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Sound Wave Treatments for Migranes and Fibromyalgia Three Area Women Conquer Migraines


he three women had reached the end of their rope. They thought they had exhausted every avenue of treatment, and nothing worked for long. Lori N. Strok, Danielle Wendrychowicz and Tina McLaughlin had all but given up hope finding relief from the crippling head pain that altered their lives. They aren’t alone. The American Council for Headache Pain estimates that 8,700,000 women suffer from migraines each year. Women most susceptible are those between the ages of 35 and 45, when many are at the height of their career, family responsibilities and social life. Strok, for example says, “I was at wit’s end.” The 27 year-old Accounts Payable Manager, had tried several over-the-­counter, aspirin-based medications and more than one prescription medicine. “I took them every day trying to relieve the pain of

25 years and they had been getting worse with time,” she says. Strok had suffered with them for four years and Wendrychowicz for 7 years. Although the number of years that they have suffered with migraines varies, the common thread weaving through the women’s experiences with migraines is how the pain changed, indeed, controlled their lives. Strok, for example, says “It would almost stop my life. I’d leave social functions like parties. I couldn’t work when they were really bad. “McLaughlin sometimes spent the holidays in bed and Wendychowicz says she was exthree-time-a-week migraines,” numerous med­ications and tremely irritable, moody and she says. “They sometimes met with several doctors,” she didn’t want to do anything. covered the pain but they reports. “Nothing helped.” “I was always fatigued didn’t get to the root of the McLaughlin, owner of a and it affected my family problem.” flower shop in Moorestown, life.” Wenclrychowicz says. Wendrychowicz, a school said, “My family doctor sugWhen things looked darkbus driver, shares a similar gested a prescription mediest, a light at the end of the experience. “I’ve been to cine that was so effective,” she tunnel appeared. The three headache centers, taken says. “I had the migraines for women learned about treat-

Sandoz Chiropractic Center . 856-206-9560 . SandozChiro 2

South Jersey Edition


ment that was producing startling results in another woman suffering from chronic migraines. The treatment is gentle and effective treatment and requires no prescription medication or physical, hands-on manipulation. It comprises only a pulse of sound directed to a person’s atlas-the top vertebrae that supports the head. After an extensive examination, setting up for the treatment takes only minutes and the sound pulse lasts less than a second. Although a person can barely feel the pulse, it produces dramatic results.

“Since undergoing treatment, I’ve had no headaches,” she says. “It’s even helped relieve the generalized body pain caused by fibromyalgia.” Dr. Sandoz, originally from Cinnamin­son and now in Mt. Laurel explains “Migraines often are caused by physical and stress-related problems due to mis­alignment of the atlas vertebrae. Cor­recting the misalignment alleviates the cause of the problem and relieves the migraines.”

Drs. Joshua and John Sandoz Dr. Sandoz has been working with his son, Dr. Joshua Sandoz, for over 8 years. Their practice is one of only a few in the New Jersey and Philadelphia area who offer this treatment along with Spinal Decompres­sion

Therapy, Class 4 Laser and Neurofeedback Therapy. Strok says, “Dr. Sandoz applied the sound pulse to my finger to show that it was painless and it was, I couldn’t believe it.” She received weekly treatments at first and now goes once ev-

ery three weeks. They have helped better than anything else she has tried. Wendrychowicz shares a similar experi­ence. “Since undergoing treatment, I’ve had no headaches,” she says. “It’s even helped relieve the generalized body pain caused by fibromyalgia.” McLaughlin, too, reports good results. After only four treatments, she was pain free. “I counted the days,” she says. “And I had no migraines for almost three weeks.” For the first time in 10 years she didn’t fear going to sleep and being awakened by a migraine. What’s their advice to other

For the first time in 10 years she didn’t fear going to sleep and being awakened by a migraine. women suffering from migraines? Strok, for example, suggests that they not give up and depend solely on medica­tion. “There is help for your problem and Dr. Sandoz is it.” For more information as well as an appointment, call Dr. Sandoz at 856 2069560. Their new office location is 2057 Briggs Road, Suite 204 in Mt. Laurel NJ.

opractic.com . 2057 Briggs Road, Suite 204 . Mount Laurel March 2018


publisher’s letter


Savoring the World… and South Jersey

F Michelle Vacanti, Publisher

ood is one of my favorite little indulgences in life. I struggle to think of anything that offends my palate and I am open enough to try just about anything. My attitude was shaped early in life as I had the good fortune to travel extensively and personally experience some very exotic foods. Today, with so much abundance and diversity in this wonderful country, we can easily include a wide variety of cuisines in our diets.

If you’re an ethnic food junkie, you can rest assured that many provide numerous health benefits and we outline a few in the main feature along with some interesting recipes. We also pulled together a restaurant roundup of the healthiest eateries right here in our backyard that you may not have heard of. Be sure to include them as you look to expand your palate and simultaneously support local small businesses. Bon Appetit, Michelle Vacanti Co-Publisher

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South Jersey Edition


Natural Awakenings Magazine is ranked 5th Nationally in CISION’S® 2016 Top 10 Health & Fitness Magazines

Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.

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Adds Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for Aging Skin


Makes Us Happy and Healthy


HEALTHIEST CUISINES What Five Countries Can Teach Us about Good Eating



HEALTHY COOKING Six Seasonings with Surprising Payoffs



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Practical Uses for Aging Produce



A Full-Body Workout for Busy People


on the Power of Dreaming Big

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news briefs

It was life changing for me. It was literally life changing! ~Daniel Weisman

SunGlow Chakras Launches Brand-New Website



HOURLY PRIZES • FUN • COMMUNITY 100+ Vendors Offering: Inspiring Lectures

unGlow Chakras has announced the launch of their new website dedicated to yoga, meditation and other natural mind and body enthusiasts. Inspired by their love of nature and holistic self-expression, SunGlow Chakras is committed to help clients awaken the warmth of their spiritual essence through peace and harmony with Mother Earth. Offered on their site is a wide variety of aromatherapy tools, high-quality chakra jewelry, handmade Mala necklaces, stones, crystals, kabbalah bracelets and fossils for all of your spiritual senses. They also carry an array of all-natural skin products from Moon Valley Organics, uniquely designed yoga mat carrying bags and Japanese kimonos made from recycled vintage silk. With the purchase of an animal-print yoga mat bag, a percentage of the sale will be donated to The Almost Home Animal Shelter. Similarly, if you purchase a bag made with the breast cancer awareness ribbon material, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Adding to their designs every week, the site also features essential oils, aromatherapy jewelry and Hamsa friendship earrings. For more information, visit SunGlowChakras.com. See ad on page 17.

(see full schedule online)

Healthy Food Samples Natural Products for Personal & Home Care Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, More Angelic & Intuitive Readings Yoga & Meditations

April 27-29

Fri 5-9pm, Sat 10-6pm, Sun 10-6pm Daily and Weekend Passes This Expo was one of best that we’ve ever participated in, and you gave us so many opportunities to promote our business. We have never sold as much at ANY Expo as we have at yours... while having FUN! ~ Expo Vendor

SKIP THE LINE! Buy tickets online at:

EmpoweredLight.com Greater Philadelphia Expo Center Hall D & E, 100 Station Ave, Oaks, PA

South Jersey Edition


oga Cape May will host an all-inclusive holistic yoga retreat from May 4 through 6 at the Holly Shores Camping Resort, in Cape May. Yogis of all levels are invited to the retreat to renew, refresh, relax and connect with the rhythm of nature. Tuition includes a two-night stay in a deluxe rental, nutritious vegetarian meals and an array of workshops and play shops. Partake in yoga and meditation practices and drum circles before jumping in the heated pool or hot tub. Cost: $299 per person. Location: 491 Rte. 9 S., Cape May, NJ. For more information, call Holly Shores at 609-886-1234 or visit YogaCapeMay.com.

Melissa Josselson, ND

Naturopathic Doctor Holistic healthcare for children, adults, and seniors Conditions include: • Fatigue • Digestive disorders • Hormonal imbalances

• Autoimmune conditions, Allergies • Diabetes • ADHD • Anxiety • Infertility insomnia • Migraines • Skin conditions • Weight loss

• Cardiovascular health • Preventative health and wellness, and more.

CALL TODAY (856) 472-9495 MyNaturalDoctor.com

230 N. Maple Avenue, Suite G2 Marlton, NJ 08053

Sponsored in part by 6

Yoga Cape May to Host Holistic Yoga Retreat


35 Kings Highway East Haddonfield, NJ 08033

Performers Wanted for the Conscious Performers Collective


he Conscious Performers Collective , based in South Jersey, is looking for professional performers and spiritual practitioners to be part of its first holistic, high-frequency and heart-centered theatre company. Self-generating actors, singers, musicians, poets, rappers, sound healers, mime artists, puppeteers or physical theatre artists that practice spirituality and conscious living are encouraged to apply. Bringing together performers for connection, collaboration and performance creation, the company’s objective is to create original theatrical healing experiences that are interactive, expansive and full-sensory. They also seek to catalyze spiritual awakening, healing and growth by treating the stage as a sacred space. Creator and artistic director Giulia Eve Flores plans on exploring subject matters on spiritual truths, consciousness and all the big questions in life. For more information, email Eve Flores at ConsciousPerformersCollective@gmail.com.

Forgiveness as a Path to Love Class Series


herry Hill’s Yoga For Living will host a class series entitled Forgiveness as a Path to Love. Taught by Dan Gottlieb and Lori Volpe, sessions will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. on March 27 and April 3, 10 and 17. Gottlieb and Volpe will explore how unhealed resentments Dan Gottlieb can hinder one’s ability to fully experience love, and how forgiving others can open hearts and release feelings of anger, bitterness and resentment. Throughout the classes, attendees will learn the proven benefits of forgiveness and how to process and let go of resentments and disappointments. Students will also explore how patterns of behavior may be related to past emotional wounds. Practicing meditation and techniques to help remove blocks to self-compassion will also be conducted. Cost: $250 per person. Location: 1926 Greentree Rd., Cherry Hill, NJ. For more information or to register, email LoriVolpe@Verizon.net or visit OpeningIn.com.


It’s a


invites you to a Holistic Networking Event Hosted by Rizzieri School for the Healing Arts

Wednesday March 21st

6:30pm-8:30pm Rizzieri School of Massage

8102 Town Center Blvd, Voorhees, NJ 08043

What an Incredible Opportunity! Integrative Medical Professionals Alternative Health Care Practitioners Massage Therapists, Reiki and Energy Healers Yoga Instructors , Holistic Wellness Practitioners Nutritionists, Herbalists, and More! Open to all like minded people who share the vision of holistic wellness in our community. Exchange information, find a business link and a referral source Light refreshments served


Mini Services provided by Rizzieri

R.S.V.P. admissions@rizzieri.com 856-552-1445 March 2018


news briefs

Qi Revolution to Host Three-Day Qigong Event


i Revolution will host a three-day retreat at the Somerset Cultural Center. The event will run from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., April 7 through 9. Attendees will experience genuine qigong and learn nutrition science and how to breathe powerfully. Educational programs include a history of qigong Traditional Chinese Medicine, food healing, foot reflexology and mastering five elements of psychology self-improvement. Guests will also learn Tui Na Massage with pressure points, the nine-breath method and qigong strength training.

Learn How to Start an Organic Vegetable Garden

Cost: $149. Location: 135 Davidson Ave., Somerset, NJ. For more information, call 800-298-8970 or visit QiRevolution.com. See ad on back cover.

Earn a Salon and Spa Owners Entrepreneurial Certificate


owan College at Burlington County, in partnership with the Small Business Development Council and Rizzieri Salons, is offering a nine-week Entrepreneurial Certificate program for salon and spa owners to help start and build their business. Courses will be held at the college’s Mount Laurel campus on Mondays from 6 to 9 p.m. beginning March 19. Designed for individuals that are technically proficient, the curriculum will guide students on how to navigate general and industry-specific business practices. Courses can be taken individually or bundled, depending on one’s specific business needs. Topics include the A-Z’s for a business start-up, writing a business plan, salon software overview, human resource management, marketing strategies, contracts and agreements, and more. Cost: Varies. Location: 900 College Cir., Mount Laurel, NJ. For more information, visit RCBC.edu/SS-CERT. See ad on page 13.


ulie Pierre, owner and farmer at Our Yards Farm, will host Organic Vegetable Gardening: Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Own Backyard Vegetable Garden, from 7:15 to 9:15 p.m. on March 13 at the Carmen Tilelli Community Center, in Cherry Hill. Our Yards Farm is a suburban farm that transforms unused lawn space into productive vegetable gardens. Cost: Free. Location: 820 Mercer St., Cherry Hill, NJ. For more information, call 856-287-5959 or visit HSSJ.org.

Complementary And Alternative Medicine: The Medicine Of The New Millennium

✦ Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy ✦ Vitamin and Mineral Infusions ✦ Ozone Therapy ✦ Chelation Therapy ✦ Adjunct Cancer Therapy

Mark James Bartiss, MD

is a medical writer, lecturer, author, and is recognized as a top ten specialist in the field of Bio-Identical Harmone Replacement Theraphy (BHRT).

24 Nautilus Drive, Suite 3, Manahawkin, NJ / 609-978-9002 ICAMBartissMD.com 504 Hamburg Tpk, Suite 202, Wayne, NJ / 973-790-6363 By Appointment Only 639 Stokes Road, Suite 202, Medford, NJ / 609-654-5900 8

South Jersey Edition


Simplify Your Today For a Better Tomorrow

Postural Alignment Therapy


Live life as you were designed...

Do you have back/joint aches and pains? Do you lack flexibility? Is your balance compromised? Do your shoes wear unevenly? Do you see an osteopath or chiropractor yet still have these problems? Would you prefer exercises to treat the cause, instead of treating the symptom with pills, injections, manipulation, or worse…surgery? Marlton and Cherry Hill locations For weekly class information visit yogaforliving.net For free phone consultation contact:

Deb Freeman, PAS Aligned by Design, Inc. 856.495.6604 AlignedByDesignInc.com

A Little Help Makes a Big Difference Providing solutions and resources in juggling life’s daily demands with Our Signature Concierge and Life Style Management Services.

In Home Support & Life Management Services

Call Us Today 609 268-0639

Concierge & Personal Assistant Household Organization Assist with Daily Tasks Transportation/Personal Driver Record Keeping/Bill Paying Life Care Management Errands & Personal Shopper Menu Planning

More than Home Care

We are Life Care


Care is Primary.®

March 2018


news briefs

Pets Are Inn Offers In-Home Pet Boarding


ost pets dread being boarded while their owners are away. With Pets Are Inn, a one-of-a-kind boarding company that matches your pet with a host family for in-home stays, the days of leaving your beloved pet behind in the cramped quarters of a kennel cage are gone. Pets Are Inn-approved hosts are carefully screened, pre-approved families that welcome pets with open arms. Host families provide a loving home environment and carefully match the personal attention your pet is used to, from petting to playing and walking. The host family is equipped with your pet’s food, feeding and exercise schedules, medication needs and home life routine. You can also send them along with their favorite toys, blankets and treats so they’ll settle in more quickly. They also provide round-trip transportation to and from your home. An in-depth phone interview will yield everything there is to know about you and your pets. Should time allow, they’ll also come meet the pet prior to the first boarding. This process helps them make the most appropriate match to a host home that’ll be familiar and comfortable for your pet. You are also allowed to send a letter to the host family with additional information about your pet’s habits. For more information or to make a reservation, call 856-829-7387 or visit PetsAreInnSouthJersey.com. See ad on page 33.

Empowered Light Holistic Expo Returns to Oaks


his spring’s Empowered Light Holistic Expo is just around the corner, running from 5 to 9 p.m., April 27, and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., April 28 and 29, at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. Plenty of free parking is available. The expo’s focus is on holistic lifestyles, spiritual classes and personal development. “People feel stressed and distracted, and they are looking for more connection and answers,” says the expo’s founder, Sue Greenwald. “The expo offers connection with new friends, new ideas and, most of all, a community where people feel supported in a fun way.” The April Expo will feature a Shamanic Sound Meditation and Healing Concert with Grammy nominee Dalien, aka 13 Hands, and The True Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalena with Grammy nominee David Young. Jessica DeLuise, founder of Eat Your Way to Wellness, will be a featured speaker, as will Ataana, author, intuitive and energy healer from Nashville. Empowered Light engages attendees with experiential types of classes, like yoga, dance, meditation and sound healing, or mini-treatments, such as reiki and massage. Attendees can choose from over 50 workshops and lectures over the course of the weekend. Guests can linger and shop in between presentations with more than 150 holistic vendors. Interested vendors are encouraged to apply now for a space. Cost: General admission, $5-$20. Some presentations additional. Advance ticket purchases encouraged. Location: 100 Station Ave., Oaks. For more information, call 484-459-3082, email EmpoweredLightExpo@gmail.com or visit EmpoweredLight.com. See ad on page 10.


South Jersey Edition


Terra Pest Solutions Now Offers PesticideFree Pest Control


erra Pest Solutions is a natural and organic pest control company based in Burlington County that takes pride in not using synthetic pesticides for any reason. Owner Jayme Rivel specializes in removing insects and arachnids of all kinds, as well as rodents. “Over the past few years, I’ve been exchanging information with some very knowledgeable organic farmers,” says Rivel. His expertise lies with ants, mosquitos, ticks, fleas, cockroaches and leaf eaters. His company provides bedbug and termite prevention as well. “My focus in starting this business has been to learn and utilize everything the Earth provides us to keep pests in check and nature in balance.” Cost: Varies. Location: 132 Meetinghouse Ln., Shamong, NJ. For more information, call 856-625-9357 or visit TerraPestSolutions.com. See ad on page 29.

Bad weather always looks worse through a window. ~Tom Lehrer

Come to experience the joys of yoga and the profound benefits of regular practice!

Reiki Treatments & Training Available

Unique Handcrafted Custom Furniture. The Sanctuary for Yoga


43 S. Main St., Medford View our class schedule online thesanctuaryforyoga.com

Natural Forms. Earth-Friendly Finishes. Local Timber & Repurposed Materials.



You can enjoy your intimate life again. Have you experienced changes in your vaginal health since menopause, such as painful intercourse?

is a novel laser therapy that helps restore vaginal health by generating new collagen, elastin, blood flow and moisture.

MonaLisa Touch® is FAST, SIMPLE and SAFE ~ In-office ~ No anesthesia ~ No downtime ~ Symptom relief after just one treatment ~ Thousands of women successfully treated since 2012 W4WMA also offers a broad range of treatments.

Fertility solutions, Gynecology and preventative health, gynecologic surgery, and advanced maternal aging are among our focus areas.

Contact Dr. Jewel Amui-Bellon today to learn more! Dr. Jewel Amui-Bellon M.D., F.A.C.O.G Diplomate American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist in Gynecology and Infertility “The Pregnancy Doctor”

102 Centre Blvd Ste 1, Marlton, NJ 08053 Phone: 856.267.5019 Website: w4wma.com March 2018


Gooseberries are Good for the Gut Researchers from Malaysia’s Islamic Science University tested 30 patients with gastrointestinal issues, dividing them into three groups. One received lactose, a placebo; another group was given omeprazole, an overthe-counter remedy; and the third Phyllanthus emblica Linn, an ayurvedic treatment for gastrointestinal issues also known as Indian gooseberry. The research found the herbal treatment resulted in less pain, vomiting, sleep loss and other issues. Participants’ intestinal walls also showed signs of significant healing. The researchers concluded, “Findings indicate that the ethanolic extract of P. emblica fruits has gastroprotective effects in humans that justify its traditional use.” 12

South Jersey Edition


Research from Duke University Medical School indicates that eating red meat and poultry increases risk for Type 2 diabetes. Published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, the Singapore Chinese Health Study followed 63,257 adults between ages 45 and 74 for an average of 11 years each. It was determined that meat and poultry consumption increased diabetes incidence by 23 and 15 percent, respectively.


Leafy greens, which are rich in vitamin K, have again been shown to provide outsized benefits for heart health. Researchers from the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University found that a reduced intake of vitamin K1 leads to more than triple the risk of an enlargement of the heart’s left ventricle, which reduces blood pumping volume, according to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition. Researchers followed diet records for 766 participants ages 14 to 18 and monitored their vascular structure and functionality. When compared to those with the highest intake of vitamin K1 from foods such as spinach, cabbage and other leafy, green vegetables, those with the lowest intake were more likely to experience vascular enlargement.

Eating Meat Raises Diabetes Risk

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY DETERS ALZHEIMER’S According to a study in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, researchers discovered the risk of dementia can be halved by engaging in physical activities like walking, dancing and gardening, which significantly improve brain volume in the hippocampus region and the frontal, temporal and parietal lobes. The scientists studied 876 participants for 30 years and completed a longitudinal memory test of the patients, which were 78 years old on average, and followed up with MRI brain scans. They recorded their physical activity and logged caloric output every week. Two other studies found that any exercise that raises our heart rate and produces sweating for a sustained period will benefit cognitive health as we age. One meta-analysis of 36 studies from Australia’s University of Canberra found that exercise improved cognition by an average of 29 percent for those older than 50; another small group study from Germany’s Otto von Guericke University, in Magdeburg, specifically showed that dancing benefits seniors’ cognition.


Leafy Greens Lower Risk for Heart Disease


health briefs

The Importance of Empathy in Primary Care While it is inherently important to have a primary care doctor that listens to you and provides positive interactions, research also shows that an empathetic relationship can also have a significant impact on your health. A recent study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information was conducted on the doctor-patient interaction and its impact on the severity and duration of the common cold. Results found that when patients perceived their doctor as being caring and empathetic had reduced severity, a shorter cold, and physiological changDr. Julie Snyder es—including lower positive immune response in the blood—were detected as well. This study demonstrates the importance of building a trusting relationship with your primary care giver and how empathy can make a huge difference on not only the patient’s perceptions but their health outcomes as well. Dr. Julie Snyder of R-Health educates people on the practice of integrative and holistic medicine, and how it allows doctors to treat the whole person while focusing on mind, body, spirit and environment. Holistic doctors are able to use all healing modalities from medications to diet and exercise changes, mind-body tools and much more. They are able to focus on the prevention and optimization of health by taking a proactive approach to correct small imbalances before they possibly lead to more serious diseases. Resource: R-Health. Location: 1040 Kings Hwy. N., Cherry Hill, NJ. For more information, call 856-523-4323 or visit R-Health.md. See ad on page 9.

Career Shadow Day MARCH 14TH 10AM– 1PM

CA L L T O R S VP : 856.552.2270 ENTREPRENEURIAL CERTIFICATE PROGRAM F O R S A L O N / S PA O W N E R S H I P • Start and Build a Successful Business in the Industry • Certificate Issued by RCBC and Small Business Development Council • Starts March 19th, runs Mondays from 6pm – 9pm, for 8 weeks




• Course may be taken individually or bundled For more information visit: http://staff.rcbc.edu/ads/ppd/brochure/entrepreneur.html For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at www.rizzierischoolofmasasge.com/gainful-employment


8 5 6 - 5 5 2 - 2 2 7 3 / 8 1 0 2 To w n C e n t e r B l v d , V o o r h e e s , N J 0 8 0 4 3 rizzierischoolofmassage.com

Find Calm, Find Peace, Find Joy Here Have you been stressed? Tense? Anxious? You’ll leave here feeling like ... ...the world makes a little more sense.

• Physical/Mental/Emotional/Spiritual • HeartMath® Certified Coach & Trainer • Therapeutic Relaxation Massage • Medicinal Aromatherapist • Energy Work


Classes Forming See The Calendar Of Events.

505 South Lenola Road, Suite 124 Moorestown, NJ 08057

HeartMath is a registered trademark of Quantum Intech, Inc

HeartMath® system is used by NASA, all branches of the Military for pre and post deployment, many hospital systems and universities for optimal performance.

March 2018


global briefs

Wind Harvest

Renewable Energy Subsidies Lag Far Behind

The G20 nations, comprising the world’s biggest economies, provide four times more public financing to support fossil fuels than renewable energy, says a report from the environmental coalition Oil Change International (Tinyurl.com/ TalkIsCheapOilReport). This took place even though German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced climate change as the heart of the agenda at the Hamburg summit in July 2017. The public financing—in soft loans and guarantees from governments along with huge fossil fuel subsidies—makes coal, oil and natural gas cheaper to use in the short run because both the front-end and back-end costs are undisclosed.

Grassroots Gumption

Sweet Potato Project Encourages Enterprise

The Sweet Potato Project, started by journalist Sylvester Brown, Jr., will work in partnership with St. Louis University and a small cadre of local nonprofits called the North City Food Hub to hold culinary, small business, horticulture, restaurant management, and land-ownership classes and business incubator opportunities this spring. The goal is to enable at-risk youths in North St. Louis to grow food and make money through food packaging and distribution. The project encourages people to become innovative, selfsufficient players in today’s expanding global economy. Brown says, “Success doesn’t always mean you’ve made a lot of money; it can also mean you’ve survived poverty or managed to create something.” 14

South Jersey Edition


Uncontrolled Lice Threaten Fish Industry

A surge in parasitic sea lice that attach themselves to and feed on salmon, killing or rendering them unsuitable for dinner tables, is disrupting salmon farms in the U.S., Canada, Scotland, Norway and Chile. Wholesale prices for the species have already increased 50 percent over last year, leading to higher consumer prices for everything from salmon fillets and steaks to more expensive lox on bagels. Scientists and fish farmers are working on new ways to control the pests. Fish Farmer magazine states that losses by the global aquaculture industry could be as high as $1 billion annually. The only hope is to develop new methods to control the spread of the lice, which are naturally present in the wild, but thrive in the tightly packed ocean pens used for fish farming.

Terje Aase/Shutterstock.com

Fossilized Financing

Sickly Salmon

Tiger Images/Shutterstock.com

Hywind, the first floating wind farm in the UK, is located 15 miles offshore of Peterhead, in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Its five turbines with a 30-megawatt capacity will provide clean energy to more than 20,000 homes to help meet the country’s ambitious climate change targets. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says, “The government’s commitment to the development of this technology, coupled with Statoil’s [lithium] battery storage project, Batwind, positions Scotland as a world center for energy innovation.” Hywind is operated by Norwegian oil and gas company Statoil ASA and Masdar Abu Dhabi Future Energy Co.


Floating Farm Helps Power UK Needs

"Hybrid Programs

Designed to REDUCE Pesticide Usage"

Aradia’s Treasure Metaphysical Shop Inspiring Gifts for Mind, Body & Spirit Readings, Reiki Sessions and Classes Debra Branda-Canady, Owner 19 N. Centre Street, 1st Floor Merchantville, NJ 08109

Phone (856) 488-8187 Fax (856) 488-8307


• Organic Components • Reducing Pesticide Usage • Responsible Solutions • Environmentally Friendly • All Services Guaranteed

Back Into Your Lawn!

We are pleased to offer a HYBRID lawn care program that is effective and environmentally responsible. Our program utilizes a combination of organic fertilizer/bio-stimulants and compost teas with a focus on decreasing pesticide usage and synthetic fertilizer.






Own Your Solar, No Out of Pocket Costs!

CHIROPRACTOR? • Headaches • Neck Pain • Lower Back Pain • Radiating Nerve Pain • Achieving Overall Wellness

Get Well with Bidwell!


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business spotlight


Nutrition Response Testing by Giulia Eve Flores


t was Hippocrates, known as “the Father of Medicine,” who declared: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” The Natural Health Improvement Center of South Jersey, in Cherry Hill, is a prime example of the greatest Greek physician’s famous words. Founder Sarah Outlaw always wanted to be a healer. Through her own experience, she realized that all healing starts with health, and that all health starts with nutrition. “What drives me is getting sick people well,” she shares. “Often, people come here as their last resort, their last hope. I say, ‘While there is life, there is hope,’ and we live and run our practice by that. It is truly fulfilling to be able to give people their lives back, improve the quality of their lives, and help them become better versions of themselves.” The Natural Health Improvement Center is a Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) practice, and it is this technique that makes them so unique. NRT is a trademarked, precise, scientific and non-invasive way of analyzing the body in order to determine the root cause of ill health. It uses musclestrength testing to communicate with the body’s own innate intelligence to evaluate the response to a broad variety of substances that may be affecting health and function. These neurological reflexes are the body’s way of communicating what and how the nervous system is doing. Also the feedback is said to be so precise that it opens the door to a safe and lasting recovery, even in cases where everything else has failed.  Outlaw helps people with virtually all sorts of illnesses: from autoimmune diseases, adrenal, thyroid, digestive, skin 16

South Jersey Edition

Sarah Outlaw and fertility issues, to food allergies, metal and chemical toxicity, and Lyme’s disease. She attests that the cause of illness is almost always some kind of immune system issue, which is almost always caused by a nutritional deficiency imbalance. By bringing the body back in balance with the right nutrition and supplements, she strives to aid you to regain optimum health. Outlaw charged head-on into her studies, and went from being a homeschooling stay-at-home mom of four to also becoming a highly successful health entrepreneur. She went back to school and gained credentials as a certified health coach, clinical master herbalist, advanced NRT practitioner and clinical functional nutritionist, all while being fully cheered on by her family. “My husband was a huge support for me,” she says. “‘If not now, when?’ he would say. So I went back to school. I was still breastfeeding my youngest son at the time, but that problem was swiftly solved


by my husband suggesting to come to school with me, so I could nurse my son in between classes.” She herself was immensely helped by Nutrition Response Testing, and so she became passionate about healing others with it. “I used to have bad cystic acne, migraines, stress, and fatigue. On top of that, I had Lyme’s disease. A few cycles on a program relieved me of it all. And that can be the same for you,” she proclaims. “I understand what ill health feels like, and I have great compassion for what people go through. The greatest thing we offer is a tailor made program, which is very specific to the individual and their health issues. It is not ‘one size fits all’, and it is this specificity that reaps results.” Outlaw is very open about her own health struggles, which makes it easy for clients to relate. It is her outstanding clinical and communication skills that make her work stand out, and those qualities are the reason people are flying in to South Jersey to come see her. With a strong belief in integrity, commitment, honesty and open communication, Outlaw possesses many special qualities. “Be well, and thrive!” rings her slogan, and to that she adds: “Life is short, live it well! Truly, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Take the time to get taken care of. You never realize how bad you feel until you start healing and feeling better.” Even though her outreach is already spanning far and wide, with a popular health blog called Real Food Outlaws, a large social media following and a satellite practice about to open, she is ever eager to help more people heal. “If you are a Nutrition Response Testing case, then nothing will help you as much,” she affirms. “My door is always open. Even if the timing isn’t perfect, I am going to be here for you when you are ready. I’m not going anywhere. And if you want to feel better now, make an appointment to change your health today!” For more information or to make an appointment, call 856-667-6805, email info@ NHICSouthJersey.com or visit NHICSouthJersey.com, or follow Sarah Outlaw on social media. The Natural Health Improvement Center of South Jersey is located at 1050 Kings Hwy. N., Cherry Hill, NJ.

Life isn’t about functioning,

It’s About Living! A Whole Foods Approach To Optimal Development. Our mission is to encourage strong and healthy families by providing education regarding the importance of supporting the body as a whole.


With so many companies selling essential oils, are you confused????

How to Choose Essential Oils

“We take the stewardship of our planet seriously. Our State of the Art production process brings you the purest (essential) oils on Earth. We call it Seed To Seal®. It’s not a slogan — it’s our Calling.” (By the Founder of YOUNG LIVING™ ESSENTIAL OILS)


- Speech Pathology - Feeding Evaluations - Mind Body Healing

OUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS — established over 20 years ago—laid the foundation for the company’s total commitment to using the purist seed, sustainable cultivation, optimum distillation, extensive testing of each batch of oils, and quality control inspection of each bottle to assure the purest, most potent essential oils available in the world. (SeedToSeal.com)

Kimberly M. Spair

Today, YOUNG LIVING’S Vision has grown into a world wide, essentialoil trend, and the trend is fueled by the consumer’s strong desire to bypass toxin-laden, synthetic scents used in many products.

- Intuitive Holistic Health Coaching

based on the protocols of NY Times Best Selling Author, Anthony William


As a certified holistic health coach, speech pathologist, and yoga therapist, Kimberly helps clients of all ages reclaim their health and vitality, free themselves from chronic and mystery symptoms, and lead healthy, hopeful lives.



Address the

ROOT CAUSE of Your Illness and Autoimmune Disease

Unfortunately, as with any trend, many competitive companies have been spawned that attempt to convince the consumer that their products are “pure essential oils” too, but instead may utilize synthetic oil imitations, or oils made from genetically modified seeds, or oils diluted with carrier oils, or oils distilled from plants grown with pesticides and/or herbicides—all of which distorts, weakens and chemically changes the innate power of essential oils.


OUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS set the standard for authenticity 20 years ago, and that same high standard is still our “Calling” today — via our strict, Seed To Seal requirements used on all our company-owned farms and distilleries (in Utah; Idaho; France; Ecuador; British Columbia; Croatia; Israel, Taiwan) as well as on our Certified Partner-farms around the world. YOUNG LIVING also Partners with local Frankincense Harvesters in Oman to obtain our exclusive Sacred Frankincense Resin (from centuries-old Frankincense trees).

If you value true authenticity, always choose YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS Info at: myYL.com/naturalhealth4u or 877-436-2299 Income opportunities also availabile This Advertorial Sponsored by Young Living Member # 489656

At Functional Health and Acupuncture Institute we specialize in helping you identify, understand and correct the root causes of your health issues, and change the trajectory of Glenn Gruby, L.Ac., MSTOM your health path. We combine principles of Functional Medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine to help you lead a happier, livelier, more pain free life! We specialize in: Stress Related Hormone Imbalance Thyroid Health Autoimmune Conditions Gluten Sensitivity and Leaky Gut Chronic Pain

•• •• •

-Your best online source for Chakra, Yoga & Meditation Essentials -Unique Yoga Mat Carrying Bags -Mala Necklaces & Yoga Bracelets -Chakra Stones, fossils, & more!

SunGlow C h a k r a s www.sunglowchakras.com “Creative, holistic treasures for the soul”

Wholesale Inquiries Welcome

856-321-9301 FHAInstitute.com

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856-858-7844 E mail: info@sunglowchakras.com

Located at Jubili Beads & Yarns® 713 Haddon Ave., Collingswood

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business spotlight

The Replenish Center Adds Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for Aging Skin by Jennifer Lesser


t’s impossible to avoid many of the environmental and lifestyle factors that can lead to premature aging—like sun damage or stress—but both men and women are turning back the hands of time by learning how to manage the metabolic and hormonal causes of age-related symptoms from menopause to hair loss. “When it comes to hormonal therapies, the goal is to bring your hormones back into balance so patients are no longer as symptomatic and can function better in their day-to-day lives,” explains Dr. Camille Semple-Daly, who is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, integrative medicine and aesthetic medicine. Her practice, The Replenish Center, in Willingboro, offers integrative medicine as well as aesthetics and gynecology. Among her practice’s offerings is Bioidentical Hormone Restoration Therapy, or BHRT; her method of Pellet BHRT more closely mimics the body’s ability to deliver necessary hormones to the organs in need. Patients may benefit from this therapy if they’re experiencing symptoms including anxiety and depression, fatigue, insomnia, hot flashes, low libido or erectile dysfunction, hair loss, sleep issues, irritability, vaginal dryness or weight gain. Women that are already suffering from symptoms of menopause or may be battling heavy or painful periods, ovarian diseases or unexplained infertility—or men that have been diagnosed with thyroid disorders, adrenal fatigue or osteoporosis— can also benefit from BHRT. Its benefit is that alternative treatments for these types of conditions can lead to serious health issues ranging from blood clots to heart 18

South Jersey Edition

Dr. Camille Semple-Daly disease, she notes. “These therapies are designed to help patients take charge of their health, return to optimal function and enhance their lives,” Semple-Daly explains. “The goal is to get to a point where you’re not just existing, but thriving… and doing so in a great state of mind and health.” Many Americans struggle with weight gain, and part of the reason may be that people don’t always understand the root causes of why they’re having weight issues. “Most of it has to do with your lifestyle, but sometimes there are underlying factors that need to addressed,” she explains. Her practice offers a weight management program that helps patients lose weight


quickly and safely while also helping them recognize why they may be gaining weight in the first place. Further, for those problem areas that won’t respond to diet and exercise—like love handles—there are cutting-edge procedures like liquid lipo injections to help permanently eliminate fat in those problem areas. “The treatment is permanent as long as patients don’t gain the weight back; the body eliminates the fat cells through its own detoxification systems, but they can grow back with weight gain,” Semple-Daly further elaborates. Among the practice’s most cuttingedge therapies is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), which can use the body’s own growth factors to restore vitality and replenish depleted resources with natural components. It can also be used to stimulate the natural production of collagen and both reverse and prevent premature skin aging. PRP procedures include the trademarked Vampire Facials to reduce wrinkles, acne scars, and stretch marks and Vampire Facelifts to restore volume, tone and smoothness to the skin; it can also be used to treat hair loss and male and female sexual dysfunction. The procedures are considered natural, safe and effective because they concentrate the regenerating cells from the patient’s own body and place them directly into the area where they’re needed; PRP injections trademarked as O-Shot and Performance-Shot, for example, can address sexual issues ranging from stamina and erectile dysfunction in men to urinary incontinence and lubrication in women. “PRP can bolster your own body’s mechanics for healing itself,” she explains. “For the most part, our bodies are selfhealing systems, but when those systems become overly taxed, they tend to break down… so this is one of the many ways we can help the body heal itself, which can be more sustaining than trying to fix a problem with drugs or surgery.” The Replenish Center for Natural Bioidentical Hormone Restoration is located at 215 Sunset Rd., Ste. 204, in Willingboro. For more information, call 856-380-1330 or visit ReplenishHormones.com. See ad on page 19.

WHOLE BODY DENTISTRY Could Your Dentistry be Affecting Your Overall Health? Experience The Difference Of Biological Dentistry ✷ Health Supported Dentistry Utilizing Biocompatible Materials And Homeopathic Remedies ✷ Evaluation Of Chronically Infected Root Canals ✷ Straight Teeth The Natural Way Using ✷ Safe Mercury Removal Myofunctional Appliances ✷ Microscopic Analysis Of Gum Bacteria ✷ An All Natural Drug Free Relaxation ✷ TMJ And Chronic Headache-facial System To Ease Dental Anxiety Pain Treatment

Scott Silver, DMD 621 White Horse Pike, Haddon Township, NJ 08107 856-854-4354 • DrScottSilver@gmail.com • BiologicalDentistsofNJ.com

The Complete Wellness Center Call us at 856.380.1330 or visit us at: www.ReplenishHormones.com Dr. Camille Semple, board certified in OB/GYN, Integrative Medicine & Aesthetic Medicine, now offers complete health and wellness options: Bioidentical Hormone Restoration Therapy

Effective Weight Management

BHRT is a safe and effective treatment of hormone imbalance. We will help you naturally eliminate:

Our Physician Supervised program offers the following benefits and more:  Average Weight Loss

 Hot Flashes/Night Sweats

 Sleep Disturbances

 Depression & Anxiety

 Decreased Sex Drive

 Memory Loss

 Erectile Dysfunction

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapies (PRP) Enhance your body using your own growth factors:  Facial Rejuvenation – Vampire Facelift ® & Vampire Facial®

 Male and Female Sexual enhancement – P-shot® & O-shot®

 Hair Restoration

 Breast Augmentation

of 15-30 lbs. per month

 Increased Metabolism  Decreased Hunger

 Loss of Excess Stored Fat  End Yo-Yo Dieting

Aesthetic Medicine Our painless approach safely and effectively addresses skin disorders and premature aging from the inside-out:  Botox® and Fillers

 Non-Surgical Facelift

 Fat Dissolving Injections  Acne Solutions

Ad size: 7.5” wide x 4.75” high

March 2018



healing ways

Sunshine on Our Shoulders

Makes Us Happy and Healthy by Kathleen Barnes


ver since skin cancer scares penetrated the national psyche in the mid-1980s, Americans have been conditioned to cover up and slather on sunscreen when we leave the house. Now experts say we haven’t been doing ourselves a favor, even when strictly using all-natural formulas. We’ve been blocking the sun’s life-giving rays, essential for the body’s production of vitamin D, and possibly prompting a host of health problems.

Safe Exposure Update

“Ninety percent of the vitamin D we get comes from the sun, and exposing arms and legs for a few minutes a day is enough for most people with no risk of skin cancer,” says Registered Nurse Sue Penckofer, Ph.D., a professor in the School of Nursing at Chicago’s Loyola University. She’s the lead researcher for the Sunshine 2 Study, a clinical trial investigating the vitamin’s vital role in relieving depression. “Every tissue and cell of your body requires vitamin D to function properly,” says Michael Holick, Ph.D., a medical doc20

South Jersey Edition

tor who has pioneered vitamin D research at the Boston University Medical Center. A 40-year professor at the Boston University School of Medicine, he’s a fervent advocate of sensible sun exposure. “Vitamin D is actually a hormone, essential for bone and muscle health. It plays a significant role in reducing the risk of infectious diseases, including cardiovascular problems and certain cancers, contributes to brain function and memory, and elevates mood, all while reducing early mortality,” explains Holick, author of The Vitamin D Solution: A 3-Step Strategy to Cure Our Most Common Health Problem. Yet, he says, about half of all Americans are among the 1 billion people worldwide that are vitamin D deficient. Published vitamin D research in the U.S. National Library of Medicine turns up 74,486 studies and citations dating back to 1922, with nearly half done in the past 10 years; 478 of the total were authored or co-authored by Holick or cited his research. His work confirms that sensible sun exposure and supplementing with natural


vitamin D3 brings vitamin D levels to the optimal 40 to 60 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml). New research from the University of Surrey, in the UK, found D3 twice as effective in raising vitamin D levels as D2, which is often synthetically produced. While the human body manufactures vitamin D as a response to sun exposure, eating certain foods like fatty fish, egg yolks and cheese can help. Fortifying foods with the vitamin is controversial. “It’s interesting that the right sun exposure will correct D deficiency rapidly, but won’t create an excess. Our bodies stop producing the hormone vitamin D once we have enough,” says Dr. Robert Thompson, an obstetrician, gynecologist and nutrition specialist in Anchorage, Alaska, and author of The Calcium Lie II: What Your Doctor Still Doesn’t Know.

Bare Minimum Holick, who differentiates between unhealthy tanning and healthy sun exposure, recommends exposing arms and legs to noonday sun for five to 10 minutes three times a week for most people. He adds, “Everyone needs 1,500 to 2,000 international units of vitamin D3 [supplements] a day year-round, and obese people need two to three times that much, because their ability to manufacture vitamin D is impaired.” Penckofer’s research confirms that fair-skinned people absorb the sun’s rays easily and quickly, while darker-skinned people have a natural sunblock, so they need much longer sun exposure to absorb the UVB rays that trigger the production of vitamin D. She remarks that inadequate vitamin D is a possible explanation for the greater risk of high blood pressure observed in African-Americans. Holick contends that anyone living north of Atlanta, Georgia, cannot get enough winter sun exposure to maintain optimal vitamin D levels. “While vitamin D can be stored in the body for up to two months, a winter-induced deficiency is a convincing explanation for the seasonal affective disorder that strikes many in northern states in January, just two months after the weather turns too cold to get sufficient sun exposure,” explains Penckofer. “In Alaska, we eat lots of fatty fish and

At least 10 hours a week outdoors in sunshine is crucial for children under 6 for development of healthy eyes. Otherwise, the risk of myopia increases, which in turn lends risk for cataracts and glaucoma in adulthood. ~University of Sydney Adolescent and Eye Study of 2,000 children take D supplements in winter. We know there’s no chance we’re getting the D we need from the sun, even when we’re sunbathing in negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures,” quips Thompson.


Institute of Wholistic Studies

1600 Haddon Ave, 5th Fl Pavilion, Camden, NJ 08103 (856) 580-6444

Start a Career in Holistic Healthcare

In-house programs:

• Wholistic Massage Therapy Certificate • Reflexology • Yoga Teacher Training 200 and 300 Hour Programs • Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy Programs Affiliated with Camden LOURDES County College: Institute of Wholistic Studies • Associate Degree in Applied Science in Massage Therapy • Massage Therapy Certificate of Achievement

Kathleen Barnes is the author of numerous books on natural health, including Food Is Medicine: 101Prescriptions from the Garden. Connect at KathleenBarnes.com.

(856) 580-6444 (856) 580-6448 (Fax) Lourdeslnstitute.org

Your Source for Medical and Natural/Organic Skin Care Medical & Aesthetic Services: “We are excited to announce that we are the ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽

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first in NJ to offer the Vivace Experience”

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Medical Cosmetic Consultation Dr. Anamaria Newport, DMS, DMD*, MHS, Dermatology PAC and the dedicated team at Family Skin Care Center are highly experienced skincare professionals with over 10 years of extensive training in dermatology, surgery, and cosmetic procedures. Dr. Newport is also a talented artist and a master cosmetic injector. She specializes in treating all skin types and ages by combining a skincare approach based on medical and aesthetic care.

17 White Horse Pike Suite 10B, Haddon Heights. NJ 08035 • 856-323-8885 March 2018


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therapy spotlight

Ionic Foot Therapy by Michelle Probola

Ionic Foot Detox Therapy Benefits Detoxify your Liver, Kidney & Gallbladder Detoxify your Lymphatic System Improve Flexibility and Mobility Increase your Sense of Well Being

New Customer speCial $35 (reg. $50)

Learn the Science Behind the Machine

HealthfulSolutions4U.com Call 856-275-1047 to make an appointment at our location at the Center Life in Balance in Medford or in the privacy of your own home.

Transform your physical, emotional and mental lead into spiritual and energetic gold!






Combining the intelligence of the Soul (psyche) with vital Life Force energies, the Elements, Earth Structures, Cosmic Dynamics and Sacred Councils, ALL UNIQUE TO YOU, in individually tailored sessions for Magical Transformation. Beyond the Miraculous lies the Mystical and Magical, these are the Evolutionary Energetics of our time.





Claim your Imagined Life NOW!

Andrea Regal • 856 904 5566 • HealersUniverse.com

Multi-Passionate Artist Airbrush & Traditional Brush Face Painting Pregnant Belly Painting / Belly Blessing Airbrush / Glitter / Henna Tattoos

Linda Krause-Maldonado (267) 252-9530 WildFlowerArtist@live.com


South Jersey Edition




ith air pollution, pesticides that are in our food and chemicals in our products we are accosted with toxins. As we age, these toxins tend to accumulate in the body, often causing genome destabilization and sometimes a catastrophic breakdown of tissue homeostasis. When it comes to a complete body detoxification, an ionic foot detox seems to be one of the better options, as it produces negative ion generation through the ionization of water in a basin, enabling the body to heal itself. Reflexology teaches us that our feet are outlets through which the body attempts to cleanse itself of heavy metal and toxic waste that builds up in the body. The Ionic Cleanse Detox Machine is a water foot bath that utilizes steel electrodes to cleanse, balance, and enhance bio-energy for a number of benefits. According to HealthAndMed.com, benefits of the ionic foot detox system include pain relief as well as improved sleep, digestion, skin suppleness and state of mind. The process also decreases swelling, reduces toxins and speeds up metabolism to reduce weight loss. At the start of the process, feet are immersed in the clear-water filled basin. The ionizing array is attached to an electrical power supply that delivers a low-level current. This current causes metals within the array to mix with the water and salt to generate both positively and negatively charged ions via the process of separating oxygen and hydrogen in the water. Between five and six minutes into the process, the water will begin to turn yellow, showing that detoxification is occurring through the kidney and bladder area. About 10 minutes into the process the water begins to turn an orange-brown color, indicating that metallic poisons are leaving through the joints and liver. Depending on age and level of chemical build up, the water could become murky roughly 18 to 20 minutes into the detoxification process. This indicates the body is releasing an accumulation of medication that has been taken over time. The treatment begins to conclude 27 to 30 minutes after it starts. At this point, the water turns dark green, which means the elimination of poisons from the gall bladder are taking place. The process of using the Ionic Cleanse Detox Machine allows individuals to actually see the cleansing process happen as the water interacts with the electric current. Healthful Solutions offers the ionic foot bath at 45 S. Main St., Medford. For more information, call 856-275-1047or visit HealthfulSolutions4U.com. See ad on this page.

WELLNESS SERVICES FOR NATURAL BALANCE Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging & Health Through Awareness

Services and Classes Focused on Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit

Marie’s Café Serving real, whole, unprocessed, paleoinspired breakfast and lunch menu items

Heart Space Gift Shop & Creativity Studio Angel Cards, Books, Crystals, Incense, Jewelry & more

A community of holistic practitioners offering:

acupuncture, angel card readings, coaching, BioMat, energy work, hypnosis, intuitive readings, massage, numerology, nutritional counseling, past life exploration, reflexology, Reiki, skin care, sound healing & more

Thermography is a physiologic breast health risk assessment tool utilizing medical infra-red imaging technology without damaging compression and radiation This allows for the earliest possible indication of abnormalities which allows for the earliest possible intervention Philip Getson, D.O. Liesha Getson, B.C.T.T.

Group workshops & events


• Meditation • Psychic & Healing Fair & more

Garden State Community Medical Center 100 Brick Road, Suite 206 • Marlton, NJ 08053 www.tdinj.com

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YOUR HEALTHY SUPERMARKET 100's of organic herbs, spices, nuts, seeds,grains, flours, granolas in bulk or packaged.

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The World’s Healthiest Cuisines What Five Countries Can Teach Us about Good Eating by Judith Fertig


mericans love to explore ethnic cuisines and then put their own “more is better” spin on them, like a Chinese stir-fry turned into chop suey with fried rice or a pasta side dish supersized into a whole meal. “We’ve Americanized dishes to the extent that they don’t have their original health benefits,” says Dr. Daphne Miller, a family physician in the San Francisco Bay area and author of The Jungle Effect: The Healthiest Diets from Around the World—Why They Work and How to Make Them Work for You. Here are five popular—and healthy— world cuisines, known for their great dishes, star ingredients and health-enhancing practices.

Traditional Japanese

Ingredients. The dietary benefits of green tea, fermented soy and mushrooms like shiitake and maitake are well documented. 24

South Jersey Edition

Add dried seaweed to this list. Beyond sushi, it’s a delicious ingredient in brothy soups, where it reconstitutes to add a noodle-like quality, slightly smoky flavor and beneficial minerals, including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, vanadium and zinc. A study in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition linked the longevity of Okinawan residents to eating seaweed, a staple of macrobiotic diets. New York City culinary instructor and cookbook author Hiroko Shimbo prefers dried wakame seaweed, readily available in the U.S. Practices. Shimbo grew up in Tokyo, Japan, where her mother helped her surgeon father’s patients by preparing foods that helped them recover quickly. Shimbo believes wholeheartedly in Ishoku-dogen, a Japanese concept often translated as, “Food is medicine.”


South Indian

Ingredients. South India—including the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana—offers many plant-based dishes that feature coconut, rice and spices such as turmeric, known for decreasing inflammation, according to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Varieties of dried split peas called dal [dal is singular and plural] are used in vegetable curries and ground to make the gluten-free savory crepes known as dosa or puffy white idlis for a snack or breakfast. South India native and current Minneapolis resident Raghavan Iyer, teacher, consultant and author of many cookbooks, including 660 Curries, says, “One technique that gives vegetable dishes a lift is dry-frying or toasting whole spices. It adds complexity and nuttiness.” Simply heat a cast iron skillet, add the whole spices and


Shimbo says, “I eat fairly well, treating food as blessings from nature that keep me healthy and energetic. I do not often indulge in expensive, rich foods.” She prefers eating foods in season and small portions, listening to what her body craves. When feeling the need for minerals and vitamins, she makes a brothy soup with just a little dried wakame, which reconstitutes to four times its dried volume. A second practice supporting healthy well-being is hara hachi bu, or “Eat until your stomach is 80 percent full.” It requires self-discipline to eat slowly and decline more food. But this restraint supports a widely accepted fact that “It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to receive the message that the stomach is full. If we eat slowly, we get the message at the right time, even if we want a few more bites. If we eat too quickly, by the time our brain sends the message, we have probably eaten too much,” says Shimbo. One Great Dish: Japanese soups offer nutrition and flavor in a bowl. Shimbo’s Eata-Lot Wakame Sea Vegetable Soup in her cookbook The Japanese Kitchen: 250 Recipes in a Traditional Spirit can be made with chicken or vegetable broth. Other healthy ingredients like sesame oil, fresh ginger, scallions and garlic boost its health benefits.


dry fry until spicy aromas arise; then add them to a dish. Practice. South Indian meals usually comprise many small, highly flavored, colorful, plant-based dishes served with rice. They yield a pleasant aroma and sensation of fullness without overdoing it, says Iyer. One Great Dish: A vegetable/legume curry such as tamata chana dal, or smoky yellow split peas is simple to make. Iyer cooks dried, yellow, split peas with potatoes and turmeric, then dry-fries dried chilis and spices, and purées them in a blender for a no-fat, vegan and glutenfree dish. In Iyer’s view, “The epitome of comfort food is a bowl of dal and rice.”

Garden-to-Table Italian

Ingredients. There’s American-Italian, as in pizza with pepperoni and double cheese, and then there’s real Italian dishes dating back to the Etruscans. Healthy Italian starts with the love of growing things. Whatever grows in the garden is best, served simply with extra virgin olive oil; a recent Temple University study found it preserves memory and wards off Alzheimer’s. Eugenia Giobbi Bone, co-author of Italian Family Dining: Recipes, Menus, and Memories of Meals with a Great American Food Family, says, “My palate was formed with the flavors of homegrown foods. Cooking in central Italy is all about bringing out the flavor of a few very fresh, well-grown ingredients. That means primarily seasonal eating, with lots of vegetables and little meat in summer, the opposite in winter. There isn’t a lot of fuss to the culinary style, which instead depends on interesting, but simple combinations of foods and techniques.” Practice. Italian families’ view of healthful garden-to-table includes the exercise attained from gardening. “We have a good work ethic in our family,” remarks Bone, who lives in New York City and Crawford, Colorado. “We are of the mentality that physical work is satisfying, even when it is hard.” From her father’s family, Bone has learned to break a meal into small courses and to eat heavier during the day and lighter at night because this helps maintain a healthy weight, according to many studies including one published in the UK journal Diabetologia.

One Great Dish: Dress up pasta with a seasonal vegetable sauce, such as caponata, an eggplant and tomato mixture, or include primavera via spring vegetables and basil, or arrabbiata, featuring tomatoes and red pepper flakes.


Ingredients. “So much about Lebanese cuisine is ‘on trend’ with our tart and sour flavors from lemon, sumac and pomegranate molasses, a wide array of vegetarian and vegan dishes, plus a tradition of pickling, called mouneh, and yogurt and cheesemaking,” says food blogger Maureen Abood, author of Rose Water & Orange Blossoms: Fresh and Classic Recipes from My Lebanese Kitchen. “Lebanese cuisine is extraordinarily healthy, fitting squarely into the Mediterranean diet.” Abood lives in East Lansing, Michigan, where she loves to use summer cherries and berries in her Lebanese-inspired dishes. According to Abood, another reason why Lebanese food is so popular is that Lebanese immigrants to the U.S. now outnumber the native population of their mother country. Practice. Gathering to share food is a hallmark of Lebanese hospitality. “The Lebanese style of eating includes maza; many small shared plates of remarkable variety,” says Abood. “Food as medicine” is also a Lebanese practice, according to a study in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. One Great Dish: “Many of my favorite Lebanese dishes are plant-based,” says Abood. “We love to stuff everything from cabbage to summer squash to grape leaves with vegetarian fillings, and cook them in a garlic or tomato broth. Every week, we make and eat mujaddara, a lentil and rice or bulgur pilaf with deeply caramelized onions.” Pair with any Lebanese salad, such as one she makes with sweet cherries and walnuts for “a perfectly healthy and crazy-delicious meal.”


Ingredients. Vietnamese cooking emphasizes fresh herbs and leafy greens, green papaya, seafood, rice and condiments. A study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that green or unripe papaya contains more healthy

carotenoids (lutein, beta-carotene and lycopene) than tomatoes or carrots. Practice. The preferred style of Vietnamese cooking is steaming or simmering, using less fat. It also encourages communal eating, with each diner dipping an ingredient into a cooking pot. Cooked foods are accompanied by fresh salad greens, including herbs served as whole leaves. One Great Dish: Vietnamese hot pot is a favorite of Andrea Nguyen, whose Vietnamese family emigrated to California. Nguyen, author of Into the Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Foodways, Modern Flavors, blogs about food at VietWorldKitchen. com and now lives near San Francisco, California. “This is a slow, cook-it-yourself kind of meal. Set it up, relax with some organic wine or beer and enjoy. Flavors develop and the hot pot transforms as you eat,” she says. “At the end, you’ll slurp up the remaining broth and noodles.” See Tinyurl.com/Viet-ChineseHotPotRecipe. French Bonus: While croissants and triple-crème brie might not seem part of an ideal diet, rediscover two healthy practices from the French: Eat less and eat together. Ongoing studies at Cornell University show that we eat less if offered less. When researcher Paul Rozin, Ph.D., a psychology professor with the University of Pennsylvania, compared portions in Paris, France, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Philly portions were 25 percent larger. It’s also reflected in the two countries’ cookbook recipes. Rozin further found that French diners spent more time eating those smaller portions—perhaps explaining the French paradox: Most French eat rich foods and drink wine, yet don’t get fat. Judith Fertig writes award-winning cookbooks plus foodie fiction from Overland Park, KS (JudithFertig.com). March 2018



Serving Up the Healthiest Dishes by Michelle Probola


Made-to-order juice, soups, salads and burritos, Animo was started because owners Joe and Anthony were sick of processed fast foods filled with preservatives. Without the use of microwave ovens or deep fryers, the duo serves all-natural, organic whole foods that nourish the mind and body. Location: 210 Kings Hwy. E., Haddonfield, NJ. For more information, call 856-427-9070 or visit AnimoJuice.com.

Blue Fig Café

This health-conscious Mediterranean restaurant features a variety of Middle Eastern cuisine from the likes of Turkey, Greece, Lebanon and Egypt. Whether you are looking for a night out, delivery to your home or catering for a party, the Blue Fig does it all. They suggest trying the salmon kebab entrée for a delicious combination of char-grilled marinated salmon, couscous and grilled vegetables. Location: 200 Young Ave., Moorestown, NJ. For more information, call 856-638-5186 or visit BlueFigMoorestown.com. 26

South Jersey Edition

Blue Plate

This all-American classic is serving up farm-to-table dishes filled with ingredients from the local South Jersey area. Working with partners like the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, they focus on high-quality foods from enriched soils and family farms. Their pizzas, flatbreads, pastas and cakes are all made from non GMO-certified organic flours and their wines are provided by Wagonhouse Winery in Swedesboro. Location: 47 S. Main St., Mullica Hill, NJ. For more information, call 856-478-2112 or visit BluePlateNJ.com.

Enlightened Café

The robust organic menu highlights healthy breakfast and lunch options including avocado toast on house-made bread, gluten-free coconut pancakes, mahi-mahi tacos and a “happiness bowl” crafted with a sweet potato and quinoa hash, shredded chicken, Brussels sprouts, scallions, tahini honey and lime sauce. Location: 6414 Ventnor Ave., Ventnor City, NJ. For more information, call 609-594-5283 or visit EnlightenedCafe.org.


According to the American Heart Association, healthy eating is one of the most important things you can do for your body. A healthy diet and lifestyle can help physical and mental growth as well as fight against life-threatening issues like heart disease. To help get you started, we’ve rounded up 25 restaurants serving the healthiest dishes in South Jersey.

Esti’s Besty’s Vegetarian Restaurant

A unique combination of American, Mediterranean and Italian fare, Esti’s is a familyowned and -operated eatery in the heart of Cherry Hill. With everything made fresh to order, it may be hard to choose from options such as the Israeli salad, Bourkea platter or the Sabich, a combination of eggplant, hardboiled egg, sliced potato, tomato and cucumber, all stuffed in a warm pita pocket and drizzled with tahini. Location: 2442 Rte. 38 W., Cherry Hill, NJ. For more information, call 856-755-1116 or visit EatGreenPlate.com.

The Farm & Fisherman Tavern

A follow-up to their Philadelphia location, owners Josh and Colleen Lawler aspire to provide regional produce and proteins with carefully-selected wine and local drafts in a family-friendly environment. From Korean wings to spicy gulf shrimp and a cauliflower panini, the James Beard semifinalist serves brunch through dinner, seven days a week. Location: 1442 Marlton Pike E., Cherry Hill, NJ. For more information, call 856-356-2282 or visit FAndFTavern.com.

Greens and Grains

The Farmhouse

Resourcing local farmers and suppliers for all of their food products, The Farmhouse is a seasonally inspired eatery serving up mouthwatering Southern menus in an 1800s farmhouse setting. Location: 312 Kresson Rd., Cherry Hill, NJ. For more information, call 856-528-2249 or visit FarmhouseCherryHill.com.

Good Earth Organic Eatery

Good Earth provides exactly that: good food from the earth. The all-organic menu features seasonal fruits and vegetables, locally caught fresh fish and homemade breads made with an all-natural sourdough starter. Location: 600 Park Blvd., West Cape May, NJ. For more information, call 609-898-6161 or visit GoodEarthOrganicEatery.com.


Known for their fresh, organic products and customizable menu, Greenplate urges customers to eat good, feel good and live good. On your next visit, opt for their pineapple habanero stir fry for a delicious combination of brown rice, organic chicken, bell peppers, carrots, red onions, pineapple pico de gallo and a spicy-sweet pineapple habanero sauce. If stir fry isn’t your thing, try out one of their fresh salads highlighting locally sourced ingredients and homemade dressings. Location: 202 Rte. 130 N., Cinnaminson, NJ. For more information, call 856-735-5468 or visit EatGreenPlate.com.

Established in 2017 by the LAN Restaurant Group, customers are provided with a range of menu options like acai bowls, savory salads, healthy juices, wholesome wraps, and creative craft cocktails. Weekly specials include organic quinoa and soup of the week. Location: 80 W. Jimmie Leeds Rd., Galloway, NJ. For more information, call 609-277-7060 or visit GreensAndGrainsNJ.com.

Green Street Market Café

The organic and natural supermarket in Rio Grande stocks their shelves with resources to provide a naturally healthy and holistic lifestyle. Swing by for groceries and supplements, but be sure to stop by their juice bar for a signature juice blend such as the Bee’s Knees: a combination of banana, strawberry, pineapple, coconut flakes, flaxseeds, bee pollen and coconut water. Location: 3156 Rte. 9 S., Rio Grande, NJ. For more information, call 609-463-0606 or visit GreenStreetMarket.com.

Healthy Blend Café

A healthy alternative to fast food, Healthy Blend provides made-to-order wraps, salads and smoothies from fresh and natural ingredients. Order the Avocadolicious smoothie and add in an immune boost for a healthy start to your day. Location: 609 Cross Keys Rd., Sicklerville, NJ; 1041 Glassboro Rd., Williamstown, NJ; 1360 Hurrfville Rd., Woodbury, NJ. For more information, visit HealthyBlendCafe.com.

Healthy Garden

With locations in Moorestown and Voorhees, it’s easy to enjoy Healthy Garden’s fare no matter where you live. Pair their homemade hummus and toasted pita bread platter with one of their signature fresh squeezed juices for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Location: 200 Haddonfield-Berlin Rd., Voorhees NJ and 73 East Main St., Moorestown, NJ. For more information, call 856-616-9300, 856-234-2533 or visit HealthyGardenCafe.com.

Health Haven Café

After filling up your cart with nutritional supplements and vitamins, stop by Health Haven’s café for a delicious and healthy lunch. Choose from array of healthy options like melted cheese sandwiches to veggie burgers and whole wheat pita pizzas. Location: 1381 Rte. 38, Hainesport, NJ. For more information, call 609-267-7744 or visit HealthHavenMarket.com.

Heart Beet Kitchen

The menu at Westmont’s Heart Beet Kitchen is not only organic, but gluten-free, dairyfree, peanut-free, plant-based and locally sourced. Delicious and healthy menu options include avocado toast, roasted cauli hummus and a heart beet burger made topped with sprouts, avocado, tomato and horseradish aioli on a gluten-free bun. Location: 29 Haddon Ave., Westmont, NJ. For more information, call 856-240-1106 or visit HeartBeetNJ.com.


Providing healthy food for healthy living, Leaf just unrolled a brand-new, must-try Sunday brunch menu. Sweet fiends can opt for options like oatmeal topped with blueberries, bananas, walnuts, brown sugar and maple syrup while those that prefer savory brunch bites can munch on raw pad thai or cauliflower buffalo bites with a house made blue cheese dressing. Location: 6 Kings Ct., Haddonfield, NJ. For more information, call 856-528-5715 or visit LeafEatery.com.

March 2018


Ohana Juice Bar

Local Links Market Café

The eat-in and take-out market café brings locally sourced and freshly prepared seasonal food to hungry and health-conscious customers. Early birds can enjoy favorites such as the French toast burrito and Aunt Millie’s eggs while those late risers can be privy to fish tacos, BBQ burritos, and a mouthwatering sausage parm. Location: 533 Station Ave., Haddon Heights, NJ. For more information, call 856-617-6227 or visit LocalLinksMarketCafe.com.

Naked Lunch

Part of MOM’s Organic Market, Naked Lunch boasts a robust menu of all-organic dishes. Whether you choose the black bean burger or a sushi bowl filled with brown rice, miso-roasted tofu, avocado, carrots, cucumbers, seaweed, sesame seeds, soy sauce and ginger sesame dressing, you are guaranteed to get the freshest ingredients. Don’t forget to pair your lunch with one of their organic raw juices, too. Location: 1631 Kings Hwy. N., Cherry Hill, NJ. For more information, call 856-685-5760 or visit MomsOrganicMarket.com/NakedLunch.

Nature’s Café and Juice Bar

Stop by Vineland’s healthiest café for a fresh squeezed juice and smoothie bowl. Add a health shot to any drink, or throw one back as an appetizer to one of their healthful wraps. Be sure to keep an eye on the specials board for favorites like vegetable stir fry with basmati rice and organic three bean ginger turmeric soup. Location: 1672 N. Delsea Dr., Vineland, NJ. For more information call 856-896-6803.


South Jersey Edition

Escape to the islands of Hawaii with one sip of their house-made juices. If the dreary winter weather is getting you down, order the Golden Glow drink made with orange, carrot, pineapple and lemon. Guaranteed to get your glow back. Cost: Varies. Location: 10 Central Ave., Hammonton, NJ. For more information, call 609-481-2353 or visit OhanaJuiceBar.com.

Organico Pizza

The integrity of their food comes from a commitment to use only the best organic ingredients from organic central milling flour to organic Italian tomatoes and mozzarella. Their sources are carefully chosen, and hold the quality standard they believe in. While they are helmed for their delicious pizza combinations, the Marlton eatery also features an array of power bowls that are high in antioxidants. Try the kale crunch bowl on your next visit: filled with kale, sweet potato, avocado, chick peas and either brown rice or quinoa. Location: 21 N. Maple Ave., Marlton, NJ. For more information, call 856-267-5501 or visit OrganicoPizzaNJ.com.

SELF-Love Vegan

The mobile food truck creates healthy and sustainable plant-based dishes for the community. Past menu items included a BBQ pulled jackfruit sandwich and an “Cheezestake” made from caramelized onions, green peppers, mushrooms and a house-made cheese whiz. For more information, follow them @SelfLoveVegan.


The Square Meal

Bringing fresh and sustainably sourced food to locals, The Square Meal is a family-owned and family-run business. Grilled PB & J, roast chicken sandwiches and falafel fills the menu. Guests also have the option of choosing The Square Meal: three prepared foods or half a sandwich and two side dishes. Location: 211 West Clinton Ave., Oaklyn, NJ. For more information, call 856-942-4325 or visit Facebook.com/TheSquareMealOaklyn.

The Tortilla Press

The quaint town of Collingswood is home to many family-owned eateries, including the Tortilla Press, which pumps out traditional Mexican cuisine. Try them out for brunch during your next visit to the area and try favorites like huevos rancheros, chorizo hash and eggs or their Collingswood Farmers’ Market Breakfast Sandwich, which is a hearty combination of egg, cheese, bacon, soy chorizo, peppers, onions, sausage patty and breakfast potatoes. Location: 703 Haddon Ave., Collingswood. For more information, call 856-869-3345 or visit TheTortillaPress.com.

Wildflower Vegan Café

Serving an ever-changing menu, this vegan café keeps patrons happy with hot soups, super salads, and sweet treats. Order a chocolate chip cookie pie to go but don’t forget a gluten-free peanut butter doggie treat for your furry friend. Location: 501 N. High St., Millville, NJ. For more information, call 856-265-7955 or visit WildflowerVegan.com.

Passionate about Your Total Wellness

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~McCormick Science Institute matory agent than aspirin or ibuprofen. Try adding a little turmeric and ground black pepper to soups, salads and sauces.

SPICE UP HEALTHY COOKING Six Seasonings with Surprising Payoffs by Amber Lanier Nagle


pices add a punch of extra flavor to our favorite dishes, but they also possess proven health and wellness properties. From regulating blood sugar to reducing inflammation to helping control appetite, behold the magnificent six.

Garlic (Allium sativum)

“There’s a lot of evidence that suggests garlic supports heart health,” says Rosalee de la Forêt, a clinical herbalist and author of Alchemy of Herbs: Transform Everyday Ingredients into Foods and Remedies that Heal. A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition tracked the blood pressure of 79 patients with uncontrolled hypertension and found that the mean systolic blood pressure of those consuming two 240-milligram capsules of aged garlic extract a day for 12 weeks significantly decreased compared to those taking one capsule or a placebo. 30

South Jersey Edition

“Garlic may also reduce the duration and severity of colds and flu when taken at the onset of symptoms and each day afterwards,” says de la Forêt, citing a study published in Clinical Nutrition. “I mince a clove and mix it with honey to make it easier to swallow.”

Turmeric (Curcuma longa)

Dr. Lipi Roy, a clinical assistant professor at the New York University School of Medicine and blogger at SpicesForLifemd. com, considers turmeric the golden spice of life. “In addition to its role in Indian and Asian cuisine, turmeric is used in traditional Indian medicine to treat common ailments like stomach upset, ulcers, flatulence, arthritis, sprains, wounds and skin and eye infections,” she says. A study published in Oncogene concluded that curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) was a more potent anti-inflam-


Black Pepper (Piper nigrum)

Used in India for 4,000 years, black pepper may be the most popular spice of our era. “Black pepper can increase the amount of nutrients your body absorbs from other food and spices,” says de la Forêt. A study published in Plant Medica concluded that subjects consuming a small amount (20 milligrams) of an extract of black pepper showed an increase of retained curcumin in their bodies. For maximum benefits, grind whole peppercorns directly onto food at mealtime.

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia and Cinnamomum verum)

“One of cinnamon’s super powers is that it may help regulate blood glucose in patients with Type 2 diabetes,” Roy says. In a study published in Diabetic Medicine, subjects taking two grams of cinnamon daily for 12 weeks exhibited much better blood sugar control. Roy suggests sprinkling it on oatmeal, apples, pumpkin pie and brownies. Roast chicken flavored with cinnamon and other spices is another treat.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

“Ginger is a rhizome people have traditionally used medicinally to help with digestive issues,


Herbs are not spices although the term spice is sometimes used to encompass them all. An herb is the leaf of a plant when used in cooking. Spices can be buds, bark, roots, berries, seeds or any other part of a plant, and are often dried.

conscious eating

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Marisol is a microcredit client of Whole Planet Foundation®’s El Salvador partner ASEI. Business: Snack Stand Photo courtesy of Whole Planet Foundation’s Roxana Newton




March 2018


including upset stomachs and nausea,” says Karen Kennedy, of Concord, Ohio, a horticulturist and educator at the Herb Society of America. In a study published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology, researchers concluded that gastric emptying and relief was more rapid after subjects with frequent or severe stomach upsets ingested 1.2 grams of ginger. Ginger is also linked to increased circulation and reduced inflammation. A study published in Phytotherapy Research noted that this spice also worked in alleviating migraines equal to the pharmaceutical sumatriptan (Imitrex). According to a study in the journal Arthritis, it’s an effective tool in the battle against rheumatoid arthritis. Ginger adds a zing of healthy flavor to hot teas and stir-fried veggies such as broccoli, green beans, carrots or mushrooms.

Paprika (Capsicum annuum)

A common spice added to Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Indian cuisine, paprika is rich in natural carotenoids (the orangey pigment in many plants with antioxidant power) and capsaicin, both of which may decrease mortality from chronic illnesses. Another benefit of this capsaicincontaining spice is its ability to control appetite. In research published in the journal Physiology and Behavior, participants that consumed red pepper spice had a slightly higher core temperature and energy expenditure after a meal than the control group. The study further suggested that those that consumed capsaicin-containing spices like paprika ate fewer calories per day and had less interest in food. “Paprika is a great salt alternative, too,” says Roy. “Too often, people think they are craving salt, but they aren’t. They are craving flavor, and paprika gives a nice kick to chili, salad, grilled cheese and so many other foods.” Amber Lanier Nagle is a freelance writer in Northwest Georgia (AmberNagle.com).


South Jersey Edition

Cook-It-Yourself Ethnic Recipe

Smoky Yellow Split Peas (Tamatar Chana Dal) This vegan and gluten-free recipe traces its roots to Southeast India, where roasting spices to yield nutty-hot flavors creates a layered experience. Yields: 6 cups 1 cup yellow split peas  1 lb potatoes (Yukon gold or russet), peeled and cut into ½-inch cubes  ¼ tsp ground turmeric  2 to 4 dried red cayenne chiles (like chile de arbol), stems discarded  1 Tbsp coriander seeds  1 tsp cumin seeds  1 medium-size tomato, cored and diced  2 Tbsp finely chopped fresh cilantro leaves and tender stems  1½ tsp coarse kosher or sea salt   Measure the peas into a medium-size saucepan. Cover with water and rinse the grains by rubbing them in-between fingertips. Drain and repeat three to four times until the water, upon rinsing the peas, remains fairly clear. Measure and pour 4 cups of water into the pan and bring it to a boil over mediumhigh heat. When some foam arises, scoop it out and discard it.   Add the potatoes and turmeric to the peas, stirring once or twice. Lower the heat to


medium-low and cover the pan. Stew the mélange, stirring occasionally, until the peas are tender, but still firm-looking and the potatoes are cooked, 20 to 25 minutes. While the peas and potatoes cook, preheat a small skillet over medium-high heat. Once the pan feels hot (a palm held close to the bottom usually feels the heat within 2 to 4 minutes), sprinkle in the chiles, coriander and cumin. Toast the spices, shaking the pan very frequently, until the chiles blacken and smell smoky-hot and the seeds turn reddish brown and smell strongly aromatic (nutty with citrus undertones), 1 to 2 minutes. Transfer this spice blend to a blender jar and plunk in the tomato. Purée, scraping the insides of the jar as needed, to make a smooth, reddish brown paste with a smoky aroma.   Once the peas are cooked, scrape the spicy, well-seasoned tomato paste into the pan. Stir in the cilantro and salt.   Set the heat to medium-high and vigorously boil the dal, uncovered, stirring occasionally, to allow the flavors to mingle and the sauce to slightly thicken, 12 to 15 minutes. For a thicker sauce, mash some of the peas and potatoes with the back of a spoon. Serve warm. Recipe courtesy of Raghavan Iyer (RaghavanIyer.com).

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Fermentation: A Unifying Global Culture


ermentation is everywhere. It’s happening in your stomach and compost pile, at your local brewery and possibly your favorite restaurant. On the surface, fermentation is simply the breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeasts or myriad other microorganisms. Thousands of years ago, whether intentionally or by random, humans discovered the beneficial properties of fermentation. From food preservation to medicinal treatment to intoxicating beverages, cultures around the world have embraced the microscopic organisms of our world. Many of us are familiar with some of the more common products of fermentation like sauerkraut, kimchi, sourdough bread, and beer or wine. However, there are a number of fascinating fermented foods and beverages out there that haven’t yet entered mainstream American culture.

Kvass is a traditional Slavic ferment-

ed beverage commonly made from rye bread. It is classified as a non-alcoholic drink by Russian standards, as the alcohol content from fermentation is typically low (0.5–1 percent). Kvass may be flavored

relish found in Salvadorian and other Central American cuisines. Usually cabbage, onions, carrots, oregano and sometimes lime juice are combined and briefly fermented. Curtido is frequently paired with pupasas, corn tortillas filled with a savory filling.

age native to Mexico made from the peel and the rind of pineapples and is sweetened with either piloncillo or brown sugar, seasoned with powdered cinnamon, and served cold. Though tepache is fermented for several days, the resulting drink does not contain much alcohol. In Mexico, tepache is usually sold as a chilled drink by street vendors.

with fruits such as strawberries and raisins, or with herbs such as mint.

Tempeh has been a staple source of

protein in Indonesia for centuries. The fermented soy product is said to have originated from the island of Java, discovered during tofu production when discarded soybean residue caught microbial spores from the air and grew whitish fungi around it. The most traditional preparation of tempeh involves frying and pairing with sambal, a hot sauce or paste made with chili peppers and additional ingredients

Start 2018 with homemade probiotics; we offer classes, expertise & supplies to make your own beer, wine, mead, cider, cheese, yogurt, kefir, tempeh, kombucha, sourdough & more! 900 Route 54, Suite A-4, Hammonton, NJ 08037 (609).666.5274 | facebook.com/fermentednj | Starting Feb. 7: Weds-Sat 11A-7P, Sun 11A-5P Check us out online: www.fermentednj.com

South Jersey Edition

Curtido is a lightly fermented cabbage

Tepache is a fermented bever-

EXTENDED HOURS! Starting Feb. 7, visit us: Weds-Sat 11am-7pm | Sun 11am-5pm


including shrimp paste, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, and other flavorings.


This list contains just a few of the interesting fermented foods and beverages around the world. This year, step out of your comfort zone and try a new culture. Of course, always do your research and trust your instincts when it comes to fermenting your own food and beverage at home. For more information, call the Fermented Food & Beverage Supply Shop at 609-6665274, email FermentedNJ@gmail.com, visit FermentedNJ.com or stop by Wed. through Sun. at 900 Rte. 54, Ste. A-4, in Hammonton, NJ. See ad on this page.

SOUTH JERSEY 267.664.3236 NASouthJersey.com






feel good • live sim ply • lau gh more

NATIVE P LANTS fo r a Hea and a Hea lthy Yard... lthy World !

The Pine B arrens Film A

Natural Awakenings Medic al Massag is South Jersey e Labo for Local Fi r of Love lmmaker


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March 2018


Fruit Snippets Stray grapes, a half-finished peach, overripe bananas, wrinkly berries and the core of a pineapple can all go in the freezer, and then into a smoothie.

Leftover Wine

FRUGAL FOODIE Practical Uses for Aging Produce


by Judith Fertig

hen Jacques Pépin was growing up in France during World War II, he watched his mother use every scrap of food to meet the family’s needs, and then send him to live with a farmer in summer so her growing son could eat fresh from the farm. Today, the internationally renowned PBS-TV chef and cookbook author carries these sensibilities forward at his home and studio in Madison, Connecticut. “In Europe, and certainly in France, healthy food is much more expensive,” he says. “In America, a chef may have the person that washes dishes also prepare salads. With lettuce, he’ll cut off the whole top, cut out the heart and throw out the rest.” U.S. restaurant kitchens mirror home kitchens, where the average family throws away a quarter of the food they buy, wasting an average of $2,200 a year. These scraps mean wasted food and money at home, plus misspent resources to grow and transport the food. According to a report by the National Resource Defense Council, “Getting food to our tables eats up 10 percent of the total U.S. energy budget, uses 50 percent of U.S. land and swallows 80 percent of the fresh water consumed in the United States.” 36

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To save money and also live better, here are just some of many easy ways to use up every bit of fresh produce we buy.

Asparagus Ends

Self-described “frugal foodie” Diana Johnson, of Auburn, Washington, never lets asparagus ends go to waste. With the help of a blender, she turns them into a creamy asparagus soup—minus the cream—that her family loves (Tinyurl.com/AsparagusSoupTips).

Broccoli, Swiss Chard and Spinach Stems

Thrifty cooks know the magic of quick pickles. Recycle the brine from pickles and pack thinly cut stems of broccoli, Swiss chard and mature spinach into the jar until covered with the brine, then seal and refrigerate. In a few days, these quick pickles will be ready for snacking and sandwiches.

Carrot and Beet Tops

Very fine carrot tops can be used like parsley. With a food processor or high-speed blender, transform them into a favorite pesto or salsa verde recipe, suggests Registered


Freeze what’s left in the bottle in ice cube trays, suggests Anisha Jhaveri, a film writer and wine lover in New York City. It can add flavor to soups and stews, sauces and desserts like wine-poached pears.

Lemon Peels The limonene in lemon peels is a natural cleaner and degreaser, says blogger Jill Nystul, of Salt Lake City, Utah. She makes her own Citrus Vinegar All-Purpose Cleanser by simply packing lemon peels in a jar and topping with vinegar. See how at Tinyurl.com/HomemadeCitrusCleaners.

Vegetable Peels and Trimmings Instead of throwing out onion skins, carrot peels, celery leaves and tough leek stems, collect them in a freezer bag over time and store in the freezer. When enough has accumulated to fill a pot, make homemade vegetable stock, suggests Sonnet Lauberth, a certified holistic health coach, blogger and cookbook author in Seattle (InSonnetsKitchen.com/ how-to-make-perfect-vegetable-stock-for). At home, Pépin makes “fridge soup” once a week. “Whatever is left in the fridge—carrots, lettuce, a piece of leftover meat or whatever else I made the other day—goes into the soup,” says Pépin. “We finish it with some vermicelli or polenta or good bread.” A delicious meal, shared with family and friends, makes frugality festive. Judith Fertig writes award-winning cookbooks plus foodie fiction from Overland Park, KS (JudithFertig.com).

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Dietitian and nutritionist Madeline Basler, of Long Island, New York. One of her go-to’s is her Earth Day Carrot Top Pesto (Tinyurl. com/CarrotTopPestoRecipe). Beet greens can be sautéed like spinach, in a little extra-virgin olive oil with garlic, as a veggie side.

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Nine Tips to Tackle Food Waste at Home


onathan Bloom, author of American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of Its Food (And What We Can Do About It), suggests many ways to curb this habit at, WastedFood.com. Here are some suggestions from him and others:


Shop smart. Plan meals for the week with a detailed shopping list, suggests Madeline Basler, a certified dietitian nutritionist in Long Island, New York.




Save, transform and eat leftovers. “Eat down the fridge,” counsels Kim O’Donnell, a chef and cookbook author in Portland, Oregon. Turn leftovers into frittata, sandwich fillings, pasta sauces and soups. In this way, we’re not eating quite the same meal again.

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Store food in safe, sealable glass containers, so it’s easy to see. Avoid clutter in the refrigerator and freezer; if we can’t see it, we won’t eat it.

Treat expiration and sell-by dates as just guidelines. There is wiggle room in both, advises Bloom.


Donate extra pantry items to food banks and places that provide hot meals for those in need.


Preserve the bounty of the garden. Learn how to make quick pickles, pasta sauces and foods to freeze.


Join a food exchange. Emily Paster, cofounder of Chicago Food Swap, helps farmers, foragers, home cooks, gardeners, bakers and canners trade or barter their produce and products.


Go social. PDX Food Swap, in Portland, Oregon; BK Swappers, in Brooklyn, New York; and ATX Swappers, in Austin, Texas, combine food exchange events with a potluck.

EnErgy MEdicinE Geoffrey White, EEM-AP Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner For deep and meaningful healing

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Geoff brings almost 10 years of professional energy medicine experience to Mt. Laurel. He is passionate about energy work and Donna Eden’s protocols that balance the nine energy systems—from the chakras to the basic GRID.

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fit body

Fitness in 10 Minutes

A Full-Body Workout for Busy People by Locke Hughes


hen life makes a long workout impossible, a 10-minute, totalbody fitness routine can be super-efficient and effective, if done right. To maximize results, strategically order the exercises to work different muscles each time, allowing one set of muscles to rest while working another. This is the basis for a 10-step workout that Franklin Antoian, an American Council on Exercise-certified personal trainer and founder of iBodyFit, created for SilverSneakers. The steps can be part of a regular routine or done on their own three times a week every other day, gradually working up to five days a week. Needed equipment includes a chair, light dumbbells (or filled water bottles or food cans), a yoga block (or small soft ball or pillow) and a watch or timer. Given extra time, warm up by walking in place for five minutes, and then perform each exercise in order for one minute, doing as many reps as possible. Try not to rest between exercises. If a full minute feels too challenging, start with 45 seconds of exercise and 15 seconds of rest.



SHOULDER SHRUG. Stand with feet hip-width apart. Hold dumbbells with arms down, palms facing inward. Slowly raise shoulders as if trying to touch the earlobes. Pause, and then lower and repeat. Continue for one minute. Make it easier by doing slow and controlled reps without dumbbells.


WALL PUSHUPS. Stand at arm’s length away from a wall with feet hip-width apart. Place palms shoulderwidth apart on the wall. Bend elbows and lower the upper body toward the wall, keeping the core tight and straight. Pause, and then press back to the starting position and repeat. Continue for one minute. Make it harder by taking a step back from the wall, pushing out from a kneeling position.


HIP EXTENSION. Start on hands and knees with palms flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Align the neck and back while looking down or slightly forward. With foot flexed and knee bent, slowly raise the right foot toward the ceiling until the thigh is parallel with the floor. Pause, and then lower. Continue for 30 seconds, and then repeat with the left leg. To make it easier, try it while standing, keeping the lifted leg straight, and hold the back of a chair for support.


BRIDGE. Lie face-up on the floor with knees bent and feet flat. Press heels firmly and raise hips to form a straight line from shoulders to knees. Pause for three


SEATED ADDUCTION. Sit in a chair with a yoga block between the knees. Press knees together to

Juan Nel/Shutterstock.com

ARM CIRCLES. Stand with feet hipwidth apart. Extend arms straight out to each side at shoulder height with palms facing down. Swing arms forward in

a circular motion for 30 seconds, and then backward for 30 seconds. Keep shoulders down and back and elbows slightly bent.

squeeze the device, pause for three seconds. Relax and repeat. Continue for one minute.


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seconds in this position, and then lower and repeat. Continue for one minute.


CLAMSHELL. Lie on the floor on the left side, with hips and knees bent 45 degrees, the right leg on top of the left, heels together. Keeping feet together, raise the top knee as high as possible without moving the pelvis or letting the bottom leg leave the floor. Pause, and then return to the starting position. Continue for 30 seconds; switch sides and repeat.


SEATED KNEE RAISE. Sit at the front of the chair with knees bent and feet flat, holding onto the sides for balance. Keeping the knee bent, lift the right leg about six inches off the floor. Pause for three seconds, and then lower and repeat with the left leg. Continue alternating for one minute.


BICEPS CURL. Stand with feet hip-width apart. Hold dumbbells with arms at each side, palms facing forward. Keeping the upper arms still, bend both elbows to bring the dumbbells as close to the shoulders as possible. Pause, and then slowly lower and repeat. Each time arms return to the starting position, completely straighten them. Continue for one minute. Make it easier with slow and controlled reps without using dumbbells.


TRICEPS EXTENSION. Stand with feet hip-width apart. Hold the end of one dumbbell with both hands. Position arms so elbows are pointing up, with upper arms by the ears and the dumbbell behind the head. The neck is aligned with the back; with shoulders down and back. Keeping upper arms still, straighten the elbows until the dumbbell is overhead. Pause, and then slowly lower and repeat. Continue for one minute. Make it easier by sitting in a chair.

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wise words

Ilona Selke on the

Power of Dreaming Big by April Thompson


or 30 years, international bestselling author, teacher and speaker Ilona Selke has inspired thousands of people worldwide to create a more fulfilling life by discovering the power of their consciousness. She’s the author of six books, including Dream Big: The Universe is Listening and The Big Secret, co-authored with Jack Canfield. Her Living from Vision course, available in six languages including Chinese, teaches how to use the power of visualization to tap into our highest potential and deepest dreams in order to manifest miracles. Born in the Himalayas to German parents, Selke spent her first three years in Afghanistan speaking Persian and German, and then grew up in Germany. She moved to the U.S. at age 20 to study philosophy, where she met her husband and partner, Don Paris. The couple spent 25 years studying and communicating with dolphins in natural waters, experiences shared through her books Wisdom of the Dolphins and Dolphins, Love and Destiny. They split their time between a geodesic dome home on a Northwest Pacific island and the Shambala retreat center they founded in Bali.

What is key to manifesting our dreams and desires? It’s a four-step process. First, form a clear description in your mind, positively framed and based on your passion. No matter how big the dream, if you are behind it heart and soul, you will manifest miracles. Next, imagine the scenario as if it has already happened. The third and most vital step is to feel the feeling of your fulfilled wish as if it has already manifested. 40

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Fourth, create a metaphorical image that represents the feeling. By applying this method, our clients have manifested a desired pregnancy, funding for an overseas orphanage and redemption of a suicidal teen. In the latter case, the young man went on to focus on his dream of learning jazz piano well enough to play benefit concerts for children being treated for cancer.

Which universal principles are at work behind manifestation? We live in a conscious, interactive universe, and it is listening. Our Western scientific mindset may not support the idea, but thousands of years of mystical teachings, as well as new understanding via quantum physics, teach that the observer is an intri-


cate part of what appears to be solid matter. In practice, it means we can communicate intentionally with the universe. When we learn to do so, it responds to us.

How do our thoughts affect our reality? All our thoughts, subconscious as well as conscious, affect how things manifest around us. If we have contradictory beliefs, it is hard to manifest things. For example, if we say we want money, but somehow believe that money is dirty, evil or undeserved, then we are pushing and pulling against ourselves. It’s important to dive into our subconscious mind and heart, and deal with the negative feelings that dwell there, such as hurt, sadness and trauma. Make this a daily activity—cleaning your emotional being. Eventually, your subconscious and conscious mind as well as the superconscious will all point in one direction and you will see your desired results. We guide people to build their success, aspirations and dreams in alignment with their deepest values as well as their purpose in life. Uniting purpose and direction is tremendous fuel for moving in the direction of your dreams.

Why does choosing goals aligned with our purpose make them manifest more easily? Personal goals and inner purpose are not always aligned for everyone. However, when you take time to become aware of your deepest dreams, you may find that a part of your purpose is embedded in them. Be aware that many people confuse their larger life purpose with their talents. Our talents are what we love to do, what we are good at. Yet our deeper purpose actually is to shine more light and share more love. That is the common true root to our purpose. My suggestion is to read books that share success stories from those that are living on purpose and provide step-by-step instructions on how to get there. Connect with April Thompson, in Washington, D.C., at AprilWrites.com.

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Reclaim Your Magic Make Your World Wondrous Again by Paige Leigh Reist


e are all born with magic, but somewhere along the way, life tends to stomp it out of us. When we are living in our magic, we become curious, passionate and energetic. We thrive. Here are five ways to begin to reclaim our own special vibrancy.


LIVE WITH EARTH’S CYCLES Our planet teaches by example how to live in harmony with the seasons. Rest in the winter, awake to new beginnings in spring and rejoice in summer’s bounty. Give extra thanks in autumn. Live by and with the land, and watch how goodness magically blooms into being.


EXERCISE INTUITION Trusting in our intuition is generally discouraged from a young age. We’re

taught to ignore it in favor of logic, following social scripts and displaying expected behaviors. We’re told whom to look to for answers, definitions of right and wrong and true and false, and that grown-ups always know best. A powerful way to counteract this conditioning is to come to trust ourselves. Intuition is like a muscle—the more we use it, the more powerful it becomes. The spiritual “still small voice” won’t lead us astray.


COMMUNE Speaking our truth is transformative. To be heard, validated and supported is a powerful catalyst of personal growth and supports self-worth. Whenever possible, make time to meet with kindred spirits and share personal stories, wisdom and struggles around the proverbial fire.

“Buddha - Socrates - Confucius” One-Day Special Event

Saturday, March 10, 2018 Pine Wind Zen Community 863 McKendimen Road Shamong, NJ 08088 Visit www.pinewind.org 609.268.9151 42

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STOP ACCEPTING THE MUNDANE Let go of anything that does more to limit rather than propel progress. Review media habits, relationships, jobs and character traits, and be ruthless in pruning what needs to go. Try to interact only with people, activities and things that produce glowing feelings of inspiration, fulfillment and buzzing vitality. Assess habits honestly and choose meaningful substance over comfort, ease and familiarity. Paige Leigh Reist is a writer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who blogs at TheWholesomeHandbook.com.

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CELEBRATE Spend time thinking about what it is that comprises the essence of oneself and celebrate it—that is where magic lives. Often, the qualities that carry our magic may have been put down. Sensitivity can be considered weakness. Determination might be termed stubbornness. But if we unabashedly love and celebrate these qualities in ourself, we begin to re-conceptualize them as sources of strength and power, and magic seeps through.

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FRIDAY, MARCH 2 Collective Connection Meditation – 7:30-8:30pm. With Kiel Gerhard. Experience a Reiki Master’s guided meditation, given to him while in deep meditation himself. Surrender to the experience, awaken your consciousness, and walk away with a deep sense of bliss, an opening of the mind and heart, and an enhanced sense of self. Ends with satsang (spiritual talk). Lavender Koi Yoga, 220 S White Horse Pk, Ste C, Berlin. 856-809-2304.  LavenderKoiYoga.com.

SATURDAY, MARCH 3 Introduction to Oncology Massage – 9am3:30pm. This introductory courses describes the 3 main forms of cancer treatment. Students will have the opportunity to practice low-impact techniques that can benefit cancer patients. $75. Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies, 1600 Haddon Ave, Camden. To register: 856-580-6444 or liws.org. L.L. Bean Meditative Hike – 12-2pm. Experience the outdoors by stopping at a few scenic locations to take in the scenery, sounds and scents around us. Rancocas Nature Center, 794 Rancocas Rd, Westampton. Register: 856-810-5560 or llbean. com/marlton. Animal Welfare Association Adoption Event – 12-4pm. Come meet some of our adorable, adoptable pets. Bring happiness home. Petco Turnersville, 141 Tuckahoe Rd, Ste 130, Sewell. 856-424-2288. Adoptions@awanj.org. awanj.org. March Moonlight Walk – 6pm. Come explore the village and the bogs by moon light. An experienced guide will share insights about Whitesbog and the nature that surrounds us with a different topic each month. Whitesbog Preservation Trust, 120 W Whites Bogs Rd, #34, Browns Mills. 609-893-4646. Whitesbog.org. Beef & Beer For Birds & Blooms Fundraiser – 7-10pm. Join Rancocas Nature Center supporters for an evening of informal socializing and entertainment. Features the traditional beef and beer fare plus other food and drink. Live music, a 50/50 raffle, and Chinese auction baskets. $30/person. Moose Lodge #737, 853 Woodlane Rd, Mt. Holly. More info: 609-261-2495 or RancocasNatureCenter.org.

SUNDAY, MARCH 4 Yoga for Athletes – 9am-1pm. Workshop geared to enable yoga teachers to design and implement programs to address the unique needs of athletes. $60. Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies, 1600 Haddon Ave, Camden. To register: 856-580-6444 or liws.org. Blueberry Music Jam – 11am-2pm. Stop into the historic village of Whitesbog to listen to the tunes of local musicians; the open music jam is acoustic. Free. Whitesbog Preservation Trust, 120 W Whites Bogs Rd, #34, Browns Mills. 609-893-4646. Whitesbog.org.


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Chakra Clearing and Healing Workshop – 1-4pm. With Tricia Heiser. Be introduced to the 7 main chakras, learn how they affect your overall health and how to balance chakras that have become blocked or overloaded. We will work through each chakra using movement, mantras, mudras, meditation and chanting. $45. The Sanctuary for Yoga, 43 S Main St, Medford. 609-953-7800. TheSanctuaryForYoga.com. Interpretive Trail Hike – 1:30-2:30pm. Join an RNC naturalist for an interpretive hike through our varied habitats. Pace is easy and suitable for adults and teenagers. Free; donations encouraged. Rancocas Nature Center, 794 Rancocas Rd, Westampton. Pre-register: 609-261-2495. RancocasNatureCenter.org. Sacred Sound Healing Ceremony – 2-4pm. Using the healing vibration of shamanic drum, rattle, and crystal singing bowls, Faye will create a sacred sound healing journey to clear, heal, and strengthen the mind, body, spirit and soul. $33. Genesis Spiritual Healing & Metaphysical Center, 40 High St, Ste 15, Mount Holly. 609-445-HEAL. Registration required: GenesisSpiritualHealing.com. Beginner Yoga Workshop – 2-5pm. Learn all the basic yoga poses, get to ask questions, and have time to explore each pose to understand why we do them and how they benefit the body. $45. Lavender Koi Yoga, 220 S White Horse Pk, Ste C, Berlin.  856-809-2304. LavenderKoiYoga.com.

MONDAY, MARCH 5 Sustainable South Jersey Meetup – 6-8:30pm. 2018 is the year to learn about innovative sustainability efforts in South Jersey. Free, but must RSVP. Collingswood Public Library, 771 Haddon Ave, Collingswood. SustainableCherryHill.org.

TUESDAY, MARCH 6 Emotions and Posture Class – 5:30-6:30pm. With Postural Alignment Specialist Deb Freeman. Join us and experience how simple, gentle exercises can quickly improve your outlook. $13. Yoga for Living, 1926 Greentree Rd, Cherry Hill. Preregistration suggested: 856-404-7287 or Rhonda@ YogaForLiving.net. Free Public Education Workshop at NHIC – 6:45-8pm. Join Sarah Outlaw, Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist for a free workshop on Lyme disease. Free health screenings. Natural Health Improvement Center of South Jersey, 1050 Kings Hwy N, Ste 200, Cherry Hill. RSVP: Info@nhicSouthJersey.com.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7 What is Lymphatic Drainage and How Can It Help? – 7pm. Do you have chronic swelling or lymphedema from cancer treatments? RN, Dottie Atkins, a certified Lymphatic Drainage Therapist will share the benefits, and demonstrate how to use self-massage to enhance blood circulation and reduce pain. Hosted by Women’s Wellness Connection of SJ. Sponsored by DeCotiis Chiropractic Wellness. LourdesCare, 1 Brace Rd, Cherry Hill. RSVP, Judy: 609-221-2285 or Tammy@Wellness4Living.com.


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Call Ahead A Course in Spirituality: The Path of the Spiritual Warrior – 7-9pm. An overview of Zen and what it means to live a Zen-inspired life by cultivating awareness in daily living through meditation, mindfulness, wisdom and living ethically. $15/individuals, $25/spouses, partners. Pine Wind Zen Community, 863 McKendimen Rd, Shamong. 609-268-9151. PineWind.org. Tuning Fork Presentation with Chakra & Sound Meditation and Sample Treatments – 7-9pm. With Eileen Toth. $20. Lakeside Community Center, 231 N Evergreen Ave, Woodbury. Reserve: 856-384-9256 or HolisticPassages@comcast.net.

THURSDAY, MARCH 8 Thru-hiking: A Woman’s Perspective – 6:30-8pm. Join thru-hiker Dawn Webster to get the information you need to feel confident on the trail. She’ll discuss hiking solo, ultralight backpacking, food sensitivities and budget. Free. REI Marlton, 501 Rte 73 S, Marlton. 856-810-1938. rei.com/stores/marlton.html. South Jersey Seed Circle Library – 7-8pm. Seeds for early season varieties like green leafy vegetables available. Also, seeds that benefit from  an early start indoors like peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant. Someone on hand to answer gardening questions. Free. Collingswood Public Library, 771 Haddon Ave, Collingswood, NJ 08108. For more info: 856425-2221, SJSeeds@gmofreenj.com or Facebook. com/events/339303713237931.

FRIDAY, MARCH 9 Pinelands Commission Meeting – 9:30am-12pm. The Pinelands Commission is the state agency that oversees conservation and development within the Pinelands boundaries. They hold a regular monthly meeting that is open to the public. 15 Springfield Rd, Pemberton. Pinelands Preservation Alliance: 609-859-8860. Agenda: State.nj.us/pinelands. Balance Your Chakras Workshop – 7-9pm. With Dan Smith. Chakras are energy centers that regulate the flow of prana (life force energy) throughout the body. In this workshop we are going to balance these energies by practicing yin yoga. Will use the longer poses to explore our chakra systems by going through each chakra. $25. Lavender Koi Yoga, 220 S White Horse Pk, Ste C, Berlin. 856-809-2304.  LavenderKoiYoga.com.

SATURDAY, MARCH 10 Buddha, Socrates and Confucius – 9am-4pm. Discover the contributions of these 3 powerful trailblazers who embodied the immense shift in human consciousness from the supernatural to the rational as the way to explain humankind’s place in the cosmos. Registration required. $45 includes lunch. Pine Wind Zen Community, 863 McKendimen Rd, Shamong. 609-268-9151. PineWind.org.

29th Annual Pinelands Short Course – 9am5pm. Featuring 41 presentations, including 29 new programs that will explore the unique history, ecology, culture and music of the Pinelands. $50, $45/seniors (65+) & students. Stockton University, 101 Vera King Farris Dr, Galloway. More info & registration: 609-894-7300 x 125 or Stockton.edu/ continuing-studies/conferences.html. Module: Learning the Sanskrit Language – Mar 10 & 11. 9am-5:30pm. Workshop will give you familiarity with the unique points of resonance in your own palate to learn the language and how to properly pronounce this ancient language. $225. Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies, 1600 Haddon Ave, Camden. To register: 856-580-6444 or liws.org. Usui Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Certification Class – 11am-6pm. Both levels in a 1-day class. Become attuned to both levels, learn history and principles of reiki, chakra and aura scanning, self-healing and healing others, distant healing, and give first reiki session. $265. Genesis Spiritual Healing & Metaphysical Center, 40 High St, Ste 15, Mount Holly. 609-445-HEAL. Registration required: GenesisSpiritualHealing.com. Ghost Investigation – 7-11pm. Join psychic/medium, Beth O’Brien, as she leads the first public investigation of 45 S Main St, Medford. This historic house was built in 1904. A Ghost 101 class for beginners is included. Limited to 20. $50. The Center, Life in Balance, 45 S Main St, Medford. 609-975-8379. TheCenterLifeInBalance@gmail.com.

SUNDAY, MARCH 11 Sunday Morning Circle – Mar 11 & 18. 9-10:30am. Includes seated and walking meditation followed by the chanting of sutras and other prayers. Tea and Q&A. Persons of all faiths and no faith affiliation welcome. Registration not required. Donations appreciated. Pine Wind Zen Community, 863 McKendimen Rd, Shamong. 609-268-9151. PineWind.org. Eckankar Light and Sound Service – 11am12pm. Service includes a reading from the ECK writings, singing HU, followed by a discussion on this month’s topic: Turning Challenges into Opportunities . Open to all spiritual backgrounds and faiths. Free. Acu-Health Center, 100 W Camden Ave, Moorestown. More info: 800-870-9139 or Spirituality@Eckankar-NJ.org.

markyourcalendar 13th Annual Lines on the Pines 11am -4pm

Meet Pine Barrens authors, artists and artisans. Over 50 talented Pine Barrens artists will be on hand to sign their books, display their artwork or craft, play their music and in general, share their love of the Pine Barrens.

Stockton University Campus Center, Vera King Farris Dr, Galloway. More info: LinesOnThePines.org. Scavenger Hunt and Clean-Up: Brendan T. Byrne State Forest – 2-4pm. A scavenger hunt is a great way for those of all ages to learn about the foliage of the area while having fun. Aside from the natural items we will be looking for, we will also look for a

few pieces of litter to clean up along the way. Register: 856-810-5560 or llbean.com/marlton. Candlelight Restorative Yoga – 6:30-8pm. With Linda Sheehan. Using blankets, bolsters, pillows, blocks, straps and other props to support the body, restorative yoga works to bring profound shifts to the central nervous system, promoting deep restfulness, physical healing and greater well-being. $20. Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856-546-1006. LiveInJoyYoga.com.


markyourcalendar Rizzieri Aveda School of Massage Part-Time Massage Therapy Program Begins Seats still available, but space is limited.

856-552-2273. Admissions@Rizzieri.com. Improve Your Walking Experience Class – 5:306:30pm. With Postural Alignment Specialist Deb Freeman. Walking should feel good and definitely should not cause pain. If you feel your gait is compromised join us and take your first step toward a more enjoyable walking experience. $13. Yoga for Living, 1926 Greentree Rd, Cherry Hill. Preregistration suggested: 856-404-7287 or Rhonda@ YogaForLiving.net. Map & Compass Navigation Basics Class – 6:308:30pm. Learn basic navigation skills using map and compass to find your way. In this in-store class learn the parts of a compass, how to read a topographic map and how to use them in tandem. $30/member, $50/nonmember. REI Marlton, 501 Rte 73 S, Marlton. 856-810-1938. rei.com/stores/marlton.html. Organic Vegetable Gardening – 7:15pm. Everything you need to know to start your own backyard vegetable garden with Julie Pierre, owner and farmer at Our Yards Farm. Horticultural Society of South Jersey. Free. Carmen Tilelli Hall, 820 Mercer St, Cherry Hill. For more info: 856-2875959 or hssj.org. 

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14 Zazen (Meditation) and Dharma Teaching – 7-9pm. Includes quiet contemplation and reflection, both sitting and walking meditation followed by a teaching. Registration not required. $15/ individuals, $25/spouses, partners. Pine Wind Zen Community, 863 McKendimen Rd, Shamong. 609-268-9151. PineWind.org.

THURSDAY, MARCH 15 Trail Running Basics – 6:30-8pm. Learn about technique, training, clothing and footwear specific to the sport of trail running. Free. REI Marlton, 501 Rte 73 S, Marlton. 856-810-1938. rei.com/stores/ marlton.html. Awakening with the Angels – 7-9pm. Each month explore with the Angels as Rita takes you through meditations, invocations and attunements with various beings of a high vibration. Wisdom downloads, and interactive messages activate the class to receive blessings and healing. $25. Just Breathe, 2800 Rte 130, Ste 100, Cinnaminson. JustBreatheCenter.org.

FRIDAY, MARCH 16 Shinrin Yoku Wellness Walk – 10am-1pm. This guided nature connection walk incorporates the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, which translates as “forest bathing” or “nature immersion.” Whitesbog Preservation Trust, 120 W Whites Bogs Rd, #34, Browns Mills. 609-893-4646. Whitesbog.org. Spiritual Wisdom Discussion Class – 11am-12pm. Learn techniques to open your awareness of your spiritual life beyond the physical. Join us in this month’s topic: The Spiritual Law of Detachment. Free. Mt. Laurel Community Center, 100 Mount Laurel Rd, Mount Laurel. More info: 800-870-9139  or Spirituality@Eckankar-NJ.org. Spring into Being – 7-9:30pm. What is your form of creation energy? Are you connected to nature spirits? Perhaps to specific Earth energetics? Maybe to magical kingdoms? Possibly to ancient cultures? Or even through particular celestial bodies? Come learn how you create to design and develop the garden of your life. $25/advance, $35/day of. To register, Andrea Regal: 856-904-5566. HealersUniverse.com. Buti Yoga and Bubbles – 7:30-8:45pm. With Cheryl Natusch. We will move and sweat to a killer playlist of songs, then following class we will enjoy some bubbly to celebrate. Buti Yoga is a calorie-scorching workout which fuses power yoga with cardio-intensive tribal dance + body sculpting primal movement. $25. Lavender Koi Yoga, 220 S White Horse Pk, Ste C, Berlin. 856-809-2304.  LavenderKoiYoga.com.

SATURDAY, MARCH 17 Naturalist-Led Saturday Walk – 10:30-11:30am. Join an RNC naturalist for a themed hike around the preserve. Suitable for adults and interested teenagers. Free, but donations encouraged. Rancocas Nature Center, 794 Rancocas Rd, Westampton. Preregister: 609-261-2495. RancocasNatureCenter.org. Basic Animal Communication Class – 11am4:30pm. With Intuitive Medium Donna Boyle. Learn animal communication with pets, both living and in the spirit world. Learn proper techniques to ground, connect and develop intuitive ability as an animal communicator. Will include meditations, automatic writing, partner work and sample sessions. $175. Genesis Spiritual Healing & Metaphysical Center, 40 High St, Ste 15, Mount Holly. 609-445-HEAL. Registration required: GenesisSpiritualHealing.com. Mommy and Me 5-Week Yoga Series – Saturdays, Mar 17-Apr 14. 11:30am-12:30pm. Ages 2-5 yrs old. Joyce will bring yoga to life in this fun and creative class designed to stimulate a young child’s curiosity. Expect playful yoga poses, animated breathing exercises and imaginative relaxation techniques. $10/class. Lavender Koi Yoga, 220 S White Horse Pk, Ste C, Berlin. Must pre-register: 856-809-2304. LavenderKoiYoga.com. Ayurvedic Cooking: Spring Cleanse – 1-3:30pm. With Janet Watkins. In this class we will be making savory and easy kitchari and soups that both please the palate and bring ease and cleansing to the digestive system. $35. Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856-546-1006. LiveInJoyYoga.com. An Evening with Seijaku Roshi – 7-9pm. An evening of thought-provoking, heart-opening and life-changing discussion. Registration not required. Pay at door: $15/individuals, $25/spouses, partners. Pine Wind Zen Community, 863 McKendimen Rd, Shamong. 609-268-9151. PineWind.org.

March 2018


SUNDAY, MARCH 18 Sunday Morning Circle – 9-10:30am. See Mar 11 listing. Pine Wind Zen Community, 863 McKendimen Rd, Shamong. 609-268-9151. PineWind.org. Blueberry Music Jam – 11am-2pm. Stop into the historic village of Whitesbog to listen to the tunes of local musicians; the open music jam is acoustic. Free. Whitesbog Preservation Trust, 120 W Whites Bogs Rd, #34, Browns Mills. 609-893-4646. Whitesbog.org. Intuitive Tarot Reading Class – 11am-5pm. Learn to read tarot cards with a focus on using intuition rather than strictly memorizing card meanings. Card meanings are covered, but emphasis is on allowing the cards to communicate with the reader energetically and through their symbolism and imagery. $225. Genesis Spiritual Healing & Metaphysical Center, 40 High St, Ste 15, Mount Holly. 609-445-HEAL. Registration required: GenesisSpiritualHealing.com. Walk in the Wild: Fireside Chat and Workshop – 2pm. Learn how to make cordage and its history with Freddie Patane. We will retrace the steps of our ancestors to learn how to create cordage (aka string and rope) out of natural fibers found in wild landscapes. Free. Old Pine Farm Natural Lands Trust, Willoughby House, 340 Pine Ave, Deptford. To register: 856-217-9138. OldPineFarm.org.  For the Love of Chocolate: A Chocolate and Yoga Experience for Kids – 2-5pm. With Cindy Irvin. Children will sample some of the best chocolates our area has to offer, some local and some imported. Includes a 1-hr yoga session, the chocolate workshop, a take home lip-balm and chocolate samples. $35/1st child, $15/additional sibling. Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856-546-1006. LiveInJoyYoga.com.

MONDAY, MARCH 19 Hiking with Dogs – 7-8:30pm. This class will help you plan a successful hike for you and your canine. We’ll review where to go, what to bring, and what you may encounter on the trail. Free. REI Marlton, 501 Rte 73 S, Marlton. 856-810-1938. REI.com/stores/marlton.html.

TUESDAY, MARCH 20 Wrist and Hand Pain/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/ Arthritis Class – 5:30-6:30pm. With Postural Alignment Specialist Deb Freeman. Treatment for wrist and hand pain that focuses on the wrists and hands isn’t always sufficient. Learn why it is important to look at the bigger picture and treat the body as a unit. $13.Yoga for Living, 1926 Greentree Rd, Cherry Hill. Pre-registration suggested: 856-404-7287 or Rhonda@YogaForLiving.net. Holistic Chamber of Commerce Cherry HillMoorestown – 6:30-8pm. 3rd Tues. Regular chapter meetings. $5/members, $10/nonmembers. Beneficial Bank, 1901 Rte 70 E, Cherry Hill. HolisticChamberOfCommerce.com/Moorestown.  See the U.S. from the Top: State Highpointing Adventures – 6:30-8pm. Looking for a new goal? How about summiting the highest elevated point in some or each of the 50 states? Join highpointer Richard Feuer to learn how, whether you want to do it in 1 or 20 yrs. Free. REI Marlton, 501 Rte 73 S, Marlton. 856-810-1938. rei.com/stores/marlton.html.


South Jersey Edition

Free Public Education Workshop at NHIC – 6:45-8pm. Join Sarah Outlaw, Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist for a free workshop on thyroid health. Free health screenings. Natural Health Improvement Center of South Jersey, 1050 Kings Hwy N, Ste 200, Cherry Hill. RSVP: Info@nhicsouthjersey.com.


markyourcalendar Natural Awakenings Holistic Networking Event 6:30-8:30pm. Hosted by Rizzieri School for the Healing Arts. Meet integrative medical professionals, alternative health care practitioners, massage therapists, reiki and energy healers, yoga instructors, holistic wellness practitioners, nutritionists, herbalists and more. Complimentary mini-services provided by Rizzieri.

Rizzieri School of Massage, 8102 Town Center Blvd, Voorhees. RSVP: 856-552-1445 or Admissions@Rizzieri.com. Off the Couch: Tips for Beginners in the Outdoors – 7-8pm. Learn from local outdoor enthusiast Cindy Slawski what you can do and where you can do it, how to prevent injuries, and what gear, apparel, or technology can help get you started. LL Bean at Sagemore, 500 S Rte 73, Marlton. Register: 856-810-5560 or LLBean.com/marlton. Soshin: Beginner’s Mind Meditation – 7-9pm. Includes instruction on Zen meditation, mindfulness practices and Zendo etiquette. Designed for beginners and seasoned practitioners. $15/individuals, $25/spouses, partners. Pine Wind Zen Community, 863 McKendimen Rd, Shamong. 609-268-9151. PineWind.org.

THURSDAY, MARCH 22 Breathe and Balance – 7-8:15pm. Lay down and become immersed in the gentle healing vibrations of Shalini’s crystal bowls while Rita channels personalized healing and balancing for each individual utilizing reiki, Angelic and Ascended Master attunements. $20. Just Breathe, 2800 Rte 130, Ste 100, Cinnaminson. JustBreatheCenter.org.

SATURDAY, MARCH 24 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training – Mar 24 & 25. With Janet Watkins. Learn to practice and guide yourself and students through an incredible process of restoration for body, mind and spirit. Study the how’s and why’s of this incredible practice, including pranayama, subtle anatomy, how to sequence a class and use lots of props. $250 CEUs for Yoga Alliance. Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856-546-1006. LiveInJoyYoga.com.

SUNDAY, MARCH 25 Psychic & Healing Expo – 10am-6pm. 50 diverse exhibitors representing mind, body and spirit. $5/ adult, free/kids under 12. Holiday Inn, 2175 Marlton Pike Rd W, Cherry Hill. PsychicExpo.org.


Awakening Your Psychic Ability – 11am6pm. Learn to develop psychic abilities and how to give professional readings through intuition, photo reading, psychometry and reading for fellow students. This class sets the stage for starting out as a professional psychic/intuitive reader. $265. Genesis Spiritual Healing & Metaphysical Center, 40 High St, Ste 15, Mount Holly. 609-445-HEAL. Registration required: GenesisSpiritualHealing.com. L.L. Bean Beginners Hike – 2-3:30pm. Come join us and take the first step to building up your stamina for hikes. This slow-paced hike over easy terrain will give you time to take in the scenery and get a feel for the activity. Rancocas Nature Center, 794 Rancocas Rd, Westampton. Register: 856-810-5560 or llbean.com/marlton.

TUESDAY, MARCH 27 Improve Your Triangle Pose Class – 5:30-6:30pm. With Postural Alignment Specialist Deb Freeman. Love yoga, but wish you could improve upon your yoga poses? We will be focusing on Triangle Pose and the difference improved alignment and form makes. Great for beginners and the experienced alike. $13. Yoga for Living, 1926 Greentree Rd, Cherry Hill. Pre-registration suggested: 856-404-7287 or Rhonda@YogaForLiving.net.


Forgiveness as a Path to Love Class Series Tuesdays, Mar 27-Apr 17. 7-9pm. Dan Gottlieb and Lori Volpe will explore how unhealed resentments can hinder the ability to fully experience love and how forgiving others and the self can open our hearts and help us to let go of lingering anger, bitterness and resentment.

$250. Yoga for Living, 1926 Greentree Rd, Cherry Hill. For more info or to register: LoriVolpe@verizon.net or OpeningIn.com.

THURSDAY, MARCH 29 Pets and Parasites – 6-7pm. Come learn all about those pesky pests, and how we can better care for our pets by knowing who and what they are up against. Free. Animal Welfare Association, 509 Centennial Blvd, Voorhees. 856-424-2288. awanj.org. Favorite Local Hikes Clinic – 7-8pm. Learn about local parks, preserves and other hidden gems you can hike all year long, including an outline of the trail’s location, length, difficulty, terrain and notable highlights. LL Bean at Sagemore, 500 S Rte 73, Marlton. Register: 856-810-5560 or LLBean.com/marlton. Mediumship & Angelic Guidance Gallery – 7-9pm. With Susan Drummond, Kristy McAdams and Peggy Garron. Receive messages from loved ones on the other side as well as angel messages, bringing lots of positivity and heavenly love. Everyone receives a message. Limited to 12. $45. The Center, Life in Balance, 45 S Main St, Medford. 609-975-8379. TheCenterLifeInBalance@gmail.com.

FRIDAY, MARCH 30 Relaxing Yoga with Crystal Bowls – 7pm. With Anna Castro. Special yoga class where, with the help of bolsters and the healing sounds of the singing crystal bowls, you will be guided into supported and relaxing yoga poses that will assist you to unwind, de-stress, cleanse and refresh body, mind and spirit. $20. Just Breathe, 2800 Rte 130, Ste 100, Cinnaminson. Register: AnnaSCastro@yahoo.com. JustBreatheCenter.org.  Mantra & Meditation for Peace & Healing – 7-9pm. Immerse your voice and spirit with vibration of peace and healing; for ourselves, for all beings everywhere, and the Earth. Together, we will amplify and raise the vibration of peace and Healing using mantra and meditation in like-minded community. Free; donations accepted. Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856-546-1006. LiveInJoyYoga.com.

SATURDAY, MARCH 31 Hanuman Jayanti – 11am-1pm. Celebrated every year as the birth of Lord Hanuman, considered the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Hanuman is believed to be unprecedented power as he could move mountains, dart through the air and shape-shift. Join Rita and Shalini as we create sacred space to honor Hanuman with mantra, meditation and song. $33. Just Breathe, 2800 Rte 130, Ste 100, Cinnaminson. JustBreatheCenter.org. Family Yoga – 12-1pm. We will have fun exploring partner poses, focus activities, creating art and of course pampering each other while relaxing to some nice music. $15/parent & child pair. Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856-546-1006. LiveInJoyYoga.com.

markyourcalendar Book Signing: Lisa O’Brien & Maryann Kelly, Chapter Authors – 1-3pm.

Lisa and Maryann were selected as chapter authors in the #1 book series, Your Shift Matters, Surviving to Thriving that will be published on Mar 14. Lisa’s chapter is “Let Go and Let God.” Maryann’s chapter is “The Thunder of Intuition.” Hear about both of their unexpected detours from their former roles. 

Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856-546-1006. LiveInJoyYoga.com.

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plan ahead SATURDAY, APRIL 7




Book Signing: Lisa O’Brien & Maryann Kelly, Chapter Authors – 3-5pm.

Reserve your 60-min session with Susan today.

Relax Mind & Body, 621 S Main St, Williamstown.

Lisa and Maryann were selected as chapter authors in the #1 book series, Your Shift Matters, Surviving to Thriving that will be published on Mar 14. Lisa’s chapter is “Let Go and Let God.” Maryann’s chapter is “The Thunder of Intuition.” Hear about both of their unexpected detours from their former roles. 

856-693-1016. Relaxmb.com.

Halo Wellness, 968 NJ-73, Marlton.

Angelic Reiki with Complementary Intuitive Message - 9am-4pm.

markyourcalendar Qi Revolution Apr 7-9. 9am-6pm.

A 3-day event designed to help unlock your healing power and create your best life. Teachings give you energy using the most effective breathing techniques, qigong and food-healing science. Receive a university-style education in natural healing arts. $149.

Somerset Cultural Center. 800-298-8970. QiRevolution.com. Conscious Coloring for Kids – 1-3pm. For kids ages 4-11. Children will enjoy an hour yoga session along with their choice of coloring sheet. We will have a calming, meditative experience without feeling rushed or pressured. Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856-5461006. LiveInJoyYoga.com.

Sore, Stiff Joints? Tired? Want to Move More Freely?


856-574-4433. ElevateYourHealth.com.

FRIDAY, APRIL 20 A Weekend of Bhakti & Bliss – Apr 20-22. 6-10pm, Fri; 9:30am-10pm, Sat; 10am-4pm, Sun. With Yvette Om. Immerse in a retreat style weekend of Bhakti, and its devotional practices of mantra, kirtan and vibration. Discussion, meditation, contemplation, nature walks, movement in music, yoga, delicious vegetarian meals and making lots and lots of music. Newtown Square, PA. More info: 856-546-1006 or LiveInJoyYoga.com.

SATURDAY, APRIL 21 Family Yoga – 12-1pm. We will have fun exploring partner poses, focus activities, creating art and of course pampering each other while relaxing to some nice music. $15/parent & child pair. Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856-546-1006. LiveInJoyYoga.com.


markyourcalendar Empowered Light Holistic Expo Apr 27-29. 5-9pm, Fri; 10am-6pm, Sat; 10am-6pm, Sun.

Enjoy inspiring lectures, meditations, yoga, alternative healing treatments like reiki, massage and reflexology, as well as angelic and intuitive readings. Try healthy food samples, and purchase natural products for personal and home care. Empowered Light Holistic Expo will focus on healthier lifestyles, including food, physical activities, stress reduction and self-care.

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, Halls D & E, Oaks, PA. Sue Greenwald: 484-459-3082. EmpoweredLightExpo@gmail.com. EmpoweredLight.com.

March 2018


on going events

tai chi Discover the Serenity of T’ai Chi Chih® (Joy thru Movement Class) for Beginners – Ongoing classes. Need better balance, concerned about high blood pressure, quality sleep a challenge? Bruni Square, 1351 Rte 38, Hainesport. For more info & registration: 609-752-1048 or Siobhan@NextStepStrategiesLLC.com.

retreat FRIDAY, MAY 4 Yoga Cape May, May 4-6. Holistic yoga retreat. Let’s spring into Spring. Refresh, renew, relax and get your zen on. Deepen your experience with yoga and meditation practices for all levels, drum circles, heated pool and hot tub, and more. Includes nutritious vegetarian meals, workshops and playshops. $299/person, all inclusive. $100 deposit will hold your spot. Karen Manette Bosna: 609-827-8886 or KBosna28@yahoo.com.  YogaCapeMay.com.

daily Early Morning Meditation and Morning Prayers – 5:30-6:30am. Weekday meditation. A wonderful way to start your day. Join us in the beauty of our Pineland home and experience the serenity found within our traditional Zen meditation hall. Donations appreciated. Pine Wind Zen Community, 863 McKendimen Rd, Shamong. 609-268-9151. For days & dates: PineWind.org.

sunday Meditation – 10am. Joyful Gathering Spiritual Center, 215 Highlands Ave, Ste C, Haddon Township. 856-780-5826.

monday Beginners & Beyond – Mon, Tues, Fri, 9:3010:45am. Also Tues, 6-7:15pm. For the beginner as well as those wanting to deepen into the fundamentals of ayurvedic yoga. Explore fundamental yoga postures and philosophies. Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856546-1006. LiveInJoyYoga.com. Living in Oneness – 6:30-7:30pm. 4th Mon. Discussion around the new energy concepts for the conscious shift into oneness. Learn how to make practical application of the concepts to your everyday life. Based on the book, The Oneness of It All by Maryann Pino Miller. Free. The Center, Life in Balance, 45 S Main St, Medford. 609-975-8379. TheCenterLifeInBalance@gmail.com.


South Jersey Edition

Monthly Meditation/Mini-Workshop – 6:308:30pm. 1st Mon. Explore meditation, energy education/topics and reiki. Please arrive on time so the meditation is not disturbed, and refrain from alcohol the day of the workshop. $15. The Center, Life in Balance, 45 S Main St, Medford. 609-975-8379. TheCenterLifeInBalance@gmail.com. Working Session Meeting: Sustainable Haddon Heights – 7pm. 1st Mon. Meetings are open to all interested volunteers. Haddon Heights Public Library, lower level, 608 Station Ave. SustainableHaddonHeights.org. Wild Soul Movement – 7-9pm.Unique movement class incorporating mantra, meditation, stretching and yoga to promote self-love and healing. With Christine Juckett of Lady of Sanctuary. $25. Just Breathe, 2800 Rte 130, Ste 100, Cinnaminson. JustBreatheCenter.org. Yoga Flow – 7:15-8:15pm. With Katie. An all-levels yoga practice that links breath and movement as you flow from pose to pose. Awaken your strength, energy and flexibility in a relaxed atmosphere. $10. Sol Yoga at Vacanti Jiu Jitsu, 1351 Rte 38W, Hainesport. 267-664-3236. SolYogaNJ.com.

tuesday Discover the Serenity of T’ai Chi Chih (Joy thru Movement Class) – 9:30am. For beginners and seniors. Need better balance, concerned about high blood pressure, quality sleep a challenge? Space limited. Country Lakes Clubhouse, 69 Tensaw Dr, Browns Mills. For more info & registration: 609-752-1048 or Siobhan@NextStepStrategiesLLC.com. Kid’s Yoga – 4-5pm. A fun and engaging class exploring yoga poses, cooperative games, breathing and relaxation exercises and convey lessons in self-expression, body-awareness and social skills. Non-competitive. Age 4-11. First class free. Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856-546-1006. LiveInJoyYoga.com. Tranquil Tuesdays – 6-7pm. Take a break from the stress of the week and join us for a tranquil hour of meditation and mindfulness practices with nurturing aromas of pure essential oils. Free. Infuse, 107 S Rte 73, Marlton. 856-452-5511. InfusedHere.com. Knee Self-Massage Class for Pain Relief – 6-7:30pm. 2nd & 4th Tues. Also 11am-12:30pm, 1st Thurs. Proven simple self-massage technique teaches you how to eliminate knee pain immediately. Massage applied to your thigh (quadriceps) muscle, while in a seated position. Wear comfortable clothes with easy access to your thigh. No jeans please or bring shorts. Easy to learn, immediate benefits. $15/drop-in. Holos Touch LLC, 17 White Horse Pike, Ste 6, Haddon Heights. Registration: 856-428-5486, Dr.DottyAtkins@gmail.com. Down to Earth Yoga – 6:30-7:30pm. A practical and realistic practice, using straightforward poses and clear alignment cues to developmental and physical confidence and awareness. Class touches on the natural world and its seasonal changes. Sol Yoga at Vacanti Jiu Jitsu, 1351 Rte 38W, Hainesport. 267-664-3236. SolYogaNJ.com. Holistic Chamber of Commerce Cherry Hill-Moorestown – 6:30-8pm. 3rd Tues. Regular chapter meetings. $5/members, $10/nonmembers. Details about meetings, including current meeting location & topic: HolisticChamberOfCommerce.com/Moorestown. 


Weight Loss Seminar – 7pm. With Dr Mike Lanzilotta. Lose weight, be healthy, feel good. Make the decision to improve your health and regain your energy. Our program gives you the tools for longlasting results. Come to our seminar and learn about the entire process. Doctor supervised, one-on-one personal evaluations. No drugs, surgery or injections. No special shakes or prepackaged food. Lose up to 2035 lbs in 6 wks. South Jersey Spine Center & Weight Loss Clinic, 133-B Jackson Rd, Medford. To reserve a spot: 609-654-1330. Serene Meditation and Evening Prayers – Mar 6, 13, 20. 7-8:30pm. Includes meditation instruction with seated and walking meditation plus evening prayers. Check this month’s calendar to verify dates. Donations appreciated. Pine Wind Zen Community, 863 McKendimen Rd, Shamong. 609-268-9151. PineWind.org.

wednesday Natural Health: Fresh Organic Produce Delivery – Wed & Fri. Delivery times vary. Laurel Hill Plaza, corner of Blackwood-Clementon Rd & Laurel Rd, Lindenwold. For more info: 856-784-1021.  NaturalHealthNJ.com. Mid-Day Meditation – 12pm. Also held Fri. Join us for a 10-min meditation. On Wed the focus is love; on Fri, peace. Each week we raise the love and peace vibration personally and globally. Treat yourself to a mid-week refresher. The Center, Life in Balance, 45 S Main St, Medford. 609-975-8379.

Discover the Serenity of T’ai Chi Chih (Joy thru Movement Class) – 1pm. For beginners and seniors. Need better balance, concerned about high blood pressure, quality sleep a challenge? Space limited. $64/8-wk class; $12/ drop-ins. Hainesport Twp Bldg, Hainesport. For more info & registration: 609-752-1048 or Siobhan@NextStepStrategiesLLC.com. Kick your Asana Yoga: Beginners Class – 4:30pm. Gentle yoga classes focus on breath, alignment and building core strength in a small cozy setting. $15. Creek Mercantile, 118 Creek Rd, Mount Laurel. 856-235-1830. 609-444-9069. Yoga with Stacey – 6-7:15pm. All levels yoga for flexibility, relaxation and well-being. $10. Just Breathe, 2800 Rte 130, Ste 100, Cinnaminson. JustBreatheCenter.org. org


Yoga Flow with Tricia – 7:30-8:45am. Be guided through a flow of yoga postures to warm the body, then move to the floor for deeper stretches. Regular class rates apply. The Sanctuary for Yoga, 43 S Main St, Medford. 609-953-7800. TheSanctuaryForYoga.com. Knee Self-Massage Class for Pain Relief – 11am12:30pm. 1st Thurs. Also 6-7:30pm, 2nd & 4th Tues. See Tues listing. Holos Touch LLC, 17 White Horse Pike, Ste 6, Haddon Heights. Registration: 856-4285486, Dr.DottyAtkins@gmail.com. Lunch Yoga – 1-2pm. With Katie. Relax the mind and body with a mid-day stretch and gentle Yoga practice. Leave the class feeling refreshed and recharged for the remainder of the day. $10. Sol Yoga at Vacanti Jiu Jitsu, 1351 Rte 38W, Hainesport. 267-664-3236. SolYogaNJ.com.

Gentle Vinyasa Flow Class – 6:30-7:30pm. Promotes balance and relaxation through slow mindful movement with an emphasis on body and breath awareness. Begins with centering and breath awareness, slowly moving into poses and sequences that match breath to movement creating a moving meditation that slows the mind and relaxes the body. Ends with deep relaxation and meditation. Sol Yoga at Vacanti Jiu Jitsu, 1351 Rte 38W, Hainesport. 267-664-3236. SolYogaNJ.com. Yoga Basics and Restore – 6:30-7:30pm. 1st & 3rd Thurs. With Nicole. A sweet and calming class designed to gently increase strength and flexibility. Combines basic postures with restoratives focused on breath and body awareness. Leave with a calm mind and lifted spirit. Suitable for all levels. $10/ drop-in. Sol Yoga at Vacanti Jiu Jitsu, 1351 Rte 38W, Hainesport. 267-664-3236. SolYogaNJ.com.

friday Yoga with Props – 11am-12pm. A gentle form of yoga using a variety of props, including chairs, the wall, blocks, straps and bolsters. Props helps participants find more space, freedom and stability. Regular class rates apply. The Sanctuary for Yoga, 43 S Main St, Medford. 609-953-7800. TheSanctuaryForYoga.com. Mid-Day Meditation – 12pm. See Wed listing. The Center, Life in Balance, 45 S Main St, Medford. 609-975-8379. Happy Hour Yoga with Dana – 6-7pm. Take time at the end of the week to relax your mind, reconnect with the breath and realign your energy. Unique theme each week. Regular class rates apply. The Sanctuary for Yoga, 43 S Main St, Medford. 609-953-7800. TheSanctuaryForYoga.com. Friday Nite Fitness Hike – 7pm. Brisk pace, 8-10 miles. Work up a sweat exploring the sand roads and trails of Brendan Byrne State Forest. Be prepared to walk at an average of 3.5 mph, with few breaks. Meet at the Campground, Glass House and Coopers Rd, Woodland Township. Leaders, Bob Hodges: RLHHLR@aol.com. ocsj.org. Shaman-Based Cosmic Sounds Class – 7pm. For pranic power, well-being and family healing. Sei Jun Kan Korean Karate Studio, Cooper Corner Plaza, 201 Kresson Gibbsboro Rd, Voorhees. More info, Dana Reynolds: 856-993-1786 or MtMeruHolistic.com. Essential Oils 101 – 7-8pm. Learn the basics of essential oils. Attendees receive 10% off all customized purchases. Excludes merchandise. Free. Infuse, 107 S Rte 73, Marlton. 856-452-5511.InfusedHere.com.

saturday Pre-Natal Yoga with Tricia – Thru Mar 17. 10:30am-12pm. 6-wk series. Enhance your pregnancy with prenatal yoga and keep the body healthy, the mind stress free and promote a deeper connection between mother and baby. $22/drop-in. The Sanctuary for Yoga, 43 S Main St, Medford. 609-953-7800. TheSanctuaryForYoga.com. Pet Adoption Day – 11am-2pm. PetsMart, 62 Centerton Rd, Mount Laurel. More info, Burlington County Animal Alliance: bcaaofnj.org.

community resource guide Connecting you to the leaders in natural health care and green living in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide, email NASouthJersey@gmail.com to request our media kit.

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS RENEÉ ROBERTSON, LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST Restoration-You Inc. 720 E Main St, Ste 1-D Moorestown, NJ 856-437-0430 Restoration-You.com

What if there was a much easier way to deal with stress and anxiety? Have your Bars run, gentle touch on 32 points on the scalp that starts a flow of energy and erases years of fixed points of view, judgments, negative feelings and limiting beliefs that hold us back. Sessions include powerful tools to use in everyday situations. Energetic Massage and Bodywork for Women.


Institute for Complementary & Alternative Medicine 24 Nautilus Dr, Ste 3, Manahawkin 609-978-9002 504 Hamburg Tpk, Ste 202, Wayne 973-790-6363 639 Stokes Rd, Se 202, Medford 609-654-5900 ICAMBartissMD.com Dr. Bartiss is both conventionally and holistically trained giving patients the best of both worlds and the freedom to choose. ICAM’s HEART Program addresses the body’s basic needs in terms of hormone rejuvenation to include adrenal, thyroid, sex and growth hormones as well as the essential neurotransmitters. As an active and founding member of the American Association of Ozonotherapists, Dr. Bartiss is an expert in various forms of bio-oxidative therapies that include ozone, hydrogen peroxide, ultraviolet phototherapy and highdose vitamin C. These and other powerful therapies are offered by only a few hundred medical practitioners throughout the country. See ad on page 8.



ANCESTRAL HEALING DANA REYNOLDS, MA/M ED Mount Meru Holistic Earth South Jersey & Tri-State area 856-993-1786 MtMeruHolistic.com

Need generational healing? Inhome or in studio treatments available. Won Ki channeling sessions immediately begin to address disharmony, blockages, imbalance and lack in the mind-body continuum. Learn to release and heal your entire family of life’s stresses, conflict, chronic pain/illness, accident, addiction and negativity by tapping into nature’s vital Ki or Qi energy. Shaman sounds classes for ancestral elevation and healing held weekly at Sei Jun Kan Karate Studio in Voorhees. Call for info on Qi sessions or sound classes. Visit website for testimonies.


Angel Intuitive, Medium, Artist, Author, Reiki/IET The Center, Life in Balance, 45 S Main St, Medford, NJ 08055 Ph/text: 856-220-2955 EnergyofAngels.com Facebook: Energy of Angels Got Angels? Yes, you do! Find out more by connecting with them via your own customized Angel Art, private Crystal Singing Bowls with the Angels session or Angel Crystal Grid Reading. Using art and sound, Kristy McAdams helps you deepen into your connection with the angels to enhance your life. See ad on page 23.


Ayurvedic Healing Practitioner Registered Yoga Teacher Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness 118 W Merchant St Audubon, NJ 08106 856-816-4158 Utilizing the principles of ayurveda, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and herbs for natural healing and self-care to support your body in returning to its natural healthy function. Reiki session, ayurvedic cooking classes, restorative yoga and private yoga sessions. See ad on page 38.

March 2018


BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONE RESTORATION THERAPY DR. CAMILLE SEMPLE-DALY, DO Replenish Center 215 Sunset Rd, Ste 204 Willingboro, NJ 08046 856-380-1330 Info@ReplenishHormones.com ReplenishHormones.com

Don’t wait any longer to restore your hormone balance. Symptoms due to menopause, andropause, PMS, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, etc., should not negatively impact your quality of life. Regain your vitality and zest naturally with individualized Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration Therapy (BHRT). Dr. Camille Semple-Daly is board certified in OB/GYN and Aesthetic Medicine. She has practiced Functional and Integrative Medicine for over a decade and has helped thousands of men and women restore balance with BHRT. See ad on page 19.


Institute for Complementary & Alternative Medicine 24 Nautilus Dr, Ste 3, Manahawkin 609-978-9002 504 Hamburg Tpk, Ste 202, Wayne 973-790-6363 639 Stokes Rd, Se 202, Medford 609-654-5900 ICAMBartissMD.com Dr. Bartiss is among a small group of physicians that pioneered the early “integrated” health care system. As a conventionally and holistically trained physician, he offers the best of both schools of medicine. Dr. Bartiss’ “HEART” Program (Hormone, Endocrine, Adrenal Rejuvenation Therapy) addresses hormone imbalance and focuses on restoring his patients to optimal levels. The simple explanation of this program is that when the endocrine system is balanced, a person is less likely to become ill, over-weight and emotionally imbalanced. ICAM patients report an improved quality of life, both emotionally and physically. See ad on page 8.

CHIROPRACTOR DECOTIIS CHIROPRACTIC WELLNESS 30 W Holly Ave, Pitman, NJ 08071 856-218-1330 Fddec@WellnessSpeakers.org

Dr. DeCotiis specializes in wellnessbased Chiropractic care: helping the body to function at its personal best while reducing internal and external stresses. We individualize care to optimize performance of body systems by reducing nerve damage, improving spinal alignment, posture, ergonomics, sleep habits, hormone balance and improving overall health through exercise, weight loss, detox and supplementation.


South Jersey Edition


The Strawbridge Professional Center 212 W Rte 38, Ste 100 Moorestown, NJ 08057 856-273-1551 DrSylviaBidwell@verizon.net Bidwell-Chiropractic.com Dr. Bidwell is dedicated to providing patients the best possible spinal healthcare including chiropractic adjustment, massage, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, hot and cold therapy, cervical and lumbar traction, and stretching and strengthening exercise instruction. Her adjustments techniques consist of diversified, activator, arthrostim, SOT blocking, craniosacral work, active release technique, and PNF stretching. See ad on page 15.


13 Wynwood Dr, Pemberton, NJ 08068 609-351-5878 Robert-Egby.com Feeling sick, uncomfortable at home and no one has answers? Could be Geopathic Stress Zones. We dowse and remotely transmute and convert to positive, uplifting energy, permanently! Privacy guaranteed. Details at Robert-Egby.com: “Geopathic Stress: Fast and Effective Clearance.”

ENERGYWORK DR. KEVIN GYURINA, DC, CCWP, RM The Healing Space Wellness Center 504 White Horse Pike, Collingswood, NJ 08107 609-361-4401 • DrKevinG.com

As above so below. Whatever the challenge or problem may be, it is expressed throughout all the layers of your body, mind and spirit. Dr Kevin combines advanced chiropractic techniques with life coaching, quantum energy healing, reiki and advanced detox, vitamin, mineral and herbal protocols to address multiple areas related to the pain. Unique, exciting and impactful results provided in one place from one doctor.


Experienced Energy Intuitive and Yoga Teacher 856-261-0554 BlissBodyNJ.com


Lisa O’Brien is an experienced yoga teacher, Reiki Master and energy intuitive offering private and group sessions. She specializes in clearing blockages and negative programs out of the energy system for healing and advancement on one’s path.


The Wisdom Within Moorestown office/Skype or phone sessions 856-236-5973 TheWisdomWithin.net Transform your Chaos to Calm! Calm your worried mind, manage your inner critic, and connect to your Wisdom Within, through drugfree energy techniques, mindfulness and spiritual counseling. Clarify and accomplish goals, guided by your deepest Wisdom. Schedule your complimentary 21-min Call to Transformation on website.


Kiel’s Healing & Back To Nature Oils 856-491-6422 Contact@KielsHealing.com KielsHealing.com Reiki & reiki certifications, molecular light therapy, hand-blended essential oils, elixir, wild-foraged medicinals, guided meditations, crystal singing bowls, Himalayan retreats. Come back to your true nature, accelerate your life path! Kiel Gerhard is a certified Reiki Master, plant medicine maker, and a service-driven spiritual practitioner, who has catapulted thousands of people onto a life-changing journey of spiritual awakening and growth. Contact Kiel to schedule an appointment to realign the self, connect to Source, and activate your Highest Service. See ad on page 31.

ESSENTIAL OILS YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS Marilyn York Independent Distributor #489656 877-436-2299 MyYL.com/naturalhealth4U

Essential oils: revered for thousands of years for their naturally enhancing support of body, mind and spirit. Become a Young Living Essential Oils Member/Customer, and/or an Independent Distributor.

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Call 267-664-3236 to join us next month


Lotus Living Space Feng Shui, Physical Radiesthesia, Energy Therapy, Shamanic Healing 201-993-6588 Info@LotusLivingSpace.com LotusLivingSpace.com A healthy body, mind and spirit need a balanced and positive environment. Karin is a certified Feng Shui Master and Professional Dowser for Geopathic Stress, Electromagnetic Frequencies, Energy Intrusions and Product Sensitivities. She also offers IET, Shamanic Healing and Psychopomp work to heal mind and spirit.

HEALING MODALITIES SARAH OUTLAW, CBHC, MH, NRT Natural Health Improvement Center of South Jersey 1050 N Kings Hwy, Ste 200 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 856-667-6805 NHICSouthJersey.com

Safe, natural solutions for many health problems. Get to the root of your symptoms and heal your body with Nutrition Response Testing™. Sarah Outlaw is a Master Herbalist and Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner offering a non-invasive, advanced form of muscle testing for food sensitivities, chemical and metal toxicity, and immune system issues for all ages. Individualized, targeted nutrition programs designed for every client. See ad on page 41.

HEALTH COUNSELING LIESHA GETSON, BCTT, HHC Health Through Awareness 100 Brick Rd, Ste 206, Marlton 856-596-5834 HealthThroughAwareness.com

Liesha Getson is a Board-Certified Thermographic Technician, Holistic Health Counselor, a Reiki Master and Energy Practitioner. Liesha is a founding partner of Health Through Awareness in Marlton, a cooperative wellness center that provides a variety of alternative services to facilitate healthy living including nutrition and lifestyle counseling, reiki, thermography, infrared detoxification and biopuncture. See ad on page 23.


Laurel Hill Plaza, corner of Blackwood- Clementon Rd & Laurel Rd, Lindenwold. 856-784-1021 NaturalHealthNJ.com For a complete selection of vitamins, homeopathics, body care, bulk herbs, bulk grains, packaged foods, frozen foods, organic produce, snacks. Open 7 days. Mon-Fri, 9am-8pm; Sat, 10am-8pm; Sun, 10am5pm. See ad on page 23.


Julia Gandy 505 S Lenora Rd, Ste 124, Moorestown 609-634-2396 EmbodyingWellnessCoach.com A full spectrum of wellness services are combined to help you live your best, most powerful life without being pulled by life’s daily challenges. Modalities employed are massage therapy, reiki, aromatherapy, innerpeace building skills and HeartMath Coaching and Training. After finding out what pulls you out of your center, you’ll have tools to be the calm in the center of the storm. See ad on page 13.


Hypnosis Healing and Beyond 13 Wynwood Dr, Pemberton, NJ 08068 609-351-5878 Robert.Egby@hotmail.com Hypnoanalysis and Sound Healing can be of great help with stress and anxiety relief, memories, limitations, blocks, fears and obsessions. We rebuild positive values including self-confidence, self worth, living now and imaging goals. Help provided with mindfulness and selfhypnosis training, higher self and spirit communication. Appointments: days, evenings, weekends.


Institute for Medical Wellness 110 Marter Ave, Ste 408, Moorestown, NJ 856-231-0590 • DrHorvitz.com Board-Certified Family Medicine blending traditional family care with a holistic focus and preventive, nutritional and integrative approach. We look for causes and triggers for disease before reaching for the prescription pad. Same and next day appointments are available. See ad on page 29.



Chairman, Medical & Dental Division, International Hypnosis Federation 214 W Main St, Ste L4, Moorestown, NJ 08057 856-231-0432 • DrJaimeF@aol.com PartsTherapy.com Dr. Jaime Feldman, one of the pioneers in an advanced technique called “Advanced Parts Therapy,” has been able to unlock the subconscious and remove unwanted behaviors: stop smoking (guaranteed), weight loss, stress, depression, pain and anger management, and more. Outstanding success in curing phobias and deepseated trauma, and treating the immune system to put cancer into complete remission. See ad on page 37.

If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals. J.K. Rowling

Health Through Awareness 100 Brick Rd, Ste 206, Marlton, NJ 08053 856-596-5834 Health Through Awareness takes a holistic approach to health and well-being. Dr. Philip Getson is a board-certified Family Physician and certified by four Thermographic Boards. He specializes in thermography, an early diagnostic tool for many health conditions including breast health. With the mission of providing a balanced approach to wellness, the center offers diet and lifestyle counseling, thermography, the area’s most unique infrared detox sauna (The POD), reiki, a smoking cessation program, physician standard supplements and ongoing wellness classes. See ad on page 23.


Phone coaching at its best 973-444-7301 • Info@LifeCoachDavid.com I am an experienced and certified Law of Attraction life coach. I can coach you on how to attract what you want - both materialistically and emotionally, and how to feel happier and more excited about life!

March 2018


MASSAGE FOR PAIN MANAGEMENT DOROTHEA ATKINS, TH.D., RN, LMT Holos Touch LLC 17 White Horse Pike, Ste 6, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035 856-546-7500 Dr.DottyAtkins@gmail.com HolosTouchLLC.com

MEDICAL SKINCARE AND COSMETICS DR. ANAMARIA NEWPORT, DMS, DMD, MHS, PAC 17 White Horse Pike, Ste 10B Haddon Heights, NJ 08035 856-323-8885

Experience and learn simple yet effective pain relief methods in individual or group sessions. Dr. Atkins’ advanced muscle release treatment and self-care education has proven published results for the past decade. Other services include certified manual lymph drainage, and relief for various chronic conditions. See ad on page 33.

Dr. Newport is a discerning artist, highly experienced master cosmetic injector, and renowned dermatology speaker with 10+ years of extensive medical training. Her continuous dedication for skincare, surgery, dentistry, and cosmetic procedures are enhanced by combining the use of the latest technology and her unique homeopathic style. As an artist, she is genuinely passionate about bringing out the unique beauty in each one of her patients. Look no further for your organic skincare specialist, offering the purest treatments achievable with our personalized natural products.


Affordable relaxation offered at Rizzieri’s Alumni Spa. Staffed by recent Rizzieri graduates, the Alumni Spa is the perfect place to make an appointment with a Licensed Massage Therapist at an attractive price point. Spa experiences are offered in 50-min or 80-min sessions and are customized based on personal needs and preferences. Services include: Swedish massage, reflexology, hot stone, maternity massage, deep tissue, and stress relief wraps. Open on Wed and Fri, 4:30-9pm; Sun, 9am-4pm with prices starting at $45. Call for an appt. See ad on page 13.


Lori Dye, LMT, Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner Washington Professional Campus 860 NJ-168 Blackwood, NJ 08012 Located inside Performance Chiropractic & Wellness Center 856-401-9550 WeAreHumanMasssage.com We are not machines, we are human! Even though we are certainly built like them. We need to treat ourselves with a little extra TLC from time to time. It is important to listen to our aches and pains & emotional stress. It is our body’s natural way of saying “I need attention!” Allow yourself to follow your intuition and set aside some time for healing and regeneration today. I look forward to meeting you and helping to guide you along in your journey healing mind, body and spirit.


South Jersey Edition


Intuitive Advisor, Medium & Soul Coach The Blessed Self 609-353-7210 Facebook: The Blessed Self Twitter: @Kimara_Medium TheBlessedSelf.com Internationally recognized Psychic Medium, Reiki Master and Soul Coach, Kimara empowers clients to discover purpose, develop intuition, and find clarity. Connect with loved ones who’ve crossed over to experience joy, healing, closure and forgiveness. Phone, video, and in-person sessions, workshops, retreats, private and group readings are available.




8102 Town Center Blvd, Voorhees, NJ 08043 856-983-1680 Facebook: Rizzieri Alumni Spa


EXTREME COMMUNICATION Lisa Miliaresis, Medium & Author 856-439-6475 Lisa@2Communicate.net 2Communicate.net

Lisa offers private channeling, group channeling and private counseling session for those looking for direction to develop their own personal practice.

Open Tues-Fri, 10am-7pm & Sat, 10am-3pm 703 Stokes Rd, Store #4, Medford, NJ 08055 609-714-8666 Facebook: Nutrition Works of Medford Natural health store supplying supplements, sports nutrition, pain management, gluten-free and vegan items, health/beauty, homeopathics and so much more. See ad on page 41.

NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR MENOPAUSAL AND SEXUAL HEALTH WOMEN FOR WOMEN MEDICAL ASSOCIATES Jewel Amui-Bellon, M.D. 102 Centre Boulevard, Ste I Marlton, NJ 08053 856-267-5019 • w4wma.com

It is a known fact that millions of women after the menopausal transition, undergo changes in their vaginal health and suffer from vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. The changes in vaginal health is due to declining estrogen levels. Current management of these symptoms include Estrogens and Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators. Not all women can take estrogens for symptomatic relief. The MonaLisa Touch therapy is an effective in-office, non-hormornal therapy, with no downtime. Most women have called it life changing. It is similar to the annual pelvic exam. Many women have reported symptomatic relief after the first treatment. See ad on page 11.


MELISSA JOSSELSON, ND Naturopathic Doctor Marlton & Haddonfield, NJ 856-472-9495 MyNaturalDoctor.com

Holistic health care for all ages and a variety of health conditions. Find the cause of your health issues and heal using safe, natural and nontoxic therapies. See ad on page 6.


Numerologist & Empowerment Coach 609-417-4526 TraciRosenberg@gmail.com SoulTalkWithTraci.com Join the region’s leading numerologist as you discover your life’s purpose. Encoded in your name and birth date are your lessons, talents and desires. Traci will help you realize your full potential.


Marlton and Cherry Hill, NJ 856-495-6604 AlignedByDesignInc.com There’s hope and healing for chronic and recurrent pain. Stop treating your symptoms, get to the root cause of your pain, and get back to living a pain free lifestyle without drugs or surgery. Contact Deb Freeman, Postural Alignment Specialist certified by Egoscue University for information. Proven. Effective. Life changing. See ad on page 9.


Andrea Regal Subtle Energy Therapist 856-904-5566 Andrea@HealersUniverse.com HealersUniverse.com You are so much more than you know! Discover how your greatest challenges reveal your Soul purposes! Learn how to move past the defenses (no longer needed) in your mind, body and energy field to live from your authentic Self. Transmute the fears and pains opening the portals to you multidimensionality. For as you evolve, you evolve the planet! 30+ years’ experience counseling and teaching the energetics of mind, body and soul interconnection. See ad on page 22.


Usui Reiki Master & Tuning Fork Sound Professional 856-383-1004 HealingArtisan@comcast.net Healingartisan.com Eileen Toth, Usui Reiki Master & Tuning Fork Sound Professional. Integrated energy work at the Sewell, NJ Healing Studio. Includes treatment and intuitive after review. Contact her to schedule.


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Earth Angel Healing, LLC 1500 Kings Hwy N, Ste C211, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 856-693-3411 EarthAngelHealingLLC.com


Michelle is a certified Reiki Master/ Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) Master/Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Sound Healer, Crystal and Energy Intuitive Healer for all ages. Michelle assists her clients with discovering their own innate ability to heal their mind, body and spirit. She offers several classes, one-on-one sessions, group sessions, distance energy healing sessions and much more.

Aw a r e n e s s Coaching, with Maryann Miller, and Intuitive Guidance, with Susan Drummond, are offered at The Center and as private sessions in your home or over the phone. If you are feeling out-of-sorts, have a free consultation to determine the unique approach for your unique journey. See ad on page 23.


SELF-REALIZATION ANDREW J. ASSINI, MA, LCADC, LAC Conscious Contact Healing & Wisdom 856-595-2220 Drew@ConsciousContact.org

on page 19.

609-975-8379 TheCenterLifeInBalance@gmail.com TheCenterLifeInBalance.com

Tired of the same old talk therapy? Looking for something more? Conscious Contact Healing & Wisdom offers a spiritually-grounded and holistic approach to wellness and awakening for motivated individuals. There can be an end to suffering, and it can begin today. See ad

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT DR. CAMILLE SEMPLE-DALY, DO Replenish Center 215 Sunset Rd, Ste 204 Willingboro, NJ 08046 856-380-1330 Info@ReplenishHormones.com ReplenishHormones.com

1368 Rte 38 E, Hainesport, NJ 08036 609-261-1955  DorothysHealingCenter.com  A transformational holistic wellness center designed to assist you with symptoms from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stressors in life. Dorothy, a holistic health facilitator, hosts educational lectures, seminars and meditation sessions to assist in your healing process. Symptoms we work with include: stress, depression, anxiety, migraines, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, ADD, ADHD, arthritis. A wellness massage therapist and yoga therapist are also available.


End yo-yo dieting with our safe and effective Physician-Supervised Weight-Loss Program. Our program is designed to identify the root causes of your weight concerns, individualize a plan to reverse the imbalances identified, and help you to quickly and safely lose the excess weight. Finally, we will transition you to a healthier lifestyle to keep you at a healthier weight. Dr. Camille Semple-Daly is board certified in OB/ GYN and Aesthetic Medicine. She has practiced Functional and Integrative medicine for over a decade. See ad on page 19.

Jewel Amui-Bellon, M.D. 102 Centre Boulevard, Ste I Marlton, NJ 08053 856-267-5019 w4wma.com

Dr. Jewel Amui-Bellon is a well-respected, board-certified OBGYN in Marlton, NJ. She provides excellent individualized gynecologic and preventative care for women. In addition, she is committed to providing a wholistic, gentle, and compassionate way to conception for women who have been told they cannot carry out successful pregnancy outcomes. The oldest women was 56 years old at conception and successfully delivered a bouncy baby boy. See ad on page 11.

Climate Health Update plus: Healthy Home Tips

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Energy Coach, Reiki Master, Wild Soul Movement Teacher Info@ChristineJuckett.com LadyOfSanctuary.com Wild Soul Movement is a program that uses sensuality, movement, and mantras to cultivate body connection, trust, love and acceptance. Become the living, breathing embodiment of feminine truth and power. Group and private classes available. See website for class locations and times.


The Sanctuary for Yoga 43 S Main St, Medford, NJ 609-953-7800 TheSanctuaryForYoga.com Tricia Heiser, founder of The Sanctuary for Yoga, is an experienced yoga teacher, reiki master, certified angel card reader and intuitive soul coach. She helps people who feel lost or out of sorts to regain balance in their lives so that they can live with clarity, wisdom and purpose. Group and private yoga classes/reiki sessions and reiki attunements available.


Pine Winds Zen Center Cherry Hill & Shamong locations 609-268-9151 Seijaku@Jizo-An.org A unique opportunity to work with an American Zen Master. One-on-one private sessions with one of today’s most popular pioneers and expert in the field of human potential and Mindfulness Meditation Stress Reduction Training (Zen Training). Adults, couples, families, executives, professionals, caretakers and clergy. Stress management, relationships, grief, loss and mindfulness in the workplace. See ad on page 42.

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Ancient healing element stops a cold before it starts


a 2-day sinus headache. When her gently in his nose for 60 seconds. CopperZap arrived, she tried it. “I am “It worked!” he exclaimed. “The cold went away completely.” It worked shocked! My head cleared, no more headache, no more congestion.” again every time he felt a cold coming Some users say copper stops nighton. He has never had a cold since. time stuffiness if they use it just before He asked relabed. One man said, “Best sleep I’ve tives and friends to had in years.” try it. They said it Users also report success in stopworked for them, ping cold sores when used at the first too. So he patented sign of a tingle in the lip. One woman CopperZap™ and put it on the market. said, “I tried every product on the market over 20 years. Some helped a little, Soon hundreds New research: Copper stops colds if used early. of people had tried but this stopped it from happening in the first place.” it and given feedback. Nearly 100 perColds start when cold viruses get in The handle is sculptured to fit the your nose. Viruses multiply fast. If you cent said the copper stops their colds hand and finely textured to improve if used within 3 hours of the first sign. don’t stop them early, they spread in contact. Tests show it kills harmful Even up to 2 days after the first sign, your airways and cause misery. if they still get the cold it is milder and microbes on the fingers to help prevent But scientists have found a quick the spread of illness. they feel better. way to stop a virus. Touch it with Users wrote things like, “It copper. Researchers at labs and unistopped my cold right away,” and versities worldwide agree — copper is “antimicrobial.” It kills microbes, such “Is it supposed to work that fast?” Pat McAllister, age 70, received as viruses and bacteria, just by touch. one as a gift and called it “one of Four thousand years ago ancient the best presents ever. This little Greeks and Egyptians used copper to purify water and heal wounds. Now we jewel really works.” People often use CopperZap know why it worked so well. for prevention, before cold signs Researchers say a tiny electric appear. Karen Gauci, who flies often Sinus trouble, stuffiness, cold sores. charge in microbe cells gets short-cirCopper may even help stop flu if cuited by the high conductance of cop- for her job, used to get colds after used early and for several days. In a crowded flights. Though skeptical, she per. This destroys the cell in seconds. lab test, scientists placed 25 million tried it several times a day on travel Tests by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show germs die fast days for 2 months. “Sixteen flights and live flu viruses on a CopperZap. No viruses were found alive soon after. not a sniffle!” she exclaimed. on copper. So some hospitals switched The EPA says the natural color Businesswoman Rosaleen says to copper touch surfaces, like faucets change of copper does not reduce its when people are sick around her she and doorknobs. This cut the spread of ability to kill germs. MRSA and other illnesses by over half, uses CopperZap morning and night. CopperZap is made in the U.S. of “It saved me last holidays,” she said. and saved lives. pure copper. It carries a 90-day full “The kids had colds going around and The strong scientific evidence gave money back guarantee and is available around, but not me.” inventor Doug Cornell an idea. When for $49.95 at CopperZap.com or tollSome users say it also helps with he felt a cold coming on he fashioned free 1-888-411-6114. sinuses. Attorney Donna Blight had a smooth copper probe and rubbed it ew research shows you can stop a cold in its tracks if you take one simple step with a new device when you first feel a cold coming on.




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