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Let’s get emotional about flavour

Creating food and beverages with sensory appeal Automation is the way of the future Smart inspection & detection solutions


natural and synthetic colours for the food and drinks industry ROHA is pleased to announce the appointment of AECI Food & Beverage and TATSO SA as the exclusive distributors of ROHA’s complete range of food colours in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

ROHA Dyechem Ltd.

AECI Food & Beverage


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We would like to say a big thank you to Maryke Foulds, who was editor of Food Review for the past seven years. Her expertise in the F&B industry was invaluable and we wish her all the best for her future endeavours!


ut change is inevitable and I have

companies are creating a single integrated

taken over as editor of Food Review,

platform to help customers make

with this being my first issue. By way

production more efficient on Page 18.

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of introduction, my name is Tennille Aron

Although we don’t always see it that

and I have been working in the magazine

way, change can be great. Changes in the

industry for over eight years. Having

F&B industry because of the pandemic last

Circulation Manager: Felicity Garbers

previously worked as an editor for a B2B

year led a simple sugar commodity trading


publication, I am no stranger to the industry

company to change their offerings and it

General Manager: Dev Naidoo

and I am very excited to be back in it after a

has catapulted their business. Read their

Production Controller: Mandy Ackerman

few years of working in B2C. With the ever-

story on Page 26.

Art Director: David Kyslinger

evolving landscape of the F&B industry,

Investing in effective inspection and

particularly in light of the current pandemic,

detection systems can prevent expensive

I couldn’t be more excited to explore all the

product recalls. Find out more about

latest industry updates, trends and news

integrated conveyorised metal detection

with you each month.

systems on Page 36.

Over the last year, the better-for-you

As the American author John Maxwell

trend has increased in the F&B industry.

said, “Change is inevitable. Growth is

Worldwide, 53% of consumers say they see

optional.” – I look forward to growing with

beverages as healthy if they contain only

all of you through this publication.

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natural ingredients, making it a bigger factor than claims such as zero sugar, high


in protein, and high in antioxidants. Find

Enjoy the read!

out the most effective ways to tap into the

Tennille Aron


better-for-you trend on Page 25.

CEO: MEDIA24: Ishmet Davidson

Automation and digitalisation are the

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way of the future and can certainly help the industry optimise their manufacturing operations. Take a look at how some





EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Two doctorates in chemistry; leader in the field of palm oil; SAAFoST president 1993-2001 and honorary life member; past president, Society of Cosmetic Chemists SA.

With a PhD in biochemistry, an MBA and a Institute of Brewing and Distilling diploma Heidi also serves on the Innovation Hubs BioPark and UNISA’s Life Science advisory board.

Dr Aubrey Parsons

Dr Heidi Grimmer

Managing director of Symrise South Africa; chairman of SAAFFI.

CEO of Stratcom Branding, founding member of the glba (Global Local Branding Alliance)

Rudy McLean

Gail Angela Macleod

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July 2021 | FOOD RE VIEW

CONTENTS JULY 2021 Vol. 48 • No. 7


Whether it is the familiar taste of your favourite flavour of ice-cream or the crunchy peanut butter cookies that you used to bake with your grandmother, certain flavours have the potential to evoke specific emotions.



Pushing the boundaries of new product development




Digitalisation for customer convenience

Discover the link between flavours and emotions




Tips for establishing a culture of food safety

Long-lasting paper straws New partnership for Tetra Pak Tate & Lyle exceeds its 2020 environmental targets Scientists find a way to turn plastic waste into food Global Access to Nutrition Index 2021 results




PETCO diversifies into multi-materials


The growing need for creating sustainable cooling solutions

The increasing popularity of functional foods



Creating a one-stopKrones-shop Revolutionising liquid analysis with digital technology

New distributors on the block

Understanding the hybrid drink trend

Tapping into the better-for-you trend A small commodity trading company making big waves How colours play a role in creating customer expectations


MATERIALS HANDLING & COLD CHAIN How can digital twinning technology help your business?


END OF LINE, INSPECTION & METAL DETECTION Stepping up quality assurance procedures Creating novel packaging solutions to keep up with demand The benefits of integrated conveyorised metal detection What to consider when choosing a metal detector 3D vision systems to help inspect food packaging

Introducing the new sensor in town

FOOD RE VIEW | June 2021


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July 2021 | FOOD RE VIEW


Introducing McCain’s new crispy chips McCain SureCrisp is the new plant-based coated chip that holds its crispiness for up to 30 minutes, allowing chips to be served crispy and delicious, the way they were meant to be served.


here’s nothing better than seeing a portion of hot, delicious and crispy chips on the table. Whether it’s sitting down at your favourite casual dining restaurant or getting takeaway, chips are the perfect accompaniment to any meal. They are also still South African’s favourite side, playing a vital role in the eating out experience. McCain SureCrisp is here to completely revolutionise the chip experience.

Given that delivery and takeaway has grown in big strides over the last couple of months, McCain SureCrisp is especially good for off-premises dining, ensuring that in-restaurant experience at home, every time. Customers can now enjoy crispy delicious chips anywhere they want them. These chips are certified Halaal and Kosher, contain no allergens and meet the requirements for a vegetarian diet. •

Coca-Cola Zero gets a make-over Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is rolling out an even more delicious and refreshing recipe to match its bold new packaging and deliver an even more iconic Coke taste.


he new recipe – which optimises existing Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar flavours and existing ingredients – hit shelves in the US in July 2021, with it being rolled out to Canada starting in August. It is not clear if and when the South African market will get the new product, which will contain all the same ingredients and nutritional information. “Recognising that tastes and preferences are always evolving, we’re focused on continuous improvement to give fans the best-tasting Coca-Cola they want – with zero sugar or calories – offered in the most iconic packaging and powered by some of our most creative, consumer-centric marketing yet,” said Rafael Prandini, Coca-Cola Category Lead, North

America Operating Unit, and added that reaction from consumers in taste tests has been positive. A simplified packaging design is anchored by the iconic Coca‑Cola logo and red cues, with black Spencerian script signalling the Zero Sugar variety and “Now More Delicious” messaging highlighting the new formula in the US. All Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar packaging in America will feature the streamlined graphics. The reformulation, which is currently on shelves across Europe and Latin America, supports The Coca‑Cola Company’s strategy to offer a broad portfolio of beverages that fit a variety of tastes and lifestyles – and moving quickly and experimenting in an intelligent and disciplined manner. •

Grab a cuppa new BOSpresso BOS, the international tea brand, has released its brand-new product, BOSpresso, to the South African market. This new product is an organic rooibos espresso made with fine-cut, hand-harvested rooibos.


he new innovative product can be used to make the perfect rooibos cappuccino or latte. The organic rooibos espresso delivers a smooth, full-bodied flavour with notes of honey and is packaged in a convenient 750g bag. It is also organic-certified, full of antioxidants and naturally caffeine-, colourant- and preservative-free. BOSpresso can be prepared and enjoyed in a variety of different

ways using your favourite espresso equipment, including in a French press, moka pot or filter machines. William Battersby, BOS Brands CEO, says the introduction of BOSpresso to the BOS Brands stable reflects the high level of interest from consumers in drinking premium rooibos products. “We hope this drink will be yet another proudly South African product that both our local and international BOS fans will love,” says Battersby. • FOOD RE VIEW | July 2021



PETCO diversifies to ensure member compliance with

PETCO board chair, Tshidi Ramogase

Waste Management Act South Africa’s PET plastic Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO), PETCO, is diversifying into multi-materials to ensure that its members remain compliant under new packaging sustainability laws.


he move comes as South Africa’s legislation moves from voluntary to mandatory Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) amid increasing consumer and governmental pressure on brands to ensure end-of-life solutions for their products beyond consumer use.

PRODUCERS MUST ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR PRODUCTS According to Section 18 of the National Environmental Management Waste Act, producers must assume responsibility for their products up to and including the end-of-life stage of their product cycle. The deadline for compliance is 5 November 2021. PETCO’s view, which is aligned with international best practice, is that the producer for packaging is either the brand owner of products using the packaging, the retailer in the case of house brands or the importer of goods contained in packaging. “As participation in EPR is no longer voluntary, we anticipate that participation in PROs will increase significantly,” says PETCO CEO Cheri Scholtz. “Added to this, most plastic producers are multi-material users. These producers can no longer choose to focus their EPR activities solely on their largest or most visible pack format. Producers require a mechanism by which to meet their EPR compliance obligations – for all the component packaging materials of their identified products – in a cost-effective, efficient and non-onerous manner. They can be expected to join as few PROs as possible to meet their compliance requirements, ” explained Scholtz.

through multi-member PROs such as PETCO – will be more effective and costefficient than standalone schemes for most materials. “Founded on the principle of voluntary EPR in 2004, PETCO is already largely compliant with the new regulations and better placed than many other organisations to become fully compliant,“ said Scholtz. “The move by PETCO to include packaging components not only speaks to the existing collection systems where the packaging components of closures and labels are generally collected along with the base packaging format, but also places a needed focus on these components,” said Dr Kirsten Barnes, a circular economy analyst at GreenCape – the secretariat for the South African Plastics Pact, a collaborative initiative to create a circular economy for plastics packaging. She added that PETCO had already done extensive work in the design for recycling space. “Packaging components may even render the whole base format nonrecyclable, and this expanded scope will allow further work to address this. Furthermore, packaging components may be discarded by recyclers whose systems are designed to handle the base format. “By including packaging components, the focus of the whole value chain must expand to consider design for recycling and the effective recycling of these packaging components. It is our view that SA’s developing mandatory EPR system should increasingly see such inclusion of packaging components in other EPR schemes.”



While the regulations allow producers to comply by establishing their own schemes, Scholtz said that there is no doubt that collective action –

According to PETCO board chair, Tshidi Ramogase, the organisation is already effectively involved in multi-material collections through collecting closures


July 2021 | FOOD RE VIEW

and labels as a necessary condition for achieving existing PET beverage bottle targets and is, therefore, best placed to establish EPR schemes for these products. “This is also aligned to global best practice where complementary packaging items such as closures and labels are generally included with the substrate that makes up over 80% of the product mass,” said Ramogase, who is also head of public affairs, communications and sustainability for Coca-Cola Beverages Africa. While PETCO is starting with labels and closures, Ramogase said that further diversification will be evaluated carefully based on the strategic fit and the needs of PETCO members. It is clear that ultimately larger multi-material PROs will evolve to better serve South African producers, but how this will develop is not entirely clear. As required under the Section 18 notice, potential and existing brand owner-, retailer- and importer members will need to submit formal confirmation that they will be joining PETCO’s newlook EPR scheme for 2022. The EPR scope of work or priority products covered by PETCO was finalised on 31 July with the finalisation of membership to follow by 31 August. PETCO vice-chair David Drew, who is also the head of sustainability for Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, said the implications of Section 18 were significant to brand-owners and retailers. “Ultimately, the success of EPR relies on the commitment of brandowners and retailers and their contributions, both financial and non-financial, to the PROs they will entrust to ensure they remain compliant. PROs and the EPR schemes they implement require the buy-in of these key stakeholders to be successful,” he said. •

Paper straws manufactured with Henkel adhesives


A sustainable solution

to the plastic straw pandemic Sustainability is important, particularly when it comes to convenience products such as drinking straws. These items are becoming very popular as an alternative to plastic products.


aper straws, manufactured with Henkel adhesives, can withstand immersion in liquid for more than four hours without degrading. During this time, the adhesive and paper substrate remains completely intact in the liquid – ensuring a pleasant drinking experience for the consumer. Henkel’s range of paper straws are tailor-made for this purpose and suitable for a wide range of different manufacturing conditions.

Henkel Adhesives also reached another milestone with the signing of the European Charter of Trust for Paper Drinking Straws. This reinforces the company’s commitment to the environment and public safety. If you require additional information you can attend upcoming webinars at Henkel’s new virtual platform, the Henkel Adhesives Forum. •

New partnership bodes well for the

F&B Industry

Tetra Pak has announced the establishment of a collaborative partnership with food research, application and ingredient company Synercore Food Holdings.


uring the journey from farm to factory to fork, the food supply chain can encounter any number of health hazards. Tetra Pak’s partnership with Synercore has the objective of leveraging its technology and food solutions to accelerate innovation in health and safety regarding the commercialisation of shelf-stable food products in Africa. The challenge of food safety and security in Africa is no minor one when considering that 50% of the world’s population growth within the next 30 years is predicted to be in Africa. The partnership involves the procurement by Synercore of a pilot scale Tetra ReCart testing facility plant for dairy innovation situated at the Synercore Innovation Campus at

Klapmuts in the Western Cape. Stefan Fageräng, Tetra Pak managing director, says, “The pilot unit affords Synercore the opportunity to test on a pilot scale various formulations, recipes, raw materials and functional ingredients with the expert assistance of teams from both companies.” The investment includes a Tetra Pak High Shear Mixer unit, a Tetra ReCart packaging line and retort to produce shelf-stable pilot-scale samples that exactly mimics industrialised and commercial products in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Analytical tests will be conducted to ensure the integrity of macro- and micronutrients as well as the microbial quality and safety of the products being produced. The partnership reflects today’s need for a more integrated approach to delivering good-quality products in Africa, which neither Tetra Pak nor Synercore could deliver alone. This embraces the need to include in the product cross-disciplinary development process factors such as functional ingredients, processing and packaging solutions. “Our new partnership with Synercore has the objective of integrating and

managing the entire value chain and to deliver an end-to-end solution to the African market. Synercore assists with product formulations, new product development and functional ingredients, which complement Tetra Pak’s specialisation in processing, packaging, automation and technical services. Together, we will help customers to produce safer, quality products with more efficiency and reliability. Tetra Pak’s extensive knowledge within different product categories will ensure a one-stop shop for food processing and packaging needs,” says Fageräng. “Success can only be achieved through intelligent, competent, multidisciplinary and integrated partnerships,” says Fageräng. Dr Tertius Cilliers, CEO of Synercore, adds, “We face unique challenges on this continent, but then again, as we live in a global village, we can learn from the experience, talents and competence of leading organisations around the world. The latest investment by Synercore and Tetra Pak in a collaborative partnership illustrates exactly that – bringing technology to Africa to complement its rich natural resources while presenting tangible and local solutions.” •

FOOD RE VIEW | July 2021



Tate & Lyle exceeds its

its 2020 environmental targets Tate & Lyle, a leading global food and beverage ingredient supplier, is pleased to announce that it has exceeded its 2020 environmental targets, set using a 2008 baseline. Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, generated by onsite energy use, were reduced by 25% (target of 19%), and waste to landfill was reduced by 37% (target of 30%). These environmental benefits are equivalent to the carbon captured by nearly 1 million acres of US forestry and 1 700 fewer garbage trucks taken to landfill.


he GHG emissions reduction target was

emissions reduction targets have been

caring for our planet and helping to tackle

delivered largely by investing in the

validated as science-based by the Science-

the world’s biggest shared challenge of

transition to cleaner energy sources, such

Based Targets Initiative, meaning they

climate change.”

as replacing the coal boiler with a natural

are in line with the goals of the Paris

gas-fired combined heat and power system

Agreement on climate change.

at the corn wet mill in Loudon, Tennessee.

Nick Hampton, chief executive at Tate

Sara Leeman, global environmental leader at Tate & Lyle, said, “In setting our 2030 environmental commitments, we

The waste target was met largely by

& Lyle, said, “We are proud of the progress

have broadened our scope to include

eliminating certain waste streams from the

we have made against our environmental

water reduction, the beneficial use of all

production process by reclaiming organic

commitments over the last decade, and

our waste, emissions resulting from our

solids, which would otherwise have been

are now absolutely focused on delivering

value chain and support for sustainable

sent to landfill.

our new targets for 2030. Every part

agriculture. Our new targets mean

of our global team, from production to

we are really challenging ourselves to

ambitious environmental targets for 2030

procurement, supply chain to sales, are

make real and lasting improvements to

for GHG emissions, waste, water and

playing their part to deliver our purpose

the environment around us, while also

sustainable agriculture. The 2030 GHG

of improving lives for next generations by

continuing to grow our business.” •

In May 2020, Tate & Lyle set new

Turning waste into food Merck has awarded the Future Insight Prize 2021 to two innovative scientists who have found a way to successfully turn plastic waste into edible food. The €1 million prize in the category Food Generation was awarded to Ting Lu, professor of bioengineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Stephen Techtmann, associate professor of biological sciences at Michigan Technological University, both in the US.


n their study, the researchers used

Merck (leading science and technology

and additionally allow for personalisation

microbes to degrade plastic waste. They

company) in 2018. Every year it is awarded

needs. The core of the proposed technology

then used the broken down waste to

to individuals with outstanding innovations,

is to harness synthetic microbial consortia

produce protein. “The winners of this year’s

and Lu and Techtmann’s project is

– a combination of natural and rationally

Future Insight Prize have created a ground-

certainly outstanding.

engineered microorganisms – in order to

breaking technology with the potential to

The researchers have named their

efficiently convert waste into food. This

generate a safe and sustainable source

project “From Waste to Food: A Generator

technology promises to transform waste

of food while reducing the environmental

of Future Food”. Their study looks at

streams into nutritious food supplements,

harms associated with plastic waste and

efficient, economical and versatile

thus solving the two problems of

traditional agricultural methods,” said

technology that converts wastes such as

increasing food scarcity and plastic

Belén Garijo, chair of the executive

end-of-life plastics into edible foods. These

waste simultaneously. The progress that

board and CEO of Merck. The Future

foods contain all the required nutrients,

these scientists make in their research is

Insight Prize was first announced by

are non-toxic, provide health benefits,

definitely something to look forward to. •


July 2021 | FOOD RE VIEW


Results of the Global Access to Nutrition Index 2021 revealed

The Global Access to Nutrition Index ranks 25 of the world’s largest multinational food and beverage manufacturers’ contributions to addressing malnutrition in all its forms. Nestlé ranked first in the Global Access to Nutrition Index 2021, with Unilever coming in second. Arla showed the biggest improvement from 2018, moving up to 5th position.


alnutrition in any form affects every

assesses the healthiness of the

regulations are less strict than the Codex

country in the world and contributes

companies’ product portfolio using the

Alimentarius Guidelines.

towards millions of deaths every year. In 2019, 690 million people (8.9% of the

Health Star Rating model. For the second time, Nestlé ranked at

However, while some companies are doing well in their efforts to curb

global population) were considered

the top of this index. When it came to

malnutrition, overall the results of the

undernourished and with the economic

accessibility and affordability of healthy

index reveal that food and beverage

effects of Covid-19 there is a rapid rise in

products, Nestlé was one of the companies

manufacturers need to increase their

people experiencing extreme poverty.

that had the most comprehensive

efforts to start providing healthier,

approaches to pricing and distribution,

nutritious and more affordable food to

scores and ranks all 25 companies based on

including products designed to address

their consumers. They should also be

their nutrition-related commitments and

micronutrient deficiencies. In the labelling

responsibly exercising their influence on

policies, practices and disclosure across

category, Nestlé was commended for

consumer choice and behaviour through

seven categories, namely governance,

being the only company that continues

actions in areas such as marketing,

products, marketing, accessibility,

to use nutrition and health labelling and

labelling and promoting healthy diets and

lifestyles, labelling and engagement. It also

claims in countries where local or national

active lifestyles. •

The Global Access to Nutrition Index

Food & OHS Testing, Inspection, Certification, & Training.

With Aspirata, Deltamune laboratories, and SAI Global Africa Assurance (QPRO and SAIGAS) in our stable.

FOOD RE VIEW | July 2021


AGT’S MASTERCLASS MAKES formulating with vegan ingredients a cinch formulating with vegan ingredients a cinch

With plant-based ingredients and products on everyone’s lips, AGT’s webinar With plant-based on everyone’s AGT’s scheduled on the scheduled on the ingredients 29th of Julyand willproducts offer a first-hand look lips, behind the webinar scenes with a 24th of June offer first-hand look the scenes renowned chef who will celebrated chefwill who will ademonstrate new behind recipe options, new with product formulations demonstrate new recipe options, new product formulations and product applications. and product applications.


of webinar the webinar is to hehe aimaim of the is to introduce andintroduce create awareness of the and create plant - based product and to awareness of therange plant-based demonstrate the application of the products product range and to and is aimed atthe newapplication product developers, demonstrate of the food manufacturers, the spice industry to eat products and is aimed at new ready product meals and those involved in all things vegan. developers, food manufacturers, the Topics under discussion include AGT’s new spice industry, ready to eat meals and texturised pulse protein. This is a 100% those in allfor things plant - involved based solution meat vegan. replacement Topics under discussion include and extension applications, snacks foods and AGT’s new texturised protein. other unique products forpulse mainstream and This is a 100% plant-based solution alternative markets. for replacement and the extension Themeat webinar will also discuss uses of AGT’s two new snacks innovative additions to their applications, foods and other plant based range. unique products for mainstream and Veggipasta ismarkets. a single ingredient formulation alternative 100% yellow pea flour, which is gluten The webinar will also discuss thefree, non GMO and features a neutral taste. uses of AGT’s two new innovative Additional benefits that therange. product is additions to their include plant-based shelf stable and superior in frozen meal and Veggipasta is a single ingredient soup applications. formulation 100% yellow pea flour, Veggicrumb is the breadcrumb replacement which is gluten free, non-GMO andpeas. made from only one ingredient, namely features a neutral taste. Additional The product’s value proposition includes that benefits include that the product is it is a single - ingredient formulations with shelf andGMO superior in frozen with 100%stable peas, non and gluten-free, meal and soup applications. a kid-friendly taste and texture. It Veggicrumb also features excellent water absorption is the breadcrumb and is ideally for use as a ground replacement made frombinder only inone meat applications, such as burgers and ingredient, namely peas. The product’s sausages. value proposition includes that it is a The event will conclude with a live Qwith &A single - ingredient formulations session, hosted by Donovan Will - from 100% peas, non GMO and gluten-free, PROVEG, and a panel of experts, including with a kid-friendly taste and texture. Gabrielle Jackson who is an expert in her field regarding regulatory and nutrition knowledge and an Dr Tulbek, director at AGT Foods Researh and Development Centre. The day concludes with a live draw for two stunning Woolworths vouchers.

It also features excellent water ABOUT THE SPEAKERS: absorption and is ideally for use as a Dr Mehmet C. Tulbek, director binder in ground meat applications, such - Research and Development as burgers and sausages. at AGT Food and Ingredients The event will with a live Q&A Inc.conclude (AGT) Saskatchewan, session, hosted by Donovan Will - from Canada - Leading AGT Foods PROVEG, and Research a panel of experts, including & Development Program. Gabrielle who is research, an expert in her Mehmet isJackson currently leading field regarding regulatory and nutrition development, technology, technical services and regulatory affairs functionsdirector of the AGT knowledge and Dr Tulbek, at AGT Foods Ingredient Division. He concluded his Foods Research and Development Centre. B.The Sc. inday Agricultural Engineering with the concludes with a live draw for emphasis of Food Science andvouchers. Technology at two stunning Woolworths Ankara University, his M. Sc. in Food Engineering at Istanbul Technical University in Turkey and his Ph. D. in Cereal Science at North Dakota State Fargo, ND. ABOUT THEUniversity, SPEAKERS: Mehmet authored 5 book chapters, several C. Tulbek, journal articles Dr andMehmet proceedings. He is a director - Research & member of American Association of Cereal Chemists International, AmericanatOil Chemists’ Development AGT Foods Society, Institute Food Technologists, & ofIngredients Inc. (AGT) Saskatchewan Saskatchewan, Institute of Agrologists and Canada American Association of Feed Control Officials.

Mehmet is currently leading research, Gabrielle Jackson, dietitian development,Head technical and of theservices FACTS regulatory regulatory affairs functionsdivision. of the AGT and nutrition Foods Ingredient Division. He concluded FACTS offers members of the his B. Sc. in Agricultural with food industryEngineering great depth and the emphasisbreadth of FoodofScience and knowledge within one Technology Ankara University, his with company. Weatare a unique team of experts M. Sc. infood Food Engineering at Istanbul medical, science & technology, dietetics, genetics, biochemistry, legal, educational Technical University in Turkey and hisand commercial knowledge. Our synergy Ph. D. in Cereal Science at Northprovides vital advantages to our foodFargo, industryND. clients. Dakota State University,

Gabrielle is a registered dietitian. She heads up the regulatory and nutrition division at FACTS, where she consults on nutrition, health, food regulations and labelling projects, in addition, she consults in a private practice in Johannesburg. Visit:

Donovan Will,director director Donovan Will, - ProVeg South thethe ProVeg SouthAfrica, Africa, South African of of South Africanchapter chapter ProVeg International. ProVeg International.

Proveg is a leading international food awareness organisation food options across four continents. Before Before moving to ProVeg to found their movingAfrican to ProVeg to foundhe their South South chapter, was the African brand chapter, he was the brand manager at The manager at The Fry Family Food Co. Fry Family Food Co.Africa’s (Fry’s), South Africa’s leading (Fry’s), South leading manufacturer of plant - based meat manufacturer of plant-based meat replacements, with distribution to over replacements, with distribution to over 30 countries. Donovan is a passionate advocate 30 countries. Donovan is aand passionate for a more conscious lifestyle, believes in advocate for a more conscious lifestyle, highlighting the health, environmental, and believes in highlighting the health, economic and ethical benefits of eating a environmental, economic and ethical more plant - based diet and moving towards benefits eatinglifestyle. a morePrior plant - based following of a vegan becoming involved in the plant based food arena diet and moving towards following a Donovanlifestyle. held various financial management, vegan accounting, audit and advisory roles. He had a Gabrielle Jackson, Bachelor of Business Science with Honours in dietitian Head of the Finance from UCT, and Honours in Accounting from UNISA. FACTS regulatory and

nutrition division. Gabrielle is a registered dietitian. She heads up the regulatory and nutrition division at FACTS, where she consults on nutrition, health, food regulations and labelling projects, in addition, she consults in a private practice in Johannesburg.

011 762 5261 011 762 5261


Let’s get emotional about flavour Whether it is the familiar taste of your favourite flavour of ice-cream or the crunchy peanut butter cookies that you used to bake with your grandmother, certain flavours have the potential to evoke specific emotions. Tennille Aron explores how Symrise’s new research tool is helping to find a deeper understanding of how consumers emotions can be directly linked to certain flavours, which can be greatly beneficial in the F&B industry.


he warmth and safety that

different needs, namely certainty, variety,

question and go further to understand

you feel when you bite into a

significance, connection, growth and

what this is for specific product categories

delicious muffin made from

contribution. Fundamentally, the priority

and/or countries. With this platform, you

your grandmother’s secret recipe

that an individual places on these needs

can gain a better understanding of the link

is unmistakable. It is as if you are

throughout their lifetime drives all the

between consumer needs and benefits,

transported back in time to when you

decisions that they make. Therefore, any

and flavours. This research tool is based on

used to sit on the kitchen counter while

choice from where a person chooses to

scientific insights coming from psychology

your grandmother baked. There is no

work to what product they choose depends

implying that human behaviour is driven by

denying that the right taste can take

on the hierarchy of their needs. According

needs. In the end people will always go for

you on an emotional journey. In fact, the

to Symrise’s research tool, these needs

the product that best satisfies their most

emotions that a specific flavour elicits

can also be linked to flavour tonalities and

prominent needs. This intuitive platform

can even influence what item you choose

can thus help to create new products that

combines different sources of consumer

to buy. Symrise’s new platform, the

consumers will truly love.

data (quantitative and qualitative

Symrise Need States & Benefit Universe,

research), market data (e.g., new product launch analyses, flavour trends) and

customers flavour usage appeal more


to consumers.

So, what does excitement or fun taste

holistic approach building upon each other

like? Well with the Symrise Need States

to generate the best possible insights for

& Benefit Universe you can answer this

new product development.

taps into these emotions to help their

Leading psychologists believe that all human behaviour is driven by six


July 2021 | FOOD RE VIEW

product data (descriptive analyses) in one


The Symrise Need States & Benefit

food you eat or the beverages you drink,

Universe is a platform to link brand

Symrise’s ingredients and solutions enrich

positioning, trends, product benefits

consumers’ lives with delightful facets

and consumer needs to flavours and

valued the world over. Symrise elevates

flavour profiles.

everyday experiences for the whole family by creating inspiring flavours and natural

HOW CAN THE SYMRISE NEED STATES & BENEFIT UNIVERSE HELP? 1. It provides consumer validated information on how flavours fit to different need states. 2. T he insights given enable them to work even more specifically on customer’s briefs and brands.

nutrition ingredients solutions.

DID YOU KNOW? Symrise has: • Over 30 000 products • O ver 6 000 customers in more than 100 countries

3. T hey can work fact-based and emotionally on new concepts, collaborate with customers and strengthen partnerships . 4. T hey can create strong value

Their flavour segment produces delicious tastes for food and beverages

propositions based on sensory and

that go into end products as well as

consumer insight knowledge.

complete solutions, which, apart from the actual flavour, can contain additional


functional ingredients, food colouring or

Symrise has added a new member to

microencapsulated components.

their team. Warren Cuyler has stepped

The Symrise nutrition segment

into the role of Symrise sales director.

enriches foods and beverages with

Cuyler has previous experience as a

taste, texture, colour and functionality,

General Manager at the Nigeria facility

and provides solutions for baby and pet

as well as being responsible for the

food. Sustainable marine ingredients for

Central, East and West Africa region. He

aquacultures help to meet the protein

is sure to be an incredible addition to

demands for a growing population. In

the team.

addition, probiotics for foods, beverages and nutritional supplements address


health-promoting benefits. •

You may be surprised to learn that people interact with Symrise products on average 20-30 times per day. From the minty freshness in your toothpaste to the

Symrise - FOOD RE VIEW | July 2021



Creating a culture of food safety Establishing culture of food safety in an organisation can be challenging, but it is also necessary. Here are some tips for effectively implementing food safety protocols.


ave you ever looked at a plate of food and wondered exactly what goes into making it? More than simply growing, nurturing and rearing the individual ingredients, there’s also the crucial task of ensuring that every element travels from farm to fork safely. And that’s where food safety comes in. Also known as food hygiene, food safety involves overseeing the preparation, handling and storage of food to avoid any contamination or health hazards that could result in food poisoning. Whether it’s at home, at a restaurant or at a factory, food safety is always of vital importance to ensure produce is safe for human consumption. While it can be challenging, creating a culture of food safety both on an individual and a commercial level is essential in ensuring ongoing health and wellness, and risk prevention.

WHY IS FOOD SAFETY SO IMPORTANT? Ensuring that food is safe for human consumption is a critical part of health and safety – particularly considering that millions of people are affected by foodborne illnesses every year. Not only does this result in a loss of income for individuals, it results in a decrease in productivity as well, which has a direct effect on the economy. It also places undue stress on overburdened healthcare systems, and can lead to a lack of confidence in the food industry as a whole. With such far-reaching consequences, it becomes clear that food safety doesn’t just impact a few isolated individuals – it affects us all.

Creating a culture of food safety begins on the farm


July 2021 | FOOD RE VIEW

IMPLEMENTING FOOD SAFETY PROTOCOLS So how does one go about a creating a culture of food safety within an organisation? Let’s take a look at some of the most effective methods. 1. Lead from the front Employees always look to their superiors to set the standard, so it’s important to ensure that all those in senior positions are seen to be setting a good example. Cleanliness, safety and food protocols need to be established and adhered to, with leaders demonstrating a strong commitment to all food safety guidelines, and enforcing them regularly as well. If your organisation is viewed as placing a strong emphasis on food hygiene, this way of thinking will filter down to the employees, creating an excellent foundation for a culture of food safety going forward. 2. Offer ongoing training and education For a culture of food safety to not just be introduced but entrenched, employees need to understand exactly why food hygiene protocols are important in the first place. It’s here that ongoing training becomes so crucial – explaining the reasoning behind food safety rules in order to empower employees with the knowledge they need to strictly adhere to food hygiene guidelines. Why does the internal temperature of food need to be taken? Why do raw foods need to be treated differently to pre-cooked foods? Understanding the ‘why’ of food safety is hugely valuable, both for your employees and your organisation. 3. Provide the necessary equipment It’s no good training your staff in food safety, if you don’t have the correct equipment available to help them

execute what they’ve learned. For this reason it’s important to have the necessary resources on hand to help your employees adhere to food safety protocols, whether this includes kitchen equipment, monitoring equipment or even protective clothing. Safety first! 4. Conduct regular inspections Once you’ve trained your staff and ensured that they have the tools and resources they need, you’ll need to conduct regular inspections to determine whether or not your food safety protocols are being adhered to. During these inspections, you’ll need to assess whether guidelines are being followed, whether individual responsibilities are being met and whether the correct controls are in place to ensure complete food safety at all times. If any of the protocols are not being met, this will need to be addressed swiftly, with any noncompliant procedures or behaviours amended immediately. Further to these steps, food allergy protocols and basic hygiene measures should also be followed to ensure a clean, safe environment, and optimal levels of food hygiene throughout. Staying up-to-date with current food safety news and headlines can also be helpful in knowing what to be aware of, while employing the services of a third party expert can also be valuable in terms of training and compliance. Creating a culture of food safety can take time at first – introducing new protocols and asking for staff buy-in can be challenging, particularly where new concepts are involved. However, while change takes time, changing to a culture of food safety is a necessary step, not just for the health of your business, but for our collective health and safety going forward. •


Examples of typical functional foods

Functional products hit

a high note during Covid-19 pandemic More than four in ten consumers have increased their purchases of functional foods, beverages and supplements since the start of the pandemic, a major global survey has found.


erry, the makers of clinically proven

our key findings was the scale of the impact

benefits, including spoonable yogurt

immune health ingredient Wellmune,

of the pandemic on demand – not just for

(31%), dairy-based drinks (28%) and hot

surveyed 13 000 people across 16

immune health products, but for functional

beverages (24%).

countries to provide manufacturers with

foods, beverages, and supplements overall.

insights into the impact of COVID-19 on

Consumers were adopting increasingly

yeast beta 1,3/1,6 glucan, is clinically

purchasing behaviours.

proactive, holistic attitudes to health,

supported to help strengthen the immune

wellness and nutrition long before

system, and the survey shows that the

globally said they had bought more dietary

2020, but the pandemic has massively

brand instils a high level of trust.

supplements since the outbreak of the

accelerated this trend.”

Forty-four per cent of respondents

pandemic, while 42% had increased their purchases of functional or fortified foods and beverages. Respondents were presented with a list of health areas and asked which were reasons for buying healthy lifestyle products. Globally nearly six in ten (58%) chose immune system support, significantly more than the numbers who picked healthy bones and joints (46%), digestive health (43%), heart health (40%) and improved energy (39%). Immune health was the top health benefit sought by consumers in each of the 16 countries surveyed.

“As many as 39% of consumers used an immune health product over the past six months and a further 30% would consider doing so in future, suggesting a total potential immune health market of 69%.”

Respondents were given a detailed description of Wellmune and the types of formats in which it can be found. Eight in ten (80%) found the description believable and 56% thought it was unique. Seven in ten (70%) said they would definitely or probably purchase a product containing Wellmune, and half (50%) said its inclusion would influence them to switch brands. John Quilter added, “Manufacturers should see the surge in demand for immune health products not as an opportunity, but as a reason for increased responsibility. Everyone in the immune health sector needs to earn the trust of consumers by communicating transparently about

As many as 39% of consumers had used an immune health product over the past six

Wellmune, Kerry’s proprietary baker’s

The survey also reveals the food and

product benefits and using proven

months and a further 30% would consider

beverage categories where immune health

ingredients supported by high-quality

doing so in future, suggesting a total

is a particularly powerful purchase driver.

research. The reason Wellmune connects

potential immune health market of 69%.

One in three (33%) consumers said they

so well with consumers is that its benefits

would be interested in purchasing fruit

are substantiated by science.” •

John Quilter, Kerry VP of global portfolio – ProActive Health said, “Interest in health

and vegetable juices if they contained

and wellness has never been higher and we

ingredients that promoted immune

wanted to give the industry new insights

support. Many other categories were

into changing purchasing habits. One of

also seen as a good fit for immune health

FOOD RE VIEW | July 2021



Combining all digitalisation activities into one

Krones is known for supporting their customers in the food and beverage industry by optimising and digitalising their production operations. In line with the one-stop-shop concept, Krones is now bringing the fields of mechanical engineering and digitalisation even closer together.


tarting now, everything will take

of the new portal – – that

specialist. However, Krones will be the first

place within the Krones Ecosystem,

will offer customers central access to

point of contact for all customers and the

which will stretch over all the

Krones’ digital solutions. When beverage

general partner for everything to do with

group’s new machines like an invisible

producers log onto in future,

digitalisation. Beverage producers will thus

dome and interlink them at the data level.

not only will they be able to access all cloud

obtain both innovative machine technology

The resulting line and production data will

services, but they will be able to access the

and matching digital solutions from one

provide the basis for using existing cloud

other digital services of the group also. The

central point of contact in future.

services and other digital solutions that

long-term goal is to bring together all their

Krones will be offering in future.

digital solutions on a single portal. Syskron will retain its role as the



technical enabler of and the

Logging on to the IIoT platform is the first

The first concrete step will be to locate

services it provides. The Krones subsidiary

step into the Krones Ecosystem’s world.

the existing IIoT platform at Krones. This

will continue to operate autonomously

Customers who use more than one of the

platform is the key element and the hub

within the group as its digitalisation

digital applications will be able to reap the full benefits of the digitalisation services provided by them because line owners can put together a digitalisation package that is precisely tailored to their specific needs from a variety of cloud services and other solutions. This will in turn reduce downtimes, economise on resources and achieve savings in ongoing operating costs, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. •

Krones –


July 2021 | FOOD RE VIEW


A new generation

Memosens 2.0 takes liquid analysis to the next level in all industries

of sensors for liquid analysis Endress+Hauser introduces the next generation of Memosens digital technology for simple, safe and connected liquid analysis


emosens technology has

technology with

revolutionised liquid analysis

maximum practicability.

technology. It converts the

The Memosens sensors

Memosens 2.0 provides the future-proof basis for predictive maintenance and enhanced IIoT services

measured value to a digital signal and

are equipped with

transfers it inductively to the transmitter,

highly integrated

offering safe data transfer for increased

electronics, therefore,

availability of the measuring point and

they can be calibrated

trouble-free processes. With Memosens

and adjusted under

2.0, liquid analysis measuring points now

lab conditions that

become completely future-proof and ready

are favourable for the

for IIoT. The new technology is available for

operator, and stable

pH/ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen

for precise results. Replacing sensors in


sensors. It will be extended to the complete

the field is a simple process and can be

Replacing sensors onsite is simple and

sensor portfolio for liquid analysis.

performed in a timely manner thanks to the

quick, using pre-calibrated sensors reduces

lockable bayonet connector and automatic

process downtime and regular regeneration


sensor identification by the transmitter.

extends sensor lifetime. Lab calibration

Memosens 2.0 sensors store numerous,


relevant data such as operating hours,

Non-contact digital data transmission

minimum and maximum temperatures and

eliminates the effects of moisture, corrosion


measured values, calibration histories and

and salt bridges with alert messaging

Memosens sensors can be used in all

load matrices. All this data can be used

if the signal transmission is disturbed.

industries, from chemical and food to life

and processed for comprehensive analysis

Galvanic isolation ensures interference-

sciences and power, and also in the water

and more precise process management.

free measurement and EMC safety. The

and wastewater industries. These sensors

The sensors also provide a perfect basis

Memobase plus software provides full

are backwards-compatible and can easily

for predictive maintenance strategies with

traceability of all sensors used, supporting

be integrated into existing systems, taking

Endress+Hauser’s Heartbeat Technology

operation according to strict guidelines in

the next step towards a future-proof

and enhanced IIoT services via the

regulated industries. Memosens 2.0 offers

liquid analysis. •

Netilion ecosystem.

error-free flexibility for measuring points

reduces standby hours of analysis experts.

in hazardous areas, since all ex sensors


can be connected to all Endress+Hauser

Memosens 2.0 combines cutting-edge

transmitters with the respective approval.

Endress+Hauser –

FOOD RE VIEW | July 2021



Stopping the flow at the right time

Vega sensors have been essential in monitoring the production of juice at the Ceres fruit juice manufacturers in the Western Cape for many years. Therefore, the company jumped at the chance to test out the latest sensor in the Vegapoint series for capacitive point level measurement. Claudia Homburg looks at the new innovation.


new sensor from Vega

largely independent of medium properties

deposits accumulated on the end of the

for capacitive point level

and therefore adjustment-free. Due to

probe, the level switch still switched as soon

measurement sounded promising,

its small size, the sensor could also be

as the residual water reached the probe and

but it wasn’t officially on the market

installed not only on tanks and containers

returned to its normal state as soon as the

yet. Nevertheless, Ceres, the fruit juice

but on small, narrow pipelines as well. The

level dropped again.

company, offered to be a tester of the

compact size was also a very beneficial

new Vegapoint 21 and they were

factor, in addition to it being a very cost-

not disappointed.

effective solution.

INTRODUCING THE NEW SENSOR IN TOWN The new Vegapoint 21, which was first introduced at the Ceres juice company, is a level switch with adjustable switching point for detection of water-based liquids. The sensor and the tank form the two electrodes of a capacitor. Any change in capacitance due to a level change is converted into a switching signal.

ADVANTAGES OF THE NEW SENSOR AT CERES There were many advantages to using this

"The Vegapoint 21 proved to be extremely easy to use in practice with the sensor working even under difficult measuring conditions, which is essential for fruit juice manufacturers."

APPLICATIONS FOR USE OF THE VEGAPOINT SERIES Sensors of the Vegapoint series can be used for overfill and dry run protection as well as oil/water and foam detection. The optional universal connector with hygienic adapter ensures reduced installation costs and a smaller spare parts inventory. The series meets the requirements of hygienic processes in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Additionally, the small level switch version has a compact stainless-steel housing and is available in two electronics versions: simple transistor output and transistor output with additional digital IO-Link communication. The

The Vegapoint 21 also proved to be

sensor can also be operated wirelessly

new sensor at the fruit juice company.

extremely easy to use in practice with

via Bluetooth with a tablet or smartphone

This sensor proved to be so easy to set up

the sensor working even under difficult

and an app, which allows the switching

that installation could easily be carried

measuring conditions such as turbulence,

behaviour, the application and many other

out by the customer in future. The level

air bubbles, strong external vibrations

parameters to be set or adjusted as needed.

switches could also be easily adapted

and changing media, which is essential

to any application. The Vegapoint 21 is

for fruit juice manufacturers. Even when

The colourful, all-round switching status display of the Vegapoint 21 also allows quick and easy recognition of the switching status. With it the user can keep an eye on the status of the tank at all times. This came in handy for the workers at the fruit juice company as it allowed them to concentrate on other tasks in juice production without having to worry about something going

Vegapoint 21 warns reliably of overflow in the pulp container

wrong inside the tank. The Vegapoint 21 is part of the new Vegapoint series, which offers the optimal instrument for every measuring task – whether highly complex or standard. •

Vega -


July 2021 | FOOD RE VIEW

We bring colour into view! Compact pressure sensors and switches with 360° custom-colour status display

256 colours Individually selectable: Measurement in progress Sensor switching Process malfunction

15 cm

Compact design

Hygienic adapter system

Adjustment via smartphone


Full speed ahead in materials handling

Despite the pandemic, innovation and efficiency programmes were continued in full at Interroll during 2020, says Kerr Walker.


he pandemic did have a serious

all continents: A second plant in Atlanta

the Interroll Conexo cloud. This will allow

effect on the South African market.

has been completed and construction

customers to collect data that can be

“We are now feeling the ripple

activities for the Mosbach plant in

analysed, and preventative maintenance

effects in July 2021 with global shortages

southern Germany and the Suzhou plant in

and product life cycles can be monitored.

of metal and electronic components,”

China have progressed largely according

he explains. “Despite this, Interroll

to plan. Expansion in South Africa was

Interroll's focus. The newly established

continues to prepare for the future

also concluded with the additional 500m2

Solution Sales organisation works to

growth in all regions.”

of manufacturing space acquired to

provide the right material handling

assist with the local manufacturing of the

solutions with customers and users at eye

conveyor modules and pallet flow lanes.

level and with a high degree of relevant,

Three pillars make up Interroll's growth strategy: innovation, geographical expansion and future prospects in the service business. In terms of innovation, the Smart Pallet

“The new showroom was completed in 2020, allowing end-user customers

Convenience and customer trust are

industry-specific process expertise. “We have also made significant progress

to bring their product to us and we can

in developing our sales expertise with the

Mover (SPM) is a shining example of how

simulate how the product will be conveyed,”

help of the Interroll Academy,” says Walker.

Interroll adds value to its customers’ and

Walker adds. “The showroom has a majority

“For us, good is not good enough. We strive

end users’ businesses. It is a disruptive

of modules available, which include high-

to offer our customers optimal solutions.

innovation based on a mobile unit: This

speed diverts, transfers, lift-up gate, incline

We focus worldwide on continuing to

is unique in the industry and a patented

and decline conveyors. It is all operated

cultivate a climate of excellence in

solution. With the SPM, Interroll has

with the DC Platform that incorporates

which our employees can develop their

already won the Red Dot Design Award and

zero-pressure accumulation.”

competences and skills in the best ways

is a finalist among Best of Intralogistics

In the third pillar, Service, Interroll

possible. Over the past two years, we have

nominees for the renowned and upcoming

has progressed to the point where it has

focused our attention on customer service

IFOY Award.

established an independent organisation

and, with our three internal sales personnel

- further increasing its focus. With more

and three dedicated external sales

market since March 2021 and fits in as

than 400 sorters (and rising) installed

personnel, we are delivering on our promise

a basic segment in the sorter sector.

worldwide, there are further service

of being a customer-centric organisation.

This space-saving solution with short

prospects in the future. In South Africa,

In addition, we also offer a significantly

delivery and installation times is suitable

the service division is in full operation with

expanded range of customer training

for conveyed goods up to 12kg, such as

two dedicated teams servicing a number of

courses, not least with the provision of

polybags or packages. The special feature:

customers nationwide.

e-learning offerings and apps.”

The Split Tray Sorter has been on the

The integrated control system comes

In 2020, Interroll focused strongly on

Interroll South Africa is in a position

from Interroll, more precisely from its new

the topic of "digitalisation for customer

to supply a globally recognised, quality-

Center of Excellence Software & Controls

convenience" among other things, with

assured product that is manufactured in

in Linz, Austria.

the goal of offering the best possible

South Africa that it terms “global yet local”

customer experience with a coordinated

and can offer a product with shorter lead

range of applications and diversified users,

digital ecosystem. This already saves

times at a competitive local price.

and we are confident that we can inspire

customers an enormous amount of time in

existing and new customers with it,” Walker

the planning process. With the launch of

Interroll? “Right now, we see a boost in

points out.

the Interroll DIAP for Conexo, it is possible

automation and mechanisation from the

for customers to connect digital products

likes of Takealot, Imperial, DSV, National

from Interroll or third-party products to

brands, Pepsico, Amazon, DHL, UPS, RTT

“The sorter can be considered for a wide

Regarding Interroll’s geographical expansion, a great deal has happened on

What does the future look like for

and others, as well as the retail sector that A schematic of a conveying layout

now needs to have an online presence to follow the trend in order to stay on track with the pace and demand of customers. The future looks bright", he concludes. •

Interroll – www.


July 2021 | FOOD RE VIEW



Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform

High-Performance Crossbelt Sorters

Modular Conveyor Platform

Horizontal Crossbelt Sorters

Drum Motors, Drives & Controls

Vertical Crossbelt Sorters Split Tray Sorters

Belt Curves & Spiral Lifts

Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform

Carton Wheel Flow

Pallet Flow

Stacker Crane

Carton Versi Flow

Transfer Car

Pick Tunnels



Interroll’s solutions for all your needs Interroll offers key solutions for units handling in specific industries such as Warehousing & Distribution, Courier Express and Parcel, E-commerce & Retail,Airports, Food & Beverage, Tire & Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing Logistics.

Interroll S.A. (Pty) Ltd 37 Director Road - Spartan EXT 2 Aeroport - South Africa Tel: +27 11 281 9900 Email:

Visit for more information


New distributors on the block Food ingredient manufacturer Roha recently announced the appointment of AECI Food & Beverage and Tatso as the new exclusive distributors of Roha’s complete range of food colours in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.


ith offices in over 22 countries,

provide improved flexibility and enhanced

manufacturing facilities in 14

service to Roha’s clients,” explains Carlos

different countries and over 49

Reis, regional head Africa for Roha.

years of experience, Roha is a global leader in the food ingredient industry. Roha’s portfolio includes an extensive range of synthetic and natural colours, dehydrated ingredients, flavouring extracts and industrial dyes and pigments. Now they are expanding their activity in the South African and sub-Saharan Africa F&B industry with the appointment of two new distributors, AECI Food & Beverage and Tatso.

ABOUT TATSO On 1 July 2019, Roha appointed Tatso as

"With offices in over 22 countries, manufacturing facilities in 14 different countries and over 49 years of experience, Roha is a global leader in the food ingredient industry."

beverage, dairy, health and nutrition, and commodities industries in 26 countries on the African continent and this will further extend its reach. In line with AECI Food and Beverage's key purpose to supply products that help consumers to feel good (through great-tasting products), to be healthy (by providing healthier options for the consumer to choose from), and to live

an exclusive distributor for the IDACOL

longer (through the provision of functional

brand of synthetic food colours. As trusted

nutrition solutions to the lower LSM

distributors in the flavour and colour sphere

consumer), adding the Roha range to their

in South Africa already, this partnership will


product portfolio will definitely help them

be greatly beneficial to the food ingredient

Roha announced the appointment of

achieve this.

giant Roha. “This cooperation will enable

AECI Food & Beverage as the exclusive

both Roha and Tatso to better understand

distributor for the NATRACOL and

family are an exciting new venture that

the requirements of their customers, thus

FUTURALS brands of natural food colours

is set to expand Roha’s reach in sub-

improving the overall service level. With

in June 2021. AECI Food & Beverage

Saharan Africa. •

50 years of collective experience across

currently supplies a range of technology-

all aspects within the flavour, colours and

driven and consumer-led additives,

fragrance industry, Tatso is well-positioned to

ingredients and processing aids to the


July 2021 | FOOD RE VIEW

The two additions to the Roha

Roha –



beverages need better colouring ingredients Today’s consumer wants attractive beverages with natural ingredients, and as Richard Stenning explains, Exberry Coloring Foods is an ideal choice.


MCG Gurus’ data shows that 36%

enjoyment. These colours can also be

of consumers in the African and

used for stress-busting beverages such

Middle East region drink functional

as RTD teas, showcasing popular

beverages at least once a week, while

botanical flavors like lavender or hibiscus.

30% make conscious attempts to seek out

They can deliver excellent results in

options with natural sweeteners and 43%

flavoured vitamin waters and isotonic

obtain protein from plant-based drinks.

sports drinks, too. As a plant-based

One of the most effective ways to

colouring solution, they are exceptionally

tap into the better-for-you trend is the

well suited to colouring healthy plant-

use of natural claims. Worldwide, 53%

based products including protein

of consumers say they see beverages

powders and ready to drink (RTD) shakes.

as healthy if they contain only natural

They can also help manufacturers

ingredients, making it a bigger factor

transform perceptions of beverages such

than claims including zero sugar (43%),

as carbonated soft drinks and energy

high in protein (37%) and high in

drinks. While traditionally associated with

antioxidants (30%).

artificial ingredients, consumers expect

Nonetheless, FMCG Gurus’ research

these products to come with clean labels,

shows that indulgence remains the primary

with 45% saying they consider natural

reason why consumers choose products,

claims to be important in carbonates and

so it is vital to create drinks with sensory

50% in energy drinks.

appeal – and achieving the right colour

No matter your requirements,

is essential. Studies show that colour

GNT’s experts can help you find the

influences judgment of beverages’ flavour

colouring solution you need, while

and aroma, while the intensity of the colour

providing support throughout the

also has the ability to affect the intensity of

entire product development process,

flavour perception.

from colour matching and production

Many of the most commonly used

support to stability testing and factory

colouring ingredients are synthetic or

implementation. The company can

have chemical-sounding names. With

also provide inspiration for commercial

nearly six in ten shoppers in Africa and

concepts stemming from their deep

the Middle East saying they search

understanding of the market and give

product labels for ingredients they do

advice to ensure regulatory compliance.

not recognise, this can have a significant impact on products’ appeal. Exberry Coloring Foods can solve this

With more and more consumers seeking out beverages with clean labels, it is more important than ever to ensure your

challenge. They are made from edible,

colours match up to expectations.

non-GMO fruit, vegetables and plants

Exberry Coloring Foods are made from

using physical processing methods such

well-known fruit, vegetables and plants,

as chopping and boiling. No chemical

offering a future-proof solution in an

solvents are used. They are also suitable

ever-changing market. •

for almost any beverage application, offering hundreds of intense shades while supporting clean and clear label declarations. The possibilities are endless. They can be used to boost vitamin-rich fruit juices, helping these products maintain an appetising appearance throughout their whole shelf-life without compromising on

About the author: Richard Stenning is GNT’s technical sales manager. 1 FMCG Gurus 'Beverage Trends in 2021' (2020) 2 FMCG Gurus 'Beverage Trends in 2021' (2020) 3 Spence, C. 'The Crucial Role of Color in the Perception of Beverages' Beverage Impacts on Health and Nutrition: Second Edition (2016) 4 FMCG Gurus 'Beverage Trends in 2021' (2020) 5 Fernández-Vázquez, R. et al. 'Colour influences sensory perception and liking of orange juice' Flavour (2014) 6 FMCG Gurus 'Beverage Trends in 2021' (2020)

the label. Research has even found that adding red colouring to orange juice can significantly boost expectations of product

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FOOD RE VIEW | July 2021



Innovation is the key to Granule’s success

2020 was a challenging business year for everyone and hit businesses particularly hard. While there were many companies that were forced to close their doors during this time, others, like sugar commodity trading company Granule, managed to rise to the challenge. Founder and CEO of Granule, Jeremy Capouya, spoke to Tennille Aron about how leaning into his entrepreneurial mindset during one of the most unpredictable years in recent history helped him successfully grow the business.


obel Prize winner Dr Albert

industry knowledge to stay abreast of

Szent- Györgyi said, “Innovation is

market trends and provide clients with

seeing what everybody has seen

tailor-made solutions. Their dedicated

and thinking what nobody has thought."

team are industry experts with over 40

This is exactly what founder and CEO of

years’ combined experience in trading,

Granule Holdings, Jeremy Capouya, did.

empowering Granule to consistently

With over 15 years’ experience in the

provide a range of commodities that are

sugar trading industry, Capouya brought

both of high quality and competitively

about this learning to improve Granule’s

priced. Granule is extremely client-centric

product and service offerings. Through

with the needs of their clients at the core

thorough research of the commodity

of their decision making. By paying close

market and his clients’ requirements,

attention to their clients’ requirements and

Capouya realised that the pandemic was

leveraging their deep understanding of

not only changing the way people lived,

the industry, Granule is able to anticipate

but it was also causing massive demand

potential changes and adapt to their

for specific commodities that Granule

clients’ demands. They are flexible enough

was not yet supplying. Seeing this as

to introduce new solutions to fulfil fast-

a fantastic opportunity, the company

evolving demands within a short time

decided to leverage off the success of their

frame, as proven over the last 18 months.

well-established sugar supply sector and

"Since their establishment in 2019, Granule has grown from strength to strength, utilising their extensive industry knowledge to stay abreast of market trends and provide clients with tailor-made solutions."

branched out and diversified Granule’s commodity offerings to include icing sugar, cocoa powder, and glucose in bulk, which enabled them to grow significantly in a constrained market.

WHAT IS AT THE CORE OF GRANULE’S SUCCESS? Much of Granule’s success can be attributed to their internal team of experienced experts, whose commitment and hands-on approach to building industry partnerships empowered Granule to overcome various challenges and continue

Granule operates with the intention

Granule has grown from strength

of ensuring their clients are provided

to strength, utilising their extensive

the highest level of service, and quality

July 2021 | FOOD RE VIEW

the sugar industry. These partnerships form the core of Granule’s broad international network, which enables the supply of highquality commodities. Further, their vast distribution network allows them to consistently supply these commodities in bulk, throughout SubSaharan Africa. Paired with their in-depth knowledge of the products and services they supply and strong partnerships with producers, Granule ensures their clients receive their stock on time, all the time. With their impeccable service record, willingness to tailor solutions for any client, and a range of valuable commodities otherwise difficult to obtain, Granule is food and beverage business looking for a

with high-quality service.


The company has also focused on fostering relationships with key players in

the wholesale commodity supplier for any

to grow, while still providing their clients Since their establishment in 2019,

products at the most competitive prices.

wholesale partner they can rely on. •

Granule Holdings –



The role of colours and flavours in a finished product

Colour has a major impact on the expectation of the flavour of a certain food or beverage. Rafael Bonache, marketing manager at Scentium, breaks down the important considerations when deciding on colour for a flavoured food product.


dentifying a consumer’s way of thinking

of the item. In other cases, it can even

in the product plays an important role in

can help marketers design brands

help in positioning the product or defining

purchasing decisions.

and products that use colours that

its category. For example, the light white

are more attractive to the mindset of

colour of a transparent bottle of milk could

their target markets. To a certain extent,

make you think that it is skimmed milk and


certain colours can even actively influence

not a full-fat milk. The consumer would

At a fundamental level, food colours are

a person’s mood or attitude towards

likely be unconsciously looking for a line

usually linked to the palatability of the

a product and can be vital in the final

on the packaging text under the brand

product. However, sometimes purchasing


name saying “skimmed” to strengthen this

decisions are not based on this criterion,

belief. But what if it read “white chocolate

but rather on flavour curiosity. Here are

flavoured milk” instead? This is an

three key questions to consider for colours

example of how products can be managed

when working on the development of a

successfully by retail product marketers.

flavoured food product.

At a fundamental level, food colours are usually linked to the palatability of the product.”

They would use packaging design tactics like adding a coloured background on the label or writing the flavour of the

• The novelty of the flavour, product or category – colour as barrier or driver

product in big bold letters on the front of

Make sure not to create any barrier of

the pack. However, in the case of some

misinformation. The “boost” of first trial

of low-effort purchasing decisions (i.e.

products that are traditionally retailed

purchases is crucial to new food and

buying a soft drink, two chocolate bars

in transparent packaging (e.g., sauces,

beverage products. If the taste pleases a

or an ice cream) are made unconsciously,

CSDs, baby savoury meals, sweet spreads,

consumer on the first trial, it is more likely

mainly because our brain responds to these

prepared meals, etc.), have no packaging

to result in customer loyalty. Therefore,

situations before we can think about them.

at all or that fall into the clean-label trend

any colour that is radically opposing

Nearby colours can also sometimes trigger

and are characterised by transparency and

a consumer’s standards or personal

incentives to buy these products.

minimalism in packaging, the use of colours

conception of food colours could have

According to recent studies, almost 50%

THE TASTE OF A COLOUR When it comes to flavours for food and beverages, colours can play a key role in creating expectations from consumers. Colours often evoke specific associations with food. For instance, it is normal to think that green grapes are sweet and ripe, while a green orange is unripe or mouldy. Besides being a visual factor to make something look appetising (or even influencing our digestion process by triggering salivation), how can colours influence the purchasing decision? In some cases, colours can play a role in providing additional information on the actual flavour


July 2021 | FOOD RE VIEW


a negative impact on their purchasing

cases, driven by lactose intolerance,

syrup and the toppings are what reinforce

decision, particularly in the basic food

digestion wellness or more sustainable

this impulse. Recent consumer research

categories. On the other hand, when

lifestyles. However, for some people, the

showed that consumers’ likeability of ice

it comes to a new food product that is

prototypicality of the white colour in

creams increased when they saw chunks

disrupting or indulgent, it might be good to

milk created a barrier for consumption.

of chocolate or cookie dough in it. This

use an unexpected colour. Early adopters

Why would “milk” look off-white or even

can easily be related to the fact that the

could even find it more appealing. In 2017,

brownish in the case of almond milk?

vivacity of colours increases when the

the introduction of ruby chocolate with its

Nowadays, regulations in Europe no longer

deep brown colour of chocolate pieces

characteristic pink colour contributed to

allow for the use of the term “soy milk”.

contrasts perfectly with the light brown

its success and positioning. Ruby chocolate

Companies must use the term “soy drink”.

colour of the ice cream.

does bring a certain characteristic flavour

They must also use carton packaging in

from the ruby cocoa beans. However, due

the category. This is pushing the colour


to its original colour, it mostly positioned

of plant-based milks to the background in

As food categories evolve towards the use

itself as a new type of chocolate within the

consumption decisions.

of natural ingredients and the reduction

traditional options (black, with milk and white chocolate).

of food processing, the consideration

• Impulse purchase – the vivacity of colours in food products

• The prototypicality of the category

of colour in food formulation is not expected to change dramatically in the

A large number of consumers’ spontaneous

upcoming years. The interference of

concept – information reinforcement

purchases are related to the colour of food

historical prototypes and beliefs in mass

Products with colour attributes that are

products. Some categories like ice creams,

consumption products is too strong to

repeatedly observed within their category

sodas or snacks stimulate your desires for

change consumers’ mindsets once they

often end up creating standards within

indulgence, to quench your thirst or to

have been established through well-

this category. An interesting case is the

satisfy your curiosity through colours. It is

defined marketing techniques. •

introduction of plant-based milks into the

true that the smell of waffles when passing

European market almost 10 years ago.

a street vendor is sometimes powerful

The transition from dairy milk to plant-

enough to trigger an impulsive purchase.

based drink consumption was, in some

However, the colour of the waffles, the

Scentium –

FOOD RE VIEW | July 2021



Flexibility, speed, efficiency and sustainability: The keys to future manufacturing success

Digital twinning technology can allow manufacturers to test actions, outcomes and scenarios in virtual environments before applying them in the physical factory. Kevin Subramani explains how this can be greatly beneficial for companies.


igitally connected and

with everything from factory set-up to raw

environmentally aware consumers

material sourcing to distribution models –

are placing new demands on

without spending a cent. It’s called digital twinning, made

manufacturers, forcing them to make more sustainable choices to support local

possible by building information modelling

industry and to become more conscious

(BIM) and it’s a crystal ball that lets

corporate citizens.

manufacturers see into the future, uncover opportunities before anyone else and boost

Technology lets customers easily

their competitiveness.

specify what they want, when they want

With digital twinning and simulation

it, and how it should be delivered - and it empowers manufacturers to meet these

technology, manufacturers can test

evolving demands by creating customised

actions, outcomes and scenarios in virtual

products and shifting to more sustainable,

environments before applying them in

responsible production methods.

the physical factory. By tapping into their data, they can build holistic digital

These trends are disrupting well-

models of the entire production process,

established business models. If manufacturers don’t expand to meet the growing demand, adapt to changing

Kevin Subramani, FMCG Portfolio Manager, Royal HaskoningDHV

They’ll uncover new ways of working and

technologies to support their strategies, make them obsolete. However, successful use of technology doesn’t necessarily imply that everything in a business needs to be automated, computerised or handed over to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Businesses seeking ways to boost production tend to look to new equipment as the solution, when the answer they seek

and distribution – giving them a genuine competitive edge.

patterns of demand and adopt new their inflexible ways of working will quickly

including development, manufacturing

"Digital twinning is a crystal ball that lets manufacturers see into the future, uncover opportunities before anyone else and boost their competitiveness"

will have more time to push boundaries, experiment with alternative simulated scenarios and continually analyse and improve their processes and systems to become more sustainable and more environmentally responsible. Experimenting with these technologies doesn’t require massive upfront investment because digital twinning and simulation technology allows manufacturers to see

is often right there on their factory floor –

the proof of value and potential return on

they just need the help of someone with an

investment before they spend money. •

outside perspective to find it. Finding the balance between speed, efficiency, flexibility and sustainability will help manufacturers to maximise their business potential in rapidly growing emerging markets. To succeed they’ll need to move from mass production to more adaptable smaller runs, while still providing


July 2021 | FOOD RE VIEW

competitively priced, customised products. Embracing this evolution requires a new mindset and radically different factories, which would normally demand massive capital investment. The beauty of innovation and new technologies is that they allow manufacturers to experiment

Royal Haskonings –


Keeping it cool:

The growing importance of creating sustainable cooling solutions Worldwide, cooling has become an essential part of modern society and companies are constantly looking for better cooling solutions for the F&B industry, explains Aleksandar Jovanovic.


e’ve seen rapid

electricity consumption, is extremely

mitigate climate change and build a

development within the

important as it helps fight food waste by

greener future.

cooling sector with the

extending the shelf-life through the cold

need for cooling intensifying based on four major factors, namely population

chain,” explained Jovanovic. Danfoss, a market leader in the

Danfoss Climate Solutions holds leading positions within sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for industry,

growth, rising incomes, global warming and

manufacture of refrigeration components,

the built environment and the entire

urbanisation. Refrigeration is at the very

compressors and switches, joined

food chain, and will leverage the climate

heart of life today. It enables people to live,

the global cooling community in

agenda and the targets in the ‘Paris

travel and work comfortably,” says recently

commemorating the third global World

Agreement’ and in the EU Green Deal

appointed senior sales director for Climate

Refrigeration Day (WRD) on 26 June.

as strong driving forces in accelerating

Solutions at Danfoss, Turkey, Middle East

"Danfoss are proud to celebrate the people

efforts. With the new Danfoss Climate

and Africa (TMA), Aleksandar Jovanovic.

across the globe who help to provide

Solutions segment, they will further

“Cooling is critical in the delivery of

energy efficient, sustainable cooling

strengthen their focus on innovation and

solutions,” said Jovanovic.

application expertise to become an even

food in hygienically safe conditions. The fact is that around 30% of all food globally

Earlier this year, Danfoss changed its

produced is wasted, and a big part of the

group structure to combine the heating

blame is laid on the inability to preserve

and cooling segments into Danfoss

food better. Air-conditioning, which now

Climate Solutions with the aim of helping

contributes to 10% of the global world

customers and partners take action to

stronger technology partner. •

Danfoss –

Discover how SYSPRO can turn three simple letters into a world of opportunity for your company. Email or call +27 (0) 11 461 1000. Say Yes to Next. Copyright © 2021 SYSPRO (Pty) Ltd. All rights reserved. All brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. 723425 OSFF

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FOOD RE VIEW | July 2021



Hybrid Beverages The Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid beverages have been around for a few years now, and the popularity of these types of drinks continues to increase, especially among younger consumers. Tennille Aron looked at how the hybrid drink industry is faring and the trends it seems to follow.


uriosity might have killed the

beverage, are becoming increasingly

• Tea-juice blends

cat, but it certainly is doing

popular globally, particularly among

• Water juices

wonders for the hybrid drinks

the younger generation who are always

industry. Curious consumers are constantly

looking to try something new and fresh.

While these are just some types, there

looking to try new combinations of drinks

These beverages have become the drink

are new combinations of beverages being

and expand their taste experience.

of choice because they are often the

formulated on a daily basis to meet the

And this is allowing beverage

healthier alternative to regular drinks.

current beverage trends. So, what are some

manufacturers to try new combinations

Hybrid drinks are often low in calories

of the trends for hybrid drinks?

of drinks to create successful and delicious

and sugar, and higher in antioxidants and

new hybrid beverages.

vitamins, making them the smart choice


for the health conscious. Hybrid drinks also


Coca-Cola with Coffee in the US – a hybrid

offer consumers the best of both worlds.

Staying in good health has become a top

drink that fuses the familiar, authentic

PepsiCo recently released Frutly to the

priority for consumers around the world.

taste of Coca-Cola with the rich flavour of

international market, which is a simple

FMCG Gurus’ consumer insights 2021 found

100% Brazilian coffee. Earlier in the year,

combination of juice and water to create

that 60% of global consumers would like to

Pura introduced their range of Pura Buzz

a hydrating juice with no added sugars or

improve their general health and wellness

hard seltzer, which consists of rum-infused

flavourings, but which is high in vitamins

over the next 12 months. Therefore, one of

seltzer, to the South African market.

and electrolytes – thus offering the drinker

the biggest trends in the beverage industry

Every month there are new hybrid drinks

the health benefits of water and juice.

currently is creating healthier drinks with

In January 2021, Coca-Cola released

being released onto the market and the

more nutritional value. For the hybrid


beverage industry that would mean finding

Some of the hybrid beverages on the

ingredients and contain no added sugars


market include:

or calories.

Hybrid beverages, which are a blend of two

• Dairy-based sports drinks


or more items from traditional beverage

• Carbonated juices

Another trend that is on the rise in

categories to create a completely new

• Coffee-based energy drinks

the beverage industry is the need for

popularity of these drinks only seem to be increasing.

drink combinations that have more natural

• Coffee-tea blends

flavour innovation. Research from FMCG Gurus found that 74% of global consumers said they like products with new and unusual flavours. Experimenting with new flavours and exotic flavour combinations is essential for those in the hybrid drinks industry. Retro and nostalgic flavours were also found to be popular among consumers, possibly as it helps to bring about a sense of familiarity and comfort in these uncertain times. Hybrid drinks are ever-evolving and changing to suit consumers’ needs and lifestyle. One thing that is certain is that they have become extremely popular across the globe and it is a beverage category that is here to stay.•


July 2021 | FOOD RE VIEW


Quality assurance for export quality tarte flambée

Flamm Top is France’s largest producer of this eponymous and hand-crafted pie, manufactured with a large number of fresh and natural ingredients, including bacon, onions and cream. Using these ingredients pose a huge challenge in terms of quality assurance in the finished product.


o offset these challenges, the manufacturer relies on a series of Wipotec-OCS networked

checkweighers and X-ray scanners. These units communicate across all sites via a web-based quality data management software platform.

PRODUCTION ACCORDING TO INTERNATIONAL FOOD STANDARDS Producing for the global market requires compliance with different international food safety standards. It is critical that


manufacturing processes and products used during manufacturing must comply with global food safety standards. which products are “processed” or where

requirements for a frozen goods supply

to IFS Food Standard 6.1, a standard for the

there is a risk of product contamination

chain are even higher than is the case

auditing of food manufacturers, recognised

during initial packaging.

for a normal cold chain. For example, the

Flamm Top produces its tartes according

by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Adopted in 1978, the Hazard Analysis and

ingredients for tarte flambée and Quiche

This applies to all food manufacturers

Critical Control Points standard (HACCP)

Lorraine require processing with liquid

regardless of the brand produced.

was the first international regulation for

nitrogen at temperatures between -90 °C

These standards define the different

frozen food. According to Christian Winger,

to -120 °C.

requirements for manufacturers to

head of production compliance with

ensure compliance. It is particularly

HACCP standards, special consideration is

quality losses and the topping ingredients

important, especially in those areas in

given to the fact that the quality-related

remain individually portionable. The lines

Flash freezing and fast freezing prevent

BUCKLE PACKAGING (PTY) LTD Bag Closing Technology

FOOD RE VIEW | July 2021



Christian Winger and Alain Huot at the SC-W X-ray inspection system with integrated checkweigher

such as may occur in natural products like mushrooms, as well as foreign bodies made of glass or plastics. In the past, it was not possible to detect contaminants with metal detectors. Products in which foreign bodies have been detected are

have a production output of up to 3 600

ejected into separate containers so that a

finished products per hour.

targeted reinspection can be carried out to


the product weight (with incorrect weight

With all products, Flamm Top relies on

products being ejected immediately), but

handcrafted production from the hand-

also the identification of any foreign bodies

plaited edge to topping the products

inside the packaged finished product. It

with vegetables, cheese, herbs and other

is not necessary to space the products to

ingredients, while the cream or sauces are

be inspected in advance as the inspection

sprayed on and spread automatically.

systems create the gaps required for

Even in the highly automated production facility, which features an output of more

product inspection. These systems are also easier to

than 100 000 products a day, people are

operate as they have a common,

involved at crucial points - which is a

integrated user interface. The weighing

massive challenge for in-process

devices within the inspection systems

quality assurance.

ensure compliance with the weight

Handcrafted production and the major

limits. These are applicable depending

temperature differences for optimum

on the country of destination, so that no

processing - from frozen to oven-warm

underweight products are delivered.

product - require regular and precise weight checks. When identifying


underweight products in good time, it is

The X-ray inspection systems at Flamm

still possible to add to the toppings by

Top do a Herculean job; 5 000 tonnes of

hand. The highest value topping is chosen

raw products a year are processed at its

for this purpose to ensure the product’s

facility. This results in 18 million products

quality. These products are then checked

which pass through the inspection

a second time for the total weight to

systems annually.

be achieved.

Quality assurance also faces a huge challenge with the different ingredients


and toppings. Bacon cubes require high

Combined inspection systems have

detection rates to distinguish them

replaced metal detectors previously

reliably from possible foreign bodies.

used at the processing facility. The

The inspection of Quiche Lorraine is also

systems in question are Wipotec-OCS

challenging for a different reason. It is

SC-W inspection systems, space-

delivered in aluminium foil trays as

saving combined systems consisting of

the pastry is pre-baked in the trays

checkweigher and X-ray scanner.

before the quiche is delivered as a frozen

The systems have separate ejection

product. These containers are hidden

systems and containers for products of

by the inspection software to ensure

incorrect weight or products that are

successful inspection.

contaminated with foreign bodies. With the

The inspection system not only detects

integrated X-ray inspection system, these

foreign bodies made of metal, but also

systems not only enable determination of

contaminants in the form of small stones,


July 2021 | FOOD RE VIEW

determine the cause of the contamination.

FAST PRODUCT CHANGEOVERS, STRAIGHTFORWARD CLEANING Product changeovers take a matter of minutes as all the weights and recipes are already stored in the inspection systems. Changing over the production line is only a matter of selecting the product number in the software. Systems are easy to clean thanks to tool-free replacement of all belts and easily operated covers. The C-shaped product space and bevelled surfaces also contribute to easy cleaning and inspection systems are made entirely of stainless steel and meet protection class IP65 standards.

COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS OF RELEVANT PRODUCTION DATA Comscale4, the web-based quality data management solution from Wipotec-OCS, is used at both Flamm Top production facilities. The user-friendly software modules network all Wipotec-OCS inspection systems across all sites. As a result, Flamm Top can call up all available data and images in real time and generate statistics whenever needed. The checking options offered by Comscale4 enable graphical data evaluation and storage as well as online monitoring of all connected production lines. Quality assurance at Flamm Top benefits from this in the form of targeted analyses of QM characteristics and random attribute and measuring equipment tests. •

Wipotec – Local Agents USS Pactech –


High-velocity packaging that keeps pace with growing demand

Many convenience foods are short-term fads, but there are some items that have stood the test of time. A good example is instant noodles.


he COVID-19 pandemic proved just

completed, all products are transferred

how important tasty, easy-to-make

to a mono-axis conveyor, which takes

comfort food is during a time of

production from each infeed (with a

crisis, with some figures pointing to a

slot for each). Once full, it advances

doubling of consumption.

them to the case packer, where a pusher

Alessandro Rocca, sales engineering

pushes the noodle collections into a pre-

director at Cama Group explains, “Some

assembled American case. These are then

markets are well established; some are

sealed using glue, tape or both before

seeing rising demand and major growth is

being checked for integrity and passed to

anticipated in others. All of these markets

the outfeed.

have something in common. They all have

The key to truly flexible noodle

the need to introduce further economies by

packaging is the ability to package single

exploiting packaging automation.

and multipacks (up to six) in the same

In a recent project, Cama was tasked

Secondary packaging solutions

case, with very little intervention. Cama’s

with developing a new secondary

IN Series solution can handle almost

explains Massimo Monguzzi, R&D

packaging solution for one of the world's

any configuration - from 40 to 100 packs

manager. “Our customer is a front-

largest food and confectionary suppliers,

in the same case style. The company has

runner in the deployment of connected

at a brand-new greenfield site in India.

also developed a way to quickly adjust the

manufacturing solutions. It could also

The customer, seeing a 30% increase

loaders, keeping a complete changeover

be argued that its size and global reach

in noodle demand even before the

down to just 32 minutes.

means it dictates the direction that many

pandemic, was eager to start exploiting

This new breakthrough concept

other companies follow.

the capabilities and flexibilities that

is setting the standard in secondary

automation would deliver.

packaging. Machines deliver modular,

it onto the customer’s wish list,” he points

scalable frameworks that offer easy

out. “The Covid-19 situation led to a halt in

Breakthrough Generation (BTG) IN Series

entry and access, coupled to a hygienic

location-based training and as this was a

case packers. Each packer is fed by three

machine design. Within this framework,

brand new system for the customer, they

high speed infeed lines. During operation,

contemporary automation solutions,

asked us to look at how we could help

each infeed supplies products at the rate

including advanced rotary and linear

them get to know how to use the machine

of 330 per feed. The product packages are

servo technology, are tightly coupled to

quickly. AR is now being used in day-to-

turned on their edge and enter a racetrack,

in-house-developed robotics, to deliver the

day operations, to guide operators through

which creates the first batch configuration.

all-important flexibility and adaptability

changeovers and maintenance.

These then feed into a stacking device,

required by modern packaging operations.

Cama’s solution comprised two of its

which assembles the product stacks. Once the packaging configuration is Cama’s Breakthrough Generation (BTG) IN Series case packers

“Industry 4.0 capabilities were another important feature on this project,”

“Augmented reality very quickly made

“Our deployment of contemporary automation solutions means that these Industry 4.0 capabilities are in easier reach for all customers,” Monguzzi and Rocca conclude. “Even those with older machines, as the AR capabilities feed off the original 3D CAD data. We have seen incredibly positive real-life results recently, where they have proved vital for FATs, training, maintenance and operation, all delivered and performed virtually,” explained Monguzzi •

CAMA – USS Pactech –

FOOD RE VIEW | July 2021



Go beyond metal detection with integrated system solutions

Investing in an integrated conveyorised metal detection system provides far greater benefits than merely the detection of metal contaminants. Microsep offers a complete solution so that manufacturers can rest assured their metal detection system supports compliance with food safety legislation and retailer requirement. Mike Bradley explains the importance of having an integrated metal detection system.


aving a reliable and highly sensitive metal detection system within a production line is

important. It allows manufacturers to fulfil their basic regulatory requirements by providing a fully tested solution for detecting metal contaminants, increasing consumer safety and quality assurance.

RELIABLE AND PRECISE PERFORMANCE STARTS WITH CHOOSING THE RIGHT METAL DETECTOR At the most basic level, metal detectors are installed to help ensure compliance with food safety standards and to protect

Mettler Toledo’s Safeline integrated conveyor systems are scalable, modular inspection solutions with configurable options.

expensive downstream equipment. In these instances, it may be enough to install an entry level metal detector that

term used to describe when a product’s

to fully automated reject system so

offers a solid level of performance and

own characteristics (such as moisture,

that metal contaminated products are

reliability, particularly if the product is dry

salt content, temperature and other

detected, rejected and removed from the

and not subject to product effect.

factors) limits the sensor’s ability to

production process. Three levels of due

distinguish between the product itself

diligence packages with a suite of fail-

and a contaminant. Profile Advantage

safe monitoring options are available to

metal detectors are able to overcome

meet specific compliance requirements.

Microsep offers a complete solution so that manufacturers can rest assured their metal detection system supports compliance with food safety legislation and retailer requirement. However, if productivity and brand

product effect by minimising the active

The unique modular design of

product signal. The advantages of this

the new GC series systems provides

are that it can detect significantly smaller

interchangeable reject devices and

irregular-shaped contaminants, and it can

greater configuration flexibility

virtually eliminate false rejects. Food and

of components. These systems

beverage manufacturers, thus, reduce

have a design that meets changing

their risk of a product recall and increase

requirements for food manufacturers

their staff efficiency by reducing the

with modifications that can be made

investigative burden associated with

in-situ. There is no welding, drilling or

false rejects as well it helps to reduce

cutting required. This is the key to a

unnecessary product waste.

future-proofed conveyorised system. With production costs increasing, customers

protection are the key drivers, then a

need solutions that help to reduce total

specific application and delivers higher


sensitivity performance may be the most

By investing in a single-supplier solution,

and change with their business. The

cost-effective investment in the long

food and beverage manufacturers

modular design also means that service

run. Mettler Toledo’s Safeline Profile

benefit by having a solution that

interventions are safer, faster and easier,

Advantage metal detectors offer a unique

delivers mechanical and electrical

reducing production downtime. •

combination of multi-simultaneous

integration for maximum potential

frequency and product signal suppression

uptime. Mettler Toledo’s latest GC series

technology to overcome a phenomenon

metal detection systems offer a range

called product effect. Product effect is a

of options from stop-on-detect through

metal detector that is optimised for a


July 2021 | FOOD RE VIEW

cost of ownership and help to grow

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We understand that you need total confidence in your product inspection systems to maintain product quality and meet international food safety standards and local retailer codes of practice. METTLER TOLEDO product inspection solutions can help you achieve: • Brand protection • Cost reduction • Compliance • Increased productivity

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Choose the metal detector that’s right for you

Heat and Control Africa’s GM Jeff Rossouw discusses the many factors to consider when evaluating metal detector inspection technology to help choose the best solution for your requirements.


rotecting your brand in the

vary in temperature. A metal detector

marketplace is one of the most

that uses multiple frequencies is more

important functions that a food

suitable for these applications. The most

manufacturer performs, but your

sophisticated metal detectors on the

investment in product quality could be

market use multi-spectrum technology.

lost with just one safety recall. Developing

Instead of relying on just one frequency,

and maintaining an effective, verifiable

a spectrum of multiple frequencies works

inspection programme is no longer an

simultaneously to filter out product signals,

option for processors; if in fact, it ever was.

a much more effective method than a

So, how can you protect your customers and your brand within your budget? Metal

single frequency. It also greatly reduces the number of false alarms.

detection is an effective and relatively and other commercial considerations are


important, technical performance must

The metal detector that successfully

be the primary factor when evaluating

becomes a part of a plant quality control

a metal detector to trust with your

programme provides good sensitivity

brand’s reputation.

performance and is easy to set up and

inexpensive solution. While price, delivery

use, while providing a low level of false


rejects. Most metal detectors currently on

This is an important factor when selecting

the market perform self-checks to verify

a metal detector. If your products are

that the unit is in balance and performing

conductive (usually due to water, salt

properly. The auto-learn routine allows

or iron content), they will affect the

the user to acquire the characteristics

electromagnetic field of the metal detector,

of the product in the unit so that the

causing it to produce a false reject. Dry or

product can be inspected. An efficient

neutral products generally do not cause

auto-learn gives the best sensitivity, the

this effect. If product effect is a factor,

least number of false rejects and requires

select the correct frequency to move the

minimal manual adjustments. This gets

product effect signal away from the signal

the unit into production with a new product

of the contaminants. A metal detector

the quickest.

that uses a single frequency cannot making it unsuitable for inspecting a


variety of product types or those that may

Metal detection sensitivity often depends

accommodate much signal variation,

THE MD’S CHECKLIST Consider these factors to determine the best metal detector for your needs: • Primary detection function: food or equipment safety or both? • Products characteristics for inspection • Size of particles to be detected • Sensitivity target for each metal type • Wet or dry inspection area • Temperature variations in the product or inspection area • Washdown: high or low pressure, caustic agents • Equipment integration with other equipment or the plant’s data network. on the operation. For example, if a metal detector’s primary function is to protect a key piece of equipment, such as a sheeter or slicer, the goal would be to eliminate metal that is large enough to damage the equipment. In another part of the line, a different level of sensitivity would be required to inspect a bulk flow of product. As final package inspection is usually the most demanding, a higher sensitivity would be needed to protect your product before reaching the marketplace. Your plant’s quality control group should have specific sensitivity targets for ferrous, nonferrous and stainless steel (even difficult to detect type 316) contaminants for each inspection operation. These targets should be communicated to the metal detector manufacturer so that they can select the appropriate equipment for

Product effect is an important factor when selecting a metal detector

each application. Remember to be flexible to achieve realistic and achievable goals within your budget.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS Start by evaluating your inspection area. Is it wet or dry? How much does the temperature vary? Selecting a metal detector suited for your operating environment is critical. One of the most common causes of metal detector failure is water intrusion into the electrical components. If there is a washdown


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END OF LINE, INSPECTION & METAL DETECTION traced to a specific operator. Select a

pressure? Pay attention to the IP rating.


An IP65 washdown rating means that the

Will the metal detector be a stand-alone

access and event tracking of all these

metal detector can withstand low pressure

piece of equipment or will it need to

internal requirements.

washdown with ambient temperature

be integrated into the plant’s network,

water, while an IP69K rating means

providing periodic data reporting for a


sustained high temperature and pressure.

statistical package? Does the unit have

Consider testing your products on the

But beware: these ratings are typically

ready-made software that can provide

metal detector before you make a purchase.

self-reported. The manufacturer’s

these functions? Is it Ethernet ready? Some

In addition to evaluating the detector’s

reputation in the industry for its

manufacturers provide software packages

performance, you can get first-hand

equipment’s ability to withstand washdown

that allow for remote programming

experience with set-up and changeover

can be a good indicator.

and diagnostics via laptop, including

simplicity, calibration, and maintenance

oscilloscope emulation via Bluetooth,

requirements, integration with other

agents? If so, careful attention should be

without the need to open the power

equipment (e.g., a checkweigher), and

given to the specific alloy of the stainless

supply cabinet.

general construction quality.

Type 316L is more resistant to these



caustic agents. For dry environments,

As food manufacturing regulations

As with any equipment purchase,

is the finish of the metal detector

become more demanding, equipment

the buyer is not purchasing just a piece

painted? Placing a painted surface in

must keep up. What are the internal

of equipment, but also entering into a

the product stream could eventually

requirements for event tracking for a

long-term relationship that includes up-

contaminate your products with

metal detector? Should every operator use

front application assistance, training,

chips of paint. Also consider impact

the same passwords? Should each user

parts supply and technical support.

resistance. Plastic covers and membranes

have a unique password allowing access

Choose a reliable supplier with whom

are subject to wear or impact penetration.

to only those levels that management

you feel comfortable and who offers

A robust display screen and keyboard

considers appropriate for the individual? In

ongoing assistance. •

help avoid downtime and parts

this case, each machine entry (e.g., product

replacement costs.

change, sensitivity change, reset) can be

regimen in the plant, is it high or low

Does the washdown include caustic

steel used for the metal detector’s case.

metal detector that meets the required

Heat and Control -

CEIA Inspection Solutions designed for your business

Top inspection performance for total product quality confidence. Deliver unparalled inspection with extremely high detection sensitivity for metals - whether ferrous, non-ferrous, or stainless steel - for all manner of food and pharmaceutical products. Whatever your product needs, we can meet it with precision and passion.


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In-Sight 3D-L4000 looking at cookie packaging

Detecting the absence of a cookie in the packaging

To access video check out Food Review Digimag

A vision system

with an eye for the future Packaging inspection applications in the F&B industry are critical to ensuring outgoing product quality and safety. Faulty or damaged packaging can adversely affect how distributors and consumers perceive product quality, safety, value or expensive product recalls. Tracepack offers a range of 2D and 3D vision systems and vision software to help the F&B industry ensure the safety of their products.


single recall by a supplier can

Tracepack vision systems inspect food

impact countless companies up and

packaging to ensure it is correctly

breakthrough in three-dimensional (3D)

The Tracepack In-Sight 3D-L4000 is a

down the supply chain. Some of the

assembled, defect-free and complete so

vision technology. This unique vision

top reasons for food and beverage product

that only the highest quality products

system combines 3D laser displacement

recalls includes bacterial contamination,

reach customers.

technology with a smart camera allowing

undeclared allergens and foreign materials.

These vision systems help avoid

factory engineers to quickly, accurately

In a survey, companies that faced a recall

unsightly and damaged packaging. They

and cost-effectively solve a wide variety

estimated the financial impact to be up to

also defend against contamination and

of inspections. The patented speckle-free

$30 million, some even higher.

spills, which in turn prevents returns from

blue laser optics, an industry first, acquires

wholesalers and retailer, and preserves

high-quality 3D images. The onboard

brand reputation.

high-performance processors power a

Packaging affects consumer perception of product quality, safety and value.


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comprehensive set of true 3D vision tools

map for basic tool processing. True

works on an intensity image in conjunction

without the need for external processing.

3D inspections increase the accuracy

with the 3D tools to solve a wider variety of

In addition, 3D vision tools are set up as

of results and expands the types of


easily as 2D vision tools, thanks to the

inspections that can be performed. Better

familiar and robust In-Sight

yet, because inspections are in 3D, users

can benefit from using the 3D-L4000

spreadsheet environment.

can immediately experience how the

include: package inspection, item location,

vision tools operate on the actual part or

cap inspection, cookie defect detection,


aluminum can inspection and cereal bar

"True 3D inspections increase the accuracy of results and expands the types of inspections that can be performed."

The 3D-L4000 includes all the traditional

Food and beverage applications that

inspection. Determining the presence or

3D measurement tools users expect, such

absence of the part in packaging as well

as plane and height finding. However, it also

as verifying the volume of the package

comes with a full suite of 3D vision tools,

ensuring the correct amount can also be

designed from the ground up to leverage

a function of this novel tool. It can also be

inspections in a true 3D space. These vision

used to inspect packages to determine

tools were also created with the simplicity

the right number and proper orientation,

of 2D in mind, making them more accessible

including if they have fallen over as well as


to the user. The In-Sight 3D-L4000 has a

to check for defects in the packaging such

broad range of 3D vision tools. These vision

as dents or tears. Lastly, the 3D-L4000 can

The In-Sight 3D-L4000 allows users

tools work directly off a true 3D image of

also be used to ensure the bottle is properly

to place vision tools directly on a true

the part. In-Sight spreadsheet makes this

sealed by checking the height and tilt angle

3D image of the part, unlike typical 3D

3D toolset accessible to users without the

of the bottle cap. •

systems, transforming its 3D images

need for programming. This device also

into a representational 2D height

offers a full In-Sight 2D toolset, which

Tracepack -

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Suduko Challenge Fill each 9x9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3x3 boxes (also called blocks or regions) contains the digits from 1 to 9. No number should be repeated within any row, column or square.

AD INDEX FOR SA FOOD REVIEW – JULY 2021 AGT Foods Africa....................................... 13..............

Ishida South Africa.............................. OBC..............


Microsep .........................................................37..............

Buckle Packaging......................................33.............. GNT Group .....................................................25.............. Granule Holdings.......................................27.............. Heat & Control SA ................................... 39..............

ROHA................................................................IFC.............. Specialised Printing Products..........41.............. Symrise SA .................................................OFC..............

Iberchem......................................................... 29..............

Syspro ............................................................... 31..............

Interroll SA ....................................................23..............

Vega Controls SA ......................................21..............


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BMPE is the leading supplier of superior quality New and Refurbished Food Processing equipment. Providing professional Service, equipment & spares. BMPE has extensive knowledge of current machines, technologies and consumables and provide a modern Service & Maintenance Department to support our customers throughout their process. Servicing a diverse range of customers, from large & small Butcheries, Abattoirs, Supermarket Groups and Franchise Outlets in the Food, Pet Food and other Manufacturing Industries. BUTCHER MEAT

Matrix Software, specialist leading ERP software providers for the Meat and Food industry, offers various solutions to assist the factory floor function in production plants.

PROCESSING EQUIPMENT Tel: +27 11 664 8212

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BMPE is the leading supplier of superior quality New and Refurbished food processing equipment to the African market. Our primary focus is to provide a professional service to the food industry with regards to Equipment, Spares and the latest Technological innovation. With more than 30 years hands-on experience, we provide our customers with an excellent service in all areas of the food processing industry and have over the years achieved a good reputation for being efficient, cost-effective and professional. For over 50 years Formpak We import machines for our local clients across the whole of Africa, ensuring that they benefit from machines of the highest has supplied specialised quality at an excellent price. processing, packaging and Our staff have extensive knowledge of current Machines, Technologies printing machinery to the and Consumables and we also provide a modern Service and Maintenance Department to support our customers pharmaceutical, cosmetic, throughout the process. We service a diverse range of customers, from Large & Small plastic, glass, chemical, Butcheries to Abattoirs, Supermarket Groups, Franchise Outlets food and dairy industries. and Corporates.


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Our diverse range of software offerings features a unique module listing of more than 700 modules (program nodes). Our software solutions are tailored for the Feedlot/Abattoir/ Debone / Production Retail industries. Matrix Software is deployed in 8 countries throughout Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Seychelles.

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• Supplier to the hospitality trade and food factories • Service excellence, Your No. 1 industry leader for the most comprehensive ranges of both • Quality, portion controlled products synthetic and natural colours – used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and (chilled/frozen /dried) industrial applications. Full demonstration of exclusive machines will be strategically positioned on the stands and this • Innovation & Flexibility Our technical team is available towill shade and receive a great deal of attention which colour match to specific requirements and / or • Meat & chicken products tailored for will be of great interest to you our customer. We look forward to seeing you at the show. special applications in the food industry THE BMPE TEAM Pantone references and to give legislative support on colours. • Dried meat products – real meat real flavour! Manufactured, marketed and distributed under Tel: +27 (0)11 032 8600 licence of SPECTRATEC INC. CANADA email: Tel: +27(0)15 516 1514 email:

Canada . South Africa . Ireland . Germany . Australia . UK

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