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STARTERS Smoked reindeer soup

Kr. 95.-

Creamy soup made of a heavy reindeer broth, gently seasoned with smoked reindeer meat in strips, house bread and butter.

Taste of the Sea and Wild

Kr. 125.-

King crab, wild animal pate, smoked salmon, smoked reindeer meat, served with a crispy salad, aioli, cranberry dressing, and our delicious house bread and butter.

SMALL DISHES Club chicken sandwich

Kr. 155.-

Two slices of toast bread, with butter and dijon mustard, tomato, lettuce, sliced bacon and roasted chicken breast. Served with aioli and green salad.

Odelias Hamburger

Kr. 175.-

Our tasty 180gr burger served with our special burger-sauce, ring cut onion, tomatoes, green salad, aioli and french fries.


Grilled catfish

Kr. 225,-

Cod fish grilled in red wine sauce

Kr. 195,-

Cod fish fillet, grilled and served on a bed of green peas puree, topped with shredded - toasted serrano ham, fried bacon and carrots sticks. Pesto Marinated salmon fillet with vegetables

Kr. 195.-

Poached salmon fillet served with vegetables and horseradish sauce. Bacalao

Kr. 195.-

Skinless and boneless dried fish in savory sauce, served with sliced potatoes, onions, peppers, garlic and olives. Bread and butter on the side.


Sami goddies Kr. 215,Strips of smoked reindeer meat, onion, mushroom and 3 kinds of peppers stir-fry, served in cream sauce and potato puree. Mountain plateau reindeer steak

Kr. 255,-

Tender sirloin steak of reindeer, 180 g cooked by desire. Served with vegetables in red wine sauce.

Grilled entrecote

Kr. 260.-

A tender 250g steak grilled by their desire. Served with broccoli, grilled tomatoe, herb butter and bearnaise sauce apart. Potatoes of choice.

DESERTS Cloudberry cream

Kr. 115.-

Finnmark’s cloudberry in whipped cream flavored with sugar and vanilla sugar. Served with oreo cookies.

Panna Cotta

Kr. 95.-

A delicious cream desert served with cream, strawberries and oreo cookies on top. Vanilla ice cream with hot blackberries

Kr. 95,-

A classic 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, served with warm blackberries. Topped with whipped cream and oreo cookies

For the warm dishes we offer: Boiled potatoes, sweet potatoes purre, baked potatoes, cream gratinerted potatoes, french fries and Bistro fries.

All dishes served with bread and butter.

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