Butterfly Dream, Volume One 2014

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Butterfly Dream 蝴蝶夢 之一 Volume One 2014

Edited and Translated by Chen-ou Liu

Butterfly Dream: 66 Selected English-Chinese Bilingual Haiku

Edited and Translated by

Chen-ou Liu

Volume One 2014

First published in Canada in 2014 by NeverEnding Story at http://neverendingstoryhaikutanka.blogspot.ca/ Copyright Š Chen-ou Liu 2014

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Acknowledgements This anthology project would not have been possible without the invaluable assistance and the love of haiku from all the poets gathered herein who have helped to establish the English language haiku tradition and move the genre forward. I am grateful for their contribution. All copyrights of English language haiku in the book remain with individual poets. For information about each poet’s biographical sketch, published work, and commentary, visit NeverEnding Story, http://neverendingstoryhaikutanka.blogspot.ca/

for Zhuang Zhou, often known as Zhuangzi (369 BC - 286 BC)

Once Zhuangzi dreamt he was a butterfly, a butterfly flitting and fluttering around, happy with himself and doing as he pleased. He didn't know he was Zhuangzi. Suddenly he woke up and there he was, solid and unmistakable Zhuangzi. But he didn't know if he was Zhuangzi who had dreamt he was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming he was Zhuangzi. Between Zhuangzi and a butterfly there must be some distinction! This is called the Transformation of Things.

Watson, Burton (ed.), The Complete Works of Zhuangzi, New York and London: Columbia University Press, 1968: 49.

我思考因此我進入蝴蝶夢 I think therefore I am entering a butterfly's dream


Chen-ou Liu (劉鎮歐)

Third Prize, 2013 Kusamakura International Haiku Competition

Marilyn Humbert

一個蛹 在等待春天 自閉症兒子

a chrysalis waits for spring autistic son

一个蛹 在等待春天 自闭症儿子

Windfall, 1, 2013

Michael Dylan Welch

春風起 -當我們走近寵物店 她輕拉我的手

spring breeze -the pull of her hand as we near the pet store

春风起 -当我们走近宠物店 她轻拉我的手

Into the Open, 2010

Dimitar Anakiev

春天夜晚 -軍用卡車的輪子 輾死一隻蜥蜴

Spring evening -the wheel of a troop carrier crushes a lizard

春天夜晚 -军用卡车的轮子 辗死一只蜥蜴 Konts: The Anthology of Southeastern European Haiku Poetry, 1999

Sonam Chhoki

初夏玫瑰 每滴露珠中 的一個新刺

first summer rose in each drop of dew a new thorn

初夏玫瑰 每滴露珠中 的一个新刺 Honorable Mention, 2011 Mainichi Haiku Contest

Kirsten Cliff

那一夜他離開 ... 夏雨 的吵雜聲音

the night he left ... many sounds of summer rain

那一夜他离开 ... 夏雨 的吵杂声音 DailyHaiku, Cycle 12, November 2 2011


六月微風 雲彩的一個破洞 它自己修補自己

june breeze a hole in the cloud mends itself

六月微风 云彩的一个破洞 它自己修补自己 Third Runner-Up, 2001 Heron's Nest Readers' Choice Popular Poets Award

Anna Yin

從我的手指間溜走 ... 一群小魚 和夏日夕陽

slipping through my fingers ... a school of fish and summer sunset

从我的手指间溜走 ... 一群小鱼 和夏日夕阳 NeverEnding Story, June 13 2013

Annette Makino

金色山陵 土耳其禿鷹圍繞 夏天的遺跡

golden hills turkey vultures circle the remains of summer

金色山陵 土耳其秃鹰围绕 夏天的遗迹 First Place, 2013 UkiaHaiku Contest

Keitha Keyes

秋日午睡 -陽光 梳理我的頭髮

autumn nap -sunlight combs my hair

秋日午睡 -阳光 梳理我的头髮 FreeXpression, August 2010

Brian Robertson

一個小孩涉過池塘 滿手都是 ... 中秋月

harvest moon ... a child wades in the pond full of it

一个小孩涉过池塘 满手都是 ... 中秋月 Second Place, 2012 Maple Moon Haiku Contest

Lorin Ford

中秋月 在此及以外之間 的地平線

harvest moon the horizon between here and hereafter

中秋月 在此及以外之间 的地平线 First Prize, 2012 Katikati Haiku Competition

Alegria Imperial

不知何故 我們萎縮的陰影相互碰觸 -中秋月

somehow our shrinking shadows touch -harvest moon

不知何故 我们萎缩的阴影相互碰触 -中秋月 Dottie Dot Awards, Haiku Bandit Society, September 2011

Ramesh Anand

秋天的黃昏 我的父母沉默著 坐在鞦韆上

autumn twilight my parents in silence on the swing

秋天的黄昏 我的父母沉默著 坐在鞦韆上 The Mainichi Daily, 2012

Don Wentworth

十一月櫻花 -過去我在想什麼?

November cherry blossom -what was I thinking?

十一月樱花 -过去我在想什么?

Past All Traps, 2011

Fay Aoyagi

低掛的冬月 恰好在我的筷子 未能觸及之處

low winter moon just beyond the reach of my chopsticks

低掛的冬月 恰好在我的筷子 未能触及之处 Beyond the Reach of My Chopsticks, 2011

Irene Golas

正在下雪 ... 父親房間內 的幽暗靜默

snow falling… a darker silence in my father’s room

正在下雪 ... 父亲房间内 的幽暗静默 Simply Haiku, 3:4, Winter 2005

Lorin Ford

冬天陰影 -我母親在夢與夢 之間的通道

shades of winter -my mother in the passage between dreams

冬天阴影 -我母亲在梦与梦 之间的通道 Frogpond, 35:3, Autumn 2012

Adelaide B. Shaw

積雪融化 -圍欄重新出現 在鄰舍之間

the snow melted -fences reappear between neighbors

积雪融化 -围栏重新出现 在邻舍之间 The Heron’s Nest, 13, June 2011

Rebecca Drouilhet

祖先的眼睛 冬日的星空 閃閃發光

eyes of the ancestors the twinkle in winter stars

祖先的眼睛 冬日的星空 闪闪发光 NeverEnding Story, February 21 2013

Barry George

冬日星空... 只有鄰居運送 垃圾的聲音

winter stars… only the sound of the neighbor wheeling his trash

冬日星空... 只有邻居运送 垃圾的声音 Modern Haiku, 36:1, Winter/Spring 2005

Anne Curran

冬天的月光... 在廣告展示牌上 微噘起的豐滿嘴唇

winter moonlight … full lips pout from a billboard

冬天的月光... 在广告展示牌上 微噘起的丰满嘴唇 bear creek haiku, February 2013

Rajna Begović

冬天的陽光 在地窖裡 發芽馬鈴薯的味道

winter sunshine the smell of sprouted potatoes in the cellar

冬天的阳光 在地窖里 发芽马铃薯的味道 Second Prize, 2005 Mainichi Haiku Contest

Damir Janjalija

我將混亂的想法 壓縮成五--七--五音節形式 ... 新年的晨露

in five-seven-five I compact confusing thoughts ... New Year's morning dew

我将混乱的想法 压缩成五--七--五音节形式 ... 新年的晨露 Simply Haiku, 10:3, Spring/Summer 2013

Ignatius Fay

第一個日出 ... 避免與他的同性戀兄弟 眼目接觸

first sunrise ... avoiding eye contact with his gay brother

第一个日出 ... 避免与他的同性恋兄弟 眼目接触 Haiku of Merit, World Haiku Review, August, 2010

Ed Baker

滿月 回到 一間空屋

full moon returning to an empty house

满月 回到 一间空屋 Full Moon, 2001

Sylvia Forges-Ryan

潑灑他的骨灰 月亮變成 零零碎碎的

scattering his ashes the moon in bits and pieces

泼灑他的骨灰 月亮变成 零零碎碎的 First Prize, 1993 Harold G. Henderson Award

Pamela A. Babusci

離婚後 破碎的月亮 在每一個窗口

after the divorce a tattered moon in every window

离婚後 破碎的月亮 在每一个窗口 Distinguished Work, 2013Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum Haiku Contest

Diana Teneva

在門廊上 一把椅子不停地 搖晃殘月

on the porch a chair rocking the waning moon

在门廊上 一把椅子不停地 摇晃残月 A Hundred Gourds, 2:3, June 2013

Jack Galmitz

兩道光芒照耀 在雙子塔原址 -我的兒子, 我的女兒

two light beams shining where there were once twin towers -my son, my daughter

两道光芒照耀 在双子塔原址 -我的儿子, 我的女儿 Grand Prize, 2010 Kusamakura Haiku Competition

Jack Galmitz

在拜恩特公園 2753 個空椅子


in Bryant Park 2,753 empty chairs not a breath of air

在拜恩特公园 2753 个空椅子

没有一丝空气 yards & lots , 2012

Sylvia Forges-Ryan

重讀伊利亞特 拖著另一具屍體 穿過費盧杰

Rereading The Iliad another corpse dragged through Fallujah

重读伊利亚特 拖著另一具屍体 穿过费卢杰 Grand Prix, 2005 A-Bomb Haiku Contest

Dick Whyte

曾經是士兵 睡覺和安息之處 -如今是蜘蛛窩

where soldiers once slept and died -a spider's home

曾经是士兵 睡觉和安息之处 -如今是蜘蛛窝 Ambrosia, 3, 2009

Angelo B. Ancheta

清晨薄霧 梳理 夢想的畫布

morning mist texturing the canvas of a dream

清晨薄雾 梳理 梦想的画布 Haiku Reality, 9:16

John McManus

彩繪地圖 兒子指示我一條路 到奇幻國度

crayon map my son shows me the way to Neverland

彩绘地图 儿子指示我一条路 到奇幻国度 The Heron's Nest, 14:1, March 2012

S.M. Abeles


my father's footsteps the size of every morning


World Haiku Review, December 2012

Bob Lucky

天色漸晚 爸爸訴說唯一 記得的故事

fading light dad tells the only story he remembers

天色渐晚 爸爸诉说唯一 记得的故事 Modern Haiku, 41.2, Summer 2010

Pravat Kumar Padhy

第一場雨 這紙船承載 我的童年

first rain the paper boat carries my childhood

第一场雨 这纸船承载 我的童年 Asahi Haikuist Network, May 31 2013

Christine L. Villa

夜晚細雨 他的吉他旋律使得 滿室馨香

evening drizzle notes from his guitar perfume the air

夜晚细雨 他的吉他旋律使得 满室馨香 Haigaonline, 12:2, December 2011

LeRoy Gorman

暴風雨逼近 她將指甲塗滿 海洋的顏色

hurricane near she gets her nails done the color of the sea

暴风雨逼近 她将指甲塗满 海洋的颜色 South by Southeast, 12:2, 2005

Nola Borrell

暴風夜 她的羊水 破了

night storm her waters break

暴风夜 她的羊水 破了 Commended, 2008 NZPS International Haiku Contest

Hristina Pandjaridis

蘋果樹上的花蕾 我女兒試穿 她的第一件胸罩

buds on the apple tree my daughter trying on her first bra

苹果树上的花蕾 我女儿试穿 她的第一件胸罩 NeverEnding Story, January 10 2014

Djurdja Vukelić-Rožić

星空下的演唱會 -一滴汗水消失 在她的乳溝之間

concert under the stars -a drop of sweat lost in her décolletage

星空下的演唱会 -一滴汗水消失 在她的乳沟之间 Lishanu, 2, 2011

Rita Odeh

臥室鏡子 -單個乳房晃來晃去 的寒冷

bedroom mirror -the coldness of that dangling single breast

卧室镜子 -单个乳房晃来晃去 的寒冷 Third Prize, 2013 Sharpening the Green Pencil Haiku Contest

Jane Reichhold

掌握今日 在我的雙手中 一個土罐

holding the day between my hands a clay pot

掌握今日 在我的双手中 一个土罐 Frogpond, 23:3, Autumn, 2000

Neal Whitman

冷天在沙灘上 他拋擲魚竿 只有兩次

cold day at the beach a man casts his line only twice

冷天在沙滩上 他抛掷鱼竿 只有两次 Simply Haiku, 7:2, Summer 2009

Marion Clarke

夜間祼泳 -一小步 即登陸月球

skinny dipping -one small step to land on the moon

夜间祼泳 -一小步 即登陆月球 Haiku Winner, 2012 Great Big Little Poems Competition

Polona Oblak

朦朧月色 宿醉的 所有的形式

hazy moon all the shapes of a hangover

朦胧月色 宿醉的 所有的形式 Notes From the Gean, 2:4, March 2011

LeRoy Gorman

沒 辦法 看到 這座 山 (((((((((((((((((闊邊帽)))))))))))))))))

no way to see the mountain (((((((((((((((((sombrero)))))))))))))))))

没 办法 看到 这座 山 (((((((((((((((((阔边帽))))))))))))))))) Modern Haiku, 38:3, Autumn 2007

Beverley George

火車隧道 -鏡照面孔之間突如其來 的親密關係

train tunnel -the sudden intimacy of mirrored faces

火车隧道 -镜照面孔之间突如其来 的亲密关系 Best of Issue Haiku, Presence, 22, 2004

Michael McClintock

在黑暗中 面對彼此 -搖晃的燈籠

to each other in the dark -waving lanterns

在黑暗中 面对彼此 -摇晃的灯笼 Second Prize, 2009 San Francisco Haiku Competition

Stella Pierides

流星 … 香檳嘶嘶聲 在我的舌尖

shooting stars … the fizz of champagne on my tongue

流星 … 香槟嘶嘶声 在我的舌尖 Second Place, Shiki Kukai February 2012

Anatoly Kudryavitsky

一條草蛇 逃進 我的思維

a grass snake escaping into my thought of it

一条草蛇 逃进 我的思维 Honorable Mention, 2010 Haiku Now! Haiku Contest

Peter Newton


over my thoughts the hush of pines


Tinywords, August 2010

Ernesto P. Santiago

撰寫網誌 ... 我的雜亂思維 黃如檸檬

blogging … my random thoughts yellow as lemon

撰写网志 ... 我的杂乱思维 黄如柠檬 Mainichi Daily News, October 23, 2012

George Swede

晨霧 ... 斷續的思維 尋求連結

morning mist … disconnected thoughts search for conjunctions

晨雾 ... 断续的思维 寻求连结 Modern Haiku, 44:2, Summer 2013


我的現代俳句世界是扁平時,我不斷地從文本地平線 摔落下來

when my gendai world was flat I kept falling off the text horizon

我的现代俳句世界是扁平时,我不断地从文本地平线 摔落下来

Notes from the Gean, 19, May 2013

Ben Moeller-Gaa

瀏覽訃聞 螢火蟲 飛來飛去

reading obituaries the here and there of fireflies

浏览讣闻 萤火蟲 飞来飞去 Frogpond, 35:3, Winter 2012

Saša Važić

舊階直通到 母親的老屋 -貓頭鷹的哀鳴

worn-out stairs up to my old mother’s home -an owl hooting

旧阶直通到 母亲的老屋 -猫头鹰的哀鸣 The Heron’s Nest, 2007

Beverley George

拉長的影子 ... 我的手臂感受到坐在雞蛋上 母雞的心跳

lengthening shadow ... above her eggs the hen's heart beats against my arm

拉长的影子 ... 我的手臂感受到坐在鸡蛋上 母鸡的心跳 First Place, 2003 British Haiku Society James W Hackett Haiku Award

Peggy Heinrich

有微風的早晨 滑翔的黃色小鳥 變成了葉子

breezy morning the gliding yellow bird turns into a leaf

有微风的早晨 滑翔的黄色小鸟 变成了叶子 Peeling an Orange, 2010

Jane Reichhold

向著太陽前進 小馬攜帶 某些山影

moving into the sun the pony takes with him some mountain shadow

向著太阳前进 小马携带 某些山影 American Haiku in Four Seasons, 1993

Asni Amin

獨自在黃昏 ... 一隻蚊子的聲音 和未完成的夢想

alone at twilight ... sound of a mosquito and unfinished dream

独自在黄昏 ... 一只蚊子的声音 和未完成的梦想 NeverEnding Story, August 29 2013

Máire Morrissey-Cummins

墓地探訪 蜘蛛網閃爍 在一個破碎的花瓶

graveyard visit a spider's web glitters in a broken vase

墓地探访 蜘蛛网闪烁 在一个破碎的花瓶 Sketchbook, 2012

Michael McClintock

一朵罌粟花 ... 一大片罌粟花 ! 滿山坡罌粟花 !

a poppy … a field of poppies! the hills blowing with poppies!

一朵罂粟花 ... 一大片罂粟花 ! 满山坡罂粟花 ! Haiku Magazine, 5:1, 1971

Roberta Beary

白色謊言 鏡子反映雙重的 白菊花

white lie the mirror doubles the white chrysanthemum

白色谎言 镜子反映双重的 白菊花 The Unworn Necklace, 2011

Erik Linzbach

安養院的花園 藤蔓上 腐爛的蕃茄

rest home garden tomatoes rotting on the vine

安养院的花园 藤蔓上 腐烂的蕃茄 Modern Haiku, 44:2, Summer 2013

Backstory In the first haiku lexicon, Yama no I (Mountain Spring published in 1647), there is an explanatory passage under the entry titled Butterfly: “Butterfly. The scene of a butterfly alighting on rape blossoms, napping among flowers with no worries. Its appearance as it flutters its feathery wings, dancing like whirling snowflakes. Also the image is associated with Zhuangzi’s dream, suggesting that one hundred years pass as a gleam in a butterfly’s dream.” To demonstrate how to use this butterfly imagery, the compiler Kigin gives the following example: scattering blossoms: the dream of a butterfly -one hundred years in a gleam Since then, the penetration of Zhuangzi’s butterfly dream into themes and images has clearly been seen in Japanese haiku. -- excerpted from Chen-ou Liu’s "Waking from Zhuangzi's Butterfly Dream -- Plagiarism or Honkadori," (Simply Haiku, 8:2, Autumn 2010)

Butterfly Dream, Volume Two: Call for Submissions Send







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