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Hearth & Garden Monthly ree F The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise! Edition March 2013

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18 March


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To us, living on our private tropical paradise, March is a month of celebration. On the 18 March we celebrate our national flag and anthem day. We adore our beloved rock and there is no occasion we wouldn’t show our affection.

gs Real Estate Listin Projects Condominiums Rentals Land for Sale Enjoying Life

Volume 4 Year 1

Read about the history of Aruba’s flag and crest, one of the most famous cultural and historical landmarks, about great properties for sale, or modern architecture according to one of the upcoming Aruban Architects; in short there’s a ton of information about Aruba. This year March is also the month of Easter, the time when Life as spring blooms again. Be inspired and celebrate life

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly!

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If you are looking to buy, rent or sell, almost all the information you need about becoming or enhancing your experience as a (semi-) permanent island resident is just a page flip away.

ce Personal, Business, Home & Car Insurance an r r u ke s Retirement Planning- Wealth Managent In ro B Caya Frere Laurentius 8,

Oranjestad / Aruba E-mail: Tel: (297) 588-7745 Fax: (297) 588-1936 Cel: (297) 734-4434 VERDANT Insurance and Management Group N.V.

with Family and friends, clean your home for a fresh start, review the old, fix or mend anything broken and enjoy living on in a tropical paradise!


Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise

Great Investment Opportunity


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013 All Furniture Included!

nco Bla e o Ser

Afl. 450,000.00

Afl. 750,000.00

2 story Apt Complex, Guyabastraat 61, Total 6 apts 899 m2, Long Lease.

Nice Family House 3 bedr, 2 bath, with pool, 2 story. 1.076 m2 property land.

All Furniture Included!

All Furniture Included!

Afl. 185,000.00 Cute home in Cunucu Arubiano, Santa Lucia, 1 bedr, 1 bath, on property land.

Us To Call or Visit am Home! e r D r u o Y Find Wayaca residence 497 Office:588-7868 Mobile: 592-9966 Safir

3 Bedr, 3 Bath, Luxurious Pool, Beautiful neighborhood


$ 703,500


$ 481,000

Amazing country villa, 3 bdrm,2 bthrm, pool/bar, Japanese garden


$ 270,000

2 bath, 2 bedr, 2 story-build,Fully furnished,Cedar wood finishes

US$ 270,000.00 Top Location! 2 bedr, 2 baths, Lease 862m2, incl. all furniture and appliances.

ito iqu h C

i Pav

yC untr o C a

Afl. 90,000.00 Home under Construction, Long Lease 1100 m2, to be finished a 3 bedr, 2 baths.


USD 282,000.00 3bdr, 2 bth, prop. ld 639m2, Full-airc., pool alarm, patio, dble garage & gazebo

Great B’nB opportunity

e tur Fea




2 story , 3 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 1 studio apt, indep. office

Lovely home in Cunucu Arubiano, Santa Lucia, 1 bedr, 1 bath, on property land.

2540 m2 long lease land, 2 bedr, 2 baths, 2 large guest homes, pool & garage.


$ 2500 p./m.

Afl. 185,000.00

Afl. 210,000.00 Lovely home in Cunucu Arubiano, Santa Lucia, 1 bedr, 1 bath, on property land.


lm Ma


USD $ 499,000,= Bloemond, 4 bedr, 3 bath in/out door kitchen, pool, 2-storey, 645m2 Prop land

Rent th is hom $3000 P e for /W!

$ 549,000

3 bedr, 2 bath, Pool,Fully furnished,1350 m2/ 14840 sq ft

Palm Beach

$ 549,000

$ 308,427

Amazing 6 bdrm villa, 3 bthrm, pool, very specious, 2 ext. bdrm

Luxury 2 story, 3 bdrm, 4 bth incl 2 mstr suites, pool, gazebo, 2-car garage



for s home i h t t n Re /M! $3000 P $ 444.000

3 bedr, 2 bath, pool w/ outside bath, semi-furnished, apartment in back


849m2 land for sale

Brickell bay Sandbar shops |J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 370 |Palm Beach| Aruba | Dutch Caribbean Tollfree |+1 877 586 8962| Office : +297 280 0339 | Mobile : +297 593 8700 | |


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013


Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise

Vecsta Real Estate Concept to Realty!

Real Estate runs in my family say Joally di Vecchia. All my life I have seen the basics for the company I’ve started just over a year ago. I have studied Real Estate and I have discovered that my passion in real estate, besides that I do like all facets of the trade, makes me a great buyer’s realtor. Over the years my dad, who is also in Real Estate and Construction has been a great mentor and I am still inspired by him every day. A good realtor takes the time to know their clients and to find out what they are looking for. At the same time you have to try and piece all sorts of information together that will ultimately be your customer’s dream home, and find the exact or similar real life version. Sometimes people have a really clear opinion about what they would like, but for most people it’s a general concept. That’s where I come in. In a relatively short period I try to ask the right questions about their likes and dislikes and create the outline of their future residence.

“ Real Estate is about starting with concept and ending up with your dream become real” For instance if a customer tells you that they like the presence of water, but also love the rural atmosphere of the quiets back and of Santa Cruz, you could show them a home with distant ocean view or with a water feature like pond. On the other hand if they tell you they absolutely detest gardening and like to go out almost every night to enjoy a movie and dinner, then perhaps a condo close to the bustling heart of Palm beach is a great match. And because I’m good at matching a potential client with their prospective home, I also take a lot of time listing a potential buyer, while keeping in mind their needs. When I match a potential buyer with the home of their dreams, my job as a realtor does not stop. I go with them to the notary to ensure that the process is smooth and try to help them out where needed, so my clients can get the key to a new phase in their life without too much worry or stress. My work as a realtor does not stop at the notary, especially for overseas customers, I assist them with how to get the utilities con-

nected, how things work around the home; in short I really help my clients settle in. After all, my clients are my business and the way I treat them will reflect on the way I do business. Luckily for me this comes natural and I take a lot of joy and pride in my work. To me real estate is about starting with a concept. This can be a sketch of your future living room with French doors and custom made wooden shutters, an image of your ideal hangout spot on a shaded veranda; Simply sipping on an glass of refreshing ice tea, rocking you swing gently back and forth and let the trade winds cool down your day or you behind the counter of that cupcake bakery you always longed to have now the family kitchen is becoming more and more crowed. Then I come in and help you through the process of finding that prefect home, construction of your home on the perfect spot where you can completely be you or locating that amazing building that in a few years everyone knows is the basis for your successful business. Real estate is my business, so if you are looking to build, buy, sell or rent, feel free to contact me, I’m happy to find your realty!

Boegoeroei 85-D T 592-5957| 730-8332 E: W:

Real Estate Advice | Property Search |Property Sale | Land | Rental | Developments |Business & Investment Properties


Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013

18 March

National Anthem and Flag Day

One of Aruba’s most important official holidays is on 18 march, the National Anthem and Flag Day.

expressed the love of our community for their island and to raise the patriotic sentiment of the population. The singing group ‘De Trupialen’ under the direction of Friar Alexius recorded the song, accompanied on piano by Padu Lampe. The song was widely accepted and played at private and public activities.

The struggle of the Aruban people for another state structure (decentralization and separation) already started in the year 1933 ( at that time by Dr. A. Dussenbroek, member of the Council of the Police). The Government on the islands outside of Curaçao was in the hand With the ‘Statuut voor het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden’ (1954) the of the local governor (gezaghebber) en two ‘landraden’, together islands obtained some autonomy but it was not real autonomous govthey formed the ‘Raad van Politie’ (1865-1952). It is in the context ernment or separation from Curaçao. of the establishment of the refinery of the ‘Lago Oil and Transport Company ltd. (1929)’ and the drastic economic, social, cultural and On November 15, 1955 the government approved our official coat political changes in Aruba, that the struggle for more autonomy from of arms. As a symbol a coat of arms has different typical aspects of a the central government (in Curaçao) was nation. The Aloe Plant is the “The title of the national anthem of Aruba is intensified. symbol of our first source of ‘Aruba Dushi Tera’” income, the aloe industry. The In 1947 a petition for separation from Hooiberg Hill (in the second Curaçao was signed by 2147 Aruban men (under the leadership of square) symbolize that the island rises member of State Henny Eman and his son, Landcouncil, Albert ‘Shon out of the sea. Green is the color of joy A’ Eman). The petition for the Crown (Queen Wilhelmina) was dethat we feel since the beginning of our livered to the participants of the Round Table Conference, which was auto-determination and the horizontal finished on 18 march of 1948. Wavy Lines symbolize the sea. The Handshake symbolizes the bond and friendship During the Second World War the oil refinery in Aruba (Lago) played between our country and other nations an important role in supplying the allied forces with fuel. The spirit of on political, economical and cultural baindependence was strong in the era after the war. A worldwide decol- sis. The Red color signifies our generous onization process had started. National Symbols of Unity and Liberty character, simplicity, and the value of the (were)are very important in a process of nation building. Typical work done to enforce these bonds. The aspects and norms and values of a people and territory (nation) are Cogwheel is the helm that gives direction important in national symbols. to our industry, the most important fountain of life and prosperity for our island. In the center of the coat of arms we have the Cross that The title of the national anthem of Aruba is ‘Aruba Dushi Tera’. The symbolizes devotion and faith. The Lion (red) symbolizes strength history of the song started in 1951 when Rufo Wever and Juan Chaba- and generosity. Finally we have the Laurel Leaf (at the bottom) which ya ‘Padu’ Lampe, composed and recorded the rhythm and melodies, is a symbol of peace and friendship. which were typical of Aruba music. It was in 1952 they composed what many years later became our national anthem. It is a song that In the context of the struggle for emancipation of Aruba as an island

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013 and of a group that felt themselves prejudiced by the drastically social, cultural, economic and political changes in Aruba and in the interinsular relations, a political reaction came.

In 1971 a new political party was founded in Aruba, the MEP, under the leadership of the talented and charismatic leader Gilberto Francois ‘Betico’ Croes (1938-1986). It is during the intensified struggle (Status Aparte 1970-1985), in defense of the Aruban identity and the right to auto determination, that the national symbols became more important. In the seventies the longing of the Aruban people for political liberty and an autonomous government, became stronger. With it, the need for national symbols to express identity became stronger, and the struggle for liberty was intensified. In the seventies a commission was installed to select a national anthem. It consisted of Maybeline Arends-Croes, Rufo Odor, Padu Lampe, Eddy Bennet, Hubert ‘Lio’ Booi and Rufo Wever. On February 25, 1976, they unanimously recommended the waltz “Aruba Dushi Tera” as our national anthem. Mr. Lio Booi composed a last phrase which were added to the song from 1952. The phrase “…cu Dios guia y conserva su amor pa libertad” was added to the song, it pays tribute to the Aruban people and their love for liberty. On March 16, 1976 the Parliament of Aruba approved ‘Aruba Dushi Tera’ as the official anthem of Aruba. During an official act, on March 18, 1976, in the Wilhelmina Stadium (now Guillermo Prospero Trinidad stadium), the song was proclaimed as the national anthem of Aruba. The history of our flag started when on January 21, 1976, a competition was organized for the community to create a design for our national flag. Most designs received were from schoolchildren. A four-pointed star and a preference for stripes and/or horizontal or vertical marks were dominant. The dominant colors were red, white, blue and yellow. With the help of the Flag Research Institute of Boston, a design was chosen. In the British Color Dictionary Standards, the color of the fields of the Aruban flag ‘Larkspur’ is also known as ‘U.N. Blue, No. 196’, The yellow stripes are ‘Bunting Yellow, No. 113’. The red of the star is ‘Union Jack Red, No. 210’ and the white fimbriation of the star is No. 1 (this color dictionary does not exist anymore). According to the Pantone Color Guide these colors are 279 Blue, 186 Red, 108 Yellow and Absolute White. The Red Star represents the intense passion of every citizen for their island and the indigenous people that spilled their blood during a battle for their liberty in the French Pass. The White Outline of the star symbolizes Aruba’s extensive white sand beaches around our island, it also reflects, the noble heart of the habitants that respects justice, order and liberty. The Four-pointed star also symbolizes the four directions on the compass, indicating the different countries from which people came to live on Aruba to form a harmonious community. Yellow is the color of abundance and the horizontal



Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise

stripes reflects the firmness of that abundance. The Yellow color also symbolizes the former resources of income, such as: gold, phosphate and aloe industries. In the flora of Aruba a large number of trees and plants produce yellow blooms, such as the kibrahacha, brasil, bonchi di strena, curahao, tuturuto and wanglo. On march 16, 1976, the Parliament of Aruba approved the design of the flag as the national flag of Aruba. During the grand ceremony, on March 18, 1976, in the Wilhelmina Stadion the flag was raised for the first time, while the national anthem ‘Aruba Dushi Tera’ was played. With the national symbols other important changes came in a process of nation building and cultural emancipation. Papiamento, the national language, as an important marker of identity and very important factor with unifying force, was standardized. In 1976 a decree for the orthography of Papiamento was approved. In 1978 the governmental cultural service ‘Instituto di Cultura Aruba’ (ICA) was instituted. In the seventies more activities were organized to promote unity, patriotism and to preserve and promote the folklore of Aruba. The right of auto determination of all islands was recognized during the Round Table Conference in the year 1954. The struggle of the Status Aparte movement resulted in a new land in the Dutch Kingdom. On Januari 1, 1986, Aruba became a separate Country with a Status Aparte, with the right to govern itself autonomously within the Dutch Kingdom. With our own economic policy, Aruba obtained its own Central Bank and its own currency named ‘florin’, the official abbreviation is Awg. Evelino Fiingal is the designer of the bills in which images of animals from the fauna of Aruba are combined with native Indian drawings. These symbolic signs reflect the relationship between the past and present in Aruba. The value is pegged to the US dollar at an official exchange rate of 1,77 florins to one United States of America dollar (US $). Nowadays March 18 is a celebration of our ‘Status Aparte’ and the Flag and Anthem of Aruba. A strong sense of patriotism and pride is displayed in activities, in which the symbols, folklore (music, dance etc.), sports, games, presentation of different social groups like scouting, classic cars and Harley Davidson groups etc. are featured throughout the island. The most important official (protocol) act is held each year on Plaza Betico Croes in Oranjestad. Kids and adults enjoy this National Day were in a grand way they know how to honor our National Anthem and Flag. Written by Vilmio Wester Facts courtesy ofi Departamento di Cultura Aruba (DCA) source consulted: ‘Aruba Nos Isla’ DCA (2008).


Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013

Household insurance Keeping your belongings safe

For most homeowner your mortgage lender will require an insurance to insure the value of your home in case of fire. What most people don’t realize, says Arjan de Smit, owner of verdant insurance is that this doesn’t cover your belongings. And when something less pleasant happens it’s always better to be prepared. That’s why it’s always wise to also obtain a household insurance. That will cover the loss off clothing furniture and other household items, in case of fire or burglary. Don’t worry the premiums are usually reasonable and it will give you the peace of mind that your home, your haven and everything in it is protected.

“Make sure to update your insurances once a year, to avoid surprises” And while you talk to your favorite broker, you might want to discuss your options, most insurance companies offer “packages” of car, home and personal insurances. It could save you time and money since you don’t have to shop around. A trustworthy broker will present you with different options and scenarios that will best for your family, lifestyle and situation. If you are planning on building your home, you might just want to also have chat. What if you just bought those great windows and someone else decides to take them when you aren’t there? In any case it’s smart to keep a list of all items and their purchase value. Some people organize their receipt in a folder, other in a shoebox or digitally to know what the approximate total value of your belongings is.

While most insurances offer annual automatic adjustments, it’s wise to check if everything you own is still covered. For more information on how to best cover your life, feel free to contact me during business hours: VERDANT Insurance and Management Group N.V. Caya Frere Laurentius 8 Oranjestad / Aruba Tel: (297) 588-7745 Cel: (297) 734-4434 Fax: (297) 588-1936 E-mail:

And don’t forget to once a year check to see if all your insurances are up to date. ea ial ar


e Resid

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Ponton Wabistraat 2, buildup area 168 sq m on property land of 678 sq m asking price 280.000.00 AFL. Real Estate Rentals, Sales, Residentials, Commercials And Land Call for more info: +297-566-3902 or visit:

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Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013


Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise

Alto Vista Real Estate Broadening your view.

I like dealing with people, I’m not cut out for a regular 9-5 desk job, says Jennifer Wolff, sales associate and General Manager at Alto Vista Real Estate. To me selling a house is about finding the right fit for my clients, the place where they will be happy and feel at home every single day. In Real Estate I feel that I can really put my qualities to test. Since I’m really creative, a people’s person and problem solver, all my day to day activities at Alto Vista Real Estate suits me well. I studied at the University of Utrecht. After 10 years of studying and working in Holland, I decided to return to Aruba. My experience in Europe has been of great personal and professional value to me. The longer I work in real estate, the more I enjoy this business, it’s exciting! Every case brings its own challenges, each customer with unique wishes, yet they are all looking for the place they could call “Home”. Our strength at Alto Vista Real Estate is based on finding the right real estate match for our clients. “Effective personal communication and great dedicaEffective personal tion are very important to finding the right Real Estate communication and match” great dedication are very important to be successful in this process of matching. Aruba has incredible potential in real estate. We have a quality of life featured by a high standard of living and with all kinds of amenities and services, while maintaining an informal and affordable life style in a tropical and safe environment. Our team consists of local agents with different cultural backgrounds and is therefore multiple lingual which is in complete consistency with the multicultural mix of the Aruban population that reflects a rich past. It does not matter where you are coming from, only where we can bring you to! Integrity is not only the cornerstone of our philosophy, it guides everything we do. We take seriously our stated motto to always “do

the right thing”, a commitment we hold steadfast for our clients and ourselves. It means keeping our promises and exceeding expectations, every single day Whether you are seeking a new home, a vacation home on the beach, a historic downtown property, an inland Cunucu house, a large tract of land, or commercial property in Aruba, our team of highly competent professionals will help you transform your dream in to reality. I hereby would like to invite you for an introduction meeting at our offices at Schotlandstraat 45 and enjoy a presentation about our company combined with the already famous Alto Vista coffee and pastechi! Alto Vista Real Estate is truly unique! SCHOTLANDSTRAAT 45 - ARUBA - Dutch Caribbean Phone (297) 582 4494 - Mobile (297) 594 12 47 - Fax (297) 582 0533


Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013

Modern Architecture

Simplifying Structure to fit functionality

I like clean straightforward designs says Jouel Croes, architect and partner of Cast N.V., I love the functional design of the industrial buildings during the first part of the 21rst Century., also known as Industrial Classicism. Think of the almost fairytale buildings from Germany post war, like the cigarette factory Yenidze in Dresden, shaped like a Russian Palace or the functional Turbine factory build by the famous German architect Peter Beherens. My inspiration comes from the location where a future building will be built or renovated combined with the future purpose. Take for instance the old building of General Store in Dakota. This location is now about electro-technics and a famous electrical brand had a showcase with round corner designs that inspired me to recreate the façade in a renewed kind of fifties retro look.

“Architecture is like frozen Music” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

For another customer I wanted to expand the view for their guest so the roof became slightly elevated to increase the viewing angle, adding to the wide spacious feeling of overlooking our beautiful turquoise ocean. To me architecture is the space in which we live and like music it functions to enhance the world, by using simple shapes, that with the right application and materials, amplify the dimension around us. Music is to me what the technical aspect of architecture is, structured, yet cohesive and fluent. Art inspires me esthetically. I can see a simple shape in a painting or a sculpture and that can very well be the basic of the shapes overall. This sounds complicated, but let me try and explain. For starters: here in the tropics we are blessed with a lot of sunshine. As you know this results in warm temperatures all year round, but it also means that the light is very bright. By strategically placing windows on the North side of any building you can let natural light illuminate the interior, while keeping direct sunlight to a minimum, resulting in lower air-conditioning costs. When building the iStore, we intentionally placed two skylights in the roof and

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013



Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise

to repurpose a building, to expand its lifespan. By ( re)shaping a building to fit its purpose whether it is your dream house to live the rest of your life or a store that gives you and your customers what they need, in short, the right fit, to me that’s the way to (re) build. For more information contact us: CAST N.V. Oranjestad, Aruba Ponton 67 unit 1 T: (297) 588.6248 E:

the store now doesn’t need any artificial lighting. Also we have used larges window façade, making it a welcoming opening shopping area and an echo of the famous flagship store in downtown New York. By using insulation, you’ll keep the cool in and the warm air out. And working with materials that fit the space is also very important. For example: At the moment inverter air-conditioning, which for most domestic uses is more efficient then the traditional systems, is taking over the market, but for bigger spaces like a commercial building this might not be the best solution. For the new building of General store ( Do it) I have designed a structure with long lines, following the road that it parallels. The silhouette is playfully broken by bright cantilevers in the store’s colors and the planned round spheres on in front of the building resonance as a three-dimensional form of the cut outs above. Of course being an architect, I cannot help but also admire almost any building and my passion besides new construction is to renovate,


Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013

Aruban news available around the clock around the world. For those among us that are fluent in the local language Papiamento, the online news site, is a household brand. Easily accessible from smartphone, computer and tablet through browser and recently added also the special 24ora apple app. 24ora brings, like the name states round the clock news. Most people remember me from my dee-jaying days, which I still do, so media kind of runs through my veins, says mark Benson Denz, founder of While I was studying in the Netherlands, I missed up to date news from home. Back in those days, the major publications only updated their news sites only so often and when I came across the domain, the idea sprang to light to start an online news service for Arubans living or studying abroad. When I pitched the idea to friends and family, it became clear that also on Aruba itself the need for more up-to date news existed. No longer waiting until the next morning or the evening news, but up to date news and info, just a mouse click away. So for the next years I started creating a part-time online news site from the Netherlands. was officially launched in March 2007, with a nice ceremony in Cas di Cultura, the center where different performing arts meet. And slowly but surely we became the number one news site of Aruba.

“ & aruba Herald help you stay connected to Aruba 24/7, no matter where you are.� Working with a team that is well adjusted to the media life, we cover the stories and put them online fast. And by keeping up with the advancing technology, we positioned ourselves as the prominent news provider in a relatively short time. For instance, people could get updates about breaking stories on their phones.

After a bit more than a year, we expanded the concept to Curacao, where it also became an instant hit. In 2010 we also added the ITV channel to our news services. Just last year, when we proudly celebrated five years of existence, 24ora became a member of the American Press association. We also added the English online version, the Aruba herald, to our informative services, and, the place where you can congratulates anyone for their performance, birthdays, anniversaries or other miles stones for free. So whether you are in Aruba or abroad, through, you’ll stay connected!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013


Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise

For Rent

e: Asking Pric 00,= US $ 210.0

ting Prices Star night from $60 a

For Sale

Close to Down Town Oranjestad - Crystel Theather Each studio apartment has a queen-size bed with kitchenette. One 1-bedroom has a kitchenette, two queen-size beds and one single bed. The other 1-bedroom apartment for 2 persons, has a kitchenette and a double bed. Our apartments are equipped with WiFi internet access, color TV with cable and split-unit air conditioning. The kitchens are complete with refrigerator/freezer, stove, cooking utensils, cutlery, glassware, dinnerware and silverware.



ife! L r u o Up Y

Call for more info: +297-566-3902 or visit: Vi We sit H Ou av rN eM ew ove Lo d! ca tio n

Home accents, Furniture & Decorations

LED Solutions







Luxemburgstraat 9 592-3000

Real Estate Rentals, Sales, Residentials, Commercials And Land.


Residendial & Commercial

Adress Tel Email Webpage

House For Sale In Picaron With A Nice Swimming Pool On More Or Less 500 M2 Property Land

Elegant, Quality & Good Taste

Schotlandstraat 85-1 (ex-KIA motors, across from Texaco Sasaki) Office: (+297) 588.7712 Cel: (+297) 734.7714 E-mail:



Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise

Oasis 6


USD 550.000,00 AWG 973.500,00

USD 200,000 AFL354,000

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013

Washington 164

Wayaca Residence 492

USD 205,000 AFL 362,850

USD 245,000 AFL 433,650

2 bedr, 2 bath room fully furnished condo with ocean view!

2 bedr, 1 bath apt with community pool in Noord

New built 3 bed, 2 bath house in Noord!

3 bedr, 2 bath corner house in Wayaca Residence

Jaburibari 30-D

Piedra Plat 78-B

Las Rocas

Verbindingsweg 2

USD 481.000 AWG 851.370

USD 354,000 AFL 626,580

USD 430,000 AFL 761,100

Beautifull 3 bedr, 2 bath home with swimmingpool

3 bedrooms,3 bathrooms, with a great Luxurious condo in Tierra del Sol mountain view!

Bubali 117-F

Salinja Serca 23-G

USD 465,000 AFL 823,050

3 bedr, 3 bath villa in the exclusive Bubali Villa Park!

“Friends Forever.....

USD 750,000 AFL 1,327,500

3 bedr, 2 bath villa located close to the beach!

USD 480,000 AFL 849,600

Great office building with lots of parking space in Oranjestad

SCHOTLANDSTRAAT 45 - ARUBA - Dutch Caribbean Phone (297) 582 4494 - Mobile (297) 594 12 47 - Fax (297) 582 0533

.....Amigos Para Siempre”


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013


Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise

Thinking of Buying or Selling? If you are thinking of buying and or selling your house, land or commercial property, call us!

Without any cost or obligation you will have our immediate personal attention.

ItaliĂŤstraat # 12, Oranjestad, Aruba Tel.(297)-588-0040 | Fax # (297)-588-7185

A Truly Aruban Company

$ 257.000

Commercial building near to the main/high traffic road of Savaneta. Lot size: 723 m2, Build: 412 m2

$ 315.000

Nice family home located in Wayaca Residence, 3 bedr, 2 bath, swimming pool and fully fenced.

Unique home with an amazing view to the beach 3 bdr, 2,5 bath, 2 garage, spacious backyard with spa.

Ask for our Specials

L.G. Smith Blvd 144 Tel: 582-2519 -Tel: 582-6501- Cel: 730-0326 -Fax: 582-7225 Email:

Beautiful & well-maintained home, Wayaca Residence, 3 bdr, 3bth , spacious backyard w/pool & fully fenced.

Reduced! $ 699.000

New Commercial Unit with great business opportunity. Spacious business area, private bathroom, mezzanine.


Villa under construction on Property Land.

Boegoeroei 85-D T 592-5957| 730-8332 Real Estate Advice | Property Search E: |Property Sale | Land | Rental |DevelopW: ments |Business & Investment Properties

a e r C Bo r! lo o C



Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly

Featured Home Sweet Home Property

March 2013

The Only Thing Missing is You Dream Property for Sale

“Imagine the lush elegance of a semi -shaded room, where filtering sunlight peaks through custom made plantation style blinds” Who doesn’t want to own their own private piece of paradise? Waking up to the sun’s glorious rays, promising yet another spectacular, tropical sunny day with bright blue skies and temperatures in the comfortable 80’s. Imagine having your morning coffee in your shaded private yard with nothing but the sound of soft tinkling chimes playing in the background, from the ever blowing trade winds. Different ornaments, from lazy stone lizards to ceramic fish, decorate the 8ft high walls that surround your private recluse and includes an intimate pool and Palapa on 6943 sq ft of property land. A hummingbird and other local birds visit each of the blooming plants in a perfectly landscaped garden, diligently tending to each blossom, as if they were talking to them. It’s almost disappointing to leave and to begin our day, even though it may only be in your own home- office.

Luckily in the afternoon, when the sun stands bright and hot in the sky, you can take a long refreshing nap or simply, luxuriously lounge on the tropical furniture inside. Imagine the lush elegance of a semi-shaded room, where filtering sunlight peaks through custom made plantation style blinds, while the flow of soft purring palm blades tease the pages of your book. Hemmingway would be jealous. As you watch the sun set, whose up for cocktails and a cookout on the patio in your customized outdoor kitchen? A Barbeque has never been so easy and fun. The guys will be impressed with the high end Lynx Grill and side burners, as well as the professional gas griddle. All will then enjoy the freshly prepared grilled food.


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013

Featured Home Sweet Home Property

Your spacious home presents an upper level that includes a full bath, two generously sized bedrooms, with ample closet space. A substantial balcony overlooks the rolling Aruba Hills and the Hooiberg land mark, by day and the forever rising Moon by night; an added treat for family and friends , whose company is more than welcomed. Guests can stay as long as they like. ( or as their return ticket allows) A master bedroom is located on the ground floor with private bath and walk-in closet. Screened French doors, with plantation blinds, open to a private patio and garden. And of course you’ll have full use of a luxury style indoor kitchen for the convenience to prepare and enjoy meals in any variety you can think of. When the night has fallen and the moon lights the sky, what better day’s end, than a last visit to the pool, with nothing but the stars above as your companion, before another day in paradise begins. Centrally located so that shopping, snorkeling, beaches or dining out are just a short drive away. This spectacular property is offered for sale by the current owners, who are moving away to be closer to their American family. They leave their dream home with pain in their hearts for their beloved Aruba. Built as a perfect fit for someone looking to find a turn-key, ready example of tropical living, it comes fully furnished. ONLY YOU are missing from this picture perfect piece of paradise. For more information about this dream home, please contact Home Sweet Home Real Estate: Wayaca residence 497 Office:588-7868 Mobile: 592-9966

a r u t l u C i D s Program Ca 10 March 16 March 19 & 20 March 22 March 30 March


Gospel Concert by Ramphys Tromp Art in Motion, Recital DaVinci Academy Comedy Jam: Wilko Terwijn & Rayen Panday Kunstkring Concert Gospel Concert Adventist Church

Vondellaan 2 Oranjestad Tel: 582-1010


Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise


Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013

The House Of Culture Cas di Cultura

Nowadays Cas the Cultura, the famous local theater is an Aruban landmark with its beautiful façade painting, situated alongside the Las Amercias roundabout. Besides being the heart of the Aruban Theater, the building forms each year the perfect back drop for the Aruban Jazz Festival. Besides performing arts, Cas di Cultura is also a second home to many other arts; It’s a favorite spot for semi-permanent art exhibitions.

where the arts and culture could be exercised and developed. Cultureel Centrum Aruba, together with other cultural associations such as the Filmliga Aruba, de Arubaanse Muziekschool, Kunstkring, the Symphonic Orchestra, the Volksuniversiteit Aruba, the Aruba camera club, the Amateurtoneelgroep, the Rythmische en the Vereniging Pro Musica, joined forces to realize a building in which arts and culture could be practiced and exposed. In doing so the foundation Stichting Schouwburg Aruba (SSA) arose in 1955 with the aim of building the first Cultural Centre in Aruba to secure the continuation of the development and promotion of the cultural life in the community. The modern building called “Cultureel Centrum” (Cultural Center) was officially opened on November 15th of 1958. In 1972 The Stichting Schouwburg held a contest to have the people of Aruba choose the best name for the cultural Center and In 1973 the official name changed to Cas di Cultura (House of Culture).

Just of the other side lies the Plaza di Betico, where on the 18th March many festivities for our flag day will take place. Few people know the theater is also a monument itself, with significance for the culture and traditions of Aruba. Build in the mid-fifties, the design of the building was in the hands of architect F.F. Zingel, who also designed Centro Pro Arte and the church of Brievengat on Curacao. This, for that time new and modern building was in the style of that time period, the early sixties, with the colorful painting over the entrance with its triangular shapes and bright colors. Zingel specified the decoration and colors when creating the drawing. This it might seem farfetched, but it’s not uncommon. The famous Dutch Architect Berlage (18561934), when designing his famous Hunting Lodge for the Kröller Mullers, deliberately left out a piece of carpet, so the table can’t be moved and also designed his own wall paper motives to fit his designs. Also the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) designed interiors, like glass door paneling, fireplaces and other furniture, fitting his designs. It was the year 1949 when a group of active cultural associations in the Aruban community, under the wings of Cultureel Centrum Aruba, felt a great need for a building


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013


Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise

While looking for more information about this remarkable landmark, a newspaper clipping dated from 1rst Feb 1973 showed, amongst those polled according to the local Dutch Newspaper, Amigoe, that not everyone thought “That House of Culture” was the best fit for a place where all sorts of activities were performed. Mrs J.H.M. Kwartsz-Spruyt laid the first stone in 1957. The authorities that financed the construction of the building were the government of Aruba, The Sticusa (Foundation for Cultural Cooperation with Surinam and the Netherlands Antilles), the Lago Oil & Transport Company and the Royal Netherlands Steamship Co. Unfortunately in the late sixties to seventies, the theater was profoundly renovated and extended, to accommodate with more modern facilities and improvements, such as updated lighting, a conference room and a new and bigger orchestra, so many of the older typical architecture are not visible and the characteristical painting only recently was restored to its previous luster. In 2000, the foyer, the café and the theater were updated.

“ The colorful painting on the facade was created by the architect..”

To date the foundation Stichting Schouwburg Aruba still owns and manages Cas di Cultura and is working hard to ensure the proper maintenance of the building for its good use by the Aruban cultural life.

ones with and accent on cultural education.

Furthermore the foundation has broadened its focus by actively initiating projects, especially

The 50th anniversary of Cas di Cultura was greatly celebrated, starting in 2007 with the musical ‘Trevia, e garado di djaka’ (‘Trevia, the rat hunter’ based on the story of the Pied Piper), commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first stone laying on June 24th 1957. The celebrations continued in 2008 with an Open House Day, the art exposition ‘Spiritu di Tempo’ (Ghost of Time) exposing 50 years of art on Aruba and ended with the multidisciplinary performance project ‘Mind Your Gap’ on November 15th, the exact date of the center’s

opening in 1958. Currently the exhibition room is often used for various functions, such as informal gatherings, readings & lectures , wedding receptions or press conferences. Cas di Cultura also is an excellent spot to come have lunch in the afternoon or a cup of tea after shopping in the afternoon. The café inside, that caters to the main public and on request for functions, opens its doors daily to the general public from 11.30-14.00 for lunch, with each day a different special, except for weekends. You can find the up to date calendar of events on their website; along with special offers or last minute tickets. And of course Cas di Cultura is accessible for everyone. Cas di Cultura offers you the chance to get a tour of our building. This is interesting for everybody who wants to take a peak in the world of theater but also for students, businesses and friends are who a planning a day out. Interested? Call us at 5821010 to make an appointment for a guided tour. Special thanks to Mrs. Yvonne WebbKock Director Office of Monuments Aruba Historic Images Courtesey of Cas di Cultura.




ppo que O

2 story house in Seroe Blanco for Sale! 4.5 Bdr & 4 Baths, 230 sq m buildup area property land 687 sq m US $ 315.000.00 Real Estate Rentals, Sales, Residentials, Commercials And Land Call for more info: +297-566-3902 or visit:

Home & Garden 18 Monthly Aruba

The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013

Surface texture Touch your walls

Living on a tropical island makes somehow feel like the colors are brighter and things around you are so much more a life. That loud turquoise shirt you wouldn’t dream of wearing back home is the right thing to wear on a day about town and somehow the palm leaves waving gently in the wind make for an amazing show of greens, that you could have never thought exist in just a single simple leaf. The same goes for the different shapes and textures of all bright colorful fruits. Discover new dimensions by simply feeling looking at the way the sunlight reflects and creates a tasting palette. So why not mimic nature and use texture to create a lush and exotic, yet cozy feeling at home?

If you’d like to find out more about these two structural paints or if you’d like to feel the textures for yourself, feel free to stop by, we’re happy to assist you. Arvefa L.G. Smith Blvd 144 Tel: 582-2519 -Tel: 582-6501Cel: 730-0326 -Fax: 582-7225 Email:

Promote Aruba with a pure Arubian product n! Own your Quality Kitche

Drop by for a free Consu ltation!

All Wood| Granite Counter Tops|Low Prices Guaranteed Made in Aruba | Custom made in any size| Financing Possible No Compressed Wood | Not Shipped from the outside

Bushiri #30 | Oranjestad, Aruba|Tel: 588-5652 Open: Mon-Fri 8.00-17.30 non -stop

Visit us also on Facebook.




Because both products are structural and decorational paint, they are ideal to cover any blemishes, rough spots or simply adding dimension to your room. An advantage of the product is that it’s water repellent, making it easy to clean and maintain. The product is also paintable with acrylic paint, in case you decide to change colors. The product is easy in use and will give immediate texture to the wall you’re applying it to. Simply apply the product in a semi-circular motion and you’ll obtain the desired result. No mixing in the texture, it’s ready to go!

BBS Kitchen Cabinets & Granite Tops


At at Arvefa, the Aruban paint factory, the latest trend in wall embellishments are two graniplast products, esgrafiado and graniacryl. Both products are made with high quality ingredients to ensure a perfect long lasting finish. Both products consist of an acrylic, water based base that can be colored in 228 different shades and applied on both exterior and interiors walls.

Bushiri Karting Speedway


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013


Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise

The Center Of Your Home Finding the right kitchen.

Home is where your heart is. But for most people, the heart of their home is centered in their kitchen. It’s the place where recipes get tested and tried before they turn into family traditions, the location that feeds the home. And like almost everything, there is no great result without the right tools. A kitchen made to your wishes, custom made to fit the space you have allocated to become the center of your home. A well-designed kitchen will save you time and money. To me, and most people, a well-functioning kitchen is a basic necessity, says Gerard Spijkers, owner and founder of BBS Kitchen Cabinets & Granite Tops, “You can put off decorating that guest home or trimming your yard but a house without a kitchen is not a complete home.” Located in Bushiri, just outside Oranjestad behind the karting track, you can visit the showroom where various cabinets and model kitchens are displayed. He and his wife have a vast experience in building custom made cabinets, creating kitchens that have become the heart of several homes on the island. “When we came to Aruba twenty years ago, it took a while to get into the rhythm of tropical living, but we love the friendly nature of the people and of course “Dushi” (lovely) Aruba. We are proud to say that we have become a

“A home is not really complete without a kitchen” household name for people looking to find their dream kitchen. Since we build every cabinet ourselves, we can virtually create any style or shape with almost every thinkable finish to match your home and style. I believe that if you are good at something you should stick to it, make it better and improve. Our cabinets will give you the quality that you are looking for, simply because we have put our heart and soul into them.” “The secret of a great kitchen is the combination of good quality materials, like real non-pressed wood, top quality granite and great planning. For instance, if your kitchen is small, you might want to optimize the way the cabinets are positioned to create the maximum amount of space. If you like entertaining in your kitchen, a granite counter-top can double as a preparation space or as the centerpiece while serving. We choose to buy high quality materials and create a local product that lasts for years. Our kitchens are steady fixture in your home that you can rely on for the years to come. And of course besides cabinets we carry a selection of European sinks, faucets, handles and much more.

Feel free to come take a look and perhaps find your dream kitchen. You are welcome to visit us: BBS Kitchen Cabinets & Granite Tops Bushiri #30, Oranjestad, Aruba Tel: 588-5652 You can also visit us on Facebook.


Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013

Embellish your home! Empresa Italo Arubano

Specializing in tiles, we are known for our wide variety of tiles in different sorts, shapes, colors and textures. Our trained experts can help you choose the tile, structure and color that is best suited for your needs. Tiles can be used both indoors and out to beautify virtually any surface. A tile nowadays is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such ceramic, stone, metal or even glass. Tiles are generally used for covering roofs, floors and walls or other objects such as tabletops. Another category are the ceiling tiles, made from lightweight materials such as perlite, wood ad mineral wood. The word is derived from the French word tuile, which is, in turn, from the Latin word tegula, meaning a roof tile composed of baked clay. In English the word can mean any sort of construction tile or similar object. At Empresa Italo Arubano we carry amongst others marble from Italy, natural stone, granite and ceramic tiles in different sizes, colors and structures. The word ‘ceramic’ comes from the Greek word ‘keramos’ meaning pottery, it is related to an old Sanskrit root meaning ‘to burn’ but was primarily used to mean ‘burnt stuff ’. Ceramic tiles are used in different applications, but are most known for their decorative value, such as Delft’s blauw. Decorative tile-work was invented in the near east, where it has enjoyed a longer popularity and assumed a greater variety of design than

anywhere in the world. The Romans introduced tile making in Western Europe as they occupied territories.

Through Europe decorative ceramic tiling found its way to North and South America. The Ceramic tiles were too expensive for utilitarian purposes in the Colonies and were found almost exclusively in the homes of the wealthy. Today you don’t have to be wealthy to decorate your home to your needs. Over the last decades the technologies have been developed and nowadays the selection of tiles is broader than hand painted ceramic tiles. Bigger sizes, textures, longer durability and or imitation natural tiles are now available to the wider public. We carry tiles from Europe, South America, and the Far East. And we constantly keep following the latest trends to provide you with the best choice. If you’re looking for something specific, feel free to ask our expert advice. We, at Impresa Italo Arubano, can help find the perfect match for any style you have in mind be it rustic, modern, tropical Caribbean or to the latest styleAnd we can help you calculate the amount of tiles you need and plan the project of beautifying your house into your perfect home, since we carry all accessories you need to install the tiles in your home and we can even do it for you. Come visit us our selection of tiles at: Koyari 20A- 587-7223 or Cumana 8- 588-6969

Kong Hing Supermarkets

The place to shop in Aruba

Cleaning Supplies And Other Household Goods

r our Ask fo cials spe weekly

Kong Hing Supermarket NV Havenstraat 16 582-1219

Every Day Fresh Bread From Our Own Bakery

Wide assortment of meats, Poultry and Seafood

With Our Friendly Staff Shopping Here Is A Breeze. Two Locations With Private Parking To Serve You .Better! Kong Hing Supercenter NV L G Smith Boulevard 152 582-5545


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013

Spring Cleaning Tips for better Living

Spring is almost here. In colder countries it’s traditionally the time to clean the home after a long cold and dark winter. We just had a warm long month of February, but who’s to say we can’t do a little bit of spring cleaning? Here are a few simple tips to help you get started: • So you made a New Year’s resolution way back at the beginning of the year. Time to get started. Sort through all your closets. A good rule of thumb is to ditch any clothing that you haven’t worn over the last six months. If you travel once so often to a colder climate, take out your cold weather gear and see if everything is still in good condition or needs some repairing. You can either donate clothing in good condition to charities or turn them in to household rags. • Your Pantry; take out all the stock you have and revise the labels. Throw out anything that is over date and try to make use of cans that are about to expire. Casserole anyone? Take note of the things you did not use and prepare a shopping list of your basic staples. Surf the internet to see what basics for you would be ideal. • Bedding: take throws, pillows and carpets to be cleaned, of if the fabric allows, wash and clean them yourself. A fresh smell will be your reward.

• Books & Magazines; See which ones you are definitely keeping and others you can either gift to friends or visiting relatives or donate.

• Appliances: Go over your appliances. Are they still in great condition or do they need a little maintanance. Do you really use all your appliances or can you create more counter space by shelving a few of your dust catching gadgets? • Those waiting chores: Remember that bulb in the guest bedroom that needs fixing or that part of the wall that you actually have to prime and repaint. Or that hinge that’s always shrieking? Now is the time to tackle there chores. You’ll feel so much better afterwards. • The garage: Last but not least, you can choose to organize all the items you do not longer need or want. By having a garage sale you can make some cash to buy for new things. Decide beforehand what the price for each item will be and with help of some friends and family it could turn in to a pleasant sales day. Of course if you aren’t in the mood to spring clean your home yourself, you can also use a professional cleaning or handyman service to get your home sparkling like new.


Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise


Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise


Ateliers ‘89

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013

As a talented artist himself, he’s constantly improving the way artists, locally, from the Caribbean region and internationally, can express and create. Established foreign and local artists teach at the studio‘s. Every workshop culminates in an exhibition which is open to the public. Furthermore, there are special workshops and tours of the exhibitions for children and young students. Ateliers ’89 works in close cooperation with a number of art academies in the Netherlands. This way, young talents who started off in the workshops of Ateliers ’89 can easily find their way to a Dutch academy. One of the students at Ateliers ’89 is the well-known Remy Jungerman, who ended up in Holland and gained fame there. Another example is the acclaimed fashion designer Percy Irausquin, who sad enough recently passed away. Coinciding, there is a respectable number of artists who, in part due to their learning’s at the workshops, grew to represent Aruba abroad: Glenda Heyliger, Roland Jansen, Alida Martinez, Osaira Muyale, Irene Peterson, Ryan Oduber, Renwick Heronimo, Marcello Werleman, en Junior de Windt are just a few examples.

In the center of Oranjestad, lies an old building that used to be part of the first hospital of Aruba. Build in the typical airy space that is characteristic of the post war Bauhaus inspired Aruban Architecture; clean lines, minimalistic, concrete shades to keep the interior cool, with glass shutters to let the trade winds blow through. After many uses, this building is now the home of the Foundation Ateliers ’89. A perfect tranquil setting in soft blue and yellow pastels only minutes away from the busy heart of downtown Oranjestad. An oasis to ponder, dream, visualize and create. The Foundation Ateliers ’89 offers locals and visitors an orientation on contemporary applied art and design. Workshops in different disciplines as painting, installations, video-art, photography, drawing, fashion, theatrical-design, ceramics, animation, graphic design and history of art are organized in a spacious, open and comfortable setting. Elvis Lopez the present director, was an alumnus and former teacher of the prestigious Rietveld academy in the Netherlands, runs this place, where artists can work ,create and expose.

If you are interested in attending one of the workshops or you’d like to know more about ateliers ’89 visit their website: Or you can simply visit Ateliers’89: Dominicanessenstraat 34 Tel: (297) 588 577 6


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013 Vacation Rental

Starting at $3.500,- P.W.

Home for Sale

The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise


Home for Sale

Arashi Villa - 5 Bedroom - 5 Bathroom - Pool


Home & Garden Monthly

Papilon Residences - Property Land At Great Prices!!!

AWG. 295.000,Caya Anton 3 - 2 Bedroom - 1 Bath

Home for Sale

Real Estate, Property Mgt, Vacation Rental, Condo’s Projects, Construction

Siribana 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms,

AWG. 395.000,Bloemond 28-J - 4 Bedroom - 2 Bath

Vacation Rental

Opal 79 - 2 Bedroom - 2 Bath With Pool

Long Term Rental

Starting at $1.500,- P.W. Kudawecha Villa - 3 Bedroom - 1 Bathroom - Pool

$ 2250.00 p/month

AWG. 703.100,-

AWG. 1.850,-p/M. Babijn 20-D- 4 Bedroom-2 Bathroom

Feature of the Month Palm Beach 6-B. Opening hours: Mo-Fri 8 am – 5 pm Sat: by appointment. Contact us at: +297 5868635

For Any Of Your Construction Projects Residential



For a free estimate call: 585-8635 or email:


Home & Garden Monthly The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly March 2013

Match Your Style To Your Home Shop At Dura Home Center!

Tables Sets g n i n i D ware e m o H ses s e r t t a M ries o s s e c c A Gifts & s Curtain re! o M h c u And M

Located Along the Sasaki Highway @ Italiëstraat 40. Tel: 583-6483

Dura Home CEnter: open eyc H-376



Oranjestad,4-bedr,3-bathr, Maidsrm



Afl. 295,000

Hooiberg, 2-bedr., 2-bathr.,furnished


Afl. 180,000

Seroe Janchi, 3-bedr., 1-bathr.


Afl. 356,000

Noord, 3-bedr, 2-bathr


Afl. 325,000

Boliviastraat, 2-bathr, 1-bathr., 4x apts.

Open Mon-Sat Non-Stop: 9.00 a.m. -19.00 p.m. Sun Closed

Afl. 252,000

Socotorolaan, 3-bedr., 2-bathr.


Afl. 850,000

Opal, 3-bedr,2-bathr., Maids-room


Afl. 350,000






TELEPHONE: +297 5837400| MOBILE: +297 7348000| FAX: +297 5820241 TOLL FREE: +1(866) 978 5664 | |

“What makes us different, makes us better”® Afl. 498,000

Matadera, 4-bedr., 4bathr., pool.

Afl. 395,000

San Nicolaas, 4-bedr., 4-bathr.,

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