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Happy Holidays!

Hearth & Garden Monthly ree F The #1 Guide for Living in Paradise! Edition December 2012

2012 brought us hope; it was

Our Realtors Altovista Real Estate 2 Sun Caribbean Realty 2 Nahar’s (Kenneth) 8,10, 11 Associated Realtors 13 Limbo Aruba


Home Sweet Home 14 Rooi Koochi Residence 9 Aruba Palm Realtors 23

For Your Interest Friends Forever... 3 Shaping the Heart 4 A Streetcar Named 6 Aruba Palms Realtors 7 The Tradition of Dande 8 A Place to shop & Live 9 The home of Justice 12 A Sparkling Gift 19 Bringing Music & Art to Aruba 20

definitely a year of change, the feeling that after the recession things would look up. Of the last few years, the pendulum finally reached its equilibrium and would start to swing into the positive side.

gs n i t s i te L a t s lE Volume 2 Rea cts s e m Year 1 Proj ominiu d Con als e t Ren for Sal e d Lan ing Lif y Enjo

Despite report of the world possibly coming to an end this month, we are looking with renewed enthusiasm to the coming year. Especially in the heart of Aruba, downtown Oranjestad. Different projects are on the verge of being completed to rejuvenate our holiday season, when we are celebeloved downtown. brating life in all different aspects, joy and festivities go hand in hand Monuments are being restored to with family and friends. So let’s their old luster and new projects invite the New Year to come knock-

Holiday Edition Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly! like the streetcar will help create the busy bustle of a city where life is enjoyed to its fullest.

ing on our door with our cherished tradition of Dande and we’ll see each other in 2013.

And perhaps it was meant to come together this way, especially in this

Happy Holidays & a Prosperous 2013 from our team!

ce Personal, Business, Home & Car Insurance an r r u ke s Retirement Planning- Wealth Managent In ro B Caya Frere Laurentius 8,

Oranjestad / Aruba E-mail: Tel: (297) 588-7745 Fax: (297) 588-1936 Cel: (297) 734-4434 VERDANT Insurance and Management Group N.V.

l Wishing You u f r lo o C & Holidays! a Prosperous Arvefa L.G. Smith Blvd 144 Tel: 582-2519 -Tel: 582-65012013 Cel: 730-0326 -Fax: 582-7225 Email:



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Wayaca residence 420

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012 Washington 164

Condo in Noord

USD 155,400 AFL 275,000

USD 200,000 AFL354,000

Tanki Leendert 27-B

USD 205,000 AFL 362,850

USD 225,000 AFL 398,250

2 bed, 1 bath, cute starters home in Wayaca residence

2 bed, 1 bath condo with community pool in Noord

New built 3 bed, 2 bath, house in Noord!

Modern house, 3 bedr 2 bath with lots of space for outside living

Wayaca Residence 492

Piedra Plat 78-B

Las Rocas

Adriaan Lacle Blvd 9

USD 245,000 AFL 433,650

USD 354,000 AFL 626,580

Corner house with 3 bed, 2 bath in Wayaca Residence

3 bed, 3 bath, with a pool and great nature surroundings!

Bubali 117-F

Salinja Serca 23-G

USD 395.000 AFL 699,000

3 bed, 3 bath villa in the exclusive Bubali Villa Park

USD 750,000 AFL 1,327,500

3 bed, 2 bath villa located close to the beach

USD 430,000 AFL 761,100

Luxurious condo in Tierra del Sol

USD 440,000 AFL 778,800

Large office building with great potential in Oranjestad

SCHOTLANDSTRAAT 45 - ARUBA - Dutch Caribbean Phone (297) 582 4494 - Mobile (297) 594 12 47 - Fax (297) 582 0533

“Friends Forever......Amigos Para Siempre� Home for Sale

Home for sale

$725.000,00 Beautiful country home area of Jamanota

Home for Sale


Home for Sale

$478.000,00 Exotic home on the Salina Condo for Sale

Home for Sale

$354.000,00 Attractive house at San Miguel

ed educ R e c Pri

Conveniently located two story home near City.

Land for Sale

$599.500,00 Modern Ocean front Condo at Eagle Beach

Land for Sale


d duce e R e Pric

$414.000,00 Prime land in a commercial area

$265.000,00 Condo Palma Real gated community

Commercial Building


Prime Commercial Property Land / Seroe Blanco

Sun Caribbean Realty Wabistraat #6, Ponton. Aruba Office: +297-582-4143 Find more listing & Info online! Surf Today to:


d duce e R e Pric

Beautiful Villa in gated community

25 Years Of Let More Than ist You! Experience Ass

Condo for Sale



$476.200,00 Two Story Commercial Building in City Center suncaribbeanrealty



Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Alto Vista literally translated would be “high view”. Alto Vista is also the name of a village on the hills above the north shore in Aruba. Aforementioned village is well known for the little yellow Chapel of Alto Vista which is considered to be the birthplace of Aruba’s Catholic religion, the first Chapel to be built on the island by the Indians and the Spanish Pioneers over 250 years ago. The village that they had formed was given the name Alto Vista probably because of the nothing obstructing overlooking view from the hills. With this kind of view we identified ourselves, continuously overlooking the entire real estate situation in Aruba from a higher point, says founder of Alto Vista Real Estate, Rudolph Kok. According to the aforementioned is the name of his company well selected, he confirms. I actually didn’t start out as a realtor. I graduated at Leiden University and started my professional career as a lawyer. Some years later I was approached by my family to start a family eyewear business and in 1996 KOK OPTICA was founded. As the organizational man in the company, I was in charged with the set up of new branches and it is here were I became familiar with the real estate market in Aruba.

Alto Vista Real Estate

Friends Forever, Amigos para siempre!

Because of my law background and my experience with real estate I found myself more and more advising friends in an informal way whether it was to sell or to buy real estate and I genuinely enjoyed being involved. That’s when I decided to take the plunge so to speak. The year 2008 was not the best timing to open a real estate company but with creative dedication of our team I can conclude that I am very happy with the results for this year. The activity in the “high-end” house market has started back again slowly; the “lower to mid-size” house market is still dynamic. House prices have not dramatically fallen down in Aruba as in the

USA. Buyers and investors still value Aruba as a good investment opportunity, not in the least part because of our relatively stable economy and political stability! I think that many investors share the same positivism by the current investments of the private and public sector and onwards in commerce, tourism, hotel and financial sector. Good grounds to be very positive about the coming year!

Our team consists of local agents with different cultural backgrounds and is therefore multiple lingual which is in complete consistency with the multicultural mix of the Aruban population that reflects a rich past. It does not matter where you are coming from, only where we can bring you. At Alto “We Wish You Happy Holidays!” Vista Real Estate we are committed to exceptional service and dedicate ourselves to accomplishing our client’s goals. We provide the most innovative, effective and experienced team that consistently deliver a sustainable and competitive advantage to our clients. We go beyond satisfying the real estate needs of our clients. We develop custom solutions designed for each individual we serve. Integrity is not only the cornerstone of our philosophy, it guides everything we do. We take seriously our stated motto to always “do the right thing”, a commitment we hold steadfast for our clients and ourselves. It means keeping our promises and exceeding expectations, every single day. SCHOTLANDSTRAAT 45 - ARUBA - Dutch Caribbean Phone (297) 582 4494 - Mobile (297) 594 12 47 - Fax (297) 582 0533


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012

Shaping the Heart Reflections of the past in the present...

If you drive along the shore through Oranjestad, you’ll see “het bestuurskantoor” (the office of the government) and the house of parliament stretched along the road, just around the corner from the Willem III tower. As you might know, Savaneta was the first capital of Oranjestad. Oranjestad did not really exist, but a small village, named Rancho, where fishermen came to shore. The name Paardenbaai (bay of horses) still refers to the harbor that used to be there. In 1876, it was decided to build Fort Zoutman along the coast as a proactive defense. At that time the shore line was different, in fact the complex that we know as Seaport marketplace did not exist, only after WO II, ,much later, this land was, in typical Dutch style gained from the Ocean. Around 1800 Oranjestad became the official capital and governmental and other types of buildings started blooming. The first protestant church dates from 1822 and still is standing, beautifully restored next to the newer church along the Whilhelminastraat ( Whilhelminastreet), the first street of Aruba. The Wilhelminastraat is the first street on Aruba and if you look on the map of Oranjestad you’ll see that it seems like it’s on an angle in regards to the ocean, but in fact at the time it was parallel to the shore. The first governmental office, after the governmental residence on the Zoutmanstraat became too small and was located in the former B.J. Arends building, (across from Garufa’s) on the Wilhelminastraat and after that the governmental offices resided in the now the also restored Courthouse. Just before WO II, a complex for officers (passanggrahan) was built along the harbor.

rendering courtesy HAD

At that time the Department of Public Works( D.O.W) from Curacao designed the buildings on Aruba and the architecture is very recognizable as what later would be referred to as Dutch tropical architecture with cement “climate” shades to minimize the amount of direct sunlight on the windows, wooden shutters and windows so the tropical breezes would naturally cool the public spaces. Since this still originated in the late thirties and early forties, the general style is very much influenced by the Bauhaus architectural wave, that swept across the world around that time. And luckily for those who like the clean lines and geometrical shapes, this type of architecture is perfect for a tropical climate.

“Creating shade helps save energy...” After different uses, additions, like the house of parliament and even a period of being unoccupied, the current government, made it once again its headquarters. As our government exists of 8 ministers with their team plus the Prime minister, who is currently Mr. Mike Eman, it soon became obvious that the old building would ( again) not suffice. “So we started thinking,” says Leo Ponson, architect and owner of Achiosa, “We started taking about the u-shape of the building and the surround historical buildings, like the current offices of the registry office, fort Zoutman, the protestant Church, the ocean; in short, the open space is like a historical center. So naturally I drew a circle in the middle, which then translated into an ellipse. But to avoid losing that center, and to stay connected for the public, we elevated the ellipse and connected it to one of the arms of the old

Picture courtesy achiosa


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012

building, and so creating a connection between the old and the new. In theory, when reshaping monuments, a newer addition should always be recognizable rendering courtesy HAD and at least 8 meters away from the monument, practically, the ministers should be able to walk easily to Parliament meetingsThe “ Cocolishi” ( or shell) as the newer build got nicknamed, consists of three layers that goes up, ending in the Prime minister’s office and a meeting room with a Panoramic window over Oranjestad and the ocean.


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

er with contactors to find the best solutions, like individually adjustable air-condition systems. But the best energy saving comes from the creation of an extended roof on each level that spread out 1.80 meters outwards, just like the concrete blinds on the older building that will help save energy costs by 30% though minimizing the amount of direct sunlight on the windows. It is nice to see Oranjestad once again restored to be that center of activity. Especially as an architect I’m happy to see that both monuments and newer buildings shape the skyline of Oranjestad. For me a building is a reflection of our society, of our hopes and dreams, in a way a definition of our culture. And the best thing of all? In fifty years, our shell will be a monument too.” Special Thanks to Leo Ponson, Owner of Achiosa.

With modern materials and technology, we have managed to create a building that is environmental friendly and adds in the Aruban tropical building tradition. On one hand we have closely worked togethPictures courtesy Achiosa

Kong Hing Supermarkets

The place to shop in Aruba

Cleaning Supplies And Other Household Goods

r our o f k s A ecials p s y l k wee

Kong Hing Supermarket NV Havenstraat 16 582-1219

Every Day Fresh Bread From Our Own Bakery

Wide assortment of meats, Poultry and Seafood

With Our Friendly Staff Shopping Here Is A Breeze. Two Locations With Private Parking To Serve You .Better! Kong Hing Supercenter NV L G Smith Boulevard 152 582-5545


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012

A Streetcar Named Aruba

“The Streetcar in Aruba is unique for the Caribbean”

In a short period of time you’ll be able to get of the cruise ship and hop on the streetcar that will take you to the renewed heart of downtown Oranjestad, the shopping oasis with different kinds of shops, and restaurants. Downtown is hip and booming again. Around the world there is always a trend that during a recession, downtown becomes once again the center of attention. New York & Manhattan or Miami and its South Beach. And why not? A city should be the center for commerce, business, leisure and living. Take a stroll through Main Street and visit the exposition (located beside Wulfson and Wulfson) where you can see exactly how the down town area will look like when it’s completely finished. When the project is finished, everything will come together, says Glen Goddijn, who is one of the independent advisors on the

project. Having studied at the Design Academy, my strength lies in creating a conceptual infrastructure that is carried through in all aspects of the design. For instance I have created a unique design, based on unique Aruban cultural elements that is being used as a decoration in different elements, from the rosters that will help rainwater flow to the trees and plants to the benches where people can sit down and relax.” Main Street is no longer the main attraction, the whole heart of down town Aruba now is. It’s improved, embellished and repurposed downtown. The different squares along Main Street provide an architectural distraction as well as a cultural reference to people that has contributed to Oranjestad. From the cruise terminal to the Willem III tower, Oranjestad is once again the center of attention and the streetcar will take you there. Pictures courtesy of Bo Aruba & Glen Goddijn


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Aruba Palms Realtors “Find your piece of paradise in Aruba”

“I’ve been a realtor for twelve years says, Jan Falcone, owner of Aruba Palm Realtors. When I first got married 32 years ago, we moved to Aruba from Curacao. I fell in love with Aruba. With the friendliness of the people, their hospitality and of course the beautiful nature, from the emerald green to the pure white sandy beaches. I have a fascination for architecture, personally I love the art deco period with their sleek lines and elegant shapes. “My personal favorite One of my personal favorites is the great is Art Deco” American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, perhaps that’s why I like the architecture that is so typical for most of the governmental buildings of Aruba, since their tropical architecture is also a reflection of the style that was so loved during that time period. But then again I can easily be charmed by a traditional cunucu home or Spanish colo-

nial style home, for me each home has their perfect match. That’s what I like most about Real Estate is that I can help someone find their dream home, not just a piece of real estate. We have a multicultural, multilingual team of agents around me that do their best to find the best match.

Our office is most conveniently located, just a stone’s throw away from the Palm beach hotel Area, in the new shopping mall next to the Soprano’s bar, in front of the Brickell Bay Hotel, across from South Beach. You can drop by during office hours, call or email us to make an appointment or visit us online, we are always more than happy to help you find your home in paradise.

We work together with all other realtors on the island to see what’s on the market and match that to what our clients are looking for, whether it’s to buy, to sell or to rent. You know, I virtually never stop working, it’s like playing a game of memory, once I know what my clients are looking for and I spot a nice home or location, it’s another possible great match. And that’s what I love about my job, she says with a smile. Brickell bay sandbar shops ,J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 370, Palm Beach, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean Tollfree : +1 877 586 8967, Office : +297 280 0339 ,Mobile : +297 593 8700,

Foll Your Travel Agent in 2013! Flights o A sk w Us Wishing You For On F a Merry Christmas Hotel Stays Ou r Sp aceboo & a Happy New Year k or ecia l Off Vacation Packages ers City Trips Wilhelminastraat # 19 Layex Building - Suite K Guided Excursions Aruba, Dutch Caribbean Tel/Fax: 583-4920 Tel: 583-7607 Cruises E-mail:


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012

The Tradition of Dande Dande brings prosperity and good luck in the New Year Dande has been a folkloric tradition (more than one hundred years) here on Aruba and it is because of its geographical limitation (island) and isolation, that the music has evolved into a very specific traditional style, that is original in the Caribbean. “Ai Nobe ” is the traditional phrase that the singers use to greet the Aruban families in their homes on the 31st of December, after midnight. The word Dande is probably derived from the Spanish word“Dandare”, This means to go from one place to another. Just after midnight singers go from door to door to wish their occupants the best for “Ay Dande nos a jega na bo porta Ai Nobe the new year that lies Another date that is mentioned ahead, bringing a ser- O Dande, we have come to your Door - Ai Nobe” is 1863, the year in which slavery enade for each family was abolished. To express their joy of their new found freedom, the member and wishing former slaves used Dande. them nothing but the best. Data from oral history research show that Willem Serverius Geerman, born in 1836 (better known as Pa Wimpy Maduro, son of Maduro), is one of the oldest known Dande singers. One oral history story shows that Dande found its roots in Savaneta (at that time Commandeurs harbor), the former harborplace. It is said that the late Jan Leoncio Pieter Koolman Jr.composed and wrote a Dande around 1860. Living in Commandeurs baai,which at that time was the first place where most of the colonists and governors at the time were living, before Oranjestad became the capital. At that time only one instrument, “the TAMBU” was used. This musical instrument has its origin in the African music tradition. In a short while Dande spread to Santa Cruz, Paradera and Noord.

Possible different forms of Dande have existed in districts around the island, but since there was no mass media (e.g. radio,TV, newspapers, internet etc.) like today, this specific tradition was popular but not as well registered as today. As with any musical tradition Dande has undergone various changes and alterations. There can be different verses that are being used. Dande can be happy and sad, depending on the person or circumstances it is sung. Incustomary Dande,when a Dande verse is sung, it is expected from the spectators to answer “Ai Nobe”. While singing, a hat was passed around in which everyone deposited 1 and cent coins, to bring good luck. Today people tend to believe that the more money you give, the more money you will get in the coming year. In the beginning only three instruments were used, which were, a violin, a tambu (drum) and a wiri (a metallic rasp).Or a rasp made out of calbas was used.


tial a

en Resid

Ponton Wabistraat 2, buildup area 168 sq m on property land of 678 sq m asking price 280.000.00 AFL. Real Estate Rentals, Sales, Residentials, Commercials And Land Call for more info: +297-566-3902 or visit:

Headlines Group


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

ground with charcoal, then mixed with white rum and then filtered. Nowadays other ingredients like cane sugar or sometimes mint leaves are added and artificial red or green coloring is used. Another formula contains anis seed, canela bast, rum and sugar. On New Year’s Eve, the singers practice one last time and go home just before midnight, to receive the blessings from their parents or elderly. At home they eat some soup and boyo (cake) and toast, before heading out to wish the people the best for the New Year. It used to be customary to have Dande until January 6 (Three kings). They would stop at each home and wish the people the best. Afterwards,they would reunite again and divide the money collected. The tradition of Dande,the food and drinks is very typical to Aruba, with great importance to our culture. Dande has a special place in hearts of many and is part of our cultural heritage.This year open your home to Dande.We wish you a Happy NewYear! Sometimes a single drum (tambu) was used or otherwise a double sided (tambor) was used. After a while different instruments made their appearance into the Dande tradition. Examples are the “maraca” or “marimba” (A wooden box covered with several metal plates on a hole in it) “cuarta” (original from Venezuela) and also the guitar and the accordion. The workers from Aruba that went to Cuba (19171922) also brought new instruments, like the guitar and the maraca, which became part of the local musical tradition.

In cooperation with Vilmio Wester Departamento di Cultura Aruba (DCA)

As early as November the musicians start preparing their instruments and everything else they need. Around the island people are eagerly awaiting the 31st and preparing for this tradition. In early days white sand was sprinkled inside or around the home. Also food is prepared. Very traditional boyo (corncakes).Also a beef (goat and sheep) stew is prepared. When welcoming the singers, traditionally there is rum, Bols, Coeicoei and other liquors. The most famous local distilled liquor is “Coecoei ” that has a very distinctive red color, derived from the red fruits of the tuna cactus the most important ingredient is the syrup which was made of the white heart of cucu leaves (Agave sisalina) barbequed under the

ue Uniq ent stm Inve ity! ortun p p O

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Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012

A Place to Shop & Live Rejuvenating the Heart of Aruba

Almost three years ago, the director of DOW (Departmemt of PublicWorks) Jossy Figaroa, stood on Plaza Daniel Leo in front of the fountain and inaugurated together with the minister the project that would rejuvenate Oranjestad. Public, merchants and government agreed that the “face” should be updated. From an outdated hot and sticky Main Street, with little trees, lots of traffic to a shopping oasis. Downtown of any city in the world is synonymous with a bustling atmosphere, yet with places that you can escape the hectic city life. From Moscow to New York, from Paris to Rome you’ll find shaded parks or squares in between busy shopping zones. Oranjestad was not always the capital of Aruba, in fact the first capital of Aruba was Savaneta, close to the shore and the Dutch Marine Headquarters. Over time with political and governmental changes, Oranjestad became the center of power and developed itself. And like any developing city, expan- “My favorite part in Downtown is sion was next to or on top of the where you can look from Mainstreet older buildings. directly to the restored Courthouse!” At the beginning of the project, we knew we’d encounter some problems, since we had to excavate the old Main Street to make room for the foundation of the track for the streetcar, recalls Jossy, we came across old pipes and a lot of other odd items. And first we had to examine these to see if we wouldn’t cut off by accident a septic flow from one of the adjacent buildings. Then we could start with preparing the street for the street car. Before we could lay the foundation, we had to make sure the drainage would be perfect so we installed with help of professional contractors new pipes and mapped these to ensure a good flow of water drainage, for that rainy day.



e Opp Uniqu

2 story house in Seroe Blanco for Sale! 4.5 Bdr & 4 Baths, 230 sq m buildup area property land 687 sq m US $ 315.000.00 Real Estate Rentals, Sales, Residentials, Commercials And Land Call for more info: +297-566-3902 or visit:

Many people don’t know this, but the sewer water from downtown Oranjestad travels all the way to the Bubaliplas, where it is purified and re-used to water the greens in of Tierra Del Sol & Divi Links. Rain water is drained directly into the Laguna along the governor’s Residence. With this project we have reconstructed that drainage.

As DOW we then assisted the contractors with laying the foundation of the streetcar and the rails, plus of course the rejuvenated layout of

the Main Street. I really like the project, since it has given us as the department of DOW the opportunity to learn and grow, since this is the first time we got to work with a streetcar. Secondly I like the project since it rejuvenates downtown Oranjestad, not only infrastructural, but we have seen that the merchants have taken pride in their locations to (remember the old real estate saying location location location?) and have renewed or improved their buildings too. All of which resulting in the way downtown Oranjestad should be right now; the heart of Aruba, bustling with the right mix of tourists and locals, shopping living and enjoying life on our happy island. Happy holidays from us at DOW.”


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

For Rent

e: Asking Pric 00,= US $ 210.0

ting Prices Star night from $60 a

For Sale House For Sale In Picaron With A Nice Swimming Pool On More Or Less 500 M2 Property Land

Close to Down Town Oranjestad - Crystel Theather Each studio apartment has a queen-size bed with kitchenette. One 1-bedroom has a kitchenette, two queen-size beds and one single bed. The other 1-bedroom apartment for 2 persons, has a kitchenette and a double bed. Our apartments are equipped with WiFi internet access, color TV with cable and split-unit air conditioning. The kitchens are complete with refrigerator/freezer, stove, cooking utensils, cutlery, glassware, dinnerware and silverware.

This Season...

Bracelets & Rings

Real Estate Rentals, Sales, Residentials, Commercials And Land.

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Opening Hours: Downtown Oranjestad Mon- Sat: 9.00-18.30 non-stop Havenstraat 17 ( Across Kong Hing SuperMarket) Sun: Closed

Fine Juwelery


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012

The Home of Justice

After three years of restoring and renovation, this year lady Justice will once again be seated in Downtown Oranjestad. This monuments is located one of the main roads that traverse Oranjestad, the Emanstraat or previously the Noordstraat. The historic building, build in 1934, was officially inaugurated on march 1936, after it became apparent that the governor’s residence and the central government’s office building located on the Zoutmanstraat, became too small. As you can see on the picture, in front of the building was a small park, called the Willem de Zwijgerpark, and used for amongst other things, like the festive inauguration .Currently this former park is the parking lot in front of the courthouse. And as it goes with history, there are plans to once again restore the park to its former glory. Over the years different facades and wings were added to the buildings, to house the post office that had to move in few years plus the civil registry and other governmental services., but over the years it became evident that the building was not fit to house that many services at once. A small but significant detail is perhaps the fact

that the facade design came from the drawing tables of the Aruban department of Public Works ( D.O.W.), and not like the previous buildings from the architects in Curacao. When restoring the old courthouse, inside the court room , an old well was found which will remain visible below a glass slate. Also, In the adjacent wings, remains of historic lavatories were found. These will be marked in the floor. Also original flooring, the big terrazzo tiles , with their distingtive grey and white pattern were found underneath three layers of flooring. The new additions create more room for the staff of the courthouse to work, just like any of the other monumental additions in Oranjestad will help sustain the seat of justice in our capital for many more years to come. Special thanks to Mrs. Yvonne Webb-Kock Director Office of Monuments Aruba


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

For More Information Contact: Mito Arends Cel. 593-6318 Associated Realtors Italiestraat 12 Oranjestad

Financing Available

Limbo Aruba Property Management & Rental Company

Esmeralda 54

For Rent

For Rent

Esmeralda 144


For Sale

Afl 6200 / $3500 P/M If you enjoy sitting on your covered patio watching your children play in your extensive fenced yard or in your private pool, just steps away from the peace of the Salina, this is the home for you. The cathedral ceilings and abundance of windows give this home a very open and airy feeling. This home features a large European style kitchen with extras such as a wine cooler and stainless steel appliances. In the adjoining living area you will find inviting couches to relax in as well as a desk if work is required. The master bedroom with oversized en-suite has patio doors that lead directly to the pool area. The two additional bedrooms, both with two twin beds and attached bathrooms make sleepovers a dream. This home has an attached garage which is also where the hot water heater, washer and dryer are located. The house is available as of January 2013.

Li mbo e com Wel e! Hom

Afl 3100 / $1750 P/W This vacation villa is a beautiful and very private 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom villa with a gorgeous pool and both a front and back porch. The villa is completely air conditioned with 2 central air conditioners. From the main living room you step right on the porch/lanai that is like a second living room, it has couches and gives you a full view over the pool and yard area. In the back of the pool is a bar for entertaining. Around the pool and in the front of the house is a beautiful full landscaped garden with irrigation systems. On the side of the house by the kitchen is a covered parking for your car with direct access to the house. There is an electric car gate for added security. From the paved road by the house you do not have a view of the pool, meaning that around the pool you have complete privacy. Right of the porch is also a storage/laundry area with full washer and dryer and added commercial coolers for those days when you have friend and family over for an unforgettable pool and/or BBQ party.

Afl 575.000 / $325.000 This magnificent house is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom with pool and will be sold fully furnished. It has 10 ft high walls around the pool to give you all the privacy you want from a backyard. Call us today for a showing.

Limbo Aruba Italiestraat 12 Tel: +297 594-4002



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012

Aruba’s foundation of Nature and Parks


n o s u Find each! B the


Marriott Ho






h L.G Smit

Our art is a tasteful mix of

Mon - Fri 8am–5pm

Playa Linda

cy Hyatt Regen

rand Occidental G

e Hotels


New!! Open!!


Holiday Inn

High Ris



Moomba Beach Cigar shop

ch Palm Be

We wish You & your family Happy Holidays and a great 2013!


Palm Pier Cigar shop

Riu Palace

Free entrance

sculptures, paintings and objects, from various countries of the Southern American continent

Visit Us On Facebook: Fanapa Aruba to Learn more

and a showcase for local artist. Also specialized in framing!

Bring this ad, spend 50$ or more and receive a 10% discount!

Italiestraat 24-A, Suite 3 | Oranjestad | P: 5830800

Great Investment Opportunity

o Ser

All Furniture Included!


lan eB

Afl. 450,000.00

Afl. 750,000.00

2 story Apt Complex, Guyabastraat 61, Total 6 apts 899 m2, Long Lease.

Nice Family House 3 bedr, 2 bath, with pool, 2 story. 1.076 m2 property land.

All Furniture Included!

Afl. 185,000.00 Cute home in Cunucu Arubiano, Santa Lucia, 1 bedr, 1 bath, on property land.

All Furniture Included!

Afl. 200,000.00 Lovely home in Cunucu Arubiano, Santa Lucia, 1 bedr, 1 bath, on property land.

Us To Call or Visit Home! m a e r D r u o Find Y Wayaca residence 497 Office:588-7868 Mobile: 592-9966


lm Ma

Afl. 185,000.00 Lovely home in Cunucu Arubiano, Santa Lucia, 1 bedr, 1 bath, on property land.



Ch Pos

US$ 270,000.00 Top Location! 2 bedr, 2 baths, Lease 862m2, incl. all furniture and appliances.

ito iqu

Ch Pos

Afl. 90,000.00 Home under Construction, Long Lease 1100 m2, to be finished a 3 bedr, 2 baths. Great B’nB opportunity

Afl.900,000.00 2540 m2 long lease land, 2 bedr, 2 baths, 2 large guest homes, pool & garage.

Afl. 255,000.00 Nice Family House, 3 bedr, 2 baths, Long Lease 500m2, Plus 2 apts on the property.

t Ren r o F

AFL. 1000,= p/m Large 1 bedr apartment Incl: Gas, Water, excl. Elec or Us$ 350,= everything incl.

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012

House of Culture

Cas di Cultura is Aruba’s theater and cultural center was founded in 1958, here you can enjoy all kinds of entertainment, from classical recitals to beauty pageants to local and international comedy shows. The heart of theater lies here at the roundabout of las Amercias. Many famous international artists have also graced the stage with their presence; each year it forms the perfect back drop for the Aruban Jazz Festival. Besides performing arts, Cas di Cultura is also a second home to many other arts; It’s a favorite spot for semi-permanent art exhibitions. The exhibition room is often used for various functions, such as informal gatherings, readings & lectures , wedding recepotions or press conferences. Cas di Cultura also is an excellent spot to come have lunch in the afternoon or a cup of tea after shopping in the afternoon. The café inside, that caters to the main public and on request for functions, opens

its doors daily to the general public from 11.3014.00 for lunch, with each day a different special, except for weekends. You can find the up to date calendar of events on their website; along with special offers or last minute tickets. And of course Cas di Cultura is accessible for everyone. Cas di Cultura offers you the chance to get a tour of our building. This is interesting for everybody who wants to take a peak in the world of theater but also for students, businesses and friends are who a planning a day out. Interested? Call us at 5821010 to make an appointment for a guided tour.

a r u t l u C i D s Program Ca Enjoy the Holidays with Fine Arts!

December 15 16 17 19 22 29,30

Arts Nova presents Expo FDEC presents: “Conciert’i Merdia, Pasco cu Energia” Concert Sazon Cubano: “Son de Navidad” Fundarte presents- Film “Aida”- Anochi di opera Christmas Concert by Elizabeth Pope- “Just for you” Koslov Dance International presents: “The Nutcracker”

Vondellaan 2 Oranjestad Tel: 582-1010


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

Passion to Paint

With 2013 around the corner (really already?), everyone is busy preparing for the final festive days of the season.

And as is tradition everyone is (re-)painting their home or touching up. One of the most important parts of painting is choosing the right color. Warm bright tones can make any room look brighter, where colder hues like blue or aqua have a refreshing quenching feel. And luckily for us living in the bright sunny tropics, it looks like the color experts are expecting a revival of the bright next year, as an extra celebration for the New Year. You might have noticed that every home has a different “Use Color to create hue, bringing life and ambiance to the island with its unique color scheme. Rumor has it that the reason you your Home!” do not see any white home on these the Dutch Caribbean islands, that long ago, a governor ( some say from pigments play an important part. It might seem like an easy fix, but Curacao) could not stand the sharp glare of the sun’s as is with most, after a while, especially in our sun kissed climate reflection of the white houses, so he ordered to paint every home you’ll definitely notice the difference. and structure, any color but white. Natural colors, like warm wooden tones mixed with the lively hues If you are looking for expert of blooming flowers and lush foliage. advice on colors, schemes Complementary, completing, colors in the New Year help you obtain or paint, feel free to pass by anytime. With or selection that cozy feel you’d like to create in your home. After all Home is of paints we are sure to be where your heart is. able to help you after all, our passion is to paint! At Arvefa, you can choose from a variety of colors or you can have them mix the color you’d like to paint your home. Some people misArvefa L.G. Smith Blvd 144 takenly think that by adding primer you can light up a color, where Tel: 582-2519 -Tel: 582-6501- Cel: 730-0326 -Fax: 582-7225 in fact, paint is a subtle mix of various ingredients where the Email:

s y a d i l o h y Happ s u o r e p s o r p &a


This is a free edition Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthy is a title of Pega Pega Media VBA. Layout, Sales & Coordination: Pega Pega Media Tel: 593-5652



High Quality Artificial Grass

No Watering ting No Mowing from A


FL 7 : 0/m 2

Call to make an appointment to see how we can assist you!

G&R Intexcaribe Tanki Flip 28 Tel: 593-1891

Pega Pega Media

Printing: Caribbean Speed Printers N.V. Although the publisher and printer have made every effort to ensure that the information in this edition was correct at press time, publisher and printer do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause.

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Hearth & Garden 18 Monthly Aruba

ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012

That’s why at L’America, there is a large variety of sizes, textures and colors of high quality frames in stock and why they have brought to Aruba the latest in framing machines, which have been finely tuned to frame virtually seamless. Whether it’s a small sentimental picture or a big road map of that trip you’d like to take some day, simply visit us and we will be happy to assist you to pick the right frame for you. A beautiful framed portrait makes an excellent gift for the holidays or a special souvenir to remember that perfect moment.

amed portrait “A beautiful fr e holidays or ent gift for th ll ce ex an es that mak to remember ir en v u so l ia a spec t.” perfect momen

Perhaps you have noticed the beautiful mosaic outside, when you drove by Aruba’s youngest addition to the art world, on your way to the supermarkets. Located in the street behind Kong Hing and Certified, L’America gallery has recently opened its doors. As the name indicates, the art you find here is a taste-


L’America Gallery

ful mix of sculptures, paintings and objects, carefully selected by the art loving gallery owners from various countries of the Southern American continent and of course a future showcase for local talent. Not only is artwork on display here, L’America gallery also features a brand new frame shop. Plato stated that: “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” , which is especially true for art. And to make your beloved painting or photograph really stand out, a good frame is essential. A complementary frame to blend in with its surroundings or a contrasting border can give any room a focal point plus enhance the way you enjoy your art.

“L’America gallery is the type of gallery that makes you want to come in, look at the art, sit down, flip through the pages of an art book and select something that is completely you. Whether it is a bronze sculpture or small painting, the great thing about art is that everyone always has something they like, says Conny Kiers, who is in charge of the daily operations. Our cozy yet artistic atmosphere also creates the perfect meeting location, ideal for an off-site meeting or intimate reception. You’ll surely be inspired!” Why don’t you come see the selection of art at L’America gallery for yourself and join us for a cup of coffee?

New!! Open!! Our art is a tasteful mix of

Mon - Fri 8am–5pm Free entrance

sculptures, paintings and objects, from various

Stay Safe During the Holidays

countries of the Southern American continent and a showcase for local artist. Also specialized in framing! Italiestraat 24-A, Suite 3 | Oranjestad | P: 5830800

As is customary on New year’s eve and way before, our beloved rock will explode with fireworks in all kinds of colors and sizes. Most famous is of course the almost a mile long pagara ( a row of firecrackers) in front of the Governmental building in Downtown Oranjestad on Dec 31rd, which as you can guess is quite the spectacle.

Traditionally most that most companies set off their version of the pagara, where as a general thumb of rule the more firecrackers the better, since this will mean more prosperity in the New Year. Here are a few tips to keep you ( and you home) safe during the holidays:

Decorating your home Do not leave candles unattended Check regularly for broken bulbs on your X-mas lights use weatherproof extension cords for outdoor decorating Use non-flammable decorations Do not overload outlets If you have a real tree water it regularly Make sure your smoke alarm is working and have a fire extinguisher at hand

Setting off fireworks Read the instructions carefully Use a igniter, rather than an open flame Point your fireworks away from homes and people ( especially here take the wind into account!) Place arrows in a bucket filled with sand and make sure spinning objects, like such as Charlotte wheels are attached properly Keep a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher close Do not try to re-ignite fireworks that have not gone off If you have any pets, make sure they are prepared by visiting the Vet or providing them a safe haven.


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

A sparkling gift

This is the season to celebrate, to sparkle and be the light of the party. And what better to celebrate in your home with family and friends and give or (even better) to receive the perfect gift this season. One of three kings of the orient brought gold as a token of affection and it is a perfect way to show those around you how much you care. Whether it is a simple necklace with a engraved pendant or a sleek watch for your loved one to keep stylish track of time, jewelry and gems have always been a part of celebrating , rejoicing and creating lasting memories. At Larry’s, Fine Jewelry, you’ll find a wide selection and the friendly staff is happy to assist you pick that perfect gift. “The best thing about selling jewelry, is that you can make people happy, I like the contact with my clients, tells Larry, the owner. I started this business fifteen years ago and because we are located at the heart of downtown Oranjestad, we have seen the city and Oranjestad transform over the years and we have grown with her.” “Yes, most of our customers like the fact that we are family owned, adds his wife Karishma. Together with our staff, Marianne and Karime, we have a very dynamic, multilingual team, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, that is always

willing to assist you. I couldn’t tell you what the best gift is, since jewelry is always a personal pick, with most of the time a sentimental value added, but my personal favorite are diamonds, since they smile at you.” “ So true, adds Marianne, but we also carry other nice items from many renowned brands and our prices are very reasonable plus we have a lay-away plan available. Take your pick from (Pandora) beads & bracelets, gold and silver necklaces, wedding & engagement bands, gemstones and pearls, different kinds and styles of pendants, baptism gifts and of course watches. From Timex to Nautica, for men and woman, Larry’s Fine Jewelry is almost a one stop shop for your holiday shopping.” if you are looking for a sparkly gift, feel free to visit us

at Havenstraat 17 (across from Kong Hing Supermarket). We are open Daily from: 9.30-18.30.Sundays Closed Tel: 737-8645

Enjoy The Season!

Embellish your home! Empresa Italo Arubano

Specializing in tiles, we are known for our wide variety of tiles in different sorts, shapes, colors and textures. Our trained experts can help you choose the tile, structure and color that is best suited for your needs. Tiles can be used both indoors and out to beautify virtually any surface. A tile nowadays is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such ceramic, stone, metal or even glass. Tiles are generally used for covering roofs, floors and walls or other objects such as tabletops. Another category are the ceiling tiles, made from lightweight materials such as perlite, wood ad mineral wood. The word is derived from the French word tuile, which is, in turn, from the Latin word tegula, meaning a roof tile composed of baked clay. In English the word can mean any sort of construction tile or similar object. At Empresa Italo Arubano we carry amongst others marble from Italy, natural stone, granite and ceramic tiles in different sizes, colors and structures. The word ‘ceramic’ comes from the Greek word ‘keramos’ meaning pottery, it is related to an old Sanskrit root meaning ‘to burn’ but was primarily used to mean ‘burnt stuff ’. Ceramic tiles are used in different applications, but are most known for their decorative value, such as Delft’s blauw. Decorative tile-work was invented in the near east, where it has enjoyed a longer popularity and assumed a greater variety of design than

anywhere in the world. The Romans introduced tile making in Western Europe as they occupied territories. Through Europe decorative ceramic tiling found its way to North and South America. The Ceramic tiles were too expensive for utilitarian purposes in the Colonies and were found almost exclusively in the homes of the wealthy. Today you don’t have to be wealthy to decorate your home to your needs. Over the last decades the technologies have been developed and nowadays the selection of tiles is broader than hand painted ceramic tiles. Bigger sizes, textures, longer durability and or imitation natural tiles are now available to the wider public. We carry tiles from Europe, South America, and the Far East. And we constantly keep following the latest trends to provide you with the best choice. If you’re looking for something specific, feel free to ask our expert advice. We, at Impresa Italo Arubano, can help find the perfect match for any style you have in mind be it rustic, modern, tropical Caribbean or to the latest styleAnd we can help you calculate the amount of tiles you need and plan the project of beautifying your house into your perfect home, since we carry all accessories you need to install the tiles in your home and we can even do it for you. Come visit us our selection of tiles at: Koyari 20A- 587-7223 or Cumana 8- 588-6969


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012

Bringing Music & Art To Aruba Fundacion Desaroyo Eduvcativo Comunitario This season is especially filled with laughter dance song and music. From Christmas caroling to family gatherings. In almost every series or movie around this time of year you’ll see someone bursting out in song, either alone or accompanied to celebrate the happy times. For those amongst us that aren’t so musically talented by nature or creative, there’s hope. At the Foundation of communitarian educational development (FDEC), there’s a wide array of artistic courses that are being taught. Each day of the week you can take a course for a modest fee in a different district on our lovely island. Lessons are given in 6 districts: San Nicolas, Savaneta, Santa Cruz, Paradera, Noord and Oranjestad.

“learn how to play an Aruban Organ” After all, the mission of this foundation is to educate people with the joys of the arts and culture. For each and every one there is a course to take, some age restrictions may apply. Be culturally inspired and choose to learn a different instrument or craft. Take your pick from the violin to percussion instruments, from needlepoint to airbrush or master to play or make a typical Aruban instruments, like the cylinder organ. This instrument is especially popular to make the New Year’s music, the Dande and the Aruban waltz, famously and weddings. The great thing about since it is a foundation, contributes their and tries to create

of course to play played at parties FDEC is that everyone best

Happy 2013!

that warm welcome atmosphere in Aruba’s borhoods where the creflow. And of course with learn, FDEC gives an end of each year to showcase the students. This year you can hear fruits of their efforts on 16 Dewill be celebrating the 15th year of style at the ‘Cas di Cultura’, Aruba’s

neighativity can anything you year concert talents of their and witness the cember where they their foundation in National Theater, with

their concert

“Pasco cu Energia” (Christmas with energy), which starts at 11am. The cost is only afls. 10,per ticket which is a donation for the continuation of their programs. If you’d like to find out more on how you can be a part of FDEC, by either taking a course or perhaps if you are that talented and inspiring individual that could provide a new course, feel free to contact FDEC at 582-0010 or visit them during office hours at De La Sallestraat 41-A, Oranjestad, Aruba. Follow them also on Facebook; keyword Fundacion Desaroyo Educativo Comunitario.

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012



Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012

Do It Yourself Made Easy Cerd N.V. does it Good and Fast

We all know that sometimes while doing those projects around your home, there is always that time that you need that particular specialty tool or a bigger size. But why go out and buy it, when help is on Aruba. CERD (Construction Equipment Rental Depot) was founded in 2000 with the goal of becoming the best equipment rental company of Aruba with quality products and great service.

We are flexible and will try to accommodate you as best we can. We also offer services and repairs for any brand of constructionequipment. We have great mechanics that can get the job done fast. From chainsaws to tractors, we can take care of it. If you want to do it yourself, but with the security of a job well done, CERD N.V is here for you.

And we have proven ourselves over the years and slowly, but surely, expanding to maintain our level of service and quality. The success hereof lies in the fact that we keep all parts and accessories in stock, anticipating your needs. We do specialty purchasing if required and we always keep our materials in stock. That’s why at CERD N.V., we also offer a variety of items for sale. We sell accessories for most construction equipment, such as: drill bits, saw blades, rakes, shovels etc. each of these are great quality products that are expected from CERD N.V. at a great price. Check out our generators,.We carry brand names such as Ivy Classic, Multiquip, Echo, Pramac, M-I- TM and much more. And at CERD N.V. we firmly believe that safety comes first. That’s why we carry a broad range of safety equipment for you or your staff. Recently we started carrying a large variety of building materials, ranging from blocks to cement to roof tiling. This is linked to our large variety of construction equipment that we have in stock. Ranging from rotary hammers to 80 ft. snorkel lifts. This means that CERD N.V. can provide the right equipment & machinery for every job. We can deliver all pieces anywhere and on time. We have qualified operators that are more than capable of tackling any job. Our operators are not only experienced but also friendly and willing to work with you on whatever task you may have. We also do all kinds of excavation work such as trenches, pools, septic pits and foundations in hard ground and coral rock. Please do not hesitate to contact us with whatever job you may have.

Feel free to drop by at one of our stores anytime. Bushiri 32, Oranjestad | Tel: 5885555 | Fax: 5885560 | E-mail: Cura Cabai 145, Savaneta | Tel: 5844020 | Fax: 5844023 | E-mail: Opening Hours Mon- Fry 7.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m non-stop Sat 7.00 a.m. 3.00 p.m. non-stop


Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012

$2300 p/m

Opal Palm Beach Beautiful 2 story villa $3000 p/m -

$560 p/m

3 bdrm 4 bthrm Swimming pool Jacuzzi Semi-furnished


Piedra Plat $225,000 Nice 1bdrm Apmnt -

$2500 p/m Opal


3 bdrm 2 bthrm Swimming pool Wonderfull garden Unique living room


$102.000,- Cashero



3 bdrm 4 bthrm Swimming pool Jacuzzi Semi-furnished

Shiribana Elegant 2-story home -

800 m2 of land 3 bdrm 3,5 bthrm Laundryroom On a cul de sac

$426.000,- Figaroa straat Popular Villa

1.300m2 property land! 600m2 build up area Swimming pool Panoramic views (15km) Bar and gazebo area

Country home -

Palm Beach Beautiful 2 story villa

3 bdrm 2 bthrm Nice landscaped garden Well located Office

$385.000,- Santa Lucia 2 Garden Homes

3 bdrm 2 bthrm Plus 1bdrm apartment Gorgeous kitchen Community pool

$3200 p/m Seroe Pela Dreamlike Villa -



ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!

3 bdrm 2 bthrm Swimming pool Fully furnished Wonderfull Kitchen

Sabana Liber Spacious home

1 bdrm 1 bthrm Privacy wall Aruban style Nice located

Brand new house

Spacious Villa


Hearth & Garden Monthly

3 bdrm 1 bthrm Covered terras 128m2 Built-up area 330m2 land


Brickell bay sandbar shops J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 370 Palm Beach ARUBA, Dutch Caribbean Tollfree : +1 877 586 8967 Office : +297 280 0339 Mobile : +297 593 8700 Email:


3 bdrm 2 bthrm Swimming pool Exquisitely maintained Plus 1 bdrm apartment


Hearth & Garden Monthly ree The F#1 Guide for Living in Paradise!


Preparing for 2013 Shop at Dura Home Center!

Aruba Hearth & Garden Monthly December 2012

Wishing You ays! Happy Holid

s e l b a T ts e S g Dinin are ew m o H n s o e i t s s a r e o c e Matr D as m t s i Chr ns i a t re r o u M C ch u M And

Located Along the Sasaki Highway @ ItaliĂŤstraat 40. Tel: 583-6483

Dura Home CEnter: open eyc

Open Mon-Sat Non-Stop: 9.00 a.m. -19.00 p.m. Sun Closed

Holiday Edition Aruba Hearth & Garden (Dec 2012)  

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