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Brutal Murder in Mondesa

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Rape victim tells tale

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Rundu teen wins bursary

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Miss Walvis Bay Crowned

Rössing axes 265 As mine shuts down production

Marshallino Beukes

Around 265 workers at Rössing Uranium Mine face imminent retrenchment after the company announced on Monday that it will cut 22% of its workforce over the coming weeks. Confirming ongoing near Arandis, many where the Managing option but to reduce its number of employees will also be affected. rumours and specula- employees’ worst fears Director of Rössing workforce. down to around 930 The implementation of tion about imminent re- were confirmed at a Mine, Werner Duven- The cutbacks will from the current 1 168. a new operating plan trenchments at Rio Tin- media briefing on Tues- hage, told the press that affect about 265 po- Duvenhage said 22% of was also announced at to’s mining operation day in Swakopmund, the mine is left with no sitions, bringing the contractors at the mine this meeting. Continues on page 2

Woman dies in shack fire Mavourlene Gaes Another shack fire broke out in Kuisebmond at 21:00 on Sunday evening, claiming the life of one woman and destroyed 17 shacks.

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Namibian soccer fever

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Forty-nine year old Laimi Iyambo died in the inferno. According to Nampol's Inspector Erastus Iikuyu the fire also burned down one bedroom of house number 54 in Sandwich Street. He added that two other houses, one in Diamond Street and one in Sandwich Street were also affected by the fire.

This tragedy comes shortly after another fire destroyed 11 shacks in Oshivelo Street. It is suspected that Iyambo left the candle burning and fell asleep. Another fire victim, Annalie Ganases (45) died under the same circumstances at the beginning of the year. Contrary to claims that

the firemen arrived late, chief of fire brigade, Willie Van Zyl said the fire brigade arrived at the scene at approximately 21:15 and that they had extinguished the fire by 23:10. He also added that at one point the water in the fire truck ran out and the firemen had to wait for another truck

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10 JUNE 2014


Arandis solar plant faces hurdles and prospects Fire Jade McClune

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A number of critical questions regarding the proposed hybrid power plant at Arandis have been raised, but there is some optimism that the turn to solar power could herald a new beginning for a country in urgent need of energy to power its emerging industries and growing population. Information about the actual cost of the units of power sold to NamPower is not being made public. “This is confidential, as Arandis Power is currently in negotiations with NamPower,” the project developers said at a focus group meeting in April. Arandis Power plans to build the first hybrid thermal-photovoltaic plant in the country with a maximum output of 120 MW, but the lifespan of the project depends on the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and durability of the solar panels (estimated at 20 years), the company said. “Arandis Power is in negotiations with NamPower to secure a PPA for a period of 20 years commencing in 2016,” they said. In response to a question by one Arandis municipal official about whether “provision will be made for the use of extra power for the town of Arandis?” the

developers said their PPA with NamPower does not allow Arandis Power to sell any power to third parties. Asked by mining representatives whether Arandis Power will be able to take waste oils from Rössing, the company said: “No, not if the waste oil recycling plant is replaced by the PV plant as a fuel saving mechanism. It is not financially feasible to do both plants.” Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) will instead be imported via Walvis Bay, due to the need for the low sulphur and low ash content, they said. Around 200 000 tons will be used per annum for base-load operations and 100 000 tonnes at mid-merit and. Transport The HFO will be transported to the site via road. The impact associated with road transport of the HFO was assessed as part of the 2012 EIA process. The

Rössing Continues from page 2 According to a statement released on Monday the mine’s proposed new operating model forms the basis for a new way of work and consists of a number of elements. ‘Wave One’ of the new operating plan will include a five-day operating cycle and a three-panel shift pattern, as well as revised mining and milling targets, annual leave plans to reduce impact of public holidays on production and a number of other measures to improve efficiency and reduce costs. ‘Wave Two’ will aim at further improving efficiency by considering outsourcing and in sourcing opportunities, the mine said. Rössing plans to implement the new operating plan as from 1 August and will continue until the end of 2017, Duvenhage said. Rössing’s management has communicated the imminent changes to its employees and their bargaining representatives, the Mineworkers Union of Namibia, it was noted. The principal reason for these drastic cost-cutting measures is the continuous decline of the uranium spot price, which

fell to US$28/lb, last month. To produce a profit, it was argued the spot price would have to reach around US$45/lb. “The effect of the lower spot market price on our business means that for every US$5/lb drop, the company would earn N$300 million less for the year”, Rössing said in its statement. Duvenhage noted that the actual number of employees to be retrenched will be fewer than 200, as the mine is currently advertising around 65 new vacancies. Some employees are also due to retire within the timeframe and their posts may be frozen. He further announced that the mine’s processing plant is on full shut-down for the month of June and only maintenance work is currently being conducted. However, as from 1 July production will be in full swing again. The mine is also planning to scale down production. Only around 2 000 tonnes of uranium oxide are targeted for 2014, a drop of 50% in comparison to the previous yearly target of approximately 4 000 tonnes.

option of transporting the HFO by rail was assessed, but involved the purchasing of wagons, locomotives and the construction of rail siding and fuel offloading infrastructure, which will require a significant capital investment. The solar panels will be shipped to the Port of Walvis Bay from where they will be transported via road to the Arandis Power site. Some of the equipment has to be imported, such as inverters and solar panels, but the solar contractor will try to use whatever local materials are suitable and available. The planned access road to the plant has been approved as part of the 2012 EIA. The proposed access to Arandis Power is an existing T-junction on the D1911 situated towards the west of the road-over-rail bridge on the road to Rössing and was approved by the Roads Authority. Water Use The approved waste oil recycling plant would require approximately 2 000m³ of potable water on an annual basis for maintenance and the cooling circuit. The power generation plant will require 12 600m³ per annum. The total approved water supply for the approved thermal/waste oil plant alternative was set at 14 600m³ per year. The water will be transported to the site via a feed line off the existing local municipal pipeline. The water supply for the project has been approved by the Arandis Town Council and will come from the local municipal supply line. The solar plant would require around 1 100m³ water per annum for cleaning of the panels. The total water requirement for the hybrid thermal/PV power plant alternative would thus be 13 700m³ /annum. “These are insignificant volumes of water when compared to the volumes of water used

by mines in the region,” the developers argued. Air quality and noise Asked whether the HFO power plant will affect the residents with regards to the emission levels, the developers said only that “the air quality impacts associated with the thermal power plant were assessed as part of the previous EIA in 2012. Relevant design requirements and management and mitigation measures were developed as a result of the 2012 EIA process to ensure the relevant air quality standards are being met. Housing and socio-economic issues ”There s a commitment in the EMP for the recruitment of nationals, in particular local people. There is a commitment in the EMP to promote small and medium enterprises (SME) development wherever possible. Arandis Power has a responsibility to aid with social issues and would like inputs from the residents and the Town Council regarding what they need help with,” It was said. The construction accommodation approved in the 2012 EIA is still applicable and housing will not be provided for workers onsite. The only crew to be housed on site will be security personnel (maximum of two persons per plant). It is expected that workers will reside in nearby towns and settlements including Arandis, Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. However, the aim would be to use lo-

cals as far as possible, the company said. The construction contractors will be responsible to make arrangements for the establishment of a construction camp with the Arandis Town boundaries. The position of the contractor’s construction camp will be submitted for approval to the Arandis Town Council. Jobs “We want to see local Arandis residents considered for permanent employment,” the CEO of Arandis Municipality Ms Florida Husselmann told a focus group meeting on 9 April, but there are no assurances at this stage, as the employment will depend on external factors, but the company aims to use locals as far as possible, they said. The number of jobs for thermal plant will peak at around 400 and for the PV plant at 500. The construction period for the thermal plant is 21 months, including the NamPower interconnection infrastructure. The construction period for the PV will be one year. It will be up to the EPC contractor to decide on the extent of the construction camp (if at all required). Construction Construction relating to the HFO Thermal power plant can commence already, as this component of the project has already been approved. However, the solar (PV) plant cannot commence until the EIA has been completed and the EIA amendment approved by MET. The approved

thermal power plant will be constructed within the area allocated for noxious industry to the east of Arandis. The PV (solar) plant will be located north of the approved thermal power plant. The construction period for the hybrid PV/ thermal plant is 21 months, including the interconnection infrastructure. Technical detail The solar power will be dispatched first as it is more cost-effective (zero fuel cost). The thermal power plant will therefore balance out the shortcoming of the PV solar plant. The site layout is specifically designed to ensure maximum output from the solar panels with 11 m between the rows of panels. The area also allows for internal roads and other site facilities. Each panel will have a tracking system that will follow the sun, hence the modules move from east to west during the day. The panels will be installed with either ramming poles or earth screws depending on the soil conditions across the site. The inverters and transformers will be constructed on concrete bases. Bernd Seefeldt wrote on 20 April 2014 to say “It is a big step forward to build a solar PV plant next to an urban area (short transmission), where NamPower wanted to build a dirty coal power plant two years ago. Congratulations! You are planning the first solar power plant in the land of the sun.” Data sourced from SLR Scoping Report

Missing teens found Madelaine Laubscher

After running away from been found. Both are home and safe. The two teenagers involved in a romantic relationship, allegedly planned in advance to run away from home. On 7 April they were reported missing and a private investigator, Mr Andre Putter and the Pink Ladies in South Africa were alerted immediately. According to Putter it is suspected that they could have been hiding in Namibia, after Awian allegedly told a man who re-sprayed his motorbike that he wanted to travel

home, Awian Van Schalkwyk (17) and Kim Swarts (15) from South Africa have to Namibia shortly before they disappeared. However, according to Maroela Media and Awian`s mother, Putter confirmed that they were found in Kelvin, Johannesburg, on Monday in an apartment and rumours that they were seen in Namibia were incorrect. A friend of Kim and Awian reportedly shared information with Putter and he found them in the apartment they have been living at in Johannesburg. According to Putter they

have been at the apartment ever since they ran away. The teens apparently survived on cash that they took with them ever since they ran away from home. Kim and Awian`s parents have apparently requested that the two teenagers not be allowed to see each other for the time being. “The parents will have to handle the situation on their own terms. It is at the moment still not clear why they decided to run away or which one of the teenagers initiated the idea,” Putter said.

Mr Putter thanked everyone who helped with the search for the two teenagers. “We are just extremely happy and also very relieved to have them both back home safe and sound,” Awian`s mother told the newspaper last week. Although it could not be established why they ran away from home, a relative of Kim who spoke to the newspaper on a previous occasion, said it could have been due to pure teen-rebellion.

to come. Although some of the residents tried to extinguish the fire, their efforts were ineffective because of the intensity of the blaze which spread rapidly, fanned by the windy conditions that prevailed over the weekend. Some residents complained about thieves who take advantage of the confusion to steal items that would have been rescued from the shacks. The Walvis Bay fire brigade will hand out 70 food hampers to the affected families. A sympathetic resident also donated three bags of clothes to the visctims.

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10 JUNE 2014




NAMSOV workers strike Piquet Jacobs

Namsov employees staged a peaceful demonstration on Monday morning demanding better work conditions. The demonstration started at 10:00 at the town centre, building up to the Namsov building. The workers said they are unhappy about the unfair dismissals that have increased in the last 3 years and the exploitation of Namibian seamen. One of the posters read, “Sick and tired of being sick and tired”, and took to the streets to air grievances to improve their conditions. They are also demanding over-time and night allowances to be implemented with immediate effect, for Namsov to stop importing Russian general workers for jobs that can be done by Namibians and this to be consequent to all seafarers, incentive bonus and housing subsidies to all workers and the removal of Patrick Bathlomeus. The workers also complain about unfair labour practice and disrespecting and undermining treatment toward Namibian seafarers. The strikers gave Namsov management 24 hours to respond to the demands, before any vessels return to sea. If the company fails to do so, serious action will be taken by the workers.

Kidnappers of 9-year old plead guilty Jade McClune

The case which stunned the coastal community three years ago drew to a conclusion when Veyonne Beukes pleaded guilty to charges of kidnapping and extortion in the Swakopmund Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

Veyonne Beukes

Dylan Stramis

Her cousin, Dylan Stramis (21) also admitted that he acted as an accomplice in the kidnapping of a 9-year old child, whom they picked up near the Wurstbude Café along Strand Street in the summer of 2011. Both admitted that they had knowingly committed a crime by depriving the parents of their child in an attempt to extort money out of the parents. “I have no defence whatso-

ever,” the 25-year old Beukes told the court. She said she was driving along aimlessly that day when by chance she came across the child. They had asked the girl (identified here only as Pauline) for directions to a popular coffee shop and said they had spent time with the child on the beach. After some “chit-chat” the girl had asked to see her mother. Beukes said she

had at some stage made a joke about keeping the child for ransom. She had only entertained the idea at first, but through the course of that day she “started getting carried away with the idea”. A plan to extort money from the parents grabbed hold of her and from there “matters spiralled out of control until the point of my arrest.” In a statement read on her behalf by her legal aid represen-

tative Mr Dube, she said it was not her original intention to kidnap the child. Beukes looked thoroughly remorseful in the dock and said 'Yes', in a very soft voice when asked whether she signed the confession out of her free will. The 25-year old, who found herself pregnant behind bars three years ago, pleaded for mercy from the court on Thursday: “I sincerely and greatly regret what I did.” She also apologised to the parents and to the child and promised never again to repeat such “dishonourable conduct”. With his hair slicked back

in a ponytail, the young Stramis, who spent his 18th birthday in the police holding cells in Walvis Bay, looked hopeful that honesty might lighten the inevitable sentence that awaits him. Ms Llana Fouche read out a statement on behalf of Stramis, in which he admits to acting as an accomplice. “I admit to holding the child in the vehicle,” he said. He had helped convince the child to cooperate, but “I did not know of her (Beukes') intention when we took the child to the coffee shop.” He regrets his actions, he said. During their bail application on 16 January 2012 both claimed to be innocent

and blamed the other. Stramis said at the time he was not aware she had sent SMS messages from his phone to the parents, warning them not to contact the police. On Thursday they both admitted that on 29 December 2011 they had improper motives when they unlawfully detained the 9-year old Paulina and held her captive in order to extort N$30 000 from the parents. The felons also acknowledged that their threats caused fear in the minds of the child's parents and that they were fully aware of the legal implications of their actions.

Brutal murder in Mondesa Jade McClune and Marshallino Beukes

The police are in hot pursuit of a suspect in a brutal murder, which took place on Saturday afternoon in Mondesa, Swakopmund. It is alleged that an argument over beer led to the death of 30-year old Steven Stephanus Eigab, behind the Mondesa police station in Swakopmund. Other allegations indicate that drugs could also have been the motive for this act of violence. Eigab celebrated his th 30 birthday only three days prior to the incident. The deceased died shortly before 18:00 on Saturday evening, after he was stabbed once in the neck with a knife, police spokesperson, inspector Erastus Iikuyu, confirmed. A quarrel at House 403 in Festus Gonteb Street, supposedly triggered the attack. By the time Eagle Christian Ambulance Services arrived on the scene at around 18:00, the victim had already succumbed to the wound. One eyewitness said he also saw the man get hit on the head with a rock, but the

supposed head injury could not be confirmed by official sources. The victim apparently stumbled out into the street after he was stabbed; he walked a few paces and then fell down in the open area between Vrede Rede School and the Mondesa police station, where he bled to death. Emergency workers said it appears his jugular vein was cut and that he may have suffered internal bleeding. When the namib times arrived at the scene at around 18:15 the victim was surrounded by onlookers, where he fell, less than 40 metres from House 403 where the incident apparently took place. Inspector Erastus Iikuyu confirmed that the suspect is known to the police and an intense manhunt is ongoing. By yesterday afternoon he was still at large.



10 JUNE 2014

A rape victim tells her story Anri Jacobs

Sara Iyambo took a great step in sharing her life story with us and the outside world.

POLICE CLEARANCE: Inspector E Nghaamwa, the Station Commander of the Mondesa Charge Office is seen here showing off a brand new state-of-the-art computer recently donated to the police by the Swakopmund Municipality. Residents of Swakopmund will no longer be required to travel to Walvis Bay for clearance certificates as the job will now be done locally. A spokesperson of the municipality, Ms Ailly Gebhardt said the hi-tech touch-screen computer will be installed at the new offices of the Mondesa police, due to be opened soon, and will speed up the processing of official police clearance certificates.

Thieves masquerade as cleaners Madelaine Laubscher Four men in Walvis Bay, masquerading as cleaners of a reputable local cleaning company, are targeting homes during the day catching unsuspecting domestic workers off-guard. In an attempt to gain entry into the remote was flat. They gained homes while the owners are away, entry after another resident at Meerthese men pose as workers of A-Z sig Heights opened the gate. The other two men who were in the taxi Cleaning Services. Meanwhile, A-Z Cleaning Services joined them and they demanded has distanced itself from these entry into the house, which I rejecimposters warning the community ted. I recognised one of the men as a on Friday that these men could be member of trouble-makers in Kuisebmond who are always terrorising thieves. The company contacted the namib tourists. I told them they are not times about the activities of these cleaners. four suspects who are alleged to They immediately ran out of the gate have gained entry into Meersig and I heard one man shouting “come, Heights between 09:00 and 10:00 come we must leave, this is not the Friday morning when the electric house we must clean,” and I closed gate was opened by a resident. They the door,” she said. are said to have asked a domestic The owner of the house alerted A-Z Cleaning Services who in turn worker to let them inside. The owner of the house told the informed the newspaper. newspaper that her domestic worker “These men are not our employees sent her a `please call me` request to but imposters roaming the streets, verify whether she had requested dressed in grey overalls with green the services of A-Z Cleaning Ser- sleeves posing as our employees and targeting domestic workers,” said vices. “I usually tell the domestic worker co-owner Jenny Brand. what I want done for the day and Furthermore, she clarified that her what she can expect. I never company`s workers are always requested any cleaning services as under the supervision of the owner she already cleans my house just Coenie Brand or his assistant fine. She sent me a `please call me` Michelle Taljaard. request and I phoned her imme- According to Brand, these men diately. She told me what faked the company name and logo on grey overalls. “Our overalls are blue. happened,” she said. According to the domestic worker, I believe that they printed the comshe heard a hooter outside and then pany name and logo onto the grey overalls themselves," she said. went to inspect. She saw two men at the gate and a Brand believes these four men are on white taxi parked across the road a mission to steal items inside houses with another two men inside, while posing as cleaners sent by A-Z Cleaning Services. waiting for them. “The men at the gate told me they When contacted for comment Inwere A-Z Cleaning Services spector Iikuyu said the police did not employees and were sent to clean receive any complaints and they would investigate. the house. Since my employer had not told me “I will inform my supervisors and to expect them, I refused to open the officers immediately to start investigate on the pretext that the battery of gations into the matter,” he said.

Sara is a rape victim survivor, and after four years finally has enough power within her to share her story in the hope that it will help other rape victims and possibly inspire them to forget the bitter experience and move on with life with a positive attitude. Sara was raped in 2010 and at the time she was unemployed and a single mother of three boys. After going through this ordeal, she never thought that being a rape victim would take such a big toll on her life. After the incident, she went to the police station to make a case where she was told that it was too late and that she should come back the next morning. Following the filing of the case, she went to the hospital where they did the rape kit, and after that she was advised to simply go home. Sadly, her court case has been pending since 2010 and will be heard again on 21July this year. Having the case postponed Sara Iyambo for so long makes it emotionally traumatic the rape victim and makes it difficult for rape victim to forget the adeal. Rape is a very sensitive topic yet Sara shared her experience unashamed and said the crime is still fresh in her mind till today. She thought that she would be able to handle it but her life has fallen apart after what happened. Sara added, “As a victim of rape one feels like it is the end of the world and that your life is over. You think to yourself, why me, and next comes the question, what is the use of even living.” She was a normal hardworking responsible mother with no feeling of hatred. Her life was full of hope and she had dreams she wanted to accomplish. After the rape, she started living a life full of hatred. She was filled up with hatred towards men, which included her father, her sons, her brother and her life in general. She wanted to take revenge on men. Sara stared drinking and smoking. She continued, “Since that time I have never felt love in me again, only hatred. I wanted to commit suicide, and tried everything but by God's grace I did not succeed.” Not being able to talk to anyone, not even her family, about what she went through caused Sara to keep everything to herself and work through it on her own. Sara was lucky enough to start working at the Ministry of Justice in 2012 and she used the medical aid benefit to go to a mental institute in Windhoek. At first she didn't want to tell people about being raped, she felt as if it was her fault and naturally felt ashamed to speak about it. After a while she started speaking to the people there and realised that the rape should not hold her back to get on with life.

Sara shared, “I was lucky to be able to go to this institute, but what about those rape victims who are unemployed like I was at that time. They have nowhere to go. I feel that we should provide a place where victims of rape or abuse can come to and be taken care of and be provided with a safe environment and people they feel they can trust to share their story. Talking about it is the best way to start accepting what you went through and move on from it.” Sara added that the only other person that played a great role in getting her back on track was the father of her first born when he came back into her life and gave her courage to stop drinking, smoking and discard the vengeful spirit. After that the next great step she took was going to Okongwari near Outjo this year. Okongwari is a therapeutic rehabilitation centre which her psychiatrist referred her to. Here she finally opened her heart and let it all out. The first time she spoke about her rape she could only cry and as she told her story to the reporter, she remarked that it was the first time she was doing so without shedding tears. Sara wants to share her story not for herself, but for the victims out there who think their lives are over and ruined. “I'm here to encourage them that you can get past this thing in your life; you can move on and still make something of your life. One way to get through it is to speak about your rape, be strong and perhaps even talk to someone who has been through the same experience.” It took Sara four years to be able to talk about her rape as it was something extremely torturous to go through and work through. It would have helped however if there was a support system to which one can go to. On the positive side Sara is now a mother of four, three boys and one little girl. Sara shared, “As parents of victims of rape, I want to encourage the parents to support their children. Know that when your child is quiet it doesn't mean that they are okay, talk to them and ask them if they are truly fine, how they are doing, and always encourage them to talk to you about everything and anything. I believe that it is important to be like a friend to your children.” Sara encourages all rape victims to come and talk to her if they need to talk to someone who has been in their situation. Sara shared that rape is real and it happens everywhere. “Rape doesn't always happen in the street, it happens at home also. So often women are raped by their husbands and nothing is done about it. She stressed that rape is rape imparted to the people.



10 JUNE 2014


Rundu teenager Erongo Blue Cross visits Walvis Bay Red bursary winner Piquet Jacobs

Blue Cross Namibia (BCNa) is currently visiting the coast, and paid a visit to Kuisebmond Secondary School yesterday afternoon, to discuss smoking, cigarettes and hubbly bubbly.

Dorcas Mhungu Erongo Red on Friday awarded a bursary to 18 year old Joseph Minginga who will study Electrical Engineering at the Polytechnic of Namibia. Congratulating Joseph, Chief Executive Officer Robert Kahimise said “We believe that education is the backbone of any economy and strive to support the Namibian Nation. It is our endeavour to care for our investments so that you can also give your best in your studies in order to become an asset to the Namibian nation, if not to Erongo Region and to Erongo Red.” Kahimise urged Joseph’s parents to keep an eye on him and encourage Joseph to remain focused on his studies. He further warned Joseph to be wary of social and academic challenges. “You need to keep focused to guarantee reaching success in your studies,” Kahimise advised him. “The social economic status of our country is one of the world’s poorest, primarily due to the huge disparity in income distribution and standard

Blue Cross visit to KSS Joseph flanked by his father (right) and Erongo Red CEO Robert Kahimise of living. Where the recipient is coming from is one of the poorest in Namibia so I think it’s a deserving intervention that Erongo Red is doing today.” Erongo Red, Kahimise said, is committed to rewarding hard working students to ensure that their future and the future of coming generations are secured. He stressed that the bursaries are part of the organisation/s social responsibility and not money taken from the tariffs. These are profits from the shareholders that would have been due to the shareholders. The award ceremony took place at the Erongo Red offices in Walvis Bay. Joseph was accompanied by his father Paulus Minginga. Mr Daniel Kuzatjike acting human resources

manager said the scheme started in 2012 with the awarding of two bursaries in electrical engineering. He added that in 2013 Erongo Red added two other disciplines; finance and law and three bursaries were awarded in 2013. Kuzatjike said in fulfilment of the company’s commitment to empower women, last year, one female student was awarded a bursary to study law. This year, two bursaries were advertised to study Information Technology (IT) and Electrical Engineering. However of the applications that were submitted none qualified for the IT bursary and the bursary will be re-advertised. “As a company based in Erongo region, we always

strive to give preference to residents within Erongo Region. However it is not always possible as we witness today and the recipient is from Kavango Region.” He added that the Erongo Red is not only training for Erongo region but for the entire country and hence the awarding the 2014 bursary in electrical to Joseph who comes from Rundu. Joseph’s father thanked Erongo Red for throwing the financial lifeline when all hope was lost. Joseph also expressed his gratitude to Erongo Red and said the bursary removed the hurdle that was prohibiting him to realise his dreams. To date Erongo Red has spent more than N$500 000 on bursaries.

It was explained to the learners how harmful the bad habit of smoking is, and that it is the leading cause of cancer and death from cancer. It causes cancers of the lung, oesophagus, larynx, mouth, throat, kidney, bladder, pancreas, stomach, and cervix, as well as acute myeloid leukaemia. A friendly soccer match took place last week between Kuisebmond Secondary School and Duinesig Secondary School under the theme “fun without drugs and alcohol”. Blue Cross was established and launched in the year 2000 to encourage young people and the general public to live their lives free from drugs and alcohol. It is a Section 21 Company (S21), a company not for

gain, and operates as a faith based non denominational, non political and independent organisation. Currently, they are active in 12 schools in Windhoek. Furthermore, they also have after school alternative activity clubs, where learners from different high schools come together to take part in different activities such as chess, soccer, dance and drama. It is the mission of Blue Cross Namibia to reduce the consumption of alcohol, drugs and other related addictions by active involvement of communities through programmes on prevention, treatment, care and support. The enormously increasing rate of abuse of alcohol, drugs and

other related addictive substances among the Namibian people called for a more concerted and concrete effort in order to curb this problem. Therefore, Blue Cross Namibia came into being to join forces with all other stakeholders – nationally, regionally and internationally to assist those that are directly and indirectly affected by alcohol, drugs and other substance abuse. Blue Cross reaches over 6 100 youths in high schools and offer counselling mentorship to them. They initiate after school club activities that engage the youth where over 200 schools are involved. This initiative seeks to provide an alternative to drugs and alcohol abuse. 


power to the people




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4 July 2014 Mrs A. Welgemoed N$260.00 (Non-refundable)

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Documents in a sealed envelope clearly marked: Tender No. 11/2014: addressed to the Chairperson of the Tender Committee must be placed in the tender box at the Enquiries Desk at: 91, Hage Geingob Str, Erongo RED Building, 1st Floor, Walvis Bay or be posted to the Chairperson of the Tender Committee, PO Box 2925, Walvis Bay, to reach him at the latest by: 10:00 on Friday, 04 July 2014

Please note no faxed or e-mailed documents as well as documents received after the specified closing date and time will be considered for evaluation.


TEL + 264 64 214 600 FAX +264 64 214 601 91 HAGE GEINGOB STREET P O BOX 2925 WALVIS BAY NAMIBIA


10 JUNE 2014


Protect the ocean World Oceans Day was celebrated on Sunday 8 June. Increasingly people understand that the future of the planet and survival of the human race is intimately connected to the health of the ocean.

Obtain a permit from the Namibian Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) to catch fish or dive for crayfish and respect harvesting limitations.

On Wednesday, 11th of June of 2014, the sun will rise in Walvis Bay at 06:39 and sunset will be at 17:24. The moonset will take place at 04:38 at 252º southwest. Eventually, the moon will rise again in the southeast (109º) at 16:06. In the high tide and low tide chart, we can see that the first high tide will be at 01:00 and the next high tide at 13:35. The first low tide will be at 07:05 and the next low tide at 19:20. The lunar phase will be a Waxing Gibbous. We will have 10 hours and 45 minutes of sun. The solar transit will be at 12:02 and the length of time the moon will be visible will be 12 hours and 32 minutes.

On Thursday, 12th of June of 2014, the sun will rise in Walvis Bay at 06:40 and sunset will be at 17:24. The moonset will take place at 05:39 at 250º southwest. Eventually, the moon will rise again in the southeast (111º) at 17:01. In the high tide and low tide chart, we can see that the first high tide will be at 01:45 and the next high tide at 14:20. The first low tide will be at 07:45 and the next low tide at 20:05. The lunar phase will be a Waxing Gibbous. We will have 10 hours and 44 minutes of sun. The solar transit will be at 12:02 and the length of time the moon will be visible will be 12 hours and 38 minutes.

Port Log


Swakopmund Office

NATMIRC/Aquarium, Strand Street Tel +264 64 410 1000 Open hours for permits - Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 13:00 & 14:00 - 17:00 Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays: 08:00 - 13:00

Walvis Bay Office

Inspectorate Office, 1st Street Tel +264 64 201 6111 Open hours for permits - Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 13:00 & 14:00 - 17:00 Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays: 08:00 - 13:00

Lüderitz Office

Inspectorate Office Tel +264 63 202 905 Open hours for permits - Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 13:00 & 14:00 - 17:00 Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays: 08:00 - 13:00

Henties Bay Office

Inspectorate Office, at Hanganen Fishing Project building Tel +264 64 500 320 Open hours for permits - Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 13:00 & 14:00 - 17:00 Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays: 08:00 - 13:00

Windhoek Office

Brendan Simbwaye Square, Block C, C/o Uhland & Goethe Street Tel +264 61 205 3911 Open hours for permits - Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 17:00 Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays: 08:00 - 13:00 Where can you get a permit for using 4x4/quad bike/motorbike in the authorised ORV zone in the dune belt between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay? MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT AND TOURISM

Swakopmund Office

Corner Bismarck Street and Sam Nujoma Avenue, Tel +264 64 404 576 Open hours for permits - Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 13:00 &14:00 - 17:00 Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays: 08:00 - 13:00

Walvis Bay Office

Henrich Baumann Street Road - Number 643 Tel +264 64 205 971/2 Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 13:00 & 14:00 17:00 Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays: 08:00h - 13:00

Where to Fish Mile 72

Riv er

use cloth grocery bags and reusable water bottles. Use less fertiliser When fertilisers are used in gardening and agriculture, the excess eventually ends up in the ocean. One result is a “dead zone”—an area with very low levels of oxygen in the water. Since all marine life requires oxygen to live, including fish and shrimp, they must flee the area or die. Many other coastal areas are at risk too. So, use fertiliser sparingly and remember more is usually not better. Buy ocean-friendly products Avoid products produced through unsustainable or environmentally harmful methods. For example, avoid cosmetics containing shark squalene and jewellery made of coral or sea turtle shell. These products have been linked to unsustainable fishing methods and the destruction of entire ecosystems. Share the knowledge Tell people what’s going on with the world’s oceans and what they can do to make a difference. Spread the word and do something. Adapted from, for more see

WHY? The marine resources are limited and currently some of them are overfished or over collected. It is necessary that everybody uses them wisely and carefully to secure the future harvesting needs by protecting the stock. Quantity/number of marine resources harvestable, minimum size limits of fish and crayfish that can be caught, open season etc. help to manage stocks to avoid the total disappearance of some species in our waters. Do not leave bait or fish on the beach! Either take it home or return it to the sea. This food attracts scavengers like jackals and gulls that prey on other bio-diversity. When you are back home after the holiday, it also inflates the predator population. Where can you get a license for angling, crayfish diving & bait/mussels collection?

aru ru

tion. Use high efficiency appliances in your home. Turn off appliances when they aren’t in use. Turn up your thermostat a few degrees in the summer and down a few degrees in the winter. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs in your house. Eat sustainable seafood Global fisheries are on the verge of collapse. According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), three quarters of the world’s fisheries are now over-exploited, fully exploited, significantly depleted or recovering from over-exploitation. Ask your seafood restaurant or fish market to buy from sustainable fisheries. Look for special terms like “line caught”, “diver caught”, “sustainably caught” or “sustainably harvested”. Use recyclable products Plastic waste in the ocean destroys marine habitats and contributes to the deaths of many marine animals. Because floating plastic often resembles food to many marine birds, sea turtles and marine mammals, they can choke or starve because their digestive systems get blocked when they eat it. Help prevent these unnecessary deaths—

Walvis Bay & Swakopmund Tides Today, 10th of June of 2014, the sun will rise in Walvis Bay at 06:39 and sunset will be at 17:24. The moonset will take place at 03:39 at 255º southwest. Eventually, the moon will rise again in the southeast (106º) at 15:15. In the high tide and low tide chart, we can see that the first high tide will be at 00:15 and the next high tide at 12:50. The first low tide will be at 06:20 and the next low tide at 18:35. The lunar phase will be a Waxing Gibbous. Tomorrow we will have 10 hours and 45 minutes of sun. The solar transit will be at 12:02 and the length of time the moon will be visible will be 12 hours and 24 minutes.



As 90% of the large species have disappeared from the ocean and diverse fish stocks are depleted by over-exploitation, only to be replaced by jellyfish and large islands of floating plastic and ‘dead zones’, it is time to rethink the ways we relate to the sea. To start with, pick up garbage and litter near beaches and don’t leave yours behind. Much of the plastic and debris found in the ocean has its beginnings in beach litter. As beach crowds increase, so does the amount of trash left behind. Don’t let your day at the beach contribute to the destruction of our oceans. Bring a trash bag with you for your garbage and volunteer for beach clean-ups. Properly dispose of hazardous materials Motor oil and other hazardous materials often end up washing into coastal areas because they are not disposed of properly. This pollutes the water and harms the overall health of our oceans. Be sure to dispose of hazardous waste in an environmentally safe way. Oxygen-depleted zones have spread to nearly 500 coastal sites around the world. A 2011 study showed that warming of the planet will turn much of the oceans into ‘dead zones’. Reduce energy use Carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels is making our oceans more acidic. One consequence could be the loss of corals on a global scale, as their calcium skeletons are weakened by the increasing acidity of the water. There are many simple ways you can reduce your energy use. Ride a bike, walk or use public transporta-

Obtaining Fishing

HENTIES BAY Jakkalsputz Bennie se Rooi Lorrie Mile 33 Mile 30 Hoboomsgat Wlotzkasbaken Mile 14 Mile 8 Wreck

Mile 8 Mile 4 SWAKOPMUND

iver op R Swak Vierkantklip

Langstrand Dolfynstrand

WALVIS BAY Paaltjies

10 JUNE 2014



Day of Prayer in Swakopmund

Jade McClune The Pentecostal Churches of Swakopmund held a Day of Prayer on Sunday to celebrate Pentecost Sunday, the 50th day after the Passover festival. Dr Martin van Niekerk welcomed the many Christians gathered at the indoor Sports Stadium with a reminder that it was the first church service ever at the recently inaugurated sports complex. “Our turn as children of God has come. We are here today in unity with our brothers and sisters around the world. Our God is greater than any other god.” Rev. Christo van den Heever conducted an opening prayer. “We are here to ask God to bless our community

and to let mercy and love rain on us,” he said. Joel 2:28-32 was read out in Oshiwambo by Pastor Josephina Mbangu and in German by Pastor Werner Ewald: “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.” Pastor Ruben Petrus then spoke. The church needs to be touched by something trans-

formative, “something fresh,” he said. “The Holy Spirit has been engineered out of the church… Even Peter denied Jesus, but when the Holy Spirit touched him, he was transformed and brought into the light.” He said it's to revisit the word of God. Acts 2: 2-4 was read out by Mr Smittie vd Walt in Afrikaans and Pastor Lazarus Araeb in Damara/Nama. "Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting.

They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.”

Pastor Jaco van Rooyen spoke to the youth, saying that the young people gathered have shown a passion and zeal for the Gospel. He advised that the creative energy and talent of

the young should be brought together with the experience and wisdom of the older generation. Rev. Phillip Strydom then read out a declaration and combined prayer form the churches gathered and said “the spiritual leaders of this city are sanctifying themselves and coming together to pray and seek your face for this city, without regard for divisions… Thank you that you are delivering and defending Swakopmund out of the hand of the enemy for Your own sake and for the sake of Your people in this place,” the declaration reads in part. Pastor Emmanuel Hailaulah then spoke briefly before raising the collection bags. He asked the believers to give their money to God: “Are you prepared to give your money to God? Then give the money,” he said with great conviction. The graceful performances of a

number of artists on Sunday made the day a special and uplifting event. Music was provided by the Shofar ministry band, the Back to Christ Choir and dances were performed by the Hope and Healing Dance Ministry. Pastor Augustinus Geingob conducted the closing prayer, in which he asked for divine protection for the city of Swakopmund and its people. According to renowned theologian Dr Timothy Larsen, as reported in the Christian Post, "Pentecost is the day that the church was born. On that day, the Holy Spirit came to fill believers. Jesus had ascended, but he sent the Spirit so that believers could have the comfort, guidance, and empowerment of God's presence." Pentecost Sunday marks 50 days after Easter Sunday. The Greek word for 50 is Pentecost.


10 JUNE 2014 The views and opinbions expressed on this page are not necessarily those of the namib times. We do encourage and value the participation of our readers, but we cannot publish any libellous letters.

letters the to

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namib times


reader’s comments

Man ‘murdered over a beer’, police on trail of suspect

An argument over beer led to the death of a young man behind the Mondesa police station in Swakopmund on Saturday night. Mark Liebenberg Alcohol abuse is so rampant and they come with this strict smoking law! Jaco Coetzee Yet they prioritise banning smoking.  Denise Van Bergen  And the smokers use this to trivialise their smoking habit! What the hell does one have to do with the other? Tina V Shihepo  Breaks my heart really. The poor mother of that person. May she be strong? Lucas Simbombo  No love for humanity anymore, I wonder how much value is in the beer they fought for. Sabine Seven  Over a beer? The «reasons» for killing are ridiculous, something must be done! Elvira Bock  It’s a sad thing to be murdered over a beer, its painful situation. I hope the suspect gets what he deserves. Rene du Plooy Nou toe nou, net vir ‘n bier. Werner Salpeter Please tell me again about the smoking law..... oh yeah, smoking is worse than drinking and killing someone ELSE! With smoking I kill my-

self.....guess that doesn’t matter though? Victro Ouses I have heard of someone who was killed over a cigarette as well! Smoking next to someone who does not smoke is a health risk for a non-smoker. What does one thing have to do with the other? The fact remains, it is a life lost! Werner Salpeter  @Mariah...... you know your talking BOLLOCKS! So you prefer drunken drivers on the road / in public than a person smoking on the road / in public......yeah, I’m sure of that. Mariah Ndemta Simon  With smoking u don’t only kill urself, bt also killing ppl that are around u... @ Werner Salpeter Martin Vermaak  Drink, moet net nie rook nie. Simon Ca-pro Sheya  Etse its winter nd i stll dnt knw y pple r stll drnkng beer. Anelda Burger Barbaric, no respect for human life. Jj Mhuleqa And that picture of innocent kid on the background has to do with what in this story? Rupert Smith Waantoe beweeg die wereld mense? Word daar

nou al gemoor oor ‘n bier !!! Dis bad. Charlotte Van Zyl Rook liewers my bla! dan het jy nog hier gewees,en dan hoekom die kind in pink, daai is next! 1ojaar en in n shebeen! wat dink JYelle111 Marques Gmmy  Died bcoz of beer eish. Bicky Thumie Shozi Mudamara mukando yopa!!! May his soul RIP. Lizaan Chrizelda Bock  Oor n bier!!! Sjoe..may he rest in peace...wareen is die wereld opad.. Vanessa Kirby Jankowskiloubser Tell us da truth dear Adele Mocita Haosemas I’m so shock R.I.P you will be missed... Tears... Bupilow Lyfe Skb  Bad news. No money. No beer. Self policy. Helena Haindongo  Og my God, rest in peace. Mutago Bertha Noreses Jene.. Here wees mt Namibians.. Matthew Paulsen Pathetic. Naphtaleen Naftas  Auf 8r drank etoh....ds dan 8ki kosi...og somige mense wl nt altyd sn2ks w3s!

‘They made me feel like a criminal’ Some customers of Mr Price in Walvis Bay are disgruntled at the way they are handled by a female employee who grabs and pulls on handbags of customers when they are leaving the shop. Jenny’s Pictures Namibia Dalk moet hul kameras in winkel sit...met GROOT screens agter in n vertrek...WAT DOP GEHOU WORD DEUR BEJAARDES...wat eksta inkomstes soek..DIT WERK BAIE GOED... met elke persoon wat hul dan vang...KRY HUL KOMISIE. Erika de Klerk  The Mr Price staff in Walvis Bay are very RUDE in general, if asked for assistance they grumble under their breath and if u battle by yourself to get something from a very high point and drop a whole load of merchandise in the process, they stand and watch you and click their tongues, I haven’t been back in months. No intentions to do so either. Milly Marsha Orren  If they put up a notice that they reserve the right to search your handbag I will know not to enter the shop. Kayla Happy Jeremia  Mr Price is a disgrace to everyone, almost everyone experiences that’s humiliating! Leandre Keet  Ek is self ook heel afge*** met hulle. Was n gereelde klant daar, maar na hulle my handsak (wat baie persoonlik is) gegryp en deur-

soek het, sit ek nie my voet meer daar nie. Daar is baie ander winkels, met baie beter diens. Es XZ It angers me even if they or the security wants to check my shopping bag... if I have just purchased an items; it becomes my personal property and then is no longer the concern of the shop or the security! I’m no thief. I pay for what I want!!! Adriaan van Wyk  Hou op om hulle te ondersteun daar is baie ander winkels Esme Scheepers Van Wyk  Daardie kennisgewing op die venster vertel jou al klaar jy gaan soos ‘n dief behandel word sodra jy die perseel betree, nee-wat, ons hou maar verby. Met so ‘n houding kan julle maar die deure sluit. Uta Himmel  I have not visited Mr Price for almost 3 years now in Walvis Bay. I believe in boycotting rude and disrespectful customer service. I cannot believe how many people allow this to happen in many other shops at the coast. Oj Iininga  Like us we man, they use to search us wrongly, I don’t like any1 to touch me near at my private party.... I hate it and

one day I almost responded to them coz I was very angry. Kandaly KaHenock I will buy an artificial snake put it in my handbag and go to Walvis Bay Mr Price...  naughty me. Penny Lee Malmoerin  I stopped shopping at Mr Price Walvis Bay last year September already because of their rude employees and don’t intend to go back either. Merle van Reenen  They want to look what is in your bag. I once witness a guy walking out with stolen merchandise; a male customer saw it and ran after him to prevent him from leaving the store. A fight broke out between the thief and the customer, the security watch the fight and did not lift a finger to help. When another male customer ask the security why don’t he help, what is his purpose of work let the thieves walk out of the shop, the senior security wanted to fight with the other guy instead of helping the man that is busy with the thief. Leatitia Beukes-Visagie Same happened to me in Windhoek.

Council wants to extend the borders of Swakopmund

Six suspected rapists before court A 14-year old boy was found guilty on two counts of rape in the Swakopmund Regional Court on Tuesday. Jenny’s Pictures Namibia Dalk moet daar ondersoek ingestel word... by die kind se huis lewe.... dalk gebeur sulke dinge met hom.... nou neem hy wraak... en doen dieselfde aan ander mense...... wat GAAN AAN MET DIE MENSDOM.... MENSE IS WERKLIK

SIEK....SIEK....!!!!! Elvira Bock An adult on a warning, a 14year old in police custody from 2012. Can u call it rape or experiment does this child have a right to a good child psychiatrist can he be rectified in a correctional state service. I hope this boy be given

a fair trial even though he did this wrongful act or to say crime. I hope that the adult man who commit such similar cases a harsher decision coz a minor is not yet able to really appreciate his thoughts, his still in process of maturing. I have my right to a opinion.

Desiree Freman What else will we still hear about, yo this is bad.... this I blame strictly on our lifestyle of today.... TV, internet etc...... just saying. Deidre Cloete  It’s terrible, really what’s happening to the moral standard of this country.

Swakopmund Municipal Council resolved last week to extend the town’s boundaries. If the new map is approved, the surface area of Swakopmund would be more than 6.4 times larger than it is currently Kandaly KaHenock That›s crazy. Such a large portion. With Dorab Park, are they going to compensate NACOMA/

MET? I want to get access to the EIA Report once it’s done. Gabriel Temus Vision 2030!!! :) Cameron ‘Urs Truly’

Pieterse new capital of Namibia here we come hehe. Peter Odendaal  Crazy, crazy, crazy!


10 JUNE 2014


Exclusive N$5 million shop for Walvis Dorcas Mhungu

The Stop Electric group has added another member to its group, Stop Electric Domestic, which will open doors on Friday in Walvis Bay, proprietor and Electrical Engineer Antonio Silheu said. The huge N$5 million outlet, at 79 Hage Geingob Street, will avail an amazing range of domestic electric gadgets, fittings, lighting and kitch-

enware to mention some that will see the coastal residents have access to top and reputable brands to suit the high, low and medium income bracket.

The outlet will stock brands like Scheider Electric, Le Grande, AEG, Vista Alegre, Radiante and Bright Star. The coastal community will get a taste of classic handmade utensils. The soft-spoken, humble and empathic businessman said the official opening is on Thursday while trading will start on Friday with lots of opening specials. Silheu said he stumbled on an opportunity while working for a fish canning factory, now United Fisheries when he was called to fix a Spanish ship that had broken down and the owners

failed to have the electric problem fixed. After fixing the problem he realised there was a window of opportunity and started Stop Electric in 1980. Born in Angola, Silheu came to settle in Namibia after fleeing the war in Angola. He later opened Stop Electric Commercial and the domestic outlet is the new kid on the block. “I am not ashamed to say I was poor but I am proud because I am where I am because I worked hard. We don’t stop here we are still going. My two sons work with me,” he said. He also owes his success to the team of dedicated

workers. Silheu learned good lessons from his father. “I work hand in hand with them. I feel what they feel and encourage team work because if one player plays badly, then the team will lose,” he added. Silheu is one of the few business operators investing back into the national economy unlike some business owners who take out the profits and invest outside Namibian borders. When he fled the war in Angola he worked in South America and South Africa but because Africa is where his heart is, he

Antonio Silheu did not think twice when an opportunity in Walvis Bay arose. That time Walvis Bay was still under South Af-

rica’s rule and Namibia was still known as South West Africa. Ever since that time Namibia has been his home.


LEISURE 08:00 Koowee 08:30 Binneland S4 09:00 Villa Rosa S9 09:30 Fiesta S13 10:00 Superrugby 11:00 Vir Beter of Baie Beter S1 11:30 Boerekos S1 12:00 Inkopie-uur 13:00 Vallei van Sluiers S3 14:00 Wie le waar S2

TODAY 06:00 Dagbreek S3 07:30 Die Woord Oordenking S4 07:40 Koowee 08:00 Koowee 08:30 Binneland S4

09:00 Villa Rosa S9 09:30 Boerekos S1 10:00 Safari 4x4 Roetes S7 10:30 Groen Reis S1 11:00 Geloof, Hoop en Liefde S3 11:30 BVP 12:00 Inkopie-uur 13:00 Sakefokus 14:00 Dagbreek Bestes S3 14:30 Fiesta S13 15:00 Proesstraat S3 15:30 Superrugby 16:30 Hoor Hoor S1 17:00 Koowee 17:30 Thomas @ S1 18:00 Villa Rosa S9 18:30 Binneland S4 19:00 e.Nuus 19:30 Sterlopers S1

14:30 Impresario S1 15:00 Groen Reis S1 15:30 Sterlopers S1 16:00 Thomas @ S1 16:30 Hoor Hoor S1 17:00 Koowee 17:30 Woef en Kie S3 18:00 Villa Rosa S10 18:30 Binneland S4 19:00 e.Nuus 19:30 Kwêla S16 20:30 Groen Reis S1 21:00 Robinson Regstreeks S6 21:30 Sewe Sakke Sout S1 22:00 Impresario S1 22:30 Villa Rosa S10 23:00 Binneland S4 23:30 e.Nuus 00:00 Vallei van Sluiers S3 01:00 Wie le waar S2 01:30 Boerekos S1 02:00 Fiesta S13

02:30 Sterlopers S1 03:00 Hoor Hoor S1 03:30 Kokkedoor S2 04:30 Musiekvideos 05:20 Die Woord Oordenking S4 05:30 Dagbreek S3 THURSDAY

20:00 Vallei van Sluiers S3 21:00 Wie le waar S2 21:30 Impresario 22:00 Woef en Kie S3 22:30 Villa Rosa S9 23:00 Binneland S4 23:30 e.Nuus 00:00 Dagbreek Bestes S3 00:30 Leef jou Reis S2 01:00 Proesstraat S3 01:30 La't Wiel S14 02:00 BVP 02:30 Krone Konsert 04:00 Geloof, Hoop en Liefde S3 04:30 Musiekvideos 05:20 Die Woord Oordenking S4 05:30 Dagbreek S3

06:00 Dagbreek S3 07:30 Die Woord Oordenking S4 07:40 Koowee 08:00 Koowee 08:30 Binneland S4 09:00 Villa Rosa S10 09:30 Vallei van Sluiers S3 10:30 Woef en Kie S3 11:00 Wie le waar S2 11:30 Thomas @ S1 12:00 Inkopie-uur 13:00 Sakefokus 14:00 Groen Reis S1 14:30 Kwêla S16 15:30 Robinson Regstreeks S7 16:00 Sewe Sakke Sout S1 16:30 Boerekos S1 17:00 Koowee 17:30 Geure uit die Vallei 18:00 Villa Rosa S10 18:30 Binneland S4 19:00 e.Nuus 19:30 Bravo S4

21:00 Sterlopers S1 21:30 Safari 4x4 Roetes S7 22:00 Vir Beter of Baie Beter S1 22:30 Villa Rosa S10 23:00 Binneland S4 23:30 e.Nuus 00:00 Thomas @ S1 00:30 Krone Konsert 02:00 Groen Reis S1 02:30 Boerekos S1 03:00 Robinson Regstreeks S7 03:30 Sewe Sakke Sout S1 04:00 Vallei van Sluiers S3 05:00 Musiekvideos 05:20 Die Woord Oordenking S4 05:30 Dagbreek S3

TODAY 06:00 MasterChef Australia: The Professionals S1 07:00 Raising Hope S4 13 07:30 Elementary S2

08:30 The Talk S4 09:30 One For The Money 11:30 The Goldbergs S1 PG13L 12:00 MasterChef Australia: The Professionals S1 13:00 The Talk S4 14:00 The Good Wife S5 PG13L 15:00 Nashville S2 16:00 Royal Pains S5 17:00 The Blacklist S1 18:00 Two Broke Girls S3 (Season Ends) 18:30 MasterChef Australia: The Professionals S1 19:30 Chicago Pd S1

WEDNESDAY 06:00 Dagbreek S3 07:30 Die Woord Oordenking S4 07:40 Koowee

20:00 Kokkedoor S2

20:30 The Blacklist S1 21:30 Shameless S4 18SNL 22:30 Looking S1 18SNL

23:00 Fargo S1 00:00 The Baytown Outlaws 16VSL 01:40 Side Effects 16VSNL 03:30 Prosecuting Casey Anthony 13V 05:00 The Talk S4

10 JUNE 2014 18:30 MasterChef Australia: The Professionals S1 19:30 About A Boy S1

07:30 About A Boy S1 08:00 Two And A Half Men S11 13SL 08:30 The Talk S4 09:30 This Means War PG13VSL

Professionals S1 19:30 24: Live Another Day S1 20:30 Hawaii Five-O S4 13V

WEDNESDAY 06:00 MasterChef Australia: The Professionals S1 07:00 The Goldbergs S1 PG13L

07:30 Crisis S1 08:30 The Talk S4 09:30 Thunderstruck PG 11:30 Two Broke Girls S3 12:00 MasterChef Australia: The Professionals S1 13:00 The Talk S4 14:00 Nashville S2 15:00 Almost Human S1 13VL 16:00 Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D S1 17:00 Chicago Pd S1 18:00 Friends With Better Lives S1

20:00 Two And A Half Men S11 13SL 20:30 The Mentalist S6 13V (Season Starts) 21:30 CSI S14 22:30 Shameless S4 18SNL 23:30 Game Of Thrones S4 00:30 Zero Dark Thirty 16VL 03:05 Justice For Natalee Holloway 16V 05:00 The Talk S4

11:30 Friends With Better Lives S1 12:00 MasterChef Australia: The Professionals S1 13:00 The Talk S4 14:00 The Mentalist S6 13V

21:30 Fargo S1 22:30 The Blacklist S1 23:30 CSI S14 00:30 Looking S1 18SNL

THURSDAY 06:00 MasterChef Australia: The Professionals S1 07:00 Two Broke Girls S3

01:00 Last Week With John Oliver S1 01:30 The Place Beyond The Pines 16VL 15:00 Elementary S2 16:00 24: Live Another Day S1 17:00 Hawaii Five-O S4 13V 18:00 Mike & Molly S4 13SL 18:30 MasterChef Australia: The

04:00 One Small Step: An Unauthorized Tribute To Neil Armstrong ALL 05:00 The Talk S4


Don’t allow any Newspaper vendors into your house or business. A number of them had been caught stealing cellphones and wallets when entering premises in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. Buy your Newspaper only from vendors on the street


10 JUNE 2014




Shishani abroad

Anri Jacobs


The gifted songstress is on tour in Germany together with Tonetic another Namibian songster and winner of “Best Rock” at the Namibia Music Awards (NAMA) ceremony recently held in Swakopmund this year. Together they are promoting and spreading the wings of Namibian artists in Europe. The duo are describing their “Undefended” tour in Germany as, “Beautiful weather, beautiful people and great responses to the music.” Shishani shared that although they have been on the road for two weeks now, Tonetic is set to return to Namibia this Sunday while she will be returning to Amsterdam for more performances during this European summer. During their tour the two songbirds held successful shows in Hamburg, Kiel, Passau, Seefeld, Wurzburg, Bad Worishofen, Augsburg and Bamberg. Currently they are in Munich performing at “Afrika Tagen” (“Afri-ca Days”) a Festival for African artists. The pair was joined for a week by Jana Bruckner, the director of their music video “Undefend-ed,” in order to present the video in cinemas. Bruckner has since returned to Namibia. “We are touring together with German filmmaker Wolf Gaudlitz who is releasing his movie “Sahara Salaam” throughout Germany. When he visited Namibia earlier this year, he meet Jana Bruckner who presented our music and video to him. He was so en-

Photographer: Thomas Behr

One of Namibia`s most talented songbirds, Shishani is currently exporting her exploits to Europe and at the same time fully focused on expanding her domestic career.

Tonetic and Shishani thusiastic about our project that he proposed for us to tour Germany with him,” quipped the singer. Tonetic and Shishani met three years ago when the later attended one of the former`s concerts in FNCC and was immediately capti-vated by his music. “We started jamming together and our musical connection was born. We’ve played in each other’s projects with me as a drummer and vocalist in his band, and he as a guitarist in my band. In 2012 we travelled together to the Lake of Stars Festival in Malawi as representatives of Na-mibia. Since then we have performed together and the song and video “Undefended” has been the product of our new musical adventures together,” shared the song-stress. In addition to all of her adventures in Germany with Tonetic and her success as an artist in Namibia, Shishani also has a great presence in Amsterdam where she is up for

“Best Artist” award on AT5, a TV station in Amsterdam. AT5 had a competition in which artists sent in their work. She is one of the five finalists who were screened live on AT5 and the Dutch public will vote for the winner. According to the song-stress, the ride has been awesome so far and she is looking forward to working more with Tonetic in the future. “The response has been amazing and people are waiting for our duo album. Tonetic, Lize Ehlers and I were part of ‘Anima’ (March 2014) which has been received with thrilling reviews. The re-run will take place in July at NTN, of which I’m very proud and excited! As for my solo project, I’m touring along with Scott Bradlee (US) in June and will be having performances lined up in the Netherlands and Greece. In October I will attend the Blantyre Festival in Malawi which I’m really looking forward to as well,” share the talented singer.

SWAKOPMUND • Bridge: Every Monday evening at 19:00 Lions Old Age Home. Contact: Ed Barbour 064-405 604. • Markets at the Last Resort Centre: Last Sunday of every month. They are situated at 5 Libertine Amadhila street, one street up from the Jetty. • Swakopmund Toastmasters: Meets every first and third Monday of the month at the Europa Hof Hotel, Bismark Str 39, Swakopmund, Namibia from 19:00 - 20:30. Contact: 081 477 4499, E-mail: swakoptm • Shalom Market: Every Friday and Saturday 12 kms eastwards outside Swakopmund along the Swakop river. • 18 June: Power Point presentation by art historian Karin Voigts on the Life & Work of the painter Vincent van Gogh (German presentation) a the Woermann Haus Gallery at 19:00. • 1 to 3 August: Springbokfees (Hosted by Springbok Legend): SISC Opening 1 August 2014.

Light LightLight Shooting inside

Harsh Shadows


Anri Jacobs At the end of it, photography is all about light. The various ways light is captured, the speed, the angle and the temperature all can make or break your photos. However finding the “right’’ light can be tricky and perhaps the most difficult task to achieve after all the other important aspects have been obtained. The best solution is to shoot, shoot and shoot again. Trial and error is all that will bring you to the perfect lighting. Firstly, when taking photographs, it is essential to spend some time studying the source of light surrounding the scene.

• Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Book Exchange at the Mission to Seafarers. All Welcome. • Every Tuesday: Blood clinic (NAMBTS) at Welwitschia Hospital next to indoor pool. • 11 June: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole CentreMonthly meeting starts 19:00. • 14 June: Bank Windhoek 4 x 4 Vasbyt at Dune 7. • 20 June: Safari Dance - Namib Desert 4 x 4 Club. • 25 & 26 June: Desert Hearts Revue presented by Walvis Bay Private High School. • 30 June: NPS - Praise & Worship - Forever Faithfull. • 28 June: Canoe Combat and Festival at the Lagoon. • 1 July: Interkerklike gebedskring - Rynse Kerk om 09:00. • 1 July: NPS - Official opening - “Formal & Flashy”. • 2 July: NPS - Fountain of knowledge & SA Dance Show. • 3 July: NPS - Mr & Miss NPS - “Feeling Fabulous”. • 4 July: NPS - Gala evening - “Flourishing at Fifty”. • 5 July: NPS - Mr & Mrs 50. • 9 July: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Centre Monthly meeting starts 19:00. • 12 July: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Wreath laying ceremony at M.O.T.H Monument Usakos 11:00. • 13 July: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Delville Wood Remembrance Church Parade 09:00. • 16 July: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Delville Wood Remembrance Day. • 26 July: Bethel Cong Women’s Fellowship present “July Ladies’’ with Linda van der Merwe of Channel 7. • 2 August, Saturday: St Petrus Rooms Katolieke Kerkbasaar op kerkgronde. • 5 August: Interkerklike gebedskring - Metodiste kerk in Kuisebmond om 09:00.

For instance, shooting landscape photography demands time and effort. Revisit the same scene for a few days in order to identify the time and light that best suits the mood you want to capture. Internal shooting When shooting inside a room, it is a must to look for soft light, which means avoiding dark shadows and harsh light. Shoot near a window. Using a diffuser or ‘n white fabric will make the light even softer, resulting in the perfect soft light desired. Avoid too much bright

light coming in as this will give you dark unwanted shadows. External shooting When shooting from outside, it is essential to ensure that object is in a position where it is not directly facing the sun. When there are too many shadows and bright light, try shooting on an overcast day because the clouds will act as a life-size diffuser thus creating beautiful soft shadows. At the end the key to success is experimenting. One of the best ways to obtain an ideal photograph is through trial and error.

Shooting when overcast

Soft shadows Sometimes even the ‘wrong light’ can be the “right” light that might just work. Do not be discouraged for there is no real wrong and

right in arts and photography is a way of expression to us. Use it wisely and tell the world how you feel.

• Every Saturday: Open Air Arts Exhibition at the Mole next to Tennis courts in Swakopmund. Oil paintings - weather permitting. • Permanent Collection: Woermann Haus Gallery in Bismarck Street. Fine collection of the Swakopmund Arts Association’s “South West Masters’’ and contemporary Namibian art works. Open Mondays to Saturdays 10:00 - 12:00 and 15:00 - 17:00. • Swakopmund Museum: Open daily, including Sundays 10:00 - 17:00. • Sam Cohen Library: Monday to Friday: 08:00 13:00/15:00 - 17:00 and the second Saturday per month 09:00 - 13:00. • Die Galerie, Walvis Bay: Exhibition of Namibian and South African Artists. Gallery Hours: Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 13:00 & 14:00 - 17:00. Saturday: 08:30 - 12:30. • Art Stop Gallery, Swakopmund: Fine collection of Namibian and South African Artists. Gallery hours: 09:00 - 19:00 Monday - Sunday. Shop No. 2 Brauhaus Arcade. • Woermann Haus - Art Gallery: Namibia - Our country - Our people • Permanent collection & selected art on offer till end of February.


10 JUNE 2014

Monique Smith crowned as Miss Walvis Bay 2014

The Director of Special Olympics Steven (centre) with Peter Kharon and Yolanda

Miss Walvis Bay 2014 and her 1st and 2nd runner-ups In every competition there is always one winner.

Mathilde with two best friends Andy (middle) and Bassie

Twins Zhivago and Shalako Groenewald turned 21 this weekend, and celebrated with friends and family

Girls just wanna have fun

Thato Mosisili, Postmaster General Lesotho Post addressing delegates at the 13th AGM of SAPOA

Monique Smith (18) beat 17 other contestants to walk away with the 2014 crown. She dazzled the crowd and judges with her beauty and personality. She described the feeling that came with winning the pageant as unreal. Miss Walvis Bay 2014 was held Friday evening and attracted a big audience. The competition was tough amongst the contestants who all displayed a huge potential to win. The event kicked off with a dance item by the contestants, followed by a one by one introduction of the contestants who were all dressed in black. Vernice Plaatjes also entertained the crowd with her music. The contestants paraded in beach wear and evening wear. The top five con-

testants went through a question and answer session where their general knowledge and confidence was put to test by the panel of judges. This was the third year the event is hosted by Nikita Melani, who absolutely out did herself this year; the event was bigger and better. The event was generously sponsored by Mrs Savva. Monique Smith will be going to Windhoek for an interview to be in the top 12 Finalists of Miss Namibia, and the Municipality of Walvis Bay will be sending her to compete for Miss Tourism Namibia. If she wins these titles, she will be on her way to represent Namibia in South America in the Miss Teen World pageant later this year.

Singing sensation, Vernice Plaatje, celebrated her 21st birthday over the weekend

Miss Walvis Bay in her opening wear

Miss Walvis Bay in her beach wear


10 JUNE 2014


Winter Knights

Piquet Jacobs

The Winter Knights Campaign is a significant social intervention organised by Round Table, Namibia which has been running for many years now. The 2014 campaign was a success judging from the funds raised. The event took place on 6 June and contributions were collected at street corners in Walvis Bay. The Winter Knights project is a historic and popular public relations initiative of the entire Round Table in Namibia, used to show the organisation’s empathy, collect food,

money, blankets and various other items from street corners. Friday’s event kicked off at 06:00, and leading companies such as Namsov, Pennypinchers, Toyota Indonga, Remax to mention a few pitched up at collection points around town. Some businesses took the initiative to hand out hot chocolate and hotdogs, to encourage contri-

butions. The collection of money and blankets is however only one segment of the project. The most satisfying and value adding part of the project is the distribution of the blankets to the needy and less fortunate in all regions of the country especially children, the elderly, people living in poverty and remote places.


10 JUNE 2014

On behalf of our client, we offer the following employment opportunity as

CREDITOR / DEBTOR Clerk In Swakopmund

Minimum Requirements · Grade 12 certificate · (German will be an advantage) · Experience in Pastel Accounting · Valid Code B driver's license · Presentable and professional telephone etiquette

· Fluent in English, Afrikaans · Computer literate · At least 2 years experience in debt collecting and creditors control · Strong interaction skills

CV can be sent to


10 JUNE 2014




10 JUNE 2014

WOERMANN BROCK & CO (SWAKOPMUND) (PTY) LTD Woermann Brock is a leading Namibian Retail and Wholesale group on the lookout for an exceptional candidate for the following position at the Coast:


Key Responsibilities: Important skills and attributes include: Confident decision-making Attend to detail with good time management Strong written and verbal communication skills At least 3 years proven account experience in a similar role The ability to multitask with deadlines and delegation to staff Great computer skills The ability to work independently Overall administrative management and financial control of debtors, creditors and bank recon clerks. Your duties will include: Reconciliation of Trial Balance and General Ledger. The preparation of monthly financial statements and balance sheet. We are seeking a strong people manager to lead our finance department; this will be combined with excellent Financial Accounting skills and knowledge of Namibian Auditing and Tax requirements. You will have a financial qualification with strong supervisory skills and/or a minimum of 5 years' experience as accountant. You will possess the skills to manage and train and develop accounts department staff and build strong relationships throughout all levels of the business. We Offer: Competitive Salary, Medical Aid and Pension Fund. Applications and CV's can be submitted to: on or before 16 June 2014. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

MUNICIPALITY OF WALVIS BAY TENDER NOTICE 32/2014 REPAIR WORK TO BITUMINOUS STREETS AND SIDEWALKS 1. Tenders are hereby invited for repair work to bituminous streets and sidewalks. 2. Tender documents are obtainable from the cashiers at, Civic Centre, Walvis Bay, Telephone +264 64 201 3327, at a price of N$595.00,(non-refundable) (15%VAT included). Enquiries: - Mr. J A Louw, Room 107, Telephone +264 -64 201 3289 or e-mail: 3. The following documentations shall accompany the tender document: 路 Certificate of Fitness 路 Certificate of Good Standing with Social Security Commission. 路 Certificate of Good Standing with the Receiver of Revenue for VAT purposes 4. Tenders, completed and accompanied by all required supporting documents as described in the documents, must be delivered to the Tender Board before 14:30 on Friday, 27 June 2014. For convenience, a Tender Box in the foyer of the Civic Centre may be used for the deposition of tenders. 5. Tenders will be opened in the presence of tenderers' representatives who choose to attend in Room 120 (Dolphin conference room) of the Civic Centre directly after the closing of tenders. J A J Kruger Secretary Tender Board

10 JUNE 2014




Consent: Self Catering Unit ON ERF NO: 882/23TOWNSHIP: Kuisebmond STREET: David Hambuda Avenue

Permanent Position Available

In terms of the above-mentioned Scheme, notice is hereby given that I, the undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/ establish a Self Catering Unit on the site.

SALES CLERK at our Swakopmund Shop

Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Room 101 & 119, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control, (Town Planning). Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and the undersigned, in writing, not later than 1 July 2014. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT: Armando Lou Nakwafila, P.O.Box 7147, Kuisebmond, 23 David Hambuda Avenue, Kuisebmond.

We are seeking a suitable candidate for the position:

Suitable applicant: · Valid driver’s license · Fully bilingual · Have a good knowledge of Pastel · Must have previous sales experience · Experience in the Oil and Fuel Industry will be an advantage E-mail CV: before 13 June 2014 Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


NOTICE Stubenrauch Planning Consultants cc on behalf of the owner of Erf 562, Swakopmund, herewith inform you that we intend to apply for the following: - Rezoning of Erf 562, Swakopmund from “Single Residential” with a density of 1:900 to “General Residential 2” with a density of 1:250; - Consent in terms of Table B of the Swakopmund Town Planning Amendment Scheme to operate a “Pension” on Erf 562, Swakopmund. Erf 562, Swakopmund measures ± 1337 m2 in extent. According to the Swakopmund Town Planning Amendment Scheme the erf is zoned for “Single Residential” purposes with a density of 1:900. In terms of Table B of the Swakopmund Town Planning Amendment Scheme a person can with consent from Council operate a “Pension” on a “General Residential 2” zoned erf. According to the Swakopmund Town Planning Amendment Scheme a “Pension” refers to any premises comprising no more than 20 bedrooms or 40 beds, whichever is the most restrictive, in or on which business of providing accommodation with or without meals is conducted against payment to tourists and in which liquor may be served on payment to overnight guests only, but excludes Residential Guest House. The proposed rezoning and consent use will enable our client to construct a “Pension” consisting of a maximum of 20 rooms on the rezoned erf. Further take notice that the locality map of the erf lies for inspection during normal office hours on the town planning notice board at the Swakopmund Municipal Office and SPC Office, 45 Feld Street, Windhoek. Further take notice that any person objecting to the proposed change in land use as set out above may lodge such objection together with the grounds thereof, with the Municipality and with the applicant in writing before Friday, 4 July 2014. Applicant: Stubenrauch Planning Consultants PO Box 11869 Windhoek Tel.: (061) 251189 Our Ref.: W/14061


Nictus (Pty) Ltd has a culture of excellence and therefore strives to deliver quality, value and service in the furniture industry to the advantage of all stakeholders. To succeed continuously we acknowledge the importance of our personnel and therefore strive to be a preferred employer. Currently we have vacancies for the following

Salesperson Windhoek &Swakopmund Purpose of the position:

• Selling of furniture andhousehold appliances • Customer care and after sales service Qualification and knowledge: •Grade 12 • Drivers license •At least two years experience in sales The following will be to the advantage of applicants: •Knowledge of the furniture industry • Knowledge of applicable computer programmes Skills:

• Ability to negotiate & persuade

• Verbal and written proficiency in English and Afrikaans


• Customer orientated • Passionate Key performance areas:

• New customer canvassing and follow-up

• Follow-up and completion of sales transactions • Administrative completion of relevant documentation

• Customer service Namibians that comply to the above mentioned requirements, are invited to apply by submitting their CV, certified copies of qualifications and other relevant documents to: The Manager Nictus (Pty) Ltd. E-mail: (Swakop) E-mail: (Windhoek) Closing date: 21 June 2014 Only candidates on the shortlist will be contacted. No documents will be returned. The Nictus group and its subsidiaries honour the letter and spirit of the Namibian affirmative action and employment equity legislation.


10 JUNE 2014


DAPHNE SWANEPOEL PROPERTIES SWAKOPMUND FARMS FOR SALE!!!! *DORDABIS DISTRICT CATTLE/ GAME FARM 5022HA (TOTALLY GAME FENCED) LOTS AND LOTS OF GAME Price: N$16,500,000 (Pty) Web Ref 625680 *USAKOS DISTRICT (WAIVER IN PLACE) (30 Km from Henties Turnoff), 2 dams, 3 bedr house (needs upgrading Size 6223ha,12 camps 5 boreholes PRICE N$10,873,00 DIETER 0853028813 DICKSON - 0855886222 DAPHNE 0811299799 DAPHNE SWANEPOEL PROPERTIES SWAKOPMUND FARMS FOR SALE!!!! *DORDABIS DISTRICT CATTLE/ GAME FARM 5022HA (TOTALLY GAME FENCED) LOTS AND LOTS OF GAME Price: N$16,500,000 (Pty) Web Ref 625680

I am looking for a 2 bedroom or a 1 bedroom flat in Tamariskia, Vineta, Central town in Swakopmund. Please contact 081 337 2686 TO LET: CENTRAL WALVIS BAY. Two bedroom flat ( b. i. c & stove) with garage, spacious living room, kitchen, bathroom. W/E excl. Very secure. N$ 4950.00 + Deposit Available immediately Contact: Thommy at 064-207997. email: thomas@ultratravel. net

TAMARISKIA Newly build 3 bedroom house, open plan kitchen & lounge, Garage, bic & stove, fully tiled. Big yard with a lot of space to extend. N$1 050 000.00 Contact Likkius @ 0813769599/081300679 7 Facebook: Elias Estate & Property Development FLAT TO RENT: Furnished flat to rent Longbeach DSTV, parking behind gates N$ 4 500.00 p/m Sleeping one (single) Or N$ 6 000.00 p/m W/E incl, Sleeping two (sharing) Contact: 081 368 8259 064 205 714 TO RENT: 3x Bachelor flats to rent in Narraville N$ 3 000.00 p/m N$ 1 000 deposit W/E incl. Contact: 081 240 8716 TO LET Swakopmund SHOP SPACE IN BUSY SHOPPING CENTRE 135M² CONTACT: 081 244 7065 TO RENT: Flat with Garage in Vineta, Swakopmund Close to Wöermann Brock Mall & Vineta Shell Service Station Price: N$4500,00 W&E included Available from 01 July 2014 Contact owners at 081 204 0032 or 081 251 2657


2 bedroom house in Kuisebmond near Kabeljou Street. W/E excl. N$ 3 300.00 P/M Contact: 081 128 8642 TO RENT: Bachelor flat to rent. W/E incl. No garage. Contact: 081 244 1342 TE HUUR: Vineta: 2 slaapkamer woonstel met ingeboude kaste 2 badkamers, 2 garages. W/ ingsl. N$ 5 000.00 + Deposito Onmiddelik beskikbaar. Kontak: 081 359 1290

CFS PROPERTIES & INSURANCE Walvis Bay Narraville Choose your own plot and plan for as low as N$635 000 for a 2bedroom house up to N$1 million for a spacious 3bedroom house with garage. If you snooze, you lose! Don't delay sign your contract today! Approved buyer looking for 3bedroom house with double garage, 2bathroom in Ocean View, Hage Heights or Vogel strand price ± N$2 million Cell: 085 370 7017 Tell: 064 412 320 Email:nevillesmith@cfsn

TO RENT SWAKOPMUND WALKING DISRANCE FROM THE BEACH Fully furnished 3Bedr Townhouse, 2 Bathr, D/ Garage N$ 14 300.00 p/m TOWN CENTRE Bachelors flat, Semi Furnished, S/ Garage N$ 4200.00 EXCL W&E SEA VIEW VINETA SECURE LOCK Up &GO 2 Bedr Flat, Kitchen, Lounge / Dining area D/ Garage N$ 5 500.00 p/m EXCL W&E MILE 4 STUNNING 3 Story House Entertainment area, Indoor BBQ, D / garage 3 Bedr, 2 Bathr, Furnished Sea View N$ 15 200.00 p/m SWAKOP INDUSTRIAL 485m² Ware house with 180m² yard Very secure N$ 1 7050.00 + VAT pm ARANDIS NEWLY BUILD UNITS 2 Bedr, 1 bath, openplan Kitchen / Lounge, Carport N$ 3000.00 p/m SPACIOUS 5 Bedr House, 2 Bath, Carport, Huge garden, pet Friendly N$ 4 500.00 CONTACT US TODAY (064) 464 033



Meersig Accelerant as a guesthouse. 5 bed, 3 ½ bath house with kitchen, laundry, dining, lounge, TV Room, Indoor BBQ, study & 2 garages. PLUS outside flat. N$ 1 990 000.00 Saloom 0813821888

*USAKOS DISTRICT (WAIVER IN PLACE) (30 Km from Henties Turnoff), 2 dams, 3 bedr house (needs upgrading) Size 6223ha,12 camps 5 boreholes PRICE N$10,873,00 DIETER 0853028813 DICKSON - 0855886222 DAPHNE 0811299799 House to rent: Swakopmund: Ocean View 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Double Garage , Indoor BBQ , Alarm Water included Repaid electricity 11,000 + deposit Contact 0811 222564 or 0811 461429 TO RENT Tamariskia Swakopmund: 1 big bedroom flat with sitting room/lounge, Kitchen with build in stove. Own shower, Toilet & hand basin with hot water. Prepaid electricity, water included. N$3000.00pm + deposit. Contact: 081 124 6606 HOUSE TO LET Aragoeniet str no 1 Swakopmund 3 Bedroom, 2 bathroom. Kitchen and scullery Open plan Living and dining are with indoor braai. Large well maintained garden with LAPA and outdoor braai. 2x Tandem garages and courtyard. Safe and secure with beams, alarm system and electrical fencing. RENT PER MONTH: 11000.00 water and electricity INCLUDED Deposit required CONTACT: 081 253 4720

SWAKOPMUND VACANT ERVEN 3 X 500m² @ N$ 570 000-00 each. 1 X 569m² @ N$ 630 000-00. BUY ALL 4 AND PAY LESS! Gogga 0818709950 SWAKOPMUND RETIRE IN PEACE 2 X one bed units in Secure Retirement village with Excellent care facilities. from N$ 455 000-00 GOGGA 081 870 9950 SWAKOPMUND BEGINNERS PERFECTION. Neat 2 bed 1 bath townhouse With open plan kitchen / Living area and garage in Secure complex. N$ 850 000-00 PROPERTY IS WEALTH

Walvis Bay


Narraville Cosy 3 bedroom house with open plan lounge, kitchen, bathroom- (main bedroom en suite) And no Garage 350 square meters N$680. 000.00


*USAKOS DISTRICT (WAIVER IN PLACE) (30 Km from Henties Turnoff), 2 dams, 3 bedr house (needs upgrading Size 6223ha,12 camps 5 boreholes PRICE N$10,873,00 DIETER 0853028813 DICKSON - 0855886222 DAPHNE 0811299799

FOR SALE MONDESA 2 bedrooms ,bathroom, kitchen . A lot of building space. N$480 000

To let Tamariskia 2bedrooms flat with stove and oven, DSTV connection, alarm system automated garage in secure complex. N$4600 month Deposit Required Contact 085 124 9826


Wanted to buy New or used support scaffolding for decking/slab purposes. Lofty 0812378389 bayhomeimprove@


Kuisebmond- Stunner!!! Huge Family home with open plan, lounge, kitchen, dinning, study- 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, separate toilet, and a garage for N$740.000 Call Hettie Now at 081 270 4333


TO RENT: 2x bedroom, 2x bathroom Open plan kitchen/living area. Electronic garage door Full alarm system Prepaid electricity Plenty of space in front for a garden N$5500pm water & electricity excluded Contact: 081 143 4206 TO RENT: Longbeach / Langstrand Large 3-bedroom duet townhouse with ocean views and big garage. No levies. Private Sale N$1,6 million. Call 081 128 8392 TE KOOP: Kontant koper soek erf te koop ± 500m² Sentraal, Lagoon, Fairway of Meersig. Kontak: 081 314 9438 Na ure 204 988 TE KOOP: Kontant koper soek huis te koop tot ± 1.4m. Sentraal, Lagoon, Fairway of Meersig. Kontak: 081 314 9438 Na ure 204 988 Mays Trading CC For Sale Walvis Bay Flats 1 bedroom, lounge, kitchen, garage, N$650 000 New Industrial Erf, N$4,7million 4200m²,Boundary walls ,Newly built office space(100m²) Extension 2, Langstrand Erf, N$ 550 000 582m²,boundary walls Walvis Bay, House, N$ 2.1 million 3bedrooms ,2 bathrooms, Built-in braai, Study, Built-in cupboards, Builtin stove. Blinds on all windows, Interlocks, 4 garages Bachelor flat with kitchen built-in cupboards Alarm system, Garden, Boundary walls Walvis Bay House, N$ 1570 000 Hermus ,double storey house top floor ,spacious on-suit-bedroom, ground floor 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom lounge with built-in braai, tv room, kitchen with lots of builtin-cupboards Heavy Industrial erf, N$ 17 million 6000 m2(N$2834 per m²) Warehouse on erf 2000m², Boundary wall Narraville, Houses for sale 2 & 3 bedroom houses N$650 000-00 to N$850 000-00 Brand New, quality houses, Boundary wall We are urgently looking for houses, properties, town houses to buy for pre-approved clients in Narraville, Kuisebmund, Walvis Bay, Longbeach and Dolphin Beach. contact tracey: 081 302 3806 mounien:081 860 1938 email:

Swakopmund Sole & Exclusive Mandate Brise De Amer 134-163m² 2 & 3 bed townhouses with double garage from N$ 1 245 000-00 each. Saloom 0813821888 HOUSE FOR SALE IN TAMARISKIA: 2 bedroom house, 2 bathroom, Lounge, Kitchen, and Single garage. Alarm system. Big erf for future extensions. N$735 000 Contact: 081 240 3569


View Bargain Plot for sale Near Spar Supermarket Only N$685 000 875m² (Commission excluded) Don’t Delay! Residential Erven Near Mile 4 Affordable plots!! price as low as N$395 000 (cost and commission excluded) Tamariskia Plot and Plan for sale 3bedroom with garage and 2bathrooms BIC for only N$980 000 (cost excluded) Don't Delay! Approved buyer looking for 3bedroom house with double garage, 2bathroom in Ocean View, Hage Heights or Vogel strand price ± N$2 million Cell: 085 370 7017 Tell: 064 412 320 Email:nevillesmith@cfs

SWAKOP 14ha RIVER PLOT with 3 bed house, 2 bed Guest apartment, 3 garages, Butchery, storeroom, warehouse, Staff housing, pig sty, etc. N$ 3 850 000-00 GOGGA 081 870 9950 SWAKOPMUND STUNNING LUXURY! 5 bed, 4 bath house with 4 living, study, 3 garage, Servants quarters, indoor BBQ, patio, balcony with Sea view, and much more! N$ 4 250 000-00 NEG! GOGGA 081 870 9950 SWAKOPMUND PICTURE PERFECT! 2 bed house with huge open plan living and indoor BBQ & double garage PLUS 1 bed flat with own garage. N$ 1 700 000-00 GOGGA 081 870 9950

10 JUNE 2014



Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

TO RENT Centrally located in Swakopmund: Bachelors flat, big kitchen, shower and bedroom. Safe with own entrance and alarm. No garage. N$4000p/m + deposit. W/L Included. Contact: 081 147 5127 081 413 0574

LOOKING FOR HOUSE: We are urgently looking for a 2 bedroom house to rent in Kuisebmond area. Price range: N$ 2600.00 to N$ 3 000.00 Please contact Mev Williams: 081 378 3602 Imelda: 081 687 5970 HIGH CLASS TAMARISKIA: Immediately available, New, 1bedroom flat, open plan kitchen, bathroom N$3500.00 + dep, W/ incl. Preferably single /couple. 081 290 0073 081 354 2739. DAPHNE SWANEPOEL PROPERTIES SWAKOPMUND VINETA COZY OLDIE WITH NICE GARDEN AT BACK WITH BIG TREES!! 3 BEDR, 1 BATHROOM, OPEN PLAN KITCHEN, LOUNGE, DINING & TANDEM GARAGE WITH OUTSIDE ROOM & BATHROOM! PRICE N$1,620,000 DAPHNE - 0811299799

TO RENT: Back Flat in Kramersdorf with 1 x Bedroom, 1 x bathroom and open plan kitchen. W/E included. N$ 3500-00 per month. Contact: 081 6277935 Groot Huis Te Huur Hermes Walvisbaai 3 slaapkamers 2 badkamers Groot kombuis oop plan Binne braai Dubbel garage Groot Erf Prys onderhandelbaar N$9 000-00 081 124 1368

CFS PROPERTIES & INSURANCE For sale Swakopmund Hage heights Smart 2 bedroom apartment in a secure complex with single garage only 5 minutes from the beach. BIC very spacious for only N$860 000 (excluding commision) Contact Neville Smith Cell: 085 370 7017 Tell: 064 412 320

FLAT TO RENT: Single flat to rent in kuisebmund / Namport Very neat and secured For details and view Call:081 244 0044

TO RENT: One bedroom flat in front of the house for one person to rent , Open plan Living Room & Kitchen. Own Garage and Yard walking distance to the Vineta, Woerman Brock Shopping Mall. Water included. Own alarm system and Pre paid Electricity. N$3500.00 per Month Contact no 081 122 7878 081 122 5182 TO RENT Tamariskia Swakopmund: Bachelors flat N$2500.00 W/L Incl. Garage apart. Contact: 081 258 2960 FLAT TO RENT: Bachelors flat to rent in Walvis Bay. 1 bedroom, bathroom with hot water, lounge, kitchen with B.I.C. N$ 8 800.00 W/E incl. Deposit negotiable. Immediately available. Contact: 081 235 6549


For professional services in the following: Any type of building work, all types of renovations, repair and sealing of roofs, paint work, paving, interlocks, tiling. We specialize in water and sewer reticulation. Please contact us via: Cell: 081 617 6900 Email: Slabbertconstruction@gm DE VRIES PLUMBING SERVICES Contact us for all your plumbing needs New/Replacement Bathroom & Kitchen Installations General Plumbing Maintenance Marius 081 2122 541 YOU NEED PIECE OF MIND WHEN SICK? FUTUREMED HEALTHCARE - MEDICAL INSURANCE - PEOPLE ABOVE 60 MAY ALSO APPLY - HOSPITAL PLAN WITH CHRONIC MEDICINE - ACCUMULATIVE OUT OF HOSPITAL BENEFITS Contact Heidi for free quotation 081 4068644 heidi.schubert@futuresura

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication





A To Z CLEANING SERVICES FOR ALL YOUR CLEANING NEEDS. WE CLEAN: Lounge Suites/ Loose Chairs/ Matrasses Carpets / Loose Rugs Blinds Accessible Windows Descale / Steam Clean Bathrooms / Ablution Blocks Machine Scrub Tiles WE OFFER: Daily / Weekly / Monthly Cleaning Contracts For Offices / Shops / Factories / Body Corporates Etc. Once Off Cleaning For Houses / Flats & Buildings Before And After Occupation. - Exterior Spray Cleaning - Exterior Walls Of Buildings / Flats / Houses All Our Cleaning Procedures Are Done UNDER SUPERVISION By Owner Or Supervisor. CONTACT: COENIE BRAND 081 129 7988 JENNY BRAND 081 148 5036 OFFICE 205036 NO 3 LAGOON STREET FAX 220878 EMAIL FINANCE AZWVB@IWAY.NA EMAIL OPERATIONS AZC@IWAY.NA

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BeatAccMath Presents Extra Classes for Mathematics and Accounting Grade: 6-10 Location: Narraville, Walvis Bay Price: N$ 300.00/month For more information email beataccmath@gmail. com or Phone 081 497 2195


10 JUNE 2014

Classifieds OR


True icon of the century Timotheus Smith Celebrating

100 years Born on

10 June 1914

We thank God for saving you all the years with good health & prosperity. Happy Birthday!!


JUSTINE Walvisbaai Kry julle boekies by J+J CASH LOANS 206 286 Kyk bestel en bêre by Sentrum Apteek, Lagoon Chalets & Dolphin Koffie Shop. Swakop kontak Luandri Silver 400895 Maak afspraak en kom kyk na groot specials by huis. Het nog van Mei se specials. Hannah: 081 124 2151


Brazilian Keratin Treatment Special for June N$ 650.00

All hair types incl. ethnic hair. Brilliant treatment for broken, frizzy and processed hair. Promotes growth and shine appointments @ 081 383 8009



Baard Transport / Block & Brick

TEL: 064-274 800 FAX: 064-274 810 · Blocks / Bricks · Rock Face / Pavers · Interlocks / Linthols · Sand / Stone · De-watering · Hiring of ear th moving Equipment “The Service Makes The Difference”


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OTHER PRODUCTS FOR HIRE: * Grinders *Concrete Mixers * Generators * Welders * Sanders

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For sale:

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Schon gewusst?? Im Bienenkorb Kindergarten, Libertine Amathila Str 51 Swakopmund gibt es deutsche christliche Bücher, Geschenkartikel, Karten und Bibeln für Kinder und Erwachsene zu kaufen. Schauen Sie mal rein zwischen 8 und 12 Uhr Montag - Freitag Tel 400392



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WALVIS BAY DECOR CENTRE Agents: Dekro Paints VACANCY Paint Company looking for Internal Sales/Sales Representative based in Walvis Bay, paint experience advantageous and must have valid drivers licence. Please fax CV to: 064-204215 or emai1: walvisbay@isnet. Closing date: 13 June 2014

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10 JUNE 2014

Classifieds E-MAIL: OR CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication

VACANCIES Khowarib Lodge & Safaris in the remote North West of Namibia has two available positions. 1 X Management Couple 1 X Food & Beverage Manager Experience is essential. If you qualify for one of these positions please send your CV to: Vacancy: Employment opportunity for a Auto Electrician & opportunity for a Auto Electrician apprenticeship Applicants mail your CV To: VACANCIES Dune 7 Adventures is looking for the following: Bar staff, Kitchen Staff and Quad bike guides with quad bike experience. Contact: 081 695 1025 All-rounder Handyman For work shop and building Sites in swk Needed Starting 6 June, CV to Painters needed in Swakop CV to swakopstrandrentals@iwa 0816791640

SERVICES Roof repairs & renovations 8 year repair guarantees 081 63 86 300


Can Am Quad 4x4 in perfect condition 800 cc only 88 hours N$ 90 000 New quad Trailer to match N$ 35 000 081 63 86 300

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SITUATION WANTED JACKIE: Looking for work in Walvis Bay for my domestic work. I have moved to Swakopmund. Please call me for a reference. Contact: 081 128 2633 Job wanted: I am looking for domestic work 2 or 3 days per week. In Swakopmund. I am 23 years old and very hardworking and trustworthy. I have experience in domestic work. Contact: 081 882 5477 WERK GESOEK: Betroubaar en hardwerkende dame is opsoek na huiswerk of kantoor skoonmaak werk in Walvisbaai. Kontak: 081 649 8826 081 660 6993 JOB WANTED: A young man is looking for work as a bartender or waiter in Walvis Bay or Swakopmund. Can start as soon as possible. Contact: 081 655 4014 SHATIPAMBA: I am looking for jobs like welding, mines, health, safety and mobile crane. I have experience for three months from South Africa. Lives in Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 201 7758 JOLANDA: Is opsoek na Woensdae strykwerk kan van een uur af gaan stryk, maandeliks. Kontak: 081 879 5580. WERK GESOEK: ‘N jong dame is opsoek na huiswerk Maandae tot Vrydae. Kan onmiddellik begin. Skakel: 081 327 5981 JOB WANTED: Looking for domestic work in Walvis Bay (Meersig, Lagoon, Longbeach). For 5 days a week. Contact: 081 641 3182 SHARON: Ek is ‘n 30-jarige-dame opsoek na huiswerk. Ek is baie betroubaar en hardwerkende vrou. Kan onmiddellik begin. Skakel: 081 656 8374 JOB WANTED: I am a 35 year old loyal lady looking for any type of domestic work for 3 or 5 days a week. I am trustworthy and honest. Contact: 081 474 9867 JOB WANTED: Hardworking honest lady is looking for domestic work. Can do cleaning, ironing and looking after children. Can start immediately in Swakopmund. Can be 3 or 5 days a week. Contact: 081 878 0069

MUNICIPALITY OF HENTIES BAY NOTICE Notice is hereby given in terms of section 63 (2) (b) of the Local Authorities Act, 1992 (Act 23 of 1992) as amended, that the Municipal Council of Henties Bay intends to sell by way of private treaty, the Erf 1112 Omdel (Ext 3), “General Business” zoned in extent approximately 1454m², to Ms. Sirkka Haufiku, at a selling price of N$ 87, 240.00 for the establishment of a restaurant. Further take notice that the locality and layout plan of the property lies open for inspection during office hours at the offices of the municipal council situated at the corner of Jakkalsputz Road and Nickey Iyambo Avenue. Any person (s) having an objection (s) to the intended alienation of the property may lodge such objection (s) fully motivated thereof to the undersigned, before 27 June 2014. The Chief Executive Officer P O Box 61 Henties Bay




20 June 2014




Atlantic Hotel Walvis Bay

Phillips Victor OuGeny Sheeli today makes exactly two years since the almighty took you away from us. Your death left a very big gap in our hearts, that no one can fill, as we refused to believe that you are gone forever. Your loving memories are still fresh in our hearts and this make us shed tears every time we think of you.

You are deeply missed by your wife Magano and your daughters Ndamona, Megameno and the entire family. May your soul continue to rest in peace Daddy...!

* 22.10.1965 - + 09.06.2012


10 JUNE 2014

Children’s World Play Day

The annual Private Schools Athletics Meeting, hosted by Windhoek Afrikaanse Privaatskool, took place at the National Athletics Stadium in Windhoek the weekend of 7 & 8 March 2014. Forty athletes from The Dolphin Schools participated in this event. The athletes were excellent ambassadors and achieved great results. The medal winners were: Back L to R: Junior Kelly (Gold medal for Boys U/15 100m Hurdles), Brandon Nangombe (Gold medal for Boys U/19 High Jump), Chanelle Germishuys (Gold medal for Girls U/17 Shot Put), Perpetua Simataa (Bronze medal for Girls U/15 100m), Annika Kouwenhoven (Silver medal for Girls U/12 70m Hurdles). Front L to R: Mikail Muller (Silver medal for Boys U/12 High Jump), Taila Pahl (Bronze medal for Girls U/12 High Jump), Mbitjita Tjongarero (Bronze medal for Girls U/12 70m Hurdles) Report by Victor Rigby

Chanelle Gemishuys of THE DOLPHIN SCHOOLS participated in the National Athletics Meeting in Windhoek on Friday, 11 April 2014. Chanelle never missed a practice. Her commitment was rewarded with a gold medal in the Shot Put for Girls under 17. She was also selected for the Namibian Athletics Team that will participate in the COSSASA Athletics Championship in Gaborone, Botswana from 22-26 April 2014.

10 JUNE 2014




One man with Squash Notes a unique heart Namib Diesel Social League.

Global Ambassador Deon Namiseb Mavourlene Gaes Deon Namiseb (36) is an extraordinary man. Although he has limited abilities, it has never stopped him from doing what warms his heart and taking care of those who are in the same position as he is. Namiseb shared his story with the namib times. He attended school at Dagbreek in Windhoek, where he met a lady, Utah Rover, in his last year of school. Rover used to sponsor his mother’s orphanage in a township called Dolam. She invited him to be a part of the Special Olympics programme. “I joined the Special Olympics in 1992” he said. He became involved through soccer, but besides soccer he also worked with the children and used to coach them as well. He volunteered at the Special Olympics for 15 years, before leaving on his first trip to

China as a coach. His team made it to the finals but unfortunately lost to Brazil in the last minute. Although they did not receive the gold medals, they were awarded with silver medals. After his return to Namibia, Namiseb got nominated for player of the year by the Namibian Sports Association. The trophy he received was all he needed to encourage and motivate other athletes at the places and schools he visited. Namiseb went through a lot and although he may be physically challenged, he does not see that as an inability. Instead he advises other parents

with children with disabilities to stop being ashamed and hiding them. “Some parents might be afraid of what others will say and in the process they are depriving the children of the good life they were meant to lead,” he added. In 2010 he was chosen as the Global Ambassador of Special Olympics Namibia. The ceremony took place in Washington DC and since then Deon Namiseb has really grown strong as an individual, advocating that anybody can achieve whatever they desire as long as they put their minds to it and also believe in themselves.

Mini-weekend Wednesdays are back on the cards with the commencement of the Social League. All on a sugar high from the Easter Holidays it started off in great spirit and ended for some in the same way. Yes, the weeks to follow are going to be great. The results for Wednesday the 4th were as follows:FCS (3) vs Coastal Car Hire (3) - Imanuel Amorongo vs Michael Stauder 3-0. Imanuel is on top of his game and played like a star to take out Michi; Jenny Pahl vs Wynand Breytenbach 0-3. Play anything loose and Wynie will put it away; Trevor Heath vs Joseph Payne 3-0. Fortunately Joe did not have a slingshot, but then again Trev is not a goliath; Carla Cummings vs Oscar Fernandez 1-3. A great match. Oscar just having the extra wheels to carry him to a great win; Christo van

Wyk vs Lindsay Lottering 3-2. Christo, 2-love up, had to dig deep to eventually take the match; Carmen Pascual vs Sam Webster 0-3. It’s good to see Carmen back on the court again. Well played Sam, a real sportsman. Magic Discounters (1) vs Seawork (5) - Stefan van Tonder vs Trevor Grane 1-3. After losing the 1st game, Trev found his rhythm and had everything his own way for pretty much the rest of the match; Cabous Olivier vs Jacques de Villiers 1-3. A good tussle. Jacques’ experience managed to keep him from going under; Brandon Grane vs Peter Pahl 0-3. Brandon nursing an injury was always going to be in trouble against Peter who’s in good shape; Jörn Wormsbacher vs Doyle de Haas 3-0. Jörn worked his magic and zapped Doyle of the court; Arlene Visser vs Alberto Cannalles

1-3. Arlene made sure Alberto had his work cut out for him; Ester Meyer vs Bruce Stewart 2-3. If anyone had to work for his win, it was Bruce. Well played. Gateway Shipping (5) vs Supatronix (1) - Phillip de Villiers vs Jaco de Witt 3-2. I am pretty certain Phillip had to call on all his youthful reserves to eventually take what must have been a super match; Gerhard Lottering vs Leslie Bosman 3-1. Gerhard is right there and can mix it with the top guys; Dylan Spencer vs Ze de Britto 0-3. A supa start for Ze. Wonder if there was a couple of Nix in there? Hennie Koelmann vs Pieter Beukes 3-0; Bertus Fokkens vs Peter 3-0. Welcome back Bertus; Jacques Serfontein vs Enrique Viega Bastos 3-0. Jacques did not putting anything to chance against one of the new Brazilian players. Fuel Pump Repairs Af-

rica (4) vs Steel Africa (2); Clifford de Witt vs Jan de Smit 3-0. Me thinks, Cliffy, economically just used enough fuel to get him the match; Borja Romero vs Sharde Fisher 3-1. Borja was fuelled up and had the endurance to outlast Sharde; Amanda Beukes vs Lucinda Rodrigues 3-1. After a jittery start, Amanda cleared the fuel line and took a good win; Theuns van Zyl vs Blackie Zwart 1-3; Blackie played a solid game to take out Theuns; Anneke Grobler vs Chris Bruyns 0-3. Chris knew he had to take it in 3 and with steel determination he did just that; Gorettie Jansen vs Elsje van der Merwe 3-0. Goretti cruised to a good victory. The end of round one and a good start to the Socials, promising to be just as good as years gone by, if not better. Till next week.

Dusty Tour de Narraville still a pleasure Piquet Jacobs The Tour de Narraville cycling challenge turned out to be a great event, with a lot of participants, regardless of the East wind which rose up early the morning. With approximately 20 cyclists, the tour kicked off by taking the participants all around Narraville on a marked trail. Although the wind didn’t play along, it didn’t discourage any of the cyclists or the spectators next to the route, with everyone being happy in the end. The organisers decided to have a rerun of the event in August, more details to follow.

Some of the cyclists who took part in Tour de Narraville

The desert stage of the tour


10 JUNE 2014

Disability never meant inability Mavourlene Gaes

Special Olympics Namibia held their regional athletics event at the Kuisebmond Stadium on Friday These athletes, who many portray as unable to fend for themselves, proved that it is not the case at all when they competed against each other. The event was held to test the skills of the athletes and the best athletes will be chosen

for the National team, which will be made up of athletes from the different regions in the country. The athletes had fun and enjoyed themselves. The event started off with the 100 and 200 metre sprints, followed

by a wheelchair race between four athletes who gave it their all on the track. Soccer was the last item on the agenda with two girl’s teams playing against each other first. This game was won

by a volunteer girl’s team who played against the athletes. Volunteers won 3-1. Boy’s soccer was the last item when the athletes from the Special Olympics went head to head. The teams were Unified A and Unified B. Unified B took the gold medal after beating Unified A by 4 -1. None of the athletes felt left out after the event as everyone who took part received medals while some were awarded with ribbons.

The disabled athletes who turned out for the day

The opening of the event

The girls soccer team

Namibian Soccer Fever

The 20th Fifa World Cup is around the corner. This year it will be held in Brazil between 12 June and 13 July 4. In honour of the Fifa Wold Cup Ees released his new world cup song “Bafana Soul” on Friday.

The song will be available on iTunes and Amazon with music video. Show you support by purchasing it online and sharing

the video. Ees shared, “Lets show FiFa - we have our own song! Awe.”

Virtual Edition  

10 June 2014