contingency plan in the event your home gets sold before or after your estimated date. (On average the process though the notary can be three months, but different factors can influence that)

You might want to advertise to your friends and family that you are thinking of selling your home. Word of mouth is an important advertising tool. Obtain information or ask your realtor which steps you need to take and which documents could be required so you can be prepared. If you sell your home though a realtor, make sure you understand the agreement, to avoid disappointments. For example: Do you want to be present when the realtor shows your home or do you prefer to be away? In most cases it is useful to obtain a recent appraisal report (on average not older than 6 months). This report will advise you on the market & the reconstruction price, the execution value and the

However, instead of a full appraisal report, most appraisers will give you the option of a pre-appraisal report. If desired experts, like roofing or plumbing professionals can perform a status report of your home. The same goes for de-personalizing your home so potential buyers can envision your house as their home. You might love your parrot statue collection, but a potential buyer may not be equally charmed. And it will save you time packing once you’re moving. Plus a thorough cleaning will leave you in a cleaner home. If you are thinking of selling your home, feel free to contact me. It would be my pleasure to assist you through this process.Real estate is my business, so if you are looking to build, buy, sell or rent, feel free to contact me, I’m happy to find your realty! Boegoeroei 85-D T 592-5957| 730-8332 E: W:

Real Estate Advice | Property Search |Property Sale | Land | Rental | Developments |Business & Investment Properties


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May 2013


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

The Appraiser CAST NV

If you are thinking of buying or selling a house, an appraisal report from an official appraiser is a useful tool. An appraiser is an impartial agent , who is especially trained to make objective reports, says Jouel Croes, the co-founder of Cast N.V. Not surprisingly, since his dad, Milo Croes, is well-known on the island for being a sworn appraiser. After Jouel completed his Masters, Cast N.V. was founded in 2006 and has become an Aruban synonym with quality, reliability and expertise. Cast N.V. is an all-round architect bureau that can assist you with appraisal reports, situation plans and architectural drawings to full blown (construction) project management and building supervision. With anything the value is not determined by itself, but a balanced mix of elements and factors. Did you ever buy a diamond? To determine the value, a diamond is famously valued (appraised )by the four C’s; Cut, Clarity, Carat & Color. The higher these qualities are perceived, the higher the price. In real estate the factors to determine the value of a home or dwelling Financial institutions, such as banks or mortgage providers calculate are, amongst others between 60% to 90% of any of the above values to finance your mort• Location; where is the home located; close to schools and engage. In most cases an appraisal report when buying or selling a home tertainment, etc. Is it rurally located or a busy road nearby. Are other is required. surrounding homes similar What many people or is there a huge difference? “ It is not only the material description what renders value to don’t know is that we • Building quality; the subject but the research, analysis and finding of the real market also provide home how much rooms does a value..” assessment, a kind of home have, how is are these pre-appraisal report. situated, what kind of mateIn this report we assess the home and make recommendations on how rials are used to improve the home. This we do with the help of experts. • Land: how big is the land, is it property or lease, fenced or not, landscaped? For instance In our pre-assessment it could show that your roof might What one person likes, someone else might find highly unattractive. In an appraisal report an appraiser will state facts. Inspection is done on, deed or ownership documents, the subject( property) to establish the type of construction, finishing materials, roofing and amenities, the size of the subject land and the construction. It is not only the material description what renders value to the subject but the research, analysis and finding of the real market value. It is not a judgment. In the report three value are mentioned: • The market value. What a potential buyer would possibly give in the current real estate market for this home. Let me try and clarify this: For instance if yellow diamonds are fashionable and you happen to possess a 50 point yellow diamond and other buyers are paying 10 $ for a similar 50 point stone, your diamond’s market value is $ 10. This is howver not guaranteed, since if for instance the fashion changes to pink diamonds, the price of yellow stone will change. • Execution value. The amount the home is worth when sold at a public auction. This value is always lower than the new worth of a property. • Rebuilding value: The value of a property for insurance purposes. Say the home burns down to the ground. At the current construction costs how much will it cost to rebuild the home.

need a facelift and our expert roofer will have then provided a technical detail on how and what. This can help you improve the value of your home before selling. For many prospective buyers and building owners we also provide detailed technical building inspections, to assess the current state of the building and make recommendations.

Especially in older buildings and monuments it is wise to inspect the building every few years, to avoid major issues. For instance a hundred year old cunucu house has big walls, but these were never build to sustain all the extra guestrooms, so before you add them, make sure that the structure won’t give way. The great thing about architecture and thus real estate is that it combines our imagination with the technical, passion with stone. And appraisal or technical reports help us in making the decision to finding the perfect place to call home.

CAST N.V. Oranjestad, Aruba Ponton 67B - 1 T: (297) 588. 6248


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May2013


Picture perfect for pleasure or trade

Aruba is special. Not because of its ever blowing trade winds, white beaches, blue ocean friendly people and perfect cultural mix, it’s also the ultimate hub between both The America’s and Europe. As far back as 1499, when Aruba was discovered by the Spanish, Aruba always had the advantage of a strategic location just off the coast of South America. Even though the Spanish called the island “inutil”; useless for cultivation and transported the entire population to Hispaniola(the island, shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic),but after some time, a few were allowed to return to Aruba. At the peak of the Eighty Years War of the Dutch opposition against the Spanish governance, the Dutch occupied Aruba and the other Dutch West Indies to guarantee their salt supply from Venezuela, and spice supply.

The Chamber is active in organizing events to As an and doing business on Aruba. ” upcoming power nation, the Dutch were tradesmen and had grown fame in the East, bringing spices and exotic wares from among others, Indonesia. When the Portuguese and the Spanish closed their harbors for business, there was no more salt or spices plus according to the treaty of Tordesillas, everything in the Atlantic coast belonged to Portugal and Spain. So when Portugal was invaded by Spain, and the Netherlands were at war with Spain, their solution was to go to the source. You might think that another country could supply salt, but as an emerging nation with an increasing artisan industry; glass, pottery (The famous Delft’s Blue) and not to mention the national delicacy, salted herring, salt was as valuable as silver or gold. Venezuela was famous for its abundance of salt, but Spanish resistance to the Dutch trade ships made it difficult to maintain a contin-

uous supply, so more strategically attractive locations were scouted. Bonaire and Saint Martin were also famous for salt and the geographically flanking positions of the neighboring islands made it a logical decision to also take control of Aruba, Curacao plus Saba and Saint Eustatius. In Aruba salt was won from the ocean for a time, but the process was highly labor intensive. Plus strategically placed hubs would mean advantage in trade routes over the Spanish in regards to everything exotic for the old world and the upcoming slave trade to the West played a major factor in the decision to occupy these islands. A famous anecdote in Holland is still the story how one of the famous admirals Piet Hein, managed to steal an entire armada loaded with American silver from the Spanish. After the war Aruba remained Dutch. Curacao became the administrative heart of the Dutch West promote living Indies. During the Neapolitan wars, Aruba was briefly occupied by the English. Again, one can assume the reason was not the pristine beaches that attracted the English in the first place but trade routes and hubs that helped grow the Dutch during the 17th century into the most powerful nation of those times. In the 20th century Aruba’s strategic location resulted in two refineries choosing Aruba as a safe haven. Most famously the Lago (Esso) refinery was located in San Nicolas and the lesser known Eagle refinery, located west of Oranjestad. Because of the refineries, the brief gold rush and phosphate mining that had taken place before, Aruba’s industry was booming. More and more governmental structure and local administration were needed on the island instead. And more and more departments were decentralized from the Caribbean administration and centered towards only Aruba.


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May 2013 In 1930 the Aruba Chamber of Commerce & Industry was assigned as the official representative body of trade & industry in Aruba by the Governor of the then Colony of Curacao. Interestingly, the first company registered in the Chamber’s records is La Casa Azul in 1945. Over the years the Chamber has fulfilled its legal obligation, supporting and advising both the government, local and international businesses to optimize their trade. In addition to its advisory obligations. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is also responsible for administering and supervising the Trade Registry and the Foundations Registry. This means the Aruba Chamber of Commerce stimulates and supports sustainable entrepreneurship in order to achieve sustainable socio-economic growth for our island. The Chamber aims to accomplish this objective by helping to create favorable conditions that support the development of entrepreneurship. The focus areas of the Chamber are the entrepreneur, the business environment and innovation. Especially the neutrality of the chamber helps it to be a strategic partner to really defend the interest of business owners in Aruba, says Sonja Velthuizen, Head Business Information & Support, Aruba Chamber. The Chamber is active in organizing events to promote living and doing business on Aruba.

Upcoming Events: 6-8 may 2013: Europe Meets The Americas @Westin Hotel 6 jul 2013: Business Plaza – get started!, @ KvK


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

With the Valero (former Lago) refinery closed, representing Aruba’s second largest sector, tourism has become our focus. And because Aruba has a history of that picture perfect mix of favorable trade location and a great vacation destination, many companies are renewing their interest in Aruba. It’s no wonder we have a high percentage of repeat visitors and people looking to buying or investing in real estate. Yes, we have felt and are still feeling the global economic crisis, but by working towards sustainable green solutions we can continue to offer the great high value package that Aruba as a destination or a trade hub is for many years to come. Aruba Chamber of Commerce & Industry J.E. Irausquin Boulevard 10 Oranjestad Aruba Tel.: (00297) 582-1566 Fax: (00297) 583-3962

Kong Hing Supermarkets

The place to shop in Aruba

Cleaning Supplies And Other Household Goods

r our Ask fo cials spe weekly

Kong Hing Supermarket NV Havenstraat 16 582-1219

Every Day Fresh Bread From Our Own Bakery

Wide assortment of meats, Poultry and Seafood

With Our Friendly Staff Shopping Here Is A Breeze. Two Locations With Private Parking To Serve You .Better! Kong Hing Supercenter NV L G Smith Boulevard 152 582-5545


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May2013

Pipe Cleaning Service Aruba N.V. Experts in Septic & Sewers!

Most people only contact us when it’s too late, says Rene Veldhuis of Pipe Cleaning Services ( PCS), when the toilet is clogged, the septic tank overflown, then I get the call. With over 15years’ experience in plumbing and sewer solutions, first as a manager of the biggest sewer solution company in the Netherlands, RRS, and now over the last 8 years owner of PCS, I know plumbing and sewer systems. Since most of the tubes never see the sunlight after a foundation has been laid, it’s always this vague concept that either is well functioning or a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Perhaps I can clear way some of the misunderstanding that many people have. Basically the main task of a plumbing system is to get rid of fluid waste through a system of pipes, whether it is from your sink, shower, toilet or washing machine. Ideally the process should always be smooth and not be hindered by obstacles. Since Aruba does have a general sewer system to drain waste, only in parts of San Nicolas and Oranjestad and hotel area, most homes relay for their waste management on septic tanks and in the older days on cesspools. When constructing a home, there are a few essentials regarding the way your pipes and septic tank are connected, to ensure the best flow: • Estimate the usage. A family will need a bigger capacity, allowing for future increased- usage will save you in the long run. • The closer the distance, the better • Place your pipes at a small slope, to increase drainage • If possible avoid 90 degree elbows and connections. If using corners and connections, make sure they are glued/connected properly • Take pictures or draw a map before the cement is poured over hiding the pipes out of site; this will save you a lot of guess work later on.

have standard hot water it is recommended to throw out left over grease (mayonnaise, chicken skin) in the trash can and at least once a month rinse your drains with a mixture hot of water and soda, like the household baking soda. A famous fix for a cesspool is to throw in a dead chicken once in a while. The bacteria help degrade the waste and the water can continue to sink. Another local tips is once in a while adding some kerosene to your septic tank. Since kerosene is lighter then water it form a film to prevent mosquitoes laying their eggs in the water. This will not affect your garden pump, since its hose should be below the surface. For a modern septic tank, however, a professional service, like us, will clean the compartments a few times, a year, depending on the size and usage. And with store-bought septic tank chemicals you can maintain your septic tank.

Most modern septic tanks consist of three compartments, separating At PCS we offer preventive services like pipe inspection and drainage waste and water. In the first compartment heavy solids, like organic solutions. For instance when the foundation of the streetcar in downwaste and paper are condensed, after with the water is guided to the town Oranjestad was laid, we assistsecond compartment, ed with drainage solutions for both “Grease is the main culprit of clogged pipes. Just like your where the lighter slush condenses and the third arteries, if grease that hardens at room temperature is poured sewer and rainwater. We unplug drains using environmental friendcompartment contains down a drain, this could lead to a buildup, hindering efficient ly solutions, since the use of harsh the cleanest water. flow. ” chemical can do further damage to the drains, joints and glue. Since we As an environmental measure many people re-use this water to water their garden, howev- don’t use chemicals to unclog, we work with high quality unclogging tools such as milling machines with diameters up to 160mm and high er, ask expert advice on perhaps an additional treatment if you’d like pressure machines with a range of 80 meters to clean out sewers. to eat these plants. Nowadays most people opt to drain their washing machine directly into the garden without it first going through a If you are thinking of buying a home we can assist you with a camera septic system. The banana tree famously loves the phosphates in the soap and by opting for phosphate free detergent there are many other inspection of the drains. As a homeowner, we can help you with a clogged toilet, maintenance flush or give you expert drainage advice. possibilities. Grease is the main culprit of clogged pipes. Just like your arteries, if grease that hardens at room temperature is poured down a drain, this could lead to a buildup, hindering efficient flow. Since we do not

Pipe cleaning services tel: 588-1814 or 739-5555


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May 2013


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Paint Quality Comolux by Arvefa

There are three components that influence a great paint job, says Fred Arts, director of Arvefa. Number one: The surface you’re going to paint. Whether you’re painting wood, metal, or stone, the surface should be it clean, without cracks, blemishes and prepared, for instance by using a primer. Number two: Your material. Use clean brushes and look for brushes that fit the job. Clean your brushes after use and keep your cans sealed to prevent the paint from going bad. Number three: Your paint. Most paints consist of various ingredients, centered around color. All the other ingredients make sure the paint does not dry out in the can, is easy to mix and leaves with your desired result. Simply put, paint is a “glue” to attach the color to an object. Like most people, when we talk about paint, we talk mostly about color and quality, how quick it dries and how it finishes. Paints can be separated into oil or water based paints. The basic nature depends on the object they need to stick to. ea ial ar

ent Resid

Ponton Wabistraat 2, buildup area 168 sq m on property land of 678 sq m asking price 280.000.00 AFL. Real Estate Rentals, Sales, Residentials, Commercials And Land Call for more info: +297-566-3902 or visit:

Oil is commonly used for word, whereas water based or “acrylic” paints are more common for stone. Right now, we are introducing a line of high quality alkyd enamel, Comolux, perfect for wood and metal. Comolux is an oxidative drying enamel based on a modified alkyd,

possessing good weather resistance properties. Comolux is standard available in ten basic well sought after colors. Of course on demand, we are happy to mix any color for you; we can mix virtually any color. Some people write down the color of their walls on the back of the light switch, but if you have ordered that terrific light blue to match your favorite chair, we have saved the “recipe” so you can paint the wall in your new home if you ever decide to move. For all your color and paint question, feel free to stop by. We are happy to help.” Arvefa L.G. Smith Blvd 144 Tel: 582-2519 -Tel: 582-6501Cel: 730-0326 -Fax: 582-7225 Email:

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Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May2013

One Happy Island Your perfect tropical investment Aruba is the best place to invest says Dennis Bellei, sales associate of Alto Vista Real Estate. Historically and traditionally real estate is one of the safest long term investments and here on Aruba this proves especially true. With quality projects, condominiums and homes built to high local standards, the housing market on Aruba has felt the effects of the international housing crisis but has also remained relatively stable despite major turmoil in other parts of the world. Aruba is the prefect tropical island. Dutch efficiency mixed with Latin flair, blue clear waters and pristine beaches. A tranquil tropical oasis outside the hurricane belt and with a history of reliability. Around a hundred years ago, the first oil company that propelled Aruba into the 20th century, the Lago oil company, chose Aruba as their haven, since they deemed the Latin American continent too unstable. And guess what? History repeats itself. At Alto Vista Real Estate we know our customers and our market. Our team consists of local agents with different cultural backgrounds and is therefore multiple lingual which is in complete consistency

ultimate destination is always a touristic hotspot. Because of the crisis people become more budget aware. And renting a vacation home or condo can be a better option, especially if vacationing with a larger group, in-laws or children. For the investors this means a steady return on investment and a pied-a-terre in paradise. Especially families tend to invest in a vaca-

tion home close to our wonderful beaches in highly touristic areas with the multicultural mix of the Aruban population that reflects such as Malmok, Noord or the upcoming a rich past. Since I “Aruba because of its reputation as the ultimate destination neighborhoods of Bubali and Cunucu speak fluently English, Abao, so generations can enjoy their reis always a touristic hotspot.” Papiamento, the local treats for years to come language, Spanish and Italians, I deal with all sorts of people with different backgrounds., Considering the tourist potential of Latin America, Aruba is less than both from the northern and southern hemisphere. My background in 90 min away from most mayor cities, vacation rental is steady marhospitality ( my father owned a tearoom- bakery) serves me well to ket, with an ever growing potential. At Alto Vista Real Estate we are understand and take care of my customer’s needs. more than happy to find the perfect investment option, whether it is a With an economic crisis that seems to continue around the world, especially in the Northern America and Europe investors are looking for a safe investment and a solid return on their money. Most investors opt for a condominium. Besides virtually no or far more little fees than in other countries, Aruba because of its reputation as the

vacation home or condo or dream home in paradise, for you. Feel free to call or drop in anytime. SCHOTLANDSTRAAT 45 - ARUBA - Dutch Caribbean Phone (297) 582 4494 - Mobile (297) 594 12 47 - Fax (297) 582 0533


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May 2013


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

For Rent

e: Asking Pric 00,= US $ 210.0

ting Prices Star night from $60 a

For Sale

Close to Down Town Oranjestad - Crystel Theather Each studio apartment has a queen-size bed with kitchenette. One 1-bedroom has a kitchenette, two queen-size beds and one single bed. The other 1-bedroom apartment for 2 persons, has a kitchenette and a double bed. Our apartments are equipped with WiFi internet access, color TV with cable and split-unit air conditioning. The kitchens are complete with refrigerator/freezer, stove, cooking utensils, cutlery, glassware, dinnerware and silverware.



ife! L r u o Up Y

Call for more info: +297-566-3902 or visit: Vi We sit H Ou av rN eM ew ove Lo d! ca tio n

Home accents, Furniture & Decorations

LED Solutions







Luxemburgstraat 9 592-3000

Real Estate Rentals, Sales, Residentials, Commercials And Land.


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House For Sale In Picaron With A Nice Swimming Pool On More Or Less 500 M2 Property Land

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Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May2013

Construction Equipment & Rental Depot CERD is the standard of excellence for: - construction -excavations - (rental)tools -contracting -engineering services.

Moving Soon !! Follow us on FB for updates & news | www. Bushiri 32 | tel 588-5555| fax 588-5560 Cura Cabai: Tel 5844020 | fax 584-4023




Pavia Country Club ,3-bedr, 2bathr



Afl. 395,000

Washington, 3-bedr, 2bathr


Afl. 395,000

Belgiestraat, 3bedr, 2bathr


Afl. 284,000

AltoVista, 2bedr, 2bathr


Afl. 325,000

Oranjestad, 2-bathr, 1-bathr., 4x apts.

Afl. 195,000

Buena Vista, 2bedr, 2bathr


Afl. 850,000

Opal, 3-bedr,2-bathr., Maids-room


Afl. 350,000






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“What makes us different, makes us better”® Afl. 356,000

Noord, 3bedr, 2br, storage

Afl. 395,000

San Nicolaas, 4-bedr., 4-bathr.


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May 2013


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Thinking of Buying or Selling? If you are thinking of buying and or selling your house, land or commercial property, call us!

Without any cost or obligation you will have our immediate personal attention.

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a e r C Bo r! lo o C

CAST N.V. Oranjestad, Aruba Ponton 67B - 1 T: (297) 588. 6248

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Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May2013

Green Luxurious Living Monte Verde Residences

Centrally located in Seroe Biento, the quiet hillside triangle halfway between Oranjestad, Santa Cruz and the airport, lays Monte Verde Residence.

For instance all model homes feature a standard joint compound finish on the wall to give them that great upscale feel, quality and durability.

Named after the lush valley surrounded by green hills (where it’s situated), Monte Verde Residence not only offers a breathtaking view of the ocean and surrounding nature, it’s also the place to purchase a residence if your after tranquil living! Our homes are built from high quality materials and are highly energy efficient; says Tony Lejuez, project Manager. It’s the best of both worlds. Great value for Real estate at reasonable and affordable prices, combined with luxury details and environmental responsibility. Who wouldn’t want to live here? The project started in 2010, answering the demand for homes for the young professionals working in Aruba’s cities, yet wanting to have a sustainable and green home. Exit roads to Wayaca, the neighborhood across the Reina Beatrixairport along the main road from San Nicolas to the high-rise hotels in Noord and the main road from down town Oranjestad to Santa Cruz make it easy to be anywhere on the island in a short drive. Together with known brands for Homes( in- and exterior), the residences of Monte Verde Residence were created by a team of experts; architects, developer, designer and civil engineer came up with 5 basic model homes that measure up local standards with quality material and products to guarantee a solid construction for durability. A potential buyer can choose from the various models, that fit comfortably on the various plots sized between 400m2 up to 680m2, and which can be modified, with some restrictions to fit the general architectural/aesthetics design of the project to your own request.

But that’s not all,double pane windows from the renowned Builders Systems Co, water-saving systems, like a dual flush system water saving faucets’, provided by the specialist in bathrooms Banjolux, will help you reduce your utility bills. A lot of our customers are now integrating solar paneling onto their dream designs to create even more environmental friendly and electrical efficient homes. Entertain friends and guests in style with custom made quality kitchens from Berloni Kitchens and furniture from EQ3 or just savor the modern easy and comfort of your home with your family.

“Great value for real estate at reasonable and affordable prices, combined with luxury details and environmental responsibility.” Monte Verde is paved with concrete pavers from ATCO and the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work, with a recreational park at its core. It’s no wonder that over 60% of this project has been sold. Find your harmony of living in quality and durability at Monte Verde Residences.

For an appointment for detailed information and presentation/tour of the project please contact us by phone:588-2440, (279) 734-1200 or (297) 736-1200 or visit our website: You are also more than welcome to drop in at our information office located at the project site.

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May 2013



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

The Protestant Church Piedra Plat

Being blessed with a melting pot of many cultures, it’s no wonder the symbols also show up in real estate. Historically the official religion of the Netherlands was Protestantism, but on the island you see an abundance of places of worship from different religions. The Dutch during the ages were famous for tolerating other believes; many French Huguenots fled to the lower lands and accused witches could way themselves to freedom. However, the reason for the variety may also lie in the fact that Curacao was the main headquarters and until late 1800 century Aruba became strategically important. This explains why the chapel of Alta Vista is the first place of (Catholic) worship. In 1880, the small protestant church was build and slowly but surely other congregations needed their place of worship. The protestant church of Piedra Plat has neo-gothic architecture influences in the window shapes and neo-Romanesque in the concrete building volume (traditionally a cross, evolved from Roman covert square market into a more “Catholic” shape) and tower. Perhaps as a reminiscence of the churches back home?

accessed by a spiral staircase on the south side. The octagonal sounding board consisted on the bottom from eight triangular segments arranged around a downward winding around an ornamental ele“ Wilhelmina was the first of three queens to rule the Kingdom ment, of which we do not know the meaning In the Netherlands, of the Netherlands for more than a hundred years..” anymore. On three the unique event of the sides were loose metal “beeldenstorm” statue letters: GOD IS LOVE. storm had taken place in 1566, which left many of the gothic and meTh e top eight sides of the soundboard had dieval churches and cathedrals beautifully decorated, yet image-less. a cantilevered profiled octagonal-frame that was attached with metal To the Protestants, one could not worship idle images and even today rods to the west façade. The backside of the pulpit, between the base and the sounding board had pivoting sides of the same metal decoyou’ll find that the outer appearance of a church can be deceiving. ration as the sounding board. During the 2000 restoration, the pulpit Or perhaps the architect just like the way the space was used and the building shaped. The terrain on which this protestant church building was removed. was to be built was allocated by the government in June 1898. The pulpit’s twisted foot is now used as a planter. It is believed that the corresponding old communion table was replaced before that. The first service was held on the 8th of Jan 1899. Hover a storm in Also the church center path between the wooden benches in the nave 1932 destroyed the church and it’s not clear whether the church was restored or completely rebuild. The architecture is conform the trop- used to be tiled, but were replaced during the renovation. During the ical building style used during the 1920 on Aruba, but mixed in with fifties, the eastern wing of the pulpit was used as a teaching area. the details mentioned above. This space was separated from the nave with a metal fence. The gable roof was originally covered with tiles and the sloping roof ended It is assumed that the ity! n u t r most probably in a brick gutter, but detailed research should confirm sermon pulpit,was a Oppo e u q i Un gift from the old Prot- this. estant Church in the On the south side of the church, along the large open space are some Wilhelmina Street in buildings. One of these buildings is a long wooden building with Oranjestad. three stairs. After the (original) LAGO oil refinery closed it was donated to the protestant community. This wooden pulpit 2 story house in Seroe Blanco for Sale! was mahogany and 4.5 Bdr & 4 Baths, 230 sq m buildup area consisted of a base property land 687 sq m US $ 315.000.00 Special thanks to Mrs. Yvonne Webb-Kock of octagonal parapet Director Office of Monuments Real Estate Rentals, Sales, Residentials, panels and a raised Aruba Commercials And Land lectern. The base was secured on a twisted Call for more info: foot and was pulpit +297-566-3902 or visit:


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Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May2013

Eagle Roofing On top of your home

I cannot imagine my life anymore without roofing, says “A roof, like the foundation, is a basic necessity, when Navin Seecharan,director of Eagle Roofing, a household constructing a house, but an often neglected part of a home. . ” brand in innovate and energy saving “green” roofing. Our saving solutions a long term investment to save money. company specializes in both traditional roofing solutions such as flat, slanted roofs, roof repair, waterproofing, metal and tile roofs and innovative roofing, like insulated white high reflective pan- On Aruba we are blessed with a tropical climate, with a warm climate and an abundance of sunlight. This makes our lovely island the pereling or green garden roofs. fect place for innovative “green” roofs. Traditionally on Aruba you’ll find the old style cunucu homes with the typical saddle roofs. In fact Over 25 years ago I started as a roofer, currently Eagle Roofing is a proud Carlisle Syntec representative. The largest roofing manufactur- these roofs, with their roots in a traditional European style are better suited to guide rain off the roof then to cool. er in the world. The feeling you get on a roof is something indescribable. Perhaps it’s the view, the sense of being on top of the world, I can’t put my finger on it, but considering the reactions we get on our Facebook page, Eagle

many people share the feeling.

Roofing and Construction NV, where I regularly post pictures of rooftops,

The best way to keep a cool home is a well isolated flat roof. With new technology, flat roofs are equally good

in water drainage and have a superior price quality ratio. It’s easier to keep a home cool then to cool a hot home.

For most people a roof, like the foundation, is a basic necessity, when constructing a house, but an often neglected part of their home. Only when problems arise, a roof will get attention and in most cases people have the misconception that roofing is very costly.

In roofing terms we make a difference between a hot shade and a cool shade. Sitting under zinc or metal roof plates will shade you from the sun but the heat penetrating and radiating off the metal will not cool. Whereas if you are under a roof that doesn’t guide heat, your shade will be cool.

Consider a good quality roof when construction a long term investment, the same way you would consider the more expensive energy

A flat isolated roof will give you the additional benefit of energy sav-

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May 2013



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

I would recommend a roof inspection before selling your home, so if there are any problems that could arise you are prepared. A good roof inspector will not tell you that everything is ok; he will point out possible weaknesses on your roof and make solid recommendations. If you are a home owner, make sure to inspect your roof every three years.

ing and green solutions. Where on a slanted roof you’ll lose sun hours for your solar paneling when the sun turn to the other side, a flat roof will give you maximum exposure and you can even enhance their effectiveness by opting for a white reflective roof. Or you can opt for a rooftop garden. By recycling rain water you and are going green and benefiting of the fruits. A new trend on Aruba, which has been custom around the world is to create a additional living space on top of a flat roof. Imagine gazing at the stars from your rooftop Jacuzzi. My ultimate dream as a roofer is to build a hotel with various stacked roofs, filled with lush green garden. An oasis as far as you can see. If you own an existing home or are thinking of buying your dream house it is important to consider the roof.

This could help minor problems, like a small leak or crack preventing from turning into major, like a power meltdown since your electricity cables got wet. A roof is just like a car, it needs regular scheduled maintenance, to keep it performing its task, to give shelter to you, your family and your home. For more information visit our Facebook page: Eagle Roofing and Construction NV or drop by at our office in Luxemburgstraat 9, we are more than happy to assist you. Luxemburgstraat 9 592-3000 FB:Eagle Roofing And Construction NV

Hearth & Garden 18 Monthly Aruba

ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May2013

VINDISHI / EXECUTORIALE OPENBARE VERKOOP OP DONDERDAG 13 juni 2013 ‘s Morgens om 10.00 uur zal ten overstaan van mr R.E. Yarzagaray. notaris te Aruba. in ARUBASURFSIDE MARINA (DOLPHIN ROOM) aan de L.G. Smith Blvd. 7, te Oranjestad, Aruba in het openbaar bij opbod en daarop volgende afmijning, een openbare verkoop worden gehouden:

Krachtens artikel 3:268 van het Burgerlijk Wetboek van Aruba juncto artikel 68 Overgangswet


het recht van erfpacht tot 21 augustus 2057 op een perceel domeingrond, groot 404 m², gelegen te Sero Alejandro in Aruba, kadastraal bekend als Land Aruba Vierde Afdeling Sectie E nummer 1180, met het daarop gebouwde woonhuis, plaatselijk bekend als “Seroe Alejandro 10-B”. Inzetprijs: Afl. 220.000,00.


een perceel eigendomsgrond groot 681 m², gelegen te Sabaneta in Aruba, kadastraal bekend als Land Aruba Vierde Afdeling Sectie E nummer 1287, met het daarop gebouwde woonhuis, plaatselijk bekend als “Savaneta 387-N”. Inzetprijs: Afl. 318.000,00.


het recht van erfpacht tot 10 november 2031 op een perceel domeingrond, groot 838 m², gelegen te Sabana Blanco in Aruba, omschreven in meetbrief nummer 132 de dato 9 juli 1971 (kadastrale indeling: I-P-6), met het daarop gebouwde opstal, plaatselijk bekend als “Sabana Blanco 57-A”. Inzetprijs: Afl. 288.000,00.


het recht van erfpacht tot 21 december 2070 op een perceel domeingrond, groot 401 m², gelegen te Zeewijk in Aruba, zoals nader omschreven in meetbrief 24 van het jaar tweeduizend zes (2006); (Bouwterrein) Inzetprijs: Afl. 14.000,00.


een perceel eigendomsgrond groot 944 m², gelegen te Savaneta, kadastraal bekend als Land Aruba Derde Afdeling Sectie H nummer 46, met het daarop gebouwde woonhuis, plaatselijk bekend als “Savaneta 195-C”. Inzetprijs: Afl. 429.000,00.

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May 2013




Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


een perceel eigendomsgrond groot 924 m², gelegen te Savaneta, kadastraal bekend als Land Aruba Derde Afdeling Sectie H nummer 47;


een perceel eigendomsgrond groot 7.020 m², gelegen te Savaneta, kadastraal bekend als Land Aruba Derde Afdeling Sectie H nummer 49;


een perceel eigendomsgrond groot 4.440 m², gelegen te Savaneta, kadastraal bekend als Land Aruba Derde Afdeling Sectie H nummer 50;


een perceel eigendomsgrond groot 3.280 m², gelegen te Savaneta, kadastraal bekend als Land Aruba Derde Afdeling Sectie H nummer 51;


een perceel eigendomsgrond groot 1.537 m², gelegen te Savaneta, kadastraal bekend als Land Aruba Vierde Afdeling Sectie E nummer 102. Inzetprijs: Afl. 760.000,00.

Onderhandse biedingen voor de bovengemelde registergoederen sub 1 tot en met 6, zijn mogelijk. Aan iedere bieder zal worden gevraagd middels bankgarantie financiële gegoedheid aan te tonen, alsmede een kopie van een geldig legitimatiebewijs af te geven, zulks ter discretie van executant casu quo notaris. Een formulier voor het uitbrengen van een onderhands bod kunt u opvragen bij onderstaand notariskantoor. Onderhandse (onvoorwaardelijke) biedingen dienen uiterlijk op 29 mei 2013 vóór 17.00 uur door notaris Yarzagaray te zijn ontvangen. Ons notariskantoor gaat in 2013 ook veilen op: 13 juni; 8 augustus; 19 september; 31 oktober en 12 december. De executant behoudt zich het recht voor de veiling uit te stellen en op te houden, zonder de verplichting daarvoor de reden(en) op te geven. Bovenstaande en andere informatie omtrent de services van ons Notariskantoor kunt u nalezen op onze gedetailleerde website: www. |www. notaryaruba. com | www. NOTARISKANTOOR. YAZAGARAY BODEKER. & PARTNERS mr. R.E. Yarzagaray, notaris Contact: Petra Seyfarth, notarisklerk | L.G. Smith Boulevard 20 |Oranjestad |Aruba Tel.# 582 2850| Fax# 582 4390 | Email: Op de openbare verkoop zijn de Algemene Veilingsvoorwaarden van Executieveilingen (AWE) en de Bijzondere Veilingsvoorwaarden, zoals vastgesteld door notaris mr. R.E. Yarzagaray, van toepassing. De AWE zijn gedeponeerd ter Griffie van het Gerecht in Eerste Aanleg, Zittingsplaats Aruba. De AWE en de Bijzondere Veilingsvoorwaarden liggen ter inzage ten kantore van bovengenoemde notaris, aan de L.G. Smith Boulevard 20 in Oranjestad, Aruba, welke ondermeer inhouden dat iedere bieder gehouden is terstond een bankgarantie of andere vorm van zekerheid te stellen tot nakoming van zijn bod en de bijkomende kosten. ledere bieder is eveneens gehouden een geldig legitimatiebewijs te overleggen.


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May2013

House of Culture

Cas di Cultura is Aruba’s theater and cultural center was founded in 1958, here you can enjoy all kinds of entertainment, from classical recitals to beauty pageants to local and international comedy shows. The heart of theater lies here at the roundabout of las Amercias. Many famous international artists have also graced the stage with their presence; each year it forms the perfect back drop for the Aruban Jazz Festival. Besides performing arts, Cas di Cultura is also a second home to many other arts; It’s a favorite spot for semi-permanent art exhibitions. The exhibition room is often used for various functions, such as informal gatherings, readings & lectures , wedding recepotions or press conferences. Cas di Cultura also is an excellent spot to come have lunch in the afternoon or a cup of tea after shopping in the afternoon. The café inside, that caters to the main public and on request for functions, opens


its doors daily to the general public from 11.3014.00 for lunch, with each day a different special, except for weekends. You can find the up to date calendar of events on their website; along with special offers or last minute tickets. And of course Cas di Cultura is accessible for everyone. Cas di Cultura offers you the chance to get a tour of our building. This is interesting for everybody who wants to take a peak in the world of theater but also for students, businesses and friends are who a planning a day out. Interested? Call us at 5821010 to make an appointment for a guided tour.

ura t l u C i D s a C Program

5 Song Festival 2013 “Voz I landia” 15:00 11 Song Festival Special Olypics 20:00 12 Song Festival Special Olypics 16:00 26 Salsa Cubano 16:00 31 Scol Diana Antonette 20:00


1 Scol Diana Antonette 20:00 2 Scol Diana Antonette16:00 Vondellaan 2 Oranjestad Tel: 582-1010

6 May Monthly Film Screening CHILDREN OF GOD Directed by Kareem Mortimer r 2011 AIFF Award Winne 7:30 PM | Tickets AWG

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May 2013



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Do It Yourself Made Easy Cerd N.V. does it Good and Fast

We all know that sometimes while doing those projects around your home, there is always that time that you need that particular specialty tool or a bigger size. But why go out and buy it, when help is on Aruba. CERD (Construction Equipment Rental Depot) was founded in 2000 with the goal of becoming the best equipment rental company of Aruba with quality products and great service. And we have proven ourselves over the years and slowly, but surely, expanding to maintain our level of service and quality. The success hereof lies in the fact that we keep all parts and accessories in stock, anticipating your needs. We do specialty purchasing if required and we always keep our materials in stock. That’s why at CERD N.V., we also offer a variety of items for sale. We sell accessories for most construction equipment, such as: drill bits, saw blades, rakes, shovels etc. each of these are great quality products that are expected from CERD N.V. at a great price. Check out our generators,.We carry brand names such as Ivy Classic, Multiquip, Echo, Pramac, M-I- TM and much more. And at CERD N.V. we firmly believe that safety comes first. That’s why we carry a broad range of safety equipment for you or your staff. Recently we started carrying a large variety of building materials, ranging from blocks to cement to roof tiling. This is linked to our large variety of construction equipment that we have in stock. Ranging from rotary hammers to 80 ft. snorkel lifts. This means that CERD N.V. can provide the right equipment & machinery for every job. We can deliver all pieces anywhere and on time. We have qualified operators that are more than capable of tackling any job. Our operators are not only experienced but also friendly and willing to work with you on whatever task you may have. We also do all kinds of excavation work such as trenches, pools, septic pits and foundations in hard ground and coral rock. Please do not hesitate to contact us with whatever job you may have. We are flexible and will try to accommodate you as best we can. We also offer services and repairs for any brand of constructionequipment. We have great mechanics that can get the job done fast. From chainsaws to tractors, we can take care of it. If you want to do it yourself, but with the security of a job well done, CERD N.V is here for you.

Feel free to drop by at one of our stores anytime. Bushiri 32, Oranjestad | Tel: 5885555 | Fax: 5885560 | E-mail: info@ | Cura Cabai 145, Savaneta | Tel: 5844020 | Fax: 5844023 | E-mail: Opening Hours Mon- Fry 7.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m non-stop Sat 7.00 a.m. 3.00 p.m. non-stop


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May2013

The Center Of Your Home Finding the right kitchen.

Home is where your heart is. But for most people, the heart of their home is centered in their kitchen. It’s the place where recipes get tested and tried before they turn into family traditions, the location that feeds the home. And like almost everything, there is no great result without the right tools. A kitchen made to your wishes, custom made to fit the space you have allocated to become the center of your home. A well-designed kitchen will save you time and money. To me, and most people, a well-functioning kitchen is a basic necessity, says Gerard Spijkers, owner and founder of BBS Kitchen Cabinets & Granite Tops, “You can put off decorating that guest home or trimming your yard but a house without a kitchen is not a complete home.” Located in Bushiri, just outside Oranjestad behind the karting track, you can visit the showroom where various cabinets and model kitchens are displayed. He and his wife have a vast experience in building custom made cabinets, creating kitchens that have become the heart of several homes on the island. “When we came to Aruba twenty years ago, it took a while to get into the rhythm of tropical living, but we love the friendly nature of the people and of course “Dushi” (lovely) Aruba. We are proud to say that we have become a

“A home is not really complete without a kitchen” household name for people looking to find their dream kitchen. Since we build every cabinet ourselves, we can virtually create any style or shape with almost every thinkable finish to match your home and style. I believe that if you are good at something you should stick to it, make it better and improve. Our cabinets will give you the quality that you are looking for, simply because we have put our heart and soul into them.” “The secret of a great kitchen is the combination of good quality materials, like real non-pressed wood, top quality granite and great planning. For instance, if your kitchen is small, you might want to optimize the way the cabinets are positioned to create the maximum amount of space. If you like entertaining in your kitchen, a granite counter-top can double as a preparation space or as the centerpiece while serving. We choose to buy high quality materials and create a local product that lasts for years. Our kitchens are steady fixture in your home that you can rely on for the years to come. And of course besides cabinets we carry a selection of European sinks, faucets, handles and much more.

Feel free to come take a look and perhaps find your dream kitchen. You are welcome to visit us: BBS Kitchen Cabinets & Granite Tops Bushiri #30, Oranjestad, Aruba Tel: 588-5652 You can also visit us on Facebook.

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May 2013



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Vacation Rental

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly May2013


Home for Sale

Starting at $4.000,- P.W.

Malmok ocean villa - 4 bedr - 3 bathoceanfront!

Home for Sale

AWG. 510.000,Spaans lagoenweg 59-B 3 bedr-3 bath- close to beach

Home for Sale

AWG. 395.000,Bloemond 28-J - 4 bedr - 2 bath

Land For Sale

Real Estate, Property Mgt, Vacation Rental, Condo’s Projects, Construction

Siribana 2 bath3 bedr $ 2250.00 p/month

AWG. 703.100,Opal 79 - 2 bedr - 2 bath - with Pool

Land for Sale

AWG. 150,- / m2 Kudawecha-1580 m2 property land prime location!

Papilon Residences - Property Land At Great Prices!!!

AWG. 145,- / m2 Alto Vista -900 m2 property land

Feature of the Month Palm Beach 6-B. Opening hours: Mo-Fri 8-12 a.m. and 1-5 p.m. Sat: by appointment. Contact us at: +297 5868635

For Any Of Your Construction Projects Residential



For a free estimate call: 585-8635 or email:

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