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蝴蝶夢 之三

Volume Three 2017 Edited and Translated by Chen-ou Liu

Butterfly Dream: 66 Selected English-Chinese Bilingual Haiku

Edited and Translated by

Chen-ou Liu

Volume Three 2017

First published in Canada in 2017 by NeverEnding Story at Copyright Š Chen-ou Liu 2017

All rights reserved. This eBook can be viewed in its entirety online. It may not be sold, copied, distributed or disseminated in any other way without the prior written permission of the publisher. Further, no part of this eBook may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical,





without the prior written permission of the publisher.

Acknowledgements This anthology project would not have been possible without the invaluable assistance and the love of haiku from all the poets gathered herein who have helped to establish the English language haiku tradition and move the genre forward. I am grateful for their contribution. And I would also like to thank my family. Without them, there would be neither me nor this anthology.

All copyrights of English language haiku in the book remain with individual poets. For information about each poet’s biographical sketch, published work, and commentary, visit NeverEnding Story,

Dedicated to Jane Reichhold (1937 – 2016) NeverEnding Story Supporter and Contributor

Perhaps, nothing is absolute in haiku. Like life, haiku require learning, experience and balance. -- Jane Reichhold

Featured Poet Jane Reichhold

峽谷溪水 乾旱成一條裂縫 的晴朗天空

canyon stream dried to a slit of clear sky

峡谷溪水 乾旱成一条裂缝 的晴朗天空

A Dictionary of Haiku, 2013

Featured Poet Jane Reichhold

向著太陽前進 小馬攜帶 某些山影

moving into the sun the pony takes with him some mountain shadow

向著太阳前进 小马携带 某些山影

American Haiku in Four Seasons, 1993

Featured Poet Jane Reichhold

回家的路上 一朵花 接著 一朵花

coming home flower by flower

回家的路上 一朵花 接著 一朵花 San Francisco Haiku Anthology, 1992

第一次返鄉 ... 一棵樹接著一棵樹 加深了沉默

first homecoming ... the silence lengthened tree by tree

Chen-ou Liu (劉鎮歐)

第一次返乡 … 一棵树接着一棵树 加深了沉默 A Hundred Gourds, 2:3, June 2013

Bob Lucky

春天融雪 我太太脫衣服時 開著燈

spring thaw my wife undresses with the lights on

春天融雪 我太太脱衣服时 开著灯 Asahi Haikuist Network, March 6, 2015

Debra Fox

幼兒園內的靜默 ... 保麗龍杯中 的首批幼苗

kindergarten quiet ... first seedlings in styrofoam cups

幼儿园内的静默 ... 保丽龙杯中 的首批幼苗 The Heron’s Nest, 15:2, June 2013

Keitha Keyes

晴朗天氣 -突然爆發一陣 的割草機聲音

sunny day -a sudden outbreak of lawn mowers

晴朗天气 -突然爆发一阵 的割草机声音 Cattails, January 2015

Ken Sawitri

夏日雷鳴 -接在戰爭要聞之後 的冰淇淋廣告

summer thunder -the ice cream ads after a war newsbreak

夏日雷鸣 -接在战争要闻之後 的冰淇淋广告

The Mainichi Daily News, September 3, 2014

Jo McInerney

夏季暴風雨 雨刷 切開我們的沉默

summer storm the windscreen wipers slice our silence

夏季暴风雨 雨刷 切开我们的沉默 Second Place, 2009 Jack Stamm Award

Caroline Skanne

逐漸消逝的夏天 知更鳥的歌聲尾隨 我的憂鬱

fading summer the robin's song trails my melancholy

逐渐消逝的夏天 知更鸟的歌声尾随 我的忧鬱 Akitsu Quarterly, Fall 2014

Alexey Andreev

夏天結束 一朵向日葵花彎向 學校的圍牆

summer's end a sunflower bends over the school fence

夏天结束 一朵向日葵花弯向 学校的围墙 Honorable Mention, 2015 International Basho Award

Shirley Plummer

秋天的黃昏 我的陽台欄杆 為夕陽加上底線

autumn evening my deck rail underlines the sunset

秋天的黄昏 我的阳台栏杆 为夕阳加上底线 Cattails, May 2015

Sylvia Forges-Ryan

秋天的涼意 奔向大海途中 風的聲音

autumn chill the sound of the wind on its way to the sea

秋天的凉意 奔向大海途中 风的声音 tinywords, 14:2, 2014

Anna Maris

秋風 頁面泛黃的 日記本

autumn wind the yellowing leaves of a diary

秋风 页面泛黄的 日记本 Shamrock, 30, 2015

Anna Cates

一樣的烏鴉 一樣的枯枝 ... 秋意濃

the same crow the same branch ... autumn deepens

一样的乌鸦 一样的枯枝 ... 秋意浓 NeverEnding Story, March 23, 2016

H. Gene Murtha

冬天的黃昏 一個空的啤酒罐 不斷地敲打碼頭牆壁

winter dusk an empty beer can taps the dock

冬天的黄昏 一个空的啤酒罐 不断地敲打码头墙壁 Biding Time: Selected Poems, 2001-2013

Agnes Eva Savich

她編灰色長髮 的樣子 冬天夜晚

the way she braids her long gray hair winter evening

她编灰色长发 的样子 冬天夜晚 Acorn, 14, Spring 2005

Anna Yin

只穿一隻拖鞋 我的阿姨跌入 冬霧之中

wearing one slipper my aunt slips into winter fog

只穿一只拖鞋 我的阿姨跌入 冬雾之中 NeverEnding Story, December 4, 2016

Dietmar Tauchner

雪上加雪 我父親心智中 層層的遺忘

snow upon snow the layers of oblivion in my father's mind

雪上加雪 我父亲心智中 层层的遗忘 Second Prize, 2014 Mainichi Haiku Contest

Denis M. Garrison

冰風暴 殺手眼中 的寒光

ice storm the glitter in a killer's eye

冰风暴 杀手眼中 的寒光 NeverEnding Story, July 5, 2016

Angelee Deodhar

葬禮之後 首先潑灑紙星星 然後拂拭雪花

after the funeral first a sprinkle of stars then a dusting of snow

葬礼之后 首先泼洒纸星星 然后拂拭雪花 Haiku Canada Sheets, 2017

Alan Summers


twilight on snow shadows deepen the grip of stars


Frogpond, 37:2, Spring/Summer 2014

Gregory Longenecker

蓋茨堡 雪花飄落 的沉默

Gettysburg the hushed silence of snow

盖茨堡 雪花飘落 的沉默 Honorable Mention, World Haiku Review, December 2012

Neal Whitman

老板栗 老人中心主辦 聖誕歌節

old chestnuts X-mas song fest at the Senior Center

老板栗 老人中心主办 圣诞歌节 Cattails, Winter 2015

Ignatius Fay

來自廚房 捕鼠器的爆裂聲 午夜倒數計時

from the kitchen the snap of a mousetrap midnight countdown

来自厨房 捕鼠器的爆裂声 午夜倒数计时 NeverEnding Story, December 31, 2016

Pamela A. Babusci

新年夢 雪花飄落 的明晰

new year’s dream the clarity of falling snow

新年梦 雪花飘落 的明晰 Magnapoets, 5, January 2010

Rita Odeh

將沉默編織 入夢中 ... 月圓之夜

braiding silence into a dream … the full moon

将沉默编织 入梦中 ... 月圆之夜 Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology, 2014

Simon Hanson

午夜衝浪 月光的喧囂聲

midnight surf the rumble of moonlight

午夜衝浪 月光的喧嚣声

Taj Mahal Review, 14:1, 2015

Steliana Cristina Voicu

擁抱無邊無際的大海 -一艘空船 逐漸趨近月亮

embracing the boundless -an empty boat closer to the moon

拥抱无边无际的大海 -一艘空船 逐渐趋近月亮 First Prize, 2015 Wild Plum Haiku Contest

Nicole Pottier

綠茶飄香 -在月光下我削尖 我的老鉛筆

fragrance of green tea -I sharpen my old pencil under the moon's light

绿茶飘香 -在月光下我削尖 我的老铅笔 First Prize, 2014 Haiku Now! Awards

Gabriel Bates

塵埃 飄浮在一道月光中 臨終詩

dust motes in a stream of moonlight death poem

尘埃 飘浮在一道月光中 临终诗 NeverEnding Story, October 29, 2016

Jan Benson

沒有月亮的夜晚 一堆白骨 和直升機的呼呼聲

moonless night bleached bones and the whir of a copter

没有月亮的夜晚 一堆白骨 和直升机的呼呼声 NeverEnding Story, July 31, 2016

Meik Blöttenberger


riding on owl wings the stars above the stars


DailyHaiku, May 16, 2013

Dejan Pavlinović

從一顆星星到另一顆星星 一路直下銀河 一根小指頭

from star to star down the Milky Way a little finger

从一颗星星到另一颗星星 一路直下银河 一根小指头 Down the Milky Way, 2016

Roberta Beary

兒子和我 計算螢火蟲的數目 計算星星的數目

my son and i counting fireflies counting stars

我儿子和我 计算萤火蟲的数目 计算星星的数目 First Prize, 1999 Penumbra Haiku Contest

Michael Dylan Welch

螢火蟲的光芒 對照著她的手掌 再傳到我的手掌

a firefly’s glow against her palm passed to mine

萤火虫的光芒 对照着她的手掌 再传到我的手掌 tinywords, 11:1, 2011

ai li

空房子 深切 的那一吻

empty house that kiss deeper

空房子 深切 的那一吻 still 2: three, 1999

George Swede



divorce papers


falling leaves


micro haiku: three to nine syllables, 2014

Karen Harvey

分叉的兩條路 許多人 保持中立

two roads diverge so many sitting on the fence

分叉的两条路 许多人 保持中立 Sonic Boom, 2, 2015

Joan Prefontaine

穿越 有兩種以上的說法 邊界

border more than two sides to it crossing

穿越 有两种以上的说法 边界 Modern Haiku, 46;1, 2015

Renée Owen

沙丘 到了上午 變成不同的夢

sand dunes by morning a different dream

沙丘 到了上午 变成不同的梦 Third Place, 2015 Haiku Society of America Haiku Contest

Lorin Ford


she waves a thin blue scarf becoming sky


tinywords, 15:2, 2015

Liette Janelle

在富士山的陰影裡 做瑜伽練習 將身體伸展至山頂

yoga practice in the shadow of Mount Fuji stretching to the top

在富士山的阴影里 做瑜伽练习 将身体伸展至山顶 Special Recognition, 2013 Fujisan Haiku Contest

Michael Henry Lee




NeverEnding Story, November 7, 2016

Don Baird

長崎 ... 在她的肚子裡,尚未打開郵件 的聲音

nagasaki ... in her belly, the sound of unopened mail

长崎 ... 在她的肚子里,尚未打开邮件 的声音 First Place, 2013 HaikuNow Haiku Contest

Sonam Chhoki

没有太阳的早晨 但是 ... 奧斯威辛的向日葵

sunless morning and yet ... sunflowers in Auschwitz

阴暗的早晨 但是 ... 奥斯威辛的向日葵 Mainichi Shimbun, Best of 2014

Carl Seguiban

死前的最後儀式 ... 雨逐漸地消逝轉化成 鳥的鳴叫聲

last rites ... rain fading into bird song

死前的最後仪式 ... 雨逐渐地消逝转化成 鸟的鸣叫声 First Place, 2015 Betty Drevniok Award

Christine L. Villa

追蹤他皮椅上 的裂痕 ... 逝世週年紀念

tracing the cracks on his leather chair ... death anniversary

追踪他皮椅上 的裂痕 ... 逝世週年纪念 The Bluebird’s Cry, 2016

Kelley White

一頂釣魚帽 掛在大門旁邊的鉤子上 -寡婦的房子要出售

a fishing hat on the hook by the door -widow’s house for sale

一顶钓鱼帽 挂在大门旁边的钩子上 -寡妇的房子要出售 NeverEnding Story, February 11, 2017

Maya Lyubenova

白色條紋狀雲彩 ... 漁夫的魚網滿是 銀光

herring clouds ... the fisherman's net heavy with light

白色条纹状云彩 ... 渔夫的鱼网满是 银光 Third Prize, 17th Kusamakura Haiku Competition

Marion Clarke

海港日落 他們的魚網 閃爍銀光

harbour sunset a flash of silver in their nets

海港日落 他们的鱼网 闪烁银光 NeverEnding Story, April 8, 2016

Elmedin Kadric

微明的時刻 憑借聲音 分類貝殼

early twilight sorting shells by sound

微明的时刻 凭借声音 分类贝壳 Frogpond, 38:1, Winter 2015

Marilyn Fleming

傾盆大雨 在我心裡的野獸 自我顫動

cloudburst the animal in me shaking itself

倾盆大雨 在我心里的野兽 自我颤动 NeverEnding Story, December 12, 2016

Robert Kania

傾盆大雨 用紙板劍結束 戰爭

heavy rain end of the war with cardboard swords

倾盆大雨 用纸板剑结束 战争 Frogpond, 38:2, Spring/Summer 2015

Debbie Strange

石塚 褪色的帽子 向下游漂移

stone cairns a faded cap drifts downriver

石冢 褪色的帽子 向下游漂移 First Place, 2015 Harold G. Henderson Awards

Ben Moeller-Gaa

迂迴抵達 河流曾在之處 爺爺的故事

winding to where the river used to be grandpa's story

迂迴抵达 河流曾在之处 爷爷的故事 Frozen Butterfly, 2, 2015

Barbara Tate

日落散步 ... 在彩虹盡頭之處 金黃色的水坑

sunset walk ... a pool of gold at the rainbow's end

日落散步 ... 在彩虹尽头之处 金黄色的水坑 NeverEnding Story, June 15, 2016

Rebecca Drouilhet

我行走 在霧裡 在自身裡

walking inside the fog inside myself

我行走 在雾里 在自身里 NeverEnding Story, May 20, 2016

Larry Kimmel

把石頭從鞋子上抖掉 -在她的棕色雙乳之間 白色蛋白石在擺動

shaking the stone from her shoe -a white opal swings from between brown breasts

把石头从鞋子上抖掉 -在她的棕色双乳之间 白色蛋白石在摆动 Haiku Society of America Members' Anthology, 1997

Lesley Anne Swanson

那個老曲調 ... 我的蝴蝶結鞋帶 變鬆了

that old tune … knots in my shoelace coming loose

那个老曲调 ... 我的蝴蝶结鞋带 变松了 Third Place, 2015 Spiess Memorial Haiku Competition


農夫鐮刀 每次掃割中 的收成之歌

farmer's scythe a harvesting song in each sweep

农夫镰刀 每次扫割中 的收成之歌 Third Place, 2009 Betty Drevniok Award

LeRoy Gorman

行事曆 咖啡杯印連結 一天又一天

appointment calendar a coffee ring joins one day to the next

行事曆 咖啡杯印连结 一天又一天 The Heron's Nest, 8:1, March 2006

Polona Oblak

狗的號叫 轉變成低聲哭泣 轉變成漆黑之夜

bark becoming whimper becoming night

狗的号叫 转变成低声哭泣 转变成漆黑之夜 The Heron's Nest, 16:1, March 2014

Susan Constable

深淺不一的藍... 一隻鹿的頭骨支撐 它剩下的一個眼睛

shades of blue … the deer’s remaining eye cradled by bone

深浅不一的蓝... 一只鹿的头骨支撑 它剩下的一个眼睛 Third Place, 2012 Robert Speiss Memorial Contest


戲水的加拿大 鵝 形 成 V 字 形

canadageese swimming V form atio n

戏水的加拿大 鹅

V 字 形 Haiku Canada Review, 8:2, October 2014

Tim Gardiner


starling murmuration love comes and goes


Blithe Spirit, 25:1, 2015

Fay Aoyagi

地鐵隆隆聲 一排的城市螃蟹 緩慢地向前爬

rumble of the metro a queue of city crabs inches forward

地铁隆隆声 一排的城市螃蟹 缓慢地向前爬 Beyond the Reach of My Chopsticks, 2012

Robert Epstein


god a pressed ant


NeverEnding Story, March 15, 2016

Julie Warther


storm clouds the inside of a tulip


Honorable Mention, 2015 World Haiku Contest

S.M. Abeles


petal by petal the yellow rose on her inner thigh


Frogpond, 38:2, Spring/Summer 2015

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A haiku or a tanka without "rhetoric" was likely to be no more than a brief observation without poetic tension or illumination. -- Donald Keene

Butterfly Dream Volume Three 2017

Butterfly Dream Volume Three  

A collection of 66 selected English-Chinese bilingual haiku edited and translated by award-winning poet Chen-ou Liu. All the poets gathered...

Butterfly Dream Volume Three  

A collection of 66 selected English-Chinese bilingual haiku edited and translated by award-winning poet Chen-ou Liu. All the poets gathered...