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Cash-in-transit guard who disappeared with N$300k arrested in Swakopmund

Old Mutual relaunches its Swakop branch

A cash-in-transit security official who disappeared with N$300 000 in cash in Swakopmund last Friday, has been arrested in Swakopmund's DRC settlement yesterday morning. Ricardo Oxurub (35) (pictured left) was part of a three-man team who had to replenish Bank Windhoek's ATM's with cash last Friday. After booking out cash at Bank Windhoek Swakopmund, the trio drove with an armored van to the ATM of the Bank at Ocean View. Two of the guards entered the secure area of the ATM and started to reload it with cash. Oxurub allegedly stayed behind at the vehicle with one box containing N$300 000 in his care. When his colleagues returned to the vehicle, Oxurub and the cash box was nowhere to be found. After the Bank laid criminal charges, a manhunt was undertaken to arrest Oxurub and to recover the money. With his arrest yesterday morning, only a small amount of the stolen cash could be retrieved. Police investigators hope to recover more. Oxurub is expected to make a first appearance in the Swakopmund magistrate's court today on a charge of theft.

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Charcoal industry faces oversupply

Democratic Republic of Congo of opinion Namibian horse mackerel “too expensive” One of the Namibian fishing industry’s main horse mackerel trade partner in Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), says Namibian horse mackerel landed in that country is too expensive, because there are too many agents involved in the supply chain. That is according to the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Derek Klazen. added N$397,6 million my (HLPNE) to come The DRC’s solution port of Matadi. to the problem seems The 2021 TAC for to State coffers. A up with a strategy for to lie in the purchase horse mackerel is 330 delegation of the DRC, the country’s economic of horse mackerel on 000 metric tons. Of that led by the country’s recovery. The Panel Namibia’s cyclical 87 000 tons were iso- National Minister of among others took a Government Objec- lated as Government Economic, Jean-Marie critical look at the Objective Quota. A to- Kalumba Yuma, has country’s natural retive fish auctions. In fact, a total of 27 tal of 55 000 tons were been in Namibia by sources (including 300 metric tons of already auctioned. The Tuesday to finalise the fish) and recommendhorse mackerel was DRC purchased the arrangements for the ed a transparent bidrecently purchased remaining 27 300 tons, payment, according to ding process whereby portions of the annual by the DRC on the the Minister of Fishe- Klazen. fish auction of the ries and Marine Re- The background of the Total Allowable Catch 2021 Total Allowable sources, Derek Klazen, Government Objective be allocated as Government Objective QuoCatch (TAC). The explained during a me- Quotas: DRC is now search- dia briefing in Walvis In March 2019 Presi- tas. These quotas are dent Hage Geingob ap- put on auction to the ing for a technical Bay earlier this week. partner in Namibia to According to the mi- pointed a 22-member highest bidder (at catch the fish and nister, the auctioning of High-Level Panel on reserve prices per ton) deliver it to its main horse mackerel already the Namibian Econo- and the proceeds paid

into the National Treasury. The very first auction was held last year. There were hick-ups and many bidders

could not honour their commitments. Despite, the hake quota allocated as Government Objective sold for N$178 million.

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The dream owning a house comes true

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Minister Jean-Marie Kalumba Yuma

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The B2 coastal road remains dangerous Eileen van der Schyff The B2 coastal road remains dangerous, and only proper and safe driving will change this. This became evident once more on Saturday night when two accidents occurred on this stretch of road linking Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. Dangerous driving in the form of speeding, overtaking on a blind crests and generally inconsiderate driving are the main causes of frequent accidents on the B2. In the first accident, the driver of a Mazda light vehicle side-swept a Nissan Note as it was overtaking on a blind crest. The driver of the Note lost control of the vehicle and crashed into an oncoming minibus occupied by seven on-duty members of the Namibian Defense Force. A passenger in the Mazda was miraculously the only person injured and no deaths occurred. In the second accident, also involving a minibus, an oncoming light sedan vehicle smashed partially head-on into it after swerving into the lane of the minibus. Both vehicles were flung off the road as a result of the force of the collision but neither of the vehicles overturned. Apart from non-life-threatening injuries to the driver of the sedan, all occupants of the vehicles escaped unscathed.

Ryan Gordon sworn in as Councillor Rudi Bowe

The Landless People's Movement (LPM) representative, Mr Ryan Gordon was sworn in as Town Councillor of Walvis Bay on Tuesday evening. Councillor Gordon hails from Narraville and is also known as a founding member of the Narraville Community Against Crime (NCAC). He replaces the late LPM Town Councillor Stanley Bikeur who died last month. Cllr. Gordon was also elected to serve as alternate member on the Town Council’s Management Committee. In his maiden speech, Cllr. Gordon avoided making promises he said “he cannot fulfil individually”. “I accepted this position to work with others to restore the dignity of the people of Walvis Bay. I cannot make a difference alone, but with the community, we can do it.” Cllr. Gordon thanked the community, his family as well as friends in other towns in the country for putting their trust in him.” “We can make a change, please feel free to talk to me so we can see where we can start”, he is quoted. Adding Rome was not built in a day, but we have to start somewhere. “We don't want to talk about change. We want to make that change. Let us take hands and move in the right direction. Mayor Trevino Forbes welcomed Cllr. Gordon and said that Council is excited to have him on board. The Mayor wished him a fruitful and productive

tenure in Council. Mayor Forbes highlighted the oath Councillors take serves as a reminder to put the needs of the residents of Walvis Bay above their own. Forbes said: “The road will not be smooth. There will be differences of opinion, but the most import aspect to remember is that it is our core responsibility to ensure that each decision taken by Council benefits our community and does not impact our Municipality negatively.”

Walvis Bay Mayor Trevino Forbes handed the council LPM representative Ryan Gordon sworn in as a Walvis document to newly sworn in Cllr Ryan Gordon Bay Local Authority councillor


Old Mutual relaunches its Swakopmund branch



Company registers strong profits amidst the challenges brought by Covid-pandemic

Floris Steenkamp Old Mutual Namibia’s life insurance business unit paid out N$1 billion in death claims since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the company’s short-term business unit, OMSIC, paid out N$35 million to insurable losses incurred by clients due to the Covid-19 lockdown. These figures were released last Thursday by “In our life insurance business, we have seen a Mr Lionel Kannemeyer, the Retail Market Exe- considerable increase in the number of death cutive of Old Mutual Namibia, during the re- claims that we processed on a weekly basis since launch of the Old Mutual branch at Swakop- the outbreak of Covid-19. By the end of August mund. 2021, we have paid out N$1 billion in death Far from viewing it as a burden, Kannemeyer claims in our life insurance business”, explained said Old Mutual Namibia takes pride in the fact Kannemeyer. that despite the financial challenges brought “In our short-term insurance business, given a fair about by the pandemic, the business remains amount of guidance obtained from relevant court strong, vibrant and responsive to its clients. judgements on business interruption claims so “On 31 August, we released our Interim Results far, we continue to engage with all our insured which indicated that our diversified business clients who believe that they have submitted valid model remains well capitalised, with strong sol- claims in terms of their policies. To date, we have vency and liquid positions. That is despite dis- paid over N$35 million to our clients in final and ruptions caused by Covid-19 and the associated interim settlements”. hard lockdown since March 2020”, said Kannemeyer. Old Mutual is in business since 1920 and today has 25 branches throughout Namibia. Over a century Old Mutual built strong local credentials and a respected brand. Strong leadership ensured the company was able to weather storm after storm, with the Covid-19 pandemic the latest of such storms. Kannemeyer on the re-launch of the Swakopmund branch explained the new location, in the Pandion II building in the town’s Sam Nujoma Avenue (the main street), will enhance the connection between the business and its clients. The new branch office is more visible, and Kannemeyer invited Old Mutual clients to come and visit the new branch. The new branch is staffed by 25 employees and were described by him as “well equipped and ready to serve with professionalism and efficiency. “I can therefore assure you with utmost confidence that the staff members who are serving our customers at this branch are well equipped and ready to serve our customers professionally and efficiently, anchored in our values - ensuring customers have a clear understanding of the various investments, savings, insurance, and other financial products Old Mutual offers”. On the insurance pay-outs in death benefits and to business related losses paid out by OMSIC, Mr Kannemeyer admitted the first six months of 2021 was tough. There was an increase in Covid deaths. It created excess deaths and subsequent excess death claims four times the number expected for June under normal circumstances. For July it worsened to 5 to 9 times the normal.

At the cutting of the ribbon: F.l.t.r.: Messers Lionel Kannemeyer (Retail Marketing Executive); Riaan Vermeulen (MD OMSIC); Holger Oberprieler (Operations Executive); Ndangi Katoma (Marketing, Transformation and Customer Strategy Executive); Parnall Augustus (Area Manager: Swakopmund) and Jaco Steenkamp (Branch Manager Swakopmund). Other pictures: the branch building, guests who attended the re-launch, Messers Kannemeyer delivering the keynote address and Oberprieler who cut the ribbon



New Megabuild branch ready soon The construction of the new branch of Pupkewitz Megabuild in Walvis Bay progresses well, and the grand opening is scheduled for the second week of December this year. This new branch will be more than 2 000 square metres in size (from the current 980 sqm). “We are immensely excited about our new branch taking shape”, explains Mr. Cobus Bosman, Pupkewitz Megabuild's branch manager in Walvis Bay. To construct the new store, the current branch had to be moved back into what was then the receiving and storage section. With the branch building empty, construction and renovation could start. Bosman says it is a challenge to operate the current branch, as space is limited and all infrastructure is tem-

porary. He added staff remains committed to good client service despite this challenge. “I want to point out to the public that the temporary entrance moved to 5th Street East. That is on the street running parallel to the railway line. We marked the entrance with flags and banners”, said Bosman. (See accompanying Google Earth map and pictures of the temporary entrance). Adding despite all the hustle and bustle at the construction side, there is ample parking space, and the temporary branch is stocked with a wide variety of products. Staff are friendly and helpful.

The new branch is going to be spectacular and a valuable new addition to Walvis Bay's shopping experience. More than 2 000 new product lines will be introduced to the existing variety. The new branch will feature among others a garden centre, a coffee shoppe, two entrances, and a system to assist contractors and the bigger hardware client faster and more efficiently. “This is going to be an extraordinary shopper's haven for the contractor, the do-it-yourself client, the gardener, the home décor enthusiast and the general shopper alike. From Home improvement, interior decorating, construction to doit-yourself – our product

ranges will cater for both the high-end and lowerend price ranges and there will be variety to choose from”, further explained Bosman. He is also particularly excited about the paint section where new generation technology will be introduced to blend colours. You simply have to take a picture with your cell phone of the colour you desire, and with artificial intelligence this machine can blend with 99,9 % accuracy. “We remain committed to the vision and values our legendary leader, the late Harold Pupkewitz, harboured for his business – that of working to be the most respected and successful business

house and working with customers to help them achieve their goals”, explained Bosman. Adding every aspect of

this new branch in Walvis Bay will be about ease of doing business for customers, service with a smile,

speed of service and quality products. ·The future branch will also have extended business hours.

Directions to the temporary entrance: the red arrow shows the position of the old Megabuild branch. The yellow arrow shows Hannah Mupetami Road in the direction of the fish factories. The blue arrow shows the position of the temporary entrance in 5th Street East. (Also see pictures below - blue arrows)

Mr Cobus Bosman invites you to Pupkewitz Megabuild’s temporary branch in Walvis Bay. Construction to the new branch building concludes towards the end of the year, and is due for a grand opening in the second week of December




Carcass of juvenile Humback washes out

The carcass of a juvenile Humpback whale washed ashore north of Langstrand earlier this week. According to information on the Facebook profile of the Namibian Dolphin Project, the migration route between the whale breeding area in the tropics, (Gabon-Congo-Angola) and the summer feeding grounds in the Antarctic, runs along the west coast of Southern Africa. As the Humpback whale populations recovered over the past five decades and still carrying on to do so, the sightings of these whales will also increase. Inevitably also mortalities and disease which cause the whales to wash ashore or beach. “We can now start to detect good years and bad years, due to various factors, including climate change and poor fishing management.”



Charcoal industry faces oversupply

The Namibia Charcoal Association (NCA) warned charcoal producers of a possible surplus situation developing in the market. The approaching surplus is mainly due to a lack of space on container ships bound for Europe. It is not a situation of ca caused a chain of on the backlog, causing charcoal overproduc- backlogs. Producers in port congestions and tion, but the local South Africa could not shipping lines strugstockpiles growing export their commodi- gling to cope with conbecause it cannot be ties to Europe for the tainer volumes. shipped fast enough. duration of the unrests. The situation also has a NCA in a notice to When the situation chain reaction on Walcharcoal producers n o r m a l i s e d , t h e s e vis Bay. Shipping lines explained the recent South African produ- operating locally simpunrests in South Afri- cers started to catch up ly don't have sufficient

space onboard, and has to pick cargo on a basis of im-portance. Charcoal is low on the priority list, hence the

volumes of containers packed with charcoal building up locally. The NCA, based on advice from the shipping

industry, estimates the situation to pre-vail for the next two to three months. Producers were advis-

ed to temporary change their production output and opera-tions to cope with the developing situation.




The dream owning a house comes true Rudi Bowe

The dream owning a house has come true for the 121 families that have been living in tents after losing their homes in last year ‘s devastating Twolaloka fire in Kuisebmond Walvis Bay. The houses were constructed by the beneficiaries and the Namibia Shack dwellers Federation with government funds and through the Standard Bank – Build a Brick Project. The houses with one bedroom, toilet and open plan kitchen on 300sq meter erf houses were built to the tune of approximately Forty-three Million Namibia Dollars with each house costing about N$59 000. Namibian President, Hage Geingob, said at the hand over that the nation was shaken by the terrible and devastating fire outbreak at the Twaloloka informal settlement, which resulted in the loss of assets and possessions of 177 residents and 18-month-old baby Fillipus Mandha sadly lost his life. Geingob said “Today, out of the ashes of those shattered dreams, hope is rising like a phoenix.” “I am, therefore, pleased that after this tragic incident, we can meet today to partake in the handing-over of these houses to the fire victims, cementing our commitment to address the issue of the decongestion of informal settlements, to provide housing to the masses, and to improve the livelihoods of our people” the President said. “We will continue with this strategy and call on all local authorities to support this initiative by pro-

viding land where possible.” The President added that government has always been for the development of Namibia and its people as articulated in Vision 2030, the National Development Plans and the Harambee Prosperity Plans I and II with the goal to ensure that all Namibians have access to the basic necessities for a dignified life such as food, shelter, clothing, sanitation, education and healthcare. “We may differ politically, but the task of building Namibia is a collective endeavour where we should hold hands for an inclusive Namibian house” Geingob said. “The welfare of our people in the informal settlements has been given priority and to this end, we will not rest, we will not relent, and we will leave no stone unturned until we can provide shelter to all. Today is just another step forward in this noble objective,” Geingob concluded.




PUBLIC NOTIFICATION AND INVITATION ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (EIA) FOR THE CON-STRUCTION, OPERATION, MAINTENANCE AND DECOMMISSIONING OF THE PROPOSED HENTIES BAY PIPELINE AND THE REPLACE-MENT OF THE GROUND LEVEL RESERVOIR, ERONGO REGION Notice is hereby given to all potential Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs), that an application for an Environmental Clearance Certificate will be submitted to the Competent Authority and the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism (MEFT) for the following activities.

In terms of the Walvis Bay Town Planning Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/establish on the site a/an: Self Catering Unit.

Project title: Construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of the proposed Henties Bay pipeline and the replacement of the Ground Level Reservoir. Project location: Henties Bay, Erongo Region Proponent: Namibia Water Corporation (NamWater) Ltd. Description: NamWater supplies the Henties Bay Water Supply

Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 105, Civic Centre.

Scheme with groundwater from the Omdel well field that is linked to the Omdel-Swakopmund Water Supply Scheme. NamWater intends to upgrade the bulk water supply infrastructure to the town of Henties Bay due to ageing infrastructure and increased water demand. I&APs are hereby invited to register, request for the Background Information Document (BID), attend the public meeting and submit comments/inputs to The last day to submit input is 08 October 2021.

Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and the applicant, in writing, not later than 8 October 2021. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT: Johannes Botha van Dyk, P O Box 81346, Olympia, Windhoek email:

The public and stakeholder meeting is scheduled as follow: Venue: De Duine Hotel (No.85. Duine Road) Henties Bay Date: Tuesday, 28 September 2021 Time: 14:30 Link to virtual meeting is available on request prior to the meeting For more Information: Cell: +264 811422927 or +26481 3380114 http//:

24 SEPTEMBER 2021 MINISTRY OF TRADE & INDUSTRY LIQUOR ACT, 1998 NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO A COMMITTEE IN TERMS OF THE LIQUOR ACT, 1998 (Regulations 14, 26 & 33) Notice is given that an application in terms of the Liquor Act, 1998, particulars of which appear below, will be made to the Magistrate of the District of Erongo. 1. Name and postal

NAMIB TIMES address of applicant: Nicolaas Hermanus van der Westhuizen. 2. Name of business or proposed business to which application relates: De Duine Hotel, Henties Bay Close Corporation with registration number CC/ 2021/106930. 3. Address/location of premises to which application relates: Erf 85, Henties Bay, Namibia. 4. Nature and details of application: C Arangies t/as De Duine Hotel sold the premises to Nicolaas Hermanus

van der Westhuizen as a running concern. 5. Clerk of the court with whom application will be lodged: Swakopmund. 6. Date on which application will be lodged: 04/10/2021 Any objection or written submission in terms of section 28 of the Act in relation to the application must be sent or delivered to the Magistrate of the District, to reach the Magistrate not later than 7 days after the date on which the application is lodged.

Notice Take notice that HEH Urban Nest Creation on behalf of the owner of Erf 620, Swakopmund is applying to the Swakopmund Municipal Council and subsequently to the Urban and Regional Planning Board, respectively, for: The rezoning of Erf 620, Swakopmund, from “Office” with a bulk factor of 0.4 with a coverage of 50% with a bulk factor of 2.0. Erf 620 Swakopmund is located on the edge of the CBD, on the corner of Rhode Allee Street and Nathanael Maxuilili Street. Erf 620 Swakopmund is 1303m² in extent and is zoned “Office” with a bulk factor of 0.4 with a coverage of 50%. Currently the property is being used for Office Purposes. The proposed zoning will allow for the operation of a coffee shop and will accommodate the existing activities on the site. Parking requirements in terms of the Swakopmund Zoning Scheme are being met. The Town Planning Scheme and Map particulars of the application may be inspected at the Swakopmund Town Council, Town Planner's office. Further take note that any individual objecting to the proposed use of the land as set out above may lodge such objection together with the grounds thereof, with the Swakopmund Town Council: Town Planning section and the applicant in writing not later than 1 October 2021. Municipality of Swakopmund Planning Section: Town Planning P O BOX 53, Swakopmund Tel: +264 (64) 4104400

HEH Urban Nest Creations P.O. Box 4453 Walvis Bay +264 64 220275 Namibia




VACANCIES & NOTICES VACANCY Design and Property Project Management Consultant North Quay Properties (Pty) Ltd, invites all interested and qualified candidates looking for an exciting and challenging role as a senior design and property project management consultant Role outline: · Identifying , sourcing and securing property development investment opportunities in Namibia and South Africa, including the design and risk assessment thereof. · Experience in guiding property developing architectural and interior design - create and lead a team to achieve this. · Minimum 15 years' experience in the industry, experience in creating and leading a team. · Any corporate or international experience in the above is preferred. · Position will be project based. A detailed CV with supporting documents (Limited to 2 MB) should be forwarded to Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Closing date for applications: 10 October 2021

Nell's Hydraulics Hose and Fittings requires the services of the following Hydraulic Pipe Fitters ( x 4 ) & Hydraulic Fitter Supervisor Pipe Fitter duties: 1. Make up of new hydraulic pipes steel and rubber hoses, crimp sleeves 2. Fill in job cards and requisitions 3. Work to mine safety standards Supervisor duties: 1. Manage on site personal 2. Attending meetings 3. Re-order used spares Please mail your CV's to Closing Date: Wed. 29 September 2021

CALL FOR PUBLIC PARTICIPATION NOTICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT AND CONSENT USE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF A SERVICE STATION ON ERF 7214 EXTENSION 5 KUISEBMUND WALVIS BAY Notice is hereby given to all potential interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) that an application is made to the Environmental Commissioner in terms of the Environmental Management Act (No.7 of 2007) and the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (GN 30 in GG 4879 of 6 February 2012) for the following: Project Name: Ondonga Service Station Project Location: Erf 7214, Extension 5, Kuisebmund, Walvis Bay Project Description: A service/fuel station with four dispensing pumps for petrol and diesel. In this respect, interested and affected parties (I&APs) are hereby invited to register and submit comments concerns or issues regarding this project to the Environmental Consultant, Mr Julius Antonius at or at cell 0818778855 on or before 30 September 2021. All I&APs are also cordially invited to a public meeting to be held on site on the 25th of September 2021 at 10:30 AM.




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PROPERTIES TO RENT TO RENT: Spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with double garage to rent in Tamariskia. W&E, Alarm and WIFI included for N$ 9000.00 p/m Available 1 October 2021. Deposit required Contact 081 765 2366 TO RENT: Tamariskia 2 bedroom flat sitting room / kitchen (open plan) shower + toilet W/E incl. N$ 4 000.00 p/m Deposit negotiable Contact: 081 242 9717 TO RENT: Tamariskia 1 single flat open plan sitting room & kitchen Shower + toilet Big room with wardrobes W/E incl. N$ 3 500.00 p/m Deposit negotiable Contact: 081 242 9717

TO RENT: Townhouse in Centre, Walvis Bay 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms Single garage Indoor Braai Safe & Secure Small pets allowed Available from 1 October 2021 N$ 6 500.00 p/m Deposit payable in 3 months Contact: 081 128 4215 TO RENT: 2 bedroom or 1 bedroom + study flat, Walvis Bay, Hermes. 1 bedroom unit with a study or 2 bedrooms, undercover parking, bathroom with a shower, toilet and basin, open plan kitchen and living room BIC, indoor braai, front yard, no pets allowed, water and electricity included. N$ 5 850.00 p/m + N$ 5 850.00 deposit. Contact: Alwyn 081 124 3119 / Anelien 081 128 6008



Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

PROPERTIES TO RENT RENTAL: Pelican Village Two rooms for rent inside a Town House. One for N$ 1 100.00 p/m and other for N$ 2 500.00 Water included. Electricity not included - prepaid. Ladies preferred. Available on 1st October, 2021. Call Jones on: 081 122 9080. TO RENT: TAMARISKIA House Centrally located and in a secure place with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen and sitting room, garage for rent. N$ 6 000.00 p/m including water. Call: 081 430 7375 or 081 290 0073 TO RENT: Kuisebmond Kabeljou area, Walvis Bay one bedroom backyard flat with garage, open plan kitchenette / lounge. BIC in bedroom and kitchen. N$ 3 350.00 p/m Water incl. Pre paid electricity meter Deposit N$ 2 500.00 Available end of September Property secured with boundary wall and alarm system. For viewing and queries call 081 397 8061 / 081 285 0579 TO RENT: Narraville bachelor - 1 bedroom Kitchen with bic Bedroom with bic Toilet/shower fully tiled Floors fully tiled Burglar bars W/E incl. Deposit required N$ 3 500.00 p/m negotiable Available immediately Contact: 081 249 2051 TO RENT: Narraville 2 bedroom apartment in semi complex, courtyard and braai area with garage Pre paid electricity. Water included. N$ 4 500.00 p/m N$ 4 500.00 deposit payable over 2 - 3 months. Contact: 081 396 9360 081 779 8355 TO RENT: Kabeljou/Wvb one bedroom flat, open plan kitchen, with secure parking. Free wifi N$ 3 200.00 p/m W/E incl. Preference one person / couple Contact: 081 286 7210 081 205 9653

PROPERTIES TO RENT Walvis Bay Office space to rent N$ 6 000.00 p/m Water included Prepaid electricity Contact: 081 124 3904 TO RENT: Bachelor flat to rent in Kuisebmond N$ 2 800.00 Pp/m W/E incl. Deposit N$ 500.00 Available 1 October 2021 Contact: 081 490 4185 TO RENT: Kuisebmond Garage to park car or use as storage N$ 300.00 deposit N$ 500.00 per month Available 1 October 2021 Contact: 081 490 4185 Flat to rent: Central Walvis Bay Spacious 2 bedroom flat with separate living area. Built in stove and built in cupboards with single garage. With bath and shower. Security with remote to enter. Monthly rental: N$ 5500.00 p/m Deposit: 6500.00 Deposit is payable in 2 instalments No pets allowed Contact Ultra Travel properties to view at: Landline: 064207997 Cell phone: 0811297997 Email: TO RENT: 1bedroom flat, open plan kitchen, BIC, BIS, prepaid electricity, water & wifi included, safe parking N$ 3 600.00 p/m plus N$ 2000 deposit (neg) Call 081 228 1319 TO RENT: Centre of Swakopmund Modern upmarket fully furnished/applianced 2 bedroom flat for long term rent. Large open plan kitchen, dining-room, lounge combo. Includes fireplace and underfloor heating. 1 full bathroom + guest toilet. North/west facing Veranda with braai Long garage with electric gate. Building looked after by Haus Lüderitz body corporate- included in rent N$ 10 000/month negotiable 081-124 0375 House to rent: 5th Road, West, Meersig 3 bedrooms with BIC Kitchen with built in stove. Garage. Living area with built in fire place. Main bedroom - en suite bathroom Bathroom. Pet friendly Secured with high boundary walls. Pre-paid electricity Water excluded Monthly rental: N$ 6500.00 Deposit: 6000.00 Deposit is payable in first 2 instalments Contact number: 0811297997 Email:

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication




TO RENT: 2 Bachelor flat to rent in Narraville - Close to Municipality Library & UNAM. Each flat contains: 1 ensuite sleeping room, 1 kitchen/living room. A large open area outside. Price N$ 2800.00 The price includes WATER. Electricity is SHARED. Compulsory Deposit: of N$ 4500.00 only contact if you can pay that! Contact: 081 218 7336

TO RENT: ACADEMIA STUDENT ACCOMMODATION Fully furnished, walking distance from UNAM, DSTV, Wi-Fi, water and electricity included N$ 2 700.00 p/m Call: 081 128 8924

MNK Property Real Estate cc To Let Mondesa Bachelor Flat, water inclusive, pre-paid electricity. N$ 2200.00 Kabila park, Flat 1bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, water inclusive pre-paid electricity N$ 2500.00 Oletweni, House 2bedroom, bathroom, lounge, kitchen, water exclusive pre-paid electricity N$ 3800.00 Mahetago, House 2bedroom, bathroom, lounge, kitchen, double garage, water exclusive prepaid electricity N$ 3800.00 NHE house 2bedroom, bathroom, lounge, kitchen water exclusive pre-paid electricity N$ 4500.00 Ocean view Apartment 3bedroom, 2bathroom, guest toilet, lounge, kitchen, garage, water exclusive, pre-paid electricity. N$ 6500.00 WalvisBay, Kuisebmund 2Bedroom, 1bathroom, open lounge kitchen, single garage, water Included, prepaid electricity N$ 5000.00 NB: 100% deposit payable but negotiable All these properties are immediately available Viewing can be secured strictly on appointments. For viewing contact the numbers below Office @ 064 402112 Matty @ 081 244 6995 Cell @ 081 626 8486

TE HUUR: Narraville 1 slaapkamer woonstel Oop plan sitkamer en kombuis Water en krag ingesluit. N$ 3 500.00 p/m Vir 1 / 2 persone Beskikbaar vanaf 1 Oktober 2021 Kontak: 081 477 1477 TO RENT: 1 bedroom flat rent in Town, Walvis Bay. Close to shops Open plan sitting room with kitchen, bedroom with built in cupboard and bathroom with small courtyard. No garage, outside parking available. No pets allowed. Single person. N$ 3 800.00 p/m W/E incl. Deposit N$ 2500.00 p/m can be arranged over 2 - 3 months. Available immediately or 1 October 2021 For more information 081 376 2436 TO RENT: Walvis Bay, close to Welwitchia Hospital and town centre Spacious 2 bedroom Townhouse 1 garage, consists of main bedroom ensuite, BIC, guest bedroom BIC, second bathroom with shower and toilet, open plan kitchen BIC, and living room, courtyard at the back, alarm system, no pets allowed, prepaid electricity, water exclusive. N$ 5 500.00 p/m + N$ 5 500.00 deposit. Contact: Alwyn 081 124 3119 / Anelien 081 128 6008 TO RENT: Walvis Bay, close to Welwitchia Hospital and town centre Available: 01 October 2021 Spacious 3 bedroom Townhouse unit 1 garage, consists of main bedroom ensuite, BIC, 2 bedrooms BIC, separate bathroom with shower, toilet and basin, open plan kitchen BIC, and spacious living room, small courtyard, alarm system, no pets allowed, prepaid electricity, water exclusive. N$ 6 550.00 p/m + N$ 6 550.00 deposit. Contact: Alwyn 081 124 3119 / Anelien 081 128 6008 TO RENT: Lagoon area One bedroom flat N$ 4 700.00 p/m W/E incl. Contact: 081 216 5758

TO RENT WALVIS BAY FLAT IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE. Lounge, kitchen, one big bedroom, build in cupboards, bathroom and toilet. Water included, prepaid electricity. N$ 5000.00 p/m Call: 081 252 7474 SWAKOPMUND TAMARISKIA One bedroom flat with an open plan kitchen for N$3500.00 Water and Electricity included. Quiet and save area. Available end of September and deposit payable. Contact: 081 289 8668 / 081 435 1012 / 081 434 4858

SPECIAL at Toermalyn Narraville - To Let NO administration fees required B Floor Units with garage and court yard – N$4350 Outside Units with large courtyard – N$4850 Units with courtyard N$4550.00 *pre-paid water & electricity *no administration fees required *deposit payable over three months

CONTACT: 0811505020 TO RENT: 2 bedroom Flat to Rent in Town on Sam Nujoma Nicster Court: Walking distance to amenities and lagoon. Built in Cupboards, Full Bathroom Spacious Lounge and Kitchen. N$5,500.00 Per Month (Negotiable) Water Excluded, Prepaid Electricity. Full Deposit Required Call 081 226 2521

TO RENT: Tamariskia Swakopmund Spacious one bedroom backyard flat with open plan kitchen, BIC, burglar bars and separate toilet in a secure neighbourhood. Water included and prepaid electricity, no garage. N$ 3 100.00 p/m Deposit required and negotiable Available immediately Contact: 081 899 6212 TO RENT: Jabulani, Swakopmund * Bachelor flat, water included N$ 2600.00 p/m * 1 ½ bedrooms, water included N$ 3000.00 p/m Contact: 081 149 1382 / 081 331 0388

TO RENT: Tamariskia Swakopmund Spacious open plan kitchen, BIC, burglar bars in safe and secure neighbourhood, pre-paid electricity, water inclusive, preferably single person, no garage, no parking. Immediately available N$ 3000.00 p/m Contact: 081 276 6212

PROPERTIES WANTED RENT WANTED: Single male looking for a room, cottage or bachelor pad with parking space to rent in Swakopmund town, Vineta or Kramersdorf. Price range: N$ 2 500.00 - N$ 3000.00 p/m from the 01 October 2021. Contact: 081 663 3703

Looking for a rental agent in Swakopmund? I am looking for residential, commercial & Industrial Properties to offer to our rental clients!

Angelika 081 169 6215


Looking for a rental agent in Walvis Bay? I am looking for residential, commercial & Industrial Properties to offer to our rental clients!

Emily 081 293 0335 TE HUUR GESOEK Dame is dringend opsoek na ‘n garage of 1 slaap kamer plekkie om te huur vir ± N$ 1200.00 N$ 1500.00 per maand Kuisebmond Kontak: 081 768 6397

PROPERTIES FOR SALE MALAKIA PROPERTIES ESTATE AGENTS CELL: 081 297 7253 Properties for Sale: ARANDIS 3bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, Lounge and Garage N$495 000.00 MAHETAGO (Swakopmund) 2bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen N$580 000.00 3Bedrooms, 1Bathrooms, Kitchen bic with stove, Dining room, Lounge, Laundry and Double Garages N$1.1mil TAMARISKIA 3Bedrooms, 2Bathrooms, Kitchen, Dining room, Lounge, TV room, 2Garages, plus 2bachelor flats. N$1.4mil 4Bedrooms, 3Bathrooms, Kitchen, Dining room, Lounge, TV room, 3Garages, inside and outside braai area. N$1.7mil TULINAWA 3bedrooms, 2bathrooms, open-plan kitchen And Double Garage N$898 000.00 MONDESA 2bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen N$370 000.00 cash only 2bedrooms, bathroom, open-plan kitchen Plus bachelor flat and outside braai N$850 000.00 JABULANI 2Bedrooms, Bathroom, Kitchen and Lounge Big erf 658m2 N$550 000.00 1Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Lounge, boundary wall Plus 2 bachelor flats big erf 600m2. N$850 000.00 Contact: Malakia 081 297 7253 Tel: 064-406783 Email: malakiaproperties@yah

PROPERTIES FOR SALE MNK Property Real Estate cc For Sale Mondesa, House 2bedroom, bathroom, kitchen 540 000.00 Mahetago Sectional title near FNB Mondesa 2bedroom, 2bathroom, lounge, Kitchen N$ 560 000.00 Jabulani, House 2bedroom, bathroom, lounge, kitchen with outside room N$ 595 000.00 Tulinawa 3bedroom, 2bathroom, lounge, kitchen with 2Bachelor flats N$ 800 000.00 Arandis 3Bedroom, 1Bathroom, Lounge and Kitchen N$ 350 000.00 House 2bedroom, 2bathroom, lounge, kitchen, garage N$ 690 000.00 For viewing contact the numbers below Call Matty @ 081 244 6995 Cell @ 081 626 8486 Office @ 064 402 112 FOR SALE: Long Beach Apartment 2 bedrooms, 2bathrooms, single garage. N$ 920 000.00 Contact: 081 149 1382 / 081 331 0388

For sale: 2 Bedroom flat centre of town, Walvis Bay near all schools BIC, BIS, aircons outside braai blinds burglar bars alarm N$ 800 000 0812220783 Walvis Bay FOR SALE: Tamariskia: Dante Square One A neat and cosy townhouse offers: 1 bedroom Bathroom Lounge open plan kitchen Contact : 0812961679 for viewing




Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication






Vacancy: Afternoon Care for 9-year old Boy

JOB WANTED: I am a 25 year old lady looking for domestic work. Ready to start anytime. Willing to work from Mondays to Fridays. Contact: 081 551 5745

We Provide Homes

JOB WANTED: I am a young lady looking for domestic work. I am hardworking, trustworthy and respective. I am willing to learn new things. Ready to start as soon as possible. Contact: 081 884 7885

TO LET KUISEBMUND 1-bedroom unit available @ N$2400 water included CENTRAL 2-bedr open plan modern flat with garage N$5500pm MEERSIG 1 bedr unit with garage @ N$4000 p.m. 2-bed unit with garage water incl. N$4500 p.m.

Containers CONTAINERS TO BUY / RENT and storage yard in Swakopmund with 24/7 access. Office or ablution alterations. Cowboys. 064 418 150 or 081 146 4770


MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE WALVIS BAY Refilling empty printer cartridges only N$ 100 per color Please call 081 636 1858


WERK GESOEK: Ek is ‘n 40 jarige dame opsoek na huiswerk, kan goed was en stryk. Walvisbaai of Langstrand. Ek is hardwerkend en kan enige tyd begin. Kontak: 081 839 3607

FAIRWAYS 2-bedroom unit with single garage @ N$6500 3-bedroom unit with double garage @ N$7500 A MUST TO VIEW 3-bedr ultra-modern family house, double garage Rental: N$14300 p.m.

JOB WANTED: I am a 24 year old lady looking for domestic work or babysitting work, for 5 days a week. Ready to start immediately. Contact: 081 464 1511

Call Dianne 204505 or 081 239 6323

TO RENT: A brand new 3 bedroom house for rent in the main road of Mondesa to DRC *All 3 Bedrooms with BIC & main bedroom ensuite *Open plan kitchen with BIC+BIS *Drive through garage *very secure with Alarm & Boundary wall *W&E excluded Monthly rent N$6500 + deposit Dolfynstrand Silver Dunes ▪Ground floor- Double garage ▪Open plan Kitchen ▪Spacious lounge ▪Scullery & Laundry ▪1st floor - 3 bedrooms all with balcony, main bedroom ensuite ▪2nd floor Entertainment area with Inside braai & Bar Monthly rent: N$ 8000 (Exl W+E) Call: Alma 0812700234


VACANCIES SEAGULL HAVEN BODY CORPORATE Swakopmund Applications are invited for the following positions: Caretaker/Supervisor · Security Guards · Labourers / Cleaners All interested applicants must forward their CV to: seagullhavenbc@gmail. com Only shortlisted and serious candidates will be contacted. Closing date: Friday 1 October 2021

JOBS WANTED JOB WANTED: I am a 33 year old lady looking for domestic work, babysitting or office cleaning work or making coffee or looking after the elderly people at their homes, I am a honest and trustworthy person and can start as soon as possible in Swakopmund or Long Beach. Contact: 081 240 5147 JOB WANTED: Selma is looking for a job as a domestic worker or any kind of work in Swakopmund only. I have 3 years experience and I am willing to start as soon as possible. Contact me anytime: 081 405 7810

WERK GESOEK: 2 dames opsoek na huiswerk Maandae tot Vrydae. Saterdae net vir strykwerk. Geen Narraville Kontak: 081 669 3620 081 699 3199

JOB WANTED: I am a 28 year old lady in Walvis Bay looking for domestic work from Mondays to Fridays or 3 days in a week. Town, Narraville or Langstrand. I have 5 years experience in cooking, ironing, cleaning, laundry or babysitting. Contact: 081 221 7752


Blue Waters top on coastal Rudi Bowe league standing The Coastal T20 cricket league defending champions Blue Waters 1 are on top of the 2021 Coastal T20 cricket league log standing with 6 points after four games with three wins and one losses. New kids on the block, Pro-Ed Old Boys Cricket Club (PEOBCC) 1 is second on the log with 4 points after they won both their first two games with Sparta I in third position with 4 points with two wins and two losses. SPARTA CC 2 is fourth on the log with 2 points with multiple T20 league winners Junior Coastal Cricket Academy (JCCA) are fifth after two games, the second team of PEOBCC are 6th position after 2 games and Blue Waters 2 after are on the last position after 4 games. The match results of the past weekend are; Blue Waters I defeated JCCA by 22 runs PEOBCC 2 defeated Sparta I by 3 wickets Sparta II defeated Blue Waters II with 98 runs Blue Waters 1 defeated Sparta 1 with 37 runs PEOBCC I defeated PEOBCC II with 6 wickets JCCA defeated Blue Waters II with 36 runs

Young sport men and women off to Rudi Bowe World cup qualifiers Cricket Namibian national under nineteen team the U19 Eagles and the under twenty women's soccer team the Young Gladiators will represent the country at World cup qualifications. The U19 Eagles will participate in the 2022 ICC U19 World Cup Africa Qualifiers from 30 September to 7 October in Rwanda against Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, and host Rwanda for Africa's single qualification slot. The fourteenth edition of the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup is scheduled to be held in the West Indies in 2022 with sixteen teams taking part. The U19 Eagles are, Gerhard Janse van Rensburg, Ramon Wilmot, Dirkie Theunissen, Dylan Leicher, JW Visagie, Lu-Hendro de Waal, Jan Hendrik Potgieter, Renier Bosman, William Lottering, Ryan Moffet, Alex Volschenk, Jack Parker, JC Balt and Louis Peters, The U20 women's soccer team the Young Gladiators are in Burundi to compete in the 2022 FIFA Women U20 World Cup qualifiers. The Young Gladiators will play tomorrow Saturday 25 September against the U20 women's team of Burundi in their first game to qualify for the 10th edition of the FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup hosted by Costa Rica. The Young Gladiators to Burundi: VipuaTjingaete, Vejakura Tjingaete, Tandiwe Ndjavera, Mbakondja Kahiriri, Muninatjo Hanavi, Beyonce Cloete, Queen Neis, Priscca Amuntale, Chammel Engelbrecht, Vivian Engelbrecht, Isabella Kahuadi, Sylvonia Kloppers, Alisha Aebes, Jekohasana Kamatjipose, Sarafina Khuruses, Nguundja Tjozongoro, Lerato Swartbooi, Okeri Haakuria, Folilian Hikwafelwa, Diana Kock, Veronica April, Lee-zan Rooi, Kauhahiziua Kajovi and Shandre Jantjies.





MINISTRY OF TRADE & INDUSTRY LIQUOR ACT, 1998 NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO A COMMITTEE IN TERMS OF THE LIQUOR ACT, 1998 (regulations 14, 26 & 33) Notice is hereby given that an application in terms of the Liquor Act, 1998, particulars of which appear below, will be made to the Regional Liquor Licensing Committee, Region Erongo. 1. Name and postal address of applicant : Andre Joubert, Id Nr 700716 0012 4, P O Box 2379, Walvis Bay. 2. Name of business or proposed business to which application relates: Mompolo Entertainment No. 3. 3. Address / location of licensed premises to which application relates: Unit 6, Mondesa Arcade, Erf 1151 Mondesa (Eextension 3), Municipal District of Swakopmund. 4. Nature and details of a p p l i c a t i o n : Application for the grant of a Special Liquor Licence. 5. Where application will be lodged Magistrate's Court, Swakopmund, Erongo Region. 6. Date on which application will be lodged: 6 October 20201. 7. Date of meeting of Committee at which application will be heard: 1 December 2021. Any objection or written submission in terms of section 28 of the Act in relation to the application must be sent or delivered to the Secretary of the Committee, to reach the Secretary not later than 21 days before the date of the meeting of the Committee at which the application will be heard.




Walvis Bay Salt Refiners Junior Cricket Festival kicked off Rudi Bowe

The annual Walvis Bay Salt Refiners sponsored Junior Cricket Festival hosted by Cricket Namibia kicked off yesterday and will run until tomorrow 25 September at the harbour town. The three-day tournament kicks off on 23 September and will continue until 25 September and at various fields in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. The schools competing in the u/11 and u/13 boys and u/13 and u/19 girls at the 25th edition of the festival are Windhoek Gymnasium, Walvis Bay Private High School, Gobabis Gymnasium, St Paul's College, Laerskool Walvisbaai, Windhoek Afrikaanse Privaatskool, The Dolphin Schools, !Nara Primary School, Windhoek Academy, Outjo Development, Pro-Ed Academy and Tsumeb Gymnasium. The games are played at the Walvis Bay Private High School rugby B-field, Walvisbaai Laerskool, Walvis Bay Oval and the Walvis Bay Private High School cricket field (Field A) as well as at the Vineta cricket field near The Dome and the Pro-Ed Academy cricket field in Swakopmund.

Blue Waters FC claims bragging rights Rudi Bowe

Namibian Premier League soccer side Blue Waters still has bragging rights at the coast after they beat second division side ARYSTEQ Western Spurs Football Club 6-5 in a penalty shootout in the MTC NFA Cup Round of 16 games played at the Jan Wilken stadium in Walvis Bay. Blue Waters coach, Paulus Shipanga, said the win is definitely a boost for the team and gives them the bragging rights at the coast. Shipanga said, “We knew it's not going to be an easy game. Spurs had nothing to lose and they really played well showed a fighting spirit and never die attitude.” “Game was a good display of talent and discipline and it showed once more that there is talent in Walvis Bay” “I appreciate the outcome of fans as they are our 12th player and we always need their support”, Shipanga said. Shipanga said that tomorrow’s quarterfinal game against Young Brazilians in Windhoek is a must win. “We will go all out and make sure that we advance to the semifinals. Tyrone J Mouton, Chairperson ARYSTEQ Western Spurs Football Club, said, “I give credit to Blue Waters FC for putting up such a resilient fight throughout, producing a man of the match performance from their goalkeeper, Spiegel who had to make multiple crucial saves to keep them in the match and saving the sudden death winning penalty too. They have our support moving forward into the Cup competition and we

ARYSTEQ Western Spurs Football Club

wish them well.” “Our boys Spurs did us so proud and we expected to have this one in the pocket but fell short by the skin of the goal line. This is football and the whole team and team officials deserve all the credit and praise” Mouton said. “Moving forward, we will take some time off and observe the outcome of the last Coastal group match of the transitional league between Northern Stars and Blue Boys FC this coming weekend whose result will determine if we proceed into the next phase” “I can only pledge to the supporters from our community that Western Spurs football Club will grow in strength and that we will bring football back to the suburb of Narraville and its football stadium with the help from our municipality. Football must come home” Mouton added. “Alternatively we will conclude and plan towards the full league season in the Southern Stream First Division. We acknowledge the Mayor of Walvis Bay for showing his support to the football sports code, the commitment of our partner ARYSTEQ Asset Management and sponsors Mr 24/7 EmergencyMedical Care, OTB Sports, Coca Cola and FDA” Mouton concluded.

FNB Kudus Terug Op Rugbyveld Rugby aksie skop die naweek in alle erns weer af wanneer die ligas hervat. Kudus 3 kom teen Okahandja rugbyklub te staan op die Jan Wilken Stadion. Die wedstryd tussen die Kudu Bokkies en die Okahandja Huskies skop af om 13h00 voordat Kudus 3 en Okahandja kragte meet om 15h00. Albei wedstryde beloof opwindende rugby op te lewer met Kudus wat voor hul tuisskare as gunstelinge sal op draf. Die volgende spelers word dringend versoek om oefening by te woon of met Coach Herman in verbinding te tree oor hul beskikbaarheid. Tjino, Calacca, Nino, Deriou, Craig, Cody, Duitsman, Zander, Vossie, Jossie, Cossie, Jevu, Sameul, Wikkie, Boetie, Polly , Percy, Ivo, Quentos, Aurelio, Vernon, Murf, Justin, Chippie Lloyd, Uli , Savea, Makiti, Ashwin, Wardo, Greg, Daniel, Tronnie, Bulletjie, Bryan, Algernon, Tannies, Appels , Haroen, armas, Andrew, Harry, Paket, Ivo, Damants, Jarod, Jarron, Tangi, Gino, Abraham, Pakkie, Trevor, Wayne, Lukas, Rayton, Cassio, Daniel September, Snoek, Cameron, Bennet, Howard, Zane en Lezardo asook al die ander spelers wie se name nie hier genoem word nie. Hekgeld is N$20 per volwassene, N$10 per skolier en N$10 per motor. Daar sal verversings te koop wees. Die klub nooi die publiek uit om te kom ondersteun. Streng Covid 19 protokol sal gevolg word.



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The pride of Erongo Rudi Bowe

The pride of the Erongo Region Guanito Noble, Bernadette Smith and Anro Bouwer were part of the best individual performers and championship record setters in track and field items per age group at the Pupkewitz Foundation Open Athletics Championships hosted by Athletics Development Club recently held in Swakopmund. Noble, a learner at Walvis Bay Private High School was the best individual performer for boys under 13 years old as he set a new championship record in the 200m with a time of twenty-five minutes and six seconds as well as a new record in the 100m with a time of 12.06 and a new long jump record with a distance of 5.12 meter. He is also the Victor ludorum in the age group 10-13 years. Anro Bouwer, a grade 5 learner at Walvis Bay Primary School, was the best individual performer for boys under 11 years with a new championship record of 1.45m in High Jump. Bernadette Smith, the best individual performer for girls under 15 years with a new championship in the Shotput distance of 12.39m. She also set a new championship record for girls under 15 Discus with a distance of 32.58 meters. The best individual performers in track and field items per age group were as follows: 10 TO 13 YEARS Anro Bouwer (11 years, high jump 1.45m, 1012 points) Lana Botma (11 years, high jump 1.43m, 1039 points) Yoritha Delie (12 years, 200m 28.81. 892 points) Guanito Noble (13 years, 200m 25.06, 983 points) 15 TO 19 YEARS Josia Katroli (15 years, high jump 1.85m, 1000 points) Bernadette Smith (15 years, weightlifting 12.39m, 906 points) Rich Erasmus (17 years, 400m 49.46, 936 points) Carien Oosthuizen (17 years, 100m, 12.71, 784 points) SENIOR ATHLETES Elvis Gaseb (100m 10.55, 839 points) Nandi Vass (100m 12.54, 662 points) Anana Samuntu (high jump 2.00m, 819 points) Frieda Iithete (long jump 5.25m, 680 points) THE VICTOR AND VICTRIX LUDORUMS Victrix ludorum (10-13): Lana Botma (11 years) high jump 1039 + long jump 774 = 1813 points Victor ludorum 10-13: Guanito Noble (13 years) 200m 983 + 100m 916 = 1899) Victrix ludorum (15-19): Bernadette Smith (15 years) weightlifting 906 + discus throw 865 = 1771 points Victor ludorum 15-19 years: Empire Erasmus (17 years) 200m 894 + 400m 936 = 1830 points Senior victrix ludorum: Nandi Vass 100m 662 + 200m 583 = 1245 points Senior victor ludorum: Mahmad Bock 100m 837 + 200m 768 = 1605 points The prize winner for the best Paralympic athlete was Elize Meyer, 12 years old from Edugate, with a disability in one arm that competed in the 100, 200, discus throw and weightlifting and scored 1291 points in her two best items. Erongo regions athletes that set new championship records are, Girls 10 Long Jump MARTINS, ASHLEY STR 3.70 Boys 10 High Jump VAN DER WALT., ADC 1.17 Boys 11 High Jump BOUWER, ANRO ADC 1.45

Girls 12 High Jump VAN DER WALT, ADC 1.48 Girls 13 High Jump GEY VAN PITTIUS, ADC 1.45 Boys 13 High Jump KUHN, LIAM ADC 1.45 1.37 Boys 13 High Jump HARDNICK, ROMEO SSD 1.50 Boys 13 Long Jump HARDNICK, ROMEO SSD 4.82 Boys 13 Long Jump NOBLE, GUANITO STR 5.12 Girls 15 Shotput SMITH, BERNADETTE ADC 12.39 Girls 15 Discus SMITH, BERNADETTE ADC 32.58 Boys 15 High Jump NIIGAMBO, VALENTINO ADC 1.80 Boys 15 High Jump VAN SCHALKWYK, STR 1.60 Girls 17 High Jump LE ROUX, MEAGAN ADC 1.53 Boys 17 High Jump KANYANGELA, DHS 2.00 Boys 11 80m HAMWALWA, WILHEM RPS 10.75 Boys 11 80m ORANGE, NTINTIN STR 10.68 Girls 13 200m VAN WYK, SUHESCHIA STR 29.79 Boys 13 100m NOBLE, GUANITO STR 12.06 Boys 13 200m NOBLE, GUANITO STR 25.06 Boys 13 200m KAURA, RINAANI IRPS 25.86 Boys 15 100m NEHEMIA, JUNIOR KSS 11.95 Boys 17 100m MUTILIFA, CLEMANCE ADC 11.36 Boys 17 100m GEINUB, WALTER ADC 11.44 Boys 17 200m GEINUB, WALTER ADC 23.59 Boys 17 200m MUTILIFA, CLEMANCE ADC 23.50 Boys 19 100m TSUMIB, WEDLY STR 11.31 Men 25 100m LUDWIG, DWAYNE STR 10.87

Guanito Noble with his athletics coach as from under 7 Belinda Oberholster

Bernadette Smith

Anro Bouwer

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