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WELCOME TO BRISTOL GRILL At Bristol Grill, our focus is on a unique dining experience with local flavors and roots in the traditional kitchen. Bristol Grill offers a tasting menu and รก la carte, with a wide wine selection from across the globe and classic cocktails from our bar.

Dear Guest, please contact our service staff if you have any dietary requirements, so we can give you a culinary experience.

TASTING MENU A menu based on seasonal ingredients. Menu 1095

Wine menu 895

Must be ordered by everyone around the table

STARTERS TURBOT SOUP Turbot soup with vendace roe, oysters, scallops and tarragon (F, MO, M, E, MU)

245 POIREAUX au RÔTI Leek glazed with seaweed butter, elderflower gel and pickled coriander seeds (M, WH, C)

195 DUCK LIVER Norwegian duck liver mousse from Holte farm with marinated strawberries, elderflower and almond (M, SU, WH, A, E)

195 PLAICE Gratinated plaice from Sagerakk with king crab from MS Donna, grilled mushrooms and sauce infused with ramson (M, S, SU, F)


MAIN COURSES TURBOT Grilled turbot with pickled apple and turnip, Ocetra Gastro Uniqa, horseradish and spruce (HA, F, M, MO)

315 PIGEON Whole Grilled pigeon with shallots and truffle compote, salted Bosc pears and radish salad served with sauce made from the bones (M, SU)

395 DAIRY COW Dairy cow from Gudbrandsdalen with a warm onion salad, truffle and onion glaze flavored with oregano (M)


Abbreviations for Allergens M milk, S shellfish, C celery, F fish, MU mustard, MO molluscs, E egg, SU sulphite, SJ soya, WH wheat, R rye, BA barley, HA hazelnuts, WA walnut, A almonds, P pistachio

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Bristol Grill - Menu  

Bristol Grill - Menu