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july | august 2018

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Making Waves: 3 Women with Passion & Purpose

Diane Crews

They are high-achievers who have navigated life successfully through hard work, dedication and commitment. U.S. Congresswoman Stephanie

President Gaby Ortigoni share their stories.

106 Love Stories — Wonderful Weddings From a bright and festive wedding at The Capen House and elegant affairs at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando and Bella Collina to Floridainspired weddings at Lake Nona Golf & Country Club and Casa Feliz to a dream wedding at Disney, couples share details about their pictureperfect days. Wedding Trends: some industry experts weigh in on what



they’re seeing in their fields.


Diane Crews and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando


Murphy, President and CEO of Orlando Sanford International Airport



106 on the cover: Brittany Marshall on her wedding day at Bella Collina photographed by Victoria Angela Photography. Story on page 114..

july | august 2018


july | august 2018


columns 40



Prize in Contemporary Art; Julie von Weller recounts a special trip to England and shares travel packing tips; Bridge’s of Light Foundation presents its 15th annual Players Ball; A Q&A with the Canine Companions Tales & Tails Gala committee; Taste! Central Florida feels the local love from its committee and partners; Women to Watch: Central Florida Sports Commission honors three women in sports; Kay Rawlins demonstrates pride and perseverance; the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce’s Relaunch program; and a performing arts preview.



People, places and things: The Orlando Museum of Art presents its fifth annual Florida


Sassy Pants Activewear Boutiques showcases the latest in athleisure; Suzanne Magee Fleming helps women in transition; Readers share their favorite workout spots that keep them coming back; Drs. Deborah and Victor Harding share risks and tips to traveling safely this summer.


Foxtail Coffee Co. offers several spots to cool off and caffeine up; Editor Christi Ashby had a rockin’ good time at the new Hard Rock Daytona Beach; Orlando-based Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co. looks to make a global impact with a new coffee line; Bits & Bites: Tartine Wine Bar & Eaterie; Mindful matcha combines teas and treatment.



Saxon-Clark Furniture Patio Design returns to its roots with a new showroom in College Park; Karen LeBlanc highlights some of the homes featured during the 2018 Parade of Homes, including designs from E2 Homes, Beck Custom Homes, Z Properties, Phil Kean Design Group, Hardwick General Contracting and Morrone Interiors.


Community and charity events: Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida’s Wine, Women & Shoes; The Hamlin & Associates Wishmaker’s Ball to benefit Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida; the Orlando Orthopaedic Center Foundation Women’s Wellness Luncheon; Heart of Florida United Way’s 26th annual Chef’s Gala; Support Our Scholars host its annual Dorm Shower and Luncheon; Spa Invitational to benefit Grace Medical Home; Orlando Heart Ball; and much more.


Jim Stratton, director of communications, Give Kids The World Village, shares the history behind the legacy that Give Kids The World Village Founder Henri Landwirth left as the organization prepares to present its 30th annual Black & White Gala.


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Can We Talk? Let’s Start the Conversation

t’s all over the news. Kate Spade’s

I would never spill my secrets. I would

passing followed three days later

laugh, tell jokes and learn to be the life of the

by word of Anthony Bourdain’s

party. I drank too much, entered more rela-

death. Both seemingly had it all —

tionships with bad-for-me boys, and masked

and that’s the problem. You can’t

all the pain, emptiness and self-doubt.

see when most people are in despair — so

In my early 20s I was lost. I had moved

anguished the only way out is suicide —

to South Florida. I had jobs, paid my bills,

because they are hiding it all, and proba-

lived independently and seemed to have it

bly have been for a very long time. Until it

all. One night after a breakup I should

all becomes too unbearable.

have rejoiced in, I found myself in the

I know. I first experienced, or recog-

bathroom crying hysterically. I had a razor

nized, depression and anxiety when I was

in hand, but even laughed at myself when

in elementary school. Many days I would

I realized the twin blade would barely

come home from school, run to my room

make a nick. These were my darkest years

and cry. One time it was worse, and I was

as I had no anchor, no family nearby, and

agitated and frustrated as well. I could

no friends who knew. After a few years, I

hear the oh-so-annoying sound of the vac-

realized this would never be home and

uum and it just made me, well, crazy. I

moved back to Central Florida. Before too

took a pen and started forcefully marking

long, I met my future husband. He unknow-

on my white sheet, the rage exploding. I

ingly saved my life.

was probably 10.

I finally had someone who truly loved

I was described by my family as moody.

to my darker side and actually drew some

me — faults, moods and all. He witnessed

They had no idea. And I would never tell

strength from it. I thought I could see and

the down days, consoling me when I cried

anyone anything. Most days were good,

feel things no one else could.

and had fits. I still never confided in any-

but the slightest thing — expectations not

In high school I became more confident,

one else or sought any type of help. The

met (not doing well in the spelling bee) or

which helped, but there were still moments

story continues for 35 more years, but I

perceived slights (not being invited to a

and days that were torturous. I allowed

will save that for later. For now. I will say

party) — would trigger strong emotions. It

myself to enter unhealthy relationships and

that I don’t know if my experience reso-

never, ever occurred to me to reach out to

sometimes uncharacteristic behaviors. The

nates or is typical in any way, but I know I


anxiety and racing mind were sometimes

am not alone. Please, can we keep the con-

impossible to slow down. I worried inces-

versation going?

By junior high I would describe myself as an elevator that went to the top or the

santly about irrational notions.

bottom — there were no middle floors that

And when I was in college I started

could be reached. Writing gave me an out-

having what-if suicidal thoughts. Wouldn’t

let and I pecked and pecked out sappy, sor-

the world just be a better place without me

rowful poems no one would ever read. I

in it? I never came close to acting on them

also realized I was very creative, intuitive

but still no one knew. What if they sent me

and observant. I attributed all these traits

to a psych ward and tied me up? No, no, no,



The Central Florida Mental Health Association (mhacf.org.) is a great local resource.

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CARLOS BETANCOURT Let Them Feel Pink, 2011-2012 Mixed Media (wood, paint, epoxy, resin, collected objects) Courtesy of the artist

thelist summer celebration Orlando Museum of Art’s 2018 Florida Prize in Contemporary Art (through August 19), the fifth annual event celebrating Florida’s most progressive artists, features works from Carlos Betancourt, Brooks Dierdorff, Rafael Domenech, Gonzalo Fuenmayor, Ya Levy La’Ford, Jason Lazarus, Glexis Novoa, Kerry Phillips, Kenya (Robinson) and Jack Stenner. Kenya (Robinson) received the $20,000 Florida Prize, which was generously underwritten by Gail and Michael Winn. 10



The Art of Packing: A Little Slice of England by Julie von Weller

Editor’s note: We asked Freshly Cast Founder and India Hicks Lifestyle Ambassador Julie von Weller to document a recent trip to England, with celebrity designer and entrepreneur India Hicks, and share some of her travel packing tips.


Julie with India on The London Eye

n the heels of India Hicks

emanates star-studded customer service,

social selling brand owners who fly you

launching her new book,

opportunities for meaningful engagement,

across the ocean, invite you into their

Slice of England, I earned a

over-the-top events she painstakingly pro-

childhood home, introduce you to their

trip-of-a-lifetime by being

duces, like the trip I just returned from,

mother, have their brother give you the

a senior director with the

Slice of England.

most interesting garden tour (a David

India Hicks Lifestyle Brand. Can you

From the moment I stepped into my

imagine the amount of thought that went

room at The Dorchester, I was greeted

into what to pack?!

with not only gifts, but a program of well

I had the rare opportunity to be seated

thought-out events for the next four days,

next to India during our Shanghai-themed

painted by India herself.

dinner, and I can tell you three things. 1.

Being a part of the India Hicks lifestyle brand is like seeing the world through

Hicks design), and then gift you with bestselling books written by all three.

India’s regal lens. For she has her hands in

Meeting her mother, Lady Pamela

She was fully focused on our conversation

every detail. The designs which bear her

Hicks, was of course my favorite part. If

(refreshing in this day and age to say the

name are impressions of her life, which

you’ve watched The Crown, you will most

least). 2. She cared much more about my

are born from a story of something or

certainly know of Lord Mountbatten. This

story than her own. 3. She started this

someone who has inspired her.

is India’s grandfather; Lady Pamela’s father.

business thinking it would be about the

As the daughter of the legendary

She served as royal bridesmaid to then

incredible collections she would create,

designer David Hicks, she comes with

Princess Elizabeth; was her lady-in-wait-

and in turn the opportunities it would cre-

innate talent. Anyone see pictures of the

ing and was with her in Kenya when her

ate for these ambassadors. This impres-

White House bowling alley? A David Hicks

father, King George VI, passed, making

sive entrepreneur doesn’t “have to work,”

original. The team she has surrounded

her instantly The Sovereign. Lady Pamela’s

but chooses to grow, create, and ultimately

herself with has that same approachability

grandmother was also the granddaughter

empower others through this lifestyle

and dedication. The company culture

of Queen Victoria. Needless to say, she has

brand. One where you are treated like

had quite an extraordinary life.

family. I will never forget the memories

Julie (far left) with Lady Pamela Hicks (far right)



Once at her home, The Grove, we were

made with 49 other dynamic women who

brought to her in what India’s father

worked their tails off to earn something

named the Drawing Room. She was

which you simply cannot buy.

perched on a lovely couch with her hair

Thank you not only to India and my cli-

done just so (India’s father designed her

ents, but to the entire Castaway Tribe. For

hair-do and it is magnificent). Within

it is their hard work and own personal

three minutes of being with her, you could

success that paved the way for me to enjoy

feel where India gets her warmth, gener-

a very special Slice of England, India Hicks

osity and authenticity. With all of us glued

style. To learn more, email me, jvw@

to her, she shared many fascinating sto-

freshlycast.com or visit indiahicks.com/

ries. But much more, I don’t know many



The group in front of India’s home, American Farm

Art of Packing Tips from Freshly Cast Each time I pack for a trip (or pack a client), I think of it as experience scripting. Who will I be with? What might the climate be? How do I want to feel in that moment? What am I trying to express through my ensemble? Where might the unexpected day or night take me? I want to be efficient, yet ready for any unanticipated moment. If all else fails, I go with what makes me feel most beautiful.

Infrastructure: Luggage matters.

My essentials are the Bigger Carry-On by AWAY and the Jet Pack by India Hicks.

Be strategic: More clothing options, fewer shoes.

A killer jacket and wrap: They can

be lightweight to add a little something to shorts and a camisole or over a killer dress for a smart look.

Scarves. Lots of scarves: They are

easy to pack and can instantly change a look. After wearing as part of an ensemble, leverage it as a sarong. Always have one with you on the airplane to keep you cozy.

Handbags: One crossbody. One clutch.

All jewelry must fit into clutch. All makeup must fit into crossbody. Both fit at the base of the Jet Pack. If they don’t, take some extras out. You’ve packed too much.

Samples of hair products from your local salon: They lay flat which

takes up less room, and your salon is dying to give them to you. Just ask.

Speaking of salon, get a blowout the morning of your flight: You’ll arrive looking fly and it will last you the first few days. Don’t forget dry shampoo. A must! Now, relax and get to packing. If still stressed, we can help. Learn more at freshlycast.com.




Players Ball Turns 15


To commemorate a milestone year for the fundraiser and for Bridges of Light Foundation Founder Stacey Papp, the 15th Annual Players Ball will feature a “decades” theme along with musical entertainment from DJ Jazzy Jeff (think The Fresh Prince).


Dalia Malui, Shannon Gunn, Danielle Newbold, Shannon Julian, Stacey Papp, Melisa Rohrbach, Jeff Forres, Martha Gomez, Jenn Tarantino, Bobby Luthra, Siddique Jaffer and Terri Costigan

ot only has she chaired

believe it takes a village to really make a

out the year to ensure an enjoyable and

the event for the last

difference,” Stacey explains.

profitable fundraiser, but Stacey says they

decade, but Stacey estab-

As its largest fundraiser, Players Ball

are always looking for new members to

lished the Bridges of

celebrates the successes of the year and its

join them. “Our committee is very diverse.



generous supporters in an intimate and

We are looking for more people to join us

2004 with an objective to raise money that


luxurious setting. “Our guests return year

and bring new ideas to the table, not only

is distributed specifically for children who

after year to see our progress and what

with the event, but also how to better serve

have been abandoned, abused, neglected

their contributions have done for the chil-

our community by educating the children

or are at-risk. Since then, the organization

dren in our community. Our events have

and families living in poverty. We are

has implemented several programs, includ-

limited seating so our guests and donors

looking to solve a problem, and it takes

ing after-school tutoring programs, a sum-

are up close and personal with our chil-

many different perspectives,” she shares.

mer education program at Great Oaks Vil-

dren and their families,” she says.

lage foster care facility and adopt-a-family programs at Carver Middle School.

The 15th Annual Players Ball will take

“This is the first year we have hired

place Saturday, September 8, at the Four

celebrity guest talent. DJ Jazzy Jeff will

Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney

“Bridges of Light has continued to evolve

enhance our event with his high energy to

World Resort. The dress code is black-tie

by assessing the needs in our community.

celebrate our donors and the success of

optional or prom attire from your favorite

We realize that so many of the children we

our programs. Our guests can dress in

decade. A specially prepared meal with

serve have parents in need of assistance as

their favorite decade. Our hope is to see

wine pairings will be served and attendees

well. If corporations and individuals are

ensembles from the early 1900s to present

can dance the night away with special

able to ‘adopt a family,’ the community can

day,” Stacey adds.

guest DJ Jazzy Jeff. Sponsorships and

join us in our efforts to get homeless fami-

The Players Ball committee and Bridges

lies in a better position to thrive. We

of Light board of directors work through-



individual tickets are available at bridgesoflightfoundation.org.


CANINE COMPANIONS TALES & TAILS GALA: A Q&A WITH THE COMMITTEE Canine Companions for Independence Southeast Region will present the 22nd annual Tales & Tails Gala on Saturday, October 6, at Rosen Shingle Creek. It’s the Great Gala Charlie Brown! thanks to some special artwork from the Peanuts gang, courtesy of Jean Schulz. We asked the committee a few questions about the upcoming event. Why are you involved with the event and what do you love about the organization? “I was asked to attend a meeting for Canine Companions by a work colleague and I had no idea what it was about. Thirteen years later I have chaired several Tales & Tails Galas and I am now a member of the Southeast Region’s board of directors. During a training session, I had the opportunity to watch a child’s whole demeanor transform when she was with her new assistance dog. I saw the tears flowing from her mother who said, ‘Her life is changed forever.’ That is why I do what I do for this amazing organization.” – Paul Richards, gala co-chair, realtor with Mainframe Real Estate

“What I love about Canine Companions for Independence is easy — those we serve. When I joined the gala committee I was new to the Southeast Region board and I lived in Tampa. I thought that this was an opportunity to meet and work closely with all these wonderfully talented committee members. I have been able to learn from and share ideas with the committee and give back to the Canine Companions family in ways that I never thought possible.” Mary Taylor Jacobs, gala co-chair; community advocate

“I was changed after seeing firsthand what happens to people because of these smart, beautiful and very special dogs, who are specifically bred in Santa Rosa, California, for their health and temperament, and are socialized by amazing puppy raisers who volunteer their time. Then they are trained by a professional team of trainers. It truly takes a village.” – Trish Chard Walsh, chair of gala sponsorships; fitness consultant/ personal trainer



2018 TALES & TAILS GALA COMMITTEE: Back row: Paul Richards, Megan Wilson, Cathy Fischer, Trish Chard Walsh, Fonda Cerenzio, Diesta Gundacker. Front row: Kathleen Jezierski, Beth Mock LeBlanc, Pam Morton, Judy Albertson; and Canine Companions for Independence Assistance Dog in Training Herschel II.

What does it mean to have the Peanuts artwork, courtesy of Jean Schultz, and how did that come about? “It’s rare that you get an opportunity to work this closely with the whole Peanuts gang! What makes it even more special is the connection to the late Charles Schulz. Together, he and his wife, Jean Schulz, generously supported the Canine Companions for Independence mission, helping the organization become the largest provider of assistance dogs in the world. I am humbled by their accomplishments and feel honored to have the opportunity to keep the spirit of the Peanuts characters alive and flourishing at the Tales & Tails Gala.” – Beth Mock LeBlanc, chair of the gala marketing committee; managing partner/chief creative officer for MLB Creative

What makes this event unique and gives it longevity? “The uniqueness of the Tales & Tails Gala occurs when you walk into a ballroom filled with well-behaved, highly trained assistance dogs of all ages. This event allows attendees to cuddle with puppies eight weeks of age, interact with professional trainers and puppy raisers, and witness the final benefit of a highly trained assistance dog matched with an individual.  When our guests hear the stories and see the impact of these dogs, that is reason enough to come back year after year.” – Cathy Fischer, former gala co-chair; senior vice president, global merchandise, Universal Parks and Resorts For more information on the 2018 Tales & Tails Gala, visit cci.org/galacelebration.


Local Chefs. Local Causes. Local Love. With a large, all-volunteer steering committee, more than 300 day-of event volunteers, tremendous in-kind support from a variety of local business partners, and the generous backing of Orlando World Center Marriott who donates the event space each year, Taste! Central Florida does everything it can to direct every dollar raised to its beneficiaries while generating profound awareness and relief for the children of Central Florida who face hunger daily.


Front row, from left: Angel Tagudin, Shane Smith, Ed Nasser, Mark Charlton. Second row, from left: Rashmi Primlani, Sherri Avara, Brie Rios, Maria Diestro, Kelly Hinkle,  Amanda Smiley, Katie Moore, Monique Leroy,  Jenna Dunne, Andrea Patenaude, Michael Kennedy, Colleen Herrick, Mimi Goss, Jennifer Pence. Back row, from left: Bill Sullivan, Dee Dee King, Michele Byington, Betsy Dye, Paul Bodoia, Judy Odom, Jennifer Landress, Sasha Hausman, Krista Logue, Chandni Sakhuja.

he fundraiser, now in it’s 29th

restaurants, sponsors and partners to one

Central Florida provide shelter and ser-

year, made the leap of faith

of the largest dine-around events in town.

vices to more than 140 children and their

last year to operate as an inde-

“We’ve really tried to hone it to show off

families each night and serve more than

pendent event, benefitting

the skills and chefs of our local resorts and

270,000 nutritious meals in the coming

local organizations Second

our local restaurants that everyone in town

year. Second Harvest Food Bank of Cen-

Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida and

may not get a chance to go to. It’s a great

tral Florida directs the funds raised to its

Coalition for the Homeless of Central

opportunity to come and to try all the differ-

childhood hunger relief programs to assist

Florida. It had previously been aligned

ent restaurants and know where you want

the 1 in 4 kids in Orlando who struggle

with national organization Share Our

to go back,” Michele says. In 2017, more than

with hunger.

Strength’s No Kid Hungry.

40 restaurants donated and served up sam-

This annual celebration of the commu-

“Last year, with us going 100% local, we

plings of their signature dishes, as well as

nity’s culinary excellence will take place

were nervous. But we had more restaurants

two dozen brewers, distilleries, wine pur-

Saturday, September 8, at Orlando World

participate, we raised more money than

veyors, and specialty beverage vendors who

Center Marriott. Tickets are $175 and

we ever had before, and had more guests

served sips to more than 3,000 guests.

include unlimited tastes and sips with

attend the event. It was one of those com-

The event aims to keep costs minimal,

mission messages throughout, but no for-

plete confirmations that we were doing the

so that more money goes directly to the

mal sit-down program. Taste! Central

right thing for children in Central Florida,”

beneficiaries. “We would love to raise

Florida also features an extensive silent

says Michele Byington, who has been co-

more than $400,000 at this year’s Taste,”

auction and a wine door chance drawing.

chairing the event with Bill Sullivan for

Michele says. “It’s really easy to get behind

For more information on Taste! Central

nearly a decade. Bill began as a food pro-

the mission of making sure the children

Florida or to purchase tickets, visit tastefl.

vider and joined the committee shortly

in our neighborhoods are fed.”

org. Orange Appeal readers get a 10% dis-

thereafter. Since then, he’s been leverag-

The funds raised by Taste! Central

ing his connections to bring more chefs,

Florida help Coalition for the Homeless of



count on tickets with code: READER10.



CELEBRATING Women IN Sports THE CENTRAL FLORIDA SPORTS COMMISSION recently presented the inaugural Celebrating Women in Sports luncheon, presented by Orlando Health. The program included recognition of three local female honorees with the Community Sports Leadership Award and featured a keynote address from Olympic Softball Gold Medalist and ESPN’s first female MLB analyst Jessica Mendoza. The




Bisienere, senior vice president at Walt

Maribeth Bisienere, Joanie Schirm and Linda Landman Gonzalez

Disney World Parks and Security; Linda Landman Gonzalez, vice president of social responsibility for the Orlando Magic and president of the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation; and Joanie Schirm, founder of Geotechnical and Environmental Consultants, Inc., and author. Each was individually recognized for their outstanding leadership and contributions to the Central Florida sports community. Maribeth led the strategic growth and management of the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and the runDisney endurance series. Linda serves in a leadership role overseeing community relations, government relations, philanthropy, corporate giving, cause marketing and multicultural insights at the Orlando Magic. Joanie was Christi Ashby and Kate Slentz with Jessica Mendoza (middle)



the founding volunteer president of the

she doesn’t want to be known as just the

Central Florida Sports Commission and

first female MLB analyst, she wants to be

chairman of Orlando’s venue bid and host

known as a great one.

committee for the 1994 FIFA World Cup.

“When I got this position, it was sur-

Two-time Olympic medalist and co-host

prising the amount of attention my gender

of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball Jessica

received. I’ve been aware that I’m a woman.

Mendoza shared her journey to becoming

But I kind of crave the day when it’s just

ESPN’s first female MLB analyst and

another person doing a kick-butt job. I

what she hopes for the future of females in

don’t want it to be so much about my gen-

sports and other leadership roles.

der but about what I’m saying. I think

She was first approached by an ESPN producer as she gave an exciting interview

that’s the important thing that I’m hoping we can get to,” she explained.

following a World Cup of Softball game.

She also dished on what it’s like working

Jessica, a graduate of Stanford University,

with Alex Rodriguez on ESPN’s Sunday

said: “I had an internship in DC. I wanted

Night Baseball and getting career advice

to work on education reform and eventu-

from Alex’s girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez,

ally be a senator. I had everything planned

and what her advice would be to not only

out and then I made the Olympic team.

other women in sports but also women in

When I was approached by ESPN, at the

business, as there are still many of the

time, I laughed, ‘You really want me with

same hurdles and challenges.

a mic with no filter?’ Sometimes the

“My biggest thing is don’t feel like you

things that you’re afraid of turn out to be

have to be perfect for something. If you

the best. So, my initial reaction was no, but

want to do it, go for it. To me, learn as you

my heart was like, let’s try it.”

go but go for it; jump in. I think there is

She quickly realized that television,

this idea [among women] that we have to

like softball, gave her those pressure

be the perfect person and perfectly pre-

moments that she craved, admitting she

pared. The best things that I have done in

still gets nervous each time that red light

my career are the ones that have scared

goes on, signaling live television. However,

the crap out of me,” she shared.





PRIDE PERSEVERANCE Kay grew up one of five children in an

still loves. The couple was approached by a

industrial town about two hours north of

club in England to start a team in the U.S.

London. She had a wonderful childhood

“We started looking seriously at soccer in

with her siblings. After school she went

this country but didn’t give it too much

on to work in a bank and says, “It was one

thought as we didn’t see a lot of it on TV.

of the most fun times of my life.” She mar-

We sat down at the kitchen table and drew

ried her first husband, had kids and stayed

up a list of who could help. We made all our

home, which she loved.

friends work for us for free,” she explains.

Kay Rawlins, vice president of

“When my youngest was 3, I answered

They started a team in the minor

an ad to work one day a week at a pre-

league, but they just could not get it going

community relations for Orlando

school. And I could take her with me. The

in Austin. “The problem was everyone

City Soccer Club, president of the

lady running the school was one of the

said it was a sports town and it was — it

best mentors ever. She taught me so much

was called the University of Texas (college

about management, about giving feedback

football) and that’s what we were fighting.

in a good way, and more,” she shares.

We were at the point of giving up when the

Orlando City Foundation, has been called the heart of Orlando City,

The school was in an old house with

soccer league asked us if we would con-

the soccer club that quickly became

gardens and three playhouses where the

sider a move. They gave us a list of five cit-

a sensation for being a valued part

kids could act. “It was the most idyllic

ies and Orlando was on there,” she recalls.

of the community — giving instead

place,” Kay says. The owner became ill and

She was not immediately enamored

unable to continue operating the school.

with the prospect. “I thought it was just

of taking. And in the past two years

At 31, Kay ended up running the school —

theme parks and holiday visitors. I did not

her heart was broken and repaired.

managing that while getting early child-

know all the amazing things that were

hood education and business degrees. “I

here. But my husband was smart in some

have no idea how I did it — I still don’t,”

ways and he took me to Winter Park and

she explains. And if that wasn’t enough,

told me that was Orlando,” she laughs.

she bought another preschool. And in

After a week she was sold.

She has risen, head held high, above an agonizing, very public divorce with support of friends, family and

doing so was able to help a lot of mothers

fans. Her new hometown has

re-entering the workforce.

cheered her on and her future here

“I am going to skip the next little bit,”

community-mindedness and grassroots

she says, “because I don’t want to talk

fan building. “This has been the most

is very, very bright. She spoke at the

about him [her recent ex].” However, she

warm, welcoming, friendly city I have

Orlando Women’s Conference and

relayed to the audience that she had

ever come across. From the media to the

known him in school, but they both went

other businesses to government, they all

their separate ways, marrying and having

wrapped their arms around us and said

families before reconnecting.

we do want a soccer team. We also had

the audience was so touched by her remarks, we asked her to speak at Orange Appeal’s April luncheon. 24


They ended up in Austin, Texas, which Kay describes as a beautiful city that she

Most everyone knows the rest of the story — it was the perfect combination of

some naysayers and I love calling them out,” she laughs.



She has been an integral part of the

flict, growth and identity. They wanted me

“The main focus is to bring health and

organization’s growth from the first season

to talk about how you grow from nothing.

wellness to communities. We do it through

in Major League Soccer in 2015, adding a

If you listen to it, there are stories about

soccer,” she says. The organization con-

women’s team, Orlando Pride, in 2016, and

why people think this is so special. And a

verts old tennis courts with mini pitches

opening the downtown stadium in 2017.

lot of it is how we keep our fans involved.

that are near community centers. They

Kay did a talk at TEDx Orlando 2017 at

There’s no club without the fans. We still

bring in free programs for the kids, who

the Dr. Phillips Center. “My kids thought

encourage the players to interact, take self-

might not otherwise be able to play, and

it was the coolest thing ever. But it was a

ies with fans,” she explains.

train the staff. Nutrition education is also a

really good opportunity for me to look back,

The Orlando City Foundation was

because they wanted me to talk about con-

formed in 2015 and is Kay’s special project.

part of it. “We bring the players in and the kids will listen to these athletes. The spin-off that came out of it is community gardens. We realized we were talking to kids about nutrition education and eating healthy food in places where there is very little access [to them],” Kay adds. They approached the City of Orlando and said they had funding for gardens but did not know where to start. By partnering with the city’s resources, gardens are blossoming. “It means families can own a small piece of land. They get help with what they should grow, when they should grow it, and how they can look after it. They are growing food not only for themselves, but they exchange with their neighbors, and in turn get to know their neighbors,” she explains. Now there is a farmer’s market outside the soccer stadium every Saturday morning. Orlando City pays for the security and opens the stadium bathrooms. There is also a partnership with Orlando Health. “At the Paramore Kidz Zone we did an experiment with honey, so the kids are learning how to be business owners. They have to do a business plan, search for honey, market it and sell it. It’s a beginning,” she says. Kay lights up when she talks about the foundation’s initiatives and hopes to help tackle the issues of homelessness as a board member of the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness. As for soccer, she shares that the Orlando Pride need our support and encourages anyone who has never been to attend a game.




A New Resource for Relaunching Careers Photo by Hughes Fioretti Photography Faced with a pending divorce and two teenagers to support, Angela Katsur was

The inaugural Relaunch class celebrated a graduation at the Women of Influence Luncheon this past spring, which also honored Support Our Scholars Founder and President Susan Johnson. From left: Michelle Dodge, Allison Miller, Pam Massengale, Holly Allport, Betsy Gardner Eckbert, Jana Ricci, Susan Johnson, Dawn Jennemann, Marion Neijenhuis, Angela Katsur and Kristina Mackinder

looking for some guidance regarding reentering the workforce. She learned of a new

women build their resume, network and

Angela Katsur Events — planning every-

program at the Winter Park Chamber of

confidence, and covers topics such as

thing from corporate meetings to charity

Commerce, Relaunch: Career Rentry for

using Linkedin and identifying their per-

galas. I am so grateful to this program and

Professional Women. “I was enrolled into

sonal brand. Betsy shares her own experi-

hope my story empowers other women. I

a diverse class of talented women who had

ences, along with guest speakers, during

am excited to continue with my passion

strong backgrounds, but we all needed our

eight monthly sessions.

and enthusiasm for event planning.”

confidence back,” Angela explains.

“I knew what my talents were; I just

The fee to participate in the Relaunch

Led by Chamber President and CEO

needed help and confidence to get myself

program is $250 and the deadline to apply

Betsy Gardner Eckbert, Relaunch is an

out there,” Angela says. “After completing

for the next class is August 17. Learn more

eight-month program designed to help

the program, I am now the proud owner of

at winterpark.org.





Summer is the perfect time to plan for all the wonderful performances taking the stage in the fall and beyond. Even better, many of our local arts organizations offer subscriptions with premium seating and discounted tickets to their performance series. ORLANDO BALLET EXPANDS 2018-19 SEASON LINEUP

John P. Keller in 2018’s Shakespeare in Love

COMPANY CELEBRATES ROBERT HILL’S 10TH YEAR AS ARTISTIC DIRECTOR This season marks Robert Hill’s 10th anniversary as artistic director with Orlando Ballet, and the upcoming season includes several audience favorites from the past decade. Arcadian Broad will also create a new full-length ballet, Wonderland: Mad Tales TONY FIRRIOLO

of the Hatter, featuring an original score


composed by him as well. The production will include live accompaniment by Central Florida Community Arts, and acclaimed Carmina Burana will also feature live music by the Bach Festival Society of Winter Park.

Founded in 1989, Orlando Shakespeare Theater (Orlando Shakes) in Partnership with UCF produces classic, contemporary and children’s plays. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Jim Helsinger and Managing Director PJ Albert, Orlando Shakes has grown into one of the region’s most acclaimed professional Equity theaters. The Theater continues to provide an innovative world-class theatrical experience to its guests, while showcasing William Shakespeare’s legacy as the cornerstone of the company. and Hamlet, as well as more modern productions like In the Heights, with music and lyrics by Lin-Manual Miranda and based on the book by Quiara Alegría Hudes. A Doll’s House, Part 2, a sequel that addresses Nora Helmer’s return home years later, and Gertrude and Claudius, a prequel to Hamlet, will also be showcased. And the 2018-19 Children’s Series

Arcadian Broad

will bring the well-known tales of The Little Mermaid and The Jungle Book to life.

2018-19 SIGNATURE SERIES In the Heights | September 5 – October 7 The Mystery of Irma Vep — A Penny Dreadful | October 10 – November 18 A Christmas Carol | November 28 – December 30 A Doll’s House, Part 2 | January 2 – February 3 Hamlet | February 6 – March 24 Gertrude and Claudius | February 20 – March 23 Richard II | March 27 – April 28

2018-19 CHILDREN’S SERIES The Little Mermaid | June 14 – July 29 The Jungle Book | October 18 – November 16 Jack and the Beanstalk | April 4 – May 4 30


“Over the past decade, I have watched Orlando Ballet grow by leaps and bounds in every aspect of the organization,” says Artistic Director Robert Hill. “The upcoming season is no different. After a successful 2017-18 lineup, with so many sold-out shows, we are bringing an ambitious repertoire that celebrates the classics while welcoming inventive new works. I especially look forward to continuing Orlando Ballet’s tradition of partnering with our community’s artistic talent, including


The 2018-19 Signature Series will include popular classics such as A Christmas Carol

Central Florida Community Arts, the Bach Festival Society of Winter Park and Florida

Angelica Negron

Symphony Youth Orchestra.” To meet growing demand, Orlando Ballet will add a fourth performance (Saturday matinee) to each Mainstage series and perform The Nutcracker over two weekends instead of one.

2018-19 SEASON LINEUP Carmina Burana | October 12-14 The Nutcracker | December 7-16 Bailamos | February 15-17 Fast Forward | March 29 Peter & the Wolf Family Weekend | March 30-31 Arcadian Broad’s Wonderland: Mad Tales of the Hatter | April 26-28


Season subscriptions can be purchased by calling 407-418-9828. For more information, please visit orlandoballet.org.

2018-19 season will include five concerts on the FAIRWINDS Classics Series, and five programs of two concerts each on the


Pops Series, with all performances taking place at Bob Carr Theater. The Focus

The highly-acclaimed Hamilton will headline the 2018-19 FAIRWINDS Broadway in

Series includes five concerts at The Plaza

Orlando series at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. In addition to Hamilton,

Live Theater.

the season includes the 2017 Tony and 2018 Grammy Award winning Dear Evan Hansen

FAIRWINDS Credit Union has com-

and the 2017 Tony Award winning Hello, Dolly! starring Broadway legend Betty Buckley.

mitted to continuing its sponsorship of the

“This will be a stand-out season on so many levels,” says

Classics Series through the 2020-21 sea-

Hamilton Chicago Company

son. “We are so grateful for the past and

Dr. Phillips Center President

future support from FAIRWINDS Credit

and CEO Kathy Ramsberger.

Union,” says Chris Barton, OPO executive

“Hamilton has become a theat-

director. “This ongoing support helps us to

rical phenomenon, and three

enrich the community, inspire our audi-

of the seven shows made their year, so the content is fresh and relevant. The other big benefit is that we’ve had great success securing show performers for special appearances and educational workshops in our local schools, including our own School of the Arts. Extending the arts beyond our facility and into the community is one of our top priorities.”

2018-19 FAIRWINDS BROADWAY IN ORLANDO SERIES: Hello, Dolly! | November 27 – December 2 Irving Berlin’s White Christmas The Musical | December 18 – December 23 Hamilton | January 22 – February 10 Fiddler on the Roof | March 5 – March 10 Dear Evan Hansen | April 16 – April 21 Anastasia | May 14–19 Come From Away | June 11–16 The season will also feature the return of audience favorite Jersey Boys | October 30 – November 4 For more information, visit orlandobroadway.com.



ences, and build our organization to serve JOAN MARCUS 2016

debut on Broadway just last

Central Florida for the next 25 years.” Puerto Rican-born composer and multiinstrumentalist Angélica Negrón will be featured as composer-in-residence for the 2018-19 season. The OPO will perform her compositions and arrangements, including a world premiere on the Focus Series; on four programs throughout the season.

FAIRWINDS CLASSICS SERIES Pines of Rome | September 29 The Planets | November 3 Tango! | January 19 Beethoven’s 7th | February 23 French Soirée | April 27

POPS SERIES American Blues featuring Rhiannon Giddens | October 13 Home for the Holidays! | November 24 The Second City Guide to the Symphony with Colin Mochrie | February 2



thelist Mardi Gras in New Orleans | March 9 Star Wars and More: The Music of John Williams | April 13

FOCUS SERIES Schumann and Schumann – October 8 Tchaikovsky & Mozart – November 19 Mahler’s Song of the Earth – January 14 Mozart’s Symphony No. 33 – March 18

SYMPHONY STORYTIME SERIES Peter and the Wolf | September 15 & 23 ’Twas the Night Before Christmas | December 1 & 9 Ferdinand the Bull | February 9 & 17 Aesop’s Fun Fables | May 4 & 11 For more information, please visit orlandophil.org.

OPERA ORLANDO TAKES THE MAIN STAGE FOR 2018-19 SEASON Central Florida’s freshest performing arts experience is back for a third season and filled with great entertainment, artistic excellence, added performances and the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. Opera on the MainStage is Opera Orlando’s Dr. Phillips Center Series with performances at The Alexis & Jim Pugh Theater at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

OPERA ON THE MAINSTAGE The Tales of Hoffmann | October 24-30 Hansel and Gretel | December 8-9 Pagliacci and Pulcinella | March 20-26 Purchase a special subscription package for all three productions at a discounted price. Visit operaorlando.org for more information. Opera Orlando will also continue Opera on Park Summer Concert Series with upclose and personal performances at the University Club of Winter Park.

July 29 | Alex Mansoori, Tenor August 5 | Laura Leon, Soprano August 12 | Suzanne Kantorski, Soprano Purchase tickets at operaorlando.org.



beautybody&spirit gear up! Athleisure continues to trend, and summer is the best season to sport fashions that can keep you cool, dry and protected. Shop the latest (and cutest) looks locally at Sassy Pants Activewear Boutique in College Park (on Edgewater Drive). From left: Lisa Anderton shows off a cover up (with UPF 50) by BloqUV; Kiara O'Hara wears Tropic Zone tall band capris by Terez, Flurry top by Body Glove and sports bra by Coobie; Carrie Evora is in Strive capris by Vimmia, Volley tank by Vimmia and Strive sports bra by Vimmia; Caitlin Anthony models Frame leggings by Koral, runout tank by Koral, and Pump pullover by Koral.




Suzanne Magee Fleming Helps Women In Transition At the recent Orlando Women’s Conference, title sponsor Florida Hospital for Women asked those in attendance to nominate a woman for this special series. Bree Goldstein nominated her friend and mentor Suzanne Magee Fleming. Suzanne is so community and women ori-

has become her focus through the years.

lot about her character. “When I started in

ented. She’s constantly creating community

As she was working with clients she noticed

business, others said you’ll never be suc-

by introducing women to each other and mak-

many of the women were not well-informed

cessful because you are too nice. I was

ing meaningful connections between them.

about their financial details, only adding

determined to show them you can be nice

Suzanne specifically works with (and helps)

to their emotional distress. Suzanne found

and still succeed,” she says. Her favorite

women in transition to get them on their feet

that by sitting down one-on-one and dis-

saying is: always do the right thing even when

and make a future for themselves. When she

cussing the goals, she could guide them

no one is looking.

is not sharing her knowledge and resources

through the planning process and help

Nurturing relationships is very impor-

with clients and those in need, she is an

them make better decisions. Her valuable

tant to her. Caring about others, especially

incredible friend, mentor, sister and mother.

lessons empower women to continue

women, and helping them make better,

She leads by example, teaches by example and

making good decisions about their person-

informed decisions and achieve both their

mentors from experience. Her words come

al finances.

personal and financial goals. “That comes

from her heart and she loves and lives fully. I

“I have worked hard, feel I am a good

from my heart,” she adds. “And I love

can’t think of a woman more deserving of this

friend, and have loved being a mentor to

bringing friends together as you never

honor. Suzanne is an unsung hero who never

others. One young woman I started men-

know who can help each other.”

asks for recognition!

toring after she graduated from college —

Suzanne is also very involved in the

Suzanne is a member of a team of five

she’s now 35. She and I would get together

community as the co-founder of the local

at Magee, Stanford & Associates’ Bank of

once a month to discuss jobs, life, etc. Even

chapter of the Merrill Lynch Women’s

America Merrill Lynch office in downtown

when she moved to New York City, we

Exchange, a member of the Central Florida

Orlando. Helping women chart and navi-

continued to chat on the phone once a

Women’s League, and a longtime supporter

gate their financial course after the loss of

month to catch up on life,” Suzanne says.

of the Central Florida Boys and Girls Club.

a spouse, either through divorce or death,

Suzanne’s business philosophy says a

NEED HELP BALANCING YOUR AND YOUR FAMILY’S HEALTH? One call to Florida Hospital for Women’s Health Navigator Doreen Forsythe, BSN, RN, can help you coordinate all your health care. Florida Hospital for Women understands the intricate role women play in their family’s healthcare decisions and needs. Doreen is a specially trained registered nurse who is available to help women access Florida Hospital’s extensive network of services across Central Florida. This coordination specialist not only provides expert, clinical assistance, but also helps manage your overall care and identifies ways to speed up the process of scheduling physician appointments and procedures. The health navigator acts as your personal advocate — creating a seamless healthcare experience that focuses on health, wellness, hospitality and convenience. As a registered nurse, Doreen has been a valued member of the Florida Hospital team since 2001. Graduating from Villanova University in Pennsylvania, she has more than 15 years of experience in multiple nursing disciplines including cardiology, neurology, surgery and nursing education. No matter what kind of women’s health services you need, Doreen can connect you with the right doctors and resources to ensure you receive the best treatment available. This complimentary service is available to all women. Doreen Forsythe, BSN, RN

To speak to Doreen or to schedule an appointment, call 407- 720-5191. 38





Stuck in an exercise rut? Craving something new that you can stick to? We took to Facebook to ask our fans their favorite workouts around town that keep them committed to their exercise regimen. Here are some of the top suggestions.

9ROUND 9Round offers a kickboxing-themed fitness program that incorporates functional, interval, cardiovascular and circuit training regimens. The 30-minute, full-body workout consists of nine challenging workout stations that a trainer guides you through, utilizing heart rate monitoring technology to ensure you stay in the fat-burning zone. There are no class times and the workouts change daily.

“My favorite part, as a busy professional and mom, is the fact that I don’t have to schedule time to go there. There is always a trainer there; you literally drop in and complete the 30-minute circuit. It’s a great workout and it makes it impossible to have excuses!” – Sarah Geltz Winter Garden: 1201 Winter Garden Vineland Road, Suite 6-B. With even more locations across Orlando, and in Oviedo and Ocoee, and coming soon to Lake Nona, Winter Park and Maitland, visit 9round.com for location and class information.


All Fit’s approach is a modern-day method

Barre3 delivers a full-body workout utilizing a signature three-step sequence — isometric

combining all aspects of fitness to build

holds, small-range movements and large, dynamic movements — to produce a strong and

sound bodies and minds in a group setting.

balanced body. Winter Park studio owner Andi Prather found barre3 after she had her fifth

Personal training sessions are also available.

baby and was looking for a workout to strengthen her body without any stress on her joints.

Led by Robert Schwartz, a former U.S. Navy

She loves that barre3 keeps her energized for the rigors of motherhood and that it makes her

hospital corpsman and combat medic, All

a better runner.

Fit’s trainers are nationally certified and accredited, and understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with clients to get them fit at the right pace.

“I love All Fit Bootcamp because it’s a different workout every time you go in and they will modify it if you have any injuries or pulled muscles. It’s like getting a personal trainer for group training rates.” – Ashley Cox Orlando: 1626 E. Colonial Dr. SoDo: 5607 S. Orange Ave. allfitorlando.com





“I love barre3 because the community of strong and supportive women. The studio focuses on both mental strength as well as physical, and the barre3 method works on the whole mind, body and spirit for wellness on three levels. It’s the best workout in town!” – Kristina Davis Winter Park: 141 S. New York Ave., Unit 113 barre3.com

beautybody&spirit CENTRAL FLORIDA YMCAs “Each of our Family Centers have fitness offerings that are customized to meet the unique needs of our members in those communities. Recently, we’ve expanded our Les Mills programs to offer a variety of fun, new group exercise classes, as well as added more functional training classes and a renewed focus on making fitness accessible to everyone by offering a variety of formats for every fitness level and schedule,” says Kelly Prather, executive director of health strategies and member experience at the YMCA of Central Florida.

J. Douglas Williams YMCA 665 Longwood-Lake Mary Road

“I have taught cycling and fitness classes there since 1997. The instructors at the Y in Lake Mary are top instructors and there are a variety of great classes offered. Family fitness is encouraged, with several sports programs as well as the pool.” – Roxane Mann 

Downtown Orlando YMCA 433 N. Mills Ave.

“I love working out at the downtown YMCA because it feels like home. It’s a place where every shape and size can feel comfortable and everyone knows your name. Most importantly, I am humbled by all the work the downtown Y does for the community. I know my membership dollars are going to more than my sweat. They are helping a child or family in need.” – Courtney Hazouri With 25 locations in the area, visit ymcacentralflorida.com to find the one nearest you.

FUSION FITNESS Fusion Fitness provides clients with the leading fitness technology in Pilates and personal training in a friendly atmosphere. Pilates classes are available in addition to private 30-minute and one-hour sessions with certified instructors. Fusion Fitness also now offers barre classes and Motr classes, which combines the comfort of a foam roller with the challenge of three weight level resistances, giving clients a challenging and incredibly diverse workout tool.

“The owner, Ariel Hernandez, and his trainers are all so welcoming and supportive of everyone who comes in for Pilates or barre class, no matter what level at which they are able to train. He maintains updated equipment and an immaculate studio! All of the trainers are so knowledgeable of the classes that they teach and pay close attention to each individual’s limitations.” – Anita Gabriel Lake Mary: 1061 S. Sun Dr., Suite 1129 | fusionfitnessusa.com

SWEAT SWEAT is a state-of-the-art, 2,000-squarefoot fitness studio that combines hardcore training with healthy lifestyle strategies. Whether its personalized training, intense cardio classes, spinning, sport-specific training, rehabilitative conditioning or pre/post-natal training, SWEAT offers something for everyone and is led by a team of fitness professionals. Opened in 2013, SWEAT is the life’s work of Laura Cascaddan, an Orlando native and fitness industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience.

“SWEAT is committed to making sure that every minute spent at the gym is going to produce great results. Laura is dedicated to ensuring all classes offer a great 42


workout. There is a lot of variety to the classes, as well as special challenges throughout the year where you can really be pushed to your limits, while also getting great nutritional and holistic guidance as a member. She and her staff are tough but passionate!” – Susie Carlton College Park: 727 W. Smith St. sweatyourassoff.com

beautybody&spirit THE PILATES LOFT The Pilates Loft is owned and operated by Jennifer O’Mara. She studied Pilates under and was certified by Romana Kyrzanowska, Joseph Pilates’ protégé, in 2000. With a specialization in spine care, Jennifer found an easy transition from helping people find relief in the physical therapy arena to using Pilates to strengthen and eliminate most pain associated with the back and neck. The Pilates Loft instructors are a diverse group of fitness professionals armed with the skills, knowledge and dedication to serve clients of all levels

THE BAR METHOD The Bar Method Orlando - Winter Park is

in private lessons, duet or trio lessons, or group classes.

a boutique fitness studio offering barre

long, lean, sculpted muscles. Highly-

vides spinning classes and recently added

“Warrior ONE has a variety of exercise options: yoga, spinning and strength training. I love it because there is a real sense of community and camaraderie among the instructors and the participants. I actually look forward to exercise when it comes to going there. That is saying a lot since I usually dread exercise!” – Julie Wright Orlando: 2282 Corrine Dr. wearewarriorone.com

trained instructors customize the exercises to ensure they are safe and effective for any age and body type, including modifications for pregnant women and students with injuries.

“Due to medical conditions and chronic back pain, my doctors deemed Pilates essential as a non-medical course of treatment. Owner Jennifer O’Mara was very familiar with my conditions and knew the correct course of training my body required. Not only has my body changed, becoming longer and leaner, my level of strength has overall improved and my pain level has significantly decreased.” – Tara Fontana Downtown Orlando: 879 N. Orange Ave. pilates-loft.com


classes. The Orlando location also pro-


transformative workout that results in


Power, basics and yin/restorative yoga

Dunedin. Memberships work for both

the ballet barre and a few props to create a

Dr. Phillips: 7536 Dr. Phillips Blvd. #330 orlando-drphillips.barmethod.com

Studio offering Hot Power Vinyasa, Cool

expanded on the west coast of Florida to

ture method uses one’s own body weight,

Winter Park: 480 N. Orlando Ave., Suite 132 orlando-winterpark.barmethod.com

Warrior ONE is a Baptiste Affiliate Yoga

rowing classes. In 2017, Warrior ONE

classes for students of all levels. The signa-

“What I love most about The Bar Method is the people. The instructors bring so much positive energy to every session, which spreads through the whole class. They also offer a very personalized workout in a group setting by focusing on our form and ensuring that we get the most benefit from the exercises. And it must be good because I have stayed with them longer than any other workout program that I have done.” – Laura Cosgrove


OTHERS: RDV Sportsplex Ice Den

Maitland: 8701 Maitland Summit Blvd.

Jazzercise Mills 50

Orlando: 927 N. Mills Ave.

Orlando Power Yoga

Orlando: 422 N. Bumby Ave., Studio B Dr. Phillips: 6375 Conroy Road, Suite 101

Crossfit Winter Park

Winter Park: 125 W. Fairbanks Ave.

My House Fitness

Locations in College Park, Winter Park/ Maitland, Oviedo and Winter Springs

Workout 32789

Winter Park: 244 S. Pennsylvania Ave.



Tips to Keep You Healthy and Safe by Victor Harding, MD and Deborah Harding, MD, Harding Medical Institute

Now that summer is here, many people travel to exotic places such as South Africa, Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti, and other areas of Central and South America, Asia and Africa. While these locales are exciting to explore, there are associated health risks when traveling to them. These risks can be minimized with careful planning and caution. Here are some useful tips.


irst, try to identify the risk factors. Discuss travel plans

Drs. Victor and Deborah Harding in Cuba with their son, Alex.

with your medical provider. The Center for Disease Control has an excellent web-

site (cdc.gov) containing tips and warnings. Additionally, the CDC’s TravWell app helps you plan for safe and healthy international travel. Build a trip to get destination-specific vaccine recommendations, a checklist of what you need to do to prepare for travel, and a customizable healthy travel packing list. The app also lets you store travel documents, keep a record of your medications and immunizations, and set reminders to get vaccine booster doses or

arthritis, and other, often fatal pathologies.

some Caribbean countries. Furthermore,

take medicines while you’re traveling.

These diseases are responsible for several

many areas have poor refrigeration or fre-

Different countries, even different United

million deaths and hundreds of millions

quent power outages that may lead to food

States regions, have a variety of disease

of cases every year, according to the World

poisoning. Avoid drinking the tap water or

prevalence. For example, Lyme disease is

Health Organization.

using ice in many countries, and don’t

common in the U.S. Northeast. Chagas

Anopheles mosquitoes, which can carry

swallow shower water. Frequently sani-

disease, carried by Kissing Bugs, is a lead-

Zika, dengue and chikunguya, love non-

tize your hands and keep your fingers out

ing cause of heart failure in Brazil, but has

air-conditioned houses in tropical coun-

of your mouth and eyes.

recently spread to the Southwest U.S. San

tries. You may need to take vaccinations

Scombroid, a type of poisoning from

Joaquin Valley Fever is prevalent south of

or preventative treatments for diseases

mackerel-type fish, has no smell or taste

Interstate-80 in California. Histoplasmo-

such as malaria, hepatitis and yellow

and causes histamine reactions. I got this

sis, common in the mid-Atlantic and Mid-

fever. Travelers should cover exposed skin

after eating some tasty escolar at a fine

western states, stops at Stone Mountain

by wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants

restaurant in California. As for the effect,

near Atlanta.

and hats, and apply appropriate insect

imagine overdosing on caffeine. However,

Internationally, disease risk increases.

repellent to help avoid mosquito bites and

scombroid is typically more prevalent in

Numerous mosquito-borne diseases include

ticks. Check yourself for ticks daily, and if

poorer countries.

malaria, dengue, Zika, yellow fever, chikun-

you find any, notify your provider.

Many underdeveloped countries report-

gunya, West Nile virus and encephalitis.

Poor sanitation or water quality can

edly have asbestos problems, particularly

Symptoms range from sore throat, fever,

cause diarrhea during or after visits to

in old, decaying buildings. Try to stay



away from such buildings. Avoid demolition sites, and don’t touch anything that may contain asbestos such as ceilings. Customized health travel kits can be invaluable. Your medical doctor may pre-

The Hardings in a classic car typically found on the streets of Havana.

scribe emergency antibiotics such as Cipro, which is usually effective against food poisonings and many urinary tract and respiratory infections. Also, you may be exposed to black mold or other allergens.

a detailed list in case you need to replace

and other companies. (We really love cruises

Your provider may allow you to carry a

them or carry back-ups separately.

because they usually have good medical

Medrol dose pack for severe allergic reac-

Be smart when you travel. Think about


tions or asthma. Carry nasal steroids, such

what you might do if you suddenly become

If you feel poorly after returning from a

as Flonase, and antihistamines, like Clari-

sick or injured in a remote area. If possi-

trip, even months later, be sure your doc-

tin or Allegra, which are largely non-

ble, call your doctor if you need help. Med-

tor is aware of your travel history. Some

sedating, or Benadryl, which is sedating

ical care and medical products may be dif-

diseases, such as Lyme, take months to

but works well for treating scombroid and

ficult or impossible to find, expensive, and

develop symptoms.

severe allergies. Antacids and acid-block-

of questionable quality. Be prepared in

It is possible to have a great time when

ing medicines such as Prilosec are also a

case of illness. Hospital flights to the United

you travel and usually the benefits far out-

good idea. Some doctors recommend low-

States may cost upwards of $50,000. Travel

weigh the risks, particularly if you take

dose Valium for motion sickness. Your

insurance including medical evacuation

steps to reduce them. Have fun and travel

medicines might be lost or stolen, so keep

insurance is available through credit card

smart this summer!

july | august 2018


tastes&experiences cool beans Local fave Foxtail Coffee Co. continues to expand with more than just fresh brews. In addition to locations in Altamonte Springs, Winter Park and Downtown (in DoveCote brasserie), a new one is planned for the Hourglass District (Curry Ford Road). Foxtail’s Farmhouse in Winter Park features a wine bar, small bites, an experimental coffee bar and expanded seating. Recommendations: hand-crafted cocktails, deconstructed latte and heat-busting affogato with vanilla ice cream and espresso.





by Christi Ashby


HARD ROCK DAYTONA BEACH pays proper respect to its vintage site, the former Desert Inn, by turning part of the past motor lodge into new Rock Royalty suites. In addition, a seven-story tower with ocean and city view rooms, spacious pool deck, multiple bars, and ballrooms, meeting rooms and event spaces make this the place to party on. You already know much of what to expect from Hard Rock — musical memorabilia amid a cool, hip design. This resort showcases Taylor Swift’s first-in-public gingham twopiece swimsuit, a trio of Bette Midler’s mermaid costumes and side-by-side displays of jackets worn by Elvis and Michael Jackson. Each floor of the main hotel is also a tribute to different artists from Madonna to The Rolling Stones. And your room number is also marked with a specific album/CD cover in case you are not good with numbers. Music rules, with some individual experiences for guests including The Sound of Your Stay music program, offering complimentary use of Fender guitars and Crosley record players for in-room jam sessions. You can also listen to customized playlists, and familiar tunes are everywhere from the pool deck to the spa. At Rock Spa and Salon, I felt the beats reverberate through my body with the Rhythm & Motion treatment. The massage is choreographed with decidedly non-spa tunes. Imagine and More Than A Feeling started my restorative 50 minutes as the sound waves surrounded me, taking me on a journey. If you want to stay on track, you can work out at the Body Rock Fitness Center 24/7 during your stay. And if you need a little retail therapy, the Rock Shop has a wonderful array of souvenirs exclusive to this location. Drinking and dining spots include the all-day dining Sessions that begins indoors and flows out onto the alfresco bar and oceanside terrace. In a two-day visit we enjoyed light



bites at the bar, a full dinner inside (oysters with a choice of spicy sauces followed by Florida Red Snapper with broccolini, straw mushrooms, fish veloute and toasted almonds), and a hearty breakfast before our departure. For quick pick-ups and early morning must-have coffee, Constant Grind opens at 6:30am. The open-air Wave Terrace, open from 4-7pm, offers an expansive view of the entire property. Local brews and craft cocktails are joined by seafood specialties. Fire pits and live music make dusk absolutely dreamy. Outdoors there is one pretty colossal surprise — driving is banned on the beach in front of the property. This ensures quiet views and safer treks to the shore. Poolside servers, walk-up bar, and ample tents and cabanas make day-lounging downright decadent. Even the kids’ pool is rock worthy in the shape of a guitar. You will definitely feel like rock royalty in the aptly named suites, but even in a standard room you can imbibe in the vibe and get your groove on. The staff, or members of the band, are gracious and hospitable. You won’t find smashed guitars or trashed hotel rooms, but you can imagine the inspirations as you pose, vogue and selfie.


918 N. Atlantic Avenue Daytona Beach, Florida 32118 386-947-7300 | Reservations: 844-745-1502 hrhdaytonabeach.com

july | august 2018




HOW A BACKYARD BRAND MAKES A GLOBAL IMPACT A brand well-known to caffeine lovers all over Orlando, Barnie’s Coffee & Tea is expanding locally


and influencing globally to revitalize the coffee industry while supporting a worthy organization. roviding perfection in a cup for

can trace each variety of Crop Ex coffee to

family trade and their children are step-

almost 40 years, Barnie’s Cof-

its literal roots, from the mountains and

ping up. Coffee Kids helps these young

fee & Tea is widely known for

valleys of Ethiopia, Indonesia, Costa Rica

coffee farmers through education and

its popular lines of everyday

and family farms across the globe. The

implementation of updated processing

flavors and unique seasonal

beans are sourced from trusted coffee

techniques, which is vital to efficiently

offerings, including Santa’s White Christ-

growers and roasted to bring out the bean’s

harvest and process coffee. Since 1988,

mas and Cool Café Blues. Over the years,

best natural qualities and flavors. In addi-

Coffee Kids has supported 200,000 coffee-

the company has transitioned from local

tion, every bag is signed and dated to convey

farming families in more than 400 com-

and regional coffee shops to national dis-

its freshness.

munities, enhancing family farms to



stabilize the future and

impact. Recently, the


growth for these up-

iconic brand has ex-

and-coming farmers.

panded locally through

“While we have this

licensing opportunities

incredible global initia-

with EA Sports Tiburon

tive, we also know that

Studio and the Orlando

our roots are here in

Science Center.

Orlando,” says Sonya

Now Barnie’s has also

Hardy, chief operating

widened its reach by

officer. Being part of

offering Crop Ex, a pre-

the Barnie’s family for

mium line of small-

more than 20 years,

batch coffee that’s roast-

Sonya knows the impor-

ed in Orlando and helps

tance of growing locally:

give back globally. A

“As a company, we are

portion of the proceeds

committed to staying

from each bag of Crop Ex directly sup-

“We wanted this line to be about the

close to our coffee-roasting process, which

ports Coffee Kids International, a non-

coffee, not about Barnie’s,” says Scott

is why we have our headquarters and a

profit organization committed to enrich-

Uguccioni, chief sales and marketing offi-

roasting facility here.”

ing the lives of young growers in coffee-

cer of Barnie’s. “The quality, the community,

In Orlando, Barnie’s is known for its

farming countries. Rapidly expanding

the future of coffee as an industry, that’s

local history, quality coffee and sincere,

and growing in popularity, coffee drinkers

what Crop Ex is about.”

customer-centric brand. With the addition

can now find this “ground-breaking” line nationwide in The Fresh Market.

Having the foresight to recognize how

of Crop Ex under the Barnie’s awning,

much the coffee industry has changed

whether they buy it at The Fresh Market

The Crop Ex collection is roasted in

since 1980 and how much it will change

or online (barniescoffee.com), caffeine lov-

small batches that produce eight to nine

over the next 50 years, Barnie’s decided to

ers can now get a great cup of coffee that is

bags at a time. Featuring single-origin cof-

partner with Coffee Kids. As coffee farm-

not only cultivating the local economy, but

fees from around the world, customers

ers grow older, they’re retiring from the

also advancing the coffee industry globally.





Très Delicious NAMED FOR THE FANCY FRENCH OPEN-FACED SANDWICH TOPPED WITH SPREADABLE INGREDIENTS, Tartine Wine Bar & Eaterie (formerly Croissant Gourmet) is a charming new spot for lunch or dinner in College Park’s growing food scene. We popped in for an early Friday afternoon bite and were pleased with the atmosphere, offerings and service. And the bottle of French wine we ordered, 2016 Willm Pinot Gris from Alsace, was a delicious accoutrement to the flavors. Since there were three of us — in the name of research, we each ordered something different. And while we were waiting, the sights and whiffs of everything going by was head-turning. My decadent grilled cheese was crunchy and gooey — the perfect combination with sharp cheddar and American cheese on brioche. Bacon is an optional add-on. My sister ordered the fancy French dip — juicy roast beef with horseradish cream, paprika aioli, caramelized onions, cheddar and roasted red peppers on a house-made baguette. Kate went for the champignon tartine with roasted mixed mushrooms, truffle cream, swiss cheese, pickled Fresno peppers, chives, crème fraiche and fried kale. The paninis were accompanied by some crispy, golden French fries that were very hard to resist. The cozy atmosphere and neighborhood feel make it perfect for both meeting a group, at indoor or outdoor tables, or dining alone at the small bar where you can peek in the kitchen. I will go back for dinner as I hear the menu is filled with more delights. – Christi Ashby

Tartine Wine Bar & Eaterie

2445 Edgewater Dr., Orlando | 407-845-0016 | (closed Monday and Tuesday)



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tastes&experiences Derek Hofmann


Jackie Hirsch

mindful matcha: HealingTea AS SHE WAS LOOKING TO RESTORE HER HEALTH, local entrepreneur and business broker Jackie Hirsch discovered the power of matcha, powdered green tea. The process uses the entire leaf, which is typically discarded when preparing tea. Known for its antioxidants, matcha does have caffeine but the energy boost is more of a calm climb. However, Jackie wished there were more flavors, and so, a new company, Healing Butterfly, was born. Jackie wanted to make sure she had the highest quality ingredients so all Healing Butterfly matcha is sourced from an organic, family farm in Japan. The selections include a plain version, vanilla, chocolate, Earl Grey, ginger, mint and pumpkin spice. The flavored teas contain organic additives such as vanilla, cinnamon, clove and cacao. They also brought in a tea sommelier to make sure the taste matches the quality of the ingredients. The Earl Grey Matcha blend received a silver medal as part of an international competition in 2017. A new collaboration has been formed with The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Orlando. Spa Director Derek Hofmann is always looking for ways to add healthful treatments and was intrigued by the Healing Butterfly matcha. He just introduced the Mindful Matcha treatment that features a detoxifying matcha exfoliating scrub and a hydrating body massage. A small group was invited to hear from both Jackie and Derek during a tea party to taste the different matchas and then experience the mindful body indulgence. For more information, visit hbutterfly.com and fourseasons.com/orlando/spa. – Photos by Victoria Angela Photography



home&design fine furnishings In 1996, Donnie Saxon and Tom Clark opened their first furnishings store in College Park before adding other locations and then consolidating to just the Altamonte Springs site during the housing bust. That main showroom now comprises 30,000 square feet with more than 75 brands of furniture, lighting and accessories. And recently, Saxon-Clark Furniture, Patio and Design returned to its roots with the opening of a second 3,000 square-foot store in College Park on Edgewater Drive.





at the


by Karen LeBlanc

The annual Parade of Homes, presented by the Greater Orlando Builders Association, draws visitors from across Central Florida in search of décor inspiration, fresh floor plan ideas, and the latest lifestyle amenities. Whether production or custom, many of the homes offer an early look at emerging trends.

property. The home is surrounded by mature trees and wetlands, so we wanted to capture views from every room and also make the home naturally connect to its surroundings,” Rob says. Interior designer Rob Turner, of CRT

Two Master Suites: Design by Michael Wenrich Architects, construction by E2 Homes

Studios, imbued the home with its organic, modern style and in collaboration with the builder, created several standout design details that blend repurposed materials with midcentury modern décor. Art figures prominently in the living spaces, showcasing the works of local artists RICKIE AGAPITO

Krista Berman, Martha Mahoney and


sculptor Sandro Perez. The kitchen, outfitted with Sub-Zero Wolf appliances, draws focus to a backlit quartzite backsplash in an open floor plan

than 5,000 pounds of a special UCF-pat-

with a large pantry that serves as a “dirty

250 Northwind Road, Maitland

ented blend of soil media,” says Rob Smith,

kitchen” with a sink and appliance garage.

Demand is rising in the luxury home mar-

owner/president of E2 Homes and the

The kitchen connects both the living and

ket for two master suites, with the second

developer of Lake Maitland Owl Preserve.

dining rooms, all of which open up to the

offering the flexibility to host guests, aging

Denise Smith, wife of the homebuilder, is

back patio.

parents or adult children. E2 Homes

a landscape architect and designed the

A floating walnut and quartz stairway

embraces this lifestyle trend of dual mas-

subdivision layout as well as this home’s

with stainless steel glass railings leads

ter suites in its 4,846-square-foot custom

landscape, including the popular succu-

upstairs to floors clad in solid French oak in

home located on the north shore of Lake

lent plant balls that accent the front entry.

contrast to the first-floor porcelain flooring

Maitland in the Lake Maitland Owl Pre-

Situated on 3.5 acres, the home wraps

in 2' x 4' tiles. Other design details include

serve subdivision. Working with Michael

around a large outdoor space with a sum-

curtain tracks hidden behind drywall

Wenrich Architects, E2 Homes constructed

mer kitchen, pool, spa and a 400-foot

niches and a privacy wall in the outdoor

the open concept home with both a down-

boardwalk winding through wetlands

shower area crafted from handrails sal-

stairs master bedroom with a lanai and a

leading to a boat dock on the canals of

vaged from a Winter Park home renovation,

full master suite upstairs that opens to a

Lake Maitland. “The most important ele-

and fully retractable screens on the deep,

large rooftop deck and green roof.

ment has always been the connection to

covered porch. The builder also used repur-

the land and the special features of this

posed materials to create an arched board-

“We created the green roof by using more 60


walk entry using handrails from the origi-

The foyer, with its white-painted panel-

nal home on the property, built in the 1980s.

separate walk-in closets, a morning bar,

ing, textural custom moldings and mosaic

The home is available for sale, priced at

large windows with equally impressive

tiles, opens to an infinity-edge view of the

$2,990,000, and fully furnished as an

views, a master bath with a walk-through

lake through a 12-foot wide, 9-foot-high

oasis in the middle of urban life. “It offers

shower, and a wall of textured glass tiles

butt- glass window. The 140-foot main gal-

the seclusion and privacy yet is set right in

that highlights the freestanding tub.

lery hall infuses the first floor with natural

the heart of Winter Park and Maitland,”

Working with the residential design

light extending sight lines through the

Rob says. It’s located in the same develop-

firm Arace Design, Beck Custom Homes


built Bella Mattina with the flexibility to

ment as E2 Home’s 2017 Parade of Homes

Designed to handle family dinners or

accommodate the changing needs of a

cater to large parties, the home’s open

multigenerational household with two

kitchen includes a full secondary spice

master suites. The second master suite is

kitchen. Transitional in design, the main

Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act

kitchen has many contemporary elements

compliant and designed to accommodate

but still maintains a warm, inviting feel

either aging parents or a returning college

for everyday living. Each kitchen is

Located on an irregular-shaped lot in

student. Located on the ground floor with

equipped with a 48-inch gas range, a Sub-

Windermere and artfully designed around

a separate entrance, the second master

Zero 60-inch refrigerator and plenty of

Lake Davis, Bella Mattina by Beck Custom

suite has a bathroom with universal

pantry storage.

design features, including bracing for grab

Grand Award Winner for Renovation.


Bella Mattina, 5401 Marleon Drive, Windermere

Homes embraces water and sunrise views

“Our clients entertain large gatherings

from all vantage points. “One of our goals

several times a year with approximately

was to take advantage of the views without

150 people. The open floor plan allows

sacrificing the livability of the home,” says

The second floor has flex space with

them to entertain a large group while still

Barry Beck, president of Beck Custom

built-in homework stations, a home theater

keeping connected visually,” Barry explains.

Homes. The 8,600-square-foot transitional-

— bedroom and suites for each of the

The 1500-square-foot owners’ retreat

style home with Mediterranean design

homeowners’ four children. “The goals for

features a separate entry to the private

elements is built for entertaining and mul-

Bella Mattina were to design a home for a

dressing and sitting area, and another pri-

tigenerational living.

large family and accommodate for elderly

vate entry to the study. The suite also has

parents to stay in comfort,” Barry says.

bars, an ADA-compliant toilet and a rollin, curb-less shower.

Bella Mattina’s hospitality extends outdoors with a living space built for entertaining with 300 feet of frontage on Lake Davis and a 40-foot long, double-sided infinity edge pool. The summer kitchen comes outfitted with a gas grill, kamado grill, ice maker, sink, refrigerator, warming drawer, 140-square-feet of countertop and seating for 15. Energy-efficient features such as LED lighting throughout, foam insulation, tankless heaters and whole-home automation controlled with smart devices keep living spaces at peak performance. Other amenities include a family prayer room with a large window overlooking the lake, a sports-themed exercise room and a six-car garage. “We designed Bella Mattina as a home that lives well for our clients Multigenerational Living: Bella Mattina, by Beck Custom Homes

now and in the future, meeting their needs and desires,” Barry says.

july | august 2018


home&design JEWEL BOX HOMES:

most walls as a standout feature,” Emily

and opens on one side to the lanai/pool

1160 Mayfield, Winter Park

says. Pinks, greens, blues, blushes and brass

area and on the other side to a spa encap-

The husband and wife team of Z Proper-

define colorscapes throughout the three-

sulated in a private open-air courtyard.

ties, a boutique design-build firm, proves

bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath home, with

The contemporary-styled, gourmet kitch-

high style doesn’t require huge spaces. Zane

the exception of the kitchen, rendered in

en, with a double island and full wall back-

Williams, the general contractor/builder

gold and black with parquet wood floors.

splash, leads to the dining room that

and his wife, Emily Williams, an interior

The living room drinks in light through a

seamlessly blends with the outdoors via

decorator, put their personal residence at

glass wall looking out to a green space.

sliding glass walls that open to the lanai,

1160 Mayfield in Winter Park on the

Other standout features include the out-

pool and summer kitchen. Retractable

Parade of Homes Tour, showcasing one of

door living room with its tiled wall and

screens enhance comfort and add protec-

the latest lifestyle trends known as the

statement-making chandelier.

tion to the indoor and outdoor spaces.

The home’s painted, white brick facade

The first-floor guest suite features its

and designed for high-impact style in

draws the eye immediately to the hot pink

own open courtyard and the first-floor

succinct spaces. “The house has intimate

front door with glass insets. “The exterior

master suite has access to the private,

spaces rather than soaring rooms. We see

elevation could read very modern without

open-air courtyard with spa. The two upper-

things trending away from huge homes

the details like the precast, awnings and

floor en-suite guest rooms feature a large

and spaces,” Emily explains.

gates,” Emily says.

balcony. A private casita with full bath,

“jewel box” home, thoughtfully decorated

Inspired by a Paris apartment with a

Designed with ease of living in mind,

bar, pool and golf course views enhances

nod toward Palm Springs modernism, the

the single-floor open layout with floor-to-

the home’s hospitality and entertainment

3,400-square-foot custom residence enthu-

ceiling windows in most spaces blur lines


siastically embraces color while blending

between inside and out, leading to the

Throughout the home, architectural

in an eclectic, collected look. “We chose to

summer kitchen, pool and cabana. An

details include coffered, vaulted and beam

use Venetian plaster with a mica powder

interior courtyard off the kitchen serves as

ceiling details and luxury finishes, includ-

for a little sparkle and luminescence on

another entertaining space and is embel-

ing marble and hardwood floors, crystal

lished with fountains.

door hardware and transparent lighting

Jewel Box Home: design, construction and interior design by Z Properties


Island Breeze, Lake Nona Golf & Country Club Situated on a corner lot overlooking the 11th tee box along Lake Nona’s champion-


ship golf course, this 5,414-square-foot



fixtures, evoking an open and airy feel. This energy-efficient home earned the National Green Building Standard’s “Silver” Certification and is available for sale at $2,995,000.


custom residence draws curb appeal from

1341 N. Lake Sybelia Drive, Maitland

island-inspired architecture, a style gain-

Farmhouse chic is having its moment in

ing traction in the new home market.

interior design and architectural styles as

Coastal contemporary interiors convey

an upscale iteration blending rustic charm

the architectural tone throughout the

and luxe looks. Hardwick General Con-

home centered on an indoor-outdoor life-

tracting has captured the essence of the

style. “The home is designed so that you

style in the renovation of an early 1990s

have a beautiful golf course and pool view

lakefront home, the personal residence of

from the moment you enter, from every

the construction company’s owner Greg

living area, and by balcony view,” says Phil

Hardwick and his family.

Kean, president of Phil Kean Design Group.

The interior styling of this 4,050-square-

A gallery entry hallway leads to an

foot residence, located at 1341 N. Lake Syb-

open and airy living area. The great room

elia Drive in Maitland, is a collaboration

is surrounded by glass using eight sets of

with Greg, his wife, Donna, and John

French doors and clerestory windows,

McClain Designs.

“The primary focus of the project was

Contemporary Coastal: design, construction and interior design by Phil Kean Design Group

to completely refit the interior finishes without any changes to the floor plan. The original architecture of the home made for an easy transition from a traditional mid90s interior to the modern farmhouse,” says Greg Hardwick, P.E., owner/president of Hardwick General Contracting. Reclaimed wood floors throughout the home, prefinished with a low-VOC penetrating oil, originated from old barns, distilleries and factories across the Southeast. Nickel-gap shiplap clads many accent walls and cabinetry, and reclaimed wood appears as shelving crafted from cypress tree logs salvaged from the bottom of Lake Eustis. “We build all types of homes, but since 2010 the use of reclaimed materials is a predominant feature in all of the farmhouse-inspired homes as well as many of UNEEK

the more modern homes,” Greg says.

july | august 2018


home&design backyard a makeover that included significant excavation and dirt work to construct a larger retaining wall to create a much more lakefront-friendly area.

REIMAGINED RESIDENCE: 1520 Westchester Avenue, Winter Park

Interior designer Audrey Morrone saw potential in a Winter Park villa built in 1925; whereas other potential buyers


wanted to tear it down and start anew, she

Repurposed & Redesigned: renovation by Hardwick General Contracting; interior design in collaboration with John McClain Designs

wanted to restore the home to its fullest potential. This reimagined residence honors its past and stylistically embraces modern life, echoing its historic Orwin Manor charm but with contemporary décor and an updated layout. Located at 1520 Westchester Avenue in Winter Park on a double lot, Audrey drew inspiration from the framework of the house itself, preserving as much as possible of the orig-

The Hardwick GC team updated door

up routine,” Greg adds. Throughout the

hardware and plumbing fixtures from its

day, the home’s automation system adjusts

“Even though the original home needed

dated polished brass finishes to oil-rubbed

and responds to changes in temperature

a lot of work, there were purchase offers

bronze. Wainscoting in formal living areas

and the sun’s position, with a shutdown

on it and my offer included a letter to the

and tongue-and-groove ceiling accents

mode each evening.

family stating that I would not tear it

amplify the home’s rustic-chic style.

Outside, Greg and his team gave the

The kitchen is redesigned to accommodate twice the storage from its original layout and features exotic granite, combined with brick and reclaimed wood accents. Living spaces include five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, including the master suite that opens to a covered balcony with a sweeping lakeside view. The spa-inspired master bathroom features a large, deck-mounted soaking tub and a walk-in shower with rain glass. The high-performance home also received a comprehensive technology upgrade to enable voice-activated automation with the latest lighting and shade controls and multimedia distribution. “It’s pretty amazing when every morning the home ‘turns on’ by opening all of the first-floor shades, turning on the lighting and playing our favorite music. It’s kind of like our wake64


Reimagined Residence: kitchen designed by Audrey Morrone, Morrone Interiors

inal 1925 floor plan.

down. The other eight offers were builders

who wanted to tear the house down due to the amount of work it needed,” says Audrey, who purchased and renovated the home as her personal residence. After extensively gutting the structure due to termite damage, Audrey set about renovating the 3,030 square feet of living space. From what was once the original front porch, Audrey created a foyer to welcome guests into a living room featuring a built-in fireplace surrounded by custom cabinetry. She also refurbished the home’s original wood flooring with a new black stain throughout. By removing the wall separating the dining room and kitchen, Audrey connected the two spaces, creating a new open and living floor plan perfect for entertaining. The kitchen was outfitted with new cabinets, quartz countertops and a glass door Sub-Zero refrigerator. A breakfast nook off the kitchen features French doors that lead to one of the outdoor patios. Also on the first floor, a new office has a built-in bookcase for ample storage, as well as an updated powder bath. Audrey created a much larger master retreat by utilizing space initially used as one of the three guest bedrooms. The 20’ x 19’ bedroom features a custom built-in bed, large walk-in custom closet with a washer and dryer, and a luxurious master bath with a stainless-steel Japanese soaking tub, and honed marble floors. The residence also features an extensive backyard with a pool, and a guest retreat that has been transformed into a home theatre with a projection screen, custom sofa and herringbone floors. More photos of these projects will be posted on orangeappeal.com. Karen LeBlanc is host of The Design Tourist series. She travels the globe attending some of the world’s premiere design events in search of the latest trends, tastemakers and unique finds. Learn more at thedesigntourist.com. july | august 2018




july | august 2018










july | august 2018




















3 Women with

passion & purpose BY


Stephanie Murphy: PROUD PATRIOT As the first Vietnamese-American woman elected to congress, Stephanie Murphy always felt the calling to public service, to a country she credits with saving her family. The story illustrates a very desperate move during a difficult era. “I was a baby when my parents and 8-year-old brother escaped communist Vietnam. After the fall of Saigon and the end of the war, the communist government was consolidating power and persecuting people who had been affiliated with the U.S. or South Vietnamese government. My parents had done both. My mom had worked on an air base and my dad worked for the South Vietnamese government. I think they looked at the prospect of raising their children in a country with no true freedoms and no respect for human dignity, and so they made a very risky decision to get on a boat in the middle of the night with several dozen other families and escape by sea,” Stephanie recounts. As the boat made its way to the South China Sea it ran out of fuel. “I can only imagine what the adults on the ship were thinking. As luck, or grace or providence would have it, the U.S. Navy found our ship, so they refueled and resupplied us which gave us enough to get to Malaysia. We stayed in a Malaysian refugee camp for a number of months before a Lutheran church in Virginia sponsored my family,” she adds. U.S. Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy (D) represents Florida’s Seventh Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives that includes all of Seminole County and much of northern Orange County, including downtown Orlando, Maitland, Winter Park and the University of Central Florida. She currently sits on the powerful House Armed Services Committee and the House Small Business Committee, where she serves as ranking member on the subcommittee on Contracting and Workforce.



The family was relocated to Virginia by the sponsoring

lot to be able to raise me in a democracy and I am committed to

church that also assisted in finding Stephanie’s parents their

the philosophy that democracies aren’t self-fulfilling. Nothing

first jobs. “They both worked multiple jobs, so I grew up very

about it is going to take place automatically. It takes engaged citi-

much in a working-class family. My parents would clean office

zens involved in the process for it to work,” she says.

buildings as a second job at night and they would take my brother and me with them,” she says. Her parents always told


her to focus on her education and she became the first woman in

Her philosophy also includes collaboration that begins with

her family to graduate college. Post-college, she began her career

building relationships. She feels she has accomplished quite a bit

at Deloitte Consulting where she would meet her future husband

in her inaugural term. “I love the policy parts of this job and I

(they will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary this month).

love being able to advance legislation that can help this commu-

But soon after the 9/11 tragedy, she felt an insistent call to public

nity. That has been a big driving factor in trying to get a lot done.


I am proud to say that an external organization [Quorum] that

CALL TO DUTY “The country I loved so much, that had given me so many oppor-

My parents gave up a lot to be able to raise me

tunities, was under attack. I left Deloitte and went back to gradu-

in a democracy and I am committed to the

ate school at Georgetown and then went to work for the Depart-

philosophy that democracies aren’t self-fulfilling.

ment of Defense,” she says. Her roles included positions with the chief of naval operations and the Pacific Commander in Hawaii

Nothing about it is going to take place automati-

before serving as a national security specialist in the Office of the

cally. It takes engaged citizens involved in the

U.S. Secretary of Defense. She received numerous awards for her distinguished service, including the Secretary of Defense

process for it to work.

Medal for Exceptional Civilian Service. Among the security issues she was involved with were counterterrorism, foreign mil-

ranks members of congress and their performance rated me as

itary relations and strategic planning for the department.

‘the most effective freshman member [at garnering cosponsors for

When Stephanie’s husband accepted an opportunity to run a

their legislation].’ FiveThirtyEight also rated [based on her voting

business in Central Florida, the couple moved here 10 years ago.

record] me as the seventh most bipartisan member of congress. I

She found a position at Sungate Capital, an investment company,

think those two things go hand in hand. By being bipartisan,

but soon felt another calling and started doing some contracting

meaning if it’s a good idea and it helps my constituents, and it

for Rollins College’s Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship.

helps my country, I will work with whomever to move it forward.

“One of the programs I worked on was social entrepreneur-

That has enabled me to be effective,” Stephanie explains.

ship and bringing that to the campus. I ended up parlaying that

She has worked on a variety of issues for the benefit of the

into guest speaking in one of the classes and into an adjunct posi-

Central Florida community, including an emergency education

tion, eventually becoming an instructor,” she explains. When

fund to mitigate the cost of displaced Puerto Rican students.

she ran for office she was teaching finance and social entrepre-

Ongoing efforts also include greater access to SBIR (Small Busi-

neurship full time at Rollins, in addition to her job at Sungate.

ness Innovation Research) and STTR (Small Business Technology

Taking on a long-term incumbent in her initial race was no

Transfer) grants for private/public defense partnerships. “These

small feat and many would question why a successful business-

are federal grants for technology R&D that serves a national

woman would even want that challenge. “My parents gave up a

security purpose as well as commercial applications. There are

july | august 2018


some women-owned businesses here in Orlando that have been

credit. “We wanted to expand it and increase the amount you can

beneficiaries,” she adds.

put into savings programs because it had not been updated to

And assisting women and minority business owners is a pri-

keep pace with the actual cost of childcare,” she says. Even though

ority. “When I was in the private sector I had the real honor and

they had hoped to get it expanded, it was going to be cut from the

privilege to work with a lot of women entrepreneurs who were

new tax bill and they were able to save it. Stephanie hopes they

starting businesses or trying to grow businesses, and I saw first-

will be able to revisit an expansion later.

hand how hard it was for them to gain access to capital or navigate

Encouraging other women is a near and dear idea. She

the process or get access to federal contracts that can really

points to her hand and says: “I wear this ring on my right hand.

launch a company,” she says. Through her congressional commit-

My husband gave it to me the night of the election before the

tee positions she is pushing to give more women access to capital,

results were revealed. He said, ‘This is a ring for you to com-

counseling and contracts, and is hoping a Small Business Admin-

memorate the fact that you had the courage to try. Whatever

istration women’s business center can be opened in Florida.

happens tonight, you had the courage to try it.’ I always tell


women that I hope they find their courage ring and try, whether that’s running for public office, or whatever that big, hairy,

I know it seems an unfair question, but I had to ask how she

audacious goal you have in your mind. Go try and do it, regard-

handles it all — demanding job, husband and two young chil-

less of whether there’s an assured, positive outcome. I think so

dren. “It would be disingenuous to say it’s easy. With any new

often with women, we self-talk ourselves out of doing things.

job, it takes some time to find the rhythm for family and work.

What’s exciting about this election cycle is so many women are

People talk about a work-life balance, but it doesn’t feel like bal-

getting involved and engaged with the process, which is great.

ance — it feels like holding on. I am really lucky that my husband

In a democracy where you are supposed to have representative government, we don’t have a government that reflects the diver-

I am proud to say that an external organization

sity of our country.”

[Quorum] that ranks members of congress and


their performance rated me as ‘the most effective

Reflecting on the future, she is optimistic but sees a lot of work

freshman member [at garnering cosponsors for their legislation].’ FiveThirtyEight also rated me as the seventh most bipartisan member of congress.

ahead to diversify congress. “The millennial generation will be the largest generation ever, eclipsing the boomers in a few years. They are currently about 30 percent of the workforce but will be 50 percent in 2025. And yet only 2 percent of congress is millennial,” she says. Opening the door to and encouraging those younger genera-

is incredibly supportive. I am also lucky in that, unlike many

tions has a place in her own congressional office, where she has

women in this country, we have the resources to be able to get

converted a large closet into a space for visiting children with

help. This whole idea of the cost of childcare and doing some-

small chairs, Legos and a treasure box. “I would like for my

thing about it is so important to me. One in three families in

daughter and my son to believe they live in a country where if

Florida can’t afford childcare,” she explains.

they work hard and play by the rules, the potential for them is

She thinks when it comes to women and equality, women won’t have to make choices between quality childcare and

limitless. If my daughter wants to be a congresswoman, hopefully she won’t be in the minority,” she adds.

whether or not to pursue a career. She has worked with Con-

For now, Stephanie is taking her congressional career one elec-

gressman Kevin Yoder (R-KS) on a child and dependent care tax

tion at a time. But there’s still a lot she would like to accomplish.



Diane Crews: HUMBLE LEADER Success for Diane Crews, president and CEO of the Sanford Airport Authority — which operates Orlando Sanford International Airport — is measured in the impact she has on others. As a later-in-life college student, she has inspired not only those in her family, but those she works with as well. And she says that means everything to her. “I am at a good place at this point in my life. I am where I want to be, and I am setting a good example for my 5-year-old granddaughter who has already said she wants to be an airport president when she grows up. They had career day at school and they had to dress up. She was talking to her mother about what to do. And my daughter said, ‘well you just dress up like whatever you want to be,’” Diane says. Her granddaughter ended up dressing like an airport president in a borrowed black blazer, skirt and “official” name badge worn on a lanyard. As part of her report she wrote: “I like airport presidents. They help people at the airport. I will need a radio.” Later, when Diane and her husband attended a grandparents’ night at the school, they were informed that one of the principals had recently come to school dressed like an airport president (black blazer and skirt). But Diane has also had an impact on the community too. She was recently honored as one of the Business Executives of the Year at the Orlando Business Journal’s Women Who Mean Business event. Her granddaughter begged to go. “You know you are making an impression here and there. And I certainly have made an impression on her. That’s enough isn’t it?” she explains.

DELAYED ENTRY Diane’s path to heading an airport was anything but conventional. She did not earn her undergraduate degree in public administration until she was 41 and obtained her master’s at 46. “I graduated high school when I was 17. I was supposed to go immediately to Stetson University on a scholarship. But back then you didn’t Diane Crews, president and CEO at Orlando Sanford International Airport

july | august 2018


have as much grant and scholarship money as you do now. So

like. Diane credits then-mayor Larry Dale with mentoring her and

even though I was getting assistance, there was still a tremen-

teaching her invaluable lessons. “Larry is a visionary and consensus

dous amount that was not covered. I was really overwhelmed by

builder. The commission was very diverse then,” she adds. When

the debt I was going to incur,” she says.

Larry Dale ended up taking the top leadership role with the Sanford

Her family, whom she describes lovingly as mountain people

Airport Authority, he encouraged her to be part of the team.

from Tennessee, had never gone to college and were uncomfort-

She has been at the airport for 17 years. “It was 2001 and our

able signing financial aid forms. That left Diane on her own to

domestic service had just started. The airport was a general avia-

figure it out. She decided the best course was to enroll at Semi-

tion airport after the Navy base closed [in 1968] and then in the

nole Junior College (now Seminole State College).

mid ’90s became a commercial airport with international service,

“At 17, it was up to me and it was really too much to take on. I

predominantly U.K. charters. Even with more than a million

did not know what I wanted to study. I had a lot of uncertainties.

passengers a year, you could not originate here. Locals started

In that first year, I met my husband and got married a year later.

saying they wanted to be able to fly out of Sanford and were asking

We had plans to go to upstate New York and attend a small

for domestic carriers. In March 2001, construction was completed

school. We never made it all the way and decided to come back

on the domestic terminal,” Diane explains.

home. Life takes over,” she adds. Diane and her husband made several moves over the years while growing their family. They had built a nice life in Michi-

I have never been so angry in my life as I was

gan when tragedy struck, changing everything. “My husband got

that day. Because it didn’t matter how smart or

hurt on the job. The company he worked for filed for bankruptcy,

talented I was, nothing mattered except that I was

but they said they would take care of him anyway. But when he found out he needed neurosurgery, they fired him that day. I

unable to support my family. I was angry that

have never been so angry in my life as I was that day. Because it

I had not finished school.

didn’t matter how smart or talented I was, nothing mattered except that I was unable to support my family. I was angry that I had not finished school,” she recalls.


Her initial position was as vice president of administration, where she continued to learn from her mentor. “Larry was a developer and a pilot. He had a lot of experience to really prepare

The family moved back to Central Florida and Diane picked up

him for this role. I used to kid him that everything he had done

her education after a 17-year hiatus. “People said you can’t work

in all the prior years, he used out here. He had an agronomy

full time and go to school. I took one, then two, and then four

degree and whenever anyone came in for development — an air-

classes at a time. But my kids were growing up and I did not

port is one development project after another — they would talk

want to miss anything. Every minute of my life counted. I ended

about soils. He could pick up the soil and know exactly what it

up getting my degree in public administration. Then I went on

was,” she says.

and earned my master’s,” she says. She was working for the Sanford mayor and city commission,


which was a good place to be because she got to see government in

Diane quickly caught on, learning about more aspects of airport

action and form her own ideas about what good government looked

management. “Once I got into it — I’m an accredited airport



executive now, which is a grueling course of study — I learned the hard way, hands-on. I did not have any aviation experience.

I have told people that when my children were

That’s not that unusual. You find a lot of people who did not have

younger I would not have taken this position

aviation degrees who end up in airport management,” she adds. She did have the administrative experience and became the vice president of finance and administration in 2014. By 2017, the role of president and CEO was open to her, but it wasn’t an automatic step. “When the opportunity came up for the president’s position, I ended up being chosen after a national

because my family came first. This is a 24/7 job. It’s all-consuming and I love it. I absolutely love it. But it would require a huge sacrifice to do it with a family.

search was conducted. There were a lot of people who felt like I should have just been offered the position, but as others have

major shift at the airport, which now includes sustainability.

said, at least no one can say that I wasn’t really qualified for the

“We are looking at terminal expansion, but it’s a $60 million

job because I went through a very rigorous examination from my

stop-gap because we can’t afford, nor do we need, a brand-new ter-

peers, officials, and government and local leaders,” she says.

minal right now. But eventually we will. So, we looked at our

There are not very many women in the top spot at airports,

existing footprint and asked how we can make it more efficient.

even though more and more women are entering the industry.

We’re going to improve everything we can — add more gates,

“It’s a very demanding position and that may hold women back a

more ticket counters. We are starting that project, which will

little bit. I have told people that when my children were younger

take about two and a half years, and in about five years we will be

I would not have taken this position because my family came

starting a new terminal,” Diane explains.

first. This is a 24/7 job. It’s all-consuming and I love it. I abso-

Other priorities are adding more retail, dining and entertain-

lutely love it. But it would require a huge sacrifice to do it with a

ment options to the airport’s underdeveloped outparcels, so visi-

family. I know many women who are in highly demanding jobs,

tors have something to do around the airport, and adding new

but it is not the path I would have chosen back then,” Diane

carriers with more destination options for residents. A critical

explains. Part of her mission is to educate and encourage young

part of management is also about the people you serve.

people to consider careers in aviation and airport management.

“We are a small hub airport. We will never be Orlando Inter-

The airport had nearly 3 million passengers in 2017 and a

national, and we don’t aspire to. Part of what attracts people to us

huge part of operations is development. There is an ongoing need

is the simplicity. There are people who tell me they have never

for improvements as well as additions for a fast-growing entity.

flown before who are flying out of this airport. I hear that on a

For example, Diane relays how lengthening one runway took

regular basis. It’s a great accomplishment for this airport. For

major resources: “It cost about $30 million just to acquire the

families and elderly passengers, and everyone in between, we

additional land. It was a $44 million project, but most of that was

can operate simpler, faster and better. But if you are going to say

in land acquisition. That’s just one project that took years to plan,

you are, you better be,” she adds.

years to implement, and there are processes all along the way, including other agencies.”

WHAT’S NEXT A master plan is done every 5-10 years, every time there’s a

She wants everyone to have a good experience and encourages all her employees to observe and assist passengers whenever they can. It’s something she’s taught her children as well. “I don’t care what you do as long as you’re kind. If you grow up to be kind people, everything else will fall into place,” she says.

july | august 2018


Gaby Ortigoni: PREPARED PRESIDENT As the new president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando (HCCMO), Gaby Ortigoni understands it’s a big job and a lot of people are relying on her leadership, but she knows she’s in the right place at the right time. “I have been preparing for 20 years for this particular role. I studied hospitality management in college at ITT Tech, but after graduating I felt I needed to do something different. At that time, I had the opportunity to volunteer for one of the first Hispanic radio stations here in Central Florida. That opened so many doors for me because I learned through volunteering not only how many connections you can make, but how much you can learn in your own community,” she says. That volunteer role led to a position as a legislative assistant with a state legislator for the Florida House of Representatives, District 35. And Gaby has never looked back — taking one professional position at a time, ultimately preparing her to lead the Chamber. She did not end up utilizing her hospitality training in a formal way. “So instead of going in the restaurant or hotel world after college, I went into politics and government, an arena I previously had no knowledge about. I was able to work here and in Tallahassee. I had to learn the entire process in two months — how to conduct business in Tallahassee and how to be a legislative aide,” she explains.

NEXT STEPS Gaby found she had a passion for it and wanted to explore more. Her next professional role was with a senior community officer for the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration where she was responsible for community outreach. She worked there for three years. She went on to become director of the Hispanic Crime Prevention Program for Florida International Gaby Ortigoni, president, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando



University’s Center for the Administration of Justice. “This

as manager of community relations. “Going from a small His-

was a program of FIU, but they had extended their funds to

panic organization and getting into a new industry was a great

bring the program to Central Florida,” she explains.

experience for me, especially working with someone like Rose-

She had become very intrigued with chambers of commerce

ann Harrington [vice president of marketing, communications

and the world of Hispanic businesses. “I wondered how I could

and community relations], who has been there for more than

help in that area, especially with my legislative background

30 years. It was very analytical and technical. It really shaped

and working with the Puerto Rican community,” she says.

me in areas where I needed to grow and gave me a different

She discovered the HCCMO and volunteered to work on the Hispanic Business Initiative Fund (HBIF). “Next I volunteered

foundation that strengthened me in order to take on other leadership roles,” she explains.

at the Chamber and I loved it. As soon as there was an opportu-

She was there for five years and was able to connect with the

nity to come on board — even though I had to take a huge pay

entire Central Florida community while maintaining her rela-

cut from the director position — I did it because I really wanted

tionships in the Hispanic community. Connecting HBIF, now

to get into it and learn more,” she says.

Prospera, with OUC was an accomplishment combining both.

She found a professional mentor in the Chamber president

“I really made sure I opened myself up to learn about other

at the time. “I always really admired not only what the Cham-

communities — to see all the diversity — and I was still work-

ber was doing, but all the work he did to take the Chamber to a

ing on economic development initiatives,” she adds.

different level. I really wanted to learn from someone like that,” she adds.

Gaby was able to return to Prospera as regional vice president — Central Florida. “At that time, it felt like the right thing

Stepping down to take the administrative position, Gaby

to do. I was very happy at OUC and enjoyed what I was doing,

knew the move would pay dividends. “In less than a year they

but I knew that I had a special purpose to help my Hispanic

offered me the position of director of marketing and sales.

community. What a better way to grow and apply my talents

That’s when I really started learning everything and getting

and experience — to work with entrepreneurs who were in the

very connected with the community. I was there from 2004 to

process of opening or expanding their businesses,” she says.

2009 and I was able to really discover the power of our Hispanic community and our community in general,” she says.

This move enabled her to work with HCCMO again as the two are sister organizations — even sharing office space. They

“I always say I knew then how much Central Florida was

also partner on the very prestigious annual Don Quixote awards.

changing — how much we were growing, and all the economic

“I felt like I was back home. I was with Prospera for three years

development. I was part of Project Hometown that was work-

and loved every single minute of it. Then the opportunity came

ing on getting the three venues (Dr. Phillips Center, Camping

to apply for the Chamber president opening,” she says.

World Stadium and Amway Center) done. I started getting

She carefully considered applying as she knew it would be a

involved in other initiatives with the offices of the mayors of

large responsibility — and also a wonderful professional advance-

Orange County and City of Orlando. By being involved in the

ment for her. As she was weighing her decision, she realized

economic development atmosphere, I felt I was getting the

this was the job she had been preparing for her whole career.

opportunity to be part of history,” she continues.

“And everything in life has been guiding me — from relation-


ships to government to businesses to start-ups to community relations and so many areas to be able to have a holistic

Gaby felt like to continue growing professionally she really needed

approach to this position. What an incredible way to really

corporate experience and landed at OUC — The Reliable One

come full circle,” she adds.

july | august 2018


globally respected destination. We have everything anyone could

And everything in life has been guiding me — from relationships to government to businesses to start-ups to community relations and so many areas to be able to have a holistic approach to this position. What an incredible way to really come full circle.

ask of a host site. We really need to pay attention and bring those events and businesses here. If we don’t take action and promote our region as one of the top places in front of business owners and investors somebody else will,” she explains.

PERSONAL PRIORITIES Gaby came to the U.S. from Puerto Rico when she was 14 and has a lifelong passion for travel. “I love to explore different places in the world. My mother is an anthropologist, so I was raised with the mentality of understanding different groups and cul-


tures. I am intrigued by learning from all socioeconomic levels,” she adds. Her other interests include music — she was a choir

In this important position she wants to expand on the work of

director and used to play guitar — and the arts. She credits her

the Chamber in several areas. “I want one of my legacies to be

boyfriend with planning their cultural activities.

the creation of a platform for businesses to really understand

Even though she is at the highest point in her career and

how to grow and be profitable in a very sustainable way. Another

plans to stay to accomplish her goals, she would like to own a

of my main areas of focus is advancing women. We have huge

business someday. “Not right now, but since I was a little girl I

opportunities to help women — position them and develop them

always saw myself having my own business. I envisioned my

for executive positions,” she explains.

office, my firm. It’s interesting because everything I have done

“One of the challenges that we have as women, even if we are

has prepared me with the tools so one day if I have that opportu-

prepared for a position, we doubt ourselves so much. I was read-

nity I will have the experience and contacts to do so. It will be in

ing an article that said when a man is exposed to an executive

the area of helping people reconnect with themselves; that’s why

position, even if they only have 10 percent of the qualifications,

I love personal and professional development so much. Some-

they will think they are the perfect candidate for the position.

times we get so distracted that we forget about ourselves. I want

The opposite is true for women. Even if they have 90 percent of

people to disconnect from the noise and stress and craziness and

the qualifications, they will say, ‘Oh I’m not the right person for

reconnect with their passion and what made them become suc-

that.’ I want the Chamber to be part of that leadership group that

cessful,” she says. And of course, it will include travel.

will create the platform and opportunities for women to have success,” she adds.

“My main message is that I really encourage everyone, especially the younger generation, to take time to volunteer. Really

International relations and economic development are also

commit to it. Find something you are passionate about and treat

on her list of to-dos. “I went to Dubai in 2016 and as we were tak-

it as if you were getting paid to do it. The moment you do that,

ing a tour I realized there was a Latin American conference

even if life takes you down other paths, you will discover your

there. It was one where the brightest minds and leadership came

real path. It will open doors you never knew existed. In my

together to discuss things that are going to shape the world in

career that has been the key. I have been very blessed to have

terms of business and education. And we are right here. Why

been mentored by people I have met through my volunteer

aren’t we having these conversations in Orlando? We have a

work,” she says.



The Wedding of

Annie Gottshalk


Kris Metts

Date: February 17, 2018 Venue: The Capen House at Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens Planning and design: Annie Gottshalk Day-of coordination: Anna Christine Events Photography: Amalie Orrange Photography Videography: KEJ Productions Floral: Flowers by Lesley Catering: Puff ‘n’ Stuff Catering Dessert: Donut King Hair/Makeup: Flawless Faces by Alicia Dress: Pronovias gown, Calvet Couture Bridal Reception DJ and lightning: A-List Entertainment Ceremony and dinner music: Classern Quartet Rentals: Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals Their story: Kris and Annie both tried all the dating sites at one point or another but never found each other. “Thankfully one Sunday in November, I decided to give Tinder another shot. I got back on, created a profile, and swiped right on Kris. We met for the first time about a week later, and I think we both knew that there was something special between us. After a few months, we moved in together and the rest is history,” Annie explains.

The proposal: Kris proposed after a day of skiing in

Whistler, BC. They had flown up early, ahead of a work trip for Annie, and stayed at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler. “After a full day of lessons and skiing, we spent the evening relaxing at the hotel. When we got back to our room, Kris surprised me with the ring. He got down on one knee and proposed in front of the fireplace,” Annie says. 106


Ceremony and reception: The couple was

married at Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens in Winter Park. The ceremony was outside in front of the lake, and the dinner and reception were on the other side of the lawn at The Capen House. “We picked a weekend in February, before the daylight savings time change, so we’d have a beautiful sunset over the lake,” Annie says. “My inspiration was a garden party with a little Florida flare. I chose navy as the base/neutral color — navy suit for Kris, navy table cloths and navy cushions — and lots of pops of bright colors through the flowers, bridesmaid dresses and napkins.”

Personal thoughts: “Everyone warns you that

the day will fly by, which it did, but I was prepared for that. I tried to soak up every second. The most amazing thing about having a wedding is that all your family and friends gather together in one place to support you.”

Where they are now: Kris and Annie live in Oviedo. “We bought a house there about a year ago and are having a great time renovating and designing it,” she says. “I work in Maitland and Kris works from home. I travel a lot for work, so we cherish our weekends together.”



The Wedding of

󠀀lyssa Stephan Robert Gerzanick and

Date: November 4, 2017 Ceremony: St. James Catholic Cathedral Reception/Catering: Waldorf Astoria Orlando Photography: The Hons + Rachel Burkhart Videography: Sky Schuyler (Perfect Sky Productions) Wedding coordination: Amanda Borrero Floral: Greenery Productions Dress: Alfred Angelo Hair/ Makeup: LeJeune Hair & Makeup Artistry Entertainment: Bay Kings Band Honeymoon: New Zealand/Australia Their story: After being introduced online and some quaint banter

regarding the Yankees and Mets, they texted for another few weeks before deciding to meet. Bobby arrived to Eola Wine Company (now, The Parkview) wearing a lavender oxford, which to this day is still Alyssa’s favorite piece from his wardrobe. They had immediate chemistry. The blueberry beer that Alyssa ordered for Bobby would be the first of many new experiences they would share together, and from that first date a beautiful relationship blossomed.

The proposal: On that first date, Alyssa and Bobby discovered

something they have in common — a thirst for adventure and a love of travel. In March of 2016, the couple ventured to the United Kingdom, beginning in Edinburgh, Scotland. Bobby had a detailed itinerary from which there could be no deviations. But he could not have predicted the stumble Alyssa took in the Edinburgh Airport, where she twisted her ankle. Alyssa powered through her injury, as she knew the following day they were to climb to the top of Arthur’s Seat — the highest point in Edinburgh. What she didn’t know was that Bobby had more plans than he included in his itinerary. Though she complained throughout the duration of the hike, her pain was immediately relieved when Bobby got down on one knee, pulled out a ring, and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him.

Ceremony and reception: The ceremony site, St. James Catholic Cathedral in downtown Orlando, and reception areas at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando, exuded romantic elegance. “Surrounded by 130 of our closest relatives and friends, it was the most perfect and beautiful day,” Alyssa says. 110


One of the recurring themes throughout the wedding was a gold and silver leaf emblem patterned after a ring that Robert gave to Alyssa when they were dating — a symbol of deep and abiding love as told in the mythical story of Baucis & Philemon. And in following the "something old, something new" tradition, Alyssa paid tribute to the many strong women who have influenced her life by including three generations of wedding rings and heirlooms in her bouquet.

Where they are now: Alyssa and Bobby reside in Winter Garden with their two Welsh corgis. Alyssa works as the assistant director of front office operations at Waldorf Astoria Orlando. Robert works as a history teacher in the private school sector.



The Wedding of

Brittany Marshall Marvin Lawrence and

Date: April 7, 2018 Venue/Catering: Bella Collina Photography: Victoria Angela Photography Videography: LUXECINÉ Wedding Coordination/Floral: Vangie Events of Distinction Dress: The Collection Bridal Hair/Makeup: L.A.’s Hair Studio & Company Ceremony Music: Beautiful Music Reception Entertainment: Subsonic Event DJs Cake: Publix Bakery Honeymoon: Italy and Greece

Their story: Brittany and Marvin met in 8th

grade Spanish class and remained good friends until high school. “Marvin asked me to be his girlfriend after he took me to our senior prom. We’ve been supportive and compassionate companions ever since,” Brittany says.

The proposal: Marvin and Brittany planned a

trip to London in 2016, but he surprised Brittany with a trip to Paris halfway through the vacation. “We arrived in the city Chantilly, France and he informed me of dinner reservations he planned in the heart of Paris. A private car dropped us off in front of the Eiffel Tower during its famous light show. From there, we took a horse and carriage ride down the ChampsÉlysées, which stopped across the Seine, Trocadéro, the site of the Palais de Chaillot. With a large open square and gardens offering the best unhindered views of the Eiffel Tower, Marvin dropped to one knee and asked me to be his forever,” Brittany shares.

Ceremony and reception: The ceremony

and reception were held at The Club at Bella Collina in Montverde, and incorporated special nods to their Parisian engagement, such as the cake. “The day was filled with an indescribable spirit filled with love, kindness and support from our friends and family,” Brittany says.

Where they are now: “Marvin and I have

purchased a home in Gainesville,” Brittany says. Marvin works for Gainesville Regional Utilities as a water operator and Brittany works as an IMC/ICU registered nurse at UF Health Shands in Gainesville. 114


The Wedding of

Nikki Garcia James Phelan and

Date: April 21, 2018 Venue: Lake Nona Golf & Country Club Wedding coordination: Em Gibbons & Katie Scully, Blue Ribbon Weddings Photography: 28 North Photography Florals: Michelle Lewis of Bluegrass Chic Cake: Le Petit Sweet Dress: The Collection Bridal Groom & Groomsman Attire: Men’s Wearhouse Hair/Makeup: Ali Lee Artistry DJ: Tabitha Carroll, Our DJ Rocks Ceremony music: Anthology Quartet Entertainment: Photobooth Rocks Cocktail hour magician: See Magic Live! Linen: BBJ Linen Rentals: Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals Tabletop rentals: Dishie Rentals Transportation: Cole's Classic Cars Monogram/Signage: Do Tell Calligraphy Stationery: Citrus Press Co.

Their story: Nikki and James have known

each other since attending Bishop Moore Catholic High School. “We never dated back then, but there was always something there,” Nikki reveals. “Years later, after college and moving out of state, we both moved back to Orlando and ran into each other on Park Avenue in Winter Park. We decided to go out for dessert and that was it! We have been doing date nights ever since.”

The proposal: The couple loves the beach

and their English Bulldog, Bubbles, so they wanted to have a weekend where they could enjoy both, and went to Sanibel Island for Fourth of July. “James planned a fancy dinner, where we could get dressed up and afterward take family photos on the beach. He persisted even though it started raining. He asked me to pick my favorite spot, and right by these beautiful sea grape trees, he asked me to marry him,” Nikki says.



Ceremony and reception: The ceremony

and reception were at Lake Nona Golf & Country Club in April 2018. “The ceremony was under this big, beautiful tree by the 18th hole,” Nikki explains. “Because we both love Florida, we tried to make sure the wedding incorporated all the things we love about our home state like the moss trees by the lake, oranges and magnolias.”

Personal thoughts: “We were both very

calm. It’s a very surreal experience and we were full of love; not for just each other, but our closest family and friends who were with us as well. We had the most wonderful wedding planners and thus, equally wonderful vendors, so we were able to truly enjoy every second of our day.”

Where they are now: “We live in an apart-

ment by Lake Ivanhoe, close to downtown Orlando. For the honeymoon, we used JoEllen Kamen with Go Travel, Inc. in Longwood and went to Mykonos, London, and Positano!” Nikki says.

july | august 2018


The Wedding of

Erika Anderson Nolan Beerbower and

Date: March 11, 2017 Ceremony: St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church Reception: Casa Feliz Planning and design: L.I.F.E. Events Photography: Amalie Orrange Photography Videography: Jeffrey Stoner Video Catering: Arthur’s Catering and Events Floral: Velvet + Twine Dress: Liancarlo dress, Calvet Couture Bridal Hair/Makeup: MakeoverStation Getting ready venue: The Alfond Inn Entertainment: A-List Entertainment Rentals: Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals Invitations: Maureen H. Hall Stationery and Invitations Honeymoon: Las Vegas and Palm Springs, CA



Their story: Erika and Nolan met at a fam-

ily friend’s wedding at The Breakers in Palm Beach. “Although we had gone to the same elementary, middle and high school — we had never met!” Erika explains. “We hit it off right away, talking and dancing all night. We went on our first date shortly afterward, and we’ve been together ever since.”

The proposal: Nolan surprised Erika with

tickets to the Beyonce and Jay-Z concert in Miami, and the next day, he pulled into The Breakers Hotel. “I was so excited, but still never expected what was to come. We went back to the very beach where we had met, and he proposed in the sand. It was just the two of us and such a happy and romantic day,” she shares.

Ceremony and reception: The ceremony

was at St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church and the reception was at Casa Feliz. “It was a beautiful, sunny March day which matched the romantic, airy feel of the wedding perfectly. After getting ready at The Alfond Inn, we headed to the church for the main event. Afterwards, guests enjoyed an avocado bar and cocktails on the lawn at Casa Feliz, and we finished the day with dinner and dancing,” Erika says.

Personal thoughts: “I felt happy and re-

laxed, which I owe a lot to my amazing bridal party, my family, and the incredible vendors we hired. As the time approached for us to do our first look, I felt nervous in a good way to see Nolan. The moment was so surreal. And once things got started, it was the most amazing feeling to have everyone we love and cherish in the same place for our day.”

Where they are now: The couple now lives

in Winter Park, after living in St. Croix in the USVI for a few years. “We recently purchased a home and are excited to settle in with our two pets — Keto, a husky, and Marlow, our kitty. Nolan is a physician assistant working in general surgery and I work for a communications agency,” Erika explains. july | august 2018


The Wedding of

Jennifer Kuznicki Jonathan Riley and

Date: March 2, 2018 Ceremony: Disney’s Wedding Pavilion Reception: Disney’s Grand Floridian Photography: Disney’s Fine Art Photography Wedding coordination: Pamela Mattack, Disney’s Fairytale Weddings Dress: Christian Michele gown Groom’s attire: Calvin Klein tuxedo DJ: DJ Charles Miles Hair: Beaute Speciale Makeup: Judy Kuznicki (mother of bride), Estee Lauder Beauty Advisor Officiant: Rev. Kevin Knox Honeymoon: Kauai & Oahu, Hawaii

Their story: Jennifer first caught Jonathan’s eye while working within the same

building. Jonathan did not know the best way to approach Jennifer within a professional work environment, so he asked a mutual co-worker to introduce them. Jonathan first fell in love with Jennifer’s laugh and after asking her for three weeks, she finally agreed to a date. Jennifer soon realized that this love was something special and was the start of their happily ever after.

The proposal: While on a New Year’s Eve cruise on the Disney Dream, Jonathan

knew this would be a perfect opportunity to ask the love of his life to be his wife. His original plan, unfortunately, was ruined by bad weather. Not knowing what to do, Jonathan saw an early morning walk around the ship as a perfect moment. Jonathan lead Jennifer to the front of the ship, which had a perfect view of the coast as the sun was rising.



Ceremony and reception: “On March 2nd, 2018,

we married at our dream location, Walt Disney World, surrounded by our closest friends and family. The ceremony was held at the Disney’s Wedding Pavilion with the picturesque Cinderella’s Castle as the backdrop. The reception was held at Disney’s Grand Floridian Ballroom which was an elegant and fun occasion. During the evening, we stepped away to share an intimate moment to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks over Bay Lake,” Jennifer explains.

Personal thoughts: “I was surprised by Jonathan’s

brothers who delivered a lovely bouquet of flowers, which Jonathan put together himself, that had a love letter attached; this made me feel even more excited. This day was filled with overwhelming emotions that included a first look with my dad, receiving a rosary from my mom and finally seeing Jonathan at the end of the aisle. Our wedding day was so special to us; we wish we could relive it again!”

Where they are now: Jennifer works in financial

planning and analysis, supporting Disney’s dining and retail district, Disney Springs. Jonathan works for Full Sail University, specializing in business and financial analytics. “We call Windermere home, where we can see the Magic Kingdom fireworks nightly from our front porch!,” Jennifer adds.




What’s New in Weddings

SOME INDUSTRY EXPERTS WEIGHED ON WHAT THEY’RE SEEING IN THEIR FIELDS. A FIRST FOR EVERYTHING: THE NEW TRADITION IN WEDDINGS Victoria Angela, Victoria Angela Photography No, it is not bad luck to see your bride/groom before the ceremony. This age-old superstition comes from a time when arranged marriages were custom and the betrothed couple wasn’t allowed to see each other before the wedding. Most may already be familiar with the term “First Look” when it comes to weddings. If not, this is something to truly consider if wedding day plans will allow for it. Couples have benefited from a First Look for many reasons: hair and makeup is fresh; more photo opportunities together and with the wedding party; attendance at the cocktail hour; and more time to dance and enjoy the reception to the fullest. Plus, couples can share in a private moment before the ceremony. First Looks have transformed into opportunities to share in the moment with your wedding party and parents as well. A First Look with your bridesmaids or father is another way to capture their reactions and the emotion of your wedding story. If the ceremony is early and the reception is a few hours after, a First Look may not be necessary. However, you can still have a sweet photo opportunity together with your bride/groom-to-be! We call this a “First Touch.” A First Touch is a private and emotional occasion normally captured before the ceremony. It allows the couple to share a few minutes together before their “I Dos” and elevates the element of surprise and anticipation.  However, couples should choose what



works best for them and consider the wedding day schedule for lighting, ceremony and reception location, and the distances between them. A professional and experienced photographer will be able to accommodate requests and ensure a flawless experience from start to finish.

A FLORAL JOURNEY: NATURAL, EARTHY ARRANGEMENTS Linda Grier, Greenery Productions Just as fashion has trends, so do wedding florals and they are constantly evolving. I began in this business 30 years ago (1988), where I first saw the late trends of the 1980s going into the ’90s. With a high volume of wedding-related movies (Father of the Bride, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Monica and Chandler’s wedding on Friends), the industry was booming. Creativity began to evolve. We saw bigger ideas and inspirations: fresh florals being added to cakes; bouquets were simple and rounded with muted tones of creams and whites. In the early 2000s, destination weddings became very popular. This inspired a more abstract design with the use of tropical flowers such as orchids, birds of paradise and hibiscus. Today, the trends have evolved to big flowing and freeform bouquets with draping foliage. We see a vast inspiration from the woods and garden that works plants, vines, succulents, branches — anything nature inspired — into our floral and events. Moving forward we think we will see deeper shades in purples, burgundy and plums. These darker colors and shades put together with greens and natureinspired accents make an arrangement that feels dramatic, edgy and a bit mysterious. We do not know where the next 30 years will go, but we can guarantee to be the benchmark of design and creativity. Cheers to 30 years! july | august 2018


weddingtrends A PENCHANT FOR PAPER: HANDS-ON APPROACH Cedar & Megan Watson, Paper Goat Post

At Paper Goat Post we like to say that

ally designed invitation. We love that we’re

celebrating everything — especially

seeing more and more customers seek out

weddings, starts with an invitation. We

invitations in the brick and mortar

feel that couples have a desire to set the

setting… brides and grooms want to be

tone for their big day with an intention-

part of a collaborative design process where their styles are translated into an invitation suite that feels like them! They get energized by customization options available in our curated collections… mixing and matching design elements into a unique invitation suite gives purpose to the purchase. When it comes to invitation design trends, more and more couples are comAMALIE ORRANGE PHOTOGRAPHY

bining classic-type layouts with fun and



modern fonts. Luxe papers and finishes have been all the rage, which makes sense why couples want the experience to be hands on… they need to touch and feel the options available. Foil stamping and floral elements are also an irresistible design element for many.

we’re even seeing this on bridal registries

out of our restaurant kitchen, we strived to

for home use.

create a fine dining restaurant experience

Getting caught “talking with your

for our guests in their home or chosen

mouth full” will become more challenging

venue. That same ideology remains in

as the use of drones to capture different

place for us today, except with a better

perspectives of the wedding day become

understanding that if you employ sincerely

all the rage. From saying “I do” to the din-

happy and genuine individuals they will

ing tables, pictures and video will be

far exceed any expectations your guests

snapped from all angles.

may have. Cheers to the next 20 years and

In 1991, when we began catering events

the ever-evolving events industry!

A FULL CIRCLE: WHAT’S OLD IS NEW AGAIN Chef Jamie McFadden, Cuisiniers Catered Cuisine and Events Having the amazing opportunity to play a small role in many Central Florida weddings over the past 20+ years, it has always been interesting to see and experience the cycle of “what’s old is new again.” Based on that theory, I predict that wedding styles will begin to see a slight decrease in rustic and vintage motifs. Fresh (old) ideas will include bringing the outdoors in with lots of tailored greenery, live trees and water features. Keeping with that theme, look for green or emerald to be a coveted color for 2019. Family-style dining, always popular in Europe and slightly popular here 12-15 years ago, will power forward over the next few years, but with a slight twist: a served first course followed by platters and bowls being shared by guests. Look for more couples to opt for mis-matched place settings for their tablespaces, as july | august 2018



Give Kids The World Village: Continuing a Legacy


by Jim Stratton, director of communications, Give Kids The World Village

n paper, we usually describe

and unique attractions designed to accom-

Give Kids The World Village

modate children of all abilities. Last year,

as “an 84-acre, nonprofit,

the Village hosted almost 8,000 critically

storybook resort that pro-

ill children and their families.

vides weeklong, cost-free,

Visiting families receive free theme park

dream vacations to critically ill children

tickets, transportation, meals, gifts, and

and their families.” But in reality, Give

much more. All told, the Village has served

Kids The World Village is a time machine.

more than 160,000 families from all 50

It’s a place where families facing unimag-

states and more than 75 foreign countries.

inable challenges in their everyday lives

No child is ever turned away, and there is

can stop the clock and take a breath. A

never a cost to visiting families.

place where they reclaim time stolen by

We can do that only through the gener-

illness and set aside worry and anxiety.

osity of countless individuals and corpora-

At the Village, there are no hospital visits

tions. These are the champions who vol-

or medical procedures. No appointments

When Henri learned what had hap-

to keep or meetings to attend. There’s just

pened, he was beside himself. To him, it

laughter and fun and time spent together.

was unthinkable that a little girl’s dying

One of those fundraisers is just around

It’s a place where memories are made and

wish could be derailed by something as

the corner. In September, we’ll host our

stories are written.

mundane as logistics. So, Henri vowed

30th annual Black & White Gala at Hyatt

Amy’s story would never be repeated.

Regency Orlando. It’s an evening of fine

Give Kids The World’s story began in

unteer their time, donate goods and services, and support our fundraisers.

1986 with a little girl named Amy, a wish,

With the help of friends in the tourism

dining and dazzling entertainment, all to

and the desire of one man to make that

and hospitality industries, he created a

wish come true.

nonprofit organization dedicated to bring-

Our theme this year is “Discover the

support the families we serve.

Amy had leukemia and a wish to visit

ing wish families to Central Florida —

Power of Hope & the Color of Imagina-

Orlando’s world-famous theme parks. To

within 24 hours if need be. Henri, who

tion.” We would be delighted to see you

make her dream a reality, Central Florida

passed away this year at the age of 91,

there. You can visit our website — givekid-

hotelier Henri Landwirth was asked to

called the project “Give Kids The World.”

stheworld.org — for more information.

provide a complimentary stay for Amy

That was more than 30 years ago, and

If you can’t make our gala, we invite

and her family. He happily obliged — he

in the ensuing decades, Give Kids The

you to volunteer or become part of another

often hosted visiting “wish families” —

World has grown far beyond Henri Land-

fundraising event. When you do, you quite

but the remainder of Amy’s travel plans

wirth’s initial plan. Today, it is an 84-acre,

literally give the gift of time to a critically

took too long to arrange, and her wish was

full-service “village” that includes 168 vil-

ill child and their loved ones — time to

never granted. Time simply ran out, and

las, a host of whimsical venues, two pools,

play, giggle, and simply be together. We

Amy passed away.

on-site dining, a miniature golf course,

believe there is no greater gift on earth.



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Orange Appeal July/August 2018  

Orange Appeal July/August 2018