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December 2020 • Vol. 26 • Issue 10

2020 NYSCC EXECUTIVE BOARD & COMMITTEE Chairman Giorgino Macalino gmacalin@estee.com Chair-Elect Susanna Fernandes fernandes.susie@gmail.com Treasurer Stephen Carter treasurer@nyscc.org Treasurer-Elect Mohamed Abdulla treasurer-elect@nyscc.org Secretary Leor Fay Tal secretary@nyscc.org Advisor Sonia Dawson advisor@nyscc.org Program Maria Mo program@nyscc.org By-Laws Amy Marshall amy.marshall@altana.com Communications Cathy Piterski cathy.piterski@givaudan.com Special Events Amy Marshall amy.marshall@altana.com Cosmetiscope Editor Roger Mcmullen roger_mcmullen@fdu.edu Cosmetiscope Advertising Bret Clark rbclark@ashland.com

Farewell Letter from the Chairman


…Giorgino Macalino

y last Chairman letter is bittersweet. When I began my term in January our professional and personal lives were completely different and full of so much activity and hope. Then as we all know too well, a pandemic hit and turned everything upside down. We all had to change and adapt in ways that were unfamiliar and even uncomfortable at times. The human spirit is resilient and the one silver lining in this unimaginable year is how people came together to make things work in our new normal and to do good. The NYSCC Chapter exemplified this character time and time again. We started the year strong with popular in-person events including ones on Indie 360 and the FDA Monograph. For the first time, NYSCC had a presence at the CEW Beauty Awards Demo at the end of February in support of our sponsorship of the CEW Supplier’s Award for Ingredients & Formulation. Then in March, when we went into lockdown, the At Home Live Series was launched rapidly and every month we were able to offer the beauty and personal care industry relevant and important information and content to keep their businesses and professional development moving forward. We also launched “Intensive” educational weeks of programming on Skin Microbiome, Sunscreen, and Color. Of course, our largest event, Suppliers’ Day, also had to be reimagined and reinvented to take place virtually as well as be relevant and engaging. Suppliers’ Day at Home Live Week of Beauty succeeded in that we had solid virtual attendance, retention, and conversion rates for the event. We also were pleased by the strong support from our industry partners and association peers. At the beginning of the year, Suppliers’ Day was also named one of the Fastest 50 Growing Tradeshows in North America. This designation required providing details on a number of exhibitors/ attendees as well as the growth in size. We are optimistic that in 2021 we will be able to celebrate this honor with fellow Fastest 50 tradeshows at the postponed awards ceremony in Las Vegas. Besides offering non-stop educational programs, I am also proud of the new initiatives that were launched that showcased our diversity, heart, and compassion. In partnership with the LISCC Chapter we created an awareness video to celebrate Pride Month in June. NYSCC also distributed FDA approved hand sanitizers to frontline workers throughout New York and New Jersey. We connected with the new professionals entering the industry through our Professional Development Webinar launched by the mentoring committee, the Future Chemists Workshop virtual component during Suppliers’ Day, and the upcoming Mentor Mentee virtual mixer. In the midst of this roller coaster year, we also redesigned the Chapter website to add more visually appealing and relevant information and resources. This year it truly took a village, and I am indebted to Maria Mo for leading the Program Committee in creating systems that supported our quickly-launched webinar programs. My appreciation also extends to all the event chairs who went above and beyond in recruiting speakers from all over the country and the globe to bring a world-class education experience to our members. My sincere gratitude goes to the following people whose unique skills and support I relied heavily on during my tenure starting with Cathy Piterski, Giorgio Dell’Aqua, Roger McMullen, Steve Herman, Erin Layton, Annie Scully, and Jane McDermott. A million thanks go out to our tireless and brilliant Executive Board: Susanna Fernandes, Stephen Carter, Mohamed Abdulla, Leor Fay Tal, and Sonia Dawson, my trusted advisor and predecessor. In closing, I truly think that this Chapter has the most enthusiastic, dedicated, and supportive members and am grateful for you logging on and spending so much time virtually with us this year! Thank you for carrying us through this new normal stronger than ever. Happy and safe Holidays to all our members and their families. I look forward to an even brighter 2021.

Social Media Maria Sousa socialmedia@nyscc.org 2

N YS CC Co s metis c op e


www.nys c c .org


Letter from the 2021 Chair

…Susanna Fernandes

am honored and excited to be the incoming Chair for 2021. I would not be starting my tenure on such solid ground, after such a tumultuous year, without the vision, drive, commitment, and adaptability of this year’s Chairman, Giorgino Macalino. Thank you, Gino, I look forward to continuing working with you as our advisor. I am also grateful for my fellow board members this year as well as all our amazing committee members, program chairs and countless volunteers who contributed to the innovative new programs and initiatives that we launched. You can read all about them in Gino’s Chairman letter and throughout this special issue of Cosmetiscope. Looking optimistically forward, our theme for 2021 will be Embracing Beauty—A Celebration of What We Create. This theme will be woven throughout all our programming and highlight our industry’s inclusivity and bring us together after a year of social distancing. We will begin the New Year strong with an important webinar on Challenges of Formulating, led by Howard Epstein. The board has also decided to hold our first three months of programs virtually. In addition, I am excited to announce that our At Home Live Series will be a permanent monthly fixture to our events calendar. This is just the beginning of what we have planned for next year. Stay tuned for exciting new initiatives designed exclusively for your benefit and the growth of the cosmetic community. As you know, Suppliers’ Day has become the main event in North America for formulation and ingredients innovations and discovery. We will work hard to hold a compliant in-person event at the Javits Center in May and will also blend in a virtual component to ensure that no one misses out on participating in this important event. Thank you for your support and trust in me as your new Chair. Happy, Healthy Holidays to you, your families, and loved ones. I look forward to a New Year filled with hope and my sincere wish is to “see” you safely soon.


NYSCC Volunteers

s we prepare for the future, I would like to remind you that even during these unpredictable and challenging times, the NYSCC has remained a vibrant source of education and engagement. There is still time to be a part of this and make your mark in NYSCC history! As your incoming Chair for 2021, I am in the midst of finalizing programming, specialty events, and awards programs. All of these events are conceptualized and brought to fruition by you, our members. Member volunteers gain incredible networking opportunities that span the globe while providing real value to their colleagues. If you have not already done so, I urge you to consider becoming a part of this incredible team! We are now accepting applications for volunteers: please click through and COMPLETE THE FORM to receive consideration for a volunteer position. After we review your application, we will contact you and arrange a call so together we can ascertain the best fit for you within our committees and future projects. Stay safe and I look forward to being with all of you in 2021! Susanna Fernandes 2021 NYSCC Chair

D ec em b er 20 20


Vol . 26

No . 10


Innovating beauty – clean and simple

Gain access to sustainable ingredients Natural and organic ingredients, powders, colors, proteins, surface treatments, and more. Learn more: (800) 687-3982 or brenntagpersonalcare.com.


Supplier of specialty materials!

Tom Balsamides 375 Minnisink Road Totowa NJ Cell 201.207.0570 PROTAMEENTOMB@AOL.COM WWW.PROTAMEEN.COM

2020 NYSCC Events Calendar

• For updated NYSCC information, visit us on the web at: www.nyscc.org • For National SCC information: www.scconline.org January 29

An Update on the FDA New Proposed Sunscreen Regulation – Delta Hotels Woodbridge, Iselin, NJ

February 7

NY Formulations – NYSCC-LISCC Joint Event – Killington, VT

DISCOVER The Natural Choice

Inspiring innovation through advanced specialty chemical distribution distribution MAROON GROUP LLC 50 INDUSTRIAL CIRCLE, LINCOLN, R.I., 02865 USA MAROONGROUPLLC.COM | 800.296.4942

February 26

Indie 360, New York Academy of Sciences, New York, NY

April 16

Launch of the NYSCC At Home Live Series (see page 6 of this issue for a complete overview of the 2020 NYSCC At Home Live Series)

June 15

Skin Microbiome: Perspectives on Aging, Compromised Skin, and Cosmetics – Virtual Event

August 6

Invisible Umbrella 2.0: Sunscreen Symposium – Virtual Event

September 23

Explore the World of Color with Us – Virtual Event

September 28 – October 2

Suppliers' Day At Home Live Week of Beauty – Virtual Event

October 13

Effects Pigments Symposium – Virtual Event

November 19

At Home Live Webinar Series – Clean Beauty and NYSCC 2021 Executive Board Induction – Virtual Event

December 15

At Home Live – NYSCC: A Revolutionary Year in Review

December 15-16

NYSCC Mentor-Mentee Mixer – Virtual Event

NYSCC Sponsorship Opportunities The NYSCC Sponsorship Committee is proud to invite interested parties to sponsor NYSCC educational events throughout the year. Sponsorship Committee: Yelena Zolotarsky (yelenazol@gmail.com) and Daphne Benderly (dbenderly@presperse.com) For more information, please visit: http://nyscc.org/sponsorship-opportunities/ 4

N YS CC Co s metis c op e


www.nys c c .org

2020 NYSCC Symposia and Seminars

January 29th

An Update on the FDA New Proposed Sunscreen Regulation: The Testing Protocol and the Impact on Industry and the Consumer

High Performance Ingredients for Skin and Hair Care Smooth, mild, natural and stable

Delta Hotels Woodbridge, Iselin, NJ Event Chair: Howard Epstein, Ph.D. (EMD Group)

www.charkit.com ww w ww.charkit.com | 203-299-3220

February 25th

Indie 360

New York Academy of Sciences, New York, NY Event Chair: Luciana Coutinho (luluble)

June 15th Skin Microbiome: Perspectives on Aging,

Compromised Skin, and Cosmetics

562-9 61-3333 Per sonalCareUS@omya.com

NYSCC Virtual Event Event Chairs: Sarah de Szalay (RB) and Aysel Calkap (DSM)

August 6th

Invisible Umbrella 2.0: Sunscreen Symposium

NYSCC Virtual Event Event Chairs: Abhijit Bidaye (Croda) and Rhythm Sharma (Croda)

September 23rd Explore the World of Color with Us NYSCC Virtual Event Event Chairs: Susie Xiong (Kolmar Laboratories) and Yana Melnikova (Chanel)

October 13th

Effect Pigments Symposium

NYSCC Virtual Event Event Chair: Adam Rosen (EMD Performance Materials)

D ec em b er 20 20


Vol . 26

No . 10


2020 At Home Live Series


n 2020, we proudly instituted a new educational platform – NYSCC “At Home Live” Series – featuring current topics and trends in cosmetic chemistry and formulation. These free educational programs were offered throughout the year and covered topics relevant and timely to chemists and product development teams in the beauty and personal care industries. “This new webinar series offers our members an easy and comfortable way to stay informed and move their professional development forward. It also helps us stay connected and engaged with our members, colleagues, and community while working remotely and in our home offices” – Giorgino Macalino, Chairman, NYSCC

2020 At Home Live Series Schedule April 16

Color Trends: Do you Want to be the Front-Runner or Follower? – Amy Marshall (ECKART)

April 21

The Struggle for Hand Hygiene: Ignored/Accepted from 1828 to COVID-19 – Robert Lochhead, Ph.D. (University of Southern Mississippi)

April 23

The Fight Against COVID-19 – Science, Hand Sanitizers, and Other Forms of Personal Protection – Howard Epstein, Ph.D. (EMD)

April 28

Healthy Habits: Cleanse + Care. Adding Care to Our New Skin Hygiene Routine – Carl D’Ruiz, Luciana Uttembergue, and Sonia Dawson (DSM)

April 30

Sustainability 101 – Giorgio Dell’Acqua, Ph.D. (Dellaqua Consulting)

May 5

Impact of COVID-19 on Top Trending Ingredients – Yarden Horwitz (Spate)


N YS CC Co s metis c op e


www.nys c c .org

May 7

Green Chelation – Steve Herman (Diffusion LLC)

May 12

Desperately Seeking Synergy – Joseph Albanese (SCC Emeritus)

May 14

Fuel for Youth: Exploring the Relationship Between Energy and Skin Aging – Catherine Centro (Clariant)

May 18

In Defense of Ethoxylated Emulsifiers – Ricardo Diez, Ph.D. (Rutgers University)

May 19

Tonal Comeback: Future Trends 2020 – Charnin Brown (Sandream Impact LLC)

May 21

Combating COVID-19 with Green Chemistry – Jarrod Kaltenbach (TRI-K Industries)

July 20

World of Chemistry – Richard Scott (Moderator, Personal Care Magazine) The New Formulation Trends in Europe and the Regulatory Requirements – Saira De Ferrari (COSM&TIC ASSIST) Brazilian Cosmetic Market: The Path for Success – Vanessa Arruda, Ph.D. (ABC – Brazilian Association of Cosmetology) 2030 Global Beauty & Personal Care Trends – Sara Jindal (Mintel) Skin Barrier Repair in the Wake of COVID-19: Trends in the APAC BPC Market – Jessica Qu (Bloomage Biotechnology Corp.) Tips to Improve Emulsion Stability – Kazutami Sakamoto, Ph.D. (Tokyo University of Science)

September 17

Upcycling – Mélanie Duprat (Givaudan Active Beauty)

September 30

Professional Development Masterclass Series Resume Writing Master Class – Sophia Ottey (OS Professional Portfolios) Rock Your LinkedIn Profile – Jonathan Kilroy (LinkedIn) Interviewing Skills and Strategy Master Class – Randall Johnson (Certified Personnel Consultant)

October 28

The Blue Light Myth – Leor Fay Tal (Gattefossé USA) (continued on Page 8)

D ec em b er 20 20


Vol . 26

No . 10



begins here. Safe, sustainable, bio-based ingredients for personal care. GO


2020 At Home Live Series

(continued from Page 7)



November 19

Clean Beauty – Giorgio Dell’Acqua (Moderator, Dellacqua Consulting) Clean Beauty: What Do Consumers Want? – Rona Berg (Organic Spa Media) Clean Beauty for a Healthier Life: Protecting the Natural Melatonin Cycle – Mathias Fleury (Givaudan Active Beauty) A Journey to Unbottle Clean Beauty – Tina Hedges (LOLI Beauty)

The NYSCC offers these educational webinars FREE and they are still available on-demand at its website. To view the webinars, visit www.nyscc.org and go to the Events menu followed by At Home Live Series 2.0.


At Home Live Series Attendees

his year’s newly developed NYSCC At Home Liver Series witnessed record numbers of attendees for the NYSCC’s educational platform. Attendees from 50 countries spanning five continents participated in the events.

A Revolutionary Year in Review December 15, 2020

Join Us for the Last At Home Live Program of 2020:


he year 2020 was like no other. Participate in this interactive conversation with the NYSCC Executive Board representing key players in product development and formulations from both the supplier and brand sides, as they discuss business, trends, and the association's response and support of its membership during this unprecedented climate. Moderated by Tom Branna from HAPPI. Sponsored by: To view the webinar, visit www.nyscc.org and go to the Events menu followed by At Home Live Series 2.0. 8

N YS CC Co s metis c op e


www.nys c c .org

Mentor-Mentee Mixer December 15-16, 2020


Mentorship Program Chair

Yana Melnikova

Mentee Ambassador

Ava Atri

Mentor Ambassador

Susie Xiong

To register, go to the Events section of the NYSCC website (www.nyscc.org).

Your specialty silicone partner

he NYSCC Mentorship program is a pioneering initiative in the cosmetic science industry dedicated to building meaningful and authentic connections. Our mission is rooted in inspiration, sharing of knowledge, and networking. Together, we strive to develop industry insights and to enrich and advance our members’ personal and professional growth so we may reach our fullest potential as scientists and as future leaders. We are committed to uphold strong ethical values and work in alignment and partnership with the NYSCC. Our goal for the program is to connect industry professionals to create strong mentor-mentee relationships, and hold special events with a focus on networking as well as personal and professional development.

NYSCC Indie 360 Event February 25, 2020


Siltech Corporation www.siltech.com sales@siltech.com

hown in the photograph below is the Indie Beauty Founder panel at the NYSCC Indie 360 event including founders from Pursoma, Elysian Cosmetics, Pinch of Colour, and La La Leaf. The event was held at the New York Academy of Sciences at World Trade Center 7 in New York City.

D ec em b er 20 20


Vol . 26

No . 10


visit the new & improved schulke-us.com to request our new textured hair formulation guide or call +1.888.267.4220

NYSCC Presents Suppliers’ Day At Home Live Week of Beauty September 28th – October 2nd


uppliers’ Day At Home Live Week of Beauty provided the industry with a virtual offering in late September and early October that consisted of week of education, engagement, new products, awards, and more. In our current environment, there has no doubt been a number of Revolutionary Disruptors (the theme of the Suppliers’ Day show). The virtual tradeshow brought the latest news and updates on these disruptors including the impact of COVID-19 in beauty/personal care, the pivots many made to home care formulations, trends that have started due to the pandemic or have continued through it, and the ability to see into the future as we set our sights on 2021. Starting Monday, September 28th, and continuing through Friday, October 2nd, virtual attendees experienced programming produced by or in conjunction with NYSCC industry partners. It is the most intensive offering to the North American Beauty/Personal Care industry sector.

n Monday, September 28th, Pre-Show Programming

The week kicked off with an SCC CEP Workshop on Essential Cosmetic Raw Materials, Anti-Aging presented by HAPPI, and the launch of NYSCC’s Future Chemists Workshop series: 90 Day Survival Guide for the Future Cosmetic Chemist.

n Tuesday, September 29th, Pre-Show Programming

Tuesday’s programming was highlighted with ICMAD’s FDA Regulatory program. Part 2 of the SCC CEP Workshop on Essential Cosmetic Raw Materials took place as well as the second session of NYSCC’s Future Chemists Workshop series: 90 Day Survival Guide for the Future Cosmetic Chemist.

n Wednesday, September 30th, Suppliers’ Day – Day 1

The day started with a virtual ribbon cutting ceremony lead by Chairman, Giorgino Macalino, providing a look at the past year and a glimpse into the future. Programming included Safety – Regulatory Hot Topics from PCPC. The day was highlighted by a CEW Supplier Award Panel featuring the innovators who were selected as finalists, which included Ashland, BASF, Cargill Beauty, Croda Inc., Elementis Specialty, and Grant Industries Inc.


N YS CC Co s metis c op e


www.nys c c .org

The afternoon was chock-full of On Demand content including: NYSCC Presentation Theater Video Bites (the e-version of the show’s staple Presentation Theater) with Bitop, DSM, Mibelle, and Nagase featured. This forum featured Bitop, DSM, Mibelle, and Nagase showcasing their ingredients, solutions, and innovations. The finale for Day 1 was the announcement of the CEW Supplier’s Award – Ingredient & Formulation. A virtual Cocktail Reception staged with a production crew was held at 4:00 p.m., and guests received an Uber Eats certificate code so they could join in the celebration with the event’s signature drink, the quarantini. Cargill and HAPPI sponsored the event and the judges panel consisted of executives from major brands including Chanel, EOS, Estée Lauder, Glossier, and L’Oréal. This year’s winner was Ashland for its Mineral-based Sun Stick – SPF 50.

n Thursday, October 1st, Suppliers’ Day – Day 2

The focus of Day 2 of Suppliers’ Day was Global and Indie with the final session of the Future Chemists Workshop series topping off the day. An IFSCC program presented by Dr. Kazutami Sakamoto relaunched a Suppliers’ Day staple World of Chemistry program moderated by PC Magazine. Moderated by CosmeticsDesign.com., Indie 360 was a must-attend program for new launches/indie brands with each element of bringing a brand to life addressed, including: trends in the indie market by ICMAD; ingredients/formulations and lab assistance; accelerator programs that fast-track your dream; and packaging solutions presented by IoPP. The second afternoon of Suppliers’ Day was chock-full of On Demand content including NYSCC Presentation Theater Video Bites (the e-version of the show’s staple Presentation Theater).

n Friday, October 2nd, Post-Show Programming

Offering more education and more engagement, the highlight of Friday was HAPPI’s Sunscreen program.

Suppliers’ Day At Home Live Week of Beauty Partners…

D ec em b er 20 20


Vol . 26

No . 10


Suppliers’ Day Recognized as an Elite Event for 2019!


uppliers’ Day has been named as one of the “Fastest 50” growing shows in North America by Trade Show Executive (TSE) magazine. Suppliers’ Day is an honoree in the “Fastest 50” by Exhibiting Companies list and was selected based on its extraordinary growth of exhibiting companies from 2018 to 2019. Suppliers’ Day also received the “Next 50” honor by TSE for its net square feet of exhibit space and total attendance—making the event a strong contender for being a Top 50 in these categories next year. The “Fastest 50” awards recognizes exceptional shows from across the country and from a wide range of verticals and industries, for a complete list of honorees, check out the following link: https://www.tsefastest50.com/honorees/.

2020 NYSCC Award Winners

n Webinar Intensive Program of the Year Awarded to Co-Chairs and Moderators of the Sunscreen Intensive Abhijit Bidaye – Croda Inc. Rhythm Sharma – Croda Inc.

n “Live” Monthly Program of the Year Awarded to Chair and Moderator of Sunscreen FDA Monograph Howard Epstein – EMD

n NYSCC Merit Award Awarded to 2020 Program Chair Maria Mo

n “AT HOME LIVE” Program of the Year Awarded to Chair and Moderator of Clean Beauty Giorgio Dell’Acqua – Dellacqua Consulting


N YS CC Co s metis c op e


www.nys c c .org

NYSCC Donates Covid-19 Survival Kit & Hand Sanitizers to New York and New Jersey Care Centers, Veterans and Nursing Homes


he New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) has donated more than 10,000 bottles of FDA approved hand sanitizers to frontline workers in New York and New Jersey Medical Centers, Hospitals, and Care Centers as well as Veterans and Nursing homes. In addition, customized COVID survival kits that include masks, handle protectors, hand sanitizers, and more were distributed to several of the NYSCC sister chapters and select members.

The customized hand sanitizers benefited the following organizations: • Access Medical Associates, Englewood, NJ

• New York Presbyterian, New York, NY

• Albany County OEM, Albany, NY

• NYU Langone, New York, NY

• Atlantic HealthCare, Morristown, NJ

• Northwest Medical Group, Succasunna, NJ

• Boonton Care Center, Boonton, NJ

• Patient Care Morris County, Parsippany, NJ

• Express Home Care, Sparta, NJ

• Rockland County OEM, Pomona, NY

• Express Home Care, Wharton, NJ

• Suffolk County OEM, Yaphank, NY

• Health Village, Hackettstown NJ

• The Oaks of Denville Independent Living, Denville, NJ

• Nassau County OEM, Bethpage, NY

• VA Hospitals in Suffolk and Westchester, NY and Paramus, NJ

• NJ Department of Health, Trenton, NJ • NJ Sheriff’s Office Bureau of Corrections, Morristown, NJ

• Westchester County Emergency Services, Valhalla, NY

• NYC Health + Hospitals, New York, NY

“NYSCC has witnessed heroic actions and incredible resiliency from frontline workers throughout the cities and states that are the home base for our membership and member companies. We are honored to provide some virus protection to these healthcare professionals and civil servants during this unprecedented time,” states Giorgino Macalino, Chairman, NYSCC. According to Albert Gehres, Deputy Commissioner, Office of Emergency Management, Suffolk County, through the generosity of NYSCC, and other organizations, their facility has been able to distribute almost 7 million PPE items to frontline healthcare and civil servant workers as well as small businesses that need protection. The customized hand sanitizers were manufactured by a NYSCC member company. Many member companies in the personal care and product development space either donated or switched their manufacturing process at the start of the pandemic to produce products for frontline workers.

D ec em b er 20 20


Vol . 26

No . 10


SILAB creates and manufactures unique, consistently safe, natural active ingredients with proven efficacy.

You need more information about our products? Please contact our subsidiary SILAB Inc.: email: silabinc@silabinc.com phone: 732-335-1030

engineering natural active ingredients


N YS CC Co s metis c op e


www.nys c c .org

NYSCC Implements Branding Guidelines in 2020




ffective and clear brand guidelines are critical to promoting a consistent message throughout NYSCC’s extensive network of members, suppliers, and partners. In 2020, we implemented new identity SUB-BRAND GUIDELINES guidelines and a style guide, building a strong foundation Century gothic CENTURTY GOTHIC for years to come. The NYSCC style guide puts rules in place not to limit creativity but rather to keep the NYSCC brand identity Century gothic CENTURTY GOTHIC consistent and recognizable. With brand guidelines in Georgia GEORGIASU place, the organization ensures our brand’s elements are B-BRAND GUIDELIN ES used effectively and look professional every time they are used. When the elements in our brand are used in the correct way Century go consistently, we further build a powerful and recognizable brand. thic CENTURTY GOTHIC Our strategic graphic design team worked to create rules and Georgia GEORGIA standards in which those elements are to be used. The identity guidelines contain not only elements such as different logo variations for each of the NYSCC sub-brands but also includes examples of how not to use those logos. The guidelines will help Century go CENTURT thic Y GOTH all of the vendors, partners, and exhibitors that create a message IC Georgia GEORGI using the NYSCC brand know and understand which elements to A use and how to use them. It’s about consistency, but it’s also about knowing what’s right and wrong when it comes to using those brand elements. SUB-BRAND IDENTITY







To ensure legibility when printed, the identity should not be scaled lower than 2 inches in width.



To ensure legibility when printed, the identity should not be scaled lower than 2 inches in width.



abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890!@#$%^&*() SCHOLA



For spaces that require a horizontal lockup, the secondary logomark can be used to maintain clear legibility of our identity in print and digital applications.






PANTONE: 3015C CMYK: 97, 73, 4, 0 RGB: 2, 87, 160 HEX: 0257a0

PANTONE: 158C CMYK: 2, 61, 100, 0 RGB: 241, 128, 41 HEX: f18029

PANTONE: 115C CMYK: 2, 15, 100, 0 RGB: 251, 209, 44


PANTONE: 7489C CMYK: 52, 17, 80, 1 RGB: 134, 170, 97 HEX: 86aa61

ABCDE FGHIJK LMNOP QRSTUV WXYZ PANTONE: 7485C 123456 7890!@ CMYK:#$%^& 21, 1, 29, 0 *() RGB: 203, 227, 195 abcde fghijklm nopqrs tuvwxy z HEX: cbe3c3 123456 7890!@ #$%^& *()

PANTONE: 366C CMYK: 33, 1, 68, 0 RGB: 178, 212, 127 HEX: b2d47f



SKI TRIP ABCDE FGHIJK LMNOP QRSTU VWXYZ 123456 7890!@ #$%^& *() abcdefg hijklmn opqrstu vwxyz 123456 7890!@ #$%^& *()






PANTONE: 3015C CMYK: 97, 73, 4, 0 RGB: 2, 87, 160 HEX: 0257a0

PANTONE: 158C EMP PANTONE: 115C CMYK: 2, 61, 100, 0 LOYMENT CMYK: 2, 15, 100, 0 RGB: 241, 128, 41 RGB: 251, 209, 44 HEX: f18029 HEX: fbd12c





PANTONE: 7489C PANTONE: 366C CMYK: 52, 17, 80, 1 CMYK: 33, 1, 68, 0 RGB: 134, 170, 97 PRORGB: 178, 212, 127 GRAMS HEX: 86aa61 HEX: b2d47f





PANTONE: TYPOGRAPHY 348C CMYK: 87, PANTONE: 22, 158C RGB: 5, 137, 100, 8 CMYK: 2, 61, 72 100, 0 HEX: 058948 RGB: 241, 128, 41 HEX: f18029


PANTONE: 7621C CMYK: 23, 98, 87, 15 RGB: 171, 35, 47 HEX: ab232 f



PANTONE: 3115C CMYK: 70, 2, 16, 0 RGB: 7, 187, 210 HEX: 07bbd 2

PANTONE: 360C CMYK: 58, 0, 82, 0 RGB: 115, 193, HEX: 73c168 104



PANTONE: 534C CMYK: 99, 100, 13, 14 RGB: 44, 41, 116 HEX: 2c2974

AB CD EFG HIJ KLM 123 456 NO PQ 789 0!@ #$ %^ &* RST UV WX YZ ab cd efg () 123 456 hijk lm no pq rstu 789 0!@ #$ %^ &* vw xyz () AB CD EF GH IJK LM NO PQ 123 456 789 0!@ #$ %^ &* RS TU VW XY Z abc def ghi () jkl mn opq 123 456 rst uvw 789 0!@ xyz #$ %^ &* ()





7485C ABC DEF GHI CMYK: 21, 1, 29, 0 JKL MN OPQ RGB: 203, 227, 195 123 456 789 UVW cbe3c3 0!@ #$% ^&* RSTHEX: XYZ SCIENTIF COMMIT IC () abc def ghi TEE jklm qrst uvw xyz 123 456 789 PROnop GRAMS 0!@ #$% ^&* () SCIENTIF IC COMMITT ABC DEF GHI EE JKL MN OPQ COMMITTEES 123 RST UVW 456 789 0!@ XYZ #$% ^&* () abc defg hijk MENTORSHIP lmn opq rstu 123 456 789 0!@ #$% ^&* vwx yz ()


NYSCC Website Redesign in 2020 PANTONE: CMYK: 87, 348C 22, 100, RGB: 5, 8 137, HEX: 05894 72 8


PANTONE: CMYK: 2, 158C 61, 100, 0 RGB: 241, 128, 41 HEX: f1802 9


PANTONE: CMYK: 23, 7621C RGB: 171, 98, 87, 15 35, 47 HEX: ab23 2f


PANTONE: CMYK: 70, 3115C 2, 16, 0 RGB: 7, 187, HEX: 07bb 210 d2



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he NYSCC.org website is the face of the organization and is the go-to destination for tens of thousands of people every single week. The pivot from in-person to online events, courses, and educational sessions came right in the midst of our website redesign and relaunch. Fortunately, our organization had the NYSCC Board to rely on to provide guidance, define goals, and create a clear path for success. In 2020, we created a new website experience with a stunning new design, an engaging layout, and smart use of cutting-edge technology. Starting with a deep-dive into the content audit and information architecture, the Executive Committee clearly outlined objectives for the organization and provided a strong focus on the need for the website to provide top-tier educational seminars as well as be a resource for the Mentor/Mentee program in addition to the multitude of members. A successful website redesign and launch takes into account the front-end visuals and layouts (which are seen by the website visitors) but also builds a robust data-management system which is used to improve search engine optimization, site speed, and hundreds of other factors that go into delivering a top-notch website experience. The website team creatively crafted both the front-end and back-end platforms, which delivered a website nimble enough to be viewed on any small device, but robust enough to deliver the virtual Suppliers’ Day event attended by tens of thousands of people from around the globe.

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Vol . 26

No . 10



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L i p o F u ll e r e n e ® N

Natu ral- derived Fullerene

∼ Super Anti - Oxidant for Anti - A ging ∼

Silver prize of " Innovative Functional Ingredients" in BSB Innovation Award.

Vitamin C 6 0 BioResearch Corporation (H ead O ffice) Nihonbashi- dori Nichome Bldg . 4F 2-2- 6 Nihonbashi Chuo -ku, Tokyo 10 3 - 0 0 27 Japan Tel: +81-3 -3517-3252 FA X: +81-3 -3517-326 0 e-mail: info@vc6 0.com


NYSCC Supports Black Lives Matters

he NYSCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of cosmetic science education. Diversity is part of our core. Our current executive board, and past executive boards, have chosen eligible leadership based on the volunteers best suited for the role, regardless of gender identity, physical ability, religion, age, race, or culture. While this may be true, our organization believes we can do more and take actions to support the communities of our executive leadership team, board members, and membershipat-large. We support the efforts to unify for social and civil equality in society while recognizing we still have challenges to overcome. As America is one of the most diverse countries in the world, it is important to acknowledge our history and the challenges many Americans still face in the pursuit of inclusion and diversity. The NYSCC proudly acknowledges that BLACK LIVES MATTER. This is, of course, not to say other lives do not matter. This is to say we stand with and support the black community in the fight against racial injustices. Systemic racism is a real issue and we realize silence and inaction are damaging. To ignore systemic racism and avoid having conversations about it is the exact fuel that keeps racism alive. At NYSCC, we are proud of our diversity and know that we cannot rest until every member of our organization feels empowered to reach their full professional potential regardless of their circumstance. It is our goal to listen and hear all the voices of our membership and to weave equity and inclusion into the fabric of every NYSCC initiative, committee, program, and event.


NYSCC and LISCC Celebrate Pride Month

une is Pride Month and this year commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots that occurred in June of 1969 after the police raid of the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, New York City. It celebrates the diversity of the LGBT+ community and promotes awareness and acceptance. The NYSCC and LISCC joined forces together this year to support the LGBT+ community and celebrate inclusiveness. The NYSCC and LISCC are proud to be part of an industry that celebrates diversity on so many levels. We will continue to choose our leadership based on the person best suited for the role, regardless of gender identity, ability, religion, age, or culture. In addition, the many brands within the beauty/personal care arena have long included exposure and championed the LGBTQ+ community in their advertising, marketing, and social communications. Click here for more information or go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_taRBX9DYw&feature=youtu.be&fbclid= IwAR1JDEhSogSRgzEWei66GOiaQjIfBY4zFnsoKggxrBI_kZh49ekqmYxHjkg 16

N YS CC Co s metis c op e


www.nys c c .org


A Celebration of What We Create






Vol . 26

No . 10


2020 NYSCC Board & Committees Chair

Executive Board Chair-Elect


Giorgino Macalino

Susanna Fernandes Tri-K

Jarchem Innovative Ingredients




Estée Lauder Companies

Mohamed Abdulla Oxiteno


Leor Fay Tal

Stephen Carter

Sonia Dawson

Gattefossé USA

DSM Personal Care

Executive Committee Program Chair



Presperse Corporation


House Chair

Membership Chair

Cosmetiscope Editor



Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Amy Marshall

Suzanne Dawis

Social Media Chair

Maria Sousa

Edgewell Personal Care Registration

Maria Mo

John Carola

Cathy Piterski

Roger L. McMullen

Board Appointments Advertising


Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Coty Inc.

Raymond B. Clark Special Events

Joel Diaz

Scientific Committee

Alex Blakeman

Amy Marshall

Giorgio Dell’Acqua


Suppliers’ Day

EventBrite Manager


Fairleigh Dickinson University

Superior Materials, Inc.

Sophia Chen

Sandream Impact



Jane McDermott

N YS CC Co s metis c op e


Dellacqua Consulting

Thomas Drwiega

www.nys c c .org

Giorgio Dell’Acqua

Scientific Committee Mike Anthonavage

Dellacqua Consulting


Hani Fares

Amber Evans

Gattefossé USA

Roger L. McMullen


Fairleigh Dickinson University

Noreza Papin Laboratoires Expanscience

Jiayi (Joy) Yuan

Morgan Lambert

Jarchem Innovative Ingredients

Courtney Harris


Rutgers University

Manhattan University

Samyukta Pingali

Kimberly Venesky

Sairohit Raghupathy

Kavita Shanbhag

Samantha Siu

Rutgers University

Xylia Ajose

Howard Epstein EMD Group

Rutgers University

Regina Klimchuk

Rutgers University

January Event

Rutgers University

Rutgers University

Rutgers University

Event Chairs February Event

June Event

Luciana Coutinho

Sarah de Szalay



Aysel Calkap DSM

Suppliers’ Day

Jane McDermott E.C.M.A.

August Event

September Event


Kolmar Laboratories

Rhythm Sharma

Yana Melnikova

Abhijit Bidaye

Susie Xiong



October Event

NYSCC Mentorship Program Mixer

EMD Performance Materials


Adam Rosen

D ec em b er 20 20

Yana Melnikova


Vol . 26

No . 10


Andrew Minczuk 201-259-7245 andrew.minczuk@colonialchem.com

Peter Konish Coty

Social Media Team

Edgewell Personal Care

y ropylsulfo f nate Sodiium Laur yyllglucosiddes Hyydrox yp


Carine Mainzer


Suga®Nate 160NC

Stacey House

Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Maria Sousa

Ben Blinder

• 100% n derived • No eye i • High-fo • EO-free, EO free • Biodegr


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Vol . 26

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Cosmetiscope December 2020  

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