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SLOW PACE GIANT: An abnormal load vehicle with its extra heavy load en route to the Tsumeb Copper Mine from Walvis Bay, caused some disruption to the flow of traffic on the B2 on Wednesday morning. Walvis Bay Plant & Tool Hire was tasked with transporting the massive cargo, a Hot Re-heat Exchanger (1980 (L) x 516(W) x 555 (H) cm) with a gross weight of 74 860 kg constructed by Mechaniza Y Fabricaciones South Africa to be used at the Namibian Custom Smelters Sulphuric Acid plant. Erongo Red and Nampower officials were called in for advice after the truck crossed the bridge and fears emerged that the metallic load might attract the electricity current flowing through the high-power supply cables running above and across the road. After much deliberation they resolved that it would be the best to have the power supply completely switched off in order for the truck to proceed. According to the driver of the truck he will reach his destination today should all go accordingly. Photo by Otis Finck

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Rubicon saga continues Page 2

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Copper worth 2.5 million vanishes

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Namport donates

Behuisingskema val plat N$120 000 van minderbevoorregtes verdwyn

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Top accolade for Namibian company

Marshallino Beukes

Die Namib Times het vandeesweek vertroulik verneem dat alles nie wel is by die Stand Together Savings Group in Narraville, Walvisbaai nie. ‘n Klag van bedrog is Dinsdag by die polisie eindelik genoeg te hê om 'n deposito vir 'n erf te verteenwoordiger van die Shack Dweller Federaaangemeld, nadat die spaarrekening van die betaal. ion, ene Johanna, blykaar 'n drie - en ses groep blykbaar 'n zero balans getoon het. Die Die bron voer voorts aan dat die Walvisbaai maandelikse besoek aan hulle doen, om te groep is gedurende 2007 op die been gebring, met Munisipaliteit voorgeneem het om aan hierdie kontroleer of alles nog klopdisselboom is. die uitsluitlike doel om vir minderbevoorregte groep 'n totaal van 68 erwe toe te staan. Om te Hierdie koördineerder was blykbaar die een wat persone en pensioenarisse die kans te skep om 'n kwalifiseer vir die groep, mag 'n persoon aan- agtergekom het dat alles nie pluis was met die erf of huis van hul eie te bekom. vanklik nie meer as N$3000 per maand verdien bankstaat wat aan haar voorgelê is nie en by Die groep opereer onder die vaandel van die het nie. Volgens 'n informant in die binnekringe, nadere ondersoek het sy vasgestel dat al die Shack Dweller Federation en beskik skynbaar oor wat verkies om anoniem te bly, is daar alreeds fondse uit die groep se bankrekening onttrek is. 'n ±18 lede. Stigterslede is volgens 'n betroubare vroeg in November 2012 lont geruik, aangesien Minimum bedrag van N$120 000, wat oor die jare bron persone wat onder die broodlyn leef en wat bankstate wat voorgelê is die wenkbroue laat lig deur lede gespaar is, is klaarblyklik in gedrang. hul swaarverdiende dollars drupsgewys (N$5, het. N$10, N$20 ensovoorts) gespaar het om uit- Die informant het aan die koerant openbaar dat 'n Vervolg op bladsy 2

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It’s time to rock

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14 FEBRUARY 2014


Beweringe van vervalste bankstate, vervalste handtekeninge, 'n spaarboekie wat vir 'n bedrag van N$6 000 aan 'n sekere persoon verkoop is en nuwe lede wat baie meer as die maksimum bedrag verdien, doen ook die rondte. Die bron het afgesluit deur te noem dat hulle “nie die storie wou openbaar maak nie” en dat hulle talle vergaderings met betrokke partye gehad het, ten einde te probeer om die kwessie intern op te los, maar geen same-

werking is blykbaar verkry nie. Namib Times het die Shack Dweller Federation in Windhoek telefonies gekontak, maar hulle kon geen verdere lig op die saak werp nie en die koerant is na Johanna verwys. Talle pogings om haar op haar mobiele foon te kontak was vrugteloos. Die polisie ondersoek tans die saak. (Name van betrokkenes is weerhou, aangesien 'n amptelike klag nog nie aanhangig gemaak is nie.)

Rubicon saga continues 33 Guards sacked … Marshallino Beukes

Following a stern official request from employees of Rubicon Security Services in Swakopmund for top management to get rid of manager, Mr Johan Viljoen, 33 of these guards have been showed the door recently. The discharging of the also noted that most of guards follows allegedly t h e e m p l o y e e s , in direct response to participating in the them conducting a action, were not on duty peaceful demonstration at the time. Some came at the company's pre- off duty after working mises. A disciplinary their night shift and hearing was conducted some had their day off, and an official letter, they explained. which was afterwards The sacked workers and forwarded to the dis- a shop steward of the missed guards, states workers' labour union that they were found (Namibian Independent guilty and the services of Security Union), Mr the accused are to be Willem Antsino, interminated with imme- formed the newspaper diate effect. The letter, yesterday that they have however does not shed laid an appeal on the light on what exactly the judgment, last week, workers' wrongdoing however response is yet was. According to the to be presented. disgruntled employees, The whole ordeal started they were accused of when a formal letter of orchestrating an illegal complaint against Vilstrike. This, according to joen was compiled, them, is not the truth, as accusing him of beating they were not on strike, the workers with a stick but just wanted to called “Frikkie” and demand the removal of grievances regarding Mr Viljoen. “We have racism and discrimilaunched an official nation were also cited. complaint against Vil- “No warnings were joen, during December issued to us, who are last year, but the top now unemployed famanagement are still not thers, husbands and complying with our plea breadwinners, because and this was the reason we only wanted our why we decided to take human rights to be rethis step”, workers told spected,” the guards the newspaper. They concluded.

Schoolgirl hit by car Piquet Jacobs

A young girl (10) was run over by a vehicle on Tuesday at approximately 14:30 on the B2 in the vicinity of the Narraville bridge.

Medical personnel attending to the injured girl

Pile up at bridge Piquet Jacobs

A chain collision involving a taxi (Toyota Corolla N 10287 WB), a Land Cruiser (N 152888 W) and a bakkie (N 5551 WB) occurred in the vicinity of the Kuisebmond bridge on Tuesday around 19:00. The accident disrupted the flow of traffic for approximately one hour. No serious injuries were recorded. Medical assistance arrived at the scene and treated the passengers of the taxi for shock. According to a tow-in truck operator rush hour accidents are becoming a regular occurrence in this area. He urged drivers to be patient and to be alert when driving.

The Narraville Primary School learner was apparently crossing the road, on her way home from school when she landed in front of a Land Rover (N 20273 WB). The St Gabriel Community Ambulance Trust arrived at the scene and treated the girl who sustained head injuries and a leg fracture. She was transported to the Walvis Bay State Hospital for further medical treatment. The details about what exactly happened are not known. The newspaper tried to contact the driver of the Land Rover to get her version of what led to the accident, but she was not available for comment. The incident occurred in the proximity of the pedestrian crossing where a huge sign warns approaching motorists of children crossing the road at that particular location. The warning traffic signs and pedestrian crossing were placed there due to previous accidents involving school children.

Racist allegation investigation concluded Madelaine Laubscher

Ms Prudence Augusto (28) an employee of Elgin Brown and Hamer (EBH) Namibia was suspended for playing the racial card and accusing her superior of making a racial remark towards her. where various discrepancies and The notice for Augusto to attend a said that they regarded the incident and the inconsistencies were found in her recorded disciplinary hearing was reportedly issued situation which prevailed as very statement, the company proceeded with against her on 16 January for allegedly unfortunate and that the company deeply disciplinary action and she was suspended making a false statement and accusing a regret this isolated incident. “The company pending an investigation into the matter and superior of making a racist remark towards has long worked towards an atmosphere of a final disciplinary hearing. The her. The disciplinary note also states that cooperation and teamwork and reiterates disciplinary process which took place over she had been seen enjoying a meal at a local its total commitment to a free and fair a period of three weeks, was chaired restaurant by EBH senior officials while working environment where individuals independently to ensure an unbiased and claiming to be on sick leave. are respected regardless of their ethnic objective approach, which was concluded According to a statement provided by a background.” on Tuesday” spokesperson for EBH Namibia, that was The EBH Namibia management also According to the statement, the indepenissued after the disciplinary hearing held on confirmed that all due process was dent Chairperson was unable to conclude 11 February 2014, Augusto who accused followed in this case and they reaffirmed whether the racial remark indeed occurred her superior, Mr Robert Elliot (37), was their stance of 'zero tolerance' towards or not and remarked that evidence provided found guilty of violating a sick leave letter misconduct or discrimination in the was the version of the accused against the and of going on AWOL. workplace and that EBH Namibia version of the main witness during an inEBH Namibia management announced that continues to promote the highest levels of depth analysis of the facts presented during the disciplinary hearing involving Augusto integrity and respect for the individual, as the hearing had been concluded by an independent well as a mutually supportive and unified “The independent Chairperson however Chairperson and although it was against the workforce. concluded that Augusto was guilty of policy of EBH Namibia to reveal internal “EBH Namibia strives towards fairness violating her sick leave and of going on employee-related matters, recent media and equality. Therefore it is incumbent to AWOL.” coverage and their commitment to give a balanced and factual version of The final recommendation which contains transparency necessitated the company to events. The company will also embark on the sanction of a final written warning, valid issue a statement on the topic. an educational programme for its for a period of 12 months, is currently being A disciplinary action was instituted against employees regarding adherence to, and evaluated by the company. Augusto for alleged misconduct. respect for, the company's grievance The EBH Namibia management further Following a preliminary investigation, procedures.”

14 FEBRUARY 2014



Experienced maritime officers without work Jade McClune Word among sea-going personnel is that in future there will have to be at least one Namibian officer for every foreign officer on board vessels fishing in Namibian waters. An officers' union, consisting of at least 10 captains, has been in negotiations with the government and industry leaders about the concerns of Namibian captains and officers, many of whom have been stranded without work for years. The officers are aggrieved that vessels fishing in Namibian waters continue to use foreign captains, apparently at the expense of qualified local people. Mr Percy Rinquest, who has been spearheading the formation of the Skippers' Union, said a significant number of officers graduate from the Namibia Maritime and Fishing Institute (NAMFI) every year, but many of them end up without work.

His group has now been registered and intends to take up these concerns with the government and local employers. He says that they will first have to set up the basic office and communication infrastructure though, before they can take on bigger tasks. Another experienced skipper who has been out of work for a number of years, also asked why scores of new officers are being trained every year, while there are many experienced maritime officers sitting at home without jobs. He supported the move towards a “one-to-one policy” for foreign and local officers. The Namibia Maritime and Fishing Institute (NAMFI) said though that they are not aware of

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any regulations or moves towards implementing a “one-to-one policy” for foreign and Namibian officers at sea, a spokesperson said yesterday. The NAMFI spokesperson explained that although the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has a policy of “Namibianisation of the fleet to the highest level”, he could not confirm whether any such 'one-to-one' employment policy is under discussion. NAMFI also said they cannot release any statistics about the number of graduates they produce annually without the prior approval of their director, who happens to be in Cape Town at the moment. Regarding the number of Namibian officers on vessels in Namibian waters, Mr Patrick Silesebo of the Department of Safety and Inspections in the Directorate of Maritime Affairs said that “It all depends on the manning requirements of the vessel and the local capacity.” He was also not aware of any new regulations limiting the number of foreign officers allowed on vessels in local waters. Asked for comment, Mr Rinquest said that according to an informal survey conducted by his group there are more than 800 qualified maritime officers at the coast and many of these are jobless at present. The officers' association has been in negotiation with the Ministry of Fisheries over the problem of the high levels of joblessness among seagoing personnel at the coast, as well as possible quota allocations for local fishermen, he said. Mr Rinquest appealed to local fishing companies and rights holders to assist the officers' association with donations to help them set up their office in Walvis Bay. A further meeting between the skippers' association and the ministry, scheduled for April, is expected to produce tangible results.

READY TO SERVE: De Duine Secondary school introduced members of their Learners Representatives Committee (LRC) recently. The primary goal of the LRC for 2014 is to bring the school's discipline to a high standard. Many times people judge a school by the behaviour of only a few individuals. The LRC foresee a better De Duine, derived from the fact that they are determined to work together as a team. They are determined to change the attitude of the learners and by so doing, will make a difference at school specifically and the community at large. The theme for the year is, “Acquire a habit of striving for success and success will become a habit”. According to members of the LRC best things happen to those who know how to make the best of how things work out. LRC 2014 : Head girl: Izane Van der Schuur. Head boy: Pius Samuel. Deputy Head girl: Arlete Sambiliye. Deputy Head boy: Brandon Möller. Executive Members: Lemaine Oswald, Mauricio Scholtz, Amber Strauss, Borris Garosab, Kavena Quita, Geoff Möller, Innocent Kisting, Menelie Keis, Francis Uatema, Letishia Jacobs, Nathan Prins, Luzandre Brendell, Brandon Van Wyk, Lufrancia Vries, Gregory Mushindi, Megan Landsberg, Brandon Honeb, Abby Lee Stramis, Innocent Ruiters, Jesmaine Slamat, Geandre Akwena, Monique Stuart, Annunzio Christians, Courtney Bandi, Enrico Ramothibe, Esther Rios, Joachim Shilongo, Pombili Enasiu, Neumbo Erickson, Liandon Coetzee and Mario Shikuta.

Swakopmund does have a heart Last Saturday residents of Swakopmund made history by taking part in the first nationwide “Walk for the love of dogs” hosted by the Have-a-Heart Project. The Walk for the love of dogs was a fantastic success. A whopping 68 people with 68 dogs took part in our fun walk for dogs! From the smallest dog to the biggest dog you have ever seen. Even puppies joined in on the fun. Participants without a canine companion also took part, and each dog entered received a complimentary bandanna. The dogs had a blast getting to know other doggies! Tails were wagging with joy all over the place. The towns who participated in this event were Swakopmund, Windhoek, Outjo, Grootfontein and Lüderitz on 8 February and Otjiwarongo and Tsumeb will be follow on 15 February. The Havea-Heart Project provides the opportunity for dog and cat owners in low- and no income communities to have their pets spayed and neutered for free. In that way the overpopulation and quantity of stray animals in the streets can be controlled in a different way to putting them down. For more information about the Have-a-Heart project, please visit our website at

Enjoying the walk

Around 60 appointed dog and cat owners will be able to make use of this wonderful opportunity on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2014 during The Have-aHeart Project's nationwide “Spayathon”. The funds raised by the wonderful attendance of the Swakopmund community at the Walk for the love of dogs will be put to use during this spayathon. Other ways that the project are raising funds are to sell t-shirts and raffle tickets. These can be purchased from Lynn at the West Coast Radio office. The organisers expressed their gratitude to everybody who helped to raise funds for the less privileged, all the dogs who supported their owners in the walk, Namib Films who sponsored water for all 2 and 4 legged buddies and West Coast FM. The Have-a-heart Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Namibia, offering free spay and neuter services and vaccinations for animals in low income communities, mostly townships. The project started in Outjo and is looking to expand to Otjiwarongo, Kalkfeld, Windhoek and Rehoboth in September 2013. Every animal has the right to a happy and healthy life and that being poor or living in Africa is not an excuse for leaving animals to suffer. One of the main aims of the project is to make a difference in the amount of stray animals on the streets of the townships. Stray animals are a public nuisance, soiling parks and streets, ruining shrubbery, creating noise and other disturbances. As a potential source of rabies and other less serious diseases, they are a public health hazard. The goals for this foundation are to help advance public education in all aspects of animal care and protection. To help convince as many responsible owners to spay and neuter their pets that we possibly can. To help provide needy animals with necessary treatment and care. To help the Outjo Municipality re-install the license system and maintain this system.


14 FEBRUARY 2014

Moordverdagtes vry na byna 3 jaar agter tralies Marshallino Beukes

Moordverdagtes, Ludwig Eiseb en Isak Kheiseb, is op aanklagte van moord, diefstal en dwarsboming van die gereg deur die Prokureur-Generaal vrygespreek, nadat hulle vir 2 jaar en 9 maande sonder borg in die gevangenis was. Die twee is gearresteer nadat die oorskot van Milka Awises (34), gedurende April 2011, op die strand tussen Swakopmund en Hentesbaai uitgespoel het. 'n Gebrek aan forensiese getuienis het tot die PG se uitspraak gelei. 'n Baie ongelukkige Eiseb het die kantoor van die Namib Times, kort na sy ontslag, besoek en weereens sy onskuld in die saak beklemtoon. “Wat my die seerste maak is die feit dat die gemeenskap en selfs my drie kinders (7;10;14) my nou as 'n moordenaar en misdadiger aansien”, het hy gesê. 'n Skrywe in Eiseb se besit dui aan dat hy op 29 Februarie 2012 onskuldig op die klagte gepleit het en dat die PG se beslissing alreeds vanaf daardie datum hangend was. Volgens hom het hy die betrokke nag die oorledene by 'n shebeen ontmoet, waar sy hom gevra het om 'n drankie te koop. Hy het blykbaar 'n bottel drank gekoop, wat hulle saam geniet het. “Ons het hierna na haar woning in DRC gegaan, waar ek haar lewend gelos het”, dui hy aan. Eiseb voer aan dat hy die volgende oggend 'n privaat werkie met 'n familielid gaan doen het en met sy betaling na Awises se woonplek gegaan het, want hy wou skynbaar vir haar “'n bier of iets” gaan koop. Met sy aankoms daar was die polisie egter teenwoordig en is hy in hegtenis geneem. Volgens hom het hy op daardie stadium van geen sout of water geweet van die moord nie. Die ander verdagte, Kheiseb, se voertuig spoor is blykbaar by die toneel, waar haar liggaam gevind is, waargeneem. “Drie jaar van my lewe is onskuldig van my weggeneem en dit is iets wat niemand ooit aan my terug kan gee nie”, het hy aan die koerant, in 'n bitter en hartseer stem genoem. Eiseb, wat verlig en verheug is dat die saak teen hom teruggetrek is, noem dat sy grootste wens is dat geregtigheid sal geskied en dat sy goeie naam in die gemeenskap herstel sal word.

Driving school boss angers clients Marshallino Beukes Angry want-to-be vehicle drivers contacted the newspaper yesterday in order to complain about a certain driving school in Swakopmund, which supposedly scammed them out of their money. According to one of the complainants, they registered during October last year at “Abundance Driving School”, in order to study for their learner's licenses. They were requested by the owner, one “Alfons”, to pay a fee of N$200 per person in advance. The client noted that only five students registered at the time and the owner allegedly told them that he needed ten students before commencing. According to the source he promised them of having five other people who were interested and as soon as they register, classes will commence. On the day when classes were supposed to start, the owner apparently informed the five students, who already paid their

registration fees, that he did not get a venue yet and also that the other five have pulled out. He supposedly asked them to see if they could find more students, in order for the classes to kick off. Since then they did not hear from him and one of the students contacted Mr Alfons during last month. According to him, they were told the classes would start on Monday, 20 January, but up to date nothing happened. The students then asked him to refund their money, whereafter he allegedly promised to pay it back on 10 February, which also never happened. Mr Alfons’ mobile number seems to be switched off, after the newspaper tried to contact him.

Who will shield us? Mavourlene Gaes I am deeply saddened by the fact that almost every day a woman somewhere in Namibia either gets raped or murdered in some gruesome way. In a previous opinion piece I wrote that we should forgive one another, no matter how difficult, but how do you forgive someone that has not asked for forgiveness? Someone who is not remorseful over the cruel act or acts they have done? The worst and most confusing part of all these killings is that the men committing these horrifying acts are in most cases the men they trusted. There have been numerous stories and crime reports in the local media of cases where girls were raped by their fathers. There have also been plenty of stories about women across Namibia viciously murdered by their boyfriends and husbands; the very same men that are supposed to protect them. In the south, a woman is said to have been raped and murdered by her son in February. He later committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree. In a another recent case, a woman from the Kavango region is said to have been stabbed with a spear in the chest by her uncle, after they had an argument over leaves from an indigenous tree. The woman was allegedly trying to use the leaves to cook. She died on the spot. As a woman, who do we go to for protection? So many men in our society have become so violent. A father, who is supposed to make sure that bad people don't touch his little girl, turns around and molests the very same girl-child that he was supposed to protect. Who can we trust if the sons we give birth to can turn around and rape and kill their own mothers. Why, after we spent all that time looking after and caring for them? Why, after we stood by them, even knowing in our hearts that our sons are troubled human beings? But what can I do? “He is my child,” we say. What is to be done about the violence?

Court Report Walvis Bay 10 February 2014 · A minor (13) appeared on charges of escaping common law. The matter was postponed to 17 March 2014. The accused is in custody. · Brandon Kotze (34) appeared on charges of attempted murder and an alternative count of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 11 February 2014. The accused is on bail. · Nestor Iyambo (38) appeared on charges of driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor. The matter was postponed to 12 February 2014. The accused is on bail. · Jerome Vos (21) appeared on charges of dealing in cocaine. The matter was postponed to 14 February 2014. The accused is in custody. · Tomas Teodor (29) and MatheusNuuyoma (20) appeared on charges of robbery. The matter was postponed to 24 February 2014. The accused are in custody. · Sylvester Mutatubi (37) and Calvin Benenani Chinkhube (39) appeared on charges of theft. The matter was postponed to 25 February 2014. The accused are in custody. · Wildrew Visagie (23) appeared on charges of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft and attempted arson. The matter was postponed to 27 February 2014. The accused is in custody. · Sakaria Hamutenya (31) appeared on charges of uttering, tendering or acceptance of forged, altered or counterfeited notes or coins. The matter was postponed to 26 February 2014. The accused is in custody. · Smith Heinrich Edsel (31) appeared on charges of theft. The matter was postponed to 18 February 2014. The accused is on bail. · Danster Gideon (32) appeared on charges of theft. The matter was postponed to 4 March 2014. The accused is in custody. · Andrew De Wee (62) appeared on charges of possession of dependence producing substance. The accused was found guilty and fined with N$300. · Abiater Frans (23) appeared on charges of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 26 February 2014. The accused is in custody. · Shivolo Vendelinus (23) appeared on charges of theft. The matter was postponed 26 February 2014. The accused is in custody. · Shiweda Walter (24) appeared on charges of theft. The matter was postponed to 17 February 2014. The accused is in custody. · Engelbrecht Zaku (20), Swartbooi Falle (18) and Engelbrecht Ruan (18) appeared on charges of malicious damage to property. The accused were found guilty and were fined N$1000 or sentenced to 50days imprisonment. 11 February 2014 · Wilfried Gerhardus Neib (38) appeared on charges of culpable homicide, reckless or negligent driving and driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor. The matter was postponed to 12 February 2014. The accused is on warning. · Frans Sheehama Hinamwane (43) was absent at his hearing on charges of possession of a fire-arm without a license and discharge of a fire-arm. The accused is at large. · Isaac Gabriel (23) appeared on charges of murder. The case was struck from the roll. · Micheal R Wenk (44) appeared on charges of driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor and reckless or negligent driving. The matter was postponed to 4 March 2014. The accused is on bail. · Lucky Aberham (29) appeared on charges of assault by threat. The matter was postponed to 7 April 2014. The accused is in custody. · Norty-Boy Dawid Frans Hoeb (27) appeared on charges of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 5 March 2014. The accused is in custody. · Ben Gawaseb (23) appeared on charges of theft. The accused was found guilty and sentenced to 60days imprisonment.

· Brandon Kotze (34) appeared on charges of attempted murder and an alternative count of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 25 June 2014. The accused is on bail. · Machael Indino (29) appeared on charges of theft. The matter was postponed to 13 February 2014. The accused is in custody. · A minor (17) appeared on charges of robbery. The accused was found guilty and sentenced to 6months imprisonment. · Hanavi Jonas (24) appeared on charges of robbery. The matter was postponed to 17 February 2014. The accused in in custody. · Matias Matias (29) appeared on charges of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 10 March 2014. The accused is in custody. · Koegelenberg Rene (44) appeared on charges of theft with false pretences. The matter was postponed to 19 March 2014. The accused is in custody. 12 February 2014 · Wilfried Gerhardus Neib (38) appeared on charges of culpable homicide, reckless or negligent driving and driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor. The matter was postponed to 13 February 2014. The accused is on warning. · Vasco Shipopyeni Raurindu (27), Samuel Teofelus (27) and Matheus Shaningwa (34) appeared on charges of theft and trespassing. The matter was postponed to 4 March 2013. Vasco ShipopyeniRaurindu and Matheus Shaningwa are on bail, Samuel Teofelus is in custody. · A minor (14) and Johannes Nambahu (30) were absent at their hearing on charges of housebreaking with intent to steal or theft. The accused are at large. · Tuyeni Titus (25) appeared on charges of theft. The matter was postponed to 11 March 2014. The accused is in custody. · Leonardus Katimba (41) and Brendan Moses Quinton Geinub (20) appeared on charges of dealing in dangerous dependence producing drugs and possession of dangerous dependence producing drugs. The matter was postponed to 12 March 2014. The accused are on bail. · Hwende Gorgina (27) and Philip Juakinyu (33) appeared on charges of fraud. The matter was postponed to 7 April 2014. The accused are on bail. · Shane Kamutindi (21) and Stanley Kavari (27) appeared on charges of theft. The matter was postponed to 24 February 2014. The accused are in custody. · Ricardo Clark (45) and Willison Du Toit (45) appeared on charges of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 5 March 2014. Ricardo Clark is in custody. Willison Du Toit is on bail. · Enhelhart Gariseb (57) and Fransina Noreses (41) appeared on charges of fraud. The charges were withdrawn against the accused. · Nestor Iyambo (38) appeared on charges of driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor. The accused was found not guilty and discharged. · A minor (15) and a minor (16) appeared on charges of housebreaking with the intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 26 February 2014. The accused were released in the care of guardians. · Willem Bezuidenhoudt (47) appeared on charges of housebreaking with the intent to steal and theft. The accused was found guilty and discharged. · Cecil Goseb (28) appeared on charges of theft. The charge was withdrawn against the accused. · Mwaamenange Martin (24) appeared on charges of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 19 May 2014. The accused is in custody. · Gariseb Jonathan (18) and a minor (17) appeared on charges of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 19 February 2014. Gariseb Jonathan is in custody and the minor released in the care of a guardian. · Amunyela Simeon (30) appeared on charges of escaping common law. The accused was found and sentenced to 5months imprisonment.

Swakopmund court cases -Hascum Wickler (20) het op 'n klag van moord verskyn. Die saak is tot 19 Maart 2014 uitgestel vir die verdediging om hul saak te stel. -Isaskar Auseb (29), wat op 4 klagtes van verkragting teregstaan, sal weer op 25 Maart 2014 sy verskyning moet maak, nadat die saak tot dan uitgestel is. -Markus Klim (38) het op aanklag van roof verskyn en die saak is tot 16 Mei 2014 uitgestel, vir die beskuldigde om regshulp in te win. -Tadeus Nghifike (35) sal regshulp moet verkry, voordat 'n saak van verkragting wat teen hom aanhangig gemaak is, weer op 11 April gaan hervat. -Vellem Velle Wiseman (40) het op sake van verkragting en aanranding met die doel om ernstig te beseer verskyn. Hy is onskuldig bevind op die verkragting klag, maar sal 3 jaar agter slot en grendel moet verkeer, nadat hy skuldig bevind is op die klag van ernstige aanranding (in bepaling met die huishoudelike geweld Wet). - Roland Heiko Coleman (35) het op 'n klag van diefstal verskyn en gaan weer op 21 Februarie 2014 verskyn om sy straf aan te hoor. Magistraatshof -N$4 000 borg is aan Evane van Wyk (24) toegestaan, nadat sy op 'n klag van bedrog verskyn het. Sy is gelas om regshulp te verkry en weer haar verskyning op 27 Maart voor die hof te maak. -Thys Frederick Abraham (57) het op 'n klag van

dronkbestuur verskyn en die saak is tot 21 Julie 2014 uitgestel vir pleit en verhoor. -Riaan Samaria (38) het vir 2 klagte van bedrog verskyn. Hierdie saak is na die Streekshof verwys en die beskuldigde gaan op 14 Februarie sy eerste verskyning in bogenoemde hof maak. -Ben De Nysschen (42) het op klagtes van dronkbestuur en roekelose of nalatige bestuur verskyn. Die saak is uitgestel tot 8 Julie 2014 vir pleit en verhoor. -Aktofel Ndengu (43) en Petrus Penda (44) het op klagte van rig van vuurwapen, crimen injuria en verset teen 'n geregsdienaar voor die hof verskyn. Hierdie saak is tot 14 Julie 2014 uitgestel vir pleit en verhoor. -Johannes Isak (29) en Lucas Haipinge (31) is onskuldig bevind op 'n klag van diefstal. -Thomas Gantz (49) het op 'n klag van bestuur met 'n hoë bloed-alkohol vlak verskyn. Die saak teen hom is teruggetrek. -Elias Hskia Ndakondja (46) is skuldig bevind op klagte van roekelose of nalatige bestuur en versuim om skade vas te stel. Op die eerste klag is hy N$2 000 of 6 maande tronkstraf gevonnis en N$1 000 of 5 maande op die 2de klag. -Ernesia Dausas (21) en Imelda Dausas (24) het op aanklag van aanranding met die doel om ernstig te beseer verskyn. Hierdie saak is tot 10 April 2014 uitgestel. -Haiko Pfafferott (32) het op 'n klag van dronkbestuur verskyn. Die saak is tot 03 Junie 2014 uitgestel, afwagtend op die finale laboratorium uitslae.

14 FEBRUARY 2014




14 FEBRUARY 2014

Copper worth 2.5 million vanishes into thin air Marshallino Beukes

A consignment of copper worth N$2.5 million disappeared while being transported from Zambia to Walvis Bay harbour. The well-known Swakopmund-based transport company, Van der Walt Transport, is now offering a N$10 000 reward for any information which will lead to the recovery of the missing 30 tonnes of copper, which were en route from the Zambian Copperbelt region, when it disappeared. According to the owner of Van der Walt Transport, Mr André van der Walt, one of their drivers, Mr Wilbard Malapi (44), was supposed to offload the consignment at the harbour in Walvis Bay last Friday, but by Monday, when Malapi did not show up for work, fellow workers inspected the truck and found it was completely empty. Van der Walt said that the staff had been under the impression that the cargo had already been

offloaded, because the truck was parked all weekend at the company's designated parking area within the harbour. Malapi had apparently asked to take the weekend off and they have not been able to contact him since. The suspicion is that the cargo got lost or transferred somewhere on the way between Katima Mulilo and Walvis Bay. “This is the first time that anything like this has happened in the company and this incident should count as a warning sign for other transport companies,” Mr Van der Walt noted. Members of the public with information regarding Wilbard Malapi's whereabouts or the missing cargo are urged to contact Bertie (Operations) at 0811286148, or Mr Van Schalkwyk (PI) at 0811279086, or the Walvis Bay police station.

Opinion: Fishing Quotas The way fishing quotas are allocated is causing much hardship, inequality and hunger in our communities, while a few fat cats get to play “who wants to be a millionaire?” with the precious resources of the nation. The way Namibia's marine resources are being plundered is truly a national disgrace. Corruption, nepotism, favouritism are strongly suspected. Politicians from far-away regions are bickering, fighting and suing each other over fishing quotas, as if they have some special entitlement to the wealth and resources of the sea, but able seamen who have been fishing here for decades will tell you that they are completely in the dark as to how these rights are awarded. Fishing rights are currently used as part of a system of political patronage; as a means to reward loyal friends and to punish political enemies. Some have become instant millionaires by selling their rights without as much as ever catching a single fish. They simply sell their quota to the highest bidder and wallah… instant wealth and fame. Instead of enriching a few greedy individuals, in future only bona fide community organisations and trusts should be allowed to apply for fishing rights on behalf of certain sections of society. For example, all the schools in the region can form a Schools Trust. The Trust can then apply for a quota and use the millions of dollars they get in return to upgrade, renovate and maintain their school facilities without having to stand with a begging bowl in front of the newly-made millionaires. The same goes for the youth and the elderly; we should set up a Regional Pensioners Trust, which can apply and use the funds to build and maintain pensioners' homes and facilities. Equally, a hospitals trust, a women's trust, a housing trust, and other community-based (not-for-profit organisations) should be granted fishing rights to achieve definite social goals, such as fighting homelessness, countering malnutrition, providing places of safety for women and children, facilities for the youth. We produce so much fish it is a total disgrace that people can starve in this country; that children, pensioners, and poor people are dying of hunger while we export thousands of tonnes of protein

every week. It is time to abolish the old and unfair system of giving fishing rights to private individuals. The process is not transparent. If it was, the ministry would have already made public the full list of current fishing rights holders. It is a great shame that the ordinary people in this country do not really benefit from our rich resources of the sea. We produce protein mainly for export, while our own people are going hungry. For argument's sake, if the horse mackerel catch for the year was divided equally among all Namibian citizens, each person would get around 450kg of fish; not to mention hake, maarsbanker, monk and all the other 'commercial catches'. It is not just about access to fish, but moreover it is about the right to fish. A right, which has been treated as a special privilege reserved for the lucky few. But there is no transparency in the allocation of these rights. The process is mired in controversy and the suspicion is widespread that fishing rights, like mining and exploration licenses, are used as a means of rewarding the most loyal supporters of the ruling party. Namibia is one of the countries with the greatest income inequality in the world. The way that fishing rights are currently allocated is actually deepening the crisis of inequality, by elevating a few privileged people to the realms of opulence and splendour, while condemning the masses to a life of grinding poverty, of perpetually empty and aching stomachs. Through a mechanism called “transfer pricing” many of these fishing companies also find clever ways to avoid paying tax in Namibia by selling the fish caught here to their own subsidiaries abroad at a very low price and then declaring that they made no (or little) taxable profits here. Namibia is not really a poor country. It is very rich in resources, but our policies are so very poor that they can only produce poor people and poor outcomes.

Photo by Dr Kusitzky

Namport donates N$350 000 to help save seabirds The Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF) announced this week that Namport has agreed to fund a programme to help reduce the bycatch of birds by fishing vessels offshore Namibia. The funds will also be used to provide employment opportunities for a women's group in Walvis Bay. Under the funding agreement Namport will support the development of a small market women's empowerment group that will manufacture and supply Tori Lines (bird scaring lines) to the local fishing industry. The Tori Lines are commonly used by trawl and longline fisheries operating out of Walvis Bay and Lüderitz. The NNF said that the Tori Lines help prevent seabirds from grabbing for baited hooks and getting trapped in nets, or flying into warp cables, which often results in the injury or death of seabirds. The project has come about partly through the work of the Albatross Task Force in

Namibia, a partnership between the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and BirdLife, Birdlife International and NNF. The Albatross Task Force is a global team of specialist observers working with the fishing industry in the key albatross and petrel foraging range at-sea and onshore. The Task Force works to establish seabird by-catch estimates and to develop methods to minimise incidental mortality of seabirds in longline and trawl fisheries. In Namibia, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and BirdLife International works with the NNF and the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources to achieve this.

BELONING / REWARD N$10 000!!! ‘n Beloning van N$10 000 word deur die onderneming Van der Walt Transport aangebied vir inligting wat tot die herwinning van dertig ton koper op die roete tussen Kitwe in Zambië en die Walvisbaaise hawe kan lei. Die inligting kan ook help om die vermiste drywer van die vragmotor, Wilbard Malapi, op te spoor wat sedert Vrydag vermis word. Kommer bestaan oor sy veiligheid. Besonderhede van sy identifikasie en foto is: Van der Walt Transport, Sel: 081 128 6148 Tel: 064 - 415 700 skakelpersoon Bertie Opperman

14 FEBRUARY 2014




14 FEBRUARY 2014


The views and opinions expressed on this page are not necessarily those of the Namib Times. We do encourage and value the participation of our readers, but we cannot publish any libellous letters. Die sienings en menings wat op die blad verskyn is nie noodwendig die van die Namib Times nie. Hoewel ons die deelname van ons lesers op die forum aanmoedig en waardeer, kan ons nie lasterlike briewe publiseer nie.

Be the Change You Want to See on Our Roads in 2014 The Department of Transport recently released the official road death toll figures of 1376 fatalities for the period 1 December 2013 to 7 January 2014 a sobering reminder that the festive season isn't always so festive for everyone. So as we bid January goodbye and our resolutions with it, perhaps it's time we made some road resolutions instead. The pros at Tiger Wheel & Tyre put their heads together and came up with these suggestions to inspire you in making your own 2014 road resolutions: 1. I Will Not Text and Drive: This is the most dangerous distracted driving activity of all. The minimum amount of time that your eyes are off the road while testing is 4.6 seconds, so if you're testing while driving at a speed of 88km/h you will drive more than the length of a soccer field with your eyes off the road! That's an unaccept a b l e r i s k . We suggest making “It can wait!” your mantra and if it really can't, pull over to a safe spot

before texting. 2. I Will Indicate: The fact that indicators are standard and not optional equipment on a vehicle should be a dead giveaway as to their importance. We suggest you start indicating at least 30m before turning, to give the driver behind you the chance to slow down. With so many drivers choosing not to indicate, it's easy to get sucked into their game. Resist the temptation and set a good example instead. It may become contagious. 3. I Will Check My Tyre Tread & Pressure: Tyres are like the heels on shoes, you usually don't know they're wearing down until they're worn through, but while a worn heel may throw you off balance, a worn out tyre could blow and cost you more than

your dignity. So check your tread, or have a professional do it for you, to ensure there is always at least 1mm remaining tread around the circumference of the tyre, and while you're at it, check the tyre pressure too. Driving with underinflated tyres can cause them to wear out sooner, costing you money and compromising your safety. 4. I Will Exercise Tolerance and Manners: Take a deep breath when the grandma ahead slows to 20km/h and brakes for no reason and exhale slowly as that boy racer weaves around you. Flying into a blind rage will only distract you, raise your blood pressure and compromise your decision-making ability.

There will always be road hogs and they will always frustrate you. So, to paraphrase the great Mahatma Ghandi, be the change you want to see on the road. Drive courteously, exercise tolerance and show gratitude to other courteous drivers. You may start a trend 5. I Will Stay Awake, Alert and Alive: A moving car is a moving missile, which is to say that driving is a huge responsibility. You don't want to be responsible for causing an accident any more than you want to be the victim of one. So resolve not to drive when you're drowsy or under the influence and when you do drive, to give it your full attention.

Mwatunga welcomed back to Swapo Following a report on the Swapo Exco meeting on Saturday, Mr Mwatunga (pictured on the right) contacted the Namib Times to say that the headline was slightly misleading as he was never expelled from the Swapo party, but remained a member throughout the period of his suspension. We apologise for any misconception that may have arisen.

Namib Times Facebook Reader’s Comments

vs EBH employee faces disciplinary investigation after racist allegations According to a media report an employee of the Elgin Brown and Hamer (EBH) group of companies alleges that she was wrongfully suspended after she accused her superior of using the `K-word` in reference to her. Tunino R Haskell Here we go again, Black vs. White! I'm so glad I am "Kallit". Live together in harmony "One Nation" Yvonne Ndeshi Nghilumbwa Black vs. white will always b there... I so don't see it going away because even most blacks gives preference to a white than a fellow black person... so... let the labour law take its course. Clifford De Witt That time should be history, but still we see people that want authority above others and arguing about hopeless topics than rather making a change!! Remember If you want to see a change in the world then start by changing yourself! Mike Rabie I smell a lot of racial sensationalism here, we live in a time where social media comment sections are riddled with racist, homophobic and xenophobic remarks, some of them way more graphic and horrible then what I read in this article. My point... If you are going to run a article about one human being calling another human being something, make it a country wide article about whatever "ism" you choose with actual informed results, statistics and feedback, not this alleged bulls**t, really this article is more about engaging new readers and growing a reader base than unveiling the unjust...the problem is by all the comments everyone is leaving they succeeded in getting you to interact on one of their articles. The article in question here is still about two people and only two people, not about racism's effect, product or constant evolution as hate crimes throughout a whole country and the world, that is what I want to see in a article, not a squabble between two co-workers, in the grand scheme of things this article is a "he said she said" sensationalist piece. maybe you should read the local news out of a global perspective not just out of a emotional point of view. Selenda Haubas Mr Rabie you clearly did not read the 1st article about this story, did you? If you wana see sensational talk go read the other newspaper article that is completely only about one side. This article here explained it from another angle that is a lot clearer. This one has more facts than the other newspaper that already wrote it and only showed 1 side. Michael Brink I once faced a disciplinary hearing because I used the word 'Bulls**t' and this was the correct thing to do. And I apologized for it. No profanity or insulting speech of any form is acceptable in the workplace. It undermines professionalism, respect and the company itself. Nelao Kim Usiku does being booked off by a doctor prohibit anyone from going to eat out at a restaurant? 24 years after independence and we still have people that make such racial remarks? I beg to differ with your opinion, being booked off does not necessarily means you have to be confined to your bed to the extent that you cannot drive, go to town. It all just depend on the severity of your illness. Werner Ahrens If you are sick to the

extent where you need to be booked off by a doctor, you should be in bed at home recovering, if you can sit at a restaurant... then you can sit at the office. Milton Bryan Augumeb Guys we need change in this country and we can only achieve that if we work together, we all are Namibian black or white which means proving to other that you better than them will not get us as a nation anywhere. Valencia Dixon 24 years of Independence, our ancestors blood was shed for our freedom, to live, work, eat and enjoy our country with all its riches and somehow our kindness is still mistaken for weakness. Be grateful that our elders taught us how to forgive but don't pressure our youth to revolt!! Lets remain fair to each other! Edith Bernard Namibia belongs to allllll of us... never mind our colour! Walter Hays The race card is the easiest one ever pulled or played in the last 20 years and i have seen it happen time and again, people play fair and own up to your faults. Christopher Reyneke Why don't all of you just meet at a place.....sort each other out! Grow up and try to set a example for the younger ones. I enjoy this country very much with all it's people. Why spoil it? Ndeshi Josef If I comment with my right mind I will be taken to court with her . Because Yes some of u here know what I will say that has already been said! I'm just going to say this! Namibia is free now! Those kind of acts are not welcome here.. Johan van der Westhuizen Namibia is for black people. My word Namibia is for all people. Don't judge before you know the correct version. If he is guilty let him pay for his remarks. Valencia Dixon This is bad, seriously this is bad, this is why Robert Mugabe does what he does! Mikail Mojao Tjimune Before we go the Mugabe route.........amen. Milly Marsha Orren Point is, she was victimized. it happens a lot, and it's wrong! Lana Da Costa Louw We should start taking responsibility for our actions, think before you say something.... Cindy Herbst Mather Tjimuine Vahaneuiye Were do you want me to go? I was born in this country? People please. .. we are all Namibians. Milton Bryan Augumeb Werner Salpeter no one will label you a racist as long as you don't make racist remark. Let's wait and see what the outcome is of the hearing. Zuleiga Abader Welcome to Walvis Bay! Not surprised! The above happens daily as I've witnessed - unfortunately the ones being done to has no power to complain for this very reason! Silva Newaka This is not about black, white or coloured but being discriminated at work. It can happen to everyone... Johan van der Westhuizen The both should be suspended until the hearing is done. It's her word against his word.

14 FEBRUARY 2014


All the respective award winners

Top accolade awarded to Namibian company Advantage Y&R, Windhoek's largest advertising agency, scored another hit, this time of international renown. They carried off the Grand Prix awarded by the Epica organisation, which organises a competition each year for advertising agencies worldwide. Namibia won the overall print category. Truda Meaden, the MD of Advantage Y&R, and Patrick Held, its creative director, travelled to New Delhi, India, to attend a glittering 2014 awards ceremony and to receive the crystal trophy. Patrick Held on collecting the award quoted an ancient Roman saying “Ex Africa semper aliquid novi! Out of Africa there is always something new!” “This award, as well as other recent awards achieved at the SA Loeries and the D&AD confirms that we, as a Namibian advertising agency, are fully capable of work that is creative, technical and effective for our clients. Work that stands proudly on its own feet and competes with any in the world.” says Truda Meaden. “Advantage Y&R furthermore, in its staffing complement of 30 people, conforms fully to affirmative action objectives and offers 'sky is the limit” career opportunities to talented Namibians, who wish to make their way in this exciting 'brand building' and 'advertising' industry.” The grand prix from Namibia's Advantage Y&R shows travel books and souvenirs of adven-

turous journeys arranged on a bookshelf in the shape of the Land Rover Discovery 90, instantly conveying its message in any language that the Land Rover is the vehicle synonymous with adventure travel without any caption being needed. Jury president International Advertising Awards, François Kermoal commented: “This beautiful image touches the imagination and makes you dream, which should be the aim of all advertising. And of course it captures the spirit of Land Rover without showing the product.” The Epica awards were created in 1987. Having originally focused on the Europe, Middle East and Africa region exclusively, the awards became global in 2012. Epica's aim is to reward outstanding creativity and help communication agencies, film production companies, media consultancies, photographers and design studios to develop their reputations beyond their national borders. Journalists representing the trade press judge the awards; 41 specialist titles and websites from 34 countries were represented on the jury this year. This unique jury guarantees objectivity and widespread coverage of the results.



14 FEBRUARY 2014


14 FEBRUARY 2014

Valentine Gifts


From Your Girls: Zurial & Zahida



14 FEBRUARY 2014

An der Atlantikküste,in der Namibwüste Das Denken innerhalb einer Gnuherde Laura Fischer ist eine Schülerin der 11. Klasse des Gymnasiums Aspel in Rees. Sie ließ mir folgenden Fragebogen zukommen, weil ihre Lehrkrat für das Fach Englisch gerade das Thema ,Apartheid in Südafrika’’ behandelt. Laura muss innerhalb von vier Wochen die beantworteten Fragebögen verwerten und eine Facharbeit über das Thema schreiben. Sie würde sich über jegliche Beantwortung des Fragebogens freuen. Schicken Sie Ihre Antworten an Arnd.Fischer@ Hier nun die Fragen: 1. Wann hast du als Kind zum ersten Mal etwas von Apartheid gehört und von wem? 2. Hattest du damals als Kind Angst vor Schwarzen? 3. Waren die Schwarzen in deinen Augen faul und dumm? 4. Hast du dich mit Schwarzen mal über die Apartheid unterhalten? Vielleicht mit Eurer Maid? Oder war sie auch mal Thema in der Schule, in der Familie oder so? 5. Wenn dit Freunden, Bekannten oder Verwandten aus dem Ausland (USA, Deutschland oder so) zusammen warst – war die Apartheid dann Thema? Wenn ja, wie liefen so Diskussionen ab? 6. Hattest du Bedenken, als die Apartheid beendet werden sollte, dass es Chaos gibt oder noch Schlimmeres? 7. Ist es jetzt für die Schwarzen wirklich besser geworden? Oder für die Weißen schlechter? 8. Hast du irgendein besonderes Erlebnis, das mit der Apartheid, mit Schwarz und Weiß zusammenhängt, das Du gerne erzählen möchtest?

Ein Bekannter, dem ich den Fragebogen zeigte und dessen Meinung ich schätze, schrieb folgenden Kommentar dazu, den ich gerne mit Ihnen teilen möchte, weil er mir gefällt. ,,Die ganze Thematik über Apartheid, eigentlich über jede soziale Thematik, zeigt, dass der Fragensteller/die Fragenstellerin eine Person ist, der/die die Welt nur in Gruppen sehen kann. Verständlich, denn unser antropomorphisches Gehirn hat sich über Millionen von Jahren so entwickelt. Und in der

in England) Tausende von psychologisch gestörten Menschen oder Kräuter-Heilerinnen als Hexen verbrannt worden. Gegenwärtig werden in Gebieten wie dem nördlichen Limpopo (Norden von Südafrika) immer noch Menschen als Hexen bezeichnet und getötet, und in Ostafrika töten schwarze Menschen Albinos – wegen ihrer hellen Haut (schlechtes Omen? Magie?) Ob man nun für oder gegen ein Konzept oder die gegenwärtigen Ethik ist, man bleibt in jedem Fall der

oder schlecht wie irgendeine Religion. Ob sie gut oder schlecht ist, hängt davon ab, inwiefern der Mensch sich von der Orthodoxie beeinflussen lässt, wie sehr er ihr anhängt oder sich gegen sie wehrt. Alles was heute kulturell, religiös oder politisch akzeptabel ist, wird morgen falsch sein. Einer der größten Irrtümer des Menschen und ein Verstoß gegen Individualismus ist die Illusion, dass man Recht hat, wenn man einer bestimmten Gruppe angehört, dass

Alle Lebewesen fühlen sich in der Gruppe stark, ob es die Gnus sind, die hier durch die Kalahari wandern, oder die Kormorane, die in Gruppen fliegen, oder wir Menschen. Es ist daher geradezu eine Kunst, sich als Mensch vom dogmatischen Gruppendenken zu befreien. Foto: Susann Kinghorn Hinsicht sind wir nicht Außenseiter (,,out- man gut ist, weil man anders als Tiere (außer cast”), wenn man GE- dieser Gruppe angevielleicht einer Spezies GEN die Orthodoxie hört, und schlecht, wie der des Leoparden, oder das ,,gegenwärtig wenn man der anderen der ein Einzelgänger Akzeptable” ist, weil Gruppe angehört. Aist). die Orthodoxie immer partheid war damals Unsere Gattung homo d a s G r u p p e n t i e r schlecht und ist es auch sapiens sapiens ist in Mensch beherbergt heute mit umgekehreiner Gruppenstruktur und den Individua- tem Vorzeichen im festgefangen, sodass listen verdammt. . unabhängigen Namiwir alles, unsere eige- Meiner Meinung nach bia, weil es gegen das nen Gedanken, Ge- ist das gegenwärtig Individuum war/ist und fühle und Sichtweisen Akzeptable oder die für die Gruppe. Ebenso als ,,normal” betrach- Orthodoxie jedoch schlecht ist jede Grupten, und wenn einer nicht unbedingt immer pe, die fundamental anders denkt, fühlt, richtig, sondern hat In- gegen eine andere dann sehen wir das als dividualität, außerhalb Gruppe ist und darin anormal, exzentrisch, des Massendenkens, eine Wahrheit oder was auch immer. Ge- viel mehr Gewicht und Moral sieht.” nau aus diesem Grund Legitimität. Jegliches ABSOLUT! sind in der Vergan- Massendenken ist eine genheit (bis etwa 1670 Form von Religion, und Moralität oder Etik Einen blumigen liegt meiner Meinung Valentinstag nicht dort, sondern außerhalb dieses Grupwünscht Ihnen pen- bzw. MassenIhre Namib denkens in der IndiTimes! vidualität des Einzelnen. Ob der Mensch nun für oder gegen Apartheid, den Islam, Hexenjagd, Demokratie, Unabhängigkeit der Basken von Spanien oder der Tibeter von China, Homosexualität oder Pädophilie ist, die Ethik liegt nicht in der Orthodoxie! Apartheid ist so gut

Gewusst, Worte der Woche wie!

Guy Phillips, ein Senior aus Meridian, Mississippi, will gerade ins Bett steigen, als seine Frau ihn darauf aufmerksam macht, dass er das Licht im Gartenschuppen angelassen hat Guy öffnet die Hintertür, um das Licht im Schuppen auszuschalten, als er sieht, wie Diebe gerade dabei sind, ihr schmutziges Handwerk zu treiben. Er weicht zurück und ruft die Polizei an, die ihn fragt: ,,Ist jemand bei Ihnen im Haus?” ,,Nein,”antwortete Guy, ,,aber im Schuppen befinden sich Diebe, die meine Sachen klauen.” Daraufhin der Polizeidienstleiter: ,,Alle Patrouillien sind zur Zeit beschäftigt. Verriegeln Sie Ihre Türen. Wir melden uns, wenn eine Wache frei ist.” ,,Ok,” meint Guy und legt auf. Er zählt bis 100 und ruft wieder bei der Polizei an: ,,Hallo, ich hatte gerade angerufen wegen der Diebe im Schuppen. Sie brauchen nicht mehr zu kommen, ist alles erledigt. Ich habe die drei erschossen, und meine Hunde zerren gerade an ihnen.” Und er legt auf. Innerhalb von 10 Minuten stehen sechs Polizeiwagen, ein Hubschrauber, Krankenwagen und eine Feuerwehr vor dem Haus, und die Diebe können bei frischer Tat ertappt werden. ,,Ich dachte, sie hätten die Ganoven erschossen,”sagt der Polizist. Guy antwortet: ,,Und ich dachte, alle Polizeiwachen seien gerade beschäftigt!”

,,Der Reiter von Südwest” 2010. Foto: Walter Bühler Der Reiter von Südwest Zu Windhoek auf der Höhe, da steht ein Reiter gut, ein Bild aus Erz geschmiedet in Sturm und Sonnenglut. Hoch über ihm die Wolken, die Waffe in der Hand, So wacht er über’m Tale, Blickt weit hinaus ins Land. Im Lande draußen liegen die Gräber all verstreut der deutschen Kameraden aus ferner Kriegeszeit. Dort ruh’n sie in der Stille, sie kannten nichts als Pflicht, wir stehen stumm und danken, vergessen sind sie nicht. Ich denk, wenn ich dich sehe, du stiller Mann aus Erz: Gib mir, wo ich auch stehe, von dir das feste Herz. Es stürmt die Zeit, wir schreiten hinaus die Straße neu, Wo Trug und Recht sich streiten. Dir Reiter, bleib ich treu. Zu Windhoek auf dem Walle, da steht ein Reiter fest. Er steht für dich- für alle, der Reiter von Südwest. Eingesandt von Theone Lempert (Verfasser des Gedichtes ist unbekannt)

Möchten Sie zeigen, wie aufregend Regen sein kann? Melden Sie sich bei Susann Kinghorn; Tel. 405183 oder 0812538850; Fax: 400182; E-Mail: Privates Foto: Auf Elisenheim werden die Gäste und Managerin Christina Werner (auf Foto) mit einem Radlader über das stark fließende Döbra-Rivier vor der Haustür gehievt.


14 FEBRUARY 2014

An der Atlantikküste,in der Namibwüste Zeitgenössische Musik trifft auf HipHop! Locker vom Hocker ,,Hier stehe ich, ich kann nicht anders,...

Jahr eine Tanzshow auf die Beine stellte. Zusätzlich wurden Kabarettabende in den Küstenstädten und Aufführungen wie zum Beispiel ,Toy shop’und ,The Story book’ an den Schulen ange-boten. Gemeinsam mit Carmen Bertens und Puppa Kuntsch startete Kim Garny in demselben Jahr die Tanzwoche. Ein Jahr später gründete sie gemeinsam mit Carmen Bertens die ,Dance Factory’, ein Höhepunkt in ihrem Leben. Die 14jährige NHS- Im vergangenen Jahr Schülerin Julia Timke Swakopmund (sk) ‘Zeitgenössische Musik trifft auf HipHop’ heißt die Tanzshow, die demnächst von Kim Garnys Tanz- und Fitness-Studio angeboten und vom Trio Feminale musikalisch untermalt wird. Kim Garny wuchs in Windhoek auf, erhielt ihr Fitness-Zertifikat nach einem vierjährigen Studium (20022005) in München und besuchte anschließend die BallettAkademie der Hochschule für Musik und Theater in der bayrischen Landeshauptstadt (2005-2007). An verschiedenen deutschen Fitness-Studios und Sportklubs gab sie Tanz- und Fitnessunterricht, bevor sie 2009 nach Swakopmund zurückkehrte, wo sie, gemeinsam mit Carmen Bertens, jedes

... Gott helfe mir. Amen.” Diese Worte des großen Reformators im April 1521 vor dem Reichstag zu Worms wurden auf eine alte Dampflok aus der deuschen Maschinenfabrik Dehne in Halberstadt übertragen, die Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts in DeutschSüdwestafrika zum Transport eingeführt wurde, um so den komplizierten und zeitaufwendigen AchtTage-Transport mit Die 15jährige PSS-Schülerin Natalie Ochsenkarren durch Visagie Fotos: Susann Kinghorn die Namibwüste zu ertüchtig geprobt wird, den man durchmachen setzen. Es dauerte nicht hat einen Vergleich von muss, bevor man das lange, und die Mobile HipHop- und zeitge- turbulente Stadium des versackte außerhalb nössischer Musik zum so genannten Teen- Swakopmunds im SanThema. Auch werden agers erreicht hat. Par- de, wo sie bis heute zu verschiedene Lebens- tytime, Verzweiflung sehen ist - allerdings in phasen des Menschen und Liebesverlust wer- mondänem Glanz, auf dargestellt. Es geht hier den thematisiert, die einem Zementsockel um Schwangerschaft, Frage nach der Iden- ruhend, umringt von das Wunder der Ge- tität und die Suche nach Glas und Mauerwerk, burt, den Lernprozess, einem Plätzchen in der und nicht mehr, wie vor Gesellschaft, in die bis zu zehn Jahren, von man bald verstrickt ist, Sand und Salz zerfresohne dass man es ei- sen in Gottes weiter gentlich wollte. Wüstenlandschaft. Die Tanzabende finden Könnten die Worte unjeweils am Freitag, den seres Swakopmunder 7 . M ä r z u n d a m Martin Luther, wie der Samstag, den 8. März ,,Dampfochse” auch Der 10jährige PSSin der PSS-Schulaula spöttisch genannt wird, Schüler Craig Dürr um 19h00 zu 19h30 nicht in ähnlicher Form Uhr statt. Eine Ma- von dem aus Bronze machte sie sich selbsttinee-Vorstellung am geschmiedeten, anoständig. Seither bietet Samstag, den 8. März nymen Soldaten auf sie Tanz- und Fitnessum 15h30 ist auch dem Pferd in Windkurse an, die sich grogeplant. ßer Beliebtheit erhoek kommen, der im Die Karten, die im Dezember 2013 zum freuen. Die Produktion, an der Vorverkauf N$ 100,- zweitenmal innerhalb auch Schüler von Carkosten (Matinee: N$ von knapp vier Jahren men Bertens ,Dance 75,-) können bei der umgestellt wurde und Der 11jährige Factory’ teilnehmen S w a k o p m u n d e r nun, wie (nicht) bestellt PSS-Schüler und für die schon B u c h h a n d l u n g und (auch) nicht abgeJeremy Haus erworben werden. holt, den Innenhof der An der Abendkasse Alten Feste ,,ziert”? sind die Karten zu ,,Hier stehe ich - bis zur nächsten UmdisponieN$ 130,- oder N$ rung, ich hätt’s gern 100,- (Matinee) er- anders. Gott helfe mir. hältlich. Amen.” Getränke werden Nun haben wir Deutzum Verkauf ange- schen uns ja alle wahrlich genug über die boten Verlegung ,,unseres” Südwester Reiters” aufgeregt (oder auch

Die 15jährige NHSSchülerin Felicia Engelhard

nicht) bzw. uns teilweise hinter der Fassade versteckt, dass uns das Verschwinden des Reiterdenkmals weniger stört als die ,Nacht-und-Nebel-Aktion’, nämlich dass das Denkmal ohne Vorankündigung bzw. ohne rechtlich korrekten Weg klammheimlich in der weihnachtlichen Nacht vom 24. auf den 25. Dezember 2013 unter polizeilicher Bewachung demontiert wurde. Hey, liebe deutsche Mitbürger, was soll denn dieses Versteckspiel hinter ,,Nacht-und-Ne-

dem IndependenceBau einfach nur im Wege stand, haha! Als völlig unpolitisch denkendes Kind habe ich zu dem Reiter aufgesehen, wie er da so stolz zu Ross über die Weiten unserer wunderschönen Landes schaute, aufrechte Haltung, schmucke Uniform, der Inbegriff von Ordnung und Disziplin, Eigenschaften, die ich heute mehr

Das Reiterdenkmal Foto: Walter Bühler belaktion”? Seien wir denn je schätze, zumal doch ehrlich! Sind wir man besonders auf dem nicht einfach nur des- afrikanischen Kontiillusioniert, dass die- nenten der Willkür ausses Standbild deutscher geliefert ist. Disziplin, Präzision Dieses Standbild zuund Verlässlichkeit mindest, das ich im entfernt wurde, obwohl Kopf habe, kann man wir es doch hätten er- weder versetzen noch warten müssen? auslöschen, weshalb es Außerdem könnte es für mich keine Rolle doch sein, dass solch spielt, was mit dem ein im Vergleich zum Reiter von Südwest massig-protzigen ko- zukünftig noch pasreanischen, kaffeema- sieren sollte. schinenförmigen Unabhängigkeitsmuseum Ihre geradezu zierlich an- Susann Kinghorn mutendes Denkmal

Der ,,Südwester Reiter” ist nicht das erste Reiterdenkmal, das von seinem ursprünglichen Standplatz entfernt wurde. William Walcutt malte den Abriss der Statue des englischen Königs Georg III. bei der ältesten Grünanlage von Manhattan (Bowling Green), nachdem die amerikanische Unabhängigkeitserklärung 1776 veröffentlicht worden war. Aus dem vergoldeten Blei wurde Munition für den Befreiungskrieg gegossen .


14 FEBRUARY 2014

It's time to rock` Madelaine Laubscher

Franco Sivori established a recording studio in Walvis Bay with the aim to form a professional band and in order to prove that Namibia is on par and fully capable of producing the goods with regard to working in the music entertainment industry. “I believe there is depth in a band and a need for people to be entertained with live performances. People are prone to grow tired of music quite easily, but not of a band's originality which make each performance unique.” Sivori is looking for committed, devoted musicians to contact him. “Many times people say that they want to join a band or would like to become a musician, but when they realise the amount of effort and commitment it requires, they drop out. I want serious, passionate and devoted musicians in my band who are not only skilled and talented, but also committed,” he said. According to him capable musicians in Namibia are compelled to move to different countries, such as South Africa, in order to further their experience in the music industry. Franco says he want to stay in Walvis Bay and is out to prove to other countries that Namibians are just as skilled and capable as their counterparts in other countries. “The much loved Juanita Du Plessis is from Namibia, for example. We can accomplish the same, if we are serious enough and devoted to forming a professional band.” Franco was born in Genova in 1955 and

learned music while attending high school. He started making music at the age of 13 and today, 46 years later is still involved in music. That alone serves as ample proof of his passion for music. The first instrument he laid his hands on was the guitar. He gives guitar lessons and is a versatile vocalist as well. “I am not very poetic, nor am I a very good writer, but I am good at sound detail such as background sounds and the producing aspect of recording music and believe I am quite capable of recording professional tracks. According to him Napoleon Bonaparte (Emperor of the French) once said that “music is what tells us that the human race is greater than we realise” and Plato (a well known philosopher) said that “musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.” Confucius (philosopher and teacher) said that “if anyone should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, if its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will furnish the answer.” Sivori says he has a desire to prove all the above-mentioned. “I have performed on


The CD cover of Sivori’s first album numerous occasions and now have my own recording studio at my house where I make professional digital records. My favourite instrument is the lead guitar and my recordings are quite professional and of a high quality,” says Sivori whose repertoire and music genres include international rock, ballads and dance music. He writes his own songs, also performs cover versions of international songs and performed in various well established recreational facilities in Walvis Bay. He has also performed

in various clubs as well as on many ships and has brushed shoulders with well known musicians, one of them being Steve Hofmeyer. Sivori submitted a demo copy of his “Its time to rock” album to Storm Productions. The album contains tracks of Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond and many more, covered by Franco. “I believe that they will be happy with my album. Even though they are extremely busy, I hope that I have made a good impression on them and I am waiting anxiously to hear to hear from them in the

near future.” he says`. It's Time to Rock` is available in store at Namib Radio, for anyone interested in listening to the quality of his work and who would like to brush shoulders with him in the near future with regard to functions, music lessons and digital recording. He is due to perform at the Walvis Bay Yacht Club soon. He invites anyone who is serious and passionate about music to look him up on YouTube under 'Franco Sivori Namibia' or to contact him at francosivori55

Walvis Bay - New Release! Ultra Modern Apartments


J&B ESTATES Walvis Bay 20-4505

2 bedrooms, bathroom, garage open plan and balcony. Centrally situated

N$ 895 000 Book yours NOW !!! Amanda 081 128 4836 Joey 081 129 3293 Manuela 081 385 9179


* AUCTION - Bay Auctioneers, Every Saturday, Corner of Rikumbi Kandanga and 6th Street, Opposite Sea Pride. * Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Book Exchange at the Mission to Seafarers. All Welcome. * Every Tuesday: Blood clinic (NAMBTS) at Welwitschia Hospital next to indoor pool. * 28 Feb.: NPS Introduction of Debutants (Cheese & Wine) * 4 March.: Interkerklike gebedskring - Temple of Truth om 09:00. *12 March.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Monthly meeting at 19:00. * 15 Maart: Laerskool Walvisbaai Kermis op skoolgronde. * 28 March.: NPS - Talent Show - Feeling famous. * 1 April.: Interkerklike gebedskring - V.G.K kerk om 09:00. * 9 April.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Monthly meeting at 19:00. * 26 April.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - 99th Anniversary, battle of Trekkopje. * 27 April.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Annual wreath laying ceremony by M.O.T.H. and German tradition verband Trekkopje 11:00. * 6 May.: Interkerklike gebedskring - Katolieke Kerk om 09:00. * 14 May.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole CentreMonthly meeting starts 19:00. * 3 June.: Interkerklike gebedskring - Lutherse Kerk om 09:00. * 11 June.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole CentreMonthly meeting starts 19:00. * 30 June.: NPS - Praise & Worship - Forever Faithfull * 1 July.: Interkerklike gebedskring - Rynse Kerk om 09:00. * 1 July.: NPS - Official opening - “Formal & Flashy”. * 2 July.: NPS - Fountain of knowledge & SA Dance Show * 3 July.: NPS - Mr & Miss NPS - “Feeling Fabulous”. * 4 July.: NPS - Gala evening - “Flourishing at Fifty”. * 5 July.: NPS - Mr & Mrs 50. * 9 July.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole CentreMonthly meeting starts 19:00. * 12 July.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Wreath laying ceremony at M.O.T.H Monument Usakos 11:00. * 13 July.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Delville Wood Remembrance Church Parade 09:00 * 16 July.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Delville Wood Remembrance Day. * 26 July: Bethel Cong Women’s Fellowship present “July Ladies’’with Linda van der Merwe of Channel 7. * 5 Aug.: Interkerklike gebedskring - Metodiste kerk in Kuisebmond om 09:00. * 13 Aug.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole CentreMonthly meeting starts 19:00. * 2 Sept.: Interkerklike gebedskring - Christen Gemeente om 09:00. * 10 Sept.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole CentreMonthly meeting starts 19:00. * 4 Oct.: NPS - Festival Day - Festival Fiesta * 7 Oct.: Interkerklike gebedskring - Volle Evangeliese kerk om 09:00. * 4 Nov.: Interkerklike gebedskring - A.M.E Kerk. Kuisebmond om 09:00 * 2 Dec.: Interkerklike gebedskring - My Father’s House om 09:00.

SWAKOPMUND * BRIDGE: Every Monday evening at 19:00 Lions Old Age Home. * Infinity Lounge - Karaoke night every Thursday. * Markets at the Last Resort Centre, starting on the 8th from 10am until 3pm. They are situated at 5 Libertine Amadhila street, one street up from the Jetty. * Swakopmund Toastmasters meets every first and third Monday of the month at the Europa Hof Hotel, Bismark Str 39, Swakopmund, Namibia from 19:00 - 20:30. * EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY: SHALOM MARKET 12 kms eastwards outside Swakopmund along the Swakop river. * 14 Feb.: Informations vortrag: Hilfe und Heilung auf dem Weg durch die Lehre Bruno Grönings um 19 Uhr, The Marble room im Hansa Hotel, geistigen. ***************


14 FEBRUARY 2014

THANK YOU We would like to thank the following companies and individuals for their contribution towards the success of our Athletics Meeting. Your generous gesture is highly appreciated. * Rent A Toilet * OK Grocers * Coca Cola * Pastor Greeff

* Arrow Security Services * Walvis Bay State Hospital * P Madisia * Parents, teachers and community

Eagles: The winning team

Age group winners

Junior Victor Ludorum: Junior Nehemia; Junior Victrix Ludorum: Rashida Diergaardt; Senior Victrix Ludorum: Lizanne Harases; Senior Victor Ludorum: Jaden Humphries


14 FEBRUARY 2014

Valentine's Day Lunch and Dinner For N$200 per person -Crazy mama starter -Main meal: Kingklip, crab claws with prawns Or -300g rump steak with quarter leg Served with vegies, boiled potato, chips or mash -Desert: bare one cake Or Carrot cake with cream or ice cream

Please book in advance to avoid any disappointment Call 064-207364/220370

14 FEBRUARY 2014



14 FEBRUARY 2014

VACANCIES Namib Restaurant, a fast growing restaurant at Hotel Deutsches Haus in Swakopmund, specialising among others in seafood and local game dishes, has the following vacancy for suitably qualifyied candidates:

1. Restaurant Supervisor Requirements: - FULL knowledge of the continental cuisine. - At least 5(five) years experience with References. - Sober habits and willing to work shifts. - Must be fluent in English, German would be an advantage

2. Chef Requirements: - FULL knowledge of the continental cuisine. - At least 3 (three) years experience with References. - Sober habits and willing to work shifts. - Must be fluent in English Send your application to, or deliver at; Hotel Deutsches Haus E-mail: 13 Lüderitz Street, Swakopmund No faxed copies accepted · Only Namibian citizens can apply or permanent residents and no casual or holiday workers. · Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. · No CV will be returned or any correspondence after the selection process.

PHIM Group is a multidisciplinary engineering company. The core business of the company includes civil engineering contracting, mining contracting and industrial manufacturing. The civil contracting business hereby seeks highly qualified and motivated individuals to occupy an Administrative Assistant and Civil Construction Foreman role in Swakopmund. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Responsibilities: · Office Management · Travel Administration · Financial Administration · General Administration Requirements & Experience: · Grade 12 with English · Computer literacy particularly in Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint. · Code BE Driver's Licence · Administration qualifications · 2 Years experience in a similar working environment CIVIL CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN Responsibilitities: · Ensure the adherence to SHE procedures onsite. · Managing subordinates. · Managing sub-contractors. · Ensure project is executed in line with the design (Time and quality) · Ensure project is completed in-line with local regulatory requirements. · Ensure sufficient availability of project raw materials onsite. Requirements & Experience: · Grade 12 with Maths and English. · Bricklaying qualification. · Ability to interpret civil engineering plans. · Code BE Licence. · 5 Years Civil Contracting Experience of which 2 years should have been in a supervisory role. · Computer literate Only applications from candidates who meet the minimum qualifications or more will be considered . A comprehensive CV and copies of qualifications should be submitted to: PHIM Group, P. O. Box 3087, Vineta , Swakopmund or alternatively it can be mailed or faxed to or +264886528797 respectively. For Further details please contact Manu on 0816260077 or 0814835461. Closing date for applications is the 21 February 2014.

MUNICIPALITY OF HENTIES BAY OFFICE OF THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER DIVISION: PUBLIC RELATIONS PRESS RELEASE REQUEST FOR SUBMISSION OF ERVEN NUMBERS (RESIDENTIAL ADDRESSES) BY OWNERS OF UNIMPROVED RESIDENTIAL ERVEN IN OMDEL WITH NO OUTSTANDING DEBTS ON THEIR ACCOUNTS Property owners in Omdel residential area who purchased residential erven and signed the Deeds of Sale, but have not effected any improvement to such properties and who are not in arrears are hereby requested to submit their erven numbers (residential addresses) not later than Friday, 21st March 2014 before 16H00 to be assisted by the Council under the Mass Housing Project or ultra-low-cost, low-cost and middle income housing programmes respectively. No shacks for dwelling purposes will be allowed in Henties Bay and residents that need assistance with the construction of houses are requested to apply for assistance with the Council. The said persons are therefore advised to contact our Bianca Miriam Nguaiko (Acting Chief Executive Officer) at telephone number: +264-64-502023 or email address: or alternatively our Johanna Angolo (Town Planning and Property Administration Officer) at telephone number: +264-64-502025 or email address: respectively. Issued by: M Weskop Council Administrator/Public Relations Officer Tel: +264-64-502035 Email: Enquiries: BM Nguaiko Acting Chief Executive Officer Tel: +264-64-502023 Email: Content of this press release approved by: BIANCA MIRIAM NGUAIKO ACTING CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

J Angolo Town Planning & Property Administration Officer Tel: +264-64-502025 Email:

14 FEBRUARY 2014



Notice is hereby given that an application in terms of the Liquor Act, 1998, particulars of which appear below, will be made to the Regional Liquor Licensing Committee, Region ERONGO 1. Name and postal address of applicant: Sam Halupe,

14 FEBRUARY 2014 P. O. Box 4279, Vineta, Swakopmund. 2. Name of buinsess or proposed business to which applicant relates SHOP 4 U. 3.Address/location of premises to which applicant relates: Erf 582, Plaath Avenue, Tamariskia, Swakopmund. 4.Nature and details of applicant: Application for a Grocery Liquor Licence 5. Clerk of the Court with whom applicant will be lodged: Clerk of the

Magistrate’s Court, Swakopmund. 6. Date on which applicant will be lodged: 24 February 2014. 7. Date of meeting of Committee at which applicant will be heard: 9 April 2014. Any objection or written submission in terms of section 28 of the Act in relation to the application must be sent or delivered to the Magistrate of the District, to reach the Magistrate not later than 7 days after the date on which the application is lodged.

ESTATE NOTICE Estate No: 745/2013 In the Estate of the late Cornelius Swanepoel, Identity Number 480319 1001 4, of No 255 Nangola Mbumba Drive, Walvis Bay, who died on 1 May 2013 (Master’s Reference 745/2013 WHK), and who was unmarried. In terms of Section 35 (5) of Act 66 of 1965, notice is hereby given that the First Liquidation and Distrbution Account in the

Career Opportunities at Nedbank Namibia As a leading Namibian Financial Institution, our success depends on the calibre of people we invite to join our professional and highly skilled team. For over 40 years we have focused on building an environment where motivated people flourish. If you can make a contribution to our team, join us. Suitably qualified and highly motivated candidates are invited to apply for the following positions:

Enquiries Clerk Nedbank Namibia is looking for an Enquiries Clerk at our Walvis Bay Branch. Reporting to the Branch Manager: Walvis Bay. The successful applicants will be responsible for the following: KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: · Responsible for all client account enquiries · Responsible for the administration of Cheque b ooks and Bank's cheques. · Customer account records ( opening/closing/stop payments/ stop orders/ main file changes)

· Issuing of account statements and credit cards · Issuing and encoding of bank cards · Daily balancing of working stock EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: · The applicant must have Grade 12 (25 points). · A Diploma in banking/banking related field will be a n advantage. · Must have at least 1-2 years banking experience in th e sales environment. · Teller experience will be an added advantage. · Applicant will be required to work on Saturdays.

Sales Support Nedbank Namibia is looking for a Sales Support at our Walvis Bay Branch. Reporting to the Branch Manager: Walvis Bay. The successful applicants will be responsible for the following: KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: · Providing operational support to Personal Banker/ Sa les Executive including assistance with risk management of client portfolio. · Attending to all routine and administration matters re levant to a portfolio of clients. · Ensure that clients are kept up to date with bank re lated changes influencing them. · Understand and is able to market transactional product as well as identify cross-sell opportunities a nd prompt Banker to pursue through effective updating and monitoring of client portfolio.

ABILITIES REQUIREMENTS: · Sound experience in all aspects of sales administration and banking in general · Understanding of banking environment ( p roducts, processes systems and mechanism) · Must be customer service oriented with excellent interpersonal and communication skills · Must have a high degree of self-confidence, be a ble to work independently and must be a selfstarter EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: · Grade 12 (25 points), or a Diploma in business/ b anking related studies. · A degree in a related field will be an advantage. · Minimum of 5 (Five) years banking experience wi th knowledge of sales, credit/securities · Computer literate (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint).

The bank offers an above average remuneration package, excellent benefits as well as a stimulating working environment. Closing date for applications: 19 February 2014 Applications accompanied by a detailed CV (which includes a career outline to date) should be forwarded to: Marita Smit, Human Resources Department, Nedbank Namibia, P O Box 590, Walvis Bay (C/O Sam Nujoma Ave and 11th Road , Nedbank Walvis Bay) or alternatively via email at (Affirmative Action Candidates are encouraged to apply)

above estate will be open for inspection of all persons interested therein for a period of twenty one (21) days from date of publication hereof at the office of the Master of the High Court Windhoek and the Magistrate’s Court Walvis Bay. Should no objection thereto be lodge with the Master concerned during the specified period, the executrix will be proceed to make payment in accordance with the account. H E AHRENS Agent for the Executor c/o Kinghorn Associates Haus Altona 2 - 6 Tobias Hainyeko Street P. O. Box 1455 Swakopmund (Ref: HEA/LMEST101/0001-50)

14 FEBRUARY 2014


PERMANENT CLOSURE PERMANENT CLOSURE OF A PORTION OF STREET ALONG KOVAMBO NUJOMA AVENUE ADJACENT TO ERF 665 WALVIS BAY FOR PURPOSES OF LEASE AND CONSTRUCTION OF NEW ENTRANCE GATE AND COMMON SERVICE FACILITIES Notice is hereby given in terms of section 50(3)(a)(ii) of the Local Authorities Act of 1992 (Act 23 of 1992) that the Municipality of Walvis Bay proposes to permanently close a portion of street along Kovambo Nujoma Avenue adjacent to Erf 665 Walvis Bay as indicated on the locality plan which lies for inspection during office hours at the Town Planners' Office, Room 102, Civic Centre, Nangolo Mbumba Drive, Walvis Bay. Any person objecting to the proposed closure as indicated above may lodge objections, together with the grounds thereof, with the Chief Executive Officer, Municipality of Walvis Bay, Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay in writing before or on 7th March 2014, in accordance with Section 50(1)(c) of the above Act. Chief Executive Officer Municipality of Walvis Bay Private Bag 5017 Walvis Bay

REZONING APPLICATION IN TERMS OF THE WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME REZONING: From: Single Residential To: Institutional ON ERF NO: 1557 TOWNSHIP: Kuisebmond STREET: 20 Dolfyn Crescent. In terms of the above-mentioned Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/ establish a training academy hostel for Eleven Arrows Football Club. Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, first floor, Rooms 101 & 119, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay, and the undersigned, in writing, not later than Friday, 28th February 2014.

NOTICES REZONING APPLICATION IN TERMS OF THE WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME Rezoning from Street to Special for a new entrance gate and common service facilities On a portion of street along Kovambo Nujoma Avenue adjacent to erf 665 Walvis Bay Notice is hereby given in terms of the Walvis Bay Town Planning Scheme that the lessee/ developer, Flamingo Cottages House Owners Association, on behalf of the Municipality of Walvis Bay, intends to apply to the Municipality of Walvis Bay for permission to erect/establish a new entrance gate and common service facilities on the site. The street portion of Kovambo Nujoma Avenue adjacent to erf 665 Walvis Bay is ±750m² in extent. The proposed Special zoning will allow the lessee/developer to use the site for the construction of a new entrance gate and common service facilities accommodating the following: · Water storage tanks · A power generator · Refuse bins · Staff ablution facilities · A car wash bay · A new boundary fence and sliding gate to match the existing boundary fence Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 and 119, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager, Roads and Building Control (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay, and the undersigned, in writing, not later than 7 March 2014. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT Bruce Stewart, Town Planner, P O Box 2095, Walvis Bay {081 170 0960}

NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT(S): Bruce Stewart, Town Planner, P. O. Box 2095, Walvis Bay (081 170 0960).

NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION In the Magistrate’s Court for the District of Swakopmund held at Swakopmund. Case No: 360/13 In the matter between: The Buildhard Services (Pty) Ltd t/a Plaintiff and Mr M K Tjongarero Defendant In pursuance of a Judgement in the Magistrate’s Court of Swakopmund and writ of execution dated 20/11/13, the goods listed hereunder will be sold in execution to the highest bidder at Erf 683, Rikumbi Kandanga Road (Opposite Trust Market, Next to Charlies Meat Market), Walvis Bay on 8 March 2014 at 10:00 namely: 1x 2 Door Defy Fridge 1x 3 Piece Lounge Suite 1x Samsung Flat Screen Television 1x Sony Compact Hi-Fi System Conditions of sale: Voetstoots - cash to the highest bidder. Dated at Swakopmund on 10 February 2014. Attorneys for Judgment Creditor KINGHORN ASSOCIATES 2 - 6 Haus Altona Tobias Hainyeko Street Tel: 064 - 405051 Fax: 064 - 402159 Swakopmund Ref: SB/THE72/0005COLL


VACANCY KDM Construction & Electrical Supervisor for general maintenance and renovations needed. Looking for a Responsible and Trustworthy person. Must have a valid driver's license. Experience will be an advantage. Please e-mail your CV to:

MUNICIPALITY OF WALVIS BAY LEASE OF LAND Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 63(2)(b) of the Local Authorities Act of 1992 (Act 23 of 1992) as amended, that the Municipal Council of Walvis Bay intends to lease, by private transaction, at a rental of N$ 300 per month, with a 10% escalation per annum, ±750m² of municipal land (Street) to Flamingo Cottages House Owners Association for the development of a new entrance gate and common service facilities, accommodating the following: · Water storage tanks · A power generator · Refuse bins · Staff ablution facilities · A car wash bay · A new boundary fence and sliding gate to match the existing boundary fence Full particulars pertaining to the lease will lie for inspection by interested persons until 4 March 2014 at Room 45, Municipal Offices, Kuisebmond. For more information Mr T van Zyl can be contacted, during office hours, at telephone (064) 201 3235. Written objections, duly motivated, to the intended transaction must be received by the undersigned before or at 12:00 on 7 March 2014. AT Victor General Manager Community and Economic Development Municipal Offices, Civic Centre, Nangolo Mbumba Drive, Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay. Fax (064) 209714


MUNICIPALITY OF WALVIS BAY TENDER NOTICE 7/2014 SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF ONE NEW PICK UP AND ONE NEW SEDAN VEHICLE FOR THE MUNICIPALITY OF WALVIS BAY 1. Tenders are hereby invited for the supply and delivery of one new 4x4 pick-up and one new sedan vehicle to be delivered at the Workshop of the Municipality of Walvis Bay 2. The following documentation shall accompany the tender document: · Certificate of Fitness · Certificate of Good Standing with Social Security Commission · Certificate of Good Standing with Receiver of Revenue for VAT purposes 3. Tender documents are obtainable from the cashiers at the Civic Centre, Walvis Bay, Telephone +264-64-201 3327, at a price of N$287.50 (non refundable) per set, (15% VAT included). Enquiries: - Mr J A Louw, Room 107, Telephone +264-64-201 3289 or e-mail address: 4. Tenders, completed and accompanied by all required supporting documentation as described in the documents, must be delivered to the Tender Board before 11:00 on Friday 7 March 2014. For convenience, a Tender Box in the foyer of the Civic Centre may be used for the deposition of tenders. 5. Tenders will be opened in the presence of tenderer's representatives who choose to attend in Room 120 (Dolphin Conference Room) of the Civic Centre directly after the closing of tenders. J A J KRUGER Secretary Tender Board NOTICE NO: 7/2014

Tenders are hereby invited for the Supply and delivery of two (2) new refuse compaction trucks to be used by the Section: Solid Waste within the Department Water, Waste & Environmental Management of the Municipality of Walvis Bay. Tender documents are obtainable from the Cashiers at Civic Centre, Walvis Bay. Telephone +264 64 201 3236. Tender documents shall be issued against payment of N$575.00 (VATincluded). Tenders, completed and accompanied by all required supporting documents as described in the documents, must be delivered to the Tender Board on or before 11:00 on Friday 28 February 2014. For convenience, a Tender Box in the foyer of the Civic Centre should be used for the deposition of tenders. No late tenders for any reason whatsoever will be considered by the Tender Board. Tenderers shall take note of the fact that the submission of the following documents with the completed tender will be to your advantage: (a) Certificate of Good Standing issued by the Social Security Commission; (b) Business Registration Certificate; (c) Certificate of Good Standing issued by the Receiver of Revenue in respect of Value Added Tax (VAT) if applicable. Tenders will be opened by a committee of the Local Tender Board directly after closing of the tenders in the presence of tenderers' representatives, who choose to attend, in the Dolphin Conference Room at the Civic Centre, Walvis Bay. Further information can be obtained from the Foreman: Solid Waste, Mr Peter Etsebeth at cell phone no 0811288316 during office hours. JAJ KRUGER Secretary Local Tender Board

MUNICIPALITY OF HENTIES BAY OFFICE OF THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER DIVISION: PUBLIC RELATIONS PRESS RELEASE NOTICE OF INTENT TO REPOSSESS PURCHASED BUT UNIMPROVED RESIDENTIAL ERVEN IN ARREARS IN HENTIES BAY AND OMDEL RESIDENTIAL AREAS Property owners in Henties Bay residential areas who, since 1995 to date, purchased residential erven and signed the Deeds of Sale, but not yet improved and in arrears for more than three (3) years are hereby notified to settle their arrears in whole and full not later than Friday, 21st March 2014 before 16H00 failing that such unimproved residential erven in arrears will be repossessed by the Council forthwith. The reason for this measure is to allocate such repossessed residential erven to landless and homeless Namibians to acquire immoveable properties under the Mass Housing Project and the ultra-low cost, low-cost and middle income housing programmes as the Council is faced with inadequate land to assist the same. Affected persons are therefore advised to contact our Bianca Miriam Nguaiko (Acting Chief Executive Officer) at telephone number: +264-64-502023 or email address: or alternatively our Diederick Afrikaner (Clerk: Debt Collections) at telephone number: +264-64-502014 or email address: respectively.. Issued by: M Weskop Council Administrator/Public Relations Officer Tel: +264-64-502035 Email: Enquiries: BM Nguaiko Acting Chief Executive Officer Tel: +264-64-502023 Email: Content of this press release approved by: BIANCA MIRIAM NGUAIKO ACTING CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

D Afrikaner Clerk: Debt Collection Tel: +264-64-502014 Email:


14 FEBRUARY 2014

Sturrock Grindrod Maritime (Namibia) is looking to secure the services of a Clearing & Forwarding Supervisor to join the Walvis Bay office. Suitably qualified candidates with 2 years minimum experience in a similar role are invited to apply. Job requirements include processing of customs documents on import & export cargo; compile quotes and tenders; liaise with all service providers, principals and shippers regularly; maintain customs / bond entries; monitor and regulate work load between staff members Matric and computer literacy (intermediate level) required. Must have valid driver’s license. Send CV’s to or hand in at our offices at 174, 3rd Street East, Walvis Bay.


14 FEBRUARY 2014


no reserveD prices! The following will be sold: Very Large Safe - 2 Large 3 Phase Air Compressors - De Walt Radial Saw - Bizerba Industrial Meat Saw Band Saw - 2x Wood Lathes - Saw Dust Extractor 6 KVA Gen Set - 2x Tack Welders Large Bench Vice - 3 Phase Steam Cleaner - Parafin Fridge - Lawn Mowers - Jerry Cans - Camping Equipment - Bird Cages - Office Chairs - TV’s - TV Units - HiFi’s, Baby Goods - Kid’s Bicycle - Pool Loungers - Building Materials AND MUCH MORE!!!!

Lagoon Chalets 8 Road West, Meersig th

We are looking for an experienced goldsmith to join our team. Manufacturing, design and setting of fine handmade jewellery pieces to the highest level of craftmanship. Please email your CV to We appreciate everyone’s interest in the post but please note we will only be contacting those whose applications we would like to take forward. Please note we are always looking for talented jewellery manufacturers. Send your details if you are interested in working with us.

May God bless you on this wonderful day... May He give you His peace...

Garage Sale

Only open from Mondays – Fridays 8h00 to 18h00 Saturdays 09h00-12h00 Cell: 081 128 7151

REWARD!! N$ 5000.00

We LOVE you with the love of the Lord.

From: Shené, Annelene, Gideon & Kids + Sandré & Claudia


Tel. 081 129 4030


Fe 13

All old bedside cupboards, curtains, stoves, mattresses, trailer.




CONSENT: Bed & Breakfast ON ERF NO: 272 TOWNSHIP: Meersig STREET: 7th Road East, 39 Walvis Bay

Looking for my SONY HXR-NX5E HD Video Camera, including ACCESSORIES: 128GB Camera Harddrive, Video Light, LCD Hood and 3x Batteries. Serial # 217307 Please contact Yana: 0812555921

In terms of the above-mentioned Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/establish a Bed and Breakfast on the site. Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 106D, Civic Centre. Any person having an objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and the undersigned, in writing, no later than 28 February 2014. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT(S): C. Marais, P. O. Box 3420, Walvis Bay.

FOUND RODGER Rodger went missing on the 11th of Feb 2014 in the Meersig area at about15:00, but found his way back home. Arline would like to thank each and everyone that helped look for him, it is much appreciated

Thank you very much

S.S. De Duine Athletics 2014 Friday: 14/02/2014 Narraville rugby stadium @ 09h00 Saturday: 15/02/2014 De Duine secondary School Grounds @ 09h00 Entrance: Children : N$ 5.00 Adults : N$10.00 Cars: N$10.00

Refreshments for sale


14 FEBRUARY 2014

Classifieds E-MAIL: OR


75!! En vol moed...

Veels geluk met maMma se 75ste verjaarsdag... Ons is lief vir mamMa. Psalm 23:1 Van: u kinders

PERSONAL PRAYERS FOR PROBLEMS Church of Christ: Venue: Ef 2897 Olwetweni Date: every Saturday Time: 15h00. Call: 081 228 6523

AUCTIONS PROPERTY AUCTION!! WALVIS BAY INDUSTRIAL Industrial building on Auction, Walvis Bay Erf 4965, with all improvements will be put up for auction on Friday 21 February 2014 @12:00 on site. Location: No. 22 Ben Amathila Street Heavy Industrial Area Walvis Bay Zoning: Industrial Bulk: 1 Built area: Approximately 50% of the allowed 75%. Compromises: Offices, Workshops, Storerooms, Take Away, Laundry and Sheds. Areas: Office Complex 1077m² Garage 77m² Workshops 1348m² Storerooms 184m² Equipment shed 1079m² Boundary walls 100m² Paved area 945m² Remarks: This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain an Industrial property of this nature close to the new upcoming Northern HarbourDevelopment of Walvis Bay. This N$30 Milliard Harbour development to come will add instant value to this investment. Conditions of sale: 10% Deposit of auction turnover as well as 5%+VAT buyers' commission payable on the day of the auction Photos: For enquiries please contact: Alex McDonald 081 128 6821 Office: 061 259 607 Email:



COMPUTER CLASSES: Town Centre Internet Café Only N$750 for two months 18:00-20:00 daily. Contact: 064-209 435/ 081 242 2224.


COURSES NIRVANA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS provide the following courses in Walvis Bay: - SHEOMTRAC (Safety Course) - Fire fighting -Construction Health Safety -Incident / Accident Investigation. -Mines Health Safety. -Risk Assessment -SHE Representative (O.N.P) Only limited space. For any enquires don’t hesitate to contact: Mrs Bottros 081 711 6373.

TRAINING NAHOTA: Namibia Hospitality Training Academy Register anytime: Certificate level 1&2. Waiter/Waitress: Registration N$1000 + N$500x 2 month. Receptionist: Registration N$2000 + N$1000x 3 month. Cook/Chef: Registration N$2000 + N$1000x 3 month. Hotel Bar Attendant: Registration N$1000 + N$500x 2 month. Cleaner/Housekeeping: Registration N$1000 + N$500x 2 month. Full Basic Computer: Registration N$500 + N$500x 1 month. Free computer class if you register to any course and uniform. Job attachment on availability of placement @ hotels, lodges & restaurants. No qualification needed, no age restriction, no discrimination Whk-Swakop-W/BayOtjiwarongo 0814628224 / 0855531910 "Proudly serve @ advent u r e T r a v e l Wo r l d Summit”

ONE DAY MANAGEMENT TRAINING N$1800.00 per person including the following: 1. Framed certificate. 2. Small lunch. 3. Free Study Guide Obtain Excellent Management Skills in air. Contact: 081 632 8999 / 081 127 5521 NITA

Bookkeeping Training: Basic - N$950 (Cashbook, Debtors, Creditors and Reconciliations) Advance - N$950 (GL Accounts, Vat & Import Vat, Trial Balance and Reconciliations) Accounting - N$950 (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cashflow & Forecasts) BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY FOR A GREAT FUTURE CONTACT: Irene 081 170 0774

HEALTH HEALTHY LIVING NAMIBIA Are you having weight loss problems? Think no further! Pure Hoodia Gordonii * Proven appetite suppressant * No side effects Take control of your eating habits with Hoodia TODAY!!! Info / Orders @ 081 333 2455.

HAIR / BEAUTY JUSTINE Kontant specials goedkoper as Feb. Beperkte hoeveelheid (Min). Cantare EDP 50ml. N$210.00 i.pv. N$399. Tissue Oil limited edition 60ml + seep. N$140.00 i.p.v N$165.00. Nourishing Bath essence / Body lotion. N$210.00 i.p.v N$240.00. Tissue Oil limited edition 200ml. N$140.00 i.p.v N$375.00. Justine Nourishing body protector 250ml en Lip therapy. N$250 i.p.v. N$310.00. Tissue Oil bath salts + lip therapy. N$150 i.p.v. N$275.00. 2x 100ml Tissue Oil and soap for N$180.00. Body scrub + 60ml Tissue Oil. N$190 i.p.v. N$215.00. Justine Body Wash + shampoo + Baby wipes. N$140 i.p.v. N$180.00. Body Balance Lotion, Body wash, roll-on + lip therapy. N$120 i.p.v. N$155.00. Bella, Cantare, Utopia Zahara Tabasheer etc. Body cream. N$55 i.p.v N$69.00. Carpe DIEM Cologne 100ml . N$230 i.p.v. N$405.00. Mans spray deodorants. N$80 i.p.v. N$99.00. Bel ek het nog baie specials. Hannah 081 124 2151.


CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication


Nicole & Lucio Hair Studio ABRIL ET NATURE SPANISH HAIR PRODUCTS available in Namibia. Nutrition: > Thermal Treatment > Zaphire Hair Expression > Shampoo Energic & Energic Treatment > Shampoo Rehydration & Mask Keratine Treatment: > Oxygen Cool Treatment > Silk Treatment > Keratin Treatment Colour Treatment: > Shampoo Colour & Instant Mask Colour > Shampoo Silver > Matizador Colour > Maxiblanc Hair Bleach Anti-Dandruff Treatment: > Shampoo & Mask > Anti-Dandruff spray > Aloe Vera Intensive Anti -hair Loss Treatment: > Shampoo anti-hair loss & Mask > Spray anti-hair loss > Oil exfoliant > Tonic anti-hair loss 50 ampoules Greasy Hair Treatment: > Shampoo greasy hair > Instant mask greasy hair > Spray greasy hair Volume Treatment: > Shampoo volume > Instant mask volume > Spray volume Hair Dye Treatment: > Hair Dye (Different colours) > Oxidant cream 10 vol > Oxidant cream 20 vol > Oxidant cream 30 vol > Oxidant cream 40 vol Sole mandate:

Contact: ERNA LOCH 081 129 5339 / 081 608 1844.

AVON Kontant specials (min). Avon Body Lotion en Paraffin hand cream. N$70.00. Strictly Fabulous Body Lotion 150ml. N$70.00. Footworks Party Survival Kit. N$95 i.p.v. N$120.00. Solutions night cream 50ml vir N$40.00. Herbal care Oil Sheen Lotion 200ml N$30.00. Herbal Care Hair Food 200g N$30.00. Herbal Care No-lye conditioning RELAXER SYSTEM N$60.00. Herbal Care Conditioner 250ml N$30.00. Hint of nature Pamper Treats Body Care. N$80 i.p.v. N$130.00. A new Bright Skincare Kit N$180 i.p.v. N$355.00. A new Vitale Skincare Kit N$180 i.p.v. N$355.00. NEW: A new Limited edition anti-aging wish. N$150 i.p.v. N$265.00.

Skakel: HANNAH 081 124 2151.

081 207 7651

Bay-Route Shuttle Services operate on an hourly basis Between Airports-WB-Dolphin/ Longbeach-Swkp In a 24 hour day ØDoor-to-Door Pick-ups ØCity Tours ØAirport Transfers ØGroup & Special Event Transportation ØStudent & Pensioner Specials

Need a quick pick-me-up at a cheap rate, where safety is still the main priority? Give us a call!!

DAYCARE CENTRE: I am a lady and born again staying in Walvis Bay, Martin Billy Str. House nr 13. Opening a day care and can also do night shift! N$150.00 per child. Contact: Charlotte 081 485 2782. TRADITIONAL DOCTOR KALENGA: He can help you through: Pregnancy - Education Court Cases - Love Affairs - Marriage Problems - Bad Luck - Businesses - Protection at Home - Removal of Tokoloshi - Mens’ Power Sexuality - Exams Job Problems etc. Walvis Bay & Swakopmund. CELL: 081 201 7887.

FURNITURE REMOVAL At The Coast Household & Office. Mobile: 0814093522 email:

KITCHEN ELEGANCE For professional kitchen, bedroom and bathroom re-modelling. We do cabinets, blinds, tiles and flooring OR any other joinery needs. Quality workmanship guaranteed. We pride ourselves on your satisfaction. Contact us on 081 278 8092 or 081 612 3519. Visit us at www.kitchenelegance

* Rental of Front End Loaders and Tippers * Removal of Building Rubble/ Rubble * Earthworks/ Filling Please Contact: Office: 064 217901 Cell: 081 128 3806

SERVICES DE VRIES PLUMBING SERVICES Contact us for all your plumbing needs New/Replacement Bathroom & Kitchen Installations General Plumbing Maintenance Marius 081 212 2541 Uncle G’s Cleaning Services with Quick Drying Effects: Available in Swakopmund. Call today for a Quote for all your cleaning needs. NO STAIN IS TOO BIG TO BEAT ME!! - Lounge Suites - Loose Chairs - Indoor Carpets - Mattresses - Loose Rugs and Carpets - Car seats / car interior cleaning Contact Uncle G: 081 256 7930 Give a call and I’ll clean it all at your doorstep!!!

Uitbou van Grafte: Pre-cast or Bricks Kontak: 081 618 8363. PRODEL CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATIONS: For all your renovations and construction needs with personal attention. Call for a free quote JOHANN STEYN 081 128 0848.

ANNA CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATION Constructions, Renovations, Roofing, Paving & Tiling. Contact details: FILLIPUS: 081 128 1814 Email:

SERVICES AT THE HAVEN - Basic domestic housekeeping - training and cleaning service - Domestic workers employment agency - Weekly training of maids for employers - Basic cooking, Level 1: Beginners - Cooking Level 2: Advanced - Catering and Baking - Cooking trainees available for job placement Certificates awarded on merit. Contact: Cooking: Corlia 081 243 0653 Domestic: Gill 081 200 7216


Kitchen and Cabinet Design & Installations André Lacock P O Box 2647 Swakopmun Tel/Fax: 064 - 403 453 Cell: 081 281 0735 Email:

WEDDING GOWNS: Are you looking for your dream wedding dress? Order your wedding gown with us at an affordable price. Contact PRINCESS @ 081 479 7922, Facebook: Princess Gown or email:

PRIVAAT BOEKHOUER: Ek doen privaat boekhou werk. Submit en hanteer ook alle VAT transaksies.

LEONIE 0812621129 PHOTOGRAPHY For wedding & event photography. Contact: Charl 081 470 3919 Email: Web: http//cgcphotography@ HUISHOUDELIKE INSTANDHOUDING: Loodgietery, verf-asook sweiswerk. Vinnige en vriendelike diens. Skakel: Jacques Koch 081 607 8320. STAALKONSTRUKSIE Vir enige Staalkonstruksie werk, kontak: Andre: 081 122 2485 Jan: 081 330 2470.

GAS REFILL: on Fridges, Aircons car + house @ N$450.00. Contact: 081 618 8363 CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING AND PROTECTION: Are your carpets dirty? Non-Toxic, Quick Drying. Your carpets stay cleaner for longer! For a free quote & enquiries, phone CHEMDRY CLEANING on Tel: 209292 or 081 124 4747. Walvis Bay / Swakopmund. Africa’s largest specialist Cleaning Organisation Drier, Cleaner, Healthier! We Service The Coast! WSK Customers welcome.


14 FEBRUARY 2014


Classifieds E-MAIL: OR





A To Z CLEANING SERVICES FOR ALL YOUR CLEANING NEEDS. WE CLEAN: Lounge Suites/ Loose Chairs/ Matrasses Carpets / Loose Rugs Blinds Accessible Windows Descale / Steam Clean Bathrooms / Ablution Blocks Machine Scrub Tiles WE OFFER: Daily / Weekly / Monthly Cleaning Contracts For Offices / Shops / Factories / Body Corporates Etc. Once Off Cleaning For Houses / Flats & Buildings Before And After Occupation. - Exterior Spray Cleaning - Exterior Walls Of Buildings / Flats / Houses All Our Cleaning Procedures Are Done UNDER SUPERVISION By Owner Or Supervisor. CONTACT: COENIE BRAND 081 129 7988 JENNY BRAND 081 148 5036 OFFICE 205036 NO 3 LAGOON STREET FAX 220878 EMAIL FINANCE AZWVB@IWAY.NA EMAIL OPERATIONS AZC@IWAY.NA

FIX-IT-ALL: Bank approved * Building, Plumbing and Electrical * Kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards. * Paving/Interlocks, Tiling, Painting, Sealing And Installing. Professional and guaranteed workmanship with a smile. * We also MOVE-IT-ALL (Furniture or Rumble) Call: 081 278 8092 or 081 612 3519 for more info. Best prices in town!

TRANSPORT: 3-Ton Lorrie beskikbaar vir: - Huistrekke - Rommel - Tuinvullis - of enige ander behoefte. Skakel: 081 465 5992


EMPIRE BRICKS & ELECTRICAL: We believe everyone should own a home. Empire Bricks and Electrical Products: · 9” Block · 6” Block · 4.5” Block (new) · Super Brick · STD Brick · Face Brick · Interlocks (new) - Delivered: Other Services: Electrical Installation and Repairs. Office: 064-221565 (Jerry) Yard: 081 621 7765 (Charl) Electrical: 081 801 7331 (Karl) Projects: 081 621 7765 (Giel).

Reën Reën!!! Het u enige ptobleme met u Lekkende dak? Skakel Mnr Roelf op: 081 247 9848 vir gratis kwotasie!!

TRADITIONAL DOCTOR: Dr. S Jeke (The Best). Bad Luck - Luck Muti Love Problems - Marriage to keep your lover just for yourself - Work problems Promotions - To get tenCOASTAL ders and to boost your PAINT WORKS: Enige verfwerk, binne of business - People don’t want to pay you back buite. Pregnancy Problems Seël en verf van dakke. Walvisbaai- Hentiesbaai. Protection of Farms, Houses, Cars and Animals KONTAK: 081 618 2217. - Sexual transmitted sickness - all sickness Asthma, BP - Remove toTV LINK AND koloshi from bodies, ELECTRICAL CC: houses - Men’s power seGoTV Decoder + xuality - Spiritual doctors Gotenna + in need of more spiritual 1 month’s viewing powers, etc. all for only House Nr.(79) 3191D Fiskaal Street, Tutaleni N$499.00. Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. · DSTV installations Cell: 081 303 3149. · Decoder testing · Move of dish · Fault finding or extra TV points · TV’S, Hi-Fi’s, DVD players and a lot more. · Stock Fabulous Aire & Fragrances that Purify, Baard Transport / Revitalise, Humidify and Block & Brick refresh the air that we breathe. · Photo copies TEL: 064-274 800 · Faxes FAX: 064-274 810 · Internet facilities · Game zone - come and · Blocks / Bricks play playstation 3 and · Rock Face / Pavers Xbox games instore. · Interlocks / Linthols · Recharge vouchers. · Sand / Stone Multichoice accredited · De-watering installer. · Hiring of ear th moving We are in Libertina Equipment Amathila Str. (Opposite “The Service Makes The Multichoice Office). Difference” Visit our website at: www.tvlinkandelectrical PLEASE NOTE: .com Phone TV LINK AND WE ARE ALSO OPEN ELECTRICAL at BETWEEN 064-406032 or 406097 13:00 - 14:00 Swakopmund.


VERF: Daklek / Skade / Oordoen Verf, Seël, Herstes en oordoen van DAKKE en MURE. Geskrewe Waarborg en Gratis kwotasies! Alle bouwerk, Herstelwerk en Instandhouding van huise en geboue. Inspeksie verslae.


. GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES OFFERED: - Logo Design & Brand Identity. - Business Cards & Stationery. - Posters & Leaflets. Contact: Star Creations 081 407 5585. G & A AUTO REPAIRS: 27, 8th Street, Industrial area, Walvis Bay. For any mechanical or Auto Repairs. We specialize in Ford, Mazda and Land Rovers, etc. Call: Gerrit 081 273 5933 / 064-204659

ROOF REPAIR & RENOVATIONS: 8 year repair guarantees. 081 638 6300. OPTIMUS ACCOUNTING SERVICES: ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS for Sole Proprietors & CC’S (Dormant and Operational) Management Accounts / Cashflow Business Plans Monthly Bookkeeping Get a quote today! We are the best by far. CONTACT: Irene 081 170 0774.

MS ELECTRICAL: Operate in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. We repair: * Geysers * Washing Machine * Microwaves * Stove, Aircons, Fridges * Electric Motors, 3-phase and single 3-phase * Battery chargers and welding machine * Electrical on houses * Vacuum cleaners and compressors * Any electrical appli-ance we’ll fix it. All electrical appliances have 3 month guarantee. You call - we come and fix. Contact: Mr. Sylveners 081 299 9960.

Solar Heating We supply & install full range of KWIKSOL SABS approved solar water heating & heat pumps for domestic & industrial use. We can also retrofit your existing geyser with solar heating. Diesel boiler users cut your Diesel costs by up to 90%. Heat swimming pool water for more fun from the sun!! 'Green' loans available from all leading Banks. For quote call CHRIS KING 081 272 0508 or E-mail: COASTGUARD SECURITY SOLUTIONS: Specializes in: - Alarm Installations. - Take overs. - CCTV cameras. - Intercoms. - Electric fencing. Let us secure your home. Contact: Nico Dreyer 081 146 1968. BAYJOINERY & RENOVATION SERVICES CC: We offer the following services: - Built-in cupboards, any kind of wood - Wooden gates, electrical with remote control - Manufacture solid wooden furniture to your specifications - Construction of new buildings - Extension and renovation of existing dwellings - General Maintenance - Expert tiling, painting, plumbing, roofs and interlocks / pavers. Call DEREK on 081 252 6095 for quotations or email:

CARS FOR SALE: 2005 Opel Zafira Petrol 1.6l. 7-seater, 5speed manual. 59 000km. Excellent condition. Family car. Quick sale. Full house. N$50 000.00 (neg.) Contact:081 122 3243.

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication

CARS FOR SALE: BMW 318 TI 2002 model 94,000KM Price: N$75,000.00. Contact: 081 271 6857. FOR SALE: 2010 Toyota Corolla 1.3Prof. 59000KM. Price: N$125 000.00 (Neg.). Contact: 081 322 2350. FOR SALE: BMW 320i 2011 model 36,000KM Navigation, Park Sensors, Xenons, Motor plan till 2016. Price: N$270,000.00. Contact: 081 271 6857. FOR SALE: 2011 Fiat Punto Active. Colour: Black Milage: 30 400 km Including extras: mags and radio/mp3/ipod Price: N$80 000.00. Condition: Excellent. Contact: 081 273 2349. FOR SALE: Version 1 Volvo FH 12, 460. Full Cab - N$55 000.00. Full Engine - N$55 000.00 Full Gearbox - N$35 000. Rear Axle - N$25 000.00. Front Suspension N$15 000.00. Contact: Marius de Klerk 081 279 0509 / 064204975. FOR SALE: 2005 Corsa 1.4 Bakkie with colour coded canopy, mags, A/C, P/S, Tow bar, Radio/CD, New Engine. Very clean. N$41,000.00 Neg. Tel. 081 180 0050 or 081 641 3399. FOR SALE: VW 2.6 i Combi Spotless in perfect condition With RWC N$90 000.00. 081 638 6300. FOR SALE: 1995 Pajero 2.8 TDI 4x4. 270 000km. Power steering, aircon, cruise control, electronic windows, CD, dual battery. 4x New tyres N$50 000.00. Contact: 081 285 5333. FOR SALE: 2001 Rav 4. 15 200km. Contact: 081 322 2914.

CAR FOR SALE: 2011 Amarok DC 4x4. White, 42 000km. Aluminum Cab, extra spare wheel. N$350 000.00. Tel: 064-400 247 Cell: 081 124 9347.

For sale: Red Toyota Corolla 1.3 GLE 98000.00 km in very good condition only one driver and anti-rust treated N$ 55000.00 . Please phone: 0812747060

FOR SALE: 1997 - 1998 Toyota Corolla Not import. Very good condition Radio player, CD, MP 3 & USB. Contact: 081 220 5799 or 081 465 5668.

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE FOR SALE: Sinker for sale at Klimas Glass Swakopmund.



TRUCK TYRES SPECIAL: 12R22.5-18PR from N$3200.00. 315/80R22.5-18PR from N$3750.00. All Passenger and 4x4 Tyres. *R13 from N$485.00. *R16 from N$1460.00. Quick Fitment Centre Tel: 064-404429 Cell: 081 124 8443.

FOR SALE: 5x Mickey Thompson Tyres. Size 10 letter/no5. 360km on tread. Can be viewed at LA Sports Swakopmund. Contact:081 124 2480.

FOR SALE: Revolver .44 Mag with reloading equipment and extras. N$7,000.00 Contact: 081 1294713. FOR SALE: Canopy for Toyota Double Cab Bakkie. White with tinted windows. N$8,000.00. Contact:081 129 4713.

Home Entertainment & Gadgets Tel: 064-205525 E-mail: Not your average video store MORE THAN 8000 movies on DVD, 100s of GAMES on PS2, PS3, XBOX 360 WEEKLY NEW RELEASES ON DVD & OLD CLASSIC MOVIES. WE HAVE GAMING ACCESSORIES, ELECTRONIC and COMPUTER GADGETS, LAPTOP COOLERS, COMPLETE PC’S, LOTS OF CABLES, Waterproof Action Camera @ N$950.00. HD DVR Car Dash camera 2.5” screen @ N$599.00. +CAM for Iphone and Android phone, access your security camera with cellphone from anywhere @ N$1399.00. Nitro OTG Flash drives for smart phones. CANON PRINTERS, RADIO, MP 3 PLAYERS, CAMERAS, USB POWERED SPEAKERS, BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS, SPEAKER SYSTEMS, DIFFERENT LAPTOP CHARGERS, USB POWER ADAPTOR, TRAVEL ADAPTOR FOR SAMSUNG, POWER BANK, TABLET STAND, BLU-RAY DVD PLAYERS. Adaptors for micro cell phone sim card to fit any phone. SCRATCHED GAMES & CD’S? NO PROBLEM, WE REPAIR THEM. We have INTERNET ACCESS for Customers. We have a FANCY PHOTO KIOSK to print high quality photo’s from your stick or CD or even from your phone. DID YOU KNOW? We stock Fabulous air revitaliser machines and fragrances. We are proud for Customers rating us A Cool Entertaining place with Gadgets for all. CHECK OUT FOR LARGO VIDEO FACE BOOK PAGE

FOR SALE: Twin pram for sale - as good as new. N$1500.00. Contact: 081 237 1339. FOR SALE: 1999 Mazda 2.2 Gearbox complete. Price: N$7000.00. Contact: 081 257 5073. ADULT TOYS AND EROTICS: Naughty Gifts, Quality Lubricants and Arousal Gels. Passage shrinkers for woman available in Gel and Tablet to insert. Effective affordable erection tablets for men. With our experience from 1995. We stock the REAL Stuff, not fake. From N$99.00 for 4 pack. On Special: Viquor 10 pack for N$150.00. Single Pills N$30.00. Erotic Bubble Gum for Men & Women. Erection & Enlargement pumps for men. A wide range of toys & vibrators for women. NEW: Pheromone body sprays and oil which make you more attractive for the opposite sex. With us, erectile disfunction no more a problem. Visit our facebook page Adult Toys and Erotics. Remember, your shopping with us is fun, friendly, confidential and private. Not for sale to persons under 18. Deliveries countrywide. (Discreet packaging). Contact us on 081 407 5773.

HOUSEHOLD/ FURNITURE FOR SALE: 1x New Defy Fridge 364l N$2800.00. 1x New Deepfreezer. N$2500.00. Contact: 081 259 3175.

ANIMALS 2x African Grey Broeipare beskikbaar. Kontak: 081 313 4950.

BOATS CLASSIC 170 BOW RIDER SPEED BOAT With 150 HP V6 Evenrude Only 86 hours on engine speed boat with many Extras. N$100 000.00. Cell: 081 638 6300.


14 FEBRUARY 2014

Classifieds HAIR / BEAUTY



Palms of sale Fern tree palms 6 years old now in 120 ltr containers Can dig and plant for Buyer. 081 638 6300.

Tanning N$60.00 / session. Nails (Gel & Acrylic) From N$180.00. Mani’s & Pedi’s. N$180.00. Eyelash Extensions. N$300.00. Earpiercings. N$180.00. Waxing (Back, Chest, Underarm, Arms, Legs, Eyebrows and Bikini) SPECIALS....... February: Pedi’s - N$120.00. March: Eyelash Extensions N$250.00. April: Gel Overlays - N$150.00. Contact: Charmaine Smith 081 610 3023 / 064-205842.


WALVIS BAY POPULAR TAKE AWAY / RESTAURANT FOR SALE. BUILDING NOT INCLUDED. N$500 000 negotiable Phone Johan 081 147 3807. SOLE MANDATE Popular restaurant For sale Centrally situated!! Ample parking. Only serious buyers need apply. Barbara Gibson 081 656 2619.


Mercedes E240 A, Elegance, year 2001. Excellent condition. 61000 km on the clock. To view, phone 064-207997 or 081 684 0353.


SUZUKI SWAKOPMUND VACANCY Our swakopmund dealership needs a vehicle salesman the candidate must have the following • experience in motor

vehicle sales

• computer literate • grade 12 or

marketing diploma • drivers licence • excellent communication skills Only cvs with attached certificates will be cons. Short listed candidates will be contacted No cvs will be returned. - PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR CV TO: CLOSING DATE 21 FEBRUARY 2014

N$5000.00 negotiable Contact: Dean 081 429 2823


Contact details: Tel: 064-221287 Fax: 064-221290 Cell: 081 143 3924 P.O. Box 2214 E-mail: Situated at Erf 4441 New Industrial Area next to Weighbridge Walvis Bay

Vacancy Experience maintenance plumber needed. Be in possession of a valid driver license. No criminal record No chancers. Tel 064 202923 or 0811292923 VACANCY: Employment opportunity for a PLUMBER with a drivers licence. Applicants should be bilingual (Afrikaans and English). Applicants mail your CV and certified copy of your driver's licence to


Vacancies: We have the following vacancies available: - Receptionist / Secretary - Customs Clearing Clerk in Walvis Bay. CV’S must be send to junene@mcnelfreight. com

Closing date: 21 February 2014.

Vacancies: Walvis Bay & Swakopmund

SALESMAN: requires 3 years experience in automotive electrical parts sales

STOREMAN: requires 3 years experience in automotive electrical store control

QUALIFIED AUTO ELECTRICIAN: Requires 6 years experience in autoelectrical repairs/fault finding/ airconditioning Send your CV to:

P.O Box 193, W/Bay Fax: 064 -204747 VACANCY: Passionate, hands on PHYSIOTHERAPIST needed for a busy, well established practice in Swakopmund. All areas of physiotherapy treated at the practice, as well as in-hospital patients. Practice is accredited to supervise interns, no comm-serve required in Namibia. Preference to Namibian citizens. Assistance with work permit applications for non Namibians. Email CV to


VACANCY Salesperson Walvis Bay The salesperson will actively sell to customers. This activity will require a thorough and informed knowledge of sports products and their technical attributes, and professional and friendly service. Requirements: * Grade 12 Qualification * Grade 12 Maths * Active Sportsperson * Enjoy Communicating * Fluent in English Send your CV to: or fax 064-221024


CRANE OPERATORS. Minimum requirements: · Matric · Code CE drivers licence with professional authorisation · English and Afrikaans proficient · Namibian citizen · Previous experience will be an added advantage Job specification: · Operating of mobile cranes Applicants will receive free training from the 28th February to the 2nd of March 2014 in Okahandja, after which they will be tested theoretically. Qualified candidates will be invited for practical training. Please forward a detailed CV with all relevant documentation to johann@burgerscranes. com or please feel free to contact Johann Greeff at 081 375 6560.

Vacancy: Employment opportunity for a Auto Electrician Applicants mail your CV to nadia@skrypzeck. com or Fax to : 064-202384.

Spray paint Welder Needed in Swk. SMS to 081 444 9005. VACANCIES, VACANCIES, VACANCIES!! Capstone Research Consultancy is looking for TWO S E L F - M O T I VA T E D TRAINERS, of mature disposition, who will be assigned to train life skills; strategic manage-ment and leadership; public management and public policy; project management; and business management. -The applicants must be multi-lingual, have good writing and presentation skills. - Must be born-again Christians and have a reference from a church leader. -Must be able to work with people. -At least have a diploma in a management or administrative field. - A drivers license will be an advantage but not a prerequisite. Part time job and is in Walvis Bay. The due date for applications is: 21 February 2014. Contact: Ben Uugwanga Capstone Research Consultancy cc. P O Box 7078 Kuisebmond Walvis Bay 081 269 5532.



CHEF WANTED: DESERT TAVERN Is looking for a CHEF. Applicants must have restaurant chef experience and must be fluent in English or Afrikaans. CV’S can be submitted @ Desert Tavern after 15h00 in Swakop Str or mailed to: Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

BUSINESS PARTNER WANTED: A highly profitable company seeks Partners / Distributors to expand multi-million, turnover business in your town or area. If you are ambitious, hardworking and business minded, do not hesitate to liaise with us. You can do it part time or full time. Benefits involve: 43% profit Monthly bonus of US$50 - 150 000. Talk to us about Health and Beauty. We do one on one Business Meetings in SWK & WBAY. Call us today: 081 351 0957 SWK 081 757 4876 WBAY

Handyman for work shop in SWK needed sms 081 444 9005. A Christian Organisation is looking for the following, to start immediately. 1. 1x Keyboard player 2. 1x Guitar player 3. 1x Drumset player Criteria: - Must be a Born Again Christian - Must be Swakopmund Resident - Salary payable end of months Contact: 081 236 9028 / 081 227 9436.

WANTED CASH PAID INSTANTLY for your broken & irreparable Gold Jewellery, also bits & pieces. Call at Desert Jeweller & Curios Sam Nujoma Avenue Walvis Bay, opposite KFC. Your ID is essential.

TO HIRE TSAUTAGO CAR HIRE: Cars available for rent at affordable rates. We are based in Swakopmund. Any inquiries call: - 081 231 8572 - 081 339 9875 Email:

tsautagocarhire@g CONTAINERS available TO RENT / BUY Call COWBOYS, your storage solutions in Swakopmund. Contact: 081 146 4770 / 064-418 150.

WANTED: I am looking for 6x2 26ton 18-25 metre refrigerated truck. Public / private road permit to rent or buy. Feel free to contact me at: 081 626 1929. GESOEK: Dringend opsoek na 2de handse meubels, yskaste, beddens. Sitkamer stelle ens.vir kontant. Skakel: 081 259 3175. WANTING TO BUY: Toyota RAV 4 Younger than 2001. Must be 4x4. In Swakopmund. Call: 081 273 9309.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES Do you want to earn extra cash? Work for yourself and earn up to N$3750 twice a month. Can be done part time / full time. Sms your name, email or postal address to 0813399890 for more information.



Very Spacious Duplex in TOWN! Offering 4 bedrooms, 2 bathroom, guest wc, diningroom, lounge, kitchen, 2 garages. Measuring 222m² and selling below valuation!

ONLY N$ 1,600,000.00 Contact me for more information:

Retha Muller 081 250 2889 FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR

WALVIS BAY 20 4505 CENTRAL Stunning duplex Townhouse, security complex 3 bedr, 2 bathr, open-plan

lounge, fitted kitchen BBQ, guest toilet, double

r/c garage tiled throughout, communal garden

N$1 200 000 MEERSIG.





CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication



A Rare Find. Vacant corner plot - size 588 m² - Price N$ 640 000 Vacant plot - size 600 m²

- Price N$595 000 FAIRWAY ESTATE BEGINNERS LUCK Modern duplex townhouse, 2 bedr, 1 bathr, open plan lounge, fitted kitchen, single r/c garage with laundry and fair size court yard N$870 000

Joey 0811293293


OTHER PRODUCTS FOR HIRE: * Grinders *Concrete Mixers * Generators * Welders * Sanders and lots more We deliver & collect

Contact us at Tel: 064-21 5400 Cell: 081 122 5554 Fax: 064-21 5444 email: saleswb@

PROPERTIES FOR SALE Value for Money SWAKOPMUND 4 Bedroom, 3½ Bathroom, beautiful Loft & Double Garage, close to shops and beach. N$2.55m. Contact 081 356 3571.

DAPHNE SWANEPOEL PROPERTIES SWAKOPMUND EXCITING NEW DEVELOPMENT! Ext 15 44 Upper class units to be build Price drop from N$1,750,000 to N$1,600,000 ILENE - 081 170 063 DAPHNE - 081 129 9799


SOLE & EXCLUSIVE MANDATE - Meersig 3 bed, 2 bath house with lounge, kitchen, laundry 2 garages N$ 1350 000-00 1020m² Industrial ERF Naraville N$ 890 000-00 Saloom 0813821888

14 FEBRUARY 2014

Kurt Grunschloss 6th Street West Lagoon Walvis Bay, Namibia Cell: 081 242 6713 E-mail: propertypowerwvb LIST YOUR PROPERTY TODAY AT ONLY 3% COMMISSION AT YOUR SOLE AGENT



Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication


On show 3% commission Fairview Golf Estate Saturday 10:00 to 13:00 Birdie close next to Golf Course Double story house 4 bed, 2½ bathroom, bbq room, kitchen with scullery, Plus 2 bedroom flat with tenant. Outside room with bathroom, 3 garages. Valuation N$2,4m. Show price N$2,163m. Bank pre-approved or cash offers welcome. WEB REF PPO032 Meersig N$1.905m. Big 3 bed open plan house with bbq with flat and d/garage, on big erf, garden and paved yard. Valuation N$2,6m. WEB REF PPO032 Vineta N$1,030m near Shopping Centre 3 bed flat one level, 2½ bath Open plan living area with sea view balcony. Garage and private parking secure complex with tenant. WEB REF PPO024 Walvis Bay Central 3 bedroom home with flat and d/garage paved yard and neat garden. N$1,545m (pre approved offers welcome) WEB REF PPO028 Sole Agent 2,4% Commission Meersig new development 3 or 2 bed with study Townhouse, open plan 2 bath 2 garage, Single or d/story. N$1,399m. WEB REF PPO017 Long Beach sea view town house: Sea view 3 bed, 2 bath, open plan with bbq, D/garage in CC. N$1,288m. WEB REF PPO029 Long Beach: 3 bedroom duet house with yard, 2 bath, 2 garages in CC. N$1,210m. WEB REF PPO030 Dolphin beach 2x upmarket sea front one level, Open plan units, 3 bed, 2 bath with blinds, Tandem garages. N$1,545m or furnished N$1,648m. WEB REF PPO011 Open plan one level 3 bed unit, 2 baths with blinds tandem garages with furniture. N$1,339m. WEB REF PPO033 Fairview Single story unit 2 bed, bath, garage. N$824 000.00. WEB REF PPO007 Open plan 2 bed duplex, 1½ bath and garage, Alarm and blinds incl. N$896 000.00. WEB REF PPO023 RENTALS: Minimum 2 years to approved clients Lagoon: Spacious house, 3 bed, 2 baths, study and Furnished office with safe with customer parking, open plan kitchen Oak cupboards, lounge and Entertainment room with bbq ,outside toilet and tandem garage. N$9200 pm OR for sale Only N$1,339m. Lagoon: Big 350m² 3 bed house, separate kitchen, Lounge with fire place, study, tv room, 2 ½ baths with flat Outside bbq room, studio with 3 garages and paved yard. N$13 000.00 pm. Near schools: New 2 bedroom en-suite, open plan house, indoor bbq and d/garage. Water incl. With pre paid electricity N$8000.00 pm. Near schools: Newly renovated de-thatched house 3 bed, 1½ bath, open plan modern kitchen with Scullery, bic, bis, d/garage paved yard. N$8660.00 pm. Put your property on show with Kurt for 3% commission when sold or rentals one month rent once off Commission for first year and Half a month rent for second year. Escalation only 5%. Tenant pay deposito and rent Direct to owner.





SWAKOPMUND Waar kry jy nog 'n huis onder 2 miljoen in Kramersdorf??? Netjiese 3 slaapkamer huis plus 1 slaapkamer woonstel en 2 motorhuise in rustige omgewing met pragtige tuin!

Vir SLEGS… N$1,995,000.00 Skakel my nou om teleurstelling te voorkom:

Retha Muller 081 250 2889 PRIVATE SALE Warehouse for sale (private): 311sqm, near Build-it in Swakopmund, registered in a CC. N$1.6 million(neg). Contact Divan: 0813832924. HOUSE FOR SALE – PELICAN VILLAGE 2 Bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, open-plan Kitchen & lounge, Single Garage Valuation N$880 000. SELLING FOR N$850 000.00 No Agents Cell: 081 143 6730 or a/h 081 235 3550.

RETIRE IN SWAKOPMUND 2 Bedroom, 2 full bathroom unit with open-plan kitchen, lounge and garage with communal Dining Hall, Laundry and Healthcare staff in a secure Retirement Village close to the beach and town. N$1.1m. Contact: Danielle: 081 356 3571.


HENTIES BAY Vacant plot on South Dune 488m² corner stand N$ 275 000-00 GOGGA 081 870 9950 SWAKOPMUND Central Office – 78m² with Kitchen and WC N$ 1 335 000-00 GOGGA 081 870 9950 Dolphin Beach/Eco Village

Vacant erven! 863m² - N$ 605 000-00 545m² - N$ 700 000-00 534m² - N$ 499 000-00 JOEY 081 278 0518 WALVIS BAY Meersig 3 bed, main en-suite, 2 bath house, open plan kitchen, lounge/dining room with indoor braai. double garage, courtyard. 513m² erf N$ 1 695 000-00 JOEY 081 278 0518 SWAKOPMUND CENTRAL

Bachelor flat with garage N$ 749 000 MANIE 0813179334

KUISEBMUND 3 Bed, 2 bath house with garage PLUS: 2 Bed, 1 bathr. flat rental income N$ 5 900 in owner's pocket! N$ 860 000-00 Claudia 081 605 1984 Retire in Swakopmund 2 Bedroom, 2 full bathroom unit with open plan kitchen, lounge and garage in a cebtrakkt secure Retirement Village with communal dining hall, Laundry & Healthcare staff. N$1.1m. Contact 081 356 3571. FOR SALE: MAYS TRADINGCC Industrial Property, N$4.2million. 1700m², Boundary Walls, Workshop with office space. Well located, Central. New Industrial Erf, N$6 930 000.00. 6600m² (1050p/m²) Contact: Tracey: 081 302 3806. Mounien: 081 860 1938. Email: VERY URGENT SALE: Erf 522 A serviced erf in Omaruru, situated in good area: Extention 4, in Town, Kombaneno Street. 1061m². Price: N$250 000.00. Contact: 081 248 8196 / 081 273 7500.

HOUSE FOR SALE Ocean View: 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, lounge - dining. Inside braai, 2 garages. Close to sops. N$1 850 000.00. Contact: Lindy 081 129 7093. CENTURY REAL ESTATE. For Sale. Walvis Bay - Meersig 3 x Erven next to each other. N$3.5mill. Swakopmund Central Developers dream. Big erf with 2 bedroom house and outside room. N$3.2 mill neg. Contact: EVY 081 255 7511.

SWAKOPMUND SWAKOPMUND Central Ideal Investment property, tenant in place. Current rental received N$6050 pm 2 bedroom apartment with 1 bathroom, outside braai and double garage. N$1,190,000

Christine 081 128 2402

PROPERTIES FOR SALE CFS PROPERTIES & INSURANCE SWAKOPMUND FOR SALE TAMARISKIA HOUSE 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, lounge, dining, garage. N$950 000.00. IRENE 081 353 5551 / 064-412320

HOUSE FOR SALE: OCEAN VIEW. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen (BIC & stove). Open plan with huge lounge, outside braai. Double garage. N$1 800 000.00 excluding costs. Contact: 081 262 1129. DAPHNE SWANEPOEL PROPERTIES SWAKOPMUND FARMS FOR SALE!!!! *OUTJO DISTRICT Hunting Farm 1 hrs drive from Outjo 3106ha Price N$10,920,000 Web Ref - 652966 *LEONARDVILLE Cattle/sheep farm 4026ha Price N$13,200,000 Web Ref 625694 ……………………… *NOORDOEWER / KARASBURG Game/Sheep farm 27,000ha Price N$17,690,000 Web Ref - 655311 DIETER - 0853028813 DICKSON - 0855886222 DAPHNE - 0811299799

HOUSE FOR SALE: 5 Bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, kitchen, lounge, dining room, inside entertainment with bar. 6 garages, swimming pool. With a 2 bed flat. A lot more to see, come and view to see the rest. N$5.8 million. Contact: Lindy 081 129 7093.


WALVIS BAY Complex with 7 x flats Needs TLC, CC registered N$ 2 800 000-00 CLAUDIA 0811277783 SOLE MANDATE: W Bay, Luxurious double storey 3 bed, 2 bath apartments dressing room, balcony, lounge, dining, kitchen. N$ 1 150 000-00 CLAUDIA 0811277783 KUISEBMUND Newly built 3 bed, 2 bath, units with single garage. Large enclosed yard. A RARE FIND AT N$ 699 000-00. CLAUDIA 081 127 7783



FOR SALE: MAYS TRADINGCC. Industrial Erf. N$2 407 500.00. 1500m². (N$1605p/m²) 4 of these ervens are available next to each other. Industrial Erf N$42 million. 30 000m²,(N$1400p/m²). Industrial Erf N$14 million. 10 000m², (N$1400p/m²). Industrial Erf N$6,7million. 4200m²(N$1595.23p/m²). Includes Newly Built office space Boundary walls. Equipment & Business OR N$5,7million (N$1357.14p/m²) Without equipment. Contact: Tracey:081 302 3806. Email:

ELEGANCIA INVESTMENTS CC KUISEBMOND 3xbedrooms, 2xbathrooms, kitchen / lounge. Garage plus fiat. N$ 750 000.00. WEIGH BRIDGE INDUSTRIAL PLOT 6700m² N$7 000 000.00. Contact: 081 866 9480.

HOUSE FOR SALE: Swakopmund. 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom house, entertainment area with indoor braai. Three bedroom flat with balcony and braai. Three garages, established luxurious garden, paved driveway, servants quarters. Price N$2.55 million. Call 081 422 0123 serious buyers only. FOR SALE MAYS TRADINGCC Narraville: N$1 050 000. 5x flats. 1x 2 bedroom flat, kitchen, bathroom. 4x 1 bedroom flat, kitchen, shower. 486 m². Income N$12 000.00 p/m. Contact: Tracey: 081 302 3806. Mounien: 081 860 1938. Email:

VALUE FOR MONEY - SWAKOPMUND 4 Bedroom spacious Penthouse in town with double garage, close to the beach and shops. N$2.55m. 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom ground-floor flat with small garden & direct entrance from double garage. The perfect lockup and go. Walking distance from the beach and town centre. N$1.52m. Contact: Danielle: 081 356 3571. CFS PROPERTIES & INSURANCE SWAKOPMUND FOR SALE RESIDENTIAL ERVEN SITUATED IN UPMARKET AREA OCEANVIEW N$405,000-00 IRENE 081 353 5551 / 064-412320

ACCOMMODATION EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATION IN WALVIS BAY: Bay self-contained rooms with TV. For 1, 2 or 3 persons from N$450.00 per room. Contact: 081 755 2813. SELF CATERING ACCOMMODATION AVAILABLE IN NARRAVILLE: N$150.00 per room, per night and per person. & N$200.00 per room, per night, sharing Contact: 081 247 2717 / 081 147 3158.

PROPERTIES WANTED WANTED: Urgently looking for office / shop to rent in Centre of Swakopmund. ± 30m² - 80m². Very urgent!!! Contact: 081 344 3794.

WANTED: Looking for a house or a big flat to rent in Kuisebmond a.s.a.p. Contact: ROSA 081 811 7667. WANTED: Urgent Industrial Space! Light industrial space needed.(150m² - 200m²) in Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 235 4803 / 081 625 3099. GESUCHT: Deutscher, solventer, solider Pensionär sucht in Swakopmund ruhige, sonnige, sichere wohnung mit 1 schlafzimmer. Garage, Bevorzugt zentrumsnah und möbiliert. 081 665 9993. LOOKING TO BUY: I am looking for an erf to buy in Swakopmund, Tamariskia / Mondesa, 500-600sqmtrs. Contact: Erwin 081 402 9665. WANTED: A small fully furnished flat for pensioner in Walvis Bay. As soon as possible. Contact: 081 351 6381.

PROPERTIES WANTED WANTED TO BUY IN SWAKOPMUND Approved buyer looking for 3 bedroom house with double garage in either Hage Heights, Ocean View or Vogelstrand in the range of N$2,3m. If you have the property, please contact me. Neville Smith Email:

nevillesmith@cfsnamib Tel.: 064-412 320 Cell: 085 370 7017. Pam Golding Properties Looking for properties in Swakopmund and Long beach for sale and to let Call Anna Theron 0811463320.


TO LET WALVIS BAY COMMERCIAL - CBD 114m² Office Space in Sam Nujoma Avenue. Rental amount: N$11 000.00. INDUSTRIAL: 1250m² Warehouse with 2500 yard. Rental amount: N$46 500.00. Please contact: Yolanda 081 147 9315 Talitha 081 337 3669 Tanya 081 427 0332 WOONSTEL TE HUUR Narraville. Onmiddellik beskikbaar. N$2700.00 p/m. W+L ingesluit. Skakel: 064-206223.


14 FEBRUARY 2014

Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication







TO RENT: Tamariskia. 3 Bedroom, 1 bathroom, living room, indoor braai, kitchen and garage. N$7500.00 p/m + Dep. Water & electricity excluded. Available: 1 March. Call: 081 287 2131.

TO RENT KRAMERSDORF, SWAKOPMUND: Neat and spacious Family home offering 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Indoor braai, Private Lounge, Double garage. Available immediately. Rent N$12 000 per month water & electricity excluded. Deposit payable. Phone Erwin during office hours at 081-124 0987.

WOONSTEL TE HUUR: Ocean View, Swakopmund. 2 Slaapkamers, Badkamer, Kombuis, Sitkamer, Buite Braai, Remote Garage, Alarm. Geen Deposito. N$5500.00 p/m. W & L ingesluit. Kontak: 081 221 2300 / 081 247 1938.

TO RENT: VINETA Upmarket duplex close to the sea! 3 spacious bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Sea Views from the balcony. Downstairs open plan living areas with plus tv room and indoor braai. Avail imm at N$12 000 pm. Phone Barbara 081 656 2619.

TO LET: HANNAH’S COTTAGES Walvis Bay. 2 new 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen, lounge, stove + dishwasher. Dish, G4S, blinds and 1 garage. Lots of private space. Lots of cupboards. Rent: N$5500.00 + deposit. Pre-paid electricity. Water included. 1x3 bedroom, 2bathroom, kitchen, stove, dishwasher and separate lounge. Dish, G4S, blinds and 2 garages. Big private Court. Rent: N$6500.00 + deposit. Prepaid electricity. Water included. No animals Immediately available. Contact: Hannah 081 124 2151.

Pam Golding Properties TO LET KRAMERDORF, Swakopmund Small adorable 2 bedroom home, very modern setting, open plan kitchen and living areas, very well decorated, fully furnished with double garage, available immediately, walking distance from town. N$ 10 000.00 Water/electricity excluded Call Anna Theron 0811463320.

TO RENT - VINETA, SWAKOPMUND: Neat and spacious 4 Bedroom Family home, 2 Bathrooms, guest toilet, Double garage. Available 1st of March. Rent N$8 500 per month water & electricity excluded. Deposit payable. Phone Erwin during office hours at 081-124 0987. TE HUUR: in Narraville. 1 Slaapkamer woonstel. N$2700.00 p/m + N$1500 dep. Water en ligte ingesluit. Kontak 081 452 6408. TO RENT: in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. 3 Bedrooms, big sitting room, study, kitchen and bathroom. Secure parking & all tiled Contact me @ 081 242 2224. MTN PROPERTIES ESTATES AGENT: TO LET TAMARISKIA: Flat: 2bedroom, bathroom, kitchen & Garage. N$3500.00 W/ Incl. 2bedrooms, bathroom, open plan kitchen & Garage N$5500.00 W/L Excl. 3 bedrooms (BIC), 2 bathrooms, kitchen(BIC + Stove) Lounge and garage. N$6500.00 W/Incl. MAHETAGO: Bachelor flat N$2900.00 W/ Incl, prepaid electricity. 1 bedroom, bathroom, open plan kitchen N$2500.00 W/ Incl. Prepaid electricity. Flat: 1 Bedroom, bathroom & kitchen. N$2300.00 W/L Incl. NARRAVILLE: Bachelor flat N$2800.00 W/L Incl. OLWETWENI: Bachelor flat N$2700.00 W/L Incl. For single person only. MONDESA: Inside room N$1900.00 W/L Incl. Single person only Outside room with bathroom N$2000.00 W/L Incl. Single person only. Outside room, bathroom & Kitchen N$2200.00 W/L Incl. ALL DEP - REQUIRED Malakia: 081 297 7253 Email: malakiaproperties@yah

TO LET Vogelstrand: Townhouse, Seaview. 3 Bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, guest toilet, double garage. N$7900.00 per month. Vogelstrand: Townhouse, 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double garage. N$7500.00 per month. Tamariskia: Bachelor flat with automated garage. N$3500.00 per month. Contact 085 124 9826. WALVIS BAY WORKSHOP TO RENT: 370m 2 Light Industrial Workshop / Warehouse with offices and store rooms. From 1 March 2014 for N$15 000.00 p/m. Mobile 081 303 8987. TO RENT: 35 Hidipo Hamutenya Bachelor flat in Walvis Bay. N$1900.00 p/m + N$1900.00 deposit. Electricity excluded Water included. Contact: 081 447 5352. WELWITSCHIA ESTATES Swakopmund To Let Flats Central - Furnished 2 Bed, 2 Bath, Tandem Garage N$ 6 000.00 Prepaid Water Excl. Office/Industrial Apex Park Office Space 110 sqm N$6 260.00 VAT incl. W & L excl. Office Space in Town 100 sqm N$8 800.00 VAT incl. W & L excl. Office Space in Town 100 sqm N$8 855.00 VAT incl. W & L excl. Retail Space Woermann Brock Vineta Shopping Centre 128 sqm N$11 730.00 VAT incl. W & L excl. Industrial Warehouse 105 sqm N$5 750.00 VAT incl. Prepaid Water excl. Industrial Warehouse 1000 sqm N$52 200.00 VAT incl. W & L excl. Please contact us for more information! Office: 064-404004 Email:

TO LET: WAREHOUSE WALVIS BAY: 232 sq.m Warehouse immediately available. N$10 000 (VAT included) p/m. Water and electricity excluded. Contact Magda on 081 222 0490 or Fanie at 081 122 1789. OFFICES TO LET In KLIMAS BUILDING SWAKOPMUND Tel: 064 402 105 Office hours. EXCLUSIVE AND ELITE ESTATES Diana Mc Clune Cell: 081 124 0933 Tel: (064) 402 439 Fax: (064) 402 471 Email: eeestates@gmail .com TO LET OCEAN VIEW 3 bedroom house Double garage 3 bedroom flat tandem garage Rent per Month: N$22,000.00. 3 bedroom house Double garage with 1 bedroom flat own garage Rent per month: N$12,000.00. Center Town Lots of Office Spaces Center Town-Flat 2 bedroom 2 bathroom double garage Rent Per month: N$7,800.00. Ocean View 3 Bedroom houseFurnished double garage Rent per month: N$13,000.00. 3x Bedroom Townhouse - Up for sale. 2 1/2 Garages Lounge Kitchen Starting from N$1,65 million. Tamariskia - For sale 3 x Bedroom House 2 Bedroom flat N$1,175 milion. To- let : Tamariskia 2x Bedroom house N$5,500 3x Bedroom House N$7,300 Mondesa - 2x Bedroom house up for sale N$380,000. FOR SALE ERVEN FOR SALE IN TAMARISKIA Range from 600-800 sqm ONLY A FEW LEFT STARTING FROM N$396,000!

TO LET Swakopmund old Industrial Area: Office space, 110m², divided into 3 offices, kitchenette, bathroom, extra toilette, alarm system. N$6500.00 excl. VAT Tel: 085 580 0700

MONDESA TO LET Inside rooms N$1250 -1350 W/L Incl 2bedr house, bathr Lounge & kitchen N$ 3300.00 W/Incl pre-paid electricity LAPALOMA FLATS Outside rooms N$1300.00 W/L Incl KABILLA PARK 1Bedr flat, bathr Kitchen N$2500.00 W/L Incl MONDESA COURT 2bedr flat, 2bathr, lounge kitchen & garage N$4500.00 W/L Excl TULINAWA Container house 1bedr, bathr, kitchen N$3000.00 W/Incl Pre-paid electricity JABULANI 2Bedr flat, bathr small kitchen N$3850.00 W/Incl pre-paid electricity 2Bedr flat, bathr open plan kitchen N$4000.00 W/L Incl OLETWENI 1Bedr flat ,kitchen bathroom N$2450.00 W/Incl MAHETAGO Outside room with bathroom N$1700.00 W/L Incl 1bedr flat, bathroom kitchen N$2650.00 W/L Incl Available 1/03/14 All these properties are immediately available. Viewing can be secured strictly on prior appointments All deposit required. Call Tel: 064-402112 Fax: 064-403396 Matty: 081 244 6995 www.mnkpropertiesna

TO LET: MONDESA OPPOSITE COMRADES 2 X Bachelor Flat. Including water Prepaid electricity, with hot water Own Bathroom with Shower/Toilet/Basin Neatly tiled and painted Rent N$1850.00 p/m Deposit N$1850.00 can be paid over 2 instalments. Non Refundable Contract Fee of N$150.00. Single or Couple – no children Immediately Available. Contact @ 081 246 4906 or 064-462225.

PRIME RETAILOR OFFICE SPACE: to let in Heidi’s Ecke Centre, Walvis Bay. Area: 161m². Please contact JOHAN 081 124 9269.

SWAKOPMUND: Grosses geräumiges “flat”, mit “remote control” garage, im Hinterhof in alt Vineta af 01/03/14, zu vermieten, neu renoviert! Burglar bar! Braaiplatz! Preis für einzelperson, ohne Haustier N$2800.00 deposito vorrausbezahlbar. W + L inklusiewe. Langzeit mieter werden bevorzugt. B.Wurm: 081 245 6288. HOUSE TO LET OCEAN VIEW: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, lounge, dining, inside braai + 2 garages. N$10 000. W/L Incl. FLAT TO LET OCEAN VIEW: 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, open plan kitchen lounge. 1 garage. Own entrance and braai area. N$5500.00. Contact: 081 129 7093. WAREHOUSE to rent. Walvis Bay Industrial Area. 760m² including office and ablution facilities. Available from 01 April 2014. Please contact: Chris: 081 127 1143.

SWAKOPMUND 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom family home in established area, Vineta. With a 2 bedroom flat and 3 garages N$1,750,000 Neat family home with 1 bedroom flat - Kramersdorf open plan living area, lovely garden and double garage. N$2,030,000 3 bedroom duplex townhouse Mile 4, secure complex, near to beach N$1,380,000 Centrally located 2 bedroom 2 bathroom ground floor apartment with small courtyard and double garage. N$1,420,000 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment Mile 4, 1 garage cc reg. N$1,230,000 4 bedroom, 2 bathr. apartment in secure complex, under floor heating in lounge with double garage. N$1,600,000

Christine 081 128 2402

Waterfront N$ 12 000-00 Walking distance from the ocean, 3 bedr, 2 bathr, guest toilet, indoor BBQ, open-plan kitchen/living area. Immedatly Available Central Town N$ 6 000-00 2 bedroom, 1 bathr, flat in complex. Tandem Garage. Available in January 2014 No Pets and no children. Ocean View N$ 20 070-00 4 Bedroom, 3 Bathr, Study Lovely home for just the right family. Avail. Imm. Waterfront N$13 400-00 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathr, openplan Kitchen with double garage close to the ocean Fully Furnished, big yard Extention 9 N$ 11 200-00 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathr, openplan dining room and BBQ area. Kitchen & living area. Double remote garage alone standing house Close to shopping centre.

MANNY 081 1415000


IN COUNTRY ESTATES CC. Glen van Zyl Cell 081 124 9443 Fax: 064-200844 “Sighting Your Interests In Property”

TO LET WALVIS BAY · CENTRAL: 1 Bedroom flat with garage, prepaid meter, water excl (regret no pets or children). N$3200.00 / month. Avail 1 March. Spacious 2 bedroom flat, indoor braai, small courtyard, garage. N$4900.00 / month. Avail 1 March. · CENTRAL: 2 Bedroom flat, plus garage. N$3850.00 / month. Avail 1 March. · CENTRAL: Spacious, newly renovated 1 bedroom flat, no garage. N$3200.00 / month. Avail 1 March. To view please call Laura 081 127 7071 Glen 081 124 9443 TO RENT - CENTRAL, SWAKOPMUND: Neat & Spacious 1 Bedroom Flat with tandem Garage (2 cars). Rent N$4 500 per month, excluding Water & Electricity. Available immediately. Deposit payable. Phone Erwin during office hours at 081-124 0987. TUIN WOONSTEL TE HUUR: in Swakopmund. 1 Slaapkamer + i.g.k, 1 groot sit- eetkamer, 1 badkamer, kombuis + i.g.k. Garage. N$4250.00 + deposito. Water + Elekrisiteit ingesluit. Tel: 064-462441.


TO LET WALVIS BAY NEW LAGOON N$4 950 - brand new 2 bed flat with double garage. N$3 300 - brand new 1 bed flat with single garage. INDUSTRIAL AREA N$4 400 - brand new 2 bed flat with full bathroom, water included. LAGOON N$4 200 - 2 Bed flat. CENTRAL N$5 750 - 2 Bed flat, water + elec included. N$2 300 - Bachelor flat in complex. Please contact: Yolanda 081 147 9315 Talitha 081 337 3669 Tanya 081 427 0332


14 FEBRUARY 2014

Classifieds E-MAIL: OR CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication





TO RENT: 2 Bedroom Flat with lounge, kitchen, bathroom, braai area and single remote garage. Alarm installed. N$5000.00 p/m plus deposit of N$5000.00. CALL: 081 483 8544.

TO LET: Are you looking for property to rent in Swakopmund? Let us do the searching for you! Contact: Martina Neef Estates 081 124 3885.

JOB WANTED: I am a 25-year-old lady looking for any kind of job in Walvis Bay or Swakopmund. Stock taking, guest house cleaning, domestic work and taking care of babies. I am very interested. Contact: 081 337 4677.

JOB WANTED: I am a 36-year-old lady looking for domestic work or office cleaning or Guest House work. I have experience of 1 year in house keeping. Contact: 081 637 5724

TO LET: Praia Longa 4 Longbeach. Fully furnished modern 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom house, full laundry. Open plan kitchen, lounge and indoor braai. Blinds. Bedding included. 1 garage. Balcony overlooking the sea. All you need is your suitcase. Rent 1 person: N$5500.00 + deposit. 2 persons: N$5800.00 + family of 4 is: N$6800.00. No animals. Water & electricity excluded. Available from 1 March. Contact: Hannah 081 124 2151. FLAT TO RENT: in Swakopmund. Woerman Mondesa area. Alarm Incl. N$2900.00 p/m. Hot water / electricity included. No deposit required. Contact: Cell: 085 239 0860 Tel: 064-403 291. TO RENT: Henties Bay. 3 Bedroom house, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, sitting room with garage, alarm. N$3500.00 + deposit. Pre-paid electricity & prepaid water. Call: 081 448 5311 / 081 337 9528. FULLYFURNISHED APARTMENT TO RENT: Swakopmund. Spacious and modern with spectacular Sea-Views. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms with indoor BBQ and tandem garage. Rent N$10 000 per month Water & Electricity excluded. Deposit payable. Available immediately. Phone Erwin during office hours at 081-124 0987. ROOM / FLAT TO RENT in Mondesa, Swakopmund. Own shower & toilet. Rent: N$1700.00 p/m + deposit N$2000.00. Water & electricity included. Contact: 081 686 9771 / 081 696 8987. TE HUUR:In Narraville Een slaapkamer woonstel met ingeboude kaste in kombuis en slaapkamers. N$3000.00 p/m+deposito. W+E ingesluit. Onmiddellik beskikbaar. Garage extra @ N$500.00 p/m. Kontak:064-205323 / 081 122 7518.

ZU VERMIETEN: in Swakopmund. Zentral, Helle freundliche Wohnung. Einzel person, voll möbeliert. N$3500.00. W+L Incl. Contact: 081 227 2856. HOUSE TO LET Ocean View, nearSpar: 3 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, lounge, Diningroom, kitchen with inside braai, Scullery, 2 garages, Alarm. N$11 000.00 p/m. Water NOT included, prepaid electricity. Contact: Lindy 081 129 7093.

TO LET: Rooms available in Kuisebmond Price range from: N$1600.00 N$1800.00. Deposit. Water & electricity included. Immediately available. Contact: 081 147 3158 / 081 247 2717. TO LET: Mondesa – Old Jabulani. 1 Bedroom House, toilet / shower, lounge, kitchen. Rent N$3000.00 p/m. Deposit Required: N$2000.00. Non refundable Contract Fee – N$150.00. Excluding water, prepaid electricity Call @ 081 246 4906 or 081 406 0400. TO RENT Ocean View Swakopmund: A spacious family home with 3 bedrooms (bic), 2 bathrooms, Guest toilet, indoor braai, open plan kitchen, living and dining area. Build in stove, double garage. Outside Toilet and Alarm. Available immediately. Rent: N$10 500.00 p/m. Water + Elect. Excluded. Deposit payable. Contact: 081 237 1339 / 064- 407 074.

Pam Golding Properties TO LET Vogelstrand, Swakopmund This beautiful modern spacious home has to offer 5 bedrooms, with 4 bathrooms, open plan entertainment and living areas, huge garden space well maintained, with a flat let and double garage. N$ 20 000.00 Water/electricity excluded – available immediately.

Call Anna Theron 0811463320

MARGRETH: Opsoek na huis werk vir 2 dae of 3 dae per week of heel week in Walvisbaai. Kontak: 081 367 6126. MARIA & TRISHA: Ons is opsoek na huiswerk van Maandag tot Vrydag. Ons is baie hardwerkend en rook of drink nie. Skakel: 081 207 5248. / 081 357 3277. WERK GESOEK: Betroubare en hardwerkende dame is opsoek na huiswerk, winkels skoonmaak of kantoor skoonmaak werk, vir 3 of 2 dae ‘n week. Kan ook kinders oppas en is bereid om so gou as moontlik te begin. Skakel: 081 465 6281. JOB WANTED: I am a 27-year-old lady looking for domestic work or office cleaning from Monday to Friday in Walvis Bay. I am reliable and hardworking. Can start immediately. Contact: 081 405 0943. JOB WANTED: I am a 22-year-old lady looking for domestic work, cleaning, washing & ironing, babysitting, security or car wash in Walvis Bay. I have 2 years experience and is hardworking. Contact: 081 205 2208 JOB WANTED: I am a lady looking for domestic work and iron 2days per week in Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 796 0261 WERK GESOEK: Ek is dringend opsoek na huiswerk in Walvisbaai vir heel week of 3 dae per week - Meersig / Lagoon / Langstrand. Of kantoor skoonmaak. Kan ook na bejaardes omsien en is lief vir kinders. Ek is baie betroubaar, hard werkend en kan dadelik begin. Skakel: 081 657 5470 / 081 642 0073.

ELSIE: Is opsoek na huiswerk vir 5 dae in Swakopmund. Ek kan ook na kinders omsien. Ek is hardwerkend en betroubaar. Kontak: 081 883 2798 LANDLY: Is a 34-year-old lady looking for domestic work for 2 or 3 days, in Swakopmund. I am very friendly and hardworking. Can speak English fluent. I you are interested, please call 081 469 5681. REMEDY: Is also looking for Domestic work 3 days or whole week in Swakopmund. Cell: 081 423 4245. HANNA: Is ñ hardwerkende, betroubare dame, dringend opsoek na huis of kantoor skoonmaak werk vir 2 of 3 dae per week. Verkieslik in Swakopmund. Kontak: 081 786 3815. ELSIE: Ek is ‘n 31-jarige dame opsoek na huiswerk vir 3 dae of heel week. Verkieslik in Swakopmund of Langstrand. Ek is betroubaar en hardwerkend. Kan onmiddellik begin. Kontak: 081 619 8388. HELGA: Is a 35-year-old lady looking for domestic work for 2 / 3 / 5 days in Swakopmund. Ironing, cleaning and nanny. Can start immediately. Contact: 081 365 1012. ROSHWITHA KANAETE: Is a 33-year-old lady looking for domestic job for 2 or 3 days a week in Swakopmund. I am very reliable and hardworking and can start immediately. Contact: 081 346 2831 081 619 6090 LORRAINE: Is looking for any kind of work in Walvis Bay. Contact:081 855 1494.



Friday 14 February (Sts.Cyril and Methodius): OPENING TO GOD. Then he looked up to heaven and groaned, and said to him, “Ephphatha!” (That is, “Be Opened!”). Mark 7:34. Loving God, on this Valentine’s Day and always, open my heart to gratitude. Saturday 15 February: GIVING BACK. Still he asked them, “How many loaves do you have?” Mark 8:5. Jesus, receive back what you have given to me, and use it to bring your love to the world. Sunday 16 February (Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time): STRETCH FORTH YOUR HAND TO GOD. God set before you fire and water; to whichever you choose, stretch forth your hand. Sirach 15:16. Monday 17 February (The Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order): BECOMING MORE LIKE JESUS. Consider it all joy, my brothers, when you encounter various trials....” James 1:2. Jesus, Suffering Savior, may all my trials, both large and small, help me to become more and more like beautiful you. Tuesday 18 February: TAKING JESUS’ QUESTIONS TO HEART. Jesus said to them: “Do you still not understand?” Mark 8:21. Lord Jesus, help me to understand your words and be your true disciple.

GEBED Vir enige gebed wat u nodig het 24-uur per dag 7 Dae per week Kontak: PETRUS KLEIN 081 417 5441


* Visit our Website * Besoek ons Webtuiste * Besuchen sie unsere Internet seite


14 FEBRUARY 2014

Marshall Danjamin Adams Vrydag is jou eerste verjaarsdag weg van ons. Hoe graag sou ons nie wou sê “ Happy Birthday “, ou Marshy!!! Ons mis jou so baie, maar jy sal altyd en verewig in ons harte voortleef. Liefde altyd: Ouma, Oupa, 1 oom, 2 Aunties en jou Niggie, Vanessa.

Wessel Page “Wessels”

ELKE ZANDBERG Herewith Caesar, Kaylee, Janiz and Zoe Zandberg would like to Thank and Express our sincere gratitude and appreciation towards: - Pastor Tiets and the Evangelical Church - Each and every person involved in preparing and Planning of after - memorial snacks, cakes and drinks. - Everyone for all the support, phone calls, SMS’s, flowers and personal help at the time of our Bereavement.

Marilyn (Majiedt) van Wyk * 07.05.1961

+ 04.02.2014

ROUDIENS: Vrydag 14 Februarie 2014 19:00 By huis no 8 Meeustraat, Narraville BEGRAFNIS: Saterdag 15 Februarie 2014 09:00 By huis 09:30 Vanuit Rynse Kerk, Narraville Vir navrae kontak: Panna: 081 216 9207 Joey: 081 288 4770

Marchell Martins * 01 - 01 - 1937 - + 03 - 02 - 2014

2 Timoteo 4:7 Combati o bom combate, Terminei a carrida, guardie a fé. Memorial Service: Friday, 14.02.14 18h00 Home Service, Funeral Service: Saturday 15.02.14 Home: 08h00 Theofilus Amwaania Str. House 162 Church: 09h00 Henties Bay R.C Church

Contact: Gert: 081 279 9830 Ouwy: 081 455 8884 Carlos: 081 220 9611

* 30 / 11 / 1954 + 07 / 02 / 2014

* 19 / 11 / 1949 + 05 / 02 / 2014 Precious memories linger on. . With so much to remember, How can we forget. . . Lovingly remembered by: His children + Family.


Frans Kamutukwata “Kaffa” “Mister” Paulus

SERVICE: 15 / 02 / 2014, Saturday 10h00 am. AFM Filadelfia Church. Aldridge Str, Vineta. Contact Marilee Spieker: 081 122 8414

MEMORIAL SERVICE: Friday: 14/02/2014, 18h00 Evangelical Lutheran Church, Mondesa FUNERAL SERVICE: Saturday: 15/02/2014, 07h00 from home, House 135, Independence Str, Mondesa to the Cemetery. Enquiries: Rickson: 081 811 2264 Every: 081 433 0543 Willem: 081 251 4844

Eliëster Dakansie /Hoëseb 14.12.1967 - 01.02.2014 Ek is stom, ek sal my mond nie oopmaak nie, want U het dit gedoen BEGRAFNIS: 09:00 Saterdag, 15 Februarie 2014 Uitani Kerk, Lutherse kerk Khorixas


14 FEBRUARY 2014


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this we need to play competitive rugby against the rest of the teams participating” they continued. The coaching duo invited the whole community to become involved and to blow some new life into rugby at the coast. “We can only advance the cause of rugby with the involvement and participation of everybody and all the respective schools” they said. Besser reiterated that any player was welcome to join the club for practice. “We need players to pitch for practice sessions in huge numbers. The coaching staff will work with the available players and we would select the strongest team to represent the club for each game. We will adequately prepare for each game and take our opinion on when they arrive” he said. The club started practicing on 7 January and does so on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 16:30 and had some preseason season gym workouts with Conrad Wagner. A positive sign for the club is the arrival of utility back Quinton Fielding. He returned to Dolphins after a season with Kudus. Flyhalf and centre Mbimbo Mbai also returned to the club after a season with Unam.

READY TO RACE: Athletes in action at least year’s Rössing National Marathon

Rössing National Marathon and Charity Fun Walk The Rio Tinto Rössing Uranium national marathon, 10km Run, Uranium Team Relay and 5km Fun Walk in aid of the Cancer Association of Namibia will take place on Saturday, 15 February at the athletics stadium in Vineta in Swakopmund. The races will start at 07:00 and the Fun Walk at 09:00 at the Vineta stadium. The organisers say that entries from Swakopmund and Windhoek have been flowing in and the event is expected to attract a field of around 100 marathon runners and 150 ten-kilometre runners this year. East-African runners who realise the event's importance as a potential qualifier for the bigger South African marathons later in the year also expressed their interest in the marathon. The record of 2:11:23 by Luketz Swartbooi was set in 1992. This year Rössing offered N$1 000 to the runner that breaks the marathon record, as an added incentive. The first prize in the marathon Men's Open and Ladies Open categories is N$10 000 with development bonuses of N$20 000 also awarded to the Namibian winners of the same event to advance their careers beyond the Rössing event. The theme for 2014 is "Champions maintain their health - Keep up the pace!" The event is held in the spirit of healthy lifestyles and Rössing's commitment to create opportunities for the communities around the mine to be part of its focus on promoting this ideal. The popular 5km Fun Walk in support of cancer sufferers in Namibia follows one of the most scenic routes along the Atlantic Ocean. Walkers of all ages are encouraged to participate and stand

a chance to win a prize during the prize-giving ceremony and lucky draw at 10:00. The fun walk competition categories are; Best costume, Most original hat, Tallest walker, Youngest and oldest walkers and Largest group. The entry fee for the fun walk is N$10. The running events start at 07:00 from the athletics stadium in Vineta. The cut-off time for the marathon is 12:00. Entry fees are N$60 for the marathon (N$100 for international athletes), N$30 for the 10km run (N$50 for international athletes), N$80 per team for the uranium team relay. Registration for the championship takes place at the Vineta athletics stadium on Friday, 14 February, from 18:00 to 21:00. On Saturday morning, 15 February, registration takes place from 06:00 to 06:30. Participating athletes in the Marathon and 10km Run will receive their race numbers and T-shirts at registration. All participants must be at the starting line 15 minutes before the start of the race for the race rules announcement. Entry forms for the event will be available at the venue during registration or can be found at or by contacting Frank Slabbert of Swakop Striders at tel. 064 405788 (h) / cell 081 240 3383 or Botha Ellis of Rössing at tel. 064 520 2426 (w) / cell 081 286 0456.

Walvisbaai Jukskei nuus Aan die einde van Januarie 2014 het die ligas op Walvisbaai plaasgevind.Dit was 'n baie lekker sonskyndag, die wind het niks gepla nie en die gees tussen die spelers was puik. In die A-Afdeling het Swakopmund (1) gewen en in die BAfdeling was dit Hentiesbaai (1). Baie geluk. Punte soos volg: A-Afdeling: 1. Swakopmund(1) met 36.5 punte 2. Hentiesbaai(2) - 35 3. Walvisbaai - 29 4. Hentiesbaai - 26.5 5. Swakopmund (2) met 23 punte. B-Afdeling: 1. Hentiesbaai(1) 38.5 2. Swakopmund (2) - 31.5 3. Hentiesbaai (2) - 29.5 4. Swakopmund(1) 27.5 en 5. Walvisbaai met 23 punte.

Baie dankie aan Debbie, Marianne en Nannie vir die lekker kos en poeding. Eerskomende Vrydag 14 Februarie vind die S.A. proewe in Windhoek plaas en Saterdag 15 Februarie is die Streekskampioenskappe ook in Windhoek. Dan sien ons wie

is die bobaas jukskeigooiers in Namibië. Die volgende spelers is gekies om die Erongostreek te verteenwoordig: Francois Boshoff, Gieliana Boshoff, Dicker Gudde, Arend de Waal, Chris Jacobs, Ria Harmse, Francois Smit, Jurie Liebenberg, Essie van

der Merwe, Hannetjie van Rhyn, Des Hanekom, Willie Hanekom, Bully Thorburn, Nannie Botha, Elizma de Waal en Rina van Staden. Juniorspan: Jurie, Martin, Lian en Johan. Sterkte aan almal en veilig ry. Jukskeigroete.


14 FEBRUARY 2014


Dynamic coaching duo for Dolphins Dolphin's Rugby Club held its AGM on 30 January. A new management committee was selected consisting of Calvin Besser (Chairperson), Leon Beukes (Vice Chairperson), Louis Kotzee (Treasurer), Morris Burns (Vice Treasurer), Leonese Bugan (Secretary), Cassifa Abrahams (Vice Secretary), To m m y F o r b e s (PRO), Ralf Bussel (Additional Member).

Former assistant coach Rowhan Besser was named as head coach of Dolphin Rugby Club with Gerrie Kok as his assistant for the 2014 season. It will be Besser's, who played for Dolphins and Kudus as flyhalf and scrumhalf, first coaching assignment. He said that he was well aware about the qualities of the coaches from the other clubs and that he would give his best to achieve success. “The other clubs have top teams and the pressure is on them to maintain their status. We at Dolphins

have to work to get there and I think the fact that we are not well-known as coaches might be an advantage for the team in the long run.” Kok studied rugby at Stellenbosch. He played as a flyhalf for Boland in South Africa and was involved with coaching at various schools and had been involved with Swakopmund Rugby Club upon his return to Namibia. He is well experienced and the Dolphin Management is of the opinion that his wealth of rugby knowledge could com-

PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH: Dolphins coach Rowhan Besser showing his charges how to steal a ball

pliment Besser in developing the current crop of Dolphin players and take them onto a higher level. Besser and Kok is strategising and putting mechanisms in place to ensure that Dolphins dish up an exciting display with running rugby as foundation in their search for points and the wins needed to get the supporters in numbers to their games and a solid sponsor on board. “This year will be another year in the history of the club. Last season Dolphins competed with two teams in the NRU sanctioned league and finished 9 t h in the Premier League and 8th in the 1st League. The team consists of approximately 40 players with an average age of 23 years. This indicates that the current side is a relative young and developing side. One of the club's strong points is its lethal backline and strong code of discipline being enforced by the new coaching staff. This was evident in the match against Re-

hoboth which Dolphins narrowly lost 3331 in 2013. A lack of experience and depth upfront ultimately cost Dolphins the match against Rehoboth which eventually made it into the finals of the NRU Premier League. “We want to see our community in full force at the rugby field

and some of our priorities include putting structures in place and reviving the game at school level because the youngsters are our team's feeding source, winning our first game of the season and the discipline of our players. The players must realise that the coaches could lay the foun-

dation but they would be required to do the job and build the team via successful performances” said the duo. In addition to that we will strive to win all our home games because we want to make it into the play-offs of the respective Leagues we compete in this year and in order to achieve Continued on Page 31

MAKING STRIDES: Former Orlando Pirates Namibian striker Theophilus 'Junior' Tsowaseb (24) pictured here with Orlando Pirates South Africa chairperson Irwin Khoza and Collin April (Players Agent) signed a three-year deal with South African Premiership giants Orlando Pirates. The 24-year-old confirmed his move and according to his agent Collin April the two clubs have agreed and terms pending his clearance. Tsowaseb joins compatriot and striker Rudolf Bester (currently on loan to Golden Arrows) at the illustrious South African based club which reached the final of last season's Caf Champions League. Tsowaseb, who is blessed with a blistering turn of speed, nifty footwork and a decent shot spent two weeks on trial at the PSL side before the club's technical team took the decision to sign him. The Namibian labelled the opportunity as a big one for him and said he was very happy to be at such a great club.

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