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IMPORTED CHEESES (continued) Fiorucci imported Italian cheeses

Campofrio Food Group America 800.520.7775 www.fioruccifoods.com

Fiorucci’s new line of authentic, premium, Italian cheeses includes Aged Parmesan and Mild Provolone. Sweet, savory, 10 month aged Parmesan adds a punch of flavor to nearly anything it's added to, and the Mild Provolone is aged for more than 60 days for full, rich flavor and is gluten free, rBST free.

Gruppo Formaggi del Trentino Puzzone di Moena DOP

Savello USA Inc. 570.822.9743 www.savellousa.com

Puzzone di Moena DOP is a hard cheese made in the valleys of Fiemme, Fassa and Primiero of northern Italy. The cheese owes its name to its accentuated scent and strong aroma. It is produced using raw cow’s milk, salt and rennet; with no additives or preservatives. It has a creamy, semi-cooked paste and moist rind.

Gruppo Formaggi del Trentino Ubriaco D’Alpeggio

Savello USA Inc. 570.822.9743 www.savellousa.com

Ubriaco D’Alpeggio is a semi-hard cheese made with raw cow’s milk, salt and rennet and soaked in Enantio red wine. The cheese is immersed for a period of 15 to 20 days and rotated daily to ensure the wine is absorbed evenly. The result is an opaque, purplish rind and a paste that is soft with a fruity and aromatic scent.

Gruyère AOP Classic, Gruyère AOP Reserve, Le Gruyère d'Alpage AOP

Le Gruyère AOP Switzerland +41(0)26 921 84 10 www.gruyere.com

Many international awards, including four times as a world champion at the World Cheese Awards

Gruyère AOP, a PDO product (Protected Designation of Origin), can be produced only in the Gruyères region of western Switzerland. It has been produced from raw cow milk, with the same recipe, since 1115 AD. Gruyère AOP is 100 percent natural, 100 percent additive free, and naturally free of lactose and gluten.

İçim Labneh

Lactalis American Group 212.758.6666 www.icim.com.tr/EN/15-products/ 17-cheese/341-labneh/

Its soft and light texture makes İçim Labneh a delightful pair with breakfast toast, either with or without jam. Its superior flavor was certified by the Belgian International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI), which described it as “remarkable.”


Norseland 203.515.6588 www.jarlsberg.com

A mild semi-soft cow milk cheese, Jarlsberg is known for its sweet and nutty flavor and its large round holes.

Kaltbach Le Cremeux

Emmi Roth USA 608.285.9800 www.emmiroth.com

Kaltbach Le Cremeux is a smear-ripened semi-firm cheese with a unique, complex flavor and texture that's reminiscent of a soft-cooked egg yolk. Flavor has a strong, caramelized butter flavor on the front and a hearty finish that's reminiscent of chicken stock.


Monti Trentini USA LLC 203.340.5415 www.montitrentini.com

Lagorai has a creamy texture that suggests a fresh cheese but a savoriness that reflects its 90 days of aging. A traditional regional cheese from the Trentino region of Italy, it has scattered holes and a flavor that's intense but not too strong.

Le Gruyère AOP

Le Gruyère AOP 707.321.8094 www.gruyere.com

Multiple awards at the World Championship Cheese Contest

Today, anyone can label a cheese “Gruyère,” but Le Gruyère AOP is the real deal, tightly upholding the tradition of the cheese-making process, the regions where it is produced, and the strict guidelines followed by the dairy farmers, cheese makers and affineurs. Pure, unpasteurized milk is gathered from 170 farms and brought to expert cheese makers to produce 80-pound wheels, which are then aged in local cellars. Only the wheels passing the highest standards are allowed to be sold as Le Gruyère AOP.

Ossau Iraty

Murray's Cheese 888.692.4339 www.murrayscheese.com

Ossau Iraty is a sheep milk cheese made in Aquitaine, France, They feature an amber rind with an ivory paste that offers toasted wheat aromas and nutty, grassy-sweet flavors. It's a superb melter.

Shaved Goat Cheese

FrieslandCampina 551.497.7300 www.frieslandcampina.com www.frico.com

Imported from Holland. Naturally matured for 20 weeks, this flavorful, distinctive goat's cheese has a slightly crumbly texture. It's freshly shaved to enhance salads, soups, pastas and flatbreads. Packaged in a 5-ounce cup.

Valbreso 100% Pure Sheep Milk Cheese in Brine

Lactalis American Group 212.758.6666 www.valbreso.com

Valbreso® cheese is distinctively delightful with a unique creaminess and a mild clean flavor. It is delicious diced on salads or crumbled on bruschetta and pasta. It’s perfect with spinach or can simply be topped with olive oil and accompanied by bread.

Vezzena Cheese

Monti Trentini LLC 516.507.9658 www.montitrentini.com

Gold at World Cheese Awards 2018-2019

The Vezzena Cheese is often referred to as “the Gold of the Alps” because of its color. Its unique golden color is given by the milk that is collected daily in the mountain farms where cows are free to live outside and graze on grass. In order to reach perfect maturation, the Vezzena Cheese is aged at least six months. If needed, it can be aged more depending on how much flavor and sharpness is desired in the cheese.


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